Ooga Booga

Note: This is a post from behind the green door. I am taking the animals to the vet first thing in the morning, so I had not time to write. A few month ago Paul Ramsey mentioned this movie, so I gave it a watch and wrote a review. The description of the film is not a joke. This is a real film available on Amazon.

The reason to watch a B-movie is they are often unintentionally funny because they are so poorly made, or they have ridiculous premise. The film Killer Clowns from Outer Space has a cult following because of its absurdity. The people working in this segment of the entertainment industry have no illusions about what they are doing, so they hire the most cynical writers and the most desperate actors.

There are exceptions and one of them is Ooga Booga, a film written and directed by a long time B-movie maker named Charles Band. He has been in the B-movie business for half a century. He is the creator of the Puppet Master series, which has a cult following for some reason. So far, fifteen films have been created in the series, all heading straight to home video.

Mr. Band is known for horror and sci-fi films featuring puppets and Ooga Booga falls into that category, assuming such a category officially exists. What makes this film stand out is that it is 90-minutes of vulgar hatred of white people. The film is a crude expression of what Hollywood people think about white society, but it is so poorly executed that it comes off as unintentional self-parody.

The film starts on the set of a local children’s show. There is a cartoonish farm girl doing kids entertainment stuff. She then signals for another actor to come on stage, but he does not arrive. The scene shifts to the backroom where a man wearing a pig nose is pleasuring himself while drinking white liquor. The producer comes in and drags him out onto the stage where he then says crude things.

The producer then fires pig man and we cut to a scene in a swanky apartment where an idealized black guy, IBG for short, comes home to his strong black female, SBF, to announce that he passed the medical exam. They are about to get funky when the phone rings and it is Pig Man asking IBG for help. Of course, IBG breaks of the funky time and goes to help Pig Man.

Pig Man explains to IBG that he has this scheme to get rich selling dolls that depict the oppressed in unflattering ways. The Asian doll has big, bucked teeth and the gay doll is outrageously gay looking. The black doll is an African savage, of course, with a bone in his nose. He is Ooga Booga, and the Pig Man then says some things based on black stereotypes. IBG takes offense but agrees to accept the doll as a gift.

After rendering no help at all. IBG then leaves and stops at a convenience store, which is then robbed by three white meth heads. IBG is hiding in the back as the meth heads execute the clerk and then leave with some snacks. IBG calls the police and tries to render help by dragging the dying clerk around the floor, because he learned that in medical school.

Two cops arrive. One is Racist Cop and one is Antiracist Cop. We know this because Racist Cop lets out with a string of cliches about black people and shoots IBG. He then takes the gun from Antiracist Cop and shoots IBG again to make sure he is dead, while explaining to Antiracist Cop that he cannot say what really happened because his gun was used to kill IBG.

The cops leave and the slushy machine then starts to make noise. Soon, slushy mix is spilling out in volumes far greater than the machine could hold while lightning bolts come out of the top. The slushy mix crosses the floor and touches IBG and the Ooga Booga doll that he had brought with him. Then something magical happens and the doll disappears without explanation.

Next, we are in the office a judge who is calling the two cops “honky” for some reason while telling them they are lucky he rigged their case. Then we are in the apartment of IBG, and we see SBF trying to be sad while looking at a picture of IBG, but she is such a terrible actress it looks like she is about burst out laughing. It is a touching scene if you have ever dreamt of murdering your spouse.

This is where Ooga Booga shows up. Keep in mind that he is a twelve-inch-tall doll, who somehow made it several blocks from the store and up several flights of stairs. He then chases SBF around the apartment until she hides in the bathroom. He then carves his name on the table using his toy spear. At this point she suspends all disbelief and accepts that this twelve-inch cannibal doll is IBG.

Then we are in the trailer of the three meth heads. The point of this scene is to tell us that white people are all meth smoking crackers. Then we are back in the apartment of IBG who is smoking reefer. Apparently SBF left for some reason. The landlord bursts in shouting generally accurate but prohibited things about black people. Ooga Booga gets angry and kills the landlord with his tiny spear.

On the street, SBF is accosted by the three white meth heads. They debate whether to gang rape her or sell her into slavery. They choose rape. She then comes home to take a shower, while Ooga Booga masturbates watching her. I did not make that up. It is an actual scene in this movie. One has to assume it was the writers who were smoking weed when they wrote part of the film.

At this point, Ooga Booga and SBF agree to go on a revenge-murder spree. The judge sends Racist Cop to investigate what is happening with the white meth heads, who we learn are in charge of the judge’s drug and prostitution rackets. This brings everyone to a trailer park filled with the sorts of white people the makers of this film imagine are the standard issue white person.

Ooga Booga then kills an old woman. Then SBF helps Ooga Booga kill the meth heads with his tiny spear. Somewhere along the way SBF ambushes Antiracist Cop thinking he is a racist cop, but he shows her a pic of his wife, who is also a strong black female and they have a couple of caramel-colored kids. SBF thanks him for being a good ally and does not kill him. This is real and it happens.

Eventually SBF and Ooga Booga kill Racist Cop. Ooga Booga then shows up in the judge’s office and kills him. In the final scene, a case full of cash shows up at the apartment door of SBF. Inside is a note from Pig Guy who got rich selling his dolls in China, so he sent what he considers to be a fair share to IBG. The lesson is that racism is fine if you can “get yo chips” or something like that. The end.

If you can look past the terribleness of the film and the ridiculous premise, it is a good look inside the head of the typical Hollywood person. It is a crudely drawn version of the stylish TV series Mad Men. In this telling, blacks are innocent victims of evil, selfish white people. In the scene where SBF is supposed to be mourning, she says something about how they had a great life until whitey arrived.

Even though this is a terrible film, it is a good reminder that the people behind these antiwhite pogroms are not amenable to reason. Their complaint is not about anything that can be addressed, but about the existence of white people. The war on whiteness is not just a war on specific things or even on white people. It is a war on the very humanity of white people. To them, we are just talking pigs.

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115 thoughts on “Ooga Booga

  1. The doll with the spear reminds me of a TV movie with Karen Black made in the 70s where an African doll comes to life and tries to kill her.

  2. Z, I watched the trailer on YouTube.

    I don’t think 💭 I’m supposed to laugh 😂 at a horror movie am I?

    I’ve seen better film atop cold soup.

    The acting was so wooden you could make a table out of it.

    Some acting was so hammy I could stock a Polish deli counter.

    However, I do worry you did watch the movie. Take the weekend off, sleep in. Take care of yourself buddy. 🙏🏻

  3. This is the perfect topic & time for me to share a story I’ve been sitting on for a week or so now.

    I had a relative come to visit me. He’s a typical lefty and we were watching a movie that was standard Netflix fair. Almost entirely black cast, and I only watched it to indulge him because he asked to see it. Midway through this film he made a statement that 100% encapsulates why we are in deep shit, racially.

    “See how effortlessly cool black guys are? They just know how to talk cool, walk with a swagger, and work the room. Us White guys are just awkward and goofy by comparison.”

    I’m like, speak for yourself faggot! This was an real conversation, I did not edit that statement above, its a transcription.

    This is a guy that probably furiously masturbates to the thought of his Asian wife being d-cked down by a missing genetic link. They are legion. I have heard other of my DC area lefty friends make other comments along these lines. This is the distilled essence of why propaganda is so amazingly effective. Most of the people who are the most susceptible to it are also, “well educated” which seems counterintuitive. But it is not, because they are educated in the indoctrination mills that are modern colleges. They view themselves as high-minded intellectuals but they are actually compliant sheep.

    The fascination with black is nothing new. This was latent in society all the way back to the 20s and 30s but it was kept on a pretty short leash, literally and figuratively. It was the jews who had an extreme obsession with blackness and there are works from the last century by jewish writers I have read expounding on this fact. They simply kicked this into overdrive once all restrictions were off in Hollyweird and they knew they had total control of the narrative.

    Those decades of work are now bearing fruit in a way that perhaps even they did not intend. Because genetic mud races do not distinguish between jew and white. And in point of fact, many of them are quite hostile to the tribe. So perhaps some karma will come out of it, hard to say, but the golem is definitely off the leash at this point, and I know far too many White people who have ingested this poison to the degree my relative has, they are unreachable and unsalvageable. A culling is in order.

    • Can identify with that. Up to my early 40s I was a normie and my assumption was that what I saw in a movie corresponded to a pattern in reality that the authors were recording for shared use. The most I would go was to think that non-white-hetero-males were sometimes shown too perfect and nobody is perfect, but still caught in the matrix.

      Kind of a tangent, but somewhat related, a shower thought. Now that we know that we have a state religion that is very active, and we also realized that communism itself worked as a secular religion, it is clear to me how the religion comes wrapped into civics lessons. I had a memory of patriotic songs we were forced to sing in my Catholic school and they are basically an attempt to bond you to a state religion. This explains civnat’s resistance to race realism as this is a religion and religions have to have some dogmatic stable beliefs.

      Our original American vision was a religion that has been modified by heresies that are now the basic tenets taught in elementary schools. We had the old religion before the 90s but that had already a seed of ‘anti-racism’ in it. But we did not have the philosophical tools to see ideologies as religious doctrines. We basically need a national “council” and at least understand that we have also the right to have our religion influence how we are governed.

      Now we have the antibodies and the “doomer glasses” (I take this expression from a YouTuber that uses it to describe how today you cannot avoid seeing the propaganda and its ugliness in older and new cultural products). So everything is not doomed as we can strategize based on the reality of how religious ideas work. There will be fanatics, but as usual most people are religious indifferent and therefore we can influence things by being as stubborn as the fanatics without having the illusion that logic works and knowing we also want to install a religious view but more sane and closer to human nature.

      I am not personally religious but I understand we have to have some basic worldview that will be an effective religion. And our old civics are a good starting point if we upgrade them with race and gender realism and we are not ashamed of being in a religion even if you don’t believe in the old ones. That’s why I see trad-catholics, mormons, amish, as allies in the battle.

    • J: ‘Most of the people who are the most susceptible to it are also, “well educated” which seems counterintuitive. But it is not, because they are educated in the indoctrination mills that are modern colleges.’

      It’s a profound psychological phenomenon, likely nurtured & propagated for several centuries in the relative peace & quiet & predictable stability of Deep Inner Hajnalia.

      Somehow the collective Amygdalae of Deep Inner Hajnalia began to weaken through the generations, and the collective Deep Inner Hajnalian Insulae seized the opportunity to grab the upper hand on the populace.

      I’m pretty much at the point now where I’m identifying “Amygdala” with masculinity & morality, versus identifying “Insula” with femininity & amorality [where masculinity and femininity do not necessarily imply male and female].

      You could make a similar argument along the lines of Active Aggression [classically male] versus Passive Aggression [classically female].

      The too-long didn’t-read is that a society which is not ruled by moral men will quickly become a society which is ruled by lunatic women and eunuch-transvestites.


      In terms of ethnicititties here, scroll down to the very bottom of Charles Band’s Wikipedia entry [there is no “Early Life” section].


      > American people of Lithuanian-Jewish descent
      > Jewish American writers
      > Writers from Los Angeles
      > 21st-century American Jews



      • Yep, I magically knew director Charles Band was (((Charles Band))) even before investigating. Prominent “self hating whites” are usually always “self” hating “whites”

    • One should keep in mind that your statistical sample (the shitlibs who populate the Washington DC area) are not representative of the country as a whole. Indeed, the prevailing political correctness, woke, whatever the currently fashionable term is, of the affluent educated of any race in DC (or nearly any other city) is as phony as the Netflix drama you described. Granted there are some true believers who probably believe the progressie catechism. But a large fraction, perhaps the majority even, are merely play-acting. E.g. there are the stereotypical stitlib in the leafy suburb million dollar home with the “Black Lives Matter” or “Hate has no home here” sign in the yard, while they send the kids to a private school or [wrinkles nose] a “good” public school. In other words, these people mouth the party line because they know to do otherwise is social and career suicide. But the choices they make in their personal lives tell another story.

      On the one hand, that is “good” in the sense that the racial, social and political views you describe are likely skewed far to the left/big government compared to the median American. On the downside it’s bad because these people are the ones in power and thus continue to exercise outsized influence.

  4. This film is not that edge/niche. One thing that stands out is how Hollywood has completely abandoned White male heroes in a space of just a few years. As recently as 2015 you had “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which was filled with heroic White males, played by charismatic White male actors. Now, the tentpole film from the same division within Disney is a bunch of stronk, empowered girl bosses in White lesbian, black lesbian, and Muslim girl boss variations. [‘The Marvels’]. The latter, “Ms. Muslim” was shown for free on ABC on successive Saturday nights and fewer people watched it than a Shark Tank repeat.

    There are a host of White guys whose nerdy persuasion has made them pretty much “our guys” in waiting, simply through the deliberate destruction of their heroes and promotion of the girl boss. This is particularly true I think (if it is true) that the vast majority of White millenial males will never get married and don’t even have a girl friend. If a White dude is without a girlfriend or wife, has no expectation of either, and the culture is totally Girl Boss / Stronk Empowered POC, how are they NOT “our guys?” Kathleen Kennedy at Lucasfilm through her destruction of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Indiana Jones for her stand ins has created more of our guys than a million Bad Orange Man or DeSantis speeches. This is because emotions matter and destruction of childhood heroes is taken as the personal insult it was meant to be.

    • Whiskey: “As recently as 2015 you had “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which was filled with heroic White males, played by charismatic White male actors.”

      Q: And then what happened?

      A: Orange Cheeto Man Bad took a trip down an escalator in his Manhattan skyscraper, and the Council of the Sanhedrin collectively wet their depends diapers in horror & dismay.

      As Rush Limbaugh would have said, all the kosher fax machines lit up en masse and started sending urgent instructions upon urgent instructions upon urgent instructions to the faithful.

  5. The fact that Right Wing dissidents are gauging Hollywoods attitude towards Whites by some B movie is proof that the Dissident Right is even more ludicrous than a B movie.

  6. There’s a plot point in “Ghost World” of the female teenaged protagonist entering a piece of commercial Americana, Sambo-style, into her school’s art exhibition. What makes it funny is the inversion of the taboo object’s context; she took it from the personal collection of a middle-aged geek guy she’s sleeping with (dunno but the character seems like a surrogate for the creator of the comic/film) who’d given a sentimental-yet-loserly speech about aesthetic merits of this fried chicken sign (which at the art show later is not received so well). I wondered in retrospect if this was perhaps a sly commentary on the now-common Quentin Tarantino type, who only gets away with public indulgence of blaxploitation fetish thanks to a highly placed turbo-philistine’s patronage (Harvey Weinstein probably would’ve enjoyed the cheesy NSDAP-inflected plots from the Puppet Masters series). The new puppet flick sounds a lot like ritualistic BDSM practice for the makers, which naturally is going to be bizarre and incoherent to a less kinky viewer.

    • When Tarantino first rose to prominence, (under whoever’s patronage or for whatever reason) it wasn’t yet verboten for whites to say nigger in an “artistic” setting. So he kind of got grandfathered in. And shitlib whites loved his movies so much, thought they were so cool and stylish, that they couldn’t bring themselves later on to cancel him. A conspiracy isn’t necessarily required to explain QT.

      And to his credit, he has never once apologized

        • “Django Unchained” is an interesting movie. People who think it is a revenge porn shoot-up whitey flick didn’t really see the movie.

          The key point is when the Schultz character identifies himself as a “forty-eighter”.

          If you don’t know what a forty-eighter is, you won’t see the commie bastard at work attacking the American Republic.

      • It’s noteworthy that the word nigger was basically never uttered on The Sopranos despite the bulk of the characters being portrayed as race realists. That show began its run only a few years after Tarantino became famous. It would seem that the absolute prohibition on it took hold during Slick Willie’s reign.

  7. The Puppet Master series must have got away from Band somehow. It was weirdly “rebooted” a few years ago. The first new installment, The Littlest Reich, was written by S. Craig Zahler, suspected righty best known as a director of movies for dudes: Bone Tomahawk, Dragged Across Concrete, etc. Like those movies, Littlest Reich was a lot like its title suggested it was. Udo Kier was in it. It was funny. Critics thought they were supposed to hate it, so they mostly did.

    This movie sounds it might be revenge for that one. Zahler and Band are both ethnic Jews, so of course the vengeance is against stereotypical non-Jewish white people, as seen on TV. Showbiz!

    • Bone Tomahawk may be the most gruesome film I’ve ever seen, and its portrayal of Injuns wasn’t exactly favorable.

    • I’m still laughing at the title, The Littlest Reich. Funny just on its own—but then I thought about the lib “economist.”

  8. I was a kid when the remake of Hooked on a Feeling came out, the one with the ‘ooga chaka’ beginning. My first thoughts were how they could get away with such racist lyrics.

  9. It’s telling that the only thing that makes the SBF black is the shade of her skin. She has straight hair, white-ish features, wears stylish white people clothes, talks like a white girl. The jew filmmaker’s idealized picture of what a SBF should look like.

  10. Film is the current high art. It is where dreams go to fly.

    If a culture is sick, its films will express that sickness. What is a sick culture? It is one that is based on UNREALISM and that manifests SIGNS OF A PARALLEL REALITY. Does our current culture fit that definition?

    I would argue yes. Politics trumps art in today’s film. Granted, it is a relatively narrow band of politics — concerned with only the most vital creeds of wokeism — but it is politics nonetheless.

    The movie picture Academy’s recent shift toward mandatory celebration of minorities — in favor of actual merit — shows that Hollywood is no longer interested in being entertaining or (moderately) smart, but is interested in paying lip service to an ideal. The frank pandering that is going on represents a surrender in principle. And it can only get worse with them. The End. (Click on my name to come read my blog.)

  11. Growing up as a teenager in the 1980s I was always a huge fan of the type of cheezy b-movies that guys like Charles Band made. I also loved lots of cheap paperback Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror novels.

    One of the many things about Current Year that really depress me is seeing just how many of those movie makers and authors have turned out to absolutely hate me and my culture. Going back and rewatching movies or rereading books from my youth I now notice all kinds of explicit anti-white and especially anti-rural white themes that I never noticed back in the day.

    • Kevin MacDonald, author of the seminal “Culture of Critique,” has written that watching the second Adams Family movie was a turning point in him waking up to the homicidal anti-whiteness just beneath the surface of many movies.

      • To trot out my own cliche, it cannot be unseen. As a young Southerner back in the day, there were plenty of vile B-flicks that made me fully aware the film makers would be fine with my people’s extinction. Regional boundaries have expanded or have been eliminated altogether on the genocide map since then, but it is the same theme: they need to die.

        Props the Addams Family sequel for redpilling a psych professor.

      • I was once subjected to a Puppet Master movie, which was dreadful beyond all imagining…Ooga Booga sounds like it takes appalling stupidity and anti-white racism to a whole new level…These movie people need to get the same treatment as child molesters…and I don’t mean therapy.

        • Ah, the thrumming of the giant Morbark wood chipper just before the debris is tossed into the chute…

    • we were all born into the matrix. we must kill our childhood gods; they were false idols.

    • And that’s what makes the Coen brothers films so refreshing. Not only do they give rural whites a fair shake, they express a certain affection for them. In that respect, the Coen brothers are a throwback to the Western filmmakers of the 30s thru the 60s.


            …In “No Country for Old Men”, the redneck welder, and his jaw-droppingly gorgeous wife***, are both butchered by a sadistically psychopathic eggplant, as are three redneck Texas lawmen, and, but for a lucky roll of the dice, also would have been a redneck convenience store owner.

            Harvard-edumakated Tommy Lee Jones [real life roommate of Albert Arnold “No Controlling Legal Authority” Gore] played the sheriff who was overwhelmed by cowardice and unable to confront the sadistically-psychopathic eggplant.

            The (((Coen Brothers))) not only hate you and want you dead, they want you tortured & dismembered in the most horrifyingly & excruciatingly painful manner possible [before you die].

            Anyone recall what the Coen Brothers filmed involving the redneck and the woodchipper beside the lake in “Fargo”?

            The Coen Brothers hate you and want you DEAD!!!!!


            ***In her prime, Kelly Macdonald was on the short list of the sexiest & sultriest females on the face of this Earth.

            As a young girl, she had the kind of femininity which makes a man weak in the knees and causes him to hyperventilate.

            Having her character eviscerated in a movie was a crime against Nature.

      • The Big Lebowski was my favorite, making fun of liberal California boomers. But that’s just like, my opinion, man.

      • Coens can also portray Jews very negatively. See “a serious man” and “Barton fink”

  12. Ah, bad films—even those with an axe to grind. I’m actually becoming somewhat of a fan, but didn’t realize it until Netflix. Seems they’ll buy anything to load up on their offerings to the public.

    My current favorite, “Jagun Jagun” is made in Africa and contains all Africans. It has no Whites that I’ve seen and therefore no discernible anti-White theme. It’s in English as spoken there (I assume) by high caste Africans, but the English is basically “pidgin” and therefore the movie is subtitled in real English. 😉 What got me watching is that the filmography is pretty good, more than I’d ever expect coming out of Africa. The acting however is pretty bad and the staging of scenes often comical, albeit it is supposed to be an action movie depicting valiant African warriors. Major battle scenes are conducted with perhaps two dozen actors representing both sides who fall down at the slightest touch of a sword. This must be the same actors being filmed over and over, because after a 15 minute battle scene and dozens of deaths, an aerial shot of the field shows a couple of dozen dead laying around.

    To each his own I guess.

  13. The people who are able to see through, to justly criticize, and to feel appropriately horrified at the excesses and conceits of their own times are few in number, but they are leading indicators. Where they go, the herd eventually follows.

    This is not because they seize and dominate the culture like political men of action, but because their criticisms are true (or at any rate, “less wrong”), and the truth always outs in the end. The truth outs because deviations from it are unproductive and costly to maintain. It is the same reason that fashions change. For what is a fashion other than a grotesque, that is to say a distortion of something, exaggerated in some respects and diminished in others? And what is it a distortion of? A fashion-less substance underlying all accidental modifications. This substance must exist and serve itself, for it is the ground of being, the real thing in which and by which the modifications occur. Without it there is nothing for the fashions to “hang onto.”

    Thus, a particular fashion can exist only for so long as it is profitable to the substance, as long as it subserves the substance’s living activity, just like any other sort of accidental motion. A lion is a substance; that a lion should be running or reposing are accidents of that substance. A lion runs after a gazelle just so long as it has hope of eating it and has not caught it yet, after which it reposes. A lion that reposed when it needed to eat would waste its own substance and die, eliminating all accidents.

    Therefore fashions, being likewise accidental motions, must change. There is a natural movement towards the contrary when the first movement has been completed. Fashions among humans—fashions in dress, in speech, in acquaintances and political conveniences—are aimed at enhancing one’s social acumen, at dominance. And social dominance is a highly fluid and variable situation, indicating that fashions often tend to extremes and change rapidly. On the one hand, if a small coterie is able to collect all the “fashionable” means to itself, the larger remnant of society will lose interest in it and circumvent it, as happens in bubbles and manias when they violently revert. On the other hand, a change in external conditions can reclassify and reprioritize the tendencies that are seen as valuable, as happens when a society used to a long peace finds itself at war, and vice versa. There is no simple Hegelian tendency of reciprocal motions towards a single synthesis; rather there is the Shield of Achilles: boom and bust, war and peace, love and hate; tragedy and comedy all happening at once. What Hegel saw with his narrow, gable-ended slice through life, was simply a cross section of the Shield of Achilles.

    So it is that the simple people, the common, people are the most subject to the movements of fashion, because they have the greater part of their being exposed to the power of others. Having little potency or creativity of their own, they are (as it were) forced to follow what is popular. They are what is popular, but as an object rather than a subject. The great among men are popular as subjects, holding themselves the power that attracts others. And likewise the truly thoughtful and creative are least vulnerable to fashions and have the ability, greater or lesser as the case may be, to detach from them and pronounce judgment upon them.

    However, herein we see a certain flaw in the very nature of human existence which necessitates a pessimistic view of life ad which proves that optimism is not possible. Since the movements of history are fashions, and fashions are modifications of a substance, and all such modifications are grotesques prone to mean reversion, and since the mass of men are somewhat helpless subject to these movements, it reduces to the conclusion that the only reason there is history at all is because the great majority of men are constantly falling into some sort of error or another, and always will be.

    As a “leading indicator” sort of man myself, I know that the fashion of extolling black victimology, and making social capital thereof, is about ready to fade. I know this because I am thoroughly over it and I am the plain truth in comparison with the fashionable distortion. I am not particularly angry, I am just aware of the profitlessness of the venture and I’m unwilling to further tolerate it. Many others will move to where I’m at; it’s inevitable. It will all reveal itself for the grotesque fashion it is, as the era we’re living in is revealed to be one big, poorly produced B-movie.

    • “As a “leading indicator” sort of man myself, I know that the fashion of extolling black victimology, and making social capital thereof, is about ready to fade”

      Agreed, but it may take a generation (if we have it). Blacks will continue to be an object of worship for the Millennials, who are emersed in this dogma and its main proponents. That demographic is about to reach its heights for influence and power. Those before that demographic and those afterwards may be repelled enough to minimize the effects.

    • Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect – Mark Twain

    • If you work in a leading role of influence in Madison Ave, Hollywood/TV your fatigue will matter. If not, there is nothing your ability to see truth can do to turn the tide of white erasure. The people doing this are either on the receiving end of the spoils, reveling and envy and white erasure or a self deluded zealot celebrating justice for the marginalized by marginalizing the majority.

      You will also need to be in charge of the school curriculum which is bent on teaching an anti-history and instilling absolute deference to AmerIndians and Blacks into white children.

      Otherwise, the power you can exercise is turning off the lightboxes and getting the young people in your life out of public and even private schools.

  14. “…he then comes home to take a shower, while Ooga Booga maturates watching her…”
    Dictionary sez of maturates – verb, to develop and reach maturity; undergo maturation. I doubt that’s what actually happens in the movie, but I could be wrong.

  15. > who got rich selling his [very racist] dolls in China

    Might be the only realistic part of the movie.

    • Not just China.

      Many years ago My Lovely 🥰 Mrs. and I went back to New Orleans, LA for a business trip (for her) and a vacation (for us). While down there she wanted to get a “mammy” (Think Gone With the Wind) ceramic figurine for the kitchen. She told me “Well, you probably can’t find them anymore since people say they’re ‘racist'”.

      Au contraire mon amore. I scoured the tchotchke shops in the French Quarter when she was in her seminars. I looked to see who owned the store and if they were Chinese, Vietnamese, or Indian (from India, not the Mardi Gras Indians) I walked in and you bet your bottom dollar I could get any mammy figurine any size. 👍

      (Not to mention some magnets with old ads or food labels on them featuring, oh, “colorful” interpretations of Diverse Southerners.)

      My Mrs. asked me where I got the figurines I bought and I told her “An Asian owned store. Think they give a damn if something’s offensive or not?”

      • I believe years ago there was a scene from “Antiques Road Show” where they discussed “racist art/objects/decorations”. Seems this is now a thing and highly collectible. Some of the better know collectors are *Black* (not sure they mentioned this aspect however).

      • Mammy’s Cupboard is still there in Natchez, MS. Although they repainted Mammy to make her look less black, more multicultural. The roof leaks. The food is just ok. Living off past reputation I guess.

  16. Oh Z, Trilogy of Terror did it better with the last segment: Amelia:


    Or Tales from the Hood with the segment KKK Comeuppance


    Hell, Living Doll from the original Twilight Zone was better:


    “My name is Talky Tina… and you’d better be nice to me!”

    So this is what happens when you are completely bereft of ideas and must Send A Message.

    And they wonder why nobody goes to the movies anymore. 🙄

    • I cannot forget that scene in Tales From the Hood where Corbin Bernsen is chasing the voodoo slave dolls around the mansion with his shotgun and calling them “N’lets.”

      • I remembered off the top of my head Trilogy of Terror (when I was a kid we ALL remembered that little voodoo doll with the knife) and the Twilight Zone episode with “Talky Tina”, and then I thought “Wasn’t there a movie where a white dude, maybe a Governor, gets attacked by voodoo dolls?” and lo and behold, there it was.

        When you’re so schlocky you can’t even do “Paint by Numbers” horror, hang it up.

        “Look Bart, barring a preference we’re going to put you on a wrestling picture, Wallace Beery. I say this because they tell me you know the poetry of the streets, so that would rule out westerns, pirate pictures, screwball, Bible, Roman… look, I’m not one of those guys who thinks poetic has got to be fruity. We’re together on that aren’t we? I mean I’m from New York myself, well, Minsk if you want to go all the way back. Which we won’t, if you don’t mind and I ain’t asking. Now people are going to say to you, Wallace Beery, wrestling, it’s a B picture. You tell them: BULLSHIT! We do NOT make B pictures here at Capitol. Let’s put a stop to that rumor RIGHT now!”

        “We don’t put Wallace Beery in some fruity movie about suffering. I thought we were together on that.”

        Studio Head Jack Lipnick – Barton Fink

        • Only a couple of Jewish movie makers could get away with depicting Jews like Fink and Lipnick. I assume Ben Geisler was supposed to be Jewish too, given the loose-tongued manner in which he enunciated.

          • Their portrayal of Jews in A Serious Man wasn’t exactly flattering either. That said, no demographic came out of that one looking good.

          • When I think of being a movie producer it’s actually this kind of schlock I think about because low budget fantasy horror is the only place you’re allowed to come close to telling the truth.

            I’d probably go with an Afro-futurist theme (look it up, Afro-futurism is a thing) where a Black Indiana Jones character discovers, through his research, that the Israelites were actually Black and Pharaoh was actually the founder of the Klan. He time travels back to ancient Israel (Wakanda) and brings a bunch of advanced weaponry back to the present and sets about “cleansing” Hollywood. At this point the “good guys” are all Black Nazis (I don’t even think we’ll change the logo) and everything they say is just direct quotes from guys like Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton.

  17. Only tacitly related, but back in the 80s there was a story out of the local university where a black female student took exception to some tribal themed party a fraternity was having, with particular ire cast upon the phrase “Ooga Booga” which was posted at the top of their flyer.* In my first turn at contrarianism I began using the phrase every chance I got.

    *(The insanity then not being what it is today the news story then was along the lines “get a load of this crank”. The crank in the story is now an Obama-appointed judge I’m sure).

    • I had a friend in middle school who was tall, awkward, dark-haired, and lurchy. We all called him “Booga”, as in caveman.

    • That sort of entry level virtue-signaling is exactly how Bret Weinstein got his start — made the local papers at University of Pennsylvania back when he was an undergrad by making a fuss about how offensive it was that one of the fraternities hired strippers for a party.

      Nobody beat him to death then, and now we reap the whirlwind.

      Weinstein now plays at being part of the “Intellectual Dark Web” and some dumb people think he’s “based,” or “reasonable,” but he didn’t end up at Evergreen State because it was a mismatch.

      • Well wrt to Weinstein, his claim to fame was appearing on that campus and going about his business when the students had declared that day a “non-White” day. Some sort of protest demonstration which Weinstein refused to grovel to.

        Subsequently, he was driven off the campus and then lost his professorship. He then won a settlement for something akin to wrongful termination. I’m not sure if he was terminated or they simply made life unbearable for him with the college’s implicit consent.

        Since then he and wife now makes his living with his podcasts and he is quite outspoken (in the correct direction) on any number of subjects we discuss here. I’ve yet to see this as a rouse. Rather I see him more of a convert to the movement.

        • Nah, I’ve heard his podcast. His wife whisper talks like the women in the SNL Schwetty Balls sketch. That couple are pure, unadulterated Washingtonian lefties and I’ve encountered plenty of their type.

          They’re nice and friendly, but then you get stuck at a barbecue and then they all get going on the politics. “Omg I can’t believe Bernie Sanders didn’t get the nomination” “I’m wearing a face mask three years after covid” “Buck buck buck buck bucaw!” You start feeling the whisper talking drilling its misophonic dirge directly through your eardrums and into your brain. The only cure is purifying fire.

        • Well he’s a Jewboy so of course he couldn’t possibly be sincere or be trusted, right?

      • “some dumb people think he’s “based,” or “reasonable,” but he didn’t end up at Evergreen State because it was a mismatch.”

        Ha! Ha! Nice. I was thinking the same thing. the other day. Wait a minute – Evergreen State? Another sinecure from the printing press of the GAE of usury. Btw, is that supercilious cunt on his show his wife?

        They remind me of the SNL skit with the pompous and pretentious college professor couple who would sit in the “hottub” at the Wellesly Arms Hotel and be wholly sexually inappropriate.

        Anyway. I ramble. Astute point on the IDW stalwart’s credential. Another one of these people who don’t dislike the anti-white regime because it is anti-white, but because they fear us standing up for ourselves. I hate the term Based and I hate it even more when people apply it to these IDW gremlins.

      • I have a passing familiarity with Weinstein. He sounds an old-school Liberal. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the facts* of the ludicrous charge of “racism” and the ensuing witch hunt that led to his dismissal from Evergreen (at least he and wife collected $250K apiece.) Based on a skim of his Wiki bio, apparentlly he hasn’t been totally cancelled. I’m an occasional listener to his podcast. I’ve noted with amusement that at times they’ll tread dangerously close to some race realist theme but quickly tiptoe around it. Also they sheepishly admitted they were leaving Portland, even though they claimed they loved it. I took it as a tacit admission that Portland was cicling the drain, if even shitlibs are packing up. 😀


    • A frat at my local uni got in very hot water several years ago for having a Mexican-themed party where everybody wore sombreros and ponchos and suchlike. A most grevious and lamentable instance of cultural appropriation, wot…

      • For such grave offenses:
        Several years ago – those ne’er do well frat boys were in hot water – figuratively speaking.
        Today – those ne’er do well frat boys would more likely be in hot water – as in boiling – literally.

      • I had wondered why we weren’t screaming “cultural appropriation” every time darker men around the world were wearing suits and ties. Until I realized that the answer was that we had better things to do.

        It is still interesting that they do so. I respect the Arabs who stick to their traditional dress instead of adopting the white man’s. I think it would be a better world if everybody did that.

        Maybe peak clown world is a black man saying whites have no culture while he wears the white man’s clothes.

      • I can remember going to a paki night at the rugby club. Even the tickets said that. You had to wear shirts with pointed collar tips, shoes that had the cheap looking brass/gold toecaps and the buffet was goat Currie.
        This was when acid music was around and everytime they played a certain track, everyone chant dpakies, rather than acid for the chorus line.
        What a night that was.

      • We absolutely HATE diversity. We constantly proclaim our love of diversity. We write poems to it. We sing songs about it. We elevate it to the highest virtue.

        But in reality, we absolutely hate and despise diversity. Nobody can be different. We certainly cannot celebrate any differences. Everyone is a dark-skinned White person.

        I saw something recently about SJWs freaking out about Speedy Gonzales. They hate him. Turns out Mexicans are quite proud of him. Typical.

  18. Aw, hell, Z. You gave it all away. Now I know what happens, so I can’t be surprised when I watch it. Help a brotha out with a spoiler alert, whydon’tcha?

  19. I avoid this cliche like the plague and find it tiresome but will pull it out for this: (((Charles Band))).

    All you need to know.

    Those white meth heads sure rob a lot of LA retailers, don’t they?

    • If you find that one tiresome, I can only imagine what you think of this one…

      Every. Single. Time.

      • Gribble, grabble, grue!
        Gribble, grabble, grue!
        Mandelbaum! Shapiro!
        I smell a greedy Jew!

  20. I know that this is tiresome, but according to wiki, the father of the director of this film is chosen. Don’t know about his mother.

    If you think that the director is a self-hating white then you are mistaken.

  21. They are right about one thing; White Males have the innate capacity for being the most creatively efficiently violent people in the history of mankind. Why on earth would they think provoking them has a happy ending?

    • Because they are non-White, of low intellect, and thoughtful reflection. But mostly because those Whites you speak of no longer exist. One can only live under one’s ancestors reputation for so long. 🙁

      • “Whites you speak of no longer exist”

        I wonder if they had those very same thoughts about the Germans of the Weimar Republic?

        • “[T]he German is well acquainted with the bypaths to chaos.”
          — Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

  22. People on this side of the Great Divide should lobby to get this movie as wide a viewing as possible. It is so bad that it makes the counter arguments plausible

    The worse the better

    • Have it remade by Quentin Tarantino with Jamie Foxx as IBG, Queen Latifa as SBF, Tom Berenger as Pig Man, Alec Baldwin as racist cop and Shia Labouf as anti-racist cop. It could be on the silver screen just in time for anti-white Christmas.

      • Fun to speculate, and my suggestion for the 3 meth heads (since Dennis Hopper no longer available): Billy Bob Thornton, Joe Pesci, and Steve Buscemi – Gary Busey as an alternate.
        (and DeNiro oughta’ be somewhere in the cast).

  23. I’m truly unsure what to make of this post, so instead I will offer an anecdote from my youth. In my neighborhood (way back in the ancient times), we never used the term “ooga booga”. The correct terminolgy was “ubangi”.

  24. They’ve now recycled the mumbo doll from the third clip of the old Karen Black “Trilogy of Terror”. The goal is to pollute anything you could possibly have ever enjoyed.
    These people cannot even wobble along now without the blatant crutches from obscure works. I don’t believe this civil war purge event thing is going to unfold as these breathing mundanities expect, because if people are pissed off enough at all their other enjoyments being destroyed then they’re apt to find a newer enjoyment that’s conveniently near.
    And that’s how the cattle cars got filled up. Because cheap sci fy writers did watered down retellings of Oedipus Rex and Perseus.

  25. I watched the trailer. The doll kinda looks like a black Sam Bankman Freid.

    Hence the SBF??

    I need to lie back down.

    Hope your critters are ok Z.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Thoroughly enjoyed the review but couldn’t help wondering how the puddies made out with the rearrangement of their scroat furnishings.

    • Oh come now. SBF wanted to invest his honest billions in a vaccine production facility. In the name of global altruism!

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