Staircase Wits

Whenever the downward trend in Western intelligence gets discussed, the focus is always on the right side of the curve. America is no longer able to get to the moon because NASA is full of diversity, but it also lacks the smart guys it used to have to solve the necessary problems. In other words, the West is no longer able to make these great leaps because the decline in human capital has reduced the number of geniuses that are always needed to make those leaps.

At the heart of this line of thinking is the assumption that a society can only be successful if it is moving forward toward something and expanding in terms of material prosperity and cultural progress. This may be true, but it is one of those assumptions that has been handed down so many times that no one remembers who made the original claim or why they made it. Why must the economy always expand? Why must humanity expand its domain to the stars?

One reason to ask those questions is to think about the other side of the bell curve that gets neglected in these discussions. What happens to a society when the supply of stupid people increases? The model of societal intelligence is always a smooth normal distribution, so when the number of smart people declines it means the number of stupid people must increase. The curve moves left. What is the impact on society when the curve moves beyond some critical point?

The easy answer is Somalia. East Africa has some of the lowest averages IQ’s in the known world so it is used as an example and a warning. Without the interference of the more developed countries of the world, East Africa would quickly move back to a lightly populated land full of pastoral people. The societies of East Africa would look like what we think the world looked prior to agriculture. Life for the people who lived there would be nasty, brutish, and short.

There are a number of problems with this line of thinking. For starters, the West is not going to suddenly drop thirty IQ points. It is a process. According to Ed Dutton and others who have tried to quantify Western IQ decline, every ten years we are losing about one IQ point. Put another way, we are about three hundred years from reaching the level of East Africa if nothing changes. The fact is Western man was never at this point and will never decline to that point.

More important though is the fact that people do not live on the smooth bell curves preferred by those who like modeling things. Model makers are the sort of people who like a tidy universe, so they move back from reality as far as they need to in order to get a model of the subject that is neat and tidy. Smooth normal distributions make for aesthetically pleasing graphs, so it is assumed that everything that needs to be measured will result in a normal distribution.

That is not how intelligence works in daily experience. Instead, it is like a weird set of stairs on which people are various IQ groups stand. The people who are in your IQ group are the people you see every day. The people a step above and below are people you will experience less often. The people several steps above and below are people you rarely encounter. When you do encounter them, you do not notice until something happens the requires intelligence.

For example, when an averagely smart person stops at a sandwich place for lunch, he may run into a low IQ person working there. The guy tasked with keeping the floors clean and stocking the shelves might be a dumb guy. The shop itself is run by a smart guy and he has people mostly at or just below normal level, but he has a few guys a step or two below that for the menial work. If it is a sole proprietorship, then the owner is probably a step above the average person.

This is where to think about the decline in intelligence. In many jobs like this, the owner used to depend on people from the normal step to do the work. Many were young in their first real job. Many were part-time people. These jobs were designed for people at or close to the average IQ of the West. The few people a couple of steps below were supervised officially and unofficially by the normals. Normal people served the normal customers close to their level.

Now, when the curve moves left, the supply of people who can fill the jobs at the sandwich show will also decline along with the supply of guys who can build rockets to take people to the moon. Sure, many of the jobs can be staffed with people a step or two down the IQ staircase, but something else happens too. The demands on the guy running the place and the remaining normal people increases. Suddenly, customers of the sandwich shop experience smart fraction theory.

This is where that staircase image is important. The confusion at the sandwich shop resulting from an overloaded smart fraction means the people on that large average step make direct contact with people several steps below them. They suddenly have to deal with people with whom they lack a common understanding. Assumptions about things like timeliness and efficiency are missing. All of a sudden, lunch becomes a safari into an alien world of incomprehensible ineptitude.

For all of human history, as far as we know, the people of sub-Saharan Africa existed like people everywhere. The typical African lived his life on one of the steps on the IQ staircase, rarely experiencing anyone beyond a step above or below. Then Europeans arrived and the African was suddenly confronted by people several steps above the experience of the average African. Europeans did not just have better stuff. They had an alien and incomprehensible way of thinking about things.

The West is now experiencing the reverse. Through generations of dysgenic cultural policy and mass migration from the global south, your typical European is like the typical African centuries ago. Instead of people with magical abilities to conquer nature, the normal person is experiencing people lacking the basic ability to function in even the most basic jobs. It is not that the sandwich shop is disorganized, but that the people working there are too stupid to be organized.

Roll this out across society and European people are not only experiencing a decline in their own IQ, but they are experiencing people with an IQ several steps below them on a daily basis. Intelligence suddenly moves from the periphery to center stage for the average European person. This means it becomes even more acute for the people a step above them for whom the experience is even starker. Most Europeans are about to go on safari in their own societies.

Just as contact with the West has permanently changed the identity of sub-Saharan Africans, this new process will change Western people and society. If you cannot run the sandwich shop along Western lines due to the decline in intelligence, the guy running it must find a new solution. The dilemma of the sandwich shop owner will play out across that vast middle step on the IQ staircase. The people on that step will have to suddenly recognize the staircase itself.

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285 thoughts on “Staircase Wits

  1. “If there is no God, everything is permitted.” Dostoyevsky, wrote that in 1880 in The Brothers Karamazov.

    Largely in response to socialism, nihilism, and atheism infecting Russian culture.

    “…there is nothing new under the sun” Ecclesiastes 1:9

    And here we are.

  2. Helen Dale and Lorenzo Warby on Substack have called this “internal colonization” by the welfare state. The base premise is the underemployed and excess Elites that were previously employed in Colonial Administration colonized inward with welfare states, while the cream of same colonize upwards into NGOs, the UN, the EU.

    Both are Australian.
    Australia is about to get a good dose of Diversity via Aboriginal Voice being factored into all laws.
    This is coming as quite a shock to them.

    So far I’ve resisted teasing them about giving up the guns.

    • Yeah – they ran successful “Sandy Hook” operations in both Australia and NZ. In the case of the latter, a debunking analysis exists on some web page; in NZ it is a criminal offense to even share the URL of that page.

  3. The other matter to consider is all the young people are pushed and enticed into college, which is why it’s tough to hire smart young people.
    Never mind sandwiches, HVAC apprenticeships start at $50 an hour.
    But no, COLLEGE!! Cuz pussy, alcohol, freedom from parents, parties, drugs.
    If the banks didn’t finance Animal House and the college party movies they should have- funny how those movies coincide with college loans, debts and price inflation.

    The Kosher sandwich has many layers…

  4. Thirty years ago, while living in Munich, I was not impressed by the intelligence of native Germans in their twenties. Perhaps I was only meeting people in streetcars and grocery stores, not knowing how they did in school.

    • When the Germans had professions (what they wisely termed the trades) if you ask about that you’d meet an actual real expert, who can and did apply their expertise daily.
      No, really, try locksmith.

      That’s why the English destroyed the Germans, they couldn’t compete. We of course helped.

    • My prediction: Russia will do what they always did – send some retaliatory rockets and drones on targets in Ukraine, make some noises about satanists and eventually move on. They don’t want WW3 (obviously).

      • Agreed, but the difference here might be that they actually start hitting targets where western “advisors” are. It’s a pretty open secret that NATO advisors are in certain locations giving the Ukrainians their ISR. The Russians have said they know these locations in the past. They’ve Sabre rattled about hitting them, but have never really followed through. Maybe this time is different.

        • They have been doing that, Russia hasn’t hit any high-level delegations but they haven’t been shy about blowing up any foreign combat “wagies” and their advisors.

  5. You can see a special case of this in Eastern Europe, whose smart fraction has to a large degree emigrated to western countries. This helped the western countries partially offset the negative effects of the dumb immigrants arriving from across the Med.
    But the flip side is that Eastern Europe is continuously drained of their best and brightest and that in turn causes widespread low competence in many areas from government services to private sector. Some of the countries are unfortunately starting to import people from south and south-east Asia, which will only add to their problems in the long run.

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  7. Just a thought on IQ: maybe it’s better if female IQ doesn’t go too high? The higher it goes, the more likely for extended education, believing the idiot box, and frantically squeezing out a kid at 39.

    It used to be that a young man who was a lawyer or doctor would chat up the cute receptionist or nurse who was a shade or two dumber and they’d have kids. Now lawyers marry lawyers and doctors marry doctors. Maybe too much IQ causes more autism? I don’t know.

    But if I had to choose between a high IQ/high earning doctor lady who has a plan to timeline on buying a big house, or a cute receptionist with IQ 105+ with a nice smile, and nice childbearing hips that were good to go, I know what I’d choose.

    • Increasingly its latter waiting until 39 to have a kid. Think of someone like Ainsley earhardt on Fox.

    • It would seem counterintuitive that increased female IQ would lead to greater belief in the idiot box, yet here we are. I am pretty sure it’s true. The female mind works differently (is motivated differently) from the male one. Perhaps higher female IQ sort of doubles down on the female traits it already possessed.

      • It’s weird, but it’s a pattern I’ve noticed. The bigger and badder and more professional and driven and intellectual LARPers they become, the more they self-medicate with TrueCrime stories, Netflix 50 Shades / Vampire Porn, Zombie movies, Memememehowitaffectsmeeeee and vicarious emotion stirring online articles (have a look at Apple News feed if you can bear it — 100% managerialist female target audience).

        Women are women. They’re coded to do certain things and think (debatable) and feel in certain ways. C-Suite Karen needs an ever bigger dose of the girly stuff to compensate in her leisure time.

      • To be fair, it is not just high IQ women who follow the idiot box (or “Science” or what have you). High IQ folks often trust sources (i.e. authority) that they presume to be trustworthy because, hey, they’re (supposedly) high IQ like me. Wisdom, knowledge and intelligence are related, but not the same thing.

    • The problem is that you want high IQ genes for your kids, and it’s hard to relate to other people that are much higher or lower IQ than yourself. You start running out of things to talk about, whenever you think of something interesting you want to talk about they can’t understand it or don’t have any interest in it.

      I had this very same experience gravitating away from my friends as they only liked talking about the cape shit movies, while anything i was reading about was either met with disinterest or would cause an SJW spergout so I didn’t bring it up.

      • The idea that a wife is supposed to be one’s ‘best friend’ and debating buddy is quite newfangled. Greeks had it right. Wife for eugenic (*) breeding and running household, slave girls for fun, hetaira for when you wanted to shag a bird whilst getting all meta and ruminating on the Thucydides Trap or the finer points of Pindar’s metrical style.

        You want reasonably high IQ genes for your kids. Not ultra-high. Do you want to have to contemplate having produced physiognomies like Curtis Yarvin in your golden years?

        Part of surviving the coming collapse will be letting go of Middle Class Status Anxiety. Marrying the ‘right’ kind of woman so that one’s peers in the C-suite won’t look askance at one and to offspring SAT-max isn’t going to be of much use in the long run.

        * she has to be of good family and character and therefore by definition not a retard.

        • I don’t care about my kids’ social status, I want them to be able to experience reality as a fully sapient being.

        • For some of us men, we cannot seem to manage living with female non-peers in terms of g IQ. I’ve dated gorgeous women and lived with a few, and my wife of 20+years is a very pretty Irish Catholic blonde with blue eyes, but I personally could never live with a woman on a daily basis if she only possessed average intelligence. Less than 115 would drive me out of the home PDQ. I am fortunate because my sweetie and I occupy the same sd and we found one another through another similarly-situated couple. Our pairing happens to work for us.

    • Dunno man, the most trad women I see are shockingly smart as these things run. I think youre mistaking high status for high intelligence, as every midwit knows correlation causation etc…

      High IQ people TEND to be high status and high stattus people TEND to say and believe whatever lets them make their Taho payments.

      High IQ people that dont care about any of this are just the type to reject the system and its works wholesale.

      There’s nothing pathological about being smart, thats mostly a myth we absorbed from (((movies))) where the smart guys were the unattractive unmanly socially awkward perverts… cause well they were the self insert characters for the writer/director/producers.

  8. As Roissy/Heartiste noted, “Diversity plus proximity equals war.”

    People are getting a good heaping dose of exposure to those of different races on the lower end of the bell curve. And they are not liking it. The law and culture and social norms now exalt those of low IQ and high vibrancy over White dudes of average to above average intelligence. Along with power skirt girl bosses. There is not a single straight White man who does not fully realize his life is utterly worse because of this; and resents being passed over in every opportunity: career, financial, romantic, social for those of lesser qualities but preferred vibrancy.

    People have noted the black national anthem being booed at the Chiefs/Detroit Lions NFL game. There is a limit to Cloward-Piven, in that constantly degrading society simply reduces power projection. There is simply no way the Regime can hold onto power fighting both the internal enemy: White men; and the external ones: Russia and China. It just can’t.

    White tribal identity is already here. Its uncertain. Unsteady. Not well defined. But it definitely is here and is not going back in the bottle. No matter what Keith Olberman or Steven Colbert say.

    • Plus, now I know without a doubt what my Virginia Confederate ancestors fought to prevent. It took 10-12 years to thoroughly destroy my American patriotism and reignite Rebel and Appalachian atavism in me, but I have to keep mum in public. Richmond and Atlanta and Charleston belong to sodom throng and tide of color. And yet I still abide.

    • The real mystery is why white tribal identity disappeared for a few decades. It’s not as if its recent flowering is a completely new development. A century ago white tribal identity was omnipresent. And then it just…. went away

      • It was machined out of us by a decades-long (and ongoing) postmodern miseducational and propaganda onslaught.

        • Yet here we are, immune to its effects.

          However, the jab uptake numbers (among other things) demonstrate such an appalling susceptibility to the mind virus, that it reinforces the idea that control of the propaganda organs is really all that matters. With it, you can mold 3/4 of the people to your will. And without it, you are virtually helpless at any scale.

          • You actually believe those jab numbers? I think they they were lying out of their teeth. Just like unemployment is 3.5 right now and then you get a stat like this:

            for EBT:
            FY 2019, full year: $92.5 billion
            FY 2022, full year: $192.23 billion.

            Federal budget in 2019 was 4 trillion plus
            since 2020 its been 6 trillion plus

            2020 was a virus released by the two largest debtors in the world: US and China to keep the game going a bit longer

          • Mr House, I do take the jab numbers with a grain of salt, but my anecdotal supports the reporting that roughly 2/3 of folks took it. Especially white people.

          • My experience is close to exactly the same as Mr Zoar’s, above. The official number of jabbies in this Midwest state is something like 75 percent, and 75 percent of the people I know, got one or more Injections of Maim.

      • Been wondering if the Enlightenment fetishists were so sure Constitution and Reason would integrate/uplift all the races along with the tech and food achievements,
        but now comes The Great Disappointment,
        and lots of goodwhites, Left/Right/Center are still blindsided and in denial.

        Too much of The West really believed they could achieve earthly paradise with minimal input from The Almighty, only to be met with Dat Phat Twerk of Babel

      • Well… white tribes killing each other by the tens of millions in two needless fratricidal wars between 1914 and 1945 had something to do with it…

    • The missing magic ingredient is that there is still no downside for a White defecting in any given situation and throwing his fellow tribesmen (sic) under the bus for temporary advantage or personal survival.

      Eventually this will need to be handled with ostracism (or much worse) so that it becomes intolerably worse option to defect and heroic option to stand with the tribe. If gonna be a tribe then need to adopt tribal morals and ensure everybody in the tribe knows penalty for defection.

      Same penalties will need to apply for gratuitous virtue signalling, too. Classic case just happened in Hong Kong. Indian guy assaults Korean girl doing live vlog in subway station. Everybody knows there’s a Bobs & Vagene problem comes with Indians as part of the deal. In a perfect would they wouldn’t be here. In next best world the police would have a Pajeet Division and a Special Soap Detachment. But heaven help you if you try to address the real world issues and don’t pretend that it’s All Men ™.

  9. “Why must the economy always expand?”

    Indeed; always need expansion and growth and make more cars all the time. Who does this benefit? Obviously, just those at the top who want endless supply of cheap workers and consumers. I always felt a proper society would control its population, certainly its border, so as to maintain strong wages, affordable homes, less traffic, and just more general elbow space and mental well-being.

    “Why must humanity expand its domain to the stars?”

    So, the moon and mars can be littered with 7-11s, billboards, reparations marches, weed shops, porn addicts, and bum tent encampments.

    ” In many jobs like this, the owner used to depend on people from the normal step to do the work. Many were young in their first real job. Many were part-time people. These jobs were designed for people at or close to the average IQ of the West. ”

    A smaller population and controlled border allowed nice teens and college students to work at the fast food joints. It’s all been trashed in the name of progress and equality, but it’s just about the money for the rulers.

    • The answer of why humanity must go to the Stars was rather effectively answered in the first season of Babylon 5, where the late actor Michael O’Hare says it is so Shakespeare, Mozart, Beethoven, and Dostoevsky survive the death of the Sun. That mankind’s heritage is so valuable and precious it must be preserved by spreading to the stars.

      This was written in the mid 1990s, it seems like a thousand years ago now. But that was the Hollywood answer not so long ago.

      At one time people were proud of Western civilization. Even Hollywood people.

    • Economy expansion: My guess is because the big money is in speculation and trading rather than holding equities for the dividends (if any). “Growth” raises the stock value.

      • Economies gotta grow in part, because (almost) no man anywhere ever said “You know what? I’m satisfied; I don’t need any more.”

        No, the typical human is closer to the sinister humor of “The Simpsons” evil rich man Montgomery Burns, who says (approximately) “I may be the world’s wealthiest man, but I’d trade it all for just a little bit more.”

    • “I always felt a proper society would control its population, certainly its border, so as to maintain strong wages, affordable homes, less traffic, and just more general elbow space and mental well-being.”

      Exactly. I’ve nothing to add but this is so worth quoting.

  10. I have a handful of observations loosely related to today’s post which might be of general interest.

    1. Concerning the advance of civilization and its accomplishments, it is important to remember that outward advancements of any kind—whether they be technical/scientific in nature, or in the fine arts, or what have you—are not the primary phenomenon. Outward accomplishments are the derivatives, or the daughters if you will, of spiritual accomplishments. The spiritual is necessary to answer the question. “why?”. There must be a strong and abiding mythos that provides the “why” for great deeds. Why do we send men to space, or trek to the South Pole, or research the atom? These things aren’t done for practical reasons; they are done for the sake of deeply mysterious, inarticulate yearnings and visions that impel the courses of great civilizations. It is not in man’s power to create whys for himself. They either come to you from the muses or not at all. They are the mandates of heaven that no one can entirely explain. People often speculate about why the ancient Romans didn’t invent space travel, or the ancient Chinese, and they conclude by saying that they lacked something in their technical acumen. This is nonsense. They had more than enough skill to do it, if that had been their objective. The simple answer is that they were under the inspiration of a different muse. Their ends and their aims just weren’t the same as ours.

    2. Geniuses are not created in schools. An old saying holds that “Battles are won on the playing fields of Eton,” by which is meant that the early experiences schoolboys have playing sports is how they learn the essential skills that will serve them in weightier matters later in life. This is where they test their mettle, experience comradery, overcome pain and fear, and get a sense of the subtle things that cannot be wholly explained or systematized: Things like social cues for dominance, seeing through deceptions, understanding what your enemy aims at and what he is hiding. An intimate and mastery acquaintance with the nonobvious is the foundation of victory. In the very same sense, the foundation of genius is an early and intimate acquaintance with the mystery of existence and the labyrinthine ways of the mind. A childhood filled with copious amounts of undirected reading and silent meditation is absolutely indispensable, as it provides the broad knowledge base and the freedom to think in nonlinear ways. The dreamtime of childhood is the Eton of the genius.

    3. Although geniuses aren’t made in schools, they need schools and the schools belong to them. Just as a man requires property by which to support himself with the necessities of life, a genius requires an intellectual tradition to bring himself into contact with his task and the task with him. The treasury of wisdom, of books, of the company of likeminded spirits, of relatively unmolested freedom and time to think—in other words, everything the university is supposed to be—is the meat and drink of the genius and it should be given to him and kept as his preserve. Sending the ignorant masses to school, thus reducing the schools to the utilitarian task of training bureaucratic functionaries, has been an unmitigated disaster for the genius. You polluted his environment, destroyed the only place he could ever call home.

    4. Management is different in kind, and higher than other types of work. There may seem to be a vast difference between the tasks of, say, managing a McDonald’s and managing a huge civil engineering project like dam, but I submit there is less of a difference between these two tasks than there is between being a wage worker and managing anything at all. It is quite a different thing to assume the mantle of responsibility. Even a highly skilled laborer, such as a surgeon (for a laborer is really all a surgeon is) does not carry the cares of others the way a manager does. And every sort of enterprise, no matter how mundane, needs a relatively skilled and responsible person to manage it. It is not easy to run a McDonald’s; it often means putting in 15-hour days of dealing with surly employees, rude customers, and the general chaos of a short-order dining establishment. The amount of money that would be needed to pay the salary
    to make the job attractive would actually bankrupt the place. Therefore, it is not possible to do that job just for the money alone. You have to find somebody with an ethical imperative, somebody who believes in managing because he knows that civilization requires people to make these sacrifices.

    5. One of the disastrous and little-remarked consequences of the NIRP era is that it has bled off all the ethical people out of the low-end jobs. It is a truism that much of the work of raising your own children and keeping your own household must be unpaid work. But because such work is odious and unglamorous, people who can afford to do so often hire outside help to assist them: Thus, we get various nannies, cooks, housekeepers, landscapers, and the whole panoply of “domestic servants.” However, because, in the nature of the case, such work is only a subset of one individual life, the natural price of such labor is not enough to support another one independently. These are not a man’s work; they aren’t breadwinner jobs. They are jobs that must be distributed to subordinate members of the household, and that’s what domestic servants essentially are—surrogate family members with nonvoting equity in the household. Over time, people come to love their faithful domestic servants and may even promote them to full partners, but the commodification of these jobs into the gig economy has ruined that arrangement.

    6. Similarly, all the ethical people who, in tighter economic times, might have been stuck managing a McDonald’s but who did it with a sense of purpose, have drifted off to office cubicles, leaving nobody to watch over the lower end. But the highest in society does not stand without the lowest, and if the lowest falls then the higher must drop down a notch to fill the gap. We are about to experience a great Tetris effect where a great many competent people are shaken down into more menial roles, simply to bolster them up. There would be no great loss of dignity in this fate, were it not for the fact that the anarcho-tyrannical dictates of the government have repurposed the lower roles into dole-offices for quartering the incorrigible hoi polloi.

    7. As in all things, the critical defect of our age is the high-low alliance, the oligarchic government’s codependent relationship with the rabble. Our oppressors’ weapon is their control of the coin of the realm; without that, both they and the rabble are powerless. Dissident activity, in order to be effective, must focus on and develop the techniques of insurgent economics. There is no other practical measure that will avail. Let the foregoing be the prolegomena for all future discussions.

        • If your essay’s tend to be longer than your blog host and tend to have little to do with the topic de jour, perhaps you should post on your own blog and attract your own audience rather than feed off of the work of another, i.e., your blog host.

      • I might read your lengthy posts if they were consistently divided up into much smaller paragraphs.

        • I suspect readership has nothing to do with the postings. More narcissistic than practical in nature done to amuse oneself, rather than enlighten others.

  11. Wonderful analysis in today’s missive, Z-man.

    One comment wrt your “step” analogy and the decline in IQ. You make the assertion early on that at the rate of decline vis a vis Dutton’s hypothesis, that the West will take 300 years to reach Somalia levels of *measured* IQ. Yes, that is correct. However, it is not correct to assume we will take 300 years to reach the level of Somalian *disfunction*! Why?

    The reason is simple—IQ measurement is *not* an “interval level scale”. It is a “rank order scale” or measurement. That is to say, the functional difference between an IQ of 100 and 110, is not the same as the functional difference between an IQ of 110 and 120! When you use a “step” analogy, folks tend to consider each step being equal height (effect). With stair steps this is correct, with “IQ steps” this is not necessarily so.

    The effect of declining IQ will not necessarily be “smooth” as it approaches Somalia levels and we may indeed reach a major inflection point in societal functioning well before we approach Somali IQ levels. This is in line with Smart Fraction Theory, although not specifically emphasized (IIRC).

    In SFT there are calculated estimates of minimum societal IQ required to retain our current technological s**tshow, but I’m not sure it really takes into account the rank order aspect of IQ measurement. Dutton however does and has mentioned such in his “Genius Famine” book. His reference to genius however, appears less as a look towards new scientific breakthroughs, but more at illustrating/proving the danger of maintaining our current technological society as average IQ declines.

    • TLdr: the quality of the decline from Germany level to Poland level is a lot faster and noticeable than the Poland to Rhodesia decline. The decline in society’s functionality will be sudden and then slow.

      • Don’t soil the name of Rhodesia, the breadbasket of Africa, and a high functioning society carved out of a jungle by confusing it with the zombie nation Zimbabwe which exists today where it once stood.

    • I read this article differently. It seems to me Z said the IQ of whites will never decline to Somali levels, but unfortunately, the importation of Somalis and other Very Dumbs will swell the left side of the bell curve, increase societal dysfunction, and compel averagely intelligent whites to make a reckoning with this lamentable development.

      • This is true as well. Both sides of the coin are real (and decidedly negative). Thanks for filling in the other side.

    • I would argue that the main test of societal survival is the ability to fix things that are broken or dis-functional..As Paul Theroux has documented, in black Africa, things don’t get fixed, and people don’t even seem interested in trying…In our society, the people who can fix things correctly are primarily white males, with some assistance from Asian and Mestizo males, and they are being persecuted…We are already seeing signs of serious disfunction…Many of us think that indoor plumbing will not survive for more than a generation or two….

  12. It’s amazing how isolated you can really be. I live deep in the black belt, but I rarely speak with any blacks. I work with just one. Everyone else, barring exactly one asian and one hispanic, in the fifty plus man company is white.

    The only sign of increasing dysfunction is when people ask that I pick up food from a fast food restaurant and I sit for way too long for the White manager to corral the workers.

    • This, thankfully, is what the majority of us experience. However, as we saw with the Florida Condo Collapse a few years back some folk are *not* so lucky.

      We all know about the collapse, but relatively few know about the years leading up to this collapse. Starting at the very beginning of design and construction there were lapses in judgement by architects, engineers, and builders leading to an inferior structure doomed to eventual failure.

      Then during the period of existence and decline, there were many inspections and visible warning signs missed/ignored of pending building failure. Then “sudden” collapse, which really wasn’t sudden at all, just ignored.

      This is the future given IQ decline—accelerated by AA and other social engineering efforts.

      • Compsci, you’re leaving out (((THE REASON))) for the Florida condo collapse.

        There’s been a ton of whitewashing of historical websites recently, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the original source material, but if you spend some time searching on keywords such as “Levitt & Sons” and “building codes” and “concrete slab” and “particle board”, then you’ll start to piece together an understanding of (((the phenomenon))).


        BTW, 9-11 was (((the inverse phenomenon))), where it made financial sense [for (((the sadistic psychopaths))) involved] to level the buildings, as the means by which to force the goyische insurance company payout.

        • Not denying there wasn’t corruption at many points of the process from beginning to end. It is interwoven throughout the narrative with incompetent eve. Corruption and incompetence (IMO) go hand in hand with lower IQ. However, I wished not to confuse and lengthen the story for my point.

          Those who do not associate corruption with lower IQ should research for themselves the “true” story.

      • I was not surprised by that collapse. That was from the era my father affectionately called the “toad shit and wax paper” construction era in FL (he was a developer). Add to that the natural tendency of condo associations to minimize association charges and bingo…

  13. The overt open-borders policies of the Biden Administration have accelerated the invasion of low IQ foreigners into the USA. Ditto for Europe. At least 10 million new illegals have entered since 2021, and the actual number could be much higher (no one is really counting). And these people are not bringing productivity with them; just the opposite, they soak up federal aid, work menial jobs and export cash back to home countries. We are now on a crash course for national bankruptcy and Biden is pushing down on the accelerator.

    This crash is going to happen long before anyone notices a shortage of NASA engineers.

    • And yet Rhodesia and South Africa have not completely descended to the Ooga Boots caveman levels, despite a financial, government, and economic “collapse” compared to 1st world status. “Collapse” is a misleading misnomer.

      • Your are joking right? South Africa and Zimbabwe (what’s with your spergy insistence on calling it Rhodesia?) are indeed getting towards ooga booga level.

        There was a trillion dollar bill in Zimbabwe, it didn’t buy a whole lot…

        South Africa’s infrastructure is experiencing global collapse as electric and sewage systems are failing. This all occurred in the span of a single generation.

        Not sure if you are genuinely confused or shilling for Africans, but in either case, you are wrong.

        • He’s not shilling for Africans. He’s making the point that it typically takes much longer to reach a collapse than many people believe. Ergo, AINO still has quite a ways to go before “the plates stop spinning,” to use an old warhorse of a metaphor.

          • Yeah, I can grant that at this point in time “collapse” is perhaps too harsh a word for SA. I’ve admitted myself that the timeline for collapse has surprised me wrt SA. But there are tremendous problems that keep getting worse, such as rolling blackouts of the power grid with no end in sight.

            What do you call a country with no electricity?

          • Compsci,

            A country with irregular or nonexistent electrical power is incapable of running the pumps needed for the operation of toilets. But there still must be a place designated for taking a shit, even if it is only a hole in the ground. Wait, I’ve got it; you characterize that country as a shithole country…

    • TomA: “And these people are not bringing productivity with them; just the opposite, they soak up federal aid, work menial jobs and export cash back to home countries.”

      They’re bringing ANTI-productivity with them, which is to say, PARASITISM.


      TomA: “We are now on a crash course for national bankruptcy and Biden is pushing down on the accelerator.”

      As much as I loathe and despise that worthless God-confounded potato n!gger, the only way I can imagine him being even ever-so-slightly intellectually involved with the illegal immigrant invasion would be if it involved a residual seething hatred of Christianity, combined with a desire for roman legalism to displace Christianity as the religion of the realm.

      To their credit, the average potato n!gger hates Hates HATES apefricans.

      It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that a Tater would consciously & proactively seek to live in a nation filled with violent apefrican parasites.

      • Perhaps your comments refer to the USA only? Although I don’t follow the news closely, it’s my understanding that Ireland is 100% on board with the great replacement goals and welcomes Africans and other aliens to the Emerald Isle. Not all the natives are happy with the state of affairs of course, but in Ireland/UK/EU they have even less rights than we do here, and even to speak wrongly about such matters can incur big fines and/or prison time.

        • LOL. Yes, in the US you can opine about anything without fear of economic sanctions( losing your job) or imprisonment!

          Owen Shroyer begs to differ.

      • Thank you BonBon, I’ve never heard Potato Nigger before.
        I shall now poast here as Potato Jogger, as I know WordPress is sensitive about bad words.

        Vxxc 🥔☘️🏃🏿‍♂️

      • Roman Law would be a step up, they have eugenics.

        🇺🇸 doesn’t have Christian based law, it went through Legal Positivism and now straight up looting by the yids. This is ending though.

    • Any above-average man can calculate the specific paths of the Voyager probes—after one man sees a unique gravitational opportunity coming in a rare planetary alignment. If such practical visionaries still exist, the system is immunized against them. Engineers are drones. NASA’s “leaps” ended in the ’70s. It just grinds on repetitiously, dissipating momentum. SpaceX will never catch up to where “we” were back then, not only because the state will thwart it, but because *we* are not those people.

      Our long-term fate is more important than our everyday problems—like how we can’t even make a good fast food hamburger anymore—but, on the bright side, we’ll soon forget that “long-term” was ever a thing.

  14. This piece reminds me of my youth where I’d spent pretty much my entire life being the “dumbest person in smart class”. Every so many years I’d take a standardized test that put me in the top 80-90% of test takers and I’d imagine it was some sort of fluke as everyone I knew was either smarter than me, or lazier than me. It probably wasn’t until my late 20s that I had any appreciable contact with the other “steps” and figured out who the other 80-90% of test-takers were.

    Our elites are malicious, yes, but also, they have no clue as their circle is so tight that to them the bottom 80% is just some vague notion that may not even exist.

    • A wise person (my major prof) said to me, “If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”. In short, you learn nothing of importance from your inferiors.

    • There was NO questioning that I was a Lake Woebegon kid (above average) yet a LONG way from being really smart/ genius.

      I was so excited, back in the day, to score a 29 on my ACT. It was high enough to get me into flagship state U: mission accomplished.

      …so, being proud of myself, I started asking my group of friends, “how did you do”? and received, in the following order:

      Friend 1: “oh, I got a 32”
      Friend 2: “got a 33”
      Friend 3: “36, yea!”
      Friend 4: “34”
      Friend 5: “32”
      Friend 6: “darnit: I scored a 35 and I know the question I got wrong…”

      • I’ve shared before: When I took the SAT (about 1978) my overall was 1280. Of several categories, my reports says I placed in about 92-95 percentiles. OK, not too shabby. There were no full ride offers, but I was offered a partial tuition at a SPLAC. Also family paid the rest.

        Problem: I was that underachiever. I’d discovered the drug culture by 10th grade and my three semesters at two different SPLACs produced GPAs in the 1.x range. Clearly, my lack of success was nobody’s fault but my own. I did straighten out and eventually got a BS, but it was 18 years after I [barely] graduated high school.

    • This is true about the elites, they only dimly realize the rest exist.

      That they are actually smarter or elite in any sense… not what I see.

  15. I hope we do not send any people into outer space again. It would be horrible if an astronaut radios, ‘Houston, we have a problem,’ only to be answered by someone with a thick Indian accent, ‘Hello, this is Brent from NASA support, what is to be the problem?’

  16. I thought that sounded familiar. Probably British, i.e. not Animal House but Upstairs/Downstairs..

    “Staircase wit: 1. Thinking of an idea or course of action too late to use it effectively, or the tendency to do so.”

    On a totally unrelated note, there is (or was) a sort of “urban” legend back in frontier days where a mysterious stranger comes into town and
    is able to build a “hanging” staircase which defies gravity in some local VIP’s mansion. I have personally seen some of these marvels which are still holding up well after a century and a half. Building stairs is the pinnacle of the carpentry trade. It used to be all in their heads, now I’m sure software fills the gap.

    • But software can’t fill the gaps, which one must do to understand…
      Then by choosing Doer instead of Professional Managerial Class striving for elite one isn’t the decider…

      So the Decider * has never done and doesn’t know…

      The lament of America by Ipuwer

  17. I’ve noticed that driving is becoming increasingly fraught with peril. Red lights mean nothing where I live. When you have a green, you really need to wait three seconds before moving, and even then, after glancing in every direction several times. And this is just driving around town. I stay off highways as much as possible.

    One thing that normal whites don’t think much about is driving. They just assume that they can drive where they want, when they want, and everyone else is more or less following the same incentives and behaviors on their way to and fro. The red lights, stop signs, and rules will always be followed. After all, if you don’t follow the rules, you get killed, right? So The Market will solve the problem — take the bad drivers and dummies off the roads.

    I’ve literally had the above conversation four or five times in the last year with different people. They laugh at me. They believe every problem Eventually Solves Itself for The Better. And especially for them. They simply refuse to consider a collapse in standards and behavior, because — that leads to bad things, and who wants those? Duh!

    I gotta’ tell you guys, I post here often, but the last year has really gotten me down. I see no hope in the small group of relatives, friends, and acquaintances I’ve acquired over four decades. They simply don’t want to understand and they don’t want to think. They cope with everything the same way: Bad doctors in a decade because of poor medical school admission decisions, you say? Why, they’ll just change the rules and start looking for smart doctors again! Why worry about all that? What’s wrong with you?

    Hence, I think it’s inevitable. It *will* happen. We *do* need to get as far away from it as possible, and prepare to live like a monk in our 70s and 80s, if we’re lucky.

    • Driving around here is getting dangerous. I now wait at stop lights for a few beats because I have seen too many urban youth fly through red lights. A big part of it is the knowledge that they will not be stopped by police. The cops just want the pension, so they are not rolling the dice on a traffic stop.

      • Here there simply are no cops. The staffing has been reduced to 1980 levels! All police are too busy handling crimes of violence, rather than patrolling and issuing tickets. We also got rid of those obnoxious red light cameras a few years ago.

        • TBF, I don’t think *anyone* really liked the red light cameras. Fun sport trying to figure out legal ways of defeating them, though.

        • The people who invented red light cameras and who approved them should be arrested and sent to prison. It’s just another part of anarcho-tyranny. The criminal class suffers no consequences for their bad behavior because they won’t enforce the law against them. It’s just another way to fleece what is left of the law abiding public.

      • The first time I drove a car in Mexico I was astonished. They had all the trappings of a modern transportation system, stoplights, stop signs, etc, but no one paid the slightest attention to any of it. I was young and stupid and thought it was hilariously fun.

        That’s why they have those obnoxiously-sized speedbumps called topaz everywhere. They know that no one will obey the law unless they are FORCED to by imposing the alternative of damaging your car.

        Civilization is aggregate behavior, not stuff. Aggregate natural (unforced) behavior is directly downstream from aggregate genome.

      • I’ve mentioned this a while ago, but there’s a (perhaps apocryphal) story that Chun Doo-hwan, who ruled South Korea as a dictator for most of the 80’s, was receiving military training in the States earlier in his career. Late one night he was driving back to his barracks and came across a red light in the middle of nowhere and ahead of him was another car. He witnessed that car pull up to the red light and patiently wait for it to turn green, despite there not being another vehicle in sight. He came away from that experience humbled by the respect for the rule of law that he’d witnessed and desirous of instilling such obedience into the culture of his people back in Korea.

        Perhaps some day our future dictator will have a similar experience in a functioning country and bring such practices back home with him.

        • Well, it won’t be here. Waay long ago when I was a young teen working night shift in Phx, I had to drive home regularly at 2-3 a.m. The area I drove was dead quite with no traffic and roads miles long and straight as an arrow. I could see three or four intersections and their traffic lights in front of me as I drove. I could also see the lights were green for me, and therefore red for cross traffic. In the distance I would often see a car slow—but not stop—for the red light and cross in front of me in the distance.

          Here’s the rub, as often as not it was a Phx PD patrol car. I like to think it was for “self protection” as who wants to be stopping in the middle of nowhere at 3 a.m., but who knows.

        • Ages ago, I recall an article about a smaller island of I think, Japan. There weren’t even any roads. But the safety conscious government had supplied a “practice” pedestrian crosswalk complete with signals, so the residents could train in case they had to visit a real city.

      • I’m surprised the article did not mention how stronly western white females are attracted to violent low IQ men. Plenty of other web sites note this, as a very strong correlation in North American and Europe, of low IQ children are produced. Modern lefty German women are known for trolling the immigration offices for low IQ brutes to take home, and own in the same manner they would a large smelly dog. Andrew Anglin’s (banned by almost all western centers of poltical and corporate power) websites actually take on this unpleasant, but factual issue.

        • Hybristophilia is very real and a major driver of certain demographic problems. Forbidden topic, in our gynocracy, of course.

          Also many normal decent men are too weak and afraid and instinctively shy away from the topic. Braver souls will still tend to come out with “Not all…” when it’s Yes All — normal distribution applying of course.

    • Jon Westling: “Bad doctors in a decade because of poor medical school admission decisions, you say? Why, they’ll just change the rules and start looking for smart doctors again! Why worry about all that? What’s wrong with you?”

      At Free Republic this morning, the following article was simply fascinating:


      Family says they saved dad’s life by sneaking him Ivermectin during 200-day hospitalization


      In addition to the article itself, the kkk0mments by the Freepers are simply outstanding.

      It’s scary/terrifying to witness the ubiquitous uniformity of the absence of curiosity & skepticism & eclecticism in the 21st Century medical kkkummunititty.

      Apparently – starting sometime in the last two or three decades – almost all ackshual medical students [from within much larger pool of all medical school student candidates] must have been chosen solely for the dullness & compliance & obedience & incuriousity of their personalities.

      Over the last two or three decades, no one seems to have spoken out about it.

      Where are the professors & deans of medicine & surgery who should have been screaming bloody murder about this sociological carnage [which was taking place in med skrewl & residency admissions]?



      BUCK THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!

      • US system is different because medical study is a second degree. So there’s always been winnowing for compliance and systematisation before any student gets accepted into Quackery 101.

        When I were a young feller in Australia, you got into medical school straight out of high school. What you needed was to be in the 99th percentile of academic results. Bang yer in. No interviews, no nothing. Automatic acceptance. Then winnowing on ability to handle the material and the grind.

        But nowadays, it’s also requires a first degree and satisfying a jury of one’s feminist and queer peers that one is the right kind of person to be come a doctor. Results of this can be imagined.

    • Between the reluctance to pull over vibrants lest their traffic stats show “disparate impact” and my state’s wholesale licensing of illegals that should not be allowed to drive a donkey cart, it’s a war zone here.

      • That is the very definition of societal collapse. People think in terms of grand dysfunction, but it is at the granular level, such as the inability to drive on public roads, where it manifests first and vexes the most.

        There sometimes is a social component along with an IQ component, too. Using driving as an example, highly intelligent Italy to cite a quick example is hell on earth as far as car travel due to cultural reasons. Granted, the roads are superior to, say, Ghana, due to the intelligence differential, but the danger due to road rage is similar.

        Where IQ does factor, and this is the starkest difference, is in functions such as public utilities and other hallmarks of civilization. There is no Sicilian equivalent of Jackson, Mississippi, and water wells are dug without the presence of horny foreign students wanting to get high and fornicate.

    • Where I live people still stop for red lights, but stopping at stop signs is entirely optional. Consequently, driving in residential nabes is now considerably more hazardous than highways despite the dramatic speed differentials. These days I drive through residential neighborhoods as little as possible. I’ve seen too many cases of people shooting through stop signs at 40 MPH without even checking the intersection. Getting T-boned by some stoned nuggra
      or Kaylee on her sail foam would be double plus ungood.

    • I’ve lived in countries with kamikaze driving cultures, both in the Third World and in Asian countries with a fatalistic indifference to chance encounters like traffic accidents.
      It is more dangerous than in orderly countries, but not by an order of magnitude as you might expect. Jon hints at the reason: if running red lights without looking is common, those going through green lights will slow and check. It would be suicide in the West to pull a sudden U-turn in heavy traffic but in other countries, surrounding drivers are used to it and anticipate it. Same with motorbikes driving on the wrong side of the road, cars suddenly slowing down or stopping in the middle of traffic for no apparent reason, and people cutting corners at speed on tight mountain roads. You get used to it.
      I reckon the road toll in these countries is only two or three times greater than in the West. Traffic is slower and more stressful because you have to drive as though every other vehicle is being controlled by an eight year old.

    • Jon you’re just now dealing with Driving with Diversity? Ye have had a charmed life.

  18. The moon shots stopped because it was a prestige program in the Space Race with the Soviets. We won. It was expensive. Then the 70s hit and the federal government had to shift priorities to the practical. They also canceled the SST in 71. The Space Shuttle — they called it a Space Truck — was pieced together because Nixon wanted to keep the money flowing to the companies and workers before his 72 campaign. There are enough smart American engineers to do it today (maybe not in 10 years). Musk could do it. But there’s no will or money. Plus the diversity problem others mentioned here.
    Shuttle article:

    • Arguably a big issue is that they did the moon shot before the technology was there to properly support it (something seen with many early inventions by the Chinese) and trying to pay for a war in Asia while also dragging an underclass of people up the wage scale at the same time was a huge drag on the economy. Were it just interplanetary travel perhaps something would have come of it.
      Or not, maybe, as Musk is punching the launch cost down about as much as can be managed and it’s still expensive.

    • The Space Shuttle might be an example of both decline and last hurrah of our engineering ability. Remember the Space Shuttle was to be an advance in technology and a more economical reach into space. In the end it was proven too complex to keep flying safely and as such, never economical. It proved cheaper to buy tickets on the Russian space vehicles.

      The first failure was shown to be the fault of flight engineers not understanding the stated/known limitations of the most simple of components, an “O-ring” connection in the fuel line. The second due to failed heat insulation tiles—another well known problem.

      • The flight engineers, at least the ones at Morton-Thiokol, understood very well the problems with the O-rings (which weren’t part of the fuel system) and pleaded with NASA the night before to scrap the Challenger launch. It was the politicians running the space agency who overruled them and killed 7 astronauts.

        • I can not agree, but I do understand where you come from and the (bad) nature of political decisions. No politician/administrator pushed the launch button. The technical staff did. Had they simply refused to comply or complete the launch prep’s or threatened their superiors with exposure, the launch would have been scrubbed.

          The “one-man veto” rule I believe was instituted afterwards and the public revelation by Richard Feynman wrt the O-ring situation. Now whether Feynman simply stumbled/revealed a fact already in common knowledge I can’t say, but it seemed no one at NASA was talking about it seriously until Feynman’s little demonstration.

          Ironically, we dirt people in the competition shooting sports actually practice this principle during matches and practice. Any competitor or spectator may at any time yell “cease fire” and all shooting and movement on the range ceases–immediately! Everybody is considered a “safety officer”.

    • I seriously doubt Musk could do it. That idiot destroyed the launch site a few months ago. NASA told him what would happen. He either didn’t care or thought he was smarter than them. His proposed solution is even dumber than his stupid mistake that destroyed the launch site. He’s talking about putting a million people on Mars in a self supporting city and doing it by 2050. I don’t know if he is a crook or an idiot.

      • But why have people live on Mars? Why not put a million people on Antarctica – it’s more convenient, there’s air, and it’s even less chilly than Mars. Unless Mars has the fountain of youth, there’s no reason to be there much less live there.

        • Not to mention impossible with current technology and probably never feasible at a reasonable cost no matter what tech we are using. The challenges are absolutely immense and we cannot overcome them using current technology. Assuming foods will even grow there, just trying to grow that food will be an enormous challenge. After all, we have never done large scale indoor farming without soil or air or insects and in a lower gravity environment with 44% of the sun’s brightness even with a perfectly clear roof.

          I agree with you about Antarctica. At a minimum, we should have a self-sustaining settlement there before doing anything other than a flag planting mission to Mars.

          • You could write a list of “prerequisites” for a successful Mars colony as long as your arm.

            For example, when we went to the moon, we had at least one run around it just to see if it would work with a human populated capsule.

            Similarly, we have no understanding of the effect of such a long trip upon human occupants on a 9 month voyage to Mars.

            The list of unknowns is endless—and definitely longer than the list of current exploratory research to aimed at answering such questions.

        • N-words can’t loot an outdoor store and hijack a plane to Mars to do over your joint. That’s why Mars. Plus you do a bit of eugenic selection about who goes to Mars… and exposing (Greco-Roman sense) the mishaps just means shoving them out the airlock.

          Although I do wonder if Mars is a sleight of hand and Musk really wants to go fetch some asteroids back and Rule the World. Nothing you can’t do with a few asteroids at your beck and call.

          • Also if Musk is 2SD to the right of me (entirely possible), what understanding of his true motivations could I hope to arrive at?

      • Tars Tarkas: “He’s talking about putting a million people on Mars in a self supporting city and doing it by 2050.”

        Maybe Musk intends to send a million ADL donors to Mars?

      • Envy is nearly as useless as playing the stock market TT.

        Musk is moving us in the right direction on several matters.

  19. As the new pan-Asian hegemons coordinate the coming colonization of North America, they may find it distressing having to manage lower IQ Americans of European and other descent. “They are not good for much,” says chef Ding Ling, “but properly schooled, over a period of time, they can become sufficiently adept at preparing rice and noodle dishes for lunch here at MacMuShu’s.”

  20. A 1% decrease in mean 100 IQ (assuming a 15% std) results in a 20% decrease in the percent of the population with IQ over 132. Do the math in excel.

    Computers, the internet, google and AI add add least 5 IQ points, an effect that does offset the impact on the right tail cohort. Still.

    It’s hard for me not to imagine Latin American favelas where elites live behind walls.

    • Think of all the Ukrainian and Russian women who have been denied suitable spouses, they will marry, but whom? I read somewhere that every major war drags down the following generational IQ by so many points because females have to mate with the remaining dregs. Lower IQ means everything becomes more difficult to accomplish so we have the diversity ball and chain we have to drag through life while trying to get things done. But nature throws a spanner in the works every once in a while, like producing a genius from a favela, think Good Will Hunting, it’s inexplicable. Maybe God really does want us to survive after all.

      • Dutton had an interesting theory about the dearth of men after WWII and the reported beauty of Russian and Ukraine women. His conclusion was that the best looking of the women were chosen by the few (lucky) remaining men, while the ugly women remained childless.

        The good looking women bred good looking daughters and
        “viola” here we are today. Of course, Dutton is also part actor on his YouTube videos so this perhaps is tongue in cheek. Being a man myself, I suspect I’d have no problem doing my patriotic thing and entertaining a “little on the side” for God and Country. 😉

  21. better ask a brazilian how whites react to high levels of diversity.

    they get tanned, become obsessed with big butts and dance on the beach all the time.
    In short, they become superficial asf, that’s what vibrancy gets you, that’s why white iq scores are in decline.

    if society reaches critical levels of black diversity like in south africa then whites need to become farmers and band together to survive.

    • There was that story of some weirdo trying to raise a human baby with a monkey and, tdlr: if you raise a baby with a monkey you get two monkeys.

      • Are you talking about Dr kellog, his baby boy and a female chimp named Gua?

    • Brazil is kind of weird in that respect. Yes, there is a kind of racial stratification à la apartheid, but there are regional differences. In Bahia, the “Black Rome” in the Northeast, Blacks are higher up the scale, business owners, etc. while in the Teutonic/Polish far South (Santa Catarina) you will see the favelas populated by Whites with blond hair and blue eyes. The country is just corrupt and badly run, period. Whites hog most top positions in government, but you wouldn’t know it from the state of the roads.

    • “Dumm fickt gut”; an old German expression that means the dumb fuck well. Can’t add 5 plus 6, but look at the size of that ass, tho!

      Our liberal betters always assured us that we would uplift them and never entertained the idea that they would lower us.

    • The stupidity is almost impossible to believe. I understand the getting shamed into wasting money by parasitic family members as a cultural problem, but the fertilizer story was just insane. Like in that Simpsons episode where Bart keeps touching the cupcake and getting electrocuted.

  22. Sci-fi often depicts aliens coming into our world with some level of technology that we not only cannot understand but cannot comprehend. Imagine if benevolent aliens took over the USA and built an alien city to their standards somewhere in the midwest. It would be so much ahead New York and Miami and Los Angeles in living standards, prosperity, etc., it would draw people of all over to live in it. Then one day the aliens decide to leave. Well, chances are it would not be long before the city just becomes another American city. We can’t maintain the alien city built with technology so far beyond our comprehension or understanding.

    This is what happened when Europeans and Arabs arrived on the shores of Africa and Australia. I cannot really think of any other way to put it. I read an article today in Der Spiegel, of all places, about the total collapse of South Africa, and it is a collapse. People subsist by looting the infrastructure the White man left behind and living in the ruins. The newspaper blames it on the corruption of the ruling party, but they do not point out that this exact scenario happened in every post-colonial African state. There is a reason why Empire of Dust cannot be seen on any streaming site, and it’s because it is exactly what happens when Africans take over a country filled with stuff they do not understand. I wish it were not so, but it’s all right there.

    • The Der Siegel article was an interesting read. This paragraph in particular caught my eye:

      “For the fiscal year 2021-2022, the auditor-general found that 219 of the country’s 257 municipalities did not have clean audits. In countless cities and municipalities, the infrastructure, administration, education system, health system, sewage and garbage collection are all subpar or completely dysfunctional. In many places, not even the trains are running, while some regions are forced to go for days without running water.”

      This is typical of post-colonial Africa. These systems were set up and maintained by whites. To the extent that Africa has sea ports, airports, highways, running water, sewage disposal, and power plants, they’ve been designed, built, and maintained by whites or (these days) East Asians.

      As the color complexion becomes darker in the USA, we can expect something similar here. The ghetto writ large.

      • The article also said that something like 15% of the bureaucrats in one province are illiterate. This is so eye-opening on so many levels I am somewhat surprised Der Spiegel put it in. If it’s 15% for political appointees, it’s obviously much higher amongst the general population. So we are talking about a citizenry where it is not just that they, say, cannot understand how a sewage system or electrical grid operates , but they cannot even pick up a book and read it. That is how large the gap we are talking about is.

        • The intelligence gap between whites and sub-Saharans may be greater than the gap between sub-Saharans and border collies.

      • This why I chuckle about South Africa being included in the BRICS coalition – seriously? Brazil is laughable enough, but SA as it’s currently being run and by whom? ROFLOL.

    • “… when Africans take over a country filled with stuff they do not understand. I wish it were not so, but it’s all right there.”

      No disagreement, but we seem to look/describe the problem (as in the above quote) as a simple one of intellect. Lot’s of things—behavior things—get tacked on with low IQ and race differences. The White race was the first to combine a high intellect with useful behavioral traits to produce the advanced, technical civilization we’ve become used to.

  23. I am genuinely curious about what the Somalis, for instance, or the Haitians who have poured into the country thought about their prospects once here. They are patently too backward, the majority of them, to contribute to a technologically advanced society. And there are only so many janitorial jobs to go around. What did they expect to do once they got here?

    The cynical answer is that they heard the streets are paved with gold, i.e. the great, benevolent master, Uncle Sam, would cradle them in his loving arms and simply give them the good life that they heard is theirs for simply showing up. In other words, they did not expect to have to do anything but enjoy an easy life of leisure at someone else’s expense. Is anyone so simple-minded as this?

    My own limited dealing with these people has convinced me that they recognize, on some level, that they cannot compete or contribute significantly in a modern western society. So they are reduced to beggary and theft. Far from wounding their overlarge egos, they, just like our native grown underclass, simply take it on faith that they deserve to be coddled and idolized. Whereas you or I might feel ashamed to accept handouts, these simpletons see it as somehow their due.

    We won’t ever live peaceably with them because we can’t. The intellectual divide between our demographics is just far too great. There will always and forever be distrust and animosity between us. ‘Diversity is our strength’ is a bald-faced lie that no one truly believes. No one who has stared into the ugly abyss of ‘diversity’, leastways.

    • “What did they expect to do once they got here?”

      They didn’t expect to do anything. They were imported to places like Maine, Minnesota and North Dakota because those places were too white.

      Go to Walmart at 10 pm in Grand Forks, you’d think you were in Mogadishu.

      Much of the importation was committed by the Lutheran Church, against its own parishoners.

      • Lutherans, those irrepressible do-gooders from the upper Midwest and Rust Belt. They were on the front lines decades ago during prior slaughters of cities, when the Catholic menace was in full force.

        Their latest windmill is whitopia, where all the people are, well, something that they can’t comprehend. Not just above average, good looking or whatever.

      • “Go to Walmart at 10 pm in Grand Forks, you’d think you were in Mogadishu.”

        Or, as I like to call it, Wal-Mosque.

    • They think the same as their domestic counterparts: some white guy will pay them. clean up their mistakes, and their worthlessness never will be pointed out. The vice president of the United States, for God’s sake, is a good example. Her staff complains that she has not been “positioned for success,” which simply means a white guy has not done her work, cleaned up her mistakes and her incompetence has been noted.

      This is a luxury belief of a rich society. When things go bust, people will revert to their former modes, which in the vice president’s case was a whore and a thief. Others will gravitate to armed robbery and those a step higher on the staircase will commit fraud. Local, state and federal law enforcement are being groomed now to avert their eyes to the crimes, and this only will intensify as poverty expands and reality fills the void.

    • “And there are only so many janitorial jobs to go around. What did they expect to do once they got here?”

      Suck on the government teat. I keep hearing they are giving all these fake refugees 2k Dollars a month. This is above the average social security payment for an American retiree.

      The question is, why is the government encouraging this? They know the IQ numbers. They have to know the aliens are making every problem we already have far worse. Our infrastructure is falling apart and at least in some places resembles the third world. But instead of fixing it and restoring our historically #1 status in the world, we’re blowing money on all these aliens plus our own poor people.

      • “The question is, why is the government encouraging this?”

        The most benign answer is religious belief. It requires faith to believe this will work out because the plainly observable facts indicate otherwise.

      • Every hominid that goes into the US represents x thousands of dollars(welfare). They don’t include the illegals in the population numbers but include their dollar “activity” thus sustaining or increasing the GDP per capita figures.

        • Yes, every bureaucrat that adds another case adds another client to her patronage. Has nothing to do with votes or lol GDP.

      • I don’t think they consider IQ. Or, if they do, it’s something that every fiber of their being works to squash that naughty thought.

        These are people who genuinely believe that Juan, François, Chang, Bongo, and Rajesh are no different than their ancestors who came by boats through Ellis Island. Because of that projection and treating any doubts about their new “peers” a sin, it makes this invasion so much more damaging.

    • Pretty the Somalis figured they’d run all kinds of welfare and tax fraud scams, courtesy of productive white taxpayers.

    • They are practiced and sophisticated scammers. Their culture selects for it. Hell, our culture selects for it. That’s the answer to the question, of what they expected to do once they got here.

      Even the “good ones” who work regular jobs, have scams on the side, and benefits in their families and clans, on a level that you can’t begin to imagine. The scale of the benefits that they received, the various programs are so multitudinous that most of them, will never have been heard about, to the avg sucker, urrrr, I mean taxpayer.

      One such program is assistance in car payments, I kid you not. You see somalis all. the. time. driving flashed out SUV’s, new model Mercedes and Range Rovers, you name it. The Mexicans are pikers, in comparison with somali scam-quotient levels. Ironically, “to add insult to injury” somalis are shitty drivers, and this is a fact in a biometric way.

  24. Fast food places are now filthy. Mud and garbage and paper towels are strewn all over the floor. The places stink like rotting corpses. If this is how the customer facing portion looks, how does the back look? How is the hygiene of the workers?

    For me, McDonald’s is now reserved for road trips. And maybe once every 3 months when I get a craving and am temporarily too weak to reject it. Tim Hortons is a no-go zone completely. Last time I was at Popeyes 3 years ago some Arab youths were harassing some Indian women. They kept looking at me like they expected me to help but I just left the store, not my problem. Haven’t been back.

    Formerly teenager jobs are now done by Indians and Filipinos in their 30s, yet the quality keeps getting lower and lower. Still, at a high end restaurant, everything is clean and all of the front end staff are white and friendly.

    We’re quickly heading for a situation like Brazil, where those with money live a first world existence, while those without money are relegated to eating mud off the flood at McDonald’s, if they’re lucky. More and more money will be needed to avoid the growing dumb fraction.

    My personal, non political advice is make sure you aren’t poor. Because you’re in for some rough times.. fast food is only scratching the very surface. Now apply this to hospitals, banks, etc.

    • This shift, where bright young teenagers were shut out of these jobs, happened in the 2000s. I remember the rhetoric about how the minimum wage needed to go up because people could not live on these wages. The obvious retort – that you were not meant to live on a part time job at McDonald’s – was just shut down as racism, or classism, or whatever, just like all retorts to elite bromides. At the same time, upper/upper-middle class people decided their children were too good to work at a mall or at a fast food restaurant, better leave it to the helots instead. And here we are now. Not only are the restaurants objectively worse, kids are not getting the lessons in punctuality, responsibility, manging a bit of spending money, etc., that they used to. I do know that I and most people I know look at our old high school jobs fondly, but kids don’t get that experience.

      • Poor kids don’t want those jobs, because they lead absolutely nowhere (where are they going to get hired in 2024 with “McDonalds, 2019-2023” on their resume — this isn’t 1962 and some middle-aged white guy takes a shining to their gumption and can-do attitude), and rich kids don’t need them.

        These jobs *are* the end of the road for most people. I can tell you’re from an older generation of whites because of your presumption that they’re not meant to be permanent jobs. That was the case long ago when smiling white kids said “Welcome to McDonald’s!” in commercials in 1981 to make money for her sophomore year at State U.

        But they’re permanent, dead-end, shit jobs for whites now, and they’re not going to take them, no matter how much you try to shame them into this undignified, serf, bugman existence.

      • It goes back even further than that. I can remember during the 1984 Democrat convention that speaker after speaker asserted that the only jobs the Reagan economy had created were “burger flipping jobs.”

    • Good advice. Along with wealth accumulate skills to allow independence. As for eating at McDonald’s, the filth and squalor will be followed by food poisoning in the near future. Avoid such places.

    • Visit college towns to observe a subset of the youth impact on service jobs. You will encounter surly, stupid people uninterested in anything but their phones and amusing themselves to death. Others became obstacles to living out their best Me-ness, so are barely tolerated. A customer could grow to dislike that type of youth, well before seeing the suggested 20%+ tip.

      Business owners have to tolerate them because of the lack of interest in filling those positions. Rock, hard place, just don’t expect acknowledgement or awareness. [Makes you appreciate family-owned even more, where there is skin in the game and thought beyond the next minute.]

      That is a Mean to +1SD slice of the right hand of the Bell Curve. What you don’t see is those more motivated to study and contribute instead of consume and dissipate. Visit a library, lab or other area on campus where the nerds hang out. They’re still around, just invisible to media.

    • It needs to be noted how much society benefitted from having a deep bench. The old saw about the guy who started in the mail room and became CEO said more about the quality of mail room employees than anything else. If the mentally talented are running the lower tasks then that’s a load off of the upper tiers while also making sure the smaller gears of the machine run smoothly.

    • The rich goyim will breed with the rich and powerful Jews and the poor goyim will breed with the negroes or die off. This ends the White race.

  25. “America is no longer able to get to the moon because NASA is full of diversity”

    NASA did not get us to the moon, private companies that promoted based on merit got us to the moon. Those very same private companies, with the exception of SpaceX, no longer promote based on merit. The people capable of doing this work still exist, but they are being discouraged and marginalized by our education system. Why not sideline these people, after all they are White males and they are the enemy.

    • But you are so wrong! Sha’Meequa, Da’Neekwa and Mar’Teaka got us to the moon. I saw it in a movie.

  26. “At the heart of this line of thinking is the assumption that a society can only be successful if it is moving forward toward something and expanding in terms of material prosperity and cultural progress.”

    Reminds me of Nietzsche’s definition of life as a will to power: “… it will endeavour to grow, to gain ground, attract to itself and acquire ascendancy—not owing to any morality or immorality, but because it LIVES, and because life IS precisely Will to Power.”

    Which is where I break with him, because that sounds like a decent definition of cancer to me, while I recognize limits, fwiw.

  27. This may all be part of the elites’ master plan to immiserate 99% of the population, leaving abundant goodies for the remaining 1%, but plans seldom go flawlessly. The models show all the bad consequences falling on the unworthy nobodies, but it will be impossible for the rich to insulate themselves from discomfort in a complex technocratic world. And it’s only such a world that will provide them with the sort of life they value. It’s all very well to snicker that the common people will be living in unheated hovels, eating weeds and bugs, but I doubt that Bill Gates is looking forward to dressing in skins and eating deer meat roasted over an open stone fireplace, like some post-Roman barbarian warlord. Sure, it’s lavish compared to everyone else, but compared to what he has today it’s pretty much a death sentence.

    Just today there was an example of a crumbling society breaking in upon even the best-guarded elite: Justin Trudeau was stuck for 2 whole days in India because his plane broke down. Not 2 hours, 2 DAYS. A part needed to be replaced, but unlike 10 or 20 years ago, it couldn’t be quickly sourced and rushed to where it was needed. A new plane couldn’t be obtained within a few hours.
    (I read that one was en route from Canada, but it was diverted to the UK, presumably because the original plane finally was fixed, so it took over 2 days to get the replacement plane in the air.)

    Travel delays are not news for ordinary people but when this happens to a nation’s leader attending the G20 meeting, it’s significant because it didn’t used to happen. The rising tide is creeping higher and starting to lap at the base of fortresses that were assumed to be impregnable.

  28. “Just as contact with the West has permanently changed the identity of sub-Saharan Africans, this new process will change Western people and society. If you cannot run the sandwich shop along Western lines due to the decline in intelligence, the guy running it must find a new solution. The dilemma of the sandwich shop owner will play out across that vast middle step on the IQ staircase. The people on that step will have to suddenly recognize the staircase itself.”

    One of the workarounds is automation — indeed it was employed in the world of “Idiocracy” as well. A new McDs has opened a mile down the road from me. You can order from a touchscreen, pay with your card, and collect your order without any human interaction. More and more complex electronic systems, and probably with increasing AI, are doing work that used to be conducted by average and above-average white people.

    Another coping mechanism — and which is not a solution at all — is to jettison credentialing processes. Abandon the SAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT and so on. Under the banner of promoting “diversity.” Obviously not a solution because you end up with the physicians and lawyers of the caliber you see in “idiocrracy.”

    One process I have noticed — and which seems to have picked up steam over the last few years — is the abandoning of sifting and sorting mechanisms. Any advanced (and hence stratified) society needs mechanisms to sift the alphas from the betas from the gammas from the deltas from the epsilons. And these separate groups are then put on appropriate trajectories. The alphas go to MIT, the betas go to the University of Wisconsin, the gammas to community college or the trades, and the deltas and epsilons to semi-skilled and unskilled work respectively. This seems to be increasingly less the case today. The competent are not being trained for and put in slots appropriate for them. This is a part of the crisis of competence we see today, The most glaring example is the dull-witted idiot who masquerades as the president of the country but other examples in politics, business, and the professions are legion. The intelligent are becoming a sub-species living in a state of siege, and when they talk they sound “pompous and faggy.”

    • My child is looking at colleges and noticed the University of Iowa’s Actuarial program requires a 2.5 GPA.
      I had to point out that the 2.5 GPA was not for him, but for the diverse applicants.

        • Depends. If he’s got the IQ to smash (not just coast through) an actuarial degree, then that applied maths, stats, modelling experience could well set him up for life in any scenario short of Zardoz.

          But if it’s between studying say “International Business” and learning a trade, then trade FTW.

          Should not be looking to re-create Orania in the Former USA. Will still need number crunchers in whatever is to come. Won’t need too many MBAs though.

          FWIW, Orania is best option for the Boers because they’re (sorry, but not sorry, just the facts ma’am) the Dumb Left Behind Fraction (Any White SA with brains/means has emigrated). I wish them well. Think they’ll probably do just fine if they keep a low profile and stick to doing what they know best — Being Boers. They only have to be better than the Kaffirs.

    • There’s a growing lack of competence across the board, and finding good, honest, competent tradesmen in general – from mechanics to IT guys – seems to be getting harder. Which means that good, honest, competent, skilled people are already becoming more and more scarce and more and more valuable – and richer too, as they command increasingly high rates.

      My go-to AC tech (who I pay in cash, natch) has so many work requests he has to turn people down – and he’s set to retire this year.

      • Your comment goes back to one of mine. There is more to competence than a simple IQ score. Behavior characteristics are big as well. As IQ declines—for whatever reason—so to often follows behavior decline, e.g., conscientiousness.

        Folks often retort to criticism of going to college with “learn a trade”, but the problem is not blue collar vs white collar, it’s a decline in human potential into either path.

  29. “America is no longer able to get to the moon because NASA is full of diversity, but it also lacks the smart guys it used to have to solve the necessary problems. In other words, the West is no longer able to make these great leaps because the decline in human capital has reduced the number of geniuses”

    I agree that NASA lacks enough smart guys now. But with the greatest respect to our host, there’s no evidence the number of geniuses in the West has fallen. At the risk of getting completely flamed here, I would suggest that our overly-financialized economy has absorbed too many geniuses into speculation and other anti-social financial activities. With better incentives, a better system and no Federal Reserve, all these very bright people would be doing something useful for society. I can assure you that Bridgewater and Citadel have enough smart guys to get to the moon if there were a few billion dollars in it for them.

    • “there’s no evidence the number of geniuses in the West has fallen”

      The geniuses are not being trained for and put into productive genius-level slots. Such neglect is characteristic of decaying and collapsing civilizations.

    • Also too many parents throwing money at their child’s “future” in professionals sportsball when they’d be better off learning a trade or studying medicine.

    • Problem is the idea of going to a hedge fund after graduation is goal of these smart fraction kids from age 15 or so. It’s not just financialisation of everything diverts them away from more civilisation ally useful pursuits — it also utterly corrupts their outlook and morals.

      You could pass a law tomorrow requiring every hedge fund quant to go work for NASA and Musk tomorrow for FREE and they’d still be a net negative because they’ve been warped into the Wrong Stuff.

      And that’s still not to deal with the dearth of good engineers and materials science guys.

  30. Interesting.

    Humour me, if you will? Old South Africa was a bountiful country with just a handful of whites running it. They have national average IQ stats that will make ours look like a Utopian pipe dream. Say what ya want about blacks, apartheid, and all the lefty hogwash – but that was essentially the way of it. Their colonization history proves that you can build a country with a nation chock full of idiots. A handful of Boers settled the nation with muzzle loading rifles pitted against superior, almost overwhelming numbers of hostile black savages… just as America did with red savages. Old colonial South Africa with all its perceived problems will soon look like a paradise compared to what is in store. Keep your blacks or idiots on a short leash, enforce strict behavioral codes … and yeah, you too can have a country where you can literally go to the moon. Ancient Rome did great with legions of slaves and servants from the biggest human landfills and dumps in Africa. Everyone can have a job, enough to eat, and take honest pride in their work with a few notable exceptions. Historically that is what blacks and browns were – servants, slaves – or criminals that were either corrected or ruthlessly eliminated without a second thought.

    So it goes for NASA. If you look at the recent Mars probes… those guys are still working miracles and no bones about it. The upcoming Artemis project will be a continuation of the Interplanetary Diversity concept. The mission is not to put over-achievers and the Right Stuff on the moon – it is to put empowered women, vibrants and other turdies on the lunar surface. Look at the mission profiles and parameters – Mission Control is now fully digital. All of the critical mission maneuvers and operations will be controlled from earth – the same way the Mars probe is. The space monkeys will land on the moon, and maybe plant a flag and do some pre-bagged sampling and analysis routines (again, all automated) – and then they’ll come back home to accolades and ticker tape parades and PROVE you horrible, awful dissidents and racists are all wrong!!! So there!!! HAR HAR HAR! Take that, ya haters!!!

    It is my conviction that our decline can be laid at the feet of the Usual Suspects. They have effectively made it illegal to discriminate against lunacy, idiocy and mediocrity – with the easily predictable results that we are seeing today. The only choice for us to make now is re-asserting race realities: either get the animals under control, focused on productive endeavors… or commit cultural suicide. Technology is great… but it will only go so far. Eventually NASA (and by extension, western civilization) WILL need the real Right Stuff… and I say it is going to happen by sheer necessity. We are already seeing encouraging push backs from the good guys. Yes, we are in for a world of hurt…but we will prevail. I see a day when blacks will be employed to wrangle their simian cohorts and control them the way it was done in the old African colonies.

    Of course, the usual weasel words apply. Whadda I know? I admit up front I could be full of beans. It wouldn’t be the first time. I invite critique and peer review from my intellectual and moral superiors from my moral and intellectual superiors in the house.

    • I agree that this is outcome is possible assuming we have enough young white men tough enough to bring this vision about. My observation is that the feminization of young white men is reaching a tipping point. Maybe hard times or war cures it but that’s my biggest concern, are there going to be enough young white males not feminized to get us back on track?

      • Indeed – we are all headed for that Darwinian meat grinder, whites included. The evolutionary pressures on the blacks and the stupid will cull our failed liberal social experiments too. But consider – our feral blacks will be hardest hit by orders of magnitude. I posit that in a collapse, the blacks will prey on each other first – pestilence, tribal warfare, starvation will sweep them out to the evelutionary curb at exponentially higher rates than whites. We are already seeing this in Africa and black-run cities in America. Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit would be smoldering craters right now were it not for massive welfare and social program hand outs.

        On our side we are seeing what the NRx guys used to call “Dark Enlightenment”. Go on Blab, and you will see chit poasters also pushing the white virtues; work out, get in shape, prepping, self improvement, etc.

        You may indeed be right… but my money is on Whitey…

        • Go on Blab, and you will see chit poasters also pushing the white virtues; work out, get in shape, prepping, self improvement, etc.

          I’m not sure that stuff is very helpful. It seems terribly narcissistic if you ask me. Those twenty hours you spend in the gym, would be put to much better use by campaigning to purge the local school board.

          We’re not going to win by wrestling the enemy to the ground and neither are we going to survive by retreating into subsistence farming.

          We need to take back the cities, the schools, the universities, the entertainment industry, the banks, the courtrooms and the factories.

          • Weight training is a must for any young (or even old!) man. You don’t need twenty hours a week: three to five can be enough if you push hard/intense and know what you’re doing. Supplement with aerobic and outdoor activities (martial arts & rock climbing?) and it’s a good base.

          • “We need to take back the cities, the schools, the universities, the entertainment industry, the banks, the courtrooms and the factories.”

            That may be possible in Denmark. In AINO, it is not.

          • Keeping yourself fit and healthy is not just for swinging a battle axe. It makes you less dependent upon the government and more resilient in bad times.

            Don’t know about your neck of the woods Felix, but here standing in front of a school Board looking like a stereotypical old White guy ranting is not a good look.

      • Our host chose a sandwich shop for a reason. Diamonds are still successfully mined in South Africa, and the phenomenon you noted takes place: Lawrence Anteeebaqua is on the board, gets paid, and does nothing other than be photographed as the black face of the company.

        Electrical generation for the plebes, on the other hand…

        • Sitting on top of a load of diamonds doesn’t hurt:

          Botswana is almost Wakanda. Various assholes like to hold it up as being what Africa should be. What they don’t tell you is that under the surface, Botswana is in effect a subsidiary of Anglo American Corp (i.e. DeBeers).

          If a resource-rich country isn’t too messed up, it makes sense for big business to run it well in conjunction with the national government. If a resource-rich country is a total shit hole then it makes sense for big business to keep it that way and ally with Warlords –> DR Congo.

          Thing about diamonds is you can skim the output. With electricity generation it takes White levels of IQ to skim off the billing system — far easier to just strip copper bus bars.

      • My observation is that the feminization of young white men is reaching a tipping point.

        It is depressingly instructive to see how Gab’s “parallel economy” is guys selling each other soap, shampoo, herbal tea, dietary supplements, ointments and organic granola like a bunch of hippies. The site is littered with cat videos, gardening tips and cupcake recipes.

        • In some ways that’s still a step up to IRL low-end communities where people try to scrounge out a living by selling each other junk. And actually along those lines my first thought was of Dollar General which took that concept and commercialized it.

          If you’re ever in the States Felix we’ll hit some local flea markets, your despair meter will find new heights!

          • Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the initiative, but why are they all selling this faggot stuff?

            I want a white plumber that isn’t there to case my house or rape my wife, a mechanic that isn’t going to jew me out of unnecessary brake fluid changes, I want a white babysitter network in my area.

            I don’t want organic honey or thyme-scented bodywash.

          • Felix. Get a grip.

            Yes, you NEED soap. Men that are skilled in combat, tradecraft, and leadership use soap. I’d hope that you do too.

            You can buy soap from Globohomo who fake, gay, and hates you and wants you dead. Or you can buy from a dissident that supports you, sympathizes with you and shares many of the goals and values you have. The only catch is the dissident soap merchant is gonna cost more.

            Sure, YOU may not want to smell like lavender after a shower… but what about the old lady? What about your daughter? The dissident soap maker is trying to add value to make it easier for you to justify dealing with him. This is pure American work ethic and hustle in motion. Don’t like the Lavender soap? Get the sandalwood or citrus or whatever else it is for men. If you support him…he will grow. He can branch off into other businesses, maybe offer your kid a job or even you yourself. The sky is the limit.

            There was a time when all North Americans thought like this. Today…we have let the bad guys make us cynical, suspicious and bitter. It’s understandable and forgivable…but it can impair the judgement if we are not careful.

        • They may be serving a market of Low IQ minimum wage dissident snake-handling holy-rolling glossolalic Whites… but they’re our Low IQ dissident Whites. Gradually, some of that stock can be improved. Must not be abandoned to the other side.

          Glass Half Full.

    • Something that springs to mind reading this is the crazy lesbian lady who destroyed the ISS toilets, botched a routine repair, lost her tool box in space, and drilled a hole in the space station to force NASA to take her home.

      We can do great things, even with lots of dumb people in a population, but they have to be kept far away from anything important, and can’t even be given ceremonial tasks. They will find a way to wreck everything.

    • Smart Fraction Theory—mentioned by Z-man—indicates/estimates what is total number of “smart” people needed to supply a society’s demands. It does not however *distribute* those people into various support functions (jobs) within a society. Therefore, I can certainly appreciate the Mars Rover efforts, but image deficits in other technological development and support efforts.

  31. Nature goes with what works. For now, stupid people are more adapted to the environment that dumb people. Just as more religious/conservative whites are having more babies than liberal whites.

    Humans are interesting because can change our environment so drastically, rapidly changing who’s best adapted. Declining IQs will rapidly change the environment again. As to who’s best adapted for what’s coming, I have no clue, other than I’m pretty sure that it won’t be liberal whites so there’s some good news.

  32. Wait till these low IQ shits start running your local utilities companies. It’s already begun in big cities. No plumbing. No electricity. No HVAC. It’s going to get interesting.

    • About ten years ago there was a power surge or something that knocked out electricity in San Diego, Phoenix, and a large part of the Southwest. It happened during summer and several people died becuase the power was out for so long on one of the hottest days of the year. The excuse was that during construction, some truck ran over some power lines, causing a chain reaction. It was a cover story/lie. I found out years later what really happened was some diversity hire pushed a wrong button at some power center, setting off the event. Yes, things are only going to get worse.

  33. as the average IQ of a society goes down, so does its carrying capacity in terms of population levels.

    how do you explain ostensibly intelligent people making very stupid decisions? e.g. Dutch parlament shutting down farmers.

  34. I’ve also noticed a steep drop of what I’d term “fund of knowledge”. People at all IQ levels simply read less and absorb less basic information. They’d rather play games on their phones. Or just endless yap about nothing (weekend Amtrak experience). Lot of that generalized knowledge is helpful in daily problem solving. It simply ain’t there. Always told my kids, the one budget that is unlimited is the one for books. And thankfully all are readers. My youngest went through a phase of reading musician biographies and also learned that drug abuse usually doesn’t have a good outcome, that lead to reading Bernstein’s book on the pot industry which reinforced that observation—particularly in an age of genetically engineered 25% THC content vs. the 3-4% the old “stems and seeds” shit we smoked in college….much more effective than a lecture from Dad.

    • “People at all IQ levels simply read less and absorb less basic information.”

      No dispute about this. You’d almost think there’s a conspiracy to bring this about.

    • “Bernstein’s book on the pot industry”

      I must second that recommendation. This book is perhaps the best on the market as it *cites* and reviews pretty much all the scientific literature on the issue as well as history. As more and more a states and now the Fed’s are deciding to legalize pot use, we should be afraid, very afraid. (And yes, I was known to blow off a few IQ points in my youth with faculty. What I didn’t know is that it had such an affect as I had such to spare.)

      • She listened to it and put on during drives to and from practice—the British/Indian research was a new one to me. I stopped taking anything but NSAIDs since spent 20-30 having to pee in a cup without prior notice for a sports governing body. Didn’t miss it at all. The psychosis inducement was a real eye opener. Explains a lot of what I saw while still volunteer Fire/EMS.

    • Maybe a paradoxical effect of the previous-generation (pre-“Trust and Safety,” pre-“algorithmic,” etc.) internet: It really did offer a fair fraction of the world’s history, knowledge, and artistic production to everyone at no cost—as if you already owned an unimaginably huge library—and that’s *exactly when* almost everyone stopped wanting to know about those things.

      Now you can’t find them anymore, or even an old YouTube video whose exact title you remember correctly, because Brexit and Trump. But the clampdown was unnecessary, except to satisfy the petty sadism of the Women In Tech™. We’re self-clamping.

  35. At least as much as in the sandwich shop, I experience this decline in calling customer or tech support. It seems like 20 years ago, you could count on the person helping you over the phone to be reasonably intelligent and a native english speaker.

    Today, there is huge variation. You may get someone whose words you have trouble understanding. Or you may get someone who is just too dumb to help you or who is too lazy or indifferent.

    If I get someone who is obviously dumb or lazy, it is usually more time efficient to just hang up on them and then call back and hope that you get a better employee.

    • “If I get someone who is obviously dumb or lazy, it is usually more time efficient to just hang up on them and then call back and hope that you get a better employee.”

      I do that as a matter of course. It works.

    • I was thinking on this, this morning. Time was in the early eighties that technology had left women at home with too little to do, but now my wife has to spend so much time on the phone sorting mundane problems out with low-caste Indians/blacks that time for regular chores gets shelved.

  36. “Most Europeans are about to go on safari in their own societies.”

    As a resident of Lagos, perhaps you should write an instruction manual. It would be a best seller.

  37. I believe the answer to the question, “Why must the economy always expand?” is that it’s the way (perhaps the only practical way) to reconcile the two values undergirding America: Liberty and Equality.

    If the economic “pie” is static, then “take what you can get” and “to each his fair share” are contradictory and mutually exclusive. But if the pie is always getting bigger, then both principles can reasonably coexist.

    • Entitlements have created such massive debt there is no way to pay them without unsustainable growth. Mass immigration is a Hail Mary pass hoping more people equals more GDP, and stave off collapse until they are dead.

      • The NYC extra “immigrant” experiment has been illuminating…I don’t think the PTB are capable of shutting off the pipeline.

        Saw a great clip from a NYC “angry Jewish mom” furious that unlimited “migrant/refugee” children flooding into schools. For her kids, she needed ID, current utility bills, and CURRENT VACCINATION RECORDS.

        Not so for the new “Americans”. There’s a giant green statue, for god’s sake!!!

        Funny, but sad.

        Reminds me of the Clausewitz quote:

        “Everything is very simple in war, but the simplest thing is difficult. These difficulties accumulate and produce a friction which no man can imagine”

        • This morning’s local fishwrap in the hinterlands of upstate NY has an article quoting local landlords (possibly hotel owners) who say they are getting daily calls from NYC officials telling them that they will earn $120 a night per person from the NYC coffers if they will house invaders. Our county is one that passed an emergency measure making it illegal to house or transport illegals and the county executive is adament that anyone who grabs at the filthy lucre will be prosecuted. We shall see.

          But it goes to show you how despicable these people are. It was easy to morally preen about your sanctuary status when it only entailed squeezing out a Pecksniffian tear for a photo op, as you held a carefully vetted brown orphan. Now that the reality of open borders is hitting them good and hard, they’d like to sweep the problem under the upstate rug.

          A violent hatred of these people is percolating in my breast.

        • It’s about to get Muy Caliente in places like Chicago where Vibrant migrants are being dumped off in Diverse neighborhoods:

          “We are at war, people,” said one concerned citizen while a woman was incensed that people who have never lived here are being overly compensated while their needs in the community have fallen by the wayside.

          “We need to be taken care of first and foremost before anything else happens here,” she added.

          . . .

          “I don’t want them there,” said one resident at the meeting. “Take them someplace else or send them back.”

          Oh my! The Diversity is channeling their inner White Devils there.

          I laugh (since I left Chicagoland years ago) but it’s going to come to No Foolin’ violence soon as rough and tumble Diverse “youths” exchange shots with rough and tumble Vibrant “youths”.

          And oh yes, in Chicago the Vibrant children are being funneled into CPS. Given how horrid Chicago Public Schools are, that may be a Geneva Convention violation.

          • “We need to be taken care of first and foremost before anything else happens here,” she added.

            Yes, they need to be taken care of alright, because they’re incapable of taking care of themselves. And that’s a wee bitty problem…

        • > Saw a great clip from a NYC “angry Jewish mom” furious that unlimited “migrant/refugee” children flooding into schools. For her kids, she needed ID, current utility bills, and CURRENT VACCINATION RECORDS.

          >Not so for the new “Americans”. There’s a giant green statue, for god’s sake!!!

          Oi vey! The huddled masses are displacing the wrong people!

        • Everything the Powers that be have set in motion since the 1960s has taken on a life of its own, that is all they can do. They nudge towards outcomes and collect on the chaos.

      • Chet, this is in illogical—unless one accepts some sort of absolute equality of people. Low IQ sorts do nothing for the GDP as they are tax eaters. If we wanted to bring in productive (in the GDP sense) people, we’d stop illegal immigration and open up a scored immigration system—regardless of race quotas. As legal immigration now exists, we don’t do this to the extent we need even with H1b VISA’s.

    • “Why must the economy always expand?”

      As I understand it, being an economic ignoramus, it’s that it must expand because of the money system. The money system requires the economy to expand at least nominally or it starts violently shrinking through deflation.

  38. I don’t think falling IQ will be a problem for long, active eugenics will soon take care of that, either by egg sorting or by a gene therapy.

    In fifty years, you will be able to dial in your offspring’s IQ – at least tweak it half a dozen points to the right. And even simpler: you’ll be able to dial in skin color, a jab that’ll probably be the only zygote therapy to rival the IQ-shot in popularity, and height, of course.

    Ten generations from now, there’s be nobody on this planet but us Scandis.

    • This is the wild card, I’d agree.

      And it’s not science fiction. They’re already part of the way there, and they can get a fair amount down the road with existing technology. It’ll just take some time to map things out.

      In ten years or so, they should be able to give parents odds of which of their ten fertilized eggs should do best at various attributes. No guarantee for one couple but over thousands or millions of couples, those odds pan out.

      • That’s just another reason for our enemies to keep pushing black-White race mixing everywhere. (google “happy White woman” and click images)

      • They’re already part of the way there, and they can get a fair amount down the road with existing technology.

        Yes, we’ve already wiped out mongolism in the Western world by selective abortion.

        An acquaintance of mine turned thirty with a bedpost full of notches, no ring on her finger and alarms going off in her head. She bought two mail-order pregnancies, got two boys by a tall, blond STEM PhD.

        She’s somewhat above average IQ herself and has a STEM degree as well. One of the boys is smart like her, the younger one is scary smart, I figure over 150. Can’t help but think of them as humankind v2.0. If you could jab your baby with that, eugenics would sell like hotcakes, no need for sinister breeding programs.

        People would hardly even have a choice if they wanted their kids to have a chance, because everybody else would be doing it.

        • My point is that scientists are already mapping the genome. They’ve found markers that correlate with all kinds of things, including IQ though they don’t talk about it much or, laughably, say that the market correlates with “educational attainment.”

          Even if they don’t know why a certain market causes something, they know that when it’s there, you generally see some attribute. Might not even be directly related, but it still helps. Birds flying south don’t cause spring, but it still tells you that spring is coming.

          My point is that you don’t actually need to have the technology to change an embryo’s DNA to change the world. Just know the markers. Have a couple fertilize ten eggs and pick the one with the best odds.

          Over time as more and more markers are identified, the odds get even better. Natural selection on steroids. You’re picking the best puppy from the litter before the litter is born.

          • My point is that you don’t actually need to have the technology to change an embryo’s DNA to change the world.

            Yes, you don’t even need techno-cucking, and it’s not sci-fi. It’s probably routine with the beautiful set already.

            I’m quite surprised – suspicious, even – that Ed Dutton never brings this up, he cannot be unaware of this factor.

          • At last I saw, GWAS wrt IQ had isolated over 2k genes related to higher intelligence. Down syndrome has one defective gene. Hence, Down syndrome is easy to eliminate via abortion.

            Yes the prospect of fertilizing a number of eggs and then giving them a score for likelihood of superior intellect and other traits is possible, but the technique is far from economical due to the cost involved of securing eggs, testing, and then the loss involved in implantation.

            However, this just in. There is now a way of producing “gametes” from the mother’s own cells instead of robbing her ovaries. There is a possibility to produce a thousand plus eggs to be fertilized and then tested for a “eugenic score” for minor cost.

            Look for this technique to be first adopted. Then in a couple of decades we’ll be able to evaluate the results. We’ve had at least a couple of postings above that compute the societal gain from as simple an increase as 5 IQ points nationally.

          • This logic will tend to improve the stock of the elites, but it will do nothing for the plebs. The 1% (0.1%. 0.01%?) can all be perfect physical specimens with an average IQ of 200, but that won’t do them much good if the 99% that subsist outside the walled compounds are sliding even further in depravity and dragging the infrastructure along for the ride.

            At some point there will be coercive limits on populations. Heck, it’s already happened, with China decades ago with their one child limit. Or even worse, a more haphazard solution will be imposed by a system breakdown.

          • Mark my words–
            All these super specimens, not conceived of Penis and Vagina, aka natural sex, will have less grit and less vigor. They will be more and more reliant on artificial methods.

    • The Chinese have no qualms about eugenics. The Koreans would make themselves look Scandinavian if they could. The Japanese would make themselves robots if they could. Meanwhile, Euros tend to favor ethics and procedure, and then there’s the ever-present fear of admitting that white racial features tend to be desired, as well as a European/East Asian/Jewish IQ.

      If East Asians make a breakthrough in gene alteration, then imagine a future of our new overlords: blonde Asian people with high noses and blue eyes and 150 IQs. While actual blonde people with high noses and blue eyes are fighting with Africans over local resources.

      • Such taboos will crumble with lightning speed once the first designer babies roll off the conveyor belt in Asia. Back when, people were horrified by the first in vitro fertilization, that became a trivial procedure within a decade.

        Sperm is already a big Danish export article, with virtually no moral kvetching. Too bad about the upcoming gene therapies really, because I sort of liked the idea of Danes conquering the world by remote-raping every woman on the planet with turkey basters and having the husbands pay for the privilege.

        • I don’t ever recall anyone outside of fruitcake evangelicals tossing a fit over IVF. It shouldn’t be practiced like it is, but the public outrage you describe wasn’t there.

          • It was a fairly big deal here in Denmark. I wasn’t very old but I remember both the first IV baby and the worried lab coats on state television talking about literal, industrial baby factories.

            But yes, everybody soon calmed down and the same will happen with egg sorting and gene editing.

        • I don’t like the idea of sperm banks. Feels like the feminist ideal of “alpha fux, beta bux” to me. Don’t think it’s good for society.

        • You sold me. The future is Viking once again! Skol!

          Actually there is a precedent for this. When the Roman Empire was collapsing, it made an opening for Northmen to overrun the swarthy Mediterranean races. In time, Swedes were running the show in North Africa. There was a lot of bleaching going on, for sure.

          Perhaps the current brown & black tides will be ultimately repulsed by Danish test tube babies. Europe shall be bleached again!

          • Vikings were scum,. They sold other whites to Arabs and North Africans.

            Culturally,economically and scientifically the Dutch,British and Germans have been much more productive than the Scandinibbers.

            Europe with Scandis but without those three peoples I mentioned would be albino Africa.

        • Ed Dutton did a video on the problems with in vitro fertilization. In natural conception, the fittest sperm compete against all odds to get to the egg. This ensures that the highest quality gene transfer takes place from the father.

          With in vitro fertilization there is no competition to swim up the birth canal to get to the egg. Essentially, it’s just random fertilization. This skews the probabilities against the fittest sperm passing on its genes.

          Thus, in vitro fertilization on a population wide scale will tend to have a dysgenic effect. Even if you compensate by genetic scanning of early stage embryos to pick the best embryo for implantation, you are, to coin a phrase, “swimming against the tide.”

          • We will devise tests for sperm. Already I’ve seen the “swim uphill” test as a possible boy vs girl selection process. But in any event, GWAS performed on “cheap” embryos (blastocysts?) will cull for as may defects as can be detected and that will improve with time. I doubt the—albeit unknown—dysgenic effect will win out. One must look at the benefit as well as cost of the procedure.

          • There will be no substitute for Natural Sex. Those conceived of artificial methods will be deficient in ways both measurable and not.

            Frank Herbert predictedeth thith, in his Dune series it was repeatedly referenced, the taboos across the known Universe, against un-natural conception and procreation.

            Test tube babies are not as healthy as natural ones, and the kinks will never be ironed out, they will only become more subverted and grotesque, what initial results might. This is the Fall of Man, one of its many Tentacles.

      • 😉 Dumb is not an across the board thing. If society wakes up and returns to a eugenics position (else we all succumb to extinction), we can apply the best an brightest to the problem.

    • Our ruthless elites are well aware of declining birthrates by IQ, the fundamental dysgenic nature of intelligence.

      Eugenics will match high IQ, good health outcomes, longevity (so far this is not a stretch, they correlate) and , contrary to mother nature: fecundity.

      Because intelligence is massively polygenetic (Dutton says 85% of the genome) this will require AI to be the crucial tool of evolution replacing DNA and the very engine of natural selection and genetic drift. (Genetic drift never gets respect. Why, because it needs isolation, not assimilation?).

      As terrifying as it is inevitable.

      • JF Gariepy wrote a book about this, and hypothesized that in the long run that just passes natural selection to the AI running the embryo factory, and in the long run humans just turn into sterile worker bees that mindlessly attack anything that threatens the computer that hatched them.

    • > I don’t think falling IQ will be a problem for long, active eugenics will soon take care of that, either by egg sorting or by a gene therapy.

      Yes, let’s turn the health and nature of our offspring over to low-wage lab technicians at the same time as we are entering an age of diversity and IQ decline. What could go wrong!?

    • What will happen is that Western gov’s will outlaw the process while non-Western societies will embrace it. It will be a race that we will lose. We being dirt people. I’m sure the elites will improve their gene pool via this process.

  39. This is right on the nose, but there is one more factor left unmentioned. The total breakdown of work ethic and acceptance of accountability is making the sandwich shop even harder to run. No institution is reinforcing to the low IQ crowd that they owe society anything, let alone that their employer needs them to be reliable and put in even a mediocre honest day of work. Low skilled workers who have a bad day, simply walk off the job and go find another one where they repeat the same pattern in a year or so. This is a problem that has been building for years, elites solution appears to be to automate as much of life as possible. They don’t have any ideas for what to do with the people this renders completely useless.

    • Really good stuff Barnard. I would just add that massive AI/robot technology adoption, the classic substitution of capital for labor, will accelerate as this “labor” problem festers. California is passing a $20/hr minimum wage for restaurant-fast food workers. This should be called the “Restaurant Robot Incentive Act of 2023”.

      Meanwhile, the Regime understands the problem better than it might appear. This explains UBI, reparations and similar schemes. Along the same lines, NASA is being outsourced to Elon Musk because certain vital projects must continue amidst the “diversity”.

      • This comment won’t be popular here, but you can’t discuss work ethic issues without a clear-minded discussion of wages. Real wages have collapsed in the US since the 1980s, and particularly since the 2008 housing crisis. Low wage earners have little incentive to work hard, even at $20/hour. That wage barely keeps you in a one-bedroom apartment in most places, and you can forget about ever owning anything.

        The US desperately needs asset deflation to make our economy work again. We had the chance in 2008, but elites made the policy choice to inflate asset prices to save the banks at the expense of working people. And home prices have doubled or tripled in many markets since then. It’s obscene.

        There’s a reason a lot of low-wage earners have a poor work ethic. Most of them have simply checked out of society. They have no future and they know it.

        • > There’s a reason a lot of low-wage earners have a poor work ethic. Most of them have simply checked out of society. They have no future and they know it.

          Yup, it’s actually those who happily show up to work at the sandwich store day in and day out that are the ones farther down on the IQ staircase.

        • This is a total breakdown in morality and societal obligation. There is no wage that would turn these people into reliable and productive members of society. I have been watching it slowly erode for almost twenty years in the workers I manage and it really picked up steam post 2020. They are earning enough to have a fairly comfortable life if they could control their vices, which most of them can’t. If you doubled their pay they would work for six months, spend the next three drunk/high and then go get another job. They are completely disconnected from feeling any sort of obligation to society which isn’t their fault. More money wouldn’t turn them into good citizens.

          • They all want union jobs, where they get overpaid and do little work.

            However, the unions have human nature pegged, playing on human greed and laziness. “You get paid $$$$ an hour for very little, but you can’t go work for someone else, even if there’s no union work, or you lose it all. So we own your @$$. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…”

          • Your “if you doubled their pay” remark reminds me of a similar story from (I think) Ayn Rand writing on economics:
            An American manager visited a Mexican subsidiary. His goal was to implement changes that would increase production substantially. Since workers were hourly, their incomes would rise in tandem. The old Mexican supervisor smiled doubtfully but the changes were made. Under the new regime, everything went well for half a month. But at the start of week three, none of the workers showed up. The explanation was that they had earned their accostomed salary for the month and saw no value in working more.

            From context, this anecdote would probably have been from the early 20th century. But to varying degrees, this mindset probably afflicts not only many Latinos, but Anglos too. Although it wasn’t relevant to the Rand account, also consider that in that society there would have been absolutely no social welfare system. From the peasants’ point of view, they had enough funds to live through the month; why should they spend more hours working when they could use their time in other ways, like tending the milpa, drinking, gambling or la chingada?

        • Agreed. And the nonstop immigration obviously suppresses wages. It’s a self-licking ice cream cone.

  40. Z – I might be talking about something different but the metaphor I have is a tornado on the prairie. A tornado on the prairie is actually harmless because all it does is suck up grass. A tornado that moves into a populated area is where it actually becomes a problem because it can use trees and concrete/wood as missiles.

    The same thing applies with having a low iq/third world population. A third world population that has always been that way is different from a third world population with the remnants of a first world population. You’re going to see more destruction.

    • This is a good point that hearkens back to the notion of mores. Third world populations are more (personally) violent, more stupid, and more lazy than first world populations. BUT, their civilizations have developed cultural mores to manage their detriments. Remove the dyscivilizational individuals from the mores keeping them in check, and they will manifest (in our lands). Afghanis in Afghanistan don’t have ‘sexual emergencies’ and rape random boys in crowded swimming pools during the middle of the day. However, when they are in Germany …

      Cochrane and Harpending touched on this in their book “10 Thousand Years.” European civilization is better than it used to be because with the eventual blessing of the Catholic Church (pre-reformation) we used to ruthlessly cull our gene pool by executing criminals. Execute the broken before they breed, and their dysfunction will not go into the future. They didn’t understand on a genomic basis why it worked, but they damn well understand that it DID work. It’s basically the same thing that Nayib Bukele is doing in El Salvador, but he isn’t killing them but putting them into mass lifetime incarceration.

      • i kind of wonder if kagan/blinken/cia are planning on pulling some sh-t in el salvador. I hope not

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