What Lies Beneath

Imagine a world of perfect candor where any hint of deception or inaccuracy is considered a blot on a man’s character. Everyone is raised to answer every question as honestly and forthrightly as possible. When the wife asks the husband if he thinks she is getting fat, he tells her he does think she is getting fat. Instead of getting upset and running into the bedroom, she excitedly hugs him because he was perfectly honest to her regarding an extremely sensitive matter.

This Vulcan-like candor would alter social relations. For example, stores would seek the best way to show their customers that they are completely honest. When they put something on sale, they would say it was because no one liked it or that they mistakenly bought too much of it and now need to unload it. The sign at the customer service window would read, “The customer is usually wrong.” Clerks would never say “have a good one” to customers.

That would still leave room for deception, so the stores would insist the product makers use candid labeling for their products. Frozen pizza boxes would read, “It tastes like cardboard, but it is cheap and easy to heat in the microwave.” Ingredient lists would include all of the ingredients, even the ones that cause cancer and those would be highlighted so the customer could see them. Organic food would not exist as everything about it is fake and therefore a lie.

Keep in mind that this imaginary world is not enforcing honestly at the point of a gun but as a matter of cultural preference. For some reason, the people in this society came to believe that only through perfect honesty can they have moral society. Therefore, the customs, folk legends and religious practices are all geared toward enforcing this idea that honesty is the highest virtue. Because honesty comes with status, everyone in public engages in honesty signaling contests.

It may seem ridiculous at first, but every human society selects for subjective qualities and against other qualities. The English prefer interesting over boring, which is why their popular figures appear eccentric and weird. Americans dislike phonies so popular figures try hard to look sincere, even when lying. There is no objective reason to prefer interesting over dull or sincere over inauthentic. Preferring these qualities is not more or less strange than celebrating candor.

Now think about this in the American context. Walk into any grocery store in America and the first thing you will experience is a lie. Typically, the produce section is located at the front of the store. There will be piles of fruits and vegetables labeled organic, but as a practical matter there is no such thing. Even if the fruit is grown according to the rules of the organic cult, the suppliers lose track of it long before it reaches the store, so there is no way to know what is organic and what is inorganic.

The stores know this. They put the best-looking stuff on the table marked organic and jack up the price to reinforce the lie. The suppliers know this, and the growers know it too, if you can get them to be honest about it. Everything about that organic tomato you bought is a lie, including your belief that it is better than the other tomato. You reward yourself by accepting the lie. You reward the store for lying to you and the store rewards its suppliers for lying to them. It is liars all the way down.

You have made it a few feet into the store, and you are deluged with lies. Venture further and you are swimming in an ocean of lies. The packaging of food is carefully designed to trick consumers. Tens of billions of dollars have gone into figuring out how to trick people into buying things. Of course, everything about the American diet is a lie perpetrated by the government at the behest of agribusiness. A man from Planet Candor would be horrified by the frozen food section.

Now, think about what sort of government would work best in a society run on the principle of complete candor. Monarchy could work, but it would be less than honest to claim that the son of the king is the most qualified to rule. A ruling council of the most honest citizens, maybe picked by the people, would probably be best as it would reward candor with the highest office. Candidates for seats on the council would prove their worth through campaigns of total honesty.

In fact, democracy would work well on Planet Candor. One of the foundational principles of democracy is that “all members must have equal and effective opportunities to learn about the consequences and alternatives of a proposal.” In a society where honesty is the highest virtue, the pressure to make sure everyone is as well informed as possible would lead to the most informed citizens. You would not have to worry about voter fraud or ballot stuffing on Planet Candor.

This is where you might think something is wrong. America is more democratic than any society in history and it is riddled with lies and corruption. The man holding the highest office recently claimed he was at the World Trade Center on 9/11. He repeatedly tells outlandish whoppers like this about himself. He is in office because he was the beneficiary of the most corrupt election in American history. That was made possible by a tsunami of lies from the mass media.

We seem to have a dilemma. On the one hand, the society of perfect honesty seems like the ideal place for democracy. On the other hand, democracy in practice results in a society ruled by the least honest people. When you think back to how our marketplace operates on a foundation of lies, it suggests any open market, whether it is for goods and service or ideas, becomes an elaborate game of liar’s poker. The marketplace rewards deception, so you end up with a lot of liars.

There are some possible solutions to this dilemma. One is that humans naturally want to live in a society controlled by liars. We have steadily become more democratic because mankind is slowly reaching its desired end. Alternatively, democracy and the marketplace turn even the most honest people into liars. If someone unleashed democracy on Planet Candor, it would quickly devolve into Planet Deception and come to resemble modern America.

There is a third option. Let us suppose that Planet Candor operates on perfect honesty because long ago a powerful force came to their planet and told them that unless they stamped out deception, their planet would be destroyed. Over time this belief in the risk of deception became a central part of who they are as a people and who each person is in relation to society. Put another way, honesty has become a religion for them, one that leads to salvation for themselves and their posterity.

Under such conditions, the acid of democracy and the free market would land on a society immune to its corrosive effects. All those snakes selling organic apples in the produce section of the grocery store would find no takers. Similarly, the fig leaf makers would have no reason to exist. After all, those they did manage to tempt would be selected out of the gene pool due to low status. In time, democracy would be a mechanism to select against the dishonest.

John Adams said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Outside of the various forms of authoritarianism, this is true of all governments. You cannot have an honest monarchy if the people over whom it rules are immoral. You cannot have a benevolent dictator if his people are liars and crooks. Morality is what ultimately controls the behavior of the people and what makes good governance possible.

That is the source of what plagues us today. The structures we inherited assume a specific moral foundation. When the ruling class that emerged with the American empire in the middle of the last century exiled the principles that made up that moral foundation, society was left without any protection from the temptations that lie in the marketplace for goods and ideas. The endless haggling over what we ought to do is only possible when there is no moral authority.

It also explains the panicked frenzy by the ruling class to conjure a moral framework to justify their behavior. The endless chanting about diversity is not intended to convince anyone that it is a strength, but to prevent anyone from asking who gave them the authority to fill our communities with strangers. The weird sexual fetishes they have unleashed are squid ink to prevent anyone from asking them upon what moral authority they are basing their sweeping claims about society.

The great critic of the Enlightenment, Joseph de Maistre, famously said, “Every country has the government it deserves.” Most people think this means the people deserve punishment for supporting unscrupulous politicians. What de Maistre meant here is the morality of society determines the type of government. In the case of France, stripping away the Catholic Church and the monarchy left French society without a moral foundation for government. Tyranny is what followed.

That is what we see happening in the West. The American empire jettisoned its moral foundations a century ago and the result is an empire that imposes cultural and spiritual chaos on the West. Democracy and the promiscuous lying that we see are just symptoms of the moral hollowness of the empire. The West is now ruled by moral nullities who demand to be treated as moral arbiters and in the end, they are left to operate as dictators holding power by force.

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158 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath

  1. Charges Dropped For 2 of 3 TSA Agents Caught on Video Stealing From Passengers at Miami International Airport

  2. hundreds of years ago , the bank ocf england and other central banks made the monarch’s their Bitch. google this for a pic of who is the leader .
    evelyn-de-rothschild-advisor-to-the-queen-dies-at-91 No system will work undlsee it wrests control of the money back from them .

  3. “Monarchy could work, but it would be less than honest to claim that the son of the king is the most qualified to rule”

    Hard disagree. It’s easy to argue this for multiple reasons. Those reasons arent apparent to most americans because we’ve bought into the lies of blank slate egalitarianism, secularism, globalism, managerialism, etc.

    The king’s son may not have the highest SAT scores in the land, may not have surfaced after an elaborate executive search process with interview rubrics approved by HR, and he may not be appointed CEO of Widget Inc. by vote of their board of directors. This is not something ancients considered desirable for kings.

    • Yes. Moreover, the King didn’t do it all. He had advisors, councils of nobles, elders … … He was trained from birth as were the nobles to manage the affairs of a Kingdom. Some were great, most were adequate and some were terrible.

      In any case, the proof is all around us that these plebians who are great at doing narrow feats in hopes of being a high status cog could never be a King. That is discussing the ones whose tests and credentials certify some real skill and even whose accomplishments are good to the extent they are attributable soley to their efforts. Then there is the matter of the vast army of credentialed sinecures being handed positions by the higher powers in the regime.

      Some truly are born and bred to rule. Is the prior’s first born a guarantee he is the best? Probably not. But, given the network of nobles, amongst them a collaboration of those who are is likely to emerge. That along with a clearly and completely defined hierarchy with reciprocal duties and responsibilities and rewards and punishments looks a hell of a lot better than what we have now. And brace yourself. I’ve witnessed the newest generation of 1600 on the SAT, Yale bound preeners and Hallmark greeting card diversity and inclusion graduation speech givers primed for their run in a few years. Oooooh boy it’s just getting started.

  4. https://twitter.com/timjacobwise/status/1701346185317851148

    What this guy doesn’t get us his white privilege ideology is just as much a religion as any Pentecostal. And while they may not believe in hell, this ideology still believes in a form of damnation.

    Also, when they were giving me anti racism training as a kid (late 90s to mid 00s) it was in a more Mr Rogers kind of way. The sort of borderline verbal abuse of someone like wise shouldn’t have the buy-in.

    • The main problem for the ‘white privilege ideology’ is it offers no salvation (to whites), only damnation.

  5. The lie about Washington and the cherry tree dates from 1806. In my elementary school days in the 1970s, they presented this story to me as true. They also told me the USA won the war of 1812. So these regime lies go pretty far back, and we could go on and on citing them.

    The same spirit that inspired the cherry tree lie still seemed evident in the 1980s and 90s, in that honesty and morality were still at least paid lip service. Sometime since then that has fallen away. Nobody talks about honesty anymore. Nobody can even define it now. Now the highest virtue is obedience. Honesty isn’t all that welcome, usually. Often as not, it will get you in trouble. As Thomas Sowell said, “people will forgive you for being wrong, but they’ll never forgive you for being right.”

      • I typed that out in my post, but deleted it. Probably because I wanted to avoid confusion over what the 1 was. It was noteworthy, in that it provided timely reinforcement to what I’d just been taught in school.

        • Did you? Funny that our brains would go to the same line. The propaganda is very effecrive.

          The rest of that speech is redolent with Jewish-like talking points.

  6. The concept of a fully truthful society is sometimes treated in fiction. The example I’m most familiar with is James Halperin’s 1997 SF novel “The Truth Machine.” In this particular case, the Truth Machine doesn’t force people to be honest. What it is is a universally available device available to nearly anyone, that can tell at an instant if a person is lying. Without giving too much away, large corporations are in a race to market the perfect lie detector. The winner will enjoy a legal monopoly on sales for years. One engineer developing same gets into a bit of trouble – namely, murdering a competitor to cover up stealing a needed trade secret. For a while, he’s able to cover up his crime, but eventually his monstrous crime must be laid bare. His travails, and the wrenching changes to society generally, make this an interesting read for fans of speculative fiction.

  7. “America is more democratic than any society in history…”

    For an article about lying, this is the biggest lie of all!

    Clearly you are unaware of how Switzerland works. It is so democratic, the people voted to ban minarets, F-35 fighter jets for the Swiss Air Force and a long list of things other so called “democratic” countries shoved down their citizens throats because the ruling elite “know better”.

    The Swiss can really teach the rest of the world a thing or two about how citizens can participate in a democratic system. They start a petition, and if they get enough signatures, they can put any given topic onto a public referendum. The concept was introduced in 1874. Since then, around 200 optional referendums have been held, and about 40 per cent of the laws proposed have been rejected by the voters.


    • There’s your error. The Swiss only *think* they are democratic because they follow a process. They cannot be truly democratic until the people fully embrace the open society and everything that comes with it.

    • I think we are confusing “process” with “outcome”. I took the statement to mean, we allow anyone who fogs a mirror to cast a vote. I believe you mean more like, the people have meaningful influence through elections.

      I agree with both you *and* Z-man. 🙁

    • If the number of referenda are the metric, California is Switzerland.

      California will never be mistaken for Switzerland.

  8. Yes, we are on a slippery slope covered in grease and the incline is getting steeper. And at the root, morality is just distilled ancient wisdom that gets priority over all other ideas and habits in a persisting society. And this morality cannot persist unless it is undergirded by an intractable authority. God serves this purpose nicely, which is why this entity is so common all around the planet and throughout our species’ history. And hence, when you kill off God, you also kill off that which enables a society to persist.

    Prolonged affluence, laziness, loss of faith, debauchery, chaos, collapse.

    We are being led to slaughter by a very few. This problem is not so large that it cannot be solved with focus and resolve.

    • I erased a long screed disagreeing with TomA.

      The Betrayers* have changed history, the future we were raised to live in no longer exists.

      We cannot undo the Rainbow Bomb, the demographic bomb.
      Ours is no longer the dominant culture, as the Pan-White Ummah has been broken since the first Communist attempt on Russia in 1905.

      But, what better way than to hone our weapons as we re-learn to protect our diminishing numbers, than TomA’s?

      Smart and dangerous succeeds, as the Betrayers themselves have shown–

      Who Dares, Wins.
      Let us remind them who they learned that from.


      (*I refer to the German Emancipation Edict of 1822.
      Full equality, civil rights for Juden; Germany was the most Juden-friendly country in Europe.
      A century later, billions of marks were spent building Palestina for their return, and then the British, also, were betrayed in turn after its delivery.)

      • Edit:

        Who Dares, Wins.
        Let us remind them who they learned that from.

        If we are to be a minority, let us be as dangerous a minority as they are. Better yet, even more so, as vengeance is due us.

        Eff them, eff their moral propaganda, no, Vengeance is Ours.

  9. Next year we will see “True and Fair” voting. The various supervisors of elections will assure us that “there have been problems in the past” and that now things will be different. They will inform us that they’ve been “working diligently” to correct the various “technical aspects” of voting and now there will be a “True and Fair” 2024 general election. Isn’t that exciting!

    Don’t bother to dispute it or question how this has come about … it’s impeccable.

  10. question for the older guys on here –

    did there used to be a stereotype that people had of fans of certain kinds of music? or is that a more recent phenomenon?

    Like 20-25 years ago, it was assumed you were a stoner if you were a fan of phish. As I mentioned a few months ago, I get the “Greatest/Silent generation guy going through a midlife crisis who thinks he’s cool” vibe to stuff like “music to watch girls by” or the hawaii five o theme song.

    • It’s merely another aspect of consumer culture, in which one is judged by what one consumes rather than by what one produces. What one drives, wears, listens to. Where one shops. etc.

      That being said, I’m a musician, or try to be, and when I judge someone to have poor musical taste, which happens frequently, since most music is garbage, it diminishes them in my eyes.

      • OT (and hypothetical) but since you’re a musician: why aren’t there any Mozart’s these days – or even a 2nd stringer like Salieri?

        • There’s only so much that can be done with a 12 key chromatic scale. It has all been done already. What we probably need are some new instruments. Each great “revolution” in music was built on new instruments. The tones were always there, but new ways of expressing them were and are needed.

          • er, allow me to rephrase, the notes were always there, but they need new tones, and perhaps new intervals

          • Come, now. Have you any idea the number of musical permutations that exist in the symphonic format, alone? They are infinite. A composer of Mozart’s ability living in the present could produce towering masterpieces within the confines of what we know as classical music. The problem is, we’re not producing compositional geniuses anymore. The question is why? I imagine it has something to do with Western egalitarianism. Rather than celebrate true musical genius, we fear and suppress it. Potentially brilliant composers find an easier way to earn their daily crust.

        • 1. The feudal system identified and trained the best talent extremely rigorously and systematically. So 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers from then are 10 times the musicians of today.
          2. The music from the medieval through late Romantic era was created systematically and intentionally as music by and for an elite.

          JZoar, we have invented new instruments. Electric guitar/bass and synthesizers. The problem is the music and the musicians who play them just are not identified and cultivated.

          In short, we are in the plebian age. We do have some very fine musicians and music. However, we are a plebian society that is running on the fumes of a mercantile order that is concerned with product, (even an “artist” is a product). There may be some guys on the margins but they either stop cultivating musicianship and music and start chasing the market’s attention, (become a businessman), or stay unknown. Moreover, they may be training themselves on the plebian music and never identified by a now defunct feudal system that would train them to be an elite musician making elite music for an elite. Even the remnant of that system is iffy. In the classical world to be the master museum curator, (concert soloist or orchestra musician), requires a highly specialized performer who does not compose, and/or does not have time to be trained in both skill sets.

          It is a systemic problem. A merchant society in the plebian age can have flashes of interesting things, but it can’t nurture and sustain a comprehensive greatness.

          There is a young guy named Thomas Schwan who may prove me wrong. His compositions are interesting and beautiful, and his piano playing is exquisite. Let’s see.

          • I hold Arvo Part in very high esteem. But, having been born in Estonia in 1935, he was not subject to the sorts of demotic pressures affecting would-be composers from later decades in other Western countries. What’s more, although Part is tremendous, he’s certainly no Mozart. In fact, he doesn’t even belong to the second rank of composers. Perhaps the third echelon, along with the likes of Glazunov, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Kodaly, Donizetti, Smetana, Bizet, Saint-Saens, Elgar, Gounod, Vaughan Williams, Telemann, Rameau, etc.

          • The electric guitar revolution was a wonderful thing, but it has come and gone. Everything new that could be done with them had pretty well been done 40 years ago. And it seems that there are few new sounds left for a synthesizer to make. In either case, same old chromatic scale.

            It’s true that we in the west don’t put the youngsters to the grindstone the way we used to. My opinion that “everything has been done” is more about composition than it is an assessment of technical playing skill.

            From this point forward, anything really new, which doesn’t descend into dissonance, will require at least one of these 3 things: a new instrument, a new scale, or new ears. That is, ear implants or modifications which increase the audible frequency range.

    • People grow out of that. Most of my friends listen to many genres of music. They’ll have a go-to (usually something the listened to as a teenager). The kids still stereotype in various categories. Human nature to affiliate with groups to achieve an identity. It is funny though that as music has been proven to be getting more and more homogenized the kids still view each other in these categories.

  11. Hilariously in Virginia, we have a Congressional Race where some 40 year old mother of two, a blonde woman, has been revealed to have performed various “acts” on camera on pay-for-view platforms. With her husband. She is claiming knowledge of this is a violation of the VA revenge-pr0n act. Even though she was performing these acts on camera to strangers for money. As a married mother of two, and a nurse practitioner.

    We have no shame. And our culture is rotten when a respectable married mother in a respectable profession with professional licensing and status, is so desperate for attention that she turns to the internet camera and those platforms.

    Its not just honesty, its total lack of shame. Call it the Carny-ization of America.

    • One of my favorite statements is from King of the Hill. Hank looks with dismay at Bobby and remarks to his wife, “Peggy, somewhere along the way we forgot to teach Bobby shame.”

    • We are fast approaching the stage in “our democracy” in which there will be scarcely any female politicians for whom nude pictures don’t exist. Or something racier than just nude pictures.

      It’s one argument for people like Feinstein and Waters hanging on. At least they aren’t cam whores

    • Hopefully this is all limited to white females. We have a very serious white female problem. Their shame is nonexistent, and their libido is running wild. Remember Katie Hill? Sanna Marin? All those female schoolteachers that can’t resist banging their male students?

      On a similar note, I’ve been to right of the Ayatollah re: female apparel. The thing women do now is wear biker shorts (they’re short yoga pants; don’t know what else to call them). Women of all ages do this. Of all races. I think it’s indecent. Would you be surprised in ten years when women are free to go around wearing bikini bottoms in public and then chastize people like me for questioning it?

      • Women are free to go around in bikini bottoms now. The only reason they don’t do it is because other women aren’t doing it (yet).

        • I work on a college campus. Some of these girls are wearing bottoms just about as revealing as bikini bottoms. They look as though they’re selling something, and it ain’t grandma’s apple pie.

        • Exactly…it just takes one you-go-girl to normalize bikinis in public. Then anyone who criticizes the sexualization of common females (which is what it is, really, but curiously disguised as empowerment or “athleisure”) is called a Puritan at best or closeted pervert-rapist at worst.

          But this horse left the barn LONG ago. I’ve been long against lingerie ads on public streets, but that’s been a thing for a long while. Our European cousins did even more outlandish stuff in public, going back to the 1960s. I was in Estonia fifteen years ago, at the tail end (whale tail end?) of the g-string craze, and I knew perfectly normal mothers who’d wear g-string bikinis at the beach in front of their kids. But maybe I am the one with the problem??

      • this is one of those things where its hard to figure out what the real issue is. People talk about how single women or single mothers are a plague on our society – but this woman is married. So what’s the x factor then?

        • Weak or absentee fathers. Imo that’s where psychos, homos, and probably atheists come from. Dad is the first moral authority you know, and your relationship with him defines your relationship with God.

        • Ha! These guys never been to Hawaii.

          Waikiki Beach is a little strip of white sand– walk across a small street, and you’re in downtown Honolulu.

          Bikini bottoms are de riguer. Wrap a towel around the hips for modesty, or a sari, and you’re in office wear.

          It’s aloha, dude.
          Relax. No need to get excited like a Baptist missionary.

          Viking Age nudity. Medieval public baths. Nude beaches.
          A 17 year-old German girl could slip naked into the men’s hot tub in Stuttgart if there’s no more room in the ladies at the gym, and nobody blinked an eye.

          Puritan prudes.
          Lordy, when will they give it a rest.

          I happen to like it when women are free to be women, rather than free to do damage.

          • There should, however, be some kind of looks-equivalent of sumptuary laws. You don’t want Lizzo wandering around in scanty clothing getting in your face.

            Nothing against good-looking women hanging it out at the beach or nearby environs. Where it gets a bit ridiculous is the whole Lululemon yoga pants camel toe (im)plausible deniability act. I’m quite happy to be able to see at a glance whether or not they’ve got Hottentot genes… most entertaining at the atomised individual level.

            But wider societal issue is that of females running wild. Needs to be some reining in.

    • Almost everybody under the age of 35 has taken nude photos of themselves at some point. Many stay stored and saved on other people’s devices.

      As the other commenter said it will soon become the norm to see nude photos of every politician get leaked.

      • It’d been one thing if she was camwhoring in her youth, maybe, but she was literally doing this just only a year ago. That’s why the feigned outrage puzzled me, I figured she would be bragging about this.

      • Aging attorney here. I’m going to bet that anyone who posted an image or a video of her excerpted from the videos she posted online is going to be in for a rough road. These revenge porn laws are a shining example of girl power legislation. All they have to show is that the person distributed the image with malicious intent–it’s a pretty low hurdle to clear.

        As to potential criminal charges, the Attorney General of Virginia is a republican so with any luck he will not pursue this, although one never knows. She will almost certainly find a Soros-backed Democrat district attorney to pursue a criminal case, even thought it lacks merit. If there is a trial in a Blue zone I would bet the jury will convict.

        If I had posted an image or an excerpt from her videos on Twitter I would be very nervous right now.

    • I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with pr0n wife’s face.

      I’m thinking the manly jawline is the result of PED abuse and the frozen cheeks are botox/C-grade plastic surgery.

      I feel sorry for the couple’s children, especially the little girl who now knows that her mother is just another one for the streets.

  12. In other words, it’s the human capital that matters, stupid. If the folk are intelligent, moral, lawful, honest and hard-working, the government will reflect those qualities and the resultant society will be a good one. If the people are dumb, deviant, criminal, dissimulating and indolent, the government will reflect those qualities and the society springing therefrom will be a blazing oil slick.

    I wholeheartedly agree.


    “The endless chanting about diversity is not intended to convince anyone that it is a strength, but to prevent anyone from asking who gave them the authority to fill our communities with strangers. The weird sexual fetishes they have unleashed are squid ink to prevent anyone from asking them upon what moral authority they are basing their sweeping claims about society.”

    On this, I cannot agree. A high percentage of the Power Structure, probably the majority, believes fully in the feces they are shoveling. They’re not merely covering their own asses; they believe asses, and the transfiguration thereof, are the summa bona of the good society.

    • I have to disagree with your disagreement, but also disagree somewhat with our host. I don’t think the Power Structure (the actual ones in charge) believe one bit the feces they are shoveling (at least wrt diversity). Else, they would advocate for same in their (((home land))). As for asking who is pushing it – I think we all know, and it is not the pushing of diversity that hides this fact, but the ruthless destruction of anyone who points out its sponsors.

      • As to the Finkels, some are true believers in diversity and some are just malicious anti-white racists. However, the Finkels are a numerically small–if overrepresented–part of the Power Structure. And among the remainder, the belief in the agitprop is more pronounced.

    • Ostei: agree your comment. Ref my earlier comment which strips it down to: “it’s not a lie if you believe it”

  13. I didn’t realize that organic produce was a lie. Please post references so I may inform myself. The one part of the old Bay Area dream that hasn’t collapsed in on itself.

    I agree that the LGBT[A-Z,a-z,0-9,+,-\.{3}]* thing is squid ink to distract from other crimes. Squid ink! Nice. I do think it also serves to create a broken but loyal commissar/informer class.

    I was recently in a city desperate to remain weird. Restaurants have signs near their menu saying, “We Protect Trans Kids.” In 3 out of 4 coffee shops I was served by young white males who have made themselves gender un-identifiable. The bizarre things they do with their eyes and weird eye makeup. One sad lad made himself look like a fish. The others were intentionally trying to look like an 80s SF/Berkeley lesbian – doughy, hormone treatment mustache like Pat from that old SNL skit. It is disgusting and sad.

    I saw a single person with an attractive physiognomy. Too bad he gave himself a 70s perm to his strawberry blonde hair and had a bushy strawberry blonde mustache, wore 70s high shorts, long tube socks and dumpy tennis shoes. He should have been with a hotty, but he was with a doughy blue-hair blimp with pasty skin littered with DIY tattoos.

    After 36 hours at the edge of the hip district I finally saw a few beautiful people. One was the most stunning blonde I have seen in years – jogging with a jogger. It was as if I was in a TV commercial. Next at the shopping center, were three fit and handsome men. They were all on their phones checking in on their fantasy football scores and lost in a world of draft picks, injuries, points … … Impotence.

    A popular yard sign, and sad play on words was, “Don’t Mess With Trans Kids”, with a pastel pink and blue state map.

    My favorite was a yard that had that sign up. Next to it was a sign that read:
    “More Lanes = More Traffic”

    And we call them the elite.

    What does this have to do with honesty? Well, a people who think they are cool, amazing, beautiful and compassionate who go around like that have internalized the contempt the ruling merchants show by constantly lying to them. So, they degrade themselves and feel perfectly content to lie to themselves.

    Passing through the security theater line I was forced to watch a loop recording of Mayorkas on a TV screen. He was doing his best to smile and say how he was protecting America. He said we could help by saying something if we see something. As I exited the x-ray tunnel, I was greeted by a digital sign next to the flight board that said, “We All Belong.” I see a mass invasion and a final rush to dispossession “Alejandro Mayorkas”, err Avriham Meyerstein. Well, at least I said something to the authorities. Pat me on the back.

    Welcome to the disUnited Sad Sacks of once-America. Lying, demoralization and stupidity is what we do.

  14. We’re in a strange age where personal virtue is seen as an evil.

    They don’t want honesty, they want you to regurgitate their lies.
    They don’t want fortitude, they want you to submit.
    They don’t want temperance, they want a directionless coomer.

    Heck, most school morality is focused on social justice, not on making the person a more well-rounded and thoughtful individual. The extent of goodness now is comforming to more and more outrageous public displays of pieties.

    • Well stated. You can be a complete moron, but as long as you’re a champion of lgbtq and blackett black blacks you can be hired into positions you are unqualified for or have no business being involved in.

  15. Even if the fruit is grown according to the rules of the organic cult, the suppliers lose track of it long before it reaches the store, so there is no way to know what is organic and what is inorganic.

    I’m not sure where you got this from. I worked in grocery stores for many years as a young man. I’ve worked in every aspect of the business, from the check-stand to produce to dairy to dry grocery. I worked my way up on the overnight stocking crew, eventually becoming a foreman and a manager. My family has a long, multigenerational history in the grocery business. And I’ve never, ever seen this happen. This statement is simply not true.

    Organic produce is packaged by the grower in its own labeled, shelf-ready flats (as for that matter, so is every other kind of produce, organic or not). From the farm to the store shelf, they never leave their original packaging. There is virtually no chance that they can be mixed up unless someone did it deliberately.

    This is a big deal, because selling mislabeled produce is a federal crime six ways from Sunday, and would incur heavy fines and penalties. There are federal agencies and consumer groups watching this all the time, and you can be sure that the green cult would pounce on any infractions.

    With that being said, your overall point about manipulative advertising still stands. It’s just that this isn’t a part of it.

    • Yes, indeed…,There may be a little cheating at the grower level, but most organic farmers are fanatical in adhering to its strict standards…

      • Agreed. I picked up many truckloads of only organic, right out of the fields and straight to the packing and cooling house. Those farmers were strict and proud of their product.

    • I have no doubt that you have a paper trail and can prove the origin of your products and can produce paperwork attesting to its standards of quality and handling.

      Having worked as an industrial supplier, ISO certified – I can almost guarantee at least a couple suppliers are forging their paperwork and cutting undocumented corners on their end. In fact, I would be shocked if they didn’t.

    • This is true as far as it goes. I was involved in “organic farming” at one point. The best way to differentiate between organic and the rest is what you produce can pass for organic as long as the fertilizer and pesticides mostly have biological bases, which is to say compost generally vs. chemical (with some exceptions), citrus/other naturals vs. chemical (with some exceptions). Those parentheticals allow some degree of latitude, and the techniques otherwise are identical to mass scale production.

      Any deception, to the degree it exists, happens with the production rather than the distribution and marketing.

      The best way to understand this is what a friend and fellow organic farmer once told me: organic more or less is food produced with technology several decades old. That’s not completely accurate because totally chemical and petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides have been around much longer but gets at the difference. If someone purchases organic produce because of fear of chemicals and poisons, they are mostly getting what they want, but if the purchase is made due to some philosophical rationale such as “saving the environment,” lol.

      • if the purchase is made due to some philosophical rationale such as “saving the environment,” lol.

        Organic farming is one of the most environmentally destructive practices known to man, up there with “green” energy.

        Organic (I’m told) required about 20-30% more acreage put under plow for the same yield. Those acres are ultimately taken from rain forests in the Amazon and the Philippines.

        A good rule of thumb is that everything Greenpeace support is evil beyond the ken of mortals. Everything they oppose is of immense benefit to the environment and to the welfare of every person on the planet.

        • Greenpeace opposes the necessary expansion of acreage for organic farming, which means if they got what they wanted there would be famine.

          Along with what I wrote earlier, the USDA and EU have placed restrictions on fertilizer and pesticides that make them resemble organic farming to a degree, which means the yield is lower although acreage does not expand to reflect this and such is outright opposed.

        • “Organic farming is one of the most environmentally destructive practices known to man”

          I’ll take it over no-till every time, though. The future is less populated, at any rate.

        • The reason for chemicals is to reduce the required acreage- poisons and dead soils all to boost this quarter’s fooking 1/8 cent share increase of the corporation’s bottom line.

          • And to reduce the acreage needed to feed humanity by 25%

            No matter how you grow your crops, a cornfield is a biological desert, it’s never going to be a wildlife refugee or a nature preserve.

            The adult thing to do is to minimize the footprint of human farming and if that requires you to think of soil as “growth medium” and use chemical fertilizer and the whole battery of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, so be it.

            Another upside to industrial farming is price: it doesn’t matter if your carrots are organic or biodynamic if you cannot afford to buy them. Cheaper carrots – organic or otherwise – is a net benefit.

  16. When I was younger I used to do landscaping, was good money & got paid under the table, did that for a few years. At the end of the day we’d load up the pickup truck with all the grass shavings to go pay the local landfill to dump it. At the beginning we’d see a handful of recycle trucks going in & out dumping their recyclables but then about a year after I started that job the county mandated recycling. Some ordinance passed that forced everyone to buy the government’s special waste & recycle bins & outlawed anything else.

    The local media made a big show of how progressive & green this policy was & memed the three R’s into lexicon of the population, reduce, reuse & recycle. After that happened, no matter what time of day we went to that landfill there was a line of green painted garbage ‘recycle’ trucks lining up the driveway to dump their plastic. It got so out of control they had to create designated hours for anyone but the recycle trucks to show up to dump.

    I told people this & was routinely accused of being a liar, unfortunately this was long before camera phones & I didn’t care enough to bring a camera to prove my claims. Fast forward over a decade later & the same exact local news that was shilling green propaganda did some investigative journalism & ‘discovered’ that, actually, they’ve been dumping people’s recycle bins into the landfill this whole time. This landfill is right next to a highway so it’s not like you couldn’t see the fleets of green trucks driving up the compacted dirt to dump but somehow barely anyone noticed this.

    The best part is that there’s hasn’t been a peep about this since then, a friend of mine who’s a dump truck driver who routinely brings dirt to the landfill to layer on the trash told me they’re still dumping plastic there. In the end it was all just theater & nobody gave a damn when the curtain was pulled back.

    The one upside to the government forcing us to have two huge trash cans is we started putting grass cuttings & chopped trees in them, it’s all going to the same place anyway. It definitely saved us some landfill fees at least & post landscaping I get a mild sense of joy stuffing the recycle bin to the point the lid is propped open with unapproved items. Tree falls down in the yard? Chop it up & stick it in the recycle bin, if anyone asks I’m recycling the wood into paper, I bet the trash guys get a laugh out my antics.

    • When I was visiting someone in the U.K. the garbagemen (“dustmen”) collected regular garbage, recyclables (lol), and a third can for compostables. I’m sure it all went to the same place (similar to how Japan’s four dozen different recycle bags all go to the same incinerator) but making the lie bigger makes it more believable I guess.

      • A lot of Japanese daily life is designed around keeping housewives busy and happy doing trivial stuff with exquisite perfection — which is good. Don’t want them getting too many ideas in any free time. Having to separate (*) garbage into multiple bags which go outside on different days is just a small part of this.

        * And you’re supposed to wash food scraps off any cans or packaging before they go in their correct bags. In Japan your garbage must be clean.

    • I worked for about 12 years at an East coast state university. Used to watch the cleaning staff pull the bags from the trash receptacles and the recyclable receptacles, and put them into the same rolling barrel. I am sure that this was on orders from Facilities Central.

      In principle, recycling seems a good notion, but only if it is cost and energy efficient. Perhaps the folks from Facilities Central had performed that analysis.

      • I heard it’s only cost-effective with aluminum. Glass could be cleaned and reused, like the milkman used to. I’d say ban plastic, but I’d guess it’s one of those petroleum byproducts that you’d have to do something with anyway.

    • Nice. There are also the barges that ship it to giant dumps in Indonesia, India and Southeast Asia. It goes into the ocean and pollutes the beloved POC’s homelands.

      They wreck everything and violate every principle they hold, and they never know it. They wear their Save The Earth shirt with pride and every year get their Earth Day plastic wristband at the concert where they helped save the Earth.

      • “and they never know it”

        They prefer it that way. The contrast of hysterical denial I received for pointing out what was happening versus the utter indifference when it was confirmed was striking.

        At any time before it was revealed these people could’ve taken a half hour drive to the landfill or just take the highway & quickly glance to confirm what I was saying was true.

        This is just one little sliver of daily life that, when even vaguely examined, turns out to be complete bullshit. Virtually everything is theater & signaling, the average person loves being lied to & absolutely despises anyone who dares to poke holes in the charade.

        My mind is wired to constantly notice these things despite trying to block it out but mercifully I enjoy poking. If not for the sadistic pleasure I get from that I’d have gone insane a long time ago.

        • ” the average person loves being lied to & absolutely despises anyone who dares to poke holes in the charade”

          Beautiful. Nailed it, sir. Bottom line. Some lying fills needs, but most satisfies wants.

    • Recycling as it is run is a damned crime. Such a great idea- thrift!, as our ancestors knew it- ruined under the narrow, fictional measures of corporate “kapitalism”.

      “But the numbers, the numbers!” they cry, cherrypicking a few restricted parameters so they don’t have to see anything else. “Economics” is self-inflicted blinders.

    • When wife & I married in early 70s we still had glass milk and soda pop bottles that were returned to the local grocery store for reuse. They couldn’t wait to get rid of that system. No plastic water bottles either. Things made to last more than a couple years. Care to speculate on landfill use then compared to now.

      The posters here are right— it’s all just a feel good con game where we can play act that we’re reusing stuff.

  17. There is a real problem with “the truth” in that one man’s “truth” is not another man’s “truth”. In fact, they may be diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive. And this may be perfectly logical.

    The example I often cite is that of two adult men, one black and one white, heading toward one another on the sidewalk. They are strangers to one another, and quite understandably, considering basic human nature, wary of one another.

    Black guy sees white guy, makes eye contact, and white guy does not look away. White guy sees black guy, returns eye contact, and black guy does not look away. Each one of them truly believes that the other is “challenging” him, and immediately assumes an aggressive posture, expecting trouble.

    They meet, exchange angry words, and ultimately it comes to blows. Each fellow insists, and believes deeply, that the other guy “started it”. Who is right, and who is wrong? The “truth” of the situation is entirely dependent on the observer, with all of his preconceived notions and biases. We all know how such a hypothetical scenario would play out in the courts of AINO 2023. But where is “the truth”?

    • How about:

      “Black guy sees white guy, makes eye contact, and white guy does not look away. White guy sees black guy, returns eye contact, and black guy does not look away.
      “Hey buddy! How’s it going?”
      “Alright! You good?”
      “Have a nice day!”
      “You too!”

      Doesn’t have to degenerate into hostility.

      • Of course not. I could have cited two whites, or two blacks, or two furries or members of rival gangs. Just illustrating a point about the illusory nature of “the truth” while riffing on the most tender topic of our times, race relations.

      • Correct. Just what I was thinking. When young and with my father as a child, he would always say something like “good morning” and smile. Didn’t matter who they were. Never witnessed an altercation—except once in Europe. While standing there, we were approached deliberately by a (I suppose) drunk who pointedly yelled at us wrt to the war in Vietnam. It was on then. 😉 But really, that was more like an unprovoked attack.

    • Even with the huge increase in information that we have now, most of the decisions we make are based on judgements from experts. Arguments from authority, not direct experience or examination.

      We cannot verify the information that we read or from which the experts draw their conclusions.

      We usually do not have the expertise or time to evaluate the judgements of the experts or their individual characters.

      So, it still all comes down to our inclination to believe those whom we like and who tell us what we want to hear.

  18. The huge paradox, which I hope someone here can explain, is that we now have available to the average Joe unprecedented powers of verification (via the internet, computing and mass collaboration/communication) unavailable to the poor slobs of yore. And yet the Regime lying has now reached epic level with minimal pushback. Why?

    Now I realize that the Regime’s ability to monitor and punish is also at historic highs, but still….

    • Or was the regime always lying like this, and only in the last quarter century have we acquired the means for the masses to be able to easily see it? Yes, the internet has been the magic window through the lies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the lies are increasing over yesteryear.

      • Or perhaps the screens offer verification of more and more absurd lies. Think of how ‘real’ Covid was for many. Because they stay glued to their phones, reality is not able to push back as effectively as the past.

    • We were mistaken in our belief that truth-seeking is normal human behavior. In fact it’s weird and antisocial, and it’s punished accordingly. I vividly remember a radio preacher when I was a kid saying that aiming a telescope at the heavens was the moral equivalent of lifting a little girl’s dress. Likewise, anon who injects a 41% meme into the American consciousness *is* killing children. “How?” A healthy mind has no questions.

    • Even with the huge increase in information that we have now, most of the decisions we make are based on judgements from experts. Arguments from authority, not direct experience or examination.

      We cannot verify the information that we read or from which the experts draw their conclusions.

      We usually do not have the expertise or time to evaluate the judgements of the experts or their individual characters.

      So, it still all comes down to our inclination to believe those whom we like and who tell us what we want to hear.

  19. “Imagine a world of perfect candor where any hint of deception or inaccuracy is considered a blot on a man’s character. Everyone is raised to answer every question as honestly and forthrightly as possible.”

    Precisely the reason I have long supported a return to the Principle of Dueling. Want a fair, more polite & equitable society? – then bring back Dueling. Make it legal: any two who enter into a duel sign a binding contract so it comes under contract law & the winner is not held liable for murder. It’s simply a free & fair contract willfully entered into with the acknowledged provision it will be fatal for one – possibly both – parties.

    I would hazard 95% of the rudeness, crassness, & injustice in society would be eradicated if there could be fatal consequences for such. People would conduct themselves quite differently if there were consequences for their actions.

    Call me crazy.

    • Do Twitter duels count?

      By the way, Prof. Peter Turchin in his theory of “surplus elite production” suggests that prior Regimes encouraged dueling as a way to redirect surplus elite energy into intramural competition instead of energy directed against the Regime.

    • Absolutely! When I was a mere stripling college student, we all agreed that dueling should be legal, and the only opposition was females…The abolition of dueling was the first step toward the feminist abominations that now rule us….

    • I like the dueling idea, however, it would just reward those with the best hand-eye coordination.

      A white nationalist named James Bowery modified the dueling idea to select for inventiveness over brute physical prowess: two men are confined to a large forest with basic tools to construct weapons and traps. Two men enter, one man leaves.

      I can think of a few guys over my life that I would like to have challenged in that way.

  20. It’s either a:

    2.Priest (religion)
    3. Democracy.

    Lee Kuan Yew (a king in all but a name) had a great quote that seems to have been scrubbed from the internet. Paraphrasing “In a multiracial society, people vote according to their race and religion”.

    Which is where this is headed, but in the mean time, public discourse and morality seems to have been delegated to the Disney Corporation.

    T.S. Eliot was right: “Humankind cannot bear very much reality.”

  21. For the science is settled, save our democracy, CRT, LGB…etc. congregants: “it’s not a lie if you believe it”(*). Ergo, the subject of lying is moot.
    * attributed to G. Costanza.

  22. It’s impossible to have a moral foundation when your society is comprised on many different peoples and religions.

    The various white tribes have gone their separate ways. On top of that, you have the tribe running the show with its very different morality. Then, of course, you have the different racial and ethnic groups, each with their own moralities.

    A Z has noted, what’s happening now is that the multitude of groups in the country, each with their own morality, are demanding that the tribe – and it’s Puritan lackeys – share power. But, of course, this is impossible when the power is used to enforce a morality.

    If your power is based on your morality being the true morality, how do you share power with other, differing moralities. So far, the tribe has managed to keep power by keeping the other groups focused on the one thing that all of these other moralities agree upon (or, at least, don’t push back against): White people are racist and keeping everyone down.

    It’s why TPTB demanded that CivNats give up their “I don’t see color” shield and say, “Yes, I am a racist even if I don’t mean to be a racist.” They had to submit to keep the one shared morality of the system intact.

    Will the Hate Whitey shared morality be enough to keep the system going despite the various group moralities disagreeing on so much else? Hard to say.

    • TPTB demanded that CivNats give up their “I don’t see color” shield and say, “Yes, I am a racist even if I don’t mean to be a racist.”

      True – but that could backfire. Look at the current brouhaha with the ADL. Pushing one too many “anti-semitisms” seems to have caused many to vomit the ADL from their system. Making Whites drop color blindness and “admit” their racism may one day be followed by “and that’s a good thing.” Of course, I am an incurable optimist.

      • I’d agree. That demand seemed to have pushed a lot of whites over the top. They’re not too sure what to do about it, but something definitely clicked in their heads.

        First, they realized that the other side never wanted a colorblind society, i.e., they were lied to. Second, if that’s the way the game is going to be played, well, time to join a team.

        I’ve noticed that a lot of hate whitey stuff has been toned down. I think that TPTB realized that they were pushing things a bit far. Naturally, the ADL didn’t get the memo because Jews don’t have much of a reverse button nor do they have any self-awareness.

        • The Jews have the same problem with their leaders as all others. ADL makes enemies on both sides– whites and blacks . White elite says ” do away with whiteness” and Obama set up school to jail pipeline.

          • I’d agree partially.

            I do agree that there are a lot of based Jews who (often strongly) disagree with their leaders but can’t do much about it, so similar to many whites.

            What’s different is that Jewish leaders aren’t pushing for the destruction and, really, the elimination of the Jewish people. Our leaders – who, frankly, are mostly funded and led by your leaders – are.

            That’s not a small distinction.

            That said, Jewish leaders are becoming a serious threat to the Jewish people. By the late 1990s, American Jews had risen to an unprecedented level of power, safety and acceptance. Naturally, this helped Jews worldwide.

            Since then, the next generation of Jewish leaders have pissed off the entire world, instituted insane social ideals on average Americans and are now attacking anyone who even notices that Jews exist as an antisemite.

            On top of that, they have been instrumental in importing millions of people from groups that either hate Jews (Muslims) or are a threat to Jewish power (Indians and Asians).

            They are not doing the Jewish community any favors. The best that can be said about them is that they’re not quite as bad as white leaders, so there’s that.

  23. The government, and maybe somewhat more recently, its proxies such as corporations, academia, etc., have lied to the people about all sorts of things and every which way. But at least there was some attempt to couch the lies in legitimacy or morality and/or weren’t so damned blatant. Now, it’s just in your face bullshi* where there’s hardly a pretense of telling the “truth”. A good recent example among many is the idiot governess of New Mexico. There’s no way she can justify her moronic gun “health emergency” when she even admitted that criminals – who of course are committing all of the shootings – will absolutely ignore her edict. Yet she indeed did twist herself into a pretzel attempting to “explain” her actions as more or less we have to do something.

    • Such rules are not to enforce compliance, but to provide a remedy for those who break them.

      The problem is shooting people already comes with a pretty steep remedy, or at least potentially comes with a steep remedy. Most criminals are too dumb to understand the elevated risks of committing crimes with a gun or even know that committing a crime when their co-conspirator has a gun is very risky. If they were good at assessing risk, they wouldn’t be criminals in the first place.

      But it does give the leftists another rule to selectively and maliciously enforce. The criminals in the hood won’t serve much or possibly any time for being in possession of a gun while law abiding citizens will get the book thrown at them. Even if the criminals do serve some time, it just doesn’t have the effect on their lives as an equal sentence has on the lives of a law abiding citizen. The consequences are much worse for the law abiding citizen.

  24. Judging from the NYT comment section, altruistic spending and efforts are always noble endeavors-as long as they are outside the US. These are the same folks who scoff and spit on the less fortunate if they are below the Mason-Dixon line. But money for another foreign adventure? Money machine go Brrrr.

    Imagine the amount of self-delusion one has to enforce to believe this statement from Samantha Powers regarding our American empire when she flexes:

    “There’s a final potential American advantage over China, though it’s one that U.S. politicians often seem afraid to mention. “A very large reason why we do development work is, in fact, compassion,” Power argued. “Recognizing this generosity, the fact that we invest for its own sake, distinguishes us from other powerful actors on the world stage.”

    “Can Samantha Power Win the Battle for Ukraine’s Future?”

    • On Planet Candor (great term), Samantha would be horsewhipped for lying…As one African official said, “when China comes we get a hospital, when the US comes, we get a lecture..”

    • Its not just Samantha. I heard Condi Rice and one of her like-minded NSA stooges from the Bush years, recently say that the USA is going to do great because we’ve been so nice to the Africans, pouring money and medicine on them.

      That’ll show those Chinese: We’ve got Africans on our side! In fact we have Africans running things in our country! NYC, DOD, Chicago! Diversity is our strength. Diversity FTW!

    • “These are the same folks who scoff and spit on the less fortunate if they are below the Mason-Dixon line.”

      As a person who lives in a downtrodden rust belt town in the midwest, I can tell you they don’t give a fuck about poor white folk above the mason dixon line either.

    • There’s a certain amount of truth in what Powers says. The GAE does have compassion for non-whites and even anti-white white polities such as the Ukraine. What Powers will never mention, however, is that that compassion is more than offset by the GAE’s hatred for the white race. Indeed, the compassion and the hatred are symbiotic insofar as the waxing of non-whites comes at the expense of whites.

  25. “ There will be piles of fruits and vegetables labeled organic, but as a practical matter there is no such thing”

    The other scam that fools people is all those roadside stands and farmers’ markets selling “locally grown produce.”

    I am a semi driver and I once picked up a load of watermelon from a big agribusiness in Florida and attempted to deliver it to a Wal-mart distribution center only to have it rejected because of an insect infestation. There were thousands of tiny beetles crawling all over the outside of the watermelons.

    When produce is rejected by the big grocery chains it then gets put on a secondary market where it is sold for pennies on the dollar.

    Those insect-infested watermelons were then sold to a farmer in Indiana. When i delivered the load to this farmer I was curious and asked him what he was going to do with it. He laughed and said he got these watermelons cheap and was going to sell it at his stand in the local summer festival after he washed off the beetles.

    • Also, when you can’t use herbicides in the spring, you need to make several passes with the disk harrow to bury weeds, burning corresponding amounts of diesel.

      Here in Denmark, that happens just as our national bird, the lapwing (no snickering!) is nesting, resulting in Total Lapwing Death. A conventional farmer makes a single pass with the roundup sprayer and only the nests hit by the tractor wheels are destroyed.

      • That seems a reasonable use of a pesticide/herbicide. Here however, Roundup is used in various ways that I’m not too certain are wholesome. For example, wheat farmers (last I heard) spray their entire crop shortly before harvest, so that all the wheat plants are brown (dead) and harvestable at the same time. This of course “poisons” the wheat—raises exposure to the herbicide in human consumption.

        If you believe the chemical companies and consider Roundup (glyphosate) to be harmless, you don’t care. But not everyone is so inclined, hence a battle to reduce such use. I use Roundup myself around the home, but am sympathetic to others rejection of such chemical use.

        • One of the few good things to come from Brussels is their politics on agriculture and food production, so I don’t think that’s allowed in Euroland – I’ve never heard of it before, at any rate.

          Glyphosate is a toxin so using it on a need-to-spray basis is only common sense. But it is, by quite a substantial margin, the least harmful herbicide we have.

          The way I see it is that we can choose between 1) glyphosate, 2) atrazine or 3) mass starvation.

    • Yeah. It’s become pretty obvious. The tomatoes are all perfectly shaped and tasteless. And this year, my grocery store watermelons and cantaloupes have all been better than the “Farmer”

      • That’s a general problem…produce grown to look good, but no taste..Hence the move to heirloom seeds by many private growers…

        • Yep. The apples I buy have a skin on them like a citrus fruit. All to produce less loss in mechanical harvest. I maintain they simply don’t taste as the fruit I ate in my youth. But then, that’s the confounding factor—age. I concede the decline of many senses as I age.

          • It’s not you and your declining senses–finding a delicious apple without a skin like a buffalo’s hide and a fruit texture that isn’t mealy is almost impossible. If apples had always been this way, there never would have been Original Sin.

  26. Maybe a decade ago, Molyneaux observed that in the era that philosophers declared “God is Dead”, they burned down the church, leaving the congregation with nowhere to go.
    It just takes a while for ideas to bear their evil fruit.

  27. On Planet Candor, the man who discovers how to lie convincingly is king.

    Isn’t that what the film “The Invention of Lying” is about (never saw it)?

    • I might have liked that article if it weren’t for the obligatory obeisance to the homosexuals:

      “(*Not intended as an epithet against gay people. It’s just that I haven’t found an adequate replacement descriptor for punk ass b!tch posers, especially the anonymous online keyboard-alpha variety who front hard, but would piss their panties if they ran into Arnold from “Different Strokes.” Apologies to the gay community for the lexicon delay.)”

      • “punk ass bitch”

        If whites are to recover their identity, a good place to start would be dropping negroisms in speech.

    • Yeesh, another student of the “Ron Unz School of Copy Editing” where they hover around “the point” to score hits on some other unrelated “point” all the while never, ever looking into the lower-left corner of their Word document to see what the word-count is. Anyway, from the piece:

      If we’re approaching peak evil, then logic dictates peak violence accompanies it.

      I hope he’s wrong, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

  28. “The Constitution poses no threat to our current form of government‘’ Joe Sobran.

    Also it is all too much to hear old lefties complain about the worst of the wokesters. They are their disfunctional spawn and they need to own it. Of course our side did a lot of grilling throughout all of this. This is all a long time coming to all of us.

    No sooner then when the ink was dry our founding documents that the rot started. The founders knew it would, but surely not as bad as it has turned out. Maybe not as much as American when considering how western Europe kept the same pace.

    • The idea that you intentionally allow large numbers of people who have nothing in common with your own people to enter your country and give them advantages in life over the native population would have been beyond the comprehension of any of them. They would have assumed the government would have been overthrown long ago.

      • We are a big country and many still avoid the beneficence of diversity. Those receiving the brunt are already in various diverse locations and are often poor immigrants themselves.

        One interesting development is a Fed led full court press to reduce/eliminate housing zoning restrictions to allow/force low income family (immigrant) inclusion in what once was single family, low density, middle class (trad Americans) neighborhoods. That may be the tipping point when the exit ramps are all closed off.

    • I believe the founders would be open mouthedly astonished to learn that their same constitution remained (ostensibly) in force 250 years on

      • They’d not be amazed as they were not stupid men. They’d immediately see that the document they wrote and ratified is really not the Constitution as practiced today. The *real* Constitution is located in volumes of subsequent SCOTUS decisions/interpretations accumulated over the years by 9 old men.

        What Founders might consider doing is changing the Constitution to restrict the authority and tenure of the Supreme Court and promote a stricter process of oversight—as in veto—by Congress of decisions made by SCOTUS.

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