The Natural Solution

What is the purpose of your life? How should a man live his life? How should we organize our societies and to what end? These are the questions that have vexed mankind for an awfully long time. In the modern age, we are enveloped in messaging about these questions. It seems that every ad is really a lecture about how you should live or how we should organize our societies to some end. This ad from a well-known toy company is a perfect example.

The liberal project, dating from the late Middle Ages to the current year, is about using reason to answer these questions. It is assumed that every life has a purpose and that there is a correct way to organize society. No one accepts that the purpose of the meth addict’s life is to be a meth addict and die on the street. Similarly, no one wants to accept that the best way to organize society is however you like. In other words, there is a right answer to these questions, not just an answer.

This is why thinking about how humans actually live is such a dangerous topic to those with an interest in such things. If you notice that one group of people behaves in a different way compared to other groups, then the right people may get the wrong idea about your commitment to the grand project. If you suggest that who we are is not something we can do much about because it is written in our genetic code, then it suggests the whole project is a waste of time.

This is why we see people in the human science take time from doing what they like to let the right people know that they do not have the wrong idea about things. This post from Gregory Clark professing to be a communist is one example. No one should care about his opinions on economics. He is not an economist or a politician. He is a historian known for tracing the heritability of social success. His book The Son Also Rises suggests genes play a large role in life outcomes.

Mr. Clark may have some interesting things to say about economics or economic policy, but no one who makes economic policy will ever read his book. That is not how economic policy gets made in the modern world. The point of his post and other public statements is to let everyone know he is not going to be any trouble when it comes to those big questions at the heart of Western society. This a ritual that academics must perform if they dare look at how man actually lives.

The irony, of course, is that if you are the sort of person who studies surnames as a proxy for genes in order to see if there is a correlation between genes and life outcomes, you probably know the answers to those questions. Further, your research just happens to confirm the answer. Even more ironic, the people who worry about the implications of such things are not fooled by the public ritual. There is something rather primitive about how these high-minded people act.

Putting all that aside, what lies at the heart of the great terror that has swept the academy and now society in general is the assumption that observations about human beings and their nature will answer those questions. If we notice that not all people are blessed with the same talents, it will tell us something about the purpose of our lives and how we ought to organize our societies. The people in that Apple ad are terrified of Mother Nature, because our best people are terrified too.

The truth of it is, a truth Gregory Clark surely knows, is that nature is silent on those big questions about how we ought to live and organize our societies. Nature cares about one thing and that is fitness. Specifically, every living thing is driven by its gene’s desire to make it to the next round of the game. If your genes make even a partial copy of themselves in the form of your children, that is a win. How you make that happen is of no interest to your genes or Mother Nature.

That sounds terribly cold, which may be one reason our best people are terrified by that being an answer to those questions. If we live in a world that does not care if we live or die and does not care if we experience any joy in the middle, well, that is a terribly harsh reality we have made for ourselves. Maybe we would have been better off not knowing the reality of the human condition. Perhaps that is why anyone who ventures in that direction gets the Eye of Sauron on him.

Another reason for the fear of Mother Nature is that if she is indifferent to those big questions at the heart of human existence, it means the answers must lie elsewhere, which leads to the most terrifying answer of all. That is, we will not be able to gain the answers to the big moral questions through reason. Reason is, after all, based on nature and our observations of the natural world. At least we assume our reason is our evolved ability to comprehend the natural world.

If we cannot reason our way to the right answers to those moral questions, then it leaves three options that no one likes. One option is the supernatural. For most of human existence, the gods answered these questions. Often, the gods answered these questions through what we think of us culture and tradition. We do things a certain way because of this thing that happened with Zeus in the before times. Of course, reality could be an illusion, but that is a topic for another time.

Where that leaves us if we rule out nature as the answer to the big questions, and we never think about the illusion of reality business, are the two things that the liberal project has been trying to erase since the beginning. The main role of the liberal project has been to remove what the liberals called superstition, but which everyone else calls God, as a possible answer. Secondarily, the project has removed past practice as an answer for why we live as we live.

That is the great dilemma of the liberal project. Like a scientist who has spent his career chasing one idea only to find that his work is a dead end, the liberal project perpetuates itself through control of the institutions. The reason they say science progresses one funeral at a time is because the old guys in every field tend to be the biggest obstacle to the young guys with new ideas. In the case of liberalism, the defenders of the dream for an answer in pure reason terrorize those who think otherwise.

In the end, Mother Nature is indifferent to the demands of her creation for answers to the great questions and she is indifferent to whether we understand this. The answers to the great questions do not lie in nature or in a natural reason. The best we can do with our natural reason is improve the general material well-being of the human condition and maybe reduce the friction in human relations. Otherwise, our reason is not much use to us in this process.

If we wish to know the answers, then it means returning to that which we have abandoned, which is to ask the gods for the answer. If that is unsatisfactory, then we can pretend they answered through our traditions and customs. It is not that any of this will provide the universally corrects answer. It is that it will provide an answer and then maybe we can stop arguing about these questions. Then maybe Western man will be able to live in peace with the rest of the world.

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170 thoughts on “The Natural Solution

  1. Besides the better ease of use, the brand strength of Apple was the image of Apple customers being cooler and smarter.

    This Apple ad works for most uni grads especially White women. Question is will it turn off enough bad and middle of the road normy customers to undermine the virtue signally strength of the ad? I have no idea.

  2. Apple — there are a lot of people who used to like them for the integration they did with phones and laptops. Professional developers liked the laptops as it was pretty Linux like but with a sensible GUI and Microsoft Office on the platform.

    Now there is little reason to use it outside of Swift Development for Iphones. The phones are more convenient.

    This ad is a misread like Disney with Star Wars on who their customers are. Most companies HATE their customers and want to replace them with imaginary ones: gay black wealthy customers. The ad is designed to repel the core customer base of the laptops (designers, developers, etc. mostly White men) to “solve” that issue. Iphones are a mass commodity at this point, people purchase them as just a tool, one easier than the garbage-ware laden Android phones.

    Again, most companies really HATE their core customers particularly those who are the most profitable, and want to replace them with “better” ones that are fat, gay, and non-White.

  3. If the fundamental human drive is the “gene’s desire to make it to the next round of the game”, how do we explain the ubiquity of abortion and contraception? We may be a sex-obsessed society, but we actively thwart procreation to the point that we reproduce well below the replacement rate. No other living organism actively pursues its own demise like this, which suggests that there might be more to human nature than can be fully explained by genetic reductionism.

    • Agreed. I have a couple of graphic tee ideas on the surreal side:
      – N is for Nacho (with pic of blaq couple chowing down lustily on Mexican food)
      – Rabbit the Rabbi (let your imagination go wild, but keep it kosher)

  4. I just died a little more inside. Perused twitter for my daily chuckles, and I found only despair. First, a posting from reddit, about someone with some type of solomon colon or similar named fake vagina (I refused to google) not being able to orgasm. Reminded me of one from last weel when a person with their new vagina was having poop come put of it after playing with a pencil. *Shudder*
    I then see a picture of four “health experts” from usa, quebec, england, and belgium. I scroll away, dismayed.
    Then there is a post from John Fetterman, responding to criticism of his clothing, calling it foolish to worry about as another shutdown looms (yes – I know he did not write it).
    I go to the comments section to find some hope. And I read the following comment, slightly paraphrased: “Better the sweats snd tshirt than an empty suit.”
    How insane does this person have to be? There is no politician with less in his head than this hobo. It broke me a little.
    This really is America. I do not think one can even say that this is like They Live, anymore. This is like the ending of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 remake).

  5. You know, judging by that stupid Apple commercial, one wonders if someone wouldn’t make a fortune marketing tin cans with strings, abacuses, weather vanes, clay tablets, and sundials as “net negative carbon footprint” technology that could replace smart phones.

    Obviously the price and capabilities of products no longer matter.

  6. I am remiss. I would speak to the astonishing age before the Flood, the catastrophic Younger Dryas that melted the Ice-

    To what our ancestors were doing in stone, before we, the people of metal, and paper, and aleph-bets do now in miniature-

    But I must to work.
    I’ll only say that so great is the need-
    that without you, the living, Life, creating a superstructure capable of withstanding the titanic pressures at the collapse of this Cycle (the end of the universe)-

    That without you, all the lights above go out. All of it, everything, stops.

    As a dead man told me, as the the Zman says, Nature is above morality; Nature is amoral, so mighty is the need for Life, the Bones of the cosmos.

    Is it not a wonder, then, that we perceive this need, and hear it in the sacred tones of Mercy, of Love?

  7. Honestly I don’t have a problem with this Apple ad. It’s not like trying to sell tranny beer to rednecks, this company knows exactly who is buying iPhones and Macbooks and is showing them exactly what they want to see: a big fat black lady telling them off.

    Everyone knows that Apple consumers where these kinds of people since the 90s. If they want to pay twice as much for a computer with a cool looking chassis and inferior parts inside, typically out of their student loan funds, I say let them.

    Disclaimer: I may own a wee bit of AAPL stock.

    • Apple’s incredible brand loyalty, which is difficult for a non-materialist like me to wrap my head around, starts making a little more sense if most all such devotees are bug people. But are they really?

      • I had one of those white plastic macbooks back in the day and it was actually useful for programming because it had a unix terminal. Problem is they kept updating the operating system with a planned obsolescence scheme so that the old Macs won’t run well and the newer software demands the updated OS so you can’t just stick with the old OS that isn’t trying to perform bad time complexity searches of the file system constantly.

    • I always bought Apple stuff because Steve Jobs was an icon of “toxic masculinity,” an old-fashioned dictator who demanded exceptional work from every employee whose job he understood—and he understood most of them. The hardware was always a little to expensive and the software was usually a little odd and resistant to “power users,” but none of it was ugly, error-prone, virus-ridden, “designed by committee,” bound to endless repetition of its past failures, etc.

      A few weeks after he died, an iTunes update bricked thousands of computers and temporarily crippled millions more. Nobody was fired.

      The end.

      • I dumped Apple in 2014 when their iPhone and Macbook Air updates broke the WiFi stack on both devices and left me high and dry in a Third World country.

        At least in those days they had the temerity to summarily fire the female VP of Software Quality for that fiasco.

        Somehow, I was able to roll those updates back and get on with my life. I vowed to replace my Apple devices as soon as I returned to the US, which I did.

      • Ploppy, I don’t know whether you noticed TWGH’s coded message:





        The Apple ad was made by “TBWA\Media Arts Lab and directed by Goh Iromoto of Sanctuary”.

        TBWA is a subsidiary of the Omnicom Group.

        The Omnicrom Group was founded by Allen Rosenshine.

        This is the visage of Allen Rosenshine:

        The nose knows.

        Always trust the nose.

        • The please come work with us call-out by some literary genius at TWBA:

          “Work with us
          Creativity unites us together. Media Arts Lab is a unique space where you are heard, where you are supported and where you belong. We are a partnership of equals. Bring your fully authentic and slightly crazy selves and together we’ll create the best work we’ve ever done.”

  8. Jesus Christ, The answer is cosmetic selling, everyone looking at product makes their skin whiter not darker
    The answer is a Technology That came from white people, not a Jew nor Arabs
    1970s Jewish George low became director of NASA and the first thing he did was dismantled Von Braun’s team
    Guess what, Current year NASA don’t have the technology to send colored people to the moon

    Everybody knows there’s no upgrade version of white people
    If White people get racially mixed to death as Jewish plan?
    There’s no Civilization, There’s no prosperity which a lot of human lives depend on
    Just prison cell called earth where everyone is equally miserable

    • “ Just prison cell called earth where everyone is equally miserable”

      That is the natural progression of the equality/equity ideology we are immersed in. It is impossible to raise all people *up* to the highest level, but always possible to *lower* all people to the lowest common denominator. And if studies are to be believed, this is in line with what people desire!

      People will chose a lower reward—equally distributed—to a higher—but possibly unequally distributed reward. In essence they practice an “if I can’t have it, neither can you” behavior. Perhaps not openly selfish, but rather an aversion to risk. Regardless, it results in the same societal leveling effect.

      • The debasement of our gene pool has been going on for at least 150 years…IQs are declining, technological progress is stalling, and the productive are being persecuted….Mother Nature doesn’t care…the fittest genes will survive, just not in Western countries…Perhaps at some point another species may take over, or alien colonizers…whatever…

    • Whatever gets you through the night. Asians created civilizations long before Whites and their civilizations are more sturdy than the current dying White nonsense.

      • Depends on what you mean by “Asians.” The first civilization was created by the Sumerians–probably a Semitic people–in present day Iraq. Sumer was arguably more Western than Oriental.

        As for “dying white nonsense,” Western civilization already recrudesced from one Dark Age. No reason it can’t do it again.

      • That’s why those “formerly great” I suppose at the time, civilizations stagnated, and culturally appropriated white, western civilization?

  9. It is a toy company. Great one!

    Tim Cook – the lone, greying white man and only one other lone cotton headed white person not even given the dignity of being shown in focus. Cook doesn’t have a stake in the future and he is acting like it. Of course he acts like he is a deeply caring and compassionate man. Yet, in reality, he doesn’t care about the stake in the future that his folk have. Of course, that would require seeing yourself as a part of a folk. What a petty and spiteful man who would get to the top of a society and then take a giant messy dump all over it.

    What is really striking is how fat and ugly everyone in this is. I only watched one minute. That was all I could stomach. Not only are they all fat, their faces are ugly.

    Comments are turned off. That seems to be the modern equivalent of the eunuchs locking themselves in to the Imperial City and taking another toke of the opium pipe.

    Apple sells a lot of toys and this can go on for a long long time. Brace yourselves for a lot of lectures from 337lbs of GaiaQuisha and the non-white Dove lady chorus line.


    • I couldn’t watch much either, but being a software engineer who works for a large company, I can tell you, as hard as they try, none of the teams actually look like that.

      Despite their best efforts, finding quality black candidates is about as common as a truth snippet from CNN.

      • I have the same experience TC.

        In any case, I also messed up the carbon-nanny you-go-girl actor. I think the name is GaiaQweefa.


        • That’s set off a (very short) chain of thoughts/imagery which I could have happily not followed to the end.

          You, Sir, are an evil man!

    • Let’s not forget that the lone greying white man is one who likes ’em long and stiff. So he’s extra special too.

      • Yes. He is stepping aside and letting marginalized voices be heard. You almost wonder if he and his partners enjoy getting POC-scolded while he is getting viciously horse fucked with a bit in his mouth.

    • And why is almost everyone in this commercial overweight? It’s revolting…..Apple needs a starvation diet for its workforce….

      • Why? Because beauty–like merit–is anathema to the sort of people who control Apple. A key component of Leftism is the coarsening and uglification of society.

        • Minority status is out of fashion and has no cachet anymore. Even trannies are cliches. Fat and ugly is the new tranny. Zod only knows what the next thing slouching down the pike will be.

  10. Interracial diversity in commercials feels like the blacks as “holograms” in THX-1138. A few scattered anecdotes aside, It’s really divorced from common reality, like a strange escapist fantasy that too many want to believe is real and the pulse. Caramel mulatto chick in the fashion ad is just another phantasm on a screen.

  11. “Then maybe Western man will be able to live in peace with the rest of the world.”

    The need for whites of all stripes to demand that the every other group – both here and abroad – live by our culture and thus morality is endless. It is their God, and they cannot let it go.

    You see this missionary zeal with liberals and conservatives. Most ironically, you see it with the HBD crowd, which would seem the most likely to understand that different peoples will want to live differently.

    Clark is an example of that, but Steve Sailer and Charles Murray really embody the HBD missionary. They talk incessantly about racial differences, yet demand that anyone in the US (and, really, the world) adopt a culture based on Enlightenment values, which, of course, are derived from Anglo-Saxon men at a certain time.

    It’s ridiculous and can only be explained by their belief that natural rights are, in fact, derived not from men but God.

    • I’m not quite seeing that with “all” whites. On the contrary, I see quite a few of them going to considerable lengths to make excuses for and justify the Walgreens reparations. Among other deviant activity.

    • Citizen, every now and then I go to iSteve on Unz just to watch you school the HBD and High IQ nationalists. Well done, sir.

      How can they base their worldview on biodiversity but then expect that all of the peoples of the world to want the morality and politics of northern Europeans?

      And if the peoples of the world don’t want that, then they will force it upon them with the missionary zeal that you observe.

      • It’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

        But I think that everyone over there is pretty done with me. They hate that I ask them why other people should act like whites and why whites can’t just live on our own.

        They can’t answer either question, so they call me a troll and move on.

        Sailer, of course, never address either question nor does he ever ask who funds all those pundits and MSM outlets that he mocks for not understanding racial differences.

        It’s just escapism, and I should probably let them hide in peace, but it’s fun to tweak them.

        • Citizen, you’re doing a great service over there. Even though it might not be apparent, I have to think you’ve changed many minds in Steve’s comment section. I also notice that over on gab, King of all Nads is increasingly focusing on Steve’s CivNattery foolishness.

    • Absolutely- monotheism, the political propaganda courtesy of the Who’s, confuses earthly power with Creation. “If our God is the highest, is all-powerful, he must’ve created everything,” like a child.

      “And is punishing you because you won’t submit to us,” the priests say.

      Here I must disagree with the Zman. It is the deep well of White science that solves the Why, by asking the What and How.

      To understand that we are seeing an ecology at work, that the dual ecology of material organic and electromagnetic radiant (“spiritual”) biosphere is itself a node in a cosmic ecology of radiant panspermia, is to understand that each niche, each race in an ecology will have its own “gods”, that a the contradictions of a Bronze Age boast by miscegenated slaveraider pimps need not confuse and short-circuit the White mind.

      Creation is the powers above God, whose higher registers Whites hear most clearly.

      The God within the greenhouse is the power with which we contend. The only two questions that matter- death, and pain- are His wheelhouse.

      Heaven is not the problem; Hell and the Wheel are the equation to be solved for. We Whites are a stage of development in the solution, but we are running out of Us. We must sustain, lest the gates of Heaven itself close, and all intelligence be lost to a bestial existence.

      Perhaps that is all a biosphere gets- a brief burst of pollen, a brief Signal to seed- but I would not have it so, if we can.

  12. The one thing I noticed in that Apple ad is that there was NOT ONE, not a single solitary blonde or naturally redheaded man or woman in that ad. Tim Cook has grey hair that I assume was once blonde, and there was one or two grey headed white women, but there was nobody represented with naturally blonde or red hair.
    And it was 1000% intentional.

    • I could only stomach about 30 seconds of the video, but as someone who has spent a significant amount of time involved with Big Tech (including the toy company) I can tell you that the video pretty accurately portrays the demographics of Big Tech, at least in the sense that there are no white people. I’ve been in countless meetings in Big Tech with 10-50 attendees and there’s maybe two or three white men. It’s all Indians and Asians, a few from the MENA countries and a few Blacks.

      • Well that in itself is the main problem.

        I can deal with ads having forced diversity, as long as the real demographics reflect society at large (and preferably favor the white men who built this country).

        It’s the reality that those jobs have been outsourced to foreigners that drives all the other problems.

        I used to be that guy who said “as long as the come here legally”. But I long ago saw the reality of demographic displacement and dropped that foolish mindset

      • I respect the effort it must require you to type out that sentence.

        I humbly suggest you study tenses and how to conjugate verbs.

  13. Societies also compete. This has been true from ancient times. There are myriads of societies that have risen and been submerged (or not risen at all.) That anglo-american culture has attained the heights it has is due as much to chance as to fitness IMO, but there again, chance is the dealer in fitness so we’re back to where we started.

    It used to be argued that the strength of the western model was its adaptability. But that bizarrely morphed into its unexamined corollary, that “diversity is our strength.” To the western triumphalists’ delight, the Soviet Union fell like a house of cards. Now that they reformed their system, it remains to be seen whether we will reform ours. My guess is that our parasitic load may be too high.

  14. Maybe the big questions don’t matter, or have purely individual answers. There are no collective answers. Different people desire different things. The problem with both political liberals as well as non-liberals is their assumption that there must be the One Perfect Answer that is applicable to all people.Perhaps the solution is to simply allow individuals to come up with their own answers to the big questions;. Let individuals generate their own purpose and meaning to life. Why is it necessary that these derive from external sources if they can self-generate these things on their own?

    This is my answer to the big questions.

  15. A black bitching about trash
    (Our African mother, cuz we all come…)
    Then the stunning, brave mulatto cat lady standing up to her
    JFC, Zman

    So many proto-Old Testament themes here I can’t even count ’em

  16. The thought of Mother Nature as a big, angry black woman ala Apple™ just makes me want to drill oil wells or strip mine coal. BFYTW. With “gods” like that, it’s time for Sampson to bring down the Wokeratis’ temple.

  17. It is assumed that every life has a purpose and that there is a correct way to organize society.

    This is indeed the liberal project, but this itself was borne from the white man. (The Anglo Man to be more specific.) Liberalism pretends that it sprang from “the human race” but it’s a white thing. All those diverse peoples in the Apple ad are really just trying to be white. Even though I’m sure all of them reject “whiteness” and “systemic racism” to some extent. Liberalism is systemic whiteness.

    But not just whites try and organize society. All high-IQ R-selected peoples do that. Whites have just had a 500-year dominance that we may cede to the Chinese, who also have a way to organize society (more authoritarian and racial) or maybe to the Muslims (authoritarian and universalist) The Hindus (chaotic and very, very racial) are the wild card but they can’t seem to organize anything.

    • Marko: “The Hindus (chaotic and very, very racial) are the wild card but they can’t seem to organize anything.”

      The streetsh!tters are exceptionally persistent in infiltrating & seizing organizational ground within a bureaucracy [public sector or private sector] and holding it for themselves and their brethren.

      You let one streetsh!tter into your organization, and within about 12 to 18 months, that entire department will be staffed by the streetsh!tter’s H1B kin.

      It’s possible that the streetsh!tters are even more nepotistic than are the j00z themselves.

      And if you’ve never witnessed it up close & personal, the j00z & the streetsh!tters really despise one another.

      As do the g00ks & the streetsh!tters [despise one another].

      If we Whites were smart, then we’d set them all at one anothers’ throats.

      E.g. aid to Israhell being contingent upon the number of “H1B” pajeet employees & their famblies in Israhell proper.

      [I’d say the same thing about aid to Khazaria, but I wouldn’t want the pajeets to make it that deep into Central Europe; the pajeet beachhead in the UK is already far too large for comfort.]

    • I forget whether it was on this blog or one of the few others I frequent but someone recently asked in effect “why *these* people?”. The context being that our society now has a clear favoritism for people who are first and foremost behavioral deviants but also just those who deviate from the racial and cultural norms. The person asking was perplexed because it just seems out of the historical norms.

      Every society does indeed tend to favor the success of people who most effectively reproduce that society as a whole and themselves in particular. Until very recently this translated rather directly into physical reproduction but also productive economic activity. In modern America and the West generally though, virtually everyone has given up on producing children and very few people do anything that could be called productive or essential work. In this context it may simply be that the hardest core of support for “our way of life” is just going to be found among the most twisted of deviants and whatever racial groups seem the most vile to the most people.

      These people are not “reproducing” anything hopeful or productive but they do probably sense that they have the most to lose and would be the first tossed overboard should society ever try to restore some kind of order and harmony.

      The car companies used to show ads full of happy White families joyriding in their cars after church. A bunch of queers heading down the street to burn down the grocery store after attending a BLM rally is probably the most “All American” thing you can imagine today and that’s why Apple fills its commercials with these kind of people.

      • I can’t help but draw a straight line from the smugness of The Precious and HRC to the smugness on display from Mother Nature here, which has come to be seen by the bug people as an admirable quality.

    • Nice reference. I can’t wait until their CEO has corn rows. I wonder when I look at these white, anti-white promoters, will their Sons Rise?

    • Even at their best corporate skit-ads like that are super cringe, like a bad high school play, but only worse since the actors do not have youth to excuse away the shared shame. Add in the typical leftist propaganda which is always as subtle as a bat across the knees and I’m amazed anyone can watch more than a couple seconds of that horror show.

  18. “This post from Gregory Clark professing to be a communist is one example. No one should care about his opinions on economics. He is not an economist or a politician. He is a historian…”

    Such an astute observation, rare in our miseducated society today, yet one made millennium ago—by Socrates no less! Brings back memories of my time as a student in university where I was assigned to read and discuss “Crito”. Socrates was literally teaching upon his death bed in this teaching moment with his student Crito.

    Here is the excerpt of importance to today’s discussion:

    Soc: Shouldn’t we respect the worthy opinions and not the bad ones?
    Crito: Yes.
    Soc: Aren’t the worthy ones the opinions of the wise, and the bad ones the opinions of the foolish?
    Crito: They must be.
    Soc: Come on then. What have we generally said about such matters? *When a man is in training and is working at it, does he pay attention to the praise and censure and the opinions of anyone at all, or to one person alone*, the person who happens to be a physician or a trainer?
    Crito: To one person alone.

  19. “Specifically, every living thing is driven by its gene’s desire to make it to the next round of the game.”

    That why young family formation is important. Young people’s bodies are optimally primed, and their horniness/conscious/unconscious desire for children couldn’t be higher. Plus, they are stupid so they don’t know jack about the world or the labor and sacrifice of being parents. The role is thrust on them and forces them to grow up. The perpetual adolescence and “searching” drives people nuts.

    On the other hand, once people get to their 30s and 40s I don’t blame them if they choose to be childless/childfree. They likely conclude life and the world is not really worth the trouble, they care less if their genes make it to the next round of the shit show, and they’d rather enjoy the rest of their lives with all their money and without the endless time and effort that goes into childrearing.

    • “… they’d rather enjoy the rest of their lives with all their money and without the endless time and effort that goes into childrearing.”

      And that ironically enough is also a natural aspect of “fitness” in the Darwinian sense. They fail to pass on genes that allow such thinking. They die out and such behavior becomes less common. Unfortunately they also fail to pass on those genes that made them a cut above in society such that they could entertain these selfish ideas (childlessness).

      • It need not be selfish, though. Such a couple–a white couple–could logically conclude that it is morally questionable to introduce a white child into an environment in which he will, in all probability, live his life as a member of a despised and persecuted minority.

        • Yes. But that is cowardly. That means they have lost the will to survive and the courage to fight for survival, and the confidence that they and their children can take control of their destiny.

      • I don’t think “such thinking” is purely genetic. It’s a result of environment and time. When people get older after all the shit in the working and dating world they’ve lived through, they just start caring less at a some point.

        When you’re young, you care very much about keeping up with the crowd, proving yourself worthy, and advancing to the next level of marriage and kids.

    • “Specifically, every living thing is driven by its gene’s desire to make it to the next round of the game.”

      That seems to not be the case with human societies anymore, which makes me think the human race is headed fir extinction.

  20. Meth addicts exist because civilization has killed off the natural environment that imposed survival-of-the-fittest selection criteria on our species’ evolution. Societies that circumvent natural evolution are doomed to a slow death of deteriorating genetics. Yes, even a few meth addicts reproduce before they die on the street. Homo sapiens is a single species with many sub-cohorts, and each sub-cohort is an adaptation to the local environment. This is why Scandinavians are different from Orientals who are different from Africans.

    Our modern man-made artificial environment, combined with high global mobility, has fundamentally changed our species’ evolutionary trajectory. What used to take dozens (or hundreds) of generational cycles to produce a minor genetic alteration has now been hyper-accelerated by modern medicine and bioengineering. In our arrogance, we blindly assume that we are improving the species through compassionate care of the defective.

    All domesticated animal species started out as wild. If we continue as is, our future is sheeple.

    • “All domesticated animal species started out as wild. If we continue as is, our future is sheeple.”

      Judging from early 2020 to early 2022 and a certain thing that happened then, we’re there already.

    • Meth addicts along with dope fiends are a deliberate US policy. Open borders is a deliberate US policy and open borders is how most of this stuff gets into the US from overseas. 100k a year dead. When crack infested black neighborhoods it became a national crisis despite crack not generally being a drug that kills. But now that we are losing 100k plus mostly White people to opiates, yawn. Take a look at all those videos about Kensington ave in Philadelphia. Almost all are White despite the fact that Kensington is no longer a White neighborhood. Many years ago (late 80s) my best friend moved into that neighborhood, just a couple blocks from K&A(Kensington and Allegheny). Though it was a rough neighborhood even then, you could walk through it at night no problem.

    • Our genes adapted to make us “smart”. We became intelligent enough such that we were able to shape our environment faster than our genome could adapt to those changes—naturally—hence the rise of spiteful mutants.

      There were no “meth heads”, or their equivalent centuries ago because, 1) We had not discovered enough chemistry to produce meth, and 2) We were not rich enough to support drug addled people and they would die out as quickly as they arose.

      The modern compassion to care for these individuals is what seems the major problem. There is much room between supporting them in their squalor, criminality, and psychosis—or leaving them to die on the street.

      We need a better balance, and certainly one that keeps them from reproducing. We had that once, as late as the 1930’s with forced sterilization of “defectives”. Since that avenue is long closed, we now hang our hopes upon genetic engineering of better people to outpace the (un-natural) accumulation of defectives.

      Any bets on which wins?

      • “We had that once, as late as the 1930’s with forced sterilization of “defectives”.”

        I read the last forced sterilization in the US was in like 1978.

        Addiction has been a problem a long time. Just about every ancient people knew how to at least brew alcohol. Opium has been cultivated for many, many centuries if not millennia. Hawaii had Kava Kava etc etc. But it was never to the extent it is today.

        The problem today is the mass cheap availability of these highly addicting substances and the people who want to profit from the vast suffering these substances cause.

        We have some of the most ridiculous laws around drugs and their enforcement. The more drugs you are caught with, the less trouble you get in.

        A “diverse” woman by the name of Elizabeth Espinoza got caught trafficking 26 pounds of Cocaine on a Florida highway after picking it up in Texas. This woman got 2 whole years in jail (this is county jail time in my jurisdiction). This is very common. But it’s just as common to get more time than this for selling small amounts of drugs of much lower purity. This woman was carrying enough cocaine (11,818 grams) for 100 addicts to get a 1/2 a gram every single day for a year. That’s pure cocaine, not the 20% or less on the street. Probably twice as many for crack. You can watch the traffic stop play out on youtube. Instead of getting 2 years in prison, drug traffickers should get the death penalty.

        We also have to stop treating drug users with kid gloves. They not only suffer their addiction, but they wreak havoc on their families and society. Most only quit when the consequences become unbearable, when the pain of consequences outweigh the pleasure of drug taking. Drug court ain’t gonna cure anyone. They are the other population that has a revolving door in the jails for their various petty crimes or drug possession charges. Doing this harms both them and society. Instead, we are enabling them and going in the direction of more enabling.

        • Bilejones: Hadn’t occurred to me but excellent comment – eerie similarity in depiction of humans who’ve become unthinking beasts/zombies due to uncontrolled appetites.

  21. “What is the purpose of your life?”

    To leave the world in a slightly better condition than it was in when I came into it.

    We can all do that to one degree or another.

      • I think you and other board members misunderstood me. I’m not as SJW by any stretch. I meant doing things like giving to charity, hosting Bible studies, raising good, godly families, etc.

    • I’ve distilled that “purpose of life” thing down to two tasks.
      1. Understanding God’s universe and my place in it.
      2. Trying to be less of an asshole.

      I seem to be making more progress on the first than the second.

  22. The reason for the ultra fast descent into fake/gayness re the Apple Ad and the effort to police thought to avoid any description of reality and genetic inheritance in human behavior is one man above all else.

    We live in the fourth term of the Lightworker. Who was the Shadow President during Orange Man Bad years and runs thing now. He will be the President for another four years and another four after that and after that. He is the real hidden President we can never get rid of.

    The Lightworker is a gay, mulatto who was likely born abroad. How could he not hate us and how could he not demand worship of the gay/black identity as the holy saviors of the original sin of Whiteness and straight White males? What is worse is there is an army of people just like him waiting to succeed him as hidden ruler, and in the meantime enforcer. A stupid legacy of the Cold War’s desire among the former elite to appeal to the Third World. The West brought in so many of the Third World foreign elite that they were rapidly supplanted. Everywhere you look its Third Worlders or their allies running the West. While the left-behind third world aligns with more sensible China/Russia which does not demand Transgender Story Hour for their own children.

    At any rate, if you want to know “why” the madness it is the work of the true and hidden ruler of the West (in between golf rounds thankfully). Our only blessing is that the hidden gay ruler is very very lazy.

    • You have marginally less influence on public policy than Obama does. He shows up, reads a script, leaves, and gets paid. That’s the total amount of his influence and the sum of his existence. The reality is literal puppets have more agency than “our” “elected” “leaders.”

        • JZ-

          There are reasons the media is totally uncurious and silent regarding the constant parade of officials to and from the Lightbringer’s DC basement.

      • Obama didn’t even have the agency or know-how to make his own college basketball picks for espn, never mind pull the strings of a shadow presidency. For that relatively simple task, he had to rely on some recent Ivy League grad who looked at Nate Silver’s calculated percentage chances of winning.

      • Who do you think runs the White House then? That video of people ignoring Biden for the Lightworker was pretty revealing. Someone is running policy in the Whitehouse. Its not Dr. Jill, Biden, or the First Crackhead.

        All that gay stuff details nicely with Obama.

        One man often makes the difference: Stalin, Napoleon, Alexander, Churchill, Lincoln, Lee, are good examples.

        The guy didn’t stay in DC for nothing. No other ex President has ever done that. Someone is running things.

  23. The wrong question has been asked. Not purpose, but value. What value is your life? What is the place of human life in nature.

  24. I find an interesting relationship between Z Man’s posts from yesterday and today.

    A theme in Z Man’s post from yesterday was that honesty is almost never a fundamental value of a society. This started me thinking about why honesty is so rare and today’s post offers a possible answer:

    “The answers to the great questions do not lie in nature or in a natural reason.”

    “If we live in a world that does not care if we live or die and does not care if we experience any joy in the middle, well, that is a terribly harsh reality we have made for ourselves.”

    Perhaps the reason societies avoid honesty is that the honest answers to the fundamental questions of existence are so unsatisfying and even terrifying.

    • “Humankind cannot bear very much reality.”

      — T.S. Eliot

      “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”

      ― H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

  25. Nature cares about one thing and that is fitness. Specifically, every living thing is driven by its gene’s desire to make it to the next round of the game.

    It’s funny how people can’t discuss subjects like fitness and natural selection without anthropomorphizing and injecting concepts like “cares” and “desire.”

    Does a single-celled bacteria, a slime mold or a virus “care” about whether it or its progeny survives? Does it have desires? Yet they’re the most successful forms of life on the planet.

    • Ironically, just yesterday I was involved in a workplace discussion about the relative strength of aluminum versus steel.

      I struggled mightily to avoid bringing up 2 planes and 3 buildings.

  26. Conservative religious people, who spurn feminism and encourage normal families and many children, already are multiplying faster than sterile leftists. That’s the future. Soon.

    • until you realize that a good chunk of society, regardless of ideology, is descended from large families, religious or not.

      I’m a secular guy with no kids living in a small city. Yet there large families in my ancestry. My dad’s dad was the eighth of ten children (oldest born 1915 youngest born 1934). My mom’s mom’s mom was in a family of eleven (oldest born 1885 youngest born 1906). The bigger question is why did large families go away in previous generations.

      • “ The bigger question is why did large families go away in previous generations.”

        I don’t have any study in the phenomenon, but I’ve (dangerously, I admit) always assumed it’s because of modernity—post IR—and the cost/benefit of children. Children were fairly feral in the olden days. You fed them and put them to work on the farm so they could produce their own keep. When you broke down from manual labor, they took over and fed you (think ancient SSI).

        Modernity put a stop to that and you had to spend more resources for children while simultaneously their necessity for old age support broke down in the age of the welfare state.

        In short, the cost/benefit changed.

    • Yes, but societal and cultural influences are decidedly stacked against them 24/7/365.

      At least half of the offspring are likely to succumb.

      • A conservative Christian is one who believes Jesus was a communist, but not a gay communist.

        His children will believe Jesus was a non-binary asexual North African communist, not a transsexual pedophile sub-Saharan communist.

        Their children will be sold to transsexual pedophile sub-Saharan communists, as scripture demands.

  27. This ad from a well-known toy company is a perfect example.

    That ad makes me want to punch everyone at Apple.

    • I’ve had contact with Apple in Cupertino directly in the past. The people I met were your average corporate drones and rule-followers. They could have been working for an insurance conglomerate had they been wearing better clothing.

  28. I am ploughing my way, enjoyably, through Turgenev’s A Hunter’s Sketches where he says exactly what Z maintains: “Nature cares about one thing and that is fitness. Specifically, every living thing is driven by its gene’s desire to make it to the next round of the game.” Only, with apologies to Z, Turgenev states it all so much better. How many people know of the existence of this great writer about the joys of shooting, hunting, walking gun in hand, dog at side among the impartial poetry that is Nature.

    • I have taught my children, since they were old enough to go with me on hunting and fishing trips, that nature hates you and wants to kill you. This was the way I explained to children the benign neglect that the natural world has for man. Plants, other animals, weather, natural features, all contain elements that can remove you from this earthly realm, and damn quickly. That’s the challenge of life. It exhilarates the ones who embrace the challenge, it terrifies those who wish it to be different. I truly believe that as adults they are better off having learned this lesson early in life.

  29. I realized something while still a child many years ago – don’t know why or how it came to me but what I know is that strife and discord are human nature. Warfare is a basic thing people do and have done always. The challenge is not science or nature or justice or any of that — the challenge is to stay alive and not let the other side overwhelm your position. We all know it but nobody wants to think about it.

    Why have so many kings and generals prayed to God to lead them to victory in battle? There will never be permanent “peace on earth” – perhaps temporary but not permanent – difficult as it is to admit. However, if you pray and sincerely seek the mystery that can be so elusive, you can get on with life as we know it.

    • The Left believes you can create perpetual world peace by eliminating one tribe–the tribe of the Blue-eyed Ice Devil.

      (Elimination need not mean extermination. It can equally mean miscegenation into non-existence)

  30. The purpose of your life is whatever you decide it to be.

    Watching that ad begs the question: Who in the world would make it their life’s purpose to sit in a boardroom, surrounded by obnoxious, unattractive women and effeminate men… and get reamed by a fat black baboon at the head of the conference table? Good grief – if Mother Nature was a bloody big fat sheboon – the earf would resemble Pluto!

    • Z: “Nature cares about one thing and that is fitness.”

      Filthie: “Good grief – if Mother Nature was a bloody big fat sheboon – the earf would resemble Pluto!”

      Suburban_Elk has been poasting a great deal about Frank Herbert’s insistence upon true natural copulation & true natural vaginal childbirth as a cornerstone of civilizational/speciesist stability.

      IRL, I’ve crossed paths with folks in the IVF [In Vitro Fertilization] community, who have confided in me that gender dysphoria [transvestism] is a very well known side effect in children who were conceived via IVF, but of course it’s also a very well known SECRET within the IVF community, which is why Joe Normie is clueless about it.

      The Canadian television series, “Stargate SG1”, took a similar point of view [to that of Frank Herbert] when their writers imagined an alien species, called the “Asgard”, going extinct due to a reliance upon cloning, which eventually failed to produce functional clones, and caused the Asgard to vanish into extinction.

      The other fascinating tidbit of Stargate SG-1 trivia involved the two “Aschen” episodes, which forewarned us of the Pfizer & Moderna depopulationist vaccines.

      “2010”, Season 4, Episode 16

      “2001”, Season 5, Episode 10

      The (((Aschen))) so perfectly mirrored (((Pfizer and Moderna))) that I can’t help but wonder whether the depopulationists had already planned the vax-pocalpyse a quarter of a century ago, and were seeding warning hints in the popular media as the means by which to ensure that a healthy sustainable breeding pool of high IQ nerds would be certain to shun the v@xxines [a quarter of a century later].

      • Seconding the rec for the two, “Aschen,” episodes of SG-1, which have only grown more eerie following the events of the past few years.

      • That was my immediate thought. If that’s Mother Nature, then the afterlife will be just as seen in Beetlejuice.

      • Someone elsewhere noted that before the meeting starts, the table and floor and building rumbles… What shook up the room? The arrival of a fat, angry black woman plopping into her seat.

  31. OT

    And I apologize in advance for banging my head on the wall.

    Megan Kelly interviewed Trump. Instead of saying look, I screwed up, and taking responsibility for his actions regarding the Covid fiasco, he displays the same obtuseness that he always has.

    One would think that a person with that much money and the ability to hire quality people, would get his head out of his ass.

    On a side not, the Cheesecake Chick said the vax “helped” in some cases. Is there any evidence for that, because if there is, I must have missed it.

    • Trump wouldn’t even need to go as far as saying he screwed up. He could simply say he did the best he could with the information he had in a crises, he is angry he was lied to about covid death rates and the safety of mRNA technology, and that he will pull all emergency use immunity for the drug companies. His charm has always been his willingness to throw the turd of truthfulness into the fake/gay punchbowl. But he is still trying to get credit from people who will never vote for him.

      • He’s a boss. They’re professionals. No matter what they do, he’s on their side. No matter what he does, they’re not on his.

        People complain about his “character,” but that’s really the only thing wrong with it. He’s mistaken about what class he’s in and it’s very important to him, so he can’t be corrected. He’s loyal to his (and our) enemies.

        Every Republican “self-made man” has the same problem.

    • The major “fault” Trump had from day 1 was a belief in the system. He retained that during Covid wrt the medical establishment. His faith/defect was in dealing with people and assuming honesty and competence. He did a good performance on “The Apprentice”, but did not “ad lib” very well in Washington. He obviously wants to run away from that short-coming in this race.

      If you believe he learned his lesson, you vote for him as he has a lot of scores to settle. If you believe he’s learned no lessons, you stay home. I’ll still vote for him (breaking my pledge) as I enjoy a good show

    • I like the story of the man who asks God, “If you exist, why is there so much suffering in the world?” God replies, “I was about to ask you the same thing.”

      • Scientist tells God, “I can create life without your help.”
        God: “Show me.”
        Scientist: “Just take a handful of dirt like this, then…”
        God: “Stop! Use your own dirt.”

      • Scientist tells God, “I can create life without your help.”
        God: “Show me.”
        Scientist: “Just take a handful of dirt like this, then…”
        God: “Stop! Use your own dirt.”

      • “God replies, “I was about to ask you the same thing.””

        Precisely. Man is basically the cause of his own misfortune, not God. The reason is simple, man is the only creation with self determinism as opposed to instinct. Not to get into the pro’s and con’s of that position—good points for and against.

        The point is whenever we look at most all evils we encounter, man seems to be both the giver and receiver of such. The nuances I leave to the academics.

    • The adversary sent the afflictions to Job, not God. We are not Job – the Bible provides insight into the afflictions on Earth. For the record, I am not a religious person, but I always dislike when Job is misrepresented.

      • Yes, but God goads the devil to torment Job.

        “Look at Job, isn’t he great?”

        “Of course he loves you. Look at all you have given him”

        “OK, then do your worst and you’ll still see Job is great…”

        Personally I think Job has every right to curse the Lord for his torments. His lamentations are one of the most powerful questioning of God and his ways in the entire Bible, if not in all literature. The counter-arguments of Job’s friends and neighbors are weak sauce by comparison. And in the end God, like Nature, says basically, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Deal with it”.

        • Again, my point is that Job should be viewed as a story for the audience’s benefit, not as an accurate retelling. The conversation is a pretense rather than historical, essential to broaching the conversation and the point.

          • And I would further argue that Job illustrates that no matter the harm done on Earth, it can be undone by God, even though the woe does not originate from Him.

  32. “Then maybe Western man will be able to live in peace with the rest of the world.”

    Yeah. Well, if you can convince missionaries to calm down and stop trying to “improve” the world, you might get a shot at this. My feeling is that this particular gene pool is rapidly being flushed.

    • “All of humanity’s problems are caused by man’s inability to sit quietly in a room”–Blaise Pascal.

    • At the height of Covid, American Christians complied with government dictates to stay out of their houses of worship (with a few notable exceptions).

      The middle of a civilization ending pandemic is exactly when people of faith should seek community and stronger ties to God.

      When a NM governor tried to “executive order” guns away, lawsuits were filed immediately and law enforcement told her to get bent.

      Revealed preference would suggest that Christianity is dead in the West. (we’re all in on guns though, for some reason?)

      They’ll be no Christian backlash against anything.

      • I agree with your sentiment, but I hope it is overstated. It’s easy to forget how fooled most people were by the propaganda and sociopathic lying of the health industrial complex. But if it happens again, I will say you were 100% correct. There were obvious clues, such as the fact that strip clubs, bars and liquor stores were allowed to stay open while pastors were arrested for holding services in parking lots. But the state propaganda was very effective on gullible normies. Whether they have forgotten and moved on, or whether they are seething below the surface and vowing to themselves to not comply next time, will become apparent when the machinery ramps up again.

      • Probably because most Christians value their life and freedom over God. God rewards you in the afterlife (no guarantees of cushy Earth life); guns protect you in the here and now. Ideally they would have fought for both keeping their guns and places of worship open. Although to be fair, it was more up to the pastor/minister etc. to keep the places open rather than the individual worshipper

      • Yes, modern “Christianity” has been completely cucked and neutered by two Biblical lines:

        “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” which they interpret as dutifully pay your taxes to help niggers breed like flies and take over your lands.

        “Turn the other cheek,” which they interpret as accept nigger beatings and murders with a smile.

      • “The middle of a civilization ending pandemic is exactly when people of faith should seek community and stronger ties to God.”

        That happened during the Black Death, didn’t stop the plague, and people went nuts. And seems to me we’ve never gotten over it. Probably a big part of how we got here imo.

        • Ironic how such is/was portrayed in a couple of older “end-of-world” dystopian movies I recall. One was concerning a deadly pandemic that wiped out everyone who caught it and spread like a Hawaiian electrical fire.

          There were a few isolated pockets of survivors who at last were moving back into the towns. At the vanguard were “cleanup crews” tasked to find all the bodies and burn them, thereby sterilizing the town for reoccupation.

          Great scene where cleanup instruction is given the cleanup vanguard. They are told to first go to the churches where they would need to be prepared for great heaps of dead bodies. Sure enough, the leader opened the doors to the first church and, aghast, threw up at the site of so many bodies—young, old, men, women, children, all praying in their final moments of life—sitting peacefully in the pews.

          Well, I guess we can cut those scenes in any remakes.

          • Funny thing, too, this recent plague. The ones who trusted the ‘science’ took it the hardest. Different eras, I suppose. Always the sheep who go to slaughter lol.

      • Not so sure about that …. for the bulk of the COVID pandemic crisis, I lived in the southern part of the old Indian Territory. The Pentecostal church I attended kept on going, once they got their feet under then following the initial blast from the rulers and technocrats that we were all gonna die. They made a few minor adjustments (services outside when able, alternate seat rows empty), IAW guidance from the state, but the Pastor advocated strongly for continued services and minimal restrictions at meetings with his colleagues locally. They also had a more elderly and infirmed congregation, so they made some effort to hedge their bets and suspend a natural disbelief in the stated nature of the threat in order to ensure the safety of their more vulnerable followers.

        Most independent and Pentecostal churches remained open through the “emergency” …. I did notice that several Baptist congregations I passed routinely did close for a long stretch. And the huge, mainstream Protestant churches in town, parking lots full of Escalades, BMWs & vanity pickups, likewise had periods where it appeared they had no services, or did so by some other medium.

        The state itself did not support drastic alterations to behavior. From the start mask wear was spotty throughout the …. exercise. For the most part, these are a people used to greater hardship, very real and capricious natural forces, and a more austere existence.

        Of course, this is a state where I saw some boopsie mom-type reaching up for a bag of rabbit chow in the feed store, and exposing the holstered Glock in the small of her back ….

        I’m pretty sure these people here in PARTS OF forgotten America will be minimally compliant.

        • The Methodist church I attended at the time of the Covid Captivity did not shut down. The most it did was recommend, but not require the wearing of masks. This was in a city a bit southwest of Indian Territory.

    • These are actually fascinating articles, especially the second, which dissects Claremont, albeit from the left. The only thing she misses ( probably because it isn’t useful to her narrative), is the internal dissension resulting from giving a platform to the likes of Moldbug, BAP and REN. But she nails the Straussian esotericism which is Claremont’s Achilles heel.

  33. Wow, that Apple ad was painful. Replace the word “carbon”, and all the fake/gay efforts to remove “emissions”, with “unicorn farts” that we are removing by waiving a rainbow flag, and the result is the same. There is no clean energy. Since windmills, solar panels, and all the rest of the fakery are not energy positive, fossil fuels must be burned to manufacture, deliver, install and maintain them.

    Saying you are carbon neutral is only possible because you exported all the real carbon energy production somewhere else and then pretend it does not exist. Just like the slave labor to make an iPhone does not exist because you cannot see it happening in China. It is just unbelievable how they keep all the plates spinning in their magical little world.

    • They go to comic lengths to act like the green energy scam is all noble. This article highlights old wind turbine blades being used to make a playground for kids. It claims the blades wear out after 20-25 years. I can’t find accurate info on when these wind farms first started, but I don’t remember seeing them before the late 90s. Based on the number of blades they are burying the life span is more like 15 years. Plus each blade gets hauled down the road on an 18 wheeler accompanied by at least three other cars. You can’t find a serious analysis of how much carbon is burned setting up one these turbines. It makes elites feel good though and that is all that matters.

    • The takeaway from the Apple ad is that Gia worship is the ascendant religion, and gay white men are the priests who interpret the entrails.

    • “Since windmills, solar panels, and all the rest of the fakery are not energy positive”

      This is not true. Solar is positive but not great (around 3 – 6), wind is very good. Wind comes in at 18 to 1. Fossil fuels are way down from their historic highs. Early oil discoveries were over 100 to 1 energy return. But all the oil closest to civilization and the most shallow under enormous natural pressure are mostly gone. Tight oil and tarsands are likely well below wind in EROI.

      The real problem of wind and solar is they cannot replace, at least not economically or easily a lot of the uses of fuel. If we are actually going to electrify transport and heavy equipment (likely impossible), we’re going to need a lot of copper. Copper mining may as well be alchemy where oil is turned into copper.

      Trying to run the grid on solar and wind would likely require so much battery storage that it would exhaust the known p90 lithium reserves.

      • Why the down votes? Read the comment twice. Could use some elaboration/extension/discussion, but makes a known point. Could it be we are voting against wind/solar or anything negative wrt oil? All methods of producing energy of pro’s and con’s. Nothing here seems to rate a down vote.

      • I did not down vote your comment, and I am open to more information. My hunch though is that your figures are missing a lot of the fossil fuel used to keep wind/solar systems running. I have a hard time believing wind and solar can create enough energy to replicate themselves without fossil fuels. Do the models include all the diesel burned? Do they account for the disruption caused on cloudy/windless days? Kind of like how recycling makes sense if you don’t count the impact of a sending a second diesel truck to every neighborhood in America every week, the ships to send it to China, and the Chinese not just dumping it in the ocean.

        If you just smell check it, why is “clean” energy still a small fraction of fossil fuels, despite every western government pushing it to 11 with all of their tax dollars and propaganda? Sometimes you have to look up form the computer calculations and observe reality. These same “scientist” types were telling us the Covid death rates were 5%, but when you looked around, no one you knew was dying from it.

        • I’m open to accounting shenanigans not counting all the energy consumed by the entire life cycle of a windmill. But I can only go by what information I can find. Also, we have a long history with windmills converting wind into mechanical energy for things like pumping water and operating sawmills.

          I’ve also read that windmills are inefficient copper users compared to the much larger turbine generators used in large commercial steam powered electric generation. IOW, we cannot build a GW of windmills using the copper from a GW turbine generator, probably due to the efficiency increase of a larger system. Plus, the copper used in these is not the 99.9% copper used for things like pipes, but 99.999 which is made via electrolysis. It uses a lot of energy.

  34. The universe is under no obligation to grant your wishes just because you want them. The harsh reality is all things worth having must be earned.

    Nature is not your mother. Your mother cares about your fate, nature is profoundly indifferent to it.

  35. I think that is the stupidest ad I’ve ever seen. Everything about, from the casting, to the dialog to the stage is absurd

    • All that’s missing is the black blimp president of the united federation of planets. You know, Stacy.

  36. Fwiw, beating the drum again, I’ve become convinced reality is irreducibly composed of idea, matter, and spirit. They interact and inform each other, like a grand game of rock, paper, scissors. If you aren’t taking into account all three, you will certainly be led into error, not that you will certainly be right by taking all three into account, either.

    Idk, tricky stuff, and I don’t have the time (or possibly the ability) to really flesh it out, but there’s my two cents.

    • The last time we had baby goats I saw one of the baby goats exhibit some mannerism the same as his mom as he stood up from being born; there was no way he could have “learned” to do that (whatever it was, I don’t recall now). Ever since then I’ve been more jaded than I already was (which is saying something) in thinking that we are little more than replicated meat robots, that even 90/10 nature/nurture is optimistic.

      All that isn’t to knock our religion, politics, etc., just to note that the range of change that can be expected of people is a lot more narrow than one might hope for.

      • 80/20 is my stance. Can’t prove it, just a feeling. Never could wrap my head around the 80 amounting to biochemistry, though; never convinced by my studies.

        So I figure the 80 might be composed of two things, one of them mysterious, and for the time being, it’s making a lot of sense to me. Certainly more sense than scientific theory and conjecture— theory and conjecture being rather unscientific, when you think about it.

        • Put it this way: if dogs are descended from friendly wolves, and people had never bothered to train and breed them, they’d probably still be more dog than wolf by dint of living around humans.

        • I always thought it was 80/20, but I don’t see any evidence for that. Back when I followed Sailer he would look at black kids adopted by white parents and ,as I recall, the black kids would snap back into their genetic rut once they reached adulthood. With some effort I could probably play-act as an Asian, but that that still wouldn’t make me one.

          • It’s a good point, but I wouldn’t consider 20% Asian, Asian lol.

            Idk, from a genetic perspective I’m more German than anything, yet I’m clearly a WASP, so I’m not sure how clear-cut it is from that angle, either. Results might vary?

      • I spent a lot of time once in CO along a large stream/river watching beavers build a dam. The river was in full flow, the dam starting out from *nothing*. I could never figure out how this could have been a learned behavior on the animals’ part.

        • Probably is mostly inborn, but what if there were no other beavers around to learn from? Would it take a beaver longer to figure it out? Do different beaver colonies have different building styles? I have no idea, but I’d suspect the answer is yes.

          • Cute video, an orphaned baby beaver spent all day happily building a dam in the hallway with toys, pillows, whatever it could grab. Out of the blue.

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