Manna From Heaven

One of the many problems with most conspiracy theories is they contain a central contradiction on which the theory depends. Usually, it is of the type where the villain is both omnisciently genius and incredibly stupid. The “deep state”, for example, is able to know every thought and action of every person, but they have been outwitted by the collection of aluminum foil hat guys. The central villains of most conspiracy theories are the same people who built the Death Star in Star Wars.

Another big problem with conspiracy theories is they confuse opportunism with skillful planning, as we see with the fighting in the Levant. The internet is full of theories about how Mossad or the IDF or Netanyahu deliberately let Hamas stage that raid so they could use the ensuing crisis to advance their agenda. The real goal was to clear out Gaza or maybe instigate a wider war in the region. Like 9/11, this attack was a five-cushion bank shot by the deep state.

In reality, the most likely answer for how this started is stupidity. Israel politics have been a mess for a long time now due to demographics. The Mizrahi Jews, sometimes called Oriental Jews, are those who never left the region. They are growing in number and pollical power. As a group grows in power, it tends to come at the expense of another group, or it is perceived as such. In Israel, the group threatened by the Mizrahi are the Ashkenazi, who dominate the ruling elite.

One result of this growing internal conflict is the Jewish state is not working as well as people have come to expect. The reputation of the Jewish security apparatus was made in the wars with the Arabs but also in support of the neocon wars against the Arabs during the Bush years. As is always the case, success brings complacency and that is how they got the Hamas raid. The Israelis were caught letting their guard down and the result was the Hamas raid.

That does not mean they are letting a crisis go to waste. The Dresden-like assault being waged on Gaza is one example. It is unnecessary and gratuitous, but it does sure up support in Washington, where the neocons are desperate for a win. The site of blown-up buildings and dead Palestinians not only gives people like Ben Shapiro some cheap thrills, but it also gives him a reason to whip his white audience into a frenzy of support for the war machine and its neocon operators.

It is also good for the Washington establishment. It feels like old times in the imperial capital and that is just what the doctor ordered. The rebels in the House GOP caucus have been silenced because we are at war now and no one has time for their complaints about corruption and Republican perfidy. The result is the compliant Kevin McCarthy will be replaced by the equally compliant Steve Scalise as Speaker, rather than the more independent Jim Jordan.

It is also giving Washington an excuse to cut Ukraine loose. All of a sudden no one is taking those calls from Zelensky. In between sobbing fits, White House spokesbot John Kirby made clear that Israel is now the priority. He said that “we are coming to the end of the rope on Ukraine funding” which is very bad news for Ukraine. That was a signal to regime media to wrap up their “coverage” of the war and put the whole thing on ignore and instead focus on this new war in the Levant.

This is also a golden opportunity for the Pentagon. The imperial war machine was not built to fight a land war against a peer. This has been rather embarrassing for them over the last year in the Ukraine war. From a public relations perspective, Ukraine has been terrible for the Pentagon. Now, they can switch back to their preferred role of bombing lightly armed militias. This has the added benefit of getting the flag waving yahoos excited for the war machine again.

The biggest winner in this could be the neocons who have been searching for a way to get invited back into the Republican Party. As everyone knows, a neocon cannot enter your house uninvited, so they have been searching for a way to get the Republicans to throw out the welcome mat for them. This is proving to be just the ticket, as every presidential candidate is now in a race to the sea in an effort to be the most bellicose with regards to killing Muslims.

This has the added benefit of letting them use their version of no enemies to the right, which they successfully used in the Bush years. You see, this new threat to America in the Levant is too important to risk dissent. That means Donald Trump and his criticisms of the party have to go so the more serious people like Nikki Haley can lead the party against Joe Biden and his Iranian deal makers. The fact that team Biden is run by the Kagan cult, just like Nikki Haley, will be ignored.

Of course, what will follow is new limits on speech online. The usual suspects are demanding that the social media platforms ban anyone questioning the official narrative on the war. Anyone doubting the crazy stories, for example, will be smeared as an apologist for Hamas. Maybe even an antisemite. In an ideological society, the bogeyman is always a reason to crush dissent and the regime now has a fresh new and familiar bogeyman, so the results are predictable.

That is the thing about ideological societies. The ruling elite can always take advantage of a crisis because it exists to manage crisis. Whether it is in containing counter-revolutionary forces or the inevitable crisis that arises from the irrationality of the ideology, the first task of a ruling class in an ideological society is to use every crisis as a means to advance the interest of the regime. Once Hamas parachuted into Israel, the regime had a crisis and they never let a crisis go to waste.

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173 thoughts on “Manna From Heaven

  1. I know a lot of people are just baffled at how paragliding Hamas fighters could just slowly fly into Israel without immediately being shot down. One thing I learned from working on radars for a while is that they typically work with Doppler shift. If no Doppler shift, a radar blip is usually treated like clutter and discarded before being sent to a display. The radar data is very heavily massaged in software before being sent to the display screen.

    It is common for very slow objects to have so little Doppler shift that the system will ignore it. From what I’ve read, paragliders fly very slowly, only 14 to 34 MPH or so. If the radar system is set to ignore such slow moving objects it would be very possible for Hamas to paraglide in and be missed, even though they produced a radar return. The setting for minimum Doppler shift can be tweaked though, so this trick they pulled might not be effective for much longer.

    • Yeah, well, how did they get those paragliders in the first place?

      Where did they learn to fly them?

      How easy is it to fly from Gaza to the attack zone?

  2. I don’t think the crazy stories, in particular as HAMAS is putting up the videos, are crazy.
    HAMAS are just the Apex Arab gang.
    Nor do I think Israel would lie to its own people about casualties, they are entirely too casualty averse. Not to mention this is completely in character for Jihadi. It’s not fake.

    Israel is described recently by a Catholic working there as the first post sexual revolution Western Society, as you actually see children everywhere. The TFR is like 3.1. That’s enormous compared to the West.

    You might be wrong on the neocons are in sync with Israel or their interests.

    You are certainly wrong, probably from no experience of war, on the bombing being either Dresden or gratuitous. Dresden killed at least 25,000 and probably more in 3 days. 🇺🇸 did that.
    In fact we’re far more ruthless to this day.
    Gratuitous doesn’t apply in war.
    Perhaps you’re thinking of police work.
    Or a bar fight.
    Or Jigs.

    Gaza made its choice.
    My real anger here is I know that Uncle Stab 🇺🇸 is going to betray Israel, as we have so many others, as we betray our own.
    We’ll stop Israel from cleaning out this rats nest.
    In fact I suspect we’ll end up evacuating Gaza, as we did with the PLO in Beirut 1982, and we’ll probably get the same thanks we got last time.

    I don’t like American Left wingers, including Jews, I loathe DC and despise the neocons.
    That doesn’t mean the sins of the above transfer onto decent people who’s only mistake was trusting us, yet again.

    I predict that Israel will go the way of South Africa or the Congo (rape the White women was Congo Independence Day, 1960). This will gain us nothing, and won’t weaken DCs betrayal and ruin of America, quite the contrary.
    It will simply be another victory for the Left.

  3. Some news from France : we are now quasi officially a colony of Israel. Medias get hysterical, Jews on tv calmly ask for literal genocide and murdering all leftoid propalestinians.

    And on the youtube dissident right, and on “conservative” “far-right” news papers or channels, same thing : by hate of Islam and Arabs, it’s full Israel.

    Like pathetic frustrated nationalists totally unable to fix racial invasion in France and get fulfilled with Tsahal porn.

    (🙏Forgive the awful writing)

    PS: I’m not propalestinian. IMO, Jerusalem and holy land should be controlled by the rightful christian church, aka the Orthodox church.

    • How are the Muslims in France reacting to the events, if that even is permitted to be covered?

    • It is the strangest thing I have lived through. I think it’s worse than Covid right now in the Western media. Absolute bloodlust from every corner. I hear the word “exterminate” ten times in 30 minutes if I turn on the TV. Several senators and US congressmen/women have used the term, too, including at a “prayer vigil” on the Capitol steps just an hour ago.

      I am beginning to actually believe they intend to start a full-blown regional war there, and push us toward nuclear war. It didn’t happen in Ukraine, so now they’re trying again. They’ll probably succeed this time.

      • The public turned against the Ukraine war so they are tinkering more with the propaganda for this attempt. The problem for them is the wide-open border has negated the war fever and delegitimized the government and its ho’s and help.

      • It is so true. My little old lady neighbor is for “killing all of them” she means the Palestinians.

        I ask her: All two million of them? She responds “Yes”.

        People have lost their damned minds.

    • “Some news from France : we are now quasi officially a colony of Israel.”

      I hope the Zionist-controlled Macron regime doesn’t arrest you for saying that, man. Take care of yourself. Merci pour le rapport.

  4. Am I alone thinking as Bennie S is hysterically posting war porn that someone needs to tell him “That’s not an argument”?

  5. The fact that Cory Booker and a bunch of big-name Democrats were “in a conference” in Israel just as this new war started is such an unfortunate coincidence.

    I’m glad the stunning but brave Spartacus got out alive. Such a hero. Shaken, but resolute, like Ariana Grande.

  6. Two things, either the Mossad and Shin Beth were caught by surprise or they knew exactly what was going to happen because they were planning it. Tell them something that don’t know Egypt.

    I’d suppose that Joe Biden has an obligation to his donors to deliver the war with Iran that Trump reneged on.

    Visit the Dome of the Rock whilst you can; it mightn’t be there for much longer.

    This plan all started with Netanyahu’s “stroke”.

    • Trump ordering the killing of Soleimani, a regime/military target, instead of a half million random Persians really pissed off everybody—including Iran.

      And yet, it’s the sole case where “the generals” followed his orders.

      It’s the only event in his presidency that I don’t understand (except that in principle it was “good” because military officers should be at very great risk of death at all times).

    • kerdasi amaq: “either the Mossad and Shin Beth were caught by surprise or they knew exactly what was going to happen because they were planning it”

      Egypt warned Israhe11 about it:

      [Plus we know that Iron Dome was TURNED OFF.]


      Also, on the Scalise matter, the House GOP is in utter chaos at the moment.

      At this point, it’s kinda purposeless to poast any particular news story about it, because the mess with the House GOP is so very fluid right now.

      I’ve been trying to think of a behavioral model which describes the leadership of the House GOP as attempting to herd cats, opposite the DEMs always summoning uniform & rigid & unbreakable party unity.

      GOP == Wine Aunts named “Karen”?

      DEM == Waffen-Schutzstaffel Auschwitz Guards?

  7. Fortunately Jews are highly conspiratorial, delight in complicated schemes and scams that inevitable fall apart, and possess a lack of self-awareness that at times does a fair imitation of stupidity…

    And fortunately we are trying to destroy a society in which trust has been totally destroyed by the Jews and their lies. People are flailing around for explanations. They should be given them.

    Thus conspiracies should always be attributed to Jews. Preferably living ones. All other conspiracy theories should be rejected out-of-hand and the people offering them should be accused of being Jew puppets and gatekeepers.

    A general rule: always blame everything on them all the time. It’s what they do to us.

    So long as people are talking about Jews, and talking about Jews in negative terms, it doesn’t really matter what they are saying. You have to be way, way over on the right side of the IQ curve not to understand this, and how it actuall relates to effecting mass change in the real world.

    The point is to identify Jews as Jews and identify Jews as scamming liars. We want people identifying all their problems as being Jew-based. Since this generally comports with lived reality, there’s no downside when the goal is forming mass opinion. The aim is too inclucate what geriatric cucks call “the Jew thing” in the entire nation and then whip them into action.

    We want ten percent of the male population so attuned to Early Life that when confronted with the title of a shit-piece from Real Clear Politics with a title like “How Our Constitution Works Against Majority Will” they will say out loud: “Sounds like a Jew.”

    None of this is easy if the ego is bound up with being “accurate.” But if you are talking about serious intellectual investigation, then you are not talking about dissident politics.

    We are the good guys. They are the bad guys. Everything we do is good. Everything they do is bad. Anything we do to defeat them is good. Anything we do that we think is good but turns out bad we stop doing and blame on them. It has to be like Lefty from Mulberry Street said: “Even when we’re wrong, we’re right.”

    Struggle is not a debating club. There’s a war on. There is no other way.

    • omnisciently genius and incredibly stupid: “There’s a war on.”

      An extraordinarily meta-Darwinian war.

      A few days ago, here, chez Z, I was opining that Darwinism doesn’t do much good in attempting to explain the near-infinite intricacy & complexity of physical Biology, but that meta-Darwinism is d@mned near perfect in explaining human sociology.

      Especially when meta-Darwinism doubles down on studying the meta-phenomenon which is Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder.

    • Can I shorten your handle to OG?
      or stupid OG?

      You know, your antisemitism is very acute.
      You must be Jewish.

      Frankly I don’t consider the Israeli particularly Jewish, but I’m American and Biased from NYC time. It’s like the Irish vs the Boston Irish. Different Breed.

  8. Nice post, Z. This fresh mayhem is just “Twilight” for neocons, as you point out. I thought the commentary from non-Harvard anti-GAE this week was in the main triumph of hope over experience. In contrast I thought I heard right away in Troy McClure’s voice, “It’s the part I was born to play, baby” emanating from the Johns Hopkins cafeteria

  9. Re: 9/11. Two of the world’s tallest buildings are hit by airliners, and… implode into their footprints. A nearby building catches fire, and… implodes into its footprint.

    3 for 2, in style. I’m not sure who did it, but that’s a five-cushion bank shot if there ever was one lol.

    • I think their mistake was WTC7. Towers 1 & 2 because of the planes and chaos could be passed off as believable by most. Particularly the non-intelligent with no understanding of physics and especially materials science. Fire protection experts, mechanical engineers, etc. of course would still balk, but they are a small minority easily shouted down by the “media & experts”.

      But WTC7 strains credulity for even totally uneducated midwits. 15% of a building is on fire with non-exotic bog standard office fire. 47 story building collapses at free fall from generic non out of control office fire… got it. 🙄

  10. One gaping hole in defense leaps out – the fact that the wall wasn’t mined within a hundred feet. In this case, today’s earth moving tractors are yesteryear’s box cutters.

    Most campus punk pink-hairs screeching for war couldn’t tell you the difference between Hamas, Hezbollah, or the PLO. Today’s PLO is living high on the hog in Qatar, something like democrats swanning around in Monaco all summer. The days of Yassir Arafat roughing it in desert tents with his ever-present stubble and dirty camoflage garb are long in their rear view mirror. (Come to think of it, perhaps Zelensky got his fashion inspiration from Arafat.) Naturally, this is the bunch that the Administration prefers to deal with, as they did just a couple of weeks ago. Hamas didn’t appreciate being left out of that pow wow, but Biden was naturally exercising his right to score cheap points off of the unravelling GAE.

    • Excellent. How I long for the days of “Yassir Arafat roughing it in desert tents with his ever-present stubble and dirty camouflage garb”

      Just shows that they aren’t even concerned with appearances. But I am.

  11. “The imperial war machine was not built to fight a land war against a peer. This has been rather embarrassing for them over the last year in the Ukraine war. From a public relations perspective, Ukraine has been terrible for the Pentagon.”

    I’m pretty certain the Ukrainian armed forces are the ones who fought the “second best army in the world” to a standstill, not NATO. Are you suggesting the Ukrainians are representative of the “imperial war machine”?

    The conflict did show some deficiencies in regards to ammo production and generating mass; but these were already well known problem areas for Western Militaries and the subject of sporadic warnings for the past decade or so. If anything, the Ukraine conflict gave NATO further incentive to shape up in what has been neglecting.

    Are the Polish or Turkish armed forces part of what you whimsically call the “imperial war machine”? Because judging by how poorly the Russians did against flimsy Ukraine, they might very well have been broken going against any of the two.

    The last war NATO fought a near-peer opponent was over 30 years ago, and they thrashed the Iraqis so severely that even today people still can’t take Arab armies seriously.

    I wonder how long it will take for the Russians to recover the prestige they lost in Ukraine.

    • Wow, you’re amazing. You have everything inverted. Sounds like you’re still waiting for Steiner to finally relieve Berlin. How could anyone honestly believe that stuff?

      • For most of us, paper is the only place to compare two armed forces before they go to war with one another.
        Is the PLA a near peer to NATO? They sure look like it on paper, but who knows, maybe they will prove as ineffectual as the Russian did against Ukraine.
        The Russians looked superb on paper and almost everybody in the military and military enthusiast community expected them to run over Ukraine in a matter of weeks.
        The people who are actually knowledgeable of military history and follow military matters soon changed their opinion on the Armed Forces of Mother Russia to reflect the reality that was unfolding in front of their eyes.
        What I find fascinating about some members of the dissident Right, particularily Zman and his followers, is that you can’t bring yourselves to aknowledge the very simple fact that the Russian armed forces conducted themselves well below the lowest expectations that any outside observer (barring one Bulgarian military bloger) put on them.
        Part of this is of course just crass ignorance. None of you had any idea of what to expect because outside of maybe a couple of shows you watched on the Discovery channel you had no clue of how “winning” should look like for an armed force of Russia’s pretentions; confronted with an enemy that looked like Ukraine.
        So, when guru Z and other self-deluded Russian cheerleaders tell you that somehow Russia is doing well and “it’s winning”, while all the damnable people known for their lying tell you it’s doing rubbish, you go and lap it up. Never mind that liars don’t actually need to lie when things are going their way, and never mind that virtually every impartial expert big and small says the same thing as the bad guys. Never mind that almost every operational goal Russia set for itself failed miserably — you guys still want to believe Russia stronk because bad guys hate Russia and bad guys bad! Remember back in April 2022 when so many of its chearleaders were certain Russia will take the whole of the Donbass within a year or so? Remember how many times was the Ukrainian army supposed to just crack under the sheer superiority of Russian firepower? Remember when after the fall of Bakhmut Russia was supposed to just breeze through all the way to the last line of Ukrainian defense?
        And I reckon many of you feel like strawmaning right now about corresponding idiots on the other side having equally unrealistic expectations regarding Ukraine.
        No, I’m sorry, those liberal and neo-con idiots expecting for Ukraine to take Crimea by Christmas are more prevalent in your mind than in actuality. As far as military developments (and strictly military developments) are concerned, the MSM have been consistently closer to reality throughout this conflict than the likes of Zman and his fellow ardent belivers.
        And even if Russia will set the goalpost for victory at keeping the land it already gained and end the war tomorrow — which the pro-Russian chorus will recognize as a smashing success, that truly showed those neocon bastards (because you have to be a neocon if you don’t agree with MacGregor’s latest piss takes) that you were right all along in saying how Russia will conquer all of Ukraine east of the Dniepr… I.. I mean keep what it got in the original blitzkrieg… most of it… at least… — the fact will still stand: the Russian army shit their pants in front of the whole world, getting bogged down in a conventional war against an army sporting 1/5 to 1/10 of its own heavy equipment. It will come out of this looking poorer than any Western or NATO official who might have at times expressed too much faith in the Ukrainian armed forces. Now, why doesn’t Z acknowledge this? Deluded by his own narrative? Does he hate the elites so bad that anyone opposing them cannot be cast in anything but the most positive light?
        Truly fascinating. I ‘ve never seen the dissident right so divorced from reality.

    • “The last war NATO fought a near-peer opponent was over 30 years ago, and they thrashed the Iraqis so severely that even today people still can’t take Arab armies seriously.”


    • What you are missing is at the start of the Ukraine war the Russians did not have a very large army. They did not want war with anyone and had allowed their military to atrophy. They never anticipated that NATO would be insane enough to carry on the conflict when the Russians made it clear they would activate rather than allow the Donbass population to continue being brutalized and NATO to expand to Ukraine. He thought a deal was still possible.

      Putin made a big mistake in that assessment. Somewhere around the start of summer 2022, Putin understood that it was going to be a real war. So Russia began the buildup process that we still see going on today. Russia did not have the soldiers to roll over an approximately 800,000 soldier Ukraine military with NATO trained and equipped troops. Remember the U.S. had been arming them and training them since 2014. So they held ground when they could and retreated when they had to. They fought to conserve their soldiers and buy time to build their army. The Russians also made a lot of mistakes but they have and are correcting them as they go.

      About the fall of 2022, the Russians came up with a plan. Let the enemy come to you. This has worked quite well for them. In fact Russia has destroyed the Ukraine Army with this tactic. By the Summer of next year Russia will have about one million men in uniform. I suspect they will at some point move west and finish off what is left of the Ukraine armed forces.

      Russia will soon have a more powerful military than the Soviets had during the cold war. They also have a robust military industrial capacity that the West will probably never be able to replicate again.

      The Kagan Cult created the monster of their scariest nightmares.

  12. Completely lost in all this talk about conspiracy:

    About 20% (last I paid attention) of the population of Israel are Arabs. Those people are Muslims first, Arabs second, and Israelis only on paper. Do you really think they were not used as an infiltration force?

    As to the why, it’s equally simple. Islam mandates that the end times (which Iran actively works for) cannot come until all the Jews are dead. If one is martyred in that cause, so much the better. How the Gaza residents were treated (never mind that they destroyed what was given them) is absolutely irrelevant to this.

  13. In the broader historical picture, the larger and more significant point here is the failure of high-tech weaponry and the foolishness of overreliance on electronic/computerized weapons systems and intelligence gathering. The topic can be discussed under three headings.

    1. The cost of these modern armaments now runs into the trillions of dollars. Even if they worked perfectly, they cannot overcome the law of diminishing returns (and they don’t work perfectly). It is rather doubtful that the West could afford to field these weapons if it found itself in a condition of all-out war with a peer power. The existing stock would be degraded rather quickly and their replacements would be unaffordable and/or impossible to produce. This is before even considering that the human capital that developed such systems has largely aged out of the workforce or died, and their replacements aren’t nearly as talented.

    2. A military that uses high-tech weaponry must be constantly trained to an exceptional level, well-disciplined, and ever alert. This posture is not easy to maintain year after year. Even the best weapons are not worth much if they cannot be wielded effectively, which increasingly seems to be the case with Western armies. Crashing your own jets and burning your own ships is no way to win a war.

    3. The enemy invariably finds low-tech, cost-effective hacks to get around the most advanced weapons. IEDs and drone swarms are a fraction of the cost of a tank and seem to work rather well against them. The intimidation factor of the wonder-weapons fades with each deployment, and the technical gap is not so difficult to close as the designers imagine. What seemed like a comparative advantage on paper can be drained away in short order by wily and attentive enemies, and we’ve already educated many of them on exactly how to do it.

    The West has an extreme blind spot when it comes to this. We could have learned the lessons of the last 25 years had we wanted to, but it seems like developing expensive weapons is the more fundamental civilizational activity than actually winning wars. It’s a sign of exhaustion and it’s likely the West will continue in this way until it is permanently incapacitated. There is no recovery from civilizational decline.

    • Good comment, but you’re forgetting the real reason for the complex wonderwaffen. It’s all for the stock prices of the MIC and all those sweet lobbying and consulting gigs for the fortunate few.

      • The Department of Defense exists to defend real estate values in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.

        • Yes, the only blind spot is the one that the ones receiving this money have because the bimbo in front of them does not let them see the beach.

  14. Dissidents of good faith can honestly disagree about how much of our sorry state is due the improvisational opportunism of our enemies or due to a consistent, long range plan.

    But there is one example of a consistent, long range plan that no one can dispute: massive immigration into our country. As soon as the 1924 immigration act passed, the chosen mobilized to fight it. Later on, they were able to incentivize some shabbos to assist them, but no one can dispute that this is an example of a long term plan that our enemies have consistently pursued for 100 years.

  15. Speaking of conspiracy theories, is this cool or what?

    (Short article. Skip the words, you can.
    A photo or two…one of those “wait for it” shorties.)

    • (Proper credit goes to GreenAlba (in the UK) at Kunstler’s CFN.

      I had no idea of the latest kerfluffle, til Z Monday. Off grid. Hard to follow everything in a 3-ring circus.)

      • Geese, you found the original Swedish version!

        The ultra-cool part about its American remake is that it is virtually an identical copy; the sets, the clothes, the dialogue are exactly the same, all excepting the actors and language.

        (It may be under the nom “Let Me In.”)

        This and “A Cabin In The Woods”-the ultimate horror movie conspiracy theory- are the two best modern ‘horror’ films in the genre. (Cuz not gross or sadistic, as well.)
        Include the most stunningly beautiful, visually, “Beyond Humanity”, a zombie movie set in the South…in 1870. (Also no gross stuff.)

  16. When used literally, the “deep state” is a great term to differentiate between the elected government and the people who never leave. That they never leave is what makes them “deep.” This is probably 97% of Washington, DC government critters. Their names are not a well guarded secret, nor is what they do, at least in a general sense. The 17 or some ridiculously large number of agencies collectively called “the intelligence community” in the propaganda arm of the state are all part of the “deep state” These people really do exist. We even know many of their names.

    The same is true of the “new world order” and now the “new new world order” (not as catchy). Papa Bush used the term to describe what would come after as the old world order collapsed. The old ‘world order’ was the bipolar Soviet-GAE world order of communism and “capitalism” and the NWO was the ‘end of history’ mono-polar world order we call the GAE. Now the new-new world order is the rise of the tri-polar world of GAE-China-Russia.

    The Kagan cult is a perfect example of “deep state” actors who never go away. They are either in power in the government or working in think tanks justifying the next slaughter they want to commit somewhere in the world while also providing a big fat salary to keep them in their desired standard of living. Pretty nice work if you can get it.

    As far as Israel/US intelligence allowing this to happen is concerned, it would not be the first time this has ever happened. The US did this with Pearl Harbor. Not only did they provoke Japan into attacking the US, they knew days before Pearl Harbor that is was likely to happen.

    Truth is, nobody knows at this point if Israel or the GAE had indications that something big was coming and simply let it happen. The fact that nobody knows or even can know at this point is what makes it a conspiracy, not that it is inherently a conspiracy and that such perfidy could not happen. I would not be surprised by any conspiracy including sacrificing children to appease Satan or a sun god. Our leaders and the managerial class are as ridiculous as they are evil.

    • I continue to be surprised that Z Man wants to dispute the existence of the deep state.

      I guess we can debate the difference between unintentional emergent behavior and the coincidence that everyone who gets hired agrees on the important issues, but the result is the same.

      • Our beloved host does wifflewaffle on the term. Hes done podcasts discussing the deep state and the concept of the deep state (the permanent entrenched bureacracy) is intrinsic to his ideas on managerialism. But he trots out this Q-tardian strawman from time to time for unknown reasons.
        Here’s an analogy: the mayor changes every 2 years, but the blue-haired business license examiner who sneers at your “cishet” existence finds those extra taxes and surprise forms you didnt fill out in triplicate so she (its ALWAYS a she) has to shut your business down; she has had that job for 15 years, and will hold it for the next 15 as well, irrespective of who wins the mayoral election.

        • The problem with these doggone conspiracy theories (a CIA invented term) is they are (almost) all true!

      • “continue to be surprised”

        There is a pattern. And you see it. But you don’t want the pattern to be what the pattern would mean.

        Take a step back and see it in the context of what things indicate that they actually mean.

    • The FBI was arresting Japanese fishermen in California for two weeks before Pearl Harbor. They had been listening to the Japanese Navy on shortwave and reporting what they heard to the proper authorities.

  17. Pretty interesting to see Ben Shapiro. He sits around and posts some mildly conservative things to keep content on his pages to keep his business running.

    But when Hamas bombed Israel, you see his true passion come out. All his other causes are minuscule in comparison, and he will now look insincere when he goes back to them.

    The “Bomb the Ayrabs” demographic is way smaller than it was back in 2001. America in 2001 was an alien world compared to America in 2023. Many of those people are now demoralized. Many of them are dead, either from age or drugs. Many are currently addicted to drugs. Many of them are now Mexicans or Guatemalans who don’t have the same response.

    The American empire is getting weaker and even if those people wanted to support it (many don’t anymore), the rest aren’t capable of doing so.

    Anyways, not my war. Same as Ukraine vs Russia.

    • Shapiro is a loathsome despicable “person” (and I use the term loosely) whose blood lust knows no boundaries.

      He has no natural audience in the US. He is one of the most fake of all of conservative, Inc media creations. 100% manufactured. He has a face for radio and a voice for writing. His voice is just grating. I have no idea how he is on the air. He is absolutely terrible on his feet when he’s not facing college freshman SJW weirdos. They were pushing him hard with the Sandy Hook thing on Piers Morgan. I went and watched the interview and was dumbfounded by his abysmal performance against a goofball like Morgan.

      • He has a face for radio and a voice for writing. His voice is just grating.

        Badaaat Badaaat Badaaaaaats All Folks!!!!

        (roll closing Warner Brothers brass band music)

      • “He has no natural audience in the US.”

        My brother loves Ben. And Medved. And Savage. And Rantz. Oy vey.

  18. I tend to discount stories saying that the Mossad, CIA or MI6 new about the Hamas attack but deliberately failed to warn the IDF and nearby communities. On the other hand, I could see Netanyahu looking at the intelligence and calculating that some Hamas attack might be just the thing to shore up his position and turn the weight of the IDF on Gaza. In short, he would have been happy to have had an incident, but he got a catastrophe.

    I think something similar happened in late 1941. Roosevelt had good intelligence that the Japanese intended to attack, which was fine with him. He was hoping that the Japanese might torpedo a destroyer or something similar, which would give him hs pretext for war. Instead he got the catastrophe at Pearl Harbor, the loss of the Phillipines and Wake Island, and a humiliating defeat in the Battle of the Java Sea. We’ll have to see how this plays out in Gaza and Israel.

    • Odd thing (to me anyway) about the Perl Harbor attack was the grouping (piering) of the battleships together for enhanced protection (Protection against whom? Same with aircraft on fields.), while the few (3) aircraft carriers were sent out on maneuvers without such heavy ship protection. One could easily surmise that the “non-strategic” assets (battleships) remained as a lure, while the strategic aircraft carriers were removed from the threat. Indeed, they were instrumental in stemming the Jap offensive the following year.

      But what do I know, I’m a conspiracy theorist.

    • Not just Roosevelt, but pretty much everybody in the military/foreign policy braintrust, fully expected the Japanese to attack somewhere. They were well aware that they were goading them into it. Yet it’s still plausible that few if any expected it to be Pearl. The capability of the aircraft carrier as an offensive weapon was still a debated topic, up until that day. And even after, in the UK navy. In spite of its success at Taranto. Hard to believe, but true.

      • Mr. Zoar
        —- yes, and most of the aircraft and ships were either obsolescent or obsolete. The battleships were slow wwI vintage and would have been decimated in any engagement with the Japanese fleet as Guadalcanal showed.

        Oddly enough there was a squadron of A-20 Havoc attack bombers, state of the art at the time. They were sequestered far away from the harbor and suffered no losses.

      • But, but.. that means goading the Japanese to attack was a conspiracy and that means you support conspiracy theories!! Don’t you know only nutjobs believe in conspiracy theories (just ask the CIA)?

    • Weren’t they essentially doing the same thing with Getmany? I mean, with sending out lightly guarded supply convoys to England trying to bait the German navy? It’s an area of an era of WW2 before the Americans got involved I’m ashamed to say I’m not too keen on.

      • Forever Templar –

        Yes indeed FDR was trying to bait the German Navy into a war; his totally unconstitutional policy of having the U.S. Navy escort British shipping up to a noted demarcation line in the Atlantic + the fact they were ordered to “shoot on sight” any German U-boats either caught on the surface/detected submerged. This policy led to disaster: on October 31, 1941 the destroyer USS Reuben James was escorting a British convoy off Iceland & was torpedoed & sunk by U-552 (Kpltnt Erich Topp commanding). The ship’s bow was blown off & what was left of the forward part of the ship dove like submarine. The crew had literally minutes to avoid going under with her. The final insult – or call it “FDR’s English on the Ball” – was that when the stern sank & reached the depth pre-set on the depth charges in racks on her stern they began cooking off killing the few survivors in the water.

        It was a travesty & completely preventable. By contrast FDR also hung the Battleship USS Texas out there as bait but the U-boat commander who had drawn a bead on it (sorry – can’t remember which boat it was) radioed “Papa” Dönitz (C-in-C U-boats) for clearance to shoot which was denied.


  19. Given the sophistication of modern propaganda (i.e, lying) it is almost impossible to tell truth from fiction in politics or war. However, there are some tells. To determine who really wanted this war, look at who escalates it. The Israeli invasion of Gaza is a given, but if Hezbollah responds with thousands of rockets and an all out attack on a second front, that will be a sign that Iran sees an opportunity to pressure Israel in light of US political and material weakness.

    If, on the other hand, Hezbollah is relatively restrained, but Israel nonetheless uses the Hamas attacks to justify a strike at Iranian nuclear facilities or other infrastructure, perhaps in Syria, it will be a sign that Israel sees the conflict as an opportunity to check some boxes on its long term agenda, in light of US political and material weakness.

    Notice the common denominator.

    • I don’t think that Israel wants any part of Iran after the events of the last week. They surely are back on their heels looking at the poor performance of the IDF so far. Now too, they have no easy way to attack Iran by airstrike so unless they have ballistic missiles they can’t do much. Any ballistic missiles would likely start a nuclear exchange too.

      They don’t really want to go after Hezbollah either after their last incursion. Israel now is pretty casualty averse now as they’ve matured as a state. I think Netanyahu wanted a minor incident but this was much worse that he thought. The first thing Israel should do is get rid of him and then start seriously talking to the Arab world about peace.

      • Last time the Israeli government talked seriously about peace, the head of government was assainated by a crazed hyperzionist. I am not sure that anyone there would be willing to stick their neck out.

        • Israel needs to muzzle the crazies just as much as the Arab countries need to muzzle theirs. They have too much in common for us to be involved in the their soap opera.

  20. The neocon line about needing to be invited – hilarious.
    One point I do find unpredictable is if they will go in with tanks. In Lebanon last time (2006, I think), Israeli tanks were brutalized. Imagine how prepared now, especially with (probably) Iranian drones, Hamas could slaughter the tanks in the warrens of a bombed out Gaza. One cannot imagine that even low IQ brutes like Hamas do not anticipate a ground invasion and have been planning for it.
    I think you are spot on about all of these points you made. This essay is simply a shining overview of the next few months. All of these points are, of course, easily predictable (after all – opportunists are easy to predict when you know what they want and the opportunity is sitting there), but that does not diminish the pleasure of reading it pithily stated.
    Though I do believe a global cabal is gradually implementing its plan for global governance, I do not believe that means everything is planned nor a conspiracy. I believe, in this case, Israel is suffering the crisis of competence you see in much of the Western world. To quote one of my favorites, John Cale, “The military intelligence isn’t what it used to be. So what? Human intelligence isn’t what it used to be either.”

    • Yeah that vampire reference was rotten.😂👍

      Apparently they already wasted a tank or two if what I heard can be trusted. The footage showed a smouldering Merkava…isn’t that the one that can supposedly go toe to toe with the Abrams? They apparently smoked it with a Kornet missile… and if they can open Merkava’s with them…I’d assume they can do the same with the Abrams? I am beginning to question all the hype about the Abrams…beginning to think all tales of it’s invulnerability is just myth…

      • The Merkava is the only MBT in the world with its engine in the front. This is supposedly for crew survivabilty reasons but that seems problematic, the crew won’t survive if they’re stranded on the battlefield with no engine.

      • And Sabotage is from the 70s. My how times don’t change – sorry, Bob Dylan.
        I love Cale – one of my top 5. His most recent album came out earlier in the year. I do not care for hip hop production, but a couple of the tracks are so dang cool and mesmerizing that I cannot help but become entranced. Amazing to think the guy is 81 years old and still sounds so vital.

  21. One thing the world probably doesn’t need any more of right now is “analysis” of the situation in the Levant or predictions about where it will lead. So I shall not offer any.

    I am reminded of the GAE invading Grenada on the heels of its Marines being blown up in Beirut. Which is not an analogy. More of a recognition of a personality trait of the empire, if it can be said to possess such.

    Regarding the pivot away from Ukraine, as we like to say, reality is the thing that persists even when you don’t believe in it. Or ignore it. It has been a long time since the GAE last lacked the geopolitical initiative.

    • Say what you will of Grenada, the US went in, did its thing and left. From anything I heard, the locals were very grateful for the intervention. However, being a successful operation in the Reagan years, the media were loath to even hint that it was, on balance, a good thing.

  22. Also important, the mizrahi are very traditional and religious, while the ashkenazi are overwhelmingly secular. The mizrahi want to impose traditional Jewish law. However, most importantly is the intense desire for the mizrahi to bulldoze Al-aqsa and rebuild the Temple Mount. As they’ve gained power, they’ve openly talked about this in the Knesset (their parliament) and there are cabinet members that openly talk about it. They’ve had rabbis storm Al-aqsa and claim it for the Jewish people. Let’s put it this way, when the Temple Mount is rebuilt, they must sacrifice 3 Red Bulls, and they already own the bulls.

    Of course, this is insane. Bulldozing Al-aqsa will start a Muslim holy war against them, but they don’t seem to care. It’s not coincidence that hamas did its attack 2 days after 800 Jews stormed Al-Aqsa.

    • It seems like the zealots in Israel have taken over and become just as unhinged as their fundamentalist enemies. Israel and Iran, two death cults on a collision course it looks like.

    • Bibi needs the trad settlers; they are armed, and having the children.

      I wonder, how many of the kids at the rave were children of his political opponents?

      The old Herod tradition at work.

      • Well, but the very fact that it was a Rave for Peace should answer the question; i.e., all of them.
        Netanyahu fancies himself to be Joshua, a “Put Them All to the Sword” sort of guy.

  23. I don’t give a flying flip about any political split among the Israeli Jews and I despise the filthy Sandnaggers. What I am enjoying is the split among the Bernie Sanders/Goldman/Raskin/Blinken Jews and their pet Naggers vs. The Mark Levin/Ben Shapiro/Lieberman Jews and THEIR Naggers.
    The world is insane. Same as it ever was.

  24. 1. There will be mandatory military service in the next few years for all young people. Not really because of conflict with China, Iran, or Russia (though that will be the official reason) but because there will need to a shared experience among Americans.

    2. There will be an emphasis put on gatekeeping misinformation and disinformation.

    3. Aside from that, nothing much will change. I live in a progressive area and the general consensus is that the conflict in Gaza is caused by white supremacy.

    • In addition to shared experience, the draft may return due to the military desperately needing white competence, which is no longer enlisting. White former patriots have finally wisened up, and are no longer keen on getting their limbs blown off for a regime that hates them.

      • Aha- GI Bill 4.0, since 2.0 (women) and 3.0 (blacks) didn’t work so well.

        Maybe the Numerican or Mestizo GI Bill? Service leads to training in the trades? Pipefitters needed!

    • Saw a story posted on NPR that blamed white supremacy for blacks not maintaining their own septic systems in Alabama. There is nothing that it is incapable of!

      • You gotta love that. White supremacy is to blame because whites (who are in no way superior), are not using their superior abilities to take care of blacks who (while in no way inferior) are unable to maintain their own septic systems due to inferior abilities. I’m going back to bed.

  25. My home-made corollary to Carl Schmitt’s theory that the Sovereign is the one who declares a State of Exception/Emergency is that the Sovereign is the one who decides whom is worthy of the protection of the Regime.

    And it ain’t us, judging by the BLM Riots, Border, Ukraine and now Israel.

  26. The US is such a terrible ally, it’s hard to believe anyone would want their assistance. The very post child of a Faustian bargain. We’re pretty open about it as well.

    Global elites know it, but are insulated from the inevitable US pullout at the darkest hour.

    The US will go to the mat for Israel, however. There will be no pulling out. Epstein Island, anyone? Blackmail and dirty laundry, enough to wreck what’s laughingly described as our ruling class.

    Not to mention: Russia isn’t interested or stupid enough to fight a direct conflict with the US. But you can be certain they’re going to F with American interests abroad for decades. Nation states have very long memories, and payback is a cyka.

    • Liberals are taught to never let a crisis go to waste. They just never have a solution for the crisis. The crisis is merely a tool to deflect from their current botched crisis. Ad infinitum.

      • Any forward thinking person should always take advantage of an opportunity, crisis included.

        Liberals are a cancer, but this phrase is used to make a normal trait seem malicious.

        They don’t need help appearing evil because they clearly are, without taking advantage of crisis.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to ponder the “counterfactuals”, but our grandchildren will wonder why we forsook the cooperation of the Russkies in the ME/Central Asia in order to undertake this absurd NATO expansion etc.

    • Can you really discern a Grand Strategy amidst this wreckage? US policy in ME looks like the Kappa Alpha house party room on Sunday morning.

      • Emotion and impulsivity far outweigh any strategy either foreign or domestic these days. What some see as a conspiracy to deliberately fail is simply ad hoc stupidity driven by routine feminine behavior.

        • If you’ve ever been around criminals you know that whatever they’re involved in this week is mostly just an attempt to save their asses from the consequences of what they got up to last week. I think it might help at this point to think of the “policy elite” in DC as not too different from the gangs of thugs who run the crack dens and brothels in the rotting row houses not too far from the capitol building itself.

    • The “grand strategy” was apparently to appease a tiny fraction of the US population by subsidizing a minute, resource poor country in the ME….while doing immense damage to the remainder of Americans by blowing up our relationships with oil producing and resource rich countries…It worked…

      • That’s a fair summing up. But remember that that “tiny fraction” wields outsized political and financial leverage, as well as control of media. As for the hoi polloi, they can go to hell, and if they protest, they’re “antisemites.” And to keep them placated, there’s always fentanyl.

    • I actually saw this coming from the crop of lunatics in DC.

      I’m really glad I didn’t let myself get talked into a 3-year stint in Saudi that would have begun in January 2022.

    • The first article on the right nav bar has a picture of a gigantic toad who is quoted to say: “Europe made, ‘a grave mistake’, on immigration.”

      Oh! The Great Toadster can’t conclude that after multiple billion dollar race riots, countless rapes, and murders and decades of financial predation and the undeniable and totally foreseeable demographic catastrophe in European homelands. No! Only when it affects you and yours Mr. Toad can you see. What a farce this lickspittle masquerading as some new Metternick is. Mr. Toad! Listen up. When you shut down the foundations and reverse the decades of damage we’ll believe you. When you and your accolytes say to us, “You were right all along”, and we are put in charge of solving the problem, crocodile tears and token regret can and will be seen as something else.

      This situation is in the short term very very bad for Our Nation (as distinct from the borderless imperial bazaar they call a country, excuse me, no they call Our Democracy). ZMan calls out only a small set of items on the list. Even the potential silver lining of addressing immigration will not in all likelihood happen. In fact, the powerless tribesmen I know have all gone from Kumbaya singers to, ‘ nuke them and remove them all from the surrounding territories.’ It is entirely possible an entire population will be relocated. If it does, look for the Palestinians to wind their way into Europe and the once paradisical land that now shelters the BIB, (Borderless Imperial Bazaar aka GAE), in the coming years.

      That regret by Mr. Toad is something we must remember before we fall into despair. Every crisis they don’t let go to waste, leads to a growing and ever deeper set of crisis down the road. Every pet they create, ally with and later betray is a latent force of seething resentment that is also one more accretion of dilution of their power that they make in the bargain. Every gain they make is at the expense of the most precious ingredient of rule – legitimacy. Legitimacy is earned and only then is it ordained by the Gods through the soul of the folk as the Mandate of Heaven.

      We must avoid despair. We must accept the reality that the positive momentum we had will hit a stone wall. But, in the interregnum between say ’21 and now there were tremendous gains. This can and must be a new interregnum in which many more gains can and must be made. These gains will all be where they are needed most, self-improvement and preparation for the cross generation heroic battle.

      Underneath the ideology and behind the true believers are the people, like Mr. Toad, who cook up the mythology and package it up as ideology – their cover for the most base of human animal motives: control over territory and people. The DR must engage on those terms even as we clarify our transcendent and noble motives and purpose. They made the rules. They set the terms of engagement. Heck, nature made them, and we must respect and engage her as and how she presents herself to us.

      Now is the time to bring together the old, the middle age and the young. Now is the time to come together and create more of what we lack and nourish the many things which we don’t. We must be more offline than online now. Online is a tool strictly to be used in a strategic manner. Curators of online connecting points like forums can become connectors and hubs to seed offline IRL activity.

      Focusing on and naming the others is a bad move now. We must focus on ourselves. We must focus our love and our message of love for ourselves and Our People. The others are naming themselves and driving our people away. We must love ourselves and love them by deeds and they will come to us in trickles then floods.

      Somewhere, right now a bunch of smart people are thinking through and developing the resources to capitalize on the ever growing set of crisis our foes create. We must have faith. We will see the divine Providence of the gifts that will accrue through the virtuous use of our resources and our enemies’ mistakes. Our Gods will then honor our virtue, and someday grant these gifts through and to us. I have faith.

      • Amen. As do I. In the wreckage of these low white proles- rednecks, hillbillies fighting Xanax, fentanyl, divorce, joblessess, lawsuits- yet there is still such promise.

        And, they’re talking.
        Openly, now. Amongst each other. Sharing knowing looks between complete strangers in passing.

        The prepper movement is us pulling ours together, making do with little. As did our ancestors, time and time again.

        My race is my religion.

      • “Somewhere, right now a bunch of smart people are thinking through and developing the resources to capitalize on the ever growing set of crisis our foes create.”


        Fear not… and be of good cheer (but go easy on the Moutai shots… wicked evil shit, that.)

  27. Isn’t the demographic situation in the United States quite analogous to the one in Israel, though? The spectacle of the Coalition of the Fringes going full jihad on the Judeo-Puritan ruling class has been delicious, as has been the deplatforming of the COTF and ritual denunciations of its apostates. The Subcons denouncing BLM after embracing it was particularly glorious. A certain Bronze Age Death Cult’s domination of American life has been flushed to the surface and its pets/former pets seem ready to pounce even if they still can be beaten back. The flag-waving yahoos of yore are far less numerous now and this group that always sacrificed self-interest for ‘Murica! has been much more muted than in times past, possibly because it is so much smaller.

    Gaza simply is a more-manageable Ukraine in that it is a downgraded proxy war/meat grinder that doesn’t risk the same degree of humiliation, if such even is an issue now, that the Russians inflicted on the GAE.

    I see a fading whore with a smaller and smaller circle of bucks willing to hitch a ride. From what I gather, there were Brits who refused to acknowledge the loss of empire for decades after the fact, and this seems to be moving in that direction. The Brits didn’t do bombing runs over Jamaica, though.

    • “A fading whore with a smaller and smaller circle of bucks…”


      Almost as good as “As everyone knows, a neocon cannot enter your house uninvited…”


      • I’m pulling for “The Brits didn’t do bombing runs over Jamaica, though.”, meself.

        Drone swarms in Murica, that’s when this party gets lit. RC toys as miniature Stukas– watch, child, for death from above.

    • I think it was the French(Algeria) and is still the French(Mali,Niger) who refuse to acknowledge the loss of empire.

      President Mitterand believed France was at war with the hypepower, the US, ever day. Silly man.

      The Sahel countries are still paying the French to use their own currencies!

  28. What is the difference between Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, when it comes to their positions on Israel?

    • As I said yesterday, while Trump is very supportive of Israel per se, he is against the broader neocon agenda to spread tribal influence and values worldwide by means of the US military. It is no accident that Trump was impeached (the first time) over Ukraine, because he had stymied their carefully laid war plans.

      Trump will not cut off funds to Israel, but he will also not send southern and midwestern white men to die for nothing in Iran. Nikki Haley will do so gleefully.

    • Trump won’t put us into a land war in the Middle East. And I think Haley’s preferred position is doggy.

      • Captain Willard is on fire today. Break out some cards and some scotch playing countless hands while gem after scathing gem rolls from his tongue.

  29. In the days of old, before postmodern society decided that death is optional and human discomfort is intolerable, 800 people dying in a raid would be a weekly affair. I’m not saying that 800 dead is acceptable, but for perspective’s sake, this was something that happened every now and then. For example Baltimore, Ireland was raided by Barbary pirates in 1631 and hundreds were killed or sold into slavery. There are countless “minor” raids and battles that killed hundreds that no one knows about.

    Yet the Gaza raid is worthy of the entire GAE military industrial complex.

    • Marko: They seem to have already settled on the major theme: It’s another holocaust. I’ve seen countless headlines/quotes using the term. And they’ve already got the atrocity stories nailed down – babies decapitated, girls raped on top of the dead bodies of their friends.

      I’m not trying to minimize the carnage – this is a tribal blood feud with hatred and vitriol on both sides. And Hamas is unquestionably brutal and utterly indifferent to any non-mohammedan life. But that people somehow cannot see how quickly the Israeli and US press have settled on “the second holocaust” narrative infuriates me.

      And I read of planeloads leaving the UK and . . . Peru, for heaven’s sake, filled with Jews going to fight for their people and homeland. And no one – NO ONE except evil antisemitic dissidents like those of us here – raises the question that if “their” people are other Jews and “their” country is Israel – what in the hell are they doing living in England and Germany and the US and Peru?!

      This whole thing is so very tiresome and depressing. And the stupid mohammedans play into it via indiscriminate killing and calls for global jihad. And there will inevitably be some sort of attack on White, at least nominally Christian people in Europe and/or the US. And once again, no one will connect it with our waging war over there and simultaneously bringing millions of alien people and religions onto our soil.

      It’s an endlessly repeating pattern that idiots fall for again and again. I want no part of any of it. Neither should anyone else here.

      • I lurk at Severian’s site and a few days ago he brought up something quite on point. David “Brooks” was a cheerleader for all the disastrous Middle Eastern wars the United States entered, but his putatively American son fought for the IDF rather than in the conflicts his dad promoted. Strange, that.

        • Which brings up a point I made yesterday in discussion with wife. We hear all this commentary wrt the attack and the endless reminder of US citizens included in the death toll (~25 last count). This of course is to gin up an “America has been attacked” meme, i.e., If not for Israel, then we must avenge our own.

          What I want to know is how many of these “American” citizens hold *dual* citizenship—American and Israeli! As far as I’m concerned (and once so was the US) you can not hold allegiance to two sovereigns. If you hold a second passport, or travel to another country to fight in its armed forces—you are *not* an American citizen!

          Even the U.K. had a landmark case a few years back in their courts concerning a British woman (and bastard child) suing for return of citizenship after she ran away to ISIS. The Brit’s got that one right (IIRC) and the Court gave her the boot. She is now in a twilight world of *no* citizenship (ISIS no longer holding territory).

      • The Eternal Victim. This is their hierarchy of blessed victimhood:
        5. Perceived antisemitism
        4. Actual antisemitism
        3. Real estate / financial deal / movie deal going or gone bad
        2. Getting kicked out
        1. Another shoah

      • “And the stupid mohammedans play into it via indiscriminate killing and calls for global jihad.” Agreed. Until Iran decides nuking Israel will be worth the blowback, the mohammedans are just tilting at windmills.

  30. Sen. Lindsey Graham said the other day that “we’re” in a “religious war. Then he said that the U.S. and “Isrul” should jointly bomb Iran.

    Between this guy and Nikki Haley… WTF is wrong with you people in South Carolina??

    • You are forgetting Tim Scott. Henry McMaster has been solid on a lot of issues, although I see he has declared this week Israel solidarity week in South Carolina. Still way above average for them.

    • Don’t forget good old Gen. William Westmoreland, the original SC optimist haha………..

    • My governor Neocon Ron did a little speech where the lectern read “Support Israel / Sanction Iran” which had little flag graphics behind it for extra effect.

      I’m actually very curious to see if we go to war with Iran, how many people would actually care. Just the politcal-media class and some Boomers, methinks.

      But I doubt war with Iran will occur. They’ve been trying this for years, and the sober minded (who, up until now, have always won out) know that we’ll do worse in Iran than we did in Vietnam or Iraq (part deux) or Afghanistan, or Ukraine. The GAE is the thinnest of paper tigers.

      • Iran not only has a real military, its allies include Russia and China…We’re not going there…

        • Iran also has 6 billion freshly printed US dollars on top of the $87 billion in state of the art US military equipment it likely purchased from the Taliban.

        • Iran has impressed me with its weaponry. Their drone “army” is nothing short of an impressive leap frog of traditional battlefield technology. The sort of thing a country lacking material and technological resources, but with some “smart fraction” would concentrate on.

          I have no doubt that can put together a nuke PDQ if they obtain enough fissionable material. Faster than North Korea’s effort to be sure.

        • Also, the Iran’s population is at 89M. They are not a small, piss ant country as we are used to bullying. They could put up quite a ground resistance if challenged.

    • X Man – typing from the graaayut, staaayut, of SowC’lina…
      you neglected to mention the honorable James Clyburn.
      As for WTF is wrong wit us…1/4 – 1/3 Hutu explains a portion (acknowledging Ostei K comment). Lower part of the state overrun with Neo Cons, white libs, and assorted bleeding hearts of all stripes.
      As for L Graham – chicken hawk extraordinaire’…I got nothing. There is simply no explanation for that.

      • Peak Lindsay Graham was when he did a devastating takedown of the jihad against Brett Kavanaugh. It was a great moment when I was glad he was on our side. And then he went back to being a backstabbing, warmongering fag, and Kavanaugh turned out to be a RINO disappointment. Same as it ever was.

        • Consider that if Kavanaugh was really on our side, Lady Bugs wouldn’t have stood up for him like that. He knew exactly what he was doing and why.

  31. This has the added benefit of getting the flag waving yahoos excited for the war machine again.

    Rumor has it that the Marine Corp is using straight, white males in their recruitment videos again. That’s how serious they take this new War on Terror.

    • I live next door to an armed forces recruitment station. Occasionally they take ten or twenty out for a vigorous jog and a lot hoo-ahs. Unless they have some serious technical skills, these kids are cannon fodder.

        • I feel sad when I see the different type of aimless young people. Mostly white but always seem on the small side. A few girls which we know where that is headed.

          No decent job prospects, not much of a future for most of them. Frankly it makes me despair, they don’t deserve this. Hey but lots of grilling still going on around here.

  32. ” As everyone knows, a neocon cannot enter your house uninvited, so they have been searching for a way to get the Republicans to throw out the welcome mat for them.”
    I love this! Reminds me of the witch podcast.

  33. Great analysis here and the only quibble I’d have is that rather than the five cushion bank shot it’s simply opportunism on the other side of the equation that builds up into these moments.

    We all know shit stirrers in real life that wind people up. It’s not done in an elaborate, game theory tested, multilayered plan; rather spin ’em up and watch ’em go. At some point they’ll create an opening and they can seize the opportunity.

    That’s what we have in Kagan cult, shit stirring opportunists that are always winding the crank. Sure sometimes there’s authentic blowback, but hell that’s just another opportunity to them.

    • I think this could also explain why Hamas launched the attack. They know that the rest of the Arab world is not going to let them be wiped out. They probably suspect that the IDF knows they cannot knock out Hamas. Therefore, the risk-reward calculation from the ensuing chaos is to their benefit.

      • Neocons, just like a vampire, can’t enter a house uninvited – great analogy. As to the Hamas calculation that the Arab world won’t allow them to be wiped out, it sucks to be Mohammed the plummer and his family now getting blasted six ways from Sunday. Oh well, gotta break a few eggs for the good old omelette…

        • I thought it was the dybbuk that couldn’t enter one’s house uninvited. The neocon as dybbuk would make great sense on at least a couple of levels.

      • Especially since the IDF has proven to be highly incompetent at fighting teenage militia, in Lebanon and the West Bank, and its skills seem limited to beating up women and shooting unarmed men and children….

    • All other indications are that he’s right..Israel’s defense relies almost entirely on its Air Force….

    • Most people who have dealt with them know this. I know people who said this back in the 80’s. Israel is the media darling, and they protect Israel better than the Iron Dome missiles. I would say 1967 was Israels peak, when they invaded three neighboring countries and scored big victories. However, they were third world countries, and when Israel attempted to sink a U.S. ship whose only weapon was one .50 cal MG, they failed. For seveal hours they unseccessfully used planes and gunboats to attack a defenseless ship. Shows how they would fare against a competent foe.


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