The Agony Of The Script Writers

The great philosopher Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until I punch them in the face.” He was, of course, paraphrasing the great Prussian field marshal, Helmuth von Moltke, who said, “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” That is an abbreviated version of the original. Some version of this expression no doubt exists in most languages, as it is an essential part of human existence. All plans suffer from the faults of the people making the plans.

We may be seeing this unfold in the Levant, where the Israeli plan to exterminate Hamas and anyone near them is running into trouble. The narrative unleashed on the public was that the attack on the drug rave near Gaza, in which an undetermined number of people were killed, was the red line. The Israelis were now justified in taking any and all necessary steps to eradicate this threat. All media nodes were activated to whip up support for maximum vengeance against Gaza,

Curiously, it was not just Israel whipping support. The Washington regime swung into action with more than just words of support. Every administration official was sent out to cry in public while demanding blood. Word was leaked to regime media that Washington told Tel Aviv they had a green light for anything. They sent two carrier groups the eastern Mediterranean in support of the project. Top diplomats were sent to Israel to express their unwavering loyalty to Israel.

As an aside, the dispatching of two carrier groups to the eastern Mediterranean only makes sense if Washington expects to be in an air war. Given that Hamas lacks an air force, it must mean they are thinking about a neighboring country. There has also been talk about moving another attack group to the northern part of the Indian Ocean, within reach of Iran. You do not need these assets to launch a rescue mission into Gaza and they are not needed to supply Israel with weapons.

You do not have to be a suspicious person to think that maybe there was something else going on here rather than just a response to a terrorist attack. Israel and the Palestinians have been at this for half a century. This Hamas attack was an unusually successful action on their part, but it was not that unusual. They stage these raids all the time, which is why Israel spends enormous amounts of American tax dollars on the world’s most advanced border security.

One possibility is that this Hamas attack was catalyst for a larger narrative developed in Washington for when the time was right. Israel would be seen as pushed into a corner with no choice but to preemptively strike at its enemies. These enemies would be aligned with Iran, which would then come to the aid of them. This would trigger a wider war with Iran, which would be when the United States joined in to attack the nuclear, missile and drone facilities in Iran.

That skeleton of a narrative was quickly filled in with the Hamas attack. Note that regime media was filled with claims about Hamas being an Iranian proxy and that this attack had to be planned by Iran. In reality, Hamas gets its support from Qatar and was a creation of Washington and Tel Aviv. Iran has provided support over the years, but they have little control over Hamas. Few people know this, so these details could be bulldozed by the wave of claims to the contrary.

Israel immediately went to work dropping bombs on Gaza, while saying quite plainly that the intent was to drive the people out of Gaza. According to the pro-Israel media complex, the Palestinians have forfeited their right to exist by their ongoing support of Hamas, so Israel had the right to use any means necessary on them. The rhetoric and immediate actions were over the top, but most likely intended to elicit a response from Iran in support of the Palestinians.

Looking at the rhetoric, Washington must have been thinking that Iran would greenlight Hezbollah to launch cross border attacks from Lebanon. They spent a couple of days warning against such an act. Israel launched some attacks into Lebanon, probably on the same assumption. They also launched an air raid on the Damascus airport, probably for the same reason. The script said Hezbollah would attack so Israel just assumed it would happen and acted accordingly.

Outpacing the script is something we have seen with Ukraine. Washington created a narrative for the Ukrainian offensive last spring, which said that they would burst through Russian defenses and reach the Sea of Azov in a few weeks. This would set off a crisis in Moscow, maybe even topple Putin. They were so sure this would happen they even planned a peace conference in Saudi Arabia, without inviting Russia, in order to determine the terms that would be imposed on Russia.

The great Ukrainian offensive was a disaster, complete with images of burning Western tanks and video of Ukrainian soldiers trapped in mine fields. Instead of marching to the Sea of Azov, the Ukrainians marched into thick minefields without air cover and were destroyed by Russian air power and artillery. It took months for this reality to sink into Washington, so they continued on as if the script was reality. Only recently have they abandoned the script they created last winter.

That is something to keep in mind with this new script. Iran did not take the bait and has instead called for negotiations. Hezbollah has stayed quiet, despite the Israel attacks on their facilities in Lebanon. Instead of offering an excuse for the regime to launch attacks on Iran, the Iranians are backing the play of Russia and China to find a diplomatic solution to the Gaza problem. Washington remains committed to their bit, but it is clear that the Middle East is not playing its part.

Where things go from here is hard to say. The Arab world is slowly figuring out that they are being gas lit by Washington. Biden’s trip to the region was scaled back to just a goodwill visit to Israel. This is happening as the world debates who dropped a missile on a hospital in Gaza, killing hundreds of civilians. Israel says Hamas bombed themselves, while everyone else says it was Israel. Odds are it was Israel, and it was simply a mistake, which happens in war.

Then you have the fact that the IDF does not want to enter Gaza. A ground campaign would be a bloody and expensive project. There is no guarantee of success, given the history of such efforts. There are up to half a million fighting age men in Gaza, which is one of the most densely populated places on earth. Imagine a guerilla war in Manhattan and you have a good idea. It took the Russians six month to take Mariupol and that is a city a quarter of the size of Gaza.

Instead of an excuse to bomb Iran and maybe Syria, the narrative writers are slowly getting boxed in by the diplomatic efforts of Russia and China. Putin has had one-on-one talks with all of the players, including Israel. China is coming in with promises of financial support for the peacemakers. Meanwhile, Washington is saber rattling and carrying on as if their script for this project is reality. It is not a good look and probably why Arab leaders refused to meet with Biden today.

Washington now finds itself on the wrong side of a war that no one really wants, especially the Israelis. As is the case with all of the narratives dreamed up by Washington, this one does not come with an exit ramp. A week of fiery rhetoric in favor of righteous retribution and threats to anyone saying otherwise has left the administration with few options. As with the Ukraine offensive, they may be forced to pretend everything is going according to the script.

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294 thoughts on “The Agony Of The Script Writers

  1. So for 4 years I heard liberals claim that Donald Trump’s reckless behavior was going to start WWIII. That sounded like identical claims I heard when Ronald Reagan was taking down the Soviet Union. One note regarding this… both men were anti-government outsiders, Trump absolutely, Reagan more or less. Of course neither man started WWIII and both left the world a safer place regarding foreign policy, because both men projected strength and our enemies feared them. Now we put a weak, self-serving, corrupt, lifelong government bureaucrat with deep connections to the deep-state and neocons (who are really Trotskyites) and all of a sudden we are involved in two major wars, either of which could lead to WWIII. We are literally on the brink of a major world war that could go nuclear. Do you really believe this is coincidence? The government bureaucrats, bankers, and military industrial complex, as well as probably Big Pharma, are all salivating in the shadows. Wanna read something interesting… read the lyrics to Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”. It ends with “Satan, laughing, spreads his wings…”

    • “we are involved in two major wars”

      Nah, “major war” doesn’t mean what you seem to think it means.

    • “Generals gathered in their masses…just like witches at Black Masses…”
      War Pigs, indeed…

    • Trump did not project strength (some) so much as projected an attitude that he was willing to talk with you. As much as he was pilloried by allies and domestics, the foreign leaders who counted (Putin and Xi) did not dismiss him like they did.

  2. I love how you keep priggishly referring to Hamas’s murder spree as being on a ‘drug rave.’ I can’t tell if this is because you want to sound like Andrew Anglin or because you resent people who have a life beyond going to work and blogging about politics.

    • Sure looked like a drug rave to me. That was the upside for Israel. No one there was likely to be much of a loss.

  3. Blinken is talking about he is a Jew and the Gaza thing just self-defense for Israel on TV will make sure that the entire Arab world united against America
    whole Biden cabinet fills with Jew makes thing worse every time, Russia won’t miss chance to show the world that America is real bogeyman

    apparently handed over custodianship to Jews is a way to more easily die, who knew

        • #I’d# guess your brains are running on empty if you think that’s the natural conclusion to be drawn from the observation that Israel is defending itself in this affray.

  4. The Biden trip over there had a two-part purpose.

    – Hamas is a US creation and we need to stall the Israelis to protect their Hamas investment. Jordan and Egypt canceled their meetings with the Biden regime because the Biden regime was insisting they let Palestinian refugees into their countries. Both Jordan and Egypt have spent the last 10 years (since Obama’s “Arab Spring” attempt to put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge) trying to purge their countries of these murderers…and have been fairly successful. Letting the “refugees” in simply means they would be forced to re-radicalize their population. Telling Biden to pound sand is the Arabs recognizing the Palestinians are trash and not welcome. If they were really smart, they’d say they’ll only talk to the legitimately elected POTUS: Donald J. Trump, who was responsible for the Abraham Accords – a series of bilateral peace treaties between Israel and Arab countries that were de-fusing the Middle East time bomb. In a lot of ways, the 2020 election fraud was intended to get the war machine politics back on track.
    – The Biden Regime is in huge, huge, domestic political trouble. A four-times indicted former President is leading his primary opponents by 45-60 points and leading Biden in many polls by 5%+, particularly in the fraud states where a large Trump margin of victory makes voter fraud very difficult to pull off. They also know that the mail-in-ballot fraud will be countered by Trump this time who will have a massive ballot harvesting campaign of his own next year. Biden is going to Israel to make himself look like a wartime leader…a tough guy. This, too, will backfire because ABSOLUTELY NO SANE PERSON ALIVE wants to get involved in another Middle Eastern war. So Biden heads over there to try and resuscitate his horrific polling.

    WRT Hamas, their attack last week was more than just a minor skirmish. On a per capita basis, it was about 20x more successful than 9/11 and specifically targeted women and children. Some of the videos are horrific atrocities. The response of Democrats in the first week was that Hamas is the victim. They sent their hoards of trolls out onto comment sections to proclaim that the Palestinians live in an “open air prison” and had every right to behead babies. Leading Democrats supported Hamas. The media initially came out and defended Hamas. Ruling class academia (e.g. Harvard) supported Hamas. The US State Department published, then deleted, a pro-Hamas tweet. This is a common tactic to show support and then claim it was “an error”. They planned that tweet just like they planned to delete it after a few hours.

    So anyway, the public got to see the full-on brutality of a bunch of 6th-century savages using garden hoes to try and decapitate the corpses of their murder victims while the US establishment largely tried to make it look like both sides were at fault. The public reaction to this was to recoil in horror which put the ENTIRE Obama population replacement project in jeopardy. It also reminded regular people that Biden has been an unmitigated disaster. Even if 20,000,000 of his votes were totally fake, 60,000,000 people probably did vote for him. And those people are seeing a level of incompetence in D.C. that staggers the mind.

    Whether Israel goes into Gaza or not, I couldn’t care less. But when they went into the West Bank in 2002, it was the last time they really had any serious problems. Sure, they got accused of phony war crimes (e.g. “the massacre of Jenin”), but just like the hospital thing, the truth will out and the people initially condemning Israel are getting copies of the parking lot video footage of the Hamas rocket hitting the parking lot. Nobody’s even sure a hospital was even destroyed at this point. This CNN report even shows that the parking lot was hit by something: and they’re starting to come to grips with the fact that Hamas just punked them.

    The part that bugs me is the whole “surprise attack” thing. The scale of it and the idea that Mossad and the CIA had no idea it was coming strikes me as a stretch. Israel hasn’t been getting the love lately. Netanyahu has survived several very “Trump-like” prosecutions intended to boot him out, and so this might simply have been the latest version of the Israeli deep state trying to force him out by turning a blind eye. But just like with Trump, these are not 4D chess masters doing this – they’re incompetent bureaucrats – and so the results have not been to plan.

    That’s where my theory on this dovetails with Z’s. The US reaction resembles some late 1980’s response, just lacking the USS New Jersey lobbing 500lb shells from off shore and a USMC barracks bombing. Once again, as with Ukraine, the United States has ZERO interest in making peace. It’s absolutely bonkers. Because our government has gone insane and I don’t mean that metaphorically. These people are batshit crazy and have become stupid-dangerous, which is the worst of all forms of dangerous humans.

    For its part, I don’t care what Israel does. The Palestinians voted for Hamas. Hamas is not some social club that nobody in Gaza supports. Hamas IS Gaza and Hamas IS the Palestinians at this point. If Israel goes in there and kills several thousand of those savages, the world will be a better place. A lot of the peace we’ve seen in the past few years over there is simply because Trump turned the executioners gun on ISIS (much to Obama’s dismay) which wiped out a lot of military-trained fighters. Germany hasn’t been a threat to anyone since 1945 because will killed 4,000,000 of their men – 7% of their population and probably 20-30% of their military-aged males. There’s a case to be made about thinning the herd of its most hyper-violent population.

    So, Biden flies over there to protect Hamas. Israel either will or won’t go into Gaza. I don’t care. But if they don’t, the neocon dreams of moving The Final Battle from Ukraine to Jerusalem probably die on the vine. Israel probably also sees that the Arab countries around them are staying out of it and not giving refuge to Hamas…which means a wider war is unlikely. So why waste bullets in Gaza. Besides, if they really want to kill Hamas…

    …they’ll kill their leaders in QATAR.

    • “The US reaction resembles some late 1980’s response, just lacking the USS New Jersey lobbing 500lb shells from off shore…”

      That sounded low, unless only the secondary armament was used, so I looked it up. And it seems the projectiles fired by the USS New Jersey’s main guns weighed from 1,900 to 2,700 lb.

    • Don’t forget they used those decapitated baby heads to make ramen broth (I hear it takes three days).

  5. Well Putin just noted that the two U.S. carrier strike groups in the Eastern Mediterranean are now within range of Kinjal missiles. He said that was not a threat and that he was only relaying information from the Russia Air Force.

    So if the U.S. is smart they might not want to target/attack Syria. But who said the U.S. was smart.

    • Interesting historical side note. I was on a business trip about 20 years ago with a colleague from work. We were both in government contracting at the time and I forget why we had linked up. Anyway, over breakfast I noticed he recoiled when the waitress asked if he wanted the egg special. I asked what that was about.

      Turns out, he was the American shot down over Syria in 1983 in his A6 Intruder. When he crashed he was unconscious and pretty busted up. The Syrians recovered him and put him in a cell, but he was out for a couple of days. He woke up incredibly hungry. The Syrians gave him hard-boiled eggs which he wolfed down. The Syrians assumed he loved eggs, which they fed him for every meal for the entire time he was a prisoner. Not as a side dish. Just…eggs. To that day, the thought of eggs made him nauseous.

      • He also hated Jessie Jackson, who was the person responsible for getting him out of Syria. Jackson was running for President at the time and asked my friend to join Jackson on a campaign stop in Louisiana. They offered to cover the costs. So, he flew down there (not cheap) and appeared on stage for several stops. After things wrapped up, he asked to be reimbursed for his travel. Jackson and the campaign wouldn’t return his calls and refused to pay up. It was at that moment that he realized how politics works and avoided it ever since.

        Which reminds me of Zman’s post from yesterday. Democratic politics attracts sociopaths. The ostensibly good military people would avoid it and we’d be left with backstabbing duplicitous traitors like John McCain and Pirate Dan Crenshaw.

    • US ATACAMS artillery reportedly blew up a few Russian helicopters in [formerly] Ukrainian soil.

      No doubt located, aimed, and fired by US operatives.

      If I didn’t know better (I don’t actually know much), I’d say Vlad is telling the US to back the F off.

      Genuinely curious to know if a hypersonic missile would hit/sink a US carrier, however.

      • Maybe one wouldn’t, but a shitload of them certainly would.

        Saw H.R. McMaster on a Hoover Institution podcast advocating using the USN to escort humanitarian aid into Ukraine through the Black Sea. He didn’t seem to grasp that the issue at the time was getting safe passage for Ukrainian grain OUT of Ukraine but, never mind that, fish in a barrel is what came to mind.

    • To be clear, Syria doesn’t have Kinjals so you seem to be suggesting that Russia would attack US carriers if the US attacked Syria.

      Which is nuts.

      • Given that Putin has tolerated quite a bit of US shenanigans to avoid a direct confrontation, he is not likely to.

  6. p.s.- that hospital, the Al-Ahli Arab Baptist Hospital, was built by and for Palestinian Arab Christians;

    Bethlehem and Joseph’s Tomb are sited in Palestina, as is the actual tomb of Jesus’ family in the Pali half of Jerusalem.

    Remember, under the GWOT the surviving Mideast Christian populations were slaughtered or sold off as slaves.

    • Yes they were. When the GAE tried to remove ASSAD, ISIS attacked and decimated Christian communities that had been there since shortly after Christ walked the earth. Yazidis as well.

      You know, when you want to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs.

  7. Follow the money. The 10 year treasury nearly crossed 5% today on continued weak demand. The last time the 10 year treasury was this high was 2007, and we all remember what happened next.

    There will be war. Washington desperately needs an overseas war to drive the flight to safety demand for treasury bills. A regional conflict in the Levant would be just what the doctor ordered for the bond market.

    • The problem they’ve got is people got wise to the scam after the Bush years. Then they elected Obama and got more of the same. The jig was up when Obama/Clinton tried to go to war with Libya and had to put a Canadian General in charge while lying about “boots on the ground”. They killed Qaddafi and collapsed North Africa into chaos.

      Ukraine enjoys zero popular public support. The popularity numbers approach “rectal cancer” in the polling once you throw in US military direct combat involvement. The only people showing up in the polls supporting it are a) Government Party members and b) people afraid of being called a Russian agent. If the public knew how many Americans had already died as “contractors” over there, they’d probably have burned some public buildings by now.

      DC is not going to get its war unless they continue on their path to insanity and conduct some sort of Pearl Harbor preemptive strike on Russia or China or Iran. That, of course, makes them the “bad guys” (which is a literal truth these days), but nobody wants to be the villain in their own story…so they have to try and bait somebody into WW3…which hasn’t happened.

      The rest of the world knows a collapse is coming. The question is who goes first (China or USA) and they can just wait it out and not get baited into a war with us.

      • Apparently the Chinese real estate market is in free fall, because of all the little girls who were being murdered about 25 years ago, under the 1-child policy.

        Fast forward a quarter of a century, and the young Chinese couples who ought to be purchasing housing right now simply don’t exist.

        • They also built all those ghost cities in the 2000’s – huge construction projects with apartment towers and so forth. It seemed like a great way to put people to work on government projects. But it probably created a glut in supply.

          Fewer buyers + over supply = housing crash.

          See also: 8% mortgage rates in the USA. There are a lot of indicators that we are on the brink of repeating the 2008/9 crisis. Small banks have been going under all year (ie being purchased by TBTF banks). But that just transfers the risk to TBTF banks. They’re in no better shape when mortgage rates are over 8%.

          In a system built around free money, expensive money is a disaster.

      • Short of a draft, the ZOG/GAE simply can’t do WW III. And a draft is both politically and practically impossible.

    • ” drive the flight to safety demand for treasury bills.” You think piling on additional trillions to the immensely bloated national debt to feed the MICF pigs at the trough is going to do anything but add to inflation? When has inflation done anything for a country’s bonds? (P.S.: ask Argentina. Or Zimbabwe.)

  8. Just as with any random country you might pick in Central and South America, Israel’s existence depends in no small part on the people who live there. Israel is unique in that its people have been mostly dwelling somewhere else for the last 2,000 years. So the first thing you might fail to notice when we talk about Israel is that Ashkenazi (Central European) Jews may not have all that much in common with the Sephardi (Iberian) or the Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) Jews, even genetically.

    From such oversights, it is easy to suppose that Jewish decision-makers (the Ashkenazim among them at least) are acting in the current Gaza crisis like some Metternich standing over a European chessboard. In fact, they will tend to respond to the insurrection more like one might expect from diaspora Jews. They will spin their narratives and try to maneuver their current and former hosts into hopefully resolving the present difficulties to their advantage.

    The inability to grasp the nature of Israel’s people has led to two of the current dilemmas facing the West. How will the the Neocons find an off-ramp to the Ukraine conflict they encouraged, now that things are not going so well? The answer is they won’t because it’s not their problem. Let’s hope whichever goy takes charge can come up with a better solution than Hitler did. As for Gaza, we can only pray that Joe Biden is up to the task of patching together a temporary end to the hostilities there before Armageddon occurs.

    • Let’s hope that this time America comes to the side of the Germans.

      We already know too much about various groups of demonic denizens and diaspora of that region. We need to cut all them off. Return them. Give’em all a bunch of foam rocks and let’em to do their thing.

      The Battle of Megiddo was already fought in 15th century BC between Egyptian forces under the command of Pharaoh Thutmose III and a large rebellious coalition of Canaanite vassal states led by the king of Kadesh. .

    • Biden isn’t up to the task of holding a simple friendly interview on 60 Minutes. Did you see that joke of an interview last week? They basically excused away his various disasters and answered his questions for him.

      The best thing for the world that can happen is for Israel to take a step back, thank Jordan and Egypt for refusing to take in refugees, and then kill all of the Hamas government and military leaders in Gaza and Qatar. They’ve already been shown (by Trump) that bilateral peace deals are possible. Nobody has to die for these fanatics and everyone can get rich together.

      The world has caught onto the US Government Party’s act. Just wait them out. The more I think about it, the more I think that this operation was another attempt to get Netanyahu out of power. He went after the Courts after the Courts tried to overthrow him. This “surprise attack” makes me wonder if Mossad didn’t allow it to happen in hopes that Netanyahu would over-react or the public would blame him.

      • “The more I think about it, the more I think that this operation was another attempt to get Netanyahu out of power. ” You mean so an even more truculent right-winger can be installed? (Jesus, any time you’re ready, please feel free to return)

  9. I tell you, this has nothing to do with the Straits of Hormuz or the offshore oil deposits from the coast of Gaza to Cyprus.

      • And the syrian civil war had nothing to do with building a pipeline thru it to Europe which would have cut off Russias profit machine.

        • Nor the Afghan war anything to do with Condeleeza Rice, Conoco, and a pipeline from Khazakstan thru Kandahar to offload at Karachi.

  10. Z-man, I think you are like many of the comments here still trapped in the 20th Century. If the first half of the 20th Century was ideological wars, the second half was the war of non-Whites vs. Whites, with Whites nervously kicking the can down the road.

    The 21st Century is running out of road.

    What normie in the US saw was a bunch of non-Whites, yelling “derka derka derka Mohammed Jihad” killing a bunch young women, and abducting the rest for r@pe and murder. Killing young mothers and children, family dogs, abducting grandmothers in wheelchairs, all livestreamed by those non-Whites in celebration and flexing. This is also what non-Whites saw, and celebrated. BLM, the DSA, the Squad, all backed this.

    In the West, Europe is slave to its Muslim masters. They will do what the non-White Muslim street which controls Europe demands. The vast majority of males ages 14-45 are Muslim and/or African in most of Europe. So there is that. In the US, it is more complicated. The (((Saturday People))) Democratic money men saw what normie saw, times ten, and are retaliating against Harvard, BLM, etc. with hedge funds and law firms pledging not to hire those who signed Hamas pledges. While (((Saturday people))) in Hollywood who backed Israel are getting fired as the BLM inspired purges of (((Saturday People))) in Hollywood accelerate [minor actors/writers now, more high profile later]. As Steve Sailer noted, DEI was supposed to target flyover White cops in Kansas. Not really cool jobs like Hollywood Director, writer, and actor.

    The vast majority of the Democratic base backs Hamas and non-Whites; the main funders of Democrats detest Hamas. Hence Biden’s “both sides have good people” etc. Corporate wise, local media has been solidly pro-Hamas, and anti-Israel. Hamas demonstrations in front of the Israeli consulate on Wilshire BEFORE the hospital explosions had coverage in the media fawning and extensive, very little coverage of the hostage videos of Israelis (and Americans). It looks like there could be hostages in the Beirut embassy and others coming too if they don’t evacuate in time. And don’t forget that Obama, and his third term (as Shadow President during Trump) and fourth term (Biden as his puppet) are and were solidly pro-Iran. Biden had just given Iran $6 billion (on the record, probably more off the record) and Hamas about $1 billion. The Aircraft Carriers were behind-covering for Democratic Donors angry. The Biden-Obama regime is dithering over what to do with Iran, send it more money or attack it? Both? It is caught between the Obama anti-White base and (((Donors))).

    At any rate, clearly the war on Whites by non-Whites is accelerating, look for atrocities here and many more in Europe as they get organized. France could see a successful imposition of an Islamic Republic replacing the Fifth Republic. Britain as well, and probably also Germany. [These of course would be pro-Russian].
    As for who organized the raids, that would be Iran. Hamas has such low-level of human capital that only a professional, High IQ military like Iran’s could train those guys to operate motorized hang gliders, etc. in time-coordinated raids, electronic countermeasures for sensors, etc. It was sophisticated and highly organized two things not associated with Gazans who seem to be exceptionally low IQ and awful even for Arabs. President Obama (the real President) loves Iran as the enemy of his hates: White people. However Iran is a threat now to his hold over the nation and thus he does not know what to do other than threaten and bribe. Regardless the initiative is with Iran which is both highly aggressive/expansionist: the Houthi War, Iraq, saving Assad in Syria, Central Asia, etc. Obama will sit back like Hindenburg and Ludendorff at Sedan during WWI. With his White and black halves at war with himself.

    I do think that many (((Saturday People))) stupidly played with anti-White stuff to fight the ghost of the bad mustache man under the bed, however I am most interested in my personal and my people’s survival: their history, culture, heroes, and heritage which is my family’s. Thus I would be more interested in having the (((Saturday people))) with me now, than playing Ricardo Montalbaln in Wrath of Khan. That’s me. As far as US troops to the ME? I honestly don’t know. As for who rocketed/missile attacked the Hospital, I don’t know either. Or frankly much care, the victims were non-White and thus not a concern for me.

    • The champion of the donors/Saturday people and their hope to unseat the reign of The Precious is none other than the Countess of Chappaqua, HRC herself. So if one is interested in an alliance of convenience with the small hats, that’s who with

    • So Hamas is controlled by Iran? Then why were they dispatched to attack Assad alongside ISIS in Syria? For being controlled by Iran the Hamas group seems to “accidentally” aid the West in its’ goals from time to time. Also Turkey has provided lots of assistance to Hamas but I doubt we are preparing to attack them.

      The larger point, I believe, in Z Man’s article is the strategic situation at this time. The two aircraft carrier groups, the many F-35s moved into Jordan and other air assets from Europe being moved into the theater suggest the target is not just Hezbollah. The likely target is Iran however to do that Syria would seem to also be a target by default.

      Many of the more sober analysts point out the extreme danger of a war with Iran. The Iranians have many asymmetrical and conventional ways of dealing with the U.S. Military. It will not be like Iraq. If Syria is the target then we all know what that could mean.

      Then there is the U.S. diplomatic initiative, such as it is. There we have children playing with matches in a room full of TNT.

      • “There we have children playing with matches in a room full of TNT.” Well, you might think they have been doing it for some time, and with impunity. If no one told me otherwise, I would have guessed the Damascus airport was a practice IAF bomb site. (Imagine if this happened every other month at LAX!)

    • Hamas is not controlled by Iran unless you listen to John Kirby, who swear that Iran support Hamas but can provide no support.

      It’s all about Israel conning the USA into removing another enemy. That’s what Iraq was all about, as well as Libya and Syria and the dumb suckers in the Christian evangelical movement fall right in line.

      Since Jewish people don’t consider themselves white , the Rave victims weren’t white either. Do you lack sympathy for them also?

      • Their current gambit is to finally rid themselves of their Palestinian issue. Most likely by shipping the Gazans to Europe and America.

        • george1, cue Nikki Haley- our historic first woman president of color!, the US version of Rishi Sunak- bravely and virtuously calling for Palestinian extradition to the US.

          We’ve become the dumping ground for the Third World’s (oligarch-useful) trash.

          • Yes indeed. Notice the Palestinians are the most terrible, awful, no good, very bad people for Israel. But they are A-OK for America.

      • “Since Jewish people don’t consider themselves white…”

        I highlighted that claim and gave it to duckduckgo and it located this video (link below) claiming that according to surveys 95% of American Jews identify as White. Since that accords with my perceptions I didn’t check further. But I think you ought to look more questioningly at the shit you pull out of your ass.

    • Of course Obama hates white people; his white grandparents and mother, all CIA assets, allowed him to be sold as a child sex toy, an “asset”.

    • I’m going to join the community micturition on the “Hamas is an Iranian proxy” line. By all evidence they are the organic gangster self-expression of the mostly lawless main hoods in Gaza and some of the West Bank; these places work like Ulster. Despite their “low IQ” and trash culture they are quite skilled at playing rope-a-dope with Israeli intel, serving them up Islamic Jihad patsies for example.

      I doubt the McCainiac war dreams catch on. There are two real concerns, 1) Syria = Russia in the minds of Beltway bugs, 2) Israel is looking to export surplus Gazans to somewhere, anywhere.

    • The vast majority of males in Europe aged between 14-45 are not Muslims/African Laughably inaccurate.

      The confidence with which you pluck these takes out of your ass…

    • “The vast majority of males ages 14-45 are Muslim and/or African in most of Europe.”

      What is the color of the sky on YOUR world?

    • The (((Saturday People))) hate Whites more than the non-whites do (who do you think stokes the flames?) and have done far more damage to White civilization and its people. If an alliance of convenience has to be made, I think you have it bass-ackwards.

  11. Yet if Israel had simply bombed Gaza flat the very next day, everyone else would have gone, “Uh, okay,” and we wouldn’t be having this problem.

  12. What if Iran already HAS a nuclear weapon(s)? For sure they have “the poor man’s nuke” – chemical weapons, in abundance.

    • If they could muster the scratch, and the GAE couldn’t interdict it, I’ve little doubt North Korea would sell them one

      • 2004: Teheran’s brand new billion-dollar airport is closed down on its first day.

        Reason? The first thing to land was a shipment of North Korean uranium for enrichment by Iranian cyclotrons.

        The hazmat handling equipment authorized by Al Gore for Pakistan and Iran hadn’t arrived yet; so the unloaders clumsily dumped the radioactive material in the landing zone, closing it for a year.

        Plus! At the time, Iran had the largest missle array; they had delivery, but not the bomb, so they resorted to buying up the old Baikanoor Soviet warheads thru third parties in Kazakhstan.

    • If Iran becomes an acknowledged nuclear power, Saudi Arabia will immediately take possession of their warheads from the Pakistani nuclear program they financed.

      Who has “Middle East Nuclear Arms Race” on their bingo card?

      • Yes! And with the Chinese building submarines in Pakistan, there is the offshore delivery, along with COSTCO container ships.

        This BRICS alliance is becoming a tad more toothy.

      • A horrific thought. And to think that none of this might have happened had JFK, who believed in enforceable non-proliferation, not been assassinated. Alzaebo’s suggestion that North Korea has been shipping uranium ore to Iran for enrichment is silly. If they were intent on causing trouble, they could ship finished nukes, and the very thought of this creates the specter of nuclear war- “preemptive” yet, on a grand scale.

    • Yes, the Iranians have chemical weapons since they used them in response to the chemical weapons deployed by the Iraqis in the 80s war. Chemical weapons that we helped the Iraqis build. Chemical weapons are little threat to the USA or Europe. Back in the hysteria for GW 2 chemical weapons were ridiculously conflated with true WMDSs – nuclear weapons, neither of which Saddam had anyway.

      • It is all pretty lame to be honest. These weird “rules” around war are comical to me.

        I can kill you with this, but not that. Do you suffer any less taking multiple rifle rounds that are tumbling around in your torso creating massive wound channels than if your nervous system shuts down in seconds from VX gas? Arguably, the VX gas is a more merciful death as its not terribly different than zapping a roach with Raid.

        Likewise, is a flamethrower somehow less humane than being hit by a barrage of cluster bomb fragments? How about an artillery barrage? Hurt less than being cooked alive?

        It is all fake and gay. Either “do war” or do not do war as far as weapons go. Executing POWs, pointless torture, etc. is a different story and has more to do with a moral failing, but slicing up categories of weapons into ok and verboten always struck me as very goofy.

        • Generally the use or prohibition of a weapon in war is based on its ability (or lack thereof) to cause collateral damage which, ostensibly, warmongers try to minimize. The bullet can be precisely aimed; the chemical weapon can waft to places unknown and contaminate for long periods.

    • Chemical weapons are not the poor man’s nuke.

      “Weapons of mass destruction” is total bullshit — an attempt to steal the significance of nukes and smear it on weaponry that doesn’t remotely justify it.

  13. I have no doubts that the satanic jews blew up that hospital on purpose. The jews have no belief in the intrinsic value of human beings who aren’t jewish. They look at the rest of us as farm animals to be worked or slaughtered based on their whims. jews only abuse, steal and destroy; The Lord God will vanquish them and their master satan at the end of days, using God-fearing people as His vessels.

    • You missed a step.

      The AntiChrist is a culture, whose values are accepted by goyim.

      Not a singular man or entity like a Bond villain, Nicolai Carpathia, or Gavin Newsome.

      Like Jesus or Allah are the faces of a culture.

      The political vision of the AntiChrist manifested physically in 1948 as a certain State.

      Culturally, the White world accepted Its dominion, its values, as did our Aryan Israelite tribal ancestors in the past.

      This is what we call the Judeo-Puritans, or the Rhodes Societies, or the Free Masons.

      The Whites were promised that they could rule openly…
      But only under the diktats of their lucifers, that is, their high chamberlains behind the throne. As if the horse set the course for its rider.

      You leap to the end, my Christian friend, but we have a Tribulation yet to go. It began before we were born.

      Jesus was not a proper Jevv, nor accepted by the Sanhedrin.

      Our God must be Ours.
      Deliver us not into Their grasp.
      Believe not their promises, claims, nor threats.

      • The Antichrist, written by Friedrich Nietzsche, was translated from the German by H.L. Menken for the publisher Knopf (Borzoi Books). His amazing introduction is nearly as long as Nietzsche’s work, and full of his typically sardonic humor. He mentions that Nietzsche, the son of a Christian clergyman, had intensively studied the scriptures and came away wondering if Christ had been the only Christian. [There are plenty masquerading as such these days, and with broadcasting networks, yet.]

    • “No doubt”, again.

      You are another loon.

      The hospital, btw, doesn’t appear to have been blown up.

  14. They stage these raids all the time, which is why Israel spends enormous amounts of American tax dollars on the world’s most advanced border security.

    This burns my balls! While our “border” with Mexico is basically a “welcome mat.”
    We need to get the monkey called Israel off our back.

  15. Blaming “Washington” perpetuates the problem.

    It’s not “Washington.” It’s Jewish special interest groups’ control over the apparatus of culture and governance.

      • The federal government was setup to be a supreme power.
        It’s but a very few people people to control outcomes.
        A couple hundred+ to make a law.
        5 supreme court judges.
        One district judge gunks up immigration control.

        The diamond merchants simply have to cleave off the decision they want by tapping the hammer at strategic points. Bribes, blackmail, or badthings happen.

        Biden’s gonna give a hundred billion aid package for Isra’craine. How Americans many want that? Who does want that grift? Why do we give so much to so small a number?

        The problem is telling the truth. Which is hard. But the more people who do tell the truth, the progressively easier it becomes. When enough do tell the truth about why we are getting screwed then we can fix things.

        • The claim that your problem is to any significant extent Jewish interest groups is not “the truth”. It’s a distracting lie.

    • If anything even remotely resembling Uke victory was occurring, I’m sure it would be trumpeted from the heavens

    • “One thing not mentioned here, but related, is that Ukraine is slowly winning the war.”

      We’ve also been reliably informed that diversity is our greatest strength and that hairy dudes in sundresses are women, so, uh, yeah. This totally checks out.

    • The only winner in this war is the MIC. Americans share the same sort of guilt as the parents of the children of Hamlin in The Pied Piper for sitting on their hands and letting them get away with it: trillions poured down the rathole- literally blown to smithereens- instead of rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, our power grid, our industrial and agricultural capacity- and all adding to soaring inflation because of the trillions in new debt, as if people had no idea where it was coming from.

    • From your link: “Dozens of Russian military personnel were injured in the attack codenamed Operation Dragonfly, it said.”

      Dozens! If it’s true that sounds convincingly like winning a war.

      To a bozo like you, anyway.

  16. Instapundit has been overflowing with “Wipe Gaza off the map” type posts and comments. It’s tiresome.

    • I was wondering about that, but not enough to check. I mean my memory is bad but getting played by the Iraq Attaq is still pretty fresh in my mind, but for the handful of non-Jews over there it’s like it never happened.

      • They’re clear examples of the standard DR point that Republican-Americans have been made to displace their survival/revenge/domination/etc. instincts—all their metaphorical “blood”—into Zionism. The Jews™, from IDF to ADL, Chabad to Mossad, aren’t their proxy army but their proxy *selves*.

        Professional-class conservative anti-whiteness, the oft-expressed desire to repair America with hard-working high IQ legal immigrants who’ll do the jobs that lazy white trash losers on drugs with no skin in the game won’t do (etc.), is what The Jews think of *them*.

        We get what they deserve.

    • IP has gone full Israeli. It’s simply un-readable kill all them Gazan agitprop. Before this it was frequents posts about how dumb Putin is how he is losing the war, …

  17. The world has changed and the script writers are just now starting to realize it.

    Firstly: The Internet. Now actual video of the incident spread around the world faster than the official narrative. It really doesn’t matter whether Israel intentionally bombed the hospital or why. Everyone has seen the videos of mangled corpses and an ordnance drop that sounds just like a JDAM. Somebody screen-shotted the now-deleted tweet of the Israeli spokesman bragging about the strike. The entire world is blaming Israel.

    Second: The changing demographics. Boomer sympathy for Jews or Israel as perpetual victims just doesn’t exist like it used to. The noticing has intensified right along with the gaslighting. Now the noticers have noticed the gaslighting. We all know you can’t stop noticing once you start.

    Bottom line: Anti-semitism is on the verge of flipping hard from being a taboo only stupidly wicked people engage in to being a legitimate mainstream position very, very quickly, and the Zionists have nobody to blame for it but themselves.

    • Who knew that the bud of “anti-semitism” that burst into a flower would come from the “left” and not from the “right”? It probably was predicted, at some point, by some obscure dissident blogger. Only Nixon could go to China, ya know.

      • The white left has for decades already positioned itself to behave anti-Jewishly on behalf of someone else, to resist badJews (Israelis, Republicans) as “colonizers,” etc.—to hold Jews to their own rhetoric, though few realize that’s what they’re doing. If they did know, they couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

        To the white non-left, even abjection—groveling before the superior ethno-nationalist: “Right, as you say, but for us too, for everyone, because we’re all people aren’t we?”—is forbidden.

        Has any previous time the academic/etc. left joined in the anti-Jewish ululations of Islam been a step in the right direction? Not evidently. Their funders certainly don’t think so. Is this time different? Maybe. Lists of names are being made. We’ll see what they’re used for.

    • Just so, Mr. G. I think it was some blonde twat writing for MSNBC this morn saying, “We really need to sit down with our kids and talk about antisemitism….”. Presumably she would tell such parents what to say on the subject.

      Another change is that the world is unconcerned with narratives and gate keepers. My question is this: do the other big geopolitical players understand that a lot of America’s Globohomo predation and opportunism was driven by the jews? If they do get wise to the fact that Globohomo is just an extension of the Jewish mob…will they take a harder line against Israel?

      • I am so sick of that stupid word, “narrative”. It’s just fucking lies, propaganda, bullshit, whatever. Lies, upon lies upon lies. Replace that idiotic word with lies and it’ll make more sense.

        • Narratology is an invention of the postmodernists, and such folk do not believe truth exists. For them, reality is merely a text, and narrative is simply an extended text. It is an index of pomo influence that the term narrative is now so commonplace.

    • Wait until growing numbers of Americans suspect or even fully recognize Jewish involvement in JFK and 9/11. Just those two operations alone.

    • Devon Stack at Blackpilled has been going hard the last 4 streams. Up for free at Odysee.
      Highly recommended.

    • There’s an interstate billboard I pass regularly that says something like “Jews are 2.4% of the population yet 55% of the victims of hate crimes”…everytime I see it I have two thoughts:
      1) 55% seems low, given behavior
      2) we can get that number up!

    • “Everyone has seen the videos of mangled corpses and an ordnance drop that sounds just like a JDAM.”

      Not me. What I’ve seen is a burned out parking lot and a hospital still mostly undamaged. And a video of rockets being launched from Gaza and an explosion under their path, maybe a short. I’m open to examining evidence that the disproof is fake, but you are going to need more than the I-want-it-to-be-true that you’re exhibiting.

    • The line I use is: It’s not “anti-semitism, it’s counter-semitism.

      That usually shuts them up.

  18. “Odds are it was Israel, and it was simply a mistake, which happens in war.”

    That’s a very generous assumption. AFAIK, this would not be the first time a school or hospital was targeted in the areas where the Palestinians are. 80 years of tit for tat exchanges tends to harden the hearts of those involved. Both sides have committed what the other sides sees as atrocities.

    It doesn’t involve us and it shouldn’t be our problem. This is what happens when you let foreigners into your country. Their problems become your problems. Why the hell are there protests in all of the Western countries? Because we have 2 sets of foreigners who shouldn’t be in our countries in the first place who see it as their duty to make Israel/Palestinians problems our problems.

    • Tars: This x 1000. Honestly, I don’t particularly care whether the Palestinians accidentally bombed their own hospital, whether Israel did it accidentally or deliberately. I just don’t care who is ‘responsible’ for the latest ‘atrocity.’

      I have feud, war, atrocity, victim, and internationalism fatigue. We have rampant inflation, a klown show on steroids in DC, millions of brown people pouring over the border, a major crisis in competence, and I’m supposed to give f**k about two groups of aliens who hate each other? I’m supposed to pick a side?

      How about taking my own side? The side of White people, who should have no part of this shite show. My time spent daily headline skimming is less and less, because I don’t care about 99% of the issues I’m supposed to care about. I don’t know the individual ‘stars’ or the various political actors or the latest outrage because none of it is my concern or within my purview to effect.

      I really, truly understand how and why most people claim to have zero interest in politics. I recently read about the hibernation habits of woodchucks and found it far more interesting. Leaves are starting to change color here and the autumn rains and much colder temps should begin early next week. I’m looking no further than my own backyard (or what I can see of it through the trees) these days.

      Let’s mind our own business for a change.

      • Agreed. I have little interest in lowercase politics, myself. However, we both care very much about uppercase Politics or we wouldn’t be here. It’s the macro not the micro, that is important to us.

      • I spend much more time reading on how to improve my luck fishing for bass and learning songs for my band. If it does not concern the welfare of White people, I am not interested.

        “This is what happens when you let foreigners into your country.”

        Exactly, Tars. There is no “America” or “United States”. it’s just an international shopping mall being looted by the scum of the earth. There is no unity or national identity. It’s just a mixture of global tribes who hate each other and are being forced to co-exist.

      • Adlai Stevenson, of the rare species known as the Moderate Democrat, said “Your public servants serve you right.” Swearing to become non-involved means doing nothing about the jokers who would willingly add unlimited new trillions to the national debt, which goes straight to the cost of living.
        This means a focus on domestic priorities, and an insistence on electing candidates with a peaceful bent- and preferably who live modestly and have a track record of efficiency and budgetary restraint in their own spheres of activity.

    • I’ve read the U.S. military has been targeting hospitals since the Vietnam War. (They just carpet bombed everything in WW II, so if they hit a few hospitals that would have been merely incidental.) It’s where the wounded enemy fighters are taken after you blast them, so it would make sense to them I guess.

      • A smart strategist is supposed to prefer wounded enemy soldiers to dead ones, since the enemy has to expend more resources to care for the wounded than for the dead. Thus killing them in hospital seems counterproductive.

    • Odds were it wasn’t Israel, even before the evidence that it wasn’t Israel came out. If Israel wanted to kill Gazans… well, Gaza is densely packed, so why choose a hospital?

      Z’s statement is anyway a bit interesting, given that he is normally pretty dismissive of the Jews-on-the-brain types, despite their being so common on his comment threads. (Recognizing that Z said it was probably a mistake, not a choice.)

  19. “Not my people, not my problem.”

    The internet is full of people stridently attempting to make the case for two opposite conclusions:

    “Israel displaced the Palestineans from their rightful homeland, boxed them into what amounts to a prison camp in Gaza, and has been displacing, murdering, and oppressing innocent Pals for years. The Palestinean people have every right to fight back to regain what is rightfully theirs. The Israelis are finally getting what they deserve.”


    “Two wrongs don’t make a right. No matter what crimes the Israelis may have committed, brutally murdering innocent Israeli citizens is not a valid response. The Palestineans should not be surprised at the outrage directed at their actions.”

    The evangelical neocons and the military-industrial lobby that supports them insist that America’s national interest is congruent with Israel’s; and would love to see us backing Israel in a war with Iran.

    My response is: Not my people, not my problem:

    America has no national interest in getting entangled in this mess; and certainly no interest in yet another mid-east war.

    Let the Jews and Arabs fight it out; but leave American taxpayers and American servicemen and women out of it!

    • I prefer “Ain’t my people, ain’t my problem” It just has a better ring to it.

      As I said in a different comment, this is why you must keep foreigners out of your country. Their problems inevitably become your problems.

      • Yep, astute observation. One that is not limited to the Palestinian—Israeli conflict. How many can we come up with? I seem to remember the Armenians squabbling with the Turk’s over their 100 yo genocide in the streets of LA a couple of decades ago. Periodically, the Hasidic’s in New York riot against the Blacks as they inevitably push the Blacks out of their historical neighborhoods.

        I’m sure others with better memories can add to these examples.

        • The term “historically black neighborhood” is absolutely infuriating to me.

          1) Why can’t we have our rights to historically White neighborhoods?

          2) Almost all of the “historically blacks neighborhoods” are actually only black for a few decades. They were neighborhoods where White people were ethnically cleansed.

          Next time you are sitting in traffic, remember to thank the ethnic cleansing that pushed White people into the ridiculous suburbia.

          • Depends on how long you consider “historical”. I’ll retract that word. Just call it Black neighborhoods. As the Blacks replaced Whites, the Hasidic are replacing Blacks in those neighborhoods.

            Everything has a time and place. Once upon a time, there were no Blacks in America. 😉 Yet we still talk about Black America as a pinpoint in time/location for describing events.

          • You are closer to feasibility for Our People with this line of thought about “historically (fill in the blank) area.” That’s how we must think going forward.

            We aren’t getting “our country” back. There is no reformation or reclamation of the U.S.

            It’s been dying for 60+ years (160 if you draw its fatal infection to Lincoln and “the Second Founding”).

            Think locally, regionally and ethnically now. Let go the fantasies about the American Nation as it was.

            You will know you are making a foothold when hostile groups or traitorous people in your fold move out or are afraid to move in. When the police aren’t quite sure if they should enforce laws in your area without your consent, or your cops are having a standoff with other enforcement agencies. When your local people tell federal relief agencies to go pound sand and they’ll handle their own disasters on their own.

            It’s a hard pill to swallow but once you do you realize that you are no longer bound to the historical/emotional tethers that keep you hoping for the impossible. You won’t raise this Lazarus from the dead but you can give birth to something new.

        • “Periodically, the Hasidic’s in New York riot against the Blacks as they inevitably push the Blacks out of their historical neighborhoods.”

          Got a link for that? The riot I remember (Crown Heights) was the other way.

      • Henry Kissinger belatedly agrees with the latter sentiment. Impending death must have made him vulnerable to fits of honesty.

      • Israeli bought & paid for influence in DC, the entire msm owned by shalom
        useful idiots evangelicals,
        Muh Isreal griller retards
        The rest of the world sick of gunboat diplomacy.
        Carrier battle groups circling around a big puddle. a carrier gets harpooned, ww3.
        Cuban missile crisis level with neocon delusional fools at the wheel.
        Eat, drink & be merry.

    • I respect your post but basically disagree with it. I want to see the GAE’s military stupidly rush headlong into a Levantine meat-grinder and get mangled like Varus’ legions at Teutoburg Forest. Probably too much to hope for, but given the species of idiot and maniac that now holds sway in the imperial capital, anything’s possible.

      • Sad to agree with you, only because our “safe space” is eight hours away under normal conditions.I’d make popcorn & watch the show. But conditions ain’t looking so good to make that show.

      • Yep, only a punch in the nose can wake Joe Normie up. However, it might work in the opposite manner as the NeoCons will say, “I told you so, now give us the funding to rebuild America’s military!” The Joe Normie cohort still has many Boomer’s in its ranks and they remember when we had the “biggest swinging dock”.

        • Good point. However, I was thinking more in terms of the geopolitical and economic damage such a defeat would inflict upon the GAE. And I imagine a percentage–probably fairly small–of Grillers would peel away from their fantasy-land, too.

      • “I want to see the GAE’s military stupidly rush headlong into a Levantine meat-grinder and get mangled”

        I would prefer not to see any Americans get mangled, but since we can’t vote out way out of this shitshow the only way it comes to an end is if some exogenous force gives the GloboHomoZio Empire a major smackdown.

        • Yes. My view on this matter is not something I relish. But I could take some solace in the knowledge that a substantial number of pervs, feministas and negroes would be getting greased. Those are the groups who would be only too happy to send normal whites to a Leftist Bergen-Belsen.

    • Problem is, there are too many dual citizens in our government who will make it our problem, to the tune of billions of tax dollars wasted there that either should never have been spent in the first place or at least spent on our real problems at home.

      Not my people, not my problem suits them just fine as long as they can keep fleecing you for “not my problem.”

  20. If Israel walks back their Gaza invasion, that’s a hell of a walk back. I wouldn’t see the current government there surviving that walk back. The Israeli electorate is demographically purifying, with the drug raver ones being highly outproduced by the bottom of their gene pool. A dumb, thick headed group of religious zealots could soon elect a government that makes the current one look like Jill Stein voters. Ones crazy enough to do anything. And everything. The end result would be an Israel foaming at the mouth that would eventually start a big war anyway.

    • The scantily clad, gyrating Jewish chicks in front of the wire fence at the border with Gaza–at a “Rave for Peace,” nonetheless–was pure George Romero does Clown World. There was posted on Twitter a clip of a very ripped but still soft young Israeli man, shirtless, screaming and squealing as he along with some of the young women fled the rave, hotly pursued by Palis. To me, those images epitomize the actual state of the State of Israel.

      • Yes. But ultimately they’re living in their heaven now. Unlike the slow witted people with BO replacing them. One death cult being replaced by another, worse death cult.

    • Correct. The Orthodox segment of the population breeds like an Australian rabbit. One, possibly two, generations from a population majority—and they vote! We will have two opposing factions that will fight til the death to eliminate each other. Of course, Israeli has nukes.

    • A dumb, thick headed group of religious zealots could soon elect a government that makes the current one look like Jill Stein voters.

      Have no fear, JR Wirth. I have been assured here on the highest authority that voting doesn’t matter and elections do not change anything. Anybody who says otherwise is a Civ-Natty-lite griller and a big dumb poopy-head. The best thing for Palestine is to have the Israelis distracted by the illusion that “voting harder” will help their cause. All the really cool Israelis just sit out the elections now so that they aren’t “legitimizing the system.” So you see, you don’t need to worry about your scenario at all. What are you, one of those tax-cutting Normiecons?

      • Who here commented upon fraudulent foreign elections when decrying American election fraud? Answer: No one. There are any number of problems, aka “irregularities”, with American elections. Most notable, mail-in balloting now being the norm. The EU for the most part does not do mail-in balloting since they recognize such problem early. Israeli elections I have no direct knowledge of, but perhaps such efforts at popular consensus works for them. For us, not so much.

        It is painful enough to to read your tiring and pointless missives. Must you also post straw men?

  21. I don’t think the hospital bombing was an accident. All the shelling of civilians in Donbas the last few years was deliberate. Ukrainians and Israelis were trained by the same people who trained the guards at Abu Ghraib, and we know who that was. Nasty people use nasty tactics.

  22. Is anyone else seeing a rough parallel to WW I?

    1) A regional ethnic conflict spawns a crisis event that draws major powers’ attention

    2) Major powers are called for support by regional players

    3) Major powers respond in ways to further their own interests, and in so doing, antagonize each other

    The biggest difference I see is that the myriad of alliances in 1914 were formalized beforehand, and the U.S.-Israel seems to be the only example here. Baring that and some other details, is anyone else seeing this? Does it matter?

    • If any of the major powers possessed or had the prospect of possessing large, multimillion man armies, it could resemble WW1. But they do not. In WW1 the UK put 9 million men in the field. Can you imagine? Russia 12 million. Germany 11 million. France 8 million. The late arriving USA nearly 5 million.

      Nothing like that can happen now, in spite of there being many, many more people in these countries today. Nobody can afford it, manage it, motivate it, or mobilize it. Perhaps China could pull off something like that, but it would take time. And great expense. Europe doubtlessly wouldn’t show up at all.

      It’s as if the leaders are just as scheming, stupid, and reckless as they were back then, probably with even greater hubris, but without any of the capability. Except nukes and other long range weapons, which can target enemy leaders directly and fairly precisely. One can hope along those lines, that they just eliminate each other without too much collateral damage.

      For better or worse, and I’m going to say generally better, people aren’t so willing to be cannon fodder anymore. So what will happen if they start WW3 and nobody shows up? After the standing armies are exhausted, which wouldn’t take very long in an intense conflict, there won’t be anybody left who is willing to fight.

      • Excellent analysis regarding Intent vs. Capability.

        I think only Russia has a reasonable estimate of their own capabilities, and that is only due to recent events in the Ukraine.

    • I’ve thought the Syrian civil war had a lot of parallels with the Spanish civil war. Great powers arming both sides, etc.

    • It’s just you.

      If Israel goes to war with Iran I’ll reconsider. But so far there are zero parallels to WWI.

  23. I’ve wondered if the scale and ferocity of the pro-Hamas rallies around the world has spooked the elites a little bit.

    Suddenly questions are being raised around immigration policies and assimilation. They weren’t supposed to turn on Israel. They’re supposed to make life miserable for us. Not “them”.

    If Israel invades Gaza, it won’t only be the Middle East that sees riots. The Floyd Summer of Love will look tame in comparison.

    From the White side, there is just no interest. The Zionist Boomers are too old to fight, and everyone else, pretty much doesn’t care. The decrees from the upper echelons of society, giving Israel a blank cheque, are wildly out of touch with their subjects’ thoughts. The weak libtards can’t understand fighting anyways.

    Suddenly a new paradigm has emerged: a huge group of younger, hostile foreigners who are violently opposed to the country’s foreign policy. A White population that has been severely weakened, to the point of being incapable of fighting even if they wanted to. And a smaller but significant portion of Whites who hate the Western regimes. The West is a giant mass of flesh that can’t do anything.

    Oh well, not my problem. “Canada” is not my country, so it’s not my problem.

    • All the immigrants we let in aren’t going to want to fight either. ‘We just came here for the free stuff, not fight a war!’

    • “If Israel invades Gaza, it won’t only be the Middle East that sees riots. The Floyd Summer of Love will look tame in comparison.”

      Exactly. The Ruling Class got so high on its own supply it never envisioned its pets would engage in non-state-sponsored riots and terror. They didn’t see this coming even though it was patently obvious their intended weapons eventually would be turned on them. France and England have tried to ban pro-Hamas demos and learned the hard way that only whites really follow the rules.

    • My only interest in the current fracas in the Levant is the divisions (which were always there) on the “left” which are quickly becoming gaping fault lines. A real popcorn moment.

      • It is also an extra butter moment when the IDW guys are in hysterics and finally saying something about immigration. Of course it is very selective.

        Dave Rubin, Mark Levin, Bugz Shapiro, Denis Prager … are all worked up.

        They are exposed, as is the entire system, as Left. Watching Shapiro scold his audience and America is fantastic.

        Opportunities abound.

    • “If Israel invades Gaza, it won’t only be the Middle East that sees riots.”

      Where, then? No in the US, to any significant degree.

  24. There’s definitely a Reichstag fire-quality to all of this. The Hamas attack quite conveniently gave Washington and Tel Aviv the necessary excuse to start talking about “eradicating” the Palestinian “animals” and then bombing Iran… something they wanted to do anyway.

    Amazing how the rhetoric matches the National Socialist rhetoric of the 1930s, too. I have always thought that one of the main reasons the Jews remain so butthurt about what happened in the 1930s and 1940s is that the Germans beat them at their own game. For four thousand years the Jewish religion has told them that only God’s Chosen are entitled to create an ethnically-pure Promised Land by killing and eradicating the inhabitants, viz. “utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.”

    • ” I have always thought that one of the main reasons the Jews remain so butthurt about what happened in the 1930s and 1940s is that the Germans beat them at their own game.”

      Then you’ve always had shit for brains.

  25. Methinks that Biden’s handlers believe that only a major war can save his candidacy and they don’t give a damn if it starts WW3 as a consequence. As bad as that is, I don’t think Russia or China will take the bait. The GAE is in a death spiral and they are perfectly willing to let the West flail about mindlessly exhausting itself as an embarrassment to the world. Narratives only matter within the beltway and most Americans pay little heed to the MSM any longer. The way things are going, if Biden gets his war, he may find out that no one wants to fight for him. And Congress is in deadlock, so trying to force a draft is a non-starter. Maybe he can talk the Ukrainians into fighting Hamas instead of Russia. How far we have fallen.

    • I don’t see why they would think war in the Middle East, particularly with Iran would improve Biden’s chances at home. A war with Iran would likely send the price of oil through the roof and inflation would spiral out of control. It could also mean shortages of oil. Gas could be North of $10 a gallon. Nor would they likely be a pushover like Iraq or Afghanistan. Iran’s drones were very effective in Ukraine. Whose to say they don’t have other very effective weapons? They also have a lot of missiles that aren’t made from pipes.

      • A war with Iran would be a logistical nightmare. Where would we even stage our forces? Diego Garcia?

        • What forces? The GAE doesn’t possess anything that is capable of invading Iran successfully. I’m sure it could establish a beachhead if it really wanted to, and was willing to pay the price for it, but conquest is a pipe dream. Best it can hope to do is lob some high explosives from afar.

          • They don’t want to occupy, but to destroy. Ostensibly Iran’s nuke and military capability. For such to occur, they need an excuse. Bonus prize might include a government turnover to a secular based one.

      • … inflation would spiral out of control

        Just saying, if that was baked into the cake anyway then a scapegoat might be nice (i.e., “The Putin Price Hike”).

        • Wouldn’t all the other inflation that is “baked into the cake” still be in that cake batter? I don’t think it would “absorb” the rest of the inflation.

          Also, there is a reasonable chance of a deflationary spiral. It’s possible we could see massive deflation and inflation at the same time. Meaning, money/credit will be very hard to come by and prices will be rising because of increased costs. The inflation being caused by oil prices and the deflation being caused by credit/debt destruction.

          There are 3 enormous RE developers in China (so far) who are already in default and causing bank runs at their creditor’s regional banks. While I am no economist, I would also assume that massive deflation in China could not possibly be contained in China. The world has trillions “invested” in China.

          China is likely home to the biggest misallocation of resources in the history of the world. There’s an apartment for every man, woman and child twice over in China and hundreds of thousands if not millions of additional apartments in various states of abandoned construction. A good portion of even the finished ones will have to be torn down because they are of such low quality. There are entire mega-cities in China where nobody lives. Just think about that level of insanity. Brand new roads falling apart, elevated highways falling down. Giant holes opening up in the middle of brand new roads.

          The last thing we need right now is a war with Iran and oil shortages that would almost certainly result from such a war. There are economic deformations everywhere you look, any one of which would be destructive on its own, but also has the possibility of triggering other deformations into meltdowns.

    • “Maybe he can talk the Ukrainians into fighting Hamas instead of Russia.”

      37 upvotes for this idiotic tripe so far. Z is so wrong about the quality of his comment thread participants.

  26. Who cares about what happens on the ground?

    I know how this ends.

    Millions more half-retarded, inbred Muslims flood into Europe and the US. Terrorist attacks on innocent westerners. More aid to Israel. More power for Neocons. More reckless foreign policy with little regard to US national interest.

    If anything should happen to my friends or family because of this, I know who I will blame.

    • If, as many dissidents believe, the Finkels are omnipotent, they will not allow Gaza to move to Grenoble. I expect the Finkels to begin pushing a moratorium on all Muhammadan immigration to the West.

    • “If anything should happen to my friends or family because of this, I know who I will blame.”

      Don’t be coy. Whom?

  27. Bernhard over at his site Moon of Alabama makes a case that the immediate goal for Israel and AINO is not Iran, but Syria. Syria serves as a link between Iran and Hezbollah. The Israelis bombed the two major Syrian airports a couple of days back.

    Also, the Russians have their presence, both through their naval base at Tartus, as well as through their air and ground forces in Syria. But those forces are relatively small, and anything that complicates their resupply or the upgrading of air defense can be problematic for defending against any major AINO assaults. Not sure how the degradation of the two main Syrian airports plays into the Russians’ logistical concerns.

    Anyway, here is the link to MOA:

    See what you think.

    • The Israelis have been bombing Syria for a number of years now, so nothing has changed on that front. I do think this all comes back to Russia, as that is the real obsession of the neocons. The plan, as they laid out multiple times through various think tanks, including RAND, is to create as much trouble as possible for all allies and friends of Russia.

      • Wild that with all this talk of international law and national sovereignty, it seems every country can just do whatever they want in Syria and everyone is okay with it.

        Imagine being Assad and seeing a foreign power stealing your oil and a neighbor country bombing your airports and you’re the one being painted as a monster.

        • He probably feels like Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi who were like, “Do you realize that I’m the only one holding the crazies back? Are you really going to kill me and turn them loose because you disapprove of the WAY THAT I DO IT?”

    • Iran seems like a strange target so soon after we’ve gifted them $50 billion. The Biden Administration seems to love them, not want to destroy them.

      • AFAIK, it was $6 billion of Iran’s money that Biden promised to unfreeze if Iran released some five or six US citizens. The Iranians did their part of the deal and then Biden welched on his part.

        The USA doesn’t give that kind of money to anyone except Israel.

        • “The USA doesn’t give that kind of money [$6 billion] to anyone except Israel.”

          What are you talking about? Obama already did.

        • “Gifted” is a specific variety of “given”. They are not synonyms.

          We don’t owe the Shah’s money to the current Iranian regime, so it’s a gift.

  28. The Palestinians — an ersatz identity cobbled together in the aftermath of Lawrence’s dalliances with the pre-WW I Hashemites and solidified in 1965 with the creation of Arafat’s El Fatah organization — are a pain in the ass in the Arab world. None of their kin want them. Nor does the Arab world want Israel wiped out after which they’d need to turn a liberated Palestine into a larger Gaza. Both sides are being played by larger forces and both know it.

    As Gazan refugees pour by the thousands across the River Jordan (the Rio Grande) into the promised land, they may not distinguish between their (((enemies))) and ordinary white Americans whom they and so many others also despise. I expect China to broker a deal which may include shipping the Israelis to Taiwan, the next Palestine.

    • Jews to Taiwan? The Chinese have already let it be known how very little they trust the little hats, so why in the world would they park them on what they consider to be their own territory? If the little hats were to promise – pinky swear – to behave in order to implement such a scheme, it would do no good at all. The Chinese understand the old story about the Frog and the Scorpion just fine.

    • There are Gazans pouring across the Rio Grande in their thousands who ought to distinguish between other Americans (who they despise) and Jews (who they hate) and this means… what?

      Is this just fever dreams or can you supply a link?

  29. I want to say MGS4, Solid Snake’s opening monologue begins with “War has changed.” Indeed!

    The extras suffer, but it comes down to competing narratives. Fake and gay. I mean, I’m glad it’s fake and gay, purely out of self interest, but it’s ridiculous to watch, and angering to see blood spilled for the show. What a shameful age!

  30. Israel is in a tough strategic situation here. A ground invasion of Gaza would result in a very large number of IDF casualties, as urban warfare nullifies technological advantages. Unless Israel is willing to pacify Gaza without concern for civilian casualties (which would result in worldwide condemnation which could put Israel’s existence at risk), even if it successfully occupied Gaza it would be stuck in the same situation it was which led to the 2005 withdrawal, i.e. a slow bleed of occupying forces. And that’s without considering Hezbollah’s entrance into the war, which it looks like they are waiting for the IDF to get stuck in Gaza before doing so. Hezbollah beat Israel in the 2006 war and their weapons and rocket arsenal, training, funding, etc. is far stronger now than it was then, and Hezbollah has similar ground invasion plans (via endless cross-border tunnels) that Hamas successfully used.

    On top of that Israel is divided and weak. Material success breeds complacency; people become focused on money and not the common good. Hezbollah, Iran, and Hamas are far more motivated than the Israelis are at this point.

    It seems like Israel’s best move would be to keep bombing Gaza from the air, try to find some country that would take the Gaza civilian population (but no one wants them in the Arab world; see the huge problems they caused in Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt; neocon scum Nimrata Randwata “Nikki Haley” called for 1,000,000 Gazans to come to the U.S. yesterday), and then level it from the air. Absent that, regular air attacks to pick off Hamas leadership in Gaza while pursuing asymmetrical methods like targeting top Hamas officials outside of Gaza (in Qatar, for example) seems like a strategy they may pursue, while preparing for a war in the north.

    Meanwhile it is interesting to watch the reaction of the right in America, which is now far more anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish than it was in prior middle east wars. An understandable reaction after the disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ben Shapiro is shouting like mad into the wind.

    The region feels like a tinderbox and can very well be stage 2 of World War 3 (stage 1 Russia/Ukraine), with stage 3 being China/Taiwan, maybe throw a India/Pakistan war in there as well. Seems like ugly times are ahead.


    • The devastating hospital bombing, probably with US made J-Dams, was a bridge too far, and Israel is now going to have to extricate itself from this mess…Even Israeli TV has been airing contrary eyewitness reports on the Hamas attack on a kibbutz, where a surviving woman said that Hamas treated them well, but when the IDF showed up, they killed many of the kibbutz residents with indiscriminate fire.It has also aired discussion of Israeli negligence after being warned about the attack..Bibi is in a lot of trouble, and probably won’t survive this…the plot backfired…

      • Yeah, the old “Kill them all, let God sort them out approach” in action. Reminds me of the popo shooting the family’s friendly, old Labrador walking toward them, wagging its tail. Say, who has been doing a lot of training of the popo in recent times, eh?
        I guess “(personal) safety first!” has been instilled to a fault.

        • Gandydancer – I had a friend who was a gandydancer for a while for MTA NYC subways, and a cousin who was a “‘lifer” gandydancer for the LIRR…
          How much does a section of standard rail weigh, anyway?

          (In lbs., not in kilos, s.v.p.)

    • “Meanwhile it is interesting to watch the reaction of the right in America, which is now far more anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish than it was in prior middle east wars.”

      One problem they’re having with the American right is that we’re seeing our own country invaded while the politicians do nothing — or rather nothing EXCEPT lecture us on how we need to be more welcoming.

      Our elite, including our so-called conservative politicians and pundits, cry for dead Israelis. But when have they shed a single tear for the much larger numbers of our own people being murdered by invaders? Or for whites being murdered by feral blacks? Or for heritage Americans becoming a persecuted minority in the country founded by our ancestors?

      They. Don’t. Care.

      Now Americans are returning the favor, and our leaders are confused? Screw ’em.

      • The effects of illegal immigration into the U.S. are not a bug, they are a feature. It is not a complicated problem to solve, so if it remains unsolved, is it even considered a problem?

        The situation at the southern border is exactly the way the Uniparty wants it (baring a few grumpy governors and mayors).

        • “The situation at the southern border is exactly the way the Uniparty wants it (baring a few grumpy governors and mayors).”

          Exactly. But we’re supposed to be outraged when other lands are invaded? We’re supposed to send money and men? We’re supposed to care?

          Israel has a border wall. Israel has universal health care. Israel has a government concerned with preserving its own people, including the demographic makeup within their borders.

          Americans have none of these things. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for them? This may seem unrelated, but it’s not uncommon for Americans to pay over $25,000 a year for health insurance premiums because our government “can’t afford” universal health care, just like we “can’t afford” a border wall. But we CAN spend billions to prop up foreigners here and abroad?

          And now they’re surprised by the lack of support? These people aren’t just evil. They’re delusional.

          • As I once told my ex-wife, “Will you please show me the respect of telling a GOOD lie? These other lies are just insulting.”

          • “… it’s not uncommon for Americans to pay over $25,000 a year for health insurance premiums because our government “can’t afford” universal health care…”

            Government doesn’t pay for anything. Taxes and newly printed money (inflation) does. Just because we’re spending money on things we ought not spend money on (e.g., antimissile missiles for Israel) doesn’t mean that pouring unlimited gobs of money down the “healthcare” rathole is a good idea.

      • “But when have they shed a single tear for the much larger numbers of our own people being murdered by invaders?”

        Do you have a number? And where did you get it?

  31. “Odds are it was Israel, and it was simply a mistake, which happens in war.”

    Was it? They’ve been priming us for a medieval siege for a week now. A few days ago they bombed a convoy that was following their instructions to leave the area. Even if it was a mistake, by now we should all know the script. First, Israel denies it did anything, and blames the Palestinians. Then they say they did it, but it was an accident. Then they say that they did it, and they meant to do it, but they were killing terrorists. Then they say that they did it, they meant to do it, and there were civilians but they were being used as human shields. Then, they say, well sure, they did it, they meant to do it, there were civilians there, there were no terrorists, but we try not to kill civilians but they do. Then the media calls you an anti-semite for continuing to talk about it. They’ve been doing this for decades.

    Really that’s the key difference between then and now. If this was happening in 1995 the media would have run full cover for them on this. Nowadays we have the internet, we have an official spokesperson on twitter gloating about the attack before he deleted it. They don’t have full control over the information airwaves like they used to. Look at the speed with which the “decapitated babies” story crumbled.

    • “Look at the speed with which the “decapitated babies” story crumbled.”

      Wait, what? You’re saying there were no forty beheaded babies?

      C’mon, man! Next you’ll be claiming there were no pedal powered brain-bashing machines or lampshades made of human skin.

    • I don’t recognize this “script” as describing the “hospital” explosion and its aftermath.

      Are there pictures of a blown-up hospital?

      • Recall the poor Kuwaiti woman lamenting the theft of (presumably occupied?) neo natal incubators in the aftermath of Saddam’s invasion.
        How much does a standard length of standard track weigh?

        • What does that have to do with the notable absence of pictures of the flattened hospital, butthurt-person?

          Compare: Search for “Kobar Towers” and select images.

  32. The sad truth is to have lasting peace, either the Palestinians or the Israelis are going to be ethnically cleansed. The only peaceful way for this to happen is to give the entire population of Palestine a big, fat check to leave and find a host country to take them. Israeli’s will never leave until they are overrun or nuked.

    The problem is also, that no sane country wants them:

    • Exactly Chet. But if we add up all the money spent on this to date, the World could have easily resettled these folks already much more cheaply. So I have to conclude, at least preliminarily, that these people enjoy killing each other.

      2 million resettled Gazans at $500,000 each would cost $1 trillion US. Presumable the Jewish bankers and the Oil Sheiks are clever enough to finance this. It’s not even six months of US deficits these days…….

    • That’s why the Russian/Chinese diplomatic push is interesting. It will finally force the Israelis to just come out and say, “Nope, we will never agree to a Palestinian state in Gaza and the West Bank. We want them gone.”

      Let the world digest that.

    • Who gets Jerusalem?

      Every violent action by all sides, since the Jews carved out Israel, comes back to this question.

    • Chet, no Middle East country is going to take them. Hell, the King of Jordan said Jordan and Egypt would take in *no* Gaza refugees in a news conference/presentation a couple days ago.

      Jordan, if you remember, a few decades ago fought the Palestinians within their borders *back* to the West Bank. Then after putting down that rebellion, said they give up all claims to the land in favor of that area being settled by Palestinians. Of course, by that time Israeli Kibbutz‘s littered the land.

      If Israel is serious about peace, they’ll carve out the appropriate land and banish all non-Israeli’s to the area. Of course, then all you’ll have are a return to the great squatter’s camps that filled the area after the ‘48 conflict—the Palestinian not known for building functioning, governable societies.

      • “If Israel is serious about peace, they’ll carve out the appropriate land and banish all non-Israeli’s to the area.”

        Isn’t that pretty much what we have already? I mean, not “all”, but the ones not in the West Bank and Gaza don’t seem to be the problem.

  33. “Washington remains committed to their bit, but it is clear that the Middle East is not playing its part.”

    As they say in Michigan, Allahu Akbar. “Washington” seems to have several competing factions in the Ruling Class disagreeing on a broad range of issues, including this one. Given the border is wide open and wannabe jihadis might not limit their handiwork to Bitter Clingers–in fact, they probably wouldn’t even bother to target them, presents quite the problem. Also, the Religion of Peace has quite a few adherents in high places and important locales such as Brooklyn these days. China, which owns much if not most of the Ruling Class, has pronounced the ethnic cleansing of Gaza verboten. And deplatforming Harvard, to cite a prime example, doesn’t go over well with some of the Special People, either. Supporters of Our Greatest Ally and War 4-Evah certainly intended what you laid out, but these and other factors may give the competing factions the upper hand on this one for now.

    Some of the Judeo-Bolvshevik scum that flooded Western nations with “immigrants” may be experiencing an own goal. Their sometimes-senior Puritan partners may be reverting to form and ready to shut the club doors back on them. Too late in the day to save civil society, of course, but it would be fun to watch. PoMo wants to rid the West of whites and also hates Israel with intensity, so this indecision is the best-case scenario for them. Netanyahu seems to have miscalculated and thought the latter faction was weaker than the former.

    Dictatorships ultimately require dictators, and when they lack one you get gangs, sometimes unified, sometimes at war among themselves. That’s the case in the United States with the nuke situation as an unfortunate wild card. The opacity that is the hallmark of today’s rulers limits what we can know, but it certainly seems to be a rudderless cluster.

  34. if hezbollah doesn’t do anything then israel removes/exterminates all muslims from their territory, while they pretend they’re fighting hamas.

    if hezbollah does strike israel then ‘murica bombs iran and Israel gets excuse to genocide muslims. Yeah, some js will die, but fucking up Iran is a wet dream of theirs.

    The way I see it, Israel wins which either way.

    i don’t know if people noticed, but china/russia don’t blame israel for gaza, they blame ‘murica.

    So after ‘murica falls js jump ship to china/russia and they’ll protect them from neighbours with the benefit of having gotten rid of their palestinian problem & hopefully iran gets destroyed also.

    • Israel got its hat handed to it by Hezbollah in their last go around. I highly doubt that they want to go through with that again, especially with a second front in Gaza.

      So long as Hezbollah stays on its side of the border, they’ll be fine.

      As to the long-term plan of the tribe running China and/or Russia like they have the US and UK. Good luck. “My fellow Chinese” doesn’t work very well when you’re not, you know, Chinese. Even the American vassal Japan doesn’t allow the tribe to infiltrate their politics, media and banking.

      As always, the tribe has overplayed its hand. It’s what they do.

      • i wrote “if hezbollah does strike israel then ‘murica bombs iran”, not israel bombs iran, so i don’t know why you wrote that.

        • You’re not the clearest writer.

          Regardless, your first sentence doesn’t make sense. If Hezbollah stays home, how does Israel remove all the Muslims from its territory? Do you mean Gaza or just Israel proper?

          Because if you mean Gaza, good luck. Have fun trying to push out a couple of million people and hundreds of thousands of fighters from a dense urban environment. In fact, I’d love to see them try.

          Go for it Israel! Roll those tanks into Gaza with infantry support. Wipe out those Palestinians.

          When that’s done, the tribe can use their new found power in China to continue ruling the world!

          • what got you triggered?

            both in gaza and in israel proper it will happen.

            Israel has right wing militias that hunt palestinians inside its territories.
            Gaza gets leveled till everyone leaves or gets killed.

            If they send troops inside before they level city, then js are morons.

            All of this is happening already so I don’t see why you think it’s stupid.

          • We all realize that Israel wants the Palestinians to leave Gaza, but that’s not going to happen. So, sure, Israel can bomb Gaza all it wants, but they can’t make them leave without cutting off their water, food and electricity – forever.

            Once again, good luck with that. Look at the grief that Israel is getting for killing 500 people by blowing up a hospital. How’s it going to look when they starve 3 million people to death.

            Killing a few Hamas leaders and launching some missiles into Gaza is different from genocide.

            Btw, I agree. Getting rid of the Palestinians is the best solution to Israel’s problems. Some might even call it the final solution. But what makes sense on paper doesn’t always make sense on the ground.

            Also, you’re insane if you think that Russia and China blame the US for the Gaza situation. Do you really think that Russia and China don’t understand who rules America and who makes the call in the Middle East.

          • “How’s it going to look when they starve 3 million people to death.”

            I guess they’ll generate 3 million renders of dead baby AI art to compensate.
            They’ll say it’s self-defense, nobody will believe them and world continues to go on without any palestinians in gaza.
            Maybe some chinese guy will slap their wrist at best.

            “Also, you’re insane if you think that Russia and China blame the US for the Gaza situation.”

            that’s what’s coming out of their mouths, so what else can I say.
            Mossad is running wild in Ukraine and Putin has no mean words to say about Israel.

          • I’m sure that day after day after day of endless videos of Palestinians dying from hunger, thirst and disease won’t cause any problems in the Muslim world or Europe.

            The Chinese may not care about Palestinians, but they do care about Iranian and Saudi oil.

            The world is moving on from the tribe. Fine, let them genocide 3 million Palestinians in front of the world. Maybe you’re right that no one will stop them. But the rest of the world can stop dealing with them, and for a middleman people, that’s a fate worse than death.

            The tribe screwed up big time, and it’s starting to show. Flooding the West with non-whites, especially Muslims in Europe and South/East Asians in America were supremely stupid.

            The tribe was never stronger than when it controlled a powerful West and when Russia/China/India were still developing. Now, China and Russia are taking center stage. The US is waning with a rising South and East Asian elite challenging Jewish control. Europe is fading fast with their Muslim population growing stronger by the day.

            Ukraine showed that US military and economic power (and thus Jewish military and economic power) isn’t the threat that it once was. It also showed that Europe is a spent force. Now, Gaza is showing that US diplomatic power (and thus Jewish diplomatic power) is also a paper tiger.

            The 20th century really was the Jewish century. The 21st century, which is just now beginning, won’t be.

          • Js will be just fine, rest assured, when us and europe get destroyed, they’ll love it.

            new york used to be center of the world, that’s why so many of them moved there, to control world affairs.

            But when situation gets out of hand they leave cause they’re nomads.

            They leave to ‘new israel’, ukraine.
            There’s a reason why ukraine got hollowed up, to make room for the js.
            Mossad did their job splendidly.

            China/Russia blame everything on US, which means there’s no one to stop them.

          • Jews are a middleman people. Moving to Ukraine isn’t going to help them much.

            I agree that they’ll be fine. They’ll just go back to being annoying merchants who argue among themselves. But they won’t enjoy anything close to the power that they have now.

            The Asians and Indians will treat them as an outside tribe, which is what they are. They’ll do business with the Jews, but they won’t allow them to interfere with their country’s politics. The Jews will have some influence in the Middle East but not nearly as much. Europe will be a problem because of the Muslims.

            Finally, Jews will still do well in the US, but, again, they’ll be challenged.

            So, sure, Jews will be fine, but we’re definitely past Peak Jew.

  35. This is just another act in an ongoing process that spells the end of Washington’s (and, thus, the tribe’s) world dominance.

    Similar to the world slowly building alternative trade and, potentially, banking/finance routes, this is an example of the world providing an alternative diplomatic system/choice.

    In the past, the US would have been the only arbiter, and since the US foreign policy is an extension of Jewish foreign policy, nothing would have been done, except maybe a new war. But, now, other powers – Russia and China – have emerged. What’s more, the next-level players – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. – have grown tired of US/Jewish games and realize that they have another choice.

    Basically, the world wants to move past the endless GAE games so they are building alternative systems. In this case, they’re creating an alternative negotiation system where the Muslims actually get a fair hearing. The obvious solution is that the Palestinians get their own state, recognized by Israel, so the Russians and Chinese are slowly maneuvering to get that on the table. If the Israelis and Americans balk, fine. The world will know that they don’t want peace and will act accordingly.

    Ukraine and, now, the Gaza affair are showing the world that it can break away from the US and it’s ruling elite. This will not go down well in Washington. (I suspect that the Israelis will be more pragmatic.) They live to meddle in other peoples’ business – both for profit and because they feel they have that right. Our rulers won’t let go of that ability easily, but there’s not much that they can do about it outside of global war.

    Look at Biden and Blinken. They’re completely out of the diplomatic loop, and there’s nothing that they can do about it. Even Israel is realizing this and, thus, talking to Putin and, later, the Chinese.

    We’re witnessing the final end to the 20th century and the 21st century emerge.

    • It is pretty obvious that Biden and Blinken are at best bit players. The dominant factions see the handwriting on the wall and are going off the usual script.

      • It’s amazing (might I say, historic) to watch the US become a bystander in a Middle East crisis. The ground is shifting below them, and they don’t know how to react.

        • This is kind of a replay of the Suez Crisis, with the United States in the role of 1956 France/England/Israel, and China and Russia in the role of the US circa ’56. The imperial shift from the UK to the States had occurred quite a few years prior to ’56 but Suez made that stark. This is very similar to then. It is staggering to think that less than 70 years ago the States could be hostile to Israel, although demographics may make that great again.

          • Extending this analogy, how long until China leads an open attack on the USD the way Ike did on the British pound?

    • “…the next-level players – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. – have grown tired of US/Jewish games and realize that they have another choice.”

      Spot on.

      The greatest result of the Ukraine war was that the GAE blew the Golden Trumpet of International Sanctions…and everyone didn’t start dancing. Russia’s economy actually grew instead. That was a Pearl Harbor moment for the GAE. The “next level players” are indeed looking for other choices.

    • “In the past, the US would have been the only arbiter”

      Maybe from 1989 to about 2015, but before that the mighty USSR had to be taken into account. 50 years ago a panicky Kissinger intervened to stop Ariel Sharon from marching on Cairo because the US didn’t want total defeat of a major Soviet client state.

  36. “The Arab world is slowly figuring out that they are being gas lit by Washington.”

    They’ve already figured it out. MBS, for example, is no idiot. If there were any gaps in their understanding, they’d have been filled in by the Russians and the Chinese. Russia, China, and Iran would have figured out immediately what the neocon game plan was. Likewise for Turkey. The sh!theads in DC imagine everyone is as stupid as them. It’s like watching a chess game between a novice and a master, where the novice thinks the master won’t see his crude one- and two-move tricks.

    The hospital attack is bad news and I’m not convinced it wasn’t deliberate. Likewise for the Israelis telling the Palestinians to evacuate and then strafing the convoys.

    At the moment the only one the GAE is bullshitting is itself.

    • As far as the gaslighting goes:

      My ultra blue libtard neighborhood embraces every lefty fad. Gay flags, trans flags, RBG memorial posters, Ukraine flags, etc.

      Not a single Israeli flag though. Or Palestine one, for that matter.

      No one knows what to think about the mass propaganda from all sides. Definitely too hot to discuss in public or in polite company.

      No one wants to be called an anti-Semite: criticizing Israel, no mater how careful or historically literate arguments are made, this topic is just not allowed.

      I’d like to think people are just sick of the mess over there and while tragic, it’s a situation of their own making.

      • No one also wants to be called a rayciss for condeming the Palis. What, pray tell, is an anti-white racist in good standing to do? I, shall we say, appreciate their discomfiture…

      • Your ultra blue libtard is no doubt like all the other libtards: if non-Jewish, they side with Palestine but they don’t want to criticize Biden because they’ve invested so much in him as the “Anti-Trump”, covering his a$$, they have to fall in line or at least keep silent.
        if Jewish, they side with Israel (the call of Blut und Boden) but they don’t want to criticize Biden because they’ve invested so much in him as the “Anti-Trump”, covering his a$$, they have to fall in line or at least keep silent.

  37. Not surprised the Israelis have paused; seen reports that they’ve mobilized over 300,000 troops but here’s the thing – they’re gonna need that & a lot more: urban combat is THE. WORST. I speak with a lot of Veterans by nature of what I do & former Marines who served in Hue City during the Tet Offensive in 1968 have spoken @ length about it. Urban combat is an absolute nightmare; you never know what’s around the next corner, in the next room, upstairs or downstairs. The Marines couldn’t move down the streets due to the NVA having them covered with snipers & crew-served weapons so the Marines had to knock/blow holes in walls of buildings & houses & crawl thru them to get @ the NVA.

    And – in the process of this – Gaza will be destroyed & that makes for even tougher going since all the rubble creates ready made sniper nests & machine gun emplacements. In this environment heavy armor is effectively limited; tanks can’t move thru rubble-filled streets & have to be heavily covered by infantry since they are rendered extremely vulnerable to anti-tank weapons launched @ point blank range. Urban combat is a total infantry-centered battle & the reservists that Israel has mobilized may not have the skills to perform effectively in such an environment without taking egregious losses.

    No wonder the IDF is probably having second thoughts. With places like Stalingrad (probably history’s most well known urban battle ), Kharkov (3x), Seoul 1951, & Hue City 1968, in memory it’s enough to give any clear-headed individual pause for thought.

    • This is why the Russians have reorganized their side of the war as they did. Ukraine has turned small cities into massive fortresses from which they can conduct operations. It is why it took months to secure Bakhmut. They had to go block by block, often destroying whole blocks with artillery in order to clear them. They are doing the same thing in a city called Avdeevka right now. The place is littered with air defense and artillery. Ukraine uses it to attack Donetsk. The Russians are slowly encircling it, in the hope that Ukraine evacuates.

      • Encircling in the hope of an evacuation seemed to be Israel’s plan as well.

        It’s obvious that Israel want the Palestinians to leave. For most of the world, the solution to this problem is a Palestinian state, but Israel isn’t going to go for that. They want the Palestinians gone and Gaza for Israeli settlers.

        That’s why the Russian/Chinese diplomatic moves are so interesting. They’re going to force Israel’s hand.

        • It doesn’t get mentioned a lot, but Israel has been somewhat neutral in the Russia/Ukraine war. The reason for this is the obvious decline in American power.

          • Not neutral enough though, they’ve aided the Ukraine more than a true neutral would have done. They’ve provided advisors and a little military aid but no money.

            The way events are unfolding you’ve just got to wonder if that New Khazaria story that has been floating around doesn’t have a little basis in truth. The Ukraine is being depopulated right now so it’s empty in case those in the Middle East decide it has beome too hot for them to stay.

        • And with the expulsion of the Gazan Palestinians comes full title to any and all off shore natural gas fields: energy security for Israel, and large amounts of geld.

      • Z –

        Bahkmut – & the whole Ukraine SMO – seems to be a reworking of General Erich von Falkenhayn’s strategy @ Verdun 1916; bleed the enemy forces white. According to Col Douglas MacGregor, USA, Ret., Ukraine has lost upwards of 450,000 KIA to date with Russian casualties somewhere around 70,000. That’s an incredible inflict-to-loss ratio if accurate (Germans inflicted an incredible 11 to 1 ratio on the Soviets during WWII). As heretofore noted, he’s getting reports that Ukraine Press Gangs are rounding up all able-bodied men from 16-60 for active service. The Russians even claim to have captured a 71yr old Ukrainian tank driver.

        Facts on the ground in Ukraine appear to be the Ukies have no air cover & can’t establish any nor can they get thu the Russian minefields or defensive belts. In the ISR (Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance) environment that is today’s battlefield, the Ukie assembly areas are hit by Russian artillery & missile fire & broken up before their attacks can get going. The Ukies can’t do anything that isn’t observed.

        Hence the stalemate if accurate.

        • I increasingly hear the word “stalemate”. I’m not sure that’s accurate. Not an educated person here, but I always thought it referred to two opponents—neither of whom can make progress against the other.

          How do we define progress? Well, simplistically we can look at territorial gains. Another way, we can look at the losses one side inflicts upon the other. I prefer the latter. Russia is bleeding Ukraine dry wrt combat effectiveness and if latest accounts are to be believed, extending their attacks to more of the country’s infrastructure to affect civilians than before.

          This is not a stalemate, but rather a specific strategy that seems sound, barring unpredicted escalation from NATO—which is judged unlikely.

          • Compsci-

            You are correct sir. Bad wording on my part. It’s only a “stalemate” in that the Russians – for whatever reason Putin has chosen – to lay back behind fortified positions & let the Ukrainians hurl themselves at them. Since their armor never appears to get very far the Ukrainians have had to attempt it with infantry, hence their high casualty rates.

            According to Col Douglas MacGregor, USA, Ret., & Larry Johnson (former CIA) they are under the educated – thru their sources in Ukraine & Belorus – opinion that Putin’s “hanging back” strategy seems to bleed the Ukrainians white Verdun-style while not attempting to generate a confrontation with the west. They are of the opinion that the Russians are fighting this war with one hand tied behind their back. Reportedly this has led to some conflict with the Russian General Staff, who apparently are anxious to go for the knockout blow & get it over with.

            Time will tell of course.

      • They may be turning Avdeevka into another Bakhmut. It will not be entirely encircled, but Zelensky will be allowed to push in reenforcements to be killed in another “meatgrinder.” 50,000 more dead Ukrainians.

        • Senseless & there’s no reason for it; they could have had a ceasefire over a year ago but former PM Boris Johnson convinced Zelensky to suspend any convo with Putin since the west “had his back”.

          The west will defend Ukraine to the very last Ukrainian.

    • An urban battle that is not well known, but was extremely costly was the 1945 Battle of Manila. IIRC, the Japanese Army evacuated the city, but Japanese naval infantry put up a ferocious and ruthless resistance that inflicted heavy casualties on the advancing Americans, but especially on Philippino civilians. Almost all the Japanese defenders died, but that was typical of WWII. Urban warfare is something to be avoided if at all possible. Even when you win, you lose.

      • Disagree.

        Wikipedia (Battle of Manila (1945)):
        35,000 US troops
        3,000 Filipino guerrillas
        [Japan:]12,500 sailors and marines
        4,500 soldiers…
        Casualties and losses
        [US]1,010 killed
        5,565 wounded…
        [Japan]16,665 killed (counted dead in Intramuros[section of Manila] alone)… 
        100,000 killed
        250,000 total casualties…”

        Given that the civilians in this case would be enemy ones repeating this might even be a good investment for the Israelis.

  38. Helmuth von Moltke! There’s been a story about him floating around that’s always cracked me up. Apparently the tale is told that he only smiled two times in his life – once when they showed him some kind of obsolescent field fortifications and once when his mother-in-law died.

    • Your tale is most likely false. They don’t make them like von Moltke anymore. He was cut from the same cloth that produced military leaders like Washington, Marshal, and Lee. But von Moltke’s son did not measure up and proved to be a mediocrity.

    • It was said of Helmuth von Moltke the Elder that he was the only man who could be silent in seven languages. He was very unusual; an introvert who nevertheless became an excellent and highly respected military commander. His statue in Berlin depicts him in thoughtful repose, not astride a horse, or waiving a sword. Towards the end of his life he became concerned about how destructive modern war was becoming.
      Unfortunately for Germany, his nephew, von Moltke the Younger, lacked his cool temperament and had a de facto nervous breakdown during the First Battle of the Marne. As another commentator has said, they (certainly the West) just doesn’t produce leaders of that caliber today.

  39. It used to be said that to the Pentagon, All Wars Are Vietnam. Which isn’t true and never was. To the Pentagon, All Wars Are WWII — America has endless supplies of everything and total air and naval superiority, so it can do what it likes (my favorite statistic from WWII is along the lines of “6,000 lbs of ice a day.” That’s what they were making on some godforsaken Pacific rock within a week of it being captured, just to keep the rations cold. My second favorite statistic: The US had two tons of equipment for every infantryman in the Pacific; Japan had something like four pounds per soldier).

    The same situation applied in Vietnam, but damn it, the North Vietnamese just wouldn’t follow the script the way the Japanese did. I feel weird recommending his book, given his dismal record in the Trump administration of making the exact same mistakes he wrote so lucidly about, but H.R. McMaster’s Dereliction of Duty is a brilliant look at US “strategic” thinking in Vietnam. They simply had no idea that Ho Chi Minh could go off script. He didn’t respond to the “graduated pressure” bombings they way the models insisted he would, so they went with even more “graduated” pressure: Smaller target lists, more restricted rules of engagement, to the point where McNamara and LBJ were sitting in a room in the White House, on the phone with the air commanders in Saigon, telling them which targets to hit and when.

    The US learned absolutely nothing from that, so when it was time to fight again, against Saddam, they went back to the old WWII pattern of “drop everything in the arsenal on him, all at once.” Saddam followed the script, so… winning?

    I’d bet pretty long money that those carrier groups have the munitions for one, two strikes, tops. If that doesn’t work… well, that’s impossible, so never mind, but I guess we’d have to ask the Mullahs for an 18 month cease fire, so Raytheon can restock?

    • I wish everyone who didn’t spend as much time as I do paying attention to what the US Army does understood how correct the sentiment, “To the Pentagon, All Wars Are WWII” is… They even reverted back to their Pinks and Greens Class A uniforms couple of years ago. The Army brass know they haven’t won fuckall since dubya dubya, and every freaking historical reference they make now is to that war (look at the new AUSA logo). The Army LONGS for a pan-European conflict, the only problem is we neither have the industrial infrastructure nor the human capital capable of pursuing it.

      The Army doesn’t want a MiddleEast war (been there done that) and certainly does not want to fight in the Pacific. Funds Gap or bust boys…

      • “Funds Gap”?

        There’s no lack of funds, except at the pointy end after all the middle men have taken their cut..

        Fulda is meant, I presume.

  40. Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing. Like democracy, I hope the PTB get it good and hard.

  41. “Washington now finds itself on the wrong side of a war that no one really wants, especially the Israelis.”

    The Israelis want the war, I think. They just don’t want to fight it themselves. Rather, they want American soldiers to fight and die for the cause. We saw this dynamic in Ukraine, where the tribe didn’t hesitate to sacrifice mountains of goyish blood for the cause.

    Sacrificing other people’s kids is easy. Their own, not so much.

    • I suspect Netanyahu thought it would be a good way to rally the country and therefore suppress dissent, but now the IDF is balking at the ground war idea. Now that they hit a hospital, the air war is now becoming a problem.

  42. Hmmm

    A bunch of psychopathic sociopaths miscalculated AGAIN regarding world politics and foreign relations.

    Who’d a thunk it?

    • Odds are it was Israel [that hit the hospital], and it was simply a mistake

      I don’t think they get that mulligan after their psychopathic rants.

      Washington remains committed to their bit

      It does almost seem like the DC crew maybe had the same idea as Ukraine and fighting Iran to the last Israeli. Too bad for them the Israelis aren’t quite as dumb as the Ukes.

  43. In July, massive race riots gripped France for two weeks. Macron went on dancing at Elton John concerts, blamed law enforcement and showed no concern. Now, because of hostilities half a world away, not an immediate threat to the French, they pre-emptively shut down all protests.

    Englishmen cannot protest their replacement and subjugation. Hordes of Muslims swarmed all over the Islamic Colony of London and protested and agitated on behalf of Palestine.

    America is being turned into a continental West Bank / refugee camp and people are suggesting we import the entire population of Gaza here. Scotland’s Muslim PM and his wife are making a case for taking them to make Scotland less white.

    Anti-white vitriol and discrimination is a feature of American University life. It isn’t discussed. Josh Hawley is clamoring for removing funding and making anti-Israel expression criminal on college campuses.

    Anti-white vitriol and discrimination is a feature of American University life. It isn’t discussed. A Utah billionaire takes away his endowment for U. of Penn for them supporting anti-semitic speech.

    Who is always last? Who is always forsaken? The scales are falling from more and more eyes. Every contradiction and explicit demonstration of for and by who The West is being run to benefit is clear for all to see. For the people always last and forsaken who among them will stand up and make history by being their champions?

  44. The Washington clown show for sure didn’t anticipate all the anti-ischmael demonstrations and sentiment around the world, including the good old US of A. Once again, they’re on the proverbial “wrong side of history” which they love to lecture everyone is actually the right side. Screw them…


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