A Night In The Future

I had a long day yesterday, as I had to start early in order to get my day job items finished by noon, so I could use the rest of the day on another project. That project took me out of the house and on the road until late in the evening. By the time I got home and settled in it was near bedtime. That also meant I had no time to eat along the way, so by the time I was making the trip home I was starving. The last thing I wanted to do was cook, so I decided to stop at a fast-food place.

The first stop was McDonald’s, which is probably the default for most people around the world when you need food in a pinch. The food is not terrible tasting, a bit nostalgic for most Americans, but it is always the same. Outside of the rare exceptions, the burger from the McDonald’s in Europe is going to taste the same as one from Asia, which will be the same as one from Idaho. I was not hankering for a Big Mac, but I had to eat something and that seemed like an easy option.

The drive through had about four or five cars in it when I arrived. Ten minutes later there were a few more cars and I had not moved an inch. Then more cars and then finally the line started to move. It was one of those deals with two ordering lanes and one pay and get your food lane. I question whether this is any better in terms of speed of processing, but it does let them stack up more cars. This last bit is something that is becoming a feature of fast food – waiting for your food.

I get to the order spot and a saucy sassy diverse female voice flippantly asks me what I want, like I just rolled up to her crib, as the locals put it. I asked for the number seven, which is two cheeseburgers, fries, and a drink. McDonald’s no longer has a small, so the small is now a medium. We had a minor debate about my demand for medium as she kept saying large. At least that is what I thought as it sounded like she was at a house party rather than the drive up window.

I am fifteen minutes into this by the time I creep up to the first window, where I expected to pay nine dollars for what used to be on the dollar menu. There is no one there, but the car in front of me is in loud negotiations with the person handing bags of food, so I just sit waiting. A young urban youth appears at the window and begins doing a funky dance for some reason. He is twirling and spinning, while he laughs and talks to someone off screen. He then leaves the scene.

Finally, I pull up to the second window, expecting to pay, but a sassy female who sort of looked like Grimace, if he had been in the sun too long, tells me that I need to pay funky dance guy in the previous window. I told her there was no one there, so she left, and I think she went to yell at him. She comes back and tells me funky dance man is back in his window. I think she expected me to get out and walk back to pay him, as she just stared at me, but I drove off instead.

Next up was a Wendy’s a block away. It has been a long time since I visited with Dave as I do not have fast food very often. When I was on the road all the time, Wendy’s was a preferred stop of the conventional chains. Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King were my order of preference if I had to choose. That was long ago and now I avoid this stuff for the most part. They have added things since my last time. The big special item was what looked like nachos between two trashcan lids.

After a ten-minute wait, a sassy diverse female demanded to know why I was bothering them, and I told her I wanted a double burger meal. I noted that the prices were a bit better than McDonald’s. The double burger meal was $7.49. The big garish looking things were all over ten bucks. I get to the window, and I am told by the man in every ad now that I owed them $11.49. I told him the sign says $7.49 and he told me he did not give a bleep; the meal is $11.49. I drove off.

At this point I was thinking that maybe Uncle Ted was right all along. I am not talking about industrial society and its future. I am not even thinking about the letter bombing campaign, at least not now. He may have been onto something with the off grid living business, despite the compromises on hygiene. At these moments, I can understand why so many white guys still think Ayn Rand speaks to their soul. At least they would never have to see another funky dance.

I have written often about what happens when you try to run a technological society with lots of low-IQ people. Anyone who has spent time in South America or California has glimpsed the future. Even simple things become increasingly inefficient and then people seek to work around the bottlenecks, which adds to the inefficiency. In South America they have an expression called “the Latin way” which means lots of people buzzing about looking busy, but not accomplishing much.

If you add in an aggressively hostile and entitled population to the mix, it is hard to see how we keep the plates spinning. Fast food places keep going mostly on inertia, as they have been a part of the culture for generations. At some point, they either get automated or people abandon them. In other words, in order to maintain the technological society, it will mean masses of unemployed, aggressively hostile and entitled people looking for something to do.

One final thought. The 1990’s action flick Demolition Man probably had the near future about right when they imagined a world run by managerial silly people attempting to control a population of troublemakers. That is where our rulers think this is heading, except they are smart enough to keep a lid on things. The beautiful people and their attendants will manage a giant outdoor penal colony. Maybe they are right, but they best not expect to get a fast-food meal late at night.

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286 thoughts on “A Night In The Future

  1. Walked to the local sub shop yesterday. The punjabi behind the counter vigorously rubbed his beard with both hands, coating them with oil, dander and crumbs or whatever. Without washing he put on one vinyl food service glove and smacked it with his ungloved hand to work his dirty fingers inside. This contaminated the vinyl surface with beard residue.

    My jaw dropped, I turned and fled. Went to the nearest Foxtrot. Never going back to the sub shop.

    Import the turd world, become the turd world.

  2. Choices are;
    1. You and James LaFronde start a National Socialist Party, tailored to our needs. Not Europe 1930s.

    2. Move. FFS .

    Don’t worry, it will get better after much worse.

    • Vxxc, for my money, you just won the internet for the day.

      The taboo that the dissident right has against embracing national socialism must be breached at some point.

      To anyone who disagrees, describe to me a way out of our plight that doesn’t involve actions that history would label “fascist.” I’ll wait…

      • Well, since everything is called “fascism”, it just doesn’t mean anything anymore. Being for families and community can be called fascist. So can having a work ethic.

        But none of that implies national socialism. Our problems are racial and fascism isn’t necessarily that good on race. As someone said, all you need to be a good fascist is a stiff right arm.

        Also, we’ve learned new things about economics and politics in the last 100 years. By the way, tons of guys have done the national socialism thing over the last 50 years. They all flame out.

  3. I had a similar experience on Saturday.

    My son and his HS band were out of town for a band competition. The band rode a charter bus, and parents traveled to and from the event on our own. The award ceremony ended at a late hour in the evening, which projected us getting back home by around 10:30

    I got a head start on the busses and left around 7:30, planning on stopping along the way to grab a bite. I pulled off at an interstate exit with a McDonalds, a Burger King, and a convenient store.

    I sat behind a car at the ordering menu at McDonalds for 5 minutes, assuming that they were waiting on something, a confirmation of price or whatever. Finally I rolled down the window and asked if anyone had taken their order. They said “no”. Mind you, this is only around 8:00 at this time. Past rush hour for fast food, but within the window where they should be staffed. I pulled around and there were 5 cars waiting in line at the window. I decided Burger King might be a better choice.

    I crossed the street and got in their drive through. I sat myself at the ordering menu for 5 minutes with no peep. I finally spoke up and asked if someone was going to take my order. A diverse and vibrant person asked me what I wanted, and I ordered the 2 whopper Jr special. I pulled up, only to see 6 cars ahead of me in the line for the window. I waited for 5 minutes for the line to progress. It did not, and I left.

    I said “F it” and pulled onto the convenience store and got a 2 hour old slice of Hunt Brothers pizza and a plastic bottle of coke. I wasted 20 minutes for nothing. The convenience store garbage was 2-3 dollars cheaper than what I would have paid for the fast food places. So I guess there was a silver lining.

  4. I still eat out at Firehouse Subs. They’re easily the best submarine sandwich chain, albeit a bit on the pricey side.

  5. sort of a sidebar but while everyone has heard of the sidney poitier archetype there is a lesser known archetype that predated him. That archetype being the sort of goofy friendly and harmless black guy – think of Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Uncle Remus etc.

    To the extent we have them in our society, we need the blacks working fast food to be of that archetype – kind of the pullman porter with the bow tie.

      • EARLY LIFE:

        “Benny was born Benjamin Kubelsky in Chicago, Illinois, on February 14, 1894, and grew up in nearby Waukegan. He was the son of ***CENSORED*** immigrants Meyer Kubelsky (1864–1946) and Naomi Emma Sachs Kubelsky (1869–1917). Meyer was a saloon owner and later a haberdasher who had emigrated to the United States of America from Poland. Emma had emigrated from Lithuania.”

    • You’re more likely to be served by Louis Farrakhan, not Louis Armstrong, in the average urban fast food location.

  6. Your McDonalds and Wendys employees of today, your airline pilots and neurosurgeons of tomorrow. Celebrate diversity!

          • You people are joking about this, but if one of your children is in a car wreck, and the hospital attempts to assign a diversity hire as the trauma surgeon, then you’re gonna go thermonukular.

            You’ll be so apoplectic that you’ll be throwing chairs & cracking open the sku11s of orderlies & an entire platoon of pol!ce officers will storm the surgery suites to take you down.

            When you see a quota hire about to become an attending physician of your badly mauled child, the Saxon will awaken in you.

          • You are absolutely right. I don’t have the energy to be overtly angry all the time. And a little gallows humor never hurt. But
            I am seething over what has been done to the civilized world. And you are absolutely right.

  7. Some blacks I worked with in the 90’s bragged about spitting in people’s food at the fast food places they worked at. They claimed they did to unruly customers but knowing the people I worked with, it probably was for the majority of white customers. I stopped eating fast food after that.

    • While on duty, and in uniform, I had a pavement ape hoc a lugi in my Chipotle burrito bowl. I went to the bathroom after ordering, and did a double take to add to my order. Caught him right in the act.

      I arrested him for attempt heinous battery, and the SA refused to approve charges.

      After that, I sat in the parking lot and warned people that were coming in. They were gone within a month.

      • Great activism on your part! I don’t do much activism in daily life. Maybe one should??

        If you get publicity, prepare for the evil regime to come down on you like a ton of bricks. And hat’s off to your little victory

  8. Z, you go looking to fill your innards with garbage at the likes of Micky D’s and Wendy’s, and are shocked at the low-brow employees? Might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb and go to Popeye’s (or the equally awful Chick Fil’A).
    Went to Carl’s Junior in a diverse city earlier this year, on a long road home from an event, purely because I’d just watched “Idiocracy”. Burger was “meh” and to go to the restroom I needed a lock code from the friendly young Mexicana behind the counter.

  9. Am I imagining this or is there a website that advises on places to patronize and places to avoid based on the demographics of that joint’s typical customer? If not, there needs to be one; a TripAdvisor for the pale faces.

    Conversely, if there were certain catch phrases that we could use to leave in the comments of the existing TripAdvisor it would throw sand in their gears as they would be forced to constantly fight against their inclusion. Kind of like the way school administrators have to comb through student pictures to find any “OK” signs being flashed.

    • I was just thinking a bit more about this at the gym. Websites would probably employ algorithms to automatically delete certain terms, words, and phrases so they would have to be couched in language that wouldn’t seem out of place. For instance, something like writing “the menu was confusing” at a restaurant or “there was too much chlorine in the pool” at a hotel could act as a warning that the wait or desk staff is diverse.

  10. Even getting gas is a problem now. You pull into a gas station and suddenly young urban men start harassing you about pumping your gas for you or washing the windshield for “tip” money. After shoeing them away by telling them you have no money, you can’t even whip out the credit card and get the gas because phony readers are now a regular feature of pay at the pump gas stations. Plus there is another scam going on where if you pump your gas, somebody will come out and rudely take the filler hose off you and then pretend to put it back in the pump to end the transaction. Then, after you drive away, they sell gas for a discounted cash price (you are paying for) to other people. So you have to go to the window where some other urban youth can accept cash or swipe your credit card inside. But it is not exactly uncommon for these people to take a picture of your card with their phone for later use because the walk up after hours window at the gas station allows them to have your card out of your view.

    The diversity tax is everywhere.

      • Right on. The war on cash, another bar in the prison they’re trying to build around us

    • Don’t buy gas, don’t buy anything, don’t patronize any biz within 20 miles of any big city. Sadly, as we are rapidly being replaced and the urban disease is spreading, this is becoming increasingly harder to do. Practice situational awareness. Don’t let your guard down. Always carry. At least two mags. Think the Wild West. Get out of Dodge. Read the Derbs message to your kids.

      There is a whole panoply of terror cells in our country thanks to Traitor Joe just waiting to get the green light.

  11. Since we’re speaking of the future, I’d like to moot something as a possibility. Not a prediction, not a desire, but just a hypothetical that helps to flesh out the thought-space.

    How would you feel if you were coopted by the imperial ministers of culture? I mean, what if the Dissident Right ended up getting 75-90% of everything they wanted, but if it was all implemented by people whom you formerly considered to be your ideological enemies, and for reasons that you didn’t agree with?

    For example, let’s say immigration stops, but it is the Left that closes the border because they realize that their bread is buttered more on the side of the resurgent labor movement, and anyway they find the native population much easier to control than the huddled masses from everywhere else.

    Or another example, let’s say that Affirmative Action stops being enforced and is eventually quietly forgotten about, but it’s only because the existing minority patronage networks can now be counted on to be the tribunes of diversity and to supply enough diversity opportunities, when and where such pressures need to be relieved, without resorting to the letter of the law; meanwhile, the shrinking upper middle class white population now feels the need to defend their turf without ever admitting they were wrong, so they begin to exclusively look after their own, but they do it under the auspices of “family values,” which they now hypocritically regard as being their position all along.

    Or a third example, let’s say fiscal restraint is imposed upon the government, welfare and entitlement programs are cut, but it’s all marketed as necessary to aid the war efforts of our allies like Ukraine and Israel, and no patriotic American should be against it.

    Or a fourth example, let’s say that the LGBT and sexual perversity crowd is cut off from the public space and forced back into the closet, but it’s explained to them that this is a protective measure, and if they don’t hide themselves then the risk that they will be attacked by agents of Putin or Radical Islam is just too great to take.

    Or a fifth example, let’s say that the Green New Deal is quietly shelved, but it’s explained that the need to aid Europeans with coal and LNG in the face of Putin’s merciless energy embargo takes preference over the climate catastrophe, which in any case has been mitigated by previous efforts at electrification and renewables.

    In other words, many good ideas are implemented but all of the same bad guys win, and the public is never educated about what really happened and why.

    I ask because it certainly seems to me that there are elements within the Biden Administration that are moving in this very direction. It raises questions for me about previous periods of relative calm, like the 1950s for instance. Perhaps the social peace of that era was simply the ossified remains of the war propaganda, and that the root causes of the great conflict were never properly addressed and brought to light. This has now become my default historiographic paradigm for interpreting the 20th century.

    • Immigration, aka the great replacement, is THE issue. Anything that would alleviate that, no matter how you sold it. Even if it were sold by gaslighting and that could cause problems later, i would rather mitigate the replacement. And then deal with those problems later

    • “In other words, many good ideas are implemented but all of the same bad guys win, and the public is never educated about what really happened and why.”

      Like they’d ever get it halfway through their thick heads anyway. I’d be fine with all that.

  12. Here in Germany, McDonalds and KFC have become quite popular with the younger crowd. To be honest, the ones in France area actually better, but as you said, they all taste pretty much the same.

    I noticed about 10 years ago, at the same time diversity hires were becoming more common, electronic order kiosks were starting to appear and ordering and paying at the counter with cash disappeared entirely. We are now seeing more and more of these kiosks appear here in Germany at about the same rate where ever diversity is starting to spread.

    Was the timing of these two events a coincidence? I think not.

    While observing the benefits of said diversity at one McDonalds, it was amusing to watch the manager trying to explain how things worked. The person they had hired was obviously of non-European descent and spoke very little German, and based on the interaction between the two, understood even less. Just watching how this person worked, it was clear their IQ was about the same as a Happy Meal.

    Suffice to say, this only works when they don’t have to do anything more than call out a number and hand you a tray. The only multi-culti McDonalds that was an exception was run by what I guess what an entire Indian clan. Not only was it the cleanest McDonalds I have ever visited, but efficient and fast. One of the few McDonalds where my meal was still quite hot when they brought it to our table.

    Unfortunately, like in America, German kids with any education have no interest working fast food restaurants. Instead, we see more and more diverse hires struggling with even the basic tasks such as figuring out how to get your order into a paper bag.

    You can forget about these people being smart enough to hand you the correct change, even if the cash register does the calculation. Just like you can forget about the napkin dispensers being refilled, or toilets being clean, let alone the tables being wiped.

    Fun fact – In Germany, we often refer to KFC as “Kentucky Schreit Ficken”, but not in polite company.

    • Indians in America/Canada avoid McDonalds like the plague due to the whole sacred cow thing. It used to be that the only sub-cons one would see in my town in New York State were Torontonians who hopped off the interstate to patronize KFC on their way to and from the south.

    • Horst, it’s sickening that American fast food/Negro culture like KFC has invaded Deutschland. Please accept my apologies.

      For my part, I just finished a can of wonderful Bitburger zwickl.

      I think I got the better deal out of the cultural exchange.

  13. I will very occasionally get fast food. When I do l like Subway or even better a sandwich from one of those small non chain deli stores. But the diversity hire is a problem. They act like you’re bothering them. Read the comments above, or below i guess, and I agree, it’s better to avoid this stuff. Giving up fast food is one of the smallest sacrifices we’ll need to make

    • Exactly. Diversity hire is the major problem—not that White youth is all that much an improvement these days wrt fast food service.

      The problem I find with places like McDonalds is their food is crap. When I was younger, I knew no better, so I did frequent MD’s.

      Had that experience just last weekend. Needed to stop on a long trip out of town. Tried their spicy chicken sandwich. Wife refused to finish it after one bite. Exceedingly hot/spicy peppered (and we live in a Hispanic area, so are not novice in such taste, but there is a limit that even the Hispanic community won’t exceed) . The chicken (?) was a processed, grey goo. I can only assume the spice was turned up to mask the tasteless chicken goo you were eating.

      Such food is *not* the result of minimum wage workers, it stems directly from corporate decisions as to what to serve and the quality of the product provided for the cost charged. The fast food chains Z-man mentions are here as well, I don’t patronize them either. For a *good* chicken sandwich there is Chick-fil-A, still about $5-7. For a burger, any number of local places/chains. Subways are here as well, and are always reasonable wrt quality. (Cops love it because they can view the food preparation—if you get my drift. 😉 )

      • Yeah I forgot to mention that, we’re at the point where it’s a comfort to see your food being prepared, for the reasons you would also rather not mention 😕

    • “When I do l like Subway…”

      Yes, Subway, the place pitched by the skinny fat child molester.

      Taught me the value of ‘defensive’ sammich customer-ness. See, the bright, bright persons they had working there would have to be supervised by you. As they made your sandwich. They would just as soon toss a tomato slice on with a core the size and thickness of a dime than not.

      So, pointing, “please remove that one. That one, there, no core. I don’t want to ingest wood, thanks.”

      Eventually problem was solved by bailing on the fast food thing altogether.

      • Chimeral: “the skinny fat child molester”

        EARLY LIFE: “Fogle was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on August 23, 1977, to Norman and Adrienne Fogle. He has a younger brother and sister. He was raised in a *** CENSORED *** home. He had a *** CENSORED *** while on a trip to *** CENSORED ***, and then was confirmed by his Conservative-Reconstructionist *** CENSORED ***.”

      • It’s funny, I remember back in college 15 years ago Subway was pretty good and I liked eating there because the veggies were fresh. Since then it’s always dead lettuce and transparent cucumbers and tomatoes that clearly were frozen. And way too expensive for what you’re getting, I can get the ingredients for several hoagies for the price of one fast food sandwich.

  14. So I’m sitting at a Denny’s in western NY…all I ordered was a black coffee…check comes and it’s $3.59…with tax $3.90

    this shit is insane

      • Handsome Kevin got a little off track/
        Took a year off from college and he never went back/
        Now he smokes much too much/
        Got a permanent hack/
        Deals dope out of Denny’s/
        Got a table in the back.

        • Upvote for the David and David reference.

          Let’s just hope AuJus69 doesn’t get Swallowed by the Cracks.

        • Also they like to overstay their welcome at Dunkin Donuts, makes the real customers very uneasy to see the cholos fingering their waistbands under their jackets..

      • Ah yes, that ambiance. Reminds me of back a while, at a ‘high end’ sports club, guest of a friend. After big sweat, he says, ‘let’s go in the steam room’ … opens door, out stares some swarthy folks…. and their ambiance wafts out too.

        I opt for the sauna, dry heat, one guy reading a book.

        Reminds me of last time looked in to a Dennys… did not go in.

  15. This reminds me quite a bit of when I visited Washington DC, every single person working in the service industry was a surly jigaboo. On the West coast it’s all hispanics who at least do their jobs competently. The younger ones have picked up on the trendy race hatred though since I get the same death glare from them that one gets from jungle bunnies, while the older ones are polite and friendly.

    It’s a shame really, there’s a taqueria I used to like and the guy running it was always friendly to all the white fatsos who waddled in to get their burritos portioned for four people. But as he got older his daughter started taking over more, and the last few times I went I noticed she was making a point of serving whites last and had that same “why the fuck are you bothering me?” attitude Z describes with his visit to the Mickey D’s chimp enclosure.

    • Prior to the scamdemic, I was a frequent visitor to a burrito shop down the road. All Hispanic employees. However, as I’ve said before, it is not common to get an attitude here from Hispanics. We co-exist—not to mention we still have all the money. 😉 But really, the folk are pleasant—except for one of the cooks who is a tattooed ex(?) gang member—even he is tolerable to me anyway. (I’m building up the courage to ask about the tattoo tear drop under his left eye. Inquiring minds want to know…)

      This burrito shop was the real thing. It even was closed by the Board of Health and reopened under a new name (same menu and employees). The burro I usually order was about $6. During the scamdemic, they kept the place open and never bugged anyone about wearing a mask or keeping their distance. I never cared that they raised the price a bit and left a tip for take out. There were few places left open and I was grateful.

      Shortly after Biden and Democrat inflation, they have repeatedly raised their price for the same burrito to a bit under $13! No matter how you figure it, we have a doubling of price in three years.

      • The kids of the hispanics all resent that their parents had to work menial jobs. All the woke stuff has it in their heads that their parents should have been made doctors and lawyers after jumping over the border fence, and I guarantee in the near future they’re going to be carrying on about hiring hispanics to pick fruit and mow lawns as equivalent to plantation slavery.

  16. Hollywood has been making dystopian movies for a long time now, and many depict a world in which Cloud People rule over the Untermenschen locked into violent cauldrons of collapsed former cities. But none of that is what the models predict, nor does the collapse necessarily end in that scenario. A far better outcome, which is ultimately and maximally more humane, is the pathogen/antigen/antibody version of basic biology. The pathogens are few, but do the vast majority of the harm; and if unchecked, lead to a terminal endpoint for everyone. Nature says “no way, the pathogens must go.”

    The past two generations of youthful males are all diehard gamers. Many are highly intelligent and have hand-eye coordination skill that is off-the-charts. And closet nerds tend to be invisible and cloistered in basements. And basements are where drones can be easily assembled. A drone with a 20 km range and night vision is child’s play nowadays. And Cloud People do not really reside in the clouds.

    Its the only way to be sure.

  17. If you’re on the road, there’s always Cracker Barrel. The name itself is genius, as I’ve never seen a diversity hire in one. The food, meh.

    • Tom K: Perhaps not a diversity hire, but last time hubby and I stopped there we encountered some pajeet customers. Of course, this was back in the DFW ‘burbs which are han/pajeet central. The closest Cracker Barrel to us now is a couple of hours away. When I don’t feel like cooking, there is a small, local-owned pizza place that’s pretty good, and a couple of bbq places. I find the local company to be a bigger draw than the food.

    • Currently located on the commie pinko fagg coast.
      When finding myself In the pinch you describe I’ll take my chances in some type of quick mart, out here 7-11 is the go to. There instead of taking chances of some type of bio Hazzard included free with your “meal”
      You just have to deal with various begging homeless types.sometimes I actually feel some sympathy for these lowly substance addicts & will buy them something to eat or drink. I do not give them cash.
      Anyway if you get some type of garbage food wrapped in plastic it’s less likely to have included gifts courtesy of the subhuman staff, and the waiting is almost always less.
      The downside is you have yo get out of your vehicle and be in close proximity to addled orcs of various types. I am always armed in these situations normally with a hammer less pocket type revolver that can be fired through a coat pocket.
      I hate that this is today’s America. I suspect sometime soon we may look back on current time as safer.
      My plan is to relocate inland. Our place is in one of the few remaining whitetopias. Getting anything like fast food in those places is like America used to be.
      The kids are polite, smile, are not constantly on edge. Even drive non aggressively. If you smell a skunk it’s an actual skunk.you don’t have to keep your head on a constant swivel.
      There are still. some places that aren’t exhausting.
      AND are worth fighting for.

      • A neighbor left town today and texted and asked if I would get the bowl of candy off her front porch because she forgot to bring it in. It still has candy in it. Good stuff too. The kids are so well behaved around here but I think they are just defenseless against the wolves that will devour them

      • “some type of quick mart”

        Your comment reminds me of an experience about 15 years ago that helped to force me to recognize the reality of racial tribalism. I was living in San Fran, and found myself about a 30 minute drive east of the coast.

        I entered a convenience store and received undeniably hostile looks from the customers and proprietors. It slowly dawned on my race-blind, civic nationalist brain, that I was the only white person in a convenience store full of aztecs.

        They all spoke spanish, even during my transaction. I didn’t get accosted or assaulted, but the message of hostility was clear. We don’t want you here.

        Then I remembered some conservative f@g, maybe Bush 2, smugly pronouncing, “all these hispanics are really conservatives, they just don’t know it yet.”

        This experience, among others, made me into a White Nationalist, even if the dissident right is too cool to use that name today. For most non-whites, most of the time, race is the deepest reality. Deal with it, my brothers.

  18. If you have to do fast food, go to Chik-Fil-A. The ownership are Christians so I think they hire mostly from church youth. The people who work there are very polite and not particularly diverse. They are also very efficient and you get your food quickly and it is hot.

    • Chick-fil-a being Christian is exactly what’s wrong with it. A Jewish CEO would turn the company into a “woke”-coated-garbage dispenser like every other fast food place, but he wouldn’t stage a press event where he washes smug black men’s feet to atone for the sin of his whiteness. The latter is far, far worse.

    • Uh huh. And didn’t Chick-Fil-A’s CEO recommend whites wash the feet of Hutus following the Passion of the Floyd? Chick-Fil-A is manna for Grillers. I won’t touch it.

  19. I gave up eating at McDonalds in the states 50 years ago, when I first tasted Indian food at age 18. An employee friend telling me stories of employees adding phlegm to the hamburger buns also helped to dissuade me. A few times since then in the 80’s and 90’s I had eaten at Mcdonalds in Japan and France, where different local options were available. In the states, a stop at a grocery store for sardines and fresh vegetables. Today with rare exceptions I prefer to avoid the seed oils used in most prepared, restaurant and fast food by cooking at home.

  20. The food service industry is absolutely riddled with drug use and abuse, which is not surprising because most of the workers are itinerant and are so poorly paid that they self-medicate with drugs. Most of the staff in urban fast food places are at least mildly high at work, which explains some of their surliness. Even in mid-tier places most of the staff are buzzed at work, especially on the night shift. Many of them work a day job and a night job to make ends meet and a little bump or two keeps them going at night. Don’t judge them until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

    If you want fast food out West we have In-n-Out Burger, which is a marvel to behold. The workforce is overwhelmingly white, seasoned with Hispanics and at most one or two black people who are usually immigrants from Africa, meaning they did not grow up in America’s toxic culture. All are clean cut, well groomed and friendly, even as they work at an incredible pace. The kitchen is open to the restaurant and clearly visible so nobody is spitting in the food. The restaurant is clean, bright, inviting, somewhat nostalgic, and always insanely packed.

    The food at In-n-Out is decidedly mediocre — typical of fast food. People don’t go there for the food. They go there for the experience, and there is clearly a massive demand for this experience. In-n-Out restaurants are hugely profitable. The executives at McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc., are fully aware that the In-n-Out formula works. They are making a deliberate choice not to follow that model, most likely because they hate their core customer base. Respond accordingly.

    • Five Guys is my new fave. According to the signs inside, it is nationwide. Better burger and fantastic fries. In n Out burgers are good but the fries soggy. In n Out is also family owned, no franchises, which makes it easier to control the service model.

    • Blacks who immigrated from Africa are usually much nicer to deal with than the local stock. Blacks in Africa are usually nicer to deal with. Of course avoid the obvious safety pitfalls, but they are more friendly, smiling, no chip on the shoulder. I also enjoy interacting with Indians in India. Friendly, nice, hospitable. In the US not so much. There is something our culture is teaching them that is profoundly bad. Our own traitors to the left are teaching them to hate whites and to feel entitled

      • In my experiences on the Dark Continent, multiple black Africans told me how ridiculous it was that AINO blacks called themselves African Americans. And I never brought it up.

    • Fast food workers have never been well paid, but in the past they didn’t feel it necessary–or acceptable–to dope up while on the job.

      • Ostei, you ever worked in fast food? There are a few jobs out there where being a bit doped up can be necessary to get you through the day. As bad as it is to be a customer, imagine how bad it is to deal with some of the other customers, especially the vibrants.

      • With respect, you are incorrect. The statements in my comment have been true for at least thirty years. This is the dirty little secret of the food service world. In many restaurants everyone from the head chef down to the bus staff are lit up on coke at work, especially at night. In their defense, they work brutal hours and self-medicate to stay awake, alert, and to mask some of the physical pain of being on their feet all day an night.

  21. This is something that I personally experienced at a local McDonalds:

    I drove through for breakfast and ordered a Sausage Biscuit with Egg. The order taker asked “How you want your egg?” (that’s exactly what she said)
    I said “On the sausage biscuit” – this caused some confusion as she turned to talk to coworkers apparently trying to figure it out.
    The another person said “We don’t have that — do you want a Sausage Egg Biscuit?”
    I said “What’s the difference between the two?”
    “The Sausage Egg Biscuit comes with egg on it.”
    I said that would be fine. The bag came through the window with the sandwich – and a scrambled egg on the side in a styrofoam box.

  22. Funny Coincidence Department, but the wife and I were discussing the collapse of competence and character just last night. We were both adducing examples of what used to be simple, straightforward things that are now fraught with difficulty, frustration and failure. It has gotten to the point where we no longer expect even minor transactions and processes to go off without a hitch. We now foresee the very worst and even budget extra time to deal with the inevitable problems. This is what happens when an increasingly technologically complex society is populated with stupid vibrants who don’t give a dam’ about anything but gittin dey gibs.

    AINO is rapidly descending toward a Third World fate. Who could have predicted it?!

    • Idiocracy was prophetic
      But hey, you’ll get “extral big ass fries” with free added bio ingredient. You guess wich one & it’s free.

    • But I live in the Third World and we have many problems, but fast food is fine, the way you remember it used to be in America. I don’t know why Third World people behave like this in America.

      Well, the language problem has an explanation.

  23. Taking your order in the drive-through will probably be done by AI in the near future. (Or not, if it includes a lecture on reparations spoken in a sassy Ebonics dialect.) In any case, the corporate orifices of these FF chains love the border-crashers, as it means they can continue to pay low wages to Latinos and other mystery meat inflows for semi-competent service over paying low wages to the joggers for completely incompetent and frequently hostile service.

  24. Way back in high school (late 90s), $9 would get you a bag of McDonald’s cheeseburgers. I think they were $.89 or so, hamburgers, $.69. Now my phone doesn’t even have the ‘cents’ symbol to tap out.

    • I remember my dad telling me when he was a kid he could get a burger and fries for 15 cents. McDonald’s didn’t exist yet.

      I can’t quantify how much of the GAE’s 20th century success was built on currency debasement but it seems like an awful lot of it was. They say that in the early stages of inflation it seems like you are getting richer. So I think about how early those early stages really were for the GAE. Some might say 1913.

      • Price goes up, quality goes down. Moar stuff, moar garbage. All starts with currency debasement, good point.

  25. Okay. I’ll take the bait.

    I am the only guy in my city, probably on the entire land mass where I live that still does his own lawn and gardening. On occasion that means I have to go up to the ACE Hardware for some extra knick knacks. About 1.5 years ago the owner changed hands or the store manager did. It went from a placid very knowledgable white guy to a surly, dumpy lesbian.

    The lesbian seemed committed to diversity or was forced to be. Maybe that is why she was surly. The store was still orderly, but the energy of the POC cashiers was awful. They only did cashiering. You couldn’t count on them to answer a question. Just as well. You could always count on them to ask you if you had a rewards card. No thank you I always said. One day, I had some equipment that broke. I went in and got a new one. I asked if I could take back the broken one though I didn’t have a receipt. She said she might be able to in her usual, “let me be a cunt to this guy so he doesn’t come back”, manner. I said okay and then she quipped with a seething anger, “If you had an ACE rewards card this would be simple.” I just forgot the whole matter.

    This turned out to be a huge favor. I was sick of the vibe in that place and so this put me over the top. I discovered a sole-proprietor owned lawn and garden in a town a 15 minute drive away. The owners are probably early 60s anglo guys. They are incredibly knowledgeable about every single piece of equipment, gardening tips, taking special orders knowing by heart their delivery schedules … … Man is it heaven in there. I just went and bought a chain saw I could have borrowed just to give them the business.

    A few weeks ago, I needed to finish cutting up my massive stacks of pruning cuttings to get my kindling bundles for the winter ready. I couldn’t find my pruning sheers. They were very nice telescoping, high quality, tempered steel. I must have left them against my side fence and Miguel and Jose made off with them after a flurry of leaf blowing. In a huge hurry I went to ACE. I entered and the store was in shambles. I went to the garden tools section and there was not a single pruning sheer. I looked down, and behind a footer rack were a few pairs that had fallen down. My telescoping pair were among them.

    I wasn’t going to break their rack to get them. In fact, I wasn’t going to stoop to do it. I went to the counter and a 6’5″ black guy with dreads looked at me with a psychopathic dead stare. I recalled T777’s sage advice about remembering who is in reality the top class and to act like it. As aristocratically as I could, I told him I needed pruning sheers and they were fallen behind another rack. He rolled his eyes and got upset. I politely said that the product I wanted was down there and that I would appreciate it if he would get them for me. He was pissed but went and fished them out after I showed him the pair I wanted. After he handed them to me, I said, “Things aren’t very well organized in here anymore.”

    As I paid I saw that the new owner or manager was an aging black man. It all came together. The funny thing about my cashier is that by me politely but strongly making him get my product for me, and politely shaming him, the entire dynamic changed. He was polite and had a subservient energy. I am sure this is an outlier but it shows to me the path forward for our people. Act like you are what you are because of who and where you came from.

    Clearly ACE Hardware is all in. I wonder what happened to the surly lesbian. Perhaps, despite her yard signs, she too was replaced by corporate diversity requirements. This ACE is in an extremely wealthy town. No matter. Diversity for the helots of the wealthy layabouts. Ever since the great terror scare the weekend after 10/7 I now pass a bomb squad car parked in a parking lot. It is there along with another one that bookends a segment of a street where there is a long row of the Divine one’s houses of worship. That first Saturday a massive deployment of police was out ensuring this town is a safe space. It shows who has the power too.

    Yesterday I walked home from the flower shop where the surly Korean sold me a bouquet. He is surly probably from the clientele he serves. I was passed by a black man riding a huge Volvo front loader. He turned off on a road where they are kicking out a bit of a slum to build new bugman apartments. A couple of stop signs later a black man in a foreman’s truck with a black power sticker in the back window turned off on the same road. I assume the contracts for the construction that will displace the SoAmerIndians living 20 to a room on the outskirts have gone to black owned businesses. I assume the plan is to rebuild America with all of the imported helots as cheap labor and as many POC owned businesses getting the contracts as they can give them to.

    The future is now. I suspect that the tony and gorgeous neighborhood where my aging boomer owned lawn and garden store that I love is in the cross hairs of HUD and BRA. I will enjoy it for a couple of years and then I need to get out of here. More and more diversity arrives by the day. Some of it the favorite pet group from the low. From the high, it is the East Asians who are a few short years away from making the progenitors of The Great Replacement replaced in one of their tony enclaves as they die off and their kids lack the ability to compete with the tenacious Asians and their tiger moms.

    We need to gather in our enclaves and fight tooth and nail against promises of GDP growth that will build bugman villas that will ruin them. It is time to be intentional about constructing this archipeligo of enclaves that will constitute the American Asturias.

    • “We need to gather in our enclaves and fight tooth and nail against promises of GDP growth that will build bugman villas that will ruin them. It is time to be intentional about constructing this archipeligo of enclaves that will constitute the American Asturias.”

      This is my plan. In 2 years, God willing, I will be on my 48 acres on the top of a mountain in Southeastern Oklahoma. It is a beautiful area of forested mountains that few people know about. The people are mostly hard-core redneck white hillbillies. The only diversity are Choctow Indians who are mostly mixed and have assimilated into the local white culture.

      It is an area where white liberals and negroes would feel very unwelcome.

      • Somalians incoming in three…two…

        But seriously, I hope your little corner of SE Oklahoma is never polluted by Leftists and nuggras.

        • Thanks! I once had a deputy sherrif in the area (Pushmataha County, OK) tell me. “Son, there’s lots a dead bodies in them forested hills and ain’t nobody lookin for em.”)

          He was basically telling me to be polite and don’t ask personal questions. People will tell you what they want you to know. I have found that to be excellent advise .and I get along with the locals just fine. It doesn’t hurt that I am an Okie from a different part of the state.

          Bottom line is that it is outlaw mountain people country and any outsider that comes in and asks too many questions or tries to change things is likely to end up as one of those dead bodies that no one is looking for.

      • Keep it secret to yourself and your know clan. The enemy is so spiteful they may just troll this forum and order endless busloads of ChadNigerSomaliVenezuamutt people to your refuge.

  26. At this point, you’re better off buying the pre-packaged sandwich from the grocery store Deli. Probably more hygienic too. One thing I do notice as I drive past them is the lines in the drive-throughs are longer than ever.

    • I’m the same. I just go into Publix and grab something. Cheaper and more healthy.

      Also you should move your legs for food. It’s an ancestral calling. Humans should not be fed by conveyor while sat down.

  27. Another thing blacks will destroy is any nice sit-down restaurant they start frequenting in numbers. Since they don’t tip, and will often employ the tactic of complaining after eating an entire meal in order to get it comped, it is only a matter of time before the restaurant is forced to close.

    • That happened in the last two months at “The 95th, The Signature Room”, at the top of the John Hancock building.

      In the top 5 in the nation for revenue the last several years, the Savages started going there, and brought about their demise. With the danger of going downtown that reduced the number of civilized people, and doing exactly what you posted, the place closed.

      It was a great place to go for special occasions.

      And now it’s gone.

      • The example I was thinking of was an Outback Steakhouse located in a white suburb. There was also an Outback about 10 minutes away in a black subdivision. After the black location inevitably closed, they started making the trek to the white location. It closed within three years.

        A funny aside, regarding how tipping is a white thing. My son was a waiter at the white location while in college. We would sit in his section when he was working. One night, a black MLB hall-of-famer came in and sat at the table next to us. This player was always know for his class and professionalism. Sure enough, he signed every autograph, and would stop eating to stand up and pose for pictures with other customers. I remarked to my son how impressed I was, and then asked how much he tipped. My son said, “He didn’t.”

    • Fortunately, it seems that nuggras are not great patrons of restaurants in general. Restaurants are places to go to find refuge from them.

  28. I overcame great reluctance and decided to install the McDonald’s app on my phone. We occasionally need quick meals for the kids and this works much better than the drive up line. I order on the app, pull into a designated spot in the parking lot, enter that spot number in the app and after a few minutes an employee brings out the food. This may not work as well in the Lagos area as our McDonalds is only about 40% vibrant staff based on what I have seen in limited stops there. It has worked much better than I expected it to though.

    • Interesting. I suspect that corporate America is using diversity and roving mobs of looters as part of a strategy to make traditional store visits so painful that you choose the app and delivery services.

      What is it that they say in the psy-op, err PR industry? They are nudging you into different, “consumer habits.”

      Now you have the app and they know you and track you and advertise to you and will eventually you’ll sit at home and order everything.

      Sometimes I think Hunger Games is not the movie we live in, but that it is turning into RoboCop.

      • For us it is only twice a month and I haven’t noticed any McDonalds ads anywhere else online, but I suspect you are right overall. They are definitely discouraging the dine in option at new fast food places. I went to a new Wendy’s about a year ago and they only had seating capacity for 30-35 people but had two drive through lanes. You ordered off a screen and took a number, then they called out the number when your food was ready. Saw an older guy struggle with it but an employee did help him. It is understandable to a degree as these places have to rely on an employee demographic that can no longer be counted on to even show up and do minimum consistently.

    • I stopped patronizing McDonald’s several years ago when they forbade their employees from wishing customers a happy Thanksgiving. Like all corporations and corporate restaurants, McDonald’s is your enemy. I respectfully suggest you find another food source.

      • As soon as a fast food chain that respects our people and heritage opens in our area I will be sure to go there the 20 or so times a year we stop at one of them. I am not aware of any at present. Thanks.

      • How about when Burger King® in the country formerly known as the United Kingdom, Tweeted, now known as x® — celebrating one of their pets hurling a milkshake at Nigel Farage — prior to his de-banking?

        Although here in the USA, that was last straw for ever going to BK again. Plus, all the other reasons here, and the slop they serve and…

        • Say what you like about Britain but some of these stories about just shopping for hardware or food is eye-opening for me.

          I didn’t realize thing were as bad as that in the US especially considering the contempt most Americans on Twitter seem to have for “England”.I guess there’s some sort of wishcasting involved.

          There has been a general decline in manners in the big cities but nothing like these accounts.

    • As our esteemed blog host alluded – we will see technology brought to bear on race realism. Technology will cover some problems of diversity, as the burg factories slowly automate. Blacks CAN do simple repetitive jobs well, provided they meet the minimal IQ requirements and are properly supervised. But as the US military discovered, if the individuals’s IQ drops below 93…they become too stupid and require uneconomical amounts of supervision and baby sitting to be useful.

      It is my contention that the upcoming NASA Artemis missions will be the acid test of technology vs diversity. Sure, carefully selected and trained, well behaved vibrants will be on the initial crews – but the vast amount of control of the mission will fall to computers and machines. Sufficiently advanced… machines can do the mission critical parts of the program, leaving the crew only as care takers to do the more mundane chores. Remember, the first missions were run with monkeys. No, we will never see Z’s fast food dancing Dindus on the moon…but maybe that is the intent? Maybe the old SF yarns will come true – our rich and beautiful will reside in orbital and extra terrestrial Elysiums and Utopias… serviced and supplied by dirt people and primates back on earth? I personally do not see diversity making the required evolutionary jump into space myself. I recently watched the dystopian SF series – “The Expanse” through the Dissident lens. It actually made the show a quite entertaining comedy, IMO.

      • It takes a functioning economy of some kind to support a super elite in their accustomed splendor. Merely being in possession of the fiat bucks is not enough to ensure a life of modern 20th/21st century opulence. There has to be a huge, intricately connected, and unimaginably complex economic web with a million different inputs all working, for the clouds to have their luxuries. Much as they might wish it, they don’t get their own personal supply chain. I question if an “Elysium” is possible in that sense. If a decent life isn’t possible for dirt people on the planet, then an opulent one will not be possible for the cloud people in orbit. And if an opulent one is possible in orbit, then a decent one must exist on earth.

        • Beautifully said.

          Remember that there is a mid tier and that is what is aimed at us. There are competent South and East Asians from a large population. The plan is to let them invest their own money in their education and then import them. This way the US primary “education” system doesn’t have to do anything other than keep up patronage and indoctrinate new patrons and make them just broken enough.

          In any case, we caricature the invasion at our peril. Remember the target is the mid if you are a programmer, lawyer, doctor, business person … … There is an army of Hitesh’s and FangZhous they are importing to replace you.

          Even with them, they can’t have their Elysium. The reason is those fiat bucks have an expiry time on them. Even with productivity, you can’t build Elysium on a tower of Babel.

  29. The adventure in fine dining described in the post left me wondering why Zman did not simply go to an actual restaurant instead of trying to find food at a ‘fast’ food establishment, which was not fast and barely qualifies as food.

    Besides having the advantage of delivering food to your table by a courteous and sometimes comely waitress, the restaurant provides a more pleasant setting for the meal than the inside of a car. And, apparently, without requiring more time, given the experience described.

    Admittedly, there will likely be a greater cost but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

      • Hardly all of them, but certainly some of them. The Covid Captivity crushed two of my favorite local restaurants, possibly bankrupting their owners, while the bloody corporate chains sailed merrily on.

    • Most sit-down restaurants stop seating new customers around 730 to 800, sometimes earlier in places like Bodymore, Murderland. If you dont have food at home and it is 9 pm, you have extremely limited options in such a locale.

  30. and now for something completely different-
    TPTB really missed the boat on this idea–why haven’t Biden, Murthy et al simply informed the general public that due to nearly 100% contamination of paper currency by Fentanyl, we have no choice but to switch to CBDC’s out of concern for the general health of our citizens. Paper currency may be turned in at your local bank and you will be issued a credit on a plastic card.

    • One thing I haven’t heard anybody address about a cashless society is the casinos. And the casino owners happen to have lots of political pull. Enough pull that they are able to defy the 21st century and still allow smoking inside. So how are you going to get the casinos to go cashless? I don’t think they can.

      This is just one of many problems with going full CBDC that the eggheads who dream of their new techno world seem to overlook.

      I can picture cash usage being reduced (it already has been) but not eliminated completely

        • I have thought of that too. How would they explain its continued existence in a cashless society? Either it disappears on day 1 or there will be uncomfortable questions. Which perhaps they can ignore, this being clown world, with the msm calling anyone who notices a conspiracy theorist.

      • I don’t think casinos would have any problems going cashless. Insert your card and receive your chips. Or for slots, they can build it into the machines.

        • Casinos have BIG problems with going cashless. They won’t let you bet with plastic today, and they have no intention of changing that.

          • I wonder why. It seems plastic would tempt the customers to lose even more money. I’m not doubting you, but don’t understand the issue. I could see government not allowing plastic, to place a limit on customer losses, but that is not a casino owner objection.

    • When the idea of CBDCs becomes more mainstream, expect it to be declared racist by the howling mob.

  31. It’s tried and true: if you pull up at a fast food joint and see that it is vibrantly staffed, you can expect problems, at a minimum to include delays. I recognized this pattern long before I qualified as a “dissident.”

    Where I live, when I first moved here, I saw white landscapers. Imagine my surprise. Although we have our share of vibrancy there are also plenty of white operated fast food places. When things are run properly, McDonald’s has a speedy drive thru setup, but a look at the staff will tell you whether or not that’s so. Although I probably haven’t been to one in 3 or 4 years. Nowadays with what they charge, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of going there.

    I cook almost all my own meals at home, close to 99%. I’m no gourmet, mostly just a lot of basic meat and vegetables. But I have found it’s better tasting and more agreeable than the fast food, which I bear in mind if I get a craving for the enormoburger. So there is very little motivation on my part to eat the corporate slop. Only time it happens anymore is on road trips.

    I’ve had good fast food experiences at some of the newer big chains. Culver’s. Cookout. Chick Fil A.The old standards that have been around forever, McD’s, BK, Wendy’s, all trash now.

    Recently on two different road trips, I stopped at two different Checkers aka Rallys. One was white staffed. Food was delicious. One was vibrant. Food wasn’t so good. Service was also slow. Go figure.

    • Last year we stopped at a McDonald’s in southeast Indiana while on a road trip. There was a billboard on the highway advertising it was “family owned and operated” or some bat signal type slogan that made me think it would not be run like a typical fast food place. As my wife put it, “this tastes like real food.” They clearly had some exemptions from certain McDonald’s rules regarding suppliers and it was about 20% cheaper than what I was expecting. A rare but good find. Culver’s are usually decent, but you are right, it is mostly about who is staffing the place.

    • I will use this spot to tout the one exception I make to avoiding vibrantly staffed fast food: Church’s Fried Chicken. I love that stuff. I have a notion they care more about their fried chicken than other ethnicities would.

    • Popeye’s seems to hire only Hutus and the results for the customer are predictably disastrous. Popeye’s makes some tasty yardbird, but I no longer purchase it.

  32. We are ten years from drive thru disappearing entirely and these chains forcing you to use their apps where you select the items in their grueling and tedious interface, park, and wait. Forget about dine-in also, a lot of restaurants around here still haven’t opened up their dine-in area since Covid.

    You’re going to see the same thing in grocery chains in more diverse areas too as it’s the only practical way of dealing with shoplifting.

    • Not hard to picture. Paper tickets for concerts/sportsball are already a thing of the past. Have to use your phone now.

      • A chain called Portillos now only uses electronic payment in their drive through. I know more than a few that don’t go there anymore.

        • You can add me to the list who now avoids Portillo’s. Wrigley Field concessions also do not take cash. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Oven Grinder Pizza in Chicago ONLY accepts cash. Same with Johnny’s Italian Beef in Elmwood Park. (Best beef ever, by the way.)

          • We went to a once decent Mexican food place locally. ONLY menu was some stupid scan code. No carpet, place was freezing. Guitarmen wailing.

            Sat, stood. Left.

      • I jot down my confirmation number and insist the venue look up/confirm, then print a paper ticket.
        If asked, I tell them – with a straight face – that “smartphones are “‘against my religion'”.
        (I pulled this “disruptive” most recently at Warsaw, Brooklyn NY, 10/21/23.)

    • Little remarked is the fact that that grand old standby Pizza Hut is now takeout and delivery only. Who among us don’t have warm childhood memories of sitting in a comfy cozy booth with friends and family and tearing in to a great big ol’ pizza pie there? Pizza Hut put paid to all that. Now it’s just a soulless transactional food mill. To hell with ’em.

      • Pizza Hut is just one of a long list we could make of places where the food was good 40 years ago but cost cutting has over the years led to cheaper and cheaper ingredients and cardboard tasting slop. Taco Bell another. Wendy’s, for sure.

      • Yeah, I used to love those red upholstered benches and Tiffany lamps. It all felt very special when I was a kid.

      • Pizza Hut is the go-to nostalgia restaurant when Twitter conservatives get into “Remember when we had a society?”-posting, because Pizza Huts used to look so distinctive—when “branding” was aimed at the consumer, not at BlackRock—and now they’re just another dystopian grey office space that crappy food mysteriously emerges from.

        An actually interesting question: So many things used to be red, and now almost nothing is. Why was that done to us?

  33. Thirty years ago during grad school, I had spent all afternoon in the library and by the time I was done it was well past lunchtime and I was starving. I went to a Burger King and when it was my turn to order I was greeted by a sneering, surly white kid with unkempt hair in a filthy smock with an eyebrow ring, which was red and infected where it entered his skin. I was so disgusted by the thought of eating anything prepared by this scumbag I immediately lost my appetite and walked out.

    I haven’t set foot in a Burger King since.

    It is my standard policy to avoid “fast food” at all costs. This can be a problem when traveling, though. In the rare cases when I have to eat it I always search for a Chick-fil-a. They are efficient, fast, trustworthy, clean and polite. Unfortunately it is still chicken fried in grease, but for what it is, it’s the best. Since they are closed on Sunday they are only an option six days a week, and sometimes I have to seek out a decent McDonalds. These are very hit-and-miss; urban and truckstop McDonalds staffed by groids and white trash? Forget it. There are, however, some really nice, clean franchises in Midwestern towns staffed by pretty white girls that are trustworthy. I went to one in Illinois several years ago and the white girls were like small-town cheerleaders straight out of 1957. Those places are rare, though.

    The best plan for road food is to pack some apples, granola bars, water and canned coffee and eat it in the car. Another good alternative is to hit high-end grocery chains like Harris Teeter, Lowes or Wegmans; they all have delis and sub counters with clean, polite staff.

    As an added bonus your BMI will remain normal.

    • Fast food used to be a nice treat just ten years ago when on road trips. Then prices skyrocketed for even the kiddie foods, making even a single fast food stop wreck our food budget for the month. Seriously, who can afford this anymore?

      When I was a kid, my middle class parents would take us all to fast food once a week. We would get reasonable service, sit down, and eat. It’s yet another small piece of classic Americana that is never coming back.

    • The joggers appear to be the only ones that like Burger Rex. All of the BK around here have closed.

      Dont’ eat much, at all, fast food. The fast was taken out of it a decade ago or more.

      I never use a drive through lane, ever. One’s options are limited to one, 3-5 ways out of a scenario is prferred.

      • McD’s tends to do more “urban” marketing, at least on the West Coast, but as a former Whopper flipper myself I hasten to contribute the following DR wrinkle: The company is fundamentally a Wall Street vehicle, since the 1980s at least. After various rounds of acquisitions which were a pretext for new loans and the new investors paying themselves Bill Ackman formed an SPAC to buy about ten years ago to have it his way, without the annoying IPO formalities. If you read the profiles of various BK honchos over the years, a consistent personality/ethnic type emerges among the executives in Miami. The Weekly Standard web site back then had a fun short article about it. Unlike Big Ronald they own a very small % of their locations (Ronald is basically a real estate company). It is not like Subway, where the owner may be just a normal local, or often a normal local recently deplaned from Mumbai or Tehran with a suitcase stuffed with paper. BK has mega-franchisees in each state, some with hundreds of restaurants. It is a true rent-seeking situation with many “Minority-Owned Business” scams and other political kickbacks. Needless to say, these special interests are special because they employ a lot of politically exploitable people. This type of brand is a total cancer on America and can’t be destroyed soon enough by gas prices/crime IMHO.

    • When I was in college, the on campus Burger King brought in their salad bar, all you can eat. They also had a much, much cheaper ‘salad in a pita.’

      As I attended when you could, and I did pay for half the $7500.00 annual, all in cost with student loans ($2500 per year) and working, plus working and saving during summer to cover books….not a Boomertale.

      I would roll up to BK, get the salad in a pita. Slit open the pita, lay it flat on my tray, and pile a MOUNTAIN of food from the salad bar on it. For like a buck and half.

      One day, paunchy manager guy comes up to me, says, “uh, uh, you can’t do that.” Told the mumblefuck to get away, he retreated and I ate like the burger KING until they yanked the salad bar.

    • I got into the habit, about 8+ years ago of bringing my food wirh me in a cooler, wirh those frozen ice blocks. (mostly because I was training for some crazy long-distance races and had to bring a cooler with me bc I was always hungry and had a very specific nutrition regimen, even when just running errands on a Saturday afternoon )
      So now its a habit.
      Which means when I drive out from the Imperial Capital to my escape farm, two states away, I rarely buy food.
      Plus, there is slim pickings on the route that I have to take.

      It sounds obvious, but a little bit of thinking ahead will pay big dividends with what we put in our mouths (buy the grocery store sandwichthe night before) we wouldn’t eat the garbage.

      But maybe I’m just the weird exception. (Shrug.)

  34. Fast food generally remains efficient in California. But to get to one you ruin your shock absorbers driving over the potholes. The state is falling apart.

  35. My default now days if I want decent fast food is Costco, and I can still eat something that tastes decent for 5 bucks. Beyond that I just stay away from the burger chains. I even found myself going to a Dollar General and picking up some milk, bologna and bread over going to McDonalds.
    I have had it with their nonsense.

  36. Hmmpfpfpffff.

    Nothing surprises me with blacks. Like others have said, I avoid blacks like the plague. Other forms of diversity too, when I can. Up here in Canada, in my neck of the woods, fast food is dominated by the gooks and the pajeets. Generally speaking they aren’t bad, outside of the occasional language problems.

    I’m not sure I see the future as you do either. Stupid people are bad for business – for everyone, even other stupid people. Anti-whiteism is a passing fad, as is nigolatry. The world is changing as we speak, and a lot of plates are going to stop spinning for a lot of people all at once. When that happens – it will be Mutiny On The Bounty – even for the beautiful people. We saw this in Zimbabwe when they drove the whites out. The lights went out, the stores were cleaned out and no new shipments came it. Everything stopped working. Whites had to be brought back in – at exhorbitant rates and cost – to get things moving again and prevent total collapse. Even so – the country hangs by a thread and could collapse into endless revolution as so much of Africa has. To live the Good Life, you need white people – and lots of them – to create the surpluses for a stable and comfortable overclass.

    Racial realities will begin to reassert themselves shortly. Hell’s bells – I heard Scott Ritter and Judge Nap openly talking about jewish perfidy in the Israel/Gaza conflict. Jewish plates are starting to slow too.

    Interesting times, eh?

    • Oh Lordy, I saw that Judge Nap show. Ritter was balanced on Israel (he says it has a right to exist etc.) yet at the same time ripped into the Zionists pretty accurately. (Example: No, you do NOT have “the most humane and civliized army on earth–quite the contrary”–paraphrasing here.)

      And I suppose Kunstler saw it too because he posted a broadside meant to obliterate Ritter. Ho ho! As so many are saying recently: The masks are coming off!

      I cut my RSS feed from Kunstler.

      • Kunstler got peak oil totally wrong. Then he went into 7 years and running of, “Next week Americans are going to rise up and give this ruling regime a come uppance.”

        The guy is a joke and when it comes to that sacred topic, like many of them, he goes unhinged and loses all perspective.

        He does have a good knack for scathing humor and the most apt description of AINO I’ve ever seen. CFN baby!

    • The Tim Horton’s in Canada used to be quite nice, but I haven’t been to Castro’s bastard son’s country for quite a few years, are the Tim’s all run by the dusky-hued now?

      • I think Horton’s was bought by Burger King about eight years back. I don’t know if and how this has affected the service and product.

      • Nine irons, mostly, but with a smattering of blacks. They tend to be on the mops and machines but are kept away from the customers for the most part.

  37. Z-man,

    Absolutely no intent to be rude, but I wonder if some of your irascibility is also due to age. I’m about the same age as you from what I can tell and I find myself having more and more of these walking out moments every day.

    Ususally it isn’t even due to the staff. I’ll walk into some fast food joint and end up in line behind some dude and his seven kids or old folks with all the time in the world and they’ll all be going on about “Do you want this? Do you like that? How about this? Can you tell me about that?” and I’ll just give up and leave. Most of my recent walk-outs have nothing to do with staff at all. I’ll go into a supermarket to buy a frozen dinner or something quick to eat and I’ll end up behind 7 a-holes with carts full of groceries in the self-checkout line. I just drop the frozen dinner on a display and leave.

    I wonder if we all reach a certain age where we realize time is starting to run at least a little bit short and just say “I’m not farting around in this line just to buy some cheap food. I must have better things to do with my time!”.

    • Aye. I’m also in my fifties and I know exactly of what you speak. White men of our age grew up with normal boyhood lives, free to be reckless and aggressive when we wished. But we have now suffered under the yoke a feminized world for three decades and our fatigue with it all is crushing.

    • I gave up on fast food long long ago. It is generally disgusting, period. One either gets that or does not. It literally is a matter of taste.

      I started doing serious barbell training in my mid-fifties and along with that discovered that I needed a LOT of protein, and could not expect my poor wife to do all that constant cooking. I learned a hell of a lot more about cooking than I ever knew. I am no gourmet or chef, but I make stuff that I love the taste of, and is good for me.

      And the funny thing is, it does NOT take up a lot of time. Certainly not compared to Zman’s little Epic of the Drivethrus.

      And it also becomes a time to hang out in the kitchen catching up with my wife or daughter or her bf on their day. And if no one is around, I listend to podcasts to catch up on Clown World.

      And I am not eating weird crap prepared by incompetent hostile people, whatever their racial origins.

      Win-win all around.

    • I too have reached that age where I am realizing that time is not infinite. This year I have given away dozens of books that I bought in the past and feel that I will not have time to read. I can’t believe my golden years are likely to be spent in a collapsing USA.

      • Not to get too pensive here, but the thing that’s been bringing me down lately is the thought that my grand-daughter won’t grow up in a free country. I’m putting my hope now in the fact that my wife grew up in a totalitarian society, so she knows better how to navigate the political waves and help us all out. Still have to wonder though whether our current ruling junta will do everything they can to get our grand-daughter to rat us out in some way and we won’t be able to see her again.

    • The people who grind my gears at the supermarket are the ones who roll up to the, “7 items maximum,” line with a full-sized shopping cart that has a mountain of goods rising from the basket.

    • Heh. There’s certainly some truth in this. I’m also of an age with Z, and it seems with every passing month I become more irritable and intolerant, at least with the general public. But is that a function of aging, the grumpy old man syndrome, or is it because people in general are becoming more objectively insufferable? Probably a bit of both. Funny though–I used to berate myself for being too intolerant. Now I can’t be bothered to give a ruddy shit.

    • Yep. Can totally relate to this. Life is too short.

      I’m fortunate enough to live in a locale (HK) where mean native IQ is 105 and people are mostly *quick*-witted and -actioned, plus decisive, and don’t believe in unnecessary extraneous jibber-jabber when transacting business.

      The downside is that my cortisol starts to spike if the elevator door doesn’t open the first time I jab at the button (the Hong Kong solution to this is to maniacally keep jabbing at the button). When this gets out of hand, a week on the beach in Thailand is indicated.

      Now Thailand is slower and more disorganised and not everything always working smoothly… but I find I don’t get irate when I’m there — but were things to be slow and inefficient in a Western country or in East Asia I would get annoyed very fast.

      Which makes me think it’s not just the slowness and stupidity which is irritating — it’s the totally avoidable failure to achieve what *should* be achievable in a given society that gets up my nose… the failure to meet reasonable expectations in a given time and place.. or the reminder that the place might be the same but the time and people have changed and not for the better.

      • Wife and I live in Thailand now close to two years. Spectacular life. I speak the language at a child’s level. But no way would I ever live in the current US again. Food is incredibly varied, very inexpensive and mostly delicious. Summer is hotter than the surface of the sun though.

        There are no negroes here and the chosen people don’t run the country.

      • I’ve never understood the Asian habit of pressing the elevator button like a woodpecker. It’s like every time is their first time.

  38. Fast food is pretty vile these days. Inside the restaurants it is disgusting, with garbage, filth and mud everywhere.

    Service is quite poor, the cashier is almost always an Indian. They seem either resentful at being in this position or desperate for cash.

    The food itself is nasty, sloppy, and not fresh. Sometimes it’s stale, sometimes it’s cold. Sauces are thrown on in random quantities. No crunch.

    Finally, in Canada, Trudeau has banned plastic straws and forks so it’s very nasty to try and eat or drink anything with a cardboard & glue tube.

    For just a few dollars more you can usually get the same thing at a local shop. Or a smaller chain. There’s really no reason to eat fast food. It’s a dying industry that hasn’t realized it’s dead yet.

    The zombie corpse stumbles on out of habit, like pro sports and TV News programs.

  39. Here is a rare article whereby Zman actually gets a little personal. It adds a nice touch.

    The only “fast” food that I ever get is the spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. Mickey D’s is a definite no-go. Not only does their food suck, but the place is usually far busier than it ought to be given its low quality. The DIE-versity doesn’t help either. I have long considered McDonald’s to be a great pillar of American mediocrity. That it now has restaurants all over God’s green earth can’t do much for this so-called nation’s reputation. Then again, if folks in other countries wish to eat that crap, whose fault is that?

    • 25 years ago, when I was doing a lot of backpacking through Asia, it was always a relief to stumble on a McDonalds because one could find a reasonably clean and modern lavatory. So there’s that.

      • But only outside the USA. A cursory glance at the toilets in most fast food franchises inside the USA will reveal something else.

        Another thing is that the quality of ingredients is generally superior outside the USA. Thus a Big Mac or Whopper will taste different and be more nutritious in Europe than in the USA. Food regulations are more stringent. In addition, your soda will have genuine sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup.

        It’s probably the case that fast food establishments in the USA are catering increasingly to the underclass, which among other things means more and more noggers.

        For a few dollars more you can generally find a better quality of restaurant and food.

        Postscript: I think there’s a comparison of McDonald’s food in Europe and the USA in the book “Fast Food Nation.”

    • I don’t know about other countries, but McDonald’s in Japan fools the Japanese into thinking McDonald’s is pretty good. The menu’s a little better—basically our childhood McDonald’s with a couple weird local additions—and preparation is autistically correct. The strongest single moment of culture shock they’re likely to experience if they visit America is unwrapping the real thing and finding a murder scene.

  40. I have a two-hour commute (only go to the office four days per week unless I have to head to Texas or South Carolina for work) by choice because of the encroaching diversity in the Atlanta metro area. Up in the mountains where we live, all of the fast food chains in the closest town are staffed with white kids who are polite and get your order right every time. I don’t have to worry about carrying an insane amount of weaponry every time I go out.

    A few months ago, I went to a Chipotle and the sassy, diverse female with her massive fake eye lashes, tats and nails on a chalkboard barely intelligible patois took forever to make my burrito, scowling at me the entire time. I want to say “Look here, you feral, low-IQ savage. If it wasn’t for white people, you would still be in Africa worrying about getting eaten by crocs and lions and looking for your next meal. So fix my burrito and omit the side of attitude. And by the way, grunting barely literate profanities over a drum loop is not music and never will be.”

    The gall of food “service” is to ask for a tip. I gave her a single penny out of spite.

    Hotels, especially after COVID, have become horrendous. I was staying at a decent national chain for work the other night and I had to switch rooms THREE times. The first room smelled musty and had pubes on the bed. The second was even mustier and had mold on the A/C. The third wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t have pubes or mold, so I counted myself fortunate.

    • Do you know Daniel Carver? He was the KKK guy on Howard Stern , used to listen to him back in the 00s. Disappeared when Howard went woke.

      He moved from Gainesville up into the mountains of Georgia too to avoid Atlanta’s diversity.

      • “I have a t-shirt of Martin Luther King seen from the scope of a rifle. It says, “Our Dream Came True.” Daniel Carver

        This was spoken on WOR, a NYC superstition 30 years ago and nobody blinked.

    • As a connoisseur of cheap motels I can tell you, the google reviews, usually the top half dozen comments or so is all you need to read, will steer you in the right direction and warn you off of the really bad ones. I learned this lesson the hard way, but since I started doing it I have not been surprised or disappointed. And it has led me to some $70-$80 a night places that were as good as places that charge twice that much.

  41. Do you think there should be a fluency test to deem someone hirable in the United States? If your accent is too annoying, they need to deport you

    • I think we do need to make English the official language of all public interaction. That is to say, all forms, all signage, all official communication, all business communication, all school instruction (with the exception of foreign language immersion academies) must be exclusively in English. You may speak whatever language you want at home, but if it’s in public it must be English.

      That would go a long way to eliminating the mutual unintelligibility that makes modern life so unnecessarily complex.

      • In Whiteland, this will be the case. In AINO it is more likely that standard English will be outlawed. It is already stigmatized as whisuprimiss.

  42. Reading the comments today has given me a chuckle or two. My two cents;

    Never eat at a fast food place. The comments are correct, rural is best, but you can get a loaf of bread and a package of meat for the same or less, and have stuff left over for tomorrow.

    Never let a jogger handle your food. My wife and I will leave a restaurant if so much as a jogger gives us our water. Nothing good ever comes from dealing with them. In addition, if they know you’re white, (and they will due to proper grammar, clear speaking, you know, being white), they will screw with your food.

    But as Z has said more than once, buyer beware. We are all 7 x 3, and can make our own decisions. Just like avoiding crowds for survival, avoid groids, and fast food, for peace of mind and eliminating aggravation.

  43. Z, to begin, I read this and thought “If he was stopping anywhere near Lagos, he’s lucky he didn’t get shot in the drive-thru.” 😬

    The first stop was McDonald’s, which is probably the default for most people around the world when you need food in a pinch. The food is not terrible tasting, a bit nostalgic for most Americans, but it is always the same.

    I beg to differ. The last time I went to Mickey D’s and had a Big Mac, I contemplated if putting salt, mustard, and catsup on the carboard box it came in would taste better than the burger.

    This last bit is something that is becoming a feature of fast food – waiting for your food.

    It is fast, compared to how long you’d have to wait if you met us in a sit down restaurant. 🤦‍♂️

    I told him the sign says $7.49 and he told me he did not give a bleep; the meal is $11.49. I drove off.

    Customer service is a dying art. Mr. Personality probably pressed the wrong colored button on the touch screen and couldn’t suss out how to reset the order.

    Anyone who has spent time in South America or California has glimpsed the future. Even simple things become increasingly inefficient and then people seek to work around the bottlenecks, which adds to the inefficiency. In South America they have an expression called “the Latin way” which means lots of people buzzing about looking busy, but not accomplishing much.

    At least in Third World Countries you can bribe people to move their asses. Baksheesh may be a word we’re all going to need to know in the future.

    I shudder to think what happens to things like automotive repair, aircraft maintenance, etc.

    My own experience of Fast Food is I avoid it when I can but out in Suburbia in damned near literal farmland the staff at our local McD’s is teenagers who share my skin palor, smile, are pleasant, and can fill orders.

    Closer in to the edges of Our Big City (Democratic run of course) if you stop in a McD’s expect to see confused expressions and hear “Que?” a lot when ordering.

    Within Our Big City? Oh Hell Naw!

    Sorry you didn’t get your EXTRA BIG ASS FRIES! Z. At least you’re alive to tell the tale and have no extra holes in your body where God intended none.

    • “I shudder to think what happens to things like automotive repair, aircraft maintenance, etc.”

      Replaced brakes on my car, including a couple of calipers. Did not feel like laying on ground in rain to bleed them so paid local shop, now diversity owned, to do ONE task: Bleed the brakes.

      Get car back, later in day low brake fluid light comes on. I can see where they got in and out of car: greasy hand prints. NONE on hood. No leaks. Check master cylinder, they never topped it up. I did so, working fine.

      Lesson: Get your ass on the ground, as even ONE simple task well…

  44. fast food in the suburbs or rural crossroads is such a different experience. the experience is just not the same. avoiding urban fast food like the plague, it’s hostile and terrible, somehow still popular and massively profitable.

    interesting experience. my area has both high and low.

    • Yep. Going into a Chick-Fil-A in a majority white neck of the woods is a completely different experience than a vibrant-adjacent Popeye’s.

      • What am I missing about Popeye’s? I’ve heard people rave about it, tried it twice, and twice was enough. Never again.

      • Culver’s is always a good bet in the Upper Midwest.

        They always have significantly better food and service. They are generally staffed by healthy and attractive young white people.

  45. Z-Man, I have to wonder if you’re not courting some of this stuff, or unconsciously provoking it, and/or filtering your perceptions through a template designed to cast things in the worst possible light.

    I live in a lily-white exurb but I commute to work straight into the heart of a Great Lakes-area Rust Belt town with a 30% black population. I also eat fast food from time to time (more than I should, to be honest), and I have had a few bad experiences as well. However, I’ve found that they can be pretty effectively mitigated with a little effort. For one thing, if you order using the mobile app, you can carefully check all the prices, prepay, and get away from the experience with very little direct interaction with the staff. You can choose whatever location you want to order from, so that gives you a chance to pick a place that may be in a better neighborhood with slightly better demographics.

    Interestingly, the worst experience I’ve ever had at a McDonald’s involved nothing but white people. My wife wasn’t feeling well so I was picking up some McDonald’s for her, which she occasionally prefers as a comfort food (don’t ask me why). I ordered using the app and elected to wait outside at the parked mobile pickup location, which was my chief mistake. I will never do that again. It was my misfortune that as I was waiting for my food, the location got bombed by a crowd of about 30 high school students who must have just gotten out of band practice, or something. This was in my exurb, so the kids were about 90% white with a few Asians salted in. They were rowdy and rude, not necessarily bad kids but certainly having a “teenage moment” and thinking they owned the world.

    They completely overwhelmed the (all white) staff at the McDonalds, who showed absolutely no ability to rise to the occasion or hustle. No one bothered to check on me or carry my order out to me, so after 20 minutes I had to go inside the restaurant and collect it myself from the vacant-eyed staff, who had forgotten all about me.

    Lesson learned: Do not wait in the pickup location. Order using the mobile app but opt to collect your meal from the drive-through. That way you can minimize miscommunication with the staff but you can still hold them accountable if need be.

    Overview: Managing a fast food joint is not simple. It takes a lot of effort and talent to effectively do this seemingly trivial task, and in the ascending years of an inflationary crack-up boom, that kind of talent usually has better options. That leaves the less preferred tasks to be handled by incompetent people, i.e. the Inverse Peter Principle. The conclusion is that having clean, well-managed fast food restaurants is a luxury and an artefact of a relative oversupply of talent, a rare and unusual condition that hasn’t really existed outside of the post-war West. America in particular has altogether way too much square footage devoted to marginal restaurants and marginal retail, and this will all have to be liquidated as we revert to the historical mean.

    • “Overview: Managing a fast food joint is not simple. It takes a lot of effort and talent to effectively do this seemingly trivial task…”

      Hahaha… worked at a Burger King for a couple of months when a teen. The young woman that managed it spent most of her shift sitting on the hill behind the place ‘managing’ bong hits with fellow smokers/employees.

      I was the high functioning human that got to set up, and take down the shake machine. Core lots of tomatoes, bobbing in the sink. Place ran itself, at the helm a bunch of teens like myself. Maybe the owner came by once the whole time.

      Yet, the place ran fine, and if there was a rush, kids stepped up without having to be told and had a lot of fun in the process. No ‘management’ was needed.

      • This evokes similar memories. No computer, when countermanning, used pencil on the sack of take out if needed to make calculations; mastering the art of arbitraging the extra cash tendered to make for less coinage change….kids ran the show.
        Though, there was that time I lost the tip of a finger slicing onions on a Hobart for onion rings.

    • Using the chain’s app is the only way I order now when buying at McDonalds or Wendys. Not only does it let you cut down on the amount of interactions you have and somewhat lessen the odds of a mistaken order, it also helps you save a few bucks.

    • I am far from alone in thinking we have seen Peak McDonald’s and started on the downslope. Inflation is probably what is killing them the most, if you had to narrow it down to one cause. Being cheap was always their trump card, but no longer.

  46. So I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that the Hu-white lady with the beehive do that calls you ‘hon’ has gone the way of all good things in Bawlmer these days.

  47. Mickey D’s? You’re just asking for trouble (and spittle or worse in your burger if you are White). Doing drive-thru is the double dog dare.

    I don’t go anywhere they hire dindus, especially if prepared food is involved. Luckily, down here in South Texas, we have infinite choices of great Mexican places. The food is almost always hot, cheap, and, where authentic (i.e. staffed by border-jumpers) served with a shy Latina smile when you make eye contact and smile back. Can’t beat it. No drive-thru, but I have rarely used a drive-thru since my youth for the reasons cited here (and being mindful of Joe Pesci’s rant from Lethal Weapon).

    I’ll go out of my way and wait on a long line at the grocery store or big box to avoid cashing out with La’Trina, who punches keys with reparational indignation and incompetence and rewards you with that homegirl “I smell shit” scowl (if you are White). Pinched mouth, stanky perfume, long fake nails, no ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’. You just know she is envisioning you simmering away in a cannibal’s boiling pot.

    I’m not too keen on the Brave New World of automation, but at least you can be reasonably sure that R2D2 isn’t going to spit in your soup or deliberately hose your order.

  48. Speaking of South Africa, I haven’t seen Skidmarks referenced here but I generally enjoy his content and seeing what white identity looks like in SA. He consistently bangs the drum of “going back to your tribes” as the answer to what he calls XXX (WEF, globalists, etc).


  49. Years ago, I was a technical trainer that traveled 50% of the time.
    I had a class up near BWI, and one day had some things to handle whilst the students were at lunch, so I had a smaller time period to get some lunch in me.

    So I hit the local McD’s.

    Huge line at the drive thru, huge crowd waiting for food in the lobby. No one, and I mean no one, sitting and eating. – No one had their food, it seemed. So I ordered and watched the show. I have never seen such dysfunction in my life. And I grew up in the DC Area. Took forever to get my food.

    I got back and told my class the misery of getting my lunch. “You gotta get you some Mexicans up here”, I told them.

    Back in Plano, Tx, the two McDs near me are staffed by Mexicans. Drive Thru moves swiftly, as it should. Place is full of people eating. No one at the counter, you get your order in a minute.

    That said, The McDs (and Popeyes) in the hood near me work similar, although not as bad.

    I tell you what, I will never darken the doors of a place that gives me crappy service, no matter what it is. That’s the reason I won’t darken the doors of a Chipotle any longer. I was in line and Sha’niqua the server was flirting with the soul brother in front of me and hooked him up with a generous serving of meat. Me? I got what appeared to be a tablespoon full. When I pointed out that she was short-changing me, she acted as if she was doing me a favor assembling the beginnings of my bowl as it should be done.

    And that is nearly as bad as incompetence to me. The attitude that somehow I’m putting them out of their way by expecting them to do their job.

    I’m with others above. I’ll hit a quik trip or racetrack first. Better choices, less BS.

  50. “Anyone who has spent time in South America or California has glimpsed the future.”

    With the exception of Brazil they don’t have huge numbers of blacks. So the South American countries function in a manner — I concede they’re not Germany. I must have been to around half a dozen. If you want a glimpse of the US future, Africa might be better. It’s blacks who create serious dysfunction. Even in the USA it could be manageable — but then you have Woke and DIE, which insist on creating dysfunction.

    • Chile was still pretty functional back in 2017, though they now have a commie president and are importing Haitians en masse.

      Argentina is the really frustrating country down there. They have so much potential and decent demographics yet they have failed to put it all together for decades.

      • I had high hopes for Argentina. Some people were telling me it was 98% white. *Sigh*. Nothing close. Which explains a lot. Chile is probably more European. But then again, it has its problems. If I had to make a hierarchy, it would be Northern Europe at the top, Southern Europe one level below, and South America one or two levels below Southern Europe. Still better than Haiti or Nigeria.

      • I have lived in both countries. Honduras is the worse Latin American country, hands down. I have lived in Latin America for 25 years and I am still living but I won’t go back to Honduras without crying and screaming.

        But Haiti is another level: Haiti is Africa. Give me 1000 Honduras before 1 Haiti.

  51. I worked in restaurants, many years ago, while I was in college. The kitchen had a dish room, prep-room and a line (where the cooking was done). 99% of the food was prepared in-house from raw ingredients. The waitstaff were college students and the kitchen staff were competent older black men (line) and women (prep-room). A friend that manages restaurants told me that, today, the entire food menu is prepared offsite and that they, basically, assemble / heat-up the food that came in the back door and serve it.

    Why I asked? Response: “They are too stupid to make a salad”.

    • This is a fascinating point. Restaurant food production is getting pushed up. I’d guess that the factory producing that sludge is outsourcing some to all to the same set of providers for most chains.

  52. This last bit is something that is becoming a feature of fast food – waiting for your food.

    This. “Fast food” isn’t fast anymore. I’m not sure why…but I suspect it’s because all food is made to order now, and diverse peoples love special orders, and many of them can’t speak English.

    I’ve always thought there’s a million-dollar idea waiting for someone to implement: simple menu, no special orders, everything waits under a heat lamp, so you get your goyfeed right away. I remember all fast food used to be this way.

    • diverse peoples love special orders

      Nobody loves special orders more than AWFLs. “No onions on that. Can you put the artisanal bun on my regular cheeseburger? Why not? I don’t want the Artisanal cheeseburger, I just want the regular cheeseburger with the artisanal bun! … This has mustard on it! I’m totally sure I told you to hold the mustard! Augh!” (Incoming “Let me speak to the manager!”)

      • Yup.

        AWFLs who can’t understand normal thinking act as though they are at Nobu or Dorsia.

        Honey, pick your own GD tomato and onion off your burger like the rest of us.

        • Funny thing is, at some very high-end restaurants, there are “no substitutes, no modifications” rules — you’re there to eat what the famous chef makes and you’re supposed to trust his judgment.

    • Automatic For The People

      Weirdly, the parts of the ’50s that were decried as capitalist dystopian horrors at the time—and retained that aura for long enough that GenX cynics would name albums after them—have come to symbolize (lost) civilization.

      Imagine a restaurant in the urban South that’s basically a walk-in vending machine surviving a weekend unlooted.

  53. If you get fast food far away enough from the diversity it’s still fast and you often even get friendly employees at least pretending to be happy.

    There’s a McDonald’s off the interstate past the easternmost suburb of the nearest big city to me that’s in a transition zone. I’m watching it deteriorate in real-time as more and more diversity starts working there. Soon I’ll have to wait a couple more exits for diversity-free service after a long day in the city.

    Meanwhile in the small towns near me, the workers smile and acknowledge me, and fawn over my dog and offer her treats if she’s in the car with me. Completely different experience.

    • “Meanwhile in the small towns near me, the workers smile and acknowledge me, and fawn over my dog and offer her treats if she’s in the car with me. Completely different experience.”

      Yes, this. And luckily we are well informed this is for no reason at all.

      Case in point. Jersey Mikes, Danbury CT. Served by sullen workers that make you think, ‘ah, they give ex cons jobs here, now nice.’ By all appearances they hate the job and you.

      Go up the line to New Milford, CT Jersey Mikes and you have nice, friendly young folks, either high school or college kids. Which do you think we go to occasionally?

      All for no reason at all.

      • Reminds me of when my wife got a discount certificate to some take-away chicken-pizza place in Rhode Island (that also, as it turned out, also sold smokes). It was run by an Arab guy and staffed by squat brown people of dubious immigration status and were serving food to a mostly black cast. Yeah it took forever to get our order and I feared for my life while I waited, but the food was good.

  54. Yes! Finally a topic to have some fun with after all this ‘war’ and geopolitics that we can do zero about. THIS is actionable intel.

    I mean, for others. It is proof, perhaps, of concept that my humble self may be slightly more evolved than the Host, at least on this score.

    As in OFF these fast food places for good unless, as mentioned by another poster, in a place where all signs are in place that quality might be expected. And no, a gaggle of meth addicts (or those that appear to be) is not that sign, either.

    Ok, to personal anecdotes that led to the boycott. Eastern Shores of Maryland, McD’s has no ice in soda machines. Flies everywhere. New McD’s opens in on of the most affluent counties in USA, adjacent to giant blue shitlibopolous. Massive swarm of flies.

    Same McD, we give them another chance (why? – valid question). Really, it is like some ‘hope’ that ‘things will be like they were’ if you just try again. Nope. All Spanish speakers, assert order at counter anyway, with some difficulty. They have you take these large plastic triangles, come to your table with the order. No more ketchup at the soda source, and IIRC they are phasing out getting your own soda anyway.

    Person brings food, fries are literally uncooked. Soggy and cold. Instead of accepting this, after all what they call “fries” at McD are some potato version of ‘pink slime’ so if they cannot serve them hot and unhealthy, what IS the point?

    Go back to counter. At this point all the Eloi are chattering, one male playful with the females, in back. I am ignored, holding my soggy fries. I wait, patiently (using my ‘privilege’ perhaps) until the only option is to LOUDLY announce – MUY MAL. The lone male, smiles, makes eye contact and announces, showing off to his harem, in broken English, “ead em!”

    I dump fries, glop, on counter. “You eat them.”

    Sullen female manager makes a big production out of dropping new fries into no doubt clean oil. I eventually get fries. Never to return to this or ANY other fast food joint.

    Preceding the above adventure, local McD becomes 100% Spanish speaking enterprise. Go through drive-through, haughty woman says I need to “pull over there” to some waiting spot. My last shred of Civnat kicks in, and I do. Wait.


    Bag of food comes out. Missing item. Have to go back in, wait, address. Plus did not get the salt nor ketchup I asked for at the window.

    Next time, same McD, same woman tells me to pull over. “Nope, I will wait here, but thanks.” And I do. Diffuse the obvious pleasure said lady had in ordering me around. A Karen moment, if you will, blocked.

    It would be easy to go on and on. Hey, pizza! Sure, pizza. Having hunger pangs is a good time to focus on those that have faced much worse, starvation during many a historical event.

    As a recovering fast food customer, it has been about 6 months since last intake. For what it’s worth, off of sportsball for a few years now – pro baseball/basketball/football …. no longer recognize names. Keep tiny peripheral notice to keep up a nice appearance with the Normies in my work life. Never sit though a game.

    • Yeah, f**k Ukraine and Gaza. I’m more interested in our own third world bombed-out zones and how one can get a meal in those places!

    • At least half the time items are missing from my fast food order and I’m not even living in a hi-di area. I truly believe that some of these workers cannot read or hear properly, so when I get my order, I STAY right where I am at the window, open the bag, pull everything out, and if there’s something missing, I tell them. I don’t ask for the item, I simply state “Two of my ketchups are not in the bag”, or “My pizza is cold and stuck to the bottom of the box”. I have no problem turning off my engine at the drive through window, or blocking the counter line until my order is made to my satisfaction, and if they spit in my food I will know and I tell them, now I have your dna and will sue the pants off your manager for making such stupid hiring decisions. But having said that, I see how the wind is blowing and I make sure to have a candy bar or granola bar or some nuts in the jockey box of my car at all times, along with a bottle of water. I haven’t eaten at any fast food place in the last 8 months. Avoid the groid.

      • > “I make sure to have a candy bar or granola bar or some nuts in the jockey box of my car at all times, along with a bottle of water. I haven’t eaten at any fast food place in the last 8 months. Avoid the groid”

        If you’re at all close to a White zone, then you can just run into a grocery store, grab a few loaves of high fiber bread, some bottled water, and some vitamin pills, and that’ll keep you alive & in good health for a few days.

        It’s been two or three years since I’ve eaten any processed food.

        I’ve been cooking everything from scratch.

        PRO-TIP: If all you see before you is processed food, then Peanut M&Ms are your bestest friend in the entire world.

        Peanut M&Ms seem to be hypercaffeinated these days, so they help to keep you from falling asleep at the wheel whilst you’re flying down the interstate, at 70MPH, in the wee hours after midnight.

    • Soggy fries are the worst, which I could never get folks in the Maghreb to understand.

      They *insisted* that putting the fries in the oil, THEN heating the oil was the way to go.

  55. The 1990’s action flick Demolition Man probably had the near future about right when they imagined a world run by managerial silly people attempting to control a population of troublemakers.

    Yeah, where Idiocracy and Demolition Man break down is that things are still mysteriously working at a higher level. Yeah in the former, there’s supposed to be an impending world-wide famine, but you couldn’t actually tell by looking at any of the people. They’re all obviously well-fed. There are no riots and food lines. The lights are on. There’s all kinds of high technology, even if purposed toward goofy ends.

    What I think these films reveal is that at some point, people think modern civilization is all magic — that it will somehow just keep going behind the scenes no matter what people do to trash it.

    • Yes, you saved me from having to post anything other than a response. Dysfunctional service simply is a precursor to a collapsed business. When distribution breaks down and delivery becomes impossible the fast food joint shutters. When the production of food collapses, famine rears its ugly head. There are far worse things than a long wait at McDonald’s.

      I spent a number of my formative years in the Third World. While what Z describes to be the case there is somewhat true, it manages still to semi-function because it is not shackled with EEOC and so forth, let alone explicit mandates to hire X to do Y. The United States and the rest of the GAE will not be able to maintain complex systems with the regulations imposed to accommodate a diverse populace*. Those pockets of the Third World that are zombie remnants of the First that also are shackled with this madness, such as South Africa, are a glimpse into what awaits us. The wineries and banks there are now like the burger joints here, the central government is the City of Jackson.

      As this moves beyond the retail into essential service, the inability to maintain society will kick into overdrive. It does not take long to move from dysfunctional to non-functional.

      *It will not be able to maintain functional polities even to make commerce possible.

  56. I haven’t had food poisoning since I stopped eating fast food decades ago. Arbie’s. Sick as a dog.

    • Applebee’s did it for me back in around 2000. Terrible food, lousy service, tacky décor. Yecchhh. Never looked back.

      • Z hit a ripe topic.

        I’ve gotten sick at a few over the years, and I hardly eat out. Even mid-tier places serve mediocre food at expensive prices. I think people are eating out not for the food but for experience and to feel like they are doing something relevant.

        If I have to eat out, it’s Chipotle, but I detest the experience, most of them reek of diversity and inclusion. I remember eating there while working away from family in 2012 on election night watching news and listening to awful music; what a mess this place has become.

  57. The only fast food joint that is tolerable both food and service is Sonic. Rarely have a bad experience. But the cost has escalated to $10/person.

    • Sonic, and Chic-fil-A.

      Though Chic-fil-A has declined since George Floyd. That used to be the whitest, most efficient franchise around. I was always stunned by the lack of gargoyles running the place.

      I never thought their chicken was any good, but you could get a meal (even in long line) in under 5 minutes.

      • If you see Chick-Fil-A’s commercials on TV you’ll notice that they are completely on board with the negro worship. Everyone on Z’s site today can tell you that the only good fast food restaurants are those staffed by whites, but up in the corporate suites they’ve decided to piss on your feet and tell you it’s raining.

    • Hmmm, Sonic? Tried once, the ‘cheese’ on cheeseburger was apparently squeezed from a tube.

      One and done.

    • I went to Sonic once. The service was fine and the food was what you should get, but they must love onions. There was so much onion on the burger it took me longer to remove them than to eat it. The thing that baffles me about this is most people do not prefer onions on a burger. Putting a few rings on would make sense, because you can easily remove them. Alternatively, they are cooked so they are not overpowering like raw onion.

      I have this theory about onions on burgers. The reason every restaurant does this is they hear from every foodie that everyone loves half raw onion on their sandwich. Watch a cooking show and you come away thinking that Big Onion must be the sponsor. In reality, most people could live without any onion on the sandwich.

      • At White Castle restaurants, they grill the onions in their sliders — little square beef patties. There’s no removing the onions.

      • To each his own, but I love plenty of onions on a burger. But this may be a Texas thing. Tomatoes are what I don’t want any part of.

    • I can’t speak for the whole chain, but if I have to eat fast food, there’s a local A&W that manages to produce decent food, generally served promptly by polite white teenagers. This is in contrast to the McD’s adjacent to it, of which the only redeeming feature is that it’s open 24 hours if you get desperate at 3:00 in the morning.

      • Bruno, you must be in Canada to actually like an A&W. In the US they are just horrible, but the Canadian versions can be quite decent. Completely different menu.

  58. And it will only get worse. There is no reversing this. I’ve been actively moving towards autarky just to maintain any standard.

    • That is the answer. There is some quote that roughly approximates “your buying habits shape the world”.

  59. Last year I moved to gulf shores Alabama, 2% diverse, from a city 85% diverse. It’s so much easier dealing with the local government and utilities, it makes me laugh.

    • “It’s so much easier dealing with actual humans, it makes me laugh”.

      Fixed it for ya”.

    • That was the beach closest to my hometown. Loved going there as a kid and I can attest it is still a wonderful place.

    • Here’s to the Redneck Riviera! I grew up very near there. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are still very nice places, even though the high-rise condos have destroyed a lot of great beaches.

      I have to say though, that this isn’t a new thing, it’s just a black thing. As a young kid, when we got our very first fast food in our small town (Hardees), I think it was my first experience with diverse “customer service”. I’ve been saying for over 30 years, you want to experience the true black hatred of whites, go to a fast food place staffed by them.

  60. Z, you should start another blog that is just dispatches of daily life from the hood..

    American Safari or something.

  61. . The 1990’s action flick Demolition Man probably had the near future about right when they imagined a world run by managerial silly people attempting to control a population of troublemakers.

    Very underrated movie. People always underestimate Stallone.

    • It’s like a higher end Idiocracy. Note how in the movie Taco Bell is fancy, because in the future a Taco Bell that’s still able to operate probably will be a fancy restaurant catering to fancy people.

      • In Guatemala City, the U.S. fast foods are a special treat, as they are expensive. But they are clean and uncluttered, compared to the rest of the local businesses. In an environment of unregulated street side cooking, U.S. style fast food is top shelf.

      • Demolition Man is very underserved by both the title, the cover art and, alas, that Sly is on the poster. I saw it when it first came to VHS, but subtitled in Danish, so the Brave New World-language escaped me, and I had it filed it as just another cheap, shoot-em-up movie until I re-watched it by accident a few years back.

        The secret to Stallone is that he’s fairly dumb and you’ve got to cast him in dumb roles – that works well in Demo Man and Rocky is an all-American masterpiece – first movie only – and the first Rambo wasn’t bad either.

        The story goes that Stallone wrote Rocky and shopped it around the studios while dirt broke; the studios liked the script and wanted to buy it off him, but they also wanted to cast another guy as Rocky. Stallone told them no thanks and kept eating ramen until he found a financer that’d go with him in the lead.

        Big props if that story is true. Also, Stallone seems like a genuinely nice guy.

        • Off/on topic, I only saw the movie Cop Land once but I vaguely remember it as the only movie that I actually cared about the character that Stallone was playing (I mean, with all the other movies he’s in you know he’s going to kill everyone anyway).

        • Stallone’s a helluva lot smarter than you think. Being typecast as a loveable meathead is just a schtick.

          • Usually you can get a pretty good gauge of people’s nogging when they’re talking off-script and Stallone just sounds kinda slow and basic.

            It’s not a 100% rule, I could be wrong – some people are just not good verbally. I don’t really know that much about him, I admit; I’m not really a big movie buff and actors usually only interest me for their scandal value.

  62. I would have hit a gas station and grabbed 12hour old heated food, if at all.
    Better off making a late night sandwich. On the rare occasion I endeavor to eat fast food I don’t do drive through, too slow. After a proper demographic check I may purchase their crap.

  63. “the Latin way”

    Where I just got back from, they call it “Keys Disease”
    But the Cubans can make a mean cuban.

  64. On the extremely rare occasions when we want MacDonalds, I always park and go inside..the drive up line has always been a train wreck, and inside I have a chance to actually check whether I got what I ordered…Wendy’s is a zoo, and Burger King is a third world hangout…
    My wife informs me that in Japan, it’s different, and MacDonalds is excellent…Not a big surprise…

  65. I’ve been known to find a grocery store rather than hit the drive-thru lane. It takes about the same amount of time, and I can get something simple and be on my way. Fast food is a horror show. I had a similar experience at a McDonald’s with the employees screaming in anger at each other over something. All I wanted was a burger. Even when I do get the food…my gut regrets it about 45 min later. We cook our own food 99% of the time, and the processed garbage isn’t meant for a healthy digestive tract.

    The thing my wife and I increasingly notice is that nobody wants to go to work any more. A lot of office work is made up work that wouldn’t be missed as long as the bills are getting paid, and a lot of the stuff that keeps the money flowing is automated now. (Just like fast food, the automation covers a lot of ills.) My office is marginally busy around 8am and a ghost town by 3pm. By the time I leave most days around 5-5:30 pm, I’m the only one there and I’m locking up and setting the alarms. I’m usually busy straight through from 8-5 with a short lunch. I see people constantly on vacation and thing “Who are these people and how do they still have jobs?” I’m a sucker working long hours.

    My wife is a doctor. Her first patient is at 8am and she is allowed to leave around 6-6:30pm. United Healthcare now wants her coming in at 7am. To avoid this, she has to switch to a 90% employment model with a pay cut. The grifters and skimmers that she subsidizes work, charitably, from 8-4. None provide value in the chain of care.

    We’re both rapidly approaching the age where we can just unplug. Food is still cheap and plentiful if you avoid the processed stuff. The house is nearly paid off. We have one more kid to get out of the house. Our bills will drop enormously in about 3 years on our present course.

    The hell with these people.

    • …my gut regrets it about 45 min later

      That and eating most fast food results in some level of guilt and shame for succumbing to the temptation.

    • “The hell with these people.”

      I hear you BUT since my wife and I have kids, we have to stay on the task to protect them from those seeking to plunge them into perpetual debt, via advice, various means of support — financial and otherwise (back office; consolidating banking; and so on.)

      We cannot hurl them to the wolves, not saying you and your spouse are, but many a Boomer and Silent around us adopt that ‘Disney Cruise’ mindset, aka ‘die broke’ and consider it ‘normal’ (and convenient I would say) that their kids have college loan debt for useless credentials, a car payment each, so they can enjoy perpetual commuting, need daycare, and all the trappings of our ;progressive’ world.

      • Don’t get me wrong, we will work til we sue to make sure our kids don’t get sucked into the vortex. But we do it in ways they’re only now starting to appreciate. My oldest just graduated college. It took her 3.5 years to earn a 4 year degree, and the little debt she has is covered by the small college fund we set aside for her. She takes a distribution from her college fund each month that erases her student loan payment. All we do is coach her on how to pay it down faster.

        She was able to graduate early because we pushed academics – especially math – at an early age. That allowed her to earn scholarships (which is just a tuition discount) and she tested out of a bunch of other classes. Being good at math means I can have an adult discussion with her about the punishing arithmetic of debt. Her BF has a massive problem…close to $100K in college debt. The hard conversation is that she needs to avoid the marriage thing because that debt will impoverish them both. I’m not paying for that.

        Middle son, same good situation. Still a couple years to go. Youngest will be tougher, but we’ll make sure she isn’t starting her life being crushed by the system. Financially, she is highly literate, has a job, and gets punished with $5 gas. I think of the three she understands the economics of the world the best.

  66. The only place it’s safe to get fast food is small towns. It’s run by white people everything’s really pleasant, food tastes like it’s supposed to and they tell you to have a blessed day. I just did a road trip from Georgia to the Midwest in a 3000 mile circle. I took the two lanes the whole way so I went through all these little towns. It is still very white out there and it is just fantastic dealing with my people, I understand them and love them, but I got to say they all look terrible. They do not look healthy, they’re either too fat or too skinny and they’re covered in tattoos and piercings. But still the best people in the world, just demoralized. I realize our enemies can’t see our virtues because they don’t possess them and they don’t believe they exist

    • Chick fil-A just about anywhere does not hire miscreants. There’s a reason they can run double lines 40 cars deep and you’ll still get your food faster than the other chains.

      One of their hiring rules is you have to be a nice person. My kids have friends who have worked there, and they report that CfA actively weeds out the problem people.

      There are still lots of great people in our country. We are just propagandized to believe the only good people are black or gay.

      • I’ve noticed, however, that Chick-fil-a has run out of Church kids. The teenagers taking my orders there have been getting more misshapen and speak with a noticeable lisp. Service still functions and is above other fast food, but even the better of these Zoomers/whatever is next are… off.

      • Yeah, the propaganda’s there, but nobody believes it. Even the blacks know their people are dangerous—that’s why they take their kids trick-or-treating in white neighborhoods. Gay men? They lie to each other about HIV status and they’re incapable of fidelity, so basically not exactly “good,” and deep down they know it, but they don’t care because for them it’s all about the sex.

        • There is propaganda everywhere because it works. A lot of people believe the bullshit. Otherwise, our masters would not even bother.

      • This.

        Having managed a crew of customer service techs, I can say with some authority that technical skills can be taught. But you cannot teach someone to be nice, polite, and have customer empathy.

        The lesson the diversity fails, and is nearly incapable of learning is “do unto others as you would have done to you”

        • The reason for this is genetic distance. It is easy to empathize with your brother or two cousins or eight second cousins. it is impossible to empathize with someone who is distant from you as a space alien. That is the problem with diversity. The best you get is everyone treating each other as strangers. The worst is everyone treats everyone as a threat.

      • When the owner washed a bunch of joggers feet to earn virtue points, I was done with them.

        • Never spell it DEI. Spell it the way they intended: DIE.

          Never agree to play the Left’s language games.

    • One of my favorites is the Traveler on the CT/MA border. Waitstaff are friendly White women, plus they let you take 3 free books from their collection on your way out.

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