Sailing The Three C’s

There are three aspects to problem solving that seem obvious when stated but are not always obvious to philosophers of problem solving. One is that you have to identify that there is a problem, as in an unwanted result. The next step is to then narrow in on the possible causes of the problem. The final step is to then produce a list of possible corrections to these complaints and causes. In the world of problem solving, this is known as Complaint, Cause and Correction.

If you are a working man who does productive things for a living, this is something with which you are familiar. If you fix big scary trucks for a living, every day someone points at a big scary truck, hands you a list of complaints and you then set about finding the causes of those complaints and their corresponding corrections. If you are a philosopher of big scary trucks, then this is a bit of a mystery. You wonder how any of this fits in with your particular school’s philosophy or ideology.

This disconnect is obvious in politics. The Republicans have been vexed by one primary complaint for close to a decade. The people they want to swindle into voting for them do not like them very much. In fact, they went so far as to vote for the one guy the party said was off-limits in 2016, Donald Trump. Despite the party’s best efforts to rid themselves of this troublesome man, the rank-and-file voters still prefer him over whatever the party offers as an alternative.

In other words, the party’s complaint is that the voters refuse to support the blocks of wood the party is selling and they support the guy they hate. This turned up in the local elections yesterday, where the Republican Party underperformed again. They even put up a based black guy in the Kentucky governor’s race, but the Democrat still won, in a state that is reliably Republican. In Virginia, the party failed to win the state house, despite their claims about the governor’s popularity.

Going back to the big scary truck idea, the complaint is that it is the wrong sort of big scary truck, and the driver wants his old truck back. You, the big scary truck fixer guy can certainly figure out the cause of the complaints. The company bought the wrong truck, or the driver is a knucklehead. The trouble is you have no correction for these causes, so the complaint must remain unaddressed. That is the problem for the Republican Party as it sinks into irrelevance.

The philosophers of political problem solving, like the philosophers of big scary trucks, will immediately point to their favorite correction. No matter the complaint, no matter the cause, they will argue that the correction is to do whatever it is they are paid to promote or what their ideological school promotes. They will skip that middle part, the cause, and maybe even recast the complaint to their liking. This is why politic punditry is endless rounds of more of the same.

There will be some who pretend to be smart by focusing on the cause. They will roll out some polls claiming that the party does not appeal to this group of new people or this other newly labeled identity group. They will argue, for example, the GOP lost support among young female Tinder users in Ohio. They failed to capture the one-legged lesbian Elvis impersonator vote in the Northern Virginia suburbs. The point of this analysis is to avoid looking too closely at the complaints and the causes.

The place to start for this result and what will be a similar result in the 2024 election is the complaint portion of the work order. If you asked white people to list their top-5 complaints with the party, none of them can be found in the op-ed section of major news sites or in the talking points of candidates. For close to a decade now these voters have been pilloried by the diversity rackets. The party’s corrective to this in Kentucky, a very white state, was to offer up Jeb Bush in blackface.

That is the problem of the party in a nutshell. It no longer pretends to care about the complaints of its voters. They refuse to even discuss most of them. The reason Youngkin won the governorship is because outside groups and grassroots volunteers were outraged at the diversity stuff in the schools. As soon as Youngkin won, he fell silent on all of this stuff and began dreaming of bigger things. Why would those voters come out and support his party in the next election?

It would be one thing if the party spent time properly discussing the complaints of their voters but failed to arrive at suitable corrections. The voters could at least kid themselves into thinking these guys will eventually land on the right correction, even if it is by blind luck. Here is the campaign website of Nikki Haley, who is the preferred option by the party for 2024. Note there is nothing on site to indicate why she is running or why it should matter to you. It is just stock phrases and photos.

Here is the website of Ron DeSantis, who thinks he is Trump-lite. Like Haley, there is nothing on the site but gibberish. At the top is what looks like a campaign slogan. “I am running for President of the United States because I want to lead our Great American Comeback. Our country is going in the wrong direction. We see it with our eyes and we feel it in our bones…” Lead to where? Back from what? Which direction is it headed and what is the right direction? Who knows?

To shift gears slightly, the salesman for the big scary truck repair facility has a job similar to a politician. He tries to convince people to use his service. As a salesman, he has been trained to rely on logos, ethos, and pathos. That is, he combines logical arguments in favor of his service, with his and his firm’s reputation, along with emotional arguments to close the sale. “You know we can do a good job for you, and you will sleep better knowing you signed with us.”

If the Republican Party were operating the big scary truck shop, the salesmen would be festooned in the flags of foreign countries and showing the prospects pictures of the one black guy they have working in their shop. Meanwhile, the mechanics would be spending their days driving penis pictures on the work orders. No one would do business with them because no one would understand the point of their business or know why they should do business with them.

In fairness, the party leaders probably know this at some level. They are smart and clever in the rat-like way that is common in politics. They surely see that they are running a generational bust out. The demographic that makes the Republican Party possible is sinking into permanent minority status. The goal here is to keep them from noticing while the party squeezes the last drops from the racket. The big scary truck shop will then be set on fire for the insurance money.

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191 thoughts on “Sailing The Three C’s

  1. Water Pipe “blew” in KY ofc – funny all down the ballot Republicans won AG etc. but not Governor – Judge closed down counting and then Governor race reversed and Dem won – LOL- same as 2020 – you missed this some how Z???? They have cheating down.

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  3. Z-man has nailed it, (though the truck repair metaphor was a bit wooly).

    Speaking as a former reliable Republican voter: Where is the Republican candidate calling for sealing the border and deporting the scofflaws and ending taxpayer handouts to the illegals? Or pushing back against trannies making girls cry? Or raging about anti-white animus? Or calling for America to stop meddling around the world?

    The Republican party is worthless as tits on a boar-hog.

    • Dude is so fucking based. He is to the -right- of Trump. Which then makes one wonder… (dons conspiracy hat).

      Brown guy, based AF, young, charismatic, articulate speaker, says lots of sh-t people want to hear but seemingly came out of nowhere. Does this ring any bells for anyone? Democrat version, 2008?

      My spidey senses tingle like crazy listening to him that he is a purposeful asset planted by the Deep State as a blow off valve for the DR.

      I could be totally wrong and he may just be a super based redpill dropping flame spitting pajeet but that is an odd, if not very entertaining, combo…

      • Water Pipe “blew” again and shut down counting – when resumed Dem won everything LOL same as they did in 2020– GOPe is in on it – not a word of protest

  4. Somehow Ohio just voted to legalize abortion and recreational weed. I imagine this was a mail in ballot phenomenon but it’s hard to say. A lot of liberals have moved there to escape high rents in the northeast.

    • It wasn’t a mail-in phenomenon. Ohio does not use mail-in balloting. It was simply another sign of the overall decline.

      Much of Ohio’s population is clustered into the three giant urban agglomerations of Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus (Ha! Three Cs. How’s that for irony?)—old, Rust Belt manufacturing towns with large core black populations. Once you add in liberal whites and the youth vote, there is no way that “square” causes like opposition to abortion and marijuana can win.

      Ohio also has the strange distinction that its state constitution can be amended by a simple 50%+1 majority referendum, which basically turns the constitution into toilet paper.

      • “ It wasn’t a mail-in phenomenon. Ohio does not use mail-in balloting.”

        DS. Do you ever check before commenting on that which you do not know. Ohio is no better than any other Star wrt mail in balloting. They use it extensively. Here is a reference to prove such:

        It’s from the damn office of elections for Ohio. A simple Google discovered the reference. Took 30 seconds.

  5. Two items of note, off topic:

    1. Was discussing news headlines with husband and mentioned Biden democratic challenger Dean Phillips from Minnesota. Hubby commented on Phillips’ visage so I looked it up. His ‘early life’ section on Wikipedia is as expected – both biological parents as well as his stepfather – Every Single Time.

    2. This article by William Briggs is well worth reading ( but check out this Israeli propaganda video he links to in the comments:

    • Briggs’s comment about Regime members avoiding armed service for themselves and their progeny reminds me of this (((Harold Ramis))) quote from Stripes:

      “I don’t know what kind of a soldier I’m going to make, but I want you to know that if we ever get into heavy combat I’ll be right behind you guys every step of the way.”

  6. The GOP’s problem is best articulated in “The Wedding Singer” when Robby goes to the bank for a job.

    “- Mr. Simms: Do you have any experience?
    – Robbie Hart: No, sir, I have no experience but I’m a big fan of money. I like it, I use it, I have a little. I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator. I’d like to put more in that jar. That’s where you come in.”

    All they care about is putting money in the jar. They have no plans. They have no prospects. Just “give us money”.

  7. Look… you do not need to be Aristotle or hold a PHD in philosophy to comprehend the Trump phenomenon…
    It’s real, blue collar guy simple. Trump is the biggest middle finger to the Republican Party, the Democrat party, the MSM, the deep state, Clause Schwab, every global elitist bazillionaire… The world at large. It matters not that he’s not a policy wonk, that he puts ketchup on his steak, that he’s a handicap golfer, that he’s uncouth, that he has no filter, that he takes great pride in insulting one liners, that he’s a bull in a China shop, that he’s a raging narcissist. All that matters to his supporters, is he has the megaphone, the means, the opportunity, the star power, to say it in the most succinct, distinctly blue collar, every day Joe, gimme another boiler maker way possibly… FUCK YOU! That my friends… is the beauty of Trump!

  8. I don’t discount the racial, imaginary-black-friend Complaint, but it is a big ask to get them over it (Cause = too many voters of all parties sharing the fetish). Pulling the wars plug is something they could do today. This is easily 90% of my personal strategic support for Orangezilla (and on which it’s 50-50 he’d manage to follow through). Biden, the retard, deserves credit for pulling the Afghanistan plug. No answer to that have I heard from Tom Cotton, Nimrata, or Boomerkin or George Rodham Bush.

    • Look at it on the bright side [no pun intended].

      Kentuckians preferred a White DEM to a kneegr0w GOP.

      Looks to moi like folks are coming home to Das Volk.

      This is a GoodThing®.


      Furthermore, White rage in Staten Island boiled over into Suffolk County and Whites seized control of Eastern Long Island.

      This is another GoodThing®.

      All the trends are heading in the correct direction.

      • I wonder if the Long Island phenomenon is the result of the locusts leaving for greener fields. They’ve certainly been landing in my neck of the woods for years!

        I mean, it’s a wave that’ll wash over us, I’m sure, and the thing that pisses me off most is the mess we’ll have to clean up. We’ll see what how they deal with it portends.

  9. Here’s your “conservative” Republican Speaker of the House right here, white people — he brings a coal-black Negro criminal of sexual age into his home where his SMOKIN’ hot blonde wife resides:

    There is either some serious fetishism going on here or some serious naïvete. A lot of these Republicans are big into race-mixing — David French has a black baby. Amy Comely Barret has two. Paul Ryan had a black girlfriend. Nikki Haley’s daughter married a Negro.

    These people are not going got to bat for white America.

    • Guarantee you behind the Christcuck Conservatism he spouts lies an absolute degenerate. I’m certain he was letting the son cuck him w/ the blond wife while he sat and watched. There is so much more of this out in the world than people realize.

      Look at the recent Baptist minister who was spewing fire & brimstone at the pulpit and was a closet tranny.

      At least Democrats are open and honest about their degeneracy.

      • J, the first time I saw Johnson’s picture, muh immediate overpowering overwhelming instinctual response was GHEY PAEDO FACE!!!!!

        There is undeniable cuckoldry of one form or another in that Johnson household.

        My guess is that Johnson wanted the Big Black Buck for himself, not for his waifu.

        But who knows, maybe they fought over the Buck?

        And I sincerely hope the White children in the family were not engaged in servicing the Buck.

    • I saw Johnson for the first time when elected Speaker and GAYDAR goes off…

      Voting is over so why do I care?

  10. The reason the Republican party isn’t selling what its voters want is because they are unduly influenced by the opposition, the Left.

    As long as the Left controls the cultural narrative and discourse, its messages will seep inexorably into the brains of all watchers. And you can bet the Republican task-masters watch TV.

    It is TELEVISION that is the root cause of the current political climate. Everything from gay pride parades to woke philosophy is a bastard ill-child of the boob tube, in one form or another.

    There used to be a television show called “Will & Grace” about a gay man and his femme bestie. The title says it all. The brave man has the grace to perform adroitly on the public stage, and the will to keep going and endure successfully no matter the cost. “Will & Grace” existed as a show because of the simple intellectual underpinnings of its name.

    “Modern Family” extends this “Will & Grace” motif into the stratosphere, with a gay family, a Latina family, and so on, touching all the Left-wing bases. This is how they do it. They normalize and celebrate the strange, making it seem a part of universalist experience.

    The thing is, you could easily take the television and fill it up with the exact OPPOSITE content and it would perform its magic in that direction as expected. Hell, you could have Nazi symbols and motifs and ideas free-floating around as a consequence of an imaginable television alternate reality and they would be as potent as anything in our actual dimension of TV.

    Remember this: Television sets the Overton window, and invents the language of social discourse. He who controls the idiot box controls the idiot.

    (Click on my name to continue reading my pro blog.)

    • Roughly a quarter century elapsed from Hollywood’s pro-homo agitprop beginning in earnest, to Obergfell, a ruling which would not only have been unimaginable at the outset, it would have been unimaginable for it to even be a case.

      Today, with far more screen time and connectivity than existed circa 1990, one can safely assume that the window of time required to alter perception and change opinion has been proportionally reduced (along with attention spans, which probably also makes the subject more pliable). Indeed, some subjects, in this environment, appear to have already succumbed to automaton style slavishness, so that no time at all is required between input and acceptance. When this can be achieved with a critical mass of subjects, then it’s easy to picture something like the Marching Morons. Or, I dunno, jabs?

    • It is TELEVISION that is the root cause of the current political climate.

      Isn’t that like blaming the gun rather than the gun owner?

  11. I hate to pull a Peter Schiff here, but I am going to pull a Peter Schiff and say I predicted this. Yesterday, I saw the photos of Daniel Cameron in KY and John James in MI. Even though I predicted it, I still couldn’t take J. Zoar’s advice and remember I am a dissident. It burns.

    A nice deep sleep and a fresh cup of coffee and I am shaking my head and smiling. My hope when seeing those photos was that not a single voter would turn out as we are all sick and tired of seeing this. It is beyond absurd. Male ebony and female ivory being shoved down everyone’s throats in every ad and now in the GOP is beyond tired. As usual the Clouds are so poorly educated and so divorced from reality the things that they think it means are not and the dirts are aware of what they really mean.

    To the Clouds it means: we are all getting along in perfect unity and harmony; we are so colorblind that color is all important – but only to show that we are post racial and not racist; by the way, did we mention that we are not racist? To the dirts it means: your day is over white man; you must forfeit everything – your inheritance, your upward mobility, all opportunity, mating opportunities with your woman, the very future and existence of your race.

    One of the really funny things about this is that angry black women are essential to the Dem coalition and yet they are fuming about their beautiful black kangz being set loose with the white devil’s woman. This thing has no coherence, no consistency, no logic. Someone is saying quite clearly that, “You are conquered and nothing is yours now.” It is a very tiny minority. At some point the dirts and the Cloud’s low bred tools are going to look around and see who that minority is.

    I knew the GOP candidate photos would become a Madison Ave wet dream, and I knew it would happen as soon as it did. It is going to get worse. Avert your eyes, become and act like a person of the top caste. That is the best thing you can do. They want to demoralize you. Don’t let them.

    I agree with other posts here today. Where are a few years away from an explicit white interest political party or at least set of candidates in the GOP. It will be put down harshly. The emergent leaders will be too smart and too quotable to be kept down. Just keep pointing out that all they are talking about is having exactly what our greatest ally has without a population of hateful interlopers within and at our borders. Harp on it over and over and over. When they say not for you, then our nation arises and says, “Okay. Then not for you either.” Then things get interesting. We splinter into explicit racial parties with Asians siding with us as a swing if needed. Until then, don’t vote.

  12. Look, let’s face it, whites and conservatives fought and lost all the major cultural battles as far back as the Sixties. And who was behind it all? Republicans — Earl Warren, George Romney, Ronald Reagan, Nelson Rockefeller, Nixon, Harry Blackmun.

    Warren mandated integration and Ike enforced it by sending troops into Little Rock High. Rockefeller and Reagan signed abortion into law as governors and Nixon appointed Blackmun to the Supreme Court. Nixon put the DoD on Defcon III for Israel in 1973. Reagan signed an amnesty for illegals in 1986. He signed gun control in California as governor. He appointed O’Connor as a female affirmative action pick to the Supreme Court, and she upheld abortion and affirmative action. He appointed Kennedy, who discovered a “constitutional right” to anal sex and gay marriage.

    Look, I am not at all saying that you should vote for the Democrat nutjobs. But really, who is more on the side white dissidents on the current Israel issue — Rashida Tlaib or Johnson, DeSantis and Graham?

    The guys who would have been most in tune with today’s white alt-righters would have been George Wallace and Lester Maddox circa 1963. Not Republicans.

    The idea that voting Republican is going to save the asses of white conservative Americans is one of the greatest political flim-flams ever. The Republicans were literally called “Radical Republicans” after the Civil War for having invaded the South, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, and putting the South under martial law, and rewriting the Constitution Then they were the “Progressives” in the era of TR.

    When the obituary for the death of white America is finally written, Republicans are going to have at least as much blood on their hands as Democrats.

    • Sometimes I think Republicans are there to do the leftist things that Democrats can’t get away with doing, because there would be too much resistance if Democrats tried to do it. “Only Nixon could go to China” and whatnot

  13. Its impossible to care about the R’s losing the VA state Senate or the Governorship in KY. If they’d won, what would’ve changed? Nothing.

    Supposedly if they’d won the VA Senate, then Youngkin would’ve been able to “push through his agenda”. Except he has no agenda. The same was true of Cameron.

    That the GOP is constantly nominating mediocre blacks just tells you everything you need to know. Its not about winning to do things, its just about getting someone with an “R” after his name in office.

    This election, just like everything since 2016, shows that without Trump, the GOP is completely worthless and without any desire to win. They simply occupy space and keep a more popular, worthwhile party from challenging the D’s. The Conservatives in the UK and Canada do the same.

    • I’ve actually heard that there is no correlation between a black’s expressed political views and his voting. They vote along racial lines and Democrat. 90% Democrat. This number is very sticky.

      Going after the black vote as a Republican is stupid. The constant pandering only inflames people who would vote Republican.

      Really, I think that’s the point. They like to lose. They love being the powerless opposition. They can stamp their feet and bang their pots and pans about their supposed principles, because what they do doesn’t matter. They can get together in Congress when they are in the minority and not support a bill that they know will pass no matter what they do. They can go on TV and scream about the latest progressive offense. This helps them raise money. They just LOVE being on TV.

      But the second their vote actually matters, they cuck. They don’t like being the majority party. All they can do is fink on their voters to please their masters. But this hurts fundraising and they don’t get to go on TV and pretend to care about what the voters want.

  14. I never thought they would handle Trump the way they have actually handled him. I overlooked a lot of Trump’s faults because I thought he was an imperfect agent of change, perhaps even the Mule as Z liked to call him. He electrified the base in a way that no other Republican could in decades. His rallies are more like rock concerts. Surely some of that is Trump’s personality, but a lot of it is genuine excitement for the stuff he says he wants to do. But instead of giving us a more refined version of Trump with largely the same policies, they give us Nikki Hailey. I’m just surprised Mitt Romney didn’t challenge him.

    Going with the truck analogy, the truck is a 1970 model with a blown engine, trashed interior and rust holes up and down the frame rails. Every accessory on the engine is seized. The pump is seized and rusted into a big lump of rust. All the tires are dry rotted and all the rims have rust holes in them. This truck cannot be fixed without literally replacing every single part of the truck. Unfortunately for us, parts have not been available since 1994. Even towing the truck would endanger everyone on the highway.

    • I thought DeSantis might be that refined version but he has listened to his professional image makers and dashed any such hope.

      • Before the election season kicked off, I thought he was going to continue to build cred with the base and come out in 28. But he self destructed instead. He was always too close to Israel for me though. It makes me wonder if he is actually running for PM of Israel or the POTUS?

        • DeSantis and the others know there is a substantial Republican voting bloc that is fanatically pro-Israel. They are called Christian Zionists but I prefer to call them Christians for War.

          • As if Jesus, instead of throwing the money changers out from the Temple, picked up a JDAM and said “I will use these to destroy Amalek and protect you, pharisees.”

            Maybe when he called them a “generation of vipers” he was just kidding.

    • The remedy the elite offers is to replace that truck with a brand new electric one – that uses batteries that haven’t been developed yet. What’s that? You wanted a truck that could actually make deliveries at a reasonable cost without killing the driver or the other people on the road? Racist!

  15. LMFAO. This is all irrelevant. No amount of election integrity, political party reorganization, or explicit appeals to white interests will make up for the fact that the overwhelming majority of females will crawl through broken glass, kick their grandmother down the stairs, and endure unspeakable hardships in order to preserve the ability to murder their own babies, up to and including birth.

    The root cause of all of our political problems is not “managerialism”, or “the uniparty”, but rather the fact that women collectively are hysterical, psychopathic, murderous monsters who have absolutely no business whatsoever being involved in public affairs, and I am tired of pretending otherwise.

    • The problem you leave out is, Why is it this way? What perverted women to such an extent? Infanticide is not natural to a genuine woman. You are describing a symptom, not a cause. I agree that the symptom is creating other symptoms (in the way jaundice derives from liver failure), but I feel you leave out how we arrived at this unnatural state.

      • I think he answered it. Namely, letting Life Of Julia women vote. You are trying to be the truck repair philosopher here.

      • > Why is it this way? What perverted women to such an extent?

        Opportunity. Western Boomers were the first generation of women on the planet to have the ability to murder their children in utero in a safe, reliable, and anonymous way. Previous generations were not pure, they were restrained.

        > You are describing a symptom, not a cause. I feel you leave out how we arrived at this unnatural state.

        Don’t you see? This *IS* their natural state! It is why religion and culture are so important: to suppress the worst, most dangerous primal instincts of both men AND women.

      • Eloi: “Infanticide is not natural to a genuine*** woman.”

        ACKSHUALLY, if left to its own doing, Cluster B will always result in a Cult of Moloch.

        Whenever the females’ histrionic & narcissistic imperative to virtue snivel is allowed to flourish, inevitably the virtue snivelling will spiral out of control, and to achieve peak maximum virtue snivelling dopamine hits, Cluster B women will ritually mμrder their own babies in order to gain higher status and climb the social ladder.

        “Look at poor me and my suffering; I am so pure of heart that I sacrificed my own beloved child, my flesh and blood, to our Lord & Savior, Moloch,” sing the high priestesses of the cult.

        The Germans called this, “von Munchhausen’s by Proxy”.

        A street defecator, named M Night Shyamalan, made a fascinating & rather terrifying movie about the phenomenon:

        It mighta been the very best work of Bruce Willis’s entire career.


        ***Regarding the “genuine woman”, so long as she is pushing out live births, and not committing any form of infanticide, her genes are prospering in the Tree of Life.

        Whereas every time a Cluster B von Munchhausen’s chick snuffs out yet another life, her ancestresses’ residue in the Tree of Life becomes ever more tenuous.

        Mother Nature & Father Time will have the final word, and the Ghost of Charles Darwin always has the last laugh.


        O thou, my lovely boy, who in thy pow’r
        Dost hold Time’s fickle glass His sickle hour,
        Who hast by waning grown, and therein show’st
        Thy lovers withering, as thy sweet self grow’st—
        In nature, sovereign mistress over wrack,
        As thou goest onwards still will pluck thee back,
        She keeps thee to this purpose, that her skill
        May time disgrace, and wretched minute kill.
        Yet fear her, O thou minion of her pleasure;
        She may detain but not still keep her treasure.
        Her audit, though delayed, answered must be,
        And her quietus is to render thee.

        • I don’t know what horrible women you have in your lives… Sorry for your collective experiences… yeesh. My wife, mother, and daughters are all lovely, compassionate things. And personifying nature as a women does not prove the malice of women. Women, when properly partnered with a man, are wonderful. To go back to my initial point, women voting can be a symptom of when men abdicated their role as the partner and leader of a family. The men degenerated before the women.

          • Eloi, Bro, I don’t mean to jinx you, but it sounds like you are living a very blessed life, and that you are diligently performing your duty to solidify your Ancestors’ place in the Tree of Life.

            HOWEVER, other Bros don’t have it nearly so good as that.

            [For the record, I am not a misogynist, and I very much enjoy the company of most women, but when it comes to the FQ [the female question], I am also much less of a fool now than when I was younger.]

            If you spend an evening at /pol/, you will come away terrified, because everything you’ll be reading is completely TRUE.

            Purebl00ded Un-V@xxed Pro-Life Fertile Debt-Free Virgins [to include no history of mμdsharkery], with no tattoos, are becoming literal unicorns in our society.

            I don’t even wanna start a V@xx tirade here [miscarriage, stillbirth, myocarditis in newborns, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah], but for the younger Bros on the ground, in the Game, trying to help solidify their own Ancestors’ places in the Tree of Life, it’s simply brutal.

            We’re talking a sociological Holodomor/Stalingrad out there.

            I dunno, in five or ten years, when the dust finally settles from the V@xxpocalypse, and we have a better idea of who’s gonna survive, versus who’s the Walking Dead, and if the j00z haven’t succeeded in starting WWIII, then we’ll have a much better idea where all of this is headed.

            In the meantime, be on the lookout for un-V@xxed pro-Life pro-Gμn chadly Christian Alphas for your girls.

            Your girls are gonna need every bit of guidance they can get from you, because they’re being saturation-bombarded, 24×7, by all media & all institutions, to throw away their lives on whorery & mμdsharkery & lesbianism & F=>M trannyism, plus the Prime Directive, which is to mμrder any Purebl00ded White babies they might be carrying in their wombs.

            IN CLOSING, there’s a reason that pictures like the following resonate with the young men of the 21st Century:






          • Bourbon, agree and well said. The pictures you linked to are depressing but only because it’s the truth.

            In addition to all the rest going on I wonder what time bomb is hidden in the vaxx story. Medical literature has been infiltrated with narratives and propaganda but studies with foreboding conclusions are starting to come out. Even some normie doctors normally pillars of the system, are beginning to wise up. Things are very crazy now. But they may get far crazier fairly soon

          • Moran ya Simba: “In addition to all the rest going on I wonder what time bomb is hidden in the vaxx story…”

            Bro, I wish I had something encouraging to say.

            I hate having to navigate my way through this constant dark black cloud of negativity, but I haven’t yet seen a silver lining.

            All the new studies are simply horrifying.

            I haven’t read any good news on the v@xx front, and I’m effectively a news junkie [although not of my own volition; nowadays we have to be news junkies simply to STAY ALIVE].

            It’s looking like the Depopulationists really knew what they were doing when they designed this PsyOp of all PsyOps.

            Strumming your pain with their v@xxines,
            Singing your life with their v@xx,
            Killing you softly with their v@xx,
            Killing you softly, with their v@xx,
            Ending your whole life with their v@xx,
            Killing you softly, with their v@xx.

          • Honey, there’s a reason the Roman Papish venerate the Virgin Mary.

            Presumably [we are talking j00esses here] presumably she was unique to the entire Levant.

          • One other quick point, for folks who aren’t much aware about modern genealogy:

            Ancestress DNA is preserved via the mtDNA [the mitochondrial DNA], and is passed from mother to daughter.

            Whereas Ancestor DNA is preserved via the Y chromosome, which is passed from the father to the son.

            It’s fascinating that we are able to recreate sexually pure genealogical lineages, such as

            daughter => mother => grandmother => greatgrandmother, etc


            son => father => grandfather => greatgrandfather, etc.

            But it’s vastly more difficult [bordering on impossible] to recreate lengthy genealogical strings of sexually impure genealogical lineages [males & females intermixed in the lineages, i.e. sons of mothers, and daughters of fathers].

      • These women don’t have an alpha male in the home, they will push and push the boundaries wanting to be slapped down by the male, however, now there’s no male in their home to do it, so hysterical meltdowns are the rule of the day. If they had husbands, babies and housework to occupy their time, they’d be better off and more content..

    • Animal (including the human animal, yes we are neither plant, fungus, or protist) behavior is either programmed via genome, what we call ‘instinct’, or it is learned.

      “… women collectively are hysterical, psychopathic, murderous monsters …”

      It’s almost as if ‘maternal instinct’ wasn’t actually instinct at all, but a learned behavior that has now vanished, a diminishing echo of the bygone patriarchy.

      • Horace: “It’s almost as if ‘maternal instinct’ wasn’t actually instinct at all, but a learned behavior that has now vanished, a diminishing echo of the bygone patriarchy.”

        Yours is an exceptionally chilling thought.

        I used to believe that intelligence was the most precious of all traits in the female of the species [ergo intelligence was the trait you would most want to find in the mother of your children], but for the past few years now, ever since I’ve swallowed the Red Pill & fully digested it, I’ve come to the conclusion that MORALITY is the rarest of all traits in the human female.

        A moral female – a woman who might ackshually produce for you CHILDREN WITH SOULS – a moral female is the very rarest of the species.

        [I’m starting to suspect that yuge portions of the hominid population simply lack souls altogether.]

    • It’s not just that they love killing babies, it’s that they have no higher calling above and beyond the killing of babies.

    • Stressed females in a lot of species will kill their young. Social animals that find themselves with young but no social support system are especially prone to this
      Humans, like other primates, are a highly social species. The female obsession with abortion is probably the result of these facts. They are responding like stressed female mammals.

      So why are they stressed? Because there are virtually no males around. Loads and loads of she-males yes. But not functional males.

      This problem began with men abdicating their roles “to get in touch with their emotional side”. We men own this problem. Of course women shouldn’t vote or be soldiers, judges, police etc. Any village idiot from 1800 could tell you that. He would know crucial truths about human nature that are unknown to the Yale psychology department today.

      But blaming women is exactly symptomatic of the problem; men abdicating responsibility. Until she-males become males who become men, we will be lost. So man the F up!

      P S now I invite all the d*mn she-males to down vote this

      • Agreed. I’d go farther (wrt to the article I linked) and say it’s a symptom of defeat. We might be civilized now, I guess, but the barbarian is still there.

        Luckily this is Clown World, where everything is fake, gay, and inverted, so it’s not a physical conquering by a superior enemy, but deception and delusion. Signs and lying wonders, etc.

        Trust and pity— harden the heart. Takes as much discipline as physical training. Different kind of pain, but no worse.

        • We do feel like a defeated tribe. I’m not exactly the GI He-man, chiselled in stone. But I still say, we got to get back in the saddle. This isn’t over yet

          • Not at all. Things aren’t as bad as they seem— not nearly hopeless. We just need to get our heads out of our asses.

            For instance, I’m on AJ’s email list. Today’s headline is about globalists engineering depression and holy wars to bring in world government.

            You might think that’s blackpilling, or a psyop, but I think it’s merely advertising. On the spectrum, but it gets eyeballs on IW.

            That’s what even your average redpilled person finds exciting— not overcoming this shit, not working and succeeding, but getting worked up over The End, fantasizing about narratives and prophecy. All that stuff that was, and is not, and is to come. Because they’re defeated, because that’s what it takes to get it up, I guess.

            Because we all need to get our heads out of our asses lol!

  16. The problem both parties face is the failure of the Zohan Strategy. In 2008, history’s greatest film-maker, released “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.” A film possibly even greater than “the Room” by rival Tommy Wiseau, and his own masterpiece “Little Nicky,” the film details the adventures of Israel’s greatest commando hair dresser and battles against rival Palestinian hair dresser / terrorists. The two factions unite in their shared love of pronouncing consonants in the back of their throats and shared hatred of … wait for it … you will never see this coming … White guys!

    That strategy has been shattered like a brick through a window by Hamas and the muslim street.

    On the Democratic side, Gavin Newsom is running his shadow campaign to replace Biden. While the Squad openly sides with Hamas and schemes to replace Schumer, Pelosi (still running things in Congress), etc. On the Republican side, the sad sack nothings slide into irrelevance.

    The Derp State will HAVE to start drafting people, and for “equity” it will be only White males, who will be forbidden from even becoming NCOs by the new JCS. At the same time, they will HAVE to start handing out “reparations” for blacks by well, seizing White people’s houses (the only source of wealth left). [As a side note, the DoD has forcibly sent National Guard and other reservists to training for notifying next of kin, to the tune of over 5,000, during Thanksgiving. This represents probably both loss of manpower and planned casualties in various conflicts. Details at S2 Underground, yesterday’s “the Wire” on the usual video platforms.]

    Republicans as a significant electoral force is required to keep the Democratic groups like blacks, muslims, gays, etc. from going full Nashville on people and that is simply gone now. Meanwhile White voters are mostly all Trump now, save of course White women who will mostly sell out their men for dominance by outside males.

    It is like the US without the Cold War and menace of the Soviet Union. Without the discipline of a foreign enemy, hubris and social war inside the nation sets in rapidly, and with no real answer.

    • “National Guard and other reservists to training for notifying next of kin, to the tune of over 5,000”

      A little while back I suggested the Guard as an alternative for Our young men hellbent on getting military service in lieu of enlisting in the Federal military.

      I based that on not running into fighting Guard units in the Gulf War and my own Guard service which largely evolved blowing stuff up on the weekends and drinking beer after the exercise.

      Sure, I knew there was always the avenue of federalizing Guard units but the only time I experienced that was during the LA Riots (a worthwhile endeavor).

      I have since educated myself on what Guard units have been subjected to in the subsequent wars and stand corrected.

      Mea culpa. Encourage Our young to stay out of the Guard as well. The fact that white men are now appearing in recruitment ads is a sign that something wicked this way comes.

      Thought I should admit to my mistake. I was wrong.

      • Young White men today regarding military service:

        “To the LGBTQ, Peoples of Color and Wamens, we wish you good luck in the coming Israel war games. May the odds be ever in your favor.”

  17. It’s easier, psychologically, to deal with dispossession and disenfranchisement when one realizes and accepts that one is a subject, not a citizen. To do otherwise is to be Charlie Brown trying to kick the football in perpetuity, clinging to hope that the rigged game will this time turn out in your favor, because a Schoolhouse Rock cartoon about Bill on Capitol Hill, which they put on the air right about the same time everything it depicted was no longer true, had told you so back in your formative years. I rank that cartoon alongside the Tom Clancy agitprop I occasionally invoke, in how it engendered loyalty to institutions of the past, right about when they were being taken over and skinsuited by the New Regime.

    So it is good to let go of the frustration of expecting a corrupt despotic regime to be something else. A dissident by definition does not believe that redress is possible through conventional political means. That is why he is a dissident. It’s a liberating thing. “I’m not part of your system anymore. I don’t play your stupid word games. I’m not bound by your retarded made up rules.”

    • There are a few metaphors that come to take on great significance because they explain so much. The fable of the Emperor’s new clothes is a great example because it explains most of the virtue signaling that we see.

      I wonder if Charles Schultz had any inkling that he had created a metaphor of similar significance when he wrote his Lucy-Charlie Brown-football strips.

      You can argue with conservatives about facts and trends and get nowhere and then you tell them that they are like Charlie Brown and your point sinks in.

      • Irrational belief in something despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary was one of Schultz’s idees fixes. Another example is Linus returning to the pumpking patch every year in expectation of the Great Pumpkin. The Grillers are Charlie Brown or Linus. Take your pick.

    • “A dissident by definition does not believe that redress is possible through conventional political means.”

      Yes. That’s why I’m surprised at the many comments on here around why the Red Team lost.

  18. Now that voter fraud has become institutionalized, I think we’ve reached a point at which the complaint can no longer even be addressed. If we think back on the 2022 election and wonder why the so-called “red wave” never materialized we can come up with a lot of reasons. Was a particular issue that cooled the voters on the GOP? Were voters just generally apathetic about the GOP? Or was voter fraud so widespread that it cost the GOP a bunch of statewide races? Even in this Kentucky election, it appears there were wholesale shenanigans. I don’t know how laughably lame the GOP candidate for governor was, but apparently a bunch of mysterious “gas leaks” broke out in the most left-leaning precincts and it let them keep the polls open long long past closing time until enough “voters” showed up to take the Democrat over the top.

    I’m wondering (even hoping) if this voter fraud has initiated the final death spiral for the GOP. Even if some candidate were to appear and take a strong position on an issue GOP voters are concerned about, he’ll most likely lose to fraud. At that point the GOP will conclude the position was too “extreme” and no candidate will dare to take it in the future. Soon absolutely no one in the GOP will even pay lip service to any issue important to their voters. This dynamic has already been in play for the last few decades, but that was also a time when the GOP could win elections. Now that the Democrats can essentially win on demand, soon we’ll never hear the GOP talk about its voter’s concerns at all.

    • Given the GOP’s refusal to represent the interests of its traditional voters, it’s easy to get the idea that if they didn’t lose through fraud, they would find some other way to lose. Since, clearly, winning isn’t their top priority. Or probably even second or third.

      • The GOP doesn’t just find a way to lose, they actively finance their own defeat! I can’t remember which election cycle this was, but they caught Paul Ryan’s PAC giving money to support a Democrat running in PA.

        • RDittmar –

          Add to that Ronna Romney McFailure. She should’ve been kicked out the door long ago.

  19. Only voted for one issue my entire adult life:

    Enforcement of existing immigration laws. It gets worse every election cycle and doesn’t matter who the front man is.

    Voting is retarded.

    (I’ll vote for a President Fetterman though, because why not?)

    • A merciful burst of laffs glided across from Fetterman’s Israel Uber Alles turn last month; I dunno if it was face or heel— a feel turn perhaps, in the style of Draymond Green’s explanation for punching LeBron James in the groin: “I play by feel”

  20. Does anyone see people like Elizabeth Warren or Katie Porter as effectively the Sarah Palins of the left. Like they are both fundamentally simpletons or as Darren Beattie has said: “a cognitive peasant from a low born lineage who never had an original idea in your life”.

    Although I guess Sarah Palin never claimed to be an intellectual, which is what I find grating about Warren and Porter. Someone like Alan Dershowitz, as evil as he probably is, seems like someone far more interesting to talk to.

    • Yeah the Dems have politicians that are useful wing nut idiots too. The establishment Dems hold their noses at the likes of Warren or Omar. They are used to harvest impotent outrage which leads to “vote for Democrats or a REPUBLICAN wins”. Just like what caved-in head Republicans say about Democrats.

      Democrat wing nuts do have an annoying habit of acting pensive. Their go-to is “listening” to whatever victim group and then making a passionate speech about said victim group. Republican wing nuts just make love to firearms and wave the flag extra-hard.

  21. The Bradley effect works on the right too. Shocking! You have to wonder how many people in Kentucky, white people, have the exact mentality that I have towards the situation presented. “F that n -word, and F the people who are trying to make me choose him.” You can’t say it was a small amount of people. I’ve been to Kentucky a couple times on business. Let me just say, it may be a white state but the parts I saw may as well have been suburban Atlanta, so the people there are clearly aware of who these people are, far more than a place like California. You don’t have to live around them to get the plot with those people, but I’m sure it helps. Does he have a white woman? Could he possibly be doing this for easy access to white pu ss y? Given previous situations like this, the odds are high.

    • Oh, yes, Cameron has a smoking hot blonde wife. He married her before the governor’s race because he was widely rumored to be gay. Family there say he is indeed a double diversity candidate.

      Bradley Effect indeed. Voting patterns resemble the demographics of housing despite all the professions of love for the Holy Ones.

        • Correction: chestnut brunette. I guess he had to distinguish himself from the other Magic Negros married to white women.

    • My husband made a pit stop in Louisville, Kentucky a few months back while on a business trip. Granted, this was somewhere in the city environs because he had to take a detour off the interstate, but he had texted me it was nothing but joggers and pajeets. And, of course, I then checked and Louisville’s mayor is Every Single Time.

      I don’t vote, but even if I did, regardless of the purported ‘issues,’ I would vote based on person, not party. Because they all lie and they all are part of the club. I don’t know what the jogger repuke claimed to support or promised to do, but I would not vote for a jogger – no, not even saint Sowell. Even back when I voted, my ‘one’ issue was not so much immigration as it was race . . . because, with the exception of shitlib Whites, everything is downstream from that.

        • Sheeeit. Greatest of all time. You’ve heard of Plato, Aristotle, Kant? Morons compared to Sowell.

      • There are very few large metro areas in AINO that are not majority PoC, with the bulk of them nuggras. Just one reason I’d have to get a multi-million dollar pay raise to even consider moving to one of them. And even then, as soon as I’d earned enough to keep myself in clover until the hereafter, I’d get the eff back out.

        • It should be very clear by this point that the ENTIRE American political spectrum from RINO to DINO is just a racket being run for the benefit of insiders. One of the few good consequences of this is that, just as we never get immigration reform or real tax relief, the Blacks, wammen, and others on that side never get to grab all our guns or other property and go completely Pol Pot or even Hugo Chavez on us.

          A fun game of “what if” to play is to imagine yourself as one of those insiders. What would my life be like if I was someone like Miss Lindsey or even Octavia Cortez? There is real competition and real victory and defeat in the political contest but only among these two groups. There’s a real contest to see who will get the vacation homes, private planes, taxpayer funded chauffeur and limo, insider stock tips, etc…

          If Cortez gets a particular bundle of those goodies, Miss Lindsey and his defense contractor buddies don’t get one. *That* is where the real wins and losses are. The people who make up the voter rolls, Democrat and Republican, are just tax cattle to fund the whole crooked contest.

      • Louisville is a shithole and the home of St. Brianna Taylor. If someone is black and a Kentuckian the odds are they live there.

      • My rule also, won’t vote for something like Haley either. Actually if I did vote. I have voted for Bernie in the Demo primaries though. If he would’ve been elected nothing would have happened, he’d spend his time looking for more vacation houses.

  22. From my observation across the pond, it seems liberals will back anyone who is against what they suspect is “normal”. The more it bizarre, the more they embrace it along with any candidate who also supports it. This goes for both political parties.

    Of course free stuff always wins hearts and minds more than some vague concept of national security and a good economy. Since these people live off the government dole and contribute nothing, they couldn’t care less about the future for whatever children they spawn into existence. Their way of life will continue as they have always know it so why not vote for the people they know will keep coins in their pockets.

    Until a military draft is reinstated.

    At the rate things are going, there is a good chance it might just happen in the USA. Even here in Germany, which ended mandatory military service in 2011, this topic is being discussed again.

    Young conservatives, and anyone with an IQ above 90, knows volunteering for todays military is a loose-loose decision. And because the US military proudly embraces woke culture, I would imagine “recruitment standards” will get tossed in the garbage so all those little woke wonders can be turned into cannon fodder for whatever “conflict du jour” the government promotes.

    • > Young conservatives, and anyone with an IQ above 90, knows volunteering for todays military is a loose-loose decision. And because the US military proudly embraces woke culture

      The military has always been a social experiment. People forget about:

      – Reintegrating the military (and using them to integrate schools).
      – “Don’t ask, don’t tell” was incredibly progressive for the time.
      – Diversity initiatives have been there since forever (Colin Powell)
      – Of course, using the military to spread democracy

      I would go as far as to say the military made the conservatives going in more progressive through the relentless drilling and propaganda. Just look at Crenshaw. The thought this is new is just silly. The problem is the acceleration can never let up, and the next logical step was open contempt for whites and straight people. It is not enough for token minorities as window dressing, but now people think they should actually make decisions ,and whites are now locked out of advancement, the only reason to go in now.

    • The US has mandatory registration for service. There are more and more commercials on white-focused radio and television urging compliance, which indicates to me compliance has fallen off. Non-whites will not comply at all. My guess is they do not impose a draft for this very reason.

      Economics will cause the focus.

      The Left uses freaks in the same way the Right uses the military and patriotism–as an appeal to the rubes’ emotions to make them feel they are holy by voting for “X.” It is quite something.

      • What, pray tell, is “white focused television?” Is there a channel that only runs Leave It To Beaver and Gunsmoke episodes?

    • The only way a draft will work is if the US is bombarded with relentless pro-military propaganda for at least a decade across all spectrums of news, entertainment, and social media.

      It COULD be done, but even the US neocon voracious appetite for MOR WAR!!! is only so much.

      • The only way a draft will work is at gunpoint. And that type of recruit doesn’t usually turn out so well. So it becomes a lose-lose.

        • Ukraine says “hi,” and its under actual invasion. I’m not even sure the press gangs would work here.

      • FF sinking of “The Ike” and 24/7 war agitprop is their go-to solution. Anderson Cooper sobbing like a little girl as he tells the story of all the transailors who got sent to Davey Jone’s locker.

    • Well you have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff saying that what is needed is more non-white male officers. I assume that he means not just black officers are preferred but all of the other flavors of the diversity rainbow mix as well.

      This combined with a good 15 years plus of the government being at war with white people and the S&P 200 having a hiring rate of about 5% for white people. This post the St. Floyd self inflicted death. I wonder how many of the 5% are actually Jews. Just saying.

      So yes, if you are a white male and are considering military service you have to be retarded or insane. Probably both.

    • Karl, the recruitment standards are already in the garbage.

      Recruiting numbers today are lower than they were in 2007; that was the lowest point of GWOT in terms of military success and domestic approval.

      I deployed to Iraq in January, 2007 (my 3rd tour) as part of the “Surge”. Let me give you an example of some of the guys I deployed with that recruiters scraped off the sidewalk:
      -42 year-old who was addicted to crack and living in a bus stop in San Diego.
      -32 year-old with a glass eye and suffered from anal leakage on foot marches because he had damaged his rectum from inserting sharpened pencils into it.
      -20 year-old who was obviously retarded to any person that spent one minute with him (I suspected Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). He had always been called by his middle name, was completely unaware that he had a different legal first name, and then could not remember his first name afterwards.

      Guys like this are today’s recruits for the same reason.

      • When I go hunting with a group, the risk of an accidental discharge is often at the back of my head. People get excited, caught up in the moment, forget that it’s not a toy in their hands. I can’t imagine what going to war with the people you describe, and knowing they are right behind you, possibly about to have the most confusing and stressed out moments of their lives. And holding loaded firearms right behind you.

  23. Great article. We marvel at how zombies like Fetterman can be elected to the Senate, but who do the Republicans put up? A foreign huckster with no connection to the state of Pennsylvania or its people.

    The Republicans are worse than useless. If I lived in Pennsylvania and had to vote in that ’22 election, I would’ve voted Fetterman for the LOLs. Sure, he’s a brain-damaged hobo, but it sends a nice F-you to the corrupt Republicans who picked a foreign carpet-bagger to represent actual Americans.

    • I respect Democrats in a way, because they have balls. They impose themselves. They double-down. They “go there”. They win at all costs. If it weren’t for the widespread feminization and guilt, they’d be admired by the likes of BAP and Raw Egg Nationalist. (But so far, they just have the admiration of Richard Spencer.)

      Republicans, if they had used the Democrats’ playbook, would have embraced QAnon, Gadsden Flag, and very online types and put their own retards in the halls of congress. Imagine a dozen or so Baked Alaskas to confront the Ayanna Presleys. It would be epically stupid, but at least epic. As of now, we just have a clown show on one side. To reduce our Democracy to a Latin American laughingstock, which we all want, we need duelling clown shows. MTG can’t do it all by herself.

    • Republicans are the pussy farts of politics. Their only function is to be an inconvenient annoyance while someone is being screwed.

    • A friend’s father (who I met a few times and liked) became involved with the Republican Party of Pennsylvania around 2010 as an adviser, organizer, and campaign worker. He met all the players, kissed ass, worked hard, and was a popular guy in the party.

      After a few years of the grunt work, he had a sit-down with the Powers That Be to ask their blessing for a state senate run. He gave them his pitch touting his military career (exemplary), private sector business (made lots of money), and loyalty to the party (unquestioned). Everyone told him how impressed they were, and said they would have another sit-down once he had raised $1M for the party from new donors (not “their” donors).

      Poor bastard got “Black Pilled” with a suppository.

  24. The Republican leadership wants to put a Steve McQueen Bullitt logo on a 2023 Mustang Mach-E hatchback.
    Ain’t gonna work.

  25. If the GOP ran the scary truck repair shop, when you came back to pick up your Kenworth 800, it would be the shape of the hotdog car, except a dildo instead of a chilli dog, rainbow colored, with the 800 number for planned Parenthood on one side and an anti racist slogan on the other, and running on underpowered batteries. “Now have a nice day and thank you for shopping GOP!”

    • So long as they re-did the interior in mauve velvet with good vibes underneath, and some Barry White albums spinnin’, I am okay with it because the ladies like that. I am RheetPublican.

      /s/ Smoove Mo’ B

      • You should change your handle to DDaBears, for a Double Dose of Lovin’ for da Ladies. 😉

        If dis trucks a’rockin, don’t bother knockin’ bruh.

      • Jeb Bush, in thongs, will be waiting in the cabin, to make you really – REALLY – comfortable

  26. From now on whenever the GOP comes to my attention, I will recall Glenn Beck begging Israel to grant him citizenship. Beck’s pitiful obsequiousness represents the standard Republican slavishness toward Israel taken to its logical extreme.

    I used to say, “It’s not the lesser of two evils; it’s the evil of two lessers.” But even that remark is misleading. The reality is that it’s merely the lesser of ONE evil. The two parties are virtually the same. They simply employ different rhetoric to fool different groups of voters/rubes. The scam of it all becomes more transparent with each passing day. Eventually nobody but the very slowest among us will believe a word of it.

  27. I noticed that in the Democrat primary polls, Biden is winning against everybody by a huge margin, but he is losing against Michelle Obama. Now that would be a great twist! Can anybody think of a bigger FU to White people than her being the president, while Trump impotently complains about yet another stolen election?
    If the election were Trump vs M.Obama, who would the Republican party endorse?

    • They say that because they have never heard her talk and she has Obama in her name. People don’t realize how unlikable Big Mike truly is. Outside of her sheer ugliness, her demeanor is more unpleasant than even Haley and she talks in this hectoring, angry tone all the time. She would do worse than Biden, who at least has a somewhat pleasant demeanor.

      • Maybe. But consider this: Supporting a brave black trans-woman with a university degree in being black is a great way for people to show that they stand on the right side of history. How many will be able to resist?

      • Biden’s 81 million votes seem like evidence that charisma and public speaking don’t matter anymore

    • Michelle’s sullen, entitled scowl probably did more to awaken my racial consciousness than all of affirmative action combined.

      • She’s a typical ghetto sheboon who just so happens to have a Princeton sheepskin. And a sheboon with that sort of diploma writes her own ticket.

  28. Agree that nobody actually wants what the Republicans are selling. Most people don’t want what the Democrats are selling either.

    The reports of districts in VA with 110% turnout in an off-year election show how the Dems make up for their unattractive message.

    • Yep. The real action will be when an all-white/mostly white political emerges from the ashes and is thwarted with every legal and extra-legal maneuver. That is coming and frauds animating the corpse of the Republican Party know the hell it will bring.

      • eta: Hispanics also are likely to form an ethnic-centered party. They already have interest groups like La Raza so it will be a natural transition. That will be something to watch, too, and will be thwarted.

        • Jack: Cue cuckservatards here claiming they know lots of based mestizos and besides, they’re mostly White . . . not. Sorry, pet peeve of mine. Like everyone else, I’ve met one of this or that kind who can be polite and helpful all over the world, but I am not totally innumerate and I can distinguish between the fraction of a percent at the right-hand of the bell curve and the masses to his left.

        • I have the impression that the great majority of Hispanics just want to do their construction and lawn and nanny work, go out and party (Hispanic drunk driving is a real problem), be nominally Catholic, and just live the good life in and take as much advantage of America as it is.

          The La Raza/Aztlan Mestizo racial nationalism and the desire to reclaim the American Southwest is a product of the universities and the usual lefty fronts going back 60 years or more. I doubt Jose replacing the roof down the street is much aware.

  29. I was at a pitch given by our local GOP statehouse rep in front of a small audience that could only be friendlier if she (yes) had handpicked her family to fill the seats. And even granting all that the only “meat” she could dispense was “as a Republican I agree with where you stand on social issues”.
    “You tell ’em'”, I thought sarcastically.

    • “as a Republican I agree with where you stand on social issues”

      Girlboss couldn’t even say “I agree with you…” No, xhe had to modify that by adding “as a Republican.” Such sincerity brings hot tears to my cynical cheeks.

      • I had to re-read what I wrote, but no that looks right; the most vague assurance that could possibly be given, with more backdoors than front doors.

  30. To continue the Grift, the GOP and its cucks and camp followers need to have some credible possibility of taking power, or at least heavily influencing the system. So it’s a threshold issue. If the GOP falls short of this threshold, the Grift is in jeopardy and they become modern Whigs.

    It seems to me that we are rapidly approaching this threshold in terms of national politics. Only Trump can generate any energy. You would think the GOP insiders would recognize this existential threat. Maybe they do behind the scenes.

    Yes, I understand the “controlled opposition” stuff. But the Washington Generals didn’t get paid the way the Harlem Globetrotters did. So I’m not sure this is a classic “insurance bust-out”, so much as just the long, Eastman Kodak-like bankruptcy process of an obsolete party.

    Even Tucker Carlson understands that whatever comes next (after GOP) will be much more based and race-aware.

    • The TRS guys spun an interesting theory that the elites may allow Trump to win after all.

      * One of the highest priorities of our elites is the protection of Israel.
      * The Democrat party is showing signs that it may not be a dependable protector of Israel.
      * Trump is intensely philosemitic and would let Bibi commit genocide without complaining about it.

      Allowing Trump to pull off a surprise victory would also give the white working class a sense of a win and therefore keep the illusion of two parties going.

      Of course, even if the elites decided to follow this plan, it may be too late to do so, because Trump’s court case may be determined not the elites themselves, by the gollems on the elite, like Letitia James or the blacks who will be Trump’s jury.

      • The TDS is too strong. If they were open to making deals with the BOM that furthered their own interests, there was ample opportunity to do so already.

  31. Is it possible for the insanity to get any worse? Both political parties are Hell-bent on eliminating Trump from the presidential campaign and will ultimately assassinate him if the lawfare or primary shenanigans fails. And Dan Bongino is convinced that the MAGA voters will still show up at the polls after Trump’s demise. But what happens after the Big No Show on election day and Biden’s corpse is reelected? Does anyone really think that we can survive another 4 years of open borders, endless federal spending, and funding foreign wars of failed conquest? Of course not!

    The spring is winding tighter and tighter, and when it snaps, I don’t think anyone will be prepared to the reaction. A whole lotta anger is going to get released in the blink of an eye and the carnage will off the charts. Most of this will be directed locally and indiscriminately in a spasm of chaos incorporating the bottom of the social pyramid. It will be a very bad time to be living in a big city. Both sides of the riot lines will suffer horribly. Your goal is to survive this interregnum and remain invisible and potent.

    • The only people who can keep the Republican party afloat are the white working class, and they have given them less than nothing. The only reason they want Trump is to laugh as their enemies go bonkers. It’s over. These guys will never trust the Republicans again.

      I would argue the spring is not being wound, but is already broken. We saw the start of the great malaise yesterday, and it’s only going to get more pronounced as the entire nation becomes California. Whites will balkanize and conservative conclaves will find creative ways to survive outside the watch of a crazy but incompetent state.

  32. Back in the days when only white men of property could vote or serve in Government, this scam was harder to pull off…The constant dilution of the voting base with younger and female voters, with little stake in the country made this situation almost inevitable–slogans in the place of any substance, emotion over rationality…

    • Something else that always needs to be noted is how the financial economy bred the worst class of oligarchs perhaps in the history of humanity (we’ll see). You show me a rich person today and I’ll show you a grifter whose only “contribution” to society was strip mining part of it to sell off.

  33. In my observations of the younger (under 50) GOP candidates, they are true believers in a lot of what the GOPe crowd was selling. They think that Hispanics are natural conservatives and that anyone can become an American if they work hard and believe in the Constitution. It isn’t performative anger when they hear someone to their right talk about reality in relationship to immigration or race. Repeated failures the reach non white voters seem to have no impact on them and they blame all on their own supporters for driving them away with their racism. It is cult like, the time for them to drink the final glass of Kool Aid is coming soon.

    • Based Black Guy #472 of Kentucky appears to have been sacrificed to facilitate the GOP’s post-election message: Look how racist our voters are.

      An uncountable number of long, literate (to a journalistic/chatbot level), point-by-point identical comments flooded the normie-con internet last evening, saying now that the MAGA men of the hills and hollers have proven so irredeemably racist they won’t even vote for THE ONLY CANDIDATE TRUMP ENDORSED (I don’t know if that’s true but they all said it), the party must immediately drop everything and condemn/purge itself of white trash losers.

      People who stare at election numbers hoping to “notice” things pointed out that this is based on a lie—that in fact *only* areas of hill and holler favored Based Black Guy. As ever, the but-look-at-this-chart nerds were drowned in relentlessly repetitive GOP bot-posting.

      Haven’t checked in with any conservative pundits yet today, but I think I know what they’ve been told to say.

  34. I like your content but Trump is a bigger clown than conservative Inc. The guy pretends like he is for the working man yet lives the elite lifestyle at his various resorts. During the January 6th riots, Trump made fun of his supporters for looking low class. Trump does not associate with the dirt people.
    Overall you are right about conservative Inc. Have of National Reviews website is stories on Isreal/ Hamas. The GOP and their candidates love Isreal, including the guy that moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

    • True..but Trump is the protest candidate, and after he gets cheated out of the next election, he will have served his purpose of demonstrating that our “democracy” is totally fake…

    • Clownishness aside, Trump is the only Republican who can win a national election, hence he has to be destroyed.

    • The only reason to vote for Trump at this point is to drive the radicals more crazy. It makes no difference anyway because Trump will never be allowed to take office.

  35. Time once again to dust off bill Paxton’s famous line from the movie Aliens — “game over man — game over!” As the Z man says, the Republican Party is rapidly sliding into irrelevance, which the next “election” will clarify even further.
    While I agree there’s little difference between dems and reps, I would posit that reps are more fiscally responsible.

    • “While I agree there’s little difference between dems and reps, I would posit that reps are more fiscally responsible.”

      Not really. Look at the debt and how much Wars 4-evah contributed to it. The GOP is fully onboard with those wars. The raison d’etre of the Republicans was to play the role of bad cop in the promotion of Forever Wars, but now that the Democrats are a fully owned subsidiary of the Military Industrial Complex even that is gone.

      • The Republicans at this point have two planks to their platform.

        #1. Israel and Jews are the most important priorities in the universe.

        #2. War!! Anywhere anytime. If it is for Israel, even better.

        All of their other positions are corollaries of those.

    • You’re absolutely right, republicans are definitely more fiscally responsible, as shown by the hard line they’ve taken on funding Ukraine and Israel. They obviously are aware how much more debt and national despair it contributes to as well. Good call! /s

  36. The other interesting thing is what will happen to the Democratic party in the future. They are coalition of people who don’t belong together. Black church ladies, transsexuals, muslims, jews, Latinos and Asians along with wimpy whites. We see their internal friction over the Israel issue.

    If the Republican party sinks then the internal squabbles among Democrats will get even stronger and may even threaten to bust that party up.

    I would mention for the future that the actual block of voters which is the largest and most cohesive, even if it’s a minority soon, will be whites. Once whites get real leaders they may be stronger as a minority than they were as a weak-willed majority.

    • “I would mention for the future that the actual block of voters which is the largest and most cohesive, even if it’s a minority soon, will be whites. Once whites get real leaders they may be stronger as a minority than they were as a weak-willed majority.”

      Yes. One of the primary reasons the fraud that is the GOP is maintained is to prevent white interests from being represented. The real friction will begin when such a party is formed from the ashes and every legal and extra-legal method and means is used to thwart it. My guess is ballot access will be denied in most jurisdictions, and wannabe leaders frogmarched to prison for “hate,” which soon enough will be explicitly defined as “white.” I don’t think the GAE has much gas left in the tank, but it is a pretty reasonable assumption that its remaining years will be featured by fairly overt totalitarianism.

      • Ja, such a party’s future would be filled with the same sort of active repression as that seen in Deutschland with the attempts to outright outlaw the Alternativ für Deutschland as a political party. While this may harden the attitudes of their voters, and embitter them as well, the question remains as to whether their outrage will be overmastered by the drive to tyranny. As the AfD is strongest in the former DDR (except as a protest vote in other areas), one wonders if momentum will be gained toward a functional secession, rather like the sorting going on in the US, and to some degree, also in Canada.

      • Yep. One of the fringes, likely Hispanics, eventually also will attempt to form an ethnically based political party, and it will cause all hell.

      • And in typical Clown World fashion, fracturing over something that is purely performative and has nothing to do with virtually any of them.

  37. All correct. But sometimes, problems can have several causes and will persist unless the other causes are addressed. Your last election was hijacked. In point of fact, our esteemed blog host is cheating, here: you can’t refuse to voat on account of election fraud – and then whine when your guy doesn’t get elected. It makes me want to scream.

    Edgy dissidents will casually blow off voting because some black baboon will only flip their vote. “My voat doesn’t matter,” they’ll quip, “so why bother?” You fools – if your legally cast vote doesn’t count – you have a HUGE problem that you REALLY need to fix. In the next election, put some snipers on the ballot boxes and shoot some mules. And that is just the start. This will degenerate into a fedpoast so I will just leave it at that and say that the soap box and ballot box failed.

  38. Ha. I did the same thing yesterday when I realized that it would election day. I did actually vote but just for the local town council. Anyway, I looked up the website of the Republican running for state senate in my area of Northern Virginia.

    Under the “issues,” it was just a collection of the usual bland GOP boilerplate. He did give a nod to “parental rights” but even that was down the list of he education points.

    Then, there was this listed as one of his big issues:

    “Solidarity and Equality Under the Law

    Solidarity with all, regardless of party, religion, politics, race, color, or gender.”

    The best part was the photo below it was the candidate – a white guy with a Spanish name – shaking hands with a Muslim guy. What the hell? That’s how you get whites to vote for you.

    What’s odd is that this guy apparently went after the school board hard to stop the schools from doing all kinds of weird stuff with the tranny kids messing with normal kids. And, yet, it was never mentioned in his ads. (So many ads over the past couple of months.)

    That was the kind of stuff that could have won him the white mom vote, but he never mentioned it directly in the ads. Instead, he kept with the bland “parental rights.” What does that even mean?

    I mean, here’s a guy who actually did things that white voters would like, but his GOP handlers didn’t make those things central to his campaign.

    In the end, it probably wouldn’t have mattered. NoVa, like America, is changing demographically, so the Republicans are screwed anyway. But the GOP demise will barely be noticed because they were pointless even when they had a change to win.

    • Not that it matters, but the transgender/grooming madness appalls every demographic–whites are the most tolerant of it. Republican party officials ignore it because they generally agree with the Regime’s promotion of such perversion. Youngkin won almost solely on this issue and never will mention it again.

      The GOP as an opposition party is too big of a fraud to maintain and it goes away this cycle.

      • True. It’s not just a winning issue with whites. Everybody hates it. Again, what’s bizarre is that the GOP candidate sued the Loudoun County school board and fought hard against this insanity.

        Yet, I don’t recall him really focusing on it. Granted, I wasn’t exactly paying attention, but there were constant ads so I’d probably have noticed at some point. I seem to recall just the usual “parental rights” stuff. Sure, people understand what that means, but his opponent said the same boilerplate stuff.

        He could have forced her to defend the bizarre tranny stuff. Make her do it over and over. But he didn’t. He had a guaranteed winning issue and didn’t use it. That tells you something.

        • It tells us that the donors and party apparatus will not pay for advertising that argues against “transitioning” and grooming.

    • Out of curiosity, Citizen, how did you choose the candidates you supported? Granted you only voted for town council, but did you vote for people you know personally? Or the straight R ticket? Did you choose on the basis of platforms (and do you have any expectation of promises being kept)?

      Do you feeling voting has any value at all? Or did you go to the polls to exercise the right even though it’s futile?

      I’m not asking these in a provocative way—they’re honest questions. Obviously you have strong ideas about the status of the American system, and I was surprised (perhaps wrongly) that you said you had voted at all.

      Full disclosure: I felt the futility of voting more so than ever this time. I went to the polls mostly as a joke; I cast a ballot for one guy I know personally, and for two announced write-ins—all for local offices. For the rest, I wrote in the single word “Trump” as a sign of my contempt for the whole charade.

      On the way out I mentioned out loud to someone that I had done all write-ins, and got one of those “I can’t even…!” looks from a nicely dressed AWFL. I acknowledged her glare by winking as I passed and saying, “Hey there, sweetheart.” So ended my rebellious evening.

      • ChrisZ: ‘I acknowledged her glare by winking as I passed and saying, “Hey there, sweetheart.”’

        You can also use, “Honey”.

        “Honey” drives the Turbo-Karens insane with rage.

    • We had no offices up for election, only referendums on various things (mostly bond issues to spend more money). Of course, the referendums are worded in such a convoluted way you can’t even figure out what you are voting for (or against).

    • Citizen: I haven’t checked VA state or specifically NoVa demographics of late, but even when I was last visiting there 20+ years ago, there were lots of east and south Asians as well as tons of mestizos. A former close friend who lived in Va – once a pretty-based lady – became an Obama acolyte even while expressing distaste over all the latinos.

      And it seems many shitibs have migrated from their Maryland homes to discover those evil notsee rayciss Whites are no longer so thick on the ground in Va. When I lived there during the ’80s, my sister would not venture across the Potomac. Now her daughter and foreign-born husband lives in NoVa (or they did last I heard; haven’t spoken to any of them in years) and I guarantee they both vote dem. It’s now conquered territory.

  39. “Last night around 11:00 PM, the Big Scarey Truck Shoppe was struck by jewish lightning…”

  40. The racket angle is correct. Conservative Inc.© discovered a long time ago that a certain number of people will reliably support them, especially when they are in the opposition. Milking these rubes for financial support is the raison d’etre of the racket. Actually getting into power can present a problem, but one easily circumvented with symbolic and largely ineffective actions.

    Sortie la guillotine

  41. There’s a type of con game at the core of American social organization.
    It’s that organizations have dual purposes and goals, and rely on subterfuge to deceive the majority of their participant.

    In media, it was that the customers were the consumers of the media. The reality was that the advertisers were the real customers and the consumer were the product being sold. The financial success of those entities depended on thst deception – and public ignorance.

    That model was the. picked up by tech companies pushing more than “news” and selling their consumers in nee ways.

    Its also the case with education, especially higher education. Where a majority of people believe that educating students is the primary objective of institutions, but the institutions themselves see that as a tertiary concern at best.

    In politics, the widely accepted theory is that political parties exist to channel the “will of the people” into public policy. Even Further that political parties are the net collection of the people that vote for them. The reality is that the parties are exogenous entities that seek support from voters and financial support from donors for their own benefit.

    The parties can and will cast about for different voters as they see a need to do so. The positions of people within the parties is driven by the party’s financial success – not their electoral success per se ( though the two are related).

    So they will always prioritize their donors over their voters. In fact, the most successful strategy from the party’s pov is to give the voters just enough to keep them hanging around and wanting more. See the donks control of local diverse urban areas and the reps with religious people as examples.

    • True- the RNC and DNC are corporations. Fleecing the retiring Boomers has been a terrific gig.

      Who is on the board of directors?
      What is their actual business model- access, patronage, matchmaking?

      I certainly appreciate the Zman returning his magnifying glass onto our own Cloud this week. The 3 C’s apply to our greatest problem: enemies domestic.

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