The Emerging Uniparty

Note: I contracted German Ebola on my trip to the Fatherland so in addition to having a rocket high fever, I have also lost my voice. I may post something tomorrow, but it is not looking good right now.

The concept of the uniparty has been around a long time, long before political hucksters started using it as catchphrase. The fear of the major parties conspiring with one another to shortcut the will of the people goes back to the 19th century. On the one hand, the two parties should compromise, but on the other hand they should be competing for the approval of the voters. The line between cooperation and conspiracy is not easy to define, but it is assumed to exist.

In the modern age, the uniparty idea has mostly circulated on the Right, because conservatives keep voting harder but always get more of the same. When the Republicans win, they immediately fink on their voters. When they are in the minority, they bend over backwards to help the Democrats. The uniparty in this context is a way of saying that both parties serve the same master. The master can be whatever you like, but it is not the American people.

The truth is the uniparty has been in control since the end of the Second World War when America emerged as a global empire. The “Cold War consensus” was an agreed upon moral framework in which both parties operated. They could tolerate the eccentric oddball here and there for color, but the two parties made sure the people in important position were fully onboard with the consensus. The disputes within the consensus were about how to reach the shared goals.

This is why Ronald Reagan was so worrisome at first. The consensus on the Soviets had evolved to be a choice between detente and appeasement. Reagan and his team were looking to go back to the hawkish approach of the Kennedy years. It was not just foreign policy that worried Washington. Reagan and his team were full of big talk about rolling back the welfare state. In the end, Reagan and the conservatives agreed to operate within the consensus on everything.

That was not the same thing as the uniparty though. Today it feels like the parties not only collude with one another, but they laugh about it. The new tough talking Speaker of the House just pushed through a continuing resolution to keep funding government at current rates with the help of the Democrats. In fact, more Democrats voted for the bill than Republicans. The GOP went through all that drama about picking a Speaker only to get one who prefers working with the other party.

This is becoming more common. It is not just that the Republicans fink on their conservative voters and the Democrats fink on their crazies. It is that they collude with one another in the finking and do so in the open. Twenty years ago, they put on a big show about this stuff, but now it is as if they are tired of pretending. In a world where incumbents win 95% of the time, why bother with the show? We may be about to see Washington embrace the uniparty concept.

Look at what the neocons are plotting on the Republican side. They are positioning Nikki Haley as the last shrew standing, so that when Trump is disqualified from the ballot, she will be the party nominee. Haley would fit much better in the other party as she agrees with them on the important issues. The only difference between Haley and Biden is Haley is shriller. The Republican Party is plotting to run an orange version of Hillary Clinton and no one in the party thinks this is weird.

Of course, the reason this will happen is both parties locked shields after the 2016 election to block Trump. If the Republicans had provided Trump with the support he needed to get his agenda passed, it would have been a mostly normal presidency and he probably would have won in 2020. Instead, both parties went berserk and what followed was four years of mayhem and now four years of a doddering old simpleton that routinely makes a fool of himself in public.

What we are about to see is the uniparty emerge in full to both end the Biden madness and wall off politics from the bulk of the voters. Both parties will celebrate the election of the first hostile alien as president. Meanwhile, most voters want something entirely different, but that will never be on offer, so you can vote for any candidate you like as long as she is approved by the uniparty. If you complain then War Karen will have the tech companies hand your name to the usual suspects.

The next step from here is to just get rid of the party labels entirely. Not too long ago they meant something, but that is no longer the case. It is not just the disgruntled who think this but the parties themselves. Again, with the system rigged so it is close to impossible to get voted out of office, why would the parties need to keep up this charade of the two-party system? When you think about it, it is insulting. Not insulting to you but to them. No one cares about you.

One party states are common, so a one-party country is not a stretch. Most Latin American countries are one party systems. There are opposition parties, but they rarely win power and when they do, they are soon deposed. France has become a one-party system along with Germany. They have multiple parties, but the main parties all collude with one another to keep power to themselves. For America to follow the same path, but more explicitly, is not hard to imagine.

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140 thoughts on “The Emerging Uniparty

  1. I never liked the uniparty designation, other than ease of use. There is an Official Government Party. It is the only valid political party. All others are tolerated so long as they don’t pose a threat to the OGP. Hence Biden’s Hitlerian speech last year in front of the blood red spotlights and fake Marines.

    The OGP is fine when it enjoys popular support. The current OGP does not enjoy popular support, as evidenced by Trump and RFK Jr drawing about 70% of the public in polling.

    So, the OGP has resorted to violence using its Brownshirt goon squads, and political prisoners are now a thing.

  2. How many “voters” were involved in 2020 or 2022? Is it possible to determine? Not that it matters because computer data is zeros and ones – nothing more. So the reason for the “mail-in ballots” and people “dropping ballots” at random is to prop up the fakery. Isn’t it?

    • The polls said that Trump 2020 was going to lose by 10+%, so the TV numbers that *didn’t* reflect that prediction are believable. Power believes its own lies. He won by more than any presidential candidate has ever won.

      The polls said that the 2022 “red wave” was illusory, so the counts that showed the red wave happening (until suddenly it reversed) were true.

      Even now that they’re overwhelmed by Mexicans/etc., California and New York are *still* majority Republican—in reality. But does reality matter at all?

  3. I live in uniparty California so I have already gotten a taste of the future. The national uniparty will preserve the architecture of the republic while emptying it of its previous content (as did the Roman emperors, who preserved the forms of the republic while assuming total power for themselves). We will still have a constitution and a Bill of Rights but the rights will be so qualified as to be meaningless. Free speech – that’s misinformation or hate speech, you are denied public access and cancelled. 2nd amendment? You can own one but if you use it in self defense you are going to jail (esp. if you use it against a non-white). In any case, every public venue is a sensitive area that is off limits to firearms. Elections? Why not, they are good show and there is no chance that the wrong people will win. Public protest? Only if you are protesting something the uniparty dislikes. Otherwise, it’s insurrection.

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  5. I think the most likely outcome is a “Ukraine Solution.” Where Zelensky has “postponed indefinitely” the elections and rules by martial law. [Apologies to Sammo Hung].

    The danger with antifa and BLM and the like doing what they did to Trump was that they could and would do it to Biden:

    A. Antifa/Pro Palestinian mob in DC tried to storm into the DNC HQ, and were repulsed by police.
    B. The same tried to get into the White House last weekend.
    C. The same tried to protest outside one of Biden’s Delaware mansions while he was there.
    D. There is general harassment of ((())) students at pretty much all Universities, including University of Arizona which was the “safety school” for the kids of Felicity Huffman and the Full House actress in that 2019 college admissions scandal. [I think both did time with Orange as the new Black]
    E. There are now “shut down” protests in SF and other cities shutting down bridges, freeways etc.

    The Red Guard reign of terror so traumatized the Communist Party elite that after Mao, they made it a point to rule collegially and never elevate one man/personality or allow that sort of mass mobilization of the disgruntled against them. You will note that while Xi is above all others and semi-personality cult, there is no mass mobilization ala Red Guards and Mao. Antifa/BLM/Climate Cult/etc are a Frankenstein monster out of control.

    The “coalition of the fringes” per Steve Sailer (or Coalition of the Ascendant) has a hard time hanging together outside of mutual hate of White people and particularly Straight White Men: ((())) and Muslims don’t get along, for one. The State Dept, CIA, FBI, DOJ are in open revolt against Biden’s support for Israel and his puppet master Obama is even more angry that the puppet is not following orders. Meanwhile there is a huge gap between (((hedge fund money))) and Soros, Blackrock/Larry Fink, Vanguard, State Street and the Fortune 500 Companies they control through stock and lines of credit. The (((hedge fund))) guys back Israel, the others including Fink, Soros (just funded one of those Palestinian shut down protests blocking the Bay Bridge in SF) and most Fortune 500 are pro-Palestinian. The Pentagon mostly backs Israel, and the CIA/State/DOJ Hamas/Palestinians.

    My guess is that Obama/DOJ/State uses the 25th to remove Biden (and Kamala) and installs Butt-gig, hence the latter making the Talk Show rounds. Suspension of Elections “to safeguard OUR democracy” and martial law. I don’t think that will stick but that’s my guess where we are headed. Fundamentally driven by the instability of the anti-White coalition, like the West absent the Soviet Union, now that the “war on Whitey” has been won conclusively they are falling out on each other. Macro in the coalition and funding, micro in the elites (Obama vs. Hillary, the latter supporting Israel most recently).

    Note, the US did NOT veto a UN Security Council meeting demanding Israel withdraw from Hamasistan.

    • Keeping up the appearance of “democracy” is paramount unless there are no other options. Thus, there will be no anointing of Buttigieg or anyone else out of order in the line of succession. If the ((())) feel sufficiently threatened then The Precious will be the one to go, not them.

  6. About HRC – is it possible that she did something similar to what the wicked queen in snow white did? By that I mean basically take on a new guise and work behind the scene as a saboteur. In this instance, I think she might have hid herself behind proxies

    Like is it possible she was behind a lot of the various “ops” that occurred when Trump was president?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one who instigated the Kavanaugh caper
    I also wouldn’t be surprised if she or someone like her told the governors to close down there states to induce panic

    • The lockdowns were a whole lot bigger than her, but there’s documentation that much/most of the Russia Hoax came from Clinton staffers

  7. I see on both The Atlantic and Salon that Elon Musk has been officially deemed an antisemite. I don’t follow these issues in depth, but my sighting is an important one, under the assumption that these two media (and many more no doubt) are part of the “official” Inner? Outer? Party propaganda apparatus.

    I may not have shared this quote here, but Coffee & Covid (blog) made this excellent observation on Monday, November 6, 2023. Paraphrased slightly:

    Conservative media is mainly designed to provide its readers with information. Liberal media is designed to give its readers permission to think certain thoughts. [Specific article] was significant because it signalled to Democrats that it was now acceptable to talk about [previously verbotten topics.]

    • “Conservative media is mainly designed to provide its readers with information.”

      I dunno. I expect the conservative media will condemn Musk for antisemitism as hard as the liberal media. Why is that?

      On a related note, it seems that at least some normie conservatives are not immediately siding with Shapiro in his charges of antisemitism against Candice Owens. Oy vey.

    • Elon is a nerd (of average intelligence). Nerds think that denial or repression of an obviously true thing is an error or management failure that if pointed out to the rational meritocrats of the decision-making classes will be acknowledged and corrected. Then they get their heads shoved in a toilet.

      This round of “noticing” will cost him another of his children.

      • Hemid: “Elon is a nerd (of average intelligence).”

        Sometime in the next quarter of a century, if we haven’t been driven into extinction via V@xxines & EMPs & Pesticides***, it’s gonna be fascinating to learn who precisely it was that invented the Peter-Thiel/Elon-Musk phenomenon.

        Because Thiel & Musk sure as heck didn’t invent themselves.

        I will be very very interested to learn who the inventors ackshually were.

        PS: In fairness to Elon, we also have to spot him a few IQ points to cover the language gap [constantly having to translate from Afrikaans into English], and similarly with Thiel and German-to-English.


        ***Apparently the big brains are now thinking that it’s the insecticides which are destroying the Little Swimmers:

        [PRO-TIP: When surfing S1@shdot, scroll down to “Load All Comments”, and then move both sliders over to “-1”. That’ll get you the Sh!tlord kkk0mments which you ackshually wanna read.]

  8. Clearly the 3rd Term of The Precious isn’t sitting well with everyone up there. It has lost support with at least a plurality, perhaps even a majority of the Uniparty. And Haley is obviously someone they are willing to get behind to supplant it, and they think she has a real shot, as evidenced by her being all over my news feed lately, being portrayed as a serious candidate. This has to rankle the cankles of the Countess of Chappaqua, who will not exit the stage gracefully. I am struck by how irrelevant all this is. The Endless Now will go on, regardless of which of these is sleeping at 1600 Pennsylvania. It’s like hyenas fighting over a carcass. They are all positioning and supporting various “third” party candidacies so as to sink their opponents.

    It remains to be seen if even a united Uniparty can push Haley over the finish line. The thing about the Fortification Machine that the Community Organizer in Chief built, remember first it was called ACORN, then it changed its name to BLM, these are the foot soldiers of fortification, and the thing about it is that once established, you can’t just turn it off. Even if you stop funding it, someone else can start funding it. These foot soldiers are not “standing for Israel,” indeed they are cleaving off from the dominant uniparty faction before our eyes, over that very issue. So they are becoming sort of a left dissident bloc, and they are the ones who do the ballot harvesting.

    • Jeffrey Zoar: I don’t understand how you see some inherent conflict between Obama and Haley. Her own half-blood child married a jogger, and none of her positions are much different than those of the average blaq pol. If it comes down to a contest between American blaqs (i.e. the putative dem candidate, even if it’s in whiteface) and a numurkan desi, I think the immigrants have the numbers to win.

      No, the east Asians don’t particularly care for the south Asians, but they will join hands against the blaqs, and even the endless flood of mestizos (for now). Plus the moneylenders have been making overtures to the desis, and she’s obviously their choice for the ‘r’ uniparty ticket. She publicly luvvs Our Greatest Ally more than Newsome . . . and she has explicitly endorsed Israel’s stated plan to move the Palestinians to the West – specifically former White, Anglo nations and historical Europe.

      I think you underestimate the malice inherent amongst certain groups and their willingness to join forces to achieve their long-term goals.

      • Their conflict is not so much over ideology, but over power. Who gets to hold it, wield it. That’s what they really care about. But speaking of ideology, The Precious and his foot soldiers are not lovers of Our Greatest Ally.

  9. German ebola, huh? I thought I warned you about eating the baboonwurst at Gunter’s Stube in Wuppertal.

  10. You know what’s sad and frustrating to say the least is we still are talking about it because it still has an effect on us because we don’t have any unity to build anything different…So like the TFR discussion I think the only way it gets fixed is through a collapse and pain… Better have Tribe if you want to Survive…

    • Lineman: Good to see you here again, Sir. I agree – party and electoral politics are a waste of time. I am content that all of my immediate family is out of Texas and away from the biggest cities, at least. Everything else is incremental, ‘only’ needing time and money. I may never be able to do all I hope on our property, but we have the basics and I am grateful for those.

      • Ahh good to hear that Sister… It’s funny I was going back through the archives and it’s ironic at how many replies and comments match up to the same ones that are being posted now…Our guys it seems, like talking about the same things over and over again with maybe a little different spin every once in awhile…I beginning to suspect that all of this social media is just part of the circuses we all partake in… I’m glad you are moving forward on your plans for when it all comes tumbling down just make sure you have a Tribe of good folks around you when it does…

        • I commented behind the green door that I’m in the process of reading My New Order, a collection published in 1941 of Hitler’s speeches and the resulting commentaries in the popular press of the day. It’s jarring how many of his arguments sound relevant today. The JQ bit can get tiresome, but honestly if you were to replace “Jew” with “globalist” many passages could be read a century later with very little editing. We’re going on a century of noticing the same things.

      • How is being “out of Texas” a good thing, when blue state refugees are flocking to the two freest states… Texas and Florida?

        • Vinnyvette: “Freeist states?” I am not a conservative (more a fascist ethnonationalist), so I don’t consider mere taxation or supposed lack thereof as equaling a good environment. The image Texas likes to project is far from current reality. The GOPe holds sway and all the old repukes vote, and thus sh*tbags like Cornyn and Zioclops etc. Abbott is full of hot air but never does anything substantive or controversial – he does what the Chamber of Commerce wants. The cities are huge blue hives and the overall state demographics suck – not just all the mestizos and joggers but hundreds of thousands of east and south Asians, etc. Texas is number 3 in the US in number of mosques. Add lots of immigrants from Cali, NY, and NJ and the place is a steaming dump.

          As far as self sufficiency goes – Texas may have its
          ‘own’ grid but Ercot is all-in on ‘green’ energy boondoggles, so electricity is unreliable in high demand times. Land is outrageously expensive and there is no water. Unless you can afford something in the Hill Country it is flat and bare with no natural defenses.

          I am now on just under 80 wooded acres at about 1000 feet at the dead-end of a dirt road with a solidly built albeit small cabin, a stand-alone garage and shed and a well and a whole-house generator. And all White neighbors who cut down dead trees for us and will only take a bit of ammo as thanks. And a run to town hall or the bank or grocery store (about 25 minutes away and about 1100 people) means dealing with all White, genuinely friendly, and capable people instead of snotty pajeets and surly joggers.

          We happily ‘traded’ our brick mcmansion on a suburban cul-de-sac for the peace and privacy and security we have now. There is no future in either Texas or Florida for White people. The boomers will die out, their civnat kids will intermarry, and the few Whites remaining will be at the mercy of the non-White numerikan overlords. Sucks to be them; not my choice.

    • Lineman back with the aerial vantage point that what matters over the roar of political machinations and social chaos… is the quiet endeavor of preparing yourself, your family and your tribe. It’s so easy to get lost in the minutiae and ponder over what will never be.

      Good to hear from you again Sir.

    • Collapse is a cope as bad or worse than that Q bullshit.

      There has never been a MadMax collapse in recorded history, defined as all existing government disappearing to allow new governments to rise. e.g., Bartertown. What has always happened is that large nations split into smaller ones, with existing powers snapping up territory. If you aren’t an ‘existing power’ you will still be a peasant, but with even fewer rights and economic opportunities.

      For example, the USSR split up into pre-existing ethnic republics while the pols in Moscow mostly just changed the job titles and shuffled who had what job. Also, most Euro titles of nobility descend from Roman administrative and military titles.

      In other words, if you aren’t already a governor, sheriff, general, or other person commanding armed men, your ideas on what the rebuilding should look like are irrelevant. How happy will you be when Newsome becomes ‘High Green Ecclesiarch of the Western Empire,’ and Ibram X Kendi is the HNC of New Wakanda? The other Diadochi won’t be much better, from looking at current governors and state party officials.

  11. The American system arguably was designed to be a one-party state. The Founders’ criticisms of parties indicates that to be so. The idea was the factions would be forced into consensus and close ranks. They could because the differences were not stark.

    That system worked in the sense of widespread acceptability as long as there was one hyper-dominant racial group of very similar ethnicities. Once that went away, being on the wrong side of a political battle became fraught with danger from other hostile, unrelated tribes. I recall a leftist made this very point to me years ago and I disregarded it. Now I agree with him. Hart-Celler’s goal, intentional or not, was making sure that the American system no longer possible. It has been wildly successful.

    Given the stark racial, ethnic and continued regional and local differences, a Uniparty will not work because it cannot work. The State has decided to rule by force and obviously has the means to do so, but that will not last very long. Once the economic glue breaks and cracks, an intact nation does. It will be hell on earth, too.

    • That sycophant hamilton wanted it to be that way for sure. Alien and sedition act, his threats against Jefferson and the state of Virginia. A power hungry autocrat who hated the states and the people. Gathered a larger force to fight the people than the foreign brits. His constitution nearly became a one party dictatorship from the start what Washington and other saw in that scumbag I’ll never know.

      • Arguably, the one truly beneficial act of Aaron Burr was killing the incipient tyrant, Hamilton, and thereby unintentionally slowing down the rise to power of the Federal State. But then along came Lincoln, and the Republic died the death.

  12. >Both parties will celebrate the election of the first hostile alien as president.

    Didn’t this already happen with Obama? He may have only been the first spiteful, ungrateful alien president, but I think his hostility was (likely still is) at least on par with that of Nimrata.

    • At least Barry had one American parent. Nimrata would lack U.S. citizenship entirely — not to mention being completely ineligible for the office of President of the United States — if our constitution had been interpreted fairly and accurately.

      • If the Constitution had been interpreted fairly and accurately, Obama would have spent his life gainfully employed picking cotton.

    • Nimrata is Hilary Clinton part duex. She has all the shrillness and contempt in her voice of Hilary and is even dumber and more tone deaf. Her family situation will also be a major problem for her.

      She is perhaps the only Republican that Biden could beat without major fortification. She’s just a less likable Hilary.

      • Unlike Hellary she hasn’t put a hit on anyone problematic to her power and lifestyle, I’ll give her that.

  13. Hrrrrmmmmmm.

    I don’t think I’ll panic just yet. I have bigger and better nightmares. The Uniparty is broke. None of the the Establishment institutions work anymore. The military can o longer recruit or retain talent. The judiciary and law enforcement are rude jokes. The mass media is largely ignored by at least half the population. The public schools are hunting grounds for the faggotry and black teen race gangs. They’re having kiniptions over a relatively minor threat like Donald Trump. If they kill him or take him out with dirty tricks – patriots in their own strong havens will move to take THEM out. Gun bans are useless when the citizens refuse to comply.

    I think the morons that are in charge now will either bring about WW3 or CW2 before they can assume totalitarian control. If those events come to pass… I doubt the noble class supporting the uniparty will survive it.

    • > The judiciary and law enforcement are rude jokes.

      This is the most dangerous part. There was still a consensus, even in Soviet Russia for a while, that if you turn yourself in you’ll get a fair shake. We’re at that stage, but it’s eroding rapidly. On the other side you have people openly saying intimidating judges is okay, and the bar associations are now starting to purge bad-thinkers.

      This is really uncharted territory.

      • When was the last time you’ve heard of someone whose had serious contact with our legal system, not just parking fines etc., civil or criminal, who wasn’t either ruined or nearly ruined by the experience? Even estates aren’t safe. Don’t have a relative die in New Jersey by the way. See if you can drag the body to another state and register the corpse at the DMV. Perfect nightmare of our legal system.

        • Ja, as you can no doubt rell from my postinf handle, I am from NJ. When my dad passed, we got ass raped by he state, having to liquidate some assets to pay the fucking inheritance taxes. Still here, because we love our home, but were we to opt to leave, even then they ass rape you to do so under the laws of this state. Gotta buy your way out of peonage.

          • Lived in Princeton two years. Glad we never put down roots and got the hell outta there instead.

          • Ostei, there are many food people here, particularly here in the southern part of the state, but the great kluge of northern NJ and its total subservience to the left nullify our wishes. But the last gubernatorial election was pretty close, the sitting governor only winning through some very suspicious late returns up north. Yet fortification having been consolidated, we have no realistic appeal available.

          • Heh, not food, but good. Maybe we will someday be part of the soylent green formulation, though, so we wind up food (for) people in the end.

      • Why does Biden want 87,000 new IRS agents? You could audit anyone raising a voice with all those people.

    • There are a bunch of moving pieces to this. For example there is the sovereign debt issue as those buying the debt like some assurance that the country, and not just the regime, is on the hook for the debt. Just look like someplace like China where no one believes even the current regime will pay them back, let alone some future one, and they’re not even the multi-racial scum pond that GAE is turning into.

      Another facet is the election feedback which is almost completely silenced now. As hard as it is to believe there are apparatchiks in the regime that are trying to keep the wheels spinning, but they’re doomed to failure. Their (nominal) bosses don’t care and it’s not like any of them run for office anyway (and it wouldn’t matter if they did).

      Lastly I’ll mention is the “talent pipeline” which is already in sorry shape. In the future, local elected officials, possibly even up to the state governor level, will see no use in being associated with the regime party, leaving a dearth of talent for closely held regime offices. Other authoritarian nations have mechanisms to fill these slots with their own people but no so much in the U.S. My guess would be that in the future (such as it might be) any high office in GAE will be filled with Obama-like mystery-meats that suddenly appear on the scene as filling the roles with actors will go from being optional to necessary.

    • I pretty much agree. Our institutions are in rapid decline across the board. The major difference between us and (insert third world sh-thole) is that all of those countries still have all the same dumb laws, crooked people up and down the chain, crooked courts, etc., however they don’t have the credit to project this power on the population on a day to day basis. This is what makes some favela laden countries appear more free than this one. In our aspiring sh-thole, government still has the credit, I mean purchasing power, to bother people on even a minuscule scale. The EU is in the same boat and in some ways even more so. The one silver lining of a credit implosion of the west, is not that somehow our countries will be reformed and once again turned into nice places, but that governments sit in their capitals with clipped wings, unable to bother people other than the ones who politically torment them. This will put the entire population in a third world mindset. The government officials already have that mindset. The people themselves need that mindset and its not quite there yet.

      If a government official lands on your door step it’s because the government could afford his salary, the car he used to get there, the gas for the car, the maintenance for the car, the computer system that he is using, the electricity he uses to do his job., his management chain’s salaries, etc. On and on. If an agency only has a few nickels and a stick of gum to do this, enforcement becomes focused on the narrow group of people giving them trouble.

      • “The one silver lining of a credit implosion of the west, is not that somehow our countries will be reformed and once again turned into nice places, but that governments sit in their capitals with clipped wings, unable to bother people other than the ones who politically torment them. This will put the entire population in a third world mindset. The government officials already have that mindset. The people themselves need that mindset and its not quite there yet.”

        One hundred percent. Most don’t appreciate how grinding the poverty will be and materially diminished their lives will become, but the constant fear of state oppression will decline substantially. The repression will grow worse the closer we get to economic implosion, a last gasp of unfettered state police power, based on the past. Neither economic collapse nor a police state is a desirable outcome, of course, but we have the former and it will go away when we have the latter.

    • Justin Trudeau’s failure to get his “assault” weapons ban through is a good white pill too. And he has way more direct power than any Dem president will have.

      Nobody turned in their guns, and the RCMP does not have the appetite to go door to door. It’s just been in limbo for a couple years and now the “amnesty” got extended until 2025.

      That’s the next election and Trudeau will likely lose. The other uniparty team seems less gung-ho about gun grabs.

      The system only has power because regular conservatives & whites believe in its legitimacy. They are broke and incompetent.

      • I saw a video od Trudeau being harrassed out of a restaurant in Vancouver by pro-Palestinian protestors. Those are his voters and without them he probably won’t win without blatant election theft.

        • When you’re not white, you can get away with anything in the western world. Compare and contrast with the Canadian truckers.

      • “The other uniparty team seems less gung-ho about gun grabs.”

        You’re correct, but the other Canadian uniparty, that being the Conservative party, is also notoriously skittish about being perceived as too, well, conservative. It would shock very few astute observers if & when the Cons take power, if they actively refuse to repeal the recent gun grab regulations and legislation. They’ll tinker at the edge of it, add an exception or two maybe, but leave the structure of it intact, so that when the Liberals inevitably return to power, it will be there waiting for them to use once again.

        The carbon tax will likely go because it’s become widely disliked, but the Conservatives won’t just be able to repeal it & leave things alone.. no no no. They’ll have to replace it with something that they can sell as a ‘carbon tax lite’ to leftist voters so that they don’t get tarred & feathered for being dirty polluting climate hating conservatives. Again, leaving a structure in place for the next Liberal government to use.

        Such does the Canadian state ratchet ever leftward.

        • In the 2000s while traveling, I met a female Canadian near my age (we then would have been in our mid-40s). She’d come of age in Quebec in the 1960s when the nation was liberalizing. E.g. university became more accessible and she became a civil engineer. From her stories and a few other accounts, at least Quebec was VERY conservative until the 60s, sounded like America of twenty years earlier, maybe. Although a second hand story, this would seem to show just how much to the left [Canadian] culture has moved in just a few generations.

      • They may not have an appetite to go door-to-door (yet) but it’s still a ban. You can’t buy a new one, and if you own one already you really can’t use it for anything, particularly self-“defence.”

    • There is a better chance of electing AH to president than civil war 2 happening in the next 5 years. By CW2, I mean something close to CW1, with war between the feds and a group of states. Hell, there is probably a higher chance a civil war breaks out between California and the rest of the country because Ca wants to leave. Red state governors will happily send their young men to make sure CA can’t leave.

      • I remember a vocal California secession movement when Trump won in 2016. I had hoped that “Art of the Deal” Trump would have called their bluff, telling Governor Hair gel “I agree, I think we can get this done in 12 months”. Or maybe he could have traded California to Denmark in exchange for Greenland.

        • It is an open question whether CA will ever again tolerate an R president without threat of secession

          • Just so long as they really pay off their share of the national debt as the price. Maybe the north or central CA could be agreed upon as a settlement of that portion. They get to keep the junkies, perverts, and
            muds when they leave, and then the border is permanently hardened against these groups exiting…

          • I wish them luck keeping the water…

            CA stays in the Union because CA cannot survive without the continental snow pack.

            I always laugh when people draw a secession map showing all of CA. They’d keep the coastal cities inland 30-40 miles and end up looking something like Israel on a map.

            Their survival would depend on giving the Chinese basing rights in their harbors, at which point the USA invades.

    • Maybe they are having conniptions over something small because all of the big issues have been resolved in their favor. If you are starving, you spend all your effort obtaining bread. If you are spoiled rotten, you have a conniption over your Starbuck’s order being a bit hot. The overlords find themselves in the latter option. That does not bode well for me, from my vantage. See JRWirth’s comment below.

  14. There are already one-party states like New York and California that indicate where this is headed. Policy options are internecine squabbles between factions of the same party and thus range from crazy to insane. New York’s obese black attorney general — the same one who issuing Trump for “fraud” — just announced she is suing PepsiCo for using plastic packaging because 17% of the litter found in public is allegedly their brand. Corporatism is a big thing in one-party states, the government uses civil lawfare to force the “private” companies to enforce political policies if they want to stay in business. That’s why New York and California claim they are outlawing gasoline cars and gas furnaces by 2035. The industries will just have to figure out a way to deal with it.

    New York used to have a number of robust minor parties in its elections, but when the Democrats began to see challenges on their left from parties like the socialist “Working Families Party,” they re-wrote the election law to keep them off the ballot. Corruption is rampant because in a one-party system where the media is an adjunct of the party, there is no one to hold them accountable.

    Nothing can stop them but themselves. The Republican Party is New York is dead. The Democrats command supermajorities in both houses of the legislature. Same in California.

    Neither New York nor California will ever have a Republican governor ever again.

    • And the people love it as I mentioned with the horrible machines and people who inhabited them throughout our history. The people voted for them and lavished them for trinkets. No different than the backs and browns who inhabit those machines today. Yet people still live in these shitholes which is the most amazing thing around. NYC is bad but Chicago is one of the worst cities I’ve ever been in. Gotta love those daleys though.

        • Don’t see the appeal of a dictator like daley or the other machines I mentioned. Other than white diversity made things so untenable in a rotten city like Chicago, that a war chief or dictator was needed.

  15. ZMan sez: “The Republican Party is plotting to run an orange version of Hillary Clinton and no one in the party thinks this is weird”.
    Oh man – that’s cold. True nonetheless.

    • For grim humor, I sometimes go to conservative site like HotAir to watch them try to get their readers excited about Haley. It’s a bit crass, but it reminds me of a man trying to get aroused for a willing woman that he is not very attracted to.

      To my surprise, the writers at HotAir seem troubled by her latest proposal to ban anonymity on the internet.

      To their credit, they do have some principles other than money.

      • In a more perfect world where people weren’t debanked for political speech, her internet idea wouldn’t be such a bad one. Regardless, were it to be done, I suspect it would apply only to sites I don’t use anyway, like Facebook or Twatter.

        But would this also mean you could no longer publish a book under a pseudonym?

  16. It’s a pattern I’ve noticed since the late 90s. You’ve got your bitter clingers (to power), the defeated, and the wreckers.

    Every now and then the wreckers get annoyed and wreck something; the bitter clingers clamp down harder, start another war, issue more debt, spread the love, etc.; the defeated take another black pill.

    The wreckers are having their way in the end (not The End), and that’s probably necessary and healthy. It’s going to tear itself apart and— here you go millennials, it’s your problem! Dealing with problems will be more worthwhile.

  17. Apparently Nimrata, The War Karen never heard of the Federalist Papers. What a tyrannical little dick she has shown herself to be. She’s even more perfect for the times than Kampala.

  18. Nikki Haley will be the next president. I guarantee it. It will be a narrow electoral win but she will pull it out because the economy will be perceived as weak.

    She actually has lot going for her that will appear to the center:

    She’s moderate on abortion, strong on foreign on policy, and reasonable on the economy. She took down the confederate flag and monuments and her daughter married a Black Man.

  19. You can’t go full uni-party until you have a totalitarian state. The purpose of political parties is to polarize the populace, pit them against each other on muh issues.

    If you establish a uni-party state, you divide the populace into pro/against The Party, so you need to control every web site and fling every dissident into mental asylums, like they did in Soviet Russia.

    • The only remaining question; is the uniparty and its knee breakers up to the task in the context of a failing state.

  20. Re: German ebola…

    Contact your health care provider if goose-stepping lasts for more than four hours. It’s only slightly less pernicious than Malaysian crotch-rot or Dindu flu.

    • Probably just a bit of goose-stepping to the wasserklosett fur eine grosse krautenscheise.

      It’s really unique to Germany, you can do the same thing in the good ol’ US and A with cabbage fritters.

        • Fun fact; J.S.Bach wrote a quodlibet, a sort of rip on a popular tune, based on “Kraut und Ruben haben mich vertrieben”, or translated, Cabbage and Turnips have driven me away.

        • I love the stuff. Ftw lol. Making 60 lbs of it this weekend 🤣

          Kraut and Turkey Syrup on buttered bread is candy. Sweet, sour, rich.

  21. Because I’ve donated to the Republican party, I still get fundraising texts. At the last Republican debate, there were five candidates. Since the debate, I’ve received a total of five “support me/donate to me” texts on behalf of candidates. This represents an average of one text per candidate, statistically speaking.

    Of those five texts, here’s the breakdown by candidate.
    Chris Christie: 0
    Ron DeSantis: 0
    Vivek Ramaswamy: 0
    Tim Scott: 0
    Nikki Haley: 5

    The party machine is obviously desperate to whip up support for her. I don’t see this happening. Aside from her warmongering, shrill demeanor, she’s the governor who took down the confederate flag. This alone, and from a foreigner no less, will make it difficult for her to carry the South, and rightfully so.

      • “Who says the South has any say in this, nor anyone else? Can you say, fortification?”

        Quite true. But it’ll take a mountain of fraud to push that harpy up the hill.

        Plus, there’s the primary to consider. Trump voters are still bitter and angry. If the Republican party makes Nikki the candidate through a fortified primary process, the Republican party loses even more legitimacy, which is good news for dissidents. The sooner those finking losers go away, the better.

    • Today’s Southern Man, in the big cities at least, is likely a transplanted Northern liberal or immigrant. They will happily vote for the Hillary in 5 inch heels.

      • “Today’s Southern Man, in the big cities at least, is likely a transplanted Northern liberal or immigrant. They will happily vote for the Hillary in 5 inch heels.”

        You’re only half correct. Yes, the big Southern cities contain plenty of northerners and liberals, but these people won’t be voting Republican.

        And, as far as a candidate in five-inch heels, they’re hoping it’s a dude in a sundress.

      • It’s not the Yankees doing the worst damage, although I aver it’s not for lack of trying; it’s our homegrown jogger population.

        • In a sense, after the so-called “Civil Rights” Movement liberated the nuggras, the South, properly speaking, ceased to exist.

      • That only worked in Virginia and to a lesser extent Georgia and to an even lesser extent North Carolina. Those last two states are very volatile and splintering, with the urban areas becoming surprisingly more impotent in the last year or two. There are similar states throughout the nation. Fragmentation and dissolution is happening more at the state level now and it is sometimes stark.

    • And our social security numbers where stolen under her reign. No apology, no compensation, and no accountability.

    • She’s the one who is appearing all over my news feed lately. Heavily promoted, so that she looks viable. Obviously she can’t beat Trump in the primary but I guess the plan is she won’t have to. Then in a general of her v Biden, who’s to say she can’t win? Like it or not, most voters don’t care about that flag like we do. Indeed, many “southerners” are not fans of it.

      One thing’s for sure: Hillary isn’t going to take it lying down if someone else is the first woman president. I happen to think she’s not done yet.

      • Joe Bltzpk: The bigger question is why the hell was she ‘voted’ into office in the first place. Her anti-White agenda should never have been in doubt given her heritage. Why was anyone surprised by any of her political/cultural positions, not merely removing the flag? Obviously she had the financial backing by the usual party people and donors or she never would have been a candidate in the first place. But even with the usual degree of fraud, enough idiots, fools, women, and civnats voted for her.

        And why should anyone think she won’t get similar backing now? And in a contest between Nimrata and Newsome, I think the trifecta (brown female immigrant – yeah, technically magic dirt birth but she’s not an American in any other consideration) will beat out the White male, however much of a crazed leftist he may be. Besides, they need a putative repuke to take the fall when the wheels come off.

        Prepare yourself for “Hail to the Chieftesstistan.”

        • South Carolina has been sending Miss Lindsay to DC for 20 years. What else is there to say? Like several other southern states, put an R next to somebody’s name, get them on TV holding a rifle and saying the words “family values,” and it’s game over.

          • I just looked up the word “chump” in the dictionary and there was a picture of a chunky, middle-aged white man wearing a John Deere cap and a greasy denim vest in a WalMart parking lot in Spartanburg.

        • Like all else now, economic forecasters tend to be crap. Regardless, if it appears to the Regime a severe crash is about to happen, of course the Sikh war criminal will be slid into the office to take the fall.

          We are or were on the cutting edge of white withdrawal from Potemkin politics. Nimirata will make the break permanent.

    • Vivek directly criticized RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel (who was in the audience) for her many, many failures over the past couple of election cycles.

      It’s reported that Ronna turned to one side and said “He’s not getting any money from us.”.

      Ronna and “Nikki” come from the same mold. Vindictive and petty to the end, willing to tear down their own house to destroy one of the family who crossed them.

      Republicans deserve to go the way of the dodo.

  22. That sucks. Get well and hope you can get back in the saddle (figuratively and literally, post-sick rides are great) soon, dude.

  23. The reason to keep the party system going is to raise money off the rubes who get worked up about it. This still appears to be working as the GOP had a debate qualifying requirement that each candidate had to have donations from 70,000 unique donors. No clear thinking person could give money to the likes of Chris Christie, Mike Pence or Tim Scott. Even if with Nimrata Haley as she likely the chosen nominee what do you get for the $50 you send her? It is insanity.
    Most of this money is totally wasted and does nothing to move the needle, but it keeps many low life consultants employed and makes some of them rich. I don’t see it ending any time soon.

    • Years ago I worked at a school that was briefly famous for employing zero Republican donors. I didn’t think that was newsworthy* but the survey did show something disturbing: almost all the school’s employees gave politicians money. Insane behavior, morbid signaling, etc. They weren’t buying favors or representation. They were buying their names on a list.

      Normal Americans donating to candidates and Party causes—which they rarely used to do except via other oragnizations—is the only bad thing that Trump “normalized.” His seeming to deserve the people’s support has given small donors a taste for paying normal Republican jerks like DeSantis and the shitter nerd. It’s a shame.

      *The story was part of the propaganda campaign to re-attach the professional class to the establishment left. Since the ’70s, gadfly conservatism (policy) and paleolibertarianism (principle) had become synonymous with neutral, non-“ethnic” intellectualism. That was rectified.

  24. I honestly don’t know how anyone with half a brain still thinks “Voting” at the state and national level actually means anything.

    You hit the highlights; incumbent win rates, speaker drama that’s “meet the new boss, same as the old”, a president that is objectively a known liar and simpleton, and by god their voting record on issues. Plus to add in a small handful of uber lobbies donate to almost everyone and control the board and ballot access / gatekeeping.

    Oh look, I can ‘choose’ between Burger Kind and KFC? Don’t pay attention that Yum owns both and Blackrock and Vanguard own the biggest shares. Neato

  25. Yes, the Uniparty political structure can be imposed upon an unwilling electorate that retains a comfortable standard of living. Think herd of cattle happily grazing in a lush field of alfalfa. But to do so, you must also keep the plates spinning (and the cows well fed) if you want to keep the peace. And that is the essential dilemma facing DC at the moment. They were relying on the destruction and rape of Russia and Ukraine as a means of sustaining the status quo in the West. Putin has thwarted that plan and now rolling over the sovereign debt is nigh on to impossible without causing crushing inflation. They’ve painted themselves into a corner and the only way out may be to initiate WW3. Zelensky has been conscripting fat-ass normies and sending them to the front for slaughter. It would be poetic justice if Biden tries to do the same here in the USA. Dodging drones in a mud filled trench is not quite as comfortable as beer and Doritos on the couch.

    • very good imagery as usual Tom. However, I suspect those poor Ukranian Cannon Fodder shivering in their foxholes are more likely to be the target of expertly delivered artillery than drones.

  26. The real takeaway for me with Haley is the same as the takeaway with Kamala, which is that the Indians are making their play to replace the Jews as the system’s nepotists nonpareil. Anyone who sees Brian Stelter or Amy Schumer on TV knows—even if they know nothing of the JQ—that something is not right. Kamala and Haley (and all the Google and Twitter Thuggees) send the same message. It turns out those various visas that Peter Brimelow’s been warning about for decades are just as bad as he always claimed they were. I even find Vivek to be tiresome, even if he’s amusing. While he’s smarter and less destructive than Ben Shapiro or Candace Owen, his argument is essentially the same: you need me to argue on your behalf because it would be taboo to have someone who looks like you arguing for you. No, Vivek. I need someone who looks like me fighting for me and other people who look like me. I also don’t care that America made you prosperous and that’s why you like America. Pimps, I’m sure, have some affinity for their first prostitutes, who helped them build their empires. They even have a word for these women: bottom b*tches.

    So, there’s really nothing new going on. The truth is still taboo on every issue that matters, which makes politics—except the metapolitics of watching how this plays out—boring and a waste of time. I haven’t seen cable news or listened to talk radio or argued online in a long, long time. Yesterday I saw my normie neighbor while taking out the trash, and he tried to hit me with the latest talking point he heard from Tumor Head Hannity. “Did you hear that Biden wants to give ten billion dollars to Iran?”

    “Look on the bright side,” I replied. “At least it’s not more money to the Ukraine or Israel. And I’ve never seen Iranians spitting on nuns like Orthodox Jews in Israel do.” I sent him the link to the video of the spitting Jews. Something tells me he won’t be keeping me apprised of Hannity’s latest horsesh*t next time we bump into each other on trash day.

    • Great post Joey Junger. Steinleight’s paper warned them. His strategy was to form an alliance with the Asians. Unfortunately for them, unlike European man, there is no emotional blackmail available with that group nor is the already time-and-geographically-expired rugged individualist narrative something to leverage.

      America’s Progressive era political machine is built upon the ability to buy the elected and give them the laws to sign. The ascendant group doesn’t have to win elections. They have to get one appointment that then appoints a few others to key posts and buy elections through the “I will primary you if you do not sign the laws I will write for you”, extortion racket.

      Of course that is fortified by the bad-word extortion rackets that the, “New Americans”, are immune to. Once your machine relies solely on bribe money it is finished. The other thing we are starting to see is the willingness of a new oligarchy to just be a wrecking ball. Witness Vivek’s willingness to stand on the stage and openly call out Haley and the Journos and the RNC chairwoman seat warmer for the ticket takers that they are.

      That is a serious thing when ascendant oligarchs are willing to call out the system under its own bright lights.

      Stock up on popcorn and be on the lookout for a white man who is willing to stand up in the chaos and say, “I am one you and you are me and I am you and We are Us. We are the only non-group and we’ve been curb-stomped into hated minority status. There are still 200 million of us. As a group willing to put our group interests first, we are an unstoppable force.” A massive throng of the long voiceless will roar behind that man. Once they see we aren’t going to go postal, only protect our future and ensure that never again will we be only 6% of corporate hires for two years running, and forced to grovel and cry universal love by the FBI when our children are beaten to death in vicious 15-on-one chimpanzee gang beat downs, the rest of post-America will accept us asserting ourselves and our undeniable right to something better.

      If you are reading this site, and you have the funds, the will, the intelligence and the wits to be a pro-white, calculating spitfire that speaks with command, confidence and love for our people not hate for another, the world is yours. An army of whites, starved and parched for a Man who will speak to us and for us will rise up and have your back and flank your sides. Not only that, but when you do this in the right way, the other tribes will be grateful too. More importantly, our women will come back to us. Women despise cowardly, weak men who will not protect hearth and home. Women want a man who will make a claim and back it up with strength, fortitude and competence. Until that man arrives in politics, be that man in your life. Alfred did not do it all alone.

    • “The truth is still taboo on every issue that matters, which makes politics—except the metapolitics of watching how this plays out—boring and a waste of time.”

      Well put. And when the issues that matter cannot be discussed, the pressing problems cannot remotely be resolved. Belay that. They can be resolved, but only through extra-political means, if you get my drift…

  27. Feel better Zman! A shot of schnapps may help.

    Meanwhile, I would just observe that Latin American politics are far more contentious and multi-polar than ours. Look at all the recent elections – Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia – and the ongoing election campaigns in Mexico and Argentina. There are serious policy differences, real stakes and different elements of society competing for power/influence. Granted, all have their local peculiarities and power structures. But I’m hard-pressed to find any uni-parties down there.

    Overall it’s far more open and transparent agenda-wise than it is here. This makes our decline even more tragic. Oh and good luck trying to vote in any Latin American country without a voter ID or national identity card.

      • Paraguay and the Colorado party may be the exception down there now because they have proved to be a resilient one-party operation with just incompetent opposition.
        I have no idea what’s happening in Guatemala, except for the fact that most of it seems to be moving here.

    • The classic example is probably Mexico’s PRI circa 1992. Lat Am may have gone the other direction now (143% Arg peso inflation will do that) but it’s clear the Merkels and Camerons and Romneys of the European transcontinental blob feel it is a good road-tested model that deserves closer copying.

  28. Americans don’t seem to care about unitary rule witnessed by the lovely machines that have dominated our crap infested cities since Tammany. You have dale’s, delassandro’s (pelosi), Hague, the longs, etc. American voters love em some local dictators so why just extend it nationally since it seems to be at least a regional past time.

    • Unitary rule is not the main problem. Lack of any accountability and responsibility is. The worst that can happen to a bad politician is not getting re-elected. And then the politician ends up in some lobbying organization or a think tank or as a well paid “consultant” for a big corporation. This is a rampant across the whole West, not just the US. The number of political parties makes zero difference, unless one of the parties is “non-standard” which is rare.

      • Did any of those machines have accountability? The people seemed to love em as long as the spoils were distributed. No principles, morals or care for longterm health. As long as uncle Joe got a job collecting garbage and a turkey every year, he’d vote for the daley and long machine in perpetuity. No different than blacks today on a national level.

  29. Careful with the Ebola jokes. If current immigration trends continue, the real African Ebola may soon start popping up in Germany, France or UK.

  30. > If you complain then War Karen will have the tech companies hand your name to the usual suspects.

    I don’t know if that genie can go back in the bottle. There is a war of elite narratives going on, and not just about Israel, that has fractured much of the ruling class. Because of the broken cohesion people even on our side have a lot more freedom of movement.

    It’s crazy how they were in ideological lockstep just a few years ago, and already things are blowing up.

    • Spot on. This is because the System is rapidly becoming a zero-sum game. When the pie is expanding, the Elites have “co-optition” along the line of Nash Equilibrium.

      But when it begins to stagnate, you get open Elite competition and we are entering this ugly phase.

    • Not sure if the elites are “warring”, rather they are in collegial disagreement. I suspect most people in Washington just back the strong horse, and won’t take sides until the strong horse has won. The good news is there seems to be a strong “new right” developing around Tucker and Elon.

      I have noticed in the past few years that the standouts of the alt-right and alt-lite clown show have been sidelined in favor of more erudite, wittier, optics-loving, and sober personalities. Race-baiting, raw anti-Semitism, and owning the libs are déclassé now; noticing patterns, employing a targeted meme, or posting a withering quip are the weapons of choice. Alacrity and wit comes naturally to conservatives, and it’s good that it’s coming back. This may usher in the Red Caesar we all want and need.

      • Paragliderfest brought it home for me; week afterward many of the Twitter righties who are more thespian by orientation seemed confused about which was the strong horse (personally would consider both of the horses weaklings). That mismatch between hype and cognitive ability is still unfolding and I am glad to see the alt-opportunists fragging each other to the bitter end over this Page 27 bottom story of the week, “unrest in the Middle East.”

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