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  1. I really like that you have replaced the plague doctor image with that of a resurgent phoenix. Hopefully, this means that you are definitively turning the corner.

  2. Zman, did you have the fever dream of the unraveling ball of twine? Did you feel like you were falling backwards through greasy black circles?

  3. Do any of you boys know anything about the Redoubt or James Wesley, Rawles?


    It sounds like they would make the same mistakes of the USA all over again. “I am a separatist, but on religious lines, not racial ones.” But maybe a Christian theocracy would have the self-confidence to apply to brown people the special treatment required to force them to be civilized. It’s not my first choice for my people or a nation, but it would be a huge improvement over the current USA.

      • Thanks, WCiv911. Religious faith does not come easily to me, but it can clearly be quite efficacious. Respect to my Christian friends. (And even if I don’t want any Muslims in our lands, I must be impressed by their mettle.)

        If I ever become religious, it will probably not be due to some divine inspiration, but rather because, historically it has emboldened men to fight and inspired femininity in women.

        (Where I live, the Mormon women are noticeably more feminine than the rest. If I were more unscrupulous, I would pretend to be a Mormon…)

  4. Imagine those cretins who think reality is a social construct. What’s a sore throat against a scrambled brain?

  5. “ A mysterious epidemic of the plaque has broken out in eastern Europe and in the port cities of the Black Sea, attacking principally the young and vigorous. Cause of the letter to America on the TikTok of each victim baffles the medical profession.”

  6. I hope this isn’t Z-man dead-man switch. I raised an eyebrow yesterday when he mention German ebola. Wondered if he traveled through Marburg.

    • Budesonide & Azithromycin are literal miracle drugs.

      But LONG LONG LONG since having gone off patent, ergo no Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex salesmen pushing those meds on doctors, ergo no under-the-table payola for the doctors, ergo the doctors no longer writing those prescriptions.

      PS: I have no personal experience with HCQ nor Ivermectin, but as much as the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex hated those two, I imagine they must be highly efficacious as well.

      • Just a side note. What I read wrt the above drugs is that they were demonized for one main reason, the “Emergency Authorization Act” for the COVID jab.

        Seems this act states that authorization can only be granted if there are *no* alternative therapeutics available (to the jab). The Fed’s could have been forced to rescind jab authorization had the drugs been deemed effective against Covid.

        • There can’t gave been any other reason for the concerted effort by TPTB to demonize those two drugs. If the Coof was anything as deadly and frightening as they insisted, then it would have made sense to throw the kitchen sink at it. Nothing would have been excluded. But somehow these two drugs, despite reports of success and excellent safety profiles, were the targets of insidious slander.

          Everything that happened during the entirety of the pandemic was geared toward EUA of the mRNA clot shots.

      • I would add Azelastine nasal spray to the list of miracle drugs.

        That stuff is so good it enabled me to stop getting shots for seasonal allergies.

        They finally made it available OTC a few years ago.

  7. Since Z Man is presumably fighting for his life and unlikely to pull through (dark humor), I wanted to note a cultural milestone of significance.

    For well over a decade, some dissidents have argued that the primary explanation for our decline is anti-whiteness and the primary creators of anti-whiteness share an ethnicity. Since most white people were used to thinking ideologically, many of them literally could not view the world tribally and rejected the anti-white explanation. They claimed that the real problem was communism/”cultural marxism,” identity politics in general, affluence/degeneracy, or the greed of our elites.

    Elon Musk responded to a tweet by saying “You have said the actual truth” and that tweet said: “J3w1sh communties have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.”

    That the anti-white explanation has achieved this degree of visibility is significant.

    Of course, the world is complex and there are always multiple causes for any outcome. However, these causes can be ranked in terms of their strength in affecting the outcome.

    If white people begin to view the world tribally, many possibilities may emerge.

    • White people.will become tribal, it’s built into the multicultural experiment. And when they do the cold war between regimes and the white peoples may heat up rather drastically. Interesting times are about to get much more interesting this decade

    • LineInTheSand: ‘Elon Musk responded to a tweet by saying “You have said the actual truth” and that tweet said: “J3w1sh communties have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.”’

      (((The Advertising Industrial Complex))) just brought down the hammer on X/Twitter:

      Large companies are suspending Ads on X due to “antisemitism”, Elon Musk says they’re ‘oppressors of free speech’

    • The Aztecs figured out that the Spaniards were just a bunch of assholes and not a divine curse after it was too late as well.

      • Aztec probably never had a chance, but at least they didn’t have theological reasons to be frenemies with the Spanish.

        “You killed our god, your god is our god, you killed your god… God killed God?” [short circuits and dies]

        Old-fashioned conquest makes a lot more sense!

  8. After reading your thoughts on a regular basis for ? years… I have become addicted to your wit, insights and overall BS. Hang in there….pardner. This Texan wishes you a quick recovery.

  9. Hope my Zman withdrawal symptoms don’t kick in — the sweats, the paranoia, the abject terror, the insomnia, etc. Is there any equivalent to methadone for this guy?

  10. AINO is a police state. Anyone with influence who challenges the status quo can expect to be attacked. It is unwise to travel too far from home. Especially overseas.

  11. There’s a pestilence going round, for sure.

    Get well soon, Z Man! Otherwise how will I think about the Current Thing? Now I know what Rush Limbaugh fans felt like when he was in rehab…

    • I had “it” two weeks ago. I think it was the latest iteration of covid. Because not exactly a cold and not exactly the flu. Seemed a little different. Worst sore throat I ever had. I was really sick. The worst of it lasted 3 days. Consumed two tubes of horse paste over about 5 days, including those 3. I dunno if that cured it, but it didn’t hurt.

  12. I prescribe more Glühwein. 🍷

    Might not cure you, but you’ll feel better about being sick.

    And the fun side of you came out in your writing after a couple of glasses. 😁

    (I’d give you my recipe for a hot bourbon toddy, but I’d wager Der Germans don’t have bourbon in their stores, and if they do, the prices are ridiculous.)

    Seriously, rest up and get well soon Z. We need you around.

  13. Bring out ya dead!!! Bring out ya dead!!!

    He spoke mockingly of the demon Covid; and paid dearly for his mockery. Let it be graved upon his stone…☠️☠️☠️

    NOTHING sucks worse than getting the creeping crud while on a trip…


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