Winter In Kiev

The war in Ukraine is heading into the winter with the great counter-offensive all but officially declared a great failure. After six months of attacks, the Ukrainians gained a small sliver of ground in the south and lost a large swath of territory in the north, along with billions in Western equipment. Outside of small ventures to keep up appearances, Ukraine is no longer conducting offensive operations. The big question that looms over all of it is what comes next for Ukraine?

The place to start is the battlefield. The Russians have the initiative everywhere now and they seem to be preparing the battlefield for winter. They are about to take the fortress city of Avdeevka in Donetsk and there are reports that they have fire control of the key logistics hub in the north called Kupyansk. There are also increasing reports of desertions on the Ukrainian side as the Russians press them nonstop. Right now, the Ukraine army is doing what it can to hold its positions.

This is an untenable position for Ukraine as the politics of this war are such that they must always be looking like they have the initiative. This is why so much time and money were invested in the public relations system. Ukraine needed to look like it was winning the war and that meant flooding Western media with stories about Ukrainian success on the battlefield. Stories about Ukrainians desperately clinging to bombed out fortress cities is poison for the public relations system.

There are three angles to the politics. One is the internal politics of Ukraine, which at this point is the struggle between the military, Zelensky and the secret police, all of whom have friends in Washington. It is assumed they need to be showing progress on the battlefield in order to keep the money flowing. The fallback plan in these cases is always the same and that is find a scapegoat. You blame that guy for the failures and buy another round of funding the operation.

Rumors out of Kiev suggest Zelensky wants to fire his top general, Zaluzhnyi, and the head of operations in the south, Oleksandr Syrskyi. Last week there were rumors that both had been arrested then there were rumors that they were in hiding. Officially, nothing has happened, but Zelensky no longer uses their names in public, instead referring to their titles. That is the only hard evidence that something is happening, but it confirms that there is a rift of some sort.

For his part, Zaluzhnyi has made no bones about telling Western media that the offensive failed and the situation is dire. The reason to do this is to publicly undermine Zelensky who always insists that things are going great in the war. The result here is you have Zelensky trying to pin the blame on Zaluzhnyi, while Zaluzhnyi tries to undermine the credibility of Zelensky. You do not have to be a political genius to see where this is heading if things deteriorate much further.

This is why CIA director William Burns was sent to Kiev last week. One school of thought says he was sent to calm the situation, while another school of thought says he was sent to get a frank assessment of what is happening. This seems strange, given that the whole war is a Washington operation, but it is clear that the Ukrainians have not been entirely forthright with Washington. This is most likely at the behest of the State Department, which has been running things on the side.

That brings up the second political angle. Washington has been poached in a warm bath of public relations nonsense for two years, so the reality of the war is now just starting to appear in the media. With an election on the horizon and Biden in serious trouble, mentally and politically, bad news from Ukraine is very bad news. That is probably part of what Burns is up to in Kiev. If the White House needs to abandon the Ukraine project, they need a plan to do it.

The third political angle is the money. The Ukraine project is and has been a very lucrative money laundering operation. This means it has a very large lobbying effort behind it, so cutting off the money will be difficult. On the other hand, sending unknown billions through a failing operation, one that could be overrun by the Russian army very soon, is a tough sell even for Washington. Therefore, pressure is on to produce a new winning narrative to keep the money flowing.

This is why the Republicans are going to move heaven and earth to get fresh cash into the money laundering system. If the cash runs out, not only does the money laundering end, but it also means the end of Ukraine in a hurry. Ukraine no longer has a functioning economy and it is no longer able to pay for its own government services. If money from Washington and Brussels stops flowing, Ukraine will collapse in weeks. This kills project Ukraine for future money laundering.

The result of all this is all the players now see the status quo as the only workable option, even if the battlefield reality says otherwise. Zelensky knows he cannot kill Russians with dollar bills, but dollar bills keep him alive. At the same time, Washington thinks they can pretend it is a stalemate as long as Zelensky remains in charge, so giving him money works for them. Of course, the money laundering machine wants the cash to keep flowing for its own sake.

The trouble is the reality on the battlefield. The Ukrainians officially mobilized three quarters of a million men. They have less than half that number remaining. There are pictures of girls and old men turning up dead in trenches now. There is only so much damage an army can take before it begins to crack. The politics of the war point to maintaining the status quo, but the reality of it is pointing to collapse. That is what lies ahead for Ukraine in 2024.

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187 thoughts on “Winter In Kiev

  1. Johnson; I’m hetero, perhaps the audience can help? Is Johnson Top or Bottom?

    The GAYDAR 🦄📡🌈📡 isn’t fine tuned enough to return that clear a signature, and it ain’t gonna be either.

    “Mr. Speaker, I’m only here to take a leak.”

  2. I’m against seizing and freezing someone else’s money, be that someone a person or a nation it just ain’t right.

    Putin and Russia, in my opinion made every effort to be part of the west, we locked up their, safely in a bank cash and, no other words for it, drove then in to a strong alliance with China. Sadly, in the long run I think that’s a far better position for Russia to be in rather than just another client state in the, let them all eat bugs, great New World order.

    Actually in the very long run, it might be good for us too if Russia prospers as part of the orient,, forcing us to see what we’ve become.

    • If I recall correctly, G. Washington refused to freeze assets of the enemy held in the US during the revolutionary war precisely for that reason – as a fledgling nation, he did not want to destroy the credibility/trust of the US with the rest of the world.

      Granted, we are still strong enough (for now) to bully others, but those days are quickly disappearing. How much of our “strength” is a paper tiger is another issue. But as for credibility/trust, that is long gone, not sure if it can be regained. I guess the US is still “trusted” because there is not another option.

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  4. Anyone find it amusing that the US has to make the entire payroll and pension obligations of Ukraine, while mayor of NYC has announced cuts to police and schools to pay for the illegal aliens infesting his city. And when he complains too loudly the Geheimestaatspolizie show up for a “helpful” investigation? Don’t get me wrong NYC invited them so it a FAFO exercise—but I guess Adams can’t recycle enough of the aid money he’s been asking for into the right pockets.

    • SamlAdams: Your point about funding aliens before putative Americans is valid. If NY were still – by any possible metric – an American city, I might possibly give a small f**k. But it is inhabited by nothing but dindus, south and east Asians, mestizos from throughout South America, Haitians, Dominicans, various varieties of middle-men money lenders (Jewish, Armenian, Greek, etc.) and a smattering of Ellis Island ethnics who cling to the ruins.

      Wall it all off and wait it out. Salt the earth, and wait another decade or so before razing the ruins and possibly rebuilding.

      • The term of art is ethnic white, not Ellis island ethnic. The borough of Staten Island is an ethnic white stronghold, and hardly a ruin. The best pizza in New York for starters.

      • “But it is inhabited by nothing but dindus, south and east Asians, mestizos from throughout South America, Haitians, Dominicans, various varieties of middle-men money lenders (Jewish, Armenian, Greek, etc.) and:..”

        2.9 million white Americans. Lagos, it ain’t

    • Sam is right in that decisions like these could not make the priorities of our elites any clearer.

      Add to that the fact that San Francisco was able to clean its streets of homeless settlements in preparation for the visit by the Chinese leader.

      This has prompted white progressive retards to ask, “If you can clean up the streets for this event, why won’t you clean them up for us?

      Because they hate whites, even progressives. It could not be clearer, yet there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

      (My liberal friends who had to flee Portland due to the results of the policies that they supported later confessed to me that they never really believed that the leaders of Portland would allow the city to fall. They believed that they could virtue signal without consequence and the leaders of Portland called their bluff.)

      • I’ve heard it said that “the president should always be at least a little bit more conservative than you yourself are,” and along those lines, it’s possible some leftists kind of unconsciously took it for granted that their political leaders always would be, since it had been thus for so long.

        • A prez more conservative than me would be some sort of singularity that warped the space-time continuum beyond all possible recognition.

      • A lot of the problem with the Left Coast in general is that the “leadership” never understood that the magic variable in the California success formula was not x, y, or z but w – for weather. Cali has been able, for decades, to pursue policies that, were the climate more like the rest of the country, would have caused it to lose population like Ukraine has been instead of just the slow bleed they’ve seen. Normies, even normie Whites, still move there from all over the country just for sunshine and warm weather. So the state succeeded in the past mainly in spite of the local elite. They’ve got no idea how to “clean up the streets” in a consistent way because they can’t connect their constant social experiments to the way the place looks today.

        The situation in Oregon and Washington is even more hopeless because the elites here are all just California washouts who couldn’t make it there. They think they can implement California policies and get away with it because of some kind of West Coast Magic Dirt. The Magic was the California sunshine and warm weather though and doesn’t work here in Coldrainistan.

        When you add in the wannabe hipster flotsam that washes up here from the Midwest and Northeast you’re dealing with a whole other level of clueless and ignorant. Most of them still don’t understand why legalizing all drugs didn’t result in a pothead paradise but instead turned the place into a never-ending episode of Breaking Bad.

      • Obviously it was simply to put on a show for Xi, like when you clean house just before the guests arrive for the party.

  5. Money laundering? Certainly.


    We’re not talking about a few million for the big guy, or to raise Raytheon stock .25cents a share.

    US gov raised black budgets with the “arms for hostages” and generic weapons sales to fund a war in Nicaragua in the 1980’s.

    I understand the Ukraine war to drain Russia (not working), make Germany our bitch (working and then some), maybe to control global energy markets.

    But where is the money going? What national level goal is all this slush going?

    • I think the upper level grifters–think Blackrock, Raytheon–are converting the bribes and graft into hard assets. The Ho’s and Help in Congress are getting just enough to do a small-scale version. It is a hedge against devalued fiat currency, which continues to lose worth.

      • IDK.

        This kind of cash isn’t to add a few lake houses to the personal portfolio.

        This kind of grift is enough to fund a private army.

        • Ah, yes, I think we have a winner.

          And that saying about everything old being new again? Warlordism is kinda old, no?

        • Yes, we have a winnah!

          Everything old is new again, the old saw has it. Warlordism is pretty old, no?

  6. In his discussion of the money side of the conflict, I was surprised that Z Man did not mention that the Israel-Hamas conflict will require a flood of money from the USA as well, which will likely compete with the flow of money to Ukraine. Granted, our elites are willing to print unlimited money for both of these conflicts, but I would guess that Israel’s claim on that money will take precedence.

  7. Off topic—
    Since I assume everyone here is an unapologetic libertarian. 😎 The first -real- libertarian to be elected in a very very long time has had his day in Argentina. This is not the milquetoast US libertarian that Z makes fun of on the regular. This appears to be an actual fire-breathing “fuck all your rules” libertarian which is why they are collectively pissing themselves both here & abroad.

    Javier Milei won their election in Argentina, Mr. 70s Porno Hair, and the leftists are already calling him “far right” even though he is anything but. This is why I cannot even speak with left leaning people anymore. They have all become hysterical cat ladies, both male & female. My friends who have been just consuming 24x7x365 propaganda are utterly feminized & brainwashed at this point.

    These were ‘normal’ guys at one time. They all sound like HR Managers & Karens now shrieking about how ‘unsafe’ anyone that doesn’t vote in utter lockstep with the far left machine is now. It’s demoralizing and also shows me how effective propaganda is.

    Anyhow, back on topic, of course all media outlets which lean far left are saying he’s the next Trump, Bolsinaro (Brazil), Hitler, whatever, because did I mention hysterical feminized screeching? In reality he simply wants government out of -everything-. Novel concept!

    Let’s see what he can do, it is hard when all the other politicians have their knives out for you. That was Trump’s mistake, trusting the system. It must be completely turned upside down before you even begin to try and pass any legislation or change anything. Argentina’s government is still lefty socialist to unsure how much better he will fare then Trump.

    • We have a local low-level pol who is a libertarian and thus far he fits the Z libertarian maxim of “there when you don’t need him, gone when you do”. To say he’s a libertarian is to say that he already has a strong intellectual reason for complete surrender.

    • with all due respect to the pauls, theyliberatarian party is a complete cuckfest of the highest order.

        • Oh I don’t doubt your take. My point was not that he was some “ultra based” radical. It was exactly the -opposite- of that. He is something different, and -anything- different is “far right” in the hivemind of globalist bugmen no matter what country they hail from.

          He is eccentric though which often means unpredictable. So anything that may upset the status quo (like Trump) is generally better than maintaining it. But, yes, I don’t think Argentinians are going to be throwing Roman Salutes anytime soon.

          • Hopefully he can ruffle a lot of feathers in the Karen coop. Maybe it’ll be a real popcorn show??

          • Apex – more bad news:

            “Prior to entering politics, he spent 13 years working for Eduardo Eurnekian, the fourth richest man in Argentina. This relationship reportedly had a heavy influence on Milei.

            Milei’s first television appearances were on a station partly owned by Eurnekian.

            According to the Financial Times “Several of Eurnekian’s former employees are part of Milei’s top team, including his rumoured picks for interior minister and cabinet chief.”

            Eurnekian is a Jewish-Armenian immigrant who is chairman of the Wallenberg Foundation – a Holocaust charity.

            Milei has stated one of his first priorities as President will be to move Argentina’s embassy to Jerusalem, and has announced his first state visit will be to Israel.”

      • Hoping for Argentina he’s NOT the “real deal”. Libertarianism is a great system for white teenage boys with IQs >120, as I once was. I paid LP dues for 15 years. I voted for Ed Clark – I know what it’s all about.

        It’s also a great system for criminals.

        I suspect Argentina has few of the former and plenty of the latter.

        We live, as they say, in a society.

    • Apex: I’ve read various takes on Milei. If I were an Argentinian nationalist, my main concern – along with inflation – would be the massive immigration due to open borders there. Where once Argentina had a solid plurality of European people (Italians, Spanish, Germans), it is now filled with Bolivian indios, various other mestizos, and increasing numbers of Africans. Not to mention, it has had small hats running its press since the 1940s.

      Not making any predictions and will wait and see, of course, but I trust no politician, either elected or appointed. Bolsonaro seemed legit, given he was 100% European stock, but he was trying to run multiracial Brazil, and he slunk off to AINO in the end. No big hopes for any substantial changes, anywhere yet.

      • Bolsonaro was 100% subverted by the political and media system, like Trump, and quite possibly electoral fraud as well (like Trump). Brazilians with money are looking to get out, as Lula is raising taxes sharply on them in order to buy more votes among his constituency.

        • Jannie: Yes, from what I read/saw it seemed like the same sort of bureaucratic forces and global money men who opposed Trump here forced out Bolsonaro. They didn’t succeed in having him stabbed to death, but they got rid of him just the same. And in Brazil (just as in AINO/Brazil del Norte) there are too many mixed race/poor who want a handout. It’s really a shame, because Brazil has the natural resources to be a much wealthier country, but it lacks the human capital.

          • The next big thing for Indios and Mestizos alike will be Islam. It’s perfectly suited for them, and also for the reverse reconquista of Alta California, Tejas, and the rest.

      • I’ve been living in Argentina for the past 20 years, am bilingual and have an Argentine dtr-in-law and three Argentine grandchildren. I was active in the Milei campaign and will be actively involved in forming a coalition of small parties on the local, “county” and provincial levels. I feel confident that I can comment from a point of view that’s reasonably knowledgeable,

        One aspect of the election that is little commented upon outside the country has to do with the incoming vice-president, Victoria Villaruel, a Traditional Catholic (SSPX) from a military family that is as “right-wing” as they come here. Most of my campaign pals are retired military hard-liners. The would-be troublemakers are well aware that if they get funky, they could be biting off more than they can chew. I keep hope alive knowing that.

        A comment reply isn’t nearly space enough to write all that I’d wish to write about this sweeping change in the political landscape. Milei carried 21 of Argentina’s 24 provinces and barely lost Buenos Aires. We shall soon see what can be accomplished in the first hundred days, but Mr. Milei plans to begin with some very sweeping and necessary changes. He’s not your grampa’s libertarian either. I see his administration as the means to build something for my son and grandchildren. Hat tip to Mr. Milei for managing to get me out of my club chair and quiet retirement. Things are jumpin’ down here!

        • Fascinating stuff. I have a question: did Milei take an immigration position that cracks down on those flooding in from Paraguay, Boliva, Venezuela, etc., or was it standard libertarian pablum?

          Thanks for the on-the-ground report!

    • The only people who may possibly qualify as far right are us, and the Left doesn’t even know we exist. Thus, by their severely truncated and warped frame of reference, this Milei guy really is “far right.”

      • I think you’re right. If they were aware we existed, they’d call for a national mobilization to exterminate us.

      • Libs vaguely hear about our nefarious “ideology” from their media/leaders but they never encounter us anywhere, so they attribute exaggerated versions of our positions to normal conservatives—who with few exceptions are just a lower class of liberal Christians.

        Conservatives hear about our nefarious “ideology” from those accusatory libs, never encounter us anywhere, and endlessly, fruitlessly defend themselves against being identified with us, alienating almost everybody in the process.

        All very productive.

  8. Apparently, there is no amount of death and destruction that’ll sway the evil, corrupt money laundering bastards and bastardettes that run the US government. As long as they get their filthy lucre, it’s all good. You’d think the Ukrainian people would have had enough by now, but I guess not. As for the American people, your tax dollars at work for you…

    • the ukrainian people are broke and disarmed. Ruled by a puppet gov. with an iron fist. exactly what should they do? They have had enough a long time ago. There’s just nothing they can do about it .

      • Ehh… my wife has a lot of family and friends there. She has said the overwhelming majority of their social network believe in Zelensky (despite the bodies piling up).

        • The majority of people believed in covid despite the bodies not piling up. People will believe whatever their personal circumstances dictate they believe. The ones who didn’t believe in this ukraine war left a long time ago, the only ones left are the true believers and those who couldn’t escape.

      • maybe you guys are correct. I forgot how completely duped and brainwashed almost everybody I know was by covid. it may be an error to believe they have a realistic view of their own genocide.

  9. Has anyone seen the new documentary “the fall of Minneapolis”?

    There is a lot of stuff that seemed suspicious as hell about the Floyd thing. Like how did the case supernova from an untimely death to a full blown riot within three days?

    I feel there has to be some collusion between various parties. Someone should try to foia all the relevant parties to see what was being discussed. Is it possible the media had the entire bodycam video and intentionally withheld exculpatory information?

    • No question it was an op. The dry run immediately before was Ahmaud Arbery, who was too unappealing to focus on. Still, three white political prisoners were tried and imprisoned by the American Regime for a justifiable homicide.

    • “Like how did the case supernova from an untimely death to a full blown riot within three days?”

      You can blame the press for that. They immediately painted a very unrealistic picture for the public. People watched a video with people pleading to the cops “you’re killing him” and then he actually died. They also insisted, despite video evidence to the contrary, that cops were on his neck. It make the whole thing look premeditated and callus.

      Of course, the reality is that had Floyd not been high on Fentanyl/dope (which suppresses breathing) and sick with covid along with having heart disease, he wouldn’t have died. The video started in the middle of the incident, which also made it look premeditated and callus. The national press then spread the story far and wide causing riots across the country.

      • well that’s the thing. We all know what a deepfake is. But that belies the fact that we already have a defacto deepfake – i.e. lying by omission.

        This is a difficult thing because I’ve always admired people like Kunstler and Darrow in there defense of the first amendment. What I’m worried about is that the media could cause a “war of the worlds” type incident (look it up, it happened in 1938) and cause something truly catastrophic to happen.

        • KK –

          “What I’m worried about is that the media could cause a “war of the worlds” type incident (look it up, it happened in 1938) and cause something truly catastrophic to happen.”

          Precisely. Like finding any reason to put off/stall/cancel the 2024 election under some bogus pretense. They can’t hand over power to Trump; they know if they do their goose is cooked. Think they’re going to pull out all the stops on this & the “media” will be 110% in the tank for it.

          Hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t put anything “off limits” to this fascist cabal.

          • What makes you think Trump in office would cook the media’s goose? He had plenty of opportunities to cook many geese while in office and didn’t do sweet Fatty Arbuckle.

          • I’m not following on why they’d be any more vulnerable to Trump the 2nd time around than they were the 1st

          • Ostel, what’s your take on Fatty Arbuckle? You think he did it? Not? I know he was a Hollywood degenerate. But he was dead before either of my parents were born. I only first heard of him a few years ago.

        • the floyd incedent was a preplanned incedent just like that. Those riots were orgainzed and preplanned . there were videos all over youtube, rumble and odysee of prepossitioned pallets of bricks, and police always ordered to stand down. there were also a number of videos of Locals peacefully protesting , then a couple of young , athletic looking white guys in full black garb would show up. carrying umbrellas to and wearing blalclavas they would start hammering windows to get the real destriction started. The signs they carried were professionally printed im many cases and brought in in rented trucks . in some cases the “rioters ” came in by unmarked bus.
          Speaking of uniparty, the GOP governors had their cops stand down . nothing at all spontaneous about it .

          • so you’re saying there are sleeper cells in a lot of cities?

            That would be an interesting thing to try and infiltrate these guys and try to catch them in the act and see if they are receiving information from some high up command.

          • krusty: And even if you had clear, unquestionable evidence of official collusion, what would it change? Ever seen the Jan 6 tapes? What about the Covid collusion? It does not matter the issue or the facts or the ‘proof.’ Still relying on ‘rule of law’ or rationality in AINO is a boomer cuckservatard’s game.

          • 3g, no amount of treason, corruption or anything would have any effect. Because they are all guilty. It’s a racket, a regime, a conspiracy. What it’s not is a legitimate system for our benefit

          • i can’t reply to 3g4me so I will say that catching them in an unambiguous redhanded way is what has to be done. Otherwise they’ll find a way to obfuscate and deny.

          • krusty how can you think that anyone would listen if you had videos of antifa planning the riots before they happened ? evedence will change NOTHING. evedence only matters in an honest system. there was a mountian of evedence in the 2020 election that it was stolen . what diffrence did it make? theree is no hones way to reign in a corrupt government.

          • The prevalence of smartphones, bodycams, etc… and the high rates of criminality among our minorities means that there’s guaranteed to be a continuous flood of “riot-worthy” video circulating. Baltimore or Chicago alone probably generate a Floyd event or two every weekend in the warmer months.

            What this means to me is that there must be a system to process this garbage and harvest the “best” of it. From there it moves to a staging area of some sort and someone decides whether to green light it or hold off. The deciding factor is how great the need of the system for a violent distraction of some sort.

            It’s a card they always have and can play when they need it. A lot of the impact of this stuff though is less now than it used to be due to the fact that the worst hit areas are still hollowed out and businesses and people are not likely to be lured back in.

        • No mass movement in the US is created by the media; it is promoted and mobilized by the media. If there is a deepfake event (and I doubt many actual believed the broadcast – most likely a few loons), it will be at the behest of the overlords, like Floyd. The deepfake is the tool to mobilize the masses, not the actual origin.

      • If a nuke took out the Imperial Capitol, humanity’s Morality Quotient would increase by five points.

        • Ostei: As my husband can and will verify, I’ve said since 2001 that I wish the flight 93 had hit the capitol while Congress was in full session. And I was and am quite serious.

  10. Asked and answered:

    “The big question that looms over all of it is what comes next for Ukraine?”

    “…You blame that guy for the failures and buy another round of funding the operation.”

    Zelensky and his jews disappear one night. They may re-surface a time or two but eventually he will be spoted by kooks in the company of Elvis and Adoph Hitler.

    The Russians will take Odessa without firing a shot. They will rebuild their investments in the Donbas and purge any remaining Uke loyalists. What’s left of the Kraine will be one of the very few white 3rd world nations. It will be a haven for welfare cases and criminals and will be yet another millstone around the neck of Globohomo. Grifters will launch fake charities to save the people of the ‘Kraine.

    Over here, our leaders will look stupidly at each other trying to figure out what went wrong. It will turn out to be the fault of the US military which is still dangerously low on diversity. The Whitehouse will evade and deflect any talk of the Kraine, and we will have another Current Thing land on our plate that will be an existential threat to us all and require our undivided attention.

    That new current thing could be a financial meltdown or crisis that burns Globohomo to the ground for the short term. Classical white racism and antisemitism will become mainstream the multiculti dream also dies a well deserved death. Mass deportations will become a regular occurance.

    Long term… our future is bright. Short term… I will try to sleep through most of it and survive it if I can.

  11. If they could hire Milo Minderbinder from the great “Catch 22” novel he would find a way to keep all involved parties, rich and fighting continuously to stay “in the money”.

  12. Slowly at first, then all of a sudden.

    I think someone will try to assassinate Zelensky. He will either be killed or flee the country. The Russians will be blamed, but it’ll be an inside job by the military or the secret police.

    Burns could have been in Kiev preparing them for what will basically amount to a terrorism war against Russia. The war will be lost, but the violence and funding will continue.

    Once we get into 2024, all bets are off for US funding. Ukraine is radioactive to Republican base voters. If funding gets passed, it’ll pass with mostly Democrat votes, like the CR last week. That creates problems for Democrats, faced with an unpopular war that is being lost hung around their necks. They can push Biden over a cliff, but taking risky votes for POTATUS in an election year? TBH, the Democrats best hope is for the GOP to save them by killing the funding. Then they can blame the GOP for Ukraine losing when it was on the cusp of total victory. Or so the news will report it.

    DC probably settles on a half hearted aid package and retreats. Then they shift to a terrorism/insurgent campaign. We’ve seen this before.

    • thsis is so 2019. there are no “democrat” or “republicans” in the US government any more . that sham ended in 2020. as far as the “elections ” go, the POTUS will be selected by the dominion voting machines . nobody else has any say in it these same machines pick any election the Uniparty wants picked .

      • Not really. We agree on the Official Government Party aspects of this. They do still like to keep up appearances, though.

        I also think public sentiment so completely rejects the Ukraine War that the Government Party has to worry about a full collapse in its perceived legitimacy. Right now, about 70-80% of the country basically wants us out of Ukraine, but only 30-40% believes the current regime is illegitimate. If they push too hard, they risk raising the proportion of people who think the current government is illegitimate. They will seek a solution that maintains the patina of legitimacy, which means counting on Republicans to either kill it or Republicans being given enough money to get Ukraine funding just over some minimum threshold.

        When it comes to voting machines, the Government Party depends on the bulk of that fraud in key locations where they enjoy loyalty from local election officials.

        The safe bet is they pass just enough money to say they “did something” while preaching that they want “accountability”. The usual games.

        You’re not their audience.

        • They can use the media to create a false narrative about anything they want. They have NO FEAR of us whatsoever. it is all a show and they can use the media to tell any story they want. The do not need any truth content whatsoever. COVID showed that there is know lie that won’t be believed by normie. no matter how rediculous. any abuse of people will be tollerated byt the sheep. You have no power what so ever.

  13. To me the biggest surprise is that there hasn’t yet been a coup in Ukraine, nor any minor uprisings, nor any lone gunmen targeting Zelensky… Or maybe it’s not that surprising? People will just take anything. No amount of abuse, beatings and mass killing will wake them up?

    Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men have died in this war. For what? Do they believe in something or are they just meekly following orders? If they do believe in something, what is it? Drag Queen story hours for Ukrainian children? Or is the distant possibility of joining the EU worth dying for?

    • > To me the biggest surprise is that there hasn’t yet been a coup in Ukraine, nor any minor uprisings, nor any lone gunmen targeting Zelensky

      Zelensky missed his opportunity to flee to a nice resort in Florida with his embezzled cash. The puppet thought he had agency.

    • We have absolutely no clue whether this is true or not. The propaganda organs certainly wouldn’t let us know, and Russian/pro-Russian commentariat likely doesn’t have that type of access. My guess is American assets have Zelensky cordoned off to an unimaginable degree. Those will be the ones who deliver the dirt nap.

      • You are partly right, but Zelensky is not alone. I haven’t heard about anybody from his inner circle being seriously targeted. Lone gunmen stories can be successfully covered up, to a degree, but if there were any uprisings, the Russians would have used them for propaganda. Since they did not, there probably were none. Same with coup attempts.

        • His inner circle most likely has similar protection, and localized uprisings could go without detection. There is a great deal of hatred of the Russians for very good reasons outside of the east, so these may not have happened, but we likely would not know about it.

    • It’s joining the West, as they see it. Russia is the devil they know, and they want nothing to do with it.

      It’s hard for Westerners to understand how deep of a hold the mirage of the West has on Europoors. Even with all the eerie insanity starting to sip in, most people in the East still equate globo-homo with unbridled goodness.

      • I noticed that in the Czech Republic. The people there couldn’t shut up about how great the US was and how much they loved all the new materialistic soulless consoomerism they were getting to engage in.

        Compare that to Western Europe where I couldn’t walk ten feet without someone lecturing me about how Dubya was a bad man.

        • Well, GloboHeauxmeaux without diversity would actually be a modest improvement, at least in the short term, for most people. Alas, in the long term, diversification into oblivion is the inevitable outcome, and with that comes misery galore. Unfortunately, most whites these days do not think in the long term.

          • I can only speak for Romania here, but most of the NPC and midwit blob is already down with diversity.

            This is disconcerting especially since they shouldn’t be all that ignorant of the disastrous consequences this has had in the West.

            I find myself surprised at how absolutely incongruent to reality these people are; even from the position of someone who watched the Overton window in the US shifting left in real time over the past two decades.

    • I imagine domestically this war has been portrayed as the Ukraine’s Great Patriotic War, against the Russians, who genuinely are hated there. This false narrative has been sufficient, to this point, to keep the wheels of the abattoir greased with Ukrainian blood. The Ukes think they are fighting and dying for their country, when in reality they are sacrifical babes to the Judeo-American Molloch.

    • Hun-

      I think the Ukes are being extremely well-compensated all the way down to the ranks of their colonels and captains, who are usually the officers that start successful coup attempts.

      • That’s why the funding for running the government, and particularly that sweet lucre to those well positioned to ice Zelensky and company is such a worry to the compradors. Money gone, uh oh.

  14. Sorry to go off topic, but I greatly value the commentator knowledge on this site. I have been invited to a John Birch Society meeting. I recall they had a somewhat nutty reputation, but they seem very normie conservative now. I would like to get more active in my dissidence, but don’t want to waste my time. Does anyone have an opinion on them?

    • There will probably be more FBI agents in the crowd than actual dissidents. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try to meet other dissidents. I just don’t think the JBS is a reasonable vehicle for such things. To the extent that it’s not loaded with informants and agents, it will be loaded with boomercon types.

    • My understanding is that they were like an America First movement that peaked in the 1950s. They charged that communists were taking over our government. I believe that they accused Ike of being a commie. I am told that this made most Americans who were sympathetic to them dismiss them as crazy.

      Around this time, two seminal white activists who had supported the Birch Society, Revillo P. Oliver and George Lincoln Rockwell, broke with the Society because they believed that attacking “communists” was misleading. They had a more specific description of the problem in mind, which was unacceptable.

      Oliver had a high leadership position in the Society and was an impressively erudite man. If you’re curious, look up his writings on the subject.

        • No, at root they were correct. He was just another sanctimonious Yankee, sending in the army to Little Rock without a worry in his head about restarting the coercion of Reconstruction. He had plenty of company in that policy because the South could not, just could not, be permitted to Rise Again, even in their own minds. The left had Big Plans, and he was just a RINO a/k/a a liberal Republican who was putty in Their hands.

          • And thereby we see the real irony of the “Republican Party”. The entire raison d’etre of that party was to destroy the Republic, and replace it with a Federal government in which States would be reduced to mere administrative districts of the Leviathan that would be installed with Lincoln’s Second Founding.

  15. Oh no, what will all of the retards wearing Ukraine pins and propping flags outside their homes do now?!!

  16. I agree that the money keeps flowing to Ukraine because it is a laundering operation by both parties in DC.

    I also think the Dems keep the funding going hoping to stave off collapse until after 2024 and the GOP keep the funding going because they don’t want to be blamed for the collapse by Dems and media when it happens.

    • there are no real GOP or DEM party. there is the “party” and thats it have you not noticed the new GOP speaker talks like rush limbaugh and legislates like chuck schumer?

  17. Assuming the world is not reduced to smoldering rubble, future historians probably will point to the Ukraine fuckery as the closing chapter of two decades of non-stop Global American Empire violence. Public opinion plays absolutely no role in what the GAE does, but war requires some buy-in for it to be successful. That is gone and it never coming back. Also, the reality of deindustrialization has revealed the hard limits of American power–it is a financer of “democracy” but in no way an arsenal now. The United States’ economy on paper remains the world’s strongest but given current conditions that makes it the tallest midget in the room; WEF governance doesn’t work out for the hosts even if the loaded parasites thrive. Finally, the allies/satrapies have started to buckle. Erdogan seems perfectly willing to invade Our Greatest Ally, and absolutely no one thinks Article V would be invoked if Israel bombs Turkey in response. The sham of NATO has been laid bare.

    While you have followed developments much more closely than I, this in fact does appear to be a classic stalemate. Whether that was deliberate strategy on the part of Russia seems up in the air. I’ve read that people in western Ukraine continue to go about their daily lives somewhat as before although the number of them doing so dwindles daily.

    “This is most likely at the behest of the State Department, which has been running things on the side…”

    Someone at Severian’s site noted recently that State has become dominated by Karens, the daughters of wealthy apparatchiks who need a job. We saw some of this while Trump was in office with State Karens routinely disregarding and dissing the boss. Throw in Cult Kagan, and “swamp” doesn’t even begin to describe the dysfunctional grift machine there. As we all know, the Strong Women will be hyper vicious and then devolve into raw hysterics as things get even grimmer. It should be a cause for concern.

    The Ukraine War was cynically provoked and prolonged by the Empire to weaken Europe, drain Russia, and showcase American might. The first happened, but the latter two goals failed spectacularly. Hundreds of thousands have died needlessly in this evil exercise, and no one will be held to account. The wicked prosper, but for how much longer?

    • Some of the great Wehrmacht (and um, other branches) autobiographies of WWII talk about the soldier/authors walking through endless fields of Ukrainian sunflowers. The farming goes on, just as it always has.

      • I remember reading about German armor going through sunflower fields over 60 kilometers long. The steppes are endless.

    • I think ir was incredibly stupid for GAE to make this war an all or nothing game. If they had just let Russia do it’s thing, or before that, said the door to NATO is shut, they wouldn’t have lost a lot of prestige. Now they’ve all but bet the farm on it. Really stupid. But maybe it’s the money. Ukraine was too juicy so they just couldn’t resist

      • It is the money, and loss of prestige only matters if those who profit suffer consequences to themselves. They do not and will not. Note the meetings last week with the Chinese and who sat at the big boys’ table. Some of those have dibs on rebuilding the Ukraine, although that might not be feasible.

      • They must have been convinced their sanctions would topple the Putin regime. Only thing that makes any kind of sense to explain their actions. Probably also underestimated the Russian military, overestimated US military hardware.

        • Yeah, that is something I meant to but neglected to mention. The sanctions failing to have much effect shocked the hell out of them. It is a sidenote at the moment but that is another big takeaway long term from this horror–the GAE’s economic dominance has diminished.

        • When have sanctions ever toppled a government? Saddam no, Iran no, North Korea no, Venezuela no. That’s empirically just not how the world works. Woke seems to impede learning from experience. But then again it’s at war with reality so that does make sense

          • Sanctions worked in “Foundation” by Issac Asimov.
            Sanctions may have also worked on some TV show/ movie / YueTube video our rulers confused with reality.

          • Sanctions are kind of like socialism. Yes they have always failed, but that’s because it just hasn’t been done right yet. So they dialed it up to 11 for Putler, because this time, finally……

          • Sanctions is like a high press in basketball/soccer/hockey. If just one component fails, it is pointless. One component always fails so it works in theory but not practice.

      • I’d go even further back and argue that it was incredibly stupid for the GAE to turn Russian into an enemy. Russia’s always been this uneasy combination of European liberalism and Oriental despotism. After the Cold War ended there should have been every effort made to encourage Russia to become part of a larger Europe, but instead we were over-staffed with a bunch of NATO and State Dept. bureaucrats who saw their job as continuing to “manage” Russia and they pushed and poked and prodded to the point that we’re now close to getting in a shooting war with people who should now be at least as much our “ally” as France is.

        It’s comparable in a weird way with what’s been going on with North Korea. The place is a completely destitute s**thole where people have to eat bugs and tree bark and their neighbor’s children just to stay alive. If we just ignored them, the government would implode on its own accord. Instead we actively prop the government up by giving them money just to get them to return the calls of a bunch of a**holes at State who are charged with “engaging” with them.

        • The Tribal termites were eating away even before the USSR collapsed. After the implosion, the unhinged lunacy of bombing Serbia, a Russian protectorate, into oblivion more or less guaranteed a permanent rift. W initially tried to make amends, believe it or not, but given those who surrounded him–many termites and their enablers–he instead ratcheted it up. Same happened with Obama. Trump was despised because he wouldn’t go along with the Tribe’s Russia animus, so the dementia patient was installed.

          The world would have been a far better place if the United States had rebuilt Russia and welcomed it into the world. Instead, it opted to exploit it and make war on it. Putin is very popular as a direct and understandable result.

        • I totally agree. Possibly the only thing I agree with the beltway on is that China is not a friend. Secretly Moscow would agree with that. We could have worked with Putin. But the people in charge of GAE couldn’t work with him.

        • Putin raised the issue of Russian membership of NATO back in the 90’s. Clinton said no.
          Russia is far too valuable a bogey man.

          • And an easy sell with the Tribe, who view the US as their big dumb golem to get back at their perceived tormentor of centuries’ standing. Why, yes, they did take out the Khazarian slave trading entity that was impressing their people and selling them on as slaves to Russia’s dangerous foe, the Ottomans, and understandandably they kept a close eye on the Tribe residing in their empire thenceforeward.

            Then, the Tribe helped to assemble a grouping of malcontents to stage the Russian Revolution (with lots of help from you know who living in the West). They worked savagery upon the Orthodox of Russia, but finally Stalin began to smell a rat and outmaneuvered them, and for that sin, when the USSR thought that the leftist Jews of Israel would be friendly, well, not to be. Revenge takes precedence, don’t ya know.

            Then the 90s, when they thought they had the Russians where they wanted them at last, only to have Russian patriots put paid to their plans.

            So, yet again their fellow Tribesmen were laying for Russia in Ukraine. Getting the band back together in Ol’ Khazaria.


          • JerseyJeffersonian is spot on here: The ancient Khazar trident flies on the Ukiestan flag. ‘In your face’ goys!!

        • re: “… return the calls of …”

          This!!! Our unholy mess is all about their aspirations, ambitions, employment and lifestyle needs, group delusions, greed, et cetera etc. … Regardless of party, it’s all the same, regardless of what they or we think. It underlays and structures all of the visible aspects of their program. It is the plague on our civilization.

          We have far exceeded critical mass of over credentialed, ignorant, entitled, wholly self-absorbed, greedy, reality-adverse & obnoxious petty tyrants.

      • Moran –

        My question is why are the Russians always the bad guys? Look if it’s 1980 & they have 40 armored divisions poised to plunge thru the Fulda Gap in a blitzkrieg attack across Western Europe I get it, but that hasn’t been the case since 1991. And there are zero indications that Putin’s Russia wants to expand westward but you wouldn’t know that Constant demonization ramped up in large part with the totally bogus “Russian Collusion” hoax against Trump.

        Seems we really have more in common with Russians than not.

        • I’m the wrong guy to ask because I don’t hate Russia. But some people in DC must hate the very idea that Russia exists. Unfortunately they have influence and we don’t

        • You and I have more in common with the Russians than not. Those who control the GAE’s Power Structure, do not.

        • China is a way more realistic bad guy, but the China trade is worth trillions and no elites on either side of the Pacific are gonna rock that boat. (Plus, China’s neighbors – who hate them – are the biggest obstacle to Chinese expansion & military adventurism)

          Trade with Russia is negligible for America. So we can safely ostracize them.

      • If the GAE didn’t have its knives out permanently for Russia, it would have disbanded NATO after winning the Cold War. Not only did NATO remain in existence, it marched inexorably toward Russia’s border. And the Rooskiis are not stupid. They know the score.

      • “Ukraine was too juicy so they just couldn’t resist”

        Ukraine was the internationalist Jews’ playground. They OWNED it. They see Ukrainians as THEIR herd of white human cattle and they will be damned if they will see their property taken from them, much less liberated.

        We are approaching the Gotterdammerung moment where the losers are divided between those who want to cut a deal with the winner to salvage what they can and those who would prefer to see everything and everyone burn.

  18. I’d assume that the money laundering machine is looking toward rebuilding Ukraine as the next source of money.

    The problem, of course, is that the Russians likely won’t play ball. The neocons seem to think that this game ends when they say so. Just tell the Russians that everyone stops fighting and leave the map as is. But the Russians have other plans. They aren’t going to quit until they get the territory that they feel they need.

    Hard to say exactly when the Russians want but it’s more than just the Donbas now. They probably want Odessa, maybe all of eastern Ukraine. They’ll also want a friendly govt for what’s left of Ukraine and guarantees that it won’t join NATO.

    The neocons wouldn’t accept those terms, so the war will continue until the Ukrainian military collapses. It’s a shame, but it’s hard to see how else this ends.

    • A Russian victory would implode the investment value of the pieces of Ukraine held by Blackrock, State Street, and Vanguard.

      That would be a long-term win for humanity.

      • The sum total of Wall Street investments in Ukraine is trivial compared to those held in US apartment buildings. This is not a financial project, but an imperial project. In any case, the only thing of value in non-Donbass Ukraine is hot chicks (many of whom have left) and great farmland. The farmland will be valuable regardless of the outcome.

  19. Have the Russians modified their peace conditions? Iow, what happens to the non-Russian areas? Still an independent West Ukraine? Would the Russians want to assume that territory, or does it become a new, humanitarian, boondoggle?

    I think that’s why I can’t let go of the idea of a New Zion project, amounting to the old Pale of Settlement.

    • This is the fallback position: a tribal kleptocracy (the Khazar Bazaar) at the western terminus of China’s Belt and Road, just waiting for the next opportunity to have another go at mother Russia. They need to keep Odessa to make it work, though. If I were Putin, I would see that they don’t.

    • In the saber-rattling which preceded the Russian invasion, and the negotiations with Ukraine that followed, Russia wanted the implementation of the Minsk Agreements (regional autonomy for the Donbass within Ukraine) and a guarantee of no NATO membership. When Ukraine withdrew that offer in exchange for Western promises of support, Russia formally annexed the oblasts of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kerson (enabling the use their conscripted soldiers in the fighting).

      Now that the Ukrainian army looks destined to collapse, Russia may seek to incorporate four additional Russian-majority oblasts adjacent to those they have already annexed. Failure to do so would doom their inhabitants to the sort of violence residents of the Donbas Republics have suffered over the past nine years. Russia would probably prefer to leave the remainder of the landlocked Ukraine independent.

      Unfortunately, with the West likely unwilling to permit Ukrainian neutrality, and determined to rearm Ukraine no matter what, Russia may be forced to set up a satellite state such as those that existed during the Cold War in the Soviet. Isn’t it ironic that every stage of Ukraine’s loss of sovereignty (even Crimea, annexed following the Maiden Coup) comes at the behest of the United States and her NATO allies?

      • “Russia may be forced to set up a satellite state such as those that existed during the Cold War in the Soviet.”

        Yes, and Putin strikes me as cagey and even cynical about pursuing Russia’s interest. I don’t think he’s the idealistic Christian Nationalist crusader some hope he is. Plus, isn’t Blackrock or somebody buying up the land? What will the displaced Ukrainians do— buy it back?

        • Be that as it may, it is the Zionest-dominated American government which is driving the depopulation, dismemberment and possible dissolution of Ukraine, not the cagey Russians, who would probably not have dared face Western sanctions and the vicissitudes of war had they not been goaded into it.

          • Methinks the US won’t be the happy hunting ground it’s been in the not-too-distant future. If we’re going to talk about American Zionists, they’re largely Eastern European Jews and their weird Christian sycophants.

            Historical forces at work bigger than any of the players. Globalism retreats, the world heads back towards Asia. It’s something Russia is already having to deal with.

            That it made it as far as the Western Hemisphere this time is remarkable.

  20. What did the poor Ukranian people do to deserve all of this terrible destruction that has befallen them for a century. Not voting hard enough I guess.

    • They had the same mindset as us in just wanting to be left alone but as we see over there and throughout history you will never be left alone…Tribe Up or Die…

    • they have been targeted by an international intres for elemination. mostly thru proxies. they will not stop untill the last ukrainian is gone.

    • Khmelnytsky Uprising took place between 1648 and 1657 in the eastern territories of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

      In Jewish history, the uprising is known for the atrocities against the Jews who were rent and tax farming the Ukrainian peasants.

  21. I hope the war ends soon with minimum bloodshed. From a military history POV I think it’s a very interesting war. It seems to be the second war, after the first Armenia Azerbaijan war in 2020, where small drones have played a major role. It seems that artillery and drones compliment each other synergetically, tanks and APCs are becoming obsolescent.

    It also seems like infantry is becoming a match for armor and helicopter gunships on a more level field, because of RPGs. Something simiyseems to be happening with manned aircraft. Big expensive manned platforms are struggling. In soldiering the geek seems to be getting the upper hand over the jock. On some level that’s gotta be dysgenic (??)

    Economy of force and of gear is clearly also vital, with slowmo collapsing economies. A sniper bullet is $10, an artillery round maybe $200. A cheap military grade drone some thousands. But a single use hellfire missile is something like $150,000. That’s just insane. A cruise missile a couple of millions. Soon they’re not only going to need political commissars but in-field accountant commissars.

    Both from a state military and fron a guerilla POV, there are so many lessons from this war that haven’t been digested yet.I think swarms of cheap unmanned stuff is the future

    • Those dual-stage shaped charge RPG and missile warheads are pretty simple to implement, yet they are hugely effective versus all the fancy reactive armor on the West’s tanks.

      • Agree. Physics seems to generally favor projectiles, to include grenades of various types, over armor. It’s especially acute in body armor. I recently saw Kentucky Ballistics (love that channel btw) blow right through level IV ceramics with a solid round.416 safari rifle

        (Btw, i sooo miss the 2A on the eastern side of the pond but OT)

        • The other factor has been mines. This is to a great degree a mine war. Neither side has figured out how to solve the mine problem in order to bring their armor directly at enemy positions. Modern mines can be quickly laid from a distance. The defenders mine the areas in front and when the enemy tries to clear the mine fields, they just keep remining the area.

          The use of smart mines is another problem. Both sides use mines that lie dormant until people and equipment pass through to the middle of the field then they activate, trapping men and equipment in a mine field. This is what happened when Ukraine try to use NATO tactics in the south using all those brand new Western tanks and armored vehicles

          • There’s that radar or something technology that finds old remnants of temples in the jungles of Asia. I wonder if that could be converted to scanning for mines?

        • Body armor is sufficiently effective that the United States is transitioning from the 5.56x45mm rifle round to a 6.8mm round operating at the pressure of 80,000 psi.

          • That’s a hor cartridge. What kind of energies does it get?

            About body armor, yes it does work – and I recommend people to get it . But a .416 defeats at least some level IV. And a .416 is not that big a behemoth to drag around. Yes it cycles slow (bolt action) and it kicks like a mule. So if rounds like that caught on they’d need a level V if that even exists. And who knows if material science can even produce something that stops such rounds AND deflect the giant energy dump

          • A reply to Moran. The 6.8mm cartidge fires a 135 grain bullet at 3000 fps out of a 16 inch barrel, at least in its civilian loading. The military load is likely to be hotter since the new Army service rifle has a 13 inch barrel and is relatively heavy. The optics are quite sophisticated, so the Army expects more hits per rounds fired and the new rifle isn’t designed for particularly long-range shooting. The objective is to punch through enemy body armor at normal combat ranges.

    • IIRC, the last Quadrennial Defense Review of 2014 (before they changed the name to the National Defense Strategy) discussed the significant implications of drone swarms and UAV etc at great length. So this issue, so prominent in Ukraine, has been visible to military planners for well over 10 years. But our doctrine hasn’t changed much. Why?

      Perhaps because drones and UAVs are pretty cheap compared with old aviation and missile/artillery hardware and the business model of defense contractors doesn’t work as well with all the new stuff.

      • Yes, money matters. Also all the decision makers in the Pentagon were trained as young lieutenants on big manned platforms. 120 ago there were plenty of cavalry colonels who refused to give up their ponies because of a nasty thing called machine guns. Old dogs really are hard to retrain

  22. The Ukraine war has boomeranged horribly on the West…Russia is booming economically, the Russian Army is larger, stronger, and up to date with drones, missiles and artillery that are the best in the World, and most of the casualties have been amongst the DPR troops…While NATO has disarmed itself in a futile attempt to prop up Ukraine’s military, and the EU has badly damaged its economy….Game, set and match to Vlad Putin…

    • This what happens when you actually have a people, and you don’t flood them with ideologies on gay butt sex, men wearing lipstick in dresses and low iq African thugs.

    • I was surprised to see USA Today, the mainstreamers mainstream, rate the Russian military the strongest in the world a few weeks ago.
      Russia’s economy consists of men making real things, the US’s economy consists of tatted up dykes with a face full of fishing tackle selling blue check marks on twitter.
      If Joe Blow is a day late paying his credit card bill, the $35 late payment charge counts as an increase in GDP according to the Fed.

  23. Like other collapses, the Ukrainian one will happen slowly at first, then pick up speed like an avalanche.

    It will be all shock and surprise for those depending on the western media for information.

  24. The people are fickle and easily distracted.

    Trump-itler, Russia-Russia-Russia, COVID!, raycisms, MORE COVID!!!, jab-or-fire, totally legitimate and not at all fraudulent Joe Biden, transvestites, Ukraine, Our Greatest Ally…

    Once reality gets to hard to ignore, our rulers will adjust the camera angle, redirect the megaphone and the trained seals will arf-arf along at the next current thing.

    Note that I didn’t even MENTION losing the Iraq and Afghan Wars… (I haven’t gotten the most recent download: am I supposed to go back to hating the Moselman or is that racist?)

    • The grip on the normie mind the media has is coplete and total. there will be no way out and normie would will even consider he/she/it are not the most informed people who ever lived. Pray the rosary and keep the faith, it’s going to be rough.

    • I figured Our Greatest Ally’s Excellent Adventure would provide a Keeeeev off ramp. Maybe it will eventually.

  25. If we can believe what we are told about the strength of Russia’s economy and civil society, then their best play would be to keep this conflict on low boil, do nothing that might make a headline in the West, and work for Blinken’s re-election.

    • The Russians are playing things very close to the vest. Putin recently gave a big speech and there was nothing in it that gave a clue as to what they are thinking comes next. According to our media. Moscow cut off all comms with Washington outside the nuclear hotline and some high level military comms last year. The Kremlin just ignores the Europeans entirely.

      That suggests they do not feel any need to open a dialogue with the West. They will get what they want without it. Alternatively, it is part of a strategy to bleed the West until they are ready to make an offer. That probably only happens after the election.

      • There is a Russian word недоговороспособны, which translates as “not agreement capable.” In light of the fact that former French president François Holland and former German chancellor Angela Merkel have said that they entered into the 2015 Minsk Accords with no intention of honoring them, and the fact that the United States has withdrawn from treaties such as the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, the Anti-ballistic Missile defense treaty and the Joint Protocols with Iran, Russia quite reasonably considers that neither western European or American leaders are agreement capable. Russia will likely present the West with a “take it or leave it” solution and continue the war until the proposal becomes an offer that the West cannot refuse.

        • This is one of those things that gets no mention in the West, but is becoming a problem. The rest of the world no longer trust Washington. The Chinese have made this clear repeatedly. Biden and his people say something to their face and then turn around and say or do the opposite. This just happened in San Francisco. Biden’s people assured the Chinese that there would be no more dictator talk and as soon as Xi was on the plane home Biden is calling him a dictator.

          It is not Biden specific, although he is a promiscuous liar. Non country can trust that a deal with Washington will stick, even if the president at the time seems earnest. The perfidy of the permanent foreign policy establishment, the neocons, overwhelms any honest efforts by the elected class.

          • Not to go all Goodwin but it seems to me DC is making some of the same exact mistakes moustache guy made: lying to and humiliating their opposite numbers in other countries; believing that a stronger standing military beats bigger production capacity over time; and driving their strongest enemies into uneasy alliances by unnecessarily being a bigger threat to them than they are to each other. Not going to end well…

    • Russia should be praying for Biden’s re-election. In Four More Years the US will be no more of a threat to Russia than Haiti is.

  26. A good assessment Mr. Z. Perhaps the best thing that can happen soon is a swift resolution of the war. Zelenski’s days are numbered, once he’s gone a new regime can blame him for the failure and make a deal with the Russians. The money laundering operations will have to go somewhere else.

    I hope that you’re feeling better now.

    • Thank you.

      The best thing for Ukraine would be a collapse of the army this winter. This would lead to a collapse of the political leadership and and end to the war. it would be chaos for a year, but at least the war would be over.

      • Also happy you’re back. And agree, new leaders in Kiev and an end to the war ASAP is the best thing for the Ukraine

      • Would that not leave all of Ukraine to Russia short of a NATO invassion/take over of hostilities.

        Russia gaining posession of Ukraine seems like the most likely outcome.

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