The Myth Of Dual Loyalty

Over the holidays, a bit of controversy erupted when in an interview, Tucker Carlson noted that certain people, like Ben Shapiro, are much more concerned about Israel than the people of the United States. The bat signal was immediately lit, and Israel supporters started chanting about how Ben Shapiro is a patriot and Carlson’s criticism smacked of the old dual loyalty “canard” from a mythical time in America’s past when Jews were forced to live under a cloud of suspicion about their loyalty.

Because this is the media age, it was not hard to see the invisible hand of coordination in the responses from the usual suspects. Here we have Andrew Klavan posting the same thing as Ben Domenech, who posted the same thing as Kurt Schlichter who said the same this as Chris Loesch and you get the idea. A memo went out to their Twitter influencers to boost the idea of Ben Shapiro being a patriot. The object of his patriotism, however, is never mentioned.

This is an old trick to avoid the actual question. The pro-Israel lobby is not addressing the issue at the heart of Tucker’s criticism, which is that people like Ben Shapiro and his defenders care more about people in other countries than Americans. Instead, they want Tucker and his fans to address this made-up idea that Jews were subject to bigotry in the past on the grounds they have dual loyalty. Instead of addressing the point, they shift the focus to another topic.

Of course, the concept of dual loyalty itself is the result of a similar tactic used in the past to shield Zionist from criticism. The “dual loyalty” concept is a product of the 20th century, created by the Israel lobby to obscure the fact that we suddenly had this new force in politics that demanded the government care more about the interests of Israel than the interests of Americans. People who raised questions about the Israel lobby got smeared as antisemites.

For most of American history and probably European history, the concept of dual loyalty was unknown, for the simple reason people understood that a man who chases two rabbits catches none. You can have only one true loyalty. You may have conditional loyalty to other people and ideas, but those conditional loyalties have to give way to your primary loyalty. You were primarily a Christian, an Englishman, a loyal subject of the empire or a Jew. That is the nature of loyalty.

That was always the criticism of Jews, that their first loyalty was always going to be to their people, no matter their conditions. In America into the 1970’s it was common for people to note, often approvingly, that Jews stick together. The implication was that they cared primarily about their people. Jewish comedians had jokes about this that had a punchline, “but is it good for the Jews” that played on this well-known and generally accepted reality of the Jewish people.

It should be noted that into the 20th century this was same reasoning was applied to Catholics, who were assumed to be primarily loyal to the Church. This was a carry over from the schisms within Christendom. Protestants in Protestant countries could accuse Catholics of being loyal to the Pope rather than the king. Even today, Catholic judges have to answer questions about their faith. Jewish liberals attacked Amy Coney Barrett for being a faithful Catholic, especially on abortion.

The clever trick about this “dual loyalty” stuff is it not only shifted the focus from Jews onto their critics, but it made noticing what everyone, including Jews, had accepted for hundreds of years into a taboo. Noticing that Ben Shapiro was an emotional wreck over the Hamas attack, but he blatantly states that he does not care about the health and welfare of the white people is somehow immoral. It is a form of the motte-and-bailey argument that is so popular with the Left.

Of course, guys like Ben Shapiro and Joel Pollak do not have dual loyalty, despite having dual citizenship. It is impossible to have dual loyalty. Their primary loyalty is to their people, which is why they wear the funny little hats. That is the point of the hats, to tell the world they are not of the world, but separate. This is an age-old way people identify with a specific group and show their loyalty to that group by physically separating from everyone else in society.

There is nothing immoral about this and there is nothing immoral about noticing it, but it does raise questions, which is why we have the “dual loyalty” stuff. Tolerating a minority whose primary interests lie outside the majority must be limited. That limit is the interests of the majority, whose primary loyalty is to themselves. It means Ben Shapiro cannot pretend to speak for the interests of the majority. He must appeal to them as an outsider on behalf of outsiders.

This creates an obvious problem, so what people like Ben Shapiro prefer to do is conflate the interest of Americans with the interests of Israel so that questioning the behavior of Israel is equivalent to burning the American flag. To their credit, this rhetorical game has worked on many people. Anyone questioning the proportionality of Israel’s response to the Hamas attack or criticizing the wholesale killing of civilians is unironically accused of being unpatriotic.

The fact that Tucker has not been hurled into the void over this speaks to the changing nature of public consciousness. America and the West are heading into a time for choosing in which people must think about the question of loyalty. Are you more loyal to an abstract concept or to people who look like you, sound like you and share your same concerns about your community? We are entering a time when people begin to think about their hierarchy of loyalties and their identity as people.

It also speaks to the fact that the old pseudo-loyalties are breaking down. When the concept of American has been watered down to the point where it often means caring more for strangers than your own family, it is not hard to see why increasing numbers of Americans are no longer moved by calls to patriotism. Ben Shapiro waving the American flag and Israeli flag in front of the suckers is not working because the suckers are no longer moved by the American flag.

It is natural for minorities to put the interests of their minority group first, as their identity is tied to their minority status. In a society composed of minorities, there can be no patriotism as everyone’s primary loyalty will be to their group, so the good of the whole is always a secondary consideration, if it is considered at all. In other words, America will be populated with people who think about their people, just as Ben Shapiro thinks of his people, but they will just wear different hats.

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196 thoughts on “The Myth Of Dual Loyalty

  1. Loyalty to whom or what? Suppose the people to whom you are loyal are not only loyal to a foreign nation but also are anti-Christian revolutionaries dedicated to the demoralization and corruption of the societies they inhabit? That’s an entirely different kettle of (gefilte) fish.

  2. I heard this somewhere, maybe Ramzpaul: if Biden was handcuffed to a chair and told that two nukes were heading to 1) Toledo and 2) telive and that he could cancel one if he picked one. if he picked none, they both get it, he would pick Toledo every time and so would most if the knuckleheads in Washington. Sad but true.

  3. As things are right now, a more significant concern about dual loyalty would be better focused on the adherents to a religion that originated in southwest Asia in the seventh century. Those persons have conducted protests and other forms of antagonistic behavior in the last few months that are intentionally disruptive toward the western way of life. The longer-term goals of the people within that group have been clear for some time.

    • We have Muslims in western lands because of j3wz, to a first approximation.

      You can find many examples, over centuries, where the chosen say that they prefer multiracial societies because they themselves feel more concealed there. Hence, Hart-Cellar and massive immigration ever since, under every president.

      Sure, some whites like Ted Kennedy were incentivized to be their spokesmen, but the real engine of this vast, treasonous policy is the chosen.

      You can criticize blacks and Muslims all that you like, but they are just hammers that our most dangerous opponent beats us with.

      Blacks and Muslims are civilization retards who are no threat to us at all without the direction and support of our most determined and powerful enemy.

      You yourself may have nothing but warm feelings towards the chosen, but sometimes your enemy choses you and they will not be deterred.

  4. OK I’m pretty much a family first, friends second, America third and beyond that pick a ticket kind of guy.

    In the case of Israel right now however, the ‘first they came for the Jews and I…’ is worth consideration. Hamas et al, wants to destroy us, any and all non-Islamics, Israel, the Jews, are in the way. Hence, in this case, I’m all for giving Israel all the support we can as long as such does no harm to our nation, do what we can afford, not what we can’t.

    The Ukraine, the money laundry, is another story though.

    • I don’t think those little children can actually throw rocks all the way across the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

      • Yeah, i fairly certain he’s safe from hamas up in alaska. What did Seward pay for it again?

    • No, you’re actually pretty much an Israel-first kind of guy. But since you’re clearly not savvy to that, we can only entertain the possibility that some of the soon to be ethnically-cleansed Palestinians will be sent up to your neck of the woods at the behest of your best little “allies,” where they will no doubt make you and yours lives as safe as possible (if all else fails by breeding y’all out of the gene pool).

      • I noted how ham-fisted the small hat propaganda concerning israel is lately. I thought they were supposed to be good at this sort of thing. Decapitated babies, Mike Rapaport talking? Maybe it’s just that i’ve changed.

        • Both sides are suffering from increasingly smart media consumers. On the Hamas side, the “open air prison” brigades became a laughing stock.

          What’s interesting about the propaganda is that since I avoid regime media, I actually have little to no idea what either side is doing. And it affects me not at all.

          Most of the blogs and news aggregation sites I visit either ignore it or at most give Israel a like warm “as long as I don’t have to pay for it” pat on the head. Like Ukraine, this latest ME skirmish is turning radioactive. In the USA, Biden is wildly unpopular largely because all the stuff he and the Democrats claimed Trump would do in 2016 they are now doing. More wars, massive inflation, totalitarian mandates, political gulags, etc.

          I think in a weird way the propaganda isn’t any more ham fisted than it was before. People can just see it now.

      • Yes, isn’t it amazing how many people still fall for the “If we don’t fight them there…” narrative, fast-forward to C-130 transport loads of them being flown to America once our invincible military has suffered yet another one of its spectacular failures? The reality is more like “We put up with humiliating defeats over there so that we have some pretext to bring them back here where they have at least the possibility of killing you.”

  5. A multinational country like the United States is always going to partly tied to past countries. HOWEVER, the U.S. has historical amnesia. It lives partly in the present and partly in the future — not at all in the past. If the Jewish population going secular is any indication, rich/fat America is grinding down the past country-affiliation thing at a rapid rate.

    (To read more of my stuff, click on my name with your mouse)

  6. All those Palestinian flags being waved around don’t look much like the Stars and Stripes. Christians have dual loyalty as noted. Muslims? Are you kidding? Many Latinos. Many Asians. And anyone who doesn’t think Blacks and non-binary/trans don’t have dual loyalties to race and gender isn’t paying attention. Many Jewish feminists are more loyal to non-Jewish women than to Jewish men.

    And how many Confederates would jump for the Stars and Bars if that might one day become a possibility?

    White loyalty is also dual loyalty as America isn’t wholly white anymore and won’t be getting whiter.

    What bothers the Jews of my acquaintance is whether or not they’re gonna get kicked in the butt over whatever happens with Israel.

    • Your idea of becoming organized is finding and announting Hitler 2.0. This is the solution of sado-masochist sissies and boolickers, and it would lead to very much the same disaster as Hitler 1.0.

      Go live with your true kith and kin. Here’s a video of them singing “We Want Moshiach Now”.

      • Not sure what announting is. I can’t find it in the dictionary. I couldn’t follow the flights of fancy and the multiple180 degree turns in direction to the target if there was one. You aim like people who do drive-by shootings – if aim is an appropriate description of it.

        Tough start to the new year.

        • A scratched bullet can still fit when the round is inserted a moment before firing. And sometimes the truth about Saint Dolfy finds its target whether or not you want to admit it. As you yourself have written, “RealityRules”.

          Best of luck to you while searching faithfully for your new white moshiach this year.

          • “We painted Hitler as a monster, a devil. And that’s why we couldn’t move away from that portrayal after the war. We had mobilized the masses against the devil incarnate. And so we were forced to continue in this satanic scenario after the war. We could not possibly have made our people clear (to them) that the war was actually only a preventive economic measure.”

            – James Baker

  7. “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.”
    — Matthew 6:24 (KJV)

    I believe there’s a moral in there, even for the secular who doesn’t believe in a God but does in money.

  8. Over 100 years ago, English Catholic writer Hillaire Belloc wrote a book, “The Jews.”

    He was looking for a solution to the recurring cycles of violence in European history in connection to this group since Napoleonic emancipation.

    His basic diagnosis: It is because Jew are inherently aliens, a distinct ethnos who can never be a part of the ethnos of their host nations AND because they pretend to belong to the host ethnos while acting for their own, that eventually the host ethnos reacts with violence.

    Eventually the host ethnos sees them as two-faced treasonous pretenders and rage is the result.

    This was in 1922.

    • Polemeros: Or, as I’ve found an effective argument, one cannot be chosen and special and equal at the same time.

  9. If I had to say which one I trust most it would be Carlson. There is something unsettling about Shapiro.

  10. A stroll through human biology. When pathogens invade a host body, many, if not most, are quickly identified via biochemical markers and reactions that allow for remedial reaction to quickly commence. And faster is better, so diseases like the common cold (while common) are often a temporary afflictions. But there are also various classes of pathogens and viruses that very closely resemble normal or healthy human cell features and are thereby difficult to detect using the natural biological mechanisms that evolution has bestowed on us. These diseases can be unusually harmful because they are insidious and deviously camouflaged, and hence often do far more damage until appropriate antibodies can kick into gear. If the latter is too long delayed, death is a predictable outcome.

    • The old America, which started in the 1600s, began getting sick in 1950s and 1960s, is either dead or very near death with no hope of survival.

      It was a nice run. We’ll see what rises from its ashes.

      • Do not despair. We have not yet seen the rise of the antibodies. And that is what the pathogens fear most.

  11. There has to be something else going on here. You would think that, for the vast majority of immigrants entering into the splendor of the empire, the primary temptation would be not to agitate for special treatment for their own little ethnic group, but to abandon it. I mean, how you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree? Usually, it’s the elders of the immigrant community fighting a sad, pathetic, and losing battle to teach their grandkids something about the old country, but all the kids want to do is make money, wear Lululemon, and eat Pizza Hut like the rest of their “normal” friends do.

    This seems to be what happened in all the other cases—the melting pot analogy works as long as you give it a generation or two to take hold. Even the staid old Italian Catholics eventually yielded to the fleshpots of the empire. The whole career of the sainted Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini was very much about trying to prevent Catholics from succumbing to the heresy of Americanism, which she and the Church thought was a holy and necessary religious struggle. In this she was, unfortunately, not ultimately successful.

    And before anybody brings up what might be considered the ethnic peculiarities of the Jews, and suggests that Jews have some special racial or religious inoculation that protects them from the common fate of imperial subjects, let us remind ourselves that the greater part of the old European Jewry who immigrated to America have by now abandoned orthodox practice, assimilated, and out-married. There is no undefeatable protection there.

    The relative success of the highly organized Israeli lobby at producing “dual loyalty” lies in the fact that the Zionist project coincides with what the power structure in America really wanted. It is not that the Zionists have dual loyalties; it is that those who are loyal to the empire are loyal to Zionism as an imperial project. It is not that America is subject to outsized Jewish interest; it is that America often actualizes its interests through Jewish surrogates.

    • “There has to be something else going on here. You would think that, for the vast majority of immigrants entering into the splendor of the empire, the primary temptation would be not to agitate for special treatment for their own little ethnic group, but to abandon it.”
      – I agree with this except for when the immigrants are savages; then the culture of savagery actually thrives in the enabling host.

    • This was a very good and subtle point.

      That said, I think you owe Zman an apology for repeatedly insulting him. You can disagree without being disagreeable. He’s providing a free forum for us to interact.

      I enjoy reading your posts and I always learn something from you.

      • Although I seldom mean to be insulting, I must come across that way because enough people have told me so.

        I apologize for insulting Zman and anyone else, and I will try to be more congenial in the coming year.

        • A starting point would be refraining from calling him a “deranged terrier.” Some folks don’t take that as a compliment…

          • I had a terrier that could become deranged – not something you would want to mess with up close and personal. Was also a very good judge of character.

    • You are misapprehending the key thing: the Zionist project coincides with what the power structure in America really wanted because the power structure in America is Jewish owned/Jewish run. I am getting a sense of bass-ackward in your comment.

      Any unbiased look at the power structure: financial (being the most important), academic, cultural, political – reveals an undeniable and overwhelming Jewish control. Time and again it is proven: To learn who rules over you, find out whom you may not criticize. How many times must a public figure be forced to kiss the semitic ring for running afoul of the rulers?

      US state governors fly to Israel to sign legislation protecting Israel from criticism in said state and you speak of America not being subject to outsized Jewish interests?

  12. “The fact that Tucker has not been hurled into the void over this speaks to the changing nature of public consciousness.”

    Friendly reminder that:
    – Tucker Carlson has enjoyed a serendipitous career, where even starting at a relative young age, everywhere he went he was greeted with a large audience and millions in advertising dollars (even after FOX News “fired” him)
    – Tucker’s father ran the Air America propaganda arm for the CIA in Europe during the Cold War
    – Trump had a relative measured outlook about Covid early on… until Tucker “warned” him and then Orange Man went into full panic mode like everybody else
    – Tucker recently told us that there is “undeniable” evidence about the existence of space aliens, but he can’t actually share the evidence with anyone because it is “too scary”

    Pretty clear to me that Tucker is given a long leash and continues to be propped up because he has a role to serve for the regime. I trust Indian street food over his “opinions” or “reporting”.

    • Tucker comes from such an elite background it’d be foolish to be true-blue about him.

      He did famously warn Trump that covid was the “real deal” and after the election was stolen in 2020 right in front of our faces he did not entertain such “conspiracy theories.”

      I think that everyone known is controlled or co-opted; at the least.

      • > I think that everyone known is controlled or co-opted; at the least.

        Yes! People on here would be shocked at the number of conservatives — even those who publicly proclaim Christ and put forth a genuine Christian image — who have participated in the Bohemian Grove meet up, even as recently as this year!

        It is fair to assume that anybody with a big audience or a big budget is a ticket taker.

        • It’s just human nature. These are just people who like good money and a big house for their family like anyone else. They do NOT want that taken away and will fall in in line if screws are tightened to threaten any of that.

          It was only JC who could resist the temptations of the material world and the threat of physical destruction. No one else can. I’d bet that nearly all commentators here would turn if given the good life for their family. Just human nature.

    • Didn’t know Tucker pushed the ridiculous Alien/UFO psyop. You just convinced me he’s controlled op

      • Moran ya Simba: The way I’ve seen/read it, he implied ‘spiritual’ beings rather than aliens. One might even call them ‘demons.’ Considering the EU tunnel opening ceremonies and the murals at the Denver airport, I would not consider this surprising.

        I don’t accept anyone unquestioningly, but I wouldn’t utterly disregard Tucker solely on this basis.

        • Thanks for the clarification. Demons I can understand because the wickedness that is happening is so otherworldly that secular words seem insufficient.

          All the UFO/area 51 hullabaloo OTOH is a clear and transparent psyop

          • If it’s clear and transparent, it’s not apt to be a particularly effective psy-op.

        • I don’t need to know anything about Shapiro’s ethnicity to know he’s not on my team. That guy has been doing that “but the Liberals have a point” schtick for many years. He’s a “Yes, but…” conservative whenever it’s time to draw a line and say “This far, no further,” which makes his a lot like the rest of Conservative Inc.

          5-6 years ago I could catch his radio show on my afternoon commute. After a few weeks I just couldn’t take it any more.

          I started pointing this out to my family who would always put up links to his material. They’ve slowly been red pilled. That’s not to say he is useless. “All the best women are men,” is a smart observation about the transgender project, and instantly shuts women up.

          I don’t trust Tucker either, though he has improved over the years. It’s easy to forget when he threw his producer under the bus at Fox in 2020 to save his own job.

          WRT the dual loyalty question, like any other slander or libel it is intended to silence critics. It works as well as “racist” does. But like the latter, the former is losing its power through overuse and incoherent definition.

          Jerry Seinfeld had a great observation about sportsball that applies to geopolitics. All the players trade teams so much that it doesn’t really matter who is on the team. They just change shirts and we cheer or boo accordingly.

          “You’re rooting for clothes when you get right down to it. We’re screaming about laundry.”

          Prior to about 1967, we rooted for different laundry in the ME.

  13. A side issue maybe, but I think it’s a big deal:

    An instinct that’s been successfully suppressed lately is to reject the words of people with ugly voices. Obviously this is partly about submitting to foreigners with goofy accents, but fundamentally our society is by/for/about school-age girls, so there’s been a decades-long propaganda campaign (do a news search for “vocal fry” and “uptalk”) to accept their childish noise—and male simulations thereof—as authoritative.

    The Secretary of State who’s been assigned to derail Trump *is a baby*. The sound is unmistakeable. And yet—or not “and yet” but *therefore*—she decides.

    Ben Shapiro has an annoying girl’s voice. The instant you heard him, you hated him. You were right.

    Mark Levin has an annoying girl’s voice. Trannies sound giallo like serial killers. Etc.

    Believe yourself.

    • And to reject the words that come out of UGLY FACES.

      I DO judge a book by it’s cover; when it comes to people. The outer state reflects the inner state and vice-versa.

      It’s the same nonsense as the “just for the color of their skin” mantra; as if blacks are just painted whites.

    • Daniel Horowitz and Josh Hammer who are two shapiro clones also have annoying high pitched voices.

  14. The “dual loyalty” issue came up with JFK, who was criticized for being Catholic and this having divided loyalty to the Pope. I don’t recall the Jewish community coming to his defense. Same goes for judge Barrett.

  15. “The fact that Tucker has not been hurled into the void over this speaks to the changing nature of public consciousness.”

    He won’t be, either. Look at the Con, Inc., clowns howling for his blood. These are the ultimate Yesterday Men. Some of these types have mouthed “based” slogans and platitudes recently but their histories negate any seeming conversions. While the has-beens still can snag a Fox gig now and then, the departure of Carlson pretty well threw dirt on the network’s grave.

    As for Shapiro, and I impute this to others like him, the panic started when the public laughed off the “beheaded babies” lies. In the not-so-distant past the Tribe controlled all sources of information and their propaganda went unchecked and generally attained its goals. That no longer is the case. One thing I really got wrong was thinking Musk’s acquisition of Twitter was an overblown story. It may be more symptom than cause, but that was a huge event.

    Along with the beheaded babies fail, I see panic to the point of hysteria over the failure to get affirmative action Harvard president Claudine Gay shitcanned. Bill Ackman seems to have devoted his life to it, to cite an extreme example. Maybe the 24/7 campaign to remove this intellectual pygmy will work at some point, but many have noticed there was absolutely no problem with her until she criticized the Jews; the anti-white stuff was totes fine and should be celebrated, they told the bigots. It also will be impossible to blame the goyim after months of Tribal demonization even if Shabbos goy yesterday men like Kurt Schlichter have joined the chorus.

    Yesterday when we did the prediction thing, today’s issue and his fallout from it were absent. That was a mistake on my and our parts. This is a big thing and a turning point. Whites were told identity was a bad thing, and events have made it clear it is the only thing. The Tribe’s in-group fanaticism makes that point for us.

    • Schlichter’s comments were disappointing. I had once thought better of him, but in the end he’s like the Claremonsters, who will make brave noises as they walk right up to the line, and then refuse to cross.

      • Mow Jr. is looking into Hillsdale College. He knows that if he doesn’t go to flagship state, it’s the only private college I’ll pay for.
        “Dad, why do they keep making such a big deal about Churchill and Lincoln? Churchill destroyed the British Empire and Lincoln slaughtered millions”
        God bless the little scamp…

        • Unless he’s getting a degree in STEM, Hillsdale College is as worthless as the other ones. Most of their graduates go into service as the controlled side of the empire. Jews come from Harvard, and “God’s Chosen People Christians” come out of Hillsdale. They’re all opposite sides of a rapidly tarnishing and rotting coin.

          • Coalclinker: “Hillsdale College is as worthless as the other ones. Most of their graduates go into service as the controlled side of the empire.”

            Well if he wanted to infiltrate [surreptitiously] the Deep State, then that sounds like the correct avenue down which to be strolling.

            The problem is that to get the choice assignments, he would have to surrender both the near end and the far end of his digestive tract to the Log Cabin Republicans [which are approximately 99.5% of all Republicans these days].

            But if he could somehow skirt [no pun intended] the Log Cabin Republican initiation rituals, then he could have a very interesting career as a patriotic mole in the Deep State.

            I’d love to read his field reports here chez Z, or over at Gab.

            But it would be a very very dangerous assignment for a young man to undertake; my guess is that the aforementioned 99.5% of GOP officials all carry “roofies” in their pockets.

    • ….and Gay’s gone. The Boston Herald article I read made insinuations it was due to the “right-wing.” This one will leave a few marks on Schlomo despite the best efforts of his propagandists. Look for Ackman to give a few million to HBCU’s. The only shock here was a dindu brother or sister couldn’t be pegged to do the dirty work for Schlomo. His attempts to blame goyish criticism are a wonder to behold since the brazen bastard is holding the bloody knife.

      • It just hit me. Of the three academic bitches hauled before Congress (which is outrageous), the low IQ dindu and the AWFL have been sacked but the Jewess remains in place at MIT.

        • The j00z & the j00esses own the entirety of the V@xxination Holocaust in the USA.

          Pfizer: Albert Bourla
          Moderna: Robert Langer
          CDC: Rochelle Walensky
          CDC: Mandy Cohen

          V@xxine poisonings [especially of goyische children] are an entirely j00ish phenomenon.

  16. Shapiro posting in 2024? That little shitstain will be wearing those forty baby heads around his neck for the rest of his life. Fry bigger fish, Z.

    The big story of 2023 was that a handful of X accounts most of which were unknown to folks like me siezed the moment and moved more minds in 8 1/2 months than the geriatric Taylorite wing of this thing and what is left of the altright have in their entire existence.

    This is a good thing. This is progress.

    Noticing what Tucker is timidly beginning to notice or what Alex Jones is pretending not to is a waste of time and brainpower. Especially for the superior minds in this thing.

    Jackson Hinkle, whoever he is, has become a one-man 4chan to Magaville pipeline, and the SPLC doesn’t even have an entry for him.

    That tells me we don’t need more arguments. We don’t need more analysis. In the age of X spaces we need more conferences like we need more flintlocks.

    My wish fo this year is that our smart people figure out what is to be done – not said, not written – in the window of 2024.

    • Well to be fair, you don’t even need to be smart to understand what needs to be done.

  17. A man can only serve one master. They will pick their co-ethnics every single time. This is the cost of empire.

    • Most everyone’s loyalty is to their race first. Blacks for example, would rather vote for social/racial solidarity than economic prosperity. Think Coleman Young and Detroit.

      Jews are fortunate to be able to vote for both ethnic solidarity and economic prosperity. Whites could do the same, but haven’t figured out how the game is played (yet).

  18. I offer belated respect to the original white nationalists who were vilified for saying first what is the subject of today’s Z Man post and what is becoming too obvious to deny.

    Revilo Oliver, George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce, Harold Covington…

    These guys were far from perfect, especially Rockwell and Covington, but they were able to see what others were not able to see or refused to see.

    They had insight and courage. (and maybe some personality disorders as well, honestly)

    They received more universal condemnation that anyone else has ever been punished with, except for the painter who saw it all first.

    And they were right in their analysis, if not in their plans.

    • History is one long lesson that it is not enough to be right. It is more important to your own interests, to be timely. Being right but too far ahead, makes you an outcast to the masses that haven’t yet caught on

  19. As many have noted, we are past peak Jew. Doesn’t mean that they don’t still run the show and have tremendous power, but they are slowly – very slowly – losing their grip, and it’s freaking them out.

    Think how long it’s been since anyone publicly or, even, privately questioned their nonsense. They’ve come to believe their own propaganda, so they’re lashing out, incredulous that anyone would dare question their moral authority.

    Part of their problem is that their magic word “anti-Semitic” reminds too many whites of the million times that they’ve been called racist. And just as racist has lost a lot of its power (at least for many whites) since BLM, antisemitism falls flat, especially over the past few months when Jews put on a full-court press of 24/7 antisemitism in the press.

    Then, of course, there’s the next generation whose elite are heavily comprised of Asians, South Asians and a decent amount of red-pilled whites, none of whom care a whit about being called antisemitic. Don’t get me wrong, they do respect Jewish power, but that’s a very different beast than accepting Jewish morality.

    And that’s what driving Jews nuts. They can still lay down the hammer and force people to say things that they don’t believe, but the Jews can sense that nobody really buys into their supreme victimhood. They sense that ruling by sheer power is a lot harder than ruling by moral authority.

    But Jews being Jews, they’re not going to take this quietly. They’re going to throw a temper tantrum, and in doing so, make even more people aware of their position in society and what they really believe. Jews have many admirable traits, but self-awareness, humility and gratitude aren’t among them.

    Jews are coming out from behind the curtain. And that is bad for the Jews.

    • ” They sense that ruling by sheer power is a lot harder than ruling by moral authority.”

      Word. The United States government is having the same realization as it moves to brute force against the public. It works until it doesn’t.

      • This is a very good for us. The more force is needed, the more people wake up. The question is whether enough people have woken up that the govt can’t go back to moral authority via propaganda. I don’t know the answer.

        • I’m not big on Normie waking up, but he can be awakened against his will if things get bad enough. Rule by force is a tacit admission all moral authority has been lost.

    • Europeans, especially Northern Europeans, west and north of the Hajnal Line, for all of their tremendous accomplishments and ability, have a major weakness when it comes to other tribes living among them, which is their trusting and altruistic nature.

      The White-majority West was perfect for the Jews to exploit, and nice while it lasted for them. Importing massive numbers of low-trust, clannish people will become a game-changer for the Jews. They really had it good for a while though.

      • It was a massive own goal for Jews. But, hey, they do it all the time. They’re just really cocky.

        But even the Jews should have noticed that they’ve never been able to gain a foothold in Asia. Even Japan, a US lapdog, hasn’t allowed them into the system. I’m not sure about India, but they’re so clannish that I’d guess that Jews would have a hard time there as well.

        • “But even the Jews should have noticed that they’ve never been able to gain a foothold in Asia.”

          It may be clannishness that prevents other societies from getting subverted, but we shouldn’t rule out the fact that Jews can’t use the “my fellow whites” ploy on Asians and Indians.

          If Jews were colored blue, for example, they would’ve found it much more difficult to subvert White societies. Even now, when you “blue the Jew” in modern political photos, the result is quite striking.

      • I think you just stated a key concept, even if you may not have realized it: Jews ARE a low-trust, clannish culture, at least over much of their historical existence. To be sure, they were one of the most welcomed, or equivalently least unwelcome, in Christian European lands. Unlike the later arrivals, Jews historically brought useful skills and services to their hosts, albeit with various types of collateral damage to all concerned.

    • I don’t know if I buy the argument that we are past peak Jew. In the past eight years they spearheaded the efforts to subvert Trump’s presidency and to impeach Trump. The optics of the impeachment hearing were absolutely terrible for them–it was literally a Jewish inquisition.

      Most of the key architects behind the rigging of the 2020 election were Jews. They installed Biden as an illegitimate puppet president, and by sheer cohencidence almost every key member of his cabinet is a Jew. They now rule over a deeply divided country that has been blessed by the diversity they sought in the Hart Cellar act, pushing America and the world toward the brink of wars in which America has no meaningful interest.

      If this is not peak Jew, I shudder to think what peak Jew looks like.

      • I think that the fact that they need to come out from behind the curtain shows that something is slipping, but you make good points.

        If we’re past Peak Jew, it ain’t by much.

        Regardless, you can see the troubled waters that Jews are entering. The rise of Asians and, particularly, South Asians in the US will absolutely be a problem. We’re seeing that right now.

        Then, there’s Ashkenazi demographics. Not good.

        Finally, internationally, there’s the rise of competing moralities. China and Russia make no bones about being for their ethnic/racial people. They also are trying to move away from the dollar, which if they can achieve over the next decade or two will cause a lot of domestic problems.

        Jews’ rise to the top was through calm waters. Those days are over.

      • Peak Jew power and influence currently, yes. Jew Noticing within the last year, especially the last few months, has just started the ascent.

        Pointing out the facts of their vast, disporportionate representation in positions of power and influence to friends and family (without coming across as a wild-eyed fanatic) will speed up Peak Jew Noticing.

        If this comes across as negative identity behavior, remember that it’s often said in dissident circles to emulate Jewish tactics in gaining power.

        One of their major tactics has been to point out Whites’ disproportionate positions of power relative to black and brown people. They hammer away at it, resulting in affirmative action and quotas and the overall demonization and demoralization of Whites. Will they eventually receive the same treatment as the Noticing increases?

        • (((They’ve))) been acting like that in America for at least 200 years. The history books never mention that nearly all of the slavers who brought the blacks over here were Jews.

      • I think that shows we are AT peak Jew. Not necessarily past it, but the very fact it is now being noticed is the beginning of the end/downhill slide. You can’t solve a problem until you first realize you have one.

    • It is the overreach which seems to be part of their inherent nature that always does them in. Labelling any criticism of Jewish behavior as “anti-semitism” no matter how legitimate the criticism; labeling any “noticing” as anti-semitism no matter how accurate – well, eventually that label is going to lose power.

    • Happy New Year CoaSC.

      It strikes me that Tucker and his appearance on that show with that scripted set of topics is not a garden variety, just-another-day interview. Tucker is now consistently honing in on loyalty. That host is honing in on it.

      I don’t watch him much, but I hear he has disappointed since going solo getting involved in UFO goofiness and reverting back to this colorblind CivNattery … … This interview is a significant development. When the guy who the richest man in the world made his first big media bet on starts openly going after subversives or even traitors within, “right/conservative”, media and does it at least twice that I know of, something major is happening up in the clouds.

      Carlson chooses his words wisely and economically. He is very thoughtful. He invoked his hundreds of years of ancestry as an American, and his desire to for him and his kids to inhabit his sole homeland for a reason. As Z points out, lines are being drawn, and that part of his presentation was a clear and intentional demarcation on Tucker’s part. I took this as saying, “America is my homeland and Americans are my people. This guy who you mentioned can’t say the same.” That is huge.

      It will be interesting to track this development. Tucker’s boss has been red pilled in real time. He’s noticed.

  20. Who even watches Ben Shapiro? I’ve only watched him a few times and cannot listen to that annoying voice.

    Is it true he only interviews college freshmen and storms off the set when someone puts up a good argument?

        • I completely agree that Shapiro’s in the right, but he’s just acting the complete complete wuss when that tranny puts his hand on him. Instead of “Ohhh, that’s not fair in a political debate!”, how about “Get your ‘effing hand off me you freak!”. Even Buckley would have socked that weirdo – and he’d stay plastered!

    • It’s a mistake to underestimate BS following and his influence among Christians who’ve swallowed the “Judeo-Christian” narrative.

      There are more “Christian” Zionists among the Christian faith in the US that Jewish Zionists, and it’s not even close.

      He knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s extremely good at it. You may not think much of his position, but he, and AIPAC, dominate US politics.

      (His broadcasting a tearful clip of him singing a prayer in Hebrew was..well, my god.)

        • Some of the Christian Zionists are mentally unstable. They act like cult members, not Christians. I worked with one a long time ago and brought up the rabbi/circumcision/oral sucking. My wife at the time was a nurse and I read an article in a nursing magazine about it, and written by a Jewish doctor. This Christian Zionist said, ‘that’s anti-Semitic!’ I told him about the magazine and he didn’t believe me so I brought it to work. Honest to God I thought this guy was going to have a stroke after he read it. He got pale and sort of stumbled away from me, not saying anything and acting like his world was crushed.

      • ProZNoV: Your point about Christian Zionists is a vital one. I’ve been dropping all sorts of ‘poison pills’ in conversations with our neighbors, who were never militantly Christian Zionists but just sort of accepted it along with everything else they were taught as children. In my (limited) experiece, the two best avenues are to link Jews to sexual immorality (porn in general, aggressive LGBQ people, and especially trannies and the sexual mutilation of children) along with petty rules and legalism.

        The other night at a dinner party they brought up the tranny issue, and my husband and I used the opportunity to inform them of the Frankfurt School and Magnus Hirschfeld and his ‘institute.’ They remembered (as so many do) the ‘infamous’ photo of the evil notsees burning books, and were astonished to learn precisely what was being burned in that photo.

        Another evening we were all discussing religious observances and habits. My neighbor had always wondered why her gas stove had something called ‘sabbath mode,’ and was amazed when I explained what it was and why. I then brought up Jesus’ words againsti the Pharisees and their ‘legalism,’ and they immediately saw the connection.

        Finally, another gentlemen (very much a Christian and a prepper but also a hardcore civnat) tried to equate the hasid jews to the Amish. My rebuttal (that the Amish farmed and took no government money, not even sacred social security) comparing the hasids’ massive welfare fraud and refusal to work seemed to also turn on lightbulbs for others.

        Appeal to the Christian Zionists’ sense of ‘fairness’ and equalitarianism, as well as old -fashioned common sense. I haven’t even touched on the dual loyalty issue yet, but I’ve already made headway against blind belief in those who odiously pose as Christians’ ‘elder biblical brethren.’

        • Nicely done. Where are those folks on the race issue? What do they do if you bring that up?

          • Tired Citizen: It varies, and I have to tread carefully because of the “we’re all brothers iin Christ” teaching (which has been twisted and taken wildly out of context). I’ve found it most useful to acknowledge there are good and bad people of all races (important to defuse the IKAGO issue), but that averages and historical experience matter more (and then back that up with personal experiences and national numbers.

            Our closest neighbor agreed with me that he would treat everyone courteously but didn’t want them living next to him . . . but then informed me that his daughter married a Puerto Rican!

            The scope of the problem is very difficult for them to comprehend because they live in such a White area. When I relate DFW tales of no one speaking English or being a minority everywhere I went, it’s as if I’m speaking of life on the moon. Unfortunately, most people have to learn the hard way. And that is why it is vitally important for one to raise one’s children with racial awareness (age appropriate of course) and why any future White polity must make such education and civil policy explicit and mandatory.

    • “Is it true he only interviews college freshmen and storms off the set when someone puts up a good argument?”

      I spend 10 minutes or so per day behind enemy lines (lefty blogs) and from time to time someone talks about him being “pwned”. All I have to say is it depends on what one calls a “good” argument. Many of these revolve around “clump of cells” and “property is theft”, which if you embrace a certain ideology, if you hold a different set of axioms, can sound like “good” arguments.

  21. “When the concept of American has been watered down to the point where it often means caring more for strangers than your own family”

    Viz., David French going halfway around the world to adopt a highly pigmented rugrat as a vanity token instead of adopting a poor white kid from his own area.

    Also I’m embarrassed to ever have thought Kurt Schlichter was edgy. In the end he’s just another lawyer longing for celebrity status.

    • It isn’t just a matter of dual loyalties…Many prominent jews have dual citizenship, which was not allowed in the US for many years because prominent people Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson blasted it.It’s very convenient because Israel doesn’t extradite criminals.
      Until WW1, fighting for a foreign army would cause you to lose your citizenship, but that changed because of British propaganda about Germans bayonetting babies..(Some propaganda never seems to change..) But the age old understanding that you can serve only one Master remains as true as ever…

  22. ‘Jewish liberals attacked Amy Coney Barrett for being a faithful Catholic, especially on abortion.’

    If Amy Conehead Barrett was a faithful Christian, she would be finishing up the morning dishes right about now, getting set to bake some cookies for the afternoon visit of her grandchildren. Making God happy and the world better.

    Instead, she is pretending to be a man, usurping the place, privileges, and responsibilities traditonally reserved for men. Disaster follows such collective foolishness. Females and males are not interchangeable.

    How quickly folks accept the Revised Overton that Barrett is a ‘conservative’ and a ‘faithful Catholic’. . . that she rightfully belongs as a leader of civil institutions, a captain of law and society. Good God in heaven. She is a liberal feminist, positioning herself as a constrainer of on even more extreme radicals and feminists.

    • Yes, I never like Amy Three-Names.

      Not just for her three-names, not just for her adoptions, but just for her face. That frigid careerist woman shrill ass face.

    • Yes, there is no such thing as a female “conservative”. Any woman you see online or in the public sphere has fully internalized feminism whether they admit it or not. The true conservatives you never see because they are taking care of their families.

      “Conservative” women are all closet liberals. All of them. They may say the right things, and they may even believe themselves to be trad or conservative, but the second an issue touches them personally, all logic goes out the window. It’s just their nature.

      • Certainly, it is female nature and cannot be overthrown, even by themselves.

        Men on the Right desperately want to believe that the latest crop of empowered women the GOP hawks for office are just as good . . . no, BETTER than any man. I mean, just look at the based things she says! And she’s hot!

        These men need to believe that women are superior morally and spiritually to themselves and to other men. Instead of placing God above themselves, reverencing and seeking to please Him, these men reverence and seek to please women, esp. wives and dotters.

    • Weak men create hard times Brother…Women in positions of power means there is a shit ton of weak men out there…

    • ray: Preach, Brother. Some of our neighbors, who are quick to denounce sexual immorality and societal decay, are also quick to humblebrag about their grandchildren. More specifically, their granddaughters who are all going to be lawyers and doctors and change-the-world heroines. It is folly to take aim first at the cuckservatards for raising their daughters to be career women, when so many purported dissidents cavil at teaching their daughters the importance of being wives and mothers.

      • Amen on that Sister…The cogdis is really strong in the conservative realm… Anyone on the right still sending their daughters off to college are feeding Moloch just as much as the left is…

      • 3g4me —

        Wherever I lurk on Christian/eschatology sites, there are Christian men bragging about their daughters ‘busting down the old boy’s network’ or ‘smashing through the glass ceiling’.

        Sigh. That’d be the ‘terrible patriarchy’ and ‘old boy’s network’ created and ordered by GOD.

        I keep after the conservacucks and ‘Christians’ almost daily because there is some profit there — you get ’em one-by-one. Re-routing a glacier takes time.

        All Christians should read or re-read the final chapter of Malachi to find out what happens if feminism endures in the nations. I suggest they start believing in their own King and Book.

    • Great post. Speaking of which, I have a civ nat friend who describes his wife as a conservative feminist. I swear, I’m not making that up. She’s nice, but she’s really clueless.

  23. Hey there, Zman:

    Amy Wax on Her Students
    STEVE SAILER • DECEMBER 30, 2023 • 2,200 WORDS • 288 COMMENTS • 100 NEW • REPLY

    Intelligent Dasein says:
    January 1, 2024 at 7:41 pm GMT • 19.8 hours ago • 300 Words ↑
    @New Dealer
    The ideal of equality is often misunderstood, by elements of both the left and the right.

    It seems it is misunderstood primarily by yourself—you, and that deranged terrier calling himself The Z-Man.

    The “created equal” statement in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, in the context of the entire document, means, and was quite clearly understood at the time to mean, that inasmuch as all men live, they are obliged by nature to support and defend their own lives. A government which claims sovereignty over them but takes away their ability to live is not legitimate and need not be obeyed. Against this government, they can assert their “natural right” to not be a party to their own destruction. All this is quite cogent and correct, and it is neither novel nor does it depend on any particular philosophical system.

    If you’re going to insist on misunderstanding the Preamble and tearing apart basic realities just to spite the Left, then all I can say is that this seems like an incredibly destructive waste of energy. You’ve turned into Captain Ahab hunting the anti-white whale.

    Your claims about “Christian universalism,” as has been pointed out to you many times before, are of quite a curious nature. This pernicious seed had somehow lain dormant in the soil of Christendom for more than 1900 years, going unremarked by Peter and Paul, by Augustine and Gregory, by Aquinas and Bonaventure—nay, even unspoken by Christ Himself!—before springing forth in the modern age to trouble the councils of the Alt-Right Keyboard Warriors, who rose in valiant defense of the maxim that it is absolutely Christianity, and not the heresy of modernism, that is responsible for the errors of modernism.

    You and Z-Man need to get a new shtick, because this one is threadbare and preposterous.

      • A name like “Intelligent Dasein” makes me think of names like “Tiny” or “Thin”: humorous because the descriptor is the exact opposite.

      • I’m convinced it’s an AI bot being trained to read a text and generate esoteric counter-points.

        Remember the old Tom Friedman article generator from 10-15 years ago? You picked a few keywords, pressed enter, and it automatically generated an article in the style of Tom Friedman, which is to say a word salad of gibberish and name-dropping built around a theme.

        This writing has all the same characteristics, i.e., a word salad of gibberish built around a theme, coupled with historical, literary, and religious references to give it a hint of authenticity.

        • Ha. That is a blast from the past. Related, I have used the corporate bullshit generator for real correspondence with corporate clients and no one has noticed.

    • I noticed thar Unz has a commenter with the handle “Z-Man” but I’m sure that is not our esteemed host.

      • I noticed Z-Man the commenter over at Unz a while ago, and thought he was THE Zman. After reading a few comments, I realized they’re not the same. Am I right?

        • The pretender on Unz has a 50 IQ point deficit.

          Interestingly enough, the Z-man account on Twitter seems to be a much angrier man than the blog.

  24. Ben Shapiro telling me that he gets to have a religious ethno-state, but I don’t was an important part of my awaking. I appreciated the education, while never listening to him again.

  25. This new “antisemitism” is HUGE. Ben and his fart catchers are starting to panic. It shames me to say it: I was one of those suckers for most of my life. Antisemitism left me disgusted and with serious questions about an antisemite’s sanity. I’d come across li’l Ben occasionally on the internet, and he seemed to make the right noises. Never paid much attention to him.

    The only reason I started taking antisemitism seriously was because people here and over at blab that I respected…were calling BS on perfidious jewish tribal behaviour. I started doing deep dives and fact checking and was horrified at what I found. As my study progressed my horror turned to anger. I stopped looking at Ben as an eccentric little performance artist, and more as a rat faced jew. Jonathan Greenblatt looks like he should be hanging upside down in the caves under Dracula’s castle. Once you’ve been red pilled, you start to physically see these people differently. So much so, that you wonder how you never saw it before. I suddenly get that two bit meme one Blab where the guy notices something odd, puts on the sun glasses…and sees the demons around him.

    What are we going to do about these guys, Z?

    • I think the first thing dissidents need to master is abandoning the liberal dialectic. The alternative to philo-semitism is not antisemitism. Indifference, mild annoyance, honest critique and others positions are also on the table. I am indifferent to Israel’s plans for war with the Arabs. I want nothing to do with it, not because I hate Jews, but because I have many more things that are far more important to me and my people.

      • Is it good for our people that there is a Jewish state in the Levant? There was no such state from the founding of America until 1948 and the sun came up every day from sea to shining sea. Unfortunately, Jewish influencers and Protestant heretics have convinced most Americans that America’s interests are best served by a slavish devotion to Israel. Israel is, mostly likely, a 20th-21st Crusader Kingdom that will not exist in 2100. Neither will the United States, but that’s a different issue.

        • “There was no such state from the founding of America until 1948 and the sun came up every day from sea to shining sea.”

          Yes. 100% this. Israel does not in any way advance U.S. interests. Washington’s Farewell Address and J.Q. Adams’s “Monroe Doctrine” explicitly counseled against the type of subservient relationship the U.S. has toward Israel.

          I would also argue that the U.S. financial support for Israel violates the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. Israel is not simply a foreign nation; the State of Israel is the ultimate fulfillment of the Mosaic Covenant and its existence is the entire purpose of the Jewish religion. Thus the U.S. government’s financial and political slavishness toward Israel amounts to an officially established religion in violation of the First Amendment.

        • “Is it good for our people that there is a Jewish state in the Levant?”

          Maybe if they all went there?

          • That’s a valid point. That was the intent of the foundation of Israel – to give the jews someplace to go and get them out of our hair. Who cared it it set the middle east on fire? They were all goat humping sandal slappers, and if they got uppity, we’d just kill them and be done with it in those days.
            It is a much different world today, as we are starting to see. I won’t be surprised one bit if we lose a carrier or even an entire group in the Red Sea. We really need to get our people out of there, and the fricken jews out of here…

        • No worries. It looks like the ME will soon be in Russia’s sphere of influence. Europe had better start working the North Sea for all it’s worth! Or maybe start thinking about a trans-Atlantic pipeline lol.

        • The crew of the USS Liberty might have an opinion on the sanctity of the Hebrew state. The survivors anyway

      • Agree. For a lot of us, there’s an initial anger/freedom to tell the truth period after discovering that we’ve lied to all of our lives for a nefarious purpose.

        But that should just a phase, a phase followed by the desire to build something new, and that can’t happen if you become obsessed with Jews or make them out to be far more powerful than they are.

        That said, being indifferent to Jews doesn’t mean ignoring their power or plans. I just see them as another team on the field (a very, very strong team, admittedly), so it’s best for me to calmly and as unemotionally as possible evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

        Jews are a remarkably talented people in many way, but they have a faults as well. Luckily, one of their great faults is an almost pathological history of shooting themselves in the foot. They just can’t seem to help it. And we’re seeing some of that now.

        • But that should just a phase, a phase followed by the desire to build something new, and that can’t happen if you become obsessed with Jews or make them out to be far more powerful than they are.

          Amen on that Brother…I often wonder what is the main cause of holding people back to build something new…You would think that genocide of them and everything they hold dear would be enough motivation to get them to start but I guess since the pain isn’t acute enough for them they will continue to set and just narrate their downfall…

          • I think that it’s partially the nature of whites – altruistic. I also think that we just got weak and indulgent from being on top for 500 years. Finally, yeah, upper middle-class whites are still pretty comfortable and can buy their way out of most of what’s happening.

            I think a decent number of whites got a taste of what’s here and what’s coming during the BLM bs. It wasn’t enough to get them off the couch, but it was enough for them to start saying, “Hey, what’s going on here.”

            But asking that question is always where it starts. And once people start asking that question, they almost never go back to sleep.

            The tide is shifting in our direction, albeit slowly.

          • I often wonder what is the main cause of holding people back to build something new

            Things are too comfortable for enough people in the right positions.

      • “The alternative to philo-semitism is not antisemitism. Indifference, mild annoyance, honest critique…”

        Guess you missed the memo where those were all redefined as antisemitism. Can’t count how many people have gotten after me for asking, “OK, but how is that America’s concern?”

      • This is enormously effective. I don’t know how many people at this point I’ve said these aren’t my people this isn’t my fight I don’t care on the left and the right who got a palatable sense of relief from hearing me saying it. It’s like I gave them permission that they don’t have to choose aside in this battle

      • “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy” – John Mearshimer

        Zman makes an important distinction; it is possible to be pro-Jewish (or neutral) while being actively anti-Zionist.

        They are not the same. Plenty of US Jews are ambivalent on Zionism.

        JM’s book takes this on in a neutral manner. “What interests does the US have in the region, what is the best way to achieve them?”


        It’s impossible to notice that the US has been heavily impacted by AIPAC for decades. Gulf War II was about “OIL”.


        Only one clear winner in that regard. Iraq was supposed to be next on the menu. Keeping an academic interest between the interest of Zionists and the interests of non-Zionist American Jews is getting tricky, as the tie always seems to go one direction.

        Hence the questions about “dual-loyalty”.

        • Yes and no.

          In point of fact, you are mistaken on one point. I think it was either Biden or Turdo that decreed that anti-Zionism was a hate crime equal to anti-semitism and there is no difference between the two.

          Unfortunately for them that does not seem to be silencing the critics much…

        • There is no question of dual loyalty. Jews have one loyalty: Jews.

          I don’t doubt that many American Jews can often have issues with Israel and Zionism, but that’s because they worry that Israeli actions or overly aggressive Zionism is bad for the Jewish people.

          I don’t doubt that many American Jews are very ambivalent about immigration, but mainly because they worry that it hurts Jews. Granted, they might even have some sympathy for whites whom they feel most comfortable around, but the Jewish people is always the primary concern.

      • Well said. The first step to taking power is claiming our power over our emotions and ourselves. We are Europeans living in the former country that our forefathers built upon this once stone age continent. The reality is simple – those who deconstructed it have replaced it with a multi-racial spoils system. It is our race that has been selected as the villain – the target that unites the other races.

        Step one is to accept that fact. Go through the process and accept it. Step two is you are either a healthy person who has no decision to make in terms of who and what you are or you are not and you must decide if you collaborate or take sides with your kind. Step three is for the people who understand this situation now is to build all of the resources and services for yourself in a way that they can be used in service to our kind and our cause in the long run. Step four is to piece these things together into a cohesive structure that grounds and edifies our people. Step five is to rally around the natural leaders that will emerge and to have confidence in our future.

        Whining about who is doing what to us is a loser’s mentality and habit. We are all guilty but it has to stop. It is time to acquire wealth, power and all that we need to claim and hold our ground in post-America.

        On the Shapiro front, I suspect he is very easy to ratio between his, “I don’t care about the browning of America”, statement, his statement that he is in America to serve Israel and his speeches in Israel where he states he is in America as a Jew to be, “a light among the nations.” They are all in nice short little video clips too.

        The nice thing about this meme war is that you don’t just discredit the person, you discredit their entire schtick. I trust some very smart people are on Twitter doing the needful.

        In any case. Let’s move forward with a winner’s mindset and take action. Excellent post. Time to scrap the dual loyalty trickery and deal with stated loyalty. Prager, Shapiro, Levin … … are probably on limited time in terms of having a viable platform and schtick. A subtext of this post is that the next step for America First is to get very, very clear about what that entails in terms of actions in the real world. People’s true loyalties have never been more prominently on display in the Mass Propaganda Era than they are today.

      • This is correct. But as the old adage goes – you may not be interested in Jews, but Jews are interested in you.

        I couldn’t care less what happens between Arabs and Israelis but for the fact that most of our government (not to mention other institutions) is controlled by them and they use that control to the ruin of me and my people. If they left me and my people alone, I would have no interest in them.

        They have not left me alone.

  26. This stuff really isn’t hard. I don’t Ben Shapiro’s inner thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if he qualifies as a “patriot”, whatever that means. All I know is that, as Z pointed out, he cares a lot more, on a emotional level, about Israelis than he does Americans. A lot of people noticed this after the Hamas raid because it was so obvious. Nobody can really deny it, so without the ability to deny it, the Klavan types try to lead you down this rabbit hole where you are arguing over Ben Shapiro’s inner thoughts and feelings, over what a patriot is, etc. You just can’t win that argument, which is why they want you to try to make it.

    Thing is, Conservatives seem to love to fall into these rabbit holes – people like Steve Sailer have made a career out of doing it. Yet, it has gotten them nowhere, because you’re arguing with a fundamentally illogical and anti-reason people, and they can change definitions and change the argument at will. You can’t win. So just stick with the obvious, that Ben Shapiro supports Israel a lot more than he does America, and you can show anybody any video he has done since October 7th, 2023 to prove it.

    • My ridiculous hypotheis:

      If the US Navy was stretched thin and had to choose 2 of the 3:

      1. Defend Hawaii from China after they steamrolled Taiwan
      2. Defend Alaska as Putin takes advantage to take back Alaska
      3. Defend Israel in the Mediterranean from 1 billion screaming ticked off neighbors

      A no brainer for non-dual loyalty types.

  27. This is basically the main problem with Empire. We will always have some little “barking dog” ally who will talk smack with neighbors and drag us into conflict. England of yore had Serbia and we have Israel.

    All we have accomplished through NATO expansion is setting up multiple trigger points for conflict and increasing the perimeter we need to defend without adding commensurate defense resources. Post-Soviet NATO has more members than Soviet-era NATO. And all the newbies need F-35s at US taxpayer expense.

    Meanwhile the entire Upper West Side is now recoiling with horror in the realization that their immigration policy, intended to dilute the power of White grillers, has also added hordes of Mohammedans who hate Israel. As Zman would say, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh. The problem of course is that they hate White grillers too and, unlike our Jewish friends, pay no taxes.

    • “Meanwhile the entire Upper West Side is now recoiling with horror in the realization that their immigration policy, intended to dilute the power of White grillers, has also added hordes of Mohammedans who hate Israel”

      Also hordes of anti-Semitic Latin Catholics and hordes of direct high-IQ competitors from Asia who could care less about WW2.

  28. It’s interesting that this broader, nascent questioning of the loyalty of jews and their overwhelming influence in all aspects of American and western societies is beginning to bubble up. They’ve seemingly had a lock on the discourse for several decades at least, but now more and more are actually noticing. Granted these anti-israel/jewish protests are almost exclusively driven by imported swarthies from arab countries, but it’s kind of getting the word out, and of course, social media is playing a big role. I guess, as usual, will anything ever be done about their power? They’ve been trading on the holycause narrative and Hitler being the most evil man in the history of mankind to quash any criticism, but it seems it’s losing the bludgeoning power it’s always had. At this pace, along with the flooding of America with massive brown sewage, the only way for them to retain their mystical power will be with the barrel of a gun rather than cries of anti-semitism. I think it’s coming to a head in the not-too-distant future.

    • October 7 was the day the Globohomo coalition in the West started to collapse. Its two columns, money and numbers, or brains and muscles, had a hateful divorce. That toothpaste isn’t going back in

      • it started to collapse long before that – Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump, were the first real signs that people were not buying what they were selling anymore. The Globohomo empire, of course, retailiated against both of these things, hard, by clamping down on discourse, engineering show trials, censorship, ramping up of propaganda, etc., but as we see now, none of that has worked. That’s because that stuff never really works. They think it works, for sure – they all breathed a sight of relief after Brandon “won” in 2020, but here it is 3 years later and they sure aren’t acting like they won, and with every major incident, with 10/7 being the latest, that they are losing control.

        • Brexit has been a success for Britain. Would be even more so if more of the ruling class supported it wholeheartedly.

          • Jannie: I wouldn’t consider replacing White Catholic Polish immigrant workers with yet more Indians and Pakistanis an unqualified success. Of course the Poles ought to live and work in their own nation, rather than chasing higher pay all over Europe, but if one must have immigrant workers (highly questionable in England’s case) there’s really no question who’d be more compatible.

        • Globohomo and the people started their divorce long ago. October 7 was when the split between Jewish power and POC cracked to the surface. This is what makes it so important. The cracks go back but this time they couldn’t be papered over. And this strange alliance was the heart of Globohomo

      • I don’t follow you. Could you extend a bit? Globo, sure, but Muslims aren’t exactly pro-LGBTetc. How does Hamas attacking a concert bring an end to Globohomo? Or are saying the homo part is an essential element to the Great Reset?

        • The homo part in Globohomo has a double meaning, shorthand for homogenization and of course the gay part. The perversion promotion of Globohomo was a means to undermine middle class families, cohesion and fertility.

          The Globohomo coalition was always a dog’s breakfast of strange characters held together only by their shared hatred of Whites. That coalition was hit with murderous internal hatred on October 7 and its aftermath. This was possibly the first time internal hatred was stronger than their shared hatred of us

          Going forward they are a wounded hyena now

    • > At this pace, along with the flooding of America with massive brown sewage, the only way for them to retain their mystical power will be with the barrel of a gun rather than cries of anti-semitism.

      Started to realize these guys weren’t deep thinkers when they thought they could control discourse after importing millions with no connection to the old mythos of the nation. They’re going to be destroyed as their ethnicity dilutes due to being seen as simply White, to the extend that only the ultra-orthodox Jews will be the only ones with a cohesive identity. Too bad they’re going to take a lot of Whites down with them.

  29. > Are you more loyal to an abstract concept or to people who look like you, sound like you and share your same concerns about your community?

    The We’re All Americans schtick doesn’t work even on the right anymore. What’s interesting is how people showcase their loyalties now. It used to be there was little to no overt messaging outside of election time, and now it seems a good half of people have to make their loyalties known. Whenever I walk around the neighborhood, I make a mental assessment of who might be on my side when SHTF. The houses showcasing:

    “Don’t tread on me” flags – May support me if it’s in their interest,
    “The Thin Blue Line” flags – Bootlickers for an old authority that no longer exists. Avoid.
    “Classic American Flag” – Maybe an ally, but likely to cuck.
    “LGBT Flag of Empire” – Commissar. Will throw me under the bus with glee
    “An Appeal to Heaven” – Ally. I have only seen one in the wild in my life though.
    Ethnic European flag (minus Ukraine) – Varies, but possible friend.

    • I mostly watch for guys with their heads on a swivel. I suspect most worthwhile allies are going to be grey.

    • Betsy Ross? I won’t display the current flag of empire. That’s not my country anymore. I put up the old, (newly racist) Betsy Ross. Don’t Tread on Me should only be flown if you are positive you are willing to get in a gun battle with SWAT with your wife and children in the house.

      • Try the Sons of Liberty flag. If I ever get a flagpole again that will probably be the one I get.

    • Welp, the all-white flag is “I surrender”, isn’t it?
      The stirring colors of Normiecon Nation, so far.

    • “… Whenever I walk around the neighborhood, I make a mental assessment of who might be on my side when SHTF. The houses showcasing …:

      How would you react to a Confederate flag?

    • I’ve long liked z’s idea of hoisting the jolly Rodger as a sign of being a dissident. Aside from that, I also like Sparta’s lambda, as the Peloponnesian war was the original battle of left vs right. Egalitarians vs natural hierarchy. However, most people who fly this today are Molon labe gun enthusiasts; also likely on our side in a crisis, but not necessarily the same understanding of the conflict.

  30. The proposition nation fails in a storm and is being replaced with tribal nations. We’re going to need the macro version of divorce lawyers but I don’t think that’ll work. It’ll get ugly

  31. Loyalty to the Pope, the Catholic faith requires loyalty to ones own legitimate civil government. It also requires action to overthrow and oppose a tyranny when it becomes illegitimate and other civil options have been exhausted.

    • From Unam Sanctam, a papal bull of the 14th century:

      “Both swords, the spiritual and the material, therefore, are in the power of the church; the one, indeed, to be wielded for the church, the other by the church; the one by the hand of the priest, the other by the hand of kings and knights, but at the will and sufferance of the priest. One sword, moreover, ought to be under the other, and the temporal authority to be subjected to the spiritual.”

      So is not a Catholic’s “loyalty to ones own legitimate civil government” required to be SUBORDINATE to loyalty to the papacy? How can one be a Catholic in full communion with the pope if loyal to a government which resists priestly control over the temporal sword? Likewise, isn’t your “action to overthrow and oppose a tyranny” a prescription for insurrection against any government not adequately compliant with the demands of the papacy? Of course it is, and “other civil options” is code for subversion.

      Jewish supremacists play their own variation of the same game. Their loyalty is conditional like pious Catholics. Loyal if the local government is submissive to Zion but, if not, they practice subversion and threaten rebellion on the pretext of opposing tyranny. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

      • Of course a Catholic’s loyalty to the government is conditional. As should any Christian’s loyalty to the king (government) be – whether Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox. The correct order is God, Family, Country, etc., etc. government (if at all – “government” is just an arrangement of convenience, can’t really feel any “loyalty” to it – only obedience if deserved). The king’s good servant, but God’s first. Any Christian who professes otherwise worships mammon, not God.

        • “Of course a Catholic’s loyalty to the government is conditional. As should any Christian’s loyalty to the king (government) be – whether Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox.”

          Would that also apply to 1930’s Germans?

    • Loyalty to the Pope is itself conditional. Only when he acts within the legitimate authority of his office and in accordance with the faith. People get this wacked out idea that he is some sort of cult leader who can order whatever he wants. Unfortunately there are some who feed this impression.

  32. “The fact that Tucker has not been hurled into the void over this speaks to the changing nature of public consciousness.”

    My online reading is highly curated, but “what Carlson said on his show” would always filter down to my normie friends. Tucker WAS hurled into the void: he isn’t on Fox, so he doesn’t exist for all intents. Outside of our ghetto, very few people have a clue what goes on with the former TV host.

    • I disagree. When he first started doing twitter, joining Twitter became a thing for older whites. Look at the views he gets on-line and it suggests the bets thing to happen to him was being fired by Fox. TV is an old and dying metric.

      • One could point out that the Twitter “views” numbers are largely faked, but then again, it’s unlikely the viewing numbers for TV are reliable either.

      • zman: It’s all very much a generational thing. My husband and I are just about the only ones we know our age who don’t watch any network tv or news. Most people I talk with in our rural area have no idea of acronymns or memes or even talking points that I now consider old hat – neither did most middle aged/older Whites in the DFW ‘burbs.

        And yet – my 32 year old son tells me the old-style internet and blogs such as this one are now very much old hat and dying. Those whom he considers current thinkers and planners and future actors are on alternative platforms like Telegram or are entirely offline and local, trusting only real life interaction and communication. He has also repeatedly emphasized that we do not appreciate the immense anger and resentment out there for anyone over 40. They want nothing from anyone our age other than financial support.

        It’s far more than just making boomercon memes (cue the usual “We’re NOT ALL LIKE THAT” responses). It’s considering older generations treasonous for supporting the status quo for so long and allowing the future for Whites to become so perilous.

        • He’s right Sister the older crowd just doesn’t understand the anger and even downright hatred of them…I hear all the time from my son’s and daughters friends that they think the boomers sold their birthrights for a pot of porridge… Civil War is going to be so uncivil that’s it’s going to shock and freeze up most people…South Africa is childs play for what’s coming here and yet most our side continues to remain stagnant…

          • krustykurmudgeon: I just turned 65. As far as generations or anything else goes, I consider myself a unicorn.

      • Alzaebo: Yes, he specified Twitter and Instagram for non boomers. When I responded that I was fine reading and skimming online, he said no one WANTs old ladies like me to join them on those platforms anyhow. I suppose I can just offer ’emotional support’ from afar.

  33. Thus the old joke “dual loyalty would actually be an improvement”.
    Should also note that “Israel as the shadow 51st-state” was a better pitch than “America as the shadow-7th mekhozot” (Yes, I had to look it up)

    • Matt’s interesting. Not on this side of the divide but occasionally casting a furtive glance our way. To see him publicly break with Shapiro over Benny’s passport status would kick away another stone at tye base of the hill. One of these days the landslide will begin.


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