Replacement Theory

Imagine a medieval city is under siege and the prince of the city is in his palace supposedly working with his advisors on how to break the siege. The people of the city are rationing food as no one knows how long the siege will last. The prince and his people, however, are living the good life. Now, imagine that the prince is quietly plotting a way to fling open the gates of the city at night so that the besiegers can rush in and have their way with the people of the city.

It sounds like an impossible scenario, but that is the world in which we find ourselves with regards to the immigration issue. The Constitution gives the federal government control over immigration policy. Supreme court rulings have recognized Congress as having plenary power over all aspects of immigration. It is one of those powers exclusive to the federal government. Congress passes laws on immigration and it is the duty of the executive to enforce them.

Of course, that is not happening. Congress has been refusing to pass sensible immigration laws for decades now. Whenever the Republicans have power, they start talking about amnesty. When Democrats have power, they start talking about granting citizenship to every human on earth. Meanwhile, the executive branch does nothing to enforce the existing laws. Instead, they scheme with both sides to increase the flow of illegals, while waxing romantic about the glories of immigration.

Like the prince at the beginning, the sovereign is deliberately failing in its basic duty while scheming to harm the people. The recent court ruling that will allow the border patrol to dismantle the razor wire barriers installed by the state of Texas on one part of the border illustrates the problem. The Biden administration went to court so they can throw open the gates in order to encourage more illegal immigration. SCOTUS sided with them until the issue is fully resolved.

Now, it is important to note that the court ruling was limited and temporary, as the issue is part of a larger case in the Fifth Circuit. It is also important to note that this should have been a 9-0 ruling, but four justices are alarmed enough about the problem to break with a century of precedent. Again, immigration, including border control, is a power reserved exclusively to the federal government. Under normal conditions, this case never reaches the Supreme Court.

The immigration issue is not an isolated issue. People engaged with this issue often miss the fact that the federal government is derelict in its duties across the board and often colludes with those seeking to destroy the people. This Breitbart story on systematic corporate theft is a good example. These companies steal your activity, which is your property, in order to use it against you. The government literally exists to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

This Twitter thread about a firm called Pendulum, that exists to help powerful people use that stolen data to create disinformation campaigns, is another example of how the government not only ignores its duties, but colludes with the enemies of the people in order to harm the people. That company is literally a corporate bullshit generator, but instead of being a source of entertainment, it seeks to be one of the many hands of the state throwing open the gates to the barbarians.

The point of the ruler, the reason for this role to exist, whether it is a prince, a warrior-king, a republic or the present managerial elite, is to protect the people. That is the primary reason for there to be a ruler or ruling class. Government is a protection racket whether it operates by consent or by imposition. A prince who flings open the gates to the barbarians or a managerial elite that defines itself in hostile opposition to the people is a contradiction that cannot endure very long.

This is why the court will struggle with this immigration case. It has never had to deal with a federal government that deliberately undermines the rationale for its own existence in this way. Instead, the court is equipped to deal with disputes between the states and the federal government or individuals and the government. It always assumes that the issue at hand is the government trying to do too much. The prince flinging open the gates is truly novel.

This brings up another question. Is the failure of the political class with regards to immigration a cause or a symptom? In other words, is what we are seeing deliberate or simply due to the collapse of the political system? Politics is the puppet show the ruling class puts on for us, so maybe the political dysfunction we are seeing is a reflection of a ruling class that is in crisis. Maybe the reason the state cannot perform its basic functions is it no longer able to predictably accomplish them.

All of this is beside the point for the people. Like those people hiding in the city thinking their prince will come up with a plan to break the siege, Americans continue to assume the system will eventually right itself. In the days of princes, when the people lost faith in their prince, they abandoned him to his enemies. Just as it is axiomatic that the primary duty of the state is protection, it is axiomatic that whenever the state fails in this duty the people must find a way to replace it.

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196 thoughts on “Replacement Theory

  1. Send Lawyers, guns and money… Shit has hit the fan…

    We have known since the 60’s that the regime both corporate, and govt have allowed and encouraged illegal immigration because it benefits them. On the left, a permanant peasant class, voting block, dependent on govt largess. This is a booster shot to the communist utopia they lust for. On the right, republicans if you will simply cheap labor. However, they have now upped the ante as a counter middle finger to the dirt people for daring to elect Trump, and not only continue to support him, as he has monumental lead over any and all presidential candidates, in spite of all the machination’s to eliminate him politically. This has now transformed into a form a punishment. Plain and simple!
    The fed and most states govt’s are the equivalent of abusive, narcissistic parents.

  2. Revelation 13:
    4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?
    5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.
    6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.
    7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.
    8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
    9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.
    10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.
    11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
    12 And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
    13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
    14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
    15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

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  4. If you care what happens to this country, you are overcome with anger and frustration at the helplessness that you feel. You, like everyone else, wants to win the war at which we find ourselves, but you would also like to be alive at the end to reap the rewards of making things right. There’s the rub. Unfortunately, it would take a whole lot of people willing to be dead at the end to make a real difference at this point. We are not going to vote ourselves out of this mess. “Checking out” or “going Galt” will be made impossible by the PTB. Your choices will be very Soviet pretty soon; go along or disappear. Stalin was able to kill 30 million of his own people and still go out in public without worrying about getting killed by the populace. Wonder how many people the new American Caesar will be able to kill before (hopefully) the citizens remember they have 300 million privately owned firearms?

    • With Stalin, it is little bit complicated. Stalin slaughtered all Lenin bolsheviks, purged party, law enforcement , 40 000 comissars in the Army. Thanks to this, lot of Russians still say that Stalin saved Russia. Many innocent people also died, including all 4 my grandparents. My mom and dad grew up in orphan homes.

      Can you imagine, when someone slaughters all liberal elite, Antifa, corrupt officials so that US will be free from liberalism forever. And million of innocent would be collateral damage ? Would you shoot this guy or would you thankful that he gave you western civilization back ? Harsh price but only way.

      Stalin wasn’t some random tyrant but very complicated leader and without him, there would be no Russia at all. All dead like Pol Poth later tried. Pol was stopped by Vietnamese Army what also used harsh measures and people of Cambodia are not angry but thankful.
      Nobody shot Stalin because he was the only defender against ultimate evil and with Stalin in charge, everybody had best chances to survive. Because of that, he got the power in first place.

      • The one thing that Stalin did get right was focusing on heavy industrial production due to a fear of attack from a Western power within 10 years of his ascension to power.

        Based on the situation in ‘kraine, it appears that Putin came to a very similar conclusion.

    • Cymry

      Right on the fu#%*ng money. Everything else is just venting. Until it’s time to eliminate the virus, nothing else matters.

      There is often talk of the regime being afraid. I actually don’t buy that. I think they’re anxious to unleash the now diverse military on their own people. Whites. They were really looking for Jan 6 to be that chance. Lesson learned. The next time an “insurrection” occurs, finish the job.

      • Not one of you guys is willing to do what it takes to stop the madness… Think “founding fathers, 1776.”
        Keyboard warriors all.
        The guy above admitted it!

        I seem to remember getting flamed for suggesting forming a you know what.
        All the pearl clutching like a gaggle of scared old women.
        So keyboard warriors, whatcha gonna do to resolve the problem?
        Vote harder? 😂

  5. I don’t think it can be credibly argued that the border disaster is just incompetence and unintentional. There are too many well-heeled and well-coordinated NGO’s, immigration lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, and politicians all doing the same thing. In fact, they’ve shifted in the last 20 years and are now much more openly admitting (even on cable news like CNN) that “replacement theory” is actually a fact. They only lament that white people are angry and won’t just deal with it.

    What Texas should do is declare itself a Sanctuary State for American citizens. Find every illegal and bus them out. Then, pass voting laws that require Texas citizenship with a 10-15 year bar to vote in State elections. IOW, if you move to Texas, to vote in Texas you would have to have lived in Texas for a long time.

    When you get taken to court, you simply argue that cities and states have been nullifying Federal law (sanctuary cities) for decades now. Creating a Sanctuary State for Americans nullifies Federal law.

    Oh, and they should start arresting any mayor and city counsel that declares itself to be a “sanctuary city”.

    All that said, this will ultimately be decided with bullets, not ballots.

    • I know many will scoff at the viability of these steps, but it’s time to start experimenting – forcefully – with these sorts of measures. Many county executives in upstate NY took baby steps toward this end during 2023, promulgating measures that illegal aliens were not permitted to be housed in or even transported through their counties, heading off the magical negro that runs NYC. Places like Democrat-run Erie County (Buffalo) got some swarms, while neighboring counties didn’t. No, it’s not a fool proof step, but it moved the ratchet back one step in our direction. Success breeds success.

      • Upstate New York really showed the way there. For the time being, at least, the Regime depends on timidity and a reluctance to push back. It is thus richly rewarded with white acquiescence. Again, for the time being, it will fold if resisted effectively. Pro-tip: 1/6 is not the way to resist. Upstate New York is. Texas should take notes (and likely won’t). From a national standpoint the demographics train has left the station, but from a local perspective this type of dissolution and fragmentation is viable. I suspect this is how it all plays out absent a more overt genocide/attempted genocide, which we see with Gaza is perfectly acceptable to the Regime in some instances.

        As an aside, Z is correct in that the mind-boggling aspect of the Texas injunction is that four of the justices, even Kavanaugh, dissented in what would have been a 0-9 opinion only a year or so ago. Even if Texas prevails, from a national standpoint it is too little, too late but from a local one a good thing.

  6. I’m surprised no one here has commented this, it’s certainly possible that this acceleration of illegal immigration to a flood is the regime trying to increase population for soldiers to fight China and Russia, which would be an absolute meatgrinder. Military journals have published numbers predicting hundreds of thousands dead in the first months of any such war, it could possibly be worse than that. Such an alliance has the advantage of numbers as well, on top of whites not wanting to fight for the empire anymore (and modern Americans not being fit enough). Let’s not forget, the Union did this to the Confederates. It’s estimated that 1/3 of the union army was foreign born. Men would hop off the boat from Ireland and sign conscription papers for citizenship. The native whites had less enthusiasm in the north. Many northern cities, including New York, rioted at the first conscription because they didn’t want to fight Lincoln’s war. Without those foreigners, it’s not unreasonable to say the North loses. This could just be reusing that old play from the playbook. And let’s not forget, the neocons are absolutely stark raving mad.

    • “ …the neocons are absolutely stark raving mad.”

      They have to be. The IA’s flooding in are not of this nation’s soil and will undoubtedly have no interest in suffering and dying for it, as they previously would *not* do that for their nation of origin. Second, and perhaps more important, the US armed forces are hopelessly in love with “wunderwaffe”. More so than Hitler ever was. Recruits who have an inability to read, write, do maths, and can think themselves out of a paper bag will not be able to effectively use such weapons—even if they should be developed.

      • The controllers are going to find their vibrant new pets nigh impossible to organize.

        The mobs will tear the drill instructors to pieces and loot the armories.

    • You may be on to something, but with the wrong enemy of the state.

      You said it in your post – the Union leveraged immigrants to lay waste to the South.

      I suspect the current regime is most likely to use all these new warriors against its most hated enemy, those they have said represent the greatest danger – White Heritage Americans.

      • Very possible. The problem is the regime is picking fights all over the place. If the neocons were to have their way, it would be Russia and China, in order to keep American hegemony. If it were democrats, I’m sure they’d prefer heritage Americans.

    • I have read estimates that 1/4 of the Union army was foreign-born, mostly Irish and Germans. Fortunately for the North, Irishmen and Germans make good soldiers. At the time, non-citizens were not subject to conscription, so they were all volunteers. The actual dynamic of our current immigration disaster is a direct result of capitalism. Capitalists above all seek to maximize profits by minimizing costs and the biggest cost is labor. Flooding the country with immigrants increases the labor pool. Wealthy people and corporations have unprecedented power over politics and have prevented attempts to curb legal and illegal immigration by greasing the politicians of both parties. Of course, the large Third World invasion favors the Democrats but the GOP will look the other way as long as the plutocrats money flows their way.

      • Foreign born men were subject to conscription. Conscription included, “aliens with the intent to become citizens.” And it was well known that serving gave them a fast track to that citizenship. How they determined that “intent,” I’m not sure.

      • I remember that scene in Gangs of New York where the army guy was trying to recruit young Irish men walking away from the ship into the union army meatgrinder.

    • A fair number of those people were Prussians and they looked at our conflict as a resume bolster and Lincoln wanted them here. They also whispered in his ear about socialism.
      Horace Greeley was so impressed with them that he visited Prussia and was absolutely enthralled with their authoritarian society. He used it as a template for how the government schools here should operate with the citizens upon his return.

  7. The president of El Salvador (who’s actually not Hispanic) shows that if you really want something, you can do it. It sounds harsh but he used gang tattoos as enough evidence for detainment. The results have been promising.

    Likewise a dhs in a future as in who really wanted to stop the illegals would go into places like Huntington Park CA and start randomly asking people for there id. You’d be bound to find some illegals that way. Eventually, once you deport enough of them, the rest will leave on there own

    • Krustykurmudgeon: Why are you unnecessarily complicating things? Does it truly matter if Jose waded across the river or whether his mother squatted him out in a US hospital? Does Hakim having magic papers because his sister, who came on a student visa and then changed status, filed papers for him, make him a genuine American?

      Your skin color is your uniform, at least to start with. Later on one can determine religious or political or doctrinal grounds for separation. If one wants a White nation, it really isn’t that complicated.

      • Still, we’d better be working on some objective criteria—say with DNA analysis. Throwbacks could be a problem.

      • Well that would be a start. The other thing would be mandatory proficiency to graduate from high school. If you can’t speak English like a native, then you can’t finish high school.

    • “The president of El Salvador who’s actually not Hispanic…”

      Well, yes he is, at least in the weird way the term is conceived. Using a simple example, someone who comes to the U.S. from Portugal is classified as European. But if they immigrated to Brazil, and later relocated to the U.S., they are Hispanic. The same person. It really is just a social construct.

      But what characterizes the people of Latin America, as distinct from Americans, is how the Iberians colonized. Spain and Portugal did not send large numbers of colonists abroad, and those who they sent were mostly male. They were not farmers, but mercenaries; so having conquered a place they relied on the indigenous population as laborers and even wives.

      The colonies they established could not exist in practical terms without a large population of indios. Apart from language and religion, much of the culture was actually local in origin. Their children were, of course, mestizos. Those who did not intermarry or adopt Spanish remained indios; but indios could be classified as mestizo merely by living like one.

      Where indios were too few in number, negros might be brought over to provide the necessary labor. Their offspring resulted in mulattos, zambos, and such a variety of castas that paintings exist to illustrate the recognized permutations. That is why, although race and sex (or marital status) may be the best indicators we have of someone’s politics, no pundit can seem to figure out the politics of “Hispanics.”

  8. This is kind of a troll. But I’m at the point where I would take a amnesty if and only if

    The deal was that all the people being amnestied and all there descendants could only reside west of the 97th meridian and South of the 37th parallel

  9. Before I became overcome with the desire for white revolution, immigration was my biggest issue. The main lesson that I learned from those years is that the media controls what most people believe. To them, the open border is not a problem because the media ignores or downplays it. Or they don’t worry about it because non-white people are natural conservatives who just don’t know it yet. People really believe this stuff.

    We must have a tribe to survive and the first thing we must do is save what we can of our tribe, as many of them fight us the entire time because “freedom” and the media tells them that assertive whites and fascism are evil.

    • I noticed several references there to the “media.” People have to use their family, friends and neighbors as their “media” before they can start to take effective, concrete steps to protect themselves and their tribe. Yes, the Regimes loves censorship, but it loves “media” even more so will allow for a little troublesome information now and then.

      Shut it off, tune it out (and, yes, I write that sitting in front of a screen).

    • I gave you the downvote because I think you misdiagnose the core issue. The problem isn’t the media ignoring or downplaying it (it does). The problem isn’t conservatives thinking the migrants are natural conservatives. The issue is that normie has swallowed two poison pills: all men are created equal and diversity is our strength (which is actually contradictory when you think about it). Once you accept those beliefs, how can you make a rational or moral argument against open borders?

      I’d also add that both parties have been complicit in this. Republicans for monetary reasons, and democrats for moral reasons. It wasn’t long ago that democrats still pretended to care about immigration because it was a tool of the elite used to drive down workers wages. Look up an interview with Bernie Sanders in 2007ish where he described open borders as ”the wet dream of the Koch Brothers.” He wasn’t wrong, but he got bought and paid for and the democrats got new marching orders to stick it in the working man’s ass.

      • Barry the Morning Star hammered on Equality almost every speech, for a reason. The ludicrous abstraction of ‘equality’ or ‘equity’ amongst persons is refuted by every evidence surrounding us. It is poison to civilization.

        As with the French Revolution, the pretty lie of egalite or equality rests at the dark heart of the beast.

  10. A very lucid piece of pop political philosophy. Government, of whatever stripe, is indeed a protection racket. And it is just possible that the refusal of AINO’s government to perform its most basic function could be what triggers AINO’s collapse. At some point, if matters come to a head, it is conceivable that Texas–Arizona is less likely–effectively takes invasion matters into its own hands, which triggers physical conflict with AINO’s military, and away we go. As a Texan, I can assure you that most Texans–and that includes a not insignificant percentage of Messkins–are more loyal to Texas than AINO. And if conflict breaks out between Texas and AINO, there is no predicting what forces may be set in motion and what the outcomes may be.

    • A review of Samuel Huntington’s CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS, and to a lesser extent the first War Between the States, offers a lot of insight into what would come next: the other states would align with and against Texas. Yes, there would be intrastate divisions just as with CWI and Huntington’s Yugoslavia example, but basically we can predict how these states would align.

      Abbott would not go there, based on past behavior, but you could have the same result at the more local level and it would be a difference without distinction. This is the type of fragmentation and dissolution that is not only coming but already here in some regards. People are sorting not only due to escape high taxes–in some ways, but the wide-open border is also a Hail Mary to thwart that development.

      • Something else to keep in mind–Abbott won’t be around forever. It is just possible that his replacement will have more testicular fortitude and independence from the Power Structure. Now I’m not necessarily predicting that, but neither do I rule it out. And if a loose cannon gains power in Asstown…

    • I just had this discussion with a Texan in Azeroth last night and my opinion was that the state government are still politicians and chaotic evil by nature and would only rebel in the event that doing so would increase the power of the local elite (so the Governor of Texas gets to be the Emperor of Texas). The flow of Federal money into state government and the presumed sanctions that the regime would impose on a breakaway state are the counters to that and the state regime simply isn’t capable of giving up on feeding at the teat of the federal regime.

      The other thing is that the prior recent “rebellions” of shitlib states were things that the regime already encouraged anyways (weed, making crime legal, and sanctuary cities). You’d likely see a very different response to a right wing rebellion in the same way that the regime responded differently to 1/6 versus the jigaboo riots.

  11. The essential problem before us is not one of defining the problem, it’s of how best to implement a solution. Couch potatoes are locked in on vote harder and pray for a miracle. How many more stolen elections must we endure before that folly can no longer be ignored? Collapse, fog, focus. We have no fate but what we make.

  12. And anyway, it’s the damned commercial power. Think about it: the colonies, the East India Company, the “British” Empire, the robber barons hooking America back in, the slave power wanting cheap African labor, the industrial power wanting cheap Catholic labor and cannon fodder— and Jews, apparently, for whatever reason. On and on. Of course the group Quigley describes, and their schemes to ride the tiger. America wasn’t the original nation as mall.

    Nation, borders, culture, morality, identity are the enemies of commerce. Soulless homeless homosexual mutts are good for business. Period.

    We reaped Africa’s harvest in the 19th century, we’re reaping Ellis Island’s now. I wonder what ‘65 and ‘86 will yield. All for 30 pieces of silver, top to bottom, as far as I’m concerned. Makes me want to throw up.

    Why this back and forth? Is the party worth the hangover? Is the money that precious?

  13. Playwrights with more imagination than ingenuity would gin up the dramatic potential of their hero by getting him into such an impossible situation that only God, perhaps represented by a gilded sun-symbol, slowing descending down from the catwalk onto the stage, could set everything right again. This plot device is known as Deus ex machina, or God as the machine.

    I believe the U.S. Supreme Court is the Deus ex machina of the American political system. Whenever the latest moral imperative, such as a dude in a dress absolutely has to be a woman, cannot be engineered through ordinary democratic means, the Supreme Court must necessarily come down from the heights and make it so. This is not unique to our era. Chief Justice Roger Taney ruled thusly in Dred Scott with disastrous results.

  14. Zman gets to the issue that should decide this election:

    If Trump wins, all hell will break loose as the FBI, CIA, Congress, the Courts, every Blue State, the DC Police, the Military brass, the Media, Anti-fa and every blue-haired lesbian freak-out and unleash wanton mayhem. But maybe the imm-vasion will stop.

    If Nikki or Joey Diapers win, life goes on as usual with another sixty million foreigners squatting in your neighborhoods and crapping up your country.

    I don’t care to vote for mayhem, but I cannot accept the ongoing destruction of the country by a tsunami of black, brown and yellow folks.

    • Zulu Juliet: The tsunami has already crashed onto shore. I just do not understand why/how people don’t realize this. We left DFW because our entire neighborhood – beginning in 1994 – was all east and south Asian. The public schools in our “wealthy” suburb went from 75 to barely 20% White. Some African in an AirBnb in Fort Worth last week beat a White man to death with firewood the White guy was delivering.

      Pick any city, of almost any size, in any state. You have NO CLUE who is living down the street from you. North and South Carolina, Tennessee – tons of illegals and out-of-state ‘cosmopolitans’ have pushed and outpriced the locals. Pick your supposedly ‘conservative’ state. Check the changing school demographics on SchoolDigger. Texas has been majority non-White for some time now. Florida? Long gone. Even Idaho or Iowa are full of criminal mestizos.

      But somehow stopping the flow now will fix it all? The Han and pajeet have ‘native-born’ grandchildren, and they all call themselves murikans. Birth, death, and marriage rates all matter, and they cannot turn on a dime. Demographics matter – ultimately they are the only thing that matters.

      And please don’t take solace in the fantasy of a national divorce. Abusers don’t divorce the spouses they control. We are being beaten to a pulp daily – why on earth would they want us or allow us to leave?

      I understand the people in my new rural area having no context for genuinely understanding just how much il(legal) immigration has wrought. This area is still overwhelmingly White. But many of the commenters here who live in cities and suburbs somehow do not? Yes, demographic replacement includes your “nice” neighbor who’s married to a Filipino, and the Hindu dentist, and the Han eye specialist you see. It’s not just all the mestizo gang members who now live in the suburb I grew up in, nor the joggers who took over ethnic immigrant neighborhoods.

      Open your eyes! It’s in your own backyard, and you think you can fight a rearguard action now – via the electoral system? Seriously?

      • I read somewhere once that people only acknowledge a problem, any problem, if its within like 3-5 blocks of their house.

        If it is farther than that, it is “just on TV” or far away in some way. Normies, DR brainlets, and the vast majority of people I interact with seem to be in this IQ range.

        Your response to ZJ is the appropriate one. This problem -could- have been fixed in about 1998. Maybe.

        We are 25 years behind the “close the border” meme having any impact whatsoever at this point. I spent my summer driving across the United States for a # of reasons. One of which was, I wanted to see, up close & personal what this place looks like in a way you cannot see from an aircraft.

        Field Report: We are fucked.

        All major cities even in the “Whiteopias” of the midwest have been terraformed. Salt Lake City, Wichita, Oklahoma City, surely these are frozen in time like it still 1990 right? Wrong! They are infested by brown skinned DNA slurry of varying types.

        These people breed prolifically, you, white person, do not. If you stopped –all– immigration tomorrow the die is already cast. Unless you are going to do some serious ‘fed poasting’ type activity, I mean the kind most people don’t have the stomach for, there is no way to undo this now.

        You have 2 choices remaining:

        1) Physically keep moving yourself farther & farther out in more extreme examples of white flight. Pro-Tip; The places you can flee are shrinking rapidly.

        2) Go “TomA” style and pray nightly for severe collapse. You likely will not survive, because if you have to think about ‘what to do’ in that scenario, you are an NPC, not the main character. But future generations will write about you and thank you for eradicating the infection of the early 21st century.

        That’s it! Voting, whining, bitching, accomplish fuck all, but it is what most people are willing to do or sacrifice. When the brown tidal wave is 3-5 blocks from your house, only then will you realize you are 25 years behind the time curve of when you should have taken action.

        This is your blackpill for today. Swallow it with bitterness. You’ve been robbed of your future, and your children & grandchildren doubly so.

        • Agreed, mostly, but there are wildcards. The first is the impulsivity and increased derangement of the Regime conducting the genocide. It easily could go off the rails. The next is the ongoing fragmentation and dissolution. As you point out, Whiteopia areas are greatly diminished, but there also is a de facto split underway with the ones that remain.

          There is another wildcard from the other direction: the appearance of “Colony Ridges,” a story that has been memoryholed. The Regime is setting up their own version of Ft. Apache the Bronx in places quite unlike the Bronx.

        • 3g and Apex, exactly. We LOST. Big time, historically, definitively.

          So now what?? I’m not sure. Cope, retreat, survive sure. But it is hard to plan beyond that.

        • …pray nightly for severe collapse

          I was never an accelerationist by choice, but it’s the only choice that’s given. (Or as I’ve also seen it stated, I’d rather not be subjected to a collapse because it will suck unbelievably, but no one asked me).

      • 3g – how far out in the DFW area do you have to move to feel at home?

        north – Celina?
        South – Johnson or Ellis counties?
        East – Rockwall county?
        West- Weatherford?

        • Krustykurmudgeon: Back in the ’90s Rockwall seemed like going ‘out to the sticks.’ But check the demographics – it’s 63.9% “White alone.” And that includes all the Mohammedans (check the number of mosques there) and Hindus who consider themselves to have a ‘wheatish’ complexion.

          Celina? We drove around the area when we first dreamed of moving about 7 years ago. Initially it looked promisingly rural . . . and then we stopped for gas and noticed all the mestizos, and realized there was a meat packing plant in the area.

          You need to check each individual county – population racial demographics in 2016 and then 2020. And then check the elementary school demographics on SchoolDigger. And then consider the location of food processing plants, corporate offices, prisons, etc. Prosper, Texas, used to be rural and all White – and then some sportsball players built homes there. The NW corner of Arkansas used to be nice – and then Walmart imported tons of H1-b Hindus.

          There really are fewer and fewer counties that are genuinely White anymore – and even those will likely have an interstate highway going through, or a diverse city within 100 miles, or a developer eyeing all that rural land. It’s one reason mountains have traditionally been the last retreat of ‘outlaws.’ Yet even that is no guarantee. Lots of leftist celebs out in the Rockies (Colorado, Idaho) and I just read of a guy who bought hundreds of acres in the Kentucky hills and is planning a “community” for so-called cuckservatards.

          Figure out where everyone is moving to – and then go somewhere else. Texas is toast. So are almost all the other states. Think counties. And look carefully. We moved to the dead-end of a dirt road in the woods, with no interstate within 125 miles of us, for lots of reasons. And it’s still not immune. It just bought us time, and increased the odds a bit given the historical population here.

      • It’s clearly a sad situation, but you are depressing people into inaction. That language might be good for trying to shake up normies and trad conservatives who don’t comprehend the gravity of the situation. As Z says there is no certain righting of the ship. Newtons law of motion. Once you wake up to that, you have a choice to make. One can mourn the demise of white civ and celebrate it like our civilization celebrates the Greeks: we appropriate their icons, their language and their philosophies. Or, if we find hope, we take action.

        It’s necessary to understand the demise of white christian civ, to catalogue it and to study what steps occurred to finger the guilty parties and ideologies. At a certain point however it can become a morass, knowledge gained without any redeeming benefit. Where does that leave us? Each of us sitting alone in their homes furiously reading and writing away on forums like this?

        I hope not! We do what humans have done to build those past civilizations – organize ourselves and take action. The dissident right needs to work on either building community and/or attaching ourselves to other communities elsewhere in the world that closely match our values and objectives.

        • “We do what humans have done to build those past civilizations”

          Respectfully, the actions of the past have led us to the present moment. No intelligent being among us could believe undertaking the same “what” suggested will lead us to a different outcome and recursion back to now eventually.

          Some suggest Whites must either contain the others or kill them outright with zero survivors in our European-crafted lands. The reader is left to the exercise of his wits.

  15. While I hate to shine any light on the loathsome Matthew Yglesias, his book One Billion Americans (2020) was important not because it broke new intellectual ground but because it essentially summarized and synthesized what American elites have been thinking for decades, which is that America needs a higher population to compete with China and India. In some sense the point is not wrong, as evidenced by the old adage “big countries do what they want, small countries do what they must”. At the end of the day numbers matter, and in an era when we can no longer colonize other countries explicitly to expand our population, the alternative is to bring them here. Elites are fine with this, as they suffer none of the downsides of diversity.

    And while it is correct that FedGov controls immigration, there are myriad state-level policies that could throw enough sand in the gears of this machine to grind it to a halt. Texas could easily pass a law that prohibits private companies from knowingly transporting illegal aliens within the state or across state borders without providing a list of all passengers and a 30-day notice. Penalties for violations could include massive fines, forfeiture of any vehicles involved, and cancellation of the company’s Texas business license. Impound a few busses and airplanes, yank United Airlines’ business license, and the private sector will be out of the business of transporting illegals for FedGov. Similar legislation could be implemented for providing housing, food, financial support, etc.

    It’s beyond ironic that the only jurisdiction to do something like this is New York City. The fact that Red states have not moved on this tells you everything you need to know about their leaders.

    • “Texas could easily pass a law that prohibits private companies from knowingly transporting illegal aliens within the state or across state borders without providing a list of all passengers and a 30-day notice.”

      Nope. It would blatantly interfere with interstate Commerce, capital “c,” and thus a federal district court would strike it down, the appeals court affirm, and SCOTUS refuse to entertain it. The invaders/illegal aliens are now classified as international “asylum seekers.” They are unambiguously the subject matter of federal, not state, law.

      Change the operative word to “invasion force” or even “invaders” and you might have a valid, sustainable cause of action. Tough sell to describe the non-male identifying horde but it could work.

      • That’s not correct. I’ve been practicing law for over thirty years. I’m quite certain these types of restrictions are well within the purview of the regulatory rights of the states. If you have case law to the contrary, by all means post some citations.

        Mayor Adams in NYC implemented their bussing regulations by way of an executive order–he didn’t even bother to get an ordinance passed. It’s worth noting here that Texas did not even bother to challenge these regulations, likely because they are well within the scope of authority of the Mayor.

        • “It’s worth noting here that Texas did not even bother to challenge these regulations, likely because they are well within the scope of authority of the Mayor.”

          Which Mayor? I’ve been practicing law for more than twenty years. I am actively practicing before SCOTUS and the Federal Circuit. You are mistaken the states can interfere with Commerce. It’s not my role to teach you law.

          • Mayor Adams, of New York. Rough outline of regulation is that any bus company that knowingly transports migrants into the city must provide 10-day notice to city officials. Neither Texas nor Florida have bothered to challenge the Executive Order, because it is an entirely reasonable regulation of commerce within the proper scope of authority of the Mayor.

            Provide a case cite, counselor. Otherwise you are just blowing smoke out your arse.

          • The operative facts with each executive order are disparate. The challenges to the Texas Governor’s executive order chosen to litigate are based on the Texas set of facts and thus the challenger didn’t argue New York facts. No federal court is going to adjudge facts not in evidence. This is not equivalent to your saying “they didn’t bother” to litigate and, therefore, your claim is true and supported by the facts. “[B]ecause it is an entirely reasonable regulation of commerce within the proper scope of authority of the Mayor.” This is disingenuous extension to your opinion and not the court system’s final adjudication. Again, the Texas district court decision resulted in the lifting of a temporary stay; the courts have not issued a conclusion to this story.

            The original poster for this thread stated that it’s legal to seize and impound busses and planes for violating a state’s executive order. The federal court system will not sustain enforcement of this edict given the international subject matter, so-called asylum seekers, the FAA regulated aircraft, and despite your conflation with the New York and Florida fact sets. Nope.

    • Guest: All the Texas governors – Bush to Perry to Abbott – do the Chamber of Commerce’s bidding. That Texas is even making pretend efforts at limiting the flow is proof that even they are a bit concerned about the rate and speed of replacement. They’ve ultimately lost control – so have the small-hat moneymen – and there is no way to limit it any longer other than with active violence. Since that is considered beyond the pale (what, shoot poor brown people?) they not only will not stop it, they cannot stop it.

      • Red-state Iowa is another prime example. The handling of the Mollie Tibbetts murder by a mestizo farm worker really laid bare the complicity of the Republican establishment. Firstly, you had the farm manager’s theatrical expressions of shock-SHOCK that an employee was undocumented (probably referred him to the print shop where any fake documentation was procured). Then the suspect was kept on ice for the better part of two years while emotions had a chance to cool down, and family members were able to pledge their devotion to multiculturalism—her divorced father even recited the better food trope (his new Mexican wife actually bothers to cook for him). When the illegal was eventually tried it was on a charge of 2nd-degree murder with no sexual assault charges brought (the partially nude condition of her remains having raised no suspicion). But, wait, it gets better. The sister and part-owner of the dairy farm where the soon-to-be convicted illegal alien had been employed did not herself, as you might suppose, work at the dairy farm. My, no! She worked as a political fundraiser (presumably involving other farmers who profited from the labor of undocumented aliens) to the benefit of that state’s mostly Republican officials.

        • A convincingly angry “one post by this ID” comment on 4chan by someone claiming to have been involved in the investigation described (in detail) her murder as one of incredibly gruesome and prolonged sexual torture—and having been left to die, crippled and conscious, for a *very* long time—quite unlike what was officially described and charged.

          Every wagon was circled.

        • Sometimes the “salt of the earth” are every bit as revolting as any San Fran shitlib or Detroit Hutu. There’s just no human capital anymore.

          • As we see with bussing the illegals to NYC and Chicago, shitlibs will react if they suffer consequences. These salt of the earth types will not. I loathe them with every fiber of my being. And, yes, I know the Regime sends enforcers disguised as case worker to encourage their professions of brotherhood, but that’s no excuse.

          • Ostei-

            Blame the college towns in Iowa.

            Ames and Iowa City are just as libbed out and degenerate as Berkeley, Madison, or Boston.

        • Correction—the killer was convicted of 1st-degree murder, resulting in a mandatory life sentence. But he was still undercharged compared to a typical white suspect when a protected person merely dies in their presence.

    • Writing from Texas: This presupposes that the Texas government has the will to do something meaningful, but it is only interested in window dressing. Examples:

      Squabbling over a couple hundred yards of physical barriers is not meaningful.

      Arresting illegals for criminal trespass, without building jails for +100k inmates is not meaningful.

      Busing illegals out of state is fun to watch, but hasn’t moved the uniparty’s border position at all, so it is not meaningful.

      This state is Neocon HQ, which is why they keep rolling out the red carpet for coastal leftists. Hell, they tried to impeach the state AG because he dared challenge a Bush for the job!

      My point is, set low expectations for Texas.

      • Yes. I’m more closely watching how Abbott and Co. respond to counties and localities that don’t roll out the red carpet. There will be some.

    • “ …that America needs a higher population to compete with China and India. In some sense the point is not wrong, …”

      It quality—not quantity. You import a mass of 90 IQ minorities, and worse (think African), you get a lot of non-productive mouths to feed. For example, let’s say we desire an elite population of 115+ IQ to be our “smart fraction”. Well, importing Whites would give you 1 out of 7. Importing non-whites, perhaps 3 out of 100. Is that enough? We really don’t need more gardeners and street sweepers.

      Better get AI perfected….

  16. Is it a cause or a symptom? Both probably, but be under no illusion, it is being done deliberately and systematically. Matt Bracken and others have documented how this is being done. The government is contracting people all over the world to recruit third worlders to come to the U.S. The funding is coming mostly from the government.

    The goal is replacement and subjugation of the white race. The elites have firmly decided that the white “Trump supporting” race must be destroyed. There is no debating this. The numbers are simply staggering.

    Immigration of all types has gone up under every president since at least Jimmy Carter. It rose even under Trump although don’t try to explain that to Trump supporters. What is happening now is very different though. No enforcement at all is taking place now. The Border and immigration controls have been completely abandoned at this point. It is deliberate.

  17. It can’t be a serious question if this is deliberate or not. It is transparently deliberate. And it is genocide. Let’s not slide back to semi civ nat thinking here

    • Yeah, negligent genocide doesn’t happen. Like the ethnic cleansing of Gaza, this is happening in the broad daylight and is televised.

    • The cavalry is not riding to the rescue. Except for expats, we are imprisoned and sustaining the means for our incarceration. Do we wait until our territories are all Sarajevo? Assemble.

  18. You are more afraid of being stigmatized and imprisoned than losing your posterity’s future. You should be assembling, arming and removing these invaders. They are a foreign legion occupying your soil. You are the militia. But you wait for me or somebody else to take action while you flap your gums online and the opportunities to salvage a semblance of what once was diminishes by each posting here. I am not superior. You shouldn’t wait for me to respond.

      • Eloi: And your erstwhile ‘neighbors’ – even the White ones – will be the first to report you for being a notsee extremist. Their daughter is besties with Miguel’s sister, and Vivek helped with their computer issue. Don’t you know we’re a nation of immigrants?

        • Absolutely in agreement. This is why any gesture one (from our perspective makes) makes is ineffectual. I always here invoke LaVoy Finicum. For most of the US, he is a t-word. He had a legitimate grievance; he made a public stand; he was murdered (on camera!), and no one cares. I prefer to spend my time taking care of the wife and kids than make myself a martyr for no one.

        • This is my unfortunate lived experience. Lone wolf actions are stupendously dumb and will get you made an example of.

          I lost 8+ years of my prime earning potential for the mere -suggestion- of racial animosity leading to violence.

          As Z has stated many times recently ‘peasant revolts’ do not work. They are always put down… harshly. You need (and currently don’t have) monied interests with real institutional power to back your ‘peasant revolt’. Practically speaking, this means Governors, Elon Musk types, something to that effect.

          But they’ve captured nearly all institutions so the more likely scenario is long slow collapse. You are living as a late empire Roman lived for a while so you are not the first people to feel the way you feel, if its any consolation.

          • I would only lightly disagree as out-of-band actions can be effective so long as they’re repeatable. The example I always use is of pamphleteers passing out propaganda running counter to the regime: they won’t worry about a guy who’s poor OPSEC gets himself put away for 25 years for “littering”, but they’ll chew their fingernails to the bone worrying about a lone, public crimethinker that they’re unable to round up.

          • Ostei Kozelskii, I am stealing this one unless you propose reasonable licensing terms, ideally, in whisky or like shared.

  19. I think we’re cutting the U.S. Supreme Court way too much slack. It has been pushing liberal egalitarianism since Chief Justice Earl Warren (a former Republican governor of California like Reagan, who amnestied illegal aliens and removed that state forever from the Republican presidential column). I believe it was more or less the current court which decided men dressed up as women were a protected class and that two guys (or gals) may well comprise a family. In between, there were many decisions in a similar vein, none of which were popular with the public at the time they were arrived at. The Supreme Court is now having to pay the price for having totally upended the moral foundations of the country, and is hard pressed to rule on matters of immigration (nearly all protected classes), electioneering (every vote counts) or anything else of importance. Of course, there are the Antifa lunatics threatening them outside their front doors, but they are merely representative of the forces the court itself has unleashed. They deserve no sympathy.

    • Gideon: And people also need to remember the ‘sainted’ repuke presidents who appointed those ‘conservative’ justices. Amy Coney Barrett, anyone? But if you don’t vote, “we’ll” lose the Court!

  20. Some barbed wire in Texas is a relatively meaningless sideshow. I guarantee you the NGOs are flying them straight in from Africa. Why wouldn’t they? It’s already been well normalized for plane loads of illegal aliens to be landing anywhere and everywhere in AINO, daily, for federally assisted resettlement. So why go to all the trouble and expense of bringing them to the Mexican border first?

    The decision to replace us was made long ago, if they can’t do it one way they will do it another. “Build the wall” is a nice idea and all, but they would find a way around that too. No system of laws can constrain a regime that is resolved to break them.

    • Yes. Exhibit A: Obama, W, and Clinton are working to accelerate the pace of landing planeloads of illegals into the American interior. These Deep State puppets have Secret Service protection as they go about destroying the nation they supposedly led. It is the stuff of dystopian fiction.

    • Barbed wire is just a symbol like the vaporware wall. Deny benefits to immigrants of all kinds, enforce immigration laws and quick deportation with appropriate repercussions and most of this would be fixed.

      Of course that never was and never will be the case , so here we are. Elections, presidential edicts and more congressional proclamations won’t mean shyte. It’s all on normie nation now but who’s going to do all the grilling and sportsball betting?

  21. Doesn’t Amy Coney-Barrett have adopted children from abroad? Judges ultimately vote their consciences informed by their personal convictions. Or, like Roberts, they couch their decisions in their estimation of what will be most beneficial to their institution.

    “Whenever the state fails in this duty the people must find a way to replace it.” Or vice versa as the state finds a way to replace its former people.

      • Haitians, to be exact, there being no white, heritage American children to adopt, apparently.

        Good career move if you want to “ascend” to the SC. Makes you acceptable to the left, who will put up token resistance, but with the knowledge that when it comes to the Big Cases, you will have been self-vetted long ago.

  22. Have not read other comments as yet, so perhaps already noted, but this statement is the acme of perspicacious: “Politics is the puppet show the ruling class puts on for us”…

  23. … but instead the Prince found that it was he, the Prince, who was the villian of the tale his spies had heard, a tale the people whispered to each other, and the tale was called “The Masque of the White Death”.

    But the Prince did nothing, because for all his life the people had done nothing. And so the Prince continued his plots against them, though the tale was told and retold until all the people had heard it.

    And then all of a sudden the people came for him and his advisors, and all were stood up against the wall of his keep, and were shot in the face, and then we all lived happily ever after to the end of our days.

    • Then the Prince’s stooge said, “Your guns will do you no good. You will need F-16s to take on the government.”

      • Interesting in light of the Russia-Ukraine war. Since about a couple months in, the Uke’s have no Air Force and of late no anti air defense (exhausted), yet they do a damn good job of holding the Russians in check (yes, I know their current situation, but they’ve lasted far longer than we’d expect).

        Maybe F-16’s are not the be all and end all for the dedicated soldier in the trench?

        • Compsci-

          The Ukes have real-time updates from NATO’s entire ISR (Intelligence, Search, and Recon) complex.

          There are also anecdotal reports that thousands of NATO mercs have died in Ukraine and that they are crewing the complex systems like the Patriot missiles.

    • And now was acknowledged the presence of the White Death. He had come like a thief in the night. And one by one dropped the governers in the blood-bedewed halls of their revel, and died each in the despairing posture of his fall. And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay. And the flames of the tripods expired. And Darkness and Decay and the White Death held illimitable dominion over all.

  24. From my book of 2011: Thought Prison: the fundamental nature of Political Correctness (

    The modern situation in the West resembles that of a city under siege.
    The city is threatened by an expanding parasite class (‘sturdy beggars’, or the ‘undeserving poor’ as GB Shaw termed them), by riots within and by the enemy without.

    However, the Officers have become decadent. The Officers find-uncouth, are-bored-by, scared-of, and have indeed come to loathe the NCOs and squaddies of their own city.

    (Noblesse oblige is a thing of the past, and socialism has long-since rejected its working class roots in favour of a ‘rainbow coalition’ of parasitic, underclass and designated-victim groups.)
    Periodically, groups of indigents approach the besieged city gates.

    Some are hopeless cases – displaced peasants from the surrounding area; some are shrewd merchants and traders from here and there – keen to work hard and make some money; some are petty criminals – others are not-so-petty criminals: gangsters and assorted thugs, thieves and beggars. And some of the indigents at the gate are enemy fifth columnists – who intend at some point in the future to inflict violence and mayhem to aid the besiegers and take-over the city.

    But whoever the indigents are, and whatever their intention, the Officers invariably feel sorry for them (sorrier than they do for their own NCOs and squaddies, or for the indigenes of the city); and so always let them all come through the gates and into the city (because to do otherwise would be to commit the ultimate and unforgiveable sin of discrimination); and direct the NCOs to make sure the new arrivals are well taken care of – by allocating them a generous share of the NCO and squaddies’ rations and living quarters.
    And within the cities own indigenous population are large mobs of sturdy vagrants who are either too feckless to be of any use, or simply refuse to help with the defense of the walls (the parasitic sturdy beggars and underclass). These muggers, robbers, beggars and barflys roam around fighting, having parties and looting. The NCOs are not exactly forbidden to intervene, but will be harshly punished if they transgress any of the very strict (and continually changing) rules of engagement. So the underclass are left alone to do their business.

    On orders from the Officers, these sturdy vagrants receive a daily dole of bread and beer – also taken from the NCO and squaddies’ supplies.
    This situation of the Officers robbing the NCOs and squaddies to reward outsiders and vagrants is … the situation of the modern West.

  25. There is nothing accidental here. The open border policy was as carefully planned as the Covidian Scamdemic or Barack Obama’s ascension and presidencies. America is carefully managed.

    You still seem to be under the assumption that the powers do not want America to fall. They do want America to fail and fall. Still too many freedom-loving men in the U.S. They can’t have that.

    • Erasure of the border, the nation, and the original people is the entire point. There might be a handful of imbecilic, slack-jawed Republican members of Congress who think the purpose is economic, but basically everyone in positions of authority see the goal as destruction with utopia soon to follow.

      Mission accomplished as to the erasure. Utopia never can be achieved.

      There is no point to having a military any longer, and soon that will apply to the entirety of the federal apparatus, much of which still will be retained to serve the ruling class, of course. If Texas were serious it would develop a weapons of mass destruction program and a willingness to use them. But the bottom line is Texas is fully onboard with its erasure, too. Anyone who thinks there is a savior on the horizon is as delusional as the rulers who await utopia.

      Everything that is underway is intentional and has been in the works for decades. It will not go as planned and will fail spectacularly. Dissolution and fragmentation will soon follow any economic downturn, and our people will suffer horribly. With that in mind, there is no time fo an autopsy and focus needs to be on what comes next.

      • The elites have firmly decided that the White “Trump Supporting” race must be eliminated.

        Like Zuckerberg they think they can avoid the consequences. Only those few at the very top have a chance for that and a slim chance at best.

  26. It’s ridiculous how every decision large or small has to be decided by the damn courts. Any adjudication that even marginally bucks the blob directive either gets overturned or watered down substantially. At this point, the “rule of law” is nothing but a freaking joke and at some point will have to be defied – damn the torpedoes.

    • There is a paradox here. An extremely civilized society would indeed trust its highest court, and nine men (well …), in robes to justly rule on an important matter.

      Unfortunately, the gates of the city being wide open is not a matter of waiting around for nine men in robes to rule upon. That isn’t civilization that is chaos and barbarism to sit around and permit your nation to be invaded. It is even worse than this. It isn’t just that the border has been abandoned. We have three former presidents who are organizing flights into and around the country to intentionally colonize the country with a new people. We have consortiums of CEOs and government/corporate funded institutions, (NGOs), sponsoring mass colonization. We have the government paying any and every church that will take their money, to support the invasion and colonization. We have the government taking the people’s money and giving it to alien invaders to assist them in their colonization.

      This is the greatest treason and betrayal in the history of our species.

      It is The Gates of Toledo and the deliberate weakening phase of the Deuteronomy genocide combined. Something has to change in order to stop what looks like could be the slaughter phase of Deuteronomy.

      • Seems the same ones behind the Gates of Toledo are at it again. Mayorkas ain’t head of homeland security by accident.
        And Ur Mendoza Jaddou head of Immigration – an Iraqi Mexican mish-mash.

      • “We have three former presidents who are organizing flights into and around the country to intentionally colonize the country with a new people.”

        What are your sources for this? Thanks in advance.

  27. This brings up another question. Is the failure of the political class with regards to immigration a cause or a symptom? In other words, is what we are seeing deliberate or simply due to the collapse of the political system?

    What we are seeing is neither a cause nor a symptom of the collapse of the political system. It is the political system.

    The full economic impact of mass immigration is not widely known or discussed. In fact, for official economic outlets, the whole issue does not really exist at all. You will almost never see immigration discussed on CNBC, for instance. Every once in a while you will get a forlorn report about the value of remittances exceeding $55 billion for the first time in 2022, or some such thing, but it doesn’t have a great impact on the conversation. The talking heads quickly move on to the next FAANG story and they forget about the fundamentals, as they always do.

    The information exists, however; it is out there if you look for it, and the government certainly has economists that use it to do the kind of economic modelling that they don’t share openly with the general public. The technocrats in the Deep State understand full well the nature of the Ponzi scheme they have created. They know that without mass immigration to juice demand, the deflationary pressures would spike interest rates and the financial system would implode, not to mention the federal budget. They know that without mass immigration, the sub-replacement fertility rate would have skewed dependency ratios above anything the service economy could sustain, and the welfare state would collapse.

    That is why all developed nations lacking a nationalized manufacturing base (therefore excepting China, Korea, and Japan) are following the exact same policies as the United States. Germany, Canada, the UK, France, Italy—they are all importing as many foreigners as they can, despite the act that they do not share a border with a developing country and they do not have the US’s unique political baggage of being “a nation of immigrants” and having a 14th amendment granting birthright citizenship. The policies remain the same, regardless.

    These Western governments are deeply insolvent. They have foolishly frittered away their manufacturing base and spent vastly more than their current productive activities can cover. They have locked themselves in to completely unsustainable levels of entitlement spending that they have no means whatsoever to afford. Immigration gives them a lifeline. It is the only thing keeping them one step ahead of the repo man.

    The reason nobody in the government will rise to protect the border is because the issue does not exist in isolation. Stopping immigration now would mean facing the music on the last 6 decades of absolutely ruinous fiscal policy, and nobody has the integrity to do that or even to really think about the matter. The issue is undiscussed and the public is very underinformed about it.

    Once that changes, everything else changes too. This is why I always say that the economic issues are much more important than anything else when it comes to making effective political change. Armchair dissidents talk HBD; professional dissidents talk economics.

    • “They know that without mass immigration to juice demand, the deflationary pressures would spike interest rates and the financial system would implode, not to mention the federal budget. They know that without mass immigration, the sub-replacement fertility rate would have skewed dependency ratios above anything the service economy could sustain, and the welfare state would collapse.”

      With utmost respect, you should stick to your significant expertise in philosophy and religion. This passage makes no economic sense whatsoever. Just how do “deflationary pressures” spike interest rates? It’s just the opposite.

      It’s obvious immigration is a net drain however you measure it. In the US, they remit so much money to their home countries that it’s a category unto itself in the Federal Reserve funds flow. Dependency ratios are meaningless, especially given that many immigrants are “dependents” from the jump and bring old mothers and idiot cousins with them who are also dependents immediately. The pressure they cause on social infrastructure and housing costs, and thus TFR in Europe and Canada, shows the causation flows from immigration to TFR, not vice-versa.

      • 1. Deflation increases interest rates because it removes liquidity and makes holding cash profitable. This is not controversial.

        2. The vast majority of immigrants are young and employable. They are not dependents in the same sense that elderly, infirm people are. Yes, the place an additional burden on infrastructure, accelerating its depreciation curve. From the state’s perspective, this is a positive. It’s a bust out that helps to liquify the value of past expenditures.

        3. The birth started well before the era of mass immigration. It started even before Hart-Celler, so the causality there is pretty well established.

        4. I didn’t say any of this redounds to the long term economic health of the nation. It doesn’t. But it does redound to the short term solvency of the government, which is why the government does it.

        • The magic birth control pill introduced in the 1960’s along with the feminist movement and getting our women in cubicles increasing GDP also has a lot to do with our TFR’s. Not encouraging marriage or white family formation along with home prices out of reach for young whites in America contributes a lot to low TFR.

          • Deflation increases interest rates because it removes liquidity and makes holding cash profitable.

            Deflation leads to Helicopter Ben and the end of deflation.

  28. Imagine a medieval city is under siege and the prince of the city is in his palace supposedly working with his advisors on how to break the siege. The people of the city are rationing food as no one knows how long the siege will last.

    What we need is a chick. Preferably about 17 years old:

  29. I’m too angry to say much. Not at illegals so much as my own, who still get a thrill out of losing and being humiliated. These aren’t Mongols crossing the border. Geezers, homos, nerds, and AWFLs aren’t Caesar. God isn’t going to damn you for not laying down, and your shekels are worth less by the day.

  30. It was Joseph P. Kennedy who said, “There are no accidents in politics.” FDR may have said a similar thing, although it’s origin is disputed: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

    Anyway, the southern border is open for a reason. I don’t think one can attribute to incompetence what is better attributed here to malice, as the Federal government is simply ignoring the laws on immigration already on the books. In addition to importing a new Democrat voting underclass, destroying social services like emergency care and schools, and impoverishing the masses via unlimited open borders (7 million a year since Dementia Joe took office, i.e. well over 20 million illegals), it looks like globohomo is trying to merge the populations of North and South America into an Orwellian super-state block, just as globohomo is trying to do elsewhere. Perhaps we just end up with Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia forever at (fake) war with each other and the overlord class permanently in control.

    – NF

    • I suspect that the average American high school graduate may not be able to find France on a globe, let alone Burundi or Bolivia… but they know that China is a country, they know Russia is a country, they know Israel is a country. Focusing on what young people “know” is useful, as it identifies what the controllers have in mind for the next step in the thought reform process. It is no longer certain that “our” earnest young high school graduates understand that the USA is – just as the others mentioned – an actual country which, again like the others, possesses this weird thing called “sovereignty” which allows it to decide who and who does not gain or deserve admittance.

      That is to say, “you mean like we could totally not let certain people in just because we don’t want to? That’s like so racially fascistic dude.”
      -future Ivy League-trained attorney.

      Long and short: Yes, our current young people are being conditioned to accept that there are just three or four international entities: The good guys (us, aka the GAE), the bad guys (Eurasia for now, probably Eastasia when TSHTF in Taiwan) and “our international allies” (whoever they are, maybe Burundi and Bolivia).

      Sure, we may not be down to three blocs yet. and as I think more about it, our “educated youth” — trained in borderless internationalism — may indeed see the three blocs thus: The Good People (aka themselves), the Bad People (aka anyone skeptical or dismissive of anything whatever in the Current Truth), and of course, The Oppressed (aka all the rest of humanity).

  31. They pretend to protect us, we pretend to respect them.

    In the event it hasn’t been plain before, the United States is a dead entity but, like a flesh-eating zombie, able to murder and maim still. I seriously doubt Abbott will do anything substantive but making it difficult/impossible to cut the wire could be done with relative ease. It would require that Texas refuse to respect the court and the polity it serves, and that likely ain’t happening. It could, though, which puts in question–if there even is one–the government of Texas.

    This is the whole enchilada, and anyone who expects a savior is deluded.

    • Just dig a 10 foot deep trench right in front of the concertina wire.

      “All yours fellas. Good luck with the removal.”

      • Abbott doesn’t have a pair…

        …if’n he don’t bus loads of ’em to Coney and Robert’s houses.

      • Wild Geese: You forgot the M240 or the like. Ditches can easily be filled in. And these immivaders would/will happily step on the bodies of others to get in – so eliminating just a few ranks won’t do the least bit of good.

        • “these immivaders would/will happily step on the bodies of others to get in – so eliminating just a few ranks won’t do the least bit of good”

          Disagree. They will stop immediately if it becomes potentially fatal. This could only happen in the West because lethal force is not used. But, as you will find elsewhere in the comments, there are free flights being made available to accommodate them, with three former presidents as attendants.

    • Writing from Texas: This state government still looks upon the Bush Clan as royalty. That’s the first thing to remember when immigration is discussed.

    • “They pretend to protect us, we pretend to respect them.”

      The whole system has to fall apart. Spontaneously if possible, like what happened in Romania in 1990, when a “preference cascade” grew into a “preference tsunami” in just an hour or so, leading to, ahem, a “change in government”.


    The Purpose Of a System Is What It Does.

    After watching border controls weaken at an accelerating pace for 50 years, it looks less like incompetence and more like design.

    And malice. Lots and lots of malice.

    Infinite immigration will destroy the nation; I believe we’re already there. No one wants to talk about mass deportations; no one wants to discuss objective standards to meter legal immigration by income, education, IQ, etc.

    All empires die by suicide.

    • All the old books about the late Roman empire speak of the “Barbarian invasions”. Those invasions were of people – families, wagons, livestock. The imperial government generally approved of these “great replacements” because it got new troops out of it. Most of the last “Romans” were the Vivek Ramaswamys of late antiquity: Talk like a Roman, act like a Roman, express loyalty to the Roman emperor. But it was all fake and gay. There no longer existed “Romans” except as tax animals.

  33. The border displays the growing incompetency of the ruling class in several ways.

    First, as everyone knows, the larger plan has always been to turn whites into a minority, which will cement liberal rule via non-whites voting Dem and to prevent whites from having the ability to throw a certain group of people into their mythical death camps in Ohio.

    That plan was working just fine. In few decades, it would be achieved with normal legal immigration and a bit of illegal immigration. Heck, it’s already the case with young whites.

    Therefore, there’s zero reason for our rulers to rock the boat. Just let the process play out. And, yet, here we are.

    The incompetency isn’t the ruling elite’s inability to police the border; it’s in their inability to police their own hatred of normal whites. They hate us so much that they just have to let invaders stream across the border, even if it means pissing off whites, especially if it means pissing off whites.

    It’s one thing to hate another group; it’s another to allow that hatred to overcome rational thinking. What’s amazing is that we’re still dealing with the old guard. You can bet that people like Schumer – who couldn’t hate us more – is probably trying to rein in the Biden people because he understands that there’s no reason to get norma whites angry.

    What happens when the old guard is gone? Not only will there be no one to hold back the crazies, they’ll be cheering them on. This is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that the anti-white pogrom will intensify. The good news is that many whites – as we’re seeing in Texas, as we’re seeing with military recruitment, etc. – will start to get fed up and look to break away.

    I’ve been stunned over the past couple of years how the idea of America breaking up has become normalized. No one talks about civil war, just different parts of the country walking away or refusing to comply to federal laws. What’s happening in Texas will only get more people on board.

    Once people consider something a possibility, it’s hard to put that genie back in the bottle.

    • I have reached the same conclusion as you in terms of what we are seeing with no borders and no controls over any port of entry; in fact willful and systematic use of every port of entry.

      What we are seeing now is spite. The bum rush and the deliberate castration of the entire border/immigration enforcement apparatus by changing its mission into an antithesis by making it a barrier removal and greeting service is spite. The Historic American nation elected Trump on the immigration issue – pure and simple. The Ruling Regime is doing what it is doing now in the numbers purely out of spite.

      Today, Intelligent Dasein (sp?) had a pretty good post. Morgoth is calling the human invasion Quantitative Easing with Humans. All they are doing is taking a Ponzi scheme operating at an already unfathomable scale and making it orders of magnitude worse. On top of it, they are creating a social dynamic that transforms a powder keg into oceans of nitroglycerine.

      The bankers refuse to eat the losses. The layer just below them refuse to take a step back. The East must be shocked to see The West turn itself into a ruin. Wilmot Robertson said it best when he said that the people who have taken over and rule us have no track record of ever having run even a small polity much less a large, advanced civilization.

    • This is the real significance of the Texas border stunt. The fact that a cuck like Abbott would even pull such a thing shows a change in the winds – not because he has any intention of seeing it through in the least, but the very fact he would do such a thing shows dissolution of the fedgov is possible.

      Disillusion leads to dissolution.

      • Yep. Abbott is a classic milk toast Republican. The fact that he’s pushing back at all says something. Sure, he’ll cave, but it’s a sign. Maybe the next governor goes a bit further. The next a little more.

        The window keeps getting moved.

  34. Say what you will about Tim Poole but his theory (which is why I mention him) is that eventually the feds and maybe say, Texas boarder patrol or some other state level organization, will get into a shouting match over executing conflicting orders and eventually a shooting match. Get your kit together gents.

    • Because of “supremacy” the Feds can arrest all the Texas law enforcement officers impeding them, but it’s rather…tricky for Texas to try an pull the same thing against the Feds. One good metaphor I saw was “once you start heading up the river there’s no stopping until you get to Kurtz”, i.e. at some point someone will have to take an action which has to be seen to the end (otherwise they’ll end up in a Trump-like scenario).

    • It’s an odd idea.

      Our politicians do goad the people like a Twitter fed. Every day there’s a new “you won’t do shit” from a Democrat threatening to bomb, replace and enslave us, and the Supreme Court decision can be understood as an abstract/formalized version of that. But there’s no reason to think that these are *strategic* provocations. If they want to go hot they can just lie, as they do. Say a MAGA guy crushed a Mexican baby with a fire extinguisher and the majority of voters will support your new policy of burning every breeding-age white woman alive on TV.

      More to the point: An army of tens of millions of men isn’t a “you won’t do shit”-post. It’s here to kill tens of millions of you.

    • Yet, Texas still only fights the feds with policies that they KNOW will be overturned in the courts.

      That’s a long way from violent opposition. Don’t believe the hype about Texas. It’s run by a bunch of blowhards that want the place to go the way.of Colorado.

      • It’s been like that in Austin and Dallas since at least the post-Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  35. Always cringed when I saw the laser-eyes Barrett memes. Anyone who adopts African kids is going to cuck on immigration. While Roe v. Wade reversal was nice, Trump could have found a multitude of judges who would rubber stamp whatever he wanted. Unfortunately, he trusted The Federalist Society too much. While the society is not terrible, they do not understand what time it is.

    • This is yet another reason why women should be kept far away from the levers of power.

      No matter how smart ACB is, no matter how much legal education she has achieved, when tasked with adjudicating a case involving immigration, she will be unable to plainly see the facts in the case, or the implications of her decision. No, the only thing she will see when reviewing a case like this is the faces of her adopted Haitian children.

  36. Article IV is very clear: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion…” It’s not a choice by the Feds, it’s a mandate, a requirement.

    The Supreme Court should have issued a writ of mandamus and ordered the Feds to enforce the immigration laws.

    Of course, they didn’t, and the Feds would have told them to fuck off anyway. Nobody gives a damn about the plain, black-letter law of the Constitution anymore. Basically the country is dead on its feet.

    • That was not the issue in front of the court. The issue was whether the border patrol can go onto state property and remove the razor wire fencing.

      • Yeah, I get that, but the Feds were claiming the authority to remove the razor wire under their Article I power over immigration, which was a purely mendacious argument. They’re not trying to prevent illegal immigration, they’re accomplices to it.

        Consequently they are derelict in their Article IV obligation (“SHALL protect”) to prevent Texas from being invaded.

        If you view this is an “immigration” matter then it is an Article I question. If you view it as an “invasion” by 10,000 foreigners per day… it is an Article IV question.

        I think it’s pretty clearly the latter at this point.

        • If you view it as an “invasion” by 10,000 foreigners per day… it is an Article IV question.

          Precisely, but who gets to do the viewing?

    • I disagree with the premise that Federal control of the border is exclusive..For a century or more, the borders were, in fact, controlled by the States on the border…That was never questioned at the time..So history strongly supports the right of Texas to enforce its border with Mexico if the Feds aren’t doing it, and that such enforcement is joint….

      • I saw some old-time movie on TCM recently were the cops at the California border were stopping every car to see what folks were up to.

        Ah, for the bad old days…

      • OTOH, Arizona v. United States is a tough case. The state there incorporated-by-reference the actual immigration laws… but the executive’s unwritten policy preferences still preempted it.

    • The parallels between Trump and Caesar are a bit striking and entertaining. After reaching the heights of power as the third wheel of the Triumverate Caesar was sent packing off to Gaul by Pompey and Crassus, in large part because Caesar had become too powerful in Rome. Trump’s exile from DC bears echoes of this past.

      Caesar used his time in Gaul wisely to build an army, his wealth, and expand the Empire, thereby becoming a hero to the Roman people. When it came time to cross the Rubicon, Caesar had his own loyal legions at his disposal. The entire Senate fled Rome to avoid facing Caesar and his army, a prime historical example of replacing the State, as per the final sentence of Zman’s post.

      Vox Day has been critical of Trump for failing to cross the Rubicon after the blatant theft of the 2020 election. But the fact is that Trump had no loyal legions, precisely because he failed to purge the government, and especially the military, of the Obama loyalists installed during the Obama administration. This is an error he must correct if he gets a second bite at the apple.

      • I want a hit of whatever Hopium you have been smoking that Trump is going to turn into a modern Caesar.

        He was a lefty nearly his entire adult life. He is a salesman first & foremost. He wants to be loved, not feared. That invalidates him as a potential Caesar right off the jump.

        I literally marvel at these flights of fancy normies engage in because I think the hard cold truth of it is simply something their mind cannot accept.

      • Caesar used his time in Gaul wisely to build an army, his wealth, and expand the Empire, thereby becoming a hero to the Roman people.

        Where is this army? You forgot to mention that Caesar’s army was paid by Caesar through conquered spoils. The army belongs to him who pays it.

      • In his heart of hearts, Trump is a businessman that believes he can always cut a deal.

        Caesar is one of history’s most successful military leaders.

        They are two very different people.

  37. The walls of Sparta were his young men, and his borders the tip of his spears. – King Agesilaus II

    Maybe we need to look to the ancients for guidance?

    • Natural borders, like rivers and mountains, and manmade borders, like walls, great amplify the points of your spears…..

  38. I think the border being open is planned. It doesn’t require the government to do anything just stop doing its job. As far as other failings of government, I think it is both incompetence and corruption. The quality of the workforce at all levels has declined dramatically since the Supreme Court outlawed competency tests so they can’t perform the functions they are tasked with. And our elected leaders are bought and paid for whores. Regulatory capture, where people move back and forth between the government agencies and industries they regulate is a another area rife with corruption leading to the looting of the people and the state.

      • But they are not the ones making the policy. And, although diminished, the federal police forces have higher aptitude tests than run of the mill fed workers.

      • pyrrhus: I knew a bunch too. Even though the Border patrol is officially 60% White, quite a few of those are mestizo ‘whites.’ And I’ve read, like everyone else, how immigrant mestizos want the border controlled, but they still feel empathy for their own people, and have at best a tenuous and distant attachment to any notion of a ‘founder’ or ‘settler’ nation. Fwiw, same goes for the Ellis Islander descendants – Nation of Immigrants r us.

      • If they aren’t happy about it, why don’t they do like leftists in government do – just don’t carry out the policy. Or do it poorly – take all day to make one cut on the fence (“I said I’m ON BREAK”). This is not hard.

  39. “ This is why the court will struggle with this immigration case.”

    The SCOTUS “struggles” because in reality, the SCOTUS is not a co-equal branch of government. Indeed, it is the weaker of the three, hence the SCOTUS and lower courts down the line have always tried to avoid getting involved in such disputes. We have seen this quite recently at the State level here in AZ. No matter what the evidence brought concerning election fraud, the courts here have simply refused to rule, or stated up front rules for evidence that the plaintiff simply can’t meet.

    For example, proof of election fraud is not sufficient, it must be shown that the fraud would have affected the ultimate outcome of the election. This requirement in a case of “uncounted” and “unseen” votes (reason for suit) is impossible to meet.

    This is why it is said that the Chief Justice of SCOTUS has sided before current ruling with the liberal justices on the court on significant Leftist legislature. It’s not that he is a liberal in disguise, but rather protecting the court from a liberal Congress that threatens the very integrity, functionality, even the existence, of a supreme and independent judiciary.

    • It is not so much that the court is not co-equal as much as it is that one branch of government can rarely resist when the two other branches are against it. The executive branch, the Senate and a good chunk of the House want open borders.

      • Still differ. Look at the Constituition and the clauses which give Congress powers to regulate SCOTUS. There are no reciprocating powers assigned to SCOTUS to regulate Congress. From the very beginning 200 years+ ago, SCOTUS had to claw its power from Congress. That SCOTUS defers to America’s elected representatives is the essence of their recognition that they are beholding to Congress for their very functional existence. It’s not a matter of two against one.

      • One thing the courts could do is start blessing civil suits against the feds for damages that can be remotely attributed to this policy. Use every p-hack trick in the book to get that attribution.

        FWIW, the government has traditionally had broad immunity for non-feasance. But here, they are actively removing barriers, not just failing to build/enforce them.

    • That’s the realpolitics of the situation, but it’s just an excuse for not doing their job…However, this is just temporary relief for the Feds, and it conceivably could change when the actual case gets before the Court…

  40. If the feds actually do start cutting down Texas’s razor wire, Texas should just reinstall it 50 yards back. Then if necessary another 50 yards. Then another. At some point the Supremes would have to contend with the question, “Where is the border?” Texas certainly has the right to erect structures & fencing on its own land, as do private landowners near the border. So where does the fed’s jurisdiction end and Texas’s begin? And what’s the enforcement mechanism if Texas does just that? Do the feds really want to start shooting Texans? Cause that’ll end well.

    • The border is in effect at least something 100 miles inland. That’s where folks can go and still be stopped and searched by BP’s. Here we have both fixed and dynamic check points 30 miles away from the actual map line. As a more practical matter, I believe there is law that the Fed’s have a sort of “right of way” of a couple or so miles inland from the map line. A lot of this was discussed when Trump was building new walls in the latter half of his term.

      • The Hungarians broadcasted in several languages along their fence line –

        “You are at the Hungarian border. If you damage the fence, cross illegally or attempt to cross, it’s counted as a crime in Hungary.”

        Texas simply needs to make their own fence and apply these same rules. While the Feds can permit illegals to cross a Federal border, they can’t prevent Texas law enforcement from enforcing state laws if that fence is several meters behind the Federal wall on State property.

        • Hungary is such a great country.

          If you have the means and desire it’s well worth a visit, even if it’s just a long weekend in Budapest.

          • Hungary great for a visit. Once you spend more time there, you will notice how unpleasant are the people. Maybe that is also the reason why they are able to go against the EU consensus.
            Then again, you will encounter the same unpleasantness in all surrounding countries too, except maybe Austria and Slovenia.

        • Yes. First, Texas has to want to erect a barrier. Then just do it and say nothing to the feds. Takes balls and there isn’t much of that left in the U.S. . . . also by design.

          Doesn’t have to be fancy dancy like the Trump ideas. Use the Left’s tactics, just keep erecting cheap, durable barricades and stationing radio-pickets until someone stops you. Make it difficult for the illegals to mass-breach; you won’t stop every single one.

          At this point, the feds don’t want to invade and occupy Texas. Make them go on the defensive for a change.

      • The 100 mile search rule was put into effect by Bush41, and it is blatantly unconstitutional…but that’s not the issue before the Court…The issue is whether Texas has the right to control its border when the Federal government refuses to do so…History says it does….

    • This is effectively how you ignore the courts. Blue states have created gun laws that are pretty much the same thing after courts smack it down. Why not just pass it again and just move a comma and really rub it in?

      Contrary to popular opinion, courts are also paranoid about their legitimacy, and will make a bad decision just because they know the correct decision will just be ignored. During the summer of Floyd, Roberts was willing to give the left everything just to stop the rioting.

      • This was one of Trump’s errors. When he started issuing executive orders, the courts started blocking them. He should have started issuing orders every hour with some slight variation. Fill the court with the damned things.

      • Your biggest problem with “ignoring” Fed laws is not fire fights between Fed’s and local law enforcement. It’s that all States have been made whores for Fed funds—which of course, ironically, come from the citizens of said States.

        Before any serious civil disobedience at the State level to the Fed’s, the State had better figure out how to handle a Federal funds cutoff across the board and that will include the transfer of funds outside of States through banking systems under Fed control (see Russian sanctions).

        • Texas produces the majority of the US refined petroleum supply. Think about how big of a stick that is to wave at DC…

          Now forget about it because there is no will to use that power, and there won’t be on this side of whatever catastrophe we are heading for.

          • Texas produces it, but various corporations own it. Or the rights to extract it to be more accurate. It would be difficult.

            The most likely scenario is not unlike for individuals – prep for the fall. Once the Central Gov’t can’t function, the regional power takes over. A very unsexy, annoyingly long dredge, but there it is.

  41. The failure of the political class with respect to the immigration crisis seems more deliberate than incompetent. Sure the government is full of idiots and shysters, but this treasonous mess smacks of purposefulness – how hard would it be to militarize the southern boundary? The border states should defy the feds, but between California (LOL) and go-giiiiirrrrrllll led Arizona and New Mexico, there’s no chance. That leaves “don’t mess with Texas” Texans (semi-LOL). Abbott and Paxton will make noises, but it’ll all be sound and fury, signifying nothing. There is seemingly no will to truly oppose our oppressors. Life is still too easy to turn off the tube and get off the couch and tens of millions of illegals haven’t caused enough really obvious problems to awaken the lumpen proletariat. The gay, global american “empire” continues to shamble along, but it’s all down hill and we’re over our knees now.

    • Yes, there are “got-aways”, but that’s primarily due to lack of BP looking for them. Stop the crossings—which entail processing—at legal entries and free up those personnel. Bet that would handle it.

    • Texas should make illegals cross into AZ. They are a blue/swing state. Make them pay until they swing back.

      • Nonsense. AZ has more crossing IA’s than TX! The Tucson sector sets records. For example, one day last month we had 17k IA’s pass through. There are even late night busses dropping them off downtown when things get really bad. So far the poorest County—Pima—claims to have spend $89M on these IA’s. We buy surplus hotels just to house them.

        What happens is that many/most IA’s stay a day or so until travel arrangements are made for inland destinations. TX is no different, regardless of what Abbot spouts. Funny thing, these “refugees from persecution and imminent life endangering peril” all seem to have relatives in the US and want to travel to those areas! They are given travel ID and, I hear, debit cards—which ironically is to the good, as leaving them to congregate and starve would entail crime and riots for us down here. As it is, we have a homeless problem of our own with our drug addled native population.

  42. Uh, isn’t the latest SCOTUS ruling in direct contravention of the Constitution’s rules about the borders?

    • Not that it matters one way or the other, but:

      Art. I, Sec. 8:Congress shall have the power to . . . establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.

      Sec. 9: The Migration or Importation of such persons as any of the states now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the year [1808] . . . .

      Art. IV, Sec. 4: The United States shall . . . protect each [state] against invasion. . . .

      These are the provisions I see that relate to the issue. Art. I, Sec. 9 seems the most relevant, and on the surface looks like it transfers issues of immigration to the federales after 1808.

      Art. IV, Sec 4 is a pipe dream, and apparently our genius founders did not think it fit to spell out who determines if the US failed to carry out such duty, and what happens if the US failed in such duty (what’s an “invasion”? Who decides what an invasion is?).

      So while Texas may argue they are being invaded and the US failed in its duty to prevent it, the US can argue it is simply doing immigration policy on the cheap. No doubt there is much case law favoring the federales.

  43. I’m getting ready to hop in my truck this morning and head to my first two trouble calls, I will not be able to communicate with the so-called customer because they don’t command the English language well enough, they are Koreans who speak pretty good Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish.

    • There is a city in western VA which has been inundated with Guatemalans, Salvadorans and some Afghans. It’s a proud refugee resettlement crap hole. A once quaint and beautiful little town, it is now resembles a miserable 3rd world country.
      The parents of the Afghans are complaining that their kids are coming home from school having learned Spanish rather than English because their kids are lumped into the ESL program and they spend the entire day surrounded by Amerindians. Very soon, there will be little to no English spoken in that school system.

      There was a time when invaders were met at the border with weapons, countries and their borders were defended. In this hell hole of a country, the invaders are met with vouchers for hotels, new phones, free health care and transportation to new accommodations throughout the country where their kids are educated in schools teaching them to hate whitey with even more passion and vehemence.
      Nobody asked for this. It’s now a turd world country.

      • They never should be released into the country. Tent cities until their court date. That would dry up the flow quickly. However we’d need to grow a pair (also kill a few lawyers). 😉

  44. > Just as it is axiomatic that the primary duty of the state is protection, it is axiomatic that whenever the state fails in this duty the people must find a way to replace it.

    Without a leader, it will be only continued decay and chaos. Someone needs to have a vision, the brass and the charisma to inspire and lead the people out of this. I don’t see any candidates right now.
    Eventually one will come from the secondary elites or will be imposed from outside.

    • Don’t wish it but it might end up taking a lot of literal brass to get out of this. If the Americans don’t wish to solve their problems, other factors, or even other people will do it for them. I’m just saying, the view of America from the outside is deteriorating fast.


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