The Clash Of Visions

The New Hampshire primary turned out about how most sober minded people expected, with Trump cruising to victory. As expected, regime media and those in the anti-Trump cult have quickly moved onto other things. Even though the narrative on this election has been wrong so far, these people were sure the gods would deliver them from the terrible Orange Man in New Hampshire. Now they will update the script for the South Carolina primary in a few weeks.

Even though the New Hampshire primary was not a surprise to normal people, it does have a few things worth noting. One is the turnout. In 2016 when all of this was new and exciting, about two hundred and sixty thousand people voted on the Republican side, with Trump getting one hundred thousand votes. This time, with the results known in advance, three hundred thousand voted on the Republican side and Trump got one hundred and sixty thousand votes or fifty-four percent.

Further, exit polling says that only about a third of the people voting would call themselves “MAGA”, by which they mean part of the Trump movement. We do not have similar polling from 2016, but it is reasonable to say that most of Trump’s vote during those crazy days would declare themselves part of the movement. You also have to consider the fact that even Trump’s most loyal fans would find it weird to ask them if they were part of the MAGA movement, as if it is a club.

Even so, it says that people were voting for different reasons this time. Various anti-Trump groups poured money into the state to boost other candidates. Mikki Haley spent over twenty million on ads. The DNC spent millions last year getting their voters to switch to undeclared so they could vote in the GOP primary. About half of the Republican primary voters were undeclared, so it is reasonable to assume many will vote Democrat in the general.

What the regime tried to do with a fair bit of success is turn the Republican primary into a general election by flooding the voting booth with Democrats. It explains why Haley dropped her “tough conservative gal from the South” routine and morphed into “I want to speak to the manager” feminist hero. Her people had her go out and praise Hillary Clinton because they knew that half the voters probably voted for Hillary over Trump and would like to do it again.

It also tells us something about the dynamics of this election. This is not the 2016 election where people voted for Trump for the same reason the drunk guy in the crowd mooned the king or shouted derogatory things at him. In 2016, Trump was for many voters a harmless protest vote. In 2024 it means something different because things have gotten much worse since then. Note that for the first time primary voters put immigration at the top of their concerns.

There is something else here that may be driving a new dynamic in this election and that is the open shenanigans in this process. Think about the sort of person who schemes up a plan to get Democrats to vote in the other party’s primary a year in advance in order to subvert the will of the voters. This is a level of sociopathy that few people think is possible. Serial killers are not this devious. The people claiming to defend democracy are now out front with these schemes.

Of course, such a scheme only works if there are people willing to do it. Years of interacting with people who put up signs on their lawn promoting the latest thing is slowly changing how normal people see things. Thirty years ago, the typical suburban peasant thought they just needed find the right person to say the truth the right way and these people would see the light. Today, the typical suburban peasant thinks the woman with the BLM sign might be better off in another country.

What the typical suburban peasant is waking up to, even though he cannot articulate it, is that we are living in a clash of visions. The people on the other side of that sign explaining all the things that go on in that house have a view of the world that is completely different from most people. That vision often assumes that the people without such signs are what stands between them and the future. The vision of the self-anointed says the benighted are the problem.

This is because when they talk about “democracy” they are not talking about the mechanics of picking office holders. They imagine a society in which all of the moral questions have been solved. The only thing left is figuring out how to quickly attain diversity, inclusion and equality. Further, they assume that everyone must want this, unless they are evil, so the only reason we have not “made progress” is that these evil people are using shenanigans to confuse the masses.

In contrast, the typical suburban peasant imagines a world where he has a job he enjoys, friends to grill with and watch ball games and a chance give his kids a better life than he got from his parents. For him, democracy is about picking the best office holders who will take turns buggering through the problems. In most cases, the typical suburban peasant prefers the guy who will do very little, as things could always get worse so best not to rock the boat too hard.

It is not just that one vision is radical and utopian and the other conservative and pragmatic, but that the former sees the destruction of the latter as a proper and necessary part of their program. What we are seeing in this election could be a sign that the typical suburban peasant is waking up to this reality. It is not just that the middle-aged white woman with the BLM sign is wrong, but that she represents a danger to the life and welfare of the typical suburban peasant.

Whether or not this awakening among the typical suburban peasant is happening can be debated, but we can be sure he has yet to arrive at the solution. There can be no compromise in this clash of visions. When the ends of one side are the destruction of the other, the only plausible response for the other side is to seek the same. As more suburban peasants wake up to the reality of sign lady, more will inevitably arrive at the only solution that guarantees their survival.

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236 thoughts on “The Clash Of Visions

  1. This is what the white griller must understand:

    The white griller can’t negotiate with those whose fundamental goal is to trample and overthrow him.

    Just like in the Joe Sobran quote where the white man feels only baffled good will towards the non-white who seethes with implacable resentment at the accomplishments of the white man.

    The white griller cannot bargain with or bribe an opponent who is in the throes of a religious fervor to save the world by killing the white griller.

    • It’s quite interesting (and hopeful) that here in the VT-NH-ME whitetroplex. 1/3 leftist, 1/3 griller, 1/3 hard manual labor that immigration was the #1 issue. Whenever I travel into the United States from the tri-state area, I am shocked at how fast the other 47 states are changing.
      For such a large turnout for Bad Orange Man to occur, behind a “fix the 2000 miles away border” banner – well, people are waking up.

      • Problem is—and really always was—the 2000 mile away border is right “next door” just about wherever you reside in the USA. IA’s are being relocated as fast as they cross the border by the Fed’s. If this were not so, I’d probably be writing this post in Spanish. 😉

  2. All the gnashing of teeth about those already here. Those here for two or maybe even three generations. There’s nothing possible to be done about that, right? The Fourteenth Amendment!

    Did everyone forget that–by international agreement of the victors, including the USA, China, France, Britain, and the Soviet Union–one QUARTER of Germany was sliced off at the end of WW2 and given to Poland (a small bit to Russia)? Lands that had been German, inhabited almost entirely by German-speaking people, for hundreds of years? Does anyone know what happened to the German indigenes of those dispossessed lands?

    They got kicked the hell out. No tribunals, no rights of appeal, no compensation for homes, farms, or factories. Get out, this is Poland now. Many of the expellees were of at mixed background or recently-assimilated themselves (Germanization, intermarriage, etc., had gone on for a couple centuries). Tough. Auf Wiedersehen.

    • Citizen, you appear confused.

      Please redirect your attention to the approved reading lists.

      (It’s confusing, because we pretend to call the approved list “banned”, but that’s just to sound hip and cool for the youth”

    • “Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War” by R. M. Douglas covers the history of the expulsions. The process, as you might guess, was neither orderly nor humane.

  3. Gawd… I love Americans. Always have, really. And the best Americans ya gotta love are the Dissidents and the Texans. I guess those deplorable Texans just told the Supremes to go sod themselves and have been stringing up concertina wire on their border in spite of orders to cease and desist. Even up here in Canada the revolt is spinning up – every day in social media Justin Turdo is mocked and ridiculed without mercy, and he deserves every bit of it. He can’t go anywhere without a wall of security guards to keep the peasants from tearing him to shreds. Signs are cropping up everywhere that We The People have had it up to the gills with their bullchit. The bags of dirty tricks used by the regime is pretty much empty. The dirts know all their stunts, they’ve seen it all before, and the message is clear: this nonsense ends when we stop tolerating it. All the regime can do now is double down; and if you are doubling down on treason and stupidity… that is not a tactic that wins long term conflicts.

    The regime has nothing to fear from the normies and grillers with their silly groups like the Proud Boys, Tea Partiers or Oaf Keepers. It’s the beleaguered lone dissident who has simply had enough. The reality of it is they and their paid actors are one caress of the trigger away from the FO phase of FAFO. The ones that won’t taunt the police with clues about their identity, the ones that won’t write gaseous manifestos to the media slobs claiming responsiblity. He will quietly shoot, shovel, and shut up. Sure – you can hack elections, surround yourself in the Capitol with soldiers, tanks and guns… but what about your family? Your friends? Or the hundreds of thousands of defenseless “managerials”? If that’s the only defense you have…whaddya do?

    The fuses burn ever shorter.

    • The “F-ck Trudeau” chants at UFC 297 were great. I’m sure it’s more just reflective of the UFC fan demographics than anything else, but it’s still great. Lefties got so butthurt.

      Unlike most, I actually see value in “triggering the libs”. It wears them down and demoralizes them.

    • Most of the conservative Texans that I have encountered are the very definition of guys who talk tough before a fight and then, at the last minute, run away, boasting about their toughness the whole time.

      “Don’t Mess with Texas!” they shout as the victory of the Alamo is taken from them before their eyes, again, boasting about their toughness the entire time.

      Then, they run away back to their family of half-mexican and half-black kids and grandkids. Again, loudly boasting the entire time.

      Sad, but true. I wisht that it weren’t true.

      • Although Abbott seems to be doing the right thing for now, his typical m.o. is to do nothing until absolutely forced to. We shall see.

  4. There were two wins today:

    1. Reid Hoffman announced he will no longer fund Nikki Haley after her poor showing in New Hampshire. Her campaign is in deadpool mode now.

    2. The RINO chairman of the Arizona GOP resigned after Kari Lake exposed his attempt to bribe her to exit politics for two years and threatened to release more compromising audio and/or video recordings of him unless he resigned. He tucked his tail between his legs and resigned like a complete pu**y.

    It’s not all that much, but it’s a start. We have celebrate the few wins we get.

  5. This suburban peasant is definitely awake, and has been for a number of years. I absolutely want the destruction of the other side, though I might be talked into partial magnanimity along the lines of concentration camps for some…

  6. I believe the other side, the BIPOC, the cat lady with the BLM sign, the wimpy leftist feminist guy who anonymously reported you for having a fence one inch over local development regulations and all the other leftist zombies as well as their various backers in high places, are exactly out to finish us and everything we think makes sense. They are so profoundly evil that it seems to have a spiritual aspect which is why I use the term satanic about them.

    As has been discussed in the last few days here, those who first take uncoordinated action against these pathetic devils, should consider their own temporal lives over. I therefore cannot ask others to do that. You also easily come across sounding like a glowie fed.

    But I don’t see how we can ever be at peace with them. Their insane fantasy vision, now extended to the FAA and aircraft manufacture, is a society of chaos that can never work and ensures a future for our children little better than slavery as they rumage through the dumpsters in the favelas of the future. I’m not calling for armed rebellion against this nightmare. But it may come anyway

    • The upper levels that push the crazy work for china, the lower levels that enforce the crazy are true believers.

      • You disagree? Please explain why then! If i wanted to defeat an enemy without firing a shot i’d do everything you see going on in our society today.

      • Mr house , we have some real hanity fans on the site. they know that there is no coordination in this world , that things “just happen” . so they will not like your obviously correct observation.

      • While I’m sure China enjoys seeing it’s main economic competitor rotting itself from within, it’s not the chinese who own 95% of the american media, academia and financial institutions.

        Have you Alex Jones enjoyers really never at least heard the name Rothchild? Ignatiev? Alinsky? Marx? Trotsky? Yellen? Schultz? Bernanke? Fink? Gelbaum? Leibowitz(Jon Stewart)? Etc. etc. etc. etc.

        Don’t be led down a blind alley when the truth is right in front of your short nose. It’s an open secret at this point. Grow some balls and braincells please.

    • You can always advocate for people to build Tribe Brother because when armed rebellion does happen that’s the only way you survive…

      • I hear you loud and clear and you are absolutely right. When their fantasy collapses all you’ll have are the people and supplies next to you. My normalcy bias still struggles with what my eyes and mind are telling me

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  8. Not to detract from Z-man’s most insightful essay today, however his basic concepts have been elaborated/noted previously and I believe deserve to be referenced in light of today’s missive.

    “The Vision of the Anointed (1995) is a book by economist and political columnist Thomas Sowell which brands people and organizations that he calls “the anointed” as “promoters of a worldview concocted out of fantasy impervious to any real-world considerations”.

    Sowell’s insight of the time is worth a read today as well. He made quite an impression on me. (If only Z-man had been around to perfect me then). 😉

    • In my experience, “the anointed” would not take exception with that categorization. They will openly agree with the assertion that they are both smarter and more moral than anyone in human history who preceded them.

      • This.

        They are Progressives because humanity never learned a damn thing over thousands of years of civilization and the cultures that preceded civ.

        Some of us only started to clue in with the Enlightenment. But only some of us. The anointed. The Cloud people.

        Obama came to Earth to free us of our guns and Bibles and all the rest of it.

      • Too bad more of those “anointed” don’t read and post to this group. Seems like everyone here has had his turn getting the proverbial “wedgie” at times. No one seems too smart not to be corrected and sorted. Keeps one humble and sane.

  9. literally everyone on the planet witnessed how profitable looting white people
    Jew became super-duper rich by doing so without any actual talent

    Now everyone wants to part of this looting and no one wants to believe white people already looted and had nothing

    Immigration and refugees didn’t come west to become hard working taxpayers
    No one chose hard work when much easier way to have wealth
    which means you are going to witness violence that never occurred after World War

  10. Trump should just “assume the sale” and start acting like he’s already running the country. He should put together a shadow ministry, start sending out ambassadors, broker a peace agreement with the Houthis and send humanitarian aid into Gaza, and start negotiations with Putin and Lavrov about withdrawing NATO forces from Europe. Why not? The other side has already bent every procedural rule in its efforts to force through extralegal change at the margins, so what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I would probably work, too.

    • “…start sending out ambassadors, broker a peace agreement with the Houthis…”

      Another short sighted posting from ID. The reason why *not* would be that such actions would be potentially criminal in nature. There are laws against this. Given that the present regime has already shown a penchant to use “lawfare”, Trump needs no sedition charges levied to muddy the election waters.

      • “There are laws against this.”

        c.f. Mike Flynn.

        Not that it really matters whether there are laws or not. Some DA will figure out a way to frame any act such that 12 spiteful mutants will convict. And even if they don’t, it’s cost you your life savings. The process is the punishment.

        Unfortunately, this does not stop until there are heads on pikes. The left’s notion of “justice” is when the left wins.

  11. My big takeaway from New Hampshire is that elections (or primaries) are still difficult to steal when there aren’t unlimited mail in ballots. The states still retain control over the process. If it were otherwise, he would not have won.

    • I would add look at the demographics of Iowa and New Hampshire and that will be the answer you are looking for on why there wasn’t a bunch of dropped off ballots…

  12. Claiming to be “independent” has been a leftist tactic going back many decades. Most “journalists” play this game too so they can have plausible deniability when people rightfully point out their extreme partisanship. They’ll write a very generic mild criticism of the Democrat and then a 2000 word screed against the Republican and call it neutral coverage.

    • They are “independent” because to them, the Democrats are not full-blown commie enough for them. “Centrists” and “moderates” don’t exist in real life. Anybody who says they are one is either purposefully ignorant or deliberately deceptive.

      More and more people are starting to realize this now, which is probably a good thing.

      • Not sure this fits in my case. I’m IND because I can’t stand either party. Was a LIB for a couple of decades, but they were definitely a dead end. IND was simply a check box, rather than a ploy. Of course, when I was voting, the overwhelming choice was REP. However, I wised up and no longer vote. My general voting strategy wound up in the end as simply not voting for offices where I did not know the issues or could care less. For example we vote in AZ to retain judges—and there are a lot—and I have no knowledge of who they are or their decisions, who does outside of lawyers?

        • Voting out local SJW judges might be worth your trip to the polls. Find out which judges refuse to lock up a diverse person for their 30th offense and vote for the opposition. Also, the local DA makes a difference, especially in the primary if you are a one party county. I’m stuck with someone worse than Soros in this respect (Larry Krasner) and will not enforce the law against any member of the favored class.

          • mob rule (aka democracy) makes voting a joke in States ruled by bluehair crazies in the blue hive shitties of populations in three counties are larger than all the rest put together. other then a vote for a sheriff or school board or county commissioner (and that is wasted too- they all toe the line with State ‘regulations’- ) there is no reason to vote at all in the left coast states for any dissident.

  13. In any divorce, one or both of the parties first have to mentally break-up before the actual separation can occur. That takes time. That marriage is all that you’ve known. You’ve invested a lot of your life to it. It’s going to blow your financial world apart. Etc.

    But once you make that break in your head, it’s very hard to go back. Bit by bit, you realize that all the pain and money of a break-up will be worth it. You just want out. What’s more, all those little things that caused you to reach this point become more and more annoying and intolerable.

    There are millions of normies going through the mental break-up process as we speak. They’re at the beginning of their journey, but it’s starting. Even more interesting is that the other side – progressive whites – seem to be going on the same journey. Indeed, they’re farther along. I mean, they aren’t exactly recommending counselling.

    However, we’re also starting to see the true elite beginning to backpedal a bit. Jews are beginning to realize that non-whites aren’t exactly their buddies. Jamie Dimon is noticing that maybe having Trump won’t be so bad. Personally, I don’t like this. I want the ruling class to take their anti-white campaign up to 11, not dial it back to 7.

    Luckily, I don’t think that they can turn back. Their whole ideology is based on the premise that regular white people are evil. Not sure how you ask liberal whites and non-whites to live with millions of literal Hitlers.

    • Great comment per usual. Outliers like Dimond realize they have screwed the pooch but they also have lost control of their unhinged foot soldiers. No, the banksters can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube but perhaps they can help keep the property division and custody issues less acrimonious. I look at people like Dimond as modern era Kerenskys. Here’s to hoping this winds down better than the earlier version did.

      • I’d put Dean Phillips (who I think is a ✡️) as another one. Before being elected to Congress, he was apparently a successful businessman

        • He is. Bill Ackman got Dean Phillips to knock off the DEI insanity, but my guess that is just more too little, too late self-preservation. These people have a knack for self-destruction.

      • Some of the more thoughtful elite and even a few Jews are beginning to notice that their hate whitey campaign likely won’t end well. They’re also noticing that they won’t be able to use Chinese and SE Asian workers as a substitute for whites.

        Even Brazil needs some decent workers to keep the rich living well.

        The problem for the ruling class is that they have no bench to handle their Golem.

        • I told this story before but I think it’s worth repeating.. This took place during the George Floyd riot era a few years ago . An angry black man approached me in a crowded store and said “What are you looking at white”. I didn’t even notice this guy until he came up to me. By calling me white he was obviously filled with hate towards whites, which was being fanned by the media. I stayed calm and just said nothing. He said “That’s right, that’s right” and walked away. I think if I showed any aggression back to him he would have harmed me.

          As unpleasant as this was I wish every other Jewish person had a similar experience, with perhaps a worse outcome for the most woke among us. It would open their eyes that promoting an anti-white agenda could backfire on us and can be downright dangerous.

    • Did anyone see the pictures of a very contrite looking Elon Musk touring Auschwitz a few days ago wearing a yarmulke and being accompanied by Ben Shapiro? Apparently it had to do with a supposedly anti semetic tweet on X. Calling the World’s richest man on the carpet and making him drop everything and fly off to Poland for a couple of days shows where the power currently lies.

      • Think of our elite as a mob – a Jewish mob. Like the Italian mob of old, it includes non-Sicilians, some of whom can reach a very high rank. But you will never be a “made man” unless you’re Jewish.

        No matter how rich or seemingly powerful you become, if you’re not Jewish, you will never be a part of the inner circle and you will never have your own real power base. You can be called before the family at any point if you get out of line.

        I’ve been making the point that the younger, non-white, non-Jewish members of the elite such as King Cobra are bristling at this arrangement. Whites, like Musk, either don’t mind or are willing to accept it. I suspect that the Indians, Asians and Muslims in the US want to break the Jewish grip.

        You can definitely see that the Chinese and even a few others such as the Saudis are fighting hard to get their own power base, which is why you see them pushing back against the dollar and wanting to create their own tech centers and trading relationships.

        • That is how the President of Mexico describes the U.S. Government. He is not wrong. Neither are you.

        • You don’t need to do a “Think of” – they literally are a Mafia. A Journalist wrote a book on them – the Jewish Mafia (they call it the Russian Jewish but it is the Jewish Mafia) it was quite detailed and he was quite dead soon thereafter.

          Their Headquarters is in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, (where Zelensky has a place-he’s part of them obviously). They are way more powerful than any other Mafia and they will kill you just the same no problem – only they get to use Mossad Techniques of poison and accidents etc. They, Mossad and some USA Traitors, did 911 and every LEO in DC not a moron knows it.

          A Fed told me years ago they did it and no one is going to do a thing about it and if you do or even mention it? He termed it a “Career Ender”. He’s now a very senior Fed still in there – how he and them live with themselves knowing they let 3,000+ USA Citizens be murdered and who knows how many more by these animals in their False Flag Operation and did nothing is beyond me. I actually had a JMafia Member tell me the same. It’s no secret.

          They control nearly everything, all Media, Tech, Porn etc. and even police agencies in certain communities also….Most people are totally clueless ofc.

      • Right?

        With over $200 billion in wealth you’d think Musk could ignote these people, or even have them taken care of.

        You’d be wrong.

    • “Jews are beginning to realize that non-whites aren’t exactly their buddies”

      Hmm, so a brutish unintelligent creature used to attack your enemies ultimately turns on you in the end? I’m sure they have never tried this before so they probably don’t have any historical way of knowing how it would turn out…

      • Jews’ Achilles Heel is their cockiness. (It’s also one of their strengths. Such is life.) They figured that they’d be able to control their mercenaries because they’re just so damn clever.

        Jews are extremely good at keeping grudges but terrible at learning from history.

        • The proper term for Jewish cockiness is “chutzpah” (with a silent “c”). Despite my wariness toward organized small-hat power, I have to admit a fondness for what little I know of Yiddish.

    • A few months ago Larry Fink of BlackRock admitted that ESG needs to go—well, not really. They’re just going to call it something else. I can’t remember the term, but it’s just a sneakier way of continuing down the same road.

    • They can’t turn back because they’ve succeeded beyond their dreams. Propaganda can be far more effective than even they think. The mass id/subconscious/etc., when directly prodded, learns *very literally*.

      The lack they’ve created in the soul of the *average* non-“angry white male” isn’t a longing for “equity” but for Total White Death. Anything short of that is a concession to whiteness, cooperation with irredeemable evil.

      When people who call themselves leftists complain that all Western political parties are “right wing,” this is what they mean (and sometimes they even know it). Capitalism is whiteness, no matter who benefits from it. It’s an Anglo miasma, no matter who generates it. Merely economically and legally oppressing white people while calling for their eternal destruction but *not doing it right now* is “right wing.”

      As our guys often point out, the lesson of the golem is: if you make a monster, it’s a monster. The situation the mass-shapers have created requires unprecedented tyranny and death—to dispose of us, or to restrain “Karen” and her diversity pals (while also constantly beating us to almost death to satisfy her).

  14. I find it interesting that in my having been ‘awakened’ as described by Zman, is the antithesis of being ‘woke’.

    • Like most things that spew forth from the sewer holes that are leftists mouths it is the ‘rule of opposites’ that most strongly applies. Woke = asleep

      If they are calling you Fascist, be certain you are talking to one. If they are accusing you of racism, be certain you are speaking to a virulent racist yourself. And when they preach tolerance rest assured, that were it allowed by the state, you’d be first against the wall for your ‘intolerant’ views and they would cheer it on.

  15. “In contrast, the typical suburban peasant imagines a world where he has a job he enjoys, friends to grill with and watch ball games and a chance give his kids a better life than he got from his parents.”

    “As more suburban peasants wake up to the reality of sign lady, more will inevitably arrive at the only solution that guarantees their survival.”

    The definition of progress is changing, that’s all. As usual, Lefty is leading Righty by the nose, intending evil but working good. Must be in a mood today, it’s all so tiresome.

  16. I live over 1000 miles from the Southern border. My city of 50,000 is being overrun with new arrivals. My wife went to the local Ross clothing store on Monday at 11am. You would expect a Monday morning in January would be a dead time for retail but there were almost no parking spots. When she went into the store it was wall to wall squatemalens with middle easterners and Africans as well. As I have reported before, these people are dropping $400 to $500 at a time. The ones that I have seen seem to have pockets full of $100 dollar bills and absolutely no concern about spending it. Like they know that there is plenty more where that came from. They are also acquiring automobiles. Given that 90 % of the “refugees” are military age men the speculation I have heard that a foreign army is being assembled within the United States cannot be discounted.

    • If only there were some solution to this problem. Well, I’m sure a concerted focus on voting in non-RINOs or, if all else fails, demonstrating at city hall or something will solve this problem.

    • When I moved to my current locale over 5 years ago, there was nary a hispanic to be seen. Even the landscapers were white. Now I see them on the regular.

      • Out here in Atlantic Canada, 5-10 years ago seeing an Indian was a rarity (as in, someone from India, not the indigenous or natives or whatever’s the p.c. term for them these days). Today, you walk into a typical fast food joint and the majority of the staff, if not the entirety of the staff, will be Indian. Once the turnover starts it goes lightning fast; have read & heard many reports that once the first Indian gets into management, hiring of any non-Indian virtually ceases and the existing non-Indians get chased out by poor scheduling, bad reviews, etc.

        And let me stress: this is Atlantic Canada. Not Toronto or Ottawa or Montreal or Vancouver, the big centres where most of the people and the money are in Canada. This is like Wyoming or Montana waking up to their local convenience stores suddenly being very non-white.

        Immigration has rocketed up the issues list in Canadian polling, not that I think it will genuinely matter as the country is too passive and stupid to avoid its Argentinean fate.

    • About a decade or so ago, I was in Northern Idaho coming home to Tucson from Alaska. We (wife and I) stopped at an interstate rest area. While in the public restroom, a large white utility—not passenger—van pulled up and out popped about a dozen, hot, dirty, and sweaty *wets*. Wets meaning obvious IA’s being smuggled from the Southern border. They spoke only Spanish among themselves.

      They proceeded to use the restroom to wash and change clothes, so I assumed from prior experience on the border that they were about at their destination up North. Here, IA’s cross the border—about 30 miles behind—then just before pickup on one of the two major highways, they change clothes to blend in with the natives in case stopped. I assumed they had employment offers on one of the farms or ranches of the area.

        • Yes they do.
          Over three years now a common sight on interstates in the west are white or dark blue busses, windows blacked out. Various licenses. All I have seen are going north or east. I haven’t ever spotted one at a rest stop. Not hard to speculate on who’s inside.
          At a much smaller scale this has been going on for decades.
          One of the small Dakota towns I used to live in. High school yearbook reflected this. Starting in the 1980s. Two of the graduating class of eight were Pedro & Hector.
          This school closed in 87 though so can only guess what’s happening now.

          • Chesmossa: All it takes is one. One IKAGO, one ‘nice neighbor.’ One non-White is too many and plants the seeds of destruction in any community.

    • It seems too fantastic to even entertain.

      But the US government actively thwarting Texas from enforcing black letter law is too.

      Strange times.

      • It is hard to think like the people in charge of these historic events. I suspect that it is hard for the same reason it is very hard to understand what is going on inside the head of a psychiatric patient

      • Ft Sumpter two inevitable now. Several other states are mobilizing their guard to deploy to Texas in support. Hope to hell Texans don’t blink.
        I don’t think they will.
        BTW I’m from Idaho.

    • We had a week-long cold snap, snow & ice, here in Middle Tenn, pretty much ending with rain the past two days. I went to nearest Wallyworld with husband on Sunday, bright and sunny but wind chill c. zero/lower single digits. At the check out there was a young, very African-looking woman, wearing one of those colorful printed cotton wrap dresses and matching headdress, playing with her(?) tiny infant in a nice stroller. I didn’t get a look at the kid, but noticed that the woman was barefoot and wearing minimal leather sandals! Huh?

      • Dr. Dre: All the subcons in Texas – men in particular – wore sandals/athletic ‘slides’ year round. Even if they wore otherwise western clothing and/or a winter jacket, they exposed their grubby brown feet.

        I wouldn’t be concerned about their or your African woman’s welfare if I were you.

    • Frustrating to say the least to see the enemy amassing and getting ready to overrun us and our side just sitting on the sidelines complaining about it…Tribe Up or Die Dissidents…

    • It’s also important to note that all that money gets counted in the GDP numbers, so when CNN or whatever is crowing about the miracle of Bidenomics, they are taking this into account. I suspect this is a primary driver of the migrant industrial complex, once a person gets here, they get a credit card, they get a cell phone, they need a car (states issue driver licenses to anyone these days, and what about motor voter?), etc.

      I went to the DMV earlier this year and at least 70% of the people I saw on line were in there were obvious foreigners, who lacked the sort of documentation that comes with being an American citizen (SS#, American birth certificate, etc.). I grew up in that area and it was about 99% people of European descent. I didn’t know how good I had it and what processes were in motion.

      • I was laid-off almost 5 months ago now and have sent out hundred of apps. My field (software) is one of the ones overrun with Indians. When I read your post about SS# and American birth certificate I glanced over at the white folder I have near me on the shelf with my SS card and birth cert. I’ve been keeping them handy knowing I’ll need them when I get hired again.

        If I get hired again. that is… Those papers symbolize my “American citizenship” for me. There are times when I think “what’s the point, may as well burn that shit”

        • The shame of your posting is that we had trained many Indians in our dept. They were known for their hard work and long hours. However, we also had a staff member—a real software engineer—whose job was to take their work (program code) and change it into something fit to be released to the world. In some cases, it was easier to tear it up and simply start over again.

          Point of the story? I suspect you are being replaced by a couple of Indians whose work still is not equal to yours.

  17. After the revolution the edict must be that the very first word every mother must teach the little child sitting on her lap is the word deport.

  18. The real awakening will happen when cities are burning, grocery store shelves are empty, and rage against societal insanity becomes unbearable and personal. Make no mistake, that pent up rage will explode into violence, and sadly, that violence will mostly be misdirected where it does almost no good in terms of actual remedy. Neighbor will fight neighbor, rioters will fight LEOs, and militias will fight Feds/National Guard. And when the pitchfork mob arrives in DC, they will face off against a lot of white guys loyal to a paycheck/pension. And the end result of this mayhem will be way too many dead alphas on the bottom of the social pyramid.

    We’ve already seen this endgame play out in Ukraine where Slav has been duped into killing brethren Slav by the hundreds of thousands. And the pathogens responsible for this catastrophe still rule the roost with ruthless destructiveness as their sole goal. What else can explain why the Feds have facilitated an invasion of 30 million illegals during the past 3 years?

    We can do better. We don’t have to play the game of mutual slaughter of inconsequential Untermenchen. We can, and should, focus on the root of the problem and make that the object of our remedial efforts. That problem is relatively small and realistically achievable. But it takes creativity and determination. And those are the real traits that made America Great.

    • No. This is the logic that says there is no point fighting the Japanese soldier on whatever island in the Pacific because the real enemy is the Emperor, or the war party in Japan or whatever.

      The real enemy uses his foot soldiers – Antifa, BLM, the cops, whoever – to achieve his goals. You can no more ignore this fact than the Marines could ignore the guys bunkered up on Guadalcanal and focus on the “real enemy.”

      There’s no getting around these implications, even if we want to.

      • The warrior ethos has been demonized so thoroughly in the modern west.

        There is constant denouncement of remedial and protective violence even when faced with an enemy that is open about genociding the native populations of the west.

        Rather than being some virtue, I find the constant aversion to violence to be another sign of a civilization on its deathbed.

        • The alleged pacifism of the Power Structure is nothing more than self-serving misdirection. The PS is more than willing to use state violence against innocent whites, look the other way as nuggras burn, loot, rape and murder, and to incinerate any nation that dares contravene the deranged principles of the Anal Empire.

        • This might be a bit off topic, but it does dovetail. The latest installment of “Dune” was on the other night and I couldn’t help but groan at the kid they got to play Paul Atreides – Timothy Chalemet.
          For those of you who aren’t into it/haven’t read the book, The Paul Atreides character is in his mid teens and is a scion of a well-respected, aristocratic family. One of the things about him is that he has been trained to fight since he was old enough to walk, with guns, knives and empty hands. He has also been schooled in tactics and the strategy of both modern, as well as guerrilla warfare and palace intrigue. He comports himself with a quiet confidence, not arrogance. He is literally a walking, talking weapon.

          In the movie, Chalemet is a wiry twerp who presents the appearance of one who is very self conscious and constantly appears as though he is going to cry .His exchanges with Jason Momoa – the actor who portrays Duncan Idaho – lead one to believe that the kid is afraid of his own shadow who would be most at home emoting in a library, not being the future ruler of a great house capable of violence should the situation call for it.
          This came up in an interview I was reading and the screenwriter, I believe it was, stated emphatically that they wanted to portray his character as “sensitive” with little, to no trace of “traditional toxic masculinity”.
          This goes to your point of the warrior ethos being demonized. ANY example of that from a European male must be done away with. It’s no wonder my son loves the shows from the old TV channels. Shows like Magnum PI, or Airwolf and movies like Commando.

      • Join a militia if you must and fight tooth and nail against your brothers in the National Guard on our homeland. You will not be alone, many others will join you, both in the fight and in the grave. I count that as a serious lose-lose, as no one who is truly responsible for this mess will ever face accountability. But take heart in knowing that you have created a significant distraction and tied up lots of assets that might otherwise be employed rounding up innocents and sending them to the camps.

        I prefer smarter rather than harder.

    • It doesn’t take a lot of creativity to come up with the solution, which is to eject all the illegals, and imprison or hang all the politicians who brought them here and gave them billions of our tax money….Ike deported 1.4 million illegals in 4 months…We can do better!

      • I have seen someone mentioning El Salvador as an example of what is possible. Of course, the goals are different in the West, but their methods need to be studied and then followed.

      • It is funny: “Oh, those who are already here, well, there’s simply too many of ’em to try and repatriate them all, you know…”

        Not really. You just do it. Hardly a problem, barely an inconvenience.

        • Yeah, too many to round up..
          Unless it was Our Weapons.. That would be totally doable.
          Success is always found at the intersection of
          Ability and DESIRE,,,

          And Desire is the Operative word that explains why one action would not be possible and the other would.

      • pyrrhus: Perhaps it’s easier to speak of only ‘illegals’ when dealing with the average individual, but surely here we can dispense with the fallacy that there’s some innate difference between someone who walked across the border and someone who claimed to be a tourist or student and simply stayed, adjusted status, and was proclaimed ‘legal.’

        The immigration process is not something magical. Way back in my day, we used to be able to refuse someone for ‘moral turpitude,’ or ‘likely to become a public charge,’ or simply because our common sense told us this individual was a potential illegal immigrant. Sailer was useful at least in his coinage of ‘magic dirt’ and ‘magic papers.’ All those non-Whites who proclaim they came “legally” are simply claiming they gamed an incredibly broken and bizarre system.

        Close to 99% of “spousal” or “fiance” visas are issued for fraudulent pairings. Those immigrants who receive job offers are the beneficiaries of corporate offices who don’t want to hire and pay White programmers or nurses. Every “American-trained” east or south Asian doctor or dentist took a spot from a deserving White.

        This isn’t just my hobbyhorse, and words mean things. The only difference between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ is two damned letters. All post 1965 non-White immigrants – magic papers or dirt notwithstanding – need to be returned to their homelands, along with their putatively “American-born” children and grandchildren.

        • This is why I come here 3g4me. Most of you folks here, not to mention Z Man, are smarter than me so I hope some of it rubs off.

          I spent much of my life in the immigration business. You are completely correct. We immigrate some of the most worthless scum into this country. The use of “illegal” in describing the problem actually vastly understates the problem.

        • Sage words, 3g.

          It simply doesn’t matter at this point the ‘legal’ designation of the non-white entering your lands; they aren’t you and will form a bloc dedicated to replacing you – whether they do it actively or passively, it’ll happen.

        • They still use the morality exception to keep white people out.

          We most often hear of it happening to “OnlyFans girls” (prostitutes) and opportunistic European brides because people care when young women aren’t treated kindly, but non-pseudonymous /ourguys/ without special accommodation (ahem) can’t travel between white countries either.

          We knew Poland was conquered years ago, despite all the “based slav” PR, when Jared Taylor couldn’t visit it. Now it’s more obvious.

          • Hemid: See Ann Applebaum and husband. Poland has been wobbling for some time now, unfortunately. Now, under Tusk, it’s gone.

      • Coming up with solutions is child’s play. Implementing them is a different kettle of fish.

    • that violence will mostly be misdirected where it does almost no good in terms of actual remedy..

      Did you know that if you get a rattlesnake pissed off enough it will sometimes strike Itself?!!? I used to mess with them when I was a Roughneck in West Texas and was really surprised when it did that.

      The ones who need taken out the most will not be in places where they can be found. I’m not sure we even know Who they are. If I was looking, I’d want the names of the Bilderberger attendees, WEF, all of the Think Tanks, owners of the federal Reserve, and BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, So many little wizards, hiding behind curtains,
      I agree, once people start unwinding, I don’t expect they will be too determined to Know that the target of that anger is really who Has it Coming. I’m no historian, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some heads rolled during the French Revolution that didn’t really deserve it.

      • That crew does not seem in the least to be camera shy. Sure, they use Davos and places like it as their Fortress of Solitude, but their faces are public. I’ll grant there likely is quite a number in the shadows, but the ones up front probably are just as troublesome.

        • YaKnow,, if a guy just happened to find himself alone with one of those who have a public face and could establish a rapport,, coff, coff,,, he just might name those who didn’t show up, but sent a representative.

      • {Sigh} The True Powers impose their will through violence, which is implemented at the very local level.

        You can tell, because if it *weren’t* implemented at the very local level, then Whites wouldn’t be able to escape it by moving to a suburb two exits down the highway.

      • Nolan Parker: They all have families, as well. Alexander Soros, anyone? How is Amy Schumer any less vile than her uncle Chuckie? Pelosi’s daughter shares not just her mother’s genetics, but also her penchant for illicit wealth and destructive social policies.

        Cast your net widely.

        • As the Zman pointed out about the Hebraic Moles of Brooklyn, some-one decided “We need them”. Go back, find out who it was and feed their Posterity through the wood-chipper. Genetic flaws can be fixed.

      • I get the point that you’d rather get to the puppet master rather than just the puppet. But if enough puppets see the job comes with undesirable side effects, well, recruiting puppets gets challenging. Taking a lesson from Hooties (and the Blowfish), find the choke points.

      • A Downvote without explaining Why? Howcummizzit
        you have an opinion and want me to Know you disagree with what I said, but don’t want to tell me why? Gosh,how will I Ever Learn if my betters won’t even try to teach me?

        • I did not downvote. I get your point. I just think @c matt has the better answer. Unless you have mad skills (and even if you do) trading one for one is not worth it. But the smaller fish are much less well protected, and the point of the spear, almost not at all.

          Going after the head of the snake, while soothing to Western ideas, is terribly inefficient in terms of who we can afford to lose. Unless going after the head of the snake means raining down PGMs. Or adopting the drone tactics of the Ukraine conflict.

        • Downvote? First time?

          Upvotes stroke the ego. (Dopamine, nice!)

          Downvotes inspire clarity of thinking and better arguments.

          It is what it is.

      • Local local local.
        If you haven’t been making a list for a while now get started.
        I’d bet most here are already on somebody else’s list somewhere.

    • My hope is that somehow we can figure out how to get past all the intermediate hostilities that Selco talked about, and get to the end stage right away.

      As is being learned in Ukraine and Gaza, unless you deal with the tip of the spear, no soup for you. Fortunately all those white guys who sold out for a paycheck and a pension have soft squishy families and friends, which Selco points out, once you start using them is when the unpleasantness all starts to wind back down.

      And, no, that doesn’t make you as bad as them. They sold out for 30 pieces of silver. You are fighting for the lives of those you love.

    • We will be better off afterwards without those alphas who chose the wrong side. They would never be loyal, always mercenaries looking for a paycheck and pension.

    • Bad idea. Radicalize the white suburban peasants and you get a bunch of new Proud Boys. Radicalize the Hispanic ones and you get a bunch of new Pedro Gonzalezes. Fun to watch, maybe, but then we’ll get a President MTG elected, and we’re just kicking the can down the road and extending the lifespan of Liberalism.

      Radicalize key people instead. Attract a large minority of peasants to parallel institutions. Then when we take power, most of the rest will go along.

      • Yes, you need radicalized leader(s) from the “elites” for something consequential to happen. Radicalized peasants would be willing to follow the right leader.

        • The peasants will follow the POWER. Women in particular will follow whatever holds sway over society. That’s why we have the archetypal white lady with the BLM sign in her yard: she is simply exhibiting her obedience to the herd morality that has formed by elite consensus. Change the dominant morality and that white lady will change too lest she be ostracized by the herd. And most of the peasant men will likewise conform. People in general are sheep. Give them a new ethos that has hegemonic force behind it and the vast majority of the commoners will fall into line.

          • Imagine this sign in the lady’s lawn! What a world this could be!

            SCIENCE IS HARD

          • Nah.
            Leopards don’t change their spots. Any one displaying any thing like that can never be trusted.
            Except to shank you in the back first chance they get.

      • You are grossly underestimating the gravity of this problem…Americans don’t have decades to solve these self-inflicted problems, they have less than a decade at most….

        • The fix has been in since the 1960s. 1965 immigration act, Civil Rights Act, Great Society, Vietnam MIC money-laundering scam, commie takeover of Western education system…

          …but it’s not irreversible. Britons are taking their country back post-Brexit: we can do the same. Start by boycotting certain firms/people. Divert funds to activists helping our cause.

          • I’m not sure that having a swarthy PM and London mayor, amongst many other lesser functionaries, qualifies as taking their country back.

          • I doubt having a swarthy PM and London mayor, amongst many many other lesser functionaries, can be considered ‘taking their country back’.

          • Brexit, if anything, has accelerated the trends, just because the elites in the country have decided to use the post-Brexit era to punish the people who supported it, which is exactly what the elites in the US did after 2016. From British I’ve talked to, the most visible sign is that immigrants are arriving in the UK not from Europe (Poland, etc.) but from Africa and Asia.

          • Reply to : BigJimSportCamper

            Which is the more substantive achievement-Brexit or Sunak as PM?

            Which is about presentation and which is about structural change in the UK?

            Sunak and Khan do not negate Brexit.

        • True. 30 million “mostly military aged males” in three years means another 70 million in about 6 1/3 years. That assumes that the invasion stays linear as at present, which it is not. It is getting worse.

          This does not include all of the other “immigrants” not in the military age male demographic but who will undoubtedly support them. To say nothing of all the sign ladies.

          A 100 million man army with logistical support is nothing to sneeze at.

          • “with logistical support”

            This is the genius of bringing them in unarmed, instantiating them locally, and then later equipping them with military grade rifles, grenades and crew served weapons. They will already possess logistical support here. The three million of us “militia” cannot prevail over them IF we fail to assemble soon.

          • “ …30 million “mostly military aged males” in three years means another 70 million in about 6 1/3 years.”

            That’s one way to look at it, but another way is to look at this current number (30M) as a minority breeding cohort as compared to the same aged breeding White cohort.

            We now see that, as with Germany, that the demographics are fixed *in stone* that Whites will be reduced to an inconsequential proportion of the population within two to three generations.

  19. Here is the a question – If we shut off immigration today would that change anything?

    No one present on this forum here would answer yes. That might have been an acceptable answer circa 1970 or 1980 or maybe even 1990. Not now. The general public doesn’t want to answer that question honestly. The easiest answer is always to do nothing, and to fantasize of fluttering American flags and apple pies. To actually do something means the end of the American way inc. Either way…

    • No, it would not change anything because the size of the invader population and their ethnic ghettos have passed the level required for them to self-sustain and expand.

    • “If we shut off immigration today would that change anything?”

      Couldn’t hurt. And over time it would correct.

      • Hoagie: Birth rates. Death rates. They matter – a lot. All those ‘temporary’ Turkish guest workers we pressured Germany to take in the 1950s now have “magic German” children and grandchildren. The problem is exponential; the linear solution of ‘stopping’ increased newcomers now is doomed to failure unless that reality is addressed.

        • Exactly. As I posted before, I read an analysis that showed that the cohort of “migrants” that invaded Germany under Merkel (1.5M) was *equal* in numbers to the native breeding cohort of the time! In other words, there was no way that the native German stock could retain majority numbers in the generations to follow. The native German stock had sentenced themselves to minority status and their culture to extinction throw dissolution of blood.

          • That is my understanding as well. Germany WILL become majority non-white just like America will. These are incomprehensible, incredible prospects to take in. But they are baked in now. We really did lose

        • I’ve said it before but if Americans doubled their birthrates, then the elite would quadruple the immigration numbers. It’s incredibly easy to do and they’ve been doing it in other countries like Canada which have immigration rates that vastly exceed our own. For better or worse we cannot breed our way out of this. The whinging about birth rates is a pretext, nothing more, especially when it is accompanied by contradictory rhetoric about how first world lifestyles are killing the planet, how automation is going to remove the need for large chunks of the labor force, etc.

    • Of course it would. It is a necessary but not sufficient condition. Having your civilization infested by hostiles equal to your own number is far preferable to having your civilization infested by hostiles equal to five times your number.

      The inevitable answer is REMIGRATION. They all have to go back. It’s why I am delighted that the degenerate vermin who rule over us are busy exhausting their fund of default white-normie respect for rule of law, because in the end, they ALL have to back and that includes “the middle-aged white woman with the BLM sign.” We don’t have to live like this.

      • As an engineer for 40 years, numbers matter. Population always expands geometrically not linearly. Too many high birth rate minorities already here to ever hope that we can maintain a majority white population, even if white men and women actually started making babies at the boomer rate of 3.2 kids per couple. Build a 1000 foot wall and shoot all who cross, and we are still looking at majority minority (what an oxymoron) by 2060.

      • Yes, requires two measure: stop the invasion, and begin deporting invaders en masse.

        Oh you have a home and a job and your kids just entered Shady Valley Elementary School? I don’t care. Get on the bus.

        Hire lotsa white males to boost employment via a bounty system, then give ’em permanent gigs policing the border after the main round-up is done.

    • It’s not that hard, but apparently Americans have gotten so soft that they can’t face reality…Cut off the money, eject the illegals, and close the border with land mines if necessary, and shoot on sight orders for leakers…

      • Unfortunately, not even that will stop this. Not until you end the military-industrial complex, the education-government complex, ALL forms of living at the expense of others, not just the low fruit like welfare and Medicaid and SS and Medicare, but all government pensions, including military and police, all government paychecks, all the way from President to dog catcher.

        Unless you are willing to unwind to that point, you will maintain a bifurcated society that cannot help but spend itself into oblivion.

    • No. “Immigration” — by which I mean flooding a white country with unskilled nonwhites — is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. And the problem is white [and (((“white”))) ] leftist, globalist race-traitor elites are using nonwhites against traditional, nationalist whites.

      The reason they do this is because they have adopted an international secular religion, where nonwhites (and queers and females) represent the highest moral virtue, and whiteness is the greatest sin.

      This problem is occurring across the entire white western world, and it is the same white elites with their ersatz globalist religion behind it.

      • This is why Christian nationalism, while not the desired endstate, is at present the only vehicle I can see which stands a chance against this mania in America.

        The sodomites, catamites, pagans, and fedorians have to be made to see this.

    • Well the first thing would be to stop the bleeding. The patient will probably die anyway but we should try.

      • george 1: You’re out of date by about 3 decades. The US is a decaying, maggot covered corpse. Removing the maggots will not resuscitate said corpse. You need a better plan.

    • Things can always be worse. Not shutting off immigration is surrender and yes it might be a hopeless cause but I don’t think most people understand what that type of surrender means. It literally means mass murder of white people. It means your suburb or exurb or even true rural area has Colony Ridges popping up nearby. I could go on with the doom porn but most people here understand the end game.

  20. The absolute best outcome is that the harpy with the BLM sign in the front yard decides she is too good to live amongst unenlightened savages…and moves. A distant second-best outcome is Normie not wanting any part of this cancerous Regime and detaching from it. We see signs of both outcomes, too.

    As to the election, you are right. The people who vote for Trump primarily are not giving the system a middle finger. They are telling the Regime it has failed and they have no confidence in it. The despicable wine aunt with the BLM sign might have dirtied herself to vote for Nehra Nikki, but that is a regard action now.

    Dissolution and fragmentation is the present. The future is TBD.

    Maybe this is the silver lining of the open border, this clarification?

  21. Yesterday’s hilarious outcome in NH provided another window into just exactly HOW the Government rigs elections. In this case, the open primary system. Hillary Clinton famously said not long ago that the Democrats should only allow GOP leaders in the house “acceptable to”…Democrats. They get to pick our leaders, which is a great gig.

    We get preached to all the time about how secure our elections are, and that 2020 wasn’t a rigged election, “no evidence”, that sort of thing. But here we are in 2024 talking about how Democrats and eGOP members conspired to rig the NH Republican primary in order to advance a Democrat’s chances against Trump (now and in November).

    I think when people talk about NH today with friends, it’s important to point out that the vote rigging failed spectacularly, but vote rigging it was. If the suburban peasant is going to wake up to this stuff, we have to constantly point out and remind them how their right to pick their leaders is being stolen from them by corrupt people with evil intent.

    Pressure will be placed on Nikki Romney to bow out. Trump runs unopposed in NV next and then will beat the neocon whore in SC the following week, probably by similar or greater margins. There are fewer Democrats in SC and Trump’s MAGA voters can now see the impact of the vote rigging…and show up in greater numbers to counter it.

    At the end of the day, Haley “improved” on her polling by 5% through vote rigging…but still lost by double digits…11% (as of this morning).

    There is an upper limit to vote rigging.

    • While we here realize elections are meaningless, the humor is to be savored. Visit NRO for a schadenfreude overdose. Those people are more emotionally incontinent than the even-more estrogen-drenched leftwing college ho’s. The editor even begs Nehru Nikki to stay in the race in hopes the legal coup is successful.

      • But nobody pretended he was elected. That is the difference.

        Is is absolutely essential that the fraud gets dragged out into the sunlight. The Kari Lake bribery offer (to get her off the 2024 ballot) is another.

        If you go back and look at the graphs from 2020, it was “just enough” votes in “just the right counties” in “just enough states” to give Biden the W.

        They had North Carolina as a backup in case one of the others fell through, but they didn’t use it because it would have been harder to explain away.

        Anyway, you’re right, there’s no physical limit to fraud. The limit is set by the risk of discovery.

        • The Kari Lake bribery attempt has now been revealed to be the work of the AZ Rep Party Chairman! How’s that for 5th columns! Regardless how you feel about voting or not voting, there is no uncorrupted party to affiliate with, nor any in the main to even field candidates of integrity. The system will not fix itself.

          • That should come as a surprise to nobody. AZ rigged the 2020 vote with the help of Republicans like Ducey. The “people back east” that DeWit mentioned were probably McConnell and his toadies doing the bidding of Schumer/Obama.

            They’re afraid Lake gets the VP nod from Trump. She is brutal and would not only work Trump’s agenda, she’d destroy Harris and lead the overall election fraud counter offensive. She knows first hand how it was done.

            Eyes wide open.

    • By “revolt” most people mean:
      1. Scroll Twitter get upset
      2. Vote Trump
      3. ???
      4. America saved

      • Yes. White Americans are cowards. The feminine virtues of niceness and compassion rule the land. Even the few whites that really get what is going on are nervous about acknowledging the truth out if fear of being seen as the type of people to kill 6 million Jews.

        We are a very long way from people being willing to be known as bad people.

        • You could call anyone “cowards”. Just what are they supposed to do? Bunch of rednecks go down to Texas and start shooting illegals swimming across? Are the Chinese “cowards” because they can’t/won’t depose Xi? At least they ultimately rioted and made their gov back down over Covid restrictions. What about Brazil and their rigged election putting Lula in power?
          It’s like saying “the unarmed German civilians living under a ruthless police state could/should have stopped the Holocaust and liberated the death camps with their penknives.” Ludicrous thinking! Options are limited.

          Fall of Berlin Wall 1989 is more realistic and hopeful. One event tipped the masses into action, and the Ancien Regime toppled without a shot being fired. This can happen here.

          • Exactly Compsci when we had a White Country many things were possible that aren’t today for us…

          • This is why 1/6 terrified them so much. Sure, they took advantage of it to go into “special session” so that electors could not be challenged.

            But afterwards, the insane over the top “insurrection” hysteria is all about the 1989 Berlin Wall example you used.

            1/6 came very close to becoming an occupation. The main reason it didn’t is that nobody actually lives there.

            But it stands today as evidence that we are very close to a tipping point in this country.

            Team Red didn’t take the field during the 2020 fentanyl addict riots. 1/6 was a threat to the government not to expect Team Red to sit it out next time.

      • Actually, I think locals might start taking more aggressive action to expel illegals from their towns and counties and from their school. No proof of citizenship? GTFO.

        I think we’re closer than than we realize. Probably not yet at the point where the locals start putting up checkpoints, but not far.

    • Nah. Its like the Queen song, “everybody wants to live forever”, nobody wants to die. No sane person would. But there was a time in a 95% white country where we thought of ” our posterity” in a meaningful way. Our posterity now is a bunch of soy boys, trans positive, mixed race, lazy ass blobs. “Yeah, i want to sacrifice for that”? is a legitimate argument.

  22. I’m not sure how accurate this post is. I live in a middle class suburban neighborhood and most people dislike Trump more than the democrats. They dislike DeSantis as well. They much prefer Haley or someone like her. They just want fairness, relatively low taxes, and someone who like Israel.

    • ” middle class suburban neighborhood ” = midwits

      This is the key line. As I said yesterday for your average human if the problem is not within a 3-5 block radius, it is not real. It is “just on TV”.

      Midwits is not an insult. It simply means bog standard average normie IQ. For these people, all of this is far away still because high density public housing is nowhere in sight. Shaneequa and Jamal are “in that bad part of town”. And Jose and Juanita are loitering in front of Home Depot several miles away.

      When these elements are in close physical proximity and the wonders of diversity ‘bear fruit’ right before their eyes. They will then wake up, 3 decades later than they should have. And so it goes…

      • “Midwits is not an insult. It simply means bog standard average normie IQ. For these people, all of this is far away still because high density public housing is nowhere in sight.”

        At risk of committing the education=intelligence fallacy, this is probably not true. For every high-density 85 IQ complex, you would need an equal number of 115 IQ individuals somewhere</b to offset it. Since we know that kind of place does not exist, suburbs must necessarily be above average or the math doesn’t work. Most likely the suburbs are 1/2 to a full standard deviation above the mean.

        • That is midwit (100-115). Smart enough to be dangerous, as they say. Not smart enough to figure it out until it’s too late (if then).

          • Yep, that is the problem. It is not an insult, simply a nod to reality. However, even Dutton does not attribute problems to *all* midwits, just the ones “who get above themselves.” This gave me great comfort on a personal level. 🙁

          • The math does not work outside of Lake Woebegone.

            Whites have plenty of underperformers. Even using what is often assumed to be the white mean of 105, one standard deviation below that goes clear down to 90 or so, who dominate our white/trailer trash and urban poor. They are not moving the black mean very far, and are largely not the ones in suburbs. That’s mostly college educated and those smart enough to be successful entrepreneurs, who are going to skew higher.

      • The problem with midwits, and maybe I am one, is that they think they are far smarter than they are. Maybe this is the problem with democracy and get manipulated by those above them intelligence-wise. Plato said we need a philosopher-king – a guy at the upper end of the bell curve, a genius with natural leadership, to rule the polis. He also said that the voting masses are fooled by smooth, slick talkers – think of all the normies hoodwinked by Obama. Considering Plato also lived in a slave economy, he also understood that some people are simply meant to be ruled over, and better they be ruled over by the best than the worst, one who takes the interests of all of society into account. If you told Plato that voting would be given to everybody with a pulse, he would have said that would lead to chaos and tyranny, and sure enough…

        • I’d agree that’s a problem with democracy. Seems to me the answer, though, is to have as few things subject to mob rule as possible, i.e., use a more republican form of government. Or take it to the level of Jefferson, where whatever bad decisions you make mostly affect you, and it’s effects on others in the community a distant second order at most.

          Think Darwin Awards.

          • I think, if you take a step back, you come to understand that the path of the American experiment is the natural and normal path. The amount of people who would be allowed to get a say in “our sacred democracy” can only go in one direction, and the resulting chaos could only be solved by more centralized power and tyranny. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube as time goes on. We are at the point now where Democrats are advocating for children and hardened felons to vote (in jail, if necessary). It’s completely over. The idea that we can get back to a Jeffersonian republic if only we implemented the right policies is what conservatives have been crowing about for decades.

            Indeed, this path from democracy to tyranny was also described by Plato.

      • Apex: Even when diversity bears its poisoned fruit in front of their eyes, they will still deny reality. Molly Tibbetts parents. Davey Blackburn. There’s some tatted-up White mother who’s suing the government because her daughter was murdered by an MS 13 mestizo . . . who was sub-letting a room in the trailer where said daughter was shacked up with her mestizo boyfriend.

        The problem goes far, far deeper than anyone is willing to acknowledge or address.

        • Yea the perversion, degeneracy, and rot is throughout the foundation and can never be fixed and yet you still have our side not wanting to get out of the building before it comes tumbling down…

    • I’m in California and the MSNBC-watcher white shitlibs I know viscerally despise Nikki Hillary (also like to complain about TX governor Abbott in the last two months– some rando they’d never heard of last year; Pavlovian programming is real). Until last week, they also ostentatiously hated Ron D and I distinctly recall prattle about him being “worse than Trump,” for depriving all the little scholars of Kama Sutra library books.

      On the other hand I don’t detect much enthusiasm for vegetable President/embarrassment VP. Usually they will gush religiously over any PoC charlatan sent up by the media that week so it is all too obvious by omission w/ the latter. Their inchoate suspicion about Hunter Biden’s international business and art careers is that everything is exaggerated, a frame-up, etc. which is the hangover of 2016 partisan-all-the-time still. According to them Trump sexually assaulted dozens or hundreds of women as well as paid them all hush money, which is either illegal or needs to be made illegal for Trump right away. Mostly they love to worship celebrities like The Squad. They never talk about vaccines now, that may be a general respectability collapse around the issue out here though. Lefties I know genuinely believed at the time the Coof was the new megadeath outbreak strain a la the movie versions and the issue today leaves them at a social disadvantage no matter what the context.

      The more startling thing to me as an L.A. native is this set seems uniformly to consider Israel bad and low-class now, which must mean the allergic reaction to evangelical Zionist groupies under G.W. Bush has actually accelerated. I used to not observe this outside of university professors and lawyers but it’s a sea change. The reason the Pentagon goes hard in the paint on LGBT is last-propaganda-standing to emotionally resonate with the modern center-left bloc, who otherwise might be semi-consciously isolationist. If they could figure out a way to show Derek Chauvin kneeling on Zelensky, and also make Zelensky black, that would do dynamite box-office. Alas they have to resort to Two Mommies stuff instead, and that’s the likely ultimate fate of other left-liberal human rights imperialisms.

      Oh yeah, couldn’t forget– My local liberal milieu deem immigration as sensationalized but also society has to be upended completely to integrate however many billions come, which is The Right Thing To Do. Some of them believe.this zealously, others are more.whistling past the graveyard. The worst of all worlds is opinion that makes you look low-status in front of a black or mestizo, or failing that, a South Asian (very prominent in left circles here).

      • That’s a fascinating point about the use of trannies and others to keep the War 4’ever grift going.

  23. Terrific post today and right on the money as usual.

    Normie needs to realize that he must vanquish these rotten scum. There is no living with them. They need to be physically removed.

  24. In 2016, a vote for the Bad Orange Man was a protest, and a middle finger to the Vichy Right. In 2020, a vote for the BOM was a hope that elections still mattered. In 2024, a vote for the BOM is a vote for civil war, initiated by the Left. The BOM is Lincoln in 1860, but not in that utterly retarded DR3 formulation. The result will be the same.

    • Maybe. I’m beginning to worry that they *won’t* rig the election this time. All the chitchat I’m hearing now, based on WEF comments, weird political opinion pieces, the sudden appearance of White men in Army recruiting ads, and so on is that {shrew team B, the Thermidorian reaction} have decided Trump is a better option.

      • If they do allow it, the purpose will be to pin on Trump the upcoming economic collapse and to have him act as the Judas goat to recruit white soldiers. The former would work, the latter would not at this point.

        • Yes. We have already seen that the military will not take orders from Trump. So they may just start a war because they want to.

  25. The most dangerous spiritual movement that has come about in the last 150 years is the religion of Progress. Originally a self-congratulatory gloss on the bedrock of Christianity, it has mutated into at dangerously delusional cult.

    As always, the first sin is pride

  26. ” When the ends of one side are the destruction of the other, the only plausible response for the other side is to seek the same.”

    The BLM signs — and covid masks — are all over my neighborhood where the typical suburban peasant hasn’t got a chance. The latter has Trump and a bunch of votes. The former’s got power of which the latter can only dream.

    These fantasies of “taking the country back” are just that. The disaffected and disenfranchised can kick ass at the margins — beat up on a few minorities here and there — but their/our days are done.

    What, then, is next? Prep for the collapse if you can. And learn to speak Church Latin as it’s coming up on the year 476 redux.

    • I haven’t seen a covid mask for many months now. Do people really wear them somewhere? Do mask mandates still exist in some locations or are the maskers just severely retarded?

      • A small minority of people still sport the things in the Tidewater region. They just really like them, I guess.

      • I’m in a wealthy far left New England town. You definitely still see them. Alone in their car. Outside. In stores. It’s not a majority, for sure, but if I were to ballpark it, I’d say maybe 10% of people still regularly mask.

        • 10% is a lot. I hope you laugh in their faces. These people need to be mercilessly mocked, laughed at, pointed fingers at, etc.

      • Chicago weighing in here. Yes, we still have maskers. It’s a weird mix of demographics. Early twenties, late seventies mostly skewed to lonely solo females, recent invaders and a sizeable percentage of blacks. The Jews are off the masks and I take this as a good omen.

        • My observations are also from Chicago, but the suburbs. I see masks here and there, nothing very significant. Mostly older women.

        • Southeast of you a couple hours. Masks almost exclusively on college-age kids. A few here and there on late-middle age likely cat ladies. Haven’t seen any on us old farts in quite a while.

        • Same in SoCal, blacks wear them ( even the homeless meth freaks) because they think whitey is after them, Asians wear them because they are paranoid of any kind of risk ( even driving in the car alone) and the cat ladies and blue hair women studies crowd are onboard as well.

      • Here in the East Bay I see a sizable minority of maskers and their numbers have gone up in this respiratory virus season. It’s just a few percent but it’s enough to be noticeable and annoying.

    • Revolutions have traditionally happened with a very motivated minority of the population (see American revolution, bolsheviks, IRA, Cuba). The key is the motivated part.

    • I haven’t seen a blm yard sign in a very long time, and I live in suburban Oregon. What I do see occasionaly is antifa graffiti but even that has usually been defaced /corrected with the word “sucks” (or something stronger) next to or under “antifa”.

      • BLM is still everywhere south of the 10 freeway in SoCal. Professionally painted on buildings usually with the word community on the front door.

    • This is a feature for the elites though. Even if all the White men quit the military, we are still going to have a military. It’s just going to be full of people who hate Whitey and want him dead, and they are going to be armed and given the power to do it when called upon. Just because a bureaucracy and government is full of stupid, cruel, wicked people doesn’t mean it cannot carry out the functions it desires – see the Bolsheviks.

      All evidence points to the fact that the elites don’t want smart, driven, competent White people in charge of key institutions and professions, even ones like medicine, because they believe that the peasants should suffer. We don’t deserve things like heat, air conditioning, personal transport, vacations, red meat, functioning stoves, medicine, freedom of association, freedom of speech, right to bear and arms, a retirement plan, a good education for our children, peaceful neighborhoods, clean sidewalks, a police force that we can call upon when needed, open space, and who knows what else. New stuff gets added to the list weekly.

      • It is a feature, and it will likely make things suck for us at home, but the panic over Whites not joining the military underscores the reality that without competent Whites the world will mop the floor with us. Thus, dreams of global dominance are disappearing with each non-White enlistment.

        • The fake news story this week about Russia reclaiming Alaska elicited two reactions from young white Americans: utterly insane “molon labe” bloodlust from the educated/gay/female, and from the kind of guy who used to join the US military, kidding on the square, “We should move there to greet them as liberators.”

          It probably doesn’t matter, but at least they know.

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