The Mutant Supremacy

Bit of a weird show this week. Getting close to the big move. As a result, things are a bit up in the air in my life, so not much time for planning shows. That means I am winging it until I can get settled into the new place. That and the day job has some new twists, which always adds some stress. I am heroically keeping it all together to produce fine quality dissident content for your listening pleasure.

Kidding aside, the inspiration for the show this week came while listening to the coverage of the New Hampshire primary. The media really wanted Haley to have a good night, so they were pumping air into her tires by having her voters explain why they were voting for the miserable old witch. None of these people struck me as the sort anyone would call normal or even stable.

The weirdest of these weirdos were the ones who changed their registration so they could vote in the Republican primary against Trump. It means last fall they changed from Democrat to either Republican or undeclared. They had to have done that by October, so it they were plotting this months in advance. Think about the sort of nutjob who would do something like that?

That is the show this week. I ramble on about the various segments of the voter base and tease out what percentage of the vote is the mutant portion. The truth is, it is these mutants who make up about ten percent of the population, but are responsible for ninety percent of the problems. Unlike the thirteen who do fifty, these people have real power and cannot be avoided.

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This Week’s Show


  • Who Are These People?
  • Small Differences
  • The Numbers
  • The Troublesome Ten
  • Death To The Mutants!

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185 thoughts on “The Mutant Supremacy

  1. I switched over to vote for Bernie, because Trump had the nomination locked in, and because “Joe Biden” is a bad joke and a disaster.

    It’s all BS. If the real zeitgeist of the country was being displayed in voting, it would have been Trump vs. Bernie twice, but instead we got Trump vs. Hillary and Trump vs. Joe Biden.

    So, my conclusion was that if politics were really the will of the American people neither major party would exist anymore. It’s all managed so that these parties who do not represent the will of the people can carry on existing. That’s all it is.

    Anyone who the people want to vote for is a threat, to both parties. That’s obvious now.

  2. Yet again the Z Man notices things, but refuses to notice the group that is actually well-defined and over represented in mutant behavior: Jewish people. It’s very clearly and obviously Jewish people and their white golems pushing the degenerate agenda. Sorry Z Man. I know you consciously avoid “antisemitism”, but better to not even do a show like this than to do mental gymnastics to avoid obvious facts.

    • Despite my nordic appearance and 50% genetic line, I was from an early age welcomed into several ashkenazi and later mitzrai communities until I quit participating and withdrew almost completely.

      The ashkenazi jews almost universally hate us goyim merely for existing, the mitzrai less so but it benefits them to signal to the greater jew cult.

      James White is correct insofar as ashkenazi males are disproportionately perverts — they weren’t sexually relieved as young males except by prostitutes for physical appearance and life timing events. So as older men often of means they indulge in pent up expression of sexual release wth vulnerable younger folks according to disgusting fantasies. A common fantasy act involves forcing open the mouth of the partner and spitting into the mouth during the final stages of copulation. Bukake and worse from there.

      I wish I could unwitness what I have been told and have seen, as a non-participant, at least in private videos they collect. I can produce reams proving hatred for us by the crate load.

      We’re literally dealing with crazed mutants.

  3. Z Man observes that some whites are irredeemable and cannot be allowed to live among us. What are the subgroups?

    * Mutants
    They have dysgenic psychological mutations similar to physical deformities. Dutton says that most of them would have died before our age of affluence. Antifa. Trannies.

    * Puritans, or what I think of as “Totalitarian Utopians”
    These people are an old problem that is independent of non-whites and often seem to be Northern European. They have a utopian vision that is contrary to white human nature to which everyone must submit. For example, white advocates for multi-racial societies. White South Africans who are still loyal to their government are an example.

    * Many women
    Many commenters at Z Man’s blog blame women for masterminding the changes that led us to our current awful state. I think that this is misguided because women are conformists but there are good arguments that I am mistaken. But there is no question that a significant group of women are not acceptable to live with us now.

    * Sociopaths, the amorally selfish, will always be with us and are dealt with using criminal punishments and social shaming. These are most politicians and many business executives today.

    • I would add one more category. There are those among us that perpetually stand on the sidelines and watch the horrors that are currently afflicting us, but do nothing except complain and are otherwise complicit by omission. I call this category the “deadweighters”, and there is no place in the gene pool for these worthless malingerers.

    • Many of the worst aspects of Puritan culture first manifested in France:

      French revolution birthed the Left, fertility crisis,Post Modernism,anti religion,importing non Europeans before WW2!,no such thing as a French person because they’re all citoyens, allied with the Ottoman empire in the 16th century, homosexuality decriminalized in 1791,they recently discoverered that ,technically,France has no age of consent, French intellectuals boast on tv about having sex with kids,no fault divorce existed between 1792 to 1816 and then reintroduced in 1975, higher divoce rate than the UK,France’s drug use rate is about 30% higher than the UK.

      Is France more the most Puritan country in the world?

      • France does have the most inflated self-image, which may be what puritanism is really about. They’ve adopted some Anglo-style “self-hate” lately—lately by historical standards, starting at the end of Algérie Française—but even the minimally observant know that “self-hating” means *superior to others like me*.

    • I take your points. Question: Why characterize the totalitarian mindset as “Puritan”? I get that anymore it mostly means anti-hedonism, which is a weird slant given that they were basically the John Galts of religion. Plenty of us are white separatists, they were religious separatists. And if you read their writings, it’s clear they were definitely what moderns would call “racist”, citing as justification the way the Jesus himself treated Samaritans in his day. It’s hard to say they weren’t just some garden variety religious white separatists tribing up and forming their own communities, excluding others from their society. True, they did inflict vicious or even lethal punishment on others, especially Quakers, but largely because Quakers kept insisting on living in their midst.

      “Puritan” was an epithet from the powers that be to turn people against separatists. Much like “racist” or “supremacist” or arguably “MAGA” is today.

      • Steve, I share your misgivings about the term “Puritan.”

        I just used it because others seem to understand it to mean a group of people who have a religious/spiritual vision that they want to impose on everyone using totalitarian means.

        I don’t mean to suggest that the Puritans were especially bad. The black hats and big boot buckles please the teenage goth kid in me.

        Further, I respect them for taking seriously the threat that spiteful mutant women pose to society. No joke.

        Can you suggest a better term for these people? When I think about them, I say “Totalitarian Utopians,” but that hardly rolls off the tongue.

  4. White people put up with the mutants because white people are masochistic. Not being a masochist makes you a weird nut job. It takes much patience not to say fuck white people, tbh.

  5. Lara Logan has written that whistleblowers are saying the trucker protest at the southern border is going to be an “insurrection dissenter round up”.

    Nothing says obtuse more than gathering so the Feds can scoop everyone up, and tag every vehicle.

    Wish I could use my facepalm emoji.

    Magic 8 ball says Abbott washes his hands of the whole thing.

    What me worry?

    • “ Nothing says obtuse more than gathering so the Feds can scoop everyone up,”

      So continue to spend the rest of your life whining alone on the internet while you are dispossessed.

      • Yes, because we all know you’re out there with your guns and ammo “doing something about it”.

        (Insert eye roll here)

        • Go fap yourself, you disgusting worthless coward.

          The guys protesting at the border will do more than your miserable existence of endlessly complaining with your Cheeto encrusted fingers.

          • I look forward to laughing at you once these hapless bufoons are rounded up in J6 2.0.

            This has been obvious since Charlottesville. But by all means, hop in your car and drive, Sad Max!

            Naturally you will learn nothing from all this.

          • This kind of protesting does absolutely nothing. The entire concept of protest has always been fake and gay because we were raised to think that it was how the hippies ended Vietnam, or the darkies got the right to sit on the White man’s toilet seats. Except that crap was what the regime already wanted and the “protest” element was simply a way of establishing the virtue signal for the goodwhite peasants to pick up on and ape.

            Go ahead and do a protest of which the regime disapproves: say against destroying statues or election rigging. Suddenly those same cops that couldn’t hold antifas for more than a day when they were starting wildfires turn into Sherlock Holmes.

            No matter how assiduously nonviolent you make your protest they can always make up fake violence and the media will parrot that story and the normies will believe the media, just like we’ve seen every single time when we try to do protests. If no one can be made sympathetic to the protesters, then the entire point of nonviolent protest is subverted and you’re just masochistically sitting there begging the cops to beat you.

          • “Go fap yourself, you disgusting worthless coward.

            The guys protesting at the border will do more than your miserable existence of endlessly complaining with your Cheeto encrusted fingers.”

            The intellectual horsepower is overwhelming in this one…

            On second thought, have at it boss. Give ’em hell!

    • I hope that the volunteer border patrollers are not walking into a trap, like J6 and before that Cville.

      It may be that more conservative white people must be J6ed a few more times before they realize that the country they are fighting for is gone and cannot save them.

      “I thought this was America!”

  6. It looks like what’s going to happen is the courts will discharge 3 of the 4 charges pending against Trump, Trump will win the 2024 General Election in a landslide, and the Supreme Court will reduce the one charge-group that sticks (probably the classified documents case) to a financial penalty, which it knows Trump can afford.

    By the way, that old woman who claims Trump raped her — even in the initial trial they wouldn’t call it rape and yet they claimed she was being truthful. Women lie. Women lie ALL THE TIME, even more than men. They lie for personal advancement and they lie BECAUSE THEY ARE COWARDS. Women lie. If I was a politician, that would be my go-to line for anything dealing with sweet round female asses.

    [To read more of my stuff, click on GREG NIKOLIC up above with your mouse]

    • Greg, we get it. But really, should you be advertising your blog on someone else’s tirelessly? Seems bad form.

      • I agree with Compsci. It is bad form to use this blog to direct traffic to your blog. I think most people here do a good job of making judicious use of external links. Your self promotion here every day is bad form.

      • Agree 100%. This is Z’s blog. Nothing against YOUR blog, but don’t advertise that here.

  7. Day 1 of the Second Trump Administration:

    Donald Trump is standing in the Oval Office, just taking it in, very self-satisfied. An assistant rushes in with what looks like a white cake box. He is very excited. He may be all of 20 years of age.

    Trump looks pleasantly surprised. “Have you got it there?”

    “Just flew in from Utah. We had a bitch of a time tracking him down. The locals are all Jesus freaks with lips tighter than Hitler’s sphincter. But here he is. I present to you …. Mitt Romney!”

    The head of Senator Mitt Romney, severed and cut off at the neckline, stands on a platter. Trump swings forward and grabs it by the hair. He plomps it hard on the desk, knocking aside the stupid Martin Luther King bust he was made to keep because the liberal media would have been all over his white ass like sugar on a donut.

    Trump chortles: “Come Tuesday, I’ll be golfing with this as my tee!!”

    [To read more of my stuff, click on GREG NIKOLIC up above with your mouse]

  8. “Mutant Supremacy” was the name of a very good, barely released tape by an obscure metal band who’d eventually become Cannibal Corpse:

    I know a lot of us prefer European orchestral and folk music because they’re not so strongly associated with being a loser, but as a matter of demographic fact, metal is /ourmusic/.

    • If you overlook the aural differences and focus on the notes themselves, there’s a good bit of similarity between guitar metal “riffs” and symphonic violin section unison parts.

  9. Well, we really don’t need to deport the mutants – there are any number of cheaper alternatives…

  10. I think Abbot’s theatrics in Texas are to set him up as an acceptable replacement after trump is “convicted ” in one of the many cases. I can hear fox news now…..
    “it was really unfair what happened to trump, but look ! we got a REAL fighter who stands up to the deep state right here to replace him! ” .
    abbot is a long time WEFer , and this is completely ou of character for him . the timing is also very convienient .

    • It is an election year shenanigan of some kind, that is certain. Greg Abbott, of all people, didn’t suddenly decide to buck the empire.

      • JZ-

        You and Miforest both make good points.

        The only thing that makes me believe TX might be real is that the globalist-controlled MSM seems to be ignoring and minimizing the situation.

        I feel they’d be blasting Abbott’s resistance everywhere if this really was part of the globalist plan.

        Or, maybe the globalists really are that good at psyops?

        • Good arguments on both sides. What Abbott is doing is good for us because it gives hope which is always dangerous to give to an enemy. But in the end Abbott may leave good people holding the bag. We’ll have to see what happens

          • Great take, although I’m biased since it’s pretty much mine as well 😉

            It’s a huge boost for severing the last of the fraying strands that hold this nation together, but there is no way Abbott just suddenly decided to be Sam Houston 2.0

            It’s possible he is honestly bucking them, but only as a stunt for his own personal advancement. If so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back down and immediately get appointed to a bunch of boards of directors, total salary in the 8 figure range.

        • If you ever watch the old Miracle on 34th Street, the Santa Claus character gets the owners of Gimbel’s and Macy’s to do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Occasionally (on the occasion of re-election) Abbott does likewise.

          • It’s hardly a campaign stunt for Abbot. He’s just over a year into a four-year term. His next election is 2026…if he chooses to run.

            I just did a quick skim of his Wiki bio. Perhaps he’s WEF, but I’d say the man has pretty solid “traditional value” conservative bona fides.

    • Lincoln, not my hero, set a precedent. The South wanted to quit the
      Union, but he, unconstitutionally, wouldn’t let them. Many died.

      Texit doomed. Blame Lincoln. Many may die.

      • I think the texit talk is a bit hysterical. However, some state pushback against the federalies seems salubrious. Guess we will see when a federal agent gets shot.

    • He was also on his knees for feral blacks after the criminal ape OD’d in the company of a white police officer.

    • Derb points out that while all of this border drama is going on, Abbott is in India trying to outsource as many US jobs to India and import as many indians to the US as possible.

      As always, republicans and conservatives share the same goals as our elites, but they just want those goals achieved at a somewhat slower pace. (I’m probably not the first to say it, but almost all republican politicians, and many republican voters, are just liberals who want lower taxes.)

      The betrayed conservative voters are so desperate for any signs that at least a few politicians support their issues that they fall for the kind of trick that Abbott is employing now every time.

  11. the tale of people Who said they voted against trump because they were tired of the media making them feel bad. this is somthing that devon stack points out regularly. when you give the media the power to shame and hurt you, you have given them tacit control of your life. that is both sad and completely pathetic .
    how can you claim to be an adult, much less a man , and be THAT weak.

  12. The bridge across the river that people won’t cross, or at least haven’t so far, is the realization that a fraction of our country …10-15-20%… consists of sociopaths. They can’t be reasoned with or bargained with. They believe outrageously insane things, and those who don’t believe will claim they do so simply to manipulate and terrorize the rest of society.

    They share a lot in common with the mass shooters we see these days. They’re nuts, but they have a plan, that plan involves the rest of us dying, and they’re not going to stop until they get shot at in anger. At that point, the fantasy ends, and they’ll either kill themselves, allow themselves to be killed, or just fade into the woodwork.

    I was at a party last weekend and one of the guests decided, without prompting, to start talking about how she learned something interesting on a NYT Podcast. The end of SAT for college admissions has “improved diversity”. I decided, this being a party, and not my house, to take the high road. I simply pointed out that the elimination of SATs has created an academic catastrophe because there’s no way to know who knows what (basic math and literacy). We have kids at FDR High getting straight A’s who can’t read. And we have kids at Eisenhower Prep getting B+ who can solve calculus problems using mental math. Both are in the same college and the kids who cannot read are getting wiped out.

    I changed the subject to my daughter because she graduated college recently. People asked what her plans are. Maybe grad school, idk. But I emphasized that her boyfriend is $100K in debt and that we are sending kids to college who don’t belong there, saddling them with $100K in debt, and then wiping them out financially.

    I watch people very carefully. I have great radar and am a terrific reader of people. The woman hung her head and the husband started to squirm. Because they are over $100K in debt. I could tell the instant I said it.

    They dropped the diversity talk and it didn’t come up again that evening.

    • I left out the part that got the Diversity Couple squirming: I told them that I had told my daughter not to marry someone who is $100K in debt. All you will do is fight about money. Since she’s not in debt, his debt will become her debt, and that is a prison.

      That’s when they hung their heads. At least one of them, probably both, is $100K+ in debt.

      It took every ounce of my 54-year-old maturity to stop there and not say “Fu*k your diversity. You’re destroying people’s lives.”

      • You’re lucky, usually when I make some kind of common sense proclamation like that in a social situation I get dogpiled.

        “You shouldn’t date a woman that starts listing her mental problems five minutes after meeting her the first time.” “How dare you! My best friend Kyleee with three e’s has restless leg syndrome and I can’t believe you would say that about ALL women reeeee”

        • Ploppy: “You’re lucky, usually when I make some kind of common sense proclamation like that in a social situation I get dogpiled.”

          The pertinent concept here is Hubris.

          Hubris was widely understood to have been the most odious sin known to pre-Christian history.

          I strongly urge all dissidents to refrain from engaging in Hubris.

          Not only is Hubris an abomination, but given the numbers right now, the Hard Left & the hypnotized Normies [under the sway of the Hard Left] possess all the firepower necessary for obliterating us.

          Especially regarding the v@xxines and our Pμrebl00ded status.

          77% of all men in the USA are v@xxinated.

          82% of all women in the USA are v@xxinated.

          If we start taunting the v@xxinated about their impending doom, then it would be trivially easy for them to identify and isolate and obliterate us [out of sheer spiteful vengeance].

          Keep your mouths shut.

          Stay in the shadows.

          Fly under the radar.

          And for the sake of God Almighty, do not engage in acts of Hubris directed at sh!tlib sociopaths.

          They will stab you directly in the back, and you will bleed to death.

          • Thing is, some of those people would’ve happily forced all of us to get shot up. Letting people play at tyrant with no consequences for failing is an equally bad idea. Even if it’s just rubbing their noses in it, which is less than they deserve imo, there has to be a price.

          • Paintersforms: “there has to be a price.”

            The price is that they and their children are now sterilized, and soon will die horribly painful deaths, not to mention the unspeakably tragic spectacle of the miscarriages & stillbirths of their grandchildren.

            Alea iacta est.

            My guess is that by the 2030 to 2035 timeframe, sh!tlib sociopath deaths will have become so common that we will hardly even think of the sh!tlibs anymoar.

            HOWEVER, in the meantime, we’ve got the following numbers in the USA:

            77% of men are v@xxinated

            82% of women are v@xxinated

            (77 + 82) / 200 = 0.795

            Round that 79.5% up to 80%, and you’re looking at 4 out of every 5 Amurrikkkunz being v@xxinated, with only 1 out of 5 Amurrikkkunz remaining Pμrebl00ded.

            If the sh!tlib sociopaths & their shabbos goyische Normie pets were to focus the full strength of their ire against us, then they would obliterate us.

            4 to 1 are horrible odds.

            We’d be looking at constitutional amendments to drain our Pμrebl00d and harvest our organs for transplant.

            We don’t wanna go there.

            We wanna keep our mouths shut.

            Fly under the radar.

            Stay in the shadows.


            CAVEAT: There is one category of sh!tlib sociopath whose strange & sudden disappearance I would heartily endorse, and that would be the sh!tlib gubmint tyrants who successfully evaded the V@xxines of Death; who falsified documents; or knowingly received inert normal saline counterfeits; or who simply exempted themselves from the v@xxine requirements altogether.

            There’s a special place in he11 for those ghouls.

          • Bourbon: most vaxxed people did it because they got caught up in the hysteria, or they wanted things to go back to normal.

            Iow, if the scenario you describe comes to pass, it will be because the people who whipped them up in the first place are allowed to do it again.

        • I did it in a way that avoided taking the “diversity” topic head-on and shifted it to “Have you heard about how badly kids who can’t read are doing in college?” and “Student Loan Debt”.

          I’ve run into enough people who lead conversations with “I watch MSNBC and…” or “I heard on NPR that…” to know what they’re trying to do. They simply cannot help themselves. Put these sociopaths in a room with other people and they will immediately start in on the latest left-wing politics.

          I don’t mind taking that bait, but I do it in a way that avoids the dog pile problem. They really can’t argue with the Student Loan Debt problem because they want Biden to just “erase” it. So I pit one Left Wing pet project against another and watch them squirm.

          If they had taken the bait on student loan debt – maybe saying something like, “That should be canceled,” that’s moral hazard and they are in the minority of the minority on that one. Everyone else in the room paid off their student loans so the dog pile would go in reverse. Even a lot of Left Wingers hate the student loan forgiveness stuff because they know what it means for society and they hate that they had to pay theirs back.

      • The amount of debt is not really the issue (IMO). Anyone here bought a house? Hell, now that’s debt. However, aside from providing a roof over your head, it has been in inflationary times a productive debt. A hedge of sorts.

        What problem is for example, when a student takes on $100k in loans to receive a degree in some “Grievance Study” and since there are no jobs available, has taken on an unproductive debt. If one limits one’s student loans to about one’s expected first year starting salary, one should do fine. If you have no idea what your future job and salary will be, then you’ve no reason to even be in school—at least university.

        • It’s a false comparison. When you buy a house you have tangible real property. Something of value. To help you with this purchase you get a realtor, a banker, a home inspector, a broker, various assessors, the title company, etc.

          College? $100K in debt with nothing of real value. To secure this loan you need an 18 year old, a HS guidance counselor, and a college finance dept that runs the Stafford Loan program for the government and has no skin in the game.

          • One reason many go 100k in debt is because they have to live the “college experience.” That is, instead of going to the local school and live at home, they rack up room and board/apartment rent. That usually accounts for at least half the cost, and in many cases well exceeds tuition.

          • Hokkoda, you call my post a “false comparison”, yet create another?

            My post implies, no states, that one should educate oneself in a profitable vocation—no less so that anyone who sells their labor. You don’t pay a doctor for the $2 piece on paper on his wall, but for 12 years spend in learning his vocation and his ability to improve/correct your health.

            Except for the very fortunate, everyone sells their labor—even labors of the mind. The debt incurred is the *exactly* same as debt incurred to by machinery for a business venture. Except that machinery is *yourself* and the newly installed knowledge you retain.

            Everyone seems to intuitively understand this except you.

          • C matt, what you say has *some* truth to it, but might implicitly assume all colleges/universities are alike in their product offerings.

            If you are a serious student and guided correctly, your choice of universities may well depend on your desired major and those universities’ reputation in their offerings.

            It may well be impossible to stay home or use the local State college/university to obtain your education. Then there is also the rural folk where a daily commute to and from any post HS experience is impossible.

            On the other hand, if the basis needed is to learn what you should have learned in HS and credential yourself, then just about any college or university will suffice.

      • hokkoda-

        Your advice to your daughter is spot on.

        I pray she can find a quality, debt-free young man to build a life with.

        • He’s a good young man. We like him. Respectful, sir/ma’am, helps around the house when he visits. But if he walks up and asks if he can marry my daughter, this will be the conversation.

          The version my daughter got was “Don’t do it. We will not help you financially. And you’ll be divorced before you’re 30.”

          Both my girls also get the “make sure you can support yourself” speech. Divorce rates are over 50% and a lot of women get married and start having kids and leave the workforce only to get abandoned. My sister has three kids. Fortunately, she was the senior money partner in that arrangement, so when the jackass left her, she was able to support herself and the kids comfortably.

          It’s a weird world we live in, and I hate having to tell my girls that they have to watch their backs like this.

          • Imagine what you should tell your children if they are white raised-Christian boys. They’ll probably require counseling after the talk(s). I could have benefited and I’m now in my 50’s.

          • “Divorce rates are over 50% and a lot of women get married and start having kids and leave the workforce only to get abandoned.”
            this is bull shit. pure leftist crap

          • Yes, because 80 percent of the time women initiate the divorce. Women being abandoned is a feminist lie. As is having women needing to support themselves.

    • hokkoda: “a fraction of our country …10-15-20%… consists of sociopaths. They can’t be reasoned with or bargained with…”

      It HotWheels down in Texas were to hold the line, then within the next few days, sh!znat with the sociopaths might go thermonukular.

      But muh guess is that the Council of the Sanhedrin will wire him a great big steaming hawt pile of fiat shekels, via the likes of Miriam Adelson, and Hot Wheels will stand down, and wheel himself back to the gubner’s mansion, with his tail between his legs, albeit with a much larger net worth than before.

      • What Abbott does next will be interesting. I read last night that the Texas Guard Commander is interpreting the SCOTUS ruling to mean that they have to move the barbed wire so CBP can rescue people trapped in the wire. But they can put it right back up again once the person is retrieved.

        I think it’s good what he’s doing, but I think he’s going to have to use the Guard differently. They need to start conducting operations inside Mexico to create a defensive perimeter that would be used to ship people back across the border. Charter flights back to Central and South America. And force the TX Legislature to require photo ID and proof of citizenship/legal residency to buy food in Texas.

        • Just cutting any benefits whatsoever would go a long way. Remove the incentive and many will not come.

  13. Maybe it’s already mentioned, but I remember Rush having some kind of “Operation….?” he pushed in 2008 to get people in open primary states to vote for Hillary in the primary to foil Obama’s ascendancy.
    TBH, don’t think it’s such an oddball idea in states where you can vote in either. For the lulz at a minimum.
    I think it may not be as easy as it was years ago, I think my state changed that at some point.

    • Operation: Chaos. He played it as a joke just encouraging Republicans to vote in open primaries once things got going and Clinton/Obama was more neck-and-neck. Much different than the planned and orchestrated efforts in NH going back many months.

  14. My distant relative was the center woman interviewed on FOX, she is exactly as you described – she has been planning this and is very proudly lying when she said she supports Haley’s experience and policies. And they still got swallowed whole by Trump. 😆

    • I’ve pulled that stunt here in Chiraq. Voted in the Democrat primary. We are not required to declare a party affiliation except at the moment of requesting our ballot.

      It’s the only scintilla of influence I can assert. I also vote down retention of all judges, metropolitan district departmental heads and the like. For reasons I’ve posted here re my service as an elections judge, I doubt anybody has actually tallied my vote. It’s fake and gay here.

      • Here technically they don’t ask for affiliation, you just show up and they ask in which primary you want to vote.

  15. Zman’s crack about the one Asian guy in West Virginia got a nice chuckle out of me.

    The Republicans may be, as Zman states, “the party of White people,” but they certainly won’t admit it, let alone embrace it. That’s a major part of the reason I have no interest in the GOP. They can f**k off straight to Hell if they’re so apt to wince in embarrassment about those who actually support them.

    Aside from that, the only benefit to electing Republicans at the national level that I’ve ever observed is that it essentially guarantees a tax cut. I like a tax cut as much as the next guy (even leftists like tax cuts, whether they admit it or not). But tax cuts are less important to me than the continuing decline of our culture — which Republicans do absolutely nothing to stop. Drag Queen Story Hour became a sensation at the same time that the Republicans had the White House and both houses of Congress. The GOP is no better than the Democrats when it comes to reversing our civilizational rot. Sure, Republicans may be rhetorically less enthusiastic about such rot than a lot of the Dems are, but who cares? Anyone who is results-oriented (as I am) realizes that voting at the national level is a counterproductive endeavor that only places a stamp of approval on a degenerate establishment.

    • The conservative’s job is to sell you on what the worst of the elites want, no matter how awful it is. They got good at this with the conservative case for MLK, building a whole liturgy out of one sentence he said in one speech that was totally out of character with all his other words and deeds. They did this for decades. But now it is the conservative case for transgenderism. The conservative case for Juneteenth. The conservative case for letting felons out of jail and letting them vote. The conservative case for not really banning baby-killing aka abortion. The conservative case for mass immigration. You name it, they got it. It’s all about keeping you on the reservation.

      I mean, I like tax cuts, but at what price? Any tax cut I got from them semi-lately has been overwhelmed by the lack of coof-era gibs (I am successful, you see) and the stealth tax increase present in the Brandon inflation. It’s a scam.

    • The obsession with tax cuts is infuriating. To begin with, why are you cutting taxes while increasing spending? Instead of having honest tax rates, we pay for everything with inflation and debt. The only things they ever talk about cutting are the worst things to cut, at least at first. How about we stop subsidizing the top 10 most expensive cars? How about all these lobby groups? All of these fake “charities?”

      Of course, these people will never tell you what they think the tax rate should be. It’s always just “lower” It is just another form of grift and scam. With the histrionics dialed to 11, no sensible public discussion can ever be had. Of course, so much tax money is funneled to left wing groups and activists. Whether its universities, Indian tribes or black grift, the left rewards their friends when they get elected. WHY does NPR still get tax money? Planned Parenthood?

      • Why do NPR and PBS even exist in the first place? The fact that they do is all the proof of Republican worthlessness or complicity that any reasonable person should need.

      • There are any number of “plans” to cut (and therefore balance) the budget. To read these plans, and then panic is absurd. One has a general cut of *2%* across the board. Really, we can’t love with that?

        What the real issue is (IMO) is that we are not longer a White, Christian nation, but a nation of squabbling minority groups (not all racially defined to be sure), each seeking their own good—and the rest be damned. Hence a cut in funding here, only comes at an increase in spending there. A beggar thy neighbor sort of Faustian bargain.

      • “The obsession with tax cuts is infuriating. To begin with, why are you cutting taxes while increasing spending? Instead of having honest tax rates, we pay for everything with inflation and debt.”

        But that’s exactly the point. Leaving a little more cash in the hands of the taxpayer means in almost every case, he’s going to spend it. Only a few of us oddballs will save it. So tax cuts are just under 1:1 increase in GDP, even without velocity of money factored in.

        And government spending is also a part of GDP, so come in at or above 1:1 (above in the case of waste and corruption) excluding velocity of money.

        So a tax cut is a two-fer. Cut $100 billion, you get at least $200 billion in GDP growth. It’s just an accounting tautology.

        But most people don’t understand accounting at even this most basic level.

        • You bring up the reason GDP is pretty much a meaningless number. A huge portion of the GDP is just made up anyway. A large part of it is just inflation. The underestimating of inflation means some portion of the inflation gets counted as growth. And of course, you are ignoring the fact that whatever the government doesn’t tax, but still spends is debt that has to be paid off in the future plus interest, not to mention is inflationary.

          • Agreed. Example: Because of the way it’s counted, welfare spending is actually figured as consumer spending, not government spending. Should it be? Depends on what you think GDP should be measuring. But it’s the accounting trick Biden is using to talk about the great private sector economy.

            @Tars “…you are ignoring the fact that whatever the government doesn’t tax, but still spends is debt that has to be paid off in the future plus interest…”

            Yeah, sort of. I just oversimplified the government spending part to the point it could actually be wrong, but is not in this case. It is possible that all government deficit spending would be funded by T-bills, and not monetized through the Fed, but we know that’s not going to be the case. But if it were, then the decrease in the entry in savings would offset the entry in for the deficit, with only a small adjustment for interest rate that those displaced savings would have earned.

            Taxation is quite a bit more involved, as it reduces both current savings and current consumption, and ends up with the offsetting entries being accrued, since the effects of, say, infrastructure spending not only does not happen immediately, but is also spread out over decades to come. I ideally, you would want the assets and liabilities to accrue at the same time-scale, which interest does.

            Insisting on taxation instead of borrowing is the same as insisting that you must pay cash for your house.

            This is way beyond Accounting 101, though, and we have not even scratched the surface on the implications for future generations. If you understand it, great!

          • @steve “Insisting on taxation instead of borrowing is the same as insisting that you must pay cash for your house.”

            We’re not borrowing to buy a house, we’re borrowing to make the payments. And to eat. And the gas money.

            Borrowing is not inherently bad. Borrowing money to buy productive assets is one of the main purposes of financing purchases. Borrowing to build infrastructure isn’t bad either.

            I’m not an accountant and know very little about the topic. But I do know if the deflator is 4% and we’re experiencing 8% inflation, the GDP will be overstated. I also know that if we pretend I spent money I didn’t actually spend, like paying myself rent to live in a home (homeowner’s rent or free checking accounts or free gmail etc), the GDP will be overstated.

  16. Zman, thanks for breaking down how much of the left are freak shows. I have always suspected that their numbers to power ratio was drastically skewed. But, I believe that we are reaching the end of their era because they are about to face forceful resistance.

    My observation is that the Trump people are like coiled springs of nervous energy that increases daily. I believe that energy will explode, and where/how it is directed will be the inflection point that we are waiting for.

  17. The “strategy” of switching party affiliation to select the other party’s weakest candidate was propose perhaps a couple of decade ago by Rush Limbaugh on his radio show. He termed it “Operation Chaos”. In many States, this switchover in party affiliation either is not necessary or more easily done. In any event, it seemed to me a Rep idea at the time. Today in my State, it is often promoted as either a legitimate tactic or illegitimate tactic depending on the party being screwed.

    Just another data point in why elections are a sideshow to occupy the attention of the rubes while their pockets are being picked.

    • Iirc Operation Chaos had to do with the ‘08 Dem primaries. Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama. I think Rush wanted to blunt Dem momentum by dragging it out and making it as ugly as possible.

  18. “Think about the sort of nutjob who would do something like that?”

    Someone with the loyalty of used toilet paper.

    • Eh, I have no loyalty to the GOP. I don’t go out of my way to vote in the D primary here in CO. I can vote in either (but not both) since I’m officially Unaffiliated. But I don’t choose based on some weird sense of party loyalty. The GOP has butt-f’d us for decades. If by voting in the D primary I can hasten the demise of the R party, I’m voting to save my country.

      Trump will be on the ballot here, so I’ll vote for Trump. In 2020 when he ran unopposed I voted for Trump just to make a point (as did millions of other people). I have no loyalty politically outside of that. I’m loyal to my family. Full stop.

  19. The vast majority of that spiteful 10% are white liberal women and rat faced, chicken twirling jews… change my mind.

    And not even the Congo deserves that…they should be killed as inhumanely as possible as a warning to the rest.

    GAH. I need more Metamucil I think!

    It’s a great show, Z, and a spectacular show. I dunno if I agree on all of it but it makes for some fascinating discussion. Whoever these people are… it’s not only you Yanks suffering them. We’d better get a handle on them, or they’ll get a handle on us…and when they get spun up, that’s when the wars start and the genocides happen.

    • I see the day when AWFLs are a spent force and white women run back to their defeated white men for protection. That’ll be funny.

  20. Hillary Clinton captured 54% of females in 2016. Look at your college student bodies. They’re female. Look who teaches your children in grade school. Look who has become your representatives, your ship’s captains, your judges.

    You ain’t getting out of this with no measly 10% cull. Dream bigger.

    • HR as well. These women run HR and make the Code Of Conduct rules for, in a very real way, the entire business sector.

    • ray: And plenty of that 54% were the princess daughters of Joe Normal or Jack Conservatard. And how many “dissidents” are rah-rahing their daughters in college? Not many White men there – your White princesses will be dating east and south Asians, blacks, and soybois. One of my neighbors – devout Christian, moderately conservative, long-time hard-core prepper – was showing me photos of his granddaughters. One is in med school, one is in business, one is traveling the world.

      Live your values.

      • 3g4me —

        Thanks for highlighting that aspect of the Woke-Fem Borg. It’s vital to the existence of the nation, but nobody wants to talk about it.

        You are correct in inference: the hidden driver of the Borg the past fifty years has been the dads of daughters — ‘conservatives’ and Christians included — selling out to the Borg and sending their entitled princesses to college, where they are (further) indoctrinated in the hatred of masculinity, Christianity, whiteness, heterosexuality, and God the Father in general.

        The Borg made it very financially and socially attractive to these dads by elevating their daughters over the nation’s sons in every aspect of life — education, employment, law and the courts, media and culture, societal regard and benefits, etc.

        The result was disastrous. The nation is fractured and in chaos, heaven is enraged, and God is putting on His war garments. Well done US!

        America can turn away from its fem/goddess worship or it will be discarded like the trash it is. Live your Christianity and your conservatism. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it costs. Yes, you will not be popular.

      • You’re right Sister I’ve got in many heated arguments with the same type of people that are sending their daughters off to the meat grinder and then they can’t for the life of them figure out why their daughters come back all screwed up…

  21. I feel like Z mentioned this at some point, but somebody noted that the big media outlets were ignoring the Texas border dispute. So, I just checked the WaPo, and it’s not on to be found on their website, at least not the first part that you see. But don’t worry, there’s lots on Israel.

    Okay, let’s click on Politics. Hmm, wait, there it is about ten or so stories down. And it’s just a timeline. This is hilarious. You can tell that this is a very bad story for the Dems. Let’s check Opinions. Nope, not a peep.

    Let’s check the NYT. Once again, lots of Israel, but nothing on the Texas border. This is amazing.

    The big MSM still believes that it can control the narrative. If they don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist. But the world is moving past them. Indeed, they are creating their own irrelevance. It’s not 1995 anymore. I’m loving this.

    • Makes sense, since the issue is primarily electoral in nature (optics), in an election year. What Abbott is doing will not meaningfully stem the flow. It is a political gesture. The GR will proceed apace no matter what Texas does. Biden looks bad if he either backs down or cracks down, so his best chance is ignore it until everybody moves on to the next Thing. If anything this will just expedite the NGOs flying them straight in from Kinshasa.

      • I have zero faith in Abbott or the GOP, but this stunt – and it is a stunt – accidentally normalizes the idea of states or regions gaining greater autonomy or even breaking away in the minds of many, many whites.

        Mental barriers are being broken, and that’s a good thing.

        • Spot on and my take as well. This started as a stunt and has escalated into a coalition of the willing, to echo another bad time and its horrible president. This is exactly why the old school propaganda organs are avoiding the topic altogether. I will admit this development took me by surprise. I imagine that is not an outlier.

          A second order effect is that this has possibly derailed another amnesty attempt dressed up as border control. We now have the spectacle of Sen. John Cornyn touting this corporation-pleasing boob bait bill while his state is in a Mexican border stand-off with the feds. That’s delicious.

          The demographics train has left the station, but anything the furthers along the ongoing fragmentation and dissolution redounds to our benefit. This certainly qualifies regardless of how it plays out, and is another reminder that events out of left field take on lives of their own.

        • Yes, this is correct. Don’t forget that Abbott also turned this into a national issue by putting these illegal aliens on buses and shipping them to sanctuary cities. For decades, Texas and Arizona got a big bribe from the feds to keep it in their backyard while these big blue cities got to virtue signal about how much they love immigration and how evil Texans and Arizonans are for not feeling the same. Well, they’re singing a different tune now that the problem has been dumped on their lap. The mayors of all these blue cities sound like Pat Buchanan in 1992.

          So, yea, while I don’t think Abbott is going to do anything meaningful to stem the tide or stop this (nor can he, really), I think he’s actually done quite well from a political point of view and has meaningfully changed the texture of the immigration debate which has been more or less static for decades.

        • Comically, it is not unlike Trump’s 2016 run. What possibly started out as a stunt, perhaps a joke or trolling, took on a life of its own and the rest is history. Hilarious, if the issues at stake weren’t so serious.

      • The Democrats can’t really take any position on this because they’re far “to the left” of normal people (as is the GOP) and far less extreme than their voters, who demand not only *factual* Total Deplorable Death (which they’re getting) but that the entirety of politics and culture be nothing, ever, but a relentless pursuit/celebration of Total Deplorable Death. The *average Democratic voter* is mad at Biden for not having already killed every white Texan.

    • That’s a great turn of phrase, C. The world is moving on, and this too will pass.

      I’m hopeful. Tyranny and squalor are nothing new t mankind… but a nation state like America is. Never before have would-be tyrants and crazies faced a better armed, better informed citizenry than in the USA. A few necks will need to be stretched and a few heads will have to be busted but once the writing is on the wall and a relative meritocracy is re-established…a lot of this stuff will go away.

      • usNthem: No, they’re not. But, fwiw – anyone checked what actually happened as a result of all the farmer protests in the Netherlands? It changed nothing. Zip. Nada. The politicians are still charging ahead with their Green agenda, and the farmers are still being pushed off their land.

        Peaceful public protests change nothing. Perhaps mental barriers, as Citizen says, but also perhaps pacify the crowd who believe the fiction that something is actually being done, or having an effect.

        • Removal of mental barriers is requisite to any substantive change and are not to be discounted. In addition to the routine strongly worded letters, some governors are deploying their state guards to Texas. Florida even has one somehow independent of federal control and it has been dispatched.

          Do I expect anything substantive? No, although this also surprised me. Could this spiral out of control with shots accidentally fired and so forth? Absolutely. I think the same could happen in France if there is miscalculation since it is something of an outlier in Europe in regard to protests having actual effects.

          I’m also watching for localized resistance within states. Upstate New York has been an early example of this and actually has in some instances thwarted refugee settlement.

        • Ah, but you are wrong. Mostly peaceful protests change history. Tiananmen Square added 15 years of life to the CIA’s jihad against the PRC. The Boston Massacre is still taught as a key fulminating event leading to rebellion in Boston. So they work: but they tend to work best when the participants are massacred and become Bloody Shirts to drive the masses against the massas. So do NOT be there, but they are good for our people in the machiavellian sense.

          • Yes. Avoid any kinetic action, even though that is baked into the cake for others, primarily lesser elites. Covid was not without merit–it laid the groundwork for what is unfolding.

    • Wow. If anyone has ever wondered what side Fox News is on (and I don’t know why they would), this proves it. For the first time in my life, I want to the Fox News website.

      There’s nothing on the Texas border standoff. Look, I know that Fox News is pure cuck, but this surprises even me.

      • Fox gets its marching orders from the same source as all the other major media outlets. The only difference is Fox is intentionally modulated to give off a faint–and wholly deceptive–whiff of Rightism.

      • Listen to a Fox “News” Radio broadcast. It has been pure garbage leftwing propaganda, even outside of the ZOG4ver stuff, even before Trump was elected. The radio clownshow just filtered down to its cable nonsense.

    • That means they fear it. They are terrified this will catch fire.

      I have a buddy at work who thought the strikes in Europe were in FRANCE and barely knew what it was about. He had no idea it started in Germany and spread to France or that it is a farmer’s revolt against energy prices/restrictions intended to drive them out of business.

      Media blackouts work.

      We’re going to have to go around the media blockades and get the word out ourselves.

  22. Neocon Nikki has only gotten this far because she’s a she – just like our excuse for a current VP.

    She’ll drop out soon.

    • I kinda see a scenario where Haley becomes Trump’s VP pick…she was his UN ambassador…and then Trump gets cucked again with another neocon. It would satisfy the usual suspects, he gets boxed in by the usual suspects, and the uniparty is satisfied. When Trump wins (and he will, assuming that he isn’t disqualified by the mutants in charge) the Fed lets go of the economy, and we enter a deep recession. Trump is left holding the bag and gets the blame. Win-win for the Regime.

      • I wonder. Trump brooks no disloyalty. She ran against him and further stated he should not be President as he carries too much baggage. She cannot bring her State over, since she is disliked *in her own State*—and of course, the State is already MAGA.

        The checkboxes she might have are easily filled by others who have not shown such disloyalty. No one cares who the VP really is, but a Black or other minority, such as a woman might be useful I admit, and there are others who fill that role.

      • I respectfully disagree, because Trump remembers how many Republicans betrayed him.

        Also, the VP pick usually means nothing to anyone outside DC. But, Trump knows that he would face an impeachment weeks after taking office. That’s when you need a reliable VP.

      • He already said it won’t happen. Trump will pick somebody who can be credibly seen as Certified MAGA. A Kari Lake type. Somebody young he can pass the torch to.

        I read recently that the campaign already has a committee standing up that is looking at the best ways to dismantle the Federal bureaucracy through firings, Executive Orders, etc. He’s going to need somebody who can carry out the purge.

        • We saw Trump’s savvy judgment in action when he gave plum jobs to Jared and John Bolton. VP Tim Scott? SecState Lindsay Graham?

  23. I saw an interview with one of these guys that changed his registration to Republican in order to vote against Trump in the New Hampshire primary. He was in his mid 20’s and said his two biggest issues are climate change and women’s bodily autonomy. Imagine being a man in his mid twenties and having your concerns being climate change and women’s bodily autonomy. In the words of Mr. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest…” What are you doin’ here? You oughta be out in a convertible bird-doggin’ chicks and bangin’ beaver.”

    • “women’s bodily autonomy”

      Did xhe define “woman?” Otherwise I’m not sure whose bodies xhe is discussing. Surely a trans woman also has a right to kill her “baby” in her “womb.”

    • Got caught in the supermarket parking lot the other day by a “simp” trying to get me to sign to get a ballot proposition to make abortion a State Constitutional right here is AZ. We already passed a 15 week law a couple of legislative sessions ago.

      I told him if he wanted to get laid, he should put the ballot signature pad down and hit the gym. He looked quite puzzled. 🙂

    • McMurphy (he/him) is probably trying to get p*ssy with those political views. He may be succeeding too. But don’t worry, all he’ll get out of life is a couple dogs and impotent rage after watching Joy Reid.

      • Hey now! If he stays properly obedient, in ten years he could get the privilege of marrying some used up thot and taking care of Chad and Tyrone’s kids. No sex though, she won’t have any time or interest in that*.

        *unless Chad or Tyrone come back around

    • I watch these young guys at the watering hole, doting on the women. Pretty opposite of how I remember it. I wonder if they’ve trained them piss sitting down yet. Very sad.

      • OT I was talking to a friend last night. He has 10-15 yrs on me I’d guess. He said when he was coming up, bars had troughs in the bathroom, so you never had to wait to take a leak.

        I can only think of one bar I’ve been in that had a trough. I think it’s an idea whose time has come again lol.

        • I can go one better than the trough.

          I can’t recall the bar’s name, but on Baltimore’s Fells Point/The Block, there is (or was — 1990s) an ancient bar where there is a metal trough that is the bar’s face. Although it’s no longer allowed, my host/friend/tourguide said that in the old days patrons could simply relieve themselves without even having to step away from their beer. Occasionally those Marylanders came up with a practical idea 😀

          • The local bar has a wooden ‘foot’ to it. Supposedly, if you tore the wood off, theres still a trough there, same purpose. I mean, we are only 20-30 miles north of Mason-Dixon 🤣

      • When I was in Germany (quite awhile ago however) they had signs in the men’s room illustrating the proper pissing “technique” for men—picture of a man standing with “circle and crossbar) next to a picture of a man sitting down to pee.

        • I remember news of German officialdom being outraged that their young men, in learning not to be homophobic, had replaced their generic-insult equivalent of “faggot” (“schwuler” maybe?) with “sitzpinkler” (sit-pisser), which is somehow also homophobic. German homos avoid urinals? Weird.

          When I visited Sweden in about 2005, they had public service ads telling men that toilets were only for sitting on.

          • More recently, I was in Utah Arches National Park. They have banks of restrooms out in the park along the trail and we stopped at one to relieve ourselves.

            Inside were pictograph signs for the (Asian) public depicting a human “squatting” on top of a toilet seat with the circle and red crossbar. Outside were signs pointing to the end of the toilet facilities row advertising “Asian” squat slit toilets installed toward the end.

            I was tempted to walk down there to get a view of this bow to diversity, but then thought screw it and left.

  24. Took the day off and I’m working on a tenant’s shower. So I just ran up to Home Depot and overheard two early 60’s, average white normies discussing the Texas border. I know both of these guys casually, have for decades, and never heard much of politics out of them, but I just heard these snippets, “Ready for the revolution?…Kristie Noem…razor wire…26 governors…Chicago doesn’t want them, these other cities don’t want them!” And what marked the conversation for me was the glee with which they pursued it. I really can’t imagine overhearing anything like that at any point in the past. Talk of a revolution? No matter how unlikely? Does anyone really know where the Overton window sits today? Are there multiple versions?

    • It does seem like we are reaching an inflection point, perhaps a little ahead of schedule. Half the states in open revolt may not yet presage an actual civil war, but an errant spark could light the tinder.

      If “Joe Biden” were smart, he’d back off. A year from now, when he ( or whoever) has been reinstalled and Trump is behind bars will be a much better time to crack down. The problem, as our host articulates today, is that the regime is full of spiteful mutants who want to teach Texas a lesson now.

      I hope they get their way.

      • Also, what may save us is that spiteful mutants tend to be very poor at foreseeing consequences, because they believe that speaking it makes it so.

      • If “Joe Biden”

        Exactly. Who is in charge on this? In another age the situation wouldn’t even be worth paying attention to, but the current lack of management means the result may depend on the opinions held by the loudest crank in the deep state.

      • Tarl-

        Ignoring Texas and ramping up their efforts in CA, AZ, and NM is the correct move for the regime.

    • Writing from Texas: Don’t pin too much hope on the Bush clones that run this place.

      Thanks for the anecdote from Home Depot, because it validates what I have been seeing as well. Normal people are realizing what a sham our government is.

      I think much of this attitude shift comes from realizing that regardless of this election’s outcome, the hatred saturating the environment will not change. People are exhausted and want definitive closure that elections no longer provide.

    • Imagine a constitutional convention ostensibly initiated to address the border invasion but actually used to repeal the 1st and 2nd amendments.

      • Yes!

        The “Convention of States” people ignore that Leftists can attend as well, SCOTUS can nullify, and the swamp might just ignore them.

        • Based on everything we’ve seen our entire lives it can be taken for granted that the Republican side of the uniparty would go along with it. The sentient ones might hate us even more than the Democrats. Picture all those Epstein Island automatons freezing at the same time with glazed-eye Mitch McConnell stares as new firmware is downloaded.

      • Here we go again, CoS and threat of runaway convention “reinventing” our Constitution. Folks, that’s a myth—it won’t happen.

        First, the delegates are chosen by the States and given instructions as to the topic of discussion for change. They can be recalled if they or the Convention gets out of line with those instructions. Second, if they come back with any changes not so authorized/acceptable by the State, the State can simply *not* ratify it.

        The Convention does nothing that Congress can’t do today. Its only purpose is to bypass elected representatives in Congress for *proposed* Constitutional amendments. All proposed amendments have to meet same standard of State ratification.

        • Hear, hear.

          The relevant bit of Article V:

          The Congress… on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which… shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof…

          • On what grounds are you reassured by these hurdles? That there’s no way 3/4 of state legislatures can be bought, blackmailed, or otherwise intimidated? Maybe that’s true. I’d have a hard time betting on it but maybe. Hope you are right but I don’t understand where people draw the slightest confidence in the processes of system that has brought us to this point.

          • Touchingly naive. Charles I and Louis XVI would both like words with you regarding Runaways.

            Let that sleeping dog lie.

          • @Tashtego, “…but I don’t understand where people draw the slightest confidence in the processes of system that has brought us to this point.”

            Agreed. But that is a problem of people refusing to follow the Constitution as it suits them, rather than a problem specific to the CoS process.

    • I think what is missing from your assessment is the significance of the glee. No revolutionary, ready to fight, kill, and die, would reasonably be described as gleeful. This is simply another roleplaying game for people to redirect their emotions. These struggles are answering the question to resolve future issues. This is not the beginning of the revolution. This is the installation of the new order. In a month, this issue, one way or another, will be resolved in a way that clarifies that this will never occur again, and the demoralizing message to the populace will be clear, and the fed will be even more powers. Your Home Depot men are larping.

      • I agree with your sentiment, but I must say that wars are almost always prefaced with glee.

        “We’ll whip their asses, and the boys will be home by Christmas!” is a common attitude that leads to wars in the first place.

        • For the ones being dragged to fight. For the ones who actually shove the populace into war (which, in a grassroots revolution, would be the actual ‘people’/ but, for most wars, would be the elites), the judgment is much more sober. After all, the insult that is being addressed through war would not elicit glee. Glee is the opium that dopes the masses as they are led to the slaughter. I don’t think Wat Tyler, in one of the probably few grassroots revolts, was gleeful. Probably serious as a vaccine induced, I mean undiagnosed preexisting myocarditis, heart attack.
          I am being reductive here, and what the hell do I honestly know about the mindset of elites as they go to war? But to me, the discussion of a civil war is pushed by the media. This means it is a byproduct of elite thinking. I believe that the question is being raised in order for the question to be answered decisively in the near future.
          Again, in two months, this will be over and forgotten (I do not know how), but the idea of the National Guard being used against Federal forces will be resolved, unequivocally, in favor of the Feds, and the issue of civil war will continue to diminish.
          I think the nail in the coffin of this discussion, besides a few murmurs, will be the November election, when, whatever happens, it will be clear who is the boss. And it will not be the proles nor Trump.

          • Ok, I was speaking more generally, not specifically about the kerfuffle at the boarder, where I am in agreement with you.

            I believe a major domestic conflict is inevitable, and it will not be because elites of any stripe want it. That level of chaos is the single greatest threat to existing powers with no upshot.

            I was applying glee more to the ignorant masses gluing themselves for Palestine or open carrying with a MAGA hat.

    • Possibly the best thing to come of the Texas thing is maybe, just maybe, there is some concern (similar to stealing 2020 for Biden) that this time around the freak-out might come from the right. Maybe give them 4 years of ineffectual Trump rule to blow off pressure? I don’t know.

      Another possibility is if the ZOG is fighting itself over here, it can’t be fighting for ISreal over there. So maybe let the razor wire stand in some symbolic spots to keep the goyim going where we want them. I don’t know.

  25. There were probably very few democrats who took the time to changed registration.

    More likely-lots of republicans/conservatives find Trump distasteful.

    My social circle is comprised of “country club republican” guys who play lots of gold, are affluent, dress nice, etc…They want low taxes and commitment to Israel, but basically agree with the liberal ideology-they just want it toned down and not so obvious.

    • Joey Kent: In all honesty, do you actually enjoy these people’s company? I’m a non-voter and far from a magatard, but I cannot imagine choosing to spend leisure time with those types. I dealt with enough of them back when I was an FSO. Never again.

  26. Out here in my rural area there are several people who put up “Dems Care About Us” etc. signs. Generally those are people who haven’t updated their political firmware since the ’70s. However, we also have our “contrarians”, people who never took down their Biden signs from 2020. My wife had to stop by one of their residences for something unrelated to politics and to hear it from her I guess their lifestyle could best be described as “bonging out to MSNBC”.

    • Evil Sandmich: In our rural area there are still plenty of “Let’s go, Brandon” and “Trump 2020” signs. Plus a good number of signs with biblical verses and more than a few confederate flags (God, I love living here). I don’t discuss politics with the average person in town, but the few I know well enough are convinced that Trump will win in 2024 and somehow make everything right again.

      • Everything you wrote was spot-on, save the hope that last sentence contains. I suppose if, mirabile dictu, the BOM were re-elected, the best we can hope for is no further sliding into the pit.

          • The only good thing about the end of (good) Whites here in this country will be the collapse of the economy that supports the “muds” and spiteful mutants. Then the fun begins when they fight each other over the remaining spoils.

      • My area votes at least 60% R, but within the small city where I live it’s probably closer to 50-50. But there’s a guy in an adjoining neighborhood who painted “God, Guns, Trump” in huge letters on the side of his garage, visible from two different streets. I smile to myself when I think about the staff and students of the liberal arts school just minutes away driving by and seeing that. I want them immiserated.

        • With any luck, those words have caused a couple of shitlibs to lose control of their Subarus and run smack dab into a very large oak tree.

  27. In reading about the English Civil War era during the Cromwell period I read about the diggers and other lunatics of that era. It seems like these kind of people have been with us Europeans for some time. Unfortunately the modern age seems to bring them to the forefront.
    Of course America was also the dumping ground for these kind of undesirables so we have an extra dose of them here.

    • True, but think about poor Australia. Test case for what happens when the majority of a country is filled with the offspring of convicts and other degenerates.

      • Actually I wonder about just what the “level” of degenerate was in the days of “transport” of convicts to the colonies. It wasn’t like the country filled with caveman/Neanderthal types who simply preyed upon each other or broke the country into warlord ruled empires—think “Mad Max”.

        Frankly, given the ethnic and “no go” areas of our metropolitan areas today, I think we have worse degenerates in the modern era right here.

        • Trust me: Australians are much worse. From what I have seen and been told, it isn’t the descendants of the convicts as much as the descendants of the guards and English gentry who lost their shirts and tried to replicate their former lives down there.

          They just criminalized criticism of multiculturalism and two years earlier set up concentration camps for the unvaccinated.

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