The Year Of The Fink

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If you are one of the many schemers in Washington, or you dream of becoming a schemer in Washington, this is a troubling time. By now Trump should be in exile, having had to quit the presidential race due to his many legal troubles and the collapse in his support due to those legal troubles. A more acceptable candidate was supposed to have emerged and pushed Trump out of the race. This was the narrative the schemers in Washington have lived by for over a year.

In what is becoming a regular feature of our politics, the narrative did not turn out as written and the scramble is on for a narrative update. There are still the court cases in Georgia, New York, Florida and Washington. The last two are in Federal court, but the Mark Steyn case tells us that we may all be dead before they get going. The Georgia case may fall apart due to racism. Apparently, racism made the DA turn the case into a chance to give her lover public money.

Of course, the big hole plowed through the narrative was the first two contests of the primary season, where Trump won easily. By the time Iowa came around all but three non-Trump candidates had quit the race. After Iowa it was the neocon offering, but she was trounced in New Hampshire, thus leaving Trump as the presumptive nominee, assuming nothing untoward happens this spring or summer. Few in Washington expected this to be the state of affairs at this point.

This is what makes the Texas border showdown an interesting thing. All of a sudden, we get word that Mitch McConnell is telling his party that the politics of immigration have flipped and they need to rally to Trump on the issue. Then Greg Abbott finds his inner confederate and defies the Feds with regards to the razor wire he had installed in a public park that sits along the border. Finally, we have every Republican governor rallying to his side in this fight with the Feds.

The first thing to consider here is that the Republican Party is the party of scheming perfidious finks, so whatever they are doing is not on the level. This is a party that selects for people who live to fink. They should just rename the party to “The Fink Party” but that would be a degree of candor no fink could muster. That also means that their sudden embrace of immigration and Trump’s position on it is not on the level. They are up to shenanigans because it is their nature.

One angle is that they suddenly realize that immigration is important to the voters despite the best effort of regime media to anathematize the issue. Voters in Iowa and New Hampshire listed immigration as a top concern. This never happens. Voters always put economic concerns at the top, because people are practical. This means immigration has leaked into the domain of the practical. All of a sudden, the Republicans have to pretend to care about immigration.

There may be something more perfidious afoot. Those court cases are still ongoing and one of them is scheduled to start in March. That means Trump is still in legal jeopardy and could be removed from the ticket. The issue is timing. They could not conjure an alternative in the primaries, so maybe they are looking to get a replacement ready, perhaps as his running mate. In other words, maybe word went out that there is a casting call for who will be Trump’s future replacement.

From the scheming weasel point of view, this is a good save to the official narrative that had Trump dropping out by the end of 2023. He cruises along winning delegates, picks a regime approved running mate and then is convicted in the summer. The party then does some hand ringing and decides to expel him from the party and tab his running mate as the party nominee. “We really hate to do this but with Trump facing jail time, we have to go with his top choice to replace him.”

It sounds like 4-D chess, but these are people who traffic in finkery. Shenanigans are like water to a fish or oxygen to a human. We know the collection of flunkies who ran in the primary did so becasue they were told Trump would be removed. They admitted as much during the debates. It is not unreasonable to think word has gone out to the governors that there will be a new casting call for players in the updated version of the Never Trump narrative that remains a hit in Washington.

Then you have the fact that what Texas is doing is mostly a show. This area they are walling off from the Feds is a tiny portion of the border. The park itself remains wide open to the Feds. If they wanted to do it, they could take down the razor wire, but thus far they have not done it. As for the states voicing support and sending national guard units, this is a cost-free gesture. They risk nothing in doing it, as even the national party thinks it is okay to sound butch on immigration.

One other factor suggests there are shenanigans afoot. There was the rumor that Trump might consider Haley as a running mate. This seems to have come from Washington and probably has a kernel of truth to it. The party may be offering to support Trump in his legal and political fights, if he agrees to a running mate that is on good terms with the regime. There has no doubt been discussions about this between the party and the Trump campaign.

All that said, Trump has proven to be one of the most resilient and lucky political figures to come around in generations. He is probably shrewd enough to avoid picking a running mate that could be his replacement. That just means the shenanigans will take another turn this spring. The regime hates Trump with the intensity of a thousand suns so they will never relent. What the first month of the political year tells us is that 2024 will be the year of the fink.

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187 thoughts on “The Year Of The Fink

  1. Z-Man: “The regime hates Trump with the intensity of a thousand suns so they will never relent.”

    The reason Trump is unstoppable in the primaries is because most people hate the regime with the same intensity, and Trump is the medium to express that intense hatred. Does the regime understand that?

  2. The Swampsters just have no sense of gratitude. They hate with a passion the guy they played for a chump for four years, who also sat on his hands and let them fix the 2020 election and further cost the GOP the senate by supporting some pathetic stiffs (e.g., Herschel Walker) for office . With enemies like Trump, who needs friends?

  3. My take is that Lawfare has both Wall Street (((small hats))) and GOP Governors spooked. Scared. Afraid.

    The Harvard Claudine Gay thing was Obama using Gaza to push out (((small hats))) from Harvard for his people. It was not Ackman vs. Harvard, but Ackman vs Obama over Harvard turf. Various Palestinian types are now harassing Pelosi and Fetterman at their homes, crashing the DNC conferences, pushing out (((small hats))) in most Ivies, and there is no off switch. Even Ol’ Kid Sniffin Joe has his staffers protesting him outside the White House, and abortive efforts to crash the White House.

    Add to that the Lawfare against Trump re his real estate loans can be used against Bill Ackman, or Jaime Dimon, any time Obama or Soros wants and that is real, concrete FEAR. There is no off switch the Regime on this anymore than the street harassment which can turn worse in a heartbeat.

    The Governors, all 26 Republicans, are afraid. In a few years uncontrolled mass Third World migration will turn every state Democratic Blue. Which means no more role for any of them. Mitch McConnell does not care, he has but a few years left as a grifter. But the younger ones do care, and they have NOTHING else to fall back on. Remember the cry of the Fortune 500: “No Whites need apply” as post George Floyd only 6% of new hires are White (and 100% of that Alphabet+).

    But the fun does not stop there — Lawfare means that every single Republican governor can be charged by the Feds in a Brooklyn or DC courthouse with something. “Human trafficking” for sending illegals to Chicago or New York on buses. Or “insurrection” for basically anything at this point. It means in 2025 the Regime can charge them, jail them, and run their state direct from the White House, which has not just the Governors but their state backers in oil, gas, natural resources, agri-business, and so on very, very scared. As they’d be shut down in a heartbeat by the Regime.

    The total insanity of the Obama Regime and the Hindenburg nature of Biden has lots of powerful people understanding that while the Dirt People are on the menu, they are the first course in “to Serve Man.” It is indeed a cook-book.

    • This makes a lot of sense. Lawfare means everyone is at risk, no one is safe. I haven’t done the math on this but everyone being scared would intuitively make an uneasy standoff even less stable. Lawfare is institutionalized witch hunting – a state of mind of collective paranoia – which means the safest move is to accuse them before they accuse you. First mover advantage are, mathematically, the most unstable situations. So if you’re right this is going to accelerate and pretty fast. Which is also what my instinct says. Sober moment

    • I’ve noticed quite a bit of discontent among the upper middle class people, in particular white men, in particular in the “red” industries: ag, resources, non F500 manufacturing, and small businesses. It’s not the “they took our jerbs” people complaining about open borders now. These are well off, smart people.

      Ag, resources, manufacturing and small businesses are the secondary power base though. The main power bases are finance, tech, and media. But from what we’ve seen with Dimon, Musk, (even Bezos), and Ackman, it seems like they aren’t happy with DIE, at least as it currently stands.

      The problem is that it’s already too late for most of these companies to change course even if they wanted to. Every layer has been diversified. The lower rank whites have been sacrificed by the “white” upper management to hit their DIE targets. If they announced any changes, the diverse middle managers would just ignore and disobey the “old (racist) white leaders”. So big powerful companies like Boeing, Disney, etc. are screwed. They lack the conviction to push for real change.

      White men are getting worried, because if they lose their well paying job, they might not get another one. Lack of money means lack of women. DIE is a big problem.

    • Some normies, as in the Associated Press running stories on it and the people being quoted, are starting to pay attention to the legal precedents potentially being set in the various cases against Mr. Trump, i.e. “if NY can seize his businesses they can seize any of our businesses.” Maybe it’s too little too late to stem the spiteful mutant anti trump tsunami, but this is starting to be said, in “polite quarters.”

      • Private property rights are being eroded by various “emergency measures”, “to stop Trump, for the climate, to fight white privilege”. You kind of vaguely sense how this does relate to old school socialism, the creed od envy. Shoes are dropping in this thread, at least for me.

        You also sense why private property is essential for civilization no less and how it is under attack. Red flag laws; now your guns are de facto on loan from the sheriff’s department. Unlocking seat warming in your car; you didn’t buy the car, you bought a license to use some features of it. Kill switches; you license to your own car has been revoked. How’s that for “owning” the car??

        Private property is the beginning of any freedom that is not strictly spiritual in nature. And some segments of the regime, the side referred to as the Obama side above, actually want to undermine that. The “you’ll own nothing” part may end up applying to Bill ackman and friends as much as to your gun safe. That would scare him. It would certainly scare me as well

    • Good points.

      I think there is widespread fear as a result of the E. Jean Carroll verdict among others and serious talk underway about relocating businesses out of New York. People have thought for a long time the financial houses might decamp and leave token shell offices behind, and that may be about to get real. The lawfare-related fear is quite understandable.

      California for obvious reasons would have seemed where major businesses would exit en masse first, and while that is happening, the problems there have more to do with regulation (also a problem in New York) than with litigation. See agriculture for a prime example, abut it is impossible to replicate at that scale in other places.

      The second order effect will be relatively sane places will be the recipients of these moves, and these corporations are infested with extreme leftism even if they have also suffered from the madness. The minor Regimes in the cities and states targeted for relocation will rejoice and profit at the expense of the largely clueless people who have relatively nice lives in these places.

  4. One little nitpick I have is referring to two blacks as “lovers” – more like “rutters”. As for the border, if Abbott was half serious, he’d have the national guard firing into the water (not actually shooting anyone) and drive the illegals back. Of course it’ll never happen, so the republitards will gnash their teeth and yammer, pass some sort of worthless legislation, vowing to fortify the border and everyone will breathe a sigh of relief. Then they’ll get really serious and demand Teheran be bombed to rubble…

  5. I did not think Trump would get this far. Or that we would have actual state vs fed boots on the ground (if that is genuine?). Or that we’re teetering on the edge of war against both Russia and Iran plus the whole woodwork of exotic jihadist organizations. Plus millions of unvetted IAs bur i repeat myself there.

    I need to send my crystal ball to the repair shop because it can’t keep pace with all of the very bad things happening all at once. But it feels like no one is really in control. Everyone’s master plan seems to be crashing to the ground. This is probably how history, in the worst sense, happens. Yeah I’m blackpilled q lot of the time these days but I don’t have a good feeling about all of these perfect storms coming together. Survive, raise kids, try to build something new when the storm passes. Something like that. Right now it seems like nothing should be a surprise. Hang tight and don’t do something stupid, that’s honestly what I’m thinking

    • Morana ya Simba: I’m with you – “Hang tight and don’t do something stupid.” I disagree with much of the commentariat today so I’m just skimming/reading, not downvoting or commenting.

      And then I try, as a diversion, reading a standard, cheap, SHTF book on my kindle – you know the type – EMP, crises, etc. It’s a bit ridiculous, including not merely an EMP by the norks but also an actual land invasion. Okay, I’m hanging onto my suspension of disbelief here, as the norks come through a small, southern Virginia town. They are using the mandatory state registry of guns to target which homes to hit. A few people get away, and discover one local gunowner who didn’t obey the state edict and is not on the list.

      His name? Novak. A Czech juice. I cannot even read a cheap crappy escapist EMP book without having an heroic ash ken azi stuck down my throat. In a tiny, SE Virginia town, that’s who the author supposedly comes up with to help save the day? I don’t buy it. It’s the editors who are saying, “Good enough for its purpose, but let’s put a little bit of racial and religious diversity in there, just to make it in keeping with current-year AINO.”

      I cannot escape from this stuff anywhere, ever. Drives me absolutely insane. Okay, rant over. I’m going to find something else to do.

      • Right now the situation is unclear and unsettled in all directions. That’s usually not the best time to do something big yourself. Instead get your stuff, supplies and people that are your charge, squared away and avoid the itch to “do something” in response to the wheels coming off all around. Not the time to storm into the breach yet. Survival, of your kids, that’s your mission. JMO

        That said, read a post somewhere that resistance to tyranny is never risk free, in ref to the border convoys. That is absolutely true. IF you don’t have dependents amd are clear about this being a possible Jan 6 fed ambush, if people feel like joining the convoys to show that there is pushback. Do it. And I hope you knock it out of the ballpark and start some kind of chain reaction.

        But understand the risks. Criminals are in charge of the government and good people will perish before this mess is over

    • Moran ya Simba: “I need to send my crystal ball to the repair shop because it can’t keep pace with all of the very bad things happening all at once.”

      (((Rahm Emanuel))): “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

      The Occidental mind cannot comprehend an Oriental mind which is so hopelessly sociopathic that it will devote not decades but rather centuries to maneuvering the various aspects of an Occidental society into full blown crises which will cripple & destroy the Occidental whilst simultaneously elevating & glorifying the Oriental.

      The naivete of the Occidental mind is unable to fathom the depths of perfidy & plunder to which the Orient will sink in order to destroy the Occident.

      11. Slang
      A person who is the intended victim of a swindler; a dupe.

      We were a nation of utterly oblivious Marks.

      Our demise was like stealing candy from children.

      • I actually try not to dwell on how treacherous and evil and sick the things being done by governments in both America and Europe, really are. Because the anger messes with my ability to focus. I’m on board with any punishment for after we win. But right now we’re not calling the shots and I can waste endless energy just seething that’s better spent productively. I’m sure many others here feel the same, that we have so much reason to be angry that going there is like playing with fire you might not be able to control.

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  7. I always considered the GOP the Washington Generals of politics. That’s why they seem so feckless even when they’re a clear majority. They’re part of the same uniparty system, but their role is simply to do what Z said here: Fink.

    It’s partly ideological, since they accept the progressive view of morality, just on a slower incline to hell. The system in D.C. assimilates all better than a Borg collective. Play ball and go back to your district a multi-millionaire.

    I don’t know what to think of this border situation, but I do know the GOP is busily working behind the scenes to enrich themselves and publicly drop their pants and assume the position so the Left can whisper BOHICA*, BOHICA, BOHICA in their ears while assuring them that they’re good people.

    *Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

    • I’d say the GOP is effective at serving the interests of its true constituents: donors, big bidness, the MIC, Israel. The party sees its voters as saps who can be kept compliant by a methadone drip of jingoism and empty appeals to “freedom.”

      • Not a bad take. Here, AZ, the term for those GOPers in RINO. They take great umbrage to the moniker, hence we keep calling them by it. 😉

        What really takes the cake is when they talk about their
        “Conservative values”, none of which seems to concentrate on winning elections and moving the Leftist agenda back. Glorious losers too afraid to do what it takes to win.

        • None of my business but how’s your situation water wise? If you’d have to go some time without backup I imagine water would be the big issue in AZ. Lots of space, most places, excessive cold not bad (I know it gets cold at night in the desert in January but by comparison not bad).

          And of course have home defense firearms ready. They may not prevent government tyranny. But they are solid gold for self defense and the cartels are savage

          • Water here is available—ground water. The CAP project allowed the city wells to be turned off, and the Colorado to replace such. Ground water was limited and the level declining until CAP, but there was at least a century left. There are still many wells operational, and the city keeps all the old wells operational as backup. Doubtful AZ could be put out of the fight simply by killing the Colorado supply. And on a personal level, water is pumped for the golf course 100 yards away from where I write.

        • Major progress in AZ when Kari Lake took down the Chairman of the AZ GOP by releasing the recording of him attempting to bribe her out of politics. An excellent scalp claimed, and a shot across the bow to the rest of the RINOs.

  8. ” Voters always put economic concerns at the top, because people are practical. This means immigration has leaked into the domain of the practical.”

    Immigration was always the most practical concern there is BY FAR.

  9. does anyone know what salesforce is? I’ve never used anything that uses anything they do – so I have no idea what they produce.

    In general I’ve always hated Marc Benioff. The only thing I know about him is that he is big into ESG and if we win, any advocate for that, gets there money taken from them.

  10. “The regime hates Trump with the intensity of a thousand suns so they will never relent.”

    Never was a truer word said. If they have to, and as a last resort, they will assassinate him. Been done before.

    • They are crazy. They could get the win of the century by allowing Trump to win and then working with him. But they are so blinded by their hatred for Trump and especially Trump’s supporters that they act maximally irrational. They simply cannot help themselves.

      • No doubt about it, but I think Trump is correct when he says, “They’re *not* out to get me, they are out to get you—I’m just in the way.” Really, even before Trump, there was a palpable hate by the Left for traditional (middle) America—whom they rightfully saw as the last impediment to their vision for new America.

        Even Obama (a smart pol) could not resist firing a salvo by expressing openly this bigotry: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” This is the hatred of the Left expressed openly where once hidden. A sign of their confidence in their ultimate victory of their idea for a new America.

        Trump put a stop to that by his surprise election in 2016. That could not be forgiven and hence the “hatred of a thousand suns”. It also should be noted that the end of Trump is really meaningless in the scheme of things, as it was never about Trump, it was about us.

    • 1. They hate him with the intensity of 1,000 suns.

      2. Elections don’t matter. Yes but, then why are millions upon millions of dollars spent on them?

      3. I hate them with the intensity of 1,000 suns.

      4. It’s hopeless. Texas becomes a blue state and the ball games over. But i’m voting for T anyway. The daily insults, punishments. The guy’s tough. Guy’s a fighter. He’s not a puppet of the donor class.

    • And it will be a false flag operation in which some sad sack Lee Harvey Oswald type gets framed with the blame. Never forget what Schumer said about the CIA. He wasn’t kidding.

  11. We are millenia behind one ethnic group and decades behind another ethnic group in playing the game the way it must be played in any democracy, and especially in a multi-racial democracy. There is a third group that is organized for decades. It is really an entire caste in an entire country. That would be the caste and country that Abbot issued his stand for American sovereignty even as he was signing a deal to import more of that caste from that country.

    You really can’t make this up. Great hope number one for America, a staunch patriot fighting for America, its people and its freedoms went to another country to sign away their most precious freedom. Great hope number two for America, a staunch patriot and fighter for American sovereignty and our right to be first in line issues his great challenge to defend the border from another country where he is doing some deal to let their people come in and colonize our tech industry.

    We are goners if we don’t up our game as a collective group. In a democracy the organized special interests get the give-me-outs. Perhaps white people should form a high low consortium. We take the India model and build our own education system and make our youth the best candidates for STEM. We do the same for the trades and management positions. Then we have a well prepared population that can compete. Abbot should be flying to our stronghold in (pick a state) and negotiating a deal for our skilled labor.

    That is step one. As a group have something to bargain with or the other groups that have something on offer, including the ‘we will riot if you don’t give us what we want’ strategy one group has used for decades, will crush you. There is no country. It is a borderless wreck. We organize and tribe up or slowly bleed out. This approach is also the most likely path to a sovereign state of our own. The organization and self development will be needed to get that, and before then, that is our only path to a seat at the table. We have a long way to go before then. How about we start by having a labor pool that Abbot wants in Texas that we can offer. Instead of 100,000 overdoses a year, how can we have 60,000 STEM graduates a year.

    If any Republican was serious about the border they would have long ago done something about it. Stitt in OK chiming in is a joke. The guy is a chief partner in The Great Replacement. That he signed the I support Texas letter and he is celebrated for it shows how clueless everyone is about who he is – yet he has done it in broad daylight.

    It isn’t a coincidence that the riots and insurrection of the Summer of 2020 was followed by everyone falling all over themselves to give jobs and contracts and education to the group in whose name the riots were done. That is the reality of this non country. We will do it our way. We will do it peacefully with strength and by having valuable skills on offer as well as a massive and organized voting and financial block that we can and must bargain with. Random individuals in the lawless economic zone that we now live in are lambs to slaughter.

    I pray we can organize, not to vote, but to look out for our own.

    • STEM performance is almost exclusively self-imposed. An inventor needs to want to do it, although a very few are lucky. You cannot compel it over time from the external. You have to want to achieve something so that you are in position and self-encouraged to discover a potentially useful, but a probable failure, notion when it says hello to your mind.

      Obtaining STEM credentials are easy for many. Even I have collected a few of my own. This doesn’t make me a STEM originator, a performer who develops an innovation beyond the patent metes and bounds. Real STEM achievement does not come easy to white people or any other people. Often an inventor is not rewarded and even penalized for the challenge innovation represents to vested interests.

      You cannot count upon timely innovation in a purely white community. If it occurs again, innovation may require several human generations before it emerges and then it may be rejected or for some other reason fail to be adopted. During that time, some other possibly merely lucky culture may innovate and subordinate white culture. We’ve been remarkably fortunate in some respects. I don’t count on that condition sustaining and you shouldn’t rely upon it either.

      • Why just STEM …? We need plumbers, electricians, airline pilots; hell, even washing machine repairmen. I’m having a hard time getting an HVAC person in. Probably even guys who could repair a typewriter could make a good living for at least a generation.

        Diesel and auto mechanics — and just try find a machine shop in your neighborhood that rebuilds engines.

        If we’re going to survive the upcoming travails, we need those guys even more than another computer scientist ….

        • You will have no problem if you are willing to pay the 1,125/hr nominal I earn toward plumbers, electricians, airline pilots or “even” washing machine repairmen (or even monkeys if you can train them properly).

          My cousin is a former professional touring drummer who married a *gorgeous* Oregonian with natural platinum hair and deep blue eyes and the live in SoCall still (Manhattan Beach, paid up fully except for taxes). She’s a very successful Hollywood producer and consultant earning more than a million bucks/year last I checked (celebrity worth).

          My cousin is still working his 20+ SoCal HVAC vans now that he no longer wants to drum. Not starving, not making even close to what his wife brings in. Love that cat, we are best friends; but I can say that working the trades is not always that purported. My cousin, who is the same age but he used to crush me at certain sports in part because he’s HUGE, well, he no longer has the same range of motion. I love him but must destroy him on the racquet courts, as when we were kids competing, and nowadays I always win and he is not coming back realistically. Trades rob your body as can desk jockey work but at least with the later you can skate if intelligent and avoid obvious punishment on your joints, although desk work can lead to damage if you are not aware and you take prescriptive action. 0.02

        • I agree PrimiPlus. We need all of it. DaBaers you are talking about inventors – an extremely rare strata. We need those too.

          I am talking about high performance solid STEM folk who are an essential part of being an elite and economically viable.

          Yes, we also need large numbers of skilled tradesmen.

          • Forget inventors in STEM. We need competent engineers and technicians to keep what’s already invented running–the power grid, the communication networks, refineries, chemical plants, oil fields, pipelines, railroads…I could go on.

    • Lack of organization is what stands between us and salvation. That doesn’t explain how to organize but it at least identifies what it is we need to do. Hard as that is

  12. Day 1 of the Second Trump Administration

    Trump is puttering around the Oval Office, looking for a place to put The Art of the Deal, first edition, where a nifty little spotlight can highlight it for all the television cameras to see, when a teenage gofer runs in the room.

    “Mr. President! Mr. President! We got your present!” The teen tosses a cake box into Trump’s arms, who calls, “Whoa there. Be careful, kiddo. You could break something.”

    The teen grins. “That’s too squishy to be broken. Then again, from another way of looking at it, it’s as hard as a rock, so who’s to say?” Then he disappears.

    Trump opens up the cake box, revealing ….

    …. the head of Mitt Romney, Senator from Utah who has been especially proliferant in badmouthing Trump. The eyes are glazed and the skin has already begun to go purplish. Trump grins. “I’ll tee off for golf on this sucker!” he declares to the world….

    [To read more of my material, click on GREG NIKOLIC up above with your mouse]

  13. The solution according to many pundits in the Dissident Right to every advance from our betters is to do nothing except maybe buy guns.

    The border convoy likely is full of feds and won’t achieve much but it’s an important step in radicalizing normies and that will help in the long run

  14. “Trump has proven to be one of the most resilient and lucky political figures to come around in generations. He is probably shrewd enough to avoid picking a running mate that could be his replacement.”


    Trump is not “resilient,” he has an enormous ego, HAD an enormous amount of money, and his supporters literally have no one else to turn to.

    His term in office demonstrated that his is not shrewd in making personnel choices at all. Rex Tillerson? Gen. Mattis? William Barr? Jeff Sessions? Christopher Wray? They all stabbed him in the back.

    That Trump will not be president in January 2025 is a given. How The Regime will try to sell the political assassination to the public as virtue remains to be seen.

    • C’mon man. Trump has astonishing energy and the ability to withstand enormous punishment. I envy and admire him for these qualities.

      I agree with most of the harshest criticisms of Trump but still see him as our best available option for demonstrating to whites the peril that they are in.

      I suspect that the reason that he persists against such withering barrages is his hope that Ivanka’s friends will finally think that he’s a cool guy. Whatever, he’s the best we’ve got on hand at the moment…

      • While I understand completely the futility of voting harder and the legitimacy that it lends to the regime, I still don’t feel like I have any other choice when a guy who the regime hates this much is on the ballot

        • He will at the very least stir the pot and that’s probably not a bad thing. It’s a little like kicking an old car that won’t start; it’s not going to make the situation worse. Probably not better either but certainly not worse

      • We’re not in disagreement. Trump has taken enormous abuse. And voting for him is better than voting for any D and nearly all Rs.

        But it’s not enough. He can’t “make America great again” all by himself. They successfully cockblocked him on everything but the Supreme Court in his first term. They will simply not let him get another term, and even if he did get a second term I don’t see how he would be able to accomplish any more then he did from 2017-2021.

        Yes, yes. All of us will vote for Trump as a giant “Fuck you” — (provided they actually allow him on the ballot in November). I get that.

        Then they will throw the election, bankrupt him, and put him in prison.

        Then what?

          • Possibly nobody. I am not a pessimist, I am a realist. One logical possibility that cannot be discounted is that no one is going to save us, and we are as just as fucked as a kulak was in the USSR in 1936.

            They are making an example out of Trump to dissuade other rich guys who might want to run on a populist ticket. In fact there probably is no one else. Trump is sui generis.

            Trump had his lucky shot, and between The Regime kneecapping him the entire time and his own very substantial flaws, it’s over.

            Come on, man. Do you really think that the ZOG that charged him with 91 bogus felonies is actually going to allow him to win?

          • Xman, you described the situation as I see it to a T.

            We should assume no one good is coming

      • “ he’s the best we’ve got on hand at the moment…”

        I agree. I wish him no ill will. He’s a very flawed man, but so are we all. In this case the enemy of my enemy is my friend (screw Netanyahu’s rephrasing of this saying).

        I swore off voting, with one exception—a rematch of Trump’s 2020 bid. I will vote—even if they require mail-in’s only. Then I’m done.

        Only public executions of ballot fraudsters would ever get me to reconsider.

        • ” Then I’m done. ”

          No you aren’t.

          I have been hearing conservatives say this for 30 years.

          It started in 1994 after Republicans took congress for the first time in 40 years then did nothing with it.

          Your kind always find some rationale to kick Lucy’s football one last time, and you will again in the future.

          That is why the system works and stays around

          • Really, I did not vote in the last election—therefore breaking an uninterupted line of votes from when I became of age.

            You really should know before you assume.

  15. I was talking to my oldest boy (24) this weekend and Trump came up. He said he was voting for Trump, and I asked him why. His response: “Fuck them, that’s why”

    Granted this is a small sample size, but I suspect it extrapolates well.

    • Good for you. I suspect my son will vote, but I really don’t care to even discuss. Last discussion I told him I would never vote again given the “fix”. And further that I was an “accelerationist”. It was a new concept to him and one that will sink in with time. He is at the stage I was at his age. He brooks no moral failing in his candidates, but fails to understand why the elections never seem to fix an inherently corrupt system. He will learn and I will be dead by that time. That’s fine with me.

  16. Typically, the most powerful economic interest has the whip hand. In America, that’s been agriculture, industry, and finance, in that order. Lately we see tech making its move. Sometimes a populist movement checks this interest, most successfully with the trust-busting and immigration restriction of the early 20th century. Then again, the financial power was starting to make its move at the same time. Maybe that’s what’s going on here with tech.

    I’m reminded of the Quigley quotes about an economy based on managing the public’s demands, and nineteenth century indulgence of man’s animal nature. Maybe the future is WALL-E, but I think it’s more likely to be a farming operation, with all that entails. Kind of is already. I also think it will, perversely, result in the breeding of humans instead of sheeple, and attitudes will gradually shift to a more human, less animal, orientation. But the ride will be bumpy!

  17. Trump is a pro regime politician. When he was president, Jared Kushner and Ivanka were running things behind the scenes. Remember during Trump’s first impeachment, congress was pushing through the USMCA, to update NAFTA. Trump is an actor, and he gets low information voters and boomers to think he is one of them. Instead Trump is surrounded by the elite, he lives in a resort that only the elite can afford to get in. Don the Con is just phoney as the rest of them, the only difference is he has a cult of personality around him.

    • All these farcical court cases against him, russia hoax, peach mints, etc., say that’s not true. He has at times been a dupe of the regime (haven’t we all) but he’s clearly not one of them.

      • “All these farcical court cases against him, russia hoax, peach mints, etc., say that’s not true. He has at times been a dupe of the regime (haven’t we all) but he’s clearly not one of them.”

        When Trump is in prison, stripped of his assets, his kids hounded out of public life, then maybe I will start to believe Trump is not ” one of them.”

        Until then I assume it is all Soviet show trials, Warren Commissions, and Senate investigations into what happened at Waco. Theatrics to control the minds of the hapless plebs and keep them believing that what they are watching are manifestations of organic events driven by independent decisions.

  18. “He is probably shrewd enough to avoid picking a running mate that could be his replacement.” – I don’t know about that. Practically every hire he’s ever done has betrayed him. His previous administration was riddled with self-owns every five minutes. I’m sure he thinks he can make his followers eat rat poison if he sells it. And for 85% of them, I think that’s true. Trump has proved to be the most disloyal man on Earth to his followers. so we’ll see what happens.

    • “Practically every hire he’s ever done has betrayed him.”

      He’s not loyal to his subordinates and they reciprocate with a similar lack of loyalty and commitment. That said, I’ll be voting for him for a third time. He’s still the lesser evil.

      • Dude, I voted for Mitt Romney AND John McCain.
        As lesser evils go, Cheeto Hitler is like Mother Theresa.

        • I am embarrassed to say I voted Romney, just didn’t know better. Did not make the same error with McStain

  19. I might slightly push back against Z on this one. Is this whole Texas border “stand-off” a political stunt? Yeah, almost certainly.

    However, I’d argue that this stunt is having unintended consequences. It’s breaking down barriers in the minds of Normies who believe that it’s a real stand-off and are supporting it. Are they being tricked? Sure. But they now believe that going against the federal govt is an option and can even succeed.

    Our rulers are accidentally radicalizing a huge portion of the population. Once you can imagine something, you can make it happen. It’s why the regime is so focused on narrative and not allowing people to even think in certain ways or use certain words. Well, millions of whites now can think in a way that they didn’t a week or so ago.

    • We know that the Texas thing is not something the regime wants. We know this because regime media is doing their best to ignore it. Yet it is being perpetrated and supported by people who are or were finks for the regime. So it’s indicative of a regime schism.

      • “regime schism”

        Abbot, Kemp and DeSantis are NOT working for the same people who manage Biden. One can abstract (to 1rst order) the domestic enemies of Heritage America into 2 groups, which are now in conflict with each other and with Heritage America.

        The first is the corporate oligarchy and their servants like Abbott. These people have turned America into a trade zone rather than a real country and they have been at it since 1965 at least. They want population replacement, both for cheap labor and maximum corporate profits, and because immigration is importing the divide for ‘divide and rule’. Homogeneity is strength, not diversity, in resistance to bad or dyscivilizational elite behavior. They want useful migrants that they can exploit for profit. They don’t want people who are going to destabilize civilization. Moreover, they want it done LEGALLY, not because they care a whit in general principle about rule of law (which might constrain their own misconduct), but because they want to CONTROL the invasion process, and at least until recently they owned legislative and judicial institutions.

        The second faction, who manage Biden, have their ideological roots in what is now anti-white international communism. The simpler in their movement are co-opted with the false notion that everyone is equal so any inequality in outcome is the result of racism, therefore white people must be attacked until there is equality. Their midwits are coopted with the notion that it is the existence of European peoples that prevents the rise of their utopian vision of a better world.

        The communists of a century ago, when they were trying to take over the world (starting with Europe) after the First World War, were absolutely ASTONISHED that European working classes were not buying into their internationalism. Their collective self-perception was that they were the hero vanguard of the proletariat, and the refusal of the actual proletariat to follow them off the cliff (into the horror the poor Russians suffered in the early 1920’s) struck a deep psychological blow to their personal identities. I have these people in my family so I have studied them: they DESPERATELY WANT to be seen as the good guys. However, they are not going to blame themselves or their flawed views for their failure. They blame European peoples, including European working classes, for their failure.

        This is the root of the existential attack on European nations. The international communist correctly sees cohesive European nations as impediments to their insane attempt to conquer the world. What they fail to see is that it is ALL nations and tribes on this Earth who do not want to be ruled over by them. The Chinese are ruled by communists, but Chinese communism is a NATIONALIST communist movement. They have no interest in being ruled over by ANY foreigners. No one wants to be ruled by these ignorant, arrogant, beastly creatures, because ruin and mass graves follow them like rain follows a storm cloud.

    • Just so. The postmodernists are, in the main, deranged Leftist crackpots, however, they are correct in noting that language, or narrative, partially structures reality. AINO’s Power Structure is experiencing narrative capsize, and subversive sub-narratives, such as militant opposition to immivasion and FedGov, are encroaching at the periphery. And Republican panjandrums are unwittingly making it happen.

    • “Once you can imagine something…”
      Sorry, friend-o: that’s a page out of “‘their’ playbook.”
      Imagination’s got precious little to do with it.
      Luck, however…!
      (Fortuna’s wheel keeps a-spinnin’.)

      • Wrong. Words and ideas are important. Without a word to describe something, it’s hard to conceptualize a concept.

        It’s why our rulers hate the word anti-white. It creates a different thought in our minds than the word racism. This is why Jews use antisemitism instead of racism.

        Whites look at the border stand-off and all of the sudden their minds go, “Hey, you can just tell the feds no.” And once that idea is in their heads, it won’t go away.

        • The little hats also want to be able to be “fellow white people” when convenient, so they downplay the reality that they are, indeed, a different race. Hence antisemitism instead of racism being applied to them is a narrative they need to preserve.

        • “…Partially structures reality…. AINO’s Power Structure is experiencing narrative capsize.”
          You’re right on the second observation – their narratives are falsehoods and will, ipso-facto, ALWAYS collapse (in time – never any doubt of that in my mind). But you’re wrong on your first (dare I say “Marcusian?”) observation; lies create phantasmagoria, not “reality,” and repetition of such, by whatever means, doesn’t “engender the real.”
          Anyway, I was initially dishing on the term “imagination” which, in the popular vernacular, means “magical thinking.”

          (Now, as for artifice, i.e., “persuasive ‘telling'” – well, that’s a horse of another color ; -)

          • I said “partially structures reality,” which it does. Humans don’t live only in the physical world but also in a thoughtworld, and most of them–whether it be in a mass media technocracy or a primitive tribe–accept, practically en bloc, their personal thoughtworld from on high. In AINO, that means primarily Big Media, Hollywood and academia. In tribes, it means the chief and a shaman-type who curates and recapitulates tribal mythology and interprets current events through spiritual media.

            Now these narratives need not bear much relationship to physical reality in order to structure reality and produce concrete results in the physical world. If you doubt this, just consider the Covid mythology and then reconsider.

        • Yes. And one of the most critical arenas we are failing is in the Arts — the realm of Myth Making and Myth Maintenance. Our side has surrendered that ground completely to our enemies.

          And there is a reason that was one of the areas they first stormed and took. Own their story, and own the people.

          I live and work among the dirt people. I spent years moving through the world of the adjunct-clouds. Regular folks need this put into stories — they won’t and don’t read “hard-hitting analysis, nor do they wade through the daily deluge of “conservative” commentary.

          But they hunger for a story they can identify with.

          • I agree with both of you. But by way of furthering my point, consider that whatever the “measurable” impacts over time, the Covid hoax was pure phantasmagoria. It was a lie. It was evil.
            But if “it” can be called what “it” is, “it” looses force.

            (“Story-folk” will appreciate this: There’s a great scene in the film The Exorcist where Damien Karras tries to school Lancaster Merrin on the “complexity” of the issue at hand, and Merrin, after donning his crucifix, looks at the younger man and replies (sic) “There is only The One.”)
            Anyway – careful with “the narratives.” One can get carried away…also, ours – and I hate to say it – tend to be “tinny-sounding” and hammy compared to Theirs.

            There is only The One,

    • I fully agree with you. Plus, celebrate your wins no matter how small. Our side is so used to defeat and so cynical that we cannot enjoy any victory, even a small one.

      Don’t get carried with it, but take the W, smile and laugh knowing how miserable our enemies are.

    • It is a pretty small thing on the face of it– a single city park in Eagle Pass– but popular sentiment is so much on TX’s side, overwhelmingly, that for the Biden Admin “results are changing quickly” as Google likes to say. It has been quite funny to me to hear media Democrats under the belief they can shame Abbott out of a political stunt by accusing him of political stunting (“Republicans are the real Clintonites!”).

      Last week they were still on boomer-bluster about F-15s or F-16s, whatever; but just days later Biden pivoted to “I want to stop the bandito hordes yet Republicans are stopping *me*, Minuteman Joe.” Many parroting the latter spiel for him, which is nonsensical for its notional dynamic of the Republicans, ackshually, pulling immigrants in as petty payback against Biden’s great economy– HUH?

      We here know all about the amnesty incentives of the GOP but safe to say, Biden lacks the necessities to exploit that nuance. The whole thing is a partisan doublethink mish-mash and redolent of the 2012 Syria red line. Mucho FBI in MAGA hats will be dispatched to the Rio Grande.

  20. These scenarios assume that voters will elect the President. I expect the election to be rigged.

    There are two parties: the Uniparty and the MGA party. What makes sense to me is for the Uniparty to replace Joe with Nikki and have her run on the Dem ticket. Or run her as Joe’s VP, Joe steps down right after the inauguration and Nikki runs the deck for twelve years.

    The MAGA’s may cry foul but the MAGA’s have nothing to say about it.

    • I don’t think the Dems can run open neocons, since a large portion of their base is anti-war. Their usual strat is to drive off the hippies claiming they can’t win a general election, then install a “center left” candidate who turns out to be a secret zionist.

      • This comment is why so many of the Government Party seem resigned to Trump being reelected. There is a not small number of Democrats who will vote for Trump because of the wars in Ukraine and Israel. Those simply did not exist when Trump was POTUS.

        Election fraud runs using machine algorithms to compute required votes. If 10-15% of your own voters are loyal to Trump, the ballot shenanigans required to overcome this risk direct exposure.

        Further legal persecution of Trump risks pushing those numbers higher because it means the Permanent War Party wants war, and you’ll see a lot of anti-Trump fervor melt away.

        That’s why the Ukraine funding bill is call the “immigration bill”. They cannot admit what it is because it’ll drive their voters into Trump’s arms.

  21. Maybe an early non establishment VP pick is Trump’s poison pill? Michael Flynn, the Cobra, Rand Paul, or Thomas Maisie?

    Somebody who they can’t stand and will lead Trump supporters out of the party.

    • Still think Tucker Carlson is a good possibility…and Vivek…Both of them could talk their way out of a gulag…But Trump may have too much ego to deal with that….

  22. This post is a tonic. I became foolishly curious about the passion play in Texas, wondering about factional scheming over court orders and federalizing the TNG, about how DC will handle Abbott and Abbott will respond. Then this post makes me step back and look at the big picture. One tiny blockage of the enormous border makes no difference, and when did the Vichy GOP ever talk about restricting immigration and *not* prove to be lying? This includes Abbott. Remember how he performed with the recent fake black plague hysteria. No, this is merely the standard GOP modus operandi in election years. Tell the dirt people We’re Serious This Time, then return to business as usual.

    • That may be the idea, but the unintended consequences could turn out to be major problems for the Regime…

  23. The first thing to consider here is that the Republican Party is the party of scheming perfidious finks, so whatever they are doing is not on the level.

    Perhaps this is a bit of wry sarcasm that I’m not picking up, but I cannot quite concur with this statement. It reminds me of the people who like to say that the mainstream media always lies so they will not believe anything that they report. This, of course, is silly. The mainstream media hardly ever reports things that are factually untrue. What they do is selectively report stories that are carefully curated to support the preferred narrative, and then they color around them with a lot of spin and framing so that the narrative appears robust.
    If the media were merely lying, then disentangling the lies would be a relatively simple matter. This isn’t what happens, though. Unfortunately (but also rather intriguingly) it is possible to use a narrative to set up an alternative view of reality that is false and misleading, but yet has an entirely accurate fact foundation, and that’s what they do.
    I have little patience for this sort of thing no matter who is doing it, and I take all media reports with a heavy dose of salt; however, it’s not possible to simply do without the media, because then you wouldn’t have any information at all. By the same token, the media cannot entirely get away from the truth of things, because then they would have nothing to say and no audience. Even after spinning and omitting inconvenient facts, they maintain a tenuous relationship with the truth that can be ferreted out with enough effort.
    Getting back to the topic at hand, the Republican Party may be full of schemers and liars, which is nothing new for politicians, but they can still read the writing on the wall. They have enough of a relationship with reality that their survival instincts will kick in once the signal reaches a certain threshold. When Mitch McConnell says that the politics of immigration have changed, I tend to think he’s speaking the plain and simple truth as he understands it. Of course, the party could have learned this decades ago if they had listened to people like Pat Buchanan, but they suppressed those voices and they believed they were doing God’s work when they did so. They really did believe in the Chamber of Commerce version of events, and it’s just now occurring to Mitch that that narrative doesn’t hold up anymore.
    What this proves is that the Republican Party really has been just as clueless and stupid as we feared. It means that they live in an elite bubble and they never understood the forces behind Trump and the MAGA movement. It means that there are still probably huge swaths of reality about which they are completely ill-informed and unreliable (Russia, for instance). But it also means that they can be brought to heel with enough pressure. It means people have to continue to agitate, protest, and yes, vote harder. It may be that the issue cannot be resolved within the system, but it certainly won’t be resolved without the system. That’s just the facts.

    • “The mainstream media hardly ever reports things that are factually untrue.”

      “81 million votes”

      “Most honest and transparent election ever”

      “Safe AND effective”

      “Two weeks to flatten the curve”

      “Mask up and social distance to save Granny!”

      And on, and on, and on.

      I think perhaps your definition of true and untrue could use an adjustment.

      • His posture as Resident Concern Troll is what needs work. Veering from inculcation of the thought, “Gee, never thought of that angle”, to making the reader want to violently spew whatever from their mouth lacks finesse.

        Sorry, dude, you may actually mean what you say, but that is how it comes off, concern trolling the D.R.

    • “It’s not possible to simply do without the media, because then you wouldn’t have any information at all.”
      That is an absurd statement.
      Information ≠ knowledge.
      “It may be that the issue cannot be resolved within the system, but it certainly won’t be resolved without the system. That’s just the facts.”
      Qu-est-ce-que-c’est “facts?” Something the media produces?
      Je ne comprends pas.

    • Good comment. Media reporting is usually incomplete or inaccurate, often slanted, and sometimes false, but it is always information, and we have to make the best we can of that information.

    • At one time maybe it was difficult, not really impossible, to do without the media. But that time is long gone given the proliferation of recording devices and low cost of dissemination.

      As for lying, selective reporting and omission of key facts is one form. But the media does not limit itself simply to one form. As pointed out above, flat out falsehoods abound. Personally I agree selective reporting is more effective than straight up falsehood, but both are ubiquitous in the MSM.

    • Everything is factually true as long as you’re willing to fabricate some facts.

      It’s not that Trump colluded with Russia. It’s that “unnamed sources” said he did.

      As long as they never EVER ask any questions and never EVER disclose the information source, they can claim their reporting is “factual”.

      But that doesn’t mean it is factual. Only that they withhold information necessary to corroborate the facts.

      Also known as LYING.

      We’ve gotten so used to them lying to us that people like you act like an abused wife making excuses for the beatings she’s taking.

    • They’re not lying. They’re just deliberately withholding information that would allow an evaluation of the veracity of their claims.


      A lie of omission is still a lie.

  24. I surely cannot claim much political acumen. However, on the curious apparent pivot of the Republicans to at least pretend to take seriously the illegal immigration mess in general, the prime suspect I would think is the currently held up funding for more gibs to Ukraine and Israel. Biden promises to get tough on the border problem, if only the purse strings are loosened. I don’t place a whole lot of faith into such a claim. But that is a prime suspect as it’s politics as usual: Congress renews funding for the foreign adventures and continued 10% to the Big Guy, not to mention the defense contractors. In return Biden will deliver – not a damned thing, of course. Republicans are shocked, shocked, that the other side would renege on its promises.

    Trump’s VP: How about this for a long shot conjecture: Trump declines any offers from Deep State. Instead of picking a regime friendly VP, imagine he did just the opposite? I don’t know if RFK Jr. would qualify. I was thinking someone who was (to the extent this would be possible) a true conservative, a white Christian male with a track record of not being a tool of the Swamp. Of course I don’t know, but I suspect that Trump was long ago offered many off-the-record offers to step down or otherwise bow to the hidden powers and he declined the offers. That, of course doesn’t mean that he does not have his price. Nor do I know that he isn’t, to some degree, “compromised.” I don’t see what he’d stand to gain by stepping down now. If anything, it is his own famous ego that is most likely to be his downfall. It’s well known that an executive tends to select subordinates who are not likely to be potential rivals for his position. Restated that means he selects for incompetence. He could do a lot worse than ask a Rand Paul or perhaps a slightly more palable choice to run with him.

    • Tip O’Neal played this game with Reagan back in the 80’s. GOP got suckered repeatedly.

      Same as it ever was.

  25. When it comes to scheming and finking and lying the Democrats bury the Republicans even the neocons tamp down the dirt and pee on the grave. There is not a republican life that can hold a candle to the crap that Democrats pause you can go all the way back to the Russian Russia Russia hoax. Heck just pointed the COVID hoax or the climate hoax. More recently you can point at the makeup of the judge and the jury in the last trial for Trump. You gotta be kidding! We all know the January 6 trials were a kangaroo court but this was even worse with that grinning idiot judge and 12 lifelong Democrats who hated trump and maga as the jury?

    I’m no trump supporter but in 2016 I voted for him, in 2020 I voted for him, and this time around I’m gonna vote for him. Why? Because the filthy communist running the Democrat party have left me no alternative. I’m not not gonna vote. That accomplishes nothing except perhaps anarchy.

    • “I’m not not gonna vote.”

      Your Overlords thank you for you ongoing dedication and unflagging support. Please enjoy this televised game of Centrifugal Bumblepuppy while the Black Marias are delivering more Diversity.

  26. For whatever reason, a few days ago I looked into the origin and meaning of the term “fink” which is also a very common juice last name. While most online sources simply say it means ‘finch,’ and say that usage as a surname meant someone who raised birds and/or was a ‘cheerful’ person, I found this a bit more explanatory, again considering the surnames “Fink,” “Pink, “Finkle,” “Pinchus,” etc.

    “NOTE: The word fink is apparently first attested in a sketch by the American humorist George Ade, “‘Stumpy’ and Other Interesting People,” first printed in the Chicago Record on March 17, 1894. It has traditionally been compared with German Fink, literally, “finch” (see FINCH), used in various pejorative compounds, as Dreckfink (Dreck “filth”), Mistfink (Mist “manure”), Schmierfink (Schmiere “grease”), referring to a dirty or untidy person (Mistfink, at least, is known from the end of the 15th century); or with Fink in German university slang referring to someone who did not belong to a student association (Burschenschaft). Probably of more relevance to the English word is the recording of Fink, Finke in German criminal argot (Rotwelsch) as one of many variants (also Pink, Pincke, Pünke, Bink, Bing, Fünke) with the meaning “contemptible person” (recorded by the criminologist Friedrich Avé-Lallemant in his “Wörterbuch der Gaunersprache,” in vol. 4 of Das Deutsche Gaunerthum, Leipzig, 1862). These forms are clearly dependent on a Dutch, Frisian and Low German etymon meaning “little finger” (see PINKIE entry 2), extended to mean “penis” (a sense recorded for East Frisian pink, and a meaning of both Fink and Pink in Low German according to Avé-Lallemant) and then “contemptible person.”

    • It is a really successful epithet to have stuck around for six centuries.

      Fascinating stuff there and made me refresh myself on the definition of etymon. Thanks, 3g.

    • Thank you for your etymological voyage of exploration. This is an area of interest for me.

      Somewhat off topic, but I have commenced a reading of H.L. Mencken’s, The American Language: An Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States, a dizzyingly impressive scholarly study of the emergence and flourishing of the American dialect, supplied with many examples of the self-conscious divergence from the British forms with all of its grammatical and usage rules, and of course covering the introduction and elaboration of new vocabulary and idiomatic forms.

      It is copiously footnoted, genuine footnotes, eschewing the tedious referral to some end-of-volume ghetto for such notes that makes reading for seamless understanding of the author’s argument needlessly complicated, a relic of days when editors and typesetters worked together to produce beautiful and functional volumes respectful both of the wishes of authors as well as of the needs of readers. My volume is from 1936, and is the Fourth Edition, noted as being corrected, enlarged, and rewritten. It is a solid thwack of a book assuredly in terms of its physical heft, but primarily in its demands on one’s concentration. Ahh…

      • Jersey Jeffersonian: You know, I’ve been dreadfully negligent in doing any serious reading for the past few years. Other than his more famous quotations and bon mots, I haven’t read any Mencken. I will definitely take a look into his dictionary – thank you for the information.

        • Well, thank you for so consistently putting your true sense of things out there. Your life experiences clearly inform your judgements, and that gives them the ring of truth, making them worthy of entertaining them seriously. Respect…

          • And another thought; as a grandmother you play a key role in preservation of the “chain of custody” of white culture for those little ones, particularly by way of measured reflection upon “facts” and their relative weighting toward relevant cultural preservation.

            I have no kids, and thus no grandkids. I am a monadnock in that way, sticking up, but not associated with a continuous range of mountains. Do the work; our people depend upon this.

          • JerseyJeffersonian: Many thanks for your kind words. Your use of the term “monadnock” struck me; I’m almost positive I didn’t ever climb it (it was in college but I’m fairly certain we didn’t drive up to New Hampshire that day) but for some reason I strongly remember the name.

            I did climb Ilkley Moor a few years later, though. Now, with my old lady knees, those are just fond memories.

  27. Trump usually makes bizarre personnel decisions so I think he will pick Nikki Haley.

    I was watching Fox News the other day and all the pundits were saying Trump needs to select a Woman of Colour. Trump usually listens to whoever talked to him last and I think his inner circle will advise him extend an olive branch to Haley.

    • I’ve been telling friends and acquaintances with high school age sons that if Haley gets anywhere near power to make sure that their kids have flat feet.

  28. We may be sailing into unchartered waters here. It’s not just that western civ has made it possible for us dirt people to communicate on a vast scale, it has also made it possible for the evil bastards that eternally want to rule over the dirt people to collude to a greater degree than ever before possible in their scheming and finking. What we may be seeing is the beginning of what that means, and it is by no means assured it means freedom for the dirt people.

    The coming conflict between these two opposing forces is not just in the US, but worldwide. The next “world war” is unlikely to be between nations wielding huge armies on the field of battle. It’ll be either more like Terminator where instead of killer cyborgs it’s swarms of mini-drones blowing peoples heads off, or bioweapons thinning the herd to more manageable levels. Both scenarios controlled by SPECTRE-like super villains in remote bases.

    Humanity, like the universe we inhabit, is not only weirder than we imagine, but weirder than we can imagine. Could be interesting times coming up.

  29. The Texas thing doesn’t necessarily have to be much more complicated than the GOP pretending to care about immigration in an election year, as they have done every election year for about as long as I can remember. But it’s curious that they would do so in service of a prospective Trump Admin 2.0, at the same time that Lankford, McConnell and the rest of the finks in the Senate are pushing for an amnesty deal.

    This tells me that some of the finks have come over to the Trump camp. They now think he’s the strong horse and are hitching their wagons. There’s really no other way to explain what’s going on in Texas.

    • These guys are just about clueless enough to send McConnell to the border in a Stetson hat and film him saying, “build… stares blankly for 20-25 seconds …the dang wall!” And that speaks to how oblivious these people have become. To paraphrase Solzhenitsyn, “We notice, they don’t notice we notice, we notice they don’t notice we notice, but still they don’t notice.”

    • Every republican I know and have ever known always cared about illegal immigration and legal immigration. Right now there’s not a republican that i know that supports even legal immigration. They all believe we currently have enough immigrants and until they become Americans we don’t need anymore. Illegal immigrants are completely out of the question. So standing there saying that the GOP is pretending to care about immigration is very disingenuous. They are listening to their constituents. Now that may be a new phenomena but the constituents have always cared about immigration.

        • Quite. And there is no point of contact between the two. Republican pols hate Republican voters every bit as much as Democrats do, but they mask that hatred slightly better.

  30. ProZNoV below nails it. There’s no VP candidate out there who can stand the onslaught of the Regime if he/she agrees to be Trump’s VP. Joining Navarro, Bannon, Miller, Giuliani et al in misery, bankruptcy or jail is the obvious fate of this unlucky VP.

    This can mean only one thing: Anyone from the mainstream accepting the VP position with Trump is the clear choice of the Regime to replace Trump. The “Fink”/Fix would have to be in for any sane person to accept it.

    I wouldn’t rule out DeSantis or Youngkin as possibilities. Haley may have been the insiders’ first choice. But she is an obvious dimwit and cannot beat Biden. AIPAC is fine with both and so is Wall Street. Both can be co-opted by Neocons in the fullness of time and Youngkin was at Carlyle, so it won’t take much prodding with him anyway.

    • The blank look on the imbecile Haley’s face when King Cobra asked her about basic Ukrainian geography was the best moment so far in this campaign.

      • I liked the debate on Fox where these two dots were arguing about how much US taxpayer money should be sent to Israel.

        American democracy, hell yeah!!

    • No doubt many of their rank and file suffer from TDS, but on the whole, I’m not sure why AIPAC would have any problem with Trump

      • That also puzzles me but possibly it is because he isn’t as trigger happy as the typical Shabbos goy.

      • He just doesn’t want to go after Iran. That’s their beef. Everything else they should be okay with. They are maximalists after all.

    • His last VP was fine and had no jam ups whatsoever.

      I just hope Trump doesn’t pick a woman or a black or Rammaswarmy. Trump needs to grow a pair.

        • Pence finked right at the outset. He’s the one who set up Flynn, who was pretty much Trump’s only chance against McMonster, Mattis and Kelly.

          I wrote Trump off when he let Flynn swing in the breeze. I knew at that moment that The Swamp would have their way with Trump.

          • I wrote of Trump when he signed a bill that didn’t fund the wall instead of giving it a VETO. I think that happened in less than a month after inauguration. How hard is vetoing a bill that is basically a bird in your face?

  31. It’s a good sign if immigration is an increasing priority for voters.

    It’s hard to overstate how much of an existential crisis the border situation is for America. How many came in this year illegally? 3 million? In 8 years of Biden this will be over 24 million illegals. Say 30 million as the numbers will only increase.

    30 million isn’t just a border town issue. Every town and state in the country will be affected. Even then, 30 million is just a drop in the bucket, with over 1 billion Latin Americans looking to immigrate to America, 1.9 billion South Asians, and the list goes on.

    The Canadian border will also become a source of illegal immigration to the USA. We are letting in over 1 million Indian students per year, plus Mexicans are starting to flood into Canada on false refugee claims.

    We don’t border any of those countries, but we let them in because Americans are racist and we will show the racist Americans how to have an open heart (not joking, this is how most Canadians think).

    There is no bigger priority than stopping immigration right now. There is no greater threat to our future or our children’s future.

    • What you say is undoubtedly true but I’m afraid it’s too late to lock the barn door. America is dead, and so is Canada, I imagine. Ultimately, our survival will hinge upon creating sovereign pockets of whiteness that become nation-states on down the line. When that happens, we build massy walls topped with broken glass and machine gun turrets.

    • It is funny how America has always been considered the most racist nation in human history but somehow that has never deterred the POC. And we have been told how barbaric apartheid was in South Africa but that didn’t stop millions of blacks from other parts of Africa illegally entering the country at that time either. Living in proximity to Whitey is a fundamental human right. Given that White people are less than 10% of the population that means each of us is individually responsible for the well-being of more than 10 POC. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and honestly say that you have done everything you can to provide for the immigrants that are depending on you?

  32. Yes, it is good sport and therapeutic to hate the DC vermin for their craven finkery and duplicity. They are indeed the most despicable shit bags our country can muster. But hating is not enough. For example, hating cancer will not cure it, even if it is a justifiable emotion. Better is to turn that hatred into tangible action on a personal level and win by not dying or succumbing to assimilation by the Borg. The pressure cooker is building and a lot of pent up anger is yet to explode. You do not want to become the dirty bomb that destroys your neighborhood uselessly and does nothing to cure the root problem. Better is a Kinzhal dagger; fast, focused, and final.

  33. I never pay much attention to VP picks because I’ve never seen a case where people turn to a candidate because of their VP choice.

    But, since we’re talking about it, I think Trump wants to see competition for the VP spot. People who want the job are spreading Trump’s message and speculation about the choice drives news stories (all for free!).

    Drawing out the choice also serves to keep the Fink Party in line as long as they believe that they can influence Trump’s decision.

    That said, Trump is a bull in a china shop, and I have given up trying to predict what he will do. So for fun, I have these scenarios on my bingo card:

    -Trump chooses a political outsider who isn’t getting press right now
    – Trump holds a series of “important” meetings with people particularly infuriating to the Uniparty to drive news until the last minute
    -Trump picks Halley for VP, then drops her to make her cry in public

    • My prediction is Trump will pick magic negro Tim Scott, thinking it will checkmate those that hate him. But those that hate him will say Scott (who is blacker than coal) is not really black, and is actually a white supremacist. They will give him the nickname “Uncle Tim”. Blacks will vote 90% for Biden.

        • So long as Republicans are the “beta” party to the Democrats’ “alpha,” no non-white demographic will support them in any notable numbers. Non-whites (and single women) are universally in favor of blatant corruption, tyranny, and injustice. Every move the GOP makes to look less like “the white party” and more like nice fair meritocrats reduces their non-white (and female) support, because it’s a show of weakness. Hitching Trump to a minority VP would *offset* the slight minority vote bump that his unpleasant personality gives them.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. He has a very distinct voice. Year of the Cat and Time Passages are, I think, his only 2 hits. It’s a shame he didn’t have more.

      • He had another song that left quite an impression on me, Roads to Moscow, from an album in 1973, with a story arc viewed through the eyes of a Russian soldier of the course of Operation Barbarossa and its aftermath. Pretty powerful, got a lot of airplay around Philly, at least. Seek it out on whatever source you prefer. Here is a link to the lyrics:

        • Whoops. You beat me to it JJ. Anyway, same here. I heard this song when I was 15 on a station in Rochester NY and I still enjoy listening to it. My daughter loved it so much she ended up studying Russian in college.

      • Al Stewart’s best song – which fortunately got some airplay in the mid-70s – is the story of a Russian soldier in WW2. It’s called ‘Roads to Moscow”. Concluding lyrics:
        I’m coming home, I’m coming home, now you can taste it in the wind, the war is over
        And I listen to the clicking of the train-wheels as we roll across the border
        And now they ask me of the time that I was caught behind their lines and taken prisoner
        “They only held me for a day, a lucky break, ” I say they turn and listen closer
        I’ll never know, I’ll never know why I was taken from the line and all the others
        To board a special train and journey deep into the heart of holy Russia
        And it’s cold and damp in the transit camp, and the air is still and sullen
        And the pale sun of October whispers the snow will soon be coming
        And I wonder when I’ll be home again and the morning answers “Never”
        And the evening sighs, and the steely Russian skies go on forever
        Fantastic song set to a moving melody.

    • “She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running like a watercolor in the rain.”

      Great lyric.

  34. Trump needs either a woman who has broad based appeal (impossible) or a non threatening pretty boy (Trudeau-esque) as a VP who doesn’t sound like a twink.

    What sane person would want to be in Trump’s orbit? Everyone who did last time had their personal and professional lives trashed.

    • This is a good point. It suggests that a fink operative will be pushed as VP, in case the unthinkable happens and fortification fails.

  35. Or it could be that both Zman’s overly mechanistic explanation of how politics work and the GOP’s calculation of how many safe seats there actually are have encountered a new reality, and are both past their sell-by date.

    Trump running as an indepdent from jail. RFK running as an independent with private security. The coming collapse and possible dismemberment of Ukraine. And the increasing likelihood that Jared Taylor’s fellow white friends are going to provoke a general war may just be too much for conservative cowards to approach with the usual venality.

    There has been no fundamental change of heart here. Just a new lurking fear. It may be that the orange devil they know and whom they successfully boxed in and rolled may now be a safer bet than going into the unknown (a 4th Obama term) not knowing.

    • Then, after all that 4-D chess, a few election officials in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Phoenix will pump in several hundred thousand fake ballots, and Biden will win in a squeaker.

  36. The GOP’s finking and scheming without attaining the desired results is helpful to us. It reveals the Republican Party as the anti-white fraud it always has been and, in the process, does us no harm. Anything that tarnishes the system is a net positive. I have no idea how this plays out but the safest bet is the Regime will look even worse as the crisis of incompetence incudes its ability to fink and scheme successfully. My guess at this point the Regime has to do decide whether to scuttle the controlled opposition party or swallow and accept Trump; the judicial developments really have thrown a wrench into the works. The only way to have a trial before the election almost would require blatant judicial chicanery and further discredit the court system, which again is a win-win.

    As for amnesty and mass migration, the latest episode is hilarious. Abbott is in India seeking more H-1 visa applicants as he supposedly stands athwart history saying “slower.” The designated fall guy for this version of amnesty, an oleaginous moral leper known as “James Lankford,” has been censored by his state party over his role (the detachment of the state party apparatuses from the national one is becoming quite common). This stunt has drawn attention to the wide-open border at the same time the GOP seeks to do a bait and switch for ephemeral security in exchange for more Ukraine grift. If stepping on their dick were a crime the GOP would be executed.

    And out of left field, the Uniparty’s most recent candidate for a war, Iran, is not stirring up the rubes as it once would have.

    Not to be too repetitive, but the fragmentation and dissolution continue apace.

    • Heard a talking radio head catch herself this morning- started to say three us soldiers were murdered – corrected to killed – in Syria.

      Kind of rich to claim unwelcome invaders destroying the place getting offed by defensive forces being “murdered “.

      • Well, when you consider every nation on the planet to be merely a satrapy of your empire, the death of an imperial Storm Trooper at the hands of subject people counts as murder.

    • Well, the ardor of the neocohens for war with Iran might be somewhat cooled by the developing agreements tieing Iran and Russia way closer, including in military and defense areas.
      Iran gaining access to Khinzhals and S-400s might give the Pentagram a softoff. One hopes, at least.

  37. Why doesn’t Trump just pick King Cobra as his running mate. No way the GOP wants that guy as the nominee. Seems like good insurance. If Trump wants an existing politician, he could tap JD Vance.

    Vance is schemer, but I don’t think the GOP establishment trusts him, nor should they.

    Vance, King Cobra and other younger pols are an interesting bunch. They’re willing to play ball, but they seem to sense that the establishment’s grip isn’t as tight as it once was. They also don’t seem to care much about being in the club.

    People like Haley desperately want to be part of the club. Heck, Trump even did during his first term, maybe still does. This new generation of pols view the establishment as a tool, not necessarily a destination.

    I have no idea what that means for our side, just that the establishment isn’t as cohesive as it once was.

    • That thinking goes a long way towards making Biden’s pick of Cameltoe make a semblance of sense. Insurance.

  38. Does anyone have a pulse on how much Jared and Ivanka are calling the shots this time around? I would think that if they’ve got pull, Nimrata’s got a chance. “Dad, you’ll get women and Indians to vote for you! And she’s really strong on Israel…”

    • My understanding is that Trump no longer speaks to or otherwise has any contact with Jared or Ivanka, so the answer to your question could be that they have no influence on him.

      I may be an outlier here, but I firmly believe that the Donald Trump of 2024 is a completely different man than the Donald Trump of 2016. In 2016 Trump believed he could use his dealmaking skills to ingratiate himself with The Club. Instead, The Club used their influence to subvert his Presidency, impeach him on false pretenses, steal the 2020 election, and spend the next four years persecuting him through sham prosecutions and lawsuits.

      Trump 2024 is a man who has been deeply wronged by The Club and is seeking revenge and destruction, not cooperation and compliance. Trump 2024 is far more /ourguy/ than Trump 2016 was. Our interests are firmly aligned with Trump 2024 in a way that they were not quite so aligned in 2016.

      In the unlikely event he is elected, the most important tool in Trump’s toolchest needs to be the widespread use of Acting Cabinet members to bypass Senate confirmation. Senate confirmation will be the first mechanism The Club uses to try to stack Trump’s Cabinet with insiders who will subvert his Presidency. Cut the Senate out of the process and Trump has a chance of enacting his policies.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. I think trump 24 is gonna be looking for reckoning. He’s gonna be hard he’s gonna be unreasonable to Democrats and he’s gonna be even more popular than ever with the people. But that’s only if he could beat the steal.

      • That letter he had out in regards to the Texas issue was a little bit of hint in that he basically said “as the shadow-president I believe that Federal Law Enforcement officers should be ignored”. That’s not something we’ve seen before. The VP pick will be the tell as it will either be someone intensely loyal to Trump and/or a “generalissimo” of some sort that could put an end to the democratic kabuki show should anything happen to Trump. If it’s just some regime stooge then we’ll know he’s not serious.

        • Agree 100%.

          My belief is Trump 2024 will pick the Generalissimo.

          In the unlikely event Trump wins in 2024, it will be a foregone conclusion that the current Republican party is dead and the party now belongs to Trump. The reaction from the current party stooges will be fascinating to watch. I predict a wave of resignations, retirements, and party changes from the RINO class and a hard move to the right from the rest as they attempt to remain relevant.

      • I don’t know about that…I wholeheartedly respect “My Cheeto Hilter®” and hold that his patriotism is “real”, but I remind everybody that the man…can be a FIRST CLASS horse’s as s, and therefore, the lesson he likely takes from his many (mostly unwarranted…) travails is “look at how resilient (i.e., tough) I am!”

  39. The Georgia case may fall apart due to racism. Apparently, racism made the DA turn the case into a chance to give her lover public money.

    Ah DEI, is there nothing it cannot do?

    This is a party that selects for people who live to fink. They should just rename the party to “The Fink Party” but that would be a degree of candor no fink could muster.

    And commentary like this is why I keep coming back.

  40. I know Trump is a dope easily persuaded by flattery, but I cannot believe he would fall for the Nikki Haley trap. She is an impeachment enhancer for Senate Republicans. I doubt they would let him get through the first 100 days before they tossed him out in favor of her. I heard Ben Carson’s name floated more recently which makes a lot more sense.

      • I think the mistake of his first VP choice will make his next VP choice perfect. You could say a lot about Trump that’s negative but he ain’t stupid. I’m sure he learned a lot about 2who to pick for VP because of that PIS Pence.

    • No disrespect, but I’ve heard this Ben Carson nonsense a lot too and I just can’t understand it. I have to admit that as a literal brain surgeon, the guy is no dummy but he has the wimpiest political persona I’ve seen in all my days. There’s absolutely no way that guy is going to stand up to the media and bureaucrats and lobbyists and all the other D.C. finks that are constantly trying to sabotage Trump. Trump would be better off picking Eeyore if he wants a VP with some fight and spunk in him.

      I honestly thing this Carson talk is just a lingering symptom of “magical black man” sydrome that the right has yet to shake off.

      • I don’t disagree, I meant it made more sense with respect to loyalty to Trump. I can’t see Carson working to undermine Trump with Congressional leaders or that he would be good at it if he did try to do that.

    • I have to agree that Trump picking Haley as his VP sounded completely delusional to me, as well. It could even be a deal-breaker for a lot of people’s support (mine included).

      However, another way of looking at it might be that one of Trump’s biggest problems is that there aren’t enough warm bodies who support him in the political class. Vance or Cobra (I love that name) would be obvious choices for VP, but they would be way more valuable to Trump in the Senate (assuming a future possibility for Cobra) than spinning wheels in the VP mansion. Putting Jeff Sessions in the administration instead of pushing him to become Trump’s man in the senate was one of Trump’s most costly errors last time.

      Putting a useless person like Haley in the useless role of VP might be the kind of “marriage of convenience” Trump would be willing to undertake. It’s a sword that could cut both ways, keeping her as a kind of Neocon hostage in order to exert some kind of discipline over them. And Trump being Trump would find endless opportunities to humiliate his VP and remind the country that after all her criticisms of him, she was just a whore for power and position.

      The big question is whether Trump feels confident he would stay alive for the duration of his second term.

      Anyway, it’s all in the realm of fantasy, but that’s the only “logical” way I could envision a Trump/Haley ticket.

  41. Greg Abbotts ” inner confederate” hilarious.
    The media is starting to ignore the story as the Z predicted yesterday and Abbott just put himself in line for Trumps replacement.
    I think the Fink party is an appropriate name.
    Maybe Cocaine Mitch will send V Dare a check next?

    • Yeah, the moment I heard Cocaine Mitch declare the politics of immigration had changed, I knew he was lying. Just a reminder, the Fink Party fundraised off of repealing Obamacare, for seven years. Mitch even shepherded bills to that effect knowing gay black 45 would never sign. Once BOM was elected, Mitch did less than nothing.

  42. Democracy isn’t giving the plebs what they want. No, it’s all about giving them what the managerial class wants by whatever means.

    It’s only “democracy” if the plebs vote the right way, otherwise democracy needs to be fortified.

    • It’s like school budget voting. They’ll keep holding them until the stupid taxpayers get it right.

  43. Regan had poppa Bush, the CIA stooge, as his VP. Look how well that worked out for the country.

    • Ronnie gave the Deep State everything they ever wanted and they still tried to rub him out. LMAO.

      • You could say the same for Trump and Conservative Inc. He gave them Federalist Society judges, tax cuts, aid to Israel, etc. So of course they had to stab him in the back. It’s their nature.


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