Following Orders

I was up before the sun today so I could head out to the new house and avoid sitting in a traffic jam for hours. In the Baltimore – Washington area, traffic starts around seven in certain areas and is a mess everywhere by eight. The same people who tell us they know why Gaia is angry with us also designed the road system that results in millions of cars idling for hours every day, making Gaia angry. Regardless, I avoided being one of those cars be getting outside the wire by six this morning.

An hour into the drive, a sedan came up behind me so I moved over to the travel lane to let him pass. I was probably doing eighty but he wanted to go faster. The road is straight and wide so you can drive as fast as you like for the most part. The only real hazard is the dumb people who camp out in the hammer lane doing the posted speed limit, which is a well-known problem in these parts. These rolling roadblocks are the result of extensive use of lead paint in Baltimore.

A few miles down the road I see that car pulled over by a state trooper, no doubt getting a ticket for speeding. The maps app on my phone warned of a speed trap, but presumably that guy does not use that app. That driver will now get a big fine and spend the next three years paying higher insurance premiums, because the duty officer assign Barny Fife to traffic duty today. He did this because they have quotas to meet every month, despite their claims to the contrary.

If the driver bothered to ask the state trooper why he is pulling people over for speeding on a quiet stretch of highway, the trooper would probably say it is not safe to exceed the posted speed limit. He would say this knowing it is a lie, but that is what he says because it is what allows him to think the job has a purpose beyond raising revenue for the government and providing him with an income. A big part of policing is convincing the cops that they stand between civilization and anarchy.

If the driver called bullshit on it, the trooper would fall back on the line every cop learns after a few weeks on the job. He is just doing his job. This is the most factually true thing any cop ever says in any setting. That trooper is told to write tickets and he knows how many he needs to write before he can finish his shift. If the trooper wants to keep his job, he does what he is told and never questions it. If he is told to randomly shoot people on the highway, he is going to do it.

This is not to pick on the police. They are just the most egregious example of the “I’m just following orders” mentality of this age. If you want to keep your job at Mega Corp, you better not be the first guy to stop cheering at the pep rally. Do not let the boss hear you making sport of his new initiatives. Much of what people do is what they feel they have to do in order to avoid negative consequences. To some degree, everyone is just following orders, because that is the least bad option.

This is much more novel than it seems. Not that long ago the line, “I am just following orders” had very negative connotations. The “Nuremberg defense” was treated as worse than the alleged crime. The argument was that if you follow immoral orders then you are worse than someone who thinks the orders were moral. The latter could be rehabilitated, while the former is someone without scruples and therefore can never be trusted to do the right thing.

We no longer hear anyone condemn the Nuremberg defense. In fact, it has been flipped on its head now. When the cops beat up people exercising their rights in order to defend Antifa rioters, the so-called conservatives rush in to remind us that the real victims are the cops who are just following orders. The people in charge, the people we call the left, love the idea of people following orders. They really love seeing the cops unquestioningly following orders.

It is one of life’s many ironies that in this age where everyone is supposed to search their heart every day for fascism, we can gain some insight into why the German people went along with the Nazi program. In the total state, survival depends upon not questioning the system. If you can put yourself in jeopardy by questioning the orders, then naturally you will take care to never be suspected of questioning the orders, which means enthusiastically following orders.

For those who get the sads when the Nazis are cast in a negative light, the same dynamic came to dominate communist Russia. This set in before Stalin decided he needed to purge the people who might not follow orders. The Bolsheviks, like the fascists after them, figured out that you cannot get to the promised land if you are endlessly explaining yourself to the people who refuse to follow the rules, so the expedient solution was to remove those people.

Anarcho-tyranny is a feature of managerialism, not a bug, because it is what is necessary for managerialism to survive. The people at the top of the system must remain at the top of the system and the only way to ensure that is to make sure everyone is following their orders. The stated goals of the system are a means to an end and the end is to perpetuate the system. The reason you must follow orders may change, but you must always follow orders.

Eventually this advances to the point where the system becomes so conservative and brittle it is unable to adapt. We cannot know how fascism would have ended, but we saw how communism ended. In its final days it was old men desperately trying to hold onto power by enforcing rules that no longer made sense. Once people stopped following orders, the whole thing collapsed. It is something to think about the next time you are pulled over for speeding on a lonely highway.

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204 thoughts on “Following Orders

  1. Speeding tickets = Nazis or KGB.
    But who doesn’t want to 💩 on cops who write tickets? Ez peezee.

    The Nuremberg Defense- is sorry, valid. No order, laws, or military, state, municipalities can function without following orders. The Nuremberg trials were a farce. Posturing by those who didn’t fight, those who did were against the tribunals, example being Patton in his diary. When it came time for soldiers to judge say over the Malmy massacre, the Canadian officer in charge said “wait a minute, I don’t know a Colonel in this war who hasn’t said ‘this time I don’t want prisoners.’ The German Commander walked.

    Every nation at Nuremberg was guilty of the same sins to a greater or lesser degree.

    The German crime was defeat. Vae Victas.
    Like being white in say Baltimore. Ahem.

    As for the police we’ve got, wait until you meet their replacements.

    As for the moral courage to disobey- like physical courage you’ll get your chance shortly, not to mention prove how violence is morally and telegenically done.

    Live not by Lies !!! LMAO.

  2. The majority of law enforcement initially want to serve their community and do good. A few years of dealing with garbage attitudes, everyone hating you, seeing horrible things (pulling dead children out of vehicles or homes) and dealing with incompetent supervisors who got to their position through nepotism, and they just go to work to finish their shift. The younger officers write the BS speed trap tickets to please their supervisor, who is usually incompetent and wants the maximum amount of statistics to look good. The older officers just answer their calls because they know everything is lose/lose.

  3. On the other hand, you know the hand with poo on it ( California) it’s no longer acceptable for Mr police officer to pull someone over with expired plates if it’s within in 2 months of expiration. I saw at least 3 today with 2022 and one with no plates at all. Oh I forgot, you can ride a dirt bike on the street without a helmet as well. The helmet thing is a step in the right direction, I don’t like having to wear a helmet.

  4. Well, to be perfectly honest, the pulled over driver was probably a negro, who more likely than not, had no insurance. So increasing premiums – no problem. Thus, it was a good collar (not that it’s going to make any difference) after the fact. It’s further totally hilarious that the former life imprisonment/death penalty “I was just following orders” statement is now just business as usual…

  5. “ Once people stopped following orders, the whole thing collapsed. It is something to think about the next time you are pulled over for speeding on a lonely highway.‘

    Interesting thought. I’m old enough to remember when most States had no “Speed Limits”, or rather, the signs were in the form of “suggestion”. A defense in those days was something along the line of “ …clear and present conditions…”. In short, an open stretch of highway in good weather was fair game to open her up. Think Autobaun.

    As the State became more “managerial” as you describe, the laws were changed and this defense was finally written specifically out by law and now, to even go 1 mile above the speed limit posted was good for conviction. The rule of 10 miles over is really not a rule/law, but a local cop policy to avoid most hassles and court subpoenas.

    I think I got the prize one day when I got a citation for 3 miles over. Later I was informed by LEO’s I know that this was due to being caught in a “rat patrol” (IIRC). Seems they pick some stretch of highway and give everyone tickets for an hour or two, then move on to normal duties.

  6. Bravo, Z-man! This reminds me of the moral jihad against all Russians who “failed to condemn” the Special Military Operation in Ukraine. These hypocritical Americans are asking Russians to stick their necks out in the way that they themselves would never do. Even if they’re not arrested (if I understand correctly, penalties are mainly applied to people who “defame the military” rather than simply opposing the SMO in principle) dissidents in Russia will incur the disapproval of friends, neighbors and especially their bosses. Which is exactly what happens to those of us on the dissident right here in America.

    • Pleeeese … the wankers that run pro tennis won’t put a country flag next to players from Russian Fed and Belarus. Yah know, right after Ms. Sabalenka gets off the court she gonna order the tanks into Poland.

      Yes, fake and gae, but then again itsa sport that worships gross monster Billie Jean Moffet…. she makes Killary look like a looker.

  7. “The people in charge, the people we call the left, love the idea of people following orders. They really love seeing the cops unquestioningly following orders.” This is why they have the most acerbic hatred for The Oath Keepers. Whatever you think of the presentation and people in it, the notion behind it is true nobility, and true dissidence. I will not enforce your laws that violate the highest laws.

    Of course, that stance can work the other way. In any case, people, especially regime enforcers, who will not enforce the law just because it is the law, if it violates the fundamental law is the end of the regime if that idea spreads.

    Of course that is why whites must go from police and military forces. They want patronage. Of course, when you start buying your armed enforcers that way, you are headed for a terrible end, and one where everyone goes down with you.

    Dick Durbin’s new Americans in the police department are the beginning of the end.

    • Regarding the Oathkeepers, I had a few run ins with them at some protests during the peak of the alt-right movement. I don’t know about what happened elsewhere but for some reason they had a habit of opposing White nationalists and other far-right groups like League of the South more than they did antifa. So while they may have claimed to not be willing to enforce “unconstitutional” orders, they had no problem with trying to enforce the official morality of the cloud people. Eventually, I and my group came to regard them as worse than antifa. At least antifa was on the other side of the barricades.

  8. We were fortunate, in a way that many people haven’t been, to get a real life, real time, following orders rorschach test circa 2020-2021. Turns out a solid 75% (at least) are going to follow every order no matter how retarded, if it comes from a sufficiently recognized authority. Maybe more. And of the “dissident” remainder, most will still at least make a pantomime of following orders when expedient and relatively painless. i.e. wearing the mask in the grocery store just to avoid hassle, since it’ll all be over in a few minutes anyway. Which I too did at first. It does not matter that I was one of the first in my area to start going maskless in the store, nobody is keeping score I don’t think, but it makes me feel good. I digress. The 75%+ order followers figure appears to be written in stone and a fact of life.

    Speeding does in fact cause more accidents than any other one factor. That it is not punished as harshly as DUI is clear evidence of moral stigma about alcohol as manifested through the latter day temperance society rebranded as MADD. Indeed, driving while mildly buzzed (technically over the limit) is probably less dangerous than eating while driving, and certainly less than texting while driving. You gotta be more or less staggering/falling down drunk to be a true hazard behind the wheel. The disparity in punishment being a purely moral issue, as I said. Because orders.

    • To be fair it was way easier to just put the mask on rather than get into a fight every single trip to the store. But one thing I observed is that people will still passively resist. I didn’t fight nurses but I always pulled the mask back down the second they turned their back. Lots of people didn’t bother going to events where the true believers organizing them would eagerly announce that they would check vaccine cards at entry.

    • MADD has really pushed the DUI standard into the absurd. Even Candy Lightner, org’s founder, says this. Here in AZ, as everywhere else, the limit for presumed intoxication is .08%. MADD wants it lower and the penalties higher. They never stop pushing that. They’ll never stop until any trace of alcohol equals proof of impaired driving. They are indeed a temperance organization. Women with too much time on their hands.

      In the meantime, published stat’s from our DUI roadblocks have produced interesting statistics. Seems, the majority of drivers arrested are not only above the .08 level, but in the felony level of .15 and above. A remarkable percentage above .2!

      The point I’m making is that at the level of .08, or below, there is really little problem and hence the .06 or .04 level will only ensnare a few social, “dinner” drinkers. It’s the problem drinkers, the physical alcoholics, who continue to drive that are racking up the accidents. MADD is like the proverbial man looking for his lost car keys under the far off streetlight.

      • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
        ~ C. S. Lewis

    • More people speed than drive drunk. Many more. Speeding is naturally going to be the cause of more accidents. Disparity in punishment is not a moral issue. Not wanting some slobbering drunk driving or even someone slightly buzzed, navigating our roads only makes sense.

      • The issue, I think, is that the slightly buzzed and the slobbering drunk are punished the same, even though they present not at all the same hazard. And speeding a little bit on a sparsely traveled interstate is probably harmless. I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise.

      • The problem is whether or not the buzz’d driver is inherently more likely than other forms of assumed impairment to be involved in an accident. The statistics are out there, but I’ve not seen them. I suspect this is deliberate. As I stated above, there is evidence to assume the major problem is with the slovenly drunk crowd—not the two beer crowd. But the politics are against such a finding and implementation of law.

        I was being interviewed for jury selection once in a “drunk” driving case, but not selected. What was interesting was the Judge’s address to the jury pool. He stated emphatically that AZ law did *not* prohibit drinking and driving! AZ law only prohibited driving while *impaired to the slightest degree*.

        I found this confusing, but in hindsight not so. I suspect the defendant was charged with DUI, but had a blood/breath test less than the “presumed I,paired” level of .08% and therefore was going to make a legal challenge to the officer charging/testifying as to his impairment.

        Now that would have been an interesting case to sit upon.

        • Walked into the jury pool room wearing a MAGA cap, flashing the OK sign, and bradishing a dogeared copy of The Turner Diaries, did ya’, compsci? (-;

          • No, I was not as hard nose then. But coming from the University usually got me bounced fast. Once I made it to first selection. They asked if I knew anything about the such and such paper and pencil test for mental impairment (the basis for the disability claim and tort). I said no.

            The author was faculty in another department and we knew each other. This came out in some manner I forget, but the plaintiff’s attorney was hopping mad and was saying l lied. Got hot, real fast. The judge wisely stepped in and bounced me at no cost to the plaintiff’s 6 strikes.

            It’s not easy getting on jury duty for most cases.

    • I remember I had a doctor’s appointment in one of those large medical office buildings. The old crone manning the front desk demanded I put on a face diaper. I refused, politely. She said she’d call security. I told her under no circumstances would I wear one of those useless bits of dirty paper on my face. She asked me my name and I told her it was none of her business.

      I walked off amid her shouts. I ended up exiting the building out of a rear entrance so I wouldn’t be confronted by the building’s security cretins.

      If you could’ve seen how agitated she became when I told her I wouldn’t follow “the rules,” you would’ve been shocked. Never mind that masks are useless. Never mind the mountains of evidence. Why these large health care “providers” insisted on masks everywhere even though they knew they were useless is a great mystery to me. Except maybe they were bribed by the mask manufacturers.

      • The large healthcare providers are part of the Power Structure, and there is no dissent in the Power Structure. It’s the party line, all the way down the line.

      • haha I walked into a Bigbox store, some nerdy guy rushes up, about me needing a mask. Was not about to wear one.

        So he gets in my face, this man breasted 20 something. I notice he is wearing a tag that says something about ‘social distancing and 6 feet’ so my two-finger poke “hey you are breaking the rules!” — into his fat tit pushes him back, he rushes off to cry, I am sure,

        My 6′, 3″ buddy, also not masked was walking right behind me —- said “that jerk had no idea I was about to pop him when he ran up on you…’

        Got my shit, paid and left laughing. The retard era.

      • My wife about a year or so ago had what may have been a sinus infection, an unfortunately not unprecedented thing. But, in order to unlock the Magic Scrip from our primary physician, she needed to see said doctor (actually, this meant feeding the Medical/Industrial Complex its money, given the past, well-documented propensity toward sinus infections in the winter, which made it rather silly). So, she dutifully presented herself to the receptionist at our local McMedical facility, but upon inquiry from this martinet about the purpose of her visit, she was huffily informed (and I quote), “We don’t see sick people here!”, and told to return to her car for a telemedicine call from the doctor. She complied, because Resistance Was Futile, but this shit was unbelievable.

        Recently, I read a post describing how medicine has become militarized; doctor, now mere cogs in the machine if involved in corporatized practices, must follow orders like the good little privates they have become or face discipline.

  9. Here in France almost all of the speeding tickets are issued by radar. The government recently changed the rules so that speeding only slightly over the posted limit involves only a fine, not a loss of points on the license, thus making the revenue raising aspect of traffic laws even more clear than they already had been.

    A more egregious example of the “Nuremberg defense” than pointless speeding tickets has been in the coercive vaccination program. “I was only doing what the government ordered”. It also was an egregious violation of the Nuremberg protocols requring informed consent for medical treatments. The damage in human lives and health continues to mount as the full consequences of this disastrous program become clear. (Embalmers are now seeing a new form of fibrous blood clot in veins and arteries that has yet to be identified by pathologists.) If there is ever full accountability for this atrocity the courts, prisons and hangmen will be working double shifts.

    • When I got a ticket in the mail for running a red light where there was a camera (in a “freedom loving red state”), it was made clear that if I just pay the fine the whole thing disappears like it never happened. But if I were to contest it in court, which is my right, and found guilty, then all the other consequences kick in, points, insurance etc. So of course I paid the fine. Since I was guilty as sin.

      • Jeffrey, you raise an interesting point, should such “added penalty” be allowed for simply exercising your Constitutional rights? How about we make the penalty for losing in court, death! Now is my point clearer? 😉

    • “It also was an egregious violation of the Nuremberg protocols requiring informed consent for medical treatments.”

      You know, in my circles (rather wide) I am the ONLY one that ever mentions this. And that, thus, from my GP to the local community college admins —– all WAR CRIMINALS by definition.

  10. I don’t know about Nazi Germany; none of us do unless we were there. Was it some hyper authoritarian bug man sadistic slaughter state? Maybe. This is just what we’re told about it by people who hate us and have taken a hatchet to trad America. But this is certainly a beautiful sentiment regarding police:

    “We loved him because he made our police force work for us, not against us. Our young learned that our police were not against us, but a necessary help in the establishment of a healthy society. Certainly, all available help was necessary to protect the honest citizens from the machinations of traitors, secret societies and minority pressure groups. We supported our police because they were German police, working for German government. Thus, we required far fewer police to “maintain public order” under Hitler than we do today, under alien domination.”

    • This was understood in England during the development of a permanent constabulary. As Sir Robert Peel wrote, “The police at all times should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and that the public are the police; the police are the only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interest of community welfare.”

      Yet today, as is the case throughout the Western world, British cops are enemies of the public, preferring to charge white men with hate crimes for noticing that the Old Bill facilitated foreign rape gangs who preyed on native girls.


    • Having a bit of background, but not claiming expertise, I always chalked up the German “experience” wrt the NAZI era as one of cultural Germanic, patriarchal, authoritarian upbringing. Authoritarianism began in the home and logically was extended out to corporate and the political authority by such people. My upbringing via a Northern European father was similar.

  11. I don’t mind cops following orders to ticket speeders as much as I mind cops following orders to NOT arrest rioters, arsonists, looters, takers bribes from foreign governments, and election riggers. Following orders to NOT enforce immigration law is a bigger deal to me than giving a ticket to some clown going 30 mph over the speed limit.

  12. I am the most amateur of amateur historians, so I am going to present my thoughts with the expectation of being corrected.

    Z Man casts Nazi Germany as a totalitarian state, in the same way that Bolshevik Russia or Mao’s China was a totalitarian state.

    My understanding of the experience of Nazi Germany for normal Germans was that you could live your life without interference from the state so long as you didn’t defend the chosen or Weimar degeneracy. The Nazis were imposing traditional German culture and if you didn’t interfere with that, then you were left alone.

    To be provocative, I guess that most people who read this blog would have been perfectly happy in that situation, but you would have hated Bolshevik Russia or Mao’s China.

    Speaking of the present, if I had my way, you can do what you like as long as you don’t promote sexual degeneracy, anti-whiteness, immigration, or feminism. If you do that, we may kill you. What’s not to like?

    • “Nazi Germany as a totalitarian state, in the same way that Bolshevik Russia or Mao’s China was a totalitarian state.”

      The Nazis left you alone if you minded your own business. Part of this was possibly because they lacked the tech for totalitarianism. Without the tech you can only be authoritarian, The filing cabinets of the RSHA couldn’t do the trick. Part of it was also that the Nazis were smarter than Stalin, whose reign of terror in the 1930s seriously damaged the Soviet army, Soviet industry, and Soviet society. generally

      • The real damage of Stalin’s reign was demographic. The war didn’t help either, in that respect. The damage done to Russian demographics was more or less permanent.

    • Some of the Nazi preoccupations were those of the pre-WW1 German elite: militarism, ethnic chauvinism, and Social Darwinism. I don’t think these would qualify as traditional German culture.

      • The world is tribal, with no other group being moreso than the chosen. I’m sorry to be the one who has to break the news to you.

      • To be fair, @RB, that was a part of the platform the National Socialists ran on. Specifically points 4-11. If you weren’t Aryan, you had the duty to self-deport, and if you won’t….

        Again, like someone above said, most here would favor something like that, if not the way the “or else” turned out. And maybe even then.

        Sink the damn ships, already!

    • German Fascism is like the guy who died young and thus never had to have their youthful ideals put to the test of time. Given the tight arch of lethargy in which Germans inflexibly manage everything count me as being pessimistic.

    • Ah, yes. The cartoon character that doubled as about to take over the world.

      Did the cartoon character love his own? Does the current cartoon character love his?

      One cartoon character, the rich and famous swooned. The current one, they come like moths to a flame, but do they swoon?

    • German politics was complicated. For a start, Germany (along with Italy) is one of the newest countries in Europe, formed only in 1871. The idea of a land for the German-speaking people (Deutschland), the origin of German nationalism, also dates from the 19th Century. The words to the song that became its national anthem ,i>”Deutschland, Deutschland über alles” (“Germany, Germany above all else”) was not about world domination, but a subversive song aimed at the petty princes and bishops who stood in the way of national unification, and could easily land you in jail.

      Even Prussia, around which Germany was eventually established, had a problematic relationship with the German people. The rather reactionary Junkers who governed that kingdom were deeply suspicious of the liberal tendencies of German voters, and deliberately excluded the Austrians, who were their rivals for dominance in what had been the Holy Roman Empire. Indeed, much of the the welfare legislation passed by the Reichstag was a bribe to win support for military spending which the prudent Prussians thought essential to avoid being swallowed up by neighboring countries (as had happened to Poland).

      Alas, Prussian militarism—justified as it may have been from their perspective—combined with pent-up nationalism to result in an absolutely disastrous foreign policy. Its personification can be seen in the person of Arthur Zimmermann, Germany’s one-time Foreign Secretary, who not only concocted the infamous Zimmermann telegram but also arranged the return of Lenin and his fellow exiles to Russia; thereby contributing to Germany’s loss in both world wars. Nazi Germany was a continuation of all these tendencies, albeit with even more grandiose (i.e. unrealistic) plans.

  13. a propos of the ticketing – I am a white, 92 year old woman and drive from TX to Atlanta regularly, half the time at 90 plus (to match my age) and occasionally got a ticket from a polite cop. Since Floyd hysteria fewer cops and just warnings (you stay safe, y’hear) – all of them polite and pleasant. Except once in MS I got stopped by a burly black cop who proceeded to ransack my little yellow car for drugs. It was around Xmas – I was let go no apology no explanation. Makes a good story: how grandma got stopped for drug search !!!!

    • The TSA probably makes you take off your belt and shoes at airport security too, and then step into that scanner booth. Maybe single you out for an extra pat-down or bag search.

      “Just doing their jobs.”

    • Well Ann, at least the pavement ape didn’t shoot you, similar to the lady in Minnesota.

    • The few blacks I’ve encountered here in Arizona have been pretty friendly, sometimes even helpful. I was beginning to re-evaluate my opinion of that group until I went to an appointment for a government security pass. The black guy who “helped” me there was the biggest jerk I’d encountered in a long time. Rude and demeaning even by MVD (our DMV) is relatively polite.

      • Even psychopathic murderers manage to be reasonably agreeable people 98% of the time. The point being that the negative consequences of a large negro population don’t manifest in every single human interaction.

      • Hey Boomhauer, most are dumb and lazy. Wish it was another way but… and without the goobermint jobs they’d be hunting you for food.

    • Ann. Nothing annoys me more than those “drug” searches. Never happened to me, but here in AZ you fit a profile. We have any number of elderly White folks who make a few hundred dollars and drive across the border with a “package” to be delivered to who knows who in the State. I suspect if you drive a traffic corridor, you match such a profile.

    • Don’t feel bad Ann. Getting stopped by a police officer of A Certain Demographic if you’re White is a chance for them to exercise that big ol’ chip on their shoulder. Had it happen to me with a State Trooper, a Chicago cop (I was a passenger in the car), and a local townie cop. Bad attitude and snark fully deployed at me. The State Trooper especially didn’t like that I knew state law about tinted automobile windows and that my car was street legal by Silly-nois law when he pulled me over for “illegal” tinted windows (I bought the car used and the prior owner had the windows tinted).

    • I don’t know what it is about leftists and their romanticizing the city and their love of all things sucky, like PT.

      But there is nothing about my politics that says I have to embrace the corporate suck of the empire and its bland and ugly sameness everywhere. The opening scene of the video is a perfect example of the corporate ugly sameness. That stretch of road could be Billings, MT, some random town in Georgia or Washington state. It’s hideous and awful.

      The criticism of car culture isn’t exactly entirely wrong, but it’s also not right either. There is a lot to criticize about car culture without being an idiot. It’s gotten to the point that even well into the city, life without a car is near impossible even where it should be fun and pleasant.

      • I think this guy gets a lot right. Part of the problem is zoning laws that prevent mixing shops with housing. Most people can’t walk to the drugstore or barber or church or corner diner anymore because of them. As a result, most “neighborhoods” are just dormitories now. You don’t have to be a 15-minute-city lefty drone to hate that.

        And I say that as a dye-in-the-wool car and motorcycle freak.

  14. The business of America is sucking up to the boss. Trump yugely capitalized on this with his promises to run America right—like a real TV boss! Establishment-right rhetoric to undermine normie Trump support is *still*, after he was deposed by a coup and waits to be sentenced to life in prison, about how he didn’t boss hard enough, can’t delegate efficiently, isn’t a proper bureaucrat, can’t screen resumes, is rejected by “good hires,” etc.

    Relatedly, some dumb lady politician today proposed a $50/hour minimum wage. To restore the buying power of bottom-tier workers to the height it reached half a century ago, that’s about the right amount (low-end estimate). Of course it wouldn’t “work.” A financialized economy doesn’t behave according to libertarian (or socialist) rules, so bumping numbers around doesn’t have “Econ 101” effects. The system is so thoroughly tilted against regular dipshits that mere politics can’t do anything to improve their standing in it. Even if wage increases caused inflation—they don’t—the benefit of inflation goes to the first spender, and wage workers are never that. Not even a legal mandate that their number go up would make it go up. Etc.

    The normie conservative comment section objection to the dumb lady isn’t any of the above. It’s that increased prices are an inevitable result of inviolable laws—ex cathedra infallible, determined by Our (job) Creator—and nominally increased pay is a greater moral outrage than the Holocaust. Also it’ll increase prices.

    It’s the most American attitude.

    (Despite their reputation, the Japanese are saner about this. Unlike us, their bosses aren’t *in fact* their cultural, political, economic, and biological enemies. Yet.)

  15. Having spent a few decades in bureaucratic organizations, I have come to the conclusion that they are sociopath-producing machines. They even have “compliance” departments, nowadays. Some Top Sociopath or Toady Sociopath comes up with some moral horror of an idea and insists it be implemented all the way down the line, to the least employee/enlisted man. At every level, the implied threat is “Implement this on your subordinates or you will be replaced and left without income & healthcare.”

    • So true. I worked for a large bank for over 30 years. I ended up doing things I later regretted at the time and felt guilty about after I retired. I console myself by remembering that I had a family to support and did what I needed to do in that regard.

  16. Following orders in Nazi Germany should have been an allowable offense, at least by the peons. Failure to follow orders likely would have led to court marshal and being shot. Now the German state is even going after literal secretaries and security guards who did whatever it was they did at the German state’s direction under penalty of death or imprisonment for not following the order. It is absolutely evil.

    Many men were court marshaled by the US state for failure to obey orders and at least one was put to death during WW2. Nuremberg was nothing but victor’s vengeance.

  17. But in the total state, how could a counterforce possibly arise that would occasion disobedience to the orders? Other than attack from without, how would the totality be diminished?

    There’s a stretch of one of the two east/west highways that runs the width of my state (the other highway is an interstate toll road) where, for about ten miles, traffic is light enough to exceed the speed limit. Going back forty/fifty years, drivers were pulled over left and right. You could settle, on the spot, for a twenty that the cop would pocket or turn over to the DMV. Due to public outcry, the practiced stopped. It’s lately been revived but public protest is no longer a deterrent.

    As the auto insurance companies, via their raised premiums, are the main beneficiaries of this practice, they should, in conscience, kick back some of their increased revenue to the state. Maybe they do.

    • Geico used to buy radar units for police forces so they could ticket motorists and then Geico would raise their rates. All in the name of safety you understand.

      • Now people voluntarily download the insurance driver tracker app on their phones to save $10 a month

        I have a notion that those of us who decline that feature aren’t going to be any better off. Just a matter of time until google or at&t or whomever shares the data with the insurance companies. If it hasn’t already happened

        • It’s only a matter of time before the State uses all those electronic goodies in your new car to ticket you automatically and bypass those annoying red light cameras. Think of the opening scene in “The Fifth Element”.

  18. There are lots of potential wrong turns on the road to redemption. The first is to fight on the enemy’s terrain and under his most favorable circumstances. The second is to fight your neighbor because old grudges and convenience. The third is to fight the LEOs and Praetorian Guard standing on line at the Citadel. The fourth is to fight mano-a-mano out in the open a la Braveheart. All of the above maximizes loses with almost no impact on the root of the problem. This is the harder way.

    Better is to choose the circumstances that are most favorable to achieving your goals. Chaos begets fog, which is a two-fer; it cloaks all movements and keeps the LEOs occupied with riot duty. The ideal Gray Man is never seen or interdicted because he is a nobody. Creativity and spontaneity are nearly unstoppable in the Age of Bureaucracy and following orders to the letter. This is the smarter way.

    • In the same way you would train the prison guard to not regard you as a threat but as one who always does what he’s told, oh it’s only good ol’ so and so, he’s no threat…(until he is). Or in the same way you would train the local street cop in your area to regard you driving past benignly, oh that one, she’s OK, ignore her..always pleasant, polite, law abiding. No one needs to know what you are thinking, or watching, or memorizing.

      • TomA and Confound

        I had a partner who didn’t talk much. One thing I learned from him was (and it’s in the Godfather), “never let people know what you’re thinking”.

        A rule to live by.

  19. Well, in Spain it came to an end pretty unceremoniously.

    The cops have their ways of enforcing conformity very early on, like in the academy and the probation period. Anyone not deemed a “team player” gets eliminated.

    While tickets have always largely been a grift, they got tired of the inefficiency and just steal any money you may be carrying. The average amount is extremely low, like under $500. The aggregate amount is many billions of Dollars annually. I’m not sure when they started robbing people on the side of the road, but I drove to Florida in 1995 and a bunch of different people warned me not to carry cash because cops on I95 was infamous for robbing out of state vehicles. I didn’t ever get pulled over, so I don’t know how bad it actually was. Supposedly people from NYC, Philly, Baltimore and other East coast cities used 95 as a drug transportation system. At least that was the excuse for the highway robbery. But it has since spread all over the United States.

    • If you’re white and “normal” looking you probably don’t have much to worry about. That could change as the “nation” gets browner. The people who complain about racial profiling aren’t making it up. It happens. Because that’s who is usually transporting the dope.

      • Yep, and profiling—whether racial or not—*is* good police work. It will always be with us as long as there are cops who are hungry for advancement within the organization. All they do today is to wait upon a legitimate excuse before pulling you over.

        When I was much younger, I got to listen to an LEO presentation wrt drunk driving and detection. One interesting statement was where certified (in detection and testing) police units spent their time. The presenter said, when things got slow in other parts of the city, he always drove over to the university (my university) and picked up students. He never had a moment of boredom as the students “were always driving drunk.” ;-). Now that’s a type of profiling too, right?

        • Profiling, as it was explained to me by a friends older brother who was a trooper at the time, is “Anything that sticks out of the normal goings on around you.” and he gave me an example:
          He said that where he patrols is blue collar and somewhat rural. I set up in a spot to run radar and watch traffic. Mini-van, mini-van, suburban, mini van, suv, suv, suburban, explorer, black BMW M-5 “bing”.
          That last vehicle gets my attention because it’s not normally seen in these parts and sticks out compared to what is usually seen in traffic.

  20. If we’re honest, I think much of the skepticism, if not contempt, for LE is driven by the fact that they have no affirmative obligation to protect us. You all know the relevant court cases – I won’t cite then here. When you combine immunity with lack of obligation, it’s a recipe for popular contempt.

    The St. George syndrome has partially broken the “immunity” concept, since the cops cannot enforce against certain “types” for fear of the Regime. This in turn channels more of their efforts into relatively easy BS like writing tickets to white guys without radar detectors/Waze. When you extrapolate this trend, it looks like Anarcho-Tyranny.

    • How much of what we call anarcho-tyranny is really just an attempt by the regime to maintain some vestige of legitimacy? I reflect upon this every time I’m given the business at passport control in any Western country.

    • They are in fact aware of this. When I went to traffic court, the cop there literally gave us all a speech saying, in effect, you are being punished because voters passed these laws. Which… I don’t remember ever seeing a proposition on the ballot that asked if we should punish people for going 80 on a deserted freeway.

      Good thing about it is that there’s plenty of bargain tier ambulance chaser law companies that will fix it for you for 25% of the cost of the ticket. Premiums won’t go up for you either. At least that’s how it worked out for me.

      Anyway, many people get it. Lots of cops are retiring early or quitting since saint negro crime was honored with looting and pillaging. I’ve had occasion to speak to some of the few that remain and a common thread is that the job isn’t an enjoyable one.

      I keep saying that we are living is a Sauron/Voldemort type situation, everyone knows something is wrong but most are too scared to confront it. And how could you anyway? It’s not like anyone really believes that our lawmakers are in any way beholden to their constituencies anymore. I think the only chance to change anything has got to be to spread awareness of the identities of the main architects of this 1984/Brave New World bullshit that we have been forced to languish in.

      “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild, patriarch of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

  21. The fatwa on use of the superior orders defense issued by Jews was only valid so long as they were trying to attain for themselves a place among the ruling elite. Once there, however, only slavish devotion to even the most immoral of actions became necessary to avoid bringing their unbridled fury down upon you. Putin recently asked Zelensky how he could ally himself with neo-Nazis in Ukraine when his Jewish father had fought against them on the side of the Soviets in World War II. But actually the behavior is quite typical. Seeing our political leaders pivot from the Russo-Ukrainian War to the Israel–Hamas conflict is like watching American Communists following publication of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

  22. Professional law enforcement has only existed since around the civil war time. It looks like it’s run it’s course, the future will be private security, like South Africa , or gang protection.

    • In the countryside, it will be like the Eastern Montana Vigilance Committee…The only law being that if you seriously threaten a neighbor, they show up with rifles and rope…Mark Twain talks about this in Roughing It..

    • It might get rough. Before professional LE and regular courts came around, LE was by private vengeance and feuding.

  23. Let’s not over correct here. The “I was just following orders” criticism can sometimes betray an understanding of duty. I spent some time in the Marines and sometimes you really do have to just follow orders that have consequences beyond your personal preferences or understanding at the moment. I suppose we should ask who is giving the orders, a badass colonel who cares about his men or a crazy Jewish woman telling you to wear a mask.

    • RedBeard: It is, as you say, very much a double-edged sword. On the one hand, if White people as a whole stopped “following orders” and went Galt against DIE, the whole sh*tshow would grind to a halt. Just as Zman notes, if Whites disregarded cops the way joggers do there wouldn’t be enough uniformed enforcers to maintain anti-White anarcho-tyranny.

      On the other hand, when/if we ever have a White homeland, we will similarly have to be heavy-handed against any Whites who insist on questioning the foundations of that state. No toleration of simply ‘questioning’ White supremacy and racial separation. No coddling of womyn who claim they just want a little bit of ‘fairness.’ It brings to mind C.S. Lewis’ example in “Mere Christianity,” where he compares human society to a fleet of ships. Either we all sail according to the same rules and in formation and towards the same port, or the entire enterprise breaks down (witness AINO).

      Any society that permits the basic, foundational tenets of that society to be questioned and challenged ends up like heritage America – riven by factionalism, foundations eaten away by termites, the ‘body politic’ dying by ever-increasing hordes of parasites. Some things must remain unquestioned. There will always be someone questioning things that were answered or tried and failed eons ago. You either shut them down – hard – or you find yourself right back in the middle of ‘toleration’ and diversity.

      There’s a lot to be said in favor of conformity – IF those in authority are one’s own people, with the interests of those people at heart.

      • My rationale is-I can send my 9 year old daughter on her bicycle to the store to get a quart of milk at 7:30 PM at night and she returns unmolested, and I can sit under the trees in the city park without being stuck by abandoned needles, or be threatened by machete wielding weirdo’s, and I can express my opinion of our local school board without being inundated with hate mail, then I really don’t care what is going on internationally. The old saying about government only being needed to fill the potholes in the roads, mow the grass in the parks, and keep the criminals in jail is entirely appropriate.

  24. “We cannot know how fascism would have ended, but we saw how communism ended.”

    It probably would have been very close to East Germany but with Hugo Boss style. I think we’re all headed in that direction, even the “capitalist” West. Once they put in the CBDCs they can channel our consumption anyway they want.

    As to the cops, there was a video made recently by ayoob massad that made a splash. He is saying in the video that you should talk to the cops. Then there were the “Armed Attorneys” saying no, bad advice. Or bottom line, say only, “I thought I was gonna die.” Did anyone else catch that?

    • I didn’t see the video, but you shouldn’t utter a single unecessary word to the cops. And just as when dealing with witches, everything you say should be in the line of a question. Keep them always on their back foot.

    • Armed Attorneys are correct. Never say anything to LE directly. Always have a qualified attorney present to speak for you.

      As for CBDC, that only works if TPTB can shut down all the exits.

      Jim’s Blog just made a post indicating that even in heavily locked down currency regimes like China and India people are making new exits of their own:

    • God forbid, but if I were ever involved in some self-defense situation, I would first evaluate my ability to not engage with the police at all. Run like hell, dispose of the firearm, say nothing at all. Much better than hoping the Soros DA decides to let you off.

      • I remember seeing the Massad Ayoub video and I disagree with his advice. If the police are there, best just to say that he will make any statement only after consulting counsel. That’s what police unions tell their members and it’s good advice.

        Your idea also makes sense if it’s feasible. Just get out–if you shot a dirtbag the police probably will figure he was shot by a rival dirtbag and not look into it much; But the prevalence of surveillance cameras in urban areas may make escape impossibe.

        • Ayoob is (or was) a cop. A small-town, part-time, cop, but a cop nonetheless.

          Much of his advice is geared toward justifying shootings by cops and only incidentally towards armed citizens. He got his start back in the 1970s, when cops genuinely feared getting indicted if they shot someone… now they can pretty much light you up with hundreds of rounds and walk away scot-free (certain demographic exemptions being duly noted since the martyrdom of St. George of Fentanyl, of course).

        • Best advice I heard was to say nothing to police, except perhaps your identification.

          Here in AZ. You can reserve your “right” to remain silent (obviously), but that right must be openly stated/affirmed. You also by law have the right to request that you be treated as “victim” rather than suspect, but that must also be stated/declared openly. You also must affirmatively request an attorney be present and by law further questioning must be stopped.

          Second best advice I’ve gotten was that if the above doesn’t work and you’re scared and shaky and being basically harassed is to state you are feeling ill and need to be transported to the hospital emergency room. Old farts like me can get away with a feigned heart attack no questions asked. 😉

      • The way I’ve been schooled on it, notify the police, and tell them only “There has been a shooting incident” NOT “I shot someone.” Anything, anything, anything else beyond that, you say through your attorney.

        In this age of surveillance and cell phones, you open yourself up to much worse by vamoosing. Shoot, shovel, and shut up was good advice for a bygone age but not for today.

    • “He is saying in the video that you should talk to the cops.”

      I’ll take ‘worst advice ever for $1000, Alex’.

      I made this mistake at one time and it was costly. They are NOT, not not not your friends. You are a suspect and the enemy and they will always see you as such.

      They literally tell you in advance what is going to happen when they Mirandize you, “anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you in a court of law”. It doesn’t get more technicolor crystal clear than that!

      We, Europeans, have this hard to shake idea that “Officer Friendly” is still a thing. I don’t know how that is possible in 2024 but somehow it is.

      In the before time, this was true, but it hasn’t been the case since at least the Boston Marathon Bombing. Once you saw hundreds of police larping as soliders in Fallujah throwing people out of their houses, carrying grenade launchers, riding in MRAPs, etc. that should have shattered the illusion. The manifold videos of whitey being shot & abused should have sealed the deal too, but here we are.

      • Apex

        May many people read your post.

        I did over 3 decades on the west side of Chitcago.

        NEVER say anything to police. If a cop says they want to “help” you, know that the only way they can help you is by releasing you, immediately.

        I always got a kick out of Sipowicz sliding a yellow pad across the table at a person in custody. Here, write down for posterity the evidence we will use to convict you.

        Present day Alphabet groups are the Ghestapo in real time.

        Act accordingly.

  25. this reminds me of the French intellectual Rene Girard’s concept of mimetic thinking. basically it says all groups of people have loyalty tests where you must conform to the groups thinking , and that we are almost never able to resist the groups loyalty test, no matter how illogical of inaccurate it is . It also implies that over time most people will believe absurdities because they cannot go against them and yet they cannot endure the cognitive dissonance going along brings them.
    It sure explains how covid was used to take over the world, and why ordinarily intelligent people went along with it all.
    here are a couple of clips of Rene’s . they are in reference to his catholic faith, but the ideas apply everywhere. and

    • Never was one to go along to get along, thought HS initiation was just dumb, didn’t care if I was liked or disliked, I had my own good opinion of myself, if cruelty was directed at me, my response was Meh, what else you got? Confidence is very attractive, and if people think you might stare them down, they wither. When the bullies knew I would give as good as I got, and they might actually bleed, or someone might laugh at them, they left me alone. Most folks just want to be liked and accepted and will conform to get it. I have outliers on one side of family back several generations, might this be a dna thing?

      • Me too. I was a very muscular from old style farm boy work, and i discovered the weight room in 9th grade . So, I got little grief in HS. I never felt the need to go along with “the group” or be cool. so I have always been an Oddball

  26. Happy Ash Wednesday brothers and sisters. Go to mass and show normie you may live here for now but take orders from the real Man.

  27. After covid drained my state’s coffers they changed the rules of highway patrol so they can now prowl anywhere, not just the highway. So now they go & compete with local cops for ticket money, where I live we a premium in taxes so my local cops are paid handsomely & have no quotas but now we have these assholes harassing us nonstop. The state also invested in hiring more environmental compliance officers to go harass construction workers & commercial trucks, everyone knows this is just another layer of taxes. Raising taxes isn’t politically feasible & neither is cutting handouts to brown people who pay nothing into the system. Luckily for them the supreme court gave them chevron deference so all these ABC agencies can invent new rules out of thin air to justify new defacto taxes on people who actually work for a living.

    The worst part is it’s not just a simple tax but it’s essentially a welfare system in of itself for all the not tax collectors to have a salary & pension. It’d be a lot cheaper to just send everyone a tax bill but we have to pretend this is all serious business that’s saving lives & the environment.

    One thing we have going for us is the government obsession with diversity, hiring morons to do their bidding can only hamper their efforts. Here’s an example: one of those newly hired IRS agents accidentally shot & killed another agent while training to use a gun.

    I never thought I’d agree with the line about diversity being our strength but between those diverse banks going under & IRS agents shooting each other I’m beginning to see what they mean by that now.

  28. i was under the impression that speed cops were a thing of the past as it seems anything goes on the nation’s highways these days. I see Sheboons with their faces buried in their IPhones tailgating each other at 90 mph. There are thousands of illegals driving without insurance and half drunk. Most traffic laws are simply ignored it appears. Driving in urban areas resembles Mexico City traffic more and more. I want more traffic enforcement not less.

  29. At the risk of beating a dead horse, I notice it’s whites obeying and getting smoked for it. Not advocating outright lawlessness, but you have power and dignity if you choose to use them. Got picked for jury duty once, they showed us a video about our legal tradition. The law is on trial too— you are the law, in a sense, when you sit. We have a hybrid tradition, neither lawless nor slavish.

    Obeying is really stupid when the rule is you lose. And yes, I think there’s a religious element— a perversion imo. Something about climbing up on your cross to save the world. As if you’ll resurrect and go to heaven too lol.

    • I’m not advocating for avoiding jury duty but…

      I’ve never been picked for jury duty, although I’ve been called up numerous times. On the questionnaire I state my place of birth (a state in the Deep South, which is true.) I say that my hobbies are reading about history, economics, business/finance, current events, philosophy, politics (true enough). I’m not sure, but it seems to me those answers aren’t what they’re looking for.

      • Alternatively, I sometimes wonder if there’s benefit to playing dumb and then sabotaging the trial from the jury box. You never know what you’re going to get assigned, but you might be able to spring a white person.

        • KGB: It’s a noble intention, but it won’t work. Not today, not in this system. Not on a diverse jury of stupid, alien, anti-White AINO “peers.” It’s akin to telling people to run for local office to ‘reform’ the system from within. Or joining Lloyd Austin’s army to learn how to fight.

          Don’t do it.

          • 3g4me has not even touched the problem of deceit to get onto a jury. For one, the judge can jail you for lying (there are recorded cases). Two, your fellow jurors will rat you out if you don’t go along with the rest. Just the mention of “jury nullification” and one or more fellow jurors will visit the judge and you’re dead meat.

            You want to vote your conscious, fine—but be very careful. What goes on in the jury room is *not* confidential—it’s not a Confessional. 🙁

      • “I hold two electrical engineering degrees.”

        Also, one of the few good things about NY state is that they put your mailing address on your driver’s license.

        For various reasons, my mailing address is a close relative’s house several states away.

        Haven’t received a summons in over a decade.

        • Wild Geese: One caution. I used an out-of-state relative’s address as my “home mailing address” when I joined the government, so I could avoid state income tax while overseas. This was almost 40 years ago.

          When I was trying to get my personal info removed from some of the online aggregators recently, that address came up as somewhere I once lived. Not saying the legal system is going to use this against you, but just be aware that info will be out there – somewhere.

      • My experience, if you don’t want to get picked, have an opinion during voir dire. One side will want you on the jury, the other won’t. Seems like they settle for the quiet ones.

        • In my experience, both sides want blank slates. When you give a one-sided opinion, even the side you are agreeing with doesn’t want you on the jury. This was explained to me by an experienced trial attorney who was running voir dire for a trial my former company was involved in. The reason is that people who are glib with opinions will turn on you quickly if it benefits them in some way. Like if other jurors are voting the other way, and the glib guy want to get home faster.

          • Could be for all I know. My opinion was that I wasn’t sure circumstantial evidence was strong enough to convict someone of murder 😆

    • On a lighter note, in Portland Oregon apparently 40 percent of vehicles do not have current license plate stickers, so their solution is to write more tickets?? If the drivers don’t have enough income to buy a 50 dollar plate sticker every 2 years, writing tickets they will ignore is just—oh never mind.

  30. Did you have “A country boy can survive” or Take Me Home Country Roads blaring on your radio as you were headed home…

  31. This is the “Age of Fraud” and the last thing anyone wants currently is personal responsibility, so just doing my job makes perfect sense.

    • Yep it’s just the way to pass the buck or cover their ass…It’s amazing to me how long it takes to get something simple done because no one wants to take responsibility for anything…

      • Everything “we” argue about as a country is essentially personal responsibility. Got prego? Get an abortion! Didn’t save any money while you had a job? Get unemployment! Having mental issues? Get a sex change! Bored in your marriage? Get a divorce! Going to the gym to hard to lose weight and can’t control what you eat? Have some pills! Every problem we have is a reflection of our lack of character as people.

      • You can really see this in large corporations versus small companies. When I worked for a Fortune 500 company, I would arrange meetings to get a decision by senior managers, and come out with less clarity than I went in with. When I worked for a small company, the meetings were much shorter and the owner was very clear on what action he wanted.

    • Perfect in combination with democracy. “It was a collective decision to issue this order. We voted on it.”

      • People tend to forget… Nazi Germany wasn’t a “dictatorship,” it was a mass democracy.

        Exactly what Woodrow Wilson demanded in 1919.

          • Hitler did win election in ‘33 and old Hindenburg decided that his party with about a third of the legislature made him Chancellor. By the time Hindenburg died a couple years later Hitler had cowed enough other members to vote to eliminate the presidency and have Hitler in charge. Hitler’s “term” as Chancellor was extended (IIR) and then war started so there was the effective end of any semblance of democracy.

  32. Cops follow orders because it gives them a paycheck, status, authority and the ability to violate the very rules they are enforcing.

    What does a cop do to catch a speeder? He speeds. What does a cop do after writing you a ticket for using your cell phone? Uses his phone and computer while he drives. We are told ad nauseam by the gun controllers that NOBODY needs an “assault weapon” and that “weapons of war” don’t belong on our streets — except that now the cops all have AR-15s and 30 round mags even though they are not soldiers and not engaged in war.

    I have no problem with the cops enforcing the law, but the idea that the cops are above the law really burns my ass. Especially when so many of them are outright goons, morons and incompetents.

    True story: a few years back I was on the interstate in a pack of cars timidly adhering to the speed limit because a cop was coming up from behind. He blew past us all in the right lane in excess of the speed limit — with no lights or siren.

    I figured, “Hell, that radar don’t point backwards” so I got behind him and started pacing him. Seventy-five. Eighty. Eighty-five and he’s still pulling away. I figured “That’s enough” and back it off. Then I saw his brake lights a half-mile ahead as he turned left into the median. Where was he going in excess of 85 mph with no lights or siren? To set up a radar trap!

    Back when I was a Reagan neocon, I thought the cops were the good guys. Hah! Now I know they are just a bunch of goons who get paid to serve The System and get off on having a license to get away with the very same things they will cuff us peasants for.

    • Cops are the worst drivers. my uncle was a cop and I wouldn’t let my kids ride with him. he NEVER got a ticket. he would be stopped 2 of 3 times driving from Clevland to Miami but showing the badge always resulted in a friendly warning. If someone passes you doing 80+ in a 55 , it is most likely and off duty cop. normies who regularly drive that way don’t have licenses. .

    • What does a cop do after writing you a ticket for using your cell phone? Uses his phone and computer while he drives.

      Funny story: A few years back my Mrs. showed me a video on Facebook concerning a copper in our old home town. It was shot on a phone by a passenger in the passenger’s side of the poster’s vehicle. It showed Officer Donuts driving along with the driver’s window of his police SUV down, running at 45 MPH on the main drag in town, face down in the laptop facing him entering a police report. I believe the caption on the video was “Really safe huh, (Town) Police Department?”

      To say the Police Department was pissed at being called out was an understatement. As I recall they tried to get Fakebook to pull the video.

    • The militarization of LEOs during the past few decades implies that they very much do see themselves as soldiers. And guess who the enemy is?

      • Right on. I spent 20yrs in the Army and my last assignment was in Arlington, Virginia. I noticed immediately that the patrol officers were wearing and carrying nearly identical equipment to what I wore in Baghdad (minus the helmet).

        If they dress like an occupation force, they are going to act like one.

        • And where do many of them go to develop these attitudes? Why, training with Our Greatest Ally, where the police really, straight up are an occupation force.

      • They are soldiers. No really. It’s a big plus in job application indicating prior military service and in some cases you get civil service retirement credit for years served in military.

        I’m not against police, simply saying what I’ve heard.

    • A long time ago I was bopping along on a turnpike in OK (not my state) doing about 95. My radar detector never went off at all and I happened to look behind and saw an OK state trooper coming up really fast. He blew by me like I was standing still. After that I diales it up to about 110 for the rest of the turnpike. You can cover ground like that.

      • Careful about the turnpike. Years ago as a youth, I drove the turnpike and had the turnpike ticket which they used to charged you for the mileage driven. I drove like hell and then about reaching my turnoff, thought, “Can they charge me for speeding when I pay?” The answer is “Yes the can and do”! 🙁

  33. It seems that the most socially effective commands are the ones that are presented to you not as orders, but options. There’s an “optional” wagie dance they have employees perform in the morning at Walmart. You can see the faces of the workers reddening as they go along, squirming, going from embarrassed to outright humiliated. Even those who try to do the dance ironically to defy it end up being its victims. As Joker discovered in Marines basic training, you can’t really be ironic or a comedian when you execute an order, even if you think you’re mocking it.

    There is a certain point, though, where a certain number of people just throw up their hands and say, “I can’t do this.” I would rather sleep on a steam grate on the street than do certain things. Of course, the people in charge want everyone reading this blog sleeping on a steam grate, at best. They mostly just want us dead.

    I think of Polpot examining the hands of people fleeing Cambodia via the airport, and, when he didn’t find calluses, sending them to the rice paddies. Or the story of the Nazis taking professors in the nonsense sciences and handing them toothbrushes to clean cobblestones, so they might finally have something productive to do.

    It’s pretty fair and simple. If you want me dead or sleeping on steam grates (or at best, dancing and humiliating myself) I want you in the rice paddies or on the cobblestones.

    We’ll see how things shake up here in the next year or two. Like a prison when it’s becoming a pressure cooker, I know a lot of people are watching for the boil over moment of reprisal when the prisoners can get some getback against the snitches and scumbags.

  34. Sounds like your buddy in the sedan should’ve been running a radar detector with shielding if he wanted to hustle down the road like that.

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  36. I don’t get it – where’s the anarcho-tyranny in the described scenario? Guy broke the speed limit and got busted for it. That’s what cops are supposed to do.

    • because a law abiding citizen is stopped for a trivial rule violation while the border patrol assists human trafficking, drug smuggling , and voter fraud all day long. the local police will at best stand back and watch a group of antifa commit felonious assault on you all day long. at worst they will arrest YOU for the felonious assault after you were attacked by antifa.

    • Francis’s term “anarcho-tyranny” refers to armed dictatorship without rule of law, or a Hegelian synthesis when the state tyrannically or oppressively regulates citizens’ lives yet is unable or unwilling to enforce fundamental protective law.

    • Agreed.

      But if we were nations that were serious about driving, we wouldn’t have these asinine speed limits. Speed limits make sense around congested areas or schools. That’s it.

      The problem is that in North America, driving is a right. Are you a four foot chink fresh off the boat from Cambodia that can’t see over the dash board? Have a license – just don’t drive too fast! Maybe you’re a myopic senior. Or maybe you’re a chicken headed housewife in a minivan full of screaming kids. In Canada and America, you can be a hare lipped retard and still get behind the wheel. The roads are literally choked with people that don’t belong there.

      We look enviously at the former Nazis of Germany for their autobahns. What most North Americans don’t realize is that those autobahns work because EVERYONE follows the rules. Serious speed is for serious people. In Germany, if you get caught poking along cluelessly in the fast lane… you go into the chitter, and your license goes into the shredder. DUI ‘s will usually net you jail time. Little daily infractions here are major offences there and are punished as such.

      • And in today’s gynocracy, the answer to every traffic fatality is to lower the speed limit on that stretch of road.

        Thank god 55 was done away with during the Reagan years. Had it survived until recent years it would be permanently enshrined. “Muh safety!” and “Muh gaia!” would prevent forever an increase in highway speeds.

      • Totally agree that driving needs to return to being a privilege.

        Expanding a bit on your last paragraph, Americans no longer seem to understand that traffic signals mostly exist to promote predictable behavior that provides a margin of safety for everyone, not as something put there for one’s personal inconvenience.

      • Filthie: While I was briefly waiting to get my license in my new state of residence, a very feeble old man came hobbling in with a walker, helped by his daughter. He needed to get his license renewed. Had gotten some sort of medical statement from his doctor that he was fit to drive. He had to find and put on his glasses to pass the vision test, while his daughter commented “But you don’t use your glasses to drive.”

        After a couple of tries and a bit of prompting, he passed the test and got his license renewed. And I later got a warning for exceeding the speed limit while passing someone.

        • Unfortunately in most rural areas or small towns, there is no reliable/affordable/ease-of use public transportation system that could get these folks out of their cars. Recent situation, a 90 year old senior low income man with no family nearby, had his only means of transportation ( a big old sedan) towed because he was driving without a current license plate sticker, which he could not afford or obtain, so now he is home-bound with no way to get groceries or get to medical appointments and no money to retrieve his car from the impound yard. When this article was posted in the local news online with the arresting officers name, he was excoriated. But he was only following orders. Common sense would have indicated that the officer could have let him off with a warning and a referral to senior services or meals on wheels, but have you seen the type of officers these days. Unwashed 300 pound high school bullies with “filthy mouths and bad attitudes” (thanks Penguin).

          • Believe it or not, the body cams don’t help. I’ve mentioned a deputy friend of mine here before and he had no problem with the dash cams, but he told me that the body cams are a whole other problem. To begin with, they can be remoted in by a supervisor and the wearer will have no idea it’s going on.
            Add to that the fact that it takes away what he calls one of the best things he has – discretion. He told me about a year ago there was a sgt who was in a good spot on the Lt’s list. This guy decided to show management that he could be a team player, so he informed his squad that they had better up their numbers. To that end, this guy started reviewing everyone’s body cam footage and started writing his guys up for letting people off with warnings. As a result, no more warnings issued, everyone got tickets. I was floored when he told me this.
            I couldn’t imagine working in an environment like that.
            I was only playing devils advocate here. My buddies been on that job for over twenty years and he’s told me that the newer cops coming on are virtual automatons and that most of them will follow orders without question.
            He told me that he asked one of them a question while he was field training the girl and she said something that gave him a little insight into the Millenials/Gen Z thought process, if you could call it that. “All truth comes from people in positions of authority.” Is how he summed it up.
            And that, is pretty scary.

          • More of a response to Steve ““All truth comes from people in positions of authority.”

            Not too far from what the popes and kings claimed. Seems like we have regressed to being the feudal serfs.

        • I was just talking about this with a cousin yesterday. His mom – my aunt – is 93. She’s quite fine mentally, but physically is showing her age. He’s just got her down to his condo in Florida for the next few months and told her she’s not allowed to drive while down there. Our grandfather lived to 94 and was likewise quite healthy the entire time, but on his 90th birthday he sold his car to another mutual cousin and called it a day. He didn’t want to get to the point where no one was sure if driving was a good idea or not.

    • The key feature of Anarcho-Tyranny is the who/whom distinction. The regime enforces law on either its perceived enemies or those it can extort (usually the same people). Allies or impoverished are exempt.

      A better example would be the middle aged white guy winding out his BMW getting the book thrown at him, while the illegal alien drunk driver is not even processed.

      Or the difference between the Floyd rioters and J6ers.

    • It’s cops going after decent people who aren’t hurting anybody for revenue instead of the thugs who actually make our lives miserable.

  37. I am glad Z brought up corporations as part of the discussion on following orders. A lot of people on our side of the divide complain about the government ruthlessly implementing insane ideas that backfire on the country. But being on Nuland’s staff is no different than being in any private company or NGO. You must applaud and you don’t want to be the first one to quit clapping. Even executives have to keep that in mind.

    All of this has gotten worse with the dominance of women and Jews in the upper ranks. Women can’t tolerate a man, especially if he is of the white persuasion, telling them one of their ideas won’t work. If the man is so uppity as to do that women will dedicate themselves to destroying the man. Women are also obsessed with a culture of everyone being positive and enthusiastic.

    One of the things that got me to retire from the corporate world was a conversation with the Exec VP of a major public tech company that was trying to recruit me. I asked her what she most wanted in her executives and in her best Valley Girl voice she screeched she wants executives who are POSITIVE AND ENTHUSIASTICCCC!!!!!

    I remarked that it sounded like she was recruiting members of the cheerleading squad not competent executives who could grow the business.

    • Right after my experience with the Valley Girl Exec, I got together with a doctor I knew. He had gone a few days earlier to a mall coffee shop and in walked some marketing managers and directors of a famous tech company. They set at the table next to him so he decided to snoop. He said they were all early 30s. Looked attractive but everything they said was bland, short and mundane. He said in nearly an hour he didn’t hear anything suggesting these people could think and had original thoughts. Knowing nothing of the corporate world he didn’t realizr they were selected precisely for those bland traits.

      I guess where I am going with this is that the whole American culture and institutions need to be gutted and for there to be a restart. Nearly everyone at the top or managerial class shouldn’t be there in a sane society.

      • When I used to commute to the hive for corporate job I would pass the dial through NPR. The lispy uptalk and vocal fry and whispery effeminate nothingness was unbearable. Just white noise of anti-white.

        Back then my office was full of ongoing conversations and meetings dissecting complex situations, banter over various data and modeling, strategies and problem solving techniques in a kind of community resource well from which we all took and contributed because we were also all doing the actual work.

        Fast forward and now every corporation sounds like NPR and related, the ratio of people who get paid to talk vs the actual people doing actual things is totally inverted.

        My wife’s company has endless meetings, always some “teams call” and when I hear what passes for business talk I feel like I’m back in junior high surrounded by mean girls. From the CEO on down. A vernacular culled from ‘80s motivational posters and current year gender studies departments. Disgusting.

        Totally unrelated, her company is perpetually failing to meet profitability and thus the core business, aside from corporate equivalent of gay pillow talk, is raising more capital to burn. It’s all ponzi. And like Fonzi, its already on the other side of the shark but everyone just keeps showing up for “work”.

      • Speaking of “bland” & “mundane”, get a whiff of architecture lately? Not sure if it’s “post-humanist” or what but what it is is downright ugly. Remember how colorful & eye-catching McDonald’s & other fast food restaurants used to be?

        Now it’s all corporate, drab, bland, earthy, uninviting, & off-putting.

    • “All of this has gotten worse with the dominance of women and Jews in the upper ranks.”

      My experience exactly. I discovered this the hard way during my brief and fruitless academic career. I stupidly though that since I had the credentials, my job was to be independent and thought-provoking. Wrong! The faculty were all underqualified females. The entire place was a big kaffee klatsch where all they did was gossip and snipe and do the “You go, grrl!” shit — in the absence of any actual achievement.

      The Vice-President for Academic Affairs (who axed me) at a college of 30,000 students did not hold a doctorate, but she was, by God, the “first woman” to hold the position…

      • Universities and HR are great examples of how everywhere women gain dominance they implement censorship. Women hate being criticized and, for that matter, hate being held to standards unless they set the standards and they are easy to meet

        • Not to mention being perpetually aggrieved and seeking to manufacture slights out of innocuous, banal interactions.

    • > Women are also obsessed with a culture of everyone being positive and enthusiastic.

      Toxic positivity. As uncomfortable as it can be, sometimes the only way to get to an answer is to let a few crusty old experts walk into a room and knock the solution out, regardless of hurt feelings or yelling. The soft consensus talk only ensures the safest solution is put forward. Not the best one. Not the necessary one.

  38. ‘The “Nuremberg defense” was treated as worse than the alleged crime. The argument was that if you follow immoral orders then you are worse than someone who thinks the orders were moral.’

    I read Arendt’s “Eichmann in Jerusalem” decades back and if I recall correctly she examines the defence of “I was just following orders.” I think that’s where she coined the phrase, “the banaility of evil.” If memory serves, she was contending that Eichmann — as a relatively junior functionary — was indeed just following orders. Again, if memory serves, when the Americans started their “denazification” program in Germany, they distinguished between different levels of fealty to the regime. An ordinary Joe just going along with the regime to survive wasn’t treated the same way as, say, a concentration camp commandant. I forget the labels used to make the distinctions.

    I also remember the experiments Stanley Milgram conducted in the late ’60s, when he discovered that most people generally follow orders from authority. It’s a minority that does not.

    If Biden and Graham are ever arraigned before a criminal court (dare one hope?) their defence will undoubtedly be, “I was just following orders.” They deserve the same fate as Ribbentrop and Kaltenbrunner.

    • Interesting about Arendt’s writings. You could be right about them.

      Maybe this is getting somewhat OT, but the more I look into “Denazification,” the more disturbing it appears, especially in the western version. Academic Agent had a very interesting video recently about how Frankfurt School ideas were heavily incorporated into the American-led process in Germany, to make the German people feel collectively guilty, and to pin blame on traditional German culture, family, and centuries of history, rather than focussing on enacting justice with individuals who committed actual atrocities. This seems to have contributed to today’s terrible situation, in which combined with massive immigration and low white birth rates, it might take a miracle for the real German people to survive into the next century.

      Interestingly, the Soviets after WWII apparently didn’t come down nearly as hard on German traditional culture, family and history. Their goal was more to promote socialism rather than transform the German people.

      This doesn’t necessarily negate what Arendt described, but it adds a horrifying element.

      • “Academic Agent had a very interesting video recently about how Frankfurt School ideas were heavily incorporated into the American-led process in Germany”

        Since Jews were behind the Nuremberg trials, I daresay they were behind the denazification program in West Germany as well. And of course they were behind hunting down prominent Nazis for their show trials. American goyim were a clueless lot in all this (seemingly). On a side note, and for the few who don’t know, Arendt was Jewish as well.

      • “and to pin blame on traditional German culture, family, and centuries of history”

        Yes, this just sounds correct. The idea was to eradicate the old Germany and the old German, and replace him with the New German, and more generally, the New European, an ersatz version of the American, with no history or culture. And with regard to Germany, this program has been successful. Just look at the current Chancellor, the GAE’s unterscharfuhrer, Scholz.

        • Arshad Ali: And with books like The Authoritarian Personality, the same actors have been pushing the same kind of destruction of American whites, for several decades now, with such little pushback.

          Of course we all know about that here, but it’s astounding how little resistance there was, with books like that in clear sight, and with the terrible implications.

          Sorry, I just can’t stop shaking my head about it.

  39. Ahh, Z. You got out of that megalopolis shithole and found the freedom of the road. I feel the redneck swelling within you. Make your own wine and dehydrate some venison and your journey will be complete.

    How to break the trust in the rules, and in the currency. That might be the keystone.


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