The Old Fear

One of the many oddities of this age is the way in which the political class talks about itself, something they do incessantly. For example, the Senate just passed a giant foreign aid bill to give your money to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and the military industrial complex. This is a more bloated version of the “bipartisan” deal that included a few pennies for the border patrol and enshrined open borders. This time they stripped out the border money and expanded the foreign aid.

Now, normal people could be forgiven for wondering if the senators have had some sort of collective mental breakdown. The reason the “bipartisan” deal on immigration failed was not that it was too tough on immigration, but that it did nothing to address the issues causing the flood of migrants. In fact, it promised to make the situation worse by limiting what could be done by future presidents. In other words, the answer was to fix the border provision by making it much tougher.

Again, this is the way a normal person thinks. The Senate drew an entirely different conclusion from the storm of protest. They concluded that what the people really wanted was more of the same on the border and even more of their money going to foreign actors and the war machine. Imagine someone makes you an offer on your car and you say the offer is too low. They come back with an even lower offer. That is what we are getting with the Senate at the moment.

Putting that aside for second, look at how the senators supporting this ridiculous bill are talking about it. They are not talking about the bill at all. Instead, they are talking about their heroism in passing the bill. Mitch McConnell went to the floor to say that history would remember his historic vote in favor of the bill. Chuck Schumer talked about himself as if he was Leonidas. By getting this massive giveaway passed in the Senate he was saving the free world from disaster.

The same sort of thing happened in the first round. What little they said about the immigration portion of the bill was easily disputed by looking at the text of the bill they foolishly released to the public. Most of time was spent talking about their personal heroism in crafting the bill. Schumer did the media rounds tell the various stooges about how he labored like Hercules to overcome one obstacle after another in order to get this bill to the Senate for a vote.

There is nothing normal about how these people talk. Politicians in all times exaggerate their roles in things when times are good. They also exaggerate the role of opponents when times are bad. We expect politicians to do this. What is novel today is how they celebrate themselves like heroes for failing to do basic things. Every Washington pol is now his own hagiographer. At this rate, Schumer will be crafting a bill to have his face added to Mount Rushmore.

One possible reason for doing this is the same reason a failing company ramps up its marketing with promises of the product being new and improved. The theory is if you say it enough times people will believe it. The Senate is a clown show so they are heaping praise on themselves thinking that maybe people will not notice that these guys arrive at work in a Volkswagen Beatle done up as a giant mouse. The consultants are telling the senators they need to build their brand.

On the other hand, it is possible they believe it. These are the same people who thought people yelling at them about the terrible immigration bill were angry that it could possibly slow the flood of migrants. They were the same guys who thought using Senator Howdy Doody as the point man in immigration was brilliant. When you are making these errors, anything is possible, so it is quite probable that these senators view themselves as world historical figures.

Another possibility is that these senators are so insulated from our reality that they are now operating in the realm of fantasy. When was the last time Chuck Schumer talked to anyone who lived among the Dirt People? All of his social interactions are with the Israel lobby and Wall Street. The overlap here is immense. They certainly do think Schumer is a hero to his people, just not our people. You can go through the roster of long-serving politicians and see a similar degree of insularity.

Listening to these feeble old men sing their own praises, one cannot help but think of the Politburo in the waning days of the Soviet Union. Like Washington, Soviet politics had come to be controlled by a class of geezers. Their primary concern for a long time had been keeping their spot. The result was they surrounded themselves with sycophants good only for praising their bosses. The result was the political system was incapable of responding to the brewing crisis.

This is what we see with immigration. The solution is not complicated and most of the tools are available to bring the crisis under control. The old bulls in Washington, however, are primarily concerned with Speaker Johnson, who has come to represent a generational threat to them. The media stooges have acknowledged as much, saying that the Senate is hoping to box Johnson in with this bill. In other words, it is geezers thinking they need to fend off the youngster.

This would explain the self-praise. The geriatric ruling class fears the next generation more than they fear death. They have plenty of younger flunkies around to help guard their position and tell them they are the best. The old party hands have now reached that point many old men in the business world reach and that is to claim their experience trumps the talent and vigor of their young challenger. The result is Mitch McConnel now thinks he is Cicero.

The comparison to the Soviet Union brings with it a warning. Decades of insularity did not just result in an ossified ruling class. It also retarded the development of a succeeding generation of party men. When the icy hand of death started to thin the leadership ranks, what replaced them were men good at currying favor but not good at anything else, so the result was disaster. If Speaker Johnson is our Gorbachev, the next decade promises to be quite grim.

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159 thoughts on “The Old Fear

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  2. “Old, white men” – Feminists
    “Old, white men” – TheZMan

    The world truly is ending when feminist tropes end up being repeating (because they’re true!) on the dissident right.

    Never thought I’d see this day, but to the credit of feminists, they got this one right. We really are a society being run into the ground by (some!) old white men.

    Too bad feminism couldn’t distinguish between the few creeps at the top and all white men. They would’ve gotten a lot further if they had any sense of nuance.

  3. “Again, this is the way a normal person thinks. The Senate drew an entirely different conclusion from the storm of protest. They concluded that what the people really wanted was more of the same on the border and even more of their money going to foreign actors and the war machine.”

    The Senate doesn’t care what the people want, The Senate knows what the people need, and the people are going to get it good and hard.

  4. If you’ve ever watched video of looters during your average inner city riot, there’s not a lot of daylight between them and Schumer-McConnell. That’s all this Senate bill us: gleeful looting while laughing as the store owners get blamed for the criminals.

  5. We’ll see if Johnson and the congressional boys and girls actually step up and deep six this senate (colloquially speaking) abortion bill. A few more stands of barbed wire ain’t gonna offset billions to ukies, jews and chinks. As an aside, there isn’t enough granite on Mt. Rushmore for jewmer’s schnoze…

  6. >This is a more bloated version of the “bipartisan” deal that included a few pennies for the border patrol and enshrined open borders.

    Serious question. What would the R senators cite as their biggest win in the negotiations (i.e., something to which Biden and the D’s were opposed)? Somebody steel-man it for me.

    Obviously, Biden wanted more money for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, so none of that could count. Ditto for the “boarder is always open” provisions. Nor could it be the purported 5000/day (that they admit to) cap (only valid at certain locations), as that represents far more than is allowed under current law.

    • What they did cite was a “secure” border. I guess they really did think nobody would read it. Plus they are accustomed to having a Speaker who will rubber stamp it.

      • I guess if “secure” == “orderly.” But, again, I’m pretty sure Biden would prefer that too (for better optics if nothing else).

  7. Speaking of Cloud People vs Dirt People ….

    I finally looked up the relevant Star Trek episode: The Cloud Minders.

    The beautiful people, the Managerial Class, live in Stratos, a magnificent city literally floating in the clouds.

    They devote themselves to art, other intellectual pursuits, and of course, managing the planet.

    For the purposes of the story their prime representative is a blond woman, thin and delicate like a super model. She falls for Mr. Spock (!) right off the bat.

    The people down on the surface, the Troglytes, are all black-haired and they do all the dirty work, the mining and farming.

    One of their leaders is a woman and she just about kicks Kirk’s ass in their initial tangle. (But it’s OK–he seems to like it.)

    Anyway I only got to watch about 15 minutes because I had other things to do.

    I remember as a kid not finding this episode that great. But oh how it resonates today.

    • The wrongest sci-fi prediction was that the rulers of our future dystopias would be calm and artistic—and good-looking.

      Turns out they’re rage-addled psychos who fetishize ugliness, and they look the part.

    • “Patterns of Force” is another must-watch episode.

      The girl is “The Cloud Minders” is just stunningly beautiful in that dress. I dated a girl for a few years who looked like that.

  8. I’m of the view that with affirmative action you typically need an overqualified black. So if you want a black lawyer you probably want one who graduated top of class.

    In th case of Lloyd Austin, the Trs guys were saying he’s not actually running the DOD. But a four star general, even with aa, is probably a white one or two star general, which means he’s qualified for secdef.

    So why didn’t he tell the admin he was undergoing surgery. It’s an obviously legitimate reason to miss work

    • Krusty,

      I have met white one and two-stars. I was not impressed. And this was back in the 80’s. Forty years on, I don’t think Austin being the equivalent of a white one-star is a ringing endorsement. He’s everything I would expect of a black four-star. Everything.

    • Believe me or don’t, but I’ve briefly met Austin twice in Iraq: once during a “dog and pony show” op, and I had a small part in a briefing for him.

      My impression is that he is like every other 4 star: reasonably intelligent, extremely risk averse, and clueless about facts on the ground.

      Please believe me when I say his blackness did not catapult him over more competent candidates in the General Officer Corps. They ALL are specifically chosen for 3 and 4 star rank to be yes-men and not make waves.

      • But if you don’t believe his negritude catapulted him to his current position in Joey Depends’ administration, you are a chump of the first water.

        • Allow me to clarify my point. EVERY general considered would be worthless, and they chose a black one because he was black. The result is the same.

          • Your clarification kind of contradicts the original statement, but that’s picayune. You nailed it when you said “risk-averse yes-men. The military boils off any mavericks before O-4. Most of them have seen enough chicken-shit and got a good look at the field-grades to leave the service for a more amicable environment. A determined competent cohort make it to O-5 and maybe O-6, but they had to eat a lot of shit to get there and take a lot of stupid orders from their “superiors”. They won’t go any further unless they are, as you said, risk-averse yes-men, willing to compromise any principle to stay in the game. And, in my experience, by that point they have been immersed in the environment so long, they don’t know how to think and believe stupid thngs. I am familiar with a local retired four-star who thinks Head Start is a great thing, and we should have more of it. Dumb. Ignorant. Incapable of thinking outside convention. Yeah, he’s a four-star, so everyone thinks he’s a genius and I’m just a little man with a big mouth who only made O-3, but he’s like the rest of the elites: Filled with stupid ideas, unsound opinions, and insane beliefs.

  9. Forty years ago a state representative made it clear he would introduce a bill for me but he expected a campaign contribution in return. I learned no bills are introduced that haven’t been paid for, a fact clarified by the Gilen and Page study that exposed the lack of legislation beneficial to common people except when groups with money also happen to want them. Enough seniority can get you on a committee dispensing “aid” which is also purchased from the “sponsors” who put the legislation together and create the story behind why it is necessary. Like billions to Ukraine of our sons will have to fight in Russia.

  10. “The result is Mitch McConnel now thinks he is Cicero.”

    Every now and then Z comes out with a phrase that should be bottled and sold in every gin joint in America.


  11. Kissinger’s death tells me the immortality treatments still have a long way to go. Thus, what must happen will happen. When Thune replaces McConnell, not a beat will be skipped. If anything, we should be grateful for Schumer. What’s behind him is terrifying. Being “only” 73, hopefully he can stick around a while. I just wish his cousin wasn’t part of the package.

    I’m cynical, so I don’t expect much, but Johnson has surpassed my low expectations in a short time. Still waiting for other shoe to drop. They can’t tolerate his recalcitrance to clown world for long.

    One party gerrymandered districts and one party states ensure that a lot of pols make it to DC without having to utilized much political skill to get there, thus when they do get there, they don’t have any political skill. Like a muscle that has never been exercised. See Harris, Kamala as the most prominent of (many) examples.

  12. Oh no! Surely our wise and noble geriatric ruling class should never, ever be compared to the Soviet Geriatric Set, doing the same old same old, decade after decade.

  13. Since we are drawing comparisons to the late USSR, I’ll add some perspective on Gorbachev to consider:

    Gorbachev knew how bad things were in the Soviet Union and thought that “Truth” and “Openness” was the way to reverse course. Instead, it shined a bright light on the lies and decay, and the whole place fell apart. Gorbachev and the other geezers never understood what happened or why. They died as confused, but ardent, communists.

    Trump sliding into the White House also shined a light on the corruption and decay (his one great accomplishment), he and the rest of the normies think they can still reverse course, but everything is still falling apart.

    The American geezers will probably also take their confusion to the grave. After all, they aren’t even curious as to why they are despised.

      • Excellent point. Both became too big for the lies.

        On the COVID lie: I haven’t seen any commentary on how (more) screwed we will be in the case of a LEGITIMATE pandemic, since the boy has already cried wolf.

    • If you REALLY want people to understand the late stage Soviets, don’t mention Gorbachev.

      Show them pictures of Andropov, Chernenko, and Brezhnev. Their 1980’s leaders were walking corpses.

      And they’re the best way to understand the Biden scam.

  14. I think it’s important to remember that for people in the upper classes, immigrants are a resource and large immigrant inflows improve their bottom line. They make money off depressed wages, exploding rents, and the endless vig of all the financial transactions the immigrants bring with them.

    The only way that this arrangement will cease to be profitable for the upper class is when the cost of the resource exceeds the value added from utilizing it. This will happen at some point both because the immigrant-sending countries will run out of expendable young people to export and will need them to power their own economies, and because the ability of the upper classes borrow money on easy terms will be eroded by a loss of dollar confidence.

    We have maybe 5 more years of this at most, after which the vast immigrant hordes will simply fade away. Many of them will either return home or they will become marginal utility helots who fail to thrive and reproduce, and just die out.

    The larger issue is not the immigration. The larger issue is that when the conditions that made the immigration profitable themselves reverse, a lot of the prerequisites of our past prosperity will reverse with them.

    • “after which the vast immigrant hordes will simply fade away. Many of them will either return home or they will become marginal utility helots who fail to thrive and reproduce, and just die out.”

      They will definitely just return home to places where you die in the street because there is no social safety net. They definitely won’t stay in the land of the gibs and free shit. They definitely won’t breed prolifically like bacteria because they are responsible citizens who want to be established before bringing forth children, just like Europeans. They definitely haven’t already permanently & irreversibly terraformed large swaths of this nation by aforementioned prolific breeding.

      I drove across the entire landmass this summer stopping in nearly every state along the way for ‘research purposes’. Our major cities, and even some smaller towns are all basically Central America now.

      Do you ever, even once a week, leave the community college campus, professor? Methinks not…

      • Reminds me of years ago Sailer writing about traveling through Ohio Amish country and being exacerbated at seeing little brown guys marching around the place (no doubt employed by some local farm concern) and he can be summarized as “there really isn’t anyplace left, is there?”

        No, there’s not. The county I live in is, nominally, 100% White, and yet an acquittance of an acquaintance is an ESL teacher in the local school system and, well, someone has to be taking her classes.

      • Apex: And, to add to your excellent points – just when does this self-proclaimed ‘wise man’ expect Bangladesh to “run out of expendable young people”? China? India? Nigeria? It seems that a barely 55% White AINO isn’t quite dark enough for his taste, and a 9% White world is just an HBD fantasy.

        And as for any non-White’s line “dying out,” that’s a bit difficult to do when they breed so prolifically. Mestizos in the US drop more brown children here than in their own native lands, because Whites pay for all their medical care and feed them for free. The first thing an east or jungle Asian woman does after hooking a gullible White guy – young or old – is get pregnant. Free money guarantee for the next 20 years.

        The vast majority will never, ever leave of their own will. If there is ever to be a genuine White homeland anywhere, it will be via forced expulsion and/or death.

        • I try to be tolerant of other people’s notions. We all live in bubbles and have to take active steps to observe outside them. However, ID’s living in a dream world. Our future is our past: destroy the enemy or be destroyed by the enemy.

          Mercy for the loser is a luxury for the strong. When in human history has any ‘other’ every showed defeated European people mercy? No one is going to leave us reservations like we allowed the Mongolian tribes inhabiting North America. The Turkish way is best: if you leave no enemy breathing on the claimed land then your descendants will have peace. I’m not endorsing what the Turks did to the Greeks and Armenians but simply pointing out that it worked. The land, the life-giving water upon it, the minerals beneath from which are forged the tools of civilization, belong to whoever slaughters other claimants to them.

        • In order for the migrants to just die off, the welfare machine would need to fail first. Granted, the fact that the US is now not just the land of free gibs for its own blacks but indeed for everyone on the planet may actually break the system.

          We probably *could* rid ourselves of the Pajeets and East Asians by just making immigration less profitable but the people from truly desperate countries will do anything to remain here. So you’ll end up getting rid of the high IQ migrants while the dumber, poorer ones remain. I’m not arguing that we should let the smart ones stay, of course. They all need to go.

      • J, what did your research teach you about c0pμlation & impr3gn@tion prospects with the White pμrebl00ded wahmenz of teh hinterlandz?

        Personally I’m getting so existentially h0rny that I’m seriously considering the prospect of ph0rnication with v@xxinated b!shes.

        I hope I have the will power necessary to continue resisting the siren song of the v@xxinatées.

        It’s mighty hard to convince your hindbrain that the v@xxinatées are carrying every manner of humanicidal poison in their veins.

        Your hindbrain just wants to spread the seed.

        Your hindbrain hasn’t yet evolved to sense the humanicide.

        Your forebrain has to step to the fore and take control of the situation.

      • ID has a point, though overstated. Birth rates are falling everywhere and within a few decades high-skill migrants will be harder to come by. Then medium-skilled migrants. Finally, even the flow of unskilled migrants may slow as there are fewer people at the source and as developed countries become less attractive destinations.
        The US will likely be an exception but I can’t imagine many people will want to move to the UK in 50 years.

    • One other thing that never gets answered is who exactly are these rich industrialists who want cheap labor? Manufacturing is basically non-existent. There are already a great plenty of swarthy people to harvest the Californian fields and to fill meat packing plants. Seems meat packing plants get burned down pretty regularly, so that should be a declining need. What’s left? Lawn care? The rich people want illegals so they can save $10 a month on mowing?

      I’ll agree on rent, though. In a sane world, instead of Bill Gates’ plan of sequestering wood by burying it, we would sequester it by using it to build houses and bring down the cost of housing. We can always bury it in 50 years when its time to bulldoze the subdivision, right?

      • It doesn’t make a lot of sense that they would need illegals to run oil refineries, but even so the Koch brothers are a lot of the money behind the GOP’s love for open borders.

        • What strikes me about the love the rich have for immigration is that it isn’t really rational. Superficially, it seems like a no-brainer for someone with capital to want a flood migrants. Basic economics says it drives down wages and drives up real estate prices. In reality, importing millions of desperate, stupid people with no job skills is a good way to find yourself smoking a cigarette in front of a squad of men with rifles.

          It’s just astounding to me that these supposedly smart wealthy people can’t understand that totally destabilizing a society with huge numbers of desperate people is ultimately going to cost them a lot more (and perhaps everything) than it would to just pay the legacy population fairly. This is the real tragedy of the whole thing. It would have been so simple for the ruling class to just enforce the border and pay people a living wage. They would still have been almost as rich and would not be hated like they are now by both the migrants and the native born working class.

          • Pozy, the only thing that makes sense to me is they truly believe in the colorblind civnat melting pot multiculturalism diversity myth, that some wog from the congo will do it just as well as a German immigrant once did

        • Agreed, but that’s because they are Cato libertarians, who, for some inexplicable reason, believe its OK to take from Americans and give to illegals.

          • I doubt that many of the real ruling class are Cato libertarians. Libertarianism is basically a well funded psy-op that the rulers have used to deflect lots of young and fairly smart White men into a blind alley. The real rich like the Clown Socialism we have because it’s easier to have one big customer (the gubmint) than a thousand little ones. Elon Musk is a master of this.

      • 1. Drop immigrants on cities to drive out blacks.
        2. Drop blacks on burbs to drive out whites.
        3. Build, mortgage, rent, CONSUME.

        Real estate scam, in a nutshell. Housing crisis? Let me show you Philly and Baltimore, square miles of beautiful victorian row homes left to rot. Real nice civ we’ve got here.

        • Huh. I didn’t know anyone was dropping 10 large annually on landscaping. Not that I’m saying it doesn’t happen. Just that I was completely unaware of that.

          But good Lord, how many million landscapers do they need in the Hamptons? We know they kick them right out of Martha’s Vineyard.

  15. The scary thing is that the majority of AINO’s subjects may actually believe the immigration bull coming from the imperial capital. The Power Structure’s propaganda, after all, did convinc whites that they’re responsible for all the world’s problems and that the solution is to hand over unalloyed power to a race of primitive African savages. When I consider this, and when I look around at my fellow man, I am not filled with confidence.

    • There is no polling nor anything else to suggest the flood of illegal aliens has majority support or anything close to it. More like 30% support. However, throwing money at Ukraine unfortunately has a lot of support.

    • There literally is no support for migration now and there is no way to manufacture the appearance of consent. Even polls can’t be baked enough to support it. The invasion is facilitated by raw, brute force, which in its own way is just as disgusting and terrifying as immigration itself. Even a generation ago polls could be contorted to show support.

      Even the stupid masses notice the aliens. TPTB may bother to mouth platitudes and to lie but it is more or less done at gunpoint.

  16. Apropos of Z’s broadcast on Lawfare, google “Hannah Payne.” I missed this case until today. Outrageous. And, yes, she was an idiot. If you want to be a cop, become one. But, still, outrageous.

  17. The whole of DC operates as though every participant is vaguely aware the facade is on the brink of collapse. But like any good pillager are desperately trying grab a few more goodies before heading to the bolt hole.

    • I know the conservacucks like to furrow their brow at the “squad” but they are the future of Congress. The future of America is Cori Bush calling you a white supremacist, forever. We are going to get more people like them, not less, no matter what bromides National Review posts about how Trump is ruining everything for conservatives.

      • Mycale: Because the future “American” is various shades of brown. All those who believe official stats cheering that Whites will be a minority by 2040 or 2050 are going to be rather surprised when 2030 rolls around. They have no clue as to who is having kids, who is getting all the jobs the elites are claiming to have created, etc. And besides, their m*latto grandchild is the light of their life.

        • Upon reskimming the comments, I realized I was less than clear here. The reason those who believe Whites won’t be a minority until 2040-2050 will be surprised in 2030 is because I think their replacement will be irrefutable by then, no matter where they live. Look at the death and retirement numbers for Whites 2020-2023. Now extrapolate those out 7 years, and add in at least 50 million more non-Whites (the ‘migrants’ and the 1-2 US-born kids they will each have over that same time period).

          Whites under age 5 are already less than 40%. Now imagine them as less than 30%. And take whatever age group you want and flip the numbers per race – minimum minus 10% for Whites (more likely 15%) and add 15-20% per mestizos and Asians.

          Civil war may not come in my lifetime, but Whites as a mere plurality will be here by the end of the decade.

          • 3g4me: “surprised in 2030”

            The V@xxines will have the final say here.

            82% of all females in the USA received at least one dose of MRNA poison.

            78% of all males in the USA received at least one dose of MRNA poison.

            Until the smoke starts to clear from the V@xxpocalpyse, we won’t know where any demographic trends are heading.

            In the meantime, I’d concentrate on potable water, @mmμnit!on, and foodstuffs [such as vitamin pills & pasta & legumes] with extremely long shelf lives.

            Even Tucker was sounding like a Prepper the other day:

            “All I know for a fact is that this can’t be resolved in an orderly way, and it won’t be. Period… Bury gold in your yard…”

      • I’ve said before that Hawaii and Alaska would be the first to abandon statehood because they are the absolute least “American” of any of the US states.

        Hawaii is definitely not American in any sense of the word. It is about as American as a Mexican rooting for the Mexican football team waving a Mexican flag in a stadium in Los Angeles.

        In the article it says they quoted Hawaiian kings in the ruling. Hawaii had its own kings because it had absolutely nothing to do with America. It is an Asian island full of Asians.

        • The rest of the west coast would go before Alaska will. If Orange Man somehow manages to get another term, I think they might go right then. And nobody will stop them. Certainly fedguv would not obey orders from him to that effect.

        • Alaska could probably do quite well on its own as an oil state. Without all the pesky environmental regulations the Feds impose on them, they could become the next Russia*, selling oil to those parts of the world that choose productivity and prosperity over the Green Religion.

          I know less about Hawaii but I met a relatively young Hawaiian woman who was still pissed at the way the US took away their king and forced them into the US. Holding that island was great for keeping an eye on Tojo. He’s been dead long enough. Time to give it back to the natives.

          * I doubt they would vote to go back to being a Russian territory though.

          • Selling their oil would be a crime against their people. It’s one thing for Saudi Arabia to sell it, it’s another thing for a first world country to sell it.

            First, it’s a one time gift of nature that will deplete and will get ever more expensive to pull out of the ground.

            But more importantly, it is a low value raw material. Turning oil into petroleum products you can make turns it into a high value resource. The lower on the chain you go, the less value. The higher you go, the more value. Using the oil to make petrocok and making steel with it or making plastic products from it is a much better proposition.

            It’s stupid that we are exporting all this gas just like all the oil we exported. It’s not even conventional gas and we are going through the reserves like there’s no tomorrow.

    • We got a taste of what’s coming in my congressional district. The contest was between two Dems. One was the daughter of a Jewish billionaire, the other a morbidly obese, Latina political activist. Ms. Momeybags won this time but Ms. Three-hundred-Pounder is the future.

  18. “The result is Mitch McConnel now thinks he is Cicero”.

    That is perfect. I wish I could come up with stuff like that.

  19. I dunno….the average joe seems pretty pleased with the new bill. People I associate with don’t follow politics all that much but they view Israel as their highest national priority. They view Hamas, Iran, and Russia (and to a lesser extent North Korea and China) as existential threats that need to be defeated.

    I’ve heard my golf buddies talk about the draft being reinstated and wanting their sons to fight the good fight.

    • That’s not the average Joe. Not in this neck of the woods, anyway.

      “Golf buddies” is a good clue — most average Joes around here can’t afford to golf anymore, or have always considered it a waste of money.

      • Joey Kent is a Leftist plant whose job is to disperse black pills. Not that some black pills aren’t justified, but there is a different between justified black pills and obvious lies intended to sow demoralization.

        • That makes sense. Joey’s tale of golf daddies hoping their kids get drafted… He’s trolling for down votes.

      • That bill the Senate pitched has a dollar value larger than the budget of my state, and my state isn’t small. It’s still anecdotal, but while the people I run into might not care about giving those places something, they can also do enough math to realize that something is “off” when a even a decently run local government struggles to buy an ambulance while favored foreigners get freighters of tanks and such.

    • What’s with you and the “golf buddies” routine?

      Regardless, I also golf and have country club golf buddies. And, no, they don’t give two farts about Israel, nor do they care about China or Russia or Iran – good or bad.

      And the idea of their sons going into the military would be ridiculous to them. Not one has ever mentioned the military for their kids, and I live in Northern Virginia where military people are everywhere.

      What’s more, while they’re still GrillerCons, I’ve noticed a real change in their attitude since 2020. In the rare times that politics came up, they used to be all-on colorblind CivNats. That’s not the case anymore. They’re not on board with white identity politics yet, but they are starting question why everyone else gets to play that game but not whites. They don’t want to whites to play the game, but if the other groups don’t stop, they figured whites will have to.

      Once people start questioning things, they don’t usually go back.

    • “I’ve heard my golf buddies talk about the draft being reinstated and wanting their sons to fight the good fight.”

      This definitely did not happen.

  20. This generation can only last so long, so I like to look at who’s coming behind them, and it’s not much. Schumer and McConnell are odious and insulated, but they know how to play the game. The people coming behind them don’t.

    The next Jew to take Schumer’s place is Brian Schatz. Who is this guy? Can the Dems rely on others, like Amy Klobluchar or that fag Corey Booker.

    The GOP isn’t better. John Thune. Joni Ernst.

    But the real question is whether the people running the show behind the scenes have good replacements. Who knows. We don’t even know who these guys are for the most part, much less their replacements.

    Putin mentioned this in his Tucker interview. Other countries leaders have no clue who to talk to. It’s obvious that the president and Congressional leadership aren’t the real people in charge, but the real people in charge stay in the shadows. Imagine how frustrating that must be to Xi or Putin or Iranian leadership.

    • The most frightening possibility, and perhaps probability, is that no one person or power center is in charge now. The various factions that actually control things may not be unified in anything other than their power and each is constantly jockeying for the catbird’s seat. We kind of see this between the pro-China and anti-China factions from time to time.

      Much of what Putin said obviously is self-serving but he seemed sincere and truthful about the inability to discern who runs things here. It is a good bet he’s toyed with the idea that the power center is fluid, too.

      • Yeah, that would be even more frustrating. It’d be bad enough if you had to somehow talk with a shadowy cabal, now imagine multiple cabals vying for dominance.

        What’s more, I don’t things are going to be better. The tribe seems to be slipping a bit, which means that the competing power centers will just get more disorganized.

        About the only thing that they can agree on is that they hate white people and Trump. But as to where they can to go, they don’t seem to know or agree.

  21. “….most of the tools are available to bring the crisis under control”

    Well, as you’ve written, it’s a circus freak show with carnival barkers in charge.

    One question though, are the “tools” the people or the mechanism(s)?

    • Well, I doubt they actually believe the masses support open borders and endless military grifting…They just don’t care…The greatest vote fraud machine in history, per Biden, guarantees they can’t be un-elected, so it’s strictly a looting operation at this point..

  22. How much of this is because there is no limit on the National Credit Card?

    When was the last time a tax raise for the dirt people was ever discussed?

    If US Senators had to come out and say “This bill for Ukraine and Israel, but everyone has to pay $5/month more in taxes” there would be a national meltdown.


    This distorts politics unnaturally; politicians can lobby for literally anything (“Cancel Student Loans!” “90 billion for so-called allies!” “Tax Credits for Green Energy and Cancel all the LNG leases!”)

    End of Empire vibes.

  23. Gerontocracy and hubris don’t bring down empires. Failed harvests, civil strife and/or barbarians/invaders do. It’s thermodynamics, not ethics or politics.

    Our geezers can continue indefinitely on their present course. What’s stopping them? Any “outsider” challenging them can be destroyed by the secret police. You need to be a multi-millionaire to run for Senator. Tell me: which explicitly non-Regime outsider multi-millionaires are giving up their yachts and mansions to be destroyed over the Ukraine funding bill? (Some of them do run for Governor and win; recent examples – Bruce Rauner (IL), Glen Youngkin (VA). But they are fighting over local issues which the Regime doesn’t generally care about.)

    When the Regime gets overthrown, the leader will be a Caesar from within or an Alaric from Mexico lol.

  24. “When was the last time Chuck Schumer talked to anyone who lived among the Dirt People?”

    Actually, he does this a lot. Schumer has been in the Senate since 1998 and he makes it a point to visit all of the 62 counties in New York at least once a year, even the most bumfuck rural MAGA ones. This is in contrast to the bimbo Gillibrand, who is totally AWOL.

    I’m not defending him here. It’s obviously all for show and a Machiavellian strategy to keep getting re-elected. And the visits are all staged by the local party organizations.

    He is clever schemer, he knows exactly what he is doing.

    • I am no fan of Chuck Schumer, to say the least, but yes, this is true. He gets around the state and city quite a bit. I know multiple people who, on separate occasions, have met him, including myself, and he is the only politician I can say that about. Except for Trump, really, but he’s just on a different level.

      • He’s actually good with all the constituent service stuff, if you are a dairy farmer bitching about milk prices Schumer will be there lickety-split, promising some kind of aid from the USDA.

        The strategy is to buy off the rubes with a few crumbs from the federal teat so he can focus on his real job, which is giving money to his fellow Jews in Israel.

    • Former Dem majority leader Tom Daschle used to do the same thing in South Dakota. People who otherwise wouldn’t have been voting for him in rural areas did so because they met at a local parade or pancake feed and he was personable. He took it a step further and had his staff send them a note thanking them for their time, etc. which he hand signed. Being totally out of step with them politically finally caught up to him in 2004. I don’t believe he has been back to the state in years. Schumer doesn’t have to worry about the electoral issues.

      • Nothing beats the personal. My local alderwoman beat the incumbent by a hundred votes by going around the ward and knocking on every door and introducing herself. Nobody ever saw him.

    • Old habits are hard to break. It is debatable that elected officials ever actually had true power, but in the past their patrons required them to work for their positions. Schumer came of age during that time.

    • I don’t Know if you guys remember this but in the 80s there were a group of 18-19 year old blacks who assassinated a NYPD officer who was guarding a witness set to testify against the guy who was ordering the hit from jail.

      The killers for the past ten years have been eligible for parole every two years and Schumer has written letters to the board to oppose releasing them.

      He still has at least some connection to the old ethnic bridge and tunnel types in the way Jamaal bowman, even if I agree with his views on Israel, doesn’t

    • Yes. He visits the high schools in important voting districts and has a covert Mao/Chavez/Hussein cult of personality machine that he has inculcated in the high schools – probably junior high too. No matter, his Great Replacement isn’t going to work out for him in the long run. The teeming ever increasing mass of East Asians in his areas could give two craps about him. All the Korean mom and pops with the support for our master-state signs in the window deal with them as customers and their religious leaders demanding they adopt their dietary restrictions and practices and this and that. Eventually the resentment will build and their kids will replace them in the elite as well.

      Long term TGR is going to be one of the biggest own goals in history. The problem is, well, they made it everyone’s problem.

  25. The proper, rational, and justified reaction to this hubris is pure unadulterated visceral hatred. This hatred should be accompanied by anger at the edge of barely contained rage. It’s not just that these deviants are incompetent and evil, it’s that they flaunt it openly and proudly as an intended insult to those dirt people in the audience. And they revel in being hated, secure in the knowledge that there can be no recompense because incumbency is >97%. This is Stage 4 cancer laughing at you in the mirror. And they having nothing to fear because Dan Bongino is leading the lemming normies into another fraudulent psuedo-election where they will returned and validated under the guise of a free and fair election charade.

    And nothing will change until the environment changes. How much longer can they keep the plates spinning? Methinks about 18 months.

  26. Saw a quote from McConnell that the vote would have been even more lopsided if there had been a secret ballot. I don’t know if that is true, but if it is that does show at least a few Republicans are starting to fear their own voters. I also question how the Senators view themselves and their place in history. Many of them have reached a place like John McCain of having open contempt for their voters. What do they see happening in the future that makes their insane policies seem rational and noble to future generations?

    • Everything is 1938. They always see themselves as standing up to Hitler. Putin is the current Hitler and they are Churchill, the American people are just pawns who could be taken in by Hitler.
      Hitler is everywhere under the dirt peoples beds, they are Churchill saving the world from the mistakes of Chamberlain.
      Rinse, Repeat.

      • Hitler,Chamberlain, and Churchill alll fought for their countries in WW1. All three were under direct fire from the enemy rather than just being “in theater”.

        Present generation pols are nothing like these men.

        • Mizzle –

          Churchill fought in the Boer War in South Africa in 1899; in World War I he was First Lord of the Admiralty helping plan disasters like Gallipoli.

          • Dutchman007,

            Churchill left the Cabinet after Gallipoli and served on the Western Front as an officer.He came under fire multiple times.
            It may not have been mentioned in the movies you watch.

          • Churchill invented concentration camps..
            He kowtowed to Stalin.
            He gave some great speeches. I only remember one.

          • Whatever Churchill later became, he had an adventurous youth. He was in the last ever British cavalry charge with the lance (not guns) during Kitchener’s reconquest of the Sudan.

        • That is the worst part. As flawed as the leadership was in the first half of the 20th Century, they were absolute lions compared with what we have now. When mediocre members of this regime die, they have absurd over the top funerals and act like the country can never recover from the loss of some midwit time serving politician.

          • I don’t know about that. They brought us the Federal Reserve, then in rapid succession, income tax, direct election of senators, WWI, prohibition, and then female sufferage. Not to be outdone, the next generation gave us the modern welfare state, a plenary “commerce clause”, the federal register, social security, WWII, the modern civil service, and the administrative state.

            And that’s all before the century is half over.

        • Whaddaya mean? Hitler is the most popular politician in the country. The Democrats have been running against him for 80 years.

  27. “The Senate drew an entirely different conclusion from the storm of protest. ”

    Naah, the Senate doesn’t care. The elected puppets no longer are concerned about public opinion and rule by raw force now. Yes, they attempt to persuade from time to time, usually by lying and deception, but if that does not work they simply do whatever they want.

    Yesterday, congressional Intelligence Committee members warned of a grave, super scary threat to national security. They did this to try to get the Ukraine grift flowing again and to re-formalize totalitarian State spying on the American people. Basically everyone laughed at them and pointed out they are clowns, liars and frauds. Does it matter? No. These ludicrous goons simply will continue to do whatever they want whenever they want as long as they want.

    I have thought for a long time this will continue until economic circumstances get much worse. While that likely is still the case, we have to acknowledge this still could blow up and collapse in the very near term. Johnson is not Gorbachev. He is an elected Archduke Ferdinand, albeit a thinner reed, and will be taken out one way or another by the intelligence services in the near term. That very well may fuel factional infighting to such an unsustainable degree it likely could become irreversible. I have started to think is is probable. You simply cannot prepare enough for what is coming, and it will be miserable.

    • I don’t think it will require a hit. Like Lankford, he’s just a fungible twit. People like them are a dime a dozen. Extending a tiny bit on Zman, they will be praised for the “brave statesmen they are” and will continue the buggery of their voters, until they either become inconvenient or unreliable.

      Used to be that led to a no-show sinecure, and, so long as they reliably voted for the MIC, that’s a good bet.

      • That would imply, and I agree it is possible even if not probable, that the Regime wants to bail on Ukraine and close the border. It would make for a scapegoat for a military loss in the former case, and maybe the open border costs have started to hit them, too. I do think the open border is seen as a means to white genocide, which is the endgame, to be clear, and the Ukraine grift has been very lucrative.

        • Not really. The “deal” Lankford was a part of wasn’t closing the border. It was taking away the ability for a future President to use existing law to shut the points of entry unless illegals were more than 5,000 a day. And didn’t require the President to do anything about illegals even if they exceeded that. Lankford’s “deal” was about kneecapping Trump if he somehow overcomes the vote fortification.

          Ukraine, I don’t know. I think the reason all those things were bundled together was to keep the grift going. Rs could be said to be doing something about the border, when the opposite was true, and the money laundering continues apace.

          • To be clear, I was referring to Johnson’s continuation as Speaker. Lankford is a garden variety imbecile who McConnell used as a Judas goat and then dumped. Lankford may be terrified of kompromat, but his idiocy alone probably led him off the cliff.

  28. If They Were Serious, the state governors could simply bypass all this idiotic theater coming from the clowns in Congress. And I’m not talking Rollin’ Greg Abbot’s little puppet show with concertina wire measured in hundreds of yards and his declarations of invasion that he then fails to act on, cheered on by the rest of the Vichy governors with Tweets, or his gay little slap fight with Dementia Joe and his minions.

    But that’s why they are the Vichy Right.

  29. Yeah well. Turnover is a bitch. Otoh, this is the generation that was handed the reins in the early 90s. Guess that’s not optimal, either. Soft as their young flunkies, and delusional.

    We’ll get where we need to go, but the getting will get rougher yet, I’d guess.

  30. “Listening to these feeble old men sing their own praises, one cannot help but think of the Politburo in the waning days of the Soviet Union. Like Washington, Soviet politics had come to be controlled by a class of geezers. Their primary concern for a long time had been keeping their spot.”

    You’re probably right but I still feel compelled to say that old geezers like Brezhnev, Kosygin, Suslin, Gromyko, Andropov, and Chernenko were head and shoulders above the old geezers in DC.

    I don’t know if you’ve read Martin Cruz Smith’s “Gorky Park” or any of the sequels (or perhaps you saw the film), but he describes the waning days of the Soviet Union very perceptively. Those old geezers in charge were still more competent than their American counterparts

    I think it’s fair to say that a geezerocracy is the final stage of decline and is probably followed by full-stage collapse. Let’s see..

    • “I still feel compelled to say that old geezers like Brezhnev, Kosygin, Suslin, Gromyko, Andropov, and Chernenko were head and shoulders above the old geezers in DC”

      Exactly. We live in a mentally retarded and even more deranged USSR now and it is starting to feel like it is imploding for real.

  31. > They were the same guys who thought using Senator Howdy Doody as the point man in immigration was brilliant.

    I’ve noticed that the openly Christian members of congress are becoming so Ned Flanders-ike it’s almost beyond parody. Wondering if this is a subconscious tic to avoid being lumped in with the Christian Nationalist boogeyman or whether they’re being picked by elites to try to get their Evangelical voters back to being loyal supporters while getting nothing in return.

    If Trump has shown anything, Evangelicals are so sick of the status quo they will vote for a pagan playboy who works for some of their interests before a soft-spoken Christian who consistently backstabs their constituents. Nothing D.C. does can stop it.

    • Good comment and observation, Chet. On the question of whether Flandersization is self-imposed or a selection artifact, I can see a bit of truth in both possibilities.

      My sense is that American Evangelicals have lost the thread of their religion. They used to be sectarian, and proud of their group identities based on small differences. But for more than a generation now their mantra has been “growth,” which inevitably means homogenization. It’s no wonder that their “public faces” are have evolved into non-entities repeating the vaporous creed of Faith, Food, Family, Fox (news).

      But of course, you need to be approved in order to make it as a public face, and that’s where “selection” comes in. Nothing showed this more than the attempt by neocons in 2016 to draft David French into the presidential race as an alternative to Trump. This also revealed the cluelessness of the powers who do the selecting—because they actually thought Christians are so dumb and tractable that they would rally around a certified Nobody like French. It didn’t work on the national stage (that year—it’s worked in the past, though); but in smaller markets the PTB can generally foist their robots on the voters.

      Thanks again.

      • > They used to be sectarian, and proud of their group identities based on small differences. But for more than a generation now their mantra has been “growth,” which inevitably means homogenization.

        Homogenization is the death of religious faith, as any belief system has to have reverence for one’s forefathers to keep sustaining itself. It’s no coincidence Catholicism fell off a cliff when ethnic neighborhoods were destroyed.

        • I agree, Chet. At some level, a group has to be able to make the statement: “We revere this simply because it is ours.” If the group can’t honestly, confidently say that, then it will dissolve in the acid of a plural society like ours.

          It gets tricky because a lot of “received” identities are of relatively recent (and unproven) vintage, or are rotten and corrupted. Somewhere there has to be an “external” standard to measure against. Usually the standard is longevity over a substantial timeframe, and under different regimes and circumstances. But for the most part, an unwillingness or inability to “love one’s own” is a step towards death.

        • To be fair, it died even more rapidly in Quebec, where diversity wasn’t nearly the issue it was in American neighborhoods.

    • American “Christian leader” types are designed (and self-select) for an audience with no ability to detect creeps.

      Lankford is *too stereotypical* to play a child molester in the movies, so the baptists put him in charge of a youth camp. He retired early from that—why? no more room under the floorboards? Viagra side effects catching up with him?—directly into the Senate. All the good Christian voters will keep him there for life, despite him bringing them nothing, ever, but televised embarrassment. They have *no sense* that this dude is an evil mutant.

      The bad guys are right.

      • It’s amazing really, you watch these people and they fit the caricatures of religious charlatans so closely that it almost seems like parody. Sometimes I think the only explanation is that Christians (at least the American ones) take some kind of perverse pride in being gullible.

  32. Bravo!

    I’ve been noticing this parallel with the politburo of the 80’s for a while. Between age of our (sic) leaders and the way they name bills and legislation with flowery words completely opposed to their text, it’s enough to make you wonder.

  33. That’s a valid negotiation technique that packs a wallop if you use it right. If we are negotiating a deal on your used truck and you refuse to budge…welll…what was the offer, Z? $5k? How about $4k?

    That tells the seller I’m fed up with his BS, start dealing or take a hike.

    The Cloud People are telling us to deal with them or we can shove it up our arse.

    Message received, Beautiful People.

    We’ll see who goes to the proctologist when this is over…


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