The New Priesthood

A unique feature of this age is the fact that our societies are largely controlled by what we call the media. It was not that long ago when the term “the media” did not exist as a commonly understood concept. There were newspapers, books, and pamphlets, but they were called newspapers, books, and pamphlets. The concept of “the media” is a product of the 20th century.

These days, the media is not a collection of discreet communication entities but more of a subculture that hangs over society like smog. There are thousands of people who call themselves journalists, for example, who do not work for a journal or even have full-time employment at a newspaper. They are part of the media and speak of themselves as if they are in a righteous subculture or mass movement.

That is the way to think of it. The people in this thing we call the media operate like people in a religious cult or movement. This is why there is so little diversity of opinion in the media now, compared to just a generation ago. In a holy cause, there is no tolerance for those who question the cause. The people in this thing called the media are a priestly class who see their role as moral enforcers.

That is the show this week. It is a rumination on the media that came to mind as I was driving home late last night. The show covers why people join the media and why they are unable to square their activism with reality. Of course, I also talk about who really controls the media. This is the surprise ending. It turns out that the media is a consequence of a different process in our society.

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This Week’s Show


  • Does The Media Run Society?
  • The Culture War
  • What Is a Journalist?
  • No One Wants To Be Evil
  • Who Runs The Media?

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164 thoughts on “The New Priesthood

    • Far more earth shaking than the Putin interview. The Benz interview almost blows me away by how many pieces are falling into place.

      I don’t know this guy Benz. Out of left field is always suspicious. But even assuming a limited hangout it help draw a map of how a lot of facts for together

      • I wouldn’t trust anyone promoted by the MSM, fool me 6 dozen times… but far more truth here than what we usually get. Democracy being in essence, rule by the media was pretty much explicitly laid out. A very good thing.

        You never know but my best guess is yet another gatekeeping operation. “Fake News”, “Deep State”, “Great Replacement”, “Anti-White”, etc. all have entered the public consciousness. The overton window has shifted towards our direction in leaps and bounds in the last 8 years. Probably why Tucker was “fired”, gives him a good amount of “street cred” so to speak in the eyes of a growing contingent of the populace that has now ceased to trust anything that they are told by official sources, and with very very very good reason.

        Enjoy the win but don’t ever get complacent. We still have a long way to go.

        • I suppose you could glean information even from limited hangouts. But it is definitely good to be suspicious.

          • Trust nobody.

            Words to live by.

            But here’s the thing; on more than one post over the last several years, it has been noted that the only way to survive long term, is to tribe up. That means after immediate family,(who one hopes they can trust), we have to reach out to add numbers and skills.

            Therein lies the rub. What is the best way/method/system for vetting new people?

            WRSA has many options for training etc, with regards to survival, but I’m not aware of any resources that address proper/solid vetting of strangers.

            Input or a push in the right direction is appreciated.

          • I would say the best way to build Tribe is to live around people that are like you and start working, having fun, going to church with them and that will be the first steps in building Tribe…

      • Incredible interview. Clearly this is a hangout of some kind but it seems like they are hanging out the entire thing!

        And why now?

        No idea who this Mike Benz guy is with his monotone delivery and oddly shiny head. He claims to have been somebody in the government but the NBC news story linked indicates he was until recently an internet rando just like the rest of us. The story he tells is certainly believable: it meshes with everything I’ve observed and read on my own. But what’s his motive, and who are his backers?

        Tucker’s dad ran Voice of America (i.e. US intelligence white propaganda broadcasts) and was successful in the broadcast business….Tucker Carlson comes from old money on both sides and was wealthy long before he became famous. Sort of a higher-achieving Richard Spencer without the cocaine or the Nietzsche.

        What motivates Tucker to take the side of ordinary folk so boldly and publicly I have no idea but praise God this information is getting out at all. What the System’s logic is in allowing it I have no idea. Clearly Tucker is a family man with a very clean private life else they would have scandaled him out long ago.

        May you live in interesting times…

  1. I’ll always remember Al Pacino’s character, John Milton, in the film The Devil’s Advocate (1997), declaring that lawyers were the new priesthood. I think he was right. Bar membership is the passport into anything and everything, as priesthood once was.

    It gives “journalists” far too much credit to compare them with priests. They are merely apparatchiks in a media complex that is a wholly owned and operated (through public private partnership) department of the regime. A full fledged Ministry of Information, the official voice of the regime. Which was pretty well consolidated and actualized circa 1990.

    Like a lot of other ossified “businesses” lacking in vision, creativity, or innovation, they were caught off guard by the emergence of the internet and have had a difficult time adjusting to it. Were it not for regime support they’d have already gone under, as many other businesses did when confronted with this new reality. But having been kept afloat by that cushion, they’re working on it now.

  2. This morning my brother wrote me a pep talk because some women are defending tradition. I offer my response to him here because I am curious what other people say.

    “I don’t want to always be the downer guy. I just try to describe the world as it presents itself to me. I don’t enjoy this role.

    The deepest impulse that women have, in general, is to please the people that they see as the momentary winners. Full stop. There is nothing more fundamental.

    Women may have some vestigial impulse for a traditional family but if Oprah tells them “you go girl” then their impulse to please the feminist winners overwhelms the impulse for a traditional family.

    That is the horrible truth of female nature: the war bride phenomena. (The women who didn’t submit to the new conquerers were killed and did not reproduce.)

    Women literally have no agency under the influence of the hegemonic media. They literally cannot think for themselves. It’s not their fault…”

    • I would say true of 95 percent of women. But also of maybe 80 percent of men. Most men also survived and reproduced historically by submitting to the local Chad. The issue did not start with women, it started with weak men and perhaps with clever beta men overtaking more traditional alpha men in power due to technology. Ultimately no man, no matter how buff, can beat a machine at the task it is designed for. The increased importance of abstract intelligence – often not peaking in the same individuals as testosterone does – may have set mankind on a course of inverted social hierarchies that may ultimately turn out to be so dysgenic that advanced society collapses. After which high Testo will again become high status. My $0.02 from the hip

    • Exactly why hitting the gym regularly is of utmost importance if you are a young white male. Sexist but true, women have an innate drive to seek protection from strong entities. Just how it is. Actually, even an older white male can benefit if he utilizes modern medicine. Look at HRT bro Kennedy. Even with that voice he still landed a pretty cute hollywood actress. That’s why I don’t respect whiny shites like Anglin, women maybe shouldn’t vote sure, but if more white men were to project strength… well “feminists” aren’t real. Every “feminist” I ever dated loved to get spanked in the bedroom. If more our our men were strong, we would have double the “votes”, not that voting matters in 2024, but more people always equals more power. Women used to positively contribute a lot to their communities in the before time, in the long long ago.

  3. The news media punditry is not a priesthood. Really, this is exactly the kind of facile analogy that we used to get from the most trite and doctrinaire Leftists, the New Atheists, the Transcendentalists, and all the other self-described heirs to the Enlightenment. It’s the same old Whiggish attitude that looks back at venerable tradition as ignorant and oppressive and uses “freedom” as a code word for bloody revolution and usurpation. Every time you call the news media the new priesthood, all you’re doing is unfairly maligning the old priesthood, whose job was to offer worship and service to God and to save souls. Imagine the befuddlement of a poor priest from the days of the Terror, beheaded by the Revolution, who rose from the grave today only to find his whole holy profession tarred with the same brush by those who claim to oppose the scoundrels who murdered him.

    I hate to use the word “projection” in the vernacular (it’s overused and very much misunderstood), but, for lack of a better term, the Left really has a problem with projection when it comes to understanding the real clerisy. The Left sees the priesthood as a group of maniacs who demand compliance with a bizarre and suicidal ideology and who use every type of Machiavellian intrigue and brute force to advance their crazy agenda. None of this bears the slightest resemblance to reality, but the Left relentlessly pounds this kind of propaganda to turn people against the old religion. And then, no sooner does the Left seize power than it proceeds to act exactly like how it accused the priests of acting, inflicting mass murder, expropriation, terror, and rigid ideological conformity in pursuit of an insane ideology.

    This pattern of projecting one’s own madness onto an enemy when week and then acting just like that phantasmagorical enemy when strong, is a hallmark of every Leftist movement. To see the Dissident Right take up this mode of argumentation and carry it forward lends credence to the point I’ve been making, viz. that the Dissident Right is really just the Disaffected Left. It is composed of people who have been burned by the fruits of Leftism but who otherwise desperately want to continue on with the Left’s basic program of secularism, hedonism, grievance politics, and special pleading. And they have never relinquished those core Leftist qualities of authoritarianism and vanity.

    The news media, in fact, is not behaving any differently than most other merely human claques and cabals tend to do. They form insular groups, cultivate strange fashions, become very clannish, pad their advantages, and ruthlessly freeze out anybody who isn’t them. It’s a tawdry spectacle, but it doesn’t require anything beyond ordinary human ambition to explain it. On the other hand, the mildness, renunciation, and humility of the real priesthood stands very much opposed to the worldly values of the media.

    It is possible to simply stop patronizing the news media if you find them too odious, which the recent spate of layoffs would indicate many people are, in fact, doing. It is not necessary to continue to bemoan their gatekeeper status unless one is jealous to possess that status himself.

    • Every time you call the news media the new priesthood, all you’re doing is unfairly maligning the old priesthood, whose job was to offer worship and service to God and to save souls.

      I don’t disagree that calling them a priesthood maligns the real priesthood, but then you go on to describe how the media acts . . . like a priesthood. An evil, false priesthood, but they do “offer service and worship” to a false god, spread its word and doctrine, and in their twisted minds, “save” souls although in truth they are damning them. This goes double if you expand “media” to include infotainment.

  4. Z, I have a quibble about something you said about 45 minutes in the show. Talking about David Brooks, you give him way too much credit for having real friends. Imaginary friends I can see, but I’d be willing to bet that he’s never had a real friend. He’s a trained monkey to his betters and in that circle everything, friendship and everything else, is transactional. Everything is done on the basis of how does it benefit me? When there is no longer a benefit then the friendship is over and it’s like it never happened.

    • David Brook’s son served in the Israeli army. David and his son are committed to a cause much greater than “how does it benefit me?”

  5. The US Media are now America’s first Domestic Intelligence Agency: They watch everyone, they police the Citizens.
    The media moved from being compromised and co-opted to full partner. To the degree politicians have sway over the Official Intelligence Community, the Media has become the managing partner.
    The servant has become as a body the Master.

    This is new to America and indeed an innovation.
    Previous Secret Police abroad kept the Media on leash, not took as partners. The difference is money, we are sold out. Again.

  6. The Media, even with “limitless” money behind it, is firing people left and right. All sorts of media outlets are closing. And Disney, even with “limitless” Blackrock $$$ behind them, are moving Animation to Canada.

    Film Threat and Midnight’s Edge on YT have had a good read on what happened at Disney Animation. A woman who worked on Frozen basically got John Lasseter thrown out, and replaced every old White guy with pronoun Tumblrinas of dubious sexuality and hygiene. Oh and they permanently black-listed every White guy from working in Animation again. Thus everything went to garbage time and not only do the stories actively repel all audiences but the animation looks ugly and stupid and there is not even a hint of a traditional story. Repeat and Rinse with Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, etc. This stuff matters more than most because trashing Han Solo, Luke Sykwalker, Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Thor, and Dr. Strange, childhood heroes of many, many White men, created more of “our guys” than a million Orange Man Bad speeches.

    The Regime has lost White men completely. They know this, I think, and also believe it does not matter. They overestimate their competence and really cannot even rise to Soviet/Yatzhee levels of propaganda. They are not even at Saddam levels of competence. If Elon Musk illustrates what competent White guys led by a driven, competent leader can do, then “Madame Web” and “the Marvels” illustrates what Tumblrinas achieve. A nation based on “Madame Web” will not long endure.

    You can see this all over, but since I was sitting with a sick family member at the end of the Superbowl, I saw CBS’s “Tracker.” It was aimed at the Reacher audience and based on a series of novels that copied the Jack Reacher series. It was what CBS thought was the best stuff they had, out of all their series, to show after the Superbowl.

    I’ve seen literally better dialog, general writing, acting, directing, and Cinematography on the CW. No joke. It was not even TV level competent from 2013 on the CW. Persuasion is gone now. All they have is force and if they don’t know it now, they soon will. We do have an opportunity, though, to provide very quietly heroes for White guys of our own. We quite literally have zero competition.

    • A friend and I were discussing yesterday how long this can go on. He has a background in economics and said that this is going to collapse for years. In fact it shouldn’t be possible to be where we are now according to economic theory. I said Boeing and American weapons have both had their worst year and the third big export, Hollywood, is turning out bombs so fast Babylon Bee said they’ve overtaken Lockheed Martin and with the three major exports caved in, the dollar is guaranteed to crash. Your white men out story reinforces the belief that eventually math and reality will catch up. And when it does, that’s not going to be a lubed dildo of consequences. It looks more likely to be a rusty rod. Chewing on it, I decided more supplies and metal was preferable to a higher number on the screen

    • The Regime has lost White men completely. They know this, I think, and also believe it does not matter. They overestimate their competence and really cannot even rise to Soviet/Yatzhee levels of propaganda.

      Inertia works, until you run out of inertia, and / or meet a greater external force that stops your inertia.

      Interestingly Sev at Founding Questions has been posting today about organizations, their successes and failures, and how they get taken over, ossify, and eventually stagnate and die. We’re seeing it in so many industries because the people who create the business and hire people who can “do and achieve” leave, die off, or are pushed out. For a while there may be competent people in the organization who can follow the framework and formulas established when the company was creative and growing, and the company hits a stasis. But then those people leave, die off, or are pushed out and then you have the idiots who are the equivalent of those South Pacific cargo cults take over. Much in the same way that those islanders build fake control towers and runways and march around like soldiers in hopes the White man and his airplanes come back and bring money and “things”, these clueless wonders make fake movies, horrible cars, or terrible software and expect the money to keep rolling in. They did the rituals, why don’t they have the money?

      There’s a reason the phrase “Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in Three Generations” exists. And rings true.

      Of course insulting your audience and taking them for fools is never a good idea. 😏

    • Saddam was a very competent guy. In the end he was just outclassed, weight class wise. It’s probably not fair to compare anybody in our regime to him. None of them are capable of what he did.

  7. OT regarding the priesthood but a great example of routing heresy.

    A 90 year old woman who has volunteered at the MS society for 60 years was fired after she told them she didn’t understand people including pronouns with emails. Why? Well only evil people would ask that.

    When they carefully explained to her that they used pronouns to show that they were inclusive, she told them that made no sense. Most of the emails had she/her and that wasn’t inclusive of men.

    That obviously was like finding out you had the mustache man volunteering at your Organization. So they understandably fired her bigoted behind.

  8. There is a fast food chain on the west coast called Carl’s Jr where Carl (the namesake) was a funder of far right politics and might have been a John bircher.

    Do people like that not exist anymore?

    • I was working in downtown San Francisco in the late 80’s when I went to the embarcadero to have lunch at the local Carls Jr. Well, I wasn’t used to bums and bag ladies at the time so when I saw this bum helping himself to the salad bar using his fingers and not even putting stuff on a plate, it was the last time I ate at one. Another episode, also in SF really annoyed me, a bag lady (can you still call them that?) was sleeping in the doorway where I worked, I literally had to step of the lady bum to get to work. I always carry a gun now, and yes I have a permit.

    • They exist, just you’re not going to hear much about rhem for obvious reasons. Not in today’s world.

  9. Gary Hart? Ya gotta admit, Donna Rice was hot. She was naturally gorgeous.
    Drop dead smokin’, in a purely All-American Girl kind of way.

    This is what they took from us.
    To see a trophy queen like that as a bad thing?
    It surely proves that jealous yentas and their queer sons have captured the throne.

    • Of course I had to look up Ms Rice.

      Beautiful woman….with crazy eyes.

      A red flag is a red flag.

  10. One of the only examples I can think of where a movie is critical of the press was the Richard Jewell movie from a few years ago. Led by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution whose awful reporter was the villain of both the real story and the movie, the media tried to smear the film and Clint Eastwood for making it. They focused on one scene where it was implied that Kathy Scruggs had slept with an FBI agent for info on the case. They admitted she was a hard partying drunk who was once found naked and unconscious in a cop car, but it outrageous to imply she would sleep with a source. The regime media tried to rally around her memory as she was already dead when the movie was made.

    • They admitted she was a hard partying drunk who was once found naked and unconscious in a cop car, but it outrageous to imply she would sleep with a source.

      Look honey, you’ve established what you are. Now we just need to establish a price.

  11. Z made a lot of great points about the priesthood and I understand that is he doesn’t want to lose his ability to get subscribers he has to be circumspect. However, you really can’t understand the media without taking into account the dominance of Jewish owners of traditional media and new media and the role of Jews on the financial industry. Add in a Jewish AG and you have what we have today.

    All the main narratives were conceived by Jews often in the Weimar era. Global warming is probably the only one that wasn’t.

    The media would not have so much power if the media couldn’t turn to Jewish led financial institutions to do much of the enforcement. Having the DOJ in lockstep helps give the media direction and more power in silencing bad thinkers.

    That doesn’t mean it is all Jews but they set the agenda and provide much of the enforcement.

    • Don’t forget that almost the entire Biden state dept are of the little hat variety, as are a lot of leading neocons in general. The warmongers lust for blood in not easily sated. Not to belabor the obvious, but anyone even casually connected with the zman is on the ‘list’ so he must be very careful about naming the obvious elephant in the room.

  12. Expanding on morning thoughts, I’m thinking maybe ‘media’ is the transmission of culture, and it got conflated recently with news/politics on account of an informed public becoming part of the culture. Now we have the internet redefining media as a kind of hive mind, or at least free discourse. News, entertainment, and religion are retained but subjected to this discourse. Tptb try to maintain their authority, because that’s what they’re used to doing, but it’s not really in the nature of the internet.

    The chaos in society reflects the change in media, which is a change in culture. Somebody has to, and will, figure out how to adapt, govern, and restore order. I don’t think it’s possible to put the genie back in the bottle without taking a big step back technologically.

    No new ideas there, but you kind of lose sight of what’s happening. Liberal democracy is finished, because the people no longer have the right opinions. Enlightenment could be finished, because authority is greatly diminished— can you trust knowledge? Maybe a return of faith (believing in what you can’t prove) in a weird, transitional form for the time being. Idk. It’s interesting to watch and ponder.

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  14. The only “mass” media I’ll occasionally consume is local – just to find out what’s going on in the hood – any national type stories/opinions I ignore as they’re just parroted lies from the big boys. The entire msm and government, along with the associated lackey institutions were unequivocally laid bare during Trump’s term. This also led to the flowering of alternative news/opinion sites such as this – one of the good things that came from that time.

    • I’m not sure what local news is like in your neck of the woods but in my closest “big” city it’s complete and utter dreck. A panoply of vibrant females telling everyone how wonderful (and oppressed) “they people is”.

      And there is no getting over this video, which shows just how rigidly adherent even local news is to The Message.

      • The brainless local media types are incapable of anything other than parroting what their betters at the national level disseminate. No less than our worthy Grillers, they are utterly credulous saps.

        • More today than ever, fear keeps them in line. Everybody knows now what you can and can’t say. What the approved messaging is. And that you have to stick to it if you want to keep your job and have any hope for advancement.

          • True. I work in sport media myself, and I know bloody well what I cannot say. I tiptoe up to the proverbial line often enough that my regular readers can easily bowl out my views, but I never cross that line. If I ever do so egregiously enough, I will be out of a job by sundown.

  15. How did Israel gain power over the United States?
    The “donor class” are State leeches.

    Foreign aid is backwashing,
    tax and printed money they harvest from us is laundered back to the US through the institutional and corporate umbrellas their “investor” groups control.

    End foreign aid to Israel and it ends;
    they cannot backwash our tax and printed money to them, back to us, to buy up the donor, political, and financial classes.

    • Ah. I forgot the summary statement:
      (paraphrased from memory)

      Corral the wealth of the 50 richest jews and the wars will end.
      ~Henry Ford

      (with sincere apologies to Templar)

          • Tomorrow is the Sabbath after all, unless you’re a “person of a terrorist persuasion”, then it’s today. I think I hear the Imam doing the call to prayer, gotta go.

        • Because I respect him, of course, amigo.
          That warn’t a jibe or a dig.

          I’d say Templar rightfully recognizes that nations such as China, India, and Mexico are also trying to emulate a successful economy of conquest-without-war.

          He most likely sees all the bad actors as equally bad. Whether a Tudor, Bitch McConnell, or the world’s biggest druglord- he’s in India, by the way- I believe It irks our friend to hear parentheses in the same way hearing WWII anti-Nazi slurs irk me.

          For instance, Micheal Yon is a full-on Holocaustianity believer. I shouldn’t shun the guy’s excellent work on the government-run invasion networks, should I?

          As Mssr. Z used to say, that kills the conversation for a lot of people.

          Gab, for instance, has become the home and hotbed for us antisemites…existing side-by-side with Bible followers. I see a mountain of white pills in that.

          Gab: “There is a flaming sword waiting to be unsheathed.”

          (and thanks KGB for letting me explain)

    • I believe this is the same process that keeps the Ukraine mess going. We give a billion to The Comedian and he “gives” back 100 million or so to politicians here.

      • Thanks, I should’ve simply said, we give them billions in “tax dollars”- many generated by the money printer industries like FIRE, corruption, or compliance- and they wash it back to the donor, political, financial, and captured classes.

        A few billions, harvested from us, is leveraged back to capture our own nexii, just as a few swing districts (not states) captured a Presidency.

        A few billions is still a ton of money.
        We’ve been funding the war against ourselves for several generations.

        I’m counting the profits to the “investors’ as well as tax monies.
        Kapitalism profits on its profits.

        (The real key to globalist Kapitalism is modern transport.
        But then, Kapitalism will piggyback any achievement of the White race.)

  16. Who is in charge?
    Who rules the media?
    Who rules us? Who rules our rulers?

    Media parroted platitudes; they take and have taken on a life of their own.

  17. It’s interesting that the media is now suffering from the same total disconnect with the dirt people that the elites in government have, because the media’s entire reason of existence is to operate as an intermediate between the cloud people and the dirt people in order to manufacture consent. Nobody outside of old boomers and people trapped in airports watch the 24/7 news networks anymore, and the big entertainment companies are in a disaster of their own making. At the same time that the cloud people went nuts over Bad Orange Man, the entertainment companies decided that they had to start insulting and humiliating their audience on a daily basis. There’s really no rational or economic reason for them to do this, and to continue persisting in the face of obvious market failure. They do it because they believe in the mission of the cloud people, and the media’s disconnect and irrationality is a mirror of the disconnect irrationality of the elites, which really started to grow after Obama’s re-election.

    • “ There’s really no rational or economic reason for them to do this, ”

      Sure there is. Money. As shown with examples of decline in ratings when the topic drifted from bad orange man to more normal and balanced presentation. That they turn off conservatives is a balancing act of sorts—and they’ve decided it’s worth it to lose a viewer percentage or two in order to rev up the viewership of the Lefties to (more than) compensate.

      In a perfect world of balance news and viewership, this policy might trend to overall lower ratings than optimal, but we left that world long ago. We are now pockets of squabbling minority interests.

      • What doesn’t happen isn’t possible.

        As a matter of numerical fact, the market for a news network we’d think is OK greatly exceeds the market for all the crappy existing ones combined. Fox (to a degree) and Tucker’s show (more so) proved it. So Fox threw all that money in the furnace and became Regime Network #8, and Tucker was exiled to Musk Island. Because what they did is forbidden. It wasn’t much, but it’s not allowed.

        Even absent regime constraint/symbiosis, The Media™ wouldn’t care about money at all. No company big enough for you to recognize its name has any economic motives. The western corporation is *free*, sovereign, liberated to do Good Works. In current_year, that work is our destruction. Money is conjured as needed.

        • Reminds of a Canadian I follow recently remarking that American TV was “gay” which got me thinking that probably all the content on U.S. TV is procured: it’s (much) less stuff that people want to watch and (much) more stuff the regime wants us to watch.

          Along those lines my wife was talking to a boomer buddy over her speaker phone (long story) and her buddy and her husband had some talking head cable show blasting in their room and it was a struggle to not lose an IQ point a minute hearing that crap in the background.

          • AINO’s pop culture, like every other aspect of the Power Structure’s propaganda, is prescriptive rather than descriptive. It is a manual for how the masses “should” think rather than a description of what they would actually like to read, hear and see.

          • Ostei, that I can wrap my head around. Looking at it from an another angle, the old saw of reporting on “who, what, why, where, how” is dead. Imagine if they limited themselves to just those simple precepts.

            Seems we stopped that long ago, and now every “news” report needs to be analyzed in how it fits into the “narrative”. Whatever we hear is immediately commented upon by some expert who tells us how to “digest/interpret” what was just reported. It’s on par with parents telling little children how to behave. And come to think of it, I guess the average citizen is at the level of an unthinking/developing child give our demographics and fail school system. Just what the regime desired.

      • And there’s a reason they piss all over normal people. They’re going to go all in with The Message, and the only way to garner an audience for it on the news side of the ledger is to convert people on the entertainment side.

        • It’s all “entertainment” I guess. Gone are the days of a news channel/program being a prestige building—but money losing—proposition. The movie “Network” was prophetic, but got its notoriety precisely because it was an aberration in those days, early 70’s. We were another country then for reasons we all have heard ad nauseam.

    • “There’s really no rational or economic reason for them to do this, and to continue persisting in the face of obvious market failure.”

      This observation was the key for me to see how many more powerful forces are in play other than immediate greed.

      Many cultural conservatives put their faith in “Go Woke, Go Broke.” Although it’s certainly true that a number of anti-white-male movies are failing right now, the anti-whites believe that these failures are short-term setbacks. They will win in the long run because of demographics.

      Our elites are betting that these anti-white-male movies that are failing to make money now will still be seen as classics in a generation.

      • I’m sure they think the swarthy hordes of the future will love their offerings retroactively. This might not pan out if the SH’s really just don’t care for the *kind* of stuff that Whites did. Consider capeshit movies. Billions spent on CGI splosions and magic pajama suits. So they’ve just blackety-blacked the people wearing the capes and presto, instant blockbuster. What if the SH’s just want Bollywood dance numbers and Mexican soap operas?

      • They win even in the medium, or even short term, as fatigue sets in. Conservatives are fundamentally different than liberals in that they cannot stay angry or hold a grudge.

        • That is true. It’s perhaps a genetic flaw. We don’t stay angry because we are programmed to work around impediments. To strive and to improve our lot. Can’t do that when you stay angry and idle and wait upon others for your progress. This may be our saving Grace as well, but I can’t see that far into the future.

      • “ Our elites are betting that these anti-white-male movies that are failing to make money now will still be seen as classics in a generation.”

        Yep, these “flops” are simply knocking at the door, eventually the door will open and the floodgates as well.

  18. I’m a business guy and have followed “media as a business” for over 35 years. So indulge me in a few observations about the impact of business on media which I hope are relevant and add to the conversation (sorry for the length):

    1. The internet (1.0) destroyed the traditional newspaper business model. Help wanted and classified ads were a huge portion of newspaper revenues. Craigslist and Monster (and other job-search sites) gutted newspapers in the Clinton years. Newsrooms were gutted.

    2. Once internet speeds (2.0/DSL/fiber optics) got fast enough (after 2000), streaming/over-the-top broadcasting destroyed network television. Cable TV had already fragmented the market and given rise to “narrowcasting” and targeting of extreme political audiences for ratings purposes. Streaming was the final nail in the coffin of the old TV business model. The “narrowcasting” – Maddow, O’Reilly et al – “news” model really took over what was left of the business. This obviously fed extremism in search of Ad dollars/audience.

    3. TV at that point really became entirely about live sportsball media rights. It was the only mass market product – true broadcasting – left viable. This is when the Woke stuff started taking over sports. (Rupert Murdoch understood tribal sports and tribal politics and would discuss this openly in Wall St. meetings).

    4. Twitter and Facebook essentially replaced wire services and local newspapers (respectively) and ad revenue followed, having further abandoned traditional media. The Regime conveniently took over these platforms for mass propaganda purposes.

    5. Substack came along a few years ago to deal the coup de grace to the paper/magazine business. (Zman has already written about this). Anybody still in traditional media (good or even remotely credible and of course some grifters) left for Substack.

    So the whole business model has now been gutted. Regime propaganda took over the rotting traditional hulk and repurposed it. It co-opted Facebook. It lost Twitter to incompetence so Musk took it over. Sportsball stays “on message” for the Regime. Heretics like Tucker are ousted (obviously Fox was never going to get another major sports media deal while Tucker stayed on air). The caravan rolls on……

    • None of this could have happened if the media was doing their job in the first place. For all the talk of the “new media,” it is not the media, at least not what the media should be and often claim, falsely, that they still are.

      Media used to have “reporters” who would hunt down stories to report on in the paper or local radio or TV news. That mostly doesn’t appear to exist anymore. They used to have reporters hanging out with the cops. Now every PD in America has (uniformed cops) media relations department. They put together a package which is given to the media. The media dutifully reports whatever is in that package. Same is true with corporations. They used to do reporting on them. Now, they reprint press releases issued by the corporations.

      What we now have instead of reporters is carefully managed “messaging” or just straight up reprinting “stories” someone outside of the media created. Of course, we also have the entirely fake stories that are actually advertisements masquerading as news stories.

      FB et al could never have replicated the press practically for free if the press had still operated as the press. As they steadily became more and more one-sided and crappy, instead of realizing their product had become generalized and crappy, blamed the readers as being too stupid to read a newspaper and having too short an attention span to watch a 1/2 an hour on one specific topic.

      • Agree Tars. I wasn’t justifying, just explaining the business side of it to folks who were focused on the politics etc.

        • Willard, your observations are spot on. I was there.

          Tars, your analysis is hopelessly *optimistic*. It’s even worse! 😉

      • “None of this could have happened if the media was doing their job in the first place.”

        I guess that your observation shows that there are more demanding loyalties than just “doing their job in the first place.” We can all see that loyalties to a narrative supersede the commandment for short term profit.

        Tribalism is more powerful than economics, in affluent societies. Until the wolf is at the door, the narrative is more important than the bottom line.

        • I tend to agree, but let’s not leave out a tried and true parallel explanation for much of this—money.

          These toadies have sold their souls. Where else could people of such low intellect, no experience, but glib tongue, earn such multimillion dollar salaries and be toasted as lions of their profession while babbling the party lies so blatantly.

          I still remember the 60’s and early 70’s where salaries of a million dollars a year for an anchor person made headlines. Now if you are making less than $20M, you’re a second rate hack and it doesn’t make the news. Hell, even Tucker was making $30M when he left, but he was our guy so I guess he doesn’t count.

  19. Three things are necessary for the salvation of man: to know what he ought to believe, to know what he ought to desire, and to know what he ought to do.

    The culture war is about these things – it is entirely about salvation. It could be no other way, as your culture is literally your cult. It is, again, why conservatives always lose. The culture war is a religious war, and you must bring a religion to a religious war. Classical Liberalism, my Constitution, Individual Responsibility are not religions. They are not cultures, and so they cannot win a culture war.

    • This so much. Conservatives have nothing to bring the war. They’re just the “leave me alone to grill”, muh individualism, all gods children, party of atomization.

    • btp: Dios, patria, fueros, y rey

      And I’m neither Catholic nor a monarchist. But I’m currently quite engrossed in Karl Dahl’s excellent historical fiction about the Spanish Civil War (with various detours online to read more about the roots of Spanish communism, Stalin’s ‘advisers,’ the beautiful Miravet Castle/Fortress, etc.). It’s so simple and fundamental a thing, to understand that – even if a portion of the population want economic change – that at least an equal portion don’t want the disparagement and destruction of their people’s history and culture.

      Kinda sorta like the traditional US south. People put down roots – and the deepest here are rather shallow by European standards – and develop traditions, and naturally find them an anchor in a world where we’re fed the lie that all change is somehow an ‘improvement.’

      And somehow, all these revolutions, no matter what name they adorn themselves with, no matter what country, end up being against Christianity. Funny, that. Hardly unexpected. And just as predictable is the predominance of certain . . . agitators . . . let us say, promoting the satanic lie of secular equality.

      • The revolutionaries target Christianity because it is traditional, and because it represents a distinct formal and ontological locus of power. The revolutionaries cannot tolerate competition. Everything must go.

        • Correct. The USSR is interesting in that during WWII, Stalin decided to allow Orthodoxy a little latitude as a way to promote national solidarity. The Church then became an organ of the State. We see parallels now in the United States–Christianity was diminished and now is used to promote propaganda.

          • Same is true in the PRC. Religious organizations, including Christian churches of course, must have party members in the leadership to keep tabs on what’s coming from the pulpit.

        • I would suggest one other aspect of Christianity that riles them beyond simple competition.

          Obedience to God severs the ultimate consequences this world can deliver. That terrifies them.

          When economic, social, sexual and physical controls pale in comparison to a just fear of God, what is left to dominate a man?

          One strong in their faith and free of fear is a dangerous and untethered vector that causes them dread.

          Certainly there are extremists among this devilish new faith of the Left, but its pillars are all of this world and are fragile. Gaia, false racial pride, monetary entitlements, sexual perversions, envy, etc… these are weak tethers.

          Nothing matches the strength and freedom that comes from obeisance to Him that made us.

          If you strip away the mockery, cowardly assaults, and degenerate attempts to mutate and feminize Christianity … they fear.

          • God has always been at odds with earthly “supreme rulers”. He always wins out in that struggle. Even if you are not a believer, you can probably accept that we have genetic disposition to believe.

            That leaves earthly despots one of two options—neither very good. One to attempt to destroy Him, the other to attempt to become Him, i.e., a god-king. We can point to any number of such examples in the historical record.

    • But Classical Liberalism etc., is a religion. Like @Zman said in this very podcast, Michael Anton can’t go harvest a bushel basket full of rights, or point to a right. They are concepts that either one believes in or one does not.

      • This is why it is so hard to make headway against libertarians. Because, again, as @Zman explains, they believe what they stand for is moral. They believe in open borders not because of empiricism, but because they believe it immoral for one person to impose their rules on another. Some take it to the degree that it is wrong to bring your kids up with your values.

        The only way to fight someone who believes he’s doing the moral thing is to refute the moral argument, not to throw facts and figures at him.

        • You can’t reason with people who arrive at their righteousness through unreason. Humans are not primarily reasonable creatures, sorry to say.

        • Morality aside, this former Libertarian, is no longer a Libertarian. Why? Because basic Libertarianism is a contradiction. I love many of the principles involved, and promote them—in the abstract. However, I don’t live in the abstract, the hypothetical. I live in the real world and in that world the color of the sky is blue—not red or green or violet.

          Libertarianism is the proverbial college physics professor who teaches his students physics computations using a cube sliding down a “frictionless plane” (it sooo much easier that way). Yet, there will never be a time when the student is tasked to compute such numbers as the sky is blue in this world.

  20. The part you didn’t want to be the focus of the show is important, largely because the total Jewish domination of The Media is receding and what that represents. As you point out, The Media has become Regime enforcers. As younger people from the UMC/Ruling Class have become anti-Israel, this filters through from time to time in The Media. Granted, once the brutal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians began, a Code Red was issued on Israel’s most virulent Regime Media critics and they largely complied with the directive. Still, the point stands: the hostility would not have seeped through at all even a tiny bit just a few years back. The current morality cannot be contained.

    This is important not specifically because Jewish control of most of the United States seems to be waning, but because it illustrates your primary point–the media is a priestly caste that recites the Ruling Class’s current morality that that must be embraced. That morality is changing at breakneck speed and is reflected in the sporadic hostile coverage of Israel, by way of example, and if the Jewish blockade can be breached with the new shibolleths anything can be.

    A separate issue is whether any of this matters to the degree it once did. Media no longer is consumed for strictly informational reasons, hence, much of it is dying, so is the propaganda still as effective? I think not, and since the Regime itself no longer tries to persuade and rules with raw force and infrequent violence, that may not matter to them. We saw a glimpse of this yesterday when some odious congressional intelligence “expert” warned of grave threats from Russia and basically everyone laughed at him. Where it becomes confusing is the rejection of the message did not matter. The message itself was a policy pronouncement meant to be disseminated.

    The transition of the GAE into a totalitarian entity requires us to view all of its institutions in that light, and The Media reflects this more than anything else. The Media indeed is the message.

    • Jack: Even if establishment media is waning (and I’m not as convinced as you), the vast majority of people go to government schools and spend almost all their non-working hours either streaming movies/tv/music, watching sportsball, or on social media. If that isn’t all propaganda, I don’t know what is. And yes, it is still extremely effective.

      In an ironic way, the ’70s radicals were not wrong when they insisted that black kids internalized White standards via toys and dolls. Of course, that’s because this was a White country with toys made for White children. But some clever people took notes, and now White children are bombarded with images of non-Whites as cool and smart and desirable. Even in the 95% White county in which I reside, every bank or grocery store or local government office – all staffed by competent and local White people – is filled with posters and photos and products all featuring black and brown faces. And yes, it does heavily influence perceptions of reality.

      I am not nearly so sanguine as you seem to be about the waning power of certain people and techniques. Human nature does not change, and I would caution against confusing the trappings of modernity with genuine genetic and character transformation.

      • “Even in the 95% White county in which I reside, every bank or grocery store or local government office – all staffed by competent and local White people – is filled with posters and photos and products all featuring black and brown faces. ”

        Particularly the post office. Whitey hasn’t broken into the top ten since Manson or so.

        • I swear that the marketing department of the CVS that I must occasionally visit intentionally picks the most egregiously ugly black women as their models. Strikingly ugly, by any standard, and they are on big posters.

          It’s like a slap in the face each time I walk in there. Or how my insides feel just as food poisoning kicks in.

          • I’ve had bad food poisoning a couple times in my life. Once in Kathmandu and another time in Indonesia. The kind that knocked me down for a week. The ome thing I remember in both instances is that I knew something was amiss even as I was eating the meals. Without any particular symptom, my body gave me a dull sense of foreboding. I get a very similar feeling when confronted by the unsightly nature of visual ads today.

          • What you describe is the perfect encapsulation of DIE.

            1. The hideous be-postered sheboons are “Diverse.”

            2. Their insinuation into a public space in which they would likely not ordinarily be seen is “Inclusive.”

            3. Taking public attention away from beautiful white women who, in normal societies, receive the lion’s share of it, and distributing it to homely Hutessas is an exercise in “Equity.”

            Ain’t DIE grand?

          • I’ve mentioned this i believe before, but the ugly teller at my bank (Tucson, AZ) flashes ad’s upon the screen as it does it work. During Feb, not a single White face was seen—all Black, except a picture of the all Hispanic youth soccer team from Mexico, complete with a large flag of MX. Of course, inside the bank are most all White employees with perhaps the occasional Latina.

          • The “colorization” of ads makes me wonder how the ruling class (still mostly White and Jewish) manages to avoid the same disgust we feel. Most of them, after all, would probably rather see their own kind featured everywhere. This suggests one of the following:

            1. They either have somehow managed to invert their innate sense of beauty (physically impossible)

            2. They actually buy into the equality nonsense and just swallow hard to keep the vomit down.

            3. They live in a bubble world where the ads are still the way they were for all of us.

            I don’t have enough contact with the Cloud people to know if #3 is happening. It does seem that even the luxury brands have gone blackety-black. Maybe if you’re buying a Ferrari and not a Benz, they use a hot White girl to sell it to you? I can certainly see the true elite living in such a bubble but the run of the mill PoC (person of Cloud) with a master’s in Gender Fluid Basket Weaving still has to look at the sheboons.

            Perhaps this will be the undoing of the system when even the above mentioned nomenclatura just can’t stand how ugly and stupid everything is.

      • Even if you are correct, and as far as The Media I really do not think you are, the point is the Regime doesn’t have to rely on effective propaganda since it now rules by straight force. There is no need to persuade, only to tell, and, more and more, to instruct and order. The Media’s effectiveness no longer is the issue.

        As for pop culture, yes, the propaganda is overwhelming and largely effective and it is geared toward the young even more than adults. A friend who had a child late in life told me that the tranny nonsense started to manifest more than a decade ago in cartoon characters. I do not think the degeneracy dogma been anywhere near as effective as the racial indoctrination because it is so absurd, but it shows the pervasive bombardment with Regime messages are decided and begin years in advance. I agree with you on this point.

        As for Those People, the sentiment against Israel, at least, definitely has shifted and I see that expanding to other areas. I do think their power is on the wane, but that is starting from a position of total dominance. I do not expect to live in a time in which they are not near the pinnacle of power but also do not expect them ever again to have the same monopoly.

          • “There is no need to persuade, only to tell, and, more and more, to instruct and order.”

            The They are preparing us to sell our children, either dead or alive, to foreign overlords.

  21. The guy you are talking about who denounced Peter Brimelow was Larry Kudlow. According to what Brimelow wrote afterwards, they had known each other for something like 40 years and had been invited to birthday parties and other social events at Kudlow’s home. Kudlow’s initial response was that he only knew Brimelow from his financial writing and knew nothing about his views on immigration, which he found abhorrent. It was surprising the media establishment let him get away with such a brazen lie and he is back on FOX now.

      • Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can check the “Early Life” section on their Wikipedia page?

        Morpheus: No, Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.

      • Larry is a Catholic and by his own admission has battled some “demons” over the years. He probably cannot recall any parties at Brimelow’s. This doesn’t excuse him in any way for his treatment of Brimelow. But I think it’s easy to see what happened here.

        • “Kudlow was born and raised in New Jersey, the son of Ruth (née Grodnick) and Irving Howard Kudlow.[4] His family is Jewish. “

        • That people believe that “Larry is a Catholic” may be one of the single most revealing signs of how dumb white people are. It’s almost like we are hungry to believe comforting lies.

          I’m not disputing that Larry may have done Catholic things, but to identify his ultimate priorities as Catholic is a poor observation of what is actually going on.

          “Please lie to me so that I don’t have to face the terrible truth.”

  22. Another aspect of the media that indicates they’re a priestly class is that their, often inflated, salaries and other perquisites are obtained not through a marketplace in which there is a supply and demand governing the worth of their output. Rather they are often supported and swaddled in luxury via prebendaries bestowed on them by fellow cloudies.

    • The big bucks are what you get in return for your soul. Hollywood too. At least in sportsball you have to be able to score touchdowns to get them. No such requirement for the “news.” This is probably the ultimate example of the regime handsomely rewarding and promoting toadyism and brownnosing instead of competence.

  23. Taking a stab at it.

    Myths and legends being the original media, the priesthood being the original gatekeepers. Later, theater making it entertainment and making actors the gatekeepers. Later still, Enlightenment making it information and making talking heads the gatekeepers.

    We seem to be regressing. Maybe not a bad thing in the long run if it makes people humble about what they know.

  24. The media ARE a priesthood, they create an ersatz reality that determines what people think and how they are governed. They are the shadow-makers on the wall of Plato’s cave.

    It’s really incredible to me to see how this country is governed, it’s all total manipulation by the organs of propaganda, even Congress gets manipulated. There’s no sober deliberation, there’s no thoughtfulness, there is only a pre-existing agenda and pre-existing narrative and events are manipulated to fit and advance it. If the events do not advance the pre-existing narrative, they are memory-holed until an event can be used for the propaganda.

    Looks like the media is already downplaying the Kansas City shooting now that it has become apparent that it was young Negro bucks instead of MAGA semi-fascist Klansmen.

    Also looks like Israel is getting away with an ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the displacement of 1 million-plus Palestinians. Biden just signed an order halting the deportation of Palestinian refugees from the U.S.:

    This means effectively that they are never going to be deported, ZOG will absorb and pay for the displaced Arabs while the Jews colonize more Arab territory for their Holy Land.

    Haven’t heard anything more about the supposed national security threat from Russia, looks like it was just a fucking hoax to get money for Ukraine.

    So we’ll forget about the shooting if the negroes did it, and just wait until we can goad some white schmuck into shooting a couple of blacks and then we’ll pile on. When Hamas with fucking hang gliders kills a couple of Jews, it’s World War II all over again and Hitler is on the march, but when the Jews kill 30,000 hapless Arabs including children and raze an entire city so they can steal more land, it’s “nothing to see here kids, move along now.”

    It really IS all about manipulating the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave.

    • If they can prosecute the honkies for capturing the chimp who did the shooting, it won’t be forgot.

      Do put anything past the regime.

    • The CIA had Navalny killed in Russia, so that should ratchet up more support for “Ukraine aid.”

      • We’re supposed to believe that with the Ukraine aid package stalled in Congress, and the fate of the war dependent on the outcome, Putin picks this precise moment to have an already incarcerated political rival assassinated.

        Cui bono, people. But I’ve got to hand it to them. Well played, deep state. Even Tucker is scurrying for the exit.

      • Na, the CIA can kill people in Russian prisons

        Navalny is the same as Gonzalo Lira, died from neglect, or maybe poison

        If you come and the King, you best not miss

          • It seems doubtful that they could, but also doubtful that anybody who posts here would know one way or the other

          • Of course they can. How naive can you be? Do you not think CIA agents are working in Russia, and pass money to criminal gangs with contacts in Russian prisons?

  25. I like the idea (which was highlighted in a previous Z post, who credited another blogger) that 1997 was the turning point in all mass-media. I think we can also apply this to newsgathering organizations as well. I was a young man at the time, but I did sense a kind of sea change in nightly news coverage…we went from Walter to Walters. Less sober Walter Cronkitean, and more emotive Barbara Waltersian.

    This was because of the Clintons of course. By then, Bill was molesting anyone he could, the Dems and most of the news media were running cover for him, while the Gingrich and Limbaugh right were screaming bloody murder. For the young readers: you think Trump gets the most hate? Clinton was HATED by the Right. The difference being that there was still some collegiality and maturity remaining in 1997. Now that’s all vanished.

    Then 9/11 happened, and not only did we get E! Network-style, info-tainment, we got mawkish patriotism on top of it. Since then, the news has been a joke.

    • Clinton was hated by the Right, but you take the most acidic anti-Clinton rant from The American Spectator’s Emmett Tyrell in the late 90s and compare it to what came out of every CNN anchor and guest’s mouth from 2016-2021, and it looks fairly tame. And few people read The Spectator at the time.

      Until Lewinsky showed up on the scene, most of the anti-Clinton stuff was confined to Rushbo and The Spectator and hadn’t spilled over to the genpop. I worked at an Ivy League school at the time and nobody knew about any of this stuff. It wasn’t in the atmosphere like it is today, where Trump-hating housefraus sound like Tyrell after he’d downed a bottle of scotch.

      • Generally agreed, but hatred is a pretty strong word for it. As your first paragraph implies, it was considered hate at the time because it was more unhinged than anything since Nixon. Reagan wasn’t so much hated as dismissed as an amiable dunce.

        The vitriol directed against Gingrich was worse, for example, but with media still largely in charge of public perception, and with media figures offering Bill a blowjob for his work at protecting abortion, what do you expect?

        • Steve: I was around back then, and still an unreformed albeit not so strident a leftist, and Reagan was denounced as the second coming of Hitler. Yes, he was derided as a dunce, but that was combined with a characterization of him as insanely bent on beginning WWIII. The only paper found on my college campus was the NY Times, and I did see all the headlines. And then when I went to England Reagan was the first thing everyone asked me about.

          We were still overseas when Clinton burst on the scene, and watched in fascinated horror as he was heralded as the Man of the New Age. And we were not big Bush fans, but I well recall reading plenty about Clinton that was a close foreshadowing of the paeans to Obama that followed.

          This was a long time in the works. While most people only react and think short term, it is a mistake to think that no one else could possibly plan and/or collude long term. We are living with the results of too many confusing evil with stupidity. Far too many are still stuck on stupid today.

          • Probably a regional thing, then. In the midwest, where the only place you could find the NY Times was the week-old copy at the library, there was not hatred there, but that’s probably because most of us voted for him, and the rest were keeping their heads down.

            I opened up my first business as an adult in Minneapolis early in Reagan’s first term, and even though they didn’t vote for him either time, didn’t encounter Reagan hate. Maybe it just wasn’t in your face. Certainly nothing like the Nixon hate or the Orange Man hate.

            Bu it hardly surprises me that in shitholes like NYC and London, there was a lot of hate. Heck, look at the footage celebrating the death of Thatcher.

      • I think the “gender gap”, already emerging in the Reagan years, really took off in the Clinton Era. The Gender Gap has had a big influence on media too.

    • EARLY LIFE: Barbara Jill Walters was born in Boston on September 25, 1929, the daughter of Dena (née Seletsky) and Lou Walters (born Louis Abraham Warmwater); her parents were children of Russian Jewish immigrants.

  26. In Pat Buchanan’s 1992 convention speech (you know, the one in original German), I believe he referred to America having a religious war not a cultural one. Same distinction you are making.

    • Both. This is the quotation: “There is a religious war going on in this country. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we shall be as was the Cold War itself, for this war is for the soul of America.”

      • “Pat Buchanan… 1992… referred to America having a religious war not a cultural one…”

        32 years ago.

        Eight presidential administrations in the meantime.

        No progress whatsoever.

        Except maybe for MGTOW, but it’s still something of a toss-up as to whether or not MGTOW is a loser’s strategy.

        Mustachio’ed Austrian Painter dude needed only about 15 years [1919 to 1934] to seize control of an entire nation.

        Amurrikkkunz simply don’t radicalism worth a d@mn.

        That moral & psychological intransigence must frustrate the he11 outta the j00z.

        • Its a loser strategy, there can be no doubt, the MGTOW make some very good points about feminism and modern society, but in the end its still a loser strategy

          • I was trying to think of any wins we’ve had in the last 32 years; the general milieu of White men saying, “F— It,” and turning their back on mainstream suhciety, struck me as something of a small step forward.

            I have long posited that we can’t win this thing until we stop caring.

            So long as we still continue to care, so long as we still hesitate to go fully scorched earth on the Media Moguls and their shabbos goyische sh!tlib pets, we can’t win.

            Winners don’t give a damn.

            Winners don’t waste precious calories on second-guessing themselves.

            Winners simply win.

            And enjoy the spoils afterwards.

  27. To the point that media control is incredibly important, check out the percentages of vibrants and alphabets stated by the respondents in this clip from the UK:

    The worst part is that, even after being told they are overestimating by a factor of 10, the respondents claim vibrants and alphabets are underrepresented.

    That is the power of modern media brainwashing.

  28. I am so happy the tide has turned. Everywhere the rebellion is building. Budgets are being slashed, journos are being laid off, and liberal shit rags are going out of business, one after the other. ☺️👍

    Up here in Canada, Turdo Le Doo’s fart catchers over at Bell Media just announced 4500 layoffs. The response from the conservatives and most of the public was laughter and applause. The leader of our conservatives is just merciless with the media too. He’ll turn the tables on reporters and leave them looking like idiots. He’s on OyTube everyday pitching his message and he’s a one man PR machine.

    It’s way too little, too late…but that karmic wheel is starting to move.

    • Reminder that Canadian Conservatives achieved exactly nothing of substance the last time they were in power. Immigration continued at breakneck pace, accelerating over the years, the sources being south and south east Asia. They oversaw the rise of Housing Bubble I, the 2008 crash and bailouts and then the Housing Bubble II. Almost nothing of the progressive agenda has been rolled back, lots has been added at provincial levels. The only positive thing they did was abolishing the long gun registry (that’s called ‘throwing the voters a bone’)

      • the wonderful cpc leader plays dress-up just as much as the queen minister, the pandering is palpable. then we have the deputy cpc leader, a lesbian with a jewish passport. And lest we forget, more immigration, faster. Cancel the carbon tax and introduce an “environmental levy”.
        So many issues that should destroy the party that pretends to be different, but ain’t. My “conservative” friends look at me like a confused dog when I go off on the conservative party of canada, believing the party is only pandering to get the vote and they will then, magically convert to our kind of conservative.

      • True.

        But if we are focusing only on the a-holes in the media…they are starting to crumble. The floor is falling out from under them and that is huge. When your clergy fails, cultural wars shift.

        We are seeing bits and glimpses of it here. Turdo hops up on his hind feet and spews his love for Gaia… and the people tell him to shove his carbon taxes. The Usual Suspects show up at the Trucker’s rebellion waving a swastika flag…and Turdo gets egged when he starts accusing everyone he doesn’t like as fascists. Alberta bans transgender attacks on children, and the nation tells Prime Minister Pink Socks to shut up if he knows what’s good for him.

        The media can no longer hold the gate for the noble class. The people are rejecting the gate keepers and swept them aside…and now they are confronted by their masters. A peasant revolt is in the making.

    • I’m actually surprised by the shitlib rags going out of business. There seems to be as many shitlibs as before, and they are consuming the same amount of content as before.

      There is a subset of shitlib, though, that is not unlike the dissident rightist: some shitlibs have come to the conclusion that it’s all a big lie, even Buzzfeed, Vice, and HuffPo, and they get their news from some obscure blogger or social media personality. In fact I would say that shitlibs are more discerning that the average shitcon. A shitcon will still read Breitbart and watch Shapiro.

      • I agree they are, but they’re also nutty. Discerning but sane: you wouldn’t think it would be so difficult.

        • Shitlibs are definitely nuttier. And they can talk themselves into literally anything: like Buzzfeed is “capitalist” with “an agenda” or maybe not white-hating or climate-loving enough. With purity spiraling, they put your average neo-National Socialist to shame.

          Shitcons, unlike the shitlib, have a life, though. They have jobs and kids. They won’t take the time to find their especial content creator. They’ll consume the latest rage-headline from Breitbart and then fix their fence or something.

          • I resent that!!!! 🙂

            You mustn’t forget that the Dissident journey is a process. I had only a passing familiarity with Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin and all the other Usual Suspects. Every time I heard them they made the expected noises and I never really paid them much heed until the more knowledgeable Dissidents goring them in debate. Up until that point they just seemed to me like your average conservative. It wasn’t until our Esteemed Blog Host did a lecture on them – with the usual spectacular input from the peasantry in the comments – that I had the proper foundation to objectively analyze those guys. I got something even more powerful than a full understand those guys – I learned to fact check and use my computer for something other than dumb cat vids. The minute anyone presents themselves as an expert and/or authority – I fact check them before I place ANY faith in them. I compare notes with other disgruntled Dissidents. Within minutes I will have a solid understanding of exactly who these people are and what they are about. This is the blade that is being driven into the heart of the shitlib media. If I can do it, so can Normie. This is why they go in so hard on censorship, and bleat about misinformation. It’s all for naught now… as long as the internet is around, they are done for. The impact of being able to do your own fact checking is going to be on par with the development of the printing press.

            I will make a prediction: it’s going to be worse before it gets better… but Americans are going to come out of this as much better people.

          • Filthie, it feels like a race, in which the regime has to quickly import the replacements to counteract the effect of more people noticing. Without the replacements, the noticing would eventually lead to change, but it doesn’t have to if the noticers are sufficiently disenfranchised. But whichever way it turns out, it is not a recipe for stability.

      • “I’m actually surprised by the shitlib rags going out of business. There seems to be as many shitlibs as before, and they are consuming the same amount of content as before.”

        I’m not surprised. The typical lib thinks everything should be free, and is not willing to pay a nickel out of his own pocket.

        That’s always been the case, though. Until a better definition of “zero” comes along, the number of people who think government is the answer to all our ills who will even round up their taxes to the next dollar will serve.

  29. Z Man – “The people in this thing we call the media operate like people in a religious cult or movement.”

    I would put it more strongly than that: the media has literally *replaced* religion, as the source of (short-term) cohesion and control in Western Societies – just as (leftist) “ideology” has replaced “religion”.

    Mass Media replaced religion in this broad functional sense; but the MM does Not use the same psychological or social mechanisms as religion; nor does it have the same effect in the long-term.

    Because religion was the long-term cohesion in all stable multigenerational societies of the past (Egypt, China, Byzantium, Turkey etc); whereas the Mass Media is fissile and creates instability; and will destroy The West within (probably) two generations of its emergence to social dominance in the 1960s.

    I wrote about this in a book called Addicted to Distraction published a decade ago.

    (Now available free at: )

    One thing I got wrong in that book, was that I did *not* properly recognize how the global Mass Media is *centrally-controlled* when it comes to what the globalist totalitarians regard as Core values and narratives – such as antiracism, climate change, covid and its jabs, or the Russia-NATO war.

    Thus, writing in 2013 I tried to explain the Mass Media as a kind of emergent system, whose content was dictated primarily by its operational structure…

    As I say, this was wrong; as has become very obvious since 2020.

    I hope I have learned better!

    • The banksters ultimately control the corporate culture. With politics being downstream and the kind of power banksters have, it’s obvious that the only thing that could possibly thrive are the entities that they allow to access the watering/feeding trough. Our feckless governments were supposed to prevent monopolies, something else happened along the way.

      • “The banksters ultimately control the corporate culture. ”

        Not ultimately.

        *Ultimately* the control is demonic, and human beings merely demonic servants, slaves or possessed.

        That’s why it is never possible to get a stable consensus of *precisely* which humans are at the top of the pyramid – the humans are all disposable – and indeed all disposed-of, sooner or later.

        • “*Ultimately* the control is demonic, and human beings merely demonic servants, slaves or possessed.”
          At least in my mind, this would be my definition of bankster, where a banker is merely a financial widget.

          • Weimar Germany could teach present-day America much about societal degradation and about bullshit is downstream from ideology.

            A fractured America can patch itself up and push back as so many have by calling out and resisting the insidious, Satanic influences pushed by media with politicians aiding and abetting.

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