A Price For Everything

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A tenet of the old right was that some things are too important to a society to be subjected to the crucible of reason. Traditions, for example, not only bind people to their ancestors, but to one another in the shared understanding of the past. Treating traditions as mere superstition inevitably leads to their abandonment and the loss of their associated social capital. A society without tradition and history is a temporary, ad hoc collection of deracinated individuals.

Reason is not just questioning and demanding proof. The marketplace is a manifestation of reason in the exchange of goods and services. Sellers compete with one another to attract buyers. Buyers compete with one another through the mechanism of price in order to determine the best good or service. Reason states that if you have a competitive and open market, you end up with the best products and services winning over those of lesser quality or higher price.

The old right would agree to the theory behind open market economies but point out that some things are too important to subject to the market. The moral claims of a society, for example, should not be up for bid. The marketplace would no doubt decide that slavery in certain areas is the superior option, as it has for all of human history, but we have decided that owning other humans is immoral. Therefore, we do not make this moral claim subject to the crucible of the marketplace.

We are getting a real-world glimpse of this with regards to the war in Ukraine which the Western managerial elite insist is a moral crusade. Helping Ukraine, they say, is proof that we worship the god called democracy. The Munich Security Conference just ended and speaker after speaker insisted that the god of democracy demands we empty our wallets to help Ukraine. The Danish prime minister went so far as to say that the West must give all of its weapons to Ukraine.

No one really knows, because the cause is too important to waste time on accounting, but the West has supplied Ukraine with weapons and money in amounts many times more than Russia is committing to the war. Hundreds of billions have been given to Ukraine with hundreds more lent though various contrivances. The sorts of people who perform at events like the Munich Security Conference are fond of talking about how the arsenal of democracy is going to save Ukraine.

The trouble is the weapons supplied to Ukraine have not made much of a difference and in many cases have been worthless. French supplied armored vehicles are nothing more than expensive death traps. British Challenger tanks are great on the parade route but unsuitable for actual combat. The German Leopard tanks were sitting ducks against Russian artillery in the summer offensive. Despite the economic advantages, Western weapons have not made much of a difference.

The reason gets back to the tenet of the old right. There is a story in the German tabloid Bild that takes a look at how Germany is supplying armored vehicles. Instead of producing or selecting vehicles best suited for the war, it is an elaborate financial scam that profits the arms dealers and their foreign suppliers but results in expensive and poorly suited vehicles to Ukraine. The German taxpayer is paying three- and four-times retail for equipment that is useless in the war.

To give some perspective, the Russians probably spend the equivalent of one hundred thousand dollars for an armored vehicle. The Germans are paying six hundred thousand dollars, but for the wrong sort of vehicle. This is a pattern that repeats across the Western supply chain to Ukraine. Either suppliers see a chance to unload useless junk at inflated prices or their top-line equipment, in the case of Western tanks, is proving to be ill-suited for the actual fighting.

The Russians, meanwhile, work from that old right tenet. Some things, like fighting land wars on their border, are too important to be subjected to the marketplace. There is competition within the Russian military industrial base, but the winners are not picked by the invisible hand of the marketplace. They are picked by the demands of the military for the situations they are facing. One reason Russian arms tend to be simple compared to American arms, is the military doctrine of the Russians.

It is tempting to think this old right idea applies only to something narrow like war fighting, but war fighting is a consequence of other factors. After the Cold War, the Russians did not embark on a process to ship their manufacturing base to low-cost countries as happened in the West. One reason for that is the Russians do not make profit the singular goal of their society. They set about modernizing their manufacturing base and now they are reaping the rewards.

This is a pattern we see all over the West. Open borders, like slavery in the ancient world, are profitable for society, but it erodes the social capital. It attacks the customs and habits of the people, the things that bind them together as a people. Once you have monetized the social capital of the people and carried it off to vaults in New York, it is no longer available when the crisis comes. It turns out that national borders should not be subject to the crucible of reason.

The crisis surrounding Ukraine, and make no mistake that crisis is spilling over into the West now, is a microcosm for what awaits the West. The reason for that is Western managerial elites turned their societies into for-profit enterprises. The decision point in every matter is whether it profits the managerial elite. Even the abrogation of ancient rights is merely a defense of the bottom line. It turns out that when everything has a price, nothing has value, not even your society.

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201 thoughts on “A Price For Everything

  1. The US only got in a war with Germany in World War II, because Germany, under the Axis Pact, declared war on the US on December 11, 1941. The morning after, the America First movement ceased to exist, as did the Deutsche-Amerikanische Bund. The American Communist Party continued to support Germany, until Hitler invaded the USSR, and they changed their position instantly – on orders from the Comintern. There are two reasons to support Ukraine – the notion that nations have the duty to defend their sovereign borders (the southern border with Mexico is no exception), and that it’s easier to defeat a nation whose intentions towards the US are bad, from a distance, rather than close by – if the US had entered the war in 1939, before Hitler had taken France, the conflict in the European Theater could have been brought to a much quicker end…
    1. Ukraine is a sovereign, independent, and autonomous nation, separate from Russia and from 1922 onwards, recognized by Russian governments as such:

    A. The Russian Empire and its land claims ended with the execution of the last Emperor, Nicholas II, and his family, in 1918, by the Bolsheviks

    B. In 1918, Ukraine formed an independent state under governments formed by Nestor Makhno, a Ukrainian anarchist.

    C. In 1922, that government was overthrown by Bolsheviks, who created the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. The Bolsheviks did the same thing in Belorussia, creating the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, and in Russia and its colonized territories, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    D. In 1945, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, operating in their independent, autonomous, and sovereign capacities, were amongst the founding members of the United Nations, see https://research.un.org/en/unmembers/founders

    E. In 1991, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the successor states to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, namely Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, respectively, acting in their independent, autonomous, and sovereign capacities, became the successors in right, title, and interest to their respective prior states which they replaced, and were recognized by the other members of the United Nations as such – including Russia, on the Security Council, see https://www.venice.coe.int/webforms/documents/?pdf=CDL(1994)054-e

    F. In 1991, Russia and Ukraine, amongst others, acting in their independent, sovereign, and autonomous capacities, became signatories to the Belovezha Accords and the Alma Ata Protocols, in which certain mutual guarantees and recognitions were made:

    And here are the relevant Articles of the abovementioned Accords, wherein Belarus, the Russian Federation, and Belarus mutually guarantee their sovereignty and independence:


    We, the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation (RSFSR), and Ukraine,

    as founder States of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and signatories of the Union Treaty of 1922, hereinafter referred to as the High Contracting Parties, hereby declare that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as a subject of international law and a geopolitical reality no longer exists.

    On the basis of the historical commonality of our peoples and the ties that have developed between them, and bearing in mind the bilateral agreements concluded between High Contracting Parties,

    Desirous of setting up lawfully constituted democratic States,

    Intending to develop our relations on the basis of mutual recognition of and respect for State sovereignty, the inalienable right to self-determination, the principles of equality and non-intervention in internal affairs, of abstention from the use of force and from economic or other means of applying pressure and of settling controversial issues through agreement, and other universally recognized principles and norms of international law,

    Considering that the further development and strengthening of relations of friendship, good-neighbourliness and mutually advantageous cooperation between our States are in accord with the vital national interests of their peoples and serve the cause of peace and security,

    Confirming our adherence to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, the Helsinki Final Act and the other documents of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe,

    Undertaking to abide by the universally recognized international norms relating to human and peoples’ rights.

    We have agreed as follows:

    Article 1

    The High Contracting Parties hereby establish the Commonwealth of Independent States.

    Article 5

    The High Contracting Parties acknowledge and respect each other’s territorial integrity and the inviolability of existing borders within the Commonwealth.

    They guarantee openness of borders, freedom of movement of citizens, and freedom of transmission of information within the Commonwealth.

    Article 14

    The official location of the coordinating organs of the Commonwealth shall be the city of Minsk. The activities of organs of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the territories of the States members of the Commonwealth are hereby terminated.

    Done at Minsk on 8 December 1991 in three copies, each in the Byelorussian, Russian and Ukrainian languages, the three texts being equally authentic.

    For the Republic of Belarus S. SHUSHKEVICH B. KEBICH


    For Ukraine L. KRAVCHUK V. FOKIN”

    These Articles and the relevant parts of the Preamble show that Vladimir Putin’s land claims to Ukraine are easily demonstrated to be utterly without basis in history or law. And if Putin doesn’t have actual knowledge of any of this, he has constructive knowledge, as his is the successor government to that which made these most recent treaties in 1991.

    In the Carlson interview, Putin asserts that “Ukraine is an artificial state that was created at Stalin’s will”, amongst other similar statements, and by doing this, he’s betting that the Western governments have no memory, institutional or otherwise, of the agreements to which his government was a freely contracting and sovereign party. So far as I know, there’s been no action by the Duma of the Russian Federation to repeal the above agreements and to disestablish the Confederation of Independent States (on whose website, https://e-cis.info/, Ukraine and the Russian Federation are still shown as members), so Putin unilaterally and illegally, according to the laws of his own country, whose high officials were kept in the dark up to the point of the invasion, ordered the invasion in clear violation of Article 5, above.

    Negotiating with Mr Putin is thus a foolish and irresponsible waste of time and resources, it ratifies his illegal actions and gives them the cloak of legality and respectability, and that should never, ever occur, under any circumstances. No treaty formed with such an outlaw, who violates laws and treaties at will, will be honored so long as it is convenient for him to do so – which will be at about the time that he thinks he can gain more land and resources by further illegal acts, and where he thinks that other sovereign countries can be fooled or bullied into supporting his criminal assaults and robberies.

    So when Tucker buys Putin’s lie, that “Ukraine is an artificial state that was created at Stalin’s will”, and takes it as face value as true, he shows that he hasn’t done very much research – and after Putin sees him swallowing that, hook, line, and sinker – then the rest of Putin’s BS follows because Putin knows he can get away with it.

    2. Putin’s land claim to all of Ukraine is remarkably similar to what Aleksandr Dugin had asserted 26 years ago in his work, Foundations of Geopolitics, on which Putin is basing his policy, namely:

    “On the key question of Ukraine, Dugin underlines: “Ukraine as a state has no geopolitical meaning. It has no particular cultural import or universal significance, no geographic uniqueness, no ethnic exclusiveness” (377). “Ukraine as an independent state with certain territorial ambitions,” he warns, “represents an enormous danger for all of Eurasia and, without resolving the Ukrainian problem, it is in general senseless to speak about continental politics” (348). And he adds that, “[T]he independent existence of Ukraine (especially within its present borders) can make sense only as a ‘sanitary cordon’” (379). However, as we have seen, for Dugin all such “sanitary cordons” are inadmissible.” https://tec.fsi.stanford.edu/docs/aleksandr-dugins-foundations-geopolitics

    And Putin follows this perfectly, his geopolitics are very nearly the same as Dugin’s, as for the European areas, especially the Black Sea coastline. Putin opposes Ukrainian nationalism – calling it “de-nazification”, because for him, as well as for Dugin, the independent existence of Ukraine as a sovereign, independent, and autonomous state is a real problem – an “enormous danger”. And if Putin can fool the West into supporting his position, he solves this problem, and removes an obstacle to achieving his aims – which are the same as Dugin’s aims.

    And, as it is with Dugin, Putin is preparing the ground for the defeat of his overarching enemy – the United States:

    “Employing the “strategy of the Anaconda” (a term borrowed by Dugin from inter-war German geopoliticians used in reference to Britain), the United States and its close allies are seen as exerting unrelenting pressure on all Eurasian coastal zones (103, 110). Following precepts enunciated by Francis Fukuyama among others, the United States seeks to implant its own political and economic model throughout the globe (127). Moreover, following the prescriptions of Paul Wolfowitz, the United States attempts to reduce Russia’s role to that of a lowly “regional power” (199). In cynical fashion, the United States wants to “transform Russia into an ‘ethnic reservation’ so that it can receive full control over the world” (169).

    How is a revived Eurasian–Russian empire to bring about “the geopolitical defeat of the U.S.” (260)? An appropriate response to the looming Atlanticist threat, Dugin contends, is for the renascent Eurasian-Russian empire to direct all of its powers (short of igniting a hot war), as well as those of the remainder of humanity, against the Atlanticist Anaconda.

    “At the basis of the geopolitical construction of this [Eurasian] Empire,” Dugin writes, “there must be placed one fundamental principle–the principle of ‘a common enemy.’ A negation of Atlanticism, a repudiation of the strategic control of the United States, and the rejection of the supremacy of economic, liberal market values–this represents the common civilizational basis, the common impulse which will prepare the way for a strong political and strategic union” (216). The anti-Americanism of the Japanese, “who remember well the nuclear genocide and the disgrace of political occupation,” must be unleashed, as well as the fervent anti- Americanism of fundamentalist Muslim Iranians (234, 241). On a global scale, Dugin declares, “the main ‘scapegoat’ will be precisely the U.S.” (248).

    One way in which Russia will be able to turn other states against Atlanticism will be an astute use of the country’s raw material riches. “In the beginning stage [of the struggle against Atlanticism],” Dugin writes, “Russia can offer its potential partners in the East and West its resources as compensation for exacerbating their relations with the U.S.” (276). To induce the Anaconda to release its grip on the coastline of Eurasia, it must be attacked relentlessly on its home territory, within its own hemisphere, and throughout Eurasia. “All levels of geopolitical pressure,” Dugin insists, “must be activated simultaneously” (367).

    Within the United States itself, there is a need for the Russian special services and their allies “to provoke all forms of instability and separatism within the borders of the United States (it is possible to make use of the political forces of Afro-American racists)” (248). “It is especially important,” Dugin adds, “to introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements– extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics” (367).

    Dugin’s Eurasian project also mandates attacking the United States through Central and South America. “The Eurasian project,” Dugin writes, “proposes Eurasian expansion into South and Central America with the goal of freeing them from the control of the North” (248). 48 As a result of such unrelenting destabilization efforts, the United States and its close ally Britain eventually will be forced to leave the shores of Eurasia (and Africa). “The entire gigantic edifice of Atlanticism,” Dugin prophesies, “will collapse” (259). He believes that this could happen unexpectedly, as occurred with the sudden collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR. Expelled from the shores of Eurasia, the United States would then be required to “limit its influence to the Americas” (367).” https://tec.fsi.stanford.edu/docs/aleksandr-dugins-foundations-geopolitics

    • There are two reasons to support Ukraine – the notion that nations have the duty to defend their sovereign borders (the southern border with Mexico is no exception), and that it’s easier to defeat a nation whose intentions towards the US are bad, from a distance, rather than close by

      The war has nothing to do with “sovereign borders” because such a thing does not exist and the cause of this war is the decades long program of the neocons who run imperial foreign policy. Further, it is always harder to defeat an enemy that is far away than one that is close. Finally, anyone that makes comparisons to WW2 is disqualified from the debate.

  2. “The War in Ukraine” – a nice joke. The only thing that has been happening, very actively since 2020, is optimizing the forced transition to a new (global) technological order. Everyone is involved.

    For a little peep, check out this one a unique perspective on Tucker’s interview with Putin (backed up with all the necessary sources). I mean, there really is nowhere else to meet it, backed up by the necessary factual justification. In case you are interested in more details, scroll down and review the next comments of the same person. This, for example (recommend). And I argue that this is exactly the actual reason for the interview (review, open the links and review more if you wish).

    Explanatory context, concerning the above.

    (I have no idea exactly what this site is and I don’t care; I visited it for the first time the day I made the comment.)

    • Put this way: what the forces in Russia (oligarchs + state) were doing even before the plandemic, has intensified much under the pretext of plandemic (absolutely the whole great reset narrative has been repeated by the Russian authorities, which continues), but it is just running enormously more, under the pretext of “fighting sanctions”, “to ensure technological sovereignty”, etc.

      And this is, as Putin’s favorite phrase goes: “the transition to a new technological basis” (sometimes a “new technological order”), which represents a radical transformation of society, by introducing all the anti-hymanistic technologies you can think of, the same ones that the Western authorities are pushing in the West, and the same ones that Xi and the rest of the Chinese gang are pushing.

      “War” is a great occasion to accelerate the transition. And now the opponents are much less. Do you know why? Because the votes against the “pushing of globalist practices” (for example) can now very easily be considered “attempt to discredit” in a sanctioning environment. The “alternative media” in Russia (not “liberal” and so on, but those who before the war wrote tons of materials against the pushing of the globalist agenda in Russia) have shut up and turned into extensions of the state ones. Do you understand that? And the globalist agenda is accelerating at the speed of light at the same time.

      Etc., etc., etc. The wheel is spinning and a new world is coming 😀

  3. “To give some perspective, the Russians probably spend the equivalent of one hundred thousand dollars for an armored vehicle. The Germans are paying six hundred thousand dollars, but for the wrong sort of vehicle.”

    What vehicles are you talking about? Name them. Be specific.

    • The point is that Russia, and China, pays pennies on the dollar for equivalently capable of not simply superior weapons systems which ensures that we will go bankrupt before they do

    • His numbers are off, but the thought is on target. Why are you being pedantic? German Puma– $17.14 Million per unit
      Russian BMP-2– $300,000
      Just to name two.

      Feel better now Karen?

      • he seems like a troll to me . but thanks for the info. BTW the drone the huthies shot down cost $32mill a copy

  4. I wonder if there was a plan , at something like the WEF , to destroy the west and devide the spoils . I mean china did produce the bok “Unnnrestricted warfare” i the 90’s outliig war by ecoomics , destabilization, ancd subversion. suppose they joined up with and international economic elite that had an age old grudge against russians and ukrainians. china hates the west for their 100years of humilation after all. they could economicly disable the west by offshoring their capitol assets, then use their joint influience to have the Elites in the us government set up a proxy govt in ukraine and use it to provoke the russians into a war.
    The west could be then demilitarized by sennding all our inventory of weapons and ammunition to the ukrainians. the demilitarization of the west would leave them unabble to defend themselves, much less project power. The ukrainians are almost completely genocided, and the surviving ukrainians have left as refugees in the millions. at the end of the war trhe ukrain is emptu and barren , and could be colonized by the former inhabitants , when it was the heart of kaziarian empire. Black rock would funend the “settlers” .
    for their part the chineese would get the rule of the north amerincan continent. both parties would be happy .
    I kow this could never be the case because america is number 1, and all.

    • Now and then I think about how China might take its revenge for the century of humiliation. Whether or not it involves hebrews, I’m sure that only an equal and proportional humiliation (at a minimum) would suffice. But it seems the west does most of the heavy lifting itself, having already sold to China the rope with which they will hang us.

      • Now and then I think about how China might take its revenge for the century of humiliation.

        This began long before the rise of China. Even in the 80s, the apocryphal definition of an MBA was a person who knew the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

        It was your MBAs who sold you out to China.

        • My favorite aspect of Current Year Clown World is that the same people incessantly braying to start a multi-front industrial WW3 are the same ones that got rich spending the last 50 years selling the West’s industrial base to Asia.

  5. This post made me think of Rush Limbaugh, who has been dead for three years.

    On the one hand the misplaced market worship presented here seems to confirm his legacy, however poisonous.

    And yet on the other when I look at the state of the actually existing Republican base today, it is as if, despite tens of thousands of hours of blather, he had never existed.

    • Rush got me through the nineties. He galvanized the opposition to the Clintons’ excesses, and for that we give thanks.

      However, the W years exposed him. When he dissed Ron Paul, the champion of all Rush was supposed to stand for domestically, I started to see him more clearly for what he was – deep down and always an Establishment Republican, still delusionally thinking it was the party of Reagan, which it never was (Reagan and Goldwater were beards for the Wall Street guys.). Rush had to be dragged kicking and screaming to support a nationalism that did not worship at the altar of Big Business and free trade. He became irrelevant the moment Trump and Melania set foot on the top step of that escalator.

      He exhibited class and bravery during his last illness. RIP.

      • Great analysis. Now for the good that “lies in the grave”. Rush was obviously moving toward where the Overton window moved in his later years. He was talking race politics to those who would not think to utter such at the time. For that I commend him. And I might say, Boomer or not, he was more alert to the aspect of racial politics than most of his Boomer audience.

        • WhereAreTheVIkings: “I started to see him more clearly for what he was – deep down and always an Establishment Republican…”

          Rush was the fat kid who wanted to eat lunch at the Kool Kidz Table in middle skrewl.

          But despite all of his talent, Rush never made it to the Kool Kidz Table.

          He was simply too fat.

          Too honest.

          Too clueless.

          By the end of his life, Rush’s mansion & beachfront acreage was his pride & joy; he felt like he was FINALLY gonna be one of the Kool Kidz.

          But shortly after his death, his fourth wife, a South Florida party wh0re, named Kathryn Rogers, sold Rush’s pride & joy to j00ish real estate developers, which promptly dynamited & bulldozed the entire compound and hauled it all off to the dump.

          Clueless, honest & fat kids don’t get invited to the satanic rituals.


          Why do you think Huma Abedin starves herself to death?


          Rush went to his death hoping & praying to finally get to the Kool Kidz Table, but it was not to be [at least not in this life].

          • WhereAreTheVikings: ”
            It makes me sad that she disposed of his property that way. He deserved better.”

            If there’s one single solitary bedrock foundational tautology in all of our Creator’s creation, it’s this:

            Wh0res gonna wh0re, Bro.

            Wh0res gonna wh0re.

          • Being in a truck-based service job all those years I hearda lotta Rush. I remember after he went on Letterman, he talked about how disappointed he was that Dave wasn’t nice him and even thought going in that he and DL would end up being buddies. He sounded heartbroken on the air. Point being, I guess, that once again Bourbon is correct.

      • After 9/11 and the propaganda campaign for Iraq 2 began, in early 2002, Rush became un-listenable. He was just a fat neocon media mouthpiece who would interview Cheney or some other stooge and spread lies. I stopped listening to him until the Obama years. He did a lot of good in the late 80s to 2001 so he built up a reserve of goodwill for me and he did an ok job in the last 10 years. Perhaps he was a controlled opposition gate keeper but he had a way about him that no one else could match. He was also strong against the first Gang of 8 immigration push in 2013.

        • I’m glad he came around. My sister called him to talk about illegal immigration in 2002 and he accused her of being a seminar caller and hung up on her.

      • Mr. Limbaugh was a pretty decent entertainer. And he created a space for himself and made beaucoup money. A pretty smart guy. But that’s about it.

        • Anyone who thinks about it understands that Rush was somewhere near the greatest radio guy of all time, up there with Welles and Jean Shepherd and Stern etc., but as a political figure he was kinda our guy and kinda the opposite guy (like Stern and Shepherd).

          He might be the last example of somebody recognizing a *huge* “underserved market” and actually capitalizing on it. It’s him or Trump, depending what you think they’re really about.

        • Gespenst: “Ever notice how nobody, and I mean nobody, is ever good enough to satisfy people?”

          Like Trump after him, Rush simply couldn’t cross the psycho-sociological Rubicon.

          Something held them back, both Rush & Trump.

          They were too infatuated with the Eisenhower era and Norman Rockwell’s Amurrikkkuh.

          They couldn’t grok the omnipotent psycho-sociological power [Cluster B plus Passive Aggression] which the Frankfurt School
          & the Council of the Sanhedrin had unleashed from Pandora’s Box, via the psy-op, known as, “Feminism”.

          And neither one of them [neither Rush nor Trump] ever spoke the words, “Hart” nor “(((Celler)))”.

          They couldn’t go there.

          Their minds were enslaved by Feminism’s male counterpart, which was the “Civ Nat” psy-op.

          It’s true of almost all of muh Boomer & Silent acquaintances.

          They’re all living in the past, 50/60/70 years ago.

          They have no idea as to the psycho-sociological horrors which the Frankfurt School & the Council of the Sanhedrin have unleashed upon us.

          The Boomers & the Silents are like retarded children.

          There’s a bizarre otherwordly innocence in their constitution which is an existential flaw in their character.

          Do they represent the very last dying gasps of Inner Hajnalia, before the Ghost of Charles Darwin finally smashes Inner Hajnalia into smithereens, once and for all?

          Stay tuned next week.

          Same Bat Time.

          Same Bat Channel.

  6. My brother worked as an electronic engineer for a major defense contractor for years. He used to regale me with stories about the company’s stupidity and wastefulness. The surest way to advancement in the company was through incompetence, which got you transferred to management. My brother’s chief job was in quality control. Any time there was a problem with the testing of a product, the first complaint from management was “what’s wrong with the quality control software?” He would explain to the complainer that the complaint was the same old crap, the software was fine, the problem was in the product. The next tactic was to ask my brother if there was some way to tweak the software so the product would pass. My bro would reply that it was the product that needed tweaking because they couldn’t send faulty weapons to the navy.

    • That seems to be an American thing. Son now works in an American subsidiary of company now owned (bought out) by Germans. He runs the show for the particular product, but the German big wigs fly over here often to inspect. They brooch no excuses nor surprises.

      Last meeting the question was asked, why should we keep this factory open when we produce the same product for less in Peru (?) and the Philippines? You need to justify your cost to us. It’s not that the Germans want to close an American factory, they want it to be the crown jewel in their organization for political reasons, not just another profitable venture.

      Of course, son works at disadvantage cause he can’t hire Germans. 😉

  7. Regarding Z’s behind the green door post on old period sniffing lunch meat.

    There has always been a certain amount of complaining between older and younger generations. Now it is just a lot more hysterical. But that is true of everything we now have a lot of serious divisions in America. Young and old. Black and Good white against everyone else. Men and women. Red vs blue. Etc

    All of those things were there as long as I can remember but they were never this emotionally charged. A big part is the work of our masters. However there seems to be two more causes:

    1. The society becoming more feminized thus becoming far more emotional and always needing someone to blame. Gone are the days of live and let live and sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

    2. Being divided has taken on a life of its own. It is just who we are and people are looking for new ways to be divided

    • ” Being divided has taken on a life of its own. It is just who we are and people are looking for new ways to be divided”

      No… it is because the country is far less White. Remember – EVERYTHING is about race. There is nothing else. Diversity + Proximity == conflict. Blacks are dumb and violent – which makes them more destructive and dangerous than any force man could ever muster. White liberal women should be burned at the stake as well, but they’re not as violent. Then of course, there is the juice, which pulls the levers.

      The less White this land mass got, the more volatile and dysfunctional it has become.

      • I lived in Eastern Asia for over a decade and it was less divided overall than the US. There are flare ups there but not the constant division every which way you have in modern America.

        In particular there is not as much animosity between the sexes even with their low bithrates.

        If anything white people are the most eager to embrace division among their race. As Z noted inter generational conflict is in particular a white thing (as is female and male in waring camps)

        • The division amongst Whites that you speak of is due to the brainwashing done to them in order to instill a guilt of being White. You don’t see the division in other races because those races’ entire identity is built around their race. For blacks. especially, it is their blackness that defines them. It is their unified belief that their failures are due to oppression and someone else’s doing (YT). Asians have been taught this same thing, and of course, women. Normal Whites are not allowed to identify based on their race like these other groups are.

        • My comment: I’ve lived in Asia as well, albeit for a few years as opposed to a decade. And in the Caribbean and Eastern and Western Europe. And I think you are totally minimizing the divisions.

          Every nation holds irredentist grudges; the Japanese and Chinese consider the Thais and Vietnamese jungle Asians. There is so much conflict between the sexes in Korea that the young have essentially ceased having sex and their birth rate is lower than even that of White Europeans.

          Divisions exist – between peoples, the sexes, the age cohorts. They may be more indulged in in White countries because the basic of life are taken for granted and our kids aren’t all scrounging in garbage heaps . . . yet.

          I think you vastly over state your case with little to back it up.

          • An all White, or mainly White race kept the country together far longer than it should have. Add the grifters after Hart-Celler and the Civil Rights Act and here we are.

            Yeah, the above is simplistic, but it does cover a lot of ground. I also like Woodley’s “Spiteful Mutant” insight tossed in—we are getting dumber. Last paper I saw estimated close to a post WWII standard deviation decline and also a great decline in IQ of those enrolled in college—combination of DIE and lowered standards.

  8. Z et al; on slavery and Open Borders;

    The Republican Party was founded as a Labor movement of Free White Laborers and Free Soil.
    Not abolitionists. That’s the other myth of the Civil War, it’s Evil Twin being the Noble Cause.
    Both are myths propagated by academics.
    The book at the time that set everyone off and that the South hung men for possession was “The Impending Crisis of the South” by Hinton Helper.
    His objection was that slavery impoverished 5 out of the 6 million whites in the South. Hinton Helper was a racist White Supremacist from Georgia.
    He wanted to free the slaves then send them back to Africa. He despised Blacks.
    He documented heavily from the 1850 census that slavery deprived whites of a living and land.
    The alarm at the time over Lincoln’s election was as much about inroads with poor and landless whites suddenly having an option of voting for their interests instead of the Democrat – Whig Uniparty system as it existed that shut them out.
    Rather like today, although Uniparty is not a term they used.
    So Patrician Democratic Party bosses and utterly parasitic elites of urban bourgeois and the rootless cosmopolitans such as Lehman Brothers (Founding flagship product slaves) and the small urban money classes of the South combined to send conscripted or deluded redneck boys to their Doom for interests that weren’t their own.

    In short this is the same fight now.
    It’s not about anything but crushing non-elite whites.

    Hinton Helper:


    Book free on google books.

    A more modern summary on Amazon; Masterless Men; Poor Whites and the Antebellum South.

    No one was hanged for possession of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

    They were hanged for being uppity whites.

    • Great comment. Very few remember Helper anymore as his book is almost never mentioned in history classes

    • If Lehman hadn’t gone belly up when it did, I wonder if it would today face a strong demand for reparations

  9. “Treating traditions as mere superstition inevitably leads to their abandonment and the loss of their associated social capital.”

    “Tradition is a set of solutions for which we have forgotten the problems. Throw away the solution and you get the problem back. Sometimes the problem has mutated or disappeared. Often it is still there as strong as it ever was.”
    …Donald Kingsbury in “Courtship Rite”

    • I think about Kingsbury’s sentiment a lot with respect to women voting and women’s emancipation in general. Contemporary “thought” would have one believe that all humans prior to 1900 or so were just sexist pigs who hated women. No other explanation seems to be contemplated for why things were the way they were.

      • An excellent point that does not get nearly enough attention. People did thoughtfully discuss this kind of thing in the past. Aristotle in particular talks about inherent natural differences and the social hierarchy created by nature. Christianity talks about the role of women as created by God.

        What happened just prior to 1900 was the Industrial Revolution, during which society became synthetic and artificial, not natural, and the order of nature was deliberately upset. The modern ideology of equality is predicated upon the ability to create artificial means to enforce it.

        Modernity is a rebellion against “Nature and Nature’s God.”

  10. Well, thank goodness for outsourcing MIC production and filling up the. military with strong, independent women and transsexuals whole driving out white heterosexual men.

    No telling how many wars we would have going on if it wasn’t for all that.

    But you have to give our masters credit. No matter whether the plan is absolutely insane, they always make more money and get more power. Covid, open borders, endless wars and Green energy hurt normal people while enriching and gaining power for our masters.

    That is why I am so interested in the Great Reset. If the tribe gets their way like they always do, it will drive into bankruptcy companies like Apple, all the car makers including Tesla, the tourism and travel industry and many more.

    All the tribe’s plans will not result in parry time fir all our matters like they have so far

    • Last paragraph

      All the tribe’s plans will not result in party time for all our masters like they have so far

    • Whatever the Great Reset is or isn’t, one aspect of it you can take to the bank is that it would result in the current owners remaining the owners.

      • But owners of what? They plan on killing off the economy. I guess there will be good deals on real estate

        • My Comment: “They plan on killing off the economy.”

          According to the Georgia Guidestones, they plan on killing 15 out of every 16 hominids on the face of the Earth [500 million being 1/16th of 8 billion].

          Which, in turn, is why we’re all trying so hard to remain PμreBl00ded.

          Although the rumor is that the next round of MRNA poisoning is gonna be simply horrifying.

          Apparently they may no longer need the Lipid Nano Particles [chilled at something like negative 100 degrees fahrenheit], and everything in Round Two will be at room temperature [possibly even served up in common foodstuffs].

    • That’s just it though. The MIC is probably the one part of the productive economy that hasn’t been outsourced. You usually need at least a “secret” clearance just to walk into a place that makes weapons. Defense contractors have also remained a source of good paying jobs, particularly in IT. Notice that the recent tech layoff bloodbath was all among the “useless wammen” tech companies, not Northrop Grumman or Lockheed.

      This is also one of the reasons America needs to spend $10 or $20 for each dollar the Russians spend in Ukraine. It is understood that the economies of entire American states are pretty much created by trickle down from MIC contractors. Miss Lindsey says hi.

      This is also a tragedy as it means that the only thing keeping *any* productive industry here is warmongering. Z often talks about factions within the Clouds. I’m sure this is one of the fault lines. There’s a faction in the ruling class that thinks we can outsource everything including war and one that knows that it’s a bad idea to give the Chinese control of that stuff. The DIE initiative in the military is probably driven by the former faction. If we can replace redneck Southern boys with Guatemalan mercenaries we can have the Chinese build the weapons we need… to fight the Chinese. I think these people are so far into the “magic of the market” that they really are this insane.

      • Except for all the subcomponents. Now the chips in weapons are made in Asia. When they mocked the Russians for stripping washing machines of chips they were probably voicing their own fears

  11. Just to help you understand German publications and their political leaning, Der Spiegel and Focus are more liberal, pro-Green weekly publications. Bild is a more right of center daily paper. If you want to get even more right, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (https://www.nzz.ch/english) is probably the best conservative German language newspaper.

    If you would like an accurate count of exactly what was provided by the German Federal Government, this article spells it out quite well exactly what was provided to Ukraine. The level of accounting is very precise, right down to 450 snow chains, as one would expect from German attention to detail. 😉

    The website has an option for English language.

    “Germany provides support for Ukraine by supplying equipment and weapons, these come from supplies of the Federal Arms Forces and from deliveries from industry financed from the Federal Government’s funds for security capacity building.”

    An overview is linked below –


    • Speaking of German attention to detail, I expect the GAE takes for granted, in several different ways, that aspect of the 40 million or so people of German descent living in AINO. The myth of immigration being the lifeblood of AINO isn’t exactly a myth: It was founded on the fact that its first big wave of non English immigration was German. The myth was in believing that any other set of immigrants would be as beneficial.

      • Indeed, had that first big wave of immigration been from anywhere else, then quite possibly the myths of immigration would not exist

      • Kind of odd that Germany and England haven’t gotten along that well in Europe, when we’ve gotten along well here.

        All the same, pretty dumb to think because you get along with, essentially, Germanic siblings, everybody else will work, too.

        • England and Germany were never natural enemies and like Russia, all shared common blood lines through royal marriage going back hundreds of years.

        • England and Germany historically got along ok. It was France who was the perpetual enemy of England. It’s probably not uncorrelated that the modulation of relations between the 3 nations was contemporaneous with an infestation of Rothschild’s in both Paris and London. Money talks, bullshit walks, and white men go die serving alien banskters, stupidly thinking they are making the world a better place.

        • Tangent, one thing that really stuck out to me in reading Quigley (hope I remember this correctly), is that there was an influential group in England (and by that time in America, too) that favored a German-dominated Europe allied with the Anglosphere against the Soviet Union. Sounds familiar, iirc a certain Moustache had a similar idea. This would be the group Quigley was writing about, much-maligned these days as globalists. It seems Churchill and FDR ran with a different crowd, with a different agenda. That one threw me for a loop!

          Very tangentially, I was listening to Dan Carlin yesterday. A show a bout the holocaust, going through the standard line, but then he ends by noting that Israel is going down the same road re: Palestinians.

          Amazing how blurry the lines are today. Something went terribly wrong in the last century— so wrong I’m not sure anybody has a handle on it yet.

      • If you speak to the average German here in Germany, you would be surprised how many can name a family member that immigrated to America at some point in the past.

        If you enjoy history, you should read –

        “Nine Years Among the Indians, 1870-1879: The Story of the Captivity and Life of a Texan Among the Indians”

        The title is misleading because the “Texan” is a young German boy named Herman Lehmann who was captured as a child by the Apache near Fredericksburg, Texas. He lived first among the Apache and then the Comanche but eventually returned to his family later on in his life.

      • She, like many against the AfD, are pushing for any means to undermine the AfD and eliminate them. It is no secret that the AfD is growing in popularity, with huge support in the East, and are gaining ground in the West as well.

        Germans are not pro AfD as much as they against the major parties (CDU, CSU and SPD) because they (and the Greens) refuse to listen to what the German people want.

        The link you provided states it concisely –

        “Alternative für Deutschland find themselves in the targets of our nominally democratic priesthood not because they are extremely right-wing, or racist, or xenophobic or anything like that. Politically, they’re hardly different from the CDU of the 1980s. Their real crime is having achieved enough strength to threaten the establishment ecosystem.”

        Fortunately much of what she is proposing is protected under our Constitution and will go nowhere without major constitutional changes which are nearly impossible to implement for any number of reasons.

        • Well, how far such anti-constitutional measures will progress depends on how steadfast your courts are in upholding the constitution. Our court system, including the so-called “Supreme Court” are not very steadfast, to say the least, and once the doctrine of stare decisis gets something into which it can sink its teeth, the correct constitution-respectful jurisprudence begins to vanish in the rear view mirror.

          May Deutschland fare better in this regard than have we in these “United” States.

      • Thank you for linking to this article; I read it a day or so back, and found it very illuminating, not only in its conveyance of Traffic Light Cabal politics in Deutschland, but also in the clear parallels to the behavior of our Uniparty here that cannot but be seen.

  12. Perhaps ironically, the Iraqis would have done the West a big favor if they’d stood and fought in Kuwait rather than surrendered en masse.

    In that recent Mike Benz video so many of us watched, he made the important point that sometime in the past few years they redefined “democracy” (which we never were, another subject) to mean the institutions of the GAE, such as the IMF, NATO, CIA, Pentagon, State Dept, etc. etc. So now that we know what they mean when they say “democracy,” we know they aren’t directly lying when they say that “we” are fighting in Ukraine to defend it. Russia doesn’t have to “win” in Ukraine (whatever that looks like) to discredit these institutions and diminish their influence. It merely has to not lose.

    It could be politically convenient for some if Ukraine is seen to lose after Mike Johnson blocks money for it. At least they would have a scapegoat. It would be much more inconvenient if the money gets approved and the GAE still loses. Since money can’t buy artillery shells that aren’t being manufactured.

    • Perhaps ironically, the Iraqis would have done the West a big favor if they’d stood and fought in Kuwait

      I’d agree, but that early ’90s GAE military was the Cold War-era military which was an even more formidable beast than the one that overran Iraq 12-ish years later (this played no small part in why they were even there to being with). Even if the Iraqis were extremely forward thinking and did everything correctly and to the best of their ability their chances were iffy at best.

      • I’m not saying Iraq could have won. I’m saying they could have inflicted substantial casualties, enough to make the GAE learn different lessons than it did.

        • Not a chance. Reagan left Bush I a first rate military. He placed over half a million men in the Middle East in the six month period leading up to war. The Iraqis used second rate Soviet era equipment. Albeit a sand crap-hole, the war was pretty much the same as planned for in Europe—fast and on the run with total air superiority.

          The Soviet’s and Chinese watched in horror. That war was the best thing to happen for American prestige. And oddly, perhaps the best thing for Russia and China. They learned and began to rethink and replace their obsolete military and tactics. We of course did not learn.

          • The Soviets, later Russians, discovered that they needed new dicttrines and weapons because of the first Gulf War. Just like the Germans needed to develop these after the first world war. And came up with the Blitz Krieg that Patton and Zhukov later learned to do with greater resources. History has patterns. You learn from the enemy.

            Now every staff college is studying drones and missiles on Ukraine and Yemen

          • Moran,

            The drone thing was in the air some years back. I used to regularly visit a site called Global Guerillas, authored by John Robb. He was talking up the onrushing potential of drone swarms, particularly in conjunction with the rise of AI and loitering, increasingly autonomous drones, both for purposes of ISR, and for offensive use. Robb was heavily influenced by USAF Col. Boyd, and his thoughts on the centrality of exploitation of an adversary’s failures in comprehension of the OODA loop.

    • I did 4 tours in Iraq, so please believe me when I say Iraqis can’t fight. At all. Their country has never won a war because they are cowards who make the Keystone Cops look serious.

      Hell, they abandoned Mosul to only 5k ISIS fighters and then took most of a year to even organize a counter offensive.

      That’s why Kurds do the GAE’s heavy lifting over there.

      • It sounds like the same man fights poorly as an Iraqi and savagely as a jihadist. Probably because Iraq is a made up nation invented in London and Paris. No wonder they won’t fight for something as artificial as Disneyland

  13. “Reason states that if you have a competitive and open market, you end up with the best products and services winning over those of lesser quality or higher price.”

    Let reason remain silent when all experience has shown it to be wrong.

    The exact opposite happens at least some of the time and for some of the products and services.. Open and competitive markets leads to products and services being of lower and lower quality.

    When you have open trade borders with a country like China, you end up with your market flooded with poor quality and fake goods. Consumers will almost always chose poor quality or fake cheap goods to their genuine or higher quality but higher priced real goods. A kind of race to the bottom.

    The same thing happens with our morals. Most people will follow the path of least resistance. As soon as some people start openly defying real morals, others follow and defy the morals. Soon enough, anyone attempting to uphold the real morals are seen as suckers or “sticks in the mud.”

    • The cheap Chinese stuff drives out the good products. Many years ago, I asked my wife not to buy stuff made in China. She tried for a while and then begged me to relent. Almost all baby products are made in China now, she explained, and the stuff that isn’t is made in some other Third World sweat shop. There has also been a significant erosion in the buying power of most Americans so that the higher quality merchandise is outside the price range of most consumers. They end up at Walmart, buying the cheap Chinese stuff.

    • It’s weird that I’m old enough to remember when most things were US made, luxury goods from Europe, cheap junk from Asia (Japan excepted somewhat). Things changed fast after the Cold War ended.

      • …and I’m old enough to remember ‘Made in Japan’ was, without exception, a by word and the definition of ‘cheap junk’

        • I remember that too, or at least I remember hearing about it, though everything I ever got from Japan was good. Nowadays MADE IN JAPAN means “wallet-obliterating luxury edition”—and nothing *there* changed (much).

          We’ve made a very important part of everyday life, how pleasing it is to hold and use things, much worse for ourselves*. Touching crap erodes the soul.

          *usual disclaimer re: we/us/etc.

        • Same. Early/mid ’60s everything from tourist gift shops was “Made in Japan.” I recall a friend went to the 1964 New York Worlds Fair and brought to school a toy that played “It’s a Small World.” I clearly recall the “Made in Japan” sticker on it.

          • Sony, Toyota, Honda, etc. I get it. But there will still plenty of junky knickknacks made in Japan when I was a kid.

        • I don’t think the Japanese ever did the Chinese strategy of cheap junk. The Japanese like the Germans have a deep cultural preference for quality I’d not perfection. The Japanese from the 1920s onwards repeated the German industrial strategy from the late 19th century of entertaining the mid level quality market and then move up to become brands of quality. There’s a reason everyone loves samurai swords and few obsess over various Kung Fu swords. The Japanese hate shoddiness unlike the Chinese and, honestly, the b
          English speaking countries

          • I have my grandfather’s Teisco guitar. Materials are excellent— body and neck are single pieces of mohogany, fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood. Craftsmanship is pretty shoddy. Huge gap at the neck joint, binding isn’t flush, etc. Even the ‘Japan’ on the neck plate is unevenly stamped. I guess there was a learning curve for them, too.

      • When I was a kid I always looked to see where in the United States the product I had just bought was made.

        • Nowadays, such a search would likely, at best, find the US corporate headquarters location for “their” outsourced merchandise.
          ‘Struth, sadly.

    • Capitalism levels downward because it puts large amounts of disposible income in the hands of the unwashed, mindless masses who prefer quantity to quality, and convenience to craft. This is why, for example, sleazy Chinese buffets have replaced those wonderful mom-n-pop Chinese restaurants that were commonplace in the 30s through the 80s.

    • To play Libertarian’s advocate here: China itself is a massive government guided machine *designed* to undermine the US in every way possible including flooding the market with cheap junk. I doubt that, without government support and direction, Chinese companies would be so effective at doing this. I’m sure some of them are actually operating at a loss in fact but the CCP bails them out.

      Note: I’m just pointing to an obvious way China is not a real free market. Then again, I know that no such thing exists or can exist.

      • I’m afraid the blame lies much closer to home. The real problem is US manufacturers were very excited to fire their American staff, put the production equipment on a boat only to have it literally stolen in China. Serves them right.

        I only hope the CCP arrests any “American” managers in China and charges them with being a spy and imposes the only sentence appropriate for being a spy. Maybe the Chinese policemen in every US city will make himself useful and be ordered by the CCP to extradite those American spies back to China to face the CCP.

        I hold these traitors and foreigners in lower esteem than even journalists, actors and sportsball players.

        • “A hologram for the king” with Tom Hanks has this subplot. Boring, ridiculous and feminist movie but the main character has guilt about his decision to ship production to China and fire everybody, only to see the know how of his company stolen by the Chinese and the business bankrupt by Chinese imitations. I really liked this subplot

    • Too wide a brush. There are top notch Chinese products in the market. You want a cheap price you get a reduced quality product—and Americans like cheap. Look, these guys design and produce their own military equipment. They send rockets to the moon. Don’t underestimate them. Yep, what technology they needed to advance, they often stole. But that was yesterday. They can hold their own. They’ll still cheat as that is their nature, but they don’t have to in most areas.

  14. In other words this amorphous thing called culture, as borne through time by tradition, supersedes material wellbeing as facilitated by global capitalism. I could not agree more. But alas, after the Cold War, when the neoconservative capitalists linked arms with the postmodern multicultural Leftsts, the jig was up. This hell-spawned combination has proved more cataclysmic and puissant than Assyrians, Mohammedans and Mongols combined. We shall see how durable is its hegemony.

    • “The bourgeoisie, historically, has played a most revolutionary part.

      The bourgeoisie, wherever it has got the upper hand, has put an end to all feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations. It has pitilessly torn asunder the motley feudal ties that bound man to his “natural superiors,” and has left remaining no other nexus between man and man than naked self-interest, than callous “cash payment.” It has drowned the most heavenly ecstasies of religious fervour, of chivalrous enthusiasm, of philistine sentimentalism, in the icy water of egotistical calculation. It has resolved personal worth into exchange value, and in place of the numberless and indefeasible chartered freedoms, has set up that single, unconscionable freedom—Free Trade. In one word, for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions, naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation.

      The bourgeoisie has stripped of its halo every occupation hitherto honored and looked up to with reverent awe. It has converted the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science, into its paid wage laborers.

      The bourgeoisie has torn away from the family its sentimental veil, and has reduced the family relation to a mere money relation.

      The bourgeoisie has disclosed how it came to pass that the brutal display of vigor in the Middle Ages, which Reactionists so much admire, found its fitting complement in the most slothful indolence.

      …In place of the old local and national seclusion and self-sufficiency, we have intercourse in every direction, universal inter-dependence of nations. And as in material, so also in intellectual production. The intellectual creations of individual nations become common property. National one-sidedness and narrow-mindedness become more and more impossible…

      The bourgeoisie, by the rapid improvement of all instruments of production, by the immensely facilitated means of communication, draws all, even the most barbarian, nations into civilization. The cheap prices of its commodities are the heavy artillery with which it batters down all Chinese walls, with which it forces the barbarians’ intensely obstinate hatred of foreigners to capitulate.”

      -I’m no communist… but I have to admit that Karl wasn’t wrong about everything.

      • And, in contrast to Karl Marx’ days, when industrial mercantilism was employed by bourgeoisie states to batter down the walls of traditional societies, the outsourcing of industrial/technological industries has left the proletariat, and increasingly, the bourgeoisie stripped of agency in their own nations, and battering down their walls, while the free-floating cosmopolitans have had their powers exponentially enhanced. Welcome to End-Stage Capitalism…

  15. Good essay. I have to start using that term social capital more often because that concept is true, our social capital has been transformed into money and profit centers.

    • I have only one bone to pick with Z-man’s fine essay, which is that all of this “profit” is very short term, and primarily funneled to a tiny segment of society..In the longer run, social ruin is ruin for everyone…And as for the bunkers and gated communities, they won’t do the job…Part of the job of being rich used to be seen as helping your community to grow and improve…from the Carnegie libraries to donating national park land by the Rockefellars, and many smaller contributions, this was seen…Now, it’s poison vaccines and frankenmosquitos….

      • The “Elites” are NOT OUR PEOPLE. They share no identity with the masses over whom they lord it.

        • Precisely! But in defense of Pyrrhus, it *wasn’t* always that way—and that’s what he refers to. A century ago, you could go to towns and cities and there was the rich side of town and across the tracks, the other side of town with the middle classes. You could often walk to the toni neighborhoods and see the “elites” of the time. Yeap, they lived better, but *were* still part of the community and it entailed responsibility. That’s why you can still go to towns and cities and see those municipal works named after them.

          Now we give so much money and power to our elites that they are worse than monarchs and we are so much rabble.

  16. I remember seeing this on a Nick Fuentes stream, but he made a comment that our elites in the West are much more hysterical over Russia than China b/c they fear a competent, modern nuclear military power on the European continent.

    China has a robust military on land and sea but they are in the Pacific Ocean and are more inward-focused than outward country. China isn’t an immediate competitor to the West for world domination, but Russia is.

    If Russia achieves a significant military victory over Ukraine, that is a devastating blow towards democracy. It would be the beginning of a multipolar world and that is an unacceptable position for the West.

      • I would argue we do not currently live in a multi polar world. There are alternative systems that exist but they are not true competitors to the West. Countries are not flocking towards the Ruble.

        • The fact that Russia and China–among others–exist in direct opposition to “America,” proves that we live in a multipolar world.

          The only thing attractive about “America” is its wealth. As its economy attenuates–and it will–the sole source of its power will evaporate.

          • Just because opposition exists doesn’t mean that it is a true competitor. The Libertarian and Green Party exist in opposition to the GOP and Democratic parties, but they are not competitors.

            I would, again, also argue that China is not really concerned with ruling the world. China is out for her best interests. China will interact with Western capital so long as it is left alone with her borders.

          • @MGrove

            The notion that Russia seeks any sort of conquest beyond its historical borders–which include the Ukraine, BTW–is nonsense. The fact of the matter is that the BFE and its Euro-lackeys, since the conclusion of the Cold War, have been badgering, goading and provoking a Russia that simply wished to be left to its own devices. Once absorption of the Ukraine into NATO was set in motion, this triggered the predictable Russian invasion. But, if the BFE had simply tended its own knitting, none of this would have happened.

          • Ostei, do you suppose this country will ever outgrow the Russia-wants-to-rule-the-world programming that should have disappeared with the Berlin Wall? Just because we haven’t learned that trying to conquer and control the world is folly doesn’t mean the Russians haven’t. It only took Afghanistan to get them to stay home.

        • You apparently do not understand multipolarity. BRICS will not use national currencies in global trade settlement.

          Think hybrid mercantilism/bullionism.

    • Well, you’re right about one thing–the Blackberry Fruitcake Empire seeks absolute control of the entire planet and will, if needs be, risk incinerating it in order to establish that control. Russia presents an option to the BFE’s Afro-fascism in furtherance of subjugating whitey and therefore must be eliminated.

      • In my fevered little brain, Ostei, I wonder if the West paid someone to off Navalny so as to reinvigorate the push for Western arms and $$$$ to Ukraine. I would imagine a box of Butterfingers in that godforaken outpost can buy just about anything you want done.

        • I would have held out for Almond Joys. (-;

          As to your other comment about AINO’s childish antagonism toward Russia, it dates at least as far back as the Russian Civil War when the US actually sent troops to eastern Russia in support of the Whites (arguably the last time America would support anything white). This country–or what passes for it–has been meddlesome for a very long time, and Russia seems to be its preferred target.

          • From memory, it is earlier, and a certain tribe agitated for the United States to tilt toward Japan when it went to war with Russia, and financed the resultant revolution that set off the civil war.

        • I think it’s more likely that he died from a covid jab injury than it is that either Russia chose this moment to kill him, or that the GAE was able to reach into a Russian prison to do it.

    • Russia is no threat to the West, never really has been even during the Cold War. It could cause trouble but could have never been the hegemon.we were.

      • the Cold War era was most certainly a Bipolar world. Even though the USSR was not as economically strong as the United States, they posed a real military threat.

        The Soviets had real influence and control over a large swath of the world. Lest we forget real power comes from the barrel of a gun and not through dollars.

        Again, this is the real fear of Russia that the West has. If it can defeat the West in a military conflict, it proves to itself and other nations that they can provide a real umbrella for other countries to gravitate towards. Then the Ruble will go up in value.

      • The threat to the west of the USSR was as an alternative governing/economic model to democratic capitalism. As we subverted governments all over the world to our version of “utopia”, so too the USSR did theirs. That was the Cold War threat.

        Military superiority was never the real problem, only a pretext for the MIC. This is why a military man like Eisenhower could leave office while warning of the MIC—he knew from top secret information what a farce USSR military superiority was. He was one of the last decent Americas of that generation.

        Russia (post USSR) was never a problem as they no longer wished to fight the communism vs capitalism fight. They themselves realized they lost—especially after China and India folded. But they were still potentially a threat to the GAE because of the nature of their technology and people —especially when they miraculously survived that drunk, Boris Yeltsin, and Putin stepped in. Additionally they were still a good whipping boy to gin up funding for the MIC.

        And here we are today, making an implacable enemy of one that could have been as good a friend as Japan or Germany if we had better (less corrupt) leadership.

        • Putin does not get the recognition he deserves, particularly in clownworld.

          We can only hope and pray that there is a Vladimir Putin somewhere in AINO who can turn things around after the fall. Though I was certainly in Russia during the years after the fall of the SU, it’s pretty much universally agreed upon that post collapse Russia was a hellhole even compared to the SU. One man turned that whole ship around in a society that was loaded with corruption and cynicism.

          They will build statues to the man.

          • Though I was certainly in Russia during the years after the fall of the SU,

            err… that should say “certainly not in Russia”

          • True. The rejuvenation of Russia has been a miracle of the ages. It gives hope for us here in the West. The only proviso is that in 1991 Russia was still an ethnically and culturally homogenous society with, despite 70 years of communism, a large swathe of religious believers.

    • Marty: Gawd, yet another visitor from Breitbart? Russia has absolutely no interest in conquering or ruling the mythical West. It will certainly and rationally protect its interests and boundaries – not to mention its people. That’s what a normal, rational nation-state does.

      China still considers itself the prime civilization, deprived by sometimes clever but unworthy westerners (although an inordinate number of those, on either end of the political spectrum, have been small hats). China sees no need to militarily invade AINO because it is already well on the way to demographically colonizing the north American continent. Hongcouver? Seattle? Any military action China may take will be to protect what it considers to be its natural geographic sphere of influence.

      China is hardly ‘inward-looking’ in the sense you intend. It does look to its own past and culture for its values and people, but combines that with an outsize sense of prestige and historical importance vis-a-vis the West.

      Whether western nations are ‘flocking’ to the ruble isn’t the issue. The absolute value and purported ‘trust’ in the dollar is both fragile and misplaced. Putin, at least, has ensured his nation has a significant amount of gold backing – if only psychologically – his nation’s currency. The only things backing the dollar are small-hats running the printing machines and stripping what little wealth remains to the average heritage American.

      • The perception that Russia sees itself as just a nation-state, for instance like Japan, is not accurate.

        Russia sees itself as a successor to the Byzantine Empire, a different culture than the West. It’s not all about protecting Russian interests, its a greater civilizational mission. It sees all of Eastern Europe as belonging to its sphere of influence.

        • Marty Grove: Modern Russia does see itself as a cultural inheritor of the Byzantines, but definitely regards itself as a modern nation state as well. One with an outside sphere of influence, perhaps, but that is true of many countries. The modern nation states which compose what we call Eastern Europe have been part of multi-ethnic empires for centuries. One can support modern independent Czechia without disregarding its history as a slavic people.

          And naturally Eastern Europe is its sphere of influence, just as fledgling America proclaimed the Monroe Doctrine. That does not mean Putin plans to invade and occupy those nations today. It left Finland to its own domestic devices for decades.

          And it’s typical cat vs. kettle for any denizen of AINO to criticize another civilization for having a sphere of influence or feeling entitled to dictate its foreign policy. And America has gone a lot further than dictating other nations’ foreign policy.

          • I am not coming out here as some Breitbart-tarded reader and saying “Russia bad, Russia trying to conquer world”

            The original argument was that our elites in the West are hysterical about Russia b/c they perceive it as an immediate competitor to world domination.

            No country is going to dominate the world in a traditional sense (boots on the ground and gobbling up borders), but in today’s age, an empire is composed of those whose sphere of influence they are under.

          • Marty: Your argument is what is in dispute. The ‘elites’ are hysterical about Russia not because they fear a competitor in world domination, but because of historical resentment and grudge holding.

          • 3g4me,

            Emphatically, yes, the little hat factor with THEIR delusions of grandeur as the “Chosen People”, entitled to run the world as one big feedlot for their Talmudic Cattle, having had their ears pinned back by the resurgence of the Russians under Putin, foiling their plans for unquestioned access to Russia’s resources that has driven them mad.

          • Rome never ruled from the Los Angeles to Berlin….

            The US is a ginormous empire that rules from America all the way across Western Europe.

    • “if Russia wins in Ukraine it’s a significant blow to democracy”

      What democracy would that be? The one that frauded a vascular dementia patient into the white house and now openly “soft persecutes” whites while replacing them??

      Say what you will of the old commie countries but it is a simple fact that the last time the Russians ran Eastern Europe they greatly retarded the “gast arbeider” programs of Western Europe that in hindsight were the early start to the wholesale replacement of Whites there.

      If Russia loses in Ukraine I’m sure the kebab will be excellent in Kiev in five years and every young girl there will be on OnlyFans. Maybe the bad guys aren’t fighting the good guys but the truly sick and twisted guys prancing around as “our democracy”

  17. At some point in time, we have to wake up and smell the coffee. Our leaders in the West are nothing more than a cabal of sycophantic degenerates that hate us and want to destroy everything we hold dear in life, just so they can maintain their status at the top of the heap. Their actions are deliberate, malicious, destructive, and evil because that is simply how they roll. And they get away with it because there is no accountability or feedback mechanism to self-correct.

    The illusion of free and fair democratic elections is the soma that keeps normie on the couch. And they will ride that horse until a collapse finally triggers the redemption reaction. As in Ukraine, this crisis is designed to get average Joes killing average Joes in massive numbers, while ignoring the string-pullers behind the curtain.

    That is no way to live or die or surrender or triumph. It does not work.

    Let there be fog and antibodies by the tens of thousands. Nobodies from the mist, no warning, no defense, no doubt.

    • I appreciate your well thought comments and clear writing here. I believe you are the gentleman who routinely writes that the collapse is the cure, and you are quite correct on that.

      Regarding the West, one of the techniques I use in conversation these days is to point out that we are no longer the West in any meaningful way, shape or form. What used to be the West are now lands of unrestricted government installed through illegitimate elections, mass electronic surveillance and propaganda, restrictions on free speech and the practice of religion. All the pillars that supported the West have fallen.

      None of this should be a surprise because our “leaders” in the West are no longer of the West. They pledge fealty to a foreign nation that, quite frankly, hates us and wants us dead. That should be remembered when comes the day of the rake.

  18. Provided it doesn’t break down and the logistics tail supports it, any piece of military equipment is valuable even if pressed into service outside its design intentions. The Ukrainian problem is they fight one way and the equipment “the west” has been supplying was not designed to be fought the way it’s been applied. Ukies are looking for breakthroughs so they can outflank and destroy Russian assets but the NATO equipment was designed to slow down Russian armies flowing into Fulda Gap and Kaliningrad. It would take time for western equipment to evolve, which is possible in theory, but during the interim the Ukies would need to change the way they fight as well as their objectives. Zelensky’s objective is to score propaganda victories and continue the money laundering scheme in Ukraine and he ain’t a’changin’ to exploit the equipment being supplied because this would kill his gravy train.

    The Russians, looking at their situation as a practical people, have evolved and adapted including by installing very simple but effective drones into their toolkit. Because the Russians have no choice from their viewpoint, they are and they will be doing everything they can, including using weapons of mass destruction if the tactical situation demands it, which fortunately thus far events have not required these weapons.

    Meanwhile the west is being jewed on a massive scale that probably shocks the oligarchs who run the show. They aren’t very bright, too much inbreeding, but they are ruthless.

  19. “Once you have monetized the social capital of the people and carried it off …”

    Perhaps the above is the most important concept you’ve ever posted in this blog. I said so before. Now you’ve added what I predict will be you second most import concept:

    “…some things are too important to subject to the market. The moral claims of a society, for example, should not be up for bid.”

    Many thanks.

  20. “The Danish prime minister went so far as to say that the West must give all of its weapons to Ukraine.”

    as europe is being invaded by hordes of killers and rapists, they decided that was a great idea.
    iran can easily ship weapons to muslims in europe, while west is disarming.
    western europe is so fucked i can’t even express it in words.

    Europeans better pray Putin invades them.

    • Doesn’t yet another article about Europeans show that they have a death wish? Except for some like the Hungarians.

      They talk themselves into absurd positions and get stampeded by ideologues, all the while forgetting that they still live in the real world.

      • They had a nice long break from living in the real world. A good 70 years I would say, once the initial rebuilding was done. It hasn’t really ended yet.

      • There has definitely been something wrong with the European psyche since the late 19th century, culminating in two world wars.

        The blood of Numenor is all but spent; I was looking up Prussia’s Glory marches and one regimental band had a number of musicians and soldiers too fat for their jackets to drape properly. Lots of short, squatty women in the ranks too.

        • Europe lost an awfully large number of good men in their fratricidal wars, and it shows.

          The South had a similar problem in the conclusion of the War of Northern Aggression, the North less so, seeing how a lot of their losses were among that day’s “paper Americans”, new arrivals, and the barely assimilated, and then that time’s Great Replacement really hit its stride, and with lasting effect, as they became cogs in Lincoln’s Leviathan, newly constructed.

      • The darkness is not total. It is a sign of God’s infinite mercy that that Boomer and Gen-X band, Normie and the Grillers – in previous years halfway trying to appear bellicose to rescue what was left of their self-respect should they happen upon a somewhat enlightened comments section – no longer post “Wrath of the Awakened Saxon” in response to expressions of dismay at the goings-on.

        I am more and more coming to think of my people, Anglo-Saxons, as, in my kids’ contemptuous vernacular, “tools”. Finally examining history through this lens seems to bear that out.

  21. There multiple reasons driving American foreign policy in the Ukraine.
    1. NATO expansion and consolidating American hegemony over European landmass
    Western Europe – 1945
    Central Eastern Europe – 1989-91
    Russia 2022-????
    2. Breaking energy supply relationships between Russia and Europe and replacing with supplies of expensive and unreliable American energy which will force European de-industrialisation and American re-industrialisation.
    3. Recycling portions of the aid money/loans back to the political establishments in the US/EU.
    3. Initiating a new investment cycle in American armaments – after NATO countries have had a thorough clear-out of old equipment.
    4. Testing weapons systems and military doctrine against a peer military adversary.
    5. Diverting Russian attention away from Syria which provides more scope for Israel to continue with its long term plans for expansion and removal of arabs from palestine – at the cost of its neighbour’s territory.
    6. De-populate Ukraine of Slavs – in readiness for a new re-population activity. Not sure what this will be yet: EU using Ukraine as a parking lot for third world migrants or Israel recreating Khazaria via the ‘Heavenly Jerusalem project’.

    • Which is why anyone who serves the GAE is an evil scumbag. No matter their reasoning, they’re evil. The MIC and the normie-con asshole out of San Diego, Virginia Beach and Ft. Hood is an evil person at this point that no rationalization can mitigate.

    • thelikesofus – your 6 reasons are rational, logical, and self serving of the GAE – nevertheless what one might expect. American foreign policy seems to be driven foremost by the irrational & illogical – to wit: love Globohomo,& embrace Green-ism, hate Whitey, destroy Trump.

  22. Russell Kirk used to quote a line from James Russell Lowell: “At the devil’s booth are all things sold.”

  23. It’s becoming fashionable for progressives to take in illegal immigrants into their homes, and use them as unpaid domestic help

    • FNC1A1: That’s been going on with Asian and Latino immigrants for decades. The more economically successful ones in AINO bring in their own base class as servants/slaves. Periodically one of the slaves revolts and authorities are notified. Lots of moral outrage ensues, but neither the slaver nor the slave are ever sent back.

      Azzhole at one US embassy brought his ‘servant’ with him from the Seychelles. Now just one more black in AINO via whom multiple magic migrants will flow.

  24. “Open borders, like slavery in the ancient world, are profitable for society”

    Profitable and beneficial for a few, you mean. Costs are socialised while profits remain private.

    As for Ukraine, the arms dealers and arms manufacturers have made out like bandits but then again, that was one major purpose of this fiasco. As for the European jackals howling in Munich, they simply don’t matter. Only the US Shere Khan matters, and the jackals howl at his behest and to ingratiate themselves with him.

    What “democracy” means today is the aging and mangy Shere Khan surrounded by his equally mangy jackals going to perdition together.

    One criterion for insanity is a refusal to face up to the facts. Defeat for the West is staring it in the face but all I see is denial and obfuscation. The “leaders” of the West are lunatics.

  25. Producing equipment to win a war against a peer competitor has not been the function of the American military industrial complex for more than a half century.

    Instead its function has been strengthening the ruling regime via keynesian stimulus. The spending is the entire point. And lacking any competition, the spending became ever less effective and the material produced ever more worthless junk.

    • The amusing thing is that to squeeze more profit the MIC now outsource much of its production to low-labor-cost countries, so we do not even get all of the stimulus. The reason we cannot go to war with China is we would have no replenish our supply of weapons after the first month of the war. Of course, it is entirely possible that the regime thinks Chinese companies will keep selling us parts because they would care more about profits than their nation’s interests.

      • Of course, it is entirely possible that the regime thinks Chinese companies will keep selling us parts because they would care more about profits than their nation’s interests.

        In the case of the Chinese this wouldn’t exactly be a surprising thing were it to happen…

        • I think it would be. The CCP stills keeps a strangle hold on the populace—especially those newly minted billionaires aka modern industrialists.

          The stories abound about those committing “economic crimes” and then winding up with a public execution. Even some of the most famous, like Jack Ma have been called out and taken to the woodshed for a shake down.

          That—to me at least—has been the only redeeming aspect of a CCP controlled China.

        • I’m inclined to think you are being humorous here, as it certainly comports with Chinese stereotypes. However, the CCP came to power when previous governments could not even consolidate rule within China itself (with warlords controlling parts of the country), not alone protect it from foreign powers like Britain, France and Japan.

          CCP legitimacy, therefore, is based on its reassertion of sovereignty over much of the area once ruled by the Qing, and is why Taiwanese separatism is such a sore point with them. Of course, the Ukraine conflict suggests the U.S. would preemptively sanction China anyway, and only subsequently worry about the lack of parts for its missiles.

      • As crazy as your last complete sentence there is, it may be exactly their mode of thought. There have been several times plans were announced that basically would require China to sacrifice its economic and security concerns to assist its enemies. Given those enemies believe men can become women if they believe hard enough, it was to be expected.

      • On weapon and material replacement: Rheinmettal (German weapon manufacturer in the article) is now going to build a factory for 155mm arty shells IN Ukraine. They say it will be at maximum production in 2025.


        How does anyone actually believe this is anything other than a money laundering operation? New armament factory…on a bombing range…producing in less than two years?

        Like I told my ex wife, “At least give me good lies. These ones are just insulting.”

        • Has to be BS. Russia would target such a construction in a heartbeat. It would never be finished, nor open during conflict. Yes, you wife is correct.

        • It’s just a memorandum of understanding (MoU). It’s worth the paper on which it’s written.

          This is most likely a pump and dump stock scam. Check out the stock chart in the story. Insiders will be dumping shares like mad.

          Putin could turn this to his advantage by announcing that building such a plant in Ukraine would be tolerable to Russia in the context of a negotiated end to the war and security guarantees, including a guarantee that Ukraine does not join NATO.

      • Of course, that is the reason this talk about war with China is absurd. We are economically dependent on them.

  26. From a certain perspective I actually think sending weapons to Ukraine is a great investment as it drains Russia dry and will lead to their eventual defeat. Russia has lost about half of its male population. They cannot conquer forever. Ukraine will de destroyed but it can be rebuilt. Russia will be carved up in a few years when Putin dies.

    • Russia is not my enemy, and this useless brother war cooked up by sleazy neocon lunatics in Washington may be the evilest thing the Empire has ever done – and that’s really saying something.

    • You are writing nonsense.
      Russia is not draining dry…. and to say it has lost half of its male population is ludicrous ! the attrition rate in the war in probably 10:1 in Russia’s favour.
      Russia after Putin, who knows. I doubt his successor will be as patient with Europe and the USA.

      • You can say that again. For all of the West’s comparing him to Hitler, Putin is the moderate guy we could have made deals with. When he goes you get someone like Medvedev.

    • You might consider what the moderate Putin has said. Note that other possible successors to Putin have made much stronger statements.

      Putin: “We have no need of a planet without Russia.” The neocons need to abandon their plans to “Carve up Russia” less they get carved up as well.

  27. We might call it “the Crucible of Reason Fallacy” (coinage credit to Zman). Not only reason but public argument and debate are useless where more ironclad laws are at work. We’re not talking about something easy to see and understand, like Newtonian physics, but something trickier, invisible (mostly) and more elemental, like particle physics.

    Normiecons in the public square (grifters and sincere alike) think there’s an argument they can make to stop the toppling of statues and renaming of schools. Some of these arguments are even made by minorities—more blacks and Hispanics ironically than Asians, who are more well-behaved, but also more inclined to obey whatever authority is in power. But the reason the statues are falling has nothing to do with arguments, ideas, or reason. It’s much more like gravity, just an inescapable issue of math.

    The numerical balance is tipping away from whites and whites are becoming more enervated and demoralized (or quietly enraged) as the waterline rises from chin to lips. If people want the statues and graves (and the living breathing children) of whites not to be destroyed, you don’t need a solid argument to own the libs, or appeals to the panacea of universalism. You need the numbers and the will to fight. We have the numbers (for now) and if we have the will, it’s either in dormancy or very well-hidden. It might get revealed here soon, and it might be very, very ugly. So ugly that even the Nietzschean / barbarian wannabes of what’s left of the alt-right and neoreactionary sphere quail at the sight of so much blood. I got more than enough of my fill in Iraq, but it looks like the people running this country want chaos and violence and war here, too.

    I’ll cop to being battle-fatigued, but as much by America as Iraq. I have no home and no peace now. Maybe after this period is over I will.

    • The next “turning point” will be the 2024 elections. We will see how that bears out and that will determine the path taken for White survival.

  28. Citizens Free Press has posted that Biden wants to send America’s entire long range missiles to Ukraine. Denmark and I’m sure others are emptying out their defensive weapons also.

    Is this not the greatest gift to Russia? Eventually take over the West and as a bonus disarm all the rest. The idiotic regimes in Western Europe are possibly thinking that the U.S. will defend them when they are disarmed. Oh boy, can’t wait to see how this plays out in the near future.

    Down the line maybe Russia liberates us. At a cost , to be sure.

  29. It used to be traditional wisdom now forgotten. The words of a prophet are written on the subways walls, the tenement halls, that the love of money is a root of evil.

  30. My understanding is that American corporations have just outsourced the slavery part as well because the profit margin on us made $500 sneakers and $1500 iphones was not high enough.

    • There was guy in the D.C. area while back who expressed how great all the illegal migrants were, as they could do all the house and yard work for a paltry fee.

      None of their moral grandstanding means anything to them, they simply want comfort and status, and illegal migrants give them status by allowing them to have indentured servants and destroying the middle class under them.

      • This is the thing I have found really fascinating, how adamant they are to destroy the middle class. I guess it makes sense since the children of the middle class are real competition to their own progeny.

        I’ve been to third-world shitholes like India and I’ve interacting with some extremely wealthy people there. They disgust me, the way they treat their servants. Truly petty tyrant stuff. I fear for the future of the West and the mediocracy that seems to be replacing meritocracy.

      • I have the pleasure—believe it or not—to have the ex-governor of Montana as a neighbor. We sometimes meet and talk while walking the dogs. He asks me about the university (currently embroiled in yet another scandal) and such things. He makes excuses for the President of my university, I demand his resignation. 😉

        I ask him little, but did once ask what he thought of being at “ground zero” (Tucson) of an alien invasion. I related my experience in the field a decade ago (time flys). He remarked that he had a problem years ago when in office with Peruvians migrating into Montana, There was much consternation about what they could do to support themselves—but this was short sighted as they took up “sheep herding” and are very successful in that effort. So much so that they now monopolize the industry. The follow up was the (stated) implication that our new “immigrants” would similarly become “good and productive Americans” in time.

        I gave him my quick retort about folks who have been raised scraping the ground with a stick for their survival could never contribute to and fit into a first world technological society such as the USA. He then retorted that their children would be educated and they would fit in just fine. Sigh.

        This is the Democratic mindset in a nutshell, even in a so called Red State. The ex-governor sees new immigrants as potential sheep herders, lawn care workers, maids, and the like. I want to deport them. Hell, even our dogs reflect such differences. He has two herders—sheep dogs. I have Rhodesian Ridgebacks that I used to bring to the border to track/run the IA’s down.

        Clown world—you just got to love it…

        • To somewhat paraphrase Z: how does having a bunch of foreign sheepherders benefit the country? If they’re so good at it why couldn’t they do that back home?

          My guess would be that his Big Ag buddies told him that tall tale when the truth is that the real benefit of the little brown people is that they’ll do sheepherding for slave wages.

        • Compsci: Sounds about right. For all that some believe the inland northwest will be the beginning of a White ethnostate, I have read far too many similar things of Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, etc. to share that hope. With apologies to Lineman, those states have been targeted just as Minnesota and Maine were. I don’t know that the natives have sufficient understanding/experience with alien people to withstand the coming tsunami.

          • Additionally, less densely populated areas in particular are vulnerable. Even with the open sewer to its south, Upstate New York has a large enough white population to remain so, while a white place with few people such as North Dakota can be subjugated almost overnight. Welfare availability also is a big draw that has to be taken into consideration, so that might redound to the benefit of North Dakota over time.

          • Boise Idaho today is Portland East. The mayor there is just as radical as the ones in Portland or Seattle.

            The city council also has some radicals there as well. Idaho has busloads of “refugees” arriving every day. This to the delight of the GOP establishment governor.

          • 3g4me. That’s why I often relate such stories. I’m pretty much alone. This group is my sounding board. Am I odd, or do other folks have such experiences/impressions?

            Opinions are fine and welcome, but on the spot reporting of real life observations and experiences seem much more helpful in the world of MSM lies. And if I post too many, cut me some slack. I’m in my 70’s, what the hell else can I do? 😉

      • They’re cheaper for the company, not for you.

        The racket is to have cheap labor in poor countries and buy expensive in rich countries.

        The love of money is the root of all evil

  31. Lucid and fair analysis.

    For me – the fact that the pattern you describe has been, and is being, sustained strategically over two years – is further evidence consistent that this is *primarily* a war Against The West.

    Obviously “They” hate Russia, and would dearly love to see Russia destroyed as a nation (especially as a Christian nation).

    Yet the fact that the war has in fact enormously strengthened Russia, but “instead” consumed much of NATO’s materiel (and a Huge proportion of the Ukr. people) has made No Difference AT All to the strategy.

    To me – this means that the strategy is working as-planned (for those behind it); and that this war was primarily designed to destroy Ukr, EU (especially Germany), UK, and the USA.

    And it is doing an excellent job! If Russia was being-destroyed *as well*, then this would be Win-Win. But the scale of destruction of Western countries, would certainly count as a Win – for those who provoked, sustained and escalated this war.

    • What an effective way to destroy your enemies, in this case white people, by getting them to make war on each other.

    • Speaking of strategy to destroy Europe and its traditions, how ’bout them 75 million worth of huddled masses to whom the EU is rolling out the red carpet, all the while threatening “severe economic repercussions” to countries that don’t cooperate. So they get to pick which way they return to the Stone Age – inbred barbarians or no more IMF loans. The Old Right had no idea how right it was.

      I remember celebrating when the Berlin Wall came down and Yeltsin climbed up on that tank, not knowing an even more vicious communism within, cultural communism in service of the financial elites, would accomplish what the Soviets could not.

    • Agreed. A primary goal appears to have been the economic destruction of Germany. Mission nearly accomplished.

      It is hard to ascribe universal motives to every faction behind this madness. One faction, of course, saw the attack on German manufacturing almost as sexually arousing as trying to destroy the home of the Cossacks. I have to note this faction almost lost its shit over the weekend when even the weakling German chancellor indicated that trade with Russia will resume soon enough.

      The United States has been weakened in every measurable way now. It had precious little prestige left and that was exhausted. Inflation has devastated the lives of its citizens, who hate the government more each passing day. That may have been a primary goal, too, but it has come at a far higher cost than I think was suspected. Eating the seed corn and looting at an accelerated pace indicates at least one faction expected it, anyhow.

    • Also, look at the way the Ukrainians are fighting the war. It seems that their goal is to get as many of their soldiers killed as possible. In Avdiivka, they knew perfectly well that the Russians would drive them out weeks ago. Yet they wait until an orderly retreat is impossible before ordering said retreat.

      This has been the pattern for their conduct during the entire war.
      What else can the goal be if not to get as many soldiers killed as possible?

  32. Thr short term way to get maximum work out of a horse is to work it to death. That’s the logical destination of focusing on short term profit. Even the ancient Egyptians knew not to eat the seed corn. But the people running Boeing ignored this and sacrificed their reputation for quality and safety to Sirens of profit.

    I don’t know when the roof will cave in but every metric says it will. Western countries from small Denmark, situated as the cork in the Baltic bottle – why would a country situated at the entrance to Russia’s most important port city need a, you know, actual military?? – to America, are run by people who couldn’t reason their way out of an open door.

    The challenge must be to see opportunity for renewal in this selfmade extinction level crisis. Getting new forms of government may be a good first goal

  33. I know a guy who knows a guy who is training Ukraine pilots in the F-16.

    I asked him if this made any sense, if meaningful trading could even be accomplished in a few months (takes years for a U.S. fighter pilot to be proficient), if lacking an integrated mechanized fighting force if these things would be anything other than easy targets.

    He just shrugged his shoulders and said that wasn’t the Air Force’s problem. That, and that Russian air defenses are pretty good.

    Nobody cares about dead Ukrainians. It’s just about $$. Been obvious for years..yet the majority of Americans are solidly behind this boondoggle.


    • A buddy of mine who works in defense lamented the uselessness of the Ukraine/Russia conflict, and added in dark humor, “but at least my Raytheon stocks are going up”.

  34. The Munich Security Conference just ended

    Yeah, because the last time a bunch of European leaders had a conference in Munich, it worked out well for a small Central/Eastern European country. 🙄

    Do they not understand the imagery? 🤦‍♂️ I guess when history only goes back to yesterday you don’t.

  35. Our society has become totally worthless – and degraded. Everything is subsumed by and for the almighty dollar – and up for sale. And boy can’t we just print those dollars up by the billions and trillions. Now that the legacy population has become as polluted as it is, there’s nothing binding us together as a nation. Sure there is some commonality at the local and regional levels, but that’s it. I seriously can’t imagine why anyone would step up to fight for this dumpster fire of a landmass, at the behest of this evil and corrupt government.

    • I would join the Chinese or Russian army before fighting for this dump. Any ‘Murican flags I have would be better suited as butt wipes than as a symbol of “my country”.

      I’m straight, white, hard working and law abiding – I don’t have a country…. Anything that would accelerate the destruction of these “United States” is something I can get behind.

      • Tired, I hear you. However, remember those virtues I warn you about every so often. They’ll gin up an existential 9/11 type crisis and enjoin a new generation of rubes to fight and die for their country. It’s a White thang…

    • Guess that’s why they’re recruiting illegal aliens for the US Army. The real Americans have tuned out.

      Ultimately the way this ends is with the slave classes taking over power from the old white people in power, just like it has happened in different eras.

      These people are such fools, they think they can control all these brown and black people as servants and lapdogs, and laughing at the white working class. They don’t realize they’ll get consumed by the brown horde as well.


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