Gradually, Then Suddenly

The Hemingway line about bankruptcy happening gradually then suddenly is a great line because it applies to many things. The suddenly part is what everyone can see and what everyone remembers. It is the gradually part that is overlooked. It is the important part of the dynamic because it explains why the event occurred. Landslides are not random events but the accumulation of many small, unobserved events that eventually reach a tipping point and we get the big event.

That is something to keep in mind as the military struggles to both meet its recruitment numbers and maintain the human capital needed for its operations. Fifty years ago, after the Vietnam war, the military put an emphasis on quality over quantity in both its arms and the men using those arms. The lesson of the Vietnam and post-Vietnam era, the so-called Stripes period, was that the modern military needed to be smarter, relying on intelligence rather than just brute force.

There is a lot more to the renaissance of the American military that began fifty years ago, but the salient factor today is the emphasis on intelligence. The reason for that is the military is suffering from a brain-drain. The overall intelligence of the military is in decline and it is most acute among the officer class. According to that linked report from National Defense Press, “Two-thirds of the new officers commissioned in 2014 would be in the bottom one-third of the class of 1980.”

As one would expect in this age of censorship, certain factors are left out of the discussion, but they hover over it like a fog. In fact, this reality hangs over everything in American society, despite the rules against acknowledging it. The highly complex machine that is the modern high tech American society is in a race. Will the robots reach the point where they can run things for us before the general intelligence of the population declines below a sustainable threshold?

Of course, a big driver is simply declining intelligence. All the research tells us that intelligence among European people has been in decline for a long time. The debate is how long it has been happening and why. The generally accepted estimate is that European people are losing one point per generation at the minimum. That study about the modern officer class suggests the decline is much more rapid, but that does not adjust for demographic factors.

Talk to anyone willing to be honest about the state of the American military and they will tell you that it would not fare well in a war against a peer. This is a lesson of the Ukraine war that is being ignored by the best people. Not only is this war more violent than anything the American military has experienced in fifty years, it is making demands on the officer class that the American military cannot meet. The American planned offensive last summer is a case in point. It was a disaster.

There is another factor to all of this, the thing that hangs over everything like a fog, and that is the thing no one is supposed to mention, which is demographics. That linked report mentions the collapse in the value of a college diploma, but it skips over why this has happened, which is the important bit. In response to demographic change and demographic reality, the modern levelers are forced to destroy the credentialing system so that it is no longer a measure of anything useful.

The military is finding out what every employer in American already knows and that is a college diploma is meaningless. In fact, it could be an indicator that the person will be a nuisance in the work place, making demands around social causes. The reason for this is the college system is more concerned with training young people for those causes than for preparing them to be productive citizens in the practical economy. College is no longer a reliable type of intelligence test.

Another aspect of the demographic crisis is the white out. This is the evolving process whereby white Americans exit the system by choice. The military, for example, is struggling to recruit white people, especially white men. The main reason for this is the social causes launched by the levelers inside the military to fix the reality of race within the military and make it a new model army for society. The immediate consequence of this is the military is getting dumber at a faster rate.

What is happening is white people are voting with their feet. Anyone who has seen a once popular restaurant or entertainment area go bust can understand what is happening across American society. It declines a little here and a little there without much notice, then all of a sudden everyone notices. In the case of a restaurant, this means the regulars stop being regular. In the case of an entertainment district, it often becomes a free fire zone for local youth.

To bring us back to that Hemingway line, in various areas we are about to see the suddenly part of the process. The military is a good example. The antiwhite pogroms launched inside the military under Biden were a long time in the making. Gradually they got going and then suddenly they were everywhere. The response from white people was to gradually avoid the military and now suddenly it is a thing. This is a pattern turning up all over American society.

The salient point here is that the cracks we see opening up in American society are the consequence of long processes. The levelers have been gnawing away at the support ropes for a long time. These problems that seem to have suddenly appeared, like the military intelligence crisis or the corruption of the court system are the result of decades of the gradual undermining of standards. Like bankruptcy, societal collapse happens gradually and then all of a sudden.

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284 thoughts on “Gradually, Then Suddenly

  1. From the Gradually Then Suddenly Department:

    I stopped at Walmart on the way home from work, picking up some necessities. I went up to pay and ALL of the self-checkout lanes were blocked off.

    For the first time in maybe a decade they had at least 8-9 cashiers checking people out.

    The theft on Colorado has been absolutely off the charts. I was at King Soopers (Kroger) recently, and they had an armed guard standing in the self check-out lane. Kroger also now has replay cameras that watch you bag your groceries. If you trigger the system, they watch the replay to make sure you haven’t stolen something, then they unlock the system so you can keep going.

    Which brings me back to the self checkout closure at Walmart. Has the theft gotten so bad that they’ve closed the “honor system” self checkout?

    At that same Walmart about a month ago, my wife and I watched a completely stoned/wasted guy wearing stolen sunglasses (tags still on them) try to walk through the self checkout without paying. When confronted, he could barely speak, and they found other stolen goods on him. It didn’t occur to me until later how dangerous that situation was. Totally drugged up loser caught stealing…if he flips out, do bullets start flying?

    Fortunately, he was so wasted he wasn’t even completely aware that he had been caught stealing.

    The rapid acceleration of theft = rapid breakdown of society.

    I just wonder if the pendulum to fight back against this stuff is finally swinging the right direction. Seems too late to stop it.

    • A few days ago at the local high-margin grocery store, the bald black security guy got trigger-itchy with me when the self-checkout screwed up three times—garbage codes on the “fresh” stuff that’s tagged on location—and the wigger-voiced Chinese girl whose job was to help me make it through the “self” checkout line got frustrated about it.

      This is how I expect to die.

  2. Unbelievable. Chicago, a city that cannot take care of its own anymore and abandons its children, has just sued the major petroleum companies due to their contributions to “climate change.” The complaint premises its counts on, literally, the settled “science” (scientody) of CO2.

    The idiot mayor is leading this ghetto shakedown. Fortunately, it means he’s realized sugar daddy ain’t gonna hand out no more tax money. N-I-6_6_E_R_S, fill in the blanks.

    • They were probably encouraged by the recent $1.6 billion scam judgment against Cummins the other day.

      I guarantee you none of the gov’t plaintiff ‘evidence’ in that case was real.

    • All part and parcel of our decline. Lawfare involves courts ignoring law in favor of “justice”—as they see it. Might as well extend it to environmental “justice” outside the law as well. Hell, you might get lucky. A few more wins in these type cases and everyone will see the farce that the courts have become. All the law in the world won’t save you if the courts are corrupt.

      • “All the law in the world” will be brought to bear against anyone or any enemy the State decides to loot and/or persecute. Every totalitarian Regime in history acted fully within the law because the law was what it deemed necessary at any given moment. You put this power into the hands of primitives and civilization ends. That is happening at rapid speed.

        The professional conservatards going around mouthing platitudes about muh Constitution and muh Rule of Law know full well what is happening. The dupes who believe them do not deserve pity at this point.

  3. On the first article Zman linked, an Asian brown of a brownish Hue commented under the article,

    “Huy D. Le
    I really wanted to stop reading after this paragraph. I am sorry.

    “In 1980, 18.6 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds were in college. Today, that number is close to 30 percent. The dramatic rise in college attendance has increased the pool of people eligible to become officers in the military (possession of a bachelor’s degree being one of the chief requirements to be commissioned as an officer in all branches), but it also means that possession of a college degree is a less significant indicator of intelligence now than it once was.”

    Of course, “that number” is greater because more people of color and women have the opportunity to attend college, not just white males. I really question the statement that “possession of a college degree is a less significant indicator of intelligence now than it once was.” This claim needs to be supported by credible research. A diverse workforce means diverse perspectives and approaches, which, in return, only benefits employers and organizations.

    This article needs to bring in papers by credible outside researchers, not just those in the military.”

    He posted from facebook and was the only one who left a comment. You can click his name and look at his profile…. Degree in English and journalism from CSULB, not the best school but in the top quartile. Retards like this are who the system is rewarding. I’m sure I don’t need to teach people here basic math, science or logic. This Bachelor’s degree holder does not comprehend 5th grade math. He probably rote learned the algorithms but he does not understand them.

    I went to college with these people, I peer reviewed their essays and was in study groups with them.

    The crash will happen soon. I’m not going to help rebuild until we send them back, and I don’t think the rest of us will either.

    • BTW, the research has been done. Saw a paper just last week and the IQ decline was tracked among college attending students. Steady decline from the 70’s. The finding now is that the typical college attendee has only an average (!Q = 100) IQ. That of course is preposterous with the commonly accepted idea of what a college degree is all about. So yes, the typical college IQ *is* most likely declining due to minority enrollment increase.

      And no, I’m just not going to go back through my mail to cite the damn article—but it was in a peer reviewed journal as I don’t reference anything else.

      • Replicability crisis.

        My only wish now is that we hit rock bottom swiftly, cut out the cancer and are able to start rebuilding before too much longer.

        I’m still young but I can’t stomach creating a child until we get past the dark before the dawn.

  4. Kathy Hochul is in panic mode as every business owner knows that they are at the whims and mercies of Shaneeeequa James and whatever lunatic judge she can get a case before, it won’t stop with Trump. No matter what Hochul says, everyone knows it won’t stop with Trump.

    First, the bigger businesses as James and the Judges conspire to fine away wealth to be distributed to various NGOs chock-a-block with relatives of the former. Next the medium sized businesses and finally every White person in New York.

    Benjamin Crump has called for making all crime legal for black people. Yes, he said it. In California, Gavin Newsom is now backing stealth reparations through ACA7, which repeals Prop 209 that banned Affirmative Action in school admission and hiring. It just does not stop, and all that is the INEVITABLE result of the Civil Rights Movement which is really the anti-White movement.

    White pill: “Andre” at Midnight’s Edge (his channel) is some sort of Norwegian ex-banker, says he knows Norwegian Communists very well, they are awful people, always wearing luxury clothes and with attitudes that would have made Leona Helmsley blush. He is calling out Hollywood as explicitly anti-White and repeats that in his livestreams and videos. Guys like him, Critical Drinker, Nerdrotic, etc. on YT are gateways to “our guys.” Normie is a lot more ticked off than you think. Just because you don’t hear about it on the news does not mean it does not happen. Truckers are boycotting NYC, lets see how that works. Probably needs only 30-40% to be effective at creating shortages and pain. They know they are not next, but definitely on the list.

    Black pill: Michael Yon and others figure the “Party of Chaos” plans to use the Open Border and military age men (most of the “migrants”) to attack the legacy population. Create a crisis. Grab more power. Already MA is “asking” people to take in migrants in their homes. Soon they will demand it. And enforce it. Its a big country, but invite 10 million immavaders a year, and you have serious manpower to create violence. Requiring “camps for your safety.” And thus if you want your family to get the full bug ration to survive in the camps, you better volunteer for Ukraine duty. While the diverse military guards the camps. For those older, “free” labor ala China in MiC plants. Already the UK Defense Chief is calling for a “draft” not just for military service but industrial manufacturing of military goods. White men only of course.

    That at least seems the plan of Soros, Fink, Gates and others. Dimon, Musk, possibly Bezos are opposed of course. But the Trump verdicts scare a lot of Oligarchs. They know they can and will be next as the AOCs make their way up the ladder.

    • This could be a good thing, no? While it sucks to be Trump, it will require oligarchic wealth to bring about any de jure dissolution.

    • I’ve been enjoying the movie critics that you mentioned, but you left out the funniest: Victor Von Doomcock!

      They are overjoyed because they believe that their warnings of “go woke, go broke” are coming true. I hope so.

      They all swear that the race and sex of the actors does not matter, if the storytelling is good. “I love Blade! I love Sarah Conner!”. I take them at their word because whites can approximate race-blindness (but no one else can).

      They believe that humans are naturally blind to race until the woke create artificial divisions between people.

      I believe that they are wrong, but they are fun to watch, and I wish them well.

    • There are a lot of based comments on the videos the gateway gang are posting on YT.

      Our friends in the UK should check out the Lotus Eaters, who are nearly dissident at this point.

      Michael Yon has done tons of great work exposing the southern invasion, but he’s awful in long form interviews. Guy is just all over the place.

      • As an aside, doesn’t anyone with even a middling audience who does not mouth official dogma qualify as a dissident now? I’ve thought the term overblown recently as a few years ago but watching the rich and powerful get plundered, persecuted and prosecuted puts into perspective how potentially dangerous it has become to deviate even a small amount. It’s been quite a shocker to those of us who came of age during the Cold War to see that here.

        • Upvoted for that outrageous alliteration:

          “powerful get plundered, persecuted and prosecuted puts into perspective how potentially”

          Positively prodigious!

  5. When the story broke that the 737 Max that had the incident over Portland was missing bolts altogether, not bad bolts, not bolts that some quality employee forgot to x-ray for defects, but no bolts at all, along with couple other planes that they grounded, that would put an exclamation point on this topic. You can have a thousand spreadsheets with a thousand checks and balances, but when everyone is just going through the motions like zombies, this is the result. I have yet to see one article about any departures from the Boing board of directors. We do know that Nikki Haley has been nominated to be on it. What does that tell you?

    I’m just old enough, barely, to remember Aeroflot being a punchline in the last few years of the USSR. That you were taking your life in your hands on that airline. In reality it was the Soviet system that was failing behind the scenes, with the most complex systems failing first. There are very few systems more complex than all the moving components of modern aviation.

    • Check out the ytube vidyas on coast to coast road trips on Greyhound — and the guy that takes the Amtrak auto train.

      See who runs these outfits, who works there. You’ll have no questions left about ‘missing bolts…’

      • I’ve been surprised for many years that DC’s Metro hasn’t suffered a catestrophic incident. It’s been operated by dindus for a very long time. There must be a layer of white supervision that’s invisible to the eye.

        • KGB-

          The NYC and London metros are both breaking down, but the legacy media has studiously refused to cover either situation.

  6. One reason western militaries are missing out on intelligent whites is that the rare combination of evil and pigheadedness to be a succesfull officer is found in very few people. Only the purest sociopaths can make a career full of promotions out of soldiering. And it has been like that for decades.

    When I was 18, my country still had conscription and took part in bombing Serbia. At the same time, Africans illegaly crossed our border. The military was of course beyond happy for the former while pretending the latter didn’t exist. I knew then that I’d rather shovel shit than take part in that evil hypocrisy.

    Thankfully somebody whispered into my ear how to flunk the army psych evaluation, so matters never got to a head. Somewhere, in some archive there still exists a file with my name on it that says “NO GUNS FOR THAT PSYCHO” 😉

    • Somewhere, in some archive there still exists a file with my name on it that says “NO GUNS FOR THAT PSYCHO”

      In my finest Arlo Guthrie voice:

      “And he talked for forty-five minutes and nobody understood a word that he said, but we had fun filling out the forms and playing with the pencils on the bench there. And I filled out the massacree with the four-part harmony, and wrote it down there, just like it was, and everything was fine. And I put down the pencil, and I turned over the piece of paper, and there. There on the other side
      In the middle of the other side
      Away from everything else on the other side
      In parentheses
      Capital letters
      Read the following words:

      “I went over to the sergeant, said, “Sergeant, you got a lotta damn gall to ask me if I’ve rehabilitated myself. I mean—I mean—I mean—that just— I’m sittin’ here on the bench— I mean I’m sittin’ here, on the Group W bench, ’cause you want to know if I’m moral enough join the army, burn women, kids, houses and villages…after being a litterbug.” He looked at me and said, “Kid, we don’t like your kind. And we’re gonna send your fingerprints off to Washington.” And, friends, somewhere in Washington, enshrined in some little folder, is a study in black and white of my fingerprints.‎”

      Just remember:

      You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant
      You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant
      Walk right in, it’s around the back
      Just a half a mile from the railroad track
      You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant

    • I think a lot of us have a version of that story. Mine is about me rejecting the sexual advances of my CIA (or whatever) recruiter. Boys from Good Schools know the character. If they’d sent a girl, all our lives might be different now. But they’re not about maximizing results, exactly.

      We (the media) pretend that Democrats were the antiwar party until recently, but they never were. A big ’90s media thing was libs righteously condemning non-Democrats for draft-dodging. Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump—all medical exemptions, later media outrages. Student exemptions? No problem. That’s *classy*. In the ’70s it was noble to have pretended to be crazy. (Guthrie did the epic “poem” but Howard Kaylan has the best story.) By the ’90s it was decided that only LOSERS had to pretend to be disabled to avoid the trenches/jungle.

      This was a very important symbolic moment in the transformation of the D and R into the Winner and Loser parties. When I was a kid they were the “urban ethnic” and “nerds” parties, but that wasn’t working out, so they changed it—one day. One literal day.

  7. It is going to be a major shock to our new military that in real wars they don’t give participation trophies like they did in Afghanistan.

  8. If America fights a real military such S russia or China it will lose spectacularly. The same will probably happen if it fights Iran.

    Then you might get the suddenly and things could get very interesting. Otherwise we have a long period of gradually to look forward to.

    This is where the neocons can be very helpful.

  9. We are watching in real time how IQ difference affects military and a war outcome.
    Ukrainian average IQ is 90 and Russian IQ is 97.
    Enough said.

    • tbf even if Ukrainian IQ were higher than Russian they’d probably still be screwed…. i.e. Grenada having a higher IQ than the USA wouldn’t have saved it

    • The IQ of the average Afghan or Iraqi is the same as an untrained Cocker Spaniel, and yet…

      The will to win overcomes intelligence.

      • Which is true, but doesn’t apply to Juan, Tyrone, Shaneequa, and Rosalita.

        Afghans are dumb & untrained, but they are hard as nails and will die for their 1000 year old connection to their land.

        The aforementioned diversity hires with a similar IQ are there for a jobs program & gibs and certainly didn’t sign up to die for the North American Kosher Economic Zone (formerly USA) That distinction makes all the difference.

        So your point, while valid, is wholly inapplicable here.

  10. I know a few young men via family and my kids, including some going to pretty good colleges and some entering various trades. Going into the military is the last thing on their mind. Literally, never comes up, even when a parent had been in the military.

    Another interesting thing about them, even the ones who are going to college for engineering or business, is that none of them want to work for a big corporation or for the government. Sure, they’ll take a job if they need it, but their ultimate goal is to work for a small company or themselves. They really don’t like the idea of big companies.

    In essence, they feel no connection to the institutions of the country. They aren’t going to sacrifice anything for some larger cause, at least as defined by the system. It’s not that they want to drop out, but they aren’t going to work late hours to impress their boss or get the big promotion. They just don’t care.

    Large institutions – military, govt, big corporations – are simply not appealing to these guys, and if they have to work for them, they’re going to do the minimum until they can find something else. I suspect that these organizations are going to have a tough time in coming decades.

    • Conveniently, the big corporations don’t want them either. Which is one of many things that make the looong bear market/recession I see being predicted, by people whose opinion I respect, a plausible thing. The corporations won’t (or already don’t) have the talent they need to dig themselves out of it.

      • I am a fly on the wall at the meetings of public companies and mega banks. Actual talent attending these events is <0.15. The rest are vacuous drones who appear to know nothing about business. Not even how to operate a lemonade stand. I am not joking. They network well. And we're losing to these folks?

        • 100% accurate. I was working recently for a large consulting company. Not top tier Accenture, Deloitte, Booz-Allen, etc. but nipping at their heels Tier 2 company. Most of my meetings at this company where exactly as you described. A few people who knew how to get shit done and an army of middling to fully incompetent corporate ass kissers just taking up space.

          They are either actively removing actual talent through insane DEI mandates or simply hiring the same skipping over the competent entirely. I’ve seen two “str0nk empowered latinas” rise from account managers to Vice President and Executive Director in just a few short years.

          They were junior account managers and ran 4-6 levels up the org chart in less than 5 years, skipping all the steps in between. They know fuck all but the beta male j00 vice president they work for likes to have a harem of latinas around him even if they have little idea what they are doing.

          They have senior engineers, developers, etc. working under them who have 10-20 years experience that were simply passed over. These workhorses and competent white men are managed by 30 year old beaner girls.

          This is America, circa 2024. As our good friend Captain Capitalism says, ‘enjoy the decline!’.

          • Must be a pretty emasculated male to be bossed around by a girl who doesn’t know f*ck all about anything…Damn I would rather be jobless than bossed around by a female…

          • That’s why when I hear people suggest a day or days in which whites don’t show up, they need to be reminded that it should only be white men who don’t show up. The women also need to know where they stand.

        • “They network well”. They always do. When your mind is empty, you have nothing to fill it with except chit-chat and gossip. Case in point – women.

    • Whenever I see a bright, young tradesmen—aside from being grateful he’s on my job—I ask them about themselves. Why they choose this profession, what they did to get into it, where they are going. Without fail, they not only stand out in their job performance but they are men with a “plan/goal”. Most can basically tell you their life story in a minute or two, and all, as I remember, were looking to start their own businesses upon gaining their working cred’s.

      I’m always impressed by such.

      • I can have a more interesting conversation with your average plumber than with your average college student, and have done so on several occasions.

        • It was Lineman who put the bug in my ear years ago about the trades for my boys. Lineman is a damn fine fellow, I can aver that, and I will be forever thankful to him for the advice.

          I translated his argument into the gentle nudges and nods of the kind that are the only things that work with stubborn young men and violà… both my boys are tradesmen now and doing well (though because I am a clever father and a former hard-headed-lad myself… they will tell you is all their own idea).

          Salute to you good Lineman and many thanks.

          • Thanks Brother I love seeing our young men succeed in life and I want them to be able to raise beautiful White Families where their wives are able to stay home and raise their children…I am always available to help or advise anyone that wants to pursue my trade…I can guarantee if they like the outdoors, working with their hands, aren’t scared of heights or electricity, and of course making more money than they know what to do with as a single guy then they would love being a Lineman…
            Oh and PM is one damn fine fellow himself…

      • Yep. Don’t believe all the crap about good men disappearing. They are still there but just getting on with life under the radar.

    • This furthers my belief that the generational cohort lines have been incorrectly drawn. My observation is that the first ten years of “Zennials” is just a continuation of Millennials, only worse.

      The kids still in middle school and high school are showing some serious distrust of authority and institutions. They are chafing at the constraints and moralizing in school and online, and they don’t want more of the same.

      I am seeing some serious Gen X traits, but time will tell.

      • They’re not as cynical as GenXers. They’re also much more family oriented. They have little faith in institutions, but they do believe friends and family. Most enjoy hanging with their parents and parents’ friends, though they’re still kids who like to head out after a while.

        In many ways, they’re a nicer group than the Xers, but they’re also softer, and I say that as someone who thought that we were soft compared to our parents and grandparents. And, indeed, we were.

    • My parents, my three brothers and I are all military veterans but I advised my children to avoid military service like the plague. They actually listened to old dad.

  11. “The military is finding out what every employer in America already knows and that is a college diploma is meaningless.”

    True. What’s interesting is that there are companies that are quietly creating their own solutions to this problem. My wife and a close friend of mine were recently in the job market. They both were exasperated by how different the process has become. My wife was insulted that companies (more than one) issued her basic accounting tests, when she’s been an accountant for 10 years. My friend told me he even had one company administer an outright IQ test. They were both quizzical for the reasons. Of course, we all know it’s because of the lack of value in the new credential system. They’re not on this side of the divide, so you have to prod around the edges to try and get them to see.

    “The reason for this is the college system is more concerned with training young people for those causes than for preparing them to be productive citizens in the practical economy.”

    I disagree that this is the main driver. It’s a symptom. The college credential became a joke because the primary purpose became getting brown people the same credentials as whites. The left came to believe that if we just got blacks the same credentials, then boom everyone would be equal. Of course, this was only possible by lowering the standard of credentials, so that was done.

    • As a side note for Z, the topic of “prodding around the edges” in conversations with normie would be a great podcast topic. It’s something I’m sure we’re all familiar with in our daily lives.

      • Hear, hear! A great pragmatic topic for sure. I still think breaking a Boomer out of there spell is harder than breaking a heroin addiction but we can try. The JQ has been a fun topic for me to work along the edges. Still experimenting with that one…

        Have a BoomerCon friend who had a pamphlet entitized “Election Jihad” on his coffee table. I asked him about it and he then wen on and on how Islam is taking over our political institutions. Yikes, who could have authored such a diversion? Ah, but of course, David Horowitz.

        My response was jiu jitsu. Yes, and how has this become a problem? Who has unleashed the spigot of mass migration into this country? Who is the HIAS? Oh yeah, the Koran is bad but have you ever read the Talmud?

        • In addition to Smile and Frown, this software really needs a Roll Eyes.

          I don’t give a rat’s butt whether Jonquarius obtained his firearm legally, or the car he used to drive over the Dancing Grannies. All I really care about is THAT he did it, and that he is appropriately punished. It’s not the gun dealer’s fault, it’s not the car dealer’s fault, it’s Jonquarius’.

          And, similarly, it doesn’t really matter who influenced government policymakers, no matter how small the hat. It’s the government policymaker who needs to be hung, drawn and quartered for accepting the bribe to screw his countrymen.

    • Obviously, there is no way they are administering (IQ) tests to potential diversity hires, so it looks like these companies take their losses in day-to-day operations with them (while taking their wins with the DEI statistics) and make extra sure the ones they are hiring to do all the work are actually competent.

      • They definitely are. Now, I don’t know the legal specifics on when they can and can’t (perhaps certain technical jobs allow it?), but you can look up pre-cognitive employment testing and see that it’s definitely a widely used thing.

        • Your test must have direct implication in doing the job. So the courts have said. This is especially true when racial differences are noted. As such they are technically legal, but challenges are a bitch, so the use of such is not as common as one might desire, so proxies are used..

          Microsoft used to run employees through a variety of interviews where interviewers would ask questions often posed on sophisticated IQ tests. Then the interviewers would rank their choices. I’m told this works around the prohibitions on IQ tests.

    • There’s a lot of magical thinking driving everything in our culture. We all know about magic dirt but there’s also magic paper, specifically diplomas. Obama got this ball rolling with his mad scheme to get everyone in the US a college degree. He would point to these statistics showing that people with degrees earned more than those without. Thus, by the power of inversion of cause and effect, we can just give everyone a diploma and everyone will be magically richer.

      During the Coof madness this spilled over into the economic realm with magic money being summoned into being that wasn’t based in real assets. Really, this kind of conjurer’s logic applies to just about everything the ruling class does.


      “ National College Resources Foundation (NCRF)’s First Annual Black College Expo™ is an event that highlights Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other postsecondary institutions to provide admissions and scholarship information to students, parents, and other visitors in attendance.

      The one in Los Angeles earlier in the week became a mob free-for-all, with gangs fighting each other, reportedly non-stop.”

      Any productive, peaceful society + negroes = a violent, stupid hellscape

  12. The empire managed to raise up a strong Gen X military cadre on the three Rs, Reagan, Rambo, and Red Dawn. I should know, I was one of them. Then, as Xman posted below, squandered this force on the GWOT, and perhaps worse, they know they were squandered. They don’t make a big public fuss about it, probably some shame involved, but they know.

    In more recent years, I’m not seeing anything near equivalent to those 80s pop culture influences to inspire martial fervor in the youth. What did the younger generations get? Zero Dark Thirty with its stronk independent female lead who didn’t need no man? They couldn’t even get anybody below age 60 to star in the Top Gun remake.

    This is because there is no one left to inspire and no way to reach them. The left was brought up to hate America so good luck asking them to fight for it. The right sees America subverted and repurposed, so good luck asking them to fight for that. This leaves only the incoming wogs who don’t speak much English and have even lower IQ than the declining whites. But they came here for gibs, not to fight for the empire.

    The human capital for the military doesn’t exist. Not even through conscription (although that would be a fun turd circus to watch). It has to be either drones/AI, or failure. Or both.

    • Me too.

      You are on to something. Even a movie like “Platoon” had a strong, if conflicted, moral compass to it.

      I’d note that after the Wall came down war movies became somewhat more “realistic” (i.e. randomly and graphically violent). Saving Pvt Ryan and Band of Brothers for example. Part of this was the general coarsening of the culture during the 90s, and part of it was a way to grift of the “greatest generation”.

      I wonder if those might have had the effect of inspiring the more intelligent… inspiring them to stay the hell away from the military.

      Added to this the lies and pointlessness of the GWOT, and the obvious disposability of its veterans, and the trend is in place long before the pogroms get going in earnest.

  13. “The reason for this is the college system is more concerned with training young people for those causes than for preparing them to be productive citizens in the practical economy.”

    While this is certainly true, this is the effect and not the cause. The cause was massively expanding the student body. Any elite institution which operates as a meritocracy will get worse with expansion. As they expanded the university, they needed new coursework for the new students. Then when they expanded it further by diversity quotas and racial affirmative action, they needed even simpler coursework for the new diverse students.

    Now it has reached the point where there are no standards at all. Any kid who can fog a mirror after being “passed through age” at the high school level can get into universities. Many will drop out and have a bunch of debt they cannot repay, but many ape being a student by showing up every day and taking the easiest courses and end up with a diploma.

    Most companies would be better off giving perspective employees an IQ test. But you are not allowed to do that.

    Tucker did a great bit on how “equality” was endangering all of us with air traffic controllers:

  14. The arc from Tail Hook to CJCS Charlie Brown is short and bends towards Pvt Tyrone Lopez being chased around the dear ruin by a drone somewhere in Eurasia.

  15. “All the research tells us that intelligence among European people has been in decline for a long time. The debate is how long it has been happening and why.”

    Usual suspects for what’s driving dumber whites: feminism and welfare. These two factors have totally skewed dating/mating preferences to devlin’s “sexual utopia in power”; a return to the primitive.

    • Neglect and drugs contribute. Babies born with average or better g intelligence are damaged by substance abusing parents, inadequate care as both parents work, vax, poor quality food, and environmental conditions that dumb them down. Blacks I know “feed” their keedz with fruit juice and corn syrup and over time the little ones fail to develop to their potential perhaps. It keeps the children quiet when they/re sucking apple juice from a baby bottle at age five. Plus you stay outta the kitchen that way and enjoy more time in the bedroom, I guess. “Feminism” on display.

    • Yep. If you want to eliminate driven, productive men from where they influence community and culture, you create a welfare state which provides for women at about the level they could hope to get from having a man.

    • I am in the camp that says things like feminism are a consequences of declining intelligence. Over all better living conditions, resulting in fewer stupid people dying young, is a big driver for sure.

      • I think feminism is a primary. High IQ white ladies waste their life at school/work with less to no kids. Average white chicks bang and get pregnant with kids of asshole chads and irresponsible losers. Women and their spawn always bailed out. The desire for “alpha fux and beta bux” is IQ and society wrecking. Cads over dads, as heartiste would say.

      • I agree. Feminism is a luxury belief. It really isn’t a chicken or egg sequence issue. Feminism only became possible with abundance. It also can go away quite quickly. This is true of many things. The issue is how weakened will our people be when reality catches up to delusion.

        • As with all else, it’s belief foisted on the people from the rulers. Real goal is double the labor force, sow division, and get kids in govt re-education camps (schools) sooner.

          Pornography is part of it and an elephant in the room of total destruction of morale and social capital. The feminists would decry that the female “sex worker/actors” were the exploited victim. Bullshit! Those hard whores know exactly what they’re doing. The MALE VIEWER is the victim.

    • Pesticides and lead paint have to have been a factor too. Maybe plastics. Although I have a suspicion plastics are being blamed for a lot of things they aren’t doing, I have a hard time believing they are completely harmless.

      • Lead paint has been shown to be a cause of violent proclivities. I’ve seen studies where lead abatement has been associated with lower violence rates 20 years on. This result is *consistent* everywhere in the world. Fascinating study.

    • fakeemail: Agree, but would add the demonization of eugenics and repudiation of parental guidance in mating as well. That’s partly but not wholly an outgrowth of feminism. Parents used to consider potential mates for their children on whether they were from a stable family or had good earning/career/social potential. Now it’s all about purely physical attraction and sentiment.

      I’m not denying that physical appeal and lust/love matter, but even the dissident right sometimes puts a bit too much emphasis on a partner being ‘hot.’ I’m not saying one ought to marry a land whale with a mixed kid, but there is more to a lifelong partnership than that. I was young and slender and easy enough to look at when my husband married me, but that’s not why we are still together after almost 34 years.

      • Exactly. I was impressed when in the dept as to some of our Indian students (even got invited to a wedding in India) who had “arranged” marriages. The mindset is completely different over there. The males seemed very content having seen their brides once or twice before the marriage. One said it was a relief not to have to date and look around—more time for studies.

        My impression was that these arrange marriages were eugenic in nature. Both parties wanted their children to “marry up”. To tell the truth, I was extremely lucky to marry my wife (47 years) as in hindsight she married down. Sometimes it’s good to be an American in such matters—if we’d been Indian…. 😉

        • Compsci: I take your point but would caution that in India it is not driven by eugenics as we think of them. To Indians, caste/jati matter hugely and are considered to account for IQ, which they do not. And there is still much to be said for physical attraction and personal compatibility. That’s why I specified “parental guidance” as opposed to “arranged marriages.” (Or it could also be that I despise subcons.)

          • I never inquired into the say our students had in their parents’ marriage choices. In some cultures there is a veto of sorts, I’m told.

            However as to eugenics, I’m not convinced. These arranged marriages are often between families with equivalent to higher social status, depending I guess on the “bargain”. High status is inseparable from better genetics and IQ. In India and in studies on England of Middle Ages. In short, your family wanted you to “marry up”, not down. Such “selective mating” worked than as it works now, better offspring wrt proxies for IQ—health, wealth, higher education.

      • The older, smarter, less socially acceptable generation of “red pill” guys would attribute part of the success of your marriage to you and your husband having true memories of your youthful selves. You’re persistent characters in each other’s lives, with all the qualities you’ve ever had. It’s why they advocated “childhood sweetheart” marriage. We remember everything, and memory sustains us in the face of daily decay.

        The “black pill” part of Heartiste et al. was that we *don’t forget* anything. Every event in life is real, and those events have rendered a very large percentage of us effectively useless.

  16. I spent 20yrs in the Army (retired in 2018), and come from a heavily military family, but I will only comment on the quantity vs. quality issue in recent times.

    The military as a whole (yes, even SOCOM) is given a mission by the civilian government to have X number of troops, called “end strength”. The quality of these troops (both new recruits and current members) is always, without exception, subordinate to end strength. This means that there is no lower limit to quality.

    The recruiting famine of GWOT (particularly 04-09) gave us recruits and promotions that were the darkest comedy imaginable. Manning, Boles, and Bergdahl are famous examples of guys who wouldn’t have made it past basic training in better times. These three psychos then committed negative acts of strategic significance…but the Army still met the end strength. Hooray! The military only survived GWOT as an institution because there was enough quality, new and old, to drag the losers along.

    But today, both end strength and entry requirements are lower than during GWOT…and the military STILL can’t meet end strength. In peacetime, no less!

    I believe that today is the last part of “gradually” for the GAE military. We will meet “suddenly” when the current rabble has to fight.

    • We can’t take on the Houthis let alone Iran. The Mexican cartels would cause big losses.

      Which is not all bad. I only keep five thousand duty rounds in my house. I prefer to keep the storage space stocked with food. But now I may up to ten thousand rounds because I might actually send most rounds downrange before I am killed or disabled. I want them to be incompetent and divided.

      • Much better than more ammo and guns is a *team*. Find some friends who’ll back you up. Maybe neighbors. Whatever. A single guy out there is simply target practice. You’ll never get the change to fire off a hundred rounds, much less ten thousand if you meet up with a group of rioters/looters.

        • Compsci: My son was just saying to me that part of the rifleman’s creed is that “Without me my rifle is useless.” Meaning if you don’t have the training, skill, physical conditioning, muscle memory, and correct mindset, you won’t be doing much good to anyone.

          He also added that by extension, if you don’t have a group of other guys you meet with, train with, can move with and depend upon, you are also not going to be much use to yourself or anyone else.

          • Exactly. Wise words. The first thing I noticed when training was teamwork. For example, cover fire and maneuvering. You can’t do that without other teammate(s). If your foe has a couple of men to keep you head “down”, he will move to flank you and you’re toast. SOP we were all taught.

            Hell, I’ve even seen head cam footage of this in the Ukraine where a poorly trained Uke unit allowed a single Russian to flank their trench and roll up the body count. The closest Uke’s fell, one by one, but the others thought it was from forward fire. Lucky for the Uk’s remaining, the Russian accepted surrender when they threw up their arms. Damn lucky.

        • Sage advisement well taken. But with all the groups, including aviation, backpacking and yacht racing, I belong to, I only have a single friend who lives near me in the Gold Coast/Old Town Triangle/DePaul neighborhoods. He’s the only one I can count on and is fit enough (despite a bypass surgery, bad genetics) to defend or hunt together. My wife is a great shot but I don’t believe she would shoot somebody. My dad taught me the killer mindset early and it has stuck. The wife had no exposure to this, our cooperation involves her reloading until we are outflanked and then there is a procedure for that eventuality. So we’ll see. But I’ll stand and fights are first recourse even if a losing proposition. I’m in the age 50-60 straight white Christian demo, and I’ve enjoyed good luck and a decent life. Life is promised to no man.

      • DaBears: US military has trained more than a few of the cartel sicarios, and the cartels specifically encourage the mestizos in the US to get military training and certification. In addition to all the literal morons now in dotmil, add the racial gangs. Versus all the White guys with battle flag tattoos who were booted.

        • The Mexican cartels have been fighting long enough that the dumb ones are dead. OJT counts on the battlefield.

        • I will still do my best to kill them and snuff our their grub progeny, dear.

          I learn from you. Thank you.

  17. When serious problems are ignored to satisfy the empathetic, and as those empathetics gain more power, the degradation only accelerates.

    Like it or not, this degradation will not stop until 19A is repealed and the empathetic demographic removed from the policy booth.

    • A poster elsewhere noted that once the gynocracy is given power they will never give it up until they have absolutely destroyed the thing over which they have power. I chew it over in my mind as I’d rather the plane *not* have to be crashed into the side of a mountain in order to try and rebuild it, but I’m not really seeing a viable off ramp at the moment.

      • Economic collapse. Only alternative to a complete societal collapse. If we cannot pay for the make-work women’s jobs, government in lieu of a husband, safety nets for women making horrible choices, fiat money to throw at tik tok whores, and underpaid cops unwilling to risk their lives to keep thot women safe… then there is a chance. If reality inevitably asserts itself and the make-believe world we have created can no longer be funded… maybe just maybe we can nip this in the bud before the zombie biker hordes level of spicy.

        • I’m more pessimistic. The societal collapse already happened, and only the fiat shekels are holding things together. When they too collapse, well, then I think we’re straight on to the zombie biker hordes.

      • This is one of those truths that should be added to any short pamphlet on the current mess. I’ve even given some thought to figuring out how to profit from these kinds of truths (since, for me, working for a living right now is having a bear market). Perhaps a hedge fund that uses “anti-ESG”. Company has all White male executives and doesn’t care about carbon offsets, DIEversity, or wammen? Let’s buy that stock! It would a challenge to avoid having to spend any profits on heavily armed security details for everyone in the hedge company though.

    • As I have said to the chagrin of many women I have known, when you get rid of the patriarchy you will soon get rid of society.

  18. At the individual level, none of us can stop the erosion of our American heritage as described in today’s post. Nor can the day of reckoning be put off forever. Those are things beyond our control, and will not be solved by voting harder, no matter what Dan Bongino says. And most normies will remain on the couch until the house is on fire. No amount of clever persuasion is going to change that.

    But what we can do is get out of the big city, into a safe haven, ride out the storm of collapse, and live to fight another day. The chaos and mayhem that follows will largely be confined to degenerate urban areas and LEOs/NGs everywhere will be overwhelmed. This will be the trigger for elites to attempt a soft coup and impose a technocratic tyranny on America and the West. The MSM will run a narrative that the “people” are “demanding” it as a solution to the collapse chaos.

    If they win, liberty dies and we enter a new dark age (much like the Soviet Union). They don’t win if fight back smarter rather than harder. 4S & focus. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • Much worse than the Soviet Union. When communism collapsed Russia was still mostly Russian. The devil has fixed that bug in his game plan this time around

    • I own a Plan B in Da Yoop. Stocked, land and water. But realistically I’ll ride out the great event here in Chicago. We’ve carved out a good life here in many ways. I’m also a stand and fight guy and I do not fear my inevitable death. It’s personally tiresome to keep hearing that I should displace from the city. Everybody here got the memo. I was visiting NYC when the lights went down. I witnessed the primitive behaviors emerge within an hour. It won’t be pretty after two days and no power or running water. I’m not deluded.

      • DaBears: In all sincerity, may I ask why? I understand that you are not expecting things to be pretty; it’s the need/desire to remain in the city I’d like to better understand. I spent most of my life in cities and suburbs. I used the libraries, visited the museums, ate at the restaurants, went to the cocktail parties. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my husband’s coworkers told me at the Christmas party that if he had to move rural as we had chosen to, he would kill himself.

        It’s not that we didn’t appreciate all those things we did when we did them, it’s that they are not integral to our survival. And at present, the other attributes of urban and suburban living are deleterious to our mental health, if not our physical safety.

        What would you lose out on by moving to the UP? I’ve never had the fortune to visit there but it looks beautiful, albeit very cold at least 1/3 of the year.

      • “Say yea to da UP, eh?” Are those bumper stickers still around. Were when I lived in Detroit briefly in the 80s

      • My question is why you would subject your loved one to that…I could see staying if it was just you but you have to know what would happen to her if the savages got a hold of her alive…

  19. Ultimately, high standards and merit–the ability to reach or surpass those standards–is the sine qua non of civilization. Alas, in a multiracial, hyper-egalitarian society, high standards and merit are menaces to be eradicated because their existence points up clearly the preposterousness of equality between races. We can have racial equality alright, but only through liquidating civilization and replacing it with savagery. And that is the cost AINO’s Power Structure is more than willing to inflict upon meritorious white people.

    • Well put. Multi-racial societies by necessity also have to limit Anglo-American rights such as free speech. To permit free exchange is to highlight dysfunction and anger those too primitive to enjoy the fruits of unhindered expression. While I have become quite skeptical of the full utility of these eroding rights, I also have to acknowledge that they foster creativity and innovation. Remove those, and you get the bland, violent, ignorant society in lieu of civilization.

      Reign in hell and all that. There in fact was nothing exceptional about AINO.

  20. “Fifty years ago, after the Vietnam war, the military put an emphasis on quality over quantity in both its arms and the men using those arms. The lesson of the Vietnam and post-Vietnam era, the so-called Stripes period, was that the modern military needed to be smarter, relying on intelligence rather than just brute force.”


    The lesson of Viet Nam was that you can’t use a republican army to fight imperial wars. Therefore conscription was out and a volunteer army was in.

    Of course, They knew that most of the volunteers would be poor folk. Because They were also busy eliminating American industry and shipping American jobs overseas.

    Actually, I guess you CAN use regular men to fight imperial wars, but you have to, every single time, make it look like Hitler and Tojo types are about to take over the world AND invade Oklahoma. Even the USSA propagandists find that tough one to pull off repeatedly.

    • IMHO, the thing that did the most to eliminate the rot in the 1970 military was the development and implementation of effective urinalysis testing for marijuana use.

      By the time I was commissioned in 1985, marijuana use in the ranks was near non-existent.

      • Piss tests worked . . though sometimes LT if he had good sense took the piss test for his Vietnam era sarge

    • I think they were both lessons learned. The lesson about republican Arnie’s and imperial wars is very valid

    • Oddly enough, I never see the empire’s enemies compared to Tojo. (or Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao etc.). Only to the mustachioed Austrian, and to him alone.

    • I suppose that’s right. Just like the War of 1812 showed that militias were unsuitable for wars of conquest.

  21. Another problem for military recruitment is the fact that white Southern males who come from a tradition of service are no longer joining. The destruction of Confederate memorials was a slap in the face. Actions have consequences.

    • Military is a family affair, and if you rip out the seeds from the next generation you’re going to lose an incredible about of knowledge that fathers passed to their sons about serving well, as well as the martial culture germinated over literally hundreds of years.

    • My family’s military service stretches from the Civil War (or CW1) to GWOT (me), and it breaks my heart to end it there. Every one of my friends feels the same way.

      We sacrificed our brothers, but we won’t sacrifice our sons.

      • Same. Only difference being from the Revolution to me in a nearly unbroken chain of this country’s wars. It ends. Better to kill the family tradition than have my sons or nephews killed for this degenerate empire.

        Our family’s young men have opted out of serving, with the encouragement and blessings of (we) their fathers and grandfathers.

        They’re all athletic, have played team sports, and can handle a rifle. That’s the best we could do for them.

        It’s a shame that they won’t have that traditional option to test and mature themselves. It would be worse however, if they brought shame on the family serving for the hateful gay empire that killed America.

  22. > In the case of a restaurant, this means the regulars stop being regular. In the case of an entertainment district, it often becomes a free fire zone for local youth.

    There used to be several amusement parks very close to cities in the middle of the century. Then the city demographics changed and not there’s a reason all these parks are in the middle of nowhere. This is now happening to things far more important than roller coasters.

    • For some reason I’m just not particularly eager to drop coin for an afternoon at Six Flags over Hutuland…

    • The last time I was at Six Flags outside of Philadelphia was about 20 years ago and it looked like I was at an amusement park in the Congo. I was there with my wife and we finally left when the third fight broke out maybe it was the 4th I’m not sure. Never went back. Philly has no public pools anymore for two reasons 1st blax can’t swim 2nd all they do is fight, rape the girls and steal the concessions blind. There is absolutely no point and putting together an opportunity like that for these people.

        • It’s in Jackson NJ. There’s a place called Dornrey Park in Allentown. I thought it would be fun to take my kids to ride the rides. My mom and her husband looked at me in alarm and said “stay away from that place!” They were clearly frightened about the element there.

          So we took everyone to Knoebles.

          I have an elderly aunt and uncle in Clifton Heights, and we can’t believe they haven’t fled yet.

    • Anyone ever hear about what happened to Astro World in Houston? Great theme park for decades…until the hood rats found out that a summer pass was cheaper than daycare. It killed the place within a year. Rappers still sing about it.

    • Chet: Excellent point. Amusement parks, malls, swimming complexes, public parades, etc. Public space is no longer safe nor suitable for White people. Yet another reason I would argue giving up urban ‘amenities’ is well worth doing.

        • Ostei: Oh, I agree. It’s just that too many still think that where THEY live, it’s still okay. Or prefer to accept the risks because of what they perceive as the bennies, such as DaBears. I would argue that we have do not have a civil society, minus a tiny number of localized remnants, and Whites need to prepare and plan to live without that society or they and their progeny will not be any part of any future.

          • Yes, but my point, which I did not make explicit by any means, is that the “civil rights” movement plus diversity has already destroyed civil society. And there is no way to put it back together again.

  23. A cautionary tale was McNamara’s Morons from the min-1960s. SecDef Robert Strange McNamara recruited 100,000 low-IQ individuals, gave them extensive training, and sent them to Nam. It was a disaster. They got not only themselves killed, but their units. McNamara also intended it to give these youth the training to succeed back in civilian society — one of his typical social engineering schemes. All that happened when average IQ was maybe 5 points higher than today. Here’s a YouTube:

  24. My prediction: there will be mandatory service (with the military as an option) for all Americans when they turn 18.

    • I doubt it and suspect the number of those refusing to register is already off the charts—note all the PSA’s that note it is required. A draft might be attempted with the full knowledge it would spark unrest, but that only would happen after they stumbled and bumbled into a full-blown real war, something they are capable of doing, and would end the nanosecond a missile sailed within 500 miles of the Acela Corridor. The Banana Empire is done as a military power and that is dawning on the rest of the world now.

  25. As critical as the diminution of average intelligence among today’s military recruits is the utter lack of discipline. You can still field an effective fighting force with candidates of mediocre intelligence provided there is strict discipline enforced. But concurrent with the dilution of average intelligence owing to diversity initiatives is the pure, sad fact that what recruits the military does manage to attract are not permitted to be effectively whipped into shape.

    Long gone are the R. Lee Ermey hard-ass DI types, screaming in the faces of raw recruits who fail to follow simple instructions. No more “Get down and give me twenty” or denial of privileges for infractions. And heaven forfend anyone expresses even mild disapproval of a female recruit’s performance. She may well resort to breaking out the big guns and cry.

    A couple of nephews are career military and they tell me in abundant disgust that just during their tenures (one in the Marines and the other in the Air Force) their branches have been so pussified that they now just count the days until they qualify for full pension and can bail.

    I work in defense electronics and can well attest that the modern weapons of war are far smarter than those entrusted with them. I have a keen, though somewhat macabre interest in seeing how our products would fare against a near-peer adversary. But my suspicion is that a whole lot of wunderwaffen would be bricked on the launchpad in any real conflict due to the inexperience and ineptitude of today’s eviscerated fighting force.

    • I’ll never not laugh at the videos of 4.5 foot Filipino women yelling at 6 foot men at boot camp. Instead of fearing the DI, the main obstacle of recruits is resisting the urge to laugh.

      • The rot began by letting females get within ten miles of the combat arms. Women do not make good soldiers, no matter what Hollyweird tells us.

    • Exactly. The exodus of NCO’s began almost a decade ago, too. The only recruits now routinely subjected to “discipline,” which amounts to indoctrination, predictably are white males. The final nail in the coffin was discharges over refusal to take the Covid vaccination. ‘Tis an ill wind.

      There are Mestizo recruits who hone their skills and upon discharge go to work for the cartels. This illustrates the types who comprise the troops now. I suspect, and would like to see the numbers, that the numbers of crimes committed by the enlisted has soared yet the number of dishonorable discharges has plummeted. I have been told that theft often is overlooked even though that resulted in immediate DD not all that long ago.

      • JD –

        On occasion I peruse military news. What you describe in terms of looking the other way is becoming official policy in a way that is even worse than what you describe.

        As part of equity here is the new procedure. POCs bare the brunt of accusations and reports of misconduct. So, to stamp out racism and ensure equity they are now going to look at the race and info of those who report misconduct. They will take into consideration the race of the reporter and the accused.

        The subtext is that whites are reporting misconduct for racial reasons, and this affects non-white’s ability to advance or even remain in the ranks. This is a double whammy. One, people who report misconduct will be reticent to do so because it will cast aspersions of racism on them. Second, their will be fewer reports and so there will be more misconduct because it won’t be reported and then as things degenerate there won’t be any incentive for anyone to behave. Corruption will skyrocket and morale will plummet.

        All white men should stay home. To fight for The Regime is to fight for Alejandro Mayorkas and his HIAS operation designed to replace you and dispossess you of your homeland.

  26. IQ will not be an issue for long; gene therapy will fix that soon enough. In 30 years, we’ll have babies designed from the ground up like in a computer game, and then it’s singularity time.

    Fuck me, we’re the last humans, gentlemen. It’s been a privilege.

        • It won’t be done by force, with robots running around inseminating human females.

          It will rather happen through social adaptation. Having an “unoptimized” baby will be like having a down syndrome baby today: who would do such a thing to its offspring? Wouldn’t you rather have the +10 point boost to IQ if you can have it?

          The optimization of the human genome will then of course be under algorithmic control, which would mean that the trajectory of human development will now be influenced by non-human entities.

          It will start out as a symbiotic relationships of human and machine, but the range of human individuality will continually decrease as the algorithmic optimization progresses, with the result being the production of drone armies totally subservient to a by then self-serving machine control system.

        • As slaves; all of their history is based on slave systems.

          Replicants who breed. It’s much cheaper.
          The capabilities of one’s specialization will be boosted,
          but without critical enzymes supplied only by the State, you will die.

          As versatile nodes in the Internet of Things, driven by the nanotech in our blood and bodies. This will be one’s job classification and form collective classes of the Hive.

          As the most valuable treasure in the human universe;
          a pure White stock will be kept as the ultimate sign of wealth.

          As satisfying victims to hideous sexual sadism; forget not the lusts of the demon-driven.

      • If true, at least 95% of males become useless eaters. Much more than that if you use artificial insemination. That’s assuming we aren’t already there, between demographics and MGTOW and entitlement mindset and such…

      • Holy crap you have a great idea for a sci fi plot there.

        Or has it been done already? I don’t read much SF.

    • Even if such a thing were to work (a monstrously big “if”) I could only envision it being done at the margins. I could see some Chinese couple checking all the boxes they want for their superkid but then it comes out looking like the descendent of Leif Erickson and not themselves. It’s not “their kid” after a certain point.

    • You think hood rats who can’t bother to use a condom will suddenly start using perfect birth control so that a machine can engineer their offspring’s embryos?

      • It will take awhile. Remember, the enhanced embryo must grow and mature. That assumes the technology is perfected. Doubtful. What we’ll see are generational attempts at perfecting the technique. Genes will be discovered along the line to be added to the “mix” and so forth. Nonetheless, the technique promises our salvation. Otherwise it’s a slow decline back into Darwinian selection. We did not get here all at once and we won’t get back out of this decline any faster.

  27. “The generally accepted estimate is that European people are losing one point per generation at the minimum. That study about the modern officer class suggests the decline is much more rapid …”

    The calibre of young whites opting to become commissioned officers is probably a big factor as well.

    “The military is finding out what every employer in American already knows and that is a college diploma is meaningless.”

    A quick internet search will give one the names of four-star generals and admirals in the US armed forces, pus their academic credentials. While they all hold master’s degrees, they all seem to have completed their undergrad and grad work at no-name dogdick universities. I’ve not been able to find any four-star officer with a degree from CalTech or MIT. It’s probably fair to say there are no Clausewitzs, Guderians or Ludenforffs among them. I don’t know if there is a deliberate drive for mediocrity in the US armed forces or whether the best and brightest simply can’t be induced to become commissioned officers.

    I agree with you that there seems to be a general decline in intelligence but I also feel there’s a stultifying drive towards mediocrity that is ubiquitous in the USA and cuts across all fields.

    • I did the search. Your thesis is seriously flawed. The first ten four star generals listed in Wikipedia got their undergrads at:
      Texas Tech
      Notre Dame
      University of Texas Arlington
      US Military Academy
      US Naval Academy
      US Air Force Academy
      Metropolitan State Denver
      US Air Force Academy
      Notre Dame

      Seven of the ten went to solid academic institutions that in no way could be considered dogdick universities. The three who attended lesser institutions are diversity placements.

        • You are likely right.

          Heard yet another Col. MacGregor interview today where he specifically denounces the Ivies and the service academies as sources for govt leaders in Washington. He says they are nothing but schools for mediocrity, and it is hard to disagree.

          He is pounding the drum for his new political group that apparently wants to drain the swamp by kicking out all the usual crowd in DC and replacing them with people are not credentialed in what has become the normal sense.

          Sounds good to me.

        • West point used to be. God knows what their standards are now. And lest we forget, Michelle got through the gates into Princeton. So we can safely say no one will consider Princeton top tier in a century

          • You are right. Many black people admitted to the Ivies because of affirmative action. Obama is another. And once admitted to Harvard/Yale/Princeton, it’s easy to get through some fluff degree.

            On a side note, I wonder what the average IQ of US generals and admirals is. 120? What about US senators? 115?

          • American academia, whether it be Princeton, the Naval Academy or Metropolitian State, is no longer the guardian of intellectual and scholarly excellence. Quite the contrary. It is and long has been at the vanguard of intellectually degrading itself and disseminating that degradation throughout every other institution in society. Academia is the engine of everything awful in AINO.

        • There are schools with good reputations, but please don’t lump all departments *within* top tier schools as “excellent”. In any school, there are pockets of excellence and if you know your future major, you look for such. If you just want a name, rub elbows with elites, well then go to an Ivy League.

        • I don’t know that, but they are perhaps redundant and superfluous. WWII was fought with *7* 4-star general. Our modern army has *44* 4-star generals. That’s four stars, then we have 1, 2, 3, start generals. Sounds like an overstaff bureaucracy on par with Twitter.

    • My perception is that, in the Current Year, even Master’s degrees from the 1A and second-tier STEM programs are no longer indicators of elevated thinking or problem solving capabilities.

    • “I don’t know if there is a deliberate drive for mediocrity in the US armed forces or whether the best and brightest simply can’t be induced to become commissioned officers.”

      The “best and the brightest” figure out what a chicken-shit outfit they signed up for and resign their commission after their service obligation is fulfilled.

      • The best and brightest top out at colonel. There is no point for those serious men to hang around past that point, as every promotion to flag officer seems to go to world class ass kissers.

    • “I don’t know if there is a deliberate drive for mediocrity in the US armed forces ”

      there is a deliberate drive for mediocrity across the entire United States in every business in every occupation of every kind and that includes the military. We think you’d notice that by now.

    • Academic credentials do not come close to guaranteeing the qualities necessary to become a great military leader. Chuck Yeager never even went to college. In the modern era, the basic requirement for becoming a commissioned officer is a four year degree. It could be an engineering degree or a gender studies degree. Intelligence is a prerequisite for being a competent officer. The degree requirement was intended to be a proxy for the basic intelligence requirement. That is clearly no longer the case. Some guy with a BS in engineering from a state school and a solid GPA probably has an IQ above 125. Shaniqua with a grievance studies degree from Harvard is likely to have an IQ around 105. Shaniqua will receive preferential treatment over the state school guy from the time she joins the military until she leaves or retires. This was not a problem fifty years ago but it is now endemic. There is no indication that it won’t continue to get worse. Furthermore, the people tasked with fixing the military’s problems are not exactly going to be looking in the mirror for the solution.

      • I’d estimate that your state school engineer will probably have an IQ of 115-120, but otherwise, spot on.

        • Yeah, but remember an IQ of 120 places you into the top 10% of the population. That ain’t bad—ignoring our declining k-12 schooling during your formative years.

    • They (typically) do post-grad work simultaneously while attending higher education within the military; The War College, Naval Postgraduate College, Command and General Staff, etc.

      Those military schools partner with the podunck schools you mention for accreditation.

      Please don’t think I’m calling these guys smart, I’m just trying to translate what you describe.

      • Fair enough. It did cross my mind. But just curious why they don’t team up with top-ranking schools? Geographical proximity? Most of the ranking schools are in the Northeast or the Pacific coast. The podunk schools are mostly in the South or Southwest.

        • There are a few reasons:
          – prestigious universities want to choose who attends
          – the officers might fail a tough curriculum *gasp*
          – congressional armed services committees need to get paid off
          – academic hostility to the military

          • Recall that in the aftermath of 9/11 many elite universities booted ROTC programs off campus and banned military recruiters from campus as well.

      • That listing is where the first ten four star generals listed in Wikipedia got their respective undergraduate degrees, not their advanced degrees.

        The only institution on that list that clearly qualifies as “podunk” or “dogdick” is Metropolitan State University in Denver. It serves the urban population (read: Hispanic, Black, and poor White) in Denver and has no entrance qualifications. I believe University of Texas Arlington is somewhat analogous in Dallas, but I could be wrong. I always thought Texas Tech was where kids who could not get into Texas A&M went, but again I could be wrong. By the way, Texas A&M produces more CEOs than any other institution in the country.

        The remaining colleges are all solid institutions. I would hire candidates from any of them, with Princeton being on the bottom of my list. I have practiced law with (and against) truckloads of Ivy League lawyers over the years and almost without exception they are terrible attorneys. As a rule, they are book smart and well connected, but incredibly entitled, lazy and unimaginative. They usually practice in a firm for 2-3 years, then roll into a cushy job with FedGov.

        The truth is that the diversity push has destroyed the brands of all major education institutions. These days, if I see a white guy with good grades in a STEM program from a solid university, there’s a pretty good chance I have a winner. The entire system has been stacked against him and he came through on top. Those are the people I want to hire.

        • re: Texas A&M and CEOs, I’m gonna take a guess that’s almost entirely about oil, it being the #1 institution in AINO for educating petroleum engineers (along with other assorted oil business majors)

  28. There are a few megatrends here at work worth discussing.

    1) ROTC on campus is obviously a big source of smart officers. The whole “rainbow” controversy (before they changed the rules) got ROTC kicked off many elite college campuses. ROTC has never quite recovered from this.

    2) The loss of officer/ROTC/academy prestige is enormous versus my day (early 80’s college grad). If your high school classmate won an academy appointment, he/she was the talk of the town. In college, the Navy ROTC guys slayed the girls while the rest of us dorks took the leftovers. (I was washed out due to bad eyesight and ended up a civilian contractor lol). Nowadays, not so much…ROTC has an “ick” factor and the academy appointments don’t even make the local paper.

    3) The military has outsourced a lot of functionality to private contractors (in logistics, C3/intel, repair/maintenance, training). Many billets formerly filled by serving officers are filled by civilian contractors. The civilians are generally smarter and many are former officers. This started in my era and is now turbo-charged.

    4) De facto race quotas for officers obviously haven’t helped the situation.

    5) Competition from the private sector is fierce for the smarter candidates. Anyone with an interest in engineering, computer or other STEM has no need for ROTC because you are almost guaranteed a good job at high pay upon graduation. This was not the case in the 80’s and 90’s. This leaves the midwits in ROTC.

    • In simple terms, it’s crazy for whites to join a military loaded with POC and women…They will be promoted ahead of you, no matter how incompetent, and in combat they will get you killed….

      • And what is equally galling: your lower-IQ CO will be getting your support. You will be constantly helping that person to keep his or her place.

        If you have ever worked for a lazy-ass narcissist midwhit, you will know exactly what I mean.

    • >The military has outsourced a lot of functionality to private contractors

      I can’t wait for the American Prigozhin to march on Washington.

      Actually, it will be probably much lamer than that. The political prostitutes will sell the country to private contractors without any meaningful resistance. It will be then up to the contractors to decide whether they join forces and rule the landmass together or if they will have to fight it out.

      • If the private military contractors want to keep on hiring trained soldiers with combat experience, then pretty soon they might have to start hiring……. Russians?

    • “These considerably more successful nations share a number of common characteristics, including, most notably of all, shorter school closures during the pandemic, as noted in the report.”

      Ha ha. But let’s by all means studiously ignore the only characteristic that truly matters–good math nations are overwhelmingly white (except for Japan), and haven’t been polluting their populace with African and Central American savages the way AINO has.

  29. $10 T in debt okay…
    $20 T in debt okay…
    $35 T in debt okay…
    $40 T in debt okay??
    $50 T??
    $80 T???
    Suddenly it will not be okay

    • I suspect the biggest wealth seizure since Covid, which it will dwarf, is in the works. Those trillions of white dollars that soon will be inherited by Gen X and Millennials from their Boomer parents? It is noticed. The problem is there is nothing after Shitavious and Shanika and Juan and Rosa eat the seed corn, which they can do in short order.

      • JD-

        I figure they will just bail-in everyone’s retirement funds to save the megabanks when the next crisis appears.

        Real-estate will be trickier, but you can already see the swamp putting out feelers to flip homes from citizens to invaders.

        • Yes. Also take note of related feelers to tax appreciation prior to sale. That is not aimed at Larry Fink. I can see the return of multi-generational families in houses owned jointly by both parents and their children becoming a thing as a way to combat that, which is a good thing.

          Anyone still treating 401k’s and IRA’s like they are safe is delusional.

        • Wild Geese: Absolutely they have their eyes on 401(k)s and IRAs. Have for a while now. We took a chunk out to enable our relocation and the taxes were quite painful. Still planning on taking more. A friend took all of his to have a plan B.. It’s perhaps not as widespread as it ought to be, but it is happening.

          As far as housing, Shaniqua has been complaining (in print that I’ve seen) that Whites passing on homes/equity to their progeny is rayciss. So they definitely have their eyes on that as well. Since we bought our property outright, as long as we pay the relatively low property taxes where we are we should be okay, but I also learned of a proposal to increase the size/area of a state park that would encompass our land and have it seized via eminent domain. Seems to have been stalled for now, but wherever you are in AINO you cannot assume you are ever ‘safe’ from some level of political/financial overreach.

      • Your wealth seizure scenario is part of the great reset i think. The concept of private property is weakening and that will be the end of re semblance of prosperity

        • The idea was actually floated back in ’08 (“Stocks are too risky, let’s force everyone’s 401K plan into Treasuries!”) so I’m sure the idea is just biding it’s time for it’s ultimate return.

  30. College is no longer a reliable type of intelligence test.

    Gets back to what you say about anything of value eventually being counterfeited. 100 years ago it was “People with High School diplomas are more wealthy, therefore more people need High School diplomas”. Rinse-lather-repeat until today when we have PhDs who are unable to write coherently; because it was never the “paper” but the “person”. I also wanted to mention even institutional barriers like the Bar exam are unable to keep the low IQ hordes out.

    (Not related, but I also wanted to note that on one hand I feel bad for the Ukes for putting so much trust into GAE for their military endeavor, but OTOH, GAE humiliatingly getting run out of Afghanistan a few months earlier should have given them pause for thought).

  31. What happened in the court system is similar to the infiltration of blacks into a white neighborhood. There is a small increase in violence until the percentage reaches a certain point and then it takes off, driving out the whites. The court system has been gradually taken over, and having reached a certain level of communists on the bench, suddenly they start feel free to take care of their own and jail the bad white men.

    • The Russian victory in Adveeka is another example…the battle was going to last for months, then suddenly it turned into a rout and the Ukrainians cut and run with heavy casualties…..

  32. The current CNO is a classmate (and my former coxswain)—you generally get to know someone pretty well when you spend 3 hours a day, six days a week shoehorned into a boat with them for two years. We’ve kept in touch sporadically and I knew she was being groomed for something, but when push comes to shove she ain’t an Ernest King, Nimitz or Halsey.

  33. Anti-whiteness, PC, and trannies in the military are certainly reasons why young whites are not joining, but let’s not overlook another important factor: whites who are naturally interested in the military want to win, and the U.S. debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan were obviously humiliating and fruitless defeats. And nobody wants to join a losing team.

    Especially after the disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years, white kids and their parents realized that the wars were a farce, that they weren’t necessary, and that the soldiers who volunteered to die or get their legs blown off did it for nothing. Not “to keep us safe” or “defend our freedom” or any of that other horseshit.

    My own views on the military evolved substantially in the past 30 years, I was very impressed and proud by the one-month knockout punch delivered by Norman Schwarzkopf in 1991. Consequently, as a then-neocon, I initially supported the 2003 Iraq war thinking it would be similar. I was wrong. Even worse, in some respects, was Afghanistan, which became a massive grift for the military-industrial complex. Afghanistan had nothing whatsoever to do with American security. The Taliban never did and never could attack us. The Afghanistan operation should have been over in 2001, instead it became a crusade for GloboHomo, for “democracy,” for feminism, and it made a lot of defense contractors and officers rich.

    I think a number of people, like myself, eventually became redpilled on the military. I suspect that there would be more whites willing to endure the government PC bullshit being foisted on the military if they thought that by joining, they would be serving a purpose and actually serving their country instead of serving the grifters.

    • You also need to consider heroin production in Afghanistan during USA/UK occupation.Huge quantities of Heroin! It immediately declined after the US left the country.
      My own pet theory on the reason for the rapid American exit from Afghanistan was the looming conflict in the Ukraine and American assistance to Ukraine. The supply chain to American forces in Afghanistan was expensive and tenuous. Russia would easily be able to disrupt supply transit into Afghanistan and engineer a situation whereby American forces were stranded in country.

      • I agree with your theory, but the United States will not be able to get a 20-year revenue stream out of the Ukraine as it did in Afghanistan. That explains the ferocious rapacity involved with Operation Kiev Grift–they have to make hay while the sun shines.

        • A 20-year war was never the plan.

          The idea was to put on sanctions, ruin the Russian economy, and the Rooskis themselves would kick out Putin and then maybe even have some kind of civil war. But no matter what, in the end the Yankee carpet baggers, as ever, would reap a harvest.

          And this time they would find a better Yeltsin, and make sure that no future Putin would ever be allowed to arise.

        • Maybe not from Ukraine proper, but from the new cold war with Russia? That could go much longer than 20 years

    • ” I suspect that there would be more whites willing to endure the government PC bullshit being foisted on the military if they thought that by joining, they would be serving a purpose and actually serving their country.”

      that’s where trump comes in:

      “No more trannies in the military, now come on in & let’s make Isr- I mean America great again!”

    • @Xman, “The Afghanistan operation should have been over in 2001…”

      The Afghanistan operation should never have happened at all. The Taliban said, “Sure, we’ll hand Bin Laden over as soon as you show us the evidence he was involved. We have no hospitality duty to a criminal.”

      To which Baby Bush said, “Evidence? We don’t need no steeking evidence.”

      In any sane world, Bush would have been impeached, at the very least.

    • It isn’t just the debacle overseas that is a discouragement. It was also happened on our shores. I think a great meme for our youth is a video of mosques in Minnesota, Michigan and many other flyover states, the Minnesota flag being changed to what looks like a Somali flag, the massive Muslim protests, the Somali and other sub-saharan muslim masses in South Dakota, Denver, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, every major city …, the general progress of TGR with the slogan that sold so many young white men on the GWOT:

      “Fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.” Of course, you don’t have to fight them over here, because our Ruling Regime is handing them the country just as Paul Krugman promised they would.

      We need anti-recruitment materials and there are plenty: Biden and Mayorkas celebrating making us a minority; Krugman promising they will take your power away; the countless members of the coalition of minorities acknowledging TGR.

      Do not fight for a regime that is dispossessing you. Usually, the regime has to promise you something. To fight for a regime that has destroyed your country and is executing a pogrom against you is insanity. The more of our young men who know, the better.

    • You could kind of say the GWOT was the plandemic of military operations. It worked once, at least initially, at getting most of everybody to buy into it, but it’s not going to work twice.

    • Schwarkopfs knock out punch was Mike Tyson vs Woody Allen. Iraq had just come off of 8 years of real war with Iran. They had old equipment and almost no aircraft. Never mind the fact that the USA was lied into the war, it was nothing more than an extreme training exercise. GW 2 done by Bush Jr. was a major f up the day it was launched. We took out a guy that had nothing to do with 9 11 and was an enemy of Iran and even AQ. It was a loser from the start.

    • We’ve had too many wars too fast. This means we can actually see and remember the result in one person’s lifetime. It’s not pretty. I for one can now evaluate the results and they conflict with not only the initial reason for the war, but also the results. The only folk it seems to have profited from any war from Vietnam on, are the military contractors. Not being cynical here, but realistic.

      Vietnam stayed commie and now are doing great under their government. They do however love us and want American investment.
      Grenada, a silly little show put on by Reagan for the rubes. Cuba is still Cuba and hates us. Grenada is still Granada.
      Sandbox wars, all lost. Countries are still crap holes with no real democracy and to boot, hate us. Most surrounding nations hate us worse than ever.
      Ukraine, lost—they just don’t know it yet. Our support is probably their extinction as a viable political entity.

      The above are only the admitted, visible wars. The covert wars are much the same results.

  34. Beginning with the feminized Boomer generation and going forward, a new type of intelligence — emotional intelligence — came to replace the older, more technical intelligence as the managerial society became dominant. How we feel determines what we value. The distribution of resources and status is more important than competence. This has been a conscious decision on the part of those in control. Planes falling out of the sky — and that’s okay — is a good if hopefully rare metaphor though hopefully rare occurrence.

    We see it most clearly in the political/media dominated areas of the culture. Consider, for example, the smiling faces of the judge and prosecutor so pleased that “We got Trump” the law be damned. The all-at-once result is the natural terminus of these lengthy trends.

    • a new type of intelligence — emotional intelligence — came to replace the older, more technical intelligence as the managerial society became dominant. How we feel determines what we value.

      I’ve been noting that as the years roll along, being someone people like has been more important than being someone who can get the job done. Oh, there are still technical tests for people like programmers and the like, but now the big question is less “can you get the job done?” and more “Do you fit in with the ‘team dynamic’?”, whatever the ‘team dynamic’ is. 😒

      And goodness, it seems to be concurrent with a rise in the number of A Certain Sex in business and government.

      And while it might be nice for everybody to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, holding hands, making nice, and singing doesn’t move us one foot closer to our stated goal or goals.

      Look, I get it that people can be jerks, a-holes, prima donnas, whatever. I’ve worked with plenty of them. One sex seems to understand better than the other that we’re here to get a job done, and if it takes jerks, a-holes, and prima donnas to get it done, than so be it, Get It Done. You don’t have to go home to these people or have dinner with them.

      • Boy, is that ever true. My own academic career was derailed by this sort of thing. When I got hired at a teaching college I assumed that my job was to teach. I had the credentials and the ability to competently and coherently deliver a lecture and run classroom. Give me my schedule, leave me alone, thank you very much, pay me on Friday.

        The place was, however, run by underqualified females who did not have these skills but instead got ahead by jabbering about “learning communities” and “outreach” and how committed they were to the faculty union over coffee while they got shitty teaching reviews.

        They had no actual reason to get rid of me — indeed, they kept people who committed malfeasance or were incompetent — so they invented bullshit like “he was not collegial enough” and “wasn’t a good fit in our community.”

        A sane and productive man cannot work in the contemporary world without becoming either a misogynist or a simp.

  35. It’s good more Whites are finally recognizing the writing on the wall, and further, doing something about it – only if it’s opting out. Gotta start somewhere.

    As for why society is where it is, I’m finishing up a book Z recommended a while back, titled: Witches, Feminism and the Fall of the West by Ed Dutton. It’s a good synopsis of the problem (at least in part) of what we face. The other part, of course is demographics and the inability to have any meaningful public discussion of the obvious factual realities.

  36. Tucker’s bit with Benz suggests that US gov realized it could do “regime change “ in other countries on the cheap and with minimal military hardware just by controlling internet/media.

    Then they went and did it here.

    Could be why they don’t care about having a military that is a jobs project and social experiment. That’s not where true power lies anymore. (?)

    Seems fantastic, but it’s hard to wrap your brain around the scale and power of a trillion dollar police state.

    Russia seems to be fighting it though…and NATO is scared to death realizing there doesn’t seem to be a Plan B if information/disinformation control fails.

    • If you can control people s minds you don’t need traditional weapons, the ones that break stuff, from war clubs to hydrogen bombs.

      But…that mind weapons hype is going to backfire spectacularly. And then “traditional weapons”, the ones that break sh!t, will be back to style

    • I’d say their project isn’t going very well. Why not? Because 8 years on they are faced with the task of having to steal yet another election. So they are no farther along than they were when they started.

      • The people who actually decide what happens *enjoy* that we don’t really accept it.

        It’s an excuse to mistreat us and eventually kill us.

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  38. people who fear the bloodshed eventually be conquerd by who aren’t
    of course, enslave people aren’t smart and they get dumber every each year
    Apparently, new approved citizen by the system are worst human resource you can find this planet

    I really Hate when American media keep telling how japan have lack of diversity
    I don’t mind white people has suicidal but don’t drag us down with same road
    It’s undesirable, just like New Appointed Cinderella is an undesirable shitbag

    • Yep, glad to see some waking up to wokeness in the military. Wokeness on the battlefield gets you killed. We were through this before, but those lessons were not learned. Korea and the integration of troops. Why? Because the all Black divisions performed poorly in combat. Afterwards, a useful division had about 10% Blacks.

      • A really useful unit would have 0% Negroes. Or women.
        So I’m perfectly happy with the armed forces getting stupider, queering, feminizing, and blackening their forces. I don’t want them competent.

        • “I don’t want them competent.”


          When the US is led by maniacs, the sword in its scabbard should be rusted and dull and corroding to bits.

          Makes for a much safer world.

    • I have to say – reading those comments was a HUGE, much needed white pill for me today. Outstanding.

      • I agree. In general, comment sections at youtube have changed quite a bit over the last several years for the better.
        It’s actually overwhelming how many are seeing through the bullshit, compared to the relatively recent past where they were drowning in PC nonsense. I guess nature and reality does eventually rise towards the top. It needs to rise more of course….

  39. It is fantastic to learn about and witness the disengagement and exit of many whites. Kids who come from families with a long history and tradition of military service are opting out.
    One of my son’s friends attempted college and discovered it wasn’t for him. Unfortunately, he was also heavily recruited by the marines. They offered him a generous sign on bonus and promises of working in the near future with the DOD.
    He is a good, solid, smart kid from a nice, patriotic family.
    The overlords must be aware that they need a few white men to keep things running for a bit. Maybe they look forward to placing the blame on them once it all collapses.

    • The problem with the “a few good men” theory is that there is a failure point (see today’s commentary) where the numbers become too unbalanced. Good White recruits will quickly notice bad DIE troops and the increased hardships they impose upon them—and that’s just in peacetime. As today’s commentary points out, the tipping point might just have been reached.

      The is no place in any organization for a White person where there is a stated DIE goal and published goal numbers. You could be a veritable Einstein and you’ll be managed by Woopy Goldberg.

      • One of my kids friends was a ROTC produced logistics officer. Good skill for private sector. His dad told me a couple of months ago (kid has since separated from Army) that the enlisted he was getting could not operate a paper inventory list, let alone computerized inventory and shipping systems. Or even a forklift.

      • Like Z stated, this is pervasive in everything. At my current black worship center, we hired a bunch of brown retards who can’t code. As soon as something is even slightly challenging they can’t do it. It’s remarkable. I spend a large portion of my time either writing their code for them or doing it over again. It costs the company huge. Reality is undefeated, but it is still constantly denied.

        • I have an acquaintance who is a senior-level manager in the software development field for one of the very top-tier, global consulting firms. He is a white male in his fifties. All his development teams must meet diversity quotas for both race and gender.

          Large numbers of the diversity hires simply cannot do the work. As part of his job, he is required to complete the code they cannot write and prepare the presentations for the client, then hand it off to the diversity hires so they get the credit for the work. It is slowly killing him, but the compensation is excellent.

        • My attorney’s diversity hire legal secretary cannot format template documents as she doesn’t understand hard page breaks—I had to do it myself, so just to screw with them I did it on a free non word system and sent it back to them—but left a couple of misspellings in.

  40. I’m in my early 50’s and my son is 20. After he graduated he talked to me about joing the air national guard. About that time he became aware of how anti-white the military had become and thought better of it. He will be the first generation of my family who hasn’t served in the military. The brown illegal immigrants they are attempting to recruit into the military won’t have any problem taking guns away from whitey. Spicy times are on the horizon.

    • Actually, I think they will have loads of trouble. If these migrants were so easily turned into a useful tool, they would not be here. The rest of the world is dumping their troublesome populations on us. They are not sending their best.

      • even colored people who had some intelligence and talent will get a high position in their society
        You see Z man, high position in feudal society is so great that there’s no point to go west
        There, you can have wife and mistress, a bunch of cheap prostitutes

        In the US, one wrong move really fucks it up your life
        So Yeah, Elite and oligarchs around the world really don’t have a reason to go west
        That’s right, immigrant and refugees who arrive west are genetic failure considered by their home

        I Thinks most elite people in Japan, China, Korea are dumber than white, so your national average IQ be diluted by a huge margin
        you’re welcome

    • One of my kids started down the path of joining the Navy reserve after graduating. Probably would have gotten a direct appointment, given his peculiar (and rare) educational background. But had a half dozen friends that were in under academy or ROTC programs. Every one was separating the moment they’d hit their service requirement. And I would have pegged at least three of those kids as career. I’m from a family that’s caught every war from King Philip’s to the sandboxes. Concensus in the extended family is “we’re out”. And yes, the sporkiness factor will accelerate.

      • Lawyer, priest, doctor and nursing were the traditional direct appointments to the officer class. You mentioned “rare”, so going with your son went into the faith?

    • Go to any civilian firearms training class. Then go to any local public shooting range and watch blacks with guns. There is a reason there has never been an effective African or South American army.

      Now, I ain’t saying some fatamerican who took a rifle class from Tactical Response in 2016 is somehow a tier 1 operator. What I am saying is: maybe the reason the spicy times are not yet here is that they have pretty good idea of how things might go.

      • My nearest outdoor range is pretty much Disney’s “It’s a Small World”. The thing I notice is that most of vibrants have tricked out AR variants (pre ban) that they just can’t shoot or operate very well. They like to shoot fast—ROs are constantly reminding “no rapid fire” but if in the next lane, you often find 5.56 holes in your target.

      • Lol, the one effective African army was literally called the “South African Army”. When the country and their combat arms, were staffed and lead by whites in ye olden times is the exception, I know.

    • We need full Galt, not half Galt. The half Galt is leaving the system, as in vanishing. The full Galt is in vanishing and creating a parallel system. This may be happening, and I’m just not included. But anyway, that’s my memory of “Atlas Shrugged”.

      • I think it is happening, Compsci, with the abandonment of white collar jobs that require commuting in exchange for vocational and technical jobs that are performed closer to home. Covid reshuffled the deck. For all its downsides, it sped up the fragmentation and dissolution, which is very healthy. Granted, this leaves only incompetents in the professional class but likely will spawn more homegrown doctors and lawyers and accountants and so forth who earn less but have better lives.

        • From your lips…

          Wish I could be so optimistic. Whitey has mostly been trained to die alone on his own hill, fighting pointless skirmishes. Like there’s really a ’50s style wife, kids, house with a white picket fence for those who insist on a career producing PowerPoints in a cube farm.

          If there’s a white America in the future, I’m afraid it’s going to have to be mostly the entrepreneurial legacies augmented by a bunch of ambitious first-generation Russians who build their one-man plumbing or electrical or hvac or roofing companies into 20-truck outfits.

      • In Atlas Shrugged, full Galt means plotting to return to the society you are wrecking b/c you want, among other things, the bankrupted power companies’ distribution networks. Full Galt means having your team (lawyer, banker, etc.) recruited far in advance, and, as soon as the collapse is complete, you rush back in from your own little Israel of saints, i.e. Galt’s Gulch. Full Galt is a Jewish story of Jewish vulture capitalism projected onto the dirty, dimwitted goyim.

      • Your “Half-Galt” designation is a touch of genius! It describes me to a T, seeing as I voted with my feet once and for all 26 years ago, after cashing out at 52 and downsizing to a very zen life. It doesn’t escape me, however, that I’m contributing nothing toward the establishment of a parallel system, but your comment brought it into uncomfortable focus. I’m coming up to 78, but just maybe you’ve inspired me to see if I can do something to contribute to that in my very comfortable third world village if nothing else.

      • Read the book after high school, loved it, ‘went Galt’ early, I suppose.

        25 years later, Galt lecturing as the world around him collapses doesn’t seem as cool as it used to.

        I don’t know what the answer is, but I’m confident saying Let it burn isn’t it. Tempting as that is, as powerless to make a difference one might see himself, as inevitable as it seems, as much as I still struggle with it.

        In fact, life, especially the covid experience, taught me it isn’t. I’m not on some nazi sperg-out, but life is struggle, and you have to engage. You aren’t living if you don’t. Who is John Galt— because nobody remembers him.

        • I’ll add, because I feel like it, the thing I really don’t like about the nazis is that they took sound ideas off the cliff and discredited them. Took me well into adulthood to trust myself, my instincts, my mind’s logic. Dare to be evil, just to figure out that you aren’t evil, that the world is full of shit. Not very happy about that.

      • Muh European heritage. I’m an American, Euros can go finger themselves. When the revolution comes you types will be deported back to “Europe”.

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