Preference Collapse

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Liberalism comes in for a lot of abuse recently, mostly due to the abuses done by the current ruling class in the name of liberalism. People are hauled away and thrown into dungeons in defense of democracy, international rules are violated in defense of the rules-based order and all of it is accompanied by endless lying. It is no surprise that a growing number of people inside and outside the West are starting to think that maybe the problem with liberalism is liberalism itself.

Of course, the place to start is the meaning of liberalism. If you tap the word into a search engine you get the stock definition. “Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on the rights of the individual, liberty, consent of the governed, political equality, right to private property and equality before the law.” Note that the only part that the current ruling elites in the West mention is political equality, but they have a different view of equality from the rest of us.

Another way of thinking about liberalism is the idea of permission. Despite claims by some, liberalism is a peculiarity of Western European people. It grew out of the medieval experience where permission was the rule. Up and down the social order, every was required to seek permission from those they served, even for personal issues like marriage and property transfers. Your preferences were controlled by the range of freedoms granted to you by your superiors.

Liberalism, in contrast, seeks to broaden that range of freedom so the individual can make decisions based on his preferences. A man does not have seek permission from his lord to give some of his land to his brother or a total stranger. As long as the new owner abides by the rules applied to all land owners, he is free to take possession of the land if he so chooses or not take possession of the land. His refusal or acceptance is based on his preferences, which he does not have to explain.

Liberalism is often framed as increased choices and therefore an increase in your freedom to choose, but that is not quite right. If you go into the cereal aisle and select an item from the dozens of choices, but must prove to the cashier that your selection is the best one for you, that is a vastly different world from one in which you pick whatever you like for any reason you like. The ability to not choose at all, for any reason at all, is vastly different from a world where you must choose.

In other words, the core of liberal order is not the proliferation of choices or even the right to make a choice, but the right to make a choice or not make a choice without seeking permission or having to explain your decision. You get to live your life by your own lights and you do not have to explain yourself to the authorities. It is only when you violate the law that your motivations come under review and even there is only as a mean of establishing your guilt or innocence.

This is important for understanding the current age. Everywhere you turn now you are expected to explain your preferences and subject those preferences to what the prevailing orthodoxy pretends is the crucible of reason. Even trivial things, like what you choose to eat, often require an explanation. Everyone feels to need to explain their preferences, as if they fear operating outside of official permission. Outside of a narrowing list of personal choices, your preferences are not your own.

One reason for this is the moralization of American society. Since the end of the Cold War, everything and everyone is subject to the proselytizing of the high priests of the new religion who are always increasing the scope of their work. The reason the vegan makes sure to tell the world she is a vegan is she thinks this safely puts her on the side of the righteous. The mask wearing during the Covid hoax was another example of how trivial things can become holy sacraments.

Another reason for the collapse of preferences is the collapse of the liberal order since the alleged triumph of liberalism in the Cold War. Some as yet understood restraint on managerialism during the Cold War broke down with the end of the Cold War and ever since the managerial class has sought to increase it supervision of the people, thus collapsing the individual domain of preference. In retrospect, the end of the Cold War was not the end of communism, but the end of liberalism.

This collapse of the domain of preference is changing the people. Look at an issue as simple as immigration. The choices should range from no borders, as is current policy, to firm absolute borders with no immigration. You as a citizen should pick your preferred option and feel free to advocate for it. Further, you should be free to say you oppose immigration because you prefer not to live with foreigners and have no need to explain your preference, but that is not the case today.

Listen to anyone you know talk about a topic like immigration and you can see them first struggle for why they prefer whatever it is they claim to prefer. On the one hand they want to be seen as preferring the moral option and on the other hand they feel the need to explain themselves when no explanation should be required. It is hard to know what anyone truly prefers when it comes to public policy, because everyone feels they need permission for their preferences.

One reason we seem to heading toward the abyss is that the range of choices keeps narrowing and the consequences for falling outside those narrow options becomes more draconian. The reason for this is preference has been all but eliminated from the collective consciousness of the people. The land of the free is a pasture where the people herd closer and closer to one another, and anyone who strays from the flock is quickly consumed by the wolves guarding our democracy.

What this suggests is that managerialism, left to run its natural course, becomes something like the what we see with insecure managers in corporation. Fearful of their own position, they proliferate rules and enforcement, locking everything down until no one in the company has any range of motion. The company becomes increasing brittle as it sheds talent and begins to fail. The collapse of individual preference in modern society is a sign of distress in our corporatized society.

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144 thoughts on “Preference Collapse

  1. what civil right movement really means it that white men can’t count on white men
    at least Judas had excuses such as get payed, but those who stabbed in the back on white working class did for unpaid service
    Basically, white men can’t do anything because he doesn’t know who gonna backstabbing him

    Today, white people mercilessly be looted and raped while despising each other doubtful to be a fifth column

  2. Liberation from social hierarchy as described is only one aspect of liberalism.
    Which is more broadly committed to liberating people from any constraint on their freedom of action. Including constraints imposed by biology and physics.

    One of the irresolvable problems with liberalism is that at some point liberating one person necessarily includes compelling other people, because it is ultimately about the will and power. Liberating a person from the biology of the sex, necessarily means compelling others to play along. Liberating people from social constraints necessarily impacts other people in the social group.

    The idea that liberalism died thirty years ago is a mirage caused by the shift in focus from one aspect to another – specifically from social constraints to biologicsl constraints.

    All of that also explains liberals hostility to religion in general and Christianity in particular. As religion imposes constraints on individuals behavior.

    There is also a misconception that liberalism is a bottom up ideology – free lower status people from control by higher status people. And equally important aspect is the top down liberation. It frees higher status people from social and moral constraints. They become free of any obligations to others and free to abuse their positions. You see this in almost all elites in the west who celebrate their sociopathy.

    • Z: “What this suggests is that managerialism, left to run its natural course, becomes something like what we see with insecure managers… they proliferate rules and enforcement, locking everything down until no one in the company has any range of motion. The company… begins to fail…”

      Dinodoxy: “You see this in almost all elites in the west who celebrate their sociopathy.”

      The only thing I’d add to Z’s managerialism [aka Passive Aggression] and Dinodoxy’s sociopathy [aka Psychopathy] would be the horror of the Cluster B which overwhelmed humanititty when the Frankfurt School and the Council of the Sanhedrin broke open Pandora’s Box via the psy-op known as “Feminism”.

      Who knew that so many women would prove to have been such sheer lunatics at heart?

      Does every single White woman of Inner Hajnalia harbor her very own inner Sylvia Plath, filming herself shoving her head in the gas oven to try to earn likes on DikDok or InstaHo?

      Shake dat booty, Sylvia, shake dat booty!!!

  3. My advice, which nobody should rely upon not even in Minecraft, is to prepare but otherwise do nothing yet. Make them strike you personally and, in this instance as I shall, be willing to deal them relative horror when and if they show up. You have a right to murder them if they crash your space.

    Assemble peaceably. Plan for death-dealing because I can assure you targets have it coming and your grid coordinates are known. They won’t hesitate so why should you, there is nothing to lose, they WILL take everything.

    Good luck. We fucked up. As for me, GenX first half. Fuck you Langley and the related muppets. You are going to get it and there shall be no salvation for your ilk.

    • Speaking of game advice, “While preceding your entrance with a grenade is a good tactic in Quake, it should be avoided in real life.”

    • Murder is defined as a type of wrongful killing, yet “You have a right to murder them if they crash your place.” Right-o.

      • I’m just havin’ fun. It’s a beautiful day. But aside from shouting “FIRE” in a crowded opera house, I’m on solid ground.

        Or perhaps not. Time will tell. But I can see what these bleepholes are up to because I am graced with a certain technical background and can only imagine what Assange and Snowden deal with.

        It is all so tiresome from them ….

  4. A great example of what Z is talking about today is last year’s War of the Gas Oven. I think it’s fair to say that most of us have lived with gas ovens for most if not all of our lives, and it is generally accepted that they are superior to electric ovens in every way, especially when it comes to cook quality. It’s always been a selling point and I have read countless real estate listings that proudly list the gas appliances. Well, last year, the elites decided that gas ovens are Bad, and so they are Bad. They are not just dangerous (especially to “Black and Brown bodies”) and inferior to technology like induction that just came out. They even had Their Studies to go over this and of course Their Studies were used to justify their attempts to ban them. They encouraged us to get some gibs from the Brandon energy bill to convert, that is, if we are good people. If not, well, with every click you hear as your gas turns on, you are raping Gaia, literally raping Her.

    Now, nobody ever bothered to ask just what is powering the kitchens in the elites’ homes, but that by itself answers the question.

      • Well, no.

        The imduction cooktop we have has enough hobs available so that induction can be supplied across its surface to various sized pots and pans in whatever configuration is optimal. Induction, as opposed to the open flame approach of gas cooktops, efficiently delivers heating to the magnetically interactive pots and pans without a huge influx of undesired heat to the kitchen. This means that we can have a lovely lightbar over our cooktop rather than an intrusive, noise-generating hood and fan configuration required to get rid of the aforementioned influx of extraneous heat that comes with gas flames.

        The cooktop is equipped with a downdraft that rises up at the back of the cooking surface with three levels of fan speed (the fan itself being located between the floor joists downstairs in the utility room of the basement minimizes noise in the kitchen) that draws away unwanted steam and smells upon demand. Ten levels of heat with half steps for closer control approximates the variability of gas flame quite adequately.

        The kitchen is set up in a galley configuration facing a seating area; sightlines and quiet conviviality is secured by the absence of an overhead hood/fan and and its concomitant noise. Plus, why would we want to add heat to the kitchen in the summer?

        What was the theme of this post again? Something to do with being able to make choices in one’s life free of constraints and apologetic explanations, I seem to recall…

    • The best example of this is the paper vs. plastic wars at grocery stores. The Good People go back and forth about which one rapes Gaia more. Part of being a good little woke toady is knowing which is in fashion at the moment. Some people tried to dodge the issue by bringing their own bags but then Coof madness came along and bringing a filthy cloth bag in meant you were killing Granny. Modern “virtue” is an elaborate system of priorities that keep changing. Part of your job is to always know what ridiculous concern trumps the others at the moment.

      • Keeping people off balance by changing the rules all the time makes them more fearful, and thus easier to rule. It’s also a lot of fun for the rulers to watch the little people squirm.

    • I look at the gas stoves fiasco as I did when they banned gas lawn mowers in CA. The effect is minimal wrt Gaia, but maximal wrt credibility. They might as well ban the sale of Bic gas lighters. Nothing says crazed “religiosity” more than such moves under the guise of helping the environment.

      As far as I’m concerned they should keep it up. Nothing says crazy more than these inconsequential actions.

  5. Even more than liberalism, the meanings of democracy, news and freedom have changed even more. Now the will of the people is a threat to democracy. Freedom means the right to agree with the ruling class, engage in destructive and deranged behavior sanctioned by the ruling class. News is whatever the ruling class thinks it is.

    The fewer preferences we are allowed the more enthusiastic we have to have for the mandated preference.

    • Yes, this. If the majority of the population agrees with the oligarchs, it is democracy. If the majority disagree with the oligarchs, it is populism.

      • I’m old enough to remember when the msm called Elizabeth Warren a populist and they meant it as a compliment. If you google Elizabeth Warren populist, the most recent such article was in The New Yorker, 2019. The Atlantic also comes up, the NYT, and so on.

        It seems that the Revolution of 2020 mandated that word would only be used in a derogatory fashion to refer to deplorables

        • The Left always has used faux populism to cement power. It used to rail at corporations and their power while having their pockets stuffed by the same entities (Warren, for example, flipped houses she got at a premium from the same banks she condemned). The demonization of Whites and racism against them simply is a new manifestation of the same tendency. It is costing them short term because a significant minority now finds their government abhorrent, and whites will not sacrifice their lives for a country that hates them. Long term, they fully expect this to pay off. Their record is mixed but they have been on a roll as of late.

  6. You think like the typical American “conservative” who turns a blind eye to obvious bs and repeats it like a parrot from time to time. The Con’s preamble, “We the ordain and establish this Constitution”, was never true. Fewer than 1/2 of “the People” were responsible for imposing that potted mess called Constitution. Anyone with a bit of wisdom rejected it given what it implies. For example, toddlers and adolescents are “People”, but your holy scripture leads them to believe that they have authority to rule.

    Now, please name three large plutocracies established prior to 1776 which did not destroy theirselves or their people, or get overrun by other plutocracies such as those called communist, or make pests of theirselves habitually beyond their own territories.

  7. Tocqueville
    It is believed by some that modern society will be always changing its aspect; for myself, I fear that it will ultimately be too invariably fixed in the same institutions, the same prejudices, the same manners, so that mankind will be stopped and circumscribed; that the mind will swing backwards and forwards forever without begetting fresh ideas; that man will waste his strength in bootless and solitary trifling, and, though in continual motion, that humanity will cease to advance.
    From hatred of privilege and from the embarrassment of choosing, all men are at last forced, whatever may be their standard, to pass the same ordeal; all are indiscriminately subjected to a multitude of petty preliminary exercises, in which their youth is wasted and their imagination quenched, so that they despair of ever fully attaining what is held out to them; and when at length they are in a condition to perform any extraordinary acts, the taste for such things has forsaken them.

    Philosophic systems that destroy human individuality will have secret attractions for men who live in a democracy. The more social conditions become equal and the less power individuals possess, the more easily men drift with the crowd and find it difficult to stand alone in an opinion abandoned by the rest.
    However the powers of a democratic society are organized and weighted, it will always be very difficult for a man to believe what the mass of people reject, or to profess what they condemn.

    What concerns me in our democratic republics is not that mediocrity will become commonplace, but that it may be enforced.

  8. Some conservative victories in Canada lately:

    – New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and now Alberta have all passed laws requiring teachers to inform parents of any changed names or pronouns in the classrooms. I don’t believe this is explicit law in any state.

    – Alberta requires parental consent for children to participate in any sexual classes, including LGBT themes.

    – International student visas to be cut by 50% in Ontario and 35% elsewhere. The international student mass immigration scheme is now under intense scrutiny and the scam colleges are roundly mocked.

    – Saskatchewan refusing to collect carbon tax fees on energy bills. Trudeau removing rural Atlantic Canada’s carbon tax (they voted for him), turning it into a political game.

    – Trudeau down by up to 20% in the polls. Conservative leader has supported bathroom bills, is against 15 minute cities, and will end our current handgun freeze.

    – Thousands of young men loudly chanting “Fuck Trudeau” at UFC in Toronto. Kind of meaningless but I enjoyed the libs seething (don’t they know Toronto is a diverse and tolerant city??). It was decided that these were all evil racist (but wealthy) hicks living outside the city limits.

    Somehow the right wing in Canada is now seeming stronger than the right wing in the USA. But American liberals are extremely insane too. The left wing American deep state just seems too strong.

    The one thing both countries have in common is rapid demographic change and mass immigration. Not clear that any party in either country will stop it.

    The “conservative” victories in Canada may prove short lived as changing demographics install leftists back into power. Although “minorities” in Canada have proven to be willing to vote Conservative to some degree, and are leaning right on the culture war & schooling issues. 2050 will look nothing like 2020 but it may not be the future progressives were hoping for.

    • Forgot to mention, the chiefs of the 7 major Canadian banks unanimously condemned our immigration numbers at a conference last month. They are very diplomatic and carefully worded. But it’s out there, although mostly unreported.

      Reports are also continuously being published by our bank economists criticizing the immigration numbers.

      It’s very interesting to see powerful business elites turning sour on immigration. It’s hard to tell if they actually care, or if they are no longer able to get away from the changing demographics and want to lower immigration now that they’re personally affected.

    • I am not sure if the attack on European (White) identity and European and Candian history and identity are the massive problem that it is here in the states. The fight against the sexual predation on sexual identity is important. I also think the sexual identity stuff has a utility function in serving as a smokescreen used to distract from the aforementioned and even more sinister attack on the nation and their country.

      I think we will know we are making real progress when the selection of curriculum and the application of standards is the primary fight and that it is being won. Ultimately, given the demographic winter looming, this is the only thing that will ensure the survival of our race. We must become like the Jews in that regard and become extremely rooted in our heritage and entire history as Indo-European/Aryan people. If not, we’ll be Brazilified out of existence.

      Ultimately, with the Internet and the ability to re-localize we should be able to re-establish a classical curriculum of the highest quality and standards that has zero multi-cultural, (non or anti-white imagery and references), elements. We can develop our own system of teachers and tutors to go with it. This will include summer programs in the rural areas of our homelands and the wilds of our world under the mentorship of great men with excellent real world skills that bind us and our posterity to our past and to the land.

      I hope all of us in North America can work toward this. It is something we never really built on this continent. We weren’t given time to assimilate properly as pioneer-Europeans in North America. We probably needed 60-100 years to undertake this and solidfy ourselves. However, non Anglo/Germanic peoples agitated albatross populations and our ruling regime turned to prioritizing empire and qualitative merchant activity instead. We must take up this project as it is essential to our survival and a future renaissance of European peoples across all of North America.

  9. Trump broke them.

    It’s not a coincidence that 2016 was when the woke insanity started ramping up. It was the moment when extreme mass immigration started ramping up. It was when our ruling class started openly hating us to the point where they were no longer able to hide it.

    There is no braking mechanism for them. There is no rational thinking. The goal now appears to be to destroy our entire civilization, in the hopes that the mean Trumpers, knuckle dragging evangelical Christians, and their imaginary cartoon “racists” are also washed out with the flood.

    • A lot of what they do, they figure it must be the moral thing to do since it’s the opposite of what the deplorables want. That’s how you get things like quartering illegal aliens in your home, putting up statues to St. George the Breathless, widespread affirmation of transgenderism etc. Clown world in a nutshell.

    • The invasion will continue until the elites decide it is time to deploy their army. The invaders are receiving EBT, Debit cards, free health care, phones and numerous other benefits. These benefits on average are considerably more than most Social recipients receive.

      When the time comes the elites will cut off all of the aid and the elites and their media servants will report that the White Republicans, basically all whites by extension, have cut off your aid because they hate you and want you to stave to death. Then the fun will really begin.

      Plan accordingly.

    • The ground for all this insanity started being laid down in 2012, during Obama’s second term. It’s also when you started to see a massive shift in all the mainstream media towards discussion of critical race theory, homosexual superiority, and the kulakization of Whites. Obama could drop his Hopey-Changey act and go full cultural marxist. Some have posited that this is because stuff like OWS was starting to get a little too hot for them. Their attempts to portray OWS as a bunch of nutballs, hippies, and predators really didn’t stick and the message was simple and made sense. So, in essence, all this stuff was just a shiny to distract people and it worked. By the time Trump got into office, all the mechanisms were in place, literally from the start, if you recall, one of Trump’s first actions was to put into place a “Muslim ban” and the hysteria that arose from that (legally justifiable and constitutional) move was right in line with all the “Great Awokening” had been saying on immigration, minoritarianism, the evil of White people, etc.

      Thing is, if Clinton won the election, I doubt this would have gone any differently. In fact, Clinton, much like the Brandon entity, would likely have struggled to find the balance between the lunatics in her party and her desire to stamp her boot on the face of humanity forever.

      • Occupy was the first large public outbreak of “wokeness,” left-establishmentarianism with Gen X characteristics, an announcement of a decision (final). The phenomena we call leftism are social, not intellectual. OWS was a boot/training camp, an obedience/charm school—the *handing down* of a model of how to behave, an antiwhiteness-as-social-organization happening/teach-in, etc. The race/instsectionality/etc. rhetoric that people claim was deployed to thwart OWS was *made dominant* at OWS—by its organizers, who had orders and followed them. It’s not why but *where* the cult was founded.

      • What was the “Muslim ban”, but a catchy phrasing from the Left. We really should not be using “their” terminology. It was a ban on folk from several Middle East states where we had radical activities going on. It never was a Muslim ban. For example, the largest a Muslim state in the world, Indonesia, had no such restriction.

  10. @Zman has posted on this before. It stems from the “equality” part of Enlightenment thought, and is given plausible deniability through utilitarianism. By weighting “good” appropriately, one can maximize “good” when you cannot point to a single person who is made better off. That’s what is at the core of managerialism, or, as another blogger I follow calls it, Expertocracy.

    At core, that’s the problem. “Well, sure, that makes things worse for me, but it helps out [this imaginary person] more than enough to offset my decrease in lifestyle.”

    Screw that. Until we can convince people utilitarianism is a rigged game, rigged specifically against them, there is no chance.

  11. The Revolution of 2020 remains, if anything, underappreciated. Unemployment and economic ostracization as consequences for wrongthink were slowly creeping along, probably since the late 80s/early 90s (about the time the Cold War ended, hey there’s that again), but 2020 was when these things became fully codified in “law.” 2020 was when it went from slowly to quickly. You are no longer entitled to your own opinions if you want to participate in the GAE globohomo economy in any conventional way. Something as simple as owning a dry cleaner’s, if it got out that you were engaging in wrongthink, could be in jeopardy. Possibly only the difficulty of finding a good handyman who shows up on time keeps that profession exempt from the stasi (for now).

    I remember when Marge Schott was barred from day to day involvement with her sportsball team for saying nice things about an Austrian. 1993. Forced to sell out in 1999. I suppose I should have known right then what was coming. Maybe I kind of did, but we were still at the slowly stage then.

    So looking at the present environment, and extrapolating it into the future, in the same way that one could/should have extrapolated the next quarter century based on what happened to her (and others), it’s not hard to see the consequences for wrongthink increasing from mere denial of employment, to criminal or civil penalties. Kind of like what is happening to the Orange Man now.

    • The primary inflection points for America’s collapse appear to be Vietnam War era academic radicalism, the conclusion of the Cold War, and the Passion of the Floyd. And, in 2020, with the installation of Joey Depends, America became AINO.


      Requiescat in pace.

    • Nowadays they force people to sell out much, much quicker, as we saw in the case of Donald Sterling and Robert Sarver. If I recall, Sarver was out *months* after it was revealed he said the worst word ever a handful of times.

      Yea, I agree. I don’t think people fully understand that 2020 was a full blown color revolution in the USA. All the techniques the CIA developed over the decades were implemented here, and they worked spectacularly well.

  12. I have some theory in my mind that it’s not just race. That the country goes from 90 to 57 percent white should not be unnoticed.

    There is, however, another aspect of this where I feel we are sort of severed from our past. Look at how places voted in the 1940s compared to now. You do have a lot of places that have switched sides (places like orange county CA used to be staunchly republican while coal country in oh/pa/wv used to be heavily democratic) but even in places that vote for the same party, there’s a disconnect.

    Suffolk county Massachusetts was a democratic party stronghold in the 40s just as it is today. But is it for the same reasons?

    Likewise rural or small town Nebraska is republican just as it was then, but is it just coincidental that the area still votes republican?

  13. The end result would be Maoism or Stalinism. “Liberal Democracy” is just Stalinism in slow motion. All your cereal options are made by General Mills, who will probably put Valarie Jarrett on its Board of Directors next year, who will start eliminating the Cocoa Puffs option because (insert reasons). Notice that the Levellers of our current society never seem to pick up the FTC tool to smash any of these conglomerates to pieces. They want about two conglomerates per industry, maybe three, maybe a T-Mobile, to keep the hologram of choice going. But your choices tend to blip out without explanation like particle physics,

    You have a choice to get high on opiates, or alcohol, to numb yourself. You have a choice to shoot yourself, until they take that away. You have a choice to move to Ruby Ridge and live your own life in the woods, until they gun down your family for it….

    There is no escape from this system. Because of your bad attitude and not embracing it you will be replaced with assorted browns. It must be allowed to collapse under its own weight, and even then, in the aftermath, have enough people with nothing to lose to throw it off.

    • This post should have a lot more up votes.

      “There is no escape from this system. Because of your bad attitude and not embracing it you will be replaced with assorted browns. It must be allowed to collapse under its own weight, and even then, in the aftermath, have enough people with nothing to lose to throw it off.”

      This ^^^. There is only one way out of this…

      • I, for one, have not given in to the doom. There’s still a lot of flyover where you can find a community of legacy Americans, be among your own tribe.

        If I’m right, while the doom will still happen, it will mostly burn itself out in the shithole parts of the nation, and our backhoes will be more than enough to deal with the stragglers. And then we can get back to life, but with rebalanced demographics.

        • Oh, and I feel compelled to add that you should not delay getting out of Shithole America too long. You need to establish yourself in the community far enough ahead of time that we don’t just assume you are another of the worthless stragglers…

        • Do you mean giving up on these “United States” as submitting to doom? Or are you suggesting that you keep hope because balkanization into Our own ethnic areas will work?

          I don’t want to put words in your mouth. I’m just confused by your subsequent use of the word “nation “.


          • The Constitutional Republic died at least a century ago. Even if we could get it back, it’s obviously a bad idea unless we could figure out some way to prevent Mark II from going the way Mark I has.

            By “nation”, I mean the common usage. The dirt called North America itself is not going anywhere, the “proposition nation” of civnats has always been a scam. It’s everything the current incarnation of the US calls its territory.

            I’m pretty sure what’s coming our way is something we rebuild from, not something we preserve. But on the upside, the libs from Evanston will die with, “But we voted for reparations!” on their lips, then the browns and blacks will fight it out, self-correcting most of the ideological and demographic perversity the “nation” has become.

        • I’m far more pessimistic about that. There’s a development being built a few miles from my house called The Sanctuary (I’m not kidding). That’s what they’re selling— the experience. I guarantee you the people who move in won’t give af about LanCo, anymore than they cared about whatever city or burb they came from. Just another product to consume and trash.

          You see, people want the zombie apocalypse fantasy they saw on TV a decade ago. On the run, finding a redoubt. Ride out the pandemic. Always more zombies wherever you go, though. Ridiculous.

          • Agreed. Time to find a new tribe. While you still can.

            Either that or you can watch and learn what it’s going to take to cement in the doors and plug the air intakes.

            I don’t think anyone is hard enough for what’s coming. Certainly no one who has ever even thought the words, “But the innocent Gazans.” They are not your tribe.

        • What the Letticia James case shows is that if you or your property are under shithole jurisdiction it may be too late to exit intact financially. We can expect this behavior to expand as much as is possible nationally until things fragment and dissolve to the point of dysfunction. Safety reasons are the primary reason to leave at this point.

          Leaving these places is not a panacea, but it helps ameliorate the damage. Wealth taxes are in the cards and the definition of “wealth” will be defined downward repeatedly.

    • “Liberal Democracy” is just Stalinism in slow motion”

      I think you were more onto something when you mentioned Mao. The struggle sessions. The idiotic wars on nature (war on sparrows). The denying of what your eyes can clearly see (everyone lying about the harvest including the peasants doing the farming).

      Stalin was more the male tyrant while Mao, from what I can find out about him/China under him is more the female tyrant. Stalin would send you straight to a labor camp for “revolutionary thoughts” while Mao would make you denounce yourself as a revolutionary to the crowd and beg for forgiveness before you were killed or sent to labor camps.

      • I dunno. In Stalin’s show trials the victims were made to confess guilt–even when they weren’t guilty–and then beg for forgiveness. Then they were summarily executed.

    • JR Wirth: “Liberal Democracy” is just Stalinism in slow motion.



      Be serious here.

      Saint Joseph Djugashvili sent literally MILLIONS of russkie sh!tlibs to the Lubyanka, never to be seen again.

      If it weren’t for Saint Joseph Djugashvili, and the Wall which he built to keep out the Mind Virus, little boys in 2024 Russia would have pink hair and penises inverted back beneath their pubic bones and they’d be receiving massive doses of progesterone & estrogen to effectuate their transitions.


      Q: What’s the difference between Stalin and Trump?

      A: Stalin ackshually FINISHED building his wall.

      Whereas Trump barely even started to build a wall.

      But it was precisely the same tribe which protested the building of each of the walls.

  14. “The Paradox of Choice – Why More is Less” – Barry Schwartz

    Not a political book per se, but an excellent analysis of why the end point of liberalism and it’s infinite choices in professional pursuits, consumerism, a-la-carte religious affiliations, etc lead to one thing…. misery.

    Mostly due to FOMO; when you have 3 choices of ice cream, how bad can it be? With 50 flavors, there’s less pleasure in the ultimate after dinner treat than in regret that you left something behind.

    Pretty sure people are happier with far, far fewer choices in a system.

    (There’s also the schizoid problem where we’re told “All things are equal! Diversity is our strength!. Your voice matters!” while simultaneously being punished “NOT THAT!!”)

    • I have this book and the computer it was written on and with all the revisions and stuff that didn’t make it into the book. Somehow his Mac ended up in a Philadelphia thrift store and I bought it many years ago.

      • There is, but Zman won’t talk about it.

        He’s still the most astonishingly intelligent person I’ve ever read.

  15. “This collapse of the domain of preference is changing the people.”

    As this post indicates, so much of this change is being pushed from above. A few years ago, “Super Straight” was trending on social media. This referred to straight men who were so straight they not only refused to date other men, they also refused to date “women” born with penises.

    Because preferring women with genuine female parts is the height of bigotry, this term was quickly banned. It’s madness…evil madness.

  16. “What this suggests is that managerialism, left to run its natural course, becomes something like what we see with insecure managers in corporation.”

    Bingo. From the early 1990s to around Trump, the managers and their tribal overlords had no real moral framework opposition. This was always a moral battle, but no one noticed because only one side was fighting.

    And this made the managers and their bosses not only lose their edge but begin to believe their own righteousness. They weren’t fighting to impose their morality on others, their morality was the only morality.

    But as the practical implications of their moral framework slowly eroded society, opposition started to rise. As people have begun to question the rules imposed by the managers, those managers and their tribal boss started lashing out because no one had questioned their moral framework for 30 years. They honestly can’t understand why anyone would oppose them.

    The managers don’t just disagree with our morality; they don’t accept it as a morality at all. It’s pure evil and must be destroyed. It’s why people like Sailer are morons. They try to win the other side over with charts. They don’t realize that the other side seems them as a literal agent for Satan, so they don’t care about Sailer’s charts.

    However, the problem for the managers is that their pointing and sputtering isn’t causing the other side to back down anymore. There’s now an opposition to the manager’s moral framework – and they don’t know how to handle it other than repression.

    People wonder why politics is getting so heated lately. I’d argue that it’s because we didn’t have politics for 30 years before. One side was in complete control so things seemed calm, but what you had was repression. Things were pretty calm under Stalin in the 1930s as well.

    The managerial class can’t allow a competing moral framework, even abroad much less at home. A competing morality shows that their morality isn’t “the” morality and once that spell is broken, the whole system collapses. The managerial class and their boss is going to fight this to the end.

    • Proof of your point about competing morality abroad: President Bukele of El Salvador. The hatred for that guy drives leftists to start speaking in tounges.

      • It’s one of the reasons that our rulers can’t just let Russia and China live their lives. That another society could function and thrive under a different morality than ours allows people inside the West to question our ruler’s morality.

        It’s why they’re freaking out over Carlson showing scenes from Moscow. He’s outright saying Russia’s moral framework is at least as good as ours and maybe better.

        That annoying Jew, Jon Leibowitz (Stewart), tried to play the morality game by saying our dangerous, smelly subways are the “price of freedom.” He was making a moral claim to counter Carlson’s showing that a different morality might work better. Leibowitz was trying to shut down the debate, but it’s absurd, which is why he’s screaming.

      • Leftists love criminals killing and terrorizing normal people. Vibrants need space their self-expression oppression and what not. And to punish or defend oneself from these darlings is “fascist.”

        The time for attributing good intentions to the Libs is *long* over. They never gave us the courtesy of assuming we had good intentions or a legitimate point of view.

    • Charts are useful for converting a civnat to a dissident. I oughtta know. But that’s about their limit.

      • Only if you are someone who takes to heart what those charts and statistics forebode because you are capable of thought. But then, you are one of those (lamentably, far too few in number).

    • Citizen of a Silly Country: “This was always a moral battle…”

      It was always about morality.

      It was always about religion.

      And it was always an existential darwinian struggle for absolute victory.

      We idiot White Christian goyim only woke up and started realizing the horror of it in just the last few precious years.

      But our parents & grandparents & great-grandparents are [or were] largely completely oblivious to it.

      As were we, when we were young, st00pid & naive.

      But we can’t un-see what we’ve witnessed in Klownworld Hellscape.

      It’s time to grow up.

      Time to reconcile oneself with what will need to be done.

      What will have to be done.

      Religiously, morally, darwinianly, hellishly.

      It must be done.

  17. It’s why credentialism has become such a thing to go along with managerialism. The way you prove you’re above the rules that govern mere mortals is to show your credentials. If you don’t have the right credentials then you’re judged strictly by the quality and quantity of your piecework. If you have the credentials then you can goof off and produce incompetent results to your heart’s content. This is how the incompetent rise to the top in clown world and will eventually produce the cluster of all clusters in globohomo armageddon. How do you get the right credentials? By either having parents who are dripping with globohomo money or by being one of the special people who get a free ride on the diversity grift.

  18. I’ve found that Z-Man’s simple retort, “Because we live here,” is kryptonite to the moral condottiere ravaging our towns and neighborhoods. No, I don’t want Mestizo neighbors. No, I don’t want skirt-wearing faggots in the library. No, I don’t a methadone clinic on the corner. Because I live here, that’s why. Your interlocutor will instinctively understand your point and struggle to come up with any counterpoint that goes beyond “moralize harder!”

        • Yes, it’s possible I believe and on the rise. Why, because Hispanics are sensing their rising numbers and power. They have been slow to this fact, but the basic doubling of their numbers in the 21st century is being felt.

      • Chicagoland resident here, and disagree strongly. Nobody behaves worse than blacks. It’s not even close.

        • I am sitting currently at my local diner. The peruvian not serving me, thankfully, jist excated a huge booger from his prominent snout. He played with it for a minute and then flicked it behind a customer. He is handling other folks’ dishes withoiut washing his digits.

          White people do not do this.

          Black people usually go in the back spaces to do this.

          I have the spic on video. I know the owner. It’s the wild west again.

          • If I had to take a walk through some neighborhoods at night, I’d choose Humboldt Park, or the Mestizo neighborhoods of suburbs like Aurora, West Chicago, Elgin and Melrose Park over the ultra-dangerous black neighborhoods of East & West Garfield Park, Englewood, Washington Park, or suburbs like Maywood or Dolton.

          • And Wolf, pre-Biden, I would have agreed with you, see Hey Jackass. Now, they’re worse and it’s not necessarily because they sense the demographic change but rather we’re receiving their worst and these country bumpkins are sub-80 g IQ, no joke. Managing napkin placement at the counter is a problem for them. Five years ago I would have said most of the meztizos had hustle and worked their butts off. Now, majority of the ones showing up, because they’re cheapest to hire off the books, are utterly incompetent. Fortunately, I mostly cook at home when local. Regardless, Humboldt Park is dangerous as hell. My neighborhood is declining not because of the residents (well yes because of the progressive retards) but the non-whites, and my neighborhood is one of the few lilly white ones, flock (oh sorry, “migrate”) to my ‘hood because we have great food, parks, beaches and relative safety. This won’t be the case, already we have daylight rapes and bullets flying and no police resolutions.

        • As a former (long ago) resident of the area, dabears comment would represent a seismic shift from what my experience was.

          • It was a “seismic” shift” when 1/5 white girls were out with black boys here. Now it’s 1/5 white girls with white guys. I was poo-pooed here when I said as much. Return and see with your own eyes.

            My diner has materially changed for the worse. It’s the worst of the Southern border entrants/invaders running the show. But for the fresh squeezed OJ I would not return. I am a lifetime 1k with united because I’ve flown 3 million miles with them, mostly business to asia. I have visited all 7 continents, all 50 states at least twice, and de minimis 70-100 countries. Blah blah blah.

            It’s accelerated.

      • Latin American countries are among the most violent hellholes on earth. Far worse than the Middle East.

        It isn’t in the public perception due to the mundane gangbanger variety of violence in Latin America compared to the religious nature of Muslim violence and the politics surrounding Islam.

        When you hear some conservative say something along the lines of “Well at least we aren’t getting Muslim mass migration like the Europeans”. Know that you are hearing the opinion of an idiot.

        Muslim countries can at least be stable and prosperous under the right dictatorship and if they are absent continual Zionist interference.

        Latin American countries don’t have the same potential likely because the cognitive capacity of Latin Americans is less than the Middle Eastern Muslims.

        I would say long term (100-300) years, the prospects for civilization in Europe are greater under a Muslim majority than a North America dominated by Latinos.

        • There is a predilection to criminal savagery somewhere in the hispanic genome that appears to come from the “native” part of the genetic mix. The things that the cartels and hispanic gangs do, it’s hard to find very many white people who do.

          Because you don’t see it in Spain and Portugal. There, like most of Europe and east Asia, savagery only comes out when the state condones it. Indicating that there is an aspect of all human nature that is savage if it can get away with it, if there are no consequences. The difference with hispanic (and negro) savagery is that the consequences are not a factor. It comes out whether there are consequences or not, whether the state condones it or not.

          But there could be a flaw in my thinking, because Bukele proves that if you just lock up the right people…..

          • My understanding is the Spanish were typically distrusted by other European powers specifically because of their reputation for cruelty. For instance, the Spanish Inquisition burned ‘heretics’, whereas other European powers expelled them or sold them into slavery. Likewise, their dealing with South American Indians was unsettling to powers that treated North American Indians almost kindly by comparison. The same goes for all comparisons between the Spanish and British Empires. More recently, the Spanish Civil War far eclipsed the 1990s Balkans in savagery against civilians.

            I won’t go so far as to call them uncivilized, but the Spanish have a deeply rooted mean streak that they express when they have power.

          • @Nicholas Name, from my understanding of it, the Spanish Inquisition was as bad as it was not because of inherent cruelty, but rather that it was run by (mostly) the queen. Ferdinand was apparently a milque toast who let Isabella run way too much.

            I do not think it coincidence that the property seized in the Spanish Inquisition became property of the Crown, at a time when it was sorely needed because the Moors had already looted much of what Spain’s leadership had not pissed away, and, obviously, New World riches were not yet flowing into Spain.

          • Fun fact: Bukele’s father was a Palestinian imam, and the rest of his family Arab Christian. Much of the Tribe-inspired campaign against him stems from these fun facts. Latins realize their genetic limitations and turn to leaders from other groups. Peru had a Japanese president, for example. Bukele may start to point out some rather unfortunate realities about a certain group at some point.

          • @Nicholas Name

            The Spanish began their colonialism right after they had just successfully finished a SEVEN HUNDRED YEAR existential war against Islam, with not so much help from the other shortsighted European powers. The blessings of diversity made them the way they are. I hope, at least, that using the present tense is appropriate, because they are going to need that hardness again soon as are we all.

          • Nicholas,

            Well, living under the Muslim/Jewish yoke for hundreds of years without recourse might have worked a trick on the Iberians. I think this an idea worth contemplating, at least.

        • What do you mean by Latin-American? Countries such as Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay are not bad at all. Probably better than any Moslem countries. Venezuela, Guatemala and Honduras, OTOH… With Argentina as the outlier, the presence of Castillian blood seems fairly determinative. Alas, there’s not much Castillian blood in the Maghreb, the Near East or the Stans.

    • I prefer, “Because they’re not my people.”

      The retort to “Because we live here” is, well, they’re Americans too or they also live here.

      Blacks could have lived in my area for 200 years, but it doesn’t make them my people.

      • The reality is there is no retort that will satisfy. No matter what your reasoning is, if it isn’t to fully embrace their cultural enrichment, then you are a nazi bigot who must be killed.

        I’ve gone over the edge now and my answer is simply, “because I am a racist and I fucking hate them just as much as I hate you”.

          • Can’t hurt to let them know that they have, through their connivances, pushed you into such a corner that now they are on your radar as a mortal enemy. Just a little clarification.

    • I find it also fascinating to watch good people respond to a response of “what is in it for me? After all that is how most of the world calculates what it will support.”

      Also when good people start yammering on about how only evil people don’t support x (e.g., open borders) I ask them if they are one of those white supremacists I keep hearing about. Then ask them to name a non white country that supports X. They have no idea how to respond to that. It puts them on the defensive

  19. > Fearful of their own position, they proliferate rules and enforcement, locking everything down until no one in the company has any range of motion.

    When my old man did insurance claims 40 some years age, the entire contract was 163 lines.

    The more rules and regulations they put up, the more ambiguous it actually becomes, as there are such a multitude of interpretations of poorly worded sections it’s impossible to actually comply, which allows nonsense like suing SpaceX for discriminating against foreigners.

    You see the “word salad” strategy everywhere people are trying to put their subversive claws in an organization.

  20. “The reason for this is preference has been all but eliminated from the collective consciousness of the people.”

    The hive mind or free discourse of the internet? People arguing with each other, having to justify their positions. Greek democracy? Lol, worse, because the Greeks, on the whole, didn’t end up skeptical of reality. They didn’t have books and screens to stare into.

    The medieval solution being authority and hierarchy, I guess. Which lingered for a long time as Enlightenment slowly eroded authority by democratizing knowledge.

    Then Fascism— a new Rome— and its Germanic counterpart National Socialism (a Third Reich!) Reactionary, totalitarian, ‘flight from freedom’ as Quigley put it, iirc.

    EMJ says satanism is the ‘hidden grammar’ of America (and Protestantism too iirc). I take that a little personally, yet it’s true we’ve gone too far.

    I don’t think a new Imperium is the answer, or the Magisterium, for that matter. That’s a Roman model, fit for Latins, actual or spiritual.

    Being a Golden Mean kind of guy, I’m somewhere in the middle, but locating that mean is the impossible trick sometimes. People generally seem to lack a sense of limits, so we act and react to exhaustion. It’s all so tiresome lol.

  21. “In retrospect, the end of the Cold War was not the end of communism, but the end of liberalism.”

    Yes! Classic bait and switch. We defeated them only to become another version of them.

    To paraphrase Erdogan, liberalism was a bus Western Elites took to the destination of Cold War victory. Once they won, they got off the bus. We’re on the Globohomo Express now. Next stop: Anarcho-tyrrany Town.

      • BTW Langley must be desperate because their interdictions with my traffic here is off the charts. Yet, I am a simple man.

        • Former civilian parachutist here, skydiving and fixed object. Still have two rigs.

          More than happy to record video of the non-parachute-equipped jumpers exiting your proposed helicopters at altitude. Preferably 16.5 agl and my lift fee covered but I am willing to consider receiving ears in exchange for release of copyright.

          I’ve led a very weird life for too long :>}

    • I prefer “pissing away the victory”, which is more often the case than not through history. (Or the great line from the Batman movie “Peace has cost you your strength, Victory has defeated you!”)

    • “We defeated them only to become another version of them.”

      I think we always were. I look back on Cold War propaganda and summarize it thus: both sides were telling the truth about each other and lying about themselves. When the Soviet Union collapsed because of the lies they were telling about themselves, the non-uniform geographic distribution of their diversity was such that they lost most of their diversity and kept most of the core Russian population. Russians and their former Soviet diversities are all happier for it. The same thing is going to happen here in FUSA, as sure as rain.

  22. Following every woke Hollywood disaster recently I will see a Youtube video where the director or stars of the film will be complaining that the audience that did not show up was swayed by bigotry. To your point Zman, you can not even have your own preference in which movie to watch.

    • Because the right to remain silent does not exist under communism.

      Your silence can and will be used against you on a totally arbitrary basis.

        • Which was absolutely true, by the way. There are videos of crowds frantically clapping for Stalin until he presses a buzz giving them permission to stop.

    • They will fix this Clockwork Orange – style by forcefully opening your eyeballs, restraining you and forcing you to watch.

  23. “Some as yet understood restraint on managerialism during the Cold War broke down with the end of the Cold War…”

    As I understand it: The Democrat party played footsie with the Soviets throughout the Cold War. They were sensitive to being called out on this and communist (meaning managerial) tactics because it would alienate their white blue collar workers.

    Post-Cold War, with communism “beaten”, calling out commies lost its teeth and became a joke. Free of the label, leftists in America could act openly: outright hostility to religion, history, culture, and…*sigh*…just click a random Con Inc. link for the daily litany of leftist wrongs.

    That’s just my hip shot on “(not) understood restraint of managerialism”, so I’m open to criticism/context

    • Nickname, just realize your content is appreciated and the bots are attacking this site for fearful reason.

      Keep posting please.

      • Thanks for the encouragement. Bill Burr was right to liken the internet to a “giant, townie bar”, so I don’t anything here personally.

  24. “Listen to anyone you know talk about a topic like immigration and you can see them first struggle for why they prefer whatever it is they claim to prefer. On the one hand they want to be seen as preferring the moral option and on the other hand they feel the need to explain themselves when no explanation should be required. It is hard to know what anyone truly prefers when it comes to public policy, because everyone feels they need permission for their preferences.”

    That is really a lack of moral confidence and self confidence. That is due to a collapse in morality. Forcing people to place the stranger, and the stranger the stranger the better, above themselves, to be dispossessed and deracinated is not moral. It is pure evil.

    Paying for their iPads and Hotels
    Destroying your ability to accumulate capital for your kith and kin

    The wolves and their eager sheep are pure unadulterated evil. It is a moral collapse.

    • When evil men collectivize good men must associate otherwise evil will win…It is winning at the moment…

    • “Words mean things.”


      And tyrants try to change the meaning of words…often to opposite.



      • Modern examples:

        Speech = Violence
        Riot = Justice
        Laws = Bigotry
        Religion = Hate
        Perversion = Love

    • I simply point out that I don’t want to pay for foreign criminals in my country or tolerate their lawbreaking, and they should all be jailed and/or deported…

      • And yet their response is always, not all are like that….

        The implication of course is that if there is only *one* good one, you are “immoral” for casting this one out. This logic is as old as the Bible.

        I don’t have a good solution or logical retort. I usually start with a larger net/concept. Why are people of anywhere, any race allowed into this country? Answer: To improve it. How can we judge what these people offer us as future citizens if they do not identify themselves and apply for entry? Answer: We cannot!
        Therefore all illegal entry must be stopped. It is already prohibited by law. And we already have 1.5M *legal and vetted* entries per year.—more than any country in the world.

        The above logic attempts to restate the moral argument. True, logic doesn’t work with these types of Lefties, but it makes for a more palatable response in group discussions. Doubtful, you’ll change these people’s unthinking attitudes, but for the audience…

        Lefty response would necessarily quickly devolve into some sort of blather about all “migrants” as net benefits and such, but the onus is on them to describe how and why and to defend the inevitable allowing of criminals and miscreants in—not me kicking them out.

        • Good point. That might work better than what I’ve usually tried, “Well, what is the right number of immigrants?”

          The problem inherent in calling out a NAXALT is that it requires an antecedent unpronounceable MXALT — Most yadda yadda. And that’s where you run into issues with the argument, because it seems most of us don’t live anywhere close to to the stereotypical X. Most of our personal experience comes from interacting with X who rejected their culture and moved away from it.

          I’ve tried to always stay one step ahead of white flight. By the time the suburbs start moving out, I’m moving further into the sticks.

          • A good retort to naxalt is simply, “Yeah but too many and you and I both know it.”

            Stumps the statistic and citation seekers and reduces the argument away from exceptions into the realm of common sense.

          • Yes. It is also good to have a few good real stories of real and vicious crimes committed against Americans by the migrants. VDare has some good ones. One of the most effective is the sub-saharan welfare recipient who killed her social worker with an axe in front of another social worker and then plead not guilty.

            I also know local anecdotes from rural America where Cartels peddle drugs at the local schools, have raped and killed young American women or girls and then had their cartel mates try and jail break the rapist/murderer from custody in “Heat” style military convoy gauntlets.

            Have a good five or six of these and then ask if the American’s lives matter and point out the massive cost on local law enforcement as Cartels seep into our society and turn it into Latin America in poor communities and lower middle class communities.

            It has been very effective. It forces them to advocate for real murderers who have real victims and explain how the cost is worth it. I have yet to see any ill/un-informed shitlib able to do it. It turns the moral ground they thought they stood on into quicksand.

          • That’s why I asked about the JQ a while back. I don’t circulate in finance, and to the best of my knowledge, I’ve only met two. One worked the bottling line for me, and he was a reliable enough guy, the other was a Jews for Jesus guy that was basically Dan Quayle in a small hat.

            Blacks, I’ve met one mulatto who stole his employer blind, one who was an engineer back when I worked for 3M who was more or less white in blackface, one who got shot over drugs, and two factory floor types who were worthless. Not a huge dataset, no, but just the one outlier?

  25. Someone has said that the Cold War from a 10,000 ft view was a battle between Trotsky and Stalin and Trotsky won. Given the roots of many of the neocons i can see this analogy. Now the world is seeing that Trotsky and his relative neoliberalism is just as rotten and void of virtue and fragile as Stalinism in its last days.
    Or perhaps we could say managerialism in both its forms of communism and neoliberalism has the same outcome.

  26. “ What this suggests is that managerialism, left to run its natural course, becomes something like the what we see with insecure managers in corporation. Fearful of their own position, they proliferate rules and enforcement, locking everything down until no one in the company has any range of motion.”

    Speaking as one of those managers, and also as someone who has successfully been self-employed, there are two sides to this coin. I have people in my company who prefer not to come to work. The company had an “unlimited PTO” policy which is as horrifyingly bad of an idea as it sounds. When the company was 50 people, and everyone had a stake in the business, you could flirt with silliness like that because everyone was working long hours to make the company successful. Take whatever time off you want…but with the Business Owner’s knowledge that excessive absence leads to collapse.

    Flash forward to a much larger company, and those nasty “preferences” start to kick in. You get a lot more people who take “unlimited” literally. They have no loyalty to or stake in the company, and so they loot it. When asked to tone it down, the employees moralize about “erosion of benefits” and how the corporate culture is wrecking their lives. Company directors, people like me, see the train wreck that individual preferences create and put controls in place. Employees then start looking for loopholes, or they quit, which is not altogether a bad thing (quitting), and the game of “moves and countermoves” commences.

    This is why you increasingly see people moving to small companies and going self-employed. Not necessarily because bigger companies are bad. Some are, some aren’t. But because just like your residential neighborhood, eventually unchecked “personal preferences” lead to assholes crapping up the place and ruining it for everyone. So you move.

    Why is everyone increasingly furious today?

    Nowhere to move to.

    • That sounds like a miserable environment. Nothing is lonlier than being the only one that gives a shit.

      • I like working here. They give me full decision making authority and pay me well. It’s like being the head coach and GM of a sports team. Just smaller scale.

        Like any large organization it’s the 10%’ers who cause the most grief. The culture here let me tell people what I expect and give them data to manage their time. 90% will do that and be fine.

        10% is manageable turnover if the others can’t rein it in.

    • The basic problem is that our “democracy” allows people with no “skin in the game” to determine our future…Democracy is a stupid idea, and the Republic that we actually created in 1789, which allowed only male landowners to vote and run for office, kept the craziness to a minimum…Now childless women, never noted for mental stability, determine our fate, and that leads to catastrophe…

      • Democracy—as in “universal suffrage”—is “a stupid idea”, but you know that already from your above response. I’m just being a bit more precise. I’m content to keep your and my concept of democracy.

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