Waiting Out The Weirdness

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There is an old fable about how if you throw a frog into boiling water he will immediately leap out of the pot, but if you put him in room temperature water and slowly bring the heat up to boiling, he will not notice. The central claim about frogs is false, but the point of the fable is that humans often do not notice gradual change, even when the results of that change are bizarre or dangerous. Often this point is made to explain some new weirdness that people did not see coming.

This is not an expression we see used much anymore, mostly because this age has become so bizarre that the frog metaphor no longer works. Everyday some new weirdness pops from nowhere, as if the people running the simulation wanted to see what would happen if you threw a frog into boiling water. Finding the idea too cruel, they instead hurl modern Americans into a world where men in dresses demand you use their made-up pronouns and pretend they are a third sex.

The weirdness yesterday was the release of Google’s new image AI tool that was programmed to never create images of white people. The director of the project had to go to the media and lie about it being a mistake after people got the thing to create images of Nazis that were Asian and African. It was fine when it was race-swapping people from medieval Western history, but making Nazis anything other than white is a violation of the invisible law of this age.

The salient point here is it was done on purpose. Thirty years ago, it was impossible to imagine people so deranged and degenerate gaining control of the culture and then using their power to create bizarre images of the past. This is not something that you can say happened gradually then all of a sudden. Sure, it fits a general pattern of ethnic hatred, but the weirdness of it falls outside of even the most cynical expectations, despite being part of a growing pattern.

People often want to think their age is a wacky time compared to prior ages, but objectively the culture tends to move slowly. Maybe there are fits of upheaval, like the civil rights movement in the middle of the last century, but even that was the climax of a process that started generations earlier. You could draw a line from Gettysburg to white children being marched at gun point into black schools. You cannot draw a line from the present black Nazi AI to anything in the past.

If you are middle-aged or older, this election is shaping up to be so outside of anything you have experienced that space aliens could staging it. For decades both sides of the political consensus warned about authoritarianism. All of a sudden, both sides are perfectly fine with it. One side wants to round up dissidents and put them in jail while the other side pretends it is not happening. Notice that no senior Republicans have had much to say about the Trump case in New York.

Of course, the election itself is from bizzarro world. Joe Biden is so feeble and mentally infirmed that he was declared mentally unfit to stand trial, but he can possess the nuclear football and run for reelection. Donald Trump, a man known to us for his outlandish real estate mogul lifestyle and television ventures has transformed in the Gracchi brothers and Lucius Junius Brutus. An entertainment personality has now become the most courageous man in American politics.

It is impossible to overstate the weirdness of this, but it is not the weirdest thing about the coming presidential election. In all probability, the states that were fortified for democracy in 2020 will be fortified for democracy in 2024. The result will be four more years of man who is unable to count to four. Go back to 1984 and tell people Joe Biden will be alive in 2024 and they would be shocked. Tell them he will be president and they would laugh in your face.

The thing is though, this is not the weirdest thing happening right now. Here is a story about parents in Indiana who had their child snatched from them by the state because they did not subscribe the pronoun business. Not long-ago, people who even the most cynical thought were exaggerating warned about this stuff. “They are coming from your kids” was over-the-top rhetoric. Today is just a thing that no one finds all that shocking as it is just another deranged item on the list.

Again, it all feels like the people running the simulation are in a competition to see who can produce the most insane thing to foist upon us. It is not entirely wrong as all of this originates from the people who control the centers of cultural power. The people running the Google AI platform deliberately chose to race swap all the images and prevent any images of white people. The people stealing children in the name of pronouns know what they are doing. The question is why?

That is the weirdest part of this age. There is no good answer for why the people in charge are doing these things. You can say money and power, but they have all the money and power. People who blame it on money and power are simply trying not to think about it too much. You cannot blame them. The other answers can get you hurled into the void as a heretic or cast you as some sort of nutter. We are all left to hope the fever breaks, even though it clearly it is not breaking.

In the end, everyone is left to wait it out, like a bad storm. Instead of huddling in the basement, hoping the house does not come free of the foundation, most people do their best to avert their eyes. Maybe that is the appeal of VR goggles. You can venture into the world and not see the weirdness. You will not see the bus coming at you, but at least the end will be quick and free of bearded men in frocks, but how long before the weirdness is injected into that realm?

The only good news in all of this is that reality is the thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. No matter how infuriating or terrifying things get, reality will not yield to the dreams of the crazies. This was the lesson of the French revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and every ideological movement. It will be the lesson of whatever this cultural revolution is called when it finally ends. The other lesson is the crazies always meet a fate worse than they inflict on their victims.

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191 thoughts on “Waiting Out The Weirdness

  1. So the funny thing is a lot of people, even in dissident circles, are unable to make the connection that this AI thing – the deliberate falsification of history – is not even close to being the first time or even most egregious example of that falsification.

    To put it another way, in ohh say about 40 years, many of the people who witnessed this attempt to falsify history in the present will still be manipulated into believing the same exact lie decades later. They might even want to outlaw any public dissent in the matter.

  2. Anyone with familiarity with schoolyard bullies will recognize what is happening. When a bully realizes they have so completely demoralized a victim, utterly demolished any will to fight back or resist in that victim, their disgust and rage is only more enflamed. They begin gratuitously tormenting the victim with greater and greater outrages, in part because it is just their nature, but also a wicked curiosity to see just how much degradation a victim can absorb.

    There is no question who considers themselves the bullies here, and who they consider their pathetic victims worthy only of utter humiliation and, eventually, complete destruction.

  3. “The other lesson is the crazies always meet a fate worse than they inflict on their victims.“

    From your lips to God’s ears.

    • This is what keeps me moving
      If we happen to left up alive

      work with the list.
      I believe they will welcome the rewards for what has been sown

  4. I’m still hoping the “worse fate” for the crazies gets applied sooner rather than later. I surely want to see some of it before I check out.

    • Rebellion is slowly in the air. Hang in there and you might see a lot of wonderful tree decorations in a few years

      • When I was much younger, I subscribed to the “worse is better” philosophy, believing that that the progressive outrages of our overlords would provoke a strong opposition. Alas, the opposite has happened, with every outrage becoming the new normal.

        ” . . . Man grows used to everything, the scoundrel!”

        • Such could be predicted by knowledge of biology and psychology. Stimulus applied increasingly and without muting would exhaust and kill the organism very quickly. So the organism has developed its own form of muting. Soon we, the non-crazies, will be the new “walking dead”.

          • South Africa is not comparable to the USA. Half of the whites left after 1994 and the rest… promises made and slowly eroded, they were told they would be allowed to keep their property and integration would be slow and measured and would work out okay. There do exist smart blacks right? What about Marcus who works in accounting?

            Obviously, that was never going to work out longer term but many people are weak fools. Anyway go take a look, their houses are all mini fortresses now, surrounded by high walls and barbed wire. Did hear their Bantu gov’t banned guns recently amid rolling blackouts so that country does not have much time left. They are singing songs in their parliament about genociding white people. Will probably look like any other african country in 10 years. They should have left when everyone else did. Some people have a very hard time noticing the writing on the wall. “Everything is mostly okay today so why worry about tomorrow?” Well, those types.. sometimes I think… we might be better off without.

            Main point is though, they were less than 10% of the population. Not much they could do but flee or bunker down. Our situation is much different however, even now. City people are weak, they won’t do shit, they never do.

        • It’s not working anymore though. The parasites have almost killed the host. Turned the dial on the stove too quickly.

          People do not get used to anything if the change becomes too abrupt and/or intolerable.

          I’m sure many people felt as you do in 1920’s Germany. But then something happened.

          • The Whites who stayed are the Boers: the Afrikaners descended from mostly Dutch and German stock, born for adversity. They continue to thrive (see Afriforum). Look how the 2021 riots were handled by regular people with no government help & plenty of private firearms. Homes have been “mini fortresses now, surrounded by high walls and barbed wire” since the 1990s when the ANC took over and promptly shat on the country. The Boers’ ancestors faced worse. Have a look at this lot:


  5. “There is no good answer for why the people in charge are doing these things”.
    Hopefully because “those G-d wants to destroy He first makes mad”.

  6. It isn’t just Google search and Google AI. I just wanted to grab a fun giphy of, ‘You have got to be kidding me.’ It was nothing but blacks and a couple of white lesbians. I tried, “You have got to be kidding me with white people”, and I got a bunch of anti-white black folks humor or poking fun at white people dancing.

    The entire tech industry has dedicated itself to diversity and inclusion. They are so committed that it is all inclusive of blacks and exluding whites – particularly straight white males.

    It is just insane. It is also revenge. The DIE commissars are angry that they grew up in a white world and this is all just to show you it is their world now. And of course, the people running big tech are falling over each other to make every image black. I think Ramzpaul showed a stat the other day that Hollywood writing rooms 5 or 7 years ago were 75% white male, now they are 44% white male. I am sure the goal is to get it to zero.

    Of course Contards are so impotent they thought they were owning Disney when they came out with the anti-white quota system and Tweet stormed Disney a couple of weeks ago. In 2021 Amazon Films announced a quota system at the company and that they would enforce it across the entire supply chain and with every company they contract with. That ship sailed and they don’t even know which ships and from which ports.

    Someone on this forum recently described their corporate job as a “Black Worship Center.” In my time at big tech that is exactly what it was. Whoever said that, you should take a bow. That was the perfect description of what it seems our entire society has become. I could recant the discussion about changing all the git repos to never use the word master again. God forbid we use the word master. That doesn’t begin to discuss the 2 minutes of hate of Asians decrying their privilege and recanting it because Model Minority was an invention of whites to divide and conquer asians and blacks and make them mortal enemies. Yes. This is true. It happened at a company wide meeting. Then the repentant Asian, sure to get a fat promotion right afterward, said that, “it isn’t enough to be an Ally. I realize I need to be an Accomplice.”

    I crap you not. I have it on video. They must be accomplices and get that divisive white devil. I almost pasted the passage in Steinleight’s 2001 paper where he said that Jews would ally with Asians in order to divide and conquer and perpetuate their power as America’s demographics shifted. But, of course, I didn’t. I’d be penniless and without prospects.

    They are coming for you folks. White people inside big tech are participating in their own demise and they don’t care because we are in line first.

    Any good alternatives to giphy?

  7. I have not had the time to read ANY posts yet today. I did talk with my father, an 87 year old veteran, by phone.

    His journey in the last few years is dramatic. From “my country would not lie to me” and “haven’t you ever heard of the Polio vaccine” and “we need a vaccine to get back to normal” to …

    today, “I never thought I would live long enough to see what has happened to this country.”


    From ALL IN, “I cannot wait to get the next booster…” to now, just goes quiet when the subject comes up. My mother, his age, at least is “they’re never going to stick another needle in my arm” — she did 2 and 1 booster.

    She went from “I don’t trust this government” to TOTAL trust in the so-called vaccine.

    • If you felt the need to down vote that simple sharing, you will have an infestation of mouth sores tomorrow. You have been warned.

  8. Inflicting anguish, pain, fear and disgust on others for no material gain…. Occam suggests that spells sadism or deep hatred of the victim, or both. It is genocide of us. That is not hyperbole. It does seem they hate our existence in our own lands

    • On the morning of Tuesday Nov. 8, 2016, the culture war was supposed to have been won. The deplorables weren’t supposed to matter anymore. Irrelevant and dying out, headed into the dustbin of history (on the wrong side of course). In a matter of hours that illusion was brutally shattered. Mass psychotic break. Inextricably interwoven with infantilization. Evidently irrecoverable.

      • This won’t stop until we actually get up and stop it. That’s my guess . The first to rise may have statues in the future. But they won’t be around to enjoy the honors. Some of us, possibly quite a few; will have to give up our lives to stop the monsters. Or none of us will survive

    • The reason is Satanic. Once people abandon their religion, they open an opportunity to get controlled by demons. Since the people controlling the simulation are the most perverted ones, they easily become controlled by the demons so they crave to do harm to normal people. Being old gods a part of demons, the book Return of the Old Books makes this point.

      I know many people here will laugh at me and, in fact, I am not the most spiritual person in the world. This is why they don’t find a good reason behind all the weirdness. They try to find a material cause, but this is not explainable with material causes

      • Satanism or sadistic, the difference is irrelevant at the ground level. It is pure evil and we are the intended victims

  9. If you liked all of the weirdness outlined by this article, you are going to love the show when the elites decide to cut off all the free assistance the government, NGOs and others give to their illegal alien armies.

    The elites and their media lapdogs will proclaim that white people cut off your aid because they hate you and want you all to stave to death. Then the real fun will begin.

  10. Notice that the story posted doesn’t come from Santa Monica, or Berkeley, or Manhattan, or Boston. It comes from Indiana. The fraud of being represented in any way shape or form by the Republican party is writ large in this story. Where are these red state enclaves people talk about? Mike Pence can pretend to read the bible while he calls his wife “mother” like she’s some homely Midwestern washer woman in ankle length dress made from old floral-print curtains, and at the same time tacitly support every evil in and out of D.C. The same with the state house, the governor, etc. Yet somehow the electorate doesn’t personally blame these people. They are personally to blame. Their silence is complicity.

    • Radio Derb highlighted a story of a child taken from parents by the state for a sex change operation – – in Wyoming. The state workers took the kid to —Montana! for the operation. Here in Maine, folks in Brewer can’t seem to find a way to keep a degenerate misfit from harassing their daughters in the High School girl’s bathroom. The state says they go to jail if they forbid it.

        • george 1: C0ckservatard mom: “But that would never happen in MY public school. Public schools elsewhere may be bad, but my kids just LOVE their teacher Mz. Trina!”

          • 3g4me: Oh my, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard people say almost exactly what you wrote.

            With variations on “Mz. Trina” of course.

            The brainwashing has been effective.

            But if the herd can be directed one way, it can be led another, as ZMan suggests regarding future statue-worthy heroes. Something in me refuses to give up that inkling of hope.

        • Yep. In more rational times they would have found that way and not lost a minute’s sleep about it.

          • To be completely fair, back in the day they didn’t have to fear the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ coming down on them for every justified lynching. And these days even your local police would.

    • Indiana “Republican” politicians are worthless, spineless scum. Pence signed Indiana’s version of Defense of Marriage Act, then unsigned it a few days later once the queers got their panties in a bunch about a pizza place that said they probably would not cater a gay wedding. Like any gay wedding in the history of time was ever a pizza party.

      Holcomb didn’t even wait for the commie states to order lockdowns, though he didn’t have the balls to do it himself — he incentivized the counties to do it for him. Young can be pretty reliably counted on to vote for whatever Schumer wants. Coats was at best mixed, and Lugar was utter crap, and rightly got primaried out, though long after the horses had all escaped. Quayle? Need anyone ask about that pecker?

      Indiana is not red in the sense of anything conservative, but simply not as wacko-bird as adjacent Illinois.

  11. That is the weirdest part of this age. There is no good answer for why the people in charge are doing these things.

    I’ve found myself more and more returning to something that Theodore Dalrymple wrote:

    In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.

    I think this is at least part of the reason that the people in charge are doing these things. There’s at least a semi-conscious desire on their part to humiliate you. They want to force you to say that some fat ugly old dude wearing a dress is actually a bold and beautiful woman on pain of financial loss at least. Given that the desire is to humiliate, the push will ever be on to make the provocations as absurd and in-your-face as possible.

    • Wear a mask, stay six feet apart, put denatured alcohol on your hands, take the jab or be fired, support Israel/ Ukraine/ Burkina Faso, buy an electric car or an incandescent light-bulb.

      It is all YOUR choice. We are not MANDATING anything: these are just recommended guidelines (which are mandatory).

      • About ten years ago, my oldest’s elementary school called me in for a meeting regarding an incident, but a side issue was that I did not vaxx her. The principal, teacher, nurse, and I were sitting in a board room. The nurse slides the paper to me and says, “These are a list of the recommended vaccines.” Without missing a beat, I reply, “Are they required?” The nurse replied, “Yes.”
        My response: “Then they aren’t recommended, are they?”
        You could hear a pin drop.
        She was never vaxxed, as an aside.

    • My question for Dalrymple, whom I admire, is, “okay, but why do they want to humiliate us so badly?

      Answering this question is where we find that ideology is an insufficient explanation. I think the underlying reason is racial hatred, but we’re all just speculating.

      A number of the dissident right elder statesmen will occasionally intone that the enemy that we are facing is marxism, or cultural marxism, or even bioleninism.

      As much as I respect them and am grateful for their guidance over the years, I wonder if they’ve lost the ability to set aside the old explanations when they prove insufficient to explain the current evidence.

      The danger is, for example, that if your old beliefs cause you to believe that your enemy must attack you on land then when they attack by sea, you’re in a pretty bad situation.

      • That may be a generational divide. Not in terms of actual age, but in terms of when one crossed the great divide. The more recent arrivals on these shores – those who, like me, made the journey during the last decade – have much more experience in setting aside old explanations.

      • It’s anti-white racism alright. No doubt about it. But Leftists always need some sort of intellectual/ideological justification for their hatreds and psychoses. The poststructuralists provided it.

      • OK, but then why do so many whites want to humiliate us? That’s not genetics speaking. At least it hasn’t been demonstrated.

        I suppose it’s possible that the mailman might have been blonde haired and blue eyed like my dad, but how can genetics explain two out of six siblings being leftist notjobs? Particularly when one of the twins is as far “right” as the other is “left”? They went to the same college, lived in the same home through college. The divergence happened after graduation, after one moved to California, the other to Wyoming.

        Why reject Occam’s?

        • Steve, I believe that we have two interconnected problems to solve: one is the hatred from many non-whites and the other is the crazy white left.

          When you have a compound problem like this, you can strategize about different solutions. Is it better to try to deal with the non-whites or the crazy white left? It’s a tough question because whichever part you try to solve first will influence the other parts.

          My hope is that a lot of the crazy white left is just brainwashed and incentivized to believe what they do. If I’m correct, it seems to make more sense to focus on the non-whites first and see how this changes the crazy white left.

      • These people want to humiliate us because they hate us, and it makes them feel good. All the rest is the nonsense they use to justify their malice.

    • Here’s more from that Dalrymple quote. Vaclav Havel had similar observations in “The Power of the Powerless”, and Havel actually lived what Dalrymple studied.

      “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
      …Theodore Dalrymple

      • One form of assent is “tolerance.”

        “Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
        As to be hated needs but to be seen;
        Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
        We first endure, then pity, then embrace.”
        ― Alexander Pope

    • “There’s at least a semi-conscious desire on their part to humiliate you.”

      While that may be true of the freaks on the fringes who were never really accepted into society through out the millenia, it does not explain all of it.

      CS Lewis wrote :

      “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

      The Affluent White Female Liberals who join in with the freaks are probably more motivated by the “do gooder” need to virtue signal thus elevating their status amongst their peers.

      And they will let nothing come in the way of elevating their status.

      There was also another quote which I cannot recall who said it but during the communist era, it was the women who were the most ardent followers and the first to rat out on the non believers/followers to the authorities. Probably with the same need to elevate their status.

      • George Orwell: “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”

      • That’s George Orwell in 1984: “He disliked nearly all women, and especially the young and pretty ones. It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.”

    • Obviously true in many instances, but I really don’t think that was the intention behind Gemini AI here. Of course, I could be wrong, but I really think that the people who set this up thought they were doing a social good. I really think that they believed that their AI should prioritize “diversity” over historical accuracy. As Z often points out, they really, truly believe in this garbage – it’s not a bit. It’s not for PR. They see their primary purpose as pushing “diversity”. If it seems like the “chief diversity officers” at many of these companies have more power than the CEO or CFO, well it’s because they DO. Gemini AI is exactly the sort of product you would expect from a technology company that decided technology is less important than diversity.

  12. The weirdest thing of all is that presumably normal white people sit still for the madness. And by “sit still” I don’t mean to say that they are not marching into black hoods and burning them down or rounding up politicians, academic deans, advertising execs, film directors and media moguls and stringing them up, although these would be entirely rational responses to the psychic and cultural violence being inflicted upon them. I don’t even mean taking to the streets in protest, and that is the very least one should expect from Norm E. Griller.

    At bare minimum what normal whites should be doing is absenting themselves, en masse, from the popular “culture.” There would be no penalty for that. Instead, like narcotized drones and zombies, they attend sportzball games to be harangued with anti-white messages and “music” from a nightclub in hell. They purchase products pushed by corporations that wish to see them tortured and subjugated. They bundle their children into white-hating indoctrination tanks laughably disguised as universities. They attend movies produced by people who would be happy to see theaters converted into concentration camps for whites. And so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

    White consciousness has been reprogrammed to worship people who abominate them, and to embrace their own transition into third-class citizens in their own homelands and nations their ancestors built. Is it a simulation? Is it a plot by Satan and his minions? Is it merely a sublunary human phenomenon that can be explained by social science? I do not know, but I can say for certain that when viewed by any normal person, it feels like an irrational nightmare springing from the void of chaos.

    • I agree. You expect enemies to spring up, announce themselves and go on the attack.

      You don’t expect people to just shrug and support their own subjugation and worse the subjugation of their own children.

      It is mystifying what is happening.

    • There’s several reasons for white insouciance. First, people are herd animals. They have trusted American institutions for generations and it has only been a short while that the institutions have been taken over by lunatics. They have been told that they live in the freest country in history and they can’t fathom that it isn’t until they are literally punched in the face with reality and end up handcuffed and in jail like the J6ers. Maybe not even then.

      Secondly they are taught that racial egalitarianism is the highest virtue, and that it is mean and impolite to point out the obvious racial differences just as it is mean and impolite to say that your neighbor’s kid with Down’s is a retard. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything…” etc. etc.

      Thirdly they are literally fat, and happy. Capitalism is a materialist ideology that profits from gluttony and Americans are free to indulge themselves. There is no reason to rock the boat when you can watch porn and football and do anal and eat yourself into obesity and buy cheap Chinese-made trinkets at Walmart — and put it all on your credit card.

      The people of the Soviet Union went along with all the outrages because communism was a materialist ideology and, in fact, the communists did create more industry and more material goods than had been available to the peasants under the tsars. Americans aren’t much different.

      • Xman: “They have been told that they live in the freest country in history and they can’t fathom that it isn’t until they are literally punched in the face with reality and end up handcuffed and in jail like the J6ers. Maybe not even then.”

        The J6ers reportedly still sing the national anthem together in prison. No different than Davey Blackburn. They will cling to lies and deny reality unto death. Not merely theirs, but ours.

        • “The J6ers reportedly still sing the national anthem together in prison.”

          What do you think they should do?

          • Anything but that.

            Personally, whenever I mail an envelope, I apply those American flag stamps upside down as a petty and pathetic form of protest. It accomplishes nothing but still provides me with a touch of satisfaction. None of us, least of all the J6ers, should profess a scintilla of loyalty to this accursed polity.

          • Gespenst: So it appears you endorse loyalty to either a maggot-ridden corpse or the simulacrum wearing its skin suit. Good to know. It’s probably safe to say you believe if we just got back to the magic constitution, etc. Glad your principles will protect you.

      • With you right up until the anti-capitalist rant.

        What exactly do you propose? Ban sportsball and WalMart? Outlaw credit? Do an internet crackdown on things you don’t like? One thing you didn’t mention, but appeared in the news again yesterday is the tendency to think a queer studies degree that doesn’t even prepare you for a career in the barista arts is worth a 6-figure debt.

        Rather than let people make their own life choices, you propose… what?

        • It reminds me, though, of libertarianism in that White person is free to believe in such ridiculous things right up until it meets the wall of their people. Inside the group: everything, outside: nothing.

          • OK, but railing against credit? Employers extend you “credit” when they sign your paycheck. They won’t get paid for your work for weeks, possibly years. How many could afford a car or a house or an education, or, heck, even a couch without credit? Given that only a small fraction of people could cut a check for $700… well, what can they do when they need even a brake job that they never bothered to learn how to do?

          • Steve, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that you can’t do without credit and then list a mixed bag of goods assuming they can’t be had without credit.

            Yes, I know things were different when I was young, but there was a time when there was pretty much no credit. People did obtain the things you mention, but not immediately, they worked and saved. No this is not a
            “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” admonishment.

            Think about all those things you mentioned that you claim you “absolutely” need credit to purchase. Then think about what the credit you require *costs*. You can literally add—depending on type of credit used and time of use—20% or more to the item’s cost. So you can’t afford it without credit, but you can afford it at 20% more?

            Really, what you are illustrating is a short “time preference”. You’ll take your single “cookie” now rather than two later. Heck, I still remember moving into my first house. We hung sheets up on the windows in place of curtains for more than a year.

          • Steve, you got it exactly backwards. YOU extended credit to your employer when you performed labor two or more weeks in advance of finally being paid. To quote the most wildly popular President ever elected, c’mon, man.

      • But despite perpetual wall-to-wall propaganda Soviet subjects eventually rebelled, as did their confreres in Warsaw Pact nations. Now that said, everything you say is quite true and all well and good. However, I don’t think it’s a sufficient explanation. The white race is suffering from a deep spiritual sickness, a moral malaise, a loss of the animating life force. There is very dirty work afoot here, and it goes beyond material comfort and Power Structure propaganda.

        • This.
          There once was an Englishman who posted here–trumpton, I think the nic was–who obviously had familiarity with and likely a background in biology in general and neuroscience in particular. The guy was very intelligent and did not come across at all as a nutter.
          Trumpton’s theory was that through sequencing and repetition and other techniques, “mind worms” had been developed to make whites more receptive to propaganda and near-suicidal complacency. That inadequate description of his theory does grave injustice to it, but he made a very plausible case. We know from the CIA’s MKultra program here and MI-6’s equivalent there that the intelligence agencies were deep into these dark mind control manipulations on the white populations as far back as the Sixties.

          I don’t think it is related to intelligence at all, but for whatever reason some of us have proved immune to these manipulations. The vast majority have not although you glimpse rare flashes on awareness from them these days–too little, too late, of course.

          • Food for thought. I am still incredulous to the thought that about 70% of the U.S. population fell for the covid/vax BS. I always hope that those numbers are fabricated but they seem to roughly track with people I know.

            In any event that was sure mind control of some type.

          • george, it is all the more befuddling, or perhaps depressing, when one recalls that the “left” was very skeptical of the jab while the Orange Man was in office, but as soon as Biden came in they flipped the switch all the way to being militant jab crusaders. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

          • Eh.

            That’s an interesting thesis but it’s nothing that Plato didn’t figure out about human nature 2,500 years ago.

            I’m sure the CIA is trying to manipulate people with MKULTRA and all of that, but frankly the Allegory of the Cave reminds us that it’s human nature to lap up pure bullshit invented by other people so they can gain power.

  13. There’s no question that the craziness has accelerated in the past few years. The lefty stuff that was laughable in the Bush I and Clinton years seems positively quaint now.

    I noticed a palpable change right around the time of the second Obama administration. You had this unrelenting pressure day after day from the White House and the media attacking anything that was traditionally American and/or white. I felt like I was on the ropes constantly getting punched trying to keep up with every new outrage, but the tenor has ramped up considerably in the past five years or so — the covid hoax, the rigged election, the transgender fetish, the Floyd race riots, the impeachments of Trump, the indictments, the debt.

    I used to think that the Lefties, the cops, the media, and the bureaucracy were either hapless twits or obnoxious morons, but I never felt like they were my mortal enemies who would happily kill me. I feel that way now, though.

    And I think that’s the point of it all. It’s just pure hate and rage by the Left, they don’t have a plan so much as they just hate us. You see this in particular with the queers and the trannies, they don’t just want to be left alone to do thing own thing behind their own bedroom door, they sadistically enjoy offending as many of us as they can. You see it with the feminists and with cops and with the black politicians like Letitia James. They enjoy watching you helplessly squirm as the guy you voted for gets crucified and laugh at you as you haplessly try to vote for him again.

  14. ZMan wrote: ” There is no good answer for why the people in charge are doing these things.”

    It’s been said before, both by me and by others, and now I’m going to say it again. Trump broke them. It’s probably impossible to overstate this. Because “they” see this bumbling man as the consummate evil, and his deplorable followers as a human plague, they must do the opposite of what Trump and his deplorables want, if they are to have any hope of being moral.

    They are completely blind to the fact that the “deplorables” are almost entirely just good decent hardworking people who want a better life and a better country. To them, these people are monsters. Thus, in taking the opposite position from everything the deplorables want, they end up opposing every good and decent thing. But they have to oppose it, because to do otherwise would be to become a deplorable themselves. The most unthinkable thing!

    If the deplorables believe there are only 2 genders, then they have to believe there are 200. If the deplorables want controlled immigration, then they have to be for a wide open border where every wog from anywhere is let in. On and on and on. Because to do otherwise would be to become a deplorable!

    These rampaging baizuo may be only 20% of the population, maybe even only 10%, but 10% or 20% of 350 million is a lot of people.

    • I think you nailed it. They are so deracinated and stripped of identity, heritage, history and so fettered to their credential, title and status that they are desparate to do anything to show they are not deplorable. Even if it means total destruction and annihilation.

      This at least explains the pets and the tools.

      Ben Shapiro on the other hand. That is something different. He wants what he wants by any means necessary.

  15. The only thing that surprises me about Google AI is that anyone is surprised at all. And precisely who is noticing? White people of a certain age. Why do people, even here, think it’s funny/ludicrous? It’s deadly serious and this type of malicious propaganda has been wildly successful in spreading its poison. I disagree, Zman, that there is no historical progression of steps leading to this. While the roots of anti-White or anti-European thought go back centuries among certain people, its public expression in the US began in the 1920s with the Frankfurt school.

    Theodore Adorno (Wiesengrund) spent his life demonizing the concepts of Whiteness, patriarchy, hierarchy, and tradition. Post mean mustache man, his ilk’s heretofore theoretical and philosophical war on Whiteness moved into direct action – such as White children forced at gunpoint into school with blaqs. The Dick and Jane reading books that I remember from first grade in 1964 introduced the first black family in 1965. Fill a room with public school texts and ladies’ magazines from 1960 – 1975 and you will see the annual progression. I’ve mentioned before that the same American History textbook used by my sons – from a Christian publisher used in a Christian school 8 years apart – replaced Pierre L’Enfant with Benjamin Bannecker.

    What started with complaints about the lack of blaq ‘models’ and baby doll toys (and was laughed at as extreme thought by normal t. jones back then) is now thoroughly institutionalized. No one thinks anything of the Gerber baby being black. As usual, they ignore the cumulative psychological effect of every pack of baby food and diapers picturing a blaq, han, or subcon infant. It’s just become part of the scenery. Gen Xers and boomers here (easily half this commentariat) may mock it, but generations of White children have been raised and marinated in this.

    Their world is saturated in (bi)POX images and people. In print and photography, in music and movies and tv and online. It’s all they know. I stopped at the bank yesterday, in my rural Ozark town of just over a thousand people, in my 93% White county of 17,000 people. And I smilingly mentioned to the nice young White female teller that all the posters and pictures on the wall set my teeth on edge, because every single one was of a non-White . . . and she looked utterly bewildered. Not offended (I was courteous throughout), but the thought that there was anything abnormal let alone malicious about this was incomprehensible to her.

    What we may mock in Google AI, millions of White children and young adults just accept as reality. Absolutely, Napoleon had an African general. All (bi)POX are smart, successful, and way cooler than bland wy pipo. British health officials proclaim hormone-stimulated ‘trans’ breast milk is healthy and safe for infants.

    It’s all of a piece. An anti-White demonization, replacement, and removal program. And of course it’s not for money and power – it’s generated by things far more powerful and enduring. Envy and hatred. And the entire formerly civilized world is hurtling into the void, while people insist they have built ‘good lives’ or carved out niches for themselves. And some even laugh at Google AI. Envy and hatred . . . unto death. May it be returned in full measure.

    • Largely agreed but you have to add nihilism and self-hate to the motive mix. Along these lines, let’s revisit this:


      We are in for a long, dark winter. I also am guilty of laughing at the Google AI even though I realize how deadly serious and existential our situation is and what that freakshow truly represents. There is no good ending possible, only survival, and that is questionable.

    • It warmed my heart to see the black Santa and Mrs. Claus’ on sale in CVS were on clearance in early January. No takers in Kennebunk, Maine.

        • BigJimSportCamper: I know your reference is to the Somalis imported there, but I spent some months in Maine in 1978 and enjoyed times at Old Orchard Beach. Another piece of White America that has been snuffed out. I rage at what’s been done to Lewiston.

      • I do minor sabotage in my CVS. A smiling black man popping out from an OTC discount card? Two glances and he is removed. The black santa in the aisle? Four glances and he is gently moved to face away and to the back.

        Does it change anything? No. Maybe a few less people have to see that and a few less people are spared momentarily from that sinking feeling of knowing that a people pulled this off by martyring multiple criminal scum and destroying the lives of some of our people who made their lives about protecting strangers from said scum.

        I pray for the youth who 3g4me points out have had this normalized. Their survival instinct has been destroyed.

        • Reality, could not help but think of Abby Hoffman’s, “Steal This Book”. Hoffman was the go to anarchist in his heyday and the book was a hoot.

          Perhaps he has a successor out there among the DR who could write a sequel book for budding Race Realist activists. Look at the consternation of the Left when a simple xeroxed paper stating, “It’s OK To Be White” was left on college campuses.

  16. It’s unlikely that AI developed in the West will evolve to become a useful tool precisely because of woke programming and/or training for the models. The gap between the output of a model and observable reality will be too large. Who in their right mind would base important business decisions on the output of a model that produces garbage results?

    The EU is already promulgating regulations to mandate woke programming training for AI models, and guardrails to stop The Noticing. The US will do the same. Models developed in Asia will likely be more trustworthy than models developed in the West.

    The primary utility of models developed in the West will be to replace the plethora of flawed university studies that provide the factual foundation for stupid government policies. Think about the hundreds of headlines that read along the lines of: Harvard Study Shows… followed by the dumbest thing you’ve ever read. It costs real money to conduct these studies. AI will replace this with a near zero cost alternative.

    • Agreed, but…

      Most people are too interested in being a cog in the machine, living out their “careers” facing cube walls, maybe punching the time clock and going home, to be remotely interested in business decisions. Entrepreneurialism is at best mocked, even here in the comment section, or dismissed as anachronistic or “Boomer-think.”

      All these people can and ultimately will be won over by Leftie “AI”, because it’s attuned to what they’ve been indoctrinated to believe. Maybe Leftie pulled the trigger a little fast with the gender crap, but the world of late Boomers, Gen X and early Millenials is already fading. I think there’s at least some hope for Z — at least in STEM in my neck of the woods, they are split between “take care of me, Mommy Government” and a rebellious spirit of some kind, but sadly, in the business majors, the split is more like 90/10. Ivy League business is more like 99/1 or worse.

  17. Seems to me like they’re pretty much telling us what they (in their ideal world) have in store for us. Not a single white person anywhere, not even among the evil people. White people actually don’t exist and never existed at any point in time.

    Despite all this, there are likely over a billion people on the planet who are “white”, and billions more globally who aspire to be white. Millions of white kids are born every year. We are not anywhere near this desired scenario, although obviously currently not at our peak power either.

    That may make them even more dangerous – the obvious cognitive dissonance will make them crazier and crazier. Every single time they see a white person their broken brains will break a little further. Every time they see a white family, they will fly into a rage. Nobody in Pol Pot’s regime said “hey, our people are starving, let’s moderate”. And nobody in the US regime is going to say “hey, these are our citizens, let’s moderate”.

    • — Nobody in Pol Pot’s regime said “hey, our people are starving, let’s moderate”. And nobody in the US regime is going to say “hey, these are our citizens, let’s moderate”.—

      I can tell you from experience in advertising that no one ever got fired for casting a commercial with so many low-albedo Americans, you would think its target audience was Sierra Leone. One phrase you hear repeatedly in the business is “the client wants to showcase their diversity.” A lot of this comes straight from the client, not that the ad agency isn’t fully enthusiastic on its own. It’s a luxury piety infesting the entire corporate landscape, so endemic that filling every commercial with dazzling urbanites is a nearly unconscious act on the part of ad agencies. It crept in over the last 20 years like slow cancer. This is the stuff your boss and his boss and the client all want to see, and I can tell you it has nothing to do with appealing to potential consumers. You see, we’re here to educate you little people, not pander to you.

      • Yes. And it has been inserted at a point now, where it has to be the way it is done. Any alternative proposal, any objection or counter-point can and must mean only one thing. YOU ARE RACIST!!!!

        And then the worst possible consequence: Banishment from all you have: money; a job; status based on those things.

        If people had more than those things, if they had an identity, self respect, national pride and a sense of belonging based on those things you can never take away, it wouldn’t work.

        You would think it would hit them, “What world am I leaving to my children?” It doesn’t hit them. Their child is getting a good SAT score and going to a good school. A deracinated degree holder has no defense against the emerging genocide.

    • It wasn’t exactly true that it wouldn’t show white people at all. Just white men. When asked to show a Scottish married couple, it showed a white female and a black man. Ditto for American and other European countries. They still want white females for their sexual fettishes and and symbolism of their conquering us.

      • Wonder if the AI you cited has a logic built in that can be questioned.

        AI App: Here is a Scottish married couple…
        User: Your picture shows a mixed race couple. How many mixed race (Black and White) couples are Scotland?
        AI App: Approximately 10,000
        User: How many married Scottish couples are there Scotland?
        AI App: Approximately 2,000,000
        User: Why do you think your picture of this mixed race Scottish couple (1 in 200) is representative of the question asked and if not representative, why did you produce it?
        AI App: …error, error, does not compute….

  18. I hope I live to see the end of this. I am a pretty gentle person. I treat my animals generously, I am polite, and I don’t go looking for conflict.

    That said, I have come to hate these people. I will not fault the mob when atrocities are committed on the people that constitute the ruling class and those that aid them.

    I has cut back drastically on my social media and news consumption. I feel there is nothing left to observe. On top of that everything is so manufactured now, you can’t really trust any of it.

  19. The reason is not power or money, it’s evil.

    Most people aren’t evil, so comprehending that concept is difficult.

    Sound and virtuous men are the solution to defeating such creatures.

  20. What today’s post describes is the Homo sapien version of colony collapse. Our culture and society is dying at an ever faster rate, and most people are struggling to make it through another day, so fixating on the CRAZY is not on the priority list. But the pressure is building and it will eventually explode.

    The only thing keeping the lid on now is a desperate and naive belief that the elites will not be able to steal the 2024 election like they did in 2020. But if they do it anyway, can the country survive another $35 trillion in additional sovereign debt over the succeeding 4 years? Of course not! The collapse will become imminent at that point.

    The elites see this trigger as the enabler of real tyranny and cementing their control over the Untermenschen. Dissidents see this as the storming of the Bastille moment. Ukraine has lost half its population to emigration, another half a million war dead, and countless wounded. All of which could have (and should have) been avoided if the pathogens had been driven from power prior to Feb 2022. The same mistake is now being made by Israel in Gaza and Lebanon. Will we never learn?

    • I’m also amazed at the speed of the madness. I wonder though, if they have checkmated themselves. The current target of their warmongering, Russia, shows no signs of backing down and is not a hollow Middle East dictatorship with no native arms industry. Stealing another election means the Brandon Entity will keep on deficit spending the country into an inflationary spiral. Their plan to use AI to replace competent Whites is pretty obvious but, given their commitment to making the AI woke, it will be just as retarded as any blaq or SJW wammen. At the same time you have things like Gab.ai (which I’ve been using in my job search to good effect) that are running with no woke handicap. You can actually even choose different personalities (including Mustache Man) if you want. They could shut down Gab, but the source code for these things is out there and can’t be pulled back.

  21. Over the top examples like this Google AI story are one thing, but last night on Jeopardy the little rodent Ken Jennings got to the final contestent, who was completely female in biology and presentation, on Final Jeopardy and said, “they wagered $XXX”. It took a second to register, but they’ve completely normalized such insanity in an amazingly short period of time.

    As always, the woman in question never once referred to herself as “we”. No, it’s you who are required to debase yourself in service of her moral superiority.

    • Drug makers now use the expression “sex assigned at birth.” I would never take anything made by people who think your sex is assigned at birth.

    • My colleagues publish internal and public documents that use pronouns that are improper grammar. There is no shame in being a moron, if one can bolster their false sense of goodness and morality.

  22. In another age, literally six years ago, everyone involved at Google would know that the corporate motive would have been “subtle deniability”, kind of like how Google’s own image search is often blatantly anti-White, but not consistent enough to pin them down. This was just a sloppiness born of the early football spiking from the soft coup of 2020 (although it is interesting that they’re trying to frame it as an oversight when everyone on the planet knows this came out exactly like they wanted it). Point being that someone in management should have said “I love what you’ve done here, just, dial it back a notch for the moment”, but no one did.
    (Someone noted to me too that even the founders of Google were coming out black, lolz).

    • Remember the before times, clear back in 2017, when Leftie was screaming about Net Neutrality and the appointment of Ajit Pai, who was going to forever drive all left-of-center content from the Internet? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  23. So this AI basically just regurgitates what its minders prioritize. And what’s top priority on the minds of its minders is making their AI woke. And the very bad people who are going to mercilessly grill the AI upon release know that what is top priority on the minds of its minders is making their AI woke. But the minders don’t know that the very bad people who are going to mercilessly grill their product have it in mind to cause them some embarassment? Or do they know and just don’t care? So either these minders are very incompetent or very powerful. Or both. Either way, and I’d say it’s way more the latter than the former, our current situation cries out for a rough resolution.

  24. “the crazies always meet a fate worse than they inflict on their victims”

    Plan your next moves –
    Precious metals – brass, copper and lead

    Get your core group trained up. Those of us who had several children who joined up and served, came back to settle in, we’re set.

    Eyes open and ears up

    It’s not gonna be fun, but I like our chances

  25. “This was the lesson of the French revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and every ideological movement. It will be the lesson of whatever this cultural revolution is called when it finally ends.”

    Given the history of these movements, it is not very comforting to know they cannot persist for a very long time.

    If the Guillotines are brought out into the town squares across America, I just hope they are not being run by the ruling elite.

    • Agreed.

      “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” Alexander the Great.

      French Revolution, Spanish Civil War, Bolshevik Revolution, Chinese Civil War…all the millions of guns in the hands of millions of people who are unable (and scared) to organize a convention will be completely useless against those who can, and do, organize.

      Who controls the organizational tools? I.E., social media, e-mail, tracking devices in your pocket, even snail mail? Forget about that…who drives the daily gaslighting that motivates regular folks to organize in the first place?

      Can you imagine trying to organize a very innocent “Tea Party” without everything about it being immediately available to security services if they wanted to know?

      There’s a reason BLM and Antifa could operate with violence and intimidation in full public view while anyone.

      Almost 70 years between the Gracchi brothers and Caesar…promptly followed by a major Civil War, which he could have easily lost. And an ultimate dictator just resets a different cycle anyway.

  26. “There is no good answer for why the people in charge are doing these things.”

    The system is working as intended, but it wasn’t designed for stupid, immoral, undisciplined, self-hating livestock (that’s why it’s not satanic btw). This is the will of the people. They’re giving us what we want. The authoritarian stuff is a growing awareness that somebody has to get a grip. It’s still a freak show, because, you know, that’s what the Evil Moustache did, so maybe it’s evil? Maybe we’re evil? No, we’re just paralyzed and pathetic.

    It’s going to collapse. Big gets too big to hold itself together and collapses. Oh no! we’re free again, what can we livestock do? Leave, die, wait for a messiah, get your shit together and take your chances. It’s up to you.

    • Will of the people and elite opinion: I’m of two minds. Maybe I forget our hybrid system. All this Democracy! talk, the importance of having the correct opinion, etc.

      You influence elite opinion, they lead. They’re listening— all the surveillance and tracking, they’re listening. I’m sure some minority of them still take it to heart.

      At least in the past, the elite had a sense of noblesse oblige, and we deserved it. They weren’t so cloudy, and we weren’t so dirty. They were more like us, we were more like us, there was more understanding all around— the sort that comes from shared identity. I’d like to believe that, anyhow, and the fact that America functioned seems to support it. It’s easy to think America was always shit in 2024.

      Many skinsuits, many thoughtsuits, if that’s a word 😆

    • There are aspects of the current thing that are nothing if not Satanic and it is coming to the forefront now. The attacks on childhood and children, the tranny stuff, deviancy of all kinds and so on. Of course none of us were there from the start, but surely no other civilzation has been as depraved over so many aspects of existence as the GAE is right now with no end or change in sight. It seems sometimes like the clouds are not really human, they just sort of pass for it.

      • You have to demonize someone to justify destroying him, right? Guess I’ve turned some corner where I’m not going along anymore.

      • I’ve seen conservatives say that tranny children is a natural part of civilization, not kidding. They regret it but not that big deal.

  27. What a dilemma. lol They want to end whiteness but need to blame all very bad things on whiteness.

    At least we are getting some great entertainment value out of it.

    • I’m told that they had to apologize when the engine was asked to produce pictures of Nazis.

      Turns out (according to Google) they were mostly black.

  28. The larger point is that whites needs to accept that this isn’t their country – their society – anymore. If whites want to protect and preserve their heritage, we’ll have to do it ourselves.

    Because it was our country, our govt, our corporations, our media, etc., for so long, whites just view the system as their own and thus no need to operate separately. That time is long gone, but whites haven’t changed their thinking. We still think like the majority, like the people in charge. We’re not. What’s more, we’re not going to get it back.

    The people running the system hate us and, particularly, hate our ancestors. Of course, they’re going to attack our past. That’s a given.

    Whites have to start thinking like a minority, which is something that we’re not very good at. If we want a statue of Robert E. Lee, it’s not going to be in a public park, built by money from the city. It’s going to be built on private land with money from white people. If we want our real history preserved, we’ll need to do it ourselves.

    We often talk about whites needing to create their own communities to protect and promote their people and culture. Well, that starts first with mentally breaking from the larger society and understanding that we’re on our own, which means just assuming that Google will try to distort our past.

    We are the new American Indians. Get over it. Expecting the new settlers, who hate us, to honor our past and protect our people is retarded and childish. We either start creating our own communities, or we get what we deserve.

    • Hear, hear. Mental acceptance of the new reality is the first and more important step. We had a truly beautiful thing here and it is gone now. It is well past time to stop denying or even mourning.

      • We are enduring the fate of every society where women control things…They can’t build good grass huts (Survivor) but they can wreck things in the blink of an eye…

    • Spot on CoaSC. The AI abolishing whiteness is just a digital expression of the book that that Pakistani, white-hating ghoul wrote where whites are disappearing and turning black.

      Last week, Josh Schriver, a Michigan state representative was censured and stripped of his committee assignments, his entire staff budget. It wasn’t even put to a vote or to a recall. The groundbreaking and historic first black man ever to lead the Michigan legislature just did it to Schriver unilaterally. It was done because Schriver retweeted a post by Jack Psobiac (sp?) that showed white people’s countries being taken over by black people.

      Schriver was called a racist for posting the truth and then effectively his district was robbed of their representative with no plebicite of any kind.

      We are on our own. We face an extremely hostile set of racial enemies. They are announcing themselves and what they have in store for us. They want to annihilate us. I haven’t read this story yet, but it is certain that the outrage is not that someone wanted to depict a world without any white people, but that this depiction was hamfisted and resulted in depicting non-whites as Nazis, Indian slayers, colonizers … … … That is the measure of derangement and pathology we are dealing with. That is the nature of the immorality we are dealing with. It isn’t that they are creating premonitions of a world where we are eradicated, but that this means they can no longer depict us as evil incarnate once we are gone. Let that sink in.

      CoaSC you are spot on. I am doing a tiny part in what I think is the most important thing we should be doing. We must create our own education system, and we must do it now. The Rufo, Moms for Liberty effort is whistling past the graveyard. We have age old sets of curriculum to select from, knowledge of the standards and tutoring and teaching methodologies. We must erect an education system for our young and do it yesterday.

      Along the way, we will educate ourselves. Annihilation is upon us. It can be stopped but not if we don’t summon our will to do it. Without an identity, our past as the reason to summons it that we can reconstruct it in the future, we will not do it and we will pass.

      Let’s get to work. What is your list of things to build upon? I think the SchoolOfTheWest.world is a good starting point because they are built around identity and good on knowledge. It just needs help organizing and codifying and a full structure that is ready made for parents.

      • Brilliant. I don’t know if it can be stopped and think at best it will kill itself, which is the historic pattern, but education has to begin in a parallel system divorced from the State. I did not know about the Michigan incident but, yes, that is a significant mile marker.

      • The best guy to ask about what to do is Lineman. But I’d say that whites just need to do the little things:

        _ Start forming friendships in real life
        _ Help out around the community
        _ Do your best to educate young people about our past
        _ Don’t be overtly racist, but don’t back down when someone is anti-white. Call them out on it
        _ Call out hypocrisy, not because you expect to change the policy but to wake up a few normies

        For now, that’s the best we can do. In time, I suspect that more will come to our way of thinking and more opportunities will arise.

        • Support those of “our guys” who are producing great content, whether it’s videos, podcasts or writing. The big money supports our enemies and we’re at a big disadvantage in that regard. We need our ideas, which are based on truth and reality, to be seen by a lot more.

          • Yes, most definitely this. Z, Ramzpaul, Casey, etc.

            Feed the beast.

            Also, I buy my coffee from Above Time. I send my liberal family members the soap linked with Z. I also give money to the causes that Z posts.

      • >>> “Last week, Josh Schriver, a Michigan state representative was censured and stripped of his committee assignments.”

        It was a learning experience for him. The result will leave him with some free time to recite in private that childish Christian Brothers’ prayer to “St.” John-Baptiste de La Salle.

        When he’s ready to start growing up, the idolater will admit that he’s been a yesterdayboy since high school. Then he’ll choose more wisely from among the choices allowed by reality to western Caucasians.

        Every allowed choice precludes the indefinite perpetuation of Trinitarianism among us. So the boy needs to smarten up and make a better choice. Meanwhile, as he sucks his thumb in denial, the hunt for Caucasian Trinitarians will continue and intensify. This is the right way forward, and not even Mother Russia will be a safe space. The resulting victory over Caucasian Trinitarians will be a victory of humanity over lies, idiocy, and cowardice.

        • What are you tring to say? All I see is gibberish. I won’t downvote it because, if expressed better I may agree, but now I don’t get it.

    • Well said.

      It won’t be easy as we have to undo generations of programming and propaganda, but it is possible.

      • It’ll take time, but you can see it happening already. It’s becoming harder and harder to keep people from seeing reality.

    • The unmentionable upper chaste -Joos- are in control now. Act accordingly. For some reason they hate our existence instead of using us as obedient, productive sheep. Good luck taming the others they want to replace us with.

      But we have a future without them that requires adapting our minds to be another minority and building parallel systems with the Never Forget directive built in. Minority is not numbers is influence (lack of).

      • Jews are a crafty foe, but, for good or ill, they really are just terrible at running things, at least running as a foreign elite. (Even Israel isn’t too impressive.)

        The conman doesn’t make a great CEO. Jews have been fully in charge for 25 to 30 years, and they already made a giant mess of things. They won’t get better, so opportunities will arise.

    • >>> “We either start creating our own communities, or we get what we deserve.”

      Many so-called dissidents in the USA, it seems, yearn to restore the defective heritage of the Trinitarian estates and its binding superstition. (Shampoo Millionaire looks like one such recidivist.) That binder was effectively refuted BEFORE the lifetime of Gaius Iulius Caesar. Elijah’s alleged ascension is a hoax, as were similar tales about Jesus and his “virgin” mama. Greek science provided enough detail about the cosmos to draw this conclusion about any and all ascension tales and, hence, about the Abrahamic monster which we must slay like a better Beowulf slaying a more powerful Grendel, one descended from Seth, not Cain. Given that Trinitarianism is forever discredited among all with eyes to see and ears to hear, we ought not to be surprised that the two estates have disintegrated almost entirely.

      Nowawdays, the bar, managerialists, government schools, and ruling class media are filling the roles played by the first two estates of western European Trinitarianism. Good luck to Shampoo Millionaire and his Ceasar when trying to divide the people of that system, as any effective dissident movement must do. They are planning to send humans to the Moon again, this time in the name of Apollo’s sister, and they are very close to success. It will be a new occasion to refresh their rejection of Trinitarianism. What they don’t foresee very well, however, is Artemis’ power to play a role in dividing them and their supremacist stringpullers into conquerable factions.

      Others American dissidents are even more lost than anyone who wants to restore the Trinitarian estates. They are clinging to the impossible dream of reconciling Biblcal error with “unalienable Rights”, “We the People”, and Capitalism, Inc., each of which is a toxic (but expedient) competitor to the ancient error. How was that mishmash supposed to work given that their Bibles effectively deny the concept of unalienable rights and have Jeezuss warning that the wealthy man is in trouble?? These dissidents must overcome not only the harsh truth about our delusional Trinitarian ancestors but also the problems which follow from affirming fanatical secularism and from encouraging children (who are “People”) to believe that everyone has a right to rule.

      So when any of the lost dissidents read or hear exhortations to “start creating our own communities”, the best we ought to expect from them is renewed devotion to dead-end heritage practiced in some smaller form on a smaller territory. Their efforts will amount, at best, to retreat to a new position on smaller territory, a temporary regrouping for a few generations, and some waiting for a coup de grâce to put them out of their childishness and retardation.

      Smart dissidents, on the other hand, will think about an unsemitic replacement religion taught by a new first estate. A new second estate will protect and serve the first, but keep the first honest, too. Thirsty capitalists, take note that your natural place is a third estate. Manual laborers, clerks, hired computer programmers, asf. will be a fourth. Infidels, wastrels, and savages belong to a fifth estate, if we may call them an estate at all.

    • Whites have to start thinking like a minority, which is something that we’re not very good at.

      Yes. We must learn to think of government as a prize to be captured from the enemy and exploited ruthlessly before someone else comes along and claim the monies: give the state nothing, take from it everything.

      If you work for the government, your every working thought should be about how you can channel tax money, favors and contracts into white pockets, away from every other group who would do the same.

      If the beast cannot be starved to death, it must be bled to death.

  29. Z, I have read you since almost the beginning. This poast is among your best every simply because it captures the almost uncapturable.

    You are a great American.

  30. Once a society begins to decline, it can’t be stopped. Our problem is that our society conquered the world. Even Chinese communism and Islamic theocracy cannot get women to breed becuase they have been infected by Western Enlightenment. Its one last slow collapse into destruction except we used up all the easily accessible energy deposits.

    • Nature will take care of the birth rates. Liberals and those who don’t want children will see their genes disappear. Conservatives and family-oriented folks, i.e. not feminists, will see their genes proliferate.

      We’re going through a genetic bottleneck. For whites and Asians, what comes out the other side will be a much more conservative people. Of course, that can only happen if you’re not overrun by Africans, which is where the West is in trouble.

  31. “Notice that no senior Republicans have had much to say about the Trump case in New York.”

    This is an important point. People like to think “liberal democracy” works if people follow laws and rules. That is not the case. For it to work at all requires political MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, much as we had during the Cold War with the Soviets due to nuclear weapons. If one side is assured that any devastating attack will be met by another, it is loath to launch a first strike. Likewise, if one side knows lawlessness and oppression will be met in kind, it will hesitate to be lawless and oppressive.

    The “Right” or “conservatives” capitulated time and time again to the point the “Left” or “liberals” realize they can do anything without consequence. In effect, there is no MAD. Even more than the outrageous civil judgment against Trump, which indeed has terrified some segments of the Clouds, the better illustrations of this phenomenon are the terroristic actions against Supreme Court justices over DOBBS and the failure to provide Secret Service protect to a presidential candidate whose father and uncle were assassinated. Republican senators either averted their eyes or secretly supported these things.

    Without MAD, the Left soon will bring the nation to ruin. It is impossible to stop now. And, yes, the implosion of AINO is to be celebrated but living through it will be hell on earth. The best response is to avoid the craziest jurisdictions but that is no longer a panacea. Whatever comes next has to realize liberal democracy was fatally flawed because at some point political MAD will cease to exist.

      • Thanks. Let me add that “Left” is short-hand and includes corporations and the intelligence services, which actually are in control of the State at this point. Democrats/leftist political actors are basically third-party beneficiaries and ultimately answer to the IC and corporations, which put them into power. I am not certain the IC and corporations can be disentangled or which of two has the whip hand if they can be.

        Elected actors from the “Right” know they cannot do anything not sanctioned by the “Left,” and are genuinely and rationally terrified now. It isn’t a matter of they won’t do something. They can’t do something. That’s an incredibly important distinction. Capitulation had consequences, and when things got to this point I cannot say but it was at least as early as the aftermath of WWII.

        Something to watch for is how hard the bitch slap will be when the dusky women put into power get a little too uppity. They will fall back into line immediately.

    • Good thesis. However, when one party–Republicans–has been assimilated to the other, there can be no MAD. It takes two to doom.

  32. A couple years ago, a stunning and brave black lady who worked at Google’s “Ethical AI” unit left the company, or was fired. Since she’s black in the Era of Floyd she got tons of articles written about her, her true genius, and her Kassandra-like treatment at the company. Her primary point was that Google was failing to heed her warnings about racist AI. Well, judging by this Gemini business, they not only heeded her warnings, and in fact structured the entire operation around it (which also makes you wonder just what were the real reasons she was fired, but that’s a different story). This Gemini AI thing is ridiculous. You play around with it for a few minutes and it will say or generate something so dumb that you can’t believe it. It is super easy to bully (for example, if you ask why there is a black medieval king, it will apologize profusely and say it meant no offense). Sites like 4chan are having a field day with it.

    This brings me to another point. The people who built this machine are, obviously, deadly serious. They are also getting paid at least hundreds of thousands of dollars to make these decisions. I am sure many of them have PhDs and of course they are highly diverse. All the decisions made to code in black medieval kings and Chinese women as Founding Fathers were absolutely intentional. It is clear the entire system was coded to bring in critical race theory and every other shibboleth of the ruling class. The people who built this don’t have a funny bone in their body, yet in spite of all their deadly serious effort, they somehow managed to build one of the funniest and most hilarious things ever conceived by man. Years of work and billions of dollars has turned into a joke.

    • I played with it yesterday and at least if you enter “Show me an image of an Indianapolis 500 winner from the 1970s in Victory Lane” the AI generates a White man in a driver’s suit.

      Granted, he looks like Gary Busey on his worst day, but he’s still White. However generating the crowd around him in Victory Lane is way off, and results in people who look like the Melting Gestapo Agent from Raiders of the Lost Ark

      • I just tried a couple of requests on it and it wouldn’t draw them. When I asked it to draw a medieval knight it drew one with a full helmet on so it was impossible to see the race. I think they have completely taken down the drawing component’s ability to draw faces until they decide what to do.

      • Wow. What an oversight! (If that’s all it was.) It’s common knowledge that Ja’Gord’ius Johncock is a descendant of Crispus Attucks and that he was born in East St. Louis, Illinois. Dear, oh dear, oh dear…

    • > Years of work and billions of dollars has turned into a joke.

      The funny part is Torba created something better with a shoestring budget. Yes, Google probably has lots of special sauce that goes beyond the open source stuff, but it doesn’t matter when the final product is worse in every metric.

      Google could probably do the same as Twitter and fire 80+% of their staff and everything would be better.

    • It is part of the cultural genocide. Apparently the thought is that if you promote the thought that Wakanda was real and urban realities either are a simulation or due to racism or the devil, people over time will believe it. In essence, people after a generation or two will believe Henry VIII was always at black lesbian.

      People this crazy are perfectly capable of physical genocide and/or nuclear war. The most nauseating part is that there is no shortage of white people, in particular, who will participate in this evil.

      • Yeah “DR3” is rote, but still it is an amusing back-handed insult being leveled at blacks (“you’ve done so little of worth that we have to have you coopt people who have done something”). It’s similar to the whole “systemic racism” business whose core tenant, distilled, is that blacks are incompatible with modern society.

        • Yes. The audience here is not blacks. Blacks do not matter and no one thinks they do. Blacks never will matter. The intended audience is us.

          • Blacks do matter. Blacks are the favored client group and the excuse to do this. In order to do it, they must get a cut of the benefits. Do not think for one minute that one of the primary benefits is a brutal and total revenge.

            Think about the absolute rage and vitriol that even their extremely wealthy, famous and successful people have towards white people. (Beyonce; Jay-Z; Van Jones; Al Sharpton; Hakeem Jeffries; Colin Kaepernick; Cori Booker … … …) If success and opportunity were the goal they would be happy – maybe even grateful. But, they seem to be the most hate filled.

            Something else is motivating them. It has to be revenge and a monstrous animus to white people.

            Yes, being used this way may be humiliating, assuming the abstract thinking to see this is possible. But, it only fuels the anger and they must be given something in return. That something is what they want most. You cannot look at the state of things now and draw any other conclusion.

            Dismiss them and their motivations at the peril of our existence.

          • @RR:

            Disagree, totally. Blacks are incredibly dangerous and powerful weapons for TPTB, but they do not matter beyond that aspect. The day they no longer are useful they go away, and the more intelligent ones realize it.

  33. “The people running the Google AI platform deliberately chose to race swap all the images and prevent any images of white people. The people stealing children in the name of pronouns know what they are doing. The question is why?”

    the answer depends on person if he’s atheistic or not(assuming he’s not a normie or npc):

    If you’re christian then answer is simple, zeitgeist of our age is demonic, God’s Grace left western civilization. It’s Sodom and Gomorrah/Tower of babel 2.0

    If you’re halfway atheistic then it’s the natural cycle of empires, who degenerate from too much wealth & good fortune.

    If you’re a non-believer(but a race realist), then it’s the j-ish super wealthy who want white race dead or enslaved and their kids corrupted.

    • You’d best start believin’ in demon stories, you’re in one.

      The normie needs to reflect on the fat that the Redcoats whom the militia murdered on the road back from Concord that afternoon were the agents of the lawful king. They were literally the guys normie thanks for his service.

      There’s really no way out of this, except the one way.

  34. Beyond the question of why Google did this, did they think nobody would notice it? They must have expected pushback or are they so incompetent, insular, and blinded that they thought normal people would just go along? It really is amazing to see Google do this. They must fear nothing.

    • “It really is amazing to see Google do this. They must fear nothing.”

      When you get big enough, you can get arrogant because really, what are people gonna do, use another search engine / AI? Har, har, har. 🤣

      Hell, GM, Ford, and Chrysler didn’t worry about their quality up into the 1970s. Whattya gonna do, buy some little Jap car? Har, har, har. 😏

      Fast forward to 2024. GM used to be 50+ percent of domestic new car sales. I doubt the “Big 3” today added up could make 50%.

      Someday Google may go the same way as Yahoo. Stupid crap like this doesn’t help their image.

    • Beyond the question of why Google did this, did they think nobody would notice it?

      They want you to notice it, they’re deliberately rubbing it in your face. The purpose is to humiliate you, and laugh at your impotence to do anything about it.

  35. ‘The other lesson is the crazies always meet a fate worse than they inflict on their victims.‘

    From your mouth to God’s ears.

    • I half-think that’s part of the crescendo of craziness as they’re constantly trying to maintain their grip on the tail of the tiger that they have a hold of.

  36. The epitaph for these dog days was ironically given by that greasy little maggot Colbert the other day: “BUT IT’S NOT NORMAL!”

  37. To understand Google, imagine you are a manager being paid mid six-figures, and the engineers under you are making far above normal market wage. The directive comes down to make the AI diverse, so you get to work with that as the core parameter.

    Your team builds the system, and you state in no uncertain terms to ensure the demo shows nothing embarrassing. The engineers know what you want, so they crank it up to 11. You show the completed work to upper management, nicely diverse and incapable of a thought outside the S.F. tech consensus.

    They nod their heads in approval and it goes into testing. The testers get the same directive, diversity above all, no harmful stereotypes, so that’s all they test. The bug reports are full of bug reports for generation that aren’t diverse enough. The engineers roll their eyes and crank diversity up to 12.

    It goes to market, and people outside the bubble start playing with it. The obvious happens. You don’t care, as you can’t get fired for making the A.I. too diverse, and neither can your team. Google hemorrhages billions but you still get paid and nothing changes.


    • My guess is it’s even worse. Google probably practices “Agile Development Techniques” in order to get code created and turned around quickly. This includes reviewing the completed work in a given “sprint” on a schedule of every two, three or four weeks (I’d bet two weeks), or even in impromptu meetings. In the sprint review the results get reviewed by the “Product Owner” who is the final say for what goes into the finished product, management, and end users. The team takes the feedback from the reviews and incorporates it into future sprints.

      So every couple of weeks the team was probably reminded of how to render output. The testing is ongoing since you only want to show “finished” work that could, if everyone loves it, be pushed out the door and into production tomorrow if people wanted it.

  38. Black Nazis are unprecedented? Pshaw! I see that someone has never watched the 1975 blaxploitation masterpiece “Black Gestapo”.


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