From Russia With Love

Since Russophobia will be with us for the time being, it is probably a good idea for dissidents to think about Russia. The presentation of Russia in our media, like everything else, is not connected with reality. Instead, it is intended to promote managerial elite schemes, like project Ukraine. The real Russia is not much like the media portrayal and much more interesting to dissidents.

The funny thing about Russia is that they face similar problems that we face in North America, except the Russian rulers have not sought to make them worse with suicidal immigration policies. The Russian Federation is about eighty percent Russian, demographically similar to America in the 1980’s. That means Russia has a significant minority population it must manage in order to keep the peace.

Unlike America, Russia has never been at war with itself over its minority populations and how they are treated. It has not always been a happy relationship, especially during the Stalin years, but Russians are not racked with guilt by how they have treated their minority populations in the past. Instead, it is either ignored or part of the greater Russian identity that includes these minority groups.

There are a lot of differences between Russia and America, but both are continent sized countries with lots of demographic diversity. How Russia has evolved its own identity in order to manage its diversity versus the lunacy we see in America offers an opening to think about what could come next for America. North America needs a new ideology, and a new identity and Russia offers some clues to that.

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  • Russian Conservatism
  • History
  • Nazis
  • Liberals
  • The West
  • Russian Identity
  • Eurasianism
  • Civilizationalism
  • Americanism

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208 thoughts on “From Russia With Love

  1. Hey Z, the punch you refer to in the podcast that Bruce Lee was rumored to have is something know as “Dim Mak”, which translates into English as “The Poison Hand”, or “The Touch of Death”, depending on who you ask. From what I’ve read, it supposedly works like this; You strike an opponent with a particular technique, in a particular area of the body (usually one of the pressure points as laid out in acupuncture.) with a particular amount of force, at a particular time of the day and it would set up a “chain reaction” for lack of a better term and your opponents body would start shutting down a few days later.
    Dim Mak is an actual Chinese fighting system, but weather or not it can actually do what I’ve written above, I do not know. I studied Kung Fu when I was younger and my Sifu (teacher) learned his fighting down in Chinatown in NYC in the late 60’s early 70’s. These were the people who arrived here maybe twenty years before Lee showed up on the scene and they were very particular about who they allowed inside the sanctum, so to speak, to teach. He told us that he was practicing with his master and the guy gave him a shot in his right shoulder, which he said he barely felt. He said he was almost tempted to ask the master if he meant to strike him that way, but thought better of it. He said when he got out of bed the next morning, his shoulder felt as if it had been hit with a bat and that it was really sore for a few days. When he and his brother next went to class, his master asked him how his shoulder was, so there probably is a bit of truth to that. As for the Russians having something similar? They have two fighting systems that I know of – Sanbo and Systema. Whether either of them possesses a technique like the one you mentioned, again, I do not know, although I wouldn’t put it past them.

  2. Haven’t mentioned this in a while, but Trump, being a failed reformer and coup victim, makes a decent Gorbachev; Biden, incapacitated and presiding over looting, a decent Yeltsin. It’s not a script, but it sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

  3. From a comment to Eugyppius:
    As an American by birth (although not by inclination, which is another story), I have long been somewhat frustrated by the various uses of the term “right wing” to describe certain aspects of American internal politics. America doesn’t really have a right wing. The term was only applicable within a specifically European postwar context, and its importation to American shores was always a bit of an affectation. I will explain.

    As I understand it, the use of the term originated as a reaction to a reaction. In the postwar period, many a European intellectual was still quite interested and quite publicly committed to Marxism, although they were aware of the fact that the excesses and brutality of the Stalinist Regime in the USSR had tainted the ideological well of Marxist thought, or at the very least had may it politically unpalatable and difficult to reconcile with the ostensibly humanitarian aims of the liberal project. It was then that these old Marxists began to self-consciously employ the term “left wing” to describe themselves, so as to distinguish themselves from Stalinism. “I condemn the tyranny of Stalin, but I am solidly on of the left wing,” or words to that effect, became their political signature.

    To this end, the “left wing” embraced a more emphatically economic platform that could claim to be aligned with progressive humanism, identifying with things like trade unionism, social democracy, international law, and human developmental indices. It was a golden age for that sort of bureaucratic leftism which felt itself to be identical with modernity, progress, and the realized ideals of the Enlightenment.

    However, this leftism was not without resistance in national legislative bodies, where certain parochial interests still demanded representation. Local businesses and industries, especially, quite naturally thought that any national largesse ought first to be conferred upon themselves, and the looked at the internationalist designs of the “left wing” with a mixture of boredom and suspicion. Eventually, the parochial interests became known as the “right wing,” which was purely a term of reaction, and thus the tables were set for the political alignments that we have come to know in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

    The “right wing,” finding few allies amongst the educated and credentialed classes, was forced into an uneasy coalition with the remnants left behind by the ideological upheavals of the war years. Cultural conservatives, believing Christians, and a whole bunch of normal and relatively apolitical people found themselves lumped in with the right wing by default; however, mutual antagonism prevented this coalition from consolidating fully. The business interests that formed the core of the right wing had little use for these “yokels” except as election fodder and they never sincerely tried to implement any of their interests. At voting time, the right-wing politicians would pay lip service to ideals like prolife and traditional marriage simply to keep the yokels on the reservation, but they did little about them and were actually secretly embarrassed by them. On the other hand, the “normal people,” being basically apolitical, were prone to quickly forget about the mechanics of parliamentary politics in the age of democracy, and they showed little ability to organize or agitate for themselves. Thus, normal people had no representation in government and the “conservative” parties which supposedly advocated for their interests did so very ineffectively, a description that applies in particular to America’s Republican Party.

    On the other side of the coin, the “left wing,” which already possessed bureaucratic power and could claim the allegiance of the vast majority of intellectuals, knew all about party politics and was already accustomed to adopting the self-righteous tone that comes from feeling themselves to be “on the right side of history.” No strangers to demagoguery, it was only a matter of time before their rhetorical excesses in favor of the downtrodden and the different had committed them to taking on a wider and wider circle of subnational and supernational clients. The “left wing,” over time, became the “coalition of the fringes” as we know it today, having departed from its roots in labor unions and international relations to embrace a motley crew of racial minorities, immigrants, and sexual deviants.

    The end result is a mostly feckless “right wing” that pretends to be the party of normal but actually has little regard for traditional values, and a destructive, treacherous, but politically savvy “left wing” of self-righteous libs who control the levers of power by default. Is it any wonder that Trump is so popular and so terrifying to the establishment?

    But on a further point, the application of the term “right wing” to Thatcherism and Reaganism was always a bit of a stretch. It was more of an affectation of the intellectual class in America and England who were more concerned to show themselves up to date with the continental nomenclature than to accurately describe the politics in their own countries. As a result, the dynamic described above, i.e. the tension between the feckless Right and the traitorous Left, has reached a higher degree in the Anglosphere than anywhere else, and in America has assumed the proportions of a raging maelstrom.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts, but I would love to hear what YOU think.

    • “Anyway, those are my thoughts, but I would love to hear what YOU think.”

      ID, maybe I’m a bit lazy, but my eyes begin to glaze over a few paragraphs in.

      Can you help me out with a summary? If you had to shout your main point at the top of your lungs, while pounding the table, what would you shout?

  4. Russia’s core population is the Great Russians, and they still outnumber the Tatars, Chechens, and other minorities of the Russian Federation by a significant degree. To a Great Russian, if you aren’t a Muscovite Slav, you’re nothing.

    If America mirrored this, if you weren’t a white male Hollywood star living in Malibu, you wouldn’t be a true Los Angeleno. The masses of hispanics who comprise 48% of the city would be locked out of cultural identity.

    [To read more of my stuff, click on my name]

      • Can you imagine the level of intellect that continues to post unwanted and annoying comments, while pointing you to his site for more of the same? As if such cluelessness is attractive to follow? Such desperation.

      • You can remove your downvote by clicking on the sad face again or change it to an upvote by clicking on the happy face. You aren’t locked into a vote.

  5. Speaking of Russia, here’s a video from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a big-time DC foreign policy think tank. If you want to know how completely deluded the neocons are about Russia and the war, watch this.

    It’s just bizarre, but you can see that they really believe the propaganda. It’s very strange to watch.

    • I had to peruse the comments. There’s some hope in there. I would say they run about 60-40 in favor of people pointing out that at best these stooges are engaged in full-scale cope and at worst they’re pimps for the MIC.

    • It may be that one of greatest weaknesses of our elites is that it is difficult for them to distinguish reality from their narrative about reality.

      They are gifted story tellers, as their success in Hollywood attests, and it looks like many of them get so caught up in their own words that they can’t distinguish them from reality.

      While there is no shortage of delusional whites, many white men have a strong instinct to focus on reality, no matter how ugly that reality is. We see what’s really going on, even if sometimes we wish that we didn’t.

      At a time when we have so few advantages, this is one.

  6. Great show!

    You mentioned posting an old essay that is relevant to this topic.

    Have you ever considered re-posting a sort of Best of Zman series?

    It has bugged me from the start that you have been writing this stuff for years and I only found you a couple of years ago. I missed a lot!

    And who has the time to go back? Nowadays keeping up is a job and a half as it is.

    And you are so busy these days with the new house and all, you could give yourself a bit of a break too.

  7. OT

    Was there a nationwide cell phone outage Thursday the 22nd?

    I ask because I’m seeing articles popping up regarding one, and I was in an area that has no coverage on Thursday, so I’m curious.

    Or is it another psyop?

    • Cyber attack or Crisis of competence?

      Or both.

      Cyber? The enemy is feeling us out? How quickly can we fix it? What are the effects, consequences?

      Q: If we are already self destructing, why intervene? Maybe impatience and just want to nudge us along?

      Expect more of the same or different. Prep! What are you going to do when the lights go out?

    • Was watching a reporter interview a citizen on the outage and he said “at first I thought I had done something wrong”, wow, been reprogrammed much dude?

      • Interestingly, in the very near future, that won’t be far from reality. That guy was hardly paranoid, probably more like unknowingly prescient.

        ‘audacious mendicant, we see here you are active on the Z blog and other extreme right wing forums. Looks like you’ve had a little too much to think. We are cutting your internet and cellular service for a period of 90 days. This will give a timeout to contemplate the error of your ways before we have to resort to more severe action.’

        Surely, what I posted above is from a sci-fi movie, right? Men in dresses pretending to be women– sci-fi.
        People rotting in prison for saying the wrong thing– sci-fi
        Defending yourself from a minority attacker, charged with a crime– sci-fi

        More clear now? I doubt that interviewed citizen was anything but an ally of DEI and a Good Person® but comically, they were not far off the mark.

        • yet wouldn’t you think they might prefer us here in our echo chamber rather than out in meat space causing trouble?

    • There was, at the same time a smaller, possibly Chinese launched in the US from China-owned properties spy balloon was drifting across the US. Possibly to record what frequencies various government agencies used when the cell service went down.

      AT&T says it was “their fault” due to some unspecified process. If you believe them. Service was out nationwide, but not in every area. The East Coast seems most affected.

      Note that the FT is reporting (as are others) that State Owned Enterprises are standing up militias. The FT claims this is for internal security, which is bollocks. The Xi regime is not so incompetent as to hand off internal security to militias. Nope, this is about getting lots and lots of partially trained men into the military feeder system so they can then be fully trained later. For combat replenishment. Modern industrial combat is a fast-paced meat-grinder creating massive casualties. Any invasion of Taiwan, the CCP would require massive replenishment. Make of that what you will.

  8. I know it’s not QUITE his intention, but Z-man’s Russophilia has the same effect on me as the Neocons’ Russophobia: It just underlines for me that this is a part of the world that is largely alien to my culture, and I want nothing to do with their internal squabbles. I certainly don’t want to send our money or weapons or soldiers over there.

    It kind of reminds me of back when I was in grad school in California, and there was always a lot of friction between Armenian and Turkish students. A lot of people who were neither Armenian nor Turkish seemed to think they should have really passionate opinions about that whole dispute, but all I could think of was “I’m an American. My ancestors here go back to before the American Revolution. This fight has nothing to do with me. Why should I care?” The more both sides tried to explain their point of view to me, the more alien the whole quarrel became, and the more I just wanted nothing at all to do with it. It’s the same thing with Russia-Ukraine — trying to explain it (from either side) actually makes me LESS interested. It just succeeds in driving home to me how little I know about the whole thing. And I’m not comfortable having passionate and ironclad opinions about stuff I don’t understand.

    I know that’s incredibly parochial; sorry. To me the most interesting thing about Russia (which Z-man touches on) is what its story can tell us about the likely future of the American empire. The parallels of current-year America with the late Soviet period are obvious, so I’m interested in what general lessons Americans can draw from the Russian experience. Maybe an idea for a future podcast? 😃

    And for the record, I DO agree that Russian art and literature is phenomenal — some of the finest products the Western mind has produced (and yes I mean “Western” in a loose sense; maybe “Christendom” is a better term).

    • From our standpoint, the most important thing is for the killing to stop. As Americans, we need to understand this war was provoked and prolonged by the United States, and that is a monstrous crime against humanity. It is just as evil as the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians being televised to the world although in this case these are our European kinfolk. I want to see the funding of the war stop, which immediately will save thousands of Ukrainian and Russian lives.

      We have no side in this fight, or likely any that AINO now encourages, other than to seek an end to the slaughter of fellow whites, which our eternal enemies encourage, enjoy and promote. Russians and Ukrainians are alien peoples to us, but nowhere near to the same extent as the Armenians and the Turks, or for that matter Israelis and Palestinians, and they our brothers and sisters. The carnage needs to stop.

  9. Russia is more Western today than 30 years ago. The West is less Western over that same period. Puts things in perspective.

      • Ostei, I find myself upvoting your posts more than any other poster I can think of. And there are many excellent posters to this site. You could take that as a compliment or perhaps it should scare the sh!t out of you that you on the same wavelength that I am.

        • Thank you! Ideally, it’s the Power Structure that’s scared shitless. Probably not yet, but perhaps one day soon. And maybe, just maybe, their fear will be justified.

  10. TIL you can get 20 years for doing business with sanctioned Russians gotta love the headline

    I don’t think there are a lot of lessons for us to learn from Russia, because AINO has already gone far down roads that Russia would never consider traveling. Open borders, large negro population, Russia wouldn’t survive these things either. There is no course change today that AINO could make that can overcome these death blows. Demographics, destiny, and whatnot. Russia is still 80% Russian. If AINO were still 80% white this blog might not exist. This doesn’t mean there is no hope for North American whites, there is, but not as members of the doomed political union of which they are now a part.

  11. What I think is significant is that Russia has a severe manpower disadvantage, compared to historical events, but still has more manpower resources particularly skilled resources than the US. Which means something.

    For example, I have read (going from memory, my numbers may be off) that Russia graduates around 45,000 engineering students every year. For the US that figure is about 120,000. But the US figure is almost 95% Chinese or Indian nationality/citizenship. Thus of dubious loyalty if any, and not much use. Only Elon Musk has found a way to attract, maintain, and lead a skilled rocketeering workforce capable of high pace of rocket launches into space, that are mostly successful. Russia probably has the capacity to out do us in Space launches. They do have working hypersonic missiles and we do not. [The issue is metallurgy, welding, and control surfaces as the friction at hypersonic speeds makes things very, very hot].

    But Russia cannot afford casualties, among its core population. Convicts, and Donbass militiamen? Yes. Russians drafted, no. Simply because there are not enough R]ussians, particularly YOUNG Russians so Putin has been very un-Soviet in his fighting style in Ukraine.

    The US authorities clearly want an immavader mercenary force to push White dudes into some sort of slave-army for Ukraine and Taiwan. [China is now forming up militias in State Owned Enterprises FWIW]. Will that work? I don’t know. This is not 1917 Russia. We are far more dependent on power, communication via the internet and wireless, transport, and the like. Just for example, the homeless here in LA area start fires under freeway overpasses that can sometimes cause the underpinnings to collapse. Other times trucks underneath them catch fire (overheated brakes) and burn them out. Collapsed overpass = freeway not working, and massive traffic jams until things are fixed.

    Yes, they have plans, but the complexity of our systems, the skilled manpower shortage, and growing resentment of Whites (that Google thing got widespread play and anger) make all plans pretty iffy.

      • I think they took it down, but it was the Google Gemini image generator. Zerohedge, others have coverage. Basically it showed George Washington as black, vikings as black, Scottish couples in 1820 Scotland as White woman, black male, etc.

        The guy that runs the Google AI tool responsible is a real woker-than-woke person. Fun-fact: the Google AI tool does not condemn p3d0s, but does condemn Christianity and the full bore attack on “Christian Nationalists” is coming.

        Even the Entertainment Youtubers like Midnight’s Edge were calling it erasing White people as preparation for doing it physically.

    • According to this your stats on engineering grads are way, way off …… although that was 2015, and there seems to be some possible broadening of the definition

      Then we get a completely different set of numbers here for 2020…..

      Either way you’ve got Russia producing something like 2x to 4x as many engineers per capita. Here’s another source backing up the 4x figure


        You guys are forgetting that for years now we in NA have had STEAM!

        STEAM graduates will make all the difference!


      • Thanks. I was not sure, too lazy to look it up. But yes, Russia has far more engineering resources to put onto problems.

        Our elites live in a 1915 world, just throw masses of untrained people at some problem, loss rates not a worry. Meanwhile technological changes are escalating, the pace of change getting faster and faster meaning the more smart engineers that are motivated, the bigger the wins.

        Likely whoever can master energy weapons to disable drones, missiles, and air planes first and most comprehensively wins. The way the Radar War over Europe 1941-44 led to US air dominance over Normandy on June 6.

      • I found it remarkable how completely erased from the American mind was that fact that for all of this century, before the South African showed up, American astronauts had to hitch rides to the space station on Russian rockets,

  12. I think one of the big problems with America in particular, and the west in general, is that wishful pretending has overtaken obvious reality. TPTB along with all the little libs*** sycophants want to believe (and must believe) that all the swarthies, including sainted negroes, are just the same as Whites – but that we should all embrace their eccentricities and proclivities, regardless of their negative impact on society – after all, we’re all “Americans”, right? The Russians evidently won’t allow that. They recognize that Russian culture and history come first and foremost, and that everything else has to acquiesce to that, period – regardless, of shall we say, supposed problematic interactions back in the day…

    • Not exactly. I think it’s time to retire the trope that TPTB really believe all of the “swarthies” are just the same as whites. Very few people believe that with any kind of militant fervor, and there aren’t really that many who care all that much. The trope is kept alive mainly by people like the commentors here, the Dissident Right, which consists entirely of ex-normies and ex-liberals who used to believe this stuff and who are forever engaged in the struggle to conquer that old inner man. That is why they have to return here to hear the same old things day after day. Dissident Right thinking is very much the self-analysis of self-loathing liberals externalizing their inner conflicts.

      I say this not just to be a gadfly, but because I really do believe that the whole racial issue would very much benefit from some benign neglect. The necessary prelude to doing away with the racial spoils system is that there be a critical mass of people who are simply tired of talking about it, and that should begin here. In fact, I would encourage all Dissidents to take a stand and simply refuse to talk about race ever again. The effects would be amazing.

      • You’re right – they most likely don’t believe it, but they pretend to, and further, they force us to pretend to – on the pain of, not actual physical death, but social ostracism, at least for now.

        • Maybe they believe it and maybe they don’t, or some do and some don’t, but underlying it all is the presumption of abundance, which takes for granted that the comforts and conveniences of modernity are automatic and permanent, regardless of who is operating the levers, or if anyone is. Even the supposedly smart people at the WEF appear to suffer from this delusion. One would think they could learn from looking at South Africa just as easily as we do, but they do not.

      • Yeah… And right after we stop talking about race, then all the lefties and negros will too! After that we’ll all go get popcorn together, and hold hands on our way to the park!

        Oh by the way – I’ve got a bridge to sell you. It’s great!

        Race is actually the ONLY thing we should be talking about. It is the ONLY thing that really matters, and it is the main factor in determining the type of society we want to live in. AINO has become the 3rd world shit hole it is now because we refused to acknowledge race. Now we have 7% of the population committing 60% of rapes and murders (probably more like 80% in actual numbers), White people going to jail for life for defending themselves from said negros, etc. etc.

        Race is all there is. If we remove the other races, and put people back into their own homelands where they have always belonged, we would not need this blog, and we would not be re-visiting these conversations each and every day.

        • Right on. But let’s take it a bit higher, say the 10,000 foot level.

          What is race? It’s the product of one’s evolutionary path/history, indeed one’s genome. From biology, i.e., genes comes race, behavior and culture—and from there the constructed society one is immersed in. So yes, everything depends on race in a very real sense. Everything else as they say, is commentary.

          • Going back to my nerd days, I learned to think in a sort of QM/relativistic way. When you’re dealing with huge masses and energies, things become clockwork. Low mass/energy, things can get strange. The Newtonian stuff is at a human scale. Not as precise as relativistic, but it works for the most part— you can see that it doesn’t take much for rules to strengthen into laws.

            On the individual level, NAXALT is 100% true. On a societal level, you have to deal with ‘stereotypes’.

            Race is a group phenotype, you could say. That based black guy exists, for example, implies that it might not be expressed individually, but that doesn’t matter any more than individual atoms doing strange things affects planetary motion.

            Sucks, but that’s reality.

          • I would argue that “based black guy” actually doesn’t exist. No matter how normal a black may seem, he is still always going to be black first. It is what defines his existence and that will never change. It is the one single trait of which I am envious of blacks. I wish White people were like that.

          • @Paintersforms, yeah “based black guy” is the Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell while the stereotypical black guy outnumbers them 1000 to 1 or worse. Probably worse. Just in Chicago alone, we find 20 every weekend participating in the spray-a-thon, and that’s on a cold weekend. May not be at all fair to the rare Thomases, but it is what it is. The smart money is always that a black is a dindu, and not just because that’s the odds-on favorite, but also because of the consequences if you guess wrong.

            Some other groups, it’s just not as cut and dried. Or maybe it has more to do with me deliberately structuring my life such that I’m only associating with those I choose to?

          • Steve. You’re close, but missed by a factor of 10–at least. Average Black IQ is 85. A person like Sowell or Thomas might be considered at the genius range, i.e, +3 SD’s above normal. However that “normal” is pegged to the standardized 100 IQ Bell Curve.

            Blacks start at 85 average. This means that the Black population needs to produce +4 SD individuals. That’s 1 in *10,000* or less! Some nibbling around the edges in genius IQ and such can be made, but the gist is sound—it’s a rare feat, even in the White population and almost impossible in Black populations.

          • @Compsci, I’m fine with that. I could be off by 100fold or 1000fold. Doesn’t matter after a few orders of magnitude. Betting against “based” is still the odds-on favorite, and the consequences of taking the long shot just as lethal but that much more likely.

          • Something went odd. Try posting this again.

            “…missed by a factor of 10–at least.”

            Fine, @Compsci. I’m good with the correction. After a few orders of magnitude, it doesn’t make that much difference. The odds-on favorite is still the odds-on favorite, it’s just that much more likely. And since the consequences are lethal, it’s even more stupid to take the chance.

            Personally, I wouldn’t take a chance on 99/100, so what difference does it make if the real odds are 99,999/100,000?

          • Steve, the numbers cited were not meant as rebuke to your numbers. Perhaps a better way of looking at the base level Black IQ (85) is not at the extremes, whereas you point out, the practical difference is minor—and therefore I can be accused (rightfully) of being pedantic.

            The big problem is that for much of what makes society possible at normal professional occupational IQ levels—example, MD’s at around 120-125—the Black population is unable to contribute and therefore relies entirely upon other races. The (unstated) corollary would be that when one sees such Blacks practicing in such occupations, you can be sure they are at best mediocre poseurs and at worse total incompetents.

  13. A good picture of Russia after the Soviet Union broke apart is the first Brat movie. Watch it if you can. It takes place in St. Petersburg and is very dark and gloomy. It was basically a Great Depression for the country.

    I first visited Russia in 2000 and the country was pretty much like that movie. Every time I re-visited it was more modern. They keep their old buildings and don’t destroy them so it looks old, but everything else is modern. Of course the roads are bad but that is due to the weather.

    My second visit was seven years after the first and I was amazed at the number of cars on the road, which caused a lot of congestion. Also, a lot of people had dogs, the more expensive breeds.

  14. I’ve seen quite a few videos of black guys and girls yelling at Mexicans and Asians to get the hell out of “our” or “my” country, especially Asians.

    It does make the nationalism a bit more difficult. While there are certainly many blacks who not consider America to be their country, there are plenty that do.

    • Tars Tarkas: Then let them create their own America. Old-style, civic nationalism + diversity lead to the downfall of heritage America. Separate – whether equal or not – is the best for distinct races. I’m not merely a nationalist; I’m specifically an ethno-nationalist.

  15. Well that’s another one ininit? Hit right outta the park and we’ll never see THAT ball again. Excellent work, Z… not bad for a guy up to his eyes in snapping alligators and crushing workloads. 😉👍

    Toward the end of the show – where we talk about the Shape Of Things To Come with the Eurasianism, Americanism, civilizationism…shouldn’t you have addressed Judaism?

    Not to foam and rant… but those guys will have a huge impact on the way things shake out. Hell’s bells, they are a huge integral part of the impending crash of the American empire. It deserves discussion I think? I’d think all the new emerging identities are going to have to reconsider their relationship with jews in their new identities… but whadda I know…?

    • Solzhenitsyn documented this in 200 Years Together. Part of Russia’s recovery post-collapse also involved reaching a modus vivendi with people having, let us say, a revolutionary mindset. Something like, the oligarchs (several of whom were Jewish) could keep their possibly ill-gotten gains from the 1990s as long as they stayed out of politics.

      • I read all his books as a lad. Can’t read this one since it is not published in English. Hard to say why!

        I remember the chill setting in. Harvard commencement address. The great man was not impressed.

        “I am not a critic of the West. I am a critic of the weakness of the West.”

  16. “The Russians think tearing down statues and erasing your history is barbaric”

    That’s the sort of attitude that augments my sympathy for the Russians. A people deleting their history is clearly a people having a collective mental breakdown.

    I still sense that this is a people we can connect with, despite not knowing that much about them

    • If the choice is between what I do know about the socio-psychopaths here in AINO, I’d take my chances on the people I do not know over there.

      • In a different way they’ve made mistakes similar to the ones we’re making now and are hopefully immune to our brain plagues. That would explain the strange irreconcilable hatred our oppressors have for them

    • Moran ya Simba: “I still sense that this is a people we can connect with, despite not knowing that much about them”

      Yes, as someone who has very close family connections with some, I can fully agree with you. Even ones who have a soft spot for the ol’ USSR think that what’s happening to our statues, etc., is evil and madness.

      Since the days of Gorbachev I thought we had a golden opportunity to create a good, close, working relationship with them. What an awful waste on the part of our “Betters.”

      • I also think a great historical opportunity was missed. But the missed friendship with Russia coincided with the slow beginning of the Western derangement syndrome that is now in full bloom. We were a beginning schizophrenic failing to make good with a recovering alcoholic writ large. Some things are just ruined by awful timing….

    • Moran ya Simba: “I still sense that this is a people we can connect with, despite not knowing that much about them”


      In the meantime, here are some good links:



      Felix Yusupov

      [You’ll also wanna learn about “Oswald Rayner”, but I’m out of URLs for this poast.]

    • My problems with the Russians is their persecution of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I am not a Witness, but I have met many and respect them. The persecution is outrageous, and this persecution has the hallmark of the Eastern Church’s stink about it.

      • If the Russian hierarchy has chosen Russian Orthodoxy as the national religion and in so doing discriminates against all other religions, so be it. Diversity takes many forms, and they are all subversive.

          • Their Muslims stay in their lane or else though. Despite their religion, they seem to be Russian first rather than Muslim first. I have no problem with that.

          • And yet Orthodoxy is the state religion. No other religion, including Islam, enjoys the perquisites and favoritism Orthodoxy does.

        • Further, the Witnesses do not participate in the political system at all, but they absolutely do not attempt to subvert except by not voting. Sounds like they dissent… by not participating. Sound familiar, any one? Sorry if too subtle a point.

          • They are also conscientious objectors and they refuse blood transfusions for their infant children.

            It is possible to be a Muslim and part of the Russky Mir. An exotic part… sure… e.g. Ramzan Kadyrov. He’s not exactly Pierre Bezukhov or Prince Andrei, is he? But with some bashing and wrenching around the edges, the Russians can fit this square peg into a round hole.

            The thing with JWs is that they’re not just some exotic Other… they’re a Negation (Capital N) of what it means to be Russian for any definition of Russian. And there’s the problem right there.

            FWIW, Singapore bans them too.

            Cults which negate or cults which can give rise to syncretic horrors (e.g. the Taipings) are things which national hygiene must abhor.

            True, the Orthodox do *not* get on well with Rome. But can you blame them?

        • Frankly I can’t be bothered to google the precise current status of an alien, aggressively proselytising
          obscurantist cult in far away Mother Russia.

          That being said, there’s also the issue of reading sob stories about Country X giving Group Y or Cult Z a hard time and wondering whether or not it’s just more colour revolution fodder from the NED and other TLAs.

          In any case: their country, their business.

          • And just how many JW’s can there be in Russia? It’s not as if the Russians are putting thousands of them against a wall and gunning them down. Eloi’s saddle-blanket burr strikes me as the ultimate nothingburger.

    • If my Strauss/Howe fourth turning calculation is accurate, we still have at least 15 more years of Idiocracy before it gets put back in it’s cage. We are still deep into the seeing, learning and changing stages.
      1941-1965, Tough men make good times
      1965-1990, Good times make weak men
      1990-2015, Weak men make hard times
      2015-2040, Hard times make tough men
      2040-2065, Tough men make good times

  17. It is a somewhat strange but pleasant feeling to be listening to this show of yours, Zman, from Russia.

    Do you know what day it is today in Russia?

    It is the “Day of the Defenders of the Fatherand”, e.g.: Men.
    Today is the Day of Men here. Today most of the women and children of Russia make gifts to the adults males of their family, to thank them for being the defenders of the nation.

    And that’s one of the many many things I love about this place.

    • That’s called “actually having a common culture”. It is something I greatly miss and have great amounts of envy of. I despise AINO so much now that I don’t think anything could ever bring me back to it short of rounding up every negro and sending them to Africa – or better yet – to Mars.

  18. According to Ritter’s contacts in Russia, Navalny was visited by his wife and attorney 2 days before his death, at which time they provided him with “prescription” medications (he has diabetes). His wife then left and went directly to the Munich Security Conference and waited for his death to be announced so that she could deliver a pre-written speech. After his arrest and incarceration (19 year sentence), his usefulness to CIA/MI6 was severely curtailed. His last-act suicide distracts the news cycle from the debacle in Avdeevka and ensures financial security for his wife and two children. That is your tax dollars at work once again.

    As to the big picture issues, the elites need to keep the plates spinning long enough to absorb/integrate the illegal alien mercenaries into the US military, thereby providing the jackboot corp necessary to suppress any civil resistance to the impending imposition of tyranny. This can work if the opposition is primarily small-scale militia or secession movements.

    The Bolshevik Revolution that put Russia into an 80-year dark age was largely instigated by a few hundred key actors and a lot of lucky breaks. We don’t need to win a civil war to avoid this fate (and its corresponding death of millions). We preferably need to rid ourselves of a relatively small number of pathogens responsible for promulgating this cancer.

    • “Jewish brains, Latvian bayonets, and Russian stupidity”..

      Fantastic quote from the podcast today.

      But, you know. It can never happen here. ‘Merica.

  19. Listening to the last few minutes, it comes to me that the Anglo-Protestant sphere has been converted to the careless conquest culture of its occupiers.

    I say careless because that is also the nature of the camoflague; that is, “caring” about the environment, children, women, communities, other countries, or rules in general, a million different subjects: we all know it’s a facade screening zealots’ mal-intent.

  20. “That means Russia has a significant minority population it must manage in order to keep the peace.”

    Gotta compare like with like — a lot of that minority population is people from the various -stans — Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgistan — or from places like Georgia and Armenia. The people from the -stans are a mix of Turk and Mongol. They are not noggers. It’s the population of noggers that afflicts the USA. It can probably live with the rest. The nogger population makes chunks of the USA — particularly cities in the north — increasingly uninhabitable. “Diversity” has become an euphemism in the USA for “lots of noggers.”

    • I say, in the largest scheme of things, the Neanderthal stage of development arose to wipe out the obsolete Erectus forms of Negroid and Pacific Aborigine. Colored by Nature they were with dark skin.

      Of Neanderthal’s descendants, CroMagnon and Denisovian, were yet another stage; of them, it was a CroMagnon adjacent descendant that was the critical breakthough combination, that is, White.

      If I had a time machine, I’d go back and tell Ugg, “hey, you missed a few.”

      And for Maker’s sake, don’t breed with them, their halfbreed kids will be atrocious little sh*ts.

      • “The Neanderthal stage of development arose to wipe out the obsolete Erectus forms of Negroid”

        I wasn’t aware of this but I have often maintained that the nogger is an evolutionary dead end, and without the succor provided by clueless whites, would naturally perish in the evolutionary scheme of things.

        • Blacks are evolved to live in tropical climates with abundant food and dangerous animals and bugs. They are very well suited for this. What their evolution did not anticipate was that the man of the far north would find ways to overcome the diseases that blacks are more naturally resistant to. The advent of firearms were a significant secondary surprise. But if it hadn’t been for quinine to fight malaria the Congo would still be pristine with blacks fighting lions using spears

          • Good point. The history of quinine itself is fascinating.

            During the science wars of the great naval powers, the search was on to accurately measure longitude.

            Spanish explorers were carting delicate, yet heavy, 300 pound instruments up the Andies to measure the distance and horizon from mountaintop to mountaintop.

            Their native carriers pointed out a tree whose bark and leaves they boiled in a tea for “mosquito disease”; an inquisitive soldier noted it in his diary.

            Upon returning home, his diary lay on a dusty shelf for 40 years until it was discovered by his nephew.

            That nephew sought out the quinoa tree, and obtained (or brought back) samples. Realizing the potential, he and his small group eventually produced quinine.

            Justice, in this case, was served; he opened up the tropics to the navies of the West, and ended up extremely rich, the Big Pharma of his time.

          • Didn’t know that story, thanx. So the colonization of Africa required the previous colonization of South America. History is not linear…

    • Beat me to it. Now, granted, the average Russian may see a Tajik, ethnic Finn, or a Yakut as a nogger but the average Russian has never been to Detroit or Baltimore. The US is superlative in many ways and this, sadly, is one of them.

      • Well, they see even Armenians and Georgians as noggers. And Chechens as something even lower down. But they haven’t seen the real thing.

        • In my youth ministry days one of my flock, the daughter of a high ranking Korean executive, told me about her Russian friend at UC Berkeley getting enraged at being called “Caucasian”. LMAO

        • In the Ottoman Empire long before the unpleasantness of WWI the Armenians were widely regarded as being more shifty than the Other Ones. Not a distinction to be desired.

      • I read somewhere that the war ravaged Ukrainian refugees, after enrolling their children in American schools, demanded to be repatriated back to Ukraine–/

  21. Right now the identity of the GAE is anti-white. It is anti-white-ism whose appeal is black worship (athletes; eubonics; hip-hop/r&b; thug culture).

    The other issue is that Europeans never had a chance to assimilate into that Occidental Man culture. At one point you could see it. It was a blend of the aristocratic nobility of the Colonial Era and the rugged individual/pioneer/explorer/settler from the Frontier Era (where that Frontier Era ends with the moon landings). The problem is that was barely formalized as America was killed in the Progressive Era and by the 60s the subversion of this Colonial and Frontier Era identities were destroyed.

    Now our children are not only taught to hate their ancestors, they engage in black worship and our entire history has them written out of it. The only way a European/Occidental based dominant culture returns is as follows:

    1. Today we turn off the TV, cut out Disney, Sportsball, Pop Entertainment and engage in full time parenting doing outdoor activities.
    2. White children are taken out of public schools.
    3. White parents and children and educators form our own education system, yesterday, that focuses on positive identity starting with the Indo-Europeans through Greece, Rome, the Germanic ascension post Rome and all of the art, literature and history that entails. Of course it proceeds through the Age of Discovery and goes through the Frontier Era and then recounts our fall in the Anti-White Era (Civil Rights).

    Otherwise, we confront demographic winter coinciding with mass invasion and a full throated anti-white, white erasure campaign supported by every single institution with power.

    4. At some point The Regime must fall and it must be replaced by an elite whose consensus . Whoever holds power will determine the identity of this country short of steps 1-3 where we secede from the identity formation portion of it. In any case we must take steps 1-3 now. We don’t know how long The Regime lasts. We do know that as long as it does, its anti-white stance will only grow more belligerent, caustic and aggressive.

    Steps 1-3 are in our hands. It would be great if we could vet forums like this and begin the process of constructing our identity based on our past and a shared destiny. I know the time I spend typing here everyday would be much better spent in communion with fellow Occidental Men building the structures that our children need in order to survive as Occidental Men.

    • “I know the time I spend typing here everyday would be much better spent in communion with fellow Occidental Men…”

      I feel the same way. I need this place to keep my sanity but it pains me that I have to hide behind an alias and can’t really meet IRL. I’ve reached out to a few people that are local to me (Portland, OR) but they are (understandably) reticent. We clearly need something like what the mafia* has where existing members can vouch for new recruits.

      *mafia: yes, I’m using the mafia as a positive example 😉

    • Some of us started this 10 or more years years ago when we began our families. Not to address this to you directly but we’re leary of anyone who’s just now seeing the writing on the wall, including much of the dissident right or those who trusted the plan. Some of us saw the writing long ago and began the hard work and yeah, trust me when I say it has not been easy.

      Any of you yet to have kids or who do have young ones, pull the cord and disconnect them from the monster. Make homeschooling your highest priority. Make what they see and hear your highest priority. There aren’t any excuses any of us who did it care to hear.

      • Hi Rando –

        I encourage you who was out in front not to cut off the ladder because you had the foresight. Check your reticence and when and where you can reach out your hand to help. We need numbers.

        If you and your cadre have codified and created curriculum and resources I encourage you to make that available as a quick start.

        If we just build our own thing and take a to hell with you latecomer attitude we won’t help our cause. The network must grow and if it does it will get exponentially more powerful. Please consider using your foresight and leadership position to help others. I would love links and resources to help my family and I have resources and things I can contribute to the cause as well.

        Best to you and your family.

        • Good reminder. I have suffered from ignoring those just now awakening.

          On homeschooling, there are many, many flavors now. Most are grift. Repackaged soulless modernity.

          Of Classic Ed philosophy, we chose Charlotte Mason. In the 14 tears of using this framework, the results are fantastic. True armor and tools against Clownworld.

          And shoutout to Lineman.
          Many years ago he threw out mooring line, connecting my “boat” to his. And made meatspace meeting possible.

        • You’ll have to forgive me for being skeptical and for the long-ish comment.

          We do selectively engage a small number of families but you need to understand: it has gotten harder, not easier, to raise a family the way we’re talking about or to even talk about this stuff. Where I am, the “hardcore” Red state is already slyly getting its nose under the tent to try to control homeschool. It’s working too. 80%, by best guess, of the homeschooling community where I am is going along with it because they’re too damn stupid and docile.

          We don’t want the network to grow. The cake is already baked. The only people showing up now are “NYC liberals” calling themselves conservatives and fleeing their hellholes or “Trust the Plan” MAGAs who spent the last half decade promoting a Reagan-ite ZOG God-emperor. Hell, even Zman promotes Elon Musk on this blog, a bigger DARPA globalist propaganda puppet you won’t find. Sorry, no thanks. Not for my family. I can’t understand conservatives or dissidents, by way of example, who think they’ll show up in a small town and be welcomed.

          To show this isn’t aimed at you and I’m trying to talk in good faith…Walt Westbrook below mentions how a lot of homeschooling materials and influencers are a grift and I agree. Homeschooling also comes with a weird mix these days (weirder than the past). Lots of (read the majority) new-age-pagan-atheist stuff and a good deal of outright anti-Christian sentiment in the communities. If you’re a Godly family with traditional values, you’re stuck between ZOG Christian Covidians (increasingly church’s are the 10% of the most hardcore believers) or wacky semi-liberal diet-obsessed atheist “Libertarians.” It’s better than public school but holy moly, already beginning its decent into madness due to the growth vs 30 years ago.

          Again, homeschooling as our focus for this thread…find a good curriculum, disconnect the tech for your kids **but also you**, make learning a whole family activity, get outdoors, encourage reading and question-asking from the very youngest age, vet **everything they watch, read, or see everywhere** and be ruthless about that vetting. Oh, and although you want to be tactful about it, when your kids ask those questions, give them the real answer, in a way they can understand at their level but also how that answer, if its controversial, comes with the need to navigate this system.

          Good luck.

    • I’ve met quite a few people off of here Brother.and I’m still here so it’s not as bad to meet as most think it is…

    • How are you planning to prevent “those we don’t speak of” from demanding entry and forcibly integrating into your world at the point of a Nation Guard squad?

      • The National Guard won’t last much longer than the nation-state. Might even die first.

        At that point, all those who did force their way in under the protection of bayonets better GTFO while they still can.

  22. First, excellent podcast, as a preface.

    Samuel Huntington’s most important book to me was his last one, WHO ARE WE? Professor Huntington, probably the last surviving original New Dealer, argued that quite a different version of civilizationism was required on this continent. Huntington essentially postulated that the United States (and, likewise, Canada) was unique and distinct from older societies, and the appearance of large numbers of Hispanics* and others would threaten its existence because they could not be assimilated into what is largely an evangelical culture. Needless to say, Huntington was marginalized, labeled “racist,” the usual trash, until he died, and even was vilified then.

    Huntington thought civilizationism was quite different here because the North American morality was hyper evangelical in the sense of requiring adherence to creeds and fads, and failure to accept that morality would render others permanent out groups prone to separation and conflict. Orthodoxy can co-exist with minority populations that remain separate and distinct as long as they acknowledge that society’s primacy. North American zealots, on the other hand, whether secular or religious, constantly try to convert out groups to whatever the current morality happens to be. Huntington also thought the out groups would resist this, which has happened.

    Huntington also thought Hispanics in the Southwest very well might secede.

    Along the lines of Huntington’s premise in WHO ARE WE?, the regional identities you mentioned have waxed and waned and then again waxed several times due to their unique circumstances. The Seventies, in fact, arguably were the low point of Southern identity although the present has different and possibly permanent aspects such as statue toppling. The point is regional identity is a constant and that is particularly true of what has evolved in the South, New England, and other places, and attempts to erase these identities results in constant friction. That which has arisen in North America broaches no dissent, which is why regional and particularly Southern identity is constantly under siege and diminishes and then re-emerges. But those identities outside the overarching North American one are seen as hostile and usually are. It is hard to argue with Huntington there and this explains why the embrace of Globohomo is so strong as is the compulsion to erase regional distinctions.

    CLASH was more focused on the border areas and boundaries between dominant civilizations rather than minor identities buried within an overarching one, which really is what has emerged within North America and has proved unworkable. A lot of this is due to its youth. Russia, as you note, is 1,000 years old and evolved along with the Muslims and Jews and Asiatics within its borders.

    A podcast devoted to Huntington would be greatly appreciated.

    *Racial realities are not the point in this context, civilizational ones are, although I acknowledge one gives rise to the other.

    • An aside, will some Nuevo Brasyl (Greater Brazil) historians, writing in Portuguese, see our time as a religious war between
      Catholic (France, Ireland, Italy, Western Poland, Germany),
      Protestant (Anglosphere)
      and Orthodox (Slavic Eurasia)?

      • oopa, addendum

        and Spain, South America (Catholic)

        Catholic: reference to history, tradition
        Protestant: rushing to the eschaton, reborn anew
        Orthodox: no Revelations in their Bible, no eschatology

        • Looking forward to the eschaton, maybe. There are a lot of Protestants of that flavor, despite the fact we are supposed to make the most of our time here, and rushing The End is as sinful as rushing your own personal end.

          He says it’s going to come in its own time, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. With the exception of late 19th century, early 20th century Progressives, there are not all that many who are doing anything more than preparing the way.

        • Would it kill you to ever read a book on France?

          Most of the characteristics you ascribe to Anglos first manifest in la bell France.

  23. The ethnic european white American population that hates itself is significant. I gotta feeling though that if we could implement a Hayes code type structure on the tribe whom are very good at propaganda and social engineering we could reduce the number of spiteful mutants in the white population.

    • it worked the first time. The Hayes code clamped down on the deviance, sadism, and ugliness that was already creeping into the early filmakers’ productions, and they pretended to behave as loyal Americans for a 3 or so decades. They couldn’t promote their brand.

  24. Some academic wrote a book showing that Russian words concerning government, have their roots in Chinese language. Because when the. Mongols conquered Russia they brought the Chinese way of governance with them.

  25. How do Mexican (and possibly Hispanics from South America) fit into this North American civilization? They are western/occidental in that Spain is Christian and European, but they are very different cultures from the US and Canada, and Europe for that matter.

    Maybe it has to do with the fact that the natives in US and Canada were decimated and isolated while they were not south of the Rio Grande? Rather, they were integrated although at the lowest rung of society.

    • The last book Huntington wrote, WHO ARE WE?, postulated Hispanic assimilation was impossible and would lead to possible secessions.

      • I think the viability of the united states as a single polity depends on whether Hispanics and whites merge or not. The Hispanics are a little like the Italians a hundred years ago but with some important differences. There are far more Hispanics than there ever were Italians, they are genetically slightly farther away on average (in some cases obviously far more so). And their homelands are right next door, not an ocean away.

        If Hispanics slowly become whites or whiteish, things may work out eventually. If not, the US is a donr deal. Friends in SoCal and NYC tell me this is not happening. So Im bearish on the viability of the current political organization of North America

        • The more pure-blood Spanish can be assimilated at least partialy but the mestizos can never assimilate. They don’t have the mental or physical abilities to participate in the modern world.

          • I think they can assimilate in culture. The third generation doesn’t speak Spanish and is Americanized. Of course, biological averages will be different.

            They would really give an arm to be gringos. Believe me. I know them from inside.

            You see lots of unassimilated people because you notice the ones who just arrived. Until migration is not stopped, assimilation is not important because more an more are coming.

            Greetings from El Salvador

  26. In re: historical interest/ignorance.

    A.J.P. Taylor has an interesting line about how European teachers taught history in the 19th century to create statesmen and in the 20th century to create managers.

    The US?: America built on slavery, Civil War was to free the slaves, America won WII mostly by itself and to stop the Holoc, 1960-s to present massively more racist despite laws and trillions spent.

    What are US teachers trying to create?

    (11 time zones in Russia, Zman.)

  27. Lovely. I made a comment but it disappeared. I’m not gonna post it again. I know, don’t let the door hit ya, haha.

    • Okay it posted. But it looked at first like it vanished. Probably it went to moderation but I didn’t get a message to that effect. I know you’re not to blame, Zman.

  28. How can you have a “civilization-state” taking its cue from the values of a core ethnicity when that core ethnicity is being rapidly replaced by alien peoples? At a certain point, it fails. Until and unless we get the border under control and mete out harsh punishments for the enablers, it has no hope for becoming anything but something like Africa in North America. Huntingdon I think gave the rank of “civilization-state” to sub-Saharan Africa, but is it really? or is it just a non-civilization or iow an open ground for a war of all against all.

  29. “The funny thing about Russia is that they face similar problems that we face in North America, except the Russian rulers have not sought to make them worse with suicidal immigration policies.”

    Nor have they showed nearly as much tolerance for the Alphabet Mafia as we have.

    • … or African misbehavior. Some Zambian bimbo twerked in front of a war memorial: 3 years in prison. That’s how it’s done. Here, we let 2-legged cockroaches melt ours down.

      Africans are going to be Africans, always, because they are Africans. The root problem is the dyscivilizational white leftist. First, they insisted the Africans got to stay. Then they insisted we make the Africans citizens. Then they insist we can’t hold the Africans to the same standards to which everyone else is held. Then they insist we worship the Africans. SMOD NYC, 2024, please God

  30. Diversity is tolerable at a certain level if you don’t have negroes. Russia doesn’t. And that’s one of the chief reasons they’re in much better shape than AINO. That said, 20% PoC is still a pretty high number, regardless of the genetic specifics. If the Russians ever do go soft, that much diversity could easily prove a salient for severe discord.

    • Well, some % of Russia’s minority population are NE Asian or very close to that ethnic group, which is often called the, “model minority,” in the West.

      If you’re going to be stuck with a minority, you could do far, far worse than those folks.

      • Another advantage is that their minorities are composed of many small ethnic groups. No one of them is numerous enough to be more than a pipsqueak compared to the Great Russian majority. We have ~44 million Africans.

        Moreover, as far as I know all of them have their own living space and local self-governance to ensure their continuity. Even their Jews do, although they overwhelmingly choose not to live there because it is far from the wealth acquisition centers of St. Pete and Moscow.

  31. In Soviet America citizen does not protest against government; government protests against citizen.

    • The Solution
      After the uprising of the 17th June
      The Secretary of the Writers Union
      Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
      Stating that the people
      Had forfeited the confidence of the government
      And could win it back only
      By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
      In that case for the government
      To dissolve the people
      And elect another?

      Bertolt Brecht

      • Historical irony is that while the rulers of East Berlin and Moscow in a rare example of magnanimous wisdom laughed off that absurd idea, far more dangerous people on the other side of the iron curtain, did not. They had an epiphany

  32. Good podcast and i learned a lot. My only concern about a North American civilization that might work is the presence of a large mostly destructive population of blacks and the usual suspects who enable them and other destructive tendencies in our civilization. I think we could carve the Hispanics in and make it work but the power of the Jewish subversive element must be addressed and the destructive element of the black culture must be crushed and limited.
    Just some thoughts.

    • Yep. Blacks are the big question, perhaps the only question. One should note the two wars Russia had with Muslim Chechnya. The videos released were brutal. You’d have thought there was no alternative to wiping them out to the man. However, Putin sat down with Chechnya leadership and stopped the wars. Chechnya units now fight with Russia in Ukraine—very well thought of as fighters.

      I’d say we can “cut a deal with Hispanics” as they represent some form of human animal and culture. Others not so much.

      • It’s not just the presence of blacks, but the campaign to force them into positions of prominence and the insistence that they would succeed if not for Whitey.

        Maybe “agree and amplification” is needed. Yes, Whitey is holding them back from attaining Wakanda. They need their own space away from White people.

        I actually think many blacks would prefer that. I also think zero White liberals would want that, which tells you they don’t really believe in the White oppression narrative.

        • Anything that pushes for separation from them is favorable. I don’t ever want to see one – ever. Everywhere they are destruction and violence is not far behind. They are a menace and should be removed from any civilized society.

          • “I do not want them here or there,
            I do not want them anywhere.
            I do not like that ersatz man,
            I do not like him, Sam-I-Am.”

        • The absence of anything approaching a strong black nationalist movement in AINO is telling. Negroes don’t want their own separate nation because they know it would be hell on earth. They know the only way they can live the life they want is to be ticks on the white man’s hide.

          • Brilliant, man.

            Wendy below mentioned Marcus Garvey. He in fact attempted a black nationalist movement, as did a few others afterwards. E. Michael Jones has noted Garvey famously visited the NAACP headquarters in Harlem and commented on the absence of blacks on its steering committee.

            Any guess as to which ethne was on that board Garvey visited? If you guess correctly, the reason is apparent.

            I don’t think for a nanosecond, mind you, that blacks could establish and maintain even a non-dysfunctional society. Their constant anger and frustration is in part fueled by the realization of their severe limitations and handicaps as a people. Presence in white societies is a constant reminder of their inadequacy, and that situation it is cruel for both groups.

            But even if that is wrong, which it isn’t, a certain Tribe would not voluntarily allow them their actual independence because they are useful as weapons. That particular Tribe also is parasitic, dysfunctional and requires white blood to survive, but its egotism and delusions sometimes makes it more suicidal and hence puts us in danger as well.

            Segregation was a halfway successful response to the black problem, but separation is the answer. It is not without bitter irony that this will be attained via non-white groups, who do not harbor delusions or suffer from the pathological altruism that plagues whites.

            Compton is the future, and you want to be as far away as possible from it.

          • @Jack

            brilliant post and could not be more spot on, IMHO. I was just telling a friend that exact thing – the irony truly is that separation from blacks will come from the non-whites who do not feel ashamed to advocate for their own race. Once the White population dwindles to minority status and loses control completely, the Asians and Hispanics who inherit the nation are going to find the blacks unbearable. Reality comes whether you believe in it or not, and it is coming for them just as it came for us.

    • Jews and Hutus are the two groups that simply cannot be accepted in any numbers whatsoever. The latter do nothing but destroy. The former tend to be personally likeable, and they make great contributions, but alas, the cost is far greater than the benefits.

      • No Africans, no Muslims, and especially no Jews, or no deal. The individuals from every other group can be looked at with some nuance.

  33. A lot of good stuff here – Thanks!

    But I do think you greatly underestimate the importance of Russian Orthodoxy in both uniting and motivating Russia, and providing the basis of Pan-Slavic ideals.

    It is the absence of such a religious foundation that makes Western “Civilizationism” so feeble by comparison.

    • I left out the church topic as I think it needs a fuller treatment than what I could put in the show. It is a big topic.

    • From what I’ve heard and read, Russian Orthodoxy is growing but Russia doesn’t have the religiosity the United States has. Not many countries do. There are a lot of degenerate and amoral trash people in Russia.

      The ruling class is more religious on average than the hoi polloi, though, which at least (I hope) gives Russia a moral standard, even if they don’t live up to it. You can’t say that about the US elite – here it’s reversed, with the hoi polloi being on average religious and the ruling class being degenerate and amoral.

      • The Russians still suffer under the residual effects of communism. The thing is they are making great strides in overcoming that. The West with their hostility has helped them along tremendously in this area. The average Russian once again has a purpose. Russian Christianity is getting stronger by leaps and bounds.

        So says my former Russian born neighbor. The man is a great guy. We used to have in depth conversations about all kinds of things.

        In 2014, when the Maidan Coup was done he told me: “I am very afraid that they will try to bring Ukraine into NATO. That would be very dangerous. The Russians will view that as a mortal threat.”

        • “The Russians will view that as a mortal threat.”

          Which the Russians and every diplomat who knows that Russians kept saying loudly. The neo-cons just don’t care.

      • Church attendance may confound religiosity. A great many of AINO’s subjects do attend church, but whether they are genuinely religious is a different kettle of fish.

      • I can’t remember where I read it, but someone said that a large number of people in Russia actually describe themselves as both “Russian Orthodox” and say they don’t believe in God. The person making this point was saying that it was proof that the Russian Orthodox Church is more important to Russians as a cultural symbol than actual religious beliefs.

  34. “Russia’s 2 main Jewish organizations-the Chabad affiliated Federation of Jewish communities in Russia, or FJCR, and the non-Chabad Russian Jewish Congress see Putin as a leader who allowed their communities to thrive. He facilitated their growth through government-gifted land for synagogues and consistent enforcement of Russia’s anti-discrimination laws against perpetrators of anti-semitic hate crimes.”

    • Fat lot of good that will do him. No matter how well he treats Jews in Russia, Western Jews will continue baying for his scalp just as they have done with Trump. If you’re not fully on board with the perversity/diversity nexus and white subjugation, Jews will be your mortal enemy. That’s all there is to it.

      • I watched a video, an old one (early 2000’s?), of V.V. Putin giving a talk at some Russian Jewish conference. So the audience was all Jews. Putin said something along the lines of “Your ancestors murdered my ancestors, but that was not you. We can go into the future together, building a better Russia for us all. As long as you understand that Russians will rule in Russia.” The subtext as I took it was ‘you will never again be trusted to rule over us’.

        The audience was stonefaced. I watched it 6-7 times, pausing, looking for any changes in facial expression. There were none. Not a scowl. Not a grimace. Not a raised eyebrow. Nothing. I was astonished. Most normal people would have to studiously practice in front of a mirror to maintain that kind of facial equanimity.

        There will be no reciprocation of goodwill. If the Russians let down their guard around these people, they are going to get raped and murdered again. I hope, for Russia’s and the world’s sake, that the rest of Putin’s movement does not share his philosemitism.

        • Or you could hope that they cross that line and find out why you do not piss off the Russian bear…

  35. Without much study, it is my interpretation that Russia seems to manage some of these issues by allowing their minorities some semi-autonomous control over their enclaves, without mandating 100% homogeneity of the totality of Russian territory and peoples to some ‘ideal’ cooked up in Moscow think tanks.

    Maybe a bit like let Wyoming be Wyoming and don’t force them to be California?

    • This is correct, but a shibboleth in American politics.

      More adventures with the former Governor of Montana:

      Walking the dog a couple days ago, I again met the Governor. He addressed me and asked directly (no prompting) what I thought of the SMO (war) in Ukraine. I said it was a “brother war”, that the difference between a Ukrainian and a Russian was less than the difference between he and myself. And further that the Ukrainians were guilty of precisely what we decry in the US with respect to denying Russian ethnics minority rights living in their country—such as repressing the Russian language in schools and commerce.

      He retorted that Putin was attempting to recreate the old USSR and territories. I said really? I reminded him of the wars with Chechnya and how Putin agreed to Chechnya territorial integrity and rights, and further that Chechnyans now—voluntarily—fought in Ukraine for Russia.

      He then stated that we needed to weaken Russia or they’d invade Europe. I flat out stated that Russia was stronger militarily now than ever before directly due to this war and decades of sanctions causing them to develop all they needed for their economy internally. I then pointed out that if the vaunted Russian bear was so powerful that it threatened NATO, then why could it not invade and take Kiev when the SMO started? Now on a roll, I pointed out that the cemeteries in Ukraine were full and that support for this war was immoral and cowardly on our part.

      We then approached a turning point on the path and I apologized to the Gov’s wife and said next time we’d talk about more important things than politics. When I got home I related the conversation to my wife.

      She, as usual, surprised me. She berated me for being so stupid as to not recognize this person immediately as a Dem liberal. She then told me, “they’re all this way”. They all have “an irresistible need” to engage and validate themselves when they meet a “non-believer”. She said she sees them all the time (she gets out more than me) in her female groups.

      As 3g4me pointed out, these folk are all over—even in those areas of the country we think are potential “safe harbors”.

      • Right. “Tribe” is more than just “white.” Two of my own siblings are not tribe, and I can’t see how they ever could possibly be.

        • White…is it a race, or is it a religion?

          See, we do ask the same questions.

          The answer is, either you see yourself as the fulfillment of your ancestors, or you try to escape them.

      • Compsci: Sounds like you more than held your own, even though you know – in the long run – it won’t change the minds of these sorts of people.

        Good for you.

        • No, it won’t change their mind, I’m sure. But this group has me thinking, “Why let these guys think they are without opposition/disagreement? Am I breaking my own admonishment as to allowing one’s virtues to be used against oneself?”

          Why cower at my age—when little harm can be expected? Besides, soon I’ll be able to say these things with a smile and a lower blood pressure. Practice makes perfect. 😉

          • Yea we got rid of him because we actually came together and did that up here…It can be done it just takes effort and self sacrifice…

          • You can’t fix them. Because I’ve become a remorseless, cold-hearted bastard of sorts – seeing these people “removed” wouldn’t phase me in the least. In fact, I might sleep better that night.

    • “by allowing their minorities some semi-autonomous control over their enclaves”

      This is true of places like Chechnya, but probably true of other places as well.

      • Of whole countries in the Southern (former) USSR.
        The Rus are not a conquest culture, and let them go.

        Defense, a mott and bailey, not offense, force projection.

        I agree with Mackinder that it’s the difference between sea and land empires. Mackinder saw the new tech, railroads, as linking up northern and southern oceans, thus opening the Heartland’s empty spaces to exploitation, encouraging the overextention from nation to empire by ambitious elements (and losing the natural limits, the focus, of national identity.)

  36. The Big difference in how Russia and the US handles their minority population unquestionably stems from Russia not being controlled by a hostile tribe that wants the white heritage Russian population to be a persecuted minority.

    Let’s not over complicate this issue

    • Just say “Jews”, dude. If you’re on this side of things, talking in code and memes is just retarded.

      • Doing that for Z. He has expressed concern on Twitter about anti Semitism getting him canceled so I don’t always use Jew.

        Tip: ask someone why they are doing something before calling them retarded. It is a more intelligent look

        • I didn’t realize using the J-word was potentially causing a problem for Z. I will refrain from now on.

        • Truth. The censorship AI will catch up and make this kind of obfuscation pointless, by which time we need to have something better, or toss DR into the dustbin, because it will never see the light of day.

          Personally, I’d prefer to send people to Zman’s essays because he is less focused on one particular aspect of DR than places like Taylor or Brimelow or Red Ice. It’s easier to find something here that resonates with whomever I’m talking to. But if they open the comment section, their conditioned responses kick in and they are lost forever.

          It’s one thing to talk like this among friends. It’s entirely another when this is the face we present to the world.

        • Unfortunately, I think comment sections are on the way out generally. I noticed today that Haywood doesn’t allow comments at The Worthy House, although I thought he used to. It’s simply too easy for TPTB to hang intemperate or even simply unambiguous language around the neck of content producers. It’s a shame in a country with a nominal First Amendment, but that’s where we are.

          Sometimes, though, you just gotta call a spade a spade.

          • Haywood isn’t his real name;it’s not even close to his real family name.
            I don’t like it when people do that,makes me very suspicious.

      • Given the large Muslim population of the Russian Federation, it’s really more about establishing a modus vivendi with them than it is the much smaller Jewish minority. That said, the Jewish minority there punches above its weight as it does in most places.

        In any case, it could be argued that RF is one of the most successful multi-ethnic societies on earth now.

        • You could say the same of Singapore. But it has a supermajority of Chinese, a ratio the city-state works hard to maintain. It’s unclear the Russian state has any such policy. We’ll have to wait for present Russian demographic trends to work their way through to know how well they’ll do as a truly multi-ethnic society in the Western sense.

          • “The current fertility rate for Russia in 2024 is 1.826 births per woman, a 0.05% increase from 2023. The fertility rate for Russia in 2023 was 1.825 births per woman, a 0.05% increase from 2022.”
            This is better than Western Europe but I suspect it is nowhere near the Muslim rate (and the Russian Muslims are included in this figure!). Fertility is an index of social morale and a stark reminder of the demoralizing effect of Western liberalism.

        • Kind of amazing that the Russian people control so much space and all those ethnic groups in a country so huge. That part of the world has been washed over by the most vile and rapine people imaginable, and horrible things were done to the Russian natives. They were “being replaced” long before that term got popular in our circles. That Russia survived and thrives as it’s own continental empire now is a white pill and an example for us.

      • I often use code to refer to them because I worry the alarms and red flags will go up, and Zman will get purged from this platform.

      • > If you’re on this side of things, talking in code and memes is just retarded.

        It’s not code or a meme to provide descriptive context. Everyone know’s who I am talking about when I mention “I am disgusted by that senile pervert in the White House”. By describing Biden with such euphemism I am able to convey the reason *why* I am disgusted by him.

        Same thing here when we talk about a “tribe” (they behave in an ethno-centric manner different from the rest of the modern world) who are “hostile” (they did not integrate into the populace but rather seek to oppress and replace the populace.) Let the reader do his own research to identity which hostile tribe is being talked about, and in doing so he might be interested to learn it is the *same* hostile tribe currently wrecking the U.S.A. that also wrecked the early Soviet Union, Weimar Germany, etc…

    • It is also worth noting that when the same hostile tribe controlled Russia they called themselves Bolsheviks. They slaughtered ethnic Russians and persecuted them.

      That is also reportedly why Ukraine was formed to divide the ethnic Russians and decree their potential power.

      • The Soviets encouraged regional identities, while frustrating it in Russia itself. And while I don’t pretend to understand the internal politics, I’m guessing it was about consolidating their control. It may not be a coincidence therefore that modern cultural Marxists push identity politics for all manner of socially constructed “communities” but not for whites.

        • Replace the word Russians with the word whites in Solzhenitsyn writings and the parallels are striking.
          What is happening to American whites is very similar.

      • While there were certainly many Finkels among the top Bolsheviks–Kamenev, Zinoviev, Radek, Trotsky, Yagoda, Litvinov, Sverdlov, etc.–it is certainly a misnomer to say Bolshevik and Finkel are synonyms. Much as most of AINO’s Power Structure are Puritans, the large majority of Bolsheviks were ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and Georgians.

        • Soviet rule may be divided into a Jewish phase under Lenin; a Caucasian phase under Stalin; and a Ukrainian phase under Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Gorbachev. Jews remained prominent in Soviet society even after several were purged from the Politburo by Stalin and almost up until the collapse of communism when many hightailed it for Israel or the U.S.A. Indeed, there are prominent Jewish oligarchs in Russia today. Solzhenitsyn documents the role they played in Russian society in his book 200 Years Together.

    • They were controlled by that tribe a century ago. The core of the early Bolsheviks were Jewish and spoke to each other in Yiddish when they didn’t want to be overheard. The Trotskyites were composed entirely of eastern European Jews. When Stalin won the power struggle and expelled them, they all ended up in the U.S. and now run our state department.

          • Not only the Trots, but also the Girl Who Saved The World: Stalin’s daughter.
            Anna, I think it was?

            She’s the one who blocked the door to his office where he laid on his desk, choking to death on his own tongue, for 10 hours until his face turned black. Yes, her own dad. She made sure no one went in until he was done for.

            She retired to a modest bungalow in Wisconsin- a very humble abode with a dirt driveway. Last seen scowling at the motorist taking her picture as that unmedalled, white haired old woman checked her mailbox, unseen by the larger world.

    • Another remarkable thing is that in spite of the brutal Chechen wars, the Muslim leadership figured out that the CIA and the West were behind it all and told them to buzz off.

      They forged a peace with Moscow in spite of all the resentment. Now the Chechen fighters are some of best Russian units. The Ukrainians know this well.

    • This is true in my experience. Not just in this group, but others who have their comment section policed through programs that look for certain keywords and then either reject the comment or place it into some sort of limbo for further evaluation by a human.

      There is a full court press out there to suppress social media dissident discussion. You need to be crafty if you wish to remain active and have your opinion heard. I can only imagine how bad it will be when AI develops to the level where “hostile tribe” or “(((them)))” is immediately spotted within the appropriate context and your comment rejected.

    • Well, that’s certainly part of it, but perhaps even more important, and unlike whites in AINO, one-third of ethnic Russians do not hate their own people.

    • “The Big difference in how Russia and the US handles their minority population unquestionably stems from Russia not being controlled by a hostile tribe that wants the white heritage Russian population to be a persecuted minority.”

      One would think that they might even have memories of what happened for seventy years of such prosecution.

      Funny coincidence, but that is exactly the same number of years that the people in Gaza put up with such prosecution.

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