The Bunglers

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Last week the media outlet Russia Today, which is analogous to PBS or the BBC, released an audio recording of what it claimed were senior German military officials planning how to launch a strike on Russia. Specifically, they were discussing how to attack the Kerch bridge in Crimea with German Taurus missiles, but doing so in such a way that would not implicate Germany. Later, the German government acknowledged that it was German air force officials, and the audio was authentic.

This should be a massive, government toppling scandal in Germany, but that would require government officials capable of shame. It would also require a free media, which no longer exists in the West. Instead, the German government ordered social media companies to ban people who posted the audio on their networks. The German media, has declared that the leak is part of a sinister plot by Putin to discredit the West and draw attention away from the death of Alexei Navalny.

Of course, this comes on the heels of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz blabbering in public about the French and the British having people on the ground in Ukraine to operate the long-range missiles they have supplied to Ukraine. That recorded conversation among German military officials confirms this. The Germans also admit that there is no way for the Ukrainians to use the German version of these missiles without German personnel doing the bulk of the work.

The fact that NATO people are providing direct support to Ukraine is one of the worst kept secrets of the war thus far. The United States has been providing targeting information to the Ukrainians from surveillance drones operating over the Black Sea and from satellites stationed over Ukraine. Most likely, American techs have been operating the Patriot missile batteries stationed around Kiev. The French have sent their mercenaries to Ukraine with many of them being killed.

Aside from the scandalous nature of the call and the fact that someone, presumably Russia, was able to capture the call quite easily, there is the question as to why the Russians would publish this audio. If you have the ability to listen in on your enemies without them knowing about it or caring about it, you have an edge. Now that this is public, every European country will be doing a security review and making sure to plug any holes they have in their communications.

Of course, there is the strong possibility that the Russians did not do the recording, but a third country was involved. Some of the principles on the call were in Singapore, which is known to have a first-rate security service. They may have recorded the audio and sent it along to the Russians. On the other hand, it could be someone inside the German government who is unhappy with Scholz. In the wilderness of mirrors, there are many potential suspects in this case.

However the Russians got the audio, they thought it was more important to make it public than to conceal the fact that they have it. The reason is they want the Europeans to know that they are not fooled by what is happening. If Taurus missiles hit Russian territory, the Russian will consider it an act of war. Technically, supplying the Ukrainians with the ability to strike Russia is an act of war all by itself, but providing the technical support to use the weapons seals the case.

Further, by releasing this audio, the Russians are letting the Europeans know that the Russians have been restrained to this point. They have known from the start that NATO people are on the ground helping Ukraine, but they have not raised the issue or responded to it with force. In other words, the Russians are telling the Europeans that they should not press their luck. This is especially important with the rumors of basing “Ukrainian” F-16’s in Romania.

There is some irony here. Ten years ago, the Russians captured audio of Victoria Nuland plotting with the American ambassador to Ukraine about how to topple the Kiev government and install a puppet regime. Nuland was just in Kiev to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the coup. She was also bragging about secret plans to strike Russia in the near future, so maybe the Russians took the opportunity to celebrate the tenth anniversary in their own way by releasing this audio.

Putting all of that aside for a moment, the truly shocking thing in this call is the fact that these complex weapons do not work very well. According to the Germans, they would need six months to get them ready to use, but then would need months to program them for specific targets. The lead time for getting them into Ukraine is not the issue, but the programming time is shocking. The Germans also admit that the Russians will quickly figure out how to defeat them as well.

These missiles cost between one and two million dollars each. The plan was to use two waves of fifty missiles on the Kerch bridge. The reason for so many is the dense Russian air defense systems in Crimea. Even assuming they could hit the bridge, there is no guarantee they would knock it out. The Brits used a truck bomb on it last year and the Russians rebuilt it in a few months. In other words, it will cost the Germans one hundred million dollars to maybe damage a bridge.

This is not a sustainable approach to war fighting. Another point in the call was that the Brits and French are now out of these missiles. It turns out that the missiles are not just expensive to produce, but it takes a long time. If this public relations stunt went forward, it would change nothing as the Russians would still be dropping thousands of rounds of artillery on the Ukrainians every day. The Russian air force would still be dropping massive bunker busting bombs on Ukrainian fortifications.

The other point worth mentioning about the call is the participants were strangely comfortable with lying. The point of the call was to devise a plan where Germany could launch missile attacks on Russia but do so in a way that would make it look like the Ukrainians did it. The casual way in which they discuss this scheme suggests these are men who are comfortable with lying. The call offers a rare glimpse into the sociopathic nature of the ruling elite of the West.

The primary takeaway from this affair is that it will have no impact on Western leaders, who are simply too incompetent to learn from their error. The German government will eventually go forward with this scheme. Maybe they get a public relations boost from it or maybe it fails completely. It will have no impact on the war. The institutional incompetence of the West is irreversible. The only question is whether they bumble the world into a nuclear war.

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165 thoughts on “The Bunglers

  1. From the Strategic Culture article at WRSA:

    “Behind the Elysée precipitous ‘theatre’ however, there lurks a more serious objective – that of further centralising EU control through having a common EU defence procurement process.

    To fund this European unified defence capacity, the Commission is looking to initiate unitary EU bond issuance and a centralised taxing mechanism (both of which are prohibited under EU Treaties). These are the unspoken projects behind the ‘scare’ narrative of Russian ‘intent’ to invade Europe.”

    A little ray of sunshine; maybe the canned variety is simply grandstanding by scheming bureaucrats. Toothless chihuahuas, fools full of sound and fury.

    Maybe they’ll have us hiding under our desks for the UFO invasion next, who knows?
    The climate is coming, the climate is coming!!

    • So maybe the idea is to pool their resources so that, with all the EU countries supplying funds and “soldiers”, they can maybe fight half a war. If they were really serious about the Russian menace they would abandon their kooky green energy schemes and re-industrialize. They won’t do that of course nor will they re-masculinize their armies and societies. The end result will be a more efficiently sourced army of trannies, wammen, queers, and Africans riding to their doom in pedal powered tanks. Maybe they’ll go for a third repeat of history and invade Russia in November. Climate change means they can wear shorts and t-shirts.

    • Tom Luongo has some good posts that lay out the Eurobond trajectory the EUSSR may be trying to follow.

  2. surprised no one has mentioned Mexico expressing interest in joining BRICS. seems like kind of a “thing” to me. what would Biden and Co. do, if Mexico brings in Russian military “advisers” et als.

    • BFD, especially coupled with Brazil and others in the hemisphere jumping onboard BRICS. It will be interesting to see how much longer AMLO is breathing.

    • BRICS is like a poker game where everyone involved is hoping someone else will turn out to be “the mark”.

      • Lots of downvoters for such a comment, and I’m going to bet that none of them have a stack of pesos in their safe.

  3. Russia invaded a portion of Ukraine. Whether they were justified in doing so, is a matter of debate. I happen to think they had good reasons to do it but it is still open to argument. Russia has used all sorts of weapons on Ukraine, short of nukes, so I would think it’s hypocritical to complain about Ukraine using whatever available weapons it has, on the Russian homeland, even if those weapons are provided by a foreign power.

    Russia will prevail and hopefully end the slaughter soon but it has done little to enhance it’s military reputation. On the defense, I don’t think Russia can be conquered but it’s threat as an offensive force sweeping through Western Europe is just silly.

    • Of course the issue is not Ukraine using what weapons it has. The issue is the GAE supplying and directing the use of these weapons and how wise of a thing that is to do, and what does the GAE hope to gain by doing so, and at what risk

    • War against a near peer has now changed. No military is going to roll up vast amounts of territory in short order against a near peer anymore. Too much real time ISR.

      • It’s worse than that for them. They can’t even stop the Houthis, who are definitely not a “near peer”. 20 years ago shock and awe rah rah good old southern and midwestern boys would have mopped the floor with them. After the BLM and DEI shift, whites are finally refusing to go along with the plan in substantial numbers.

        Here’s what I just said from the horse’s mouth.

        The jews have made a series of grave mistakes in destroying their best golem ever. The IQ thing has always been a myth, name one jewish inventor besides Einstein who’s theories conveniently can never be proven or disproven if you know anything about science and physics.

        They just control the banks and the media. They used to control academia but they fucked that up when they turned the anti-whitism up to 11 in recent years. University staff are ivory tower dogmatics with fedora hat complexes. There are smart professors out there, don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some.. but they stay quiet. Eggheads are not known for their bravery and the people at the top have been actively selecting for woke minded employees for decades now so they are mostly Jonestown type people.

        Interesting tidbit, did you know that half of the “whites” in the ivy league are jewish? Ron Unz (Rare jew who has a conscience and is not anti-white, good man) Has done several pieces on this. Here’s a good one with some graphs that you can skim if interested.

        But again, jews are not smart, that myth derives from a cherry picked study that sampled an elite prep school and their historical dominance of the western banking system. Most people just never investigate anything, they read the headline from “trusted sources” and that’s that.

        They may have more power than any other group in the west but they are not pragmatic. If they were wise they would have realized that their media domination is not all powerful. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that they look white and consequently, would eventually be treated as such by the POC hordes that they brought in to undermine us. Far from it, on the whole they are spiteful, smallminded and deeply insecure. UNZ and a few standouts excepted. Their rank and file might have the potential to be decent people, but their elites feed them a steady drip of holocaust propaganda so the pleb contingent of jews aren’t our friends either.

        • Edit: I said inventor, what I meant was intellectual that provided something substantial to humanity. Theory of relativity is bunk, there is no way to prove or disprove outside of theoretical maths that just take it as a given and have little to no real world applicability.

          Science requires a lot of guesswork on the bleeding edges, yes, but if something cannot be objectively tested (Einstein’s theories would require a vehicle capable of near lightspeed travel, which we do not have and will likely never have) than it is not real science, it’s a lot closer to science fiction or at best hubristic navel gazing.

          Most of our science is bunk now anyway. They don’t care, their misanthropic ideology wins out every time over human progress. We need to take charge again. Jews are terrible stewards.


        • As disclosed by their government’s official records, the jewish g IQ for israel is 94.


          Ashkenazi in the US are higher but not by much, they just have a fat tail on their curve and thus a disproportionate number of high g IQ people.

          Their talent and hard work, our systematic oppression. There are more non-jew geniuses living in the US than there are jews.

  4. “Technically, supplying the Ukrainians with the ability to strike Russia is an act of war all by itself…”

    Not entirely.

    During WW2, it was well known that Switzerland (1) was supplying weapons to Germany and Italy throughout most of the war. In addition, any US aircraft that diverted and crash landed in Switzerland had their crews put into POW camps (2) and were not repatriated until after the war. And let’s not over look the fact Ford an GM factories in France and Germany, which supplied the Germany military with vehicles, were intentionally taken off the target list for the Army Air Force (3).

    You only need to go back a few decades to Viet Nam where China and the USSR did exactly the same thing to support the North Vietnamese. Despite direct attacks by Soviet and/or Chinese “advisors” against US and south Vietnamese forces, the US never declared war on either country for obvious reasons.

    Of course idiots like Macron and Scholz are blathering on just like Biden openly threatening Nord Stream “…we will bring and end to it.” The fact is, Europe is run women and men who act like women, so of course they can’t keep their mouths shut when gossip and sharing their feelings on TikTok, Instagram or X is all the norm these days.

    The idea of a WW3 happening in Europe in the same way it happened during WW2 will simply never happen. Firstly, the US knows that funding proxy wars is much cheaper. Secondly, this is not 1940 and the US does not have the availability or access to manpower, training or the industrial capability to conduct, let alone win, an extended war on one front, let alone two, which will happen when China moves on Taiwan the minute.

    The solution isn’t negotiations with Russia, the solution is a US election where Trump wins. Which is not likely to happen if the Democrats and back stabbing Republicans have anything to say about it.

    Trump is about peace, and peace is not profitable.


    • You are of course correct. The entire West could not ultimately prevail against Russia at this point. They could do some damage and such a war would mean terrible multiple years of death and destruction. But the West would lose in the end. Like you point out. The U.S. no longer has the industrial capacity or the social capitol to win such a war. I would imagine Germany, Britain and France are in a similar situation.

      What is more worrisome, is can we count on the Western leaders in Europe of America to act sanely? If they start a NATO conflict with Russia and begin to see they are losing, do the nukes start flying. I think it is very possible with the unstable people we have in charge.

      • French police and their armored vehicles have already proven useless against angry farmers with tractors. So you can imagine how well NATO will fare against actual tanks and men who know how to use them. All European militaries are hollow shells, filled with non-functional equipment and “soldiers” who are neither trained or motivated to fight.

        Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski is trying to get the US to pump more money, and possibly troops, into Ukraine. And of course he would. Poland thought it would be a good idea to let the US put missiles in their country long before Ukraine became an issue. Poland failed to take note of the fact the US has a well established history of abandoning their “friends” – aka Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc., etc.

        Germany and France laughed at Trump when he admonished them for not supporting NATO financially as they agreed to in treaty.

        They’re not laughing now.

    • Excellent post, but I disagree with “US does not have the availability or access to manpower, training or the industrial capability to conduct, let alone win, an extended war on one front, let alone two…”

      This is an intelligent assessment, but a trait of psychopaths and egomaniacs is that they are incapable of visualizing the possibility of failure. It simply never occurs to them.

    • Well yes, but Viet Nam, Korea, Afghanistan, etc were proxy wars.

      NATO is suppling arms, finding targets, and programming missiles that zig zag around Russian radars to hit targets directly in Russia.

      Brits, French, Germans, and Americans are in Ukraine with their own weapons and firing them at targets inside of Russia.

      The fig leaf is looking increasingly ridiculous.

      • It’s one thing when the war is between two proxies. Its another when it’s between a proxy and a major power. It would be like Russia using Mexico as a proxy to stage attacks against major US cities. They’ve even launched attacks on the Kremlin.

        This is a different animal and assuming it will be like prior proxy wars is seriously mistaken.

        • Oops, was replying to a higher up post and didn’t realize the one I directly replied to said the same thing…

  5. It’s entirely possible the Germans leaked that call, there’s Russians who think so.
    Same with Olaf Scholz and Macron hamfisted leaks.
    They are scuttling their own boats to avoid nuclear war. Or at least decrease the risk of nuclear war.

    It’s like SCOTUS ruling today that Trump can be on the ballot. SCOTUS is a weathervane, a windsock, really SCOTUS just Ivy League White Shoe Law Firm. That SCOTUS allow Trump on the ballot means Biden is done, the elites are going to let Trump win.

    • I’m not at all surprised by the SC ruling or the fact that it was unanimous. The SC may be filled with cynical whores but they aren’t stupid whores. Kicking Trump off the ballot *anywhere* guarantees an escalating constitutional crisis as Red states refuse to certify Blue state votes and vice versa. Given the amount of hate from all sides in the country this pretty much only ends one way, well two ways. The country either dissolves or a civil war starts, possibly the latter, then the former.

    • My pure conjecture on the ruling is that the SC wants to keep some credibility for now, so that they can axe Trump later. They refused to acknowledge election fraud in 2020, and are ready to do it again in 2024.

  6. white people  who happened to live in America can stop this madness within second
    stop listening lies  came out from the jewish mouth
    but white American won’t stop listening jew

    So it’s brought ruin upon the white American, Damnation  for the rest of humanity

  7. I know we are getting into high level Kremlinology here, but the part about finding ways to pin it on Ukraine is something. As we all know, Germany’s pipeline got blown up. As we all know, the USA did it. As we all know, the USA blamed it on Ukraine. So it’s quite fascinating to see Germans discussing the exact same tactic – commit some major act of war and pin it on Ukraine. There are other attacks too, like the one on Dugin’s daughter, that the USA blamed Ukraine on. Obviously, Russia knows what is going on, but I think NATO, the USA, and Ukraine herself are quite comfortable with normies believing Ukraine is far more competent than they are.

  8. Not to be a twat but you should link to the source (again I hate to be that guy) where you write in the first paragraph that the german government confirmed the audio was authentic.

  9. It’s incredible how arrogant, narcissistic and sociopathic the people in power are. “Hey, let’s goad a nuclear-armed adversary into direct war!”

    Why, pray tell? It’s not as if they attacked us. Or that who controls the Donbas has the slightest affect on our lives. To the contrary, we overthrew a government on their border and then started pushing for it to join a our military alliance. But somehow THEY’RE the “aggressors.” Imagine how we’d react if the Russians overthrew the Mexican government and then wanted it to join the Warsaw Pact.

    Why can nobody in power see this? Because they’re high on their own supply and they can’t possibly be wrong, that’s why.

    A LOT of wars throughout history — maybe most — have started this way. Feckless, arrogant elites think they’re entitled to do whatever the hell they want, and they have no “Plan B” for when shit gets sideways, other then to double down. I guess that is to be expected.

    What I can’t understand is why the stupid masses go along with stuff that is obviously insane instead of telling the powers-that-be to go get themselves killed fighting their own damn wars. But they do, time after time. I can’t fathom it. Maybe it is just that the average proles really enjoy going along with the power trip and getting a government license to kill people.

    • What I can’t understand is why the stupid masses go along with stuff that is obviously insane instead of telling the powers-that-be to go get themselves killed fighting their own damn wars
      Yea I can’t understand it either but also can’t understand why our side doesn’t Tribe Up and defend against the genocide that is happening to them… Think they both have to do with the same mindset…

      • We have a dumbed down population that has little to no real interface with its government. Outside of Orange Man we have been provided with candidates from the approved list of the uniparty. Every month that goes by we are inundated with more foreigners. Our cities are a cross between the U.N. and the Tower of Babel.

        The Tribe, yes it is necessary to go there, has a zombie President that simply checks off their plans.

        From the initial Ukraine putsch to the the Russian collusion Congressional show to this date… reads like a who’s who of Tribal members. (Look up the “?personal life” section on the Colorado A.G. trying to remove Trump from the ballot). Itnever ends with these people.

        We lost the Cold War, Brother. Sure, the Soviet governmemt collapsed but the Russians are still Russians and their actions reflect what is best for the Russian nation.

        We on the otherhand are a fractured decadent incoherent mess. The government is actively hostile to its Founding stock and is hellbent on flooding the nation with Third World replacements. We have that on top of repeating the excesses of Weimar Germany.

        I do see people getting fed up. Its more than just economic prospects that are forcing the population to sort themselves into new locations. Red and blue states are becoming redder and bluer respectively. The question is will we be forced into proper Federalization to avoid conflict or do Balkanization?

        I never thought i would be in this camp with Noticing… but here I am. I didnt seek it put but rather had my face shoved into it. As long as the Tribe has their fingers on all the American and International levers of power we will continue down this path of madness.

        Between them and their many step-and-fetch-its… Rinos, low IQ state A.G.s eager for gibs, Neocons etc… I’m not sure America salvages themselves. Not my concern, the awakening, defence and prosperity of Our People is the only thing I pray we can achieve.

        • ” … who’s who of Tribal members … Colorado A.G. …”

          I went and checked. I didn’t see that coming. You’d think I would have learned by now. Commencing detection instrument recalibration. Thank you for the heads-up.

      • I totally agree with you but never underestimate people’s ability to lie to themselves. It can reach astonishing levels

    • “What I can’t understand is why the stupid masses go along with stuff that is obviously insane instead of telling the powers-that-be to go get themselves killed fighting their own damn wars.”

      There is a word in that sentence that goes a long way toward demystification. And it’s not “the”…

    • What I’ve observed is that the progressives that I know treat the Ukrainian war like they treat our open border.

      While they don’t advocate for fighting in Ukraine or keeping our borders open, they will scorn and mock anyone who opposes these policies. Few people are advocating or demanding these policies but they will gleefully mock you if you dispute them.

      I sometimes think that Steven Colbert is the person who sways the beliefs of these people that I know the most. Not so much by the causes that he advocates, but by those whom he makes fun of.

      Colbert, NPR, and CNN define who the good and bad people are. Establishing this division is more important than any single issue. The duty of my progressives is to agree with the good people and pour scorn upon the bad. The actual content of the issues is secondary.

    • Xman: Interesting side note – although Army, Navy, and AF enlistment is short a total of 25,000 this year, and they are upping advertisements and dropping standards in order to enlist morons along with the gangbangers, they are removing financial incentives – at least temporarily. Why would they be out of funds?,paid%20in%20the%202024%20and%202025%20fiscal%20years.

  10. Speaking of idiocy, the Supreme Court has ruled Trump cannot be removed from the ballot, in a unanimous decision. Very striking. Likely some Elite buyers remorse. Bug-men like Zuck and so on have dreams of retreating to their twenty year bunkers in global nuclear war which will “save the planet” by killing most of humanity (the reality is that their security people will simply shoot them and take their Epstein-ified “consorts”). However others like Musk have dreams of Mars, and Bezos wants to be the Henry Ford of the Internet. None of which are compatible with Dr. Strangelove 2: Nuclear Boogaloo.

    There are others who are not on board with a Draft in the US to send US troops to fight Russia. The FT had a very weird column by one of their younger female writers, she went to Palm Beach / Mar-a-Lago and was outraged that the billionaires there really did not care much about Trump or politics one way or another. Enthusiasm for the cause is flagging comrades!

    The great EV escapade is collapsing, with automakers now facing ruin save Toyota (who avoided the Pied Piper). More son of big guy bribery scandals every day.

    I don’t know if there are enough or even many, but some elites are clearly not with the program.

  11. “The casual way in which they discuss this scheme suggests these are men who are comfortable with lying. The call offers a rare glimpse into the sociopathic nature of the ruling elite of the West.”

    Might this confab of the German generals been phony? They appear to plot, they know they’re being recorded, Russian intel thinks or pretends to think the plot is real. In a world of mutual surveillance where everyone is monitoring everyone else, it’s {8- vs. -8}

    • It wouldn’t too shocking if there was someone in the German government who thought “this whole thing is insane” and put together a scheme to get his country off the bus.

      • I’m struck that this wasn’t exactly Rommel, Guderain, Von Manteuffel etc getting together for a group chin wag.

  12. The “leadership,” aka managerial class of the GAE (to include NATO, Europe, “the west”) is getting dumber every single day. This was already happening slowly, had been for some years, but the advent of DIE across the board in every institution and corporation has supercharged it, analogous to the jab causing turbo cancers, so that the stupid is now accelerating at an astonishing pace.

    Warren Buffett used to talk about something, with respect to investing, that he called the “American tailwind.” I don’t think it exists anymore. Rather the opposite. It “helps” to bear this in mind with respect to empire games in Ukraine. It isn’t capable of looking smart. It must cause Russians trying to make sense of it all to shake their heads in wonderment.

    • ” It must cause Russians trying to make sense of it all to shake their heads in wonderment.”

      The West Putin remembers from his time as a station chief in East Berlin no longer exists, and that may have prevented us from nuclear annihilation thus far. Our psychopaths cannot fathom anyone other than Dirts perishing in one of their deranged wars, and that is dangerous as hell.

      • As is the case with bankruptcy, losing a job, going to prison, being victimized by stunning and brave Diversity (imported and homegrown) and a host of other calamities…global thermonuclear war is something that only happens to the little people, the deplorable Dirt People. Our deranged elites truly believe that they are untouchable…even by the Apocalypse.

    • Add Letitia James to that list. She was stupid enough to both have “ghost donors” aka “smurfs” and take on Trump who has money. And thus enough research to find scandals. She like Fani Willis spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of government money on personal expenses, including but not limited to: personal vacations, hotel rooms, air travel outside her duties, luxury goods, and “cash expenses.” All the while having “ghost donors” who are people who hit campaign limits using real people out of state to donate funds in their name (and who are unaware of this). Its hard to check unless you spend money for a detailed audit which Trump did.

      As Samuel L. Jackson said in “the Marvels,” time for “black girl magic!”

      • These black politicians have been utilized by TPTB precisely because they aren’t smart and are attracted to high time preference graft. Black pols aren’t exclusive in collaborating with TPTB but they are exclusively universal in stupidly grabbing the cash without hesitation or precaution. While you or I might set up dummy corporations, offshore bank accounts, or postpone payback until some far future date… this bunch rushes out to get Gucci, Mercedes, and high-end properties. They aren’t the best tools for the Elites to use… but if you need a greedy moron to kamikaze in for some.quick attack… they fit the bill.

        • The wypipo been keeping down us negros all dis time, cause dey is evil. Since dey is evil, dat means dey been griftin and scammin all this time. So we just doin wat dey been doin all along, now dat we gots da chance. And becuz dey hypocrites and racis dey arrest us fo it

  13. The US tried the whole “we’re neutral” bit while breaking the then neutrality rules with idiotic schemes like lend-lease. The US and Britain put prohibited weapons on a passenger ship with the Lusitania in WWI.

    So far Russia has decided that escalation is not worth it and that they can accept the continual escalation. But Russia is not and has not been clear with what level of interference is a red line. Of course, our idiotic leaders believe there is no red line and have continuously escalated. So far, nothing has happened and this only encourages them.

    • But maybe Putin is playing 4-D chess…the West is stripping itself of weapons and ammo in a vain attempt to keep a bunch of corrupt, child trafficking Nazis in the game…NATO is becoming a paper tiger…And the BRICS are seeing this very clearly…

      • Putin doesn’t need to play 4-D chess, he’s playing regular chess while the West is playing checkers.

        • The Russians must figure they’ve got the thing won in the long term, and all these Western provocations aren’t worth an escalation. If you’ve got the game won, you can pretty much ignore the other team’s temper tantrums and antics.

          • That seems to be what is happening.

            However there is a danger in that. By refusing to retaliate in the beginning and giving the west a bloody nose, it allowed the west to pour resources into the conflict.

            There is now a tremendous sunk cost fallacy at work in the minds of western leaders. I’m not sure western leaders are capable of giving up at those point.

        • No. Putin is playing chess and the West is playing naked Twister with Quentin Tarantino, Dennis Rodman and a grayhound…

          • True enough, but given that particular visual I’m hoping age, and a sufficient number of brain cells destroyed over the years, will erase it from my mind.

          • I’ll take a laugh whenever I can get it these days and your twister w Quinton Tarantino did it for me lol

        • At the rate that Western elites are losing competency, they’ll soon be playing Candy Land.

  14. What I don’t get is why there is still hate toward the slavs. After what happened in the holodomor, you would think that the hate libido of the tribe would have been used up.

    • They hate us White Americans who saved their butts in WW2 at great expense of blood and treasure. There is no limit to their hate.

      • There’s some kind of analogy there to negro resentment and the war between the states. If you want to get a leftist (especially a blm type) to say that war wasn’t really about slavery, just tell them that reparations were paid in blood by white people who fought to free the slaves.

        • if its a white leftist – i just say “were your ancestors even living here then”.

        • And also point out that the war was fought over a brutal tariff, and Lincoln was fine with the South keeping slaves as long as they paid the tariff..

        • The war was exclusively about tariff policy. The Supreme Court case that counted slaves as less than one person while counting indentured servants as whole was used to shift representation numbers in the house from South to North. This allowed tarrifs on foreign imports to get set higher, thus enriching the industrial North while impoverishing the South. Secondary effect is foreign countries put retaliatory tariffs on American exports: Timber, cotton and tobacco – further impoverishing the South. The Slavery thing just sounds more friendly than the naked truth and so we lie to ourselves.

          Since the war was not about slavery, reparations were not paid in blood. They were paid with “40 acres and a mule and seven years of seed, food, clothes and tools.”

          • You don’t even get past the second sentence without admitting that slavery was certainly an issue. It’s like a dodge where people said that it was due to vastly different economic systems. Okay, what was the economic system in the South?

            If nothing else it’s a hard-sell, I think it’s a perfectly reasonable argument to say that the Civil War was a waste of White lives in the service to an ungrateful people.

          • @ Evil Sandmich

            It wasn’t the primary issue for them but the New England ruling class definitely used it to provide their power-grab-war to become the ruling class over the whole country with legitimacy in the eyes of the white men who would suffer and die in it. If Southron elites had surrendered on the tariff issue, willingly subjugating themselves to Yankee elites, then there would have been no war.

            I put it in the same category of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ for the 2nd Iraq War. It was the public excuse, not the reason, that those who started the war did it. Southern ruling class were retards to give the Yankees such an obvious opening, tailor-made for virtue-signaler sensibilities, including my ancestors who all fought for the ‘Union’, damn fools that they were.

        • Just ask them to look up the number of black men lynched on wikipedia. Then ask them to look at the FBI crime statistics for black on white homicide. They are both “trusted sources” for a Leftist. One number is infinitely higher than the other.

          Hell, you can tell them they are even allowed to subtract the white on black homicide number. Then again, you cannot talk facts with a Leftist.

          • Incidentally, white-on-black rape is so rare as to be statistically insignificant. In other words, in some years in AINO, it probably doesn’t happen even once.

          • Useless to argue this because Leftists believe any black on white murder was “deserved” since an oppressed class always has the right to resist the oppressor.

    • It’s a simple flowchart really. I’ll write it in old school Basic

      10 kill Slavs
      20 if there_are_still_slavs goto 10
      30 Relax on the beach in Tel Aviv with a nice Ukrainian hooker.

  15. “…there is the question as to why the Russians would publish this audio.”

    This release of the phone call is definitely a “two-fer”. The release as a signal to the West, but also as a signal/confirmation to the home front—the Russian people themselves. The Russian people need to remember that the war in Ukraine is not simply a domestic “spat” of sorts, a brother war, but rather a war for Russia’s very existence.

    True, this point has been made, but it never hurts to drill it home again and again. The more parallels/references that can be made to the “Great Patriotic War”, the better.

  16. Imagine if the Russian government was just half as crazy as our side. There would have been no way to avoid tossing canned sunshine at each other. One side being adults is not as good as both being adults. But it’s a lot better than neither

  17. that particular bridge has no military value. there is now an overland rail line that is used for most heavy traffic. bombing the bridge is one of those pointless uke goals/obsessions.

    • But very helpful to Putin’s popular support…Zelensky may be the best thing that ever happened to Putin and the Russian military…

  18. Nuland is all talk. The GAE doesn’t have much left besides nukes or possibly chemical attacks.

    As for the Taurus, it’s debatable that Ukraine has enough strike aircraft to launch any sort of missile wave.

    In FAB-1500 glide bomb fun, there is some post-strike footage around that alledges the 1500 blast blew the entry door off a Soviet-era nuclear bunker. That’s pretty good.

    • Don’t forget biological warfare. When we got in over our heads in Korea, there is good evidence we unleashed biological weapons to help make our escape.

    • Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is Nuland’s orphan.

      I actually understand the “f it, send in NATO” mentality. The Russians have been incredibly restrained, probably to their detriment.

      On Jan 17 the Russians killed about 70 French “mercenaries” who were on the French army payroll. (Mercenaries are banned by law in France). So the gloves are slowly coming off.

      Any F-16s will have to operate from a NATO base no matter who flies them.

      Scary times. Who the gods would destroy they first make mad.

      • ‘first make mad’ – fait accompli
        ‘destroy’ – that process dead ahead – scary times indeed.

      • That gives a whole new meaning to single mom. Nyland on tinder with the Ukraine Cluster F. Clown world, it could happen….

      • With the Transnistrian independence vote, Putin is saying, “go ahead, make my day.”

        More into the meatgrinder; the problem with NATOism, is eventually you run out of other people’s soldiers.

  19. A few more amazing revelations regarding this call:

    1) Moon of Alabama and others are claiming these Luftwaffe generals used a Webex conference call (lol) and that the one German officer in Singapore sent the others operational details over WhatsApp!

    2) Their conversation implies the Ukes have only a single-digit number of serviceable Su-24s remaining. This force is supposed to cover a 1000km front?

    Shall we speculate?
    I suppose the Russians have some motive to slow down the developing crisis of escalation.
    But there’s a juicier possibility:
    The German BND (CIA equivalent) recorded and leaked this convo. It’s possible the Deep State in Germany is getting tired of the ongoing sh*tshow and the destruction of the German economy. They may want an offramp.

    • 1) Moon of Alabama and others are claiming these Luftwaffe generals used a Webex conference call (lol) and that the one German officer in Singapore sent the others operational details over WhatsApp!

      IF that’s true, the only thing better would’ve been using a Zoom call. 🤣

      The executed ghost of Wilhelm Canaris laughs.

    • CW-

      The small number of Su-24s is why Ukraine can’t launch a missile wave. F-16s almost guarantee WW3 going hot.

      The WebEx thing doesn’t surprise me. Having spent quite some time in the MIC, I can confirm that people wouldn’t believe what gets paased around some of the popular messaging apps.

    • I only alluded to the intel option with the “wilderness of mirrors” line, as I was running long, but I think the most probable suspect is the intel agencies. Maybe the CIA, maybe German intelligence, maybe both and maybe others. It could be MI6 looking for some payback. I suspect the CIA is looking to pin the blame for what is coming on the political class. It also signals to the Russians that the door remains open for a reproachment at some point.

      • Absolutely. I realize you couldn’t go down all these rabbit holes in your essay. It’s just interesting that on the heels of the NY Times revelation about the CIA in Ukraine (remember we discussed this last week), we get this German bombshell.

        Perhaps I’m a hopeless optimist, but I take limited encouragement from the idea that some entity in the Deep State might be pushing back on all this madness in Ukraine.

      • There is a “Wag The Dog” quality to German military (i.e. intelligence/surveillance) talking about how to get a third party blamed for it, getting blamed for it themselves, because it was “leaked” (fakest/gayest word in mod Western media). I understand why normies tune this out.

    • I’ve read that there were nly 9 Su-24s left at the time of that call and since then another has been shot down. They don’t have enough to do a 50 missile salvo at the Kerch bridge now. If they use F-16s then NATO is at war. Everyone knows that the 16s will be piloted by NATO pilots and with their nuke capability then Russia will assume that a tactical nuke is among the salvo. Then it’s over for Europe.

      • Mike-

        I think the GAE is dumb enough to launch a tac nuke at the Kerch Bridge because that is one of the few tactical weapons that could sever the bridge and give the GAE the Crimean PR victory it pines for.

  20. Well, at least me and my furry partner and our 2 non-cishetero halfrican trans-children aren’t speaking Russian

  21. As Russian success on the battlefield accelerates, the West gets increasingly more desperate and is throwing everything up against the wall hoping that something sticks. Another hare-brained scheme is to mobilize NATO troops into northern and western Ukraine thereby freeing up Ukrainian rearguard to be sent to the front. In addition, the US has tens of thousands of mobile infantry stationed in Romania as a contingency to move toward protecting Odessa if the Russians activate that objective. The likelihood of direct conflict between NATO and Russia is becoming extreme.

    The Biden neocons are hoping to calibrate a limited engagement that rallies the electorate behind the current Administration (war patriotism), but there is no guarantee that either the public or Putin will cooperate. Rather than risk a nuclear escalation, I think Russia will respond tit-for-tat. As such, Kaliningrad may soon become directly connected to Russia proper, at Lithuania’s expense.

    • The western countries pretending to be great war powers reminds me of the apocryphal story of a certain guy in WW2 who was moving nonexistent units on a battle map when defeat was imminent.

      • Chet Rollins – that, or the Dr. Strangelove war room….deliberations.

    • I don’t think so.

      The US is out of ammunition. For the Yanks to put one war fighter on the ground, it takes 8 behind the lines to support him. There will be no air support as Russia can take out every airfield in Europe. Their submarine fleet will have a hay day with shipping from the west. Our supply lines wouldn’t hold.

      The military is suffering record staff and materiel shortages and they’re getting worse. It’s simply not going to happen, no matter how retarded and delusional our leadership is.

      And as far as leadership goes… elections are coming up everywhere. A lot of these lunatics are going to get swept away soon. Doomers can crack wise about “voating harder” but in the real world, that which can’t go on – won’t.

      • Re. Elections: Nikki Haley won the DC primary. I think that is beautifully apt. As DC’s candidate she deserved to win. In the rest of the nation, folks are fed up and voting Trump as a F. U. to the Establishment. I could not be more pleased how this is going.

    • The GAE managerial class is increasingly made up of not-as-smart-as-they-think types who never took a test that they didn’t already know the answers to. The thought that they might get undone by “Putler” will never cross their minds.

    • Tom, I like the idea of reconnecting to Kalingrad because that would make Latvia and Estonia into the new NATO Kalingrad. I think they get a better bang for the buck in South West Ukraine. Access to energy partners who have sovereignty, gain a lot of the waterfront property that has tons of energy resources, landlocking Ukraine and taking economically viable areas away reduces resources that could be used against Russia are all positive without having to strike NATO targets.

      • I think Russia is taking Odessa no matter what. But NATO seems to be doubling down on how much it will lose by trying these stupid gambits just to postpone the inevitable defeat until after the US election in November. That stupidity may earn them an additional spanking in the Baltics.

        • NATO troops love nothing more than a good spanking. Prefereably with a riding crop weilding by Grace Jones decked out as Heinrich Himmler…

      • Am I the only one that finds the Baltic chihuahuas unbelievably annoying?

  22. I have thoughts based on this post, based on history.

    1) Germany attacking Russia. How’d that one work out for you boys last time, Mein Herr?

    2) Later, the German government acknowledged that it was German air force officials, and the audio was authentic.

    Col. Klink says hello. Sgt. Schultz knows nothing, NOTHING about this call.

    3) Instead, the German government ordered social media companies to ban people who posted the audio on their networks. The German media, has declared that the leak is part of a sinister plot by Putin to discredit the West and draw attention away from the death of Alexei Navalny.

    Nice to see the Managerial Classes are idiots the world ’round.

    4) Putting all of that aside for a moment, the truly shocking thing in this call is the fact that these complex weapons do not work very well. According to the Germans, they would need six months to get them ready to use, but then would need months to program them for specific targets.

    In other words, they’ve followed the blueprints of their grandfathers and their Wonderwaffen. Or their own automotive engineering.

    Who needs cheap, easy to make, and just functional?

    5) The primary takeaway from this affair is that it will have no impact on Western leaders, who are simply too incompetent to learn from their error.

    I’d love to joke, but sadly you’re right Z.

          • You are most gracious, milord.
            Words cannot express, as I try to stumble my way back into the real world from the place beyond madness. The urge to confess strains my lips.

            I recover. I retrench. I am near out of supplies.
            Yet…in the dark woods, a gleam, a flicker!

            It is a candle; it beckons from the glazed window of a humble cabin. No finer a light has graced any cathedral!

            Might I offer this, in penance:

            To Reach My Kayak

            And I think over again
            My small adventures
            When with a shore wind I drifted out
            In my kayak
            And thought I was in danger.

            My fears,
            Those small ones
            That I thought so big
            For all the vital things
            I had to get and to reach.

            And yet, there is only
            One great thing,
            The only thing;

            To live to see in huts and journeys
            The great day that dawns,
            And the light that fills the world.

            — Song from the Kitlinuharmiut

  23. The first thought that came to me was that they just had another chunk of legitimacy torn off. More chunks will come. In the legitimacy crisis a power vacuum will emerge.

    It is not a foregone conclusion that the replacement population that The Regime has imported will be on the sidelines. Their posterity will have to contend with an internal enemy who their parents encouraged to seethe with hatred, spite and envy. At the same time, the indigenous Europeans who were shafted and persecuted are on the scene. Are they numerous enough and vigorous enough to contend.

    Do not discount that players in the Middle East may also have a healthy number of infiltrators with seats at the table and feet in the door. Maybe not this time, but it will become an increasing risk and likely possibility. The scale and scope of The Bunglers and their bungling will be at a level that may be without precedent in human history. Some airstrikes to take out a bridge that can be rebuilt in a few months that is blamed on the state you claim to support may be the least of the mistakes they will pay for.

    • Expecting illegitimacy to precipitate *anything* strikes me as…libertarian? By analogy, at least. A power vacuum, even a merely perceived one, is a gap in the market.

      Lately we’ve been hearing how surely every corporate “AI” being a busted woke censorship-bot means that there’s a massive unmet demand for a chatbot that doesn’t lie. That’s true. Invisible hand, do your thing! A-ha, Musk noticed! He’s on it! And…his AI is a busted woke censorship-bot—because nothing different is possible.

      Or, there’s an un-served market for uncensored social media, maybe a trillion dollars just left lying on the table. A-ha, Musk noticed! Cut to Elon on Shapiro’s leash at Auschwitz—because nothing different is possible.

      Since “world war” became possible, has it ever been averted? Have the people—the market for being alive—ever been served? Some Cold War propaganda says so. I don’t believe it.

      The incentives are not what they seem.

      • Yes, I remember Göring had some choice things to say about the people’s agency concerning matters of peace or war.

        • It really does deserve to be repeated–even for this group who are in the know on so many things:

          “Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.

          Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

          — Herman Goering

          • Thanks, compsci.

            It is always illuminating to hear this quote in its entirety. Such lucidity concerning ruling class manipulation of the public sentiment when they have their little black hearts set on war.

  24. Putin, or more likely one of the Russian generals should remind the German government, and especially the German public, what Berlin and other German cities looked like after the last time they attacked Russia. That might chill the war fever in the West a bit.

        • Forward To Berlin! A popular slogan for Soviet tankers to paint on the turrets of their T-34/85 and IS-2 tanks as they rumbled towards the city.

          • The Rape of the German Women

            We gave these creatures and their frenzied slaves half of our birthplace and called it a victory!

            So great is my grief allow me to be completely unhinged:

            I stated that Neanderthalensis’ role was to wipe out the obsolete Erectus forms.

            One of the first casualties of web cancel culture was a prepper website, completely wiped by unknown authorities, after 17 years of operation.

            This, at the beginning, when we thought the decentralized Web largely immune. Heartiste and Conservative Treehouse soon followed.

            The blogger thought that it was because he had innocently posted pictures of the survival bunker tunnels under Costco, a convenient redoubt for those in the know.

            I say it was more; one of his commenters, lamenting elsewhere, noted that the blogger had speculated on what he called “melonheads”.

            That is, a physiology like that of Lord Jacob Rothschild; tall, with a domed forehead, almost a reverse of the large occipital capacity of Neanderthalensis. That Thal capacity possibly gave them direct ancestral memory; their culture was unchanging for a quarter million years. (The Neanderthal Cathedral of Bruniquel Cave, France, is dated to 176,000 BC.)

            To them, whatever they imagine, it is real in their minds.

            Something drove the pre-Ice Age populations to run, as far as they could. To the mountains of Congo, the islands of northern Japan, the wastelands of Australia, to the Arctic Circle- for us, for our ancestors.

            I’d say it was the Angels of Death, the race-killers. I will also say that that strain is still alive, and extant in some, concentrated by their cultural practices.

            The Cull is what they do. This is their function, blossoming now in an overcrowded world.

        • That isn’t Russian. It’s somebody trying to transliterate “Forward to Berlin” into Cyrillic characters, but since that alphabet lacks a “w” sound, they used the Russian letter Shcha, which looks vaguely like a W with a tail on it.

          If this had really been a Russian phrase you would need to decline the noun, and “forshchard” is not a Russian word.

          • Intelligent Dasein: Correct. And in addition to declension of the noun, Russian motion verbs (to go . . . into, around, up to, etc.) are a whole different ball of wax.

    • Bombing of Dresden, one of the worst crimes of WWII, was done by British and American bombers.

        • You mean like granting leniency to all the principles of Unit 571 in exchange for, ahem, archival data? Yeah, no crime there. It’s all about defending that City on the Hill, don’t you know?

    • Yes, I posted the analysis of the same Rasmussen poll. The circle-jerk of “elites” and media is scary yet there is no way out of it without the revolution Z predicts 🙂

  25. The Russians are doing all they can to avoid a conflagration with the West, which would immensely hurt everyone but probably wipe out Europe. The European “leaders” — catamites to the declining and rotting US empire — are too stupid to think through the implications of what they are doing.

    I just cannot imagine a Charles De Gaulle or Willy Brandt operating in this manner. Europe is kaput.

    • From time to time Russian leaders will make the point that Western leaders have not experienced hardship, so they are unaware of the potential consequences of their actions. I think this is why we are seeing a panic in Europe. One the one hand they fear a change in American policy, which would leave them holding the bag of Project Ukraine. On the other hand they fear having to deal directly with the Russians, after the Ukrainian army collapses.

      At some level, the Europeans know they have been allowed to play act as “world leaders” because they had the protection of America and the indifference of the Russians, who for a long time were happy to just sell energy and food to Europe.

      • The Europeans, and especially the Germans, have spoiled children for decades.

        It was ridiculous on its face. If Russia was really a threat, Germany wouldn’t have been willing to become reliant on its cheap energy. It also would have maintained its military. If Russia wasn’t a threat, Germany should have publicly stated that NATO was unnecessary and said that a new structure was needed.

        That childish fantasy has finally come to an end, and, naturally, the European are whining about it. It’s hard to describe how much this war will hurt them. They are losing cheap energy (and thus threatening their industry) even as they are being told to get their defense spending up to 2% to 3% of GDP.

        They deserve everything coming to them.


        • They deserve everything coming to them

          The same could be said of us also Brother, sadly…

          • I recall a particularly chilling scene from Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven. Clint’s character and some young, overeager buck are on the trail of some cowboys who participated in the rape and disfigurement of a prostitute. They catch up with one of them, and the young buck, after waiting until the cowboy is in the outhouse, jerks open the door, and shoots him to death. The young buck, somewhat spooked by his action, asks Eastwood’s character, “I guess he had it coming, eh?” After a reflective pause, the answer comes, “We’ve all got it coming, kid”.

        • “Instead,”

          You still with us? (While not as good as dying during sex, dying while trying to express your thoughts clearly in writing has a certain style.)

          Can you hear me Major Tom?

          Are you with me Dr. Wu?

      • It cracks me up that France and Great Britain still have seats on the UN Security Council. As if any more proof were necessary that the UN is a ridiculous, comical anachronism.

    • Wipe out Europe. Well, that would take care of the Third World invasion of that continent. ‘Tis an ill wind that blows no good at all.

      • Would it? I suspect the opposite could happen, which is what initially got them into the migration mess. Rebuilding after WWII required manpower which was lying dead in cemeteries across Europe, so many countries imported “temp” labor from countries like Turkey. Of course, temp proved permanent, leaving foreign enclaves throughout these nations.

        • Compsci: Not to mention the only things that seem to survive any type of mass devastation are rats and cockroaches.

          Although lately I am tempted to add skunks. Apparently they do have natural predators, although around here the main one seems to be cars. And this is the skunk mating season, and roadkill skunk seems to reek forever.

          • BTW, I forgot to add my knowledge of this is based upon my family over in the Netherlands. Waay back in the 60’s they were complaining about the Turk’s who came over and would not leave, even when they had no employment. They simply became welfare recipients in one form or another. The government was at time was paying them to leave–self deport. 🙁

        • This logic might – might – explain Germany’s plunge into mass importation of aliens, but doesn’t explain why France or even the UK (whose total casualties were far lower in WW2 than in WW1) chose the same route. Something else is afoot – postcolonial guilt combined with low TFR and (mainly) a globalist political strategy to alter western demographics. Hell, Tony Blair bragged about this very thing in the 1990s.

          • And – not to be a dick about it – Japan climbed out of the catastrophe of 1945 with its loss of over a million young men to become for a time the world’s second largest economy, without benefit of immigration.

            I think it was not so much Europe’s loss of men, but its loss of confidence, that led step by step to its pitiable state now. Russia – which was bled whiter than any country in WW2 – shows more vigor and offers more hope as a resilient, white, “European” society than any country west of the Hajnal Line.

          • Britain, and particularly France, had set themselves up for this through their “bitter clinging” to their past colonial glory days by facilitation of largely uncontrolled immigration from their former colonies.

            Enoch Powell in Britain, and perhaps his equivalent in France were merely voices crying in the wilderness against the likely downsides to this vain folly. Tut, tut.

  26. The “elites” are not only imcompetent and sociopathic, they are highly disconnected with the masses. I came across the following post with all polls to make the point –

    A few months back, I was talking to legislature of a large state about the likely theft of 2020 election. My presentation was on actual data on anomalies, yet one guy kept showing me all kinds of MSM reports on how none of the courts accepted any argument. At that point I gave up realizing that the elites would not trust anything until reported in MSM.

    • I have stopped call them the “elites” and prefer to call them the ruling class.

      • Exactly. The word “elite” implies they are exceptional in some way. They are exceptionally rotten and must be destroyed at all costs.

        • They are exceptionally rotten and must be destroyed at all costs.

          That would take a lot of self sacrifice which most of our side is unwilling to do…

      • Are they even ruling? Most of their scripts, bills, and rulings are given to them. They are middle management puppets.

        Do people realize everything funnels back to the .00001% whether through their govt or monoplized holding corps? More transactions/social security numbers/immigration help balance the govt debt books to the private owners.

        Real power is hidden, right?

        Wait until all of nature is financialized and a casino like the rest. Might take a few more generations but the air will be taxed.

        • “Wait until all of nature is financialized and a casino like the rest.”

          Whitney Webb and the bitcoin sites lay out a credible scenario wherein “tokenization” of one’s personal property and the “natural asset companies” casino might start coming into place as soon as 2025.

          Players such as Bloomberg and Blackrock’s Fink call it the Web 3.0 based New Bretton Woods.

          • Bitcoin was good testing for the real blockchain that the owners will use.

            People think that whatever 35 trillion in US govt debt didn’t have a claim on it?

            Maybe everything that is under the ground in all the National Parks, Fed/BLM lands?

            Parallel Systems on utube is also great.

    • Indeed. Here in AZ, the courts demanded from the start that evidence of election fraud had to have two requirements met for remedy by the courts: 1) to show (In essence) false ballots—process irregularities don’t count, and 2) that such false ballots were enough to change the election results.

      The standard of evidence was so high as to prohibit any successful challenge. There have been none. The courts have always been hesitant to involve themselves in the political process, thereby precluding a peaceful recourse to election fraud.

      • And this extended all of the way up to the “Supreme Court” with their refusal to hear the charges by Texas and many supporting States concerning the unconstitutional procedures in blue Ststes to their voting in Federal elections, going around the mandated approval for such measures to receive legislative approval in the States referenced.

        Refusing to enforce such black letter Constitutional writ went beyond not wanting to get involved in “politics”; rather, it was rank cowardice, rising to sedition by the court.

        Meh, if further evidence that the Republic has already been overthrown, you’d have to be blind.

        • “Refusing to enforce such black letter Constitutional writ went beyond not wanting to get involved in “politics”; rather, it was rank cowardice, rising to sedition by the court.”

          Yes, nothing is gained by pulling punches here. This is what I mean when I so often say “we are an unlawful society”. I don’t give a crap about the people–but the institutions, that’s the essence of the society.

          • Modern “democracy” now means “rule by the institutions”, the demos be damned.

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