Burn The Boats

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One of the things the paleos missed when they began to flesh out managerialism in the last century is how it assumes the qualities of democracy. This is something Robert Dahl picked up in his analysis of American government against the standard of democracy he developed. While the institutions of America were not democratic and could never be democratic, the people in these institutions were motivated by a democratic sense in that they wanted to act according to public will.

This explains, in part, how our institutions have grown increasingly authoritarian over the last three decades, while the people running them have become obsessed with defending what they call “our democracy.” They do not view democracy as a process, but rather as a goal. The truly democratic society is open, and the people freely exchange the right ideas. Defending democracy in this sense means dragging the people to this place, by force if necessary.

This democratic sensibility within democracy is important in understanding the reckless behavior of the people running the institutions. If one were to pick a single word to describe the cause of the current crisis it would be “reckless”. Whether it is reckless foreign policy adventures or poorly conceived domestic fads, the ruling class seems to take pleasure in reckless projects. They operate like gamblers with unlimited credit that they assume will be repaid by others.

The Ukraine war is the latest example. When the Russians threatened war, it was over the Minsk agreements not having been followed. They had a specific set of claims against Ukraine, and they wanted help from the West to enforce those claims, but instead they got bellicose threats from Washington. In retrospect, we now know that the West wanted war with Russia. Deliberately picking a fight with the world’s biggest nuclear power is about as reckless as it gets.

For two years the West has steadfastly refused to have any dealings with the Russians, instead demanding total surrender. Every few months the West seeks some new “red line” to cross, hoping to provoke the Russians. Now the French are recruiting the micronations of NATO to send troops into Ukraine. The whole point of this is to bait the Russians into responding in a way that will then let NATO pretend they are being attacked by Russia so they can invoke Article 5.

Project Ukraine is a pointless and risky adventure, but even as the Russians gain the upper hand, the Western managerial elite remains addicted to it. Like drug addicts, they crave only the next hit of foolish risk in this thing. So much so that they look for new ways to make it so they cannot change course. There is a burn the boats mentality to this project, where they seek out policies that further commit the West to the project in such a way that no one can apply the brakes.

This burn the boats mentality is everywhere. The immigration crisis is not simply about border management, something that could be fixed. It is aimed at making it a permanent crisis, a permanent project for the managerial class. Tens of millions of illegals now roam the countryside, raping and killing Americans. Even if a new president wants to fix the problem, he will still be left with the tens of millions of criminal aliens unleashed on the cities and towns of America.

One of the defenses of aristocratic rule is that it is naturally cautious. The king has an investment in his country and people in that he directly benefits from them. Who he is as a king depends upon the health and welfare of the people and the land on which they live, so he is not going to be quick to risk either of those for novelty. In fact, he is going to be cautious of change, especially in domestic affairs, because he has everything to lose and little to gain.

This is not true in democratic systems where the rulers have no investment at all, as they can be replaced at the next election. Hans Hermann-Hoppe noted that in democratic systems, the people holding office often despise the office they hold, as they gained it only as a steppingstone toward some other goal. The people have nothing but their vote, so they are willing to take great risks. The result is a system that is willing to take enormous risk for theoretical and ephemeral gains.

America is not a democracy, but a sense of democracy is there in the institutions controlled by the managerial class. What we have is a managerial polyarchy, where the elites use the institutions to chase the mirage of the democratic society. Because the goal is not real, it is maximally alluring. This is why the elites are willing to trample the democratic process to defend “our democracy.” What they are defending is not a real thing but the imagined end point of history.

It is that democratic spirit that makes them so risk happy. This burn the boats approach to public policy comes from the sense that this condition of society is temporary and therefore the positions held by the elite are temporary. In a real sense, those positions are temporary, as all managers keep their resume up to date for a reason. Throw in the fact that failure never comes with consequences and the result is a ruling elite that operates like a desperate gambler looking for a score.

The great lesson in democratic risk taking is Athens in the Peloponnesian War where the Athenians were determined to spark war with Sparta. It was the Athenian decision to roll the dice on an invasion of Syracuse that led not only to the end of the war but the destruction of Athens. Given the similarity between America and Athens, it is fair to assume the same fate awaits the American empire. Democratic empire will turn out to be a suicide pact crafted by people addicted to risk taking.

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  2. here is a great zerohedge that goes pertty well with this article .
    as a grandfather to small children and a father to adult children , I look arround and wonder how we let them take away all of our control. We used to have at least a little. now voting desn’t matter at all, clearly rigged . they own both parties so they put enough of each in to fool normie into thinking he still matters. . probably memick thinking .

    • TV was always a big part of it. Augmented (that’s an insufficient word for the gravity of it) by cell phones about 15 years ago.

      It is not coincidental that I was never much of a TV watcher, and that I am also a dissident. It’s also not a coincidence that I have almost never used my cell phone to access the internet, and am a dissident. I can’t say I planned it that way, back when smart phones first came out, that I was repelled from them for ideological reasons or saw them as the nefarious objects that they are. Rather they just didn’t interest me, and they still don’t, for the most part. I was about the last person I knew to get a cell phone. I use them to talk and text, for maps, and to stream music. And that’s it. Anytime you see me posting here it’s from a PC, with a keyboard and a mouse, which functions more or less the same way it did 30 years ago.

      I was visiting extended family for the holidays not long ago, and in the evening I was sitting in the living room, we all were, I looked around, and every other person in the room was scrolling on their phone. Mine was upstairs in my carry on bag. Right then I got an inkling why all of them were jabbed and I’m not.

    • I can relate. I gave up my last glimmer of hope very recently.
      I have been pushing the Boulder uphill for a while now. I can get my children and grandchildren to shelter now but am still woefully short of being able to sustain them for more than a month at best. I will not stop pushing as long as I breath but I no longer feel that time is on my side.
      What I have been afraid of is coming much too fast now
      I am a peasant who fell short.

  3. If I disregard Z Man’s learned but somewhat convoluted examination of pathological managerialism, and instead just say, “It’s just anti-traditional white!” what mistakes will I make?

    If I say, “All this talk about cultural marxism is foolish and missing the point!” what mistakes will I make?

  4. There was an interview and transcript on Zerohedge of Tucker Carlson interviewing some dude, his point was that “Our Democracy” really did apply, only to leaders of various institutions. And that they spend a lot of time at the WEF, Aspen Institute (a CIA op), various other places hammering out between leaders agreements. The leaders are business oligarchs: Zuck, Bill Gates, Soros, it includes the Euroweenies such as Van Der Leyen, Borrell, Lagarde, Macron, managers like Fink and Dimon, various NGOs, the military and defense contractors, Mary Barra at GM, the intel leaders, etc.

    For those people, a collegial, negotiated set of agreements does indeed work. Its the corollary to Putin’s complaint (shared by Xi) that no one is in charge and they have no one to negotiate. Think of it as extreme feudalism amongst barons and that is the sense of it.

    However these people do gain a lot. Zerohedge notes that most Fortune 500 companies get very discounted labor from the constant flow of illegals. Cheap labor and a few making huge profits out of said labor are one of the keys to the current situation. Just as every homeless person is a huge revenue source for local and state governments to disburse to favored allies (with kickbacks of course) all sorts of aid money, so too is the very anti-White stuff a huge benefit to corporations seeking low value, cheap labor supplemented with AI to deliver greater margins.

    Of course many are simply insane also. This cannot be discounted.

  5. OT, but I just listened to the Robots and Retards podcast and wanted to put this out there today.

    The changes Zman describes appear even in businesses that are not “right answer” ones. I’ve mentioned I have been in advertising for over thirty years. One change that stands out is the proliferation of people that have to be involved in work that previously only required one or two. When an ad agency hires me, it used to be that I would get a briefing from just one creative, usually an art director. He would tell me what he needed, and I could go away and do the work afterwards, knowing that also when subsequent changes and questions arose, I could go to that one guy and get answers. Over time that has altered drastically. Today, a briefing will include up to four or five people just to get the outlines of the project. You may imagine that this makes the briefing take up to 90 minutes instead of 15. As the briefing proceeds it becomes very clear that no one has fully agreed upon what shape the project will take, and I often hear that part of the job has yet to be finalized, so I cannot go away without a full picture of what is required. The direction of the job can even change on the fly during the meeting. Imagine an architect giving a contractor a plan for a house but half of the plan is marked “TBD.” This makes estimates of time required impossible to deliver. Does anyone think advertising today is *so much better* than thirty years ago that it needs so many cooks in the kitchen?

    Another thing has become more pronounced over the years. Advertising people have always put in long hours (to little effect in my way of thinking) but now it’s out of control. Instead of planning to hire someone like me a few days ahead of time and being ready to go when the date arrives, now clients come up with demands for work at the very last minute, even well past normal business hours. Ad people now tolerate working at all hours (as much as we can consider it real work). It’s full of people below 40 years of age who think nothing of spending all day and much of the night at “work,” including weekends, for no extra pay. Most of this work is really just herding cats, getting too many people to agree on a pile of ridiculous details. Ad agencies have encouraged and accommodated this by putting in foosball tables, stocked kitchens, even beer taps opened after 6pm. I’ve seen wine and hard kombucha too. There are a couple that actually have basketball courts set up inside the offices. It truly is a breeding ground for bugmen who willingly sell all of their time to be on the corporate leash every waking hour. You ask yourself whether these people even care about spending time with their families. Many do have them, but this is no way to live.

    • In my job search I see the same thing with respect to interviews and the HR monster. The hiring *process* has become a way for useless wymmin and various sexual deviants to drain off income from a process they shouldn’t be anywhere near. These are the people responsible for competent people not getting jobs because they aren’t a “culture fit”. This is in companies with an average employee tenure sometimes measured in MONTHS. There is no fucking “culture” to fit into. It’s a random bunch of strangers most of whom will be replaced within 2 years.

    • Another thing has become more pronounced over the years. Advertising people have always put in long hours…

      It’s not just advertising. And it’s not particularly new, either. It’s just that it might be cutting a little deeper. Instead of being mostly a “requirement” for advancement into the type-A corner offices, it has in some cases become a “requirement” for continued employment.

      • A common joke at one shop was “If you don’t come in for work on Saturday, don’t bother coming in on Sunday.” As the years went by, what really got to me was the stupidity of it all. It’s just freaking advertising, not critical decisions for load-bearing structures or complex ladders of financial investments. There is no “right” answer, just an endless chase to get everyone to agree on some silly concept long enough to produce it and send in all the billing. For something that you will skip through on your DVR. Nevertheless everyone is expected to take all the caprice very seriously and enthusiastically.

    • As I worked through the weekend in software, I always assumed you advertising guys were poolside.

      • No, but trust me… the difference in mental effort between writing software and writing a commercial for anal cream is a vast and gaping canyon. As it were.

    • We lawyers have always put in long hours and with a willingness to 24/7/365 if a client project requires it. But since women increased their numbers, the number of pointless consensus meetings has skyrocketed. I am requested to join at least a handful of meetings everyday. Fortunately I can login on Zoom or Webex with a fake me on mute and accomplish productive tasks on the side. Otherwise it would be impossible to bill 25 hours in a 24 hour day.

    • I call this stuff “Death by committee.” What I mean is, Most products are now anodyne products produced by a multitude of people all pushing their specific quirk. Gone is the vision of a single art director or creator; instead, we have the proliferation of a variety of regurgitating pukes, leading to bloat and lack of singular vision. This is the difference between Nick Drake and whatever current hit is on the radio.

  6. Nice article. Is this a nod to Burn The Boats of Cortez and his grand band of warriors? If so, I don’t think this is appropriate. Those men burnt their own boats as a challenge to run the gauntlet – themselves. The people running the GAE are not this breed of men.

    If there is some other reference here I am curious as to what it is. While there are grand plans in play, I think a huge amount of what we see happening is spite and envy. This is true of the border invasion and of White Erasure. I had a short gander at that Kristol/Kagan video. Kristol looks like a forked tongue is about to flicker out of the side of his mouth at any time. Kagan looks relieved that he is conversing on Zoom and saved from having to smell Kristol’s toxic farts that he emits due to a loose sphincter muscle. Kristol is Avarice embodied.

    I meander. Very nice article. Another explanation is that we are witnessing people who have bent on realizing some grand plan who think if it isn’t realized they will have been a failure. The clock is ticking on them in some way. Is Ukraine the lynchpin of the GAE’s ability to continue as is? Is this time running out on their lives and the dreams that define their entire life’s meaning? We saw that play out with Hillary. She couldn’t be the first female president and boy did we see a bout of spite and envy.

    We will see a lot more from the young ones who have suckled at The Regime’s tits all of their malnourished lives.

  7. I know this might hurt the feelings of people who supported Reagan and the year down the wall bit. Nonetheless I feel the entire cold war was a gayop.

    Like is the managerial polyarchy that much better than the Soviet Union? Better than the lenin/stalin era yes but the jury is out on post stalin ussr

    • Ultimately the Cold War was a civil war, and neither side was ours. The reality just wasn’t apparent in the moment. We lost, and would have lost either way. I still think the side better for us won, but I no longer believe that with the same conviction I once did and could be persuaded otherwise.

      • Communism isn’t our thing. Open society is the logic of our thing without limits. The commies never had the chance to loose their theories, but I’m sure it would’ve made Clown World look good.

    • The GAE didn’t become clown world until after the wall came down. It’s kind of disingenuous to pretend the GAE regime that faced off the Soviets is the same one as today. It was slouching in that direction but it was not the same. And to answer the question, yes, that regime was much better than the Soviet one. Today’s regime, morally not at all better, but still materially better (for now).

  8. Well here we are. It is being reported that Donald Trump is now saying that we should give the aid to Ukraine as proposed by the administration but call it a loan instead of aid.

    The convergence is complete. Together with his support for the Gazacaust and we can safely conclude that Trump has made a deal. Or they outright got his mind right without any deal.

    • A deal with the devil known as the uniparty. Perhaps the lawfare will be called off now.

    • We’ll know for sure they have made a deal with him to be potus if the stock market crashes this spring or summer (like I think it will.) They won’t let that happen if they plan to hang onto Biden for another 4.

      • Bitcoin is said to be halved (double), that is, split in April.
        Wall Street and Fink’s Fed are set jump in, beginning the process of conversion to Bretton Woods II.

  9. Are there ANY sane people in government west of the Dnieper River and east of the Pacific these days??

  10. In this post, Z Man is puzzled by the recklessness of our elites and explains it by examining the dynamics of managerialism. His explanation draws from his impressive knowledge of history and ideas.

    When I see what Z Man sees, I just say that our elite are simply anti-traditional-white, especially anti-traditional-white-men, and they are just executing their mission. (Why our elites are fundamentally anti-traditional-white is a separate discussion.)

    What looks like recklessness to Z Man is just the steps taken on an agenda that almost all elites agree with.

    I feel like the anti-traditional-white explanation accounts for what we see with a simpler conceptual framework.

    Do me a favor, teach me a lesson, and tell me what the anti-traditional-white explanation misses. What facts do Z Man’s explanation capture that are not explained by the simpler “anti-traditional-white” explanation? If I’m oversimplifying the world, I’d like to know.

    • I agree with you. I find a glaring blind spot for those who object to our viewpoint is the elites’ 1) Clear declaration of anti-white hatred and 2) The clear achievement of their aims in their pogroms.
      We are marching so clearly towards a totalitarian vision of the future that I cannot see emergent incompetency coincidentally and perfectly creating this vision.
      I believe the leap we make, and that others shy away from, is a belief that there is a supranational ruling elite that is above the pay grade of the neocons or whatever putative rulership of the GAE. I don’t know if you agree with that assumption, but for me, this forms the framework through which I view the anti-white hatred.

      • It’s the bankers. One thing that’s notable is just how little attention the people who own the banks get while the tech ceos, politicians, and NGO people seem to crave attention like a kid on the playground eating worms so that the other kids will look at him. All of those people are controlled and used to enact the will of the financiers so that in case of a mob with pitchforks its idiots like Biden or Musk who get burned at the stake.

    • Almost like the elites have a very swift time preference psychological makeup coupled with a very high inhibition threshold.

      Now who can we think of that fits that profile?

    • Managerialism from the historical perspective is a different thing than what currently goes by that name. Kinda like “liberal”.

      Consider that just a half-century ago, a board of directors was selected with a desire to have a steering committee of successful businessmen. As in white, largely 60+ YO males. It took lots of time and effort to get to the boardroom. That was the archetype of corporate management.

      Now, you program or steal a media player, sell it to Yahoo or Google, and you become a billionaire at age 23. You have never had to take out a third mortgage to make payroll. And as a result, you have absolutely no idea what kinds of decisions are necessary to guide a company through more than a few years of bull markets.

      The boardroom becomes just a DIE checklist.

  11. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s some libshit pos blabbering about “our democracy”. F them.

  12. Seems on topic https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2024/03/from-isolation-to-containment-washingtons-economic-war-against-russia-gets-a-rebrand.html

    After spending the last few decades denigrating and eradicating nationalism (speaking of chasing mirages), the west now finds itself needing nationalism (not that it can admit this out loud). How can one wage a “containment” strategy against the “foe” without nationalism? Rally around the rainbow banner western man!

    • Aha, I get Bretton Woods II, now.
      What can the players behind the curtain offer the sovereign?

      Why, Jubilee. A revaluing of all that sovereign debt and its accumulated derivatives.

  13. “What we have is a managerial polyarchy, where the elites use the institutions to chase the mirage of the democratic society.”

    This is why I have been saying that these people are a lot closer to the communists of a century ago than we typically believe. I get the argument that they are not actual Marxists because they are not proletarian laborers rising up against the capitalists — but then again Lenin and Trotsky were not proletarians and Nicholas II’s Russia was not exactly capitalist, either.

    But Lenin and Trotsky WERE reckless intellectuals who “chased the mirage” of a classless, communist society. They invaded foreign countries, censored or jailed opponents, purged dissent, controlled the media, created an authoritarian managerial elite, and conscripted the means of production in the pursuit of communist equality and equity.

    How, exactly, is that any different in principle than what our ruling class is doing? It may be different in style and optics but not in principle. Not for nothing did communist countries like East Germany label themselves as “democratic” when in fact the “choices” were all rigged by the managerial class. Not for nothing did the U.S. ally itself with the Soviet Union to defeat a guy who actually won power in a parliamentary democracy.

    Perhaps the U.S. is becoming the Soviet Union with beer, porn, football, and “sail foams.”

    • They are Marxists in every meaningful respect. They control the means of production by controlling access to capital. If you want access to capital in the modern US, then you had damn well better be toeing the line.

      Why do you think Boeing cares not one whit about its planes falling apart in mid-air, but is passionate about DEI initiatives? The former presents no threat to Boeing’s ability to access capital, the latter does.

      Twitter had unlimited access to capital in spite of the fact it was losing approximately $4MM per day. By contrast, Gab was de-banked while it ran on a shoestring and was modestly profitable.

      • Free money is the lifeblood of this managerial class. Without it, the climate “industry” (for instance) collapses overnight, as it generates zero revenue of its own. But if things get bad enough where the climate cult isn’t getting any money, then that means things will be bad indeed for the rest of us.

      • You won’t find anything about the Power Structure controlling outlays of capital and applying DIE strings to it in Das Kapital. AINO’s rulers couldn’t tell you the difference between the labor theory of value and syndicalism. What they do know is how much they hate whitey and how to use capitalism to advance the hate-whitey agenda.

        • I suppose that it’s not the end of the world if our people conceptualize that they are fighting marxism, communism, or cultural marxism.

          But we’re really fighting anti-traditional-whiteness.

          What energy will be wasted in the study of cultural Marxism instead of what is before us?

          What will we overlook in searching for and screaming about examples of asians or the chosen being discriminated against?

          Ostei is asking us to focus on the disquieting essentials, not the easy distractions.

    • The word everybody has danced around without using is utopianism. Whether utopia is conceived as a communal or a democratic society, both are ideals of perfection that cannot be reached are perfect only in the eyes of their pursuers. And there’s little more dangerous, incidentally, than utopian rulers because all, including immanentizing the infernum, is justified in the effort to immanentize the eschaton.

      • Correct. And democratic utopianism is not much different than communist utopianism when you get right down to it.

        Both communism and democracy pronounce everybody equal. In communist utopian theory the proletariat is justified in using revolutionary means to achieve equality. In democratic utopianism, the people simply vote for equality. In both cases when the desired results are not achieved, the managerial elite claims that it is justified in using authoritarian means to impose the goal of equality on the polity.

        • Yes, the theory behind the two is very, very different, but the telos is similar.

        • “Correct. And democratic utopianism is not much different than communist utopianism when you get right down to it.”

          “The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies” by Ryszard Legutko argues at length to prove your assertion

  14. This is not true in democratic systems where the rulers have no investment at all, as they can be replaced at the next election.

    For the higher-ups I guess. One of the things that I always found quite obvious about what I now know to be termed “managerialism” was that, even with a changing of the guard, most of the manager ended up shuffled about slightly – usually a net gain for themselves. These people just never seem to fall on their face, there is always a think-tank, or public relations outfit or corporation or other government office ready to welcome them. One big club.

    I remember listening to a talk by Murray Rothbard on the subject of the creation of the Federal Reserve. His approach was to examine all of the people involved; but not just when they held pertinent positions, but what they did both before and after. To nobody here’s surprise, even when these folks weren’t officially in the picture they were meddling and lobbying and shilling for The Cause. One big club.

  15. Between Russia and China, clownworld can lose the empire. They are just bound and determined to open a 2 front war it cannot possibly win. The combined forces of NATO may very well be able to defeat Russia, but not Russia and China and not China alone either. Not only does China have the ship building and heavy industry to outproduce NATO, it has 10 million young-ish extra men it would just love to rid itself of. Even if NATO could drag India into the war to help with the manpower problem, it simply cannot keep up with Chinese heavy industry and manufacturing capability. Not to mention that like 5 or 6 nuclear powers would be involved vastly increasing the likelihood of the worst case scenario.

    • it has 10 million young-ish extra men it would just love to rid itself of.

      That’s always been it for me. The Chinese elite, I believe, can stomach losses in the hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions. Don’t think the US has the same mentality.

      I’m also curious as to how the US would actually even be able to invade and occupy China. The geography doesn’t look to easy to navigate and “The Allies”” would be far, far, far away from home.

      Then again, China definitely needs a few more statues of St. George to make them less racist.

    • Iran would probably also get involved if Russia is attacked. Russia, China and Iran now have an alliance based on the existential threats to one another.

    • Dangerous times indeed. I don’t particularly have any respect for NATO or the Europeans, but defeat of Russia means NATO stepping upon Russian soil. Russia, via Putin, restated its nuclear use doctrine due to the Ukraine conflict. IIR, basically two parts. Russia will use nukes if nukes used against them (imminent use will suffice). Russia will use nukes if an invading force steps upon Russian soil. Pretty simple to understand. So how does one conduct a war to defeat Russia under those conditions, i.e., MAD doctrine.

      • “Russia will use nukes if nukes used against them (imminent use will suffice).”

        That’s because the US idiots have never eschewed the first strike option. No-one can blame the Russians for being a little edgy and trigger-happy under these circumstances.

      • Wars are lost before they’re fought.

        In early 2017, to demonstrate to Putin that “Brexit & Trump”—the will of the Western people—would have no effect on the West’s plan to conquer Russia, the UK and US staged a practice invasion at (and electronically beyond) the Russian border in Estonia.

        That was the day to push the biggest red button and “behead” NATO. Now it’s too late. The invasion of Russia will happen and succeed—in its goal of maximum citizen death without grazing a hair on any ruling class head. Future nukes can only further that goal, and the threat of them only seems to justify it.

        The more time passes, the more Western governments volunteer their people for extinction. There will be no next generation of Ukrainians. Next there will be no Swedes, no Poles, etc.

        • “That was the day to push the biggest red button and “behead” NATO. Now it’s too late. The invasion of Russia will happen and succeed—in its goal of maximum citizen death without grazing a hair on any ruling class head.”

          It seems to me that if such a scenario happened, it would go nuclear and ruling class would be the first to go. NYC, DC, London and Berlin would probably be in the first rounds.

          Far away islands to escape to are only useful in a foreseeable tragedy that takes days to play out, like a CME. Unless they have the foresight to leave beforehand, they would likely get caught. If they did have the foresight to leave, they’re not spread all over the planet. 1/2 of them have their hideouts in New Zealand.

          To the extent they do get away, I’m not so sure they are the winners. If there is ever a nuclear war, I would want to be either hundreds of miles from the nearest site hit or in the blast radius of the nearest site. If it ever did happen, it won’t be one and done. They will probably hit every major target in every country they want to target.

          The aftermath is likely far worse than anyone even imagines. Much of the crops in the ground would likely be contaminated and unusable. Nothing will kill you as surely as eating radioactive contaminated fallout. Refineries would probably be destroyed even if the firefighters are directed to them first (probably likely) while fires rage across the city. The grid would experience severe damage and collapse. Most surface water in and around blast sites would be contaminated.

          There are some scenarios of “disruption” where getting away to New Zealand or Hawaii might increase the likelihood of survival worth surviving, but nuclear Armageddon is not one of them.

          The MSM wrote some articles yesterday (I think. It might have been today) outlining the worries our leaders allegedly had in 2022 where they were supposedly really worried Russia would use nukes. Of course, none of the fear kept them from continuously escalating and risking a nuclear escalation.

        • Imagine Clown World / AINO trying to govern a defeated Russia. If you think Serbia/Kosovo was a mess, just wait until American bugmen and the EU weenies try to govern a territory that spans 11 time zones with a hundred plus ethnic languages spoken, 35 of them official in one area or another.

          Nothing short of nuclear war would allow the West to beat Russia, and MAD would make victory a losing proposition.

        • “in its goal of maximum citizen death without grazing a hair on any ruling class head.”

          Putin made it clear that the first lot to be nuked would be the decision makers. London would be amongst the early receivers of his canned sunlight.

          This was after the leak of the German Generals’ attack plan.

      • Compsci – I live in SC. I’ll go ask Lindsey and Nikki and let you know what they advise.

  16. The Rothchilds want this war and by extension the other oligarchs. The now deceased Jacob Rothchild said in 2023: “We cannot lose the Ukraine War. Many of our most important projects will be impossible if the war is lost.” Or something to that effect.

    Couple that with the insane ratings of guys like Macron and a few other so called leaders in Europe and we can see who runs the show. If clown world goes to war with Russia it will not end well for clown world.

    The U.S. and NATO will not be able to defeat Russia in a conventional war. For one thing if Russia was seriously in danger of loosing, China would openly back Russia if necessary. The Chinese, thanks to the neocons, now have a strategic priority of not allowing the West to defeat Russia. Xi knows that China would be next.

    Looking at the insanity of the West the probable outcome of a conventional war with Russia would be that when NATO starts to lose they would unleash the nukes and then no one would win, to include the Rothchilds.

    • What are those “projects”?
      Have those had any exposure to or discussion by any of the impacted citizens in Ukraine, Russia, EU, UK, USA or elsewhere?
      Or are they pipe dreams and delusions by out-of-touch oligarchs who play at moving around humans on game boards?
      DEI and other mental illness-denial programs pushed by many of those oligarchs?

      • Full Spectrum Dominance as outlined by PNAC, “The Next 100 Years”, Patraeus’ imperial speaking tours … …

        It would not shock me if FSD, (not to be confused with Full Self Driving ;-), includes near total control of the world’s food supply. The ESG revolution does have independent farmers under attack all over the West and Ukraine has massive wheat and grain growing capacity. Russia does as well, but they think they will take Russia out, or partition away Russia commodity zone by commodity zone.

        They want complete global dominance.

        Our job is to ensure they don’t have the white men they need to procure it for them. They are doing quite a good of of providing those assurances themselves. That entails a risk to us. We walk away from the most important institution in relation to power and live for a time at its mercy. They may plan on conscripting or employing the invading hordes to go to theater. On offer will be citizenship, patronage and the country defined as theirs now if they secure a win for the GAE.

        I think they plan on officially handing them the country anyway as part of the 250th anniversary celebrations. They practically have, but they will formalize it in 2026. Kagan, Kristol and Co are dreaming of a new Kiss In Times Square photo. Speaking of which, a VA administrator had that photo removed from hospitals in Missouri claiming it was a photo of sexual harassment and it needed to be purged in the name of safety.

        I doubt that is the real reason. The real reason is our memory must be erased. A nearly all white crowd and an all-white military celebrating the end of WWII and victory can’t be seen. It shows that we defeated the Nazis not that we are Nazis. It shows that we were an all-white country at the height of our power just 79 years ago.

        We are going to have to be the transmitters of our heritage, our history and our stories now. Part of Full Spectrum Dominance is total white erasure.

    • I think NATO is starting to look at Ukraine as the new Korea, with a NATO “tripwire” force deployed somewhere between where the Russians are now and Keeeev/Odessa. A new DMZ. Not attacking the Russians directly, with the Russians probably reluctant to attack them either. This assumes some cooler heads, which could be asking too much.

      The alternatives to this are letting Russia conquer Ukraine, which is unacceptable to the west, or outright open war with Russia, probably equally unacceptable. So they will try to split the baby, save some face. The MIC should be ok with a new cold war, keeps the weapons orders coming in.

      • I was wondering that too, that instead of deploying NATO troops discretely (and Russia finding them and blowing them up) they deploy them overtly into what they think should be non-combat zones and dare the Russians to do something to them. So it might be less some master plan to “Article 5” into war than a desperate scheme to try and keep their people in Ukraine from getting blown up.

  17. One of the least appreciated aspects of our current dysfunctional and degenerate low-trust society is the pressure cooker effect. A non-trivial cohort of the population is seething mad about the destruction being foisted upon us by the invasion of illegal mercenaries, fentanyl death pandemic, sanctioned perversion and child gender flip-flopping, runaway spending, endless wars, and unrestrained election fraud.

    This anger will eventually be released; likely be some innocuous trigger that no one can anticipate. And normie will go from couch potato to rage-head in a heartbeat. Cities will burn, violence will run amok, and inconsequential innocents will largely pay the price of this manufactured chaos.

    But we can do better than panic-slaughter our neighbors (even if they are assholes). We can, and should, focus on the root of the problem. When the pressure cooker explodes, put that energy into accountability. We cannot regain our health as a nation until the pathogens are expelled. There has to be a targeted and effective culling.

  18. Today’s elites burn our boats, not THEIR boats. It’s an important distinction. Nearly all of them have escape plans for themselves and their families. New Zealand. Israel. Wherever.

    Many don’t even consider Western countries their real home. What do they care if bands of foreigners go on raping and killing sprees? They live in gated neighborhoods. Their kids go to private schools. Some even have their own police force.

    And if things get too rough, they can always move to a different country. Many already have dual citizenship, which makes it extra-convenient when they want to hop on their private jets and land someplace where immigration policies are no joke.

    It’s like everything else. “Boats for me, not for thee.”

    • Our rulers have no sense of stewardship for the nation and no real connection to the nation. America is just a blank page to draw up insane bullshit.

    • I can verify Winter’s assertion about the boats from first hand accounts. Mountainside homes in Hungary, (despite hating Orban they want the safety of his redoubt), and Hungarian citizenship all set up for the kids. Others have similar plans. Undocumented rapists for thee and thine, lakeside mountain resorts that double as AirBnB revenue before TSHTF for me and mine. The ones I know are tens of millions to a couple hundred million. Those with 500M+ have the same with diamond crustings. They won’t be flying commercial either.

      But, we stay anchored while those who only care for the party and not creating the conditions for it. This is a long haul struggle for our territory and control of our destiny. That is a silver lining. This homeland is the only one we have.

      We prepare ourselves and our posterity for repossession.

    • Goes to show how out of touch the elites really are. When the GAE crumbles there is no telling which areas of the earth will be safe if any.

      They build a bunker in New Zealand so they are safe, so they think. If things go that sideways how long do they believe their security forces will take their orders? How long will the Chinese leave them to their devices?

      • It is utterly delusional but as I mentioned elsewhere they are crazy. Even now security increases each year at Burning Davos. That protection is afforded by the Swiss and the GAE. A rational person would realize that without that security, Davos would be immediately unsafe. SPECTRE is fictional, y’all.

      • Whoah! Through this post I think you came up with their punishment. Imagine The Hunger Games but inverted and with a twist. It is The Hunger Games with that reality show about survivalism.

        The elites are dropped off in groups. One goes to New Guinea which I think is still in the stone ages so no need to take it back. One goes to an evacuated New Zealand that is taken back to pre-European days and the Maori restored to full vitality. One goes to a reserve in the Ohio Valley that has been restored to the stone ages and native populations restored to vitality on that reserve. Another goes to South Africa and given farms to figure out how to run. They can hear the chants of Kill The Boer not too far away. Another goes to a revitalized stone age South American location. A set of groups draw straws and go to walled in and fully (100%) diversified: Memphis; Baltimore; Detroit; Camden; Selma; Compton; Flint … … Another set of groups go to fully Cartelified border and de-industrialized towns. That billionaire in Australia who organized The Voice with the aborigines as a veto tribunal, he is left all by himself in the outback.

        With live cams everywhere The Middle watches the most perfect poetic justice of Hi/Low faceoff. For all the kvetching about justice and land reparations … … and the demonization of heroic explorers and adventurers, how perfect that they go by way of savagery at the hands of those they dispossessed us with.

        When it is all over, we organize new voyages and expeditions to hold and clear the staging grounds used for poetic justice and bring them back to civilization.

      • How long will the Chinese leave them to their devices?

        Might be a long time. At most they might think it worthwhile to seal the air ducts, but what would be gained by killing them that would’t be gained by just containing them and letting them die broken shells, unable to be the controlling assholes they have been accustomed to being?

  19. While we can ascribe a wide range of motivations rational or otherwise to the madness, sometimes a madman is just a madman. The open border long term will accelerate the dissolution and fragmentation of the Banana Empire as localities move against the rapists and murderers and an autocratic but increasingly erratic central government seeks to protect them. What was probably seen as a way to increase and consolidate power almost certainly will prove the opposite. Note the “probably” because the motive also may have been too weird to apprehend.

    Ditto Ukraine. It likely will be remembered as the defining moment the GAE started to fall apart, but the rationale behind the proxy war–assuming there even is one–likely will remain just as murky a generation from now. Much of history can be reduced to “don’t ascribe to malice what can be ascribed to insanity.” This seems to be just the most recent example. Ethnic animosity may not be nearly as unhinged as the real reason behind this cluster.

    The managerial state semi-worked with good managers. It semi-failed with bad managers. It doesn’t work at all with the crazy ones who seem to worship a democracy that in no way resembles that description as was widely understood even fifty years ago.

    • “don’t ascribe to malice what can be ascribed to insanity.”

      Hanlon’s razor says “incompetence”, not “insanity”. And it’s just a big cope.

      There is definitely malice. The genocide in Gaza, the genocide of eastern Slavs in Ukraine, the organized ethnic replacement of Whites everywhere – this isn’t caused by mistakes, stupidity, nor “insanity”. It’s pure evil and it should be treated like that. Nothing will convince me that the people pushing, organizing and celebrating these things are not acting out of malice.

      • I intentionally substituted “insanity” for “incompetence.” And this level of irrationality may have roots in malice but it devolved long ago into insanity.

        I am glad you mentioned Gaza, though, because it is of a piece with what is ongoing. Israel sees a degraded and declining GAE and is doing the unspeakable while it still can. You can even describe this as rational.

        • “Incompetence” or “insanity”, it’s still a cope. They must be treated as malicious. If they want you dead, it doesn’t matter whether they are being rational or insane – they need to be stopped either way.

          I agree about Gaza. I hope the surrounding states take brutal revenge, once GAE is decapitated.

    • “While we can ascribe a wide range of motivations rational or otherwise to the madness, sometimes a madman is just a madman.”

      And yet, they are never so crazy as to risk thousands of their own people. If it were their own tribespeople dying by Ukraine, this “madness” would end right-quick. And we all know which country is allowed not only a wall, but ultra-strict immigration policies.

      No. It can’t be only madness. At best, it’s malice tinged with madness. We’ll know it’s “only” madness when they risk their own countries or people, which oddly enough, they seldom do.

      Sure, our elites like to gamble, but they’re gambling with resources that aren’t their own. It’s not their people. It’s not their lands. And even when it comes to money, they’re always first in line for bail-outs if they bet the wrong way. Where’s the risk?

      The only pure madness, I think, is their apparent belief that the system can support this sort of recklessness forever.

    • During the Obama administration there were about half a million illegals a year coming in. During the Biden administration, more than 3 million a year. Over a 6x increase! What changed? TDS. You are right. Insanity.

  20. It is amusing to watch elected officials step down to become lobbyists — and military generals retire to become defense contractor executives. There is a whole cornucopia of rewards awaiting you if you play ball while you’re in power.


    The notion that the managerial class is risk takers is not quite right. They’re more like Hollywood players than anything else.

    In the movie biz, it is preferred to have a big flop than a piddling success of a movie. Their big Hollywood egos enjoys big things. They aim to swing the bat for it out of the park — or, screw it, we’ll just strike out gloriously.


    In 1905, the Japanese Empire, acting on the orders of the ceremonial emperor in Tokyo, took over Korea. They held this territory effortlessly until 1945. Perhaps 2024 America is like 1905 Japan — expansionist, full of vim & beans, in it for the Long haul.

    Only, with America, the world is their Korea.

    • I look at someone like Eric Cantor and think he is probably glad he lost in 2014. Makes more money now and probably works a lot fewer hours. There are many more like him.

  21. “… crafted by people addicted to risk taking.”

    It’s not that they are addicted to risk taking, it’s that they pay no personal price for being wrong. That’s called “skin in the game” and when you have none of it, messing around with people’s lives and institutions is cost-free, to you at least.

      • Absolutely, and as has been stated by others as well as myself before: privatize the profits, socialize the losses.
        As an addendum: a problem will not be solved if ones job (profit) depends on not solving the problem.

  22. Ever since Trump came on the scene, our rulers seem to have been in the grips of a manic fever. As Z notes, they jump from one mad scheme to another. Trump is Hitler. Covid. BLM. White nationalists. Ukraine.

    They can’t seem to calm down on their own, which means that they’re going to keep jumping from one mad scheme to another until something breaks.

    Btw, I don’t know if Ukraine will go down as GAE’s Syracuse, but I do believe that it will be seen as a significant turning point in global affairs. The world doesn’t fear the US military as it did before the war. The US can definitely still throw a punch, but that punch isn’t fatal. What’s more, the US can only throw a few punches before it wears out and other countries can punch back more than the US is willing to accept.

    That leaves the US with one big weapon that puts real fear into other countries: the dollar. But deploying the dollar as a weapon isn’t as easy as sending a carrier group and it comes with serious risks to our own system.

    GAE is in a much less powerful position today than before Ukraine.

    • The dollar isn’t the weapon it used to be either. Russia’s resilience and Tucker’s shopping spree have demonstrated that fact. We have incentivized joining up with BRICS and avoiding western banks – taking away the ability of the American State Department to bully you in the future.

      • To a degree, yes. But Russia wasn’t completely cut off from the dollar and global finance system.

        As to the BRICS, I wouldn’t hold your breath on them creating some alternative currency. The dollar will remain the global currency for a long time to come. There’s simply no alternative.

        Remember, there’s more dollar debt outside the US than in it. That alone will ensure that the dollar is desired for a long time to come. Central banks can do what they want, but banks and businesses are still firmly in Camp Dollar.

        The real question is whether they can set alternative financial lanes to trade, even if still in the dollar. You don’t have to dethrone the dollar to neutralize it as a weapon. That’s what the BRICS are working on, not an alternative global currency but alternative routes to trade with it and access dollar credit.

    • That leaves the US with one big weapon that puts real fear into other countries: the dollar.

      Do you think that Russia fears this weapon? Seems to me that, despite the might of the dollar, The Bear is still doubling down and doing what it must.

      Further, if it is a weapon as fearful as many think, is this a reason why a Russian victory can never be countenanced? i.e., it may encourage others to act more independently?

      Not trying to rattle your chain, genuinely interested in your answers to these questions, sir.

      • We hit Russia with a lot of sanctions, but we didn’t completely cut off all of its banks. We’ve also allowed other banks in other countries to maintain their operations in Russia and their work with Russian banks. In essence, we hurt Russia’s ability to access the global financial network and the dollar, but we didn’t completely cut them off.

        Now, one of the reasons that we didn’t cut them off was that it would disrupt the energy market. We figured that the sanctions package would be enough to bring Russia to its knees but keep the oil and nat gas flowing. That didn’t work.

        So, the dollars remains a weapon, but there’s a lot of blowback from going “nuclear” with it.

        • It’s not just energy. Food, fertilizer, strategic minerals, etc. Over the short term, food and fertilizer are the biggies, even greater than energy. People can always turn the thermostat down to 50 or less (we do, and houses as little as a century ago would rise to frost not just on the windows, but also on the doors and interior walls if they didn’t bank the fires properly) wear warm clothes around the house, etc., but food is tough to go without unless you are going to quasi-hibernate, which is also only a little over a century in the past.

          Yeah, most people would think it stinks to have to go back to “ma in her kerchief and pa in his cap” lifestyles, but it’s probably coming back whether we like it or not.

          • Correct. It’s one thing to sanction Iran, it’s another to sanction Russia. Cutting them off from the dollar completely would have crushed them, but it also would have stopped the export of a huge number of incredibly important materials.

            The various commodity markets would have spiked hard. Inflation would have gone through the roof, which would cause the bond market to blow up.

            Now, if everyone just assumed that it would be quick and everything would get back to normal after Russia gave up, maybe we’d be alright, but if there was any doubt that the dramatic reduction in exports would go on for months or even a year, it’d be a disaster.

            The US couldn’t risk that. Europe couldn’t risk it either.

            So, yes, even the limits of the powerful dollar were shown because of the Ukraine war. Regardless, everyone now knows that the dollar is the big weapon and are working on ways to keep it from being fatal.

            It’ll still take a long time, but that time will come a lot sooner because of this war.

  23. A university course I remember well even after 50+ years was “History of the Origin of Wars”, taught by Donald Kagan, father of the Kagan clan everyone loves to hate. The first war studied was the Peloponnesian War and the required reading was of course Thucydides. The inevitability of the war, wrote Thucydides, was brought about by “[t]he growth of the power of Athens, and the alarm which this inspired in Lacedaemon”. As Athens became an empire, Sparta tried to dissuade Athens from building a defensive wall, but Sparta’s initiative failed. Things went downhill from there and proud Athens eventually overreached. Father Donald’s expositions of Thucydides seemed to have fallen on deaf ears with respect to conclusions drawn by the younger members of the clan. And yes, there are parallels between the GAE as Athens and Russia/China as Sparta and the Persians. What was it Santayana wrote about those who do not learn from history? Perhaps even in the case of those who teach it, one might ask.

    • Donald Kagan’s books are excellent. Like the rest of the neocons from that generation, he was a smart and educated man, but his children all turned out to be barking mad.

      • I listened to one of his courses on iTunes U a good while back, and it was excellent, until the very end. Iirc, he was wistful about Greeks dying for a lost cause against the Macedonians. Maybe the crazy was always there but didn’t show itself until old age. Idk.

      • Speaking of which, I watched an interview between Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. It was fascinating. They really don’t try to hide how they view people outside their tribe. Frankly, it’s a chilling.

        Anyway, the interview was about ostensibly about US foreign policy between WWI and WWII, but the primary point that Kagan kept making is that the American people didn’t know what was good for them and needed to be tricked into getting into WWII for their own good. However, once the US was in the war, the American people rallied like no other and won the war, he noted.

        What’s odd is that they acknowledge that the US is militarily and even economically more or less invulnerable, but that it’s our duty to impose a liberal world order on the world, naturally defined by and run by people like Kagan and Kristol Why? Well, because they say so, that’s why.

        Of course, Kagan was saying that our Middle East wars have had a similar effect on Americans as WWI, i.e., they don’t want to fight anymore stupid, pointless foreign wars that have nothing to do with us. And, of course, Kagan and Kristol agree that these stupid goys need to ignored and tricked just as they were in WWII.

        Btw, the voices and mannerisms of Kagan and Kristol are stunningly annoying. Just being in the same room with them would make me want to punch them.

          • Yep.

            The Conversations with Bill Kristol series is amazing. They’re brutal to get through for a variety of reasons, but they offer a window into their world and how they think.

            As I said, I find it chilling. These people are insane and think nothing more of us than disposable and interchangeable children who need to be led around.

            Indeed, they don’t seem to think about the general public at all, except as a nuisance that occasionally needs to be placated with some candy.

    • Montefrio, I hope you are doing well with the recent changes and associated turmoil in Argentina. I would like to hear more from you, as Argentina is one of the destinations I contemplate when I leave the US. Ecuador was in the mix until the recent troubles there, but I suspect their troubles will pass.

  24. “The great lesson in democratic risk taking is Athens in the Peloponnesian War where the Athenians were determined to spark war with Sparta. It was the Athenian decision to roll the dice on an invasion of Syracuse that led not only to the end of the war but the destruction of Athens. Given the similarity between America and Athens, it is fair to assume the same fate awaits the American empire. Democratic empire will turn out to be a suicide pact crafted by people addicted to risk taking.”

    The ultimate irony here is that the definitive account of the Peloponnesian War was written by none other than Donald Kagan! (I just finished it a few months ago. It’s a good but somewhat confusing read). They don’t even read their own books.

    • “the definitive account of the Peloponnesian War was written by none other than Donald Kagan”

      Thucydides might dispute that.

      • Lol yes. Kagan does an excellent job in the book of discussing Thucydides’ potential biases etc. Worth reading

    • At least Athens had charismatic orators like Alcibiades leading them into disaster. We have senile Joe Biden, nasty Victoria Nuland, and a legion of incompetents in Europe.

  25. “It is aimed at making it a permanent crisis, a permanent project for the managerial class.”

    On a side note, this influx has been deliberately orchestrated. It didn’t just occur because of laxity and negligence at the border with Mexico. The Biden administration has been complicit in this but there have been other active and malevolent forces involved as well.

  26. There seems to be a slimy film of propaganda over everything now -politics at every level, the news of course, corporate communications, even sports. I find my self wondering if it was there 40 years ago I wasn’t noticing.

    I don’t think this many people were putting in more effort on the spin than the substance of their jobs.

  27. “Chesterton’s Fence” is dead. My observations come from corporate world, but believe are applicable to government. In reality it’s a “barbell” approach. Utter inaction followed by “swing for the fences”. Acting when a reasonable, less risky solution is available is long gone.


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