Bourgeois Minoritarianism

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The weirdness of this age is a constant topic of discussion, mostly due to the fact that every day brings new weirdness. Ten years ago, if you said men would go to jail for defiling the sodomy flag, people would have thought you were nuts, but this is a thing that now happens in America. You can burn the American flag, but if you get caught insulting the sodomy flag you go to jail. A common side conversation these days is debating what new bizarre and deranged thing comes next.

The question that never comes up in any serious way is why the ruling class spends so much time manufacturing these perversions of reality. Why do these bourgeois people who rule over us embrace bizarre social fads when it is clear they would not incorporate them in their daily lives. Notice, for example, that advertising agencies have almost no diversity, but all of their ads are antiwhite. They promote race-mixing even though they go to great lengths to prevent this in their own lives.

The place to start is how these people see themselves. The people at the top of the various institutions that control society do not see themselves as an elite. Instead, they seem themselves as servants of the elite. Claudine Gay, the former head of Harvard College, never saw herself as part of the elite, despite the position, because she has always had a boss, someone with control over her. Even as Harvard president she had to kowtow to the billionaire donors that fund the college.

This is a reality of our managerial elite. Even though they occupy positions at the top level of critical institutions, they always feel like hired help. The angst of the college president is no different from that of the middle-class manager living in a suburb, but the stakes are much higher. Normal people were outraged that Claudine Gay kept her salary, but her loss of status was the real punishment. In a world controlled by bourgeois status seekers, losing face is worse than death.

For normal people, fear of losing a job or looking bad to your peers is a motivation to conform to expectations. For the managerial elite, this curdles into a resentment of the system over which they rule. These people are the resentful house slave who finds small victories in undermining the master of the house. The embrace of these deranged social fads is a way for the managerial elite to tell their bosses that they have some agency and command their respect.

Managerial angst works another way. The system that allows for the managerial elite has as one of its principles that it is open to everyone. If you do certain things you can rise up the system into the elite. When you strip natural talent from the equation, then all that is left is a recipe for success that anyone can follow. This means that the people at the top can always be replaced by the steady stream of strivers below them who are busy ticking boxes on their resume.

This is the other jaw of the vice that squeezes the worldview of the managerial elite and leads to the proliferation of social rules. In a true meritocracy, the only disqualification from reaching the top is a failure to abide by the rules. The proliferation of arbitrary and capricious rules of conduct replaces what used to allow elites to hold onto their position in the face of more talented challengers below them. The elites can still utter, “He’s not our sort”, but the reason is morality rather than bloodline.

This also breeds resentment of those below the elite level. It is clear that a key motivation behind these degenerate social fads is spite. The managerial elite looks around and they see danger from top and bottom. At the top are rich white-presenting people who seem to live outside the meritocracy. Below are white people who wish to work the meritocracy to climb the ladder. Scandalizing white people in general provides a salve to the fragile psyches of the managerial elite.

This sense of being surrounded on all sides may explain how our elites think of themselves as minorities. It is bizarre to see rich people like Nancy Pelosi carry on like she is an oppressed minority. Many have noted that the proliferation of females in the managerial class has brought with it the victim mentality, but it may simply be that females are more sensitive to it and much more willing to find ways to publicly express this sense of being an oppressed minority.

From the perspective of the managerial elite, they are a minority. When they leave their swank residences, they see miles and miles of Potemkin suburbs, cheap copies of their neighborhoods, clustered around synthetic “town centers” that have the big box retail shops popular with the masses. The managerial elites think these are made possible by their efforts, but they also resent that they are not loved for those efforts, and they rage at the fact their bosses in the economic elite profit from these efforts.

What this suggests is that the conditions that must exist in order to maintain the managerial elite in their positions, by maintaining the system itself, must also lead to the petty degeneracy we see today. A system that values equality, democracy and eschews class distinctions, but exists in contradiction to those things produces a special sort of angst among the managerial elite. Their embrace of degeneracy is, in effect, a slave revolt against a system that is spiritually eviscerating.

Put another way, the the system of values the managerial class must embrace as they rise up the ranks increasingly comes into conflict with the reality of the system as they rise higher in the system. The middle-manager gets the praise of his boss by a selfless devotion to his work, but the people at the top got their position by a ruthless exploitation of those below him. It is this conflict that leads to the boiling hatred of the system that makes the managerial elite possible.

A strong society has a strong elite that works within the set of values embraced by the elite and is manifestly obvious to outsiders. A warrior elite will value the attributes that make a great warrior. An aristocracy will value those qualities that define the aristocratic class like bloodlines. Managerialism, in contrast, has a value system that is in conflict with the requirements of the managerial elite. It is this internal and unresolvable contradiction that leads the elite to attack their own system.

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230 thoughts on “Bourgeois Minoritarianism

  1. The golems would follow anything that gave them money and status. Cognitive dissonance and malicious compliance is probably a thing for the wokie whites but that’s why they import indians and etc and why white ones are getting squeezed out fast. IS Elon’s malicious compliance gonna save us? Stop immigration> 30 years too late bro. Damage is done. Dude is weak. Elon is a cuck. Duct tape on the dam that’s about to drown us. 30 years too late. Existential problems require commensurate solutions.

    Indians are retards though. Boeing best example but literally everything else too. Google is shit now. Everything is shit. Whites have a unique inventiveness that no other group has shown…. ever.

    The world will regress without us. Whites must survive and thrive. This is clear. For everyone even, not just us. For humanity. Jews must go. Money printers must go. Usury is a sin for reason. Monopolies were once broken up for a reason. Voldemort needs his fucking name to be said. Idk wordpress ceonsorship algo, but in your petrosal lives we need to fucking start talking about jews to people we know. It’s an open secret at this point. Problems don’t get solved unless you take the first step and identify them. Everyone is, they are weak af right now and they will never stop hating us. Jared Taylor is a moron. Sauron does not share power.

    • This was an interesting post though. I’ve actually never really thought enough about their managerial class practicing malicious compliance but it does sort of make sense. And it also warms the heart. As greedy and traitorous as they are… they might still have a spark of humanity. It’s a nice thought and it does make some sense. We are living under the tyranny of voldemort after all. Thanks Z. I mean I still really do not like them and think them traitors but.. at the same time, I am in a much less precarious position than many people are. A young single male.. and I also don’t need money to get women. I’m an outlier and my perspective is skewed a bit from the average. But I will always reiterate, if we deport the money printer class that hates us, we will hve a chance at fixing things. It’s the only way, we have to have our own people in charge again. White Christians leading a White Christian country. Blacks can have 13% of the land for Wakanda, that’s fine but we need our sovereignty and the banker class needs to gtfo. Non negotiable.

    • Also, sorry for the typos and lack of cogency. Hopefully what I intended to convey can be deciphered easily enough. Had a rough breakup recently, 4 years.. thought at one time that she was the one.. am in a bad mental state and have been drinking way too much the past 2 weeks 🙁 Was my longest relationship by far. Life really gets you down sometimes… well many fish in the sea though right? It just takes so long to get to know someone these days.. everyone puts up a mask for awhile when you first meet em it”s uhh… idk. There’s lots of good girls out there tho. Just gonna find her. Ahh man. I do have a question because I know this audience is mostly older. Was BDSM stuff always a thing? Because it seems pretty ubiquitous now. I mean, it’s fine, I can swing it alright but I do get kind of tired of it sometimes. Also girls, that give a shit about listening to your problems are so rare. Like, I don’t mid being your daddy or w/e but for fucks sake. The feminism thing has made them way too selfish. It’s hard to give a shit and not just play them with how they act.

      • I don’t mind leading. That s normal. But one way street mentality is just too commonplace. Women are way too entitled and they wonder why men lie to them. Well…

  2. Disagree on this one. The managerial crisis is one of piety. Just of the Colors of Benetton worship. It’s Lenism and bio-Leninism coupled with Lennon-ism (John, “Imagine”).

    Belief in Christianity did not just go away and be replaced with nothing. Something replaced it, and that something was worship. Worship of vibrants, of Alphabet+ people, etc. This is the most religious age of all.

    Japan I can assure you has managers. But they are Shintoists so religious belief of the foreigners does not creep in. China has a plethora of managers, they are all over the place. The Chinese Communist Party is nothing BUT managers. But they are Confucianist to their core, with a heavy dose of Marx and Lenin, so they are immune and indeed crack down on any Western Religious cult and weirdness.

    Russia is chock full of managers. From the Siloviki on down. Putin is nothing more than the Bob Iger of Russia. For better or worse. But they have Orthodoxy and for the weirdos they have extreme Communism or the Yaghtzees of which those guys seem to be a problem for any large enough group of White people. Russians have tons of managers but really no weirdo in high places problem.

    Look at Disney, or Blackrock, or Hertz. The simplest, easiest, most rewarding thing for them would be to dump woke quick and make the most MAGA-appealing stuff they can and make buck. Bob Iger would rather not have his stock go up (he sold off) and remain pious and be known as pious than be rich. Blackrock and Larry Fink know their stuff loses money, but they are big enough to lose money and still be pious. Its why they never, ever stop.

    If it was Mencken or some other dude who noted that the Robber Baron might be eventually satisfied with his riches and not bother the peasants in their private lives, but the Morally Righteous crusaders would micro-manage every human interaction, they were right. In passing I will note that the New England Puritans did in fact micro-manage every bit of human behavior as they viewed their salvation as collective. The Tidewater gentry in Virginia did not care a whit about the lower classes as long as they received their public deference.

    • The greatest unifying belief is not any woke tenet in particular, but the life and death imperative to signal that one is not a deplorable. Which they do (in many cases) by feigning fealty to the wokery, or at least by never criticizing it. Their absence of belief in anything in particular makes this easier to do. Of course many really do believe in the wokery.

    • Yeah this is it. It’s a new religion. An example is dating. Dating since 2015 has become an interview for wokeness. If I don’t denounce capitalism , men or white people in the first 30 mins, the woman pegs me as a conservative. This is very religious behavior. If it’s not pink hair and face piercings, then it’s rhetoric signaling to demonstrate which side someone’s on. The good news is, these women are having absolutely no children. Unfortunately, this is why they’re going to vote with every ounce of lonely resentment against us for the next 40 years. After that, they might be completely out of the gene pool. I know Jared Taylor doesn’t like referring to white liberals as our enemies, but many Europeans warred with each other over much less.

  3. I’ma gonna repeat this, I think today’s is a major white pill.

    Today’s has broken the first great lie, the illusion that our side labors under: that the managerial classes are a united front.

    We really, really want to leverage our enemies killing each other.
    Just think of all the pressure points we can bring to bear on their creaky system.

    • edit, ‘leverage our enemies INTO’
      like spiteful women and duskies will tend to do

      more Gaza protests,
      Hood on Haitian street battles,
      arab on paki riots,
      Karen managers destroying the prison guard unions,
      students disupting academia,
      pajeets wrecking surveillance software,
      boeing engineers cranking out electric vehicles,
      bankers savaging the very pension funds that float the political class…

      while the rancher or prepper or mechanic or nurse or web designer or lawyer tends increasingly to their own parallel neighbors’ economy

  4. The post is an abstract and reduced discussion of what Christians call “sin” and “evil” – and a re-description in value-free/ quasi-objective economics and systems-theory terms, of how sin feeds upon sin, and evil becomes more evil.

    The trouble is that – insofar as we strip-out explicit values, and ignore the divine creation that makes them real – then we have a description without compelling oughts or coherent prohibitions.

    We get a description of what perhaps is the case, of how things maybe work – but the explanation contains no reason to oppose it or resist it – indeed such reasons are excluded.

    So, the post infers that what is wrong with managerialism is its incoherence across hierarchical levels, and consequent self-collapse of the system.

    Whereas a Christian would probably say that what is wrong with managerialism is that it is evil by nature and tendency, and relies mainly (and increasingly with time) upon sins to motivate its workforce.

    • Yes, because a fair number of people are left that still have some sense of good and evil…For example, the destruction of Boeing’s safety standards has aroused quite a bit of dissension within the company…which the top executives ignore, but are constantly aware of….

      • The standards of diversity are still there. That’s the Important thing.
        To be a QA at Boeing means you must be of a certain demographic.

    • Something very offputting about your comment, Mr. charlton; you’re making a vague moral complaint about a mechanical diagnosis.

      Tell me again how you’re winning?
      On the individual level, you bet- but on the collective level, who’s on top? The sowers are getting swarmed by the reapers.

      I suspect you’re trying to shoehorn us into that Christian tower of Babel that got us here. Nope, not gonna do it. Ein Volk, Ein Reich for me.

  5. It’s an interesting thesis, but I’ve had a different view about this for a long time.

    I was in the Air Force in the late 1990’s, and after a couple of assignments in other parts of the world, accepted a job as a nuclear weapons officer in Wyoming. Back when I cared about such things, we were told this was a good career broadening assignment. My first two assignments are what I would describe as meritocratic. The weapons were brand new, and my job was to master the tradecraft. I became the subject matter expert on both and advanced into more challenging work.

    Missiles is not like that. When Gen. Curtis LeMay took over as the first commander of SAC, the strategic deterrent was a disaster. I’ll save you the history lesson and simply say he instituted training and evaluation programs to drive competence, which is something you really, really, need for people who can launch nuclear weapons. RULES were put in place and those rules became the foundation for defining competence, and from competence, promotion and career advancement.

    Over time, though the rules became the goal, not competence. Once you publish a set of rules, people quickly collapse down their focus to compliance with those rules. As you train and standardize around them, it becomes very difficult to discriminate between competent staff. New rules emerge and new standards follow, and the workforce stratifies against into the most and least “competent” defined as those who are best able to navigate the rules and those who are least.

    The key thing to understand about the new rules is that for the most part they serve no mission purpose. All the technical aspects have been wrung out. Missiles is NOT a difficult job to master. The new rules usually involve increasingly outrageous performance standards and unwritten “field procedures” that must be followed to the letter. Anyone who remembers the great Grand Forks Cheating Scandal in 2014 knows that there was a widespread effort across all missileers (hundreds) to cheat on various performance exams. This was treated like a revelation and somehow nobody knew this was going on.

    I’m here to tell you, in the late 1990’s in Wyoming and across the Missile career field, cheating was EXPECTED. Why? You couldn’t get out of the hole and into a day staff job unless you were considered “top tier” (exams, evaluations, etc.). The insanely high performance requirements – unnecessary to perform the job at a high level – were the gate. So, people cheated. This is where I first observed my “the government selects for corrupt and deceitful” philosophy.

    Over a 50-year period, cheaters were rewarded, and then they set about feathering their nests. If you want to stay at the top, you write new rules, new requirements, and new tests to keep usurpers out and yourself in. Hence the cheating at Grand Forks. They were doing exactly what was expected of them.

    This led to other strange behaviors. A buddy of mine and I were frequently on the outside looking in. We were exceptional performers, but because we came by it honestly (or reasonably so, I’m not suicidal) and called it out when we saw it, we were not afforded the usual progression from crew to day staff. A popular missileer hangout back then was the pub CB & Potts. We’re at the bar having a beer one night and noticed something really curious going on.

    The large bar area had been turned into a large circle. This was done organically…nobody preplanned it. A few of the “top tier” folks (Stan Eval and some of the most senior instructors) had set up a table to drink at. They formed the inner ring in what had become a series of concentric circles. The next ring was mainly day staff evaluators and instructors. Then a ring of the better operators. And as we sat there marveling at it, we noticed sitting at the outer ring were all the ne’er-do-wells. The people who had busted check rides or flunked a test or just couldn’t figure out the game. Every so often, somebody new would walk into the bar. They’d pass through the rings, walk to the center, greet the royalty, and then make their way to the most appropriate ring.

    Why do I write about this? The managerial system operates on a set of rules. The rules become the standards of performance (initially) to define the competent and the competent are rewarded. But none of our jobs are all that hard, so the competent feather their nests and create new rules to bump up what is considered “competent”, but usually not anything required to do the job well. Usually, it’s behavioral. As more rules go in place, you start running out of rules.

    That’s the key…running out of rules. When you run out of rules you run out of ways to stratify the organization. It is absolutely essential, therefore, that the managerial elite invent new rules, no matter how crazy. The point isn’t the rule, the point is to stratify. Competence fades as a criteria because the new and most pressing rules take priority.

    That’s how you end up with “certifications.” The people making the rules can no longer evaluate competence (they’re too far separated), and so credentials become the gate. That’s also why most credentials are a racket. Some are not. A professional engineering license or M.D. is not a racket, and it is very hard to earn. A PMP is…it’s a complete waste of time. Anybody can get one and the information is largely useless.

    Why is the ruling class increasingly embracing lunacy? Because there are no more normal rules available. Therefore, you reach into the crazy bin and pull a ticket labeled “trannies” or “free drugs to addicts” or “let’s start a war with a nuclear power over a corrupt kleptocracy so we can launder money”. COVID is a terrific example of how the basic rules were pretty easy (wash your hands, give grandma a little space), so people couldn’t stratify around it. Hence the masks and all the weird kabuki dances we had to do.

    The crisis in competence in America is because of this, and it has been brewing for years. Going back to missiles briefly, I was asked to be the “backup” crew commander for a test called a SELP. You disconnect a launch center from every missile in the wing, and you turn the keys (yes, THOSE keys) to make sure all the launch commands are sent properly to a missile that has its bombs removed. Keep in mind, I was easily the most qualified CDR to run this test, but I was the “backup” because the rules said Stan/Eval is higher on the pecking order. OK, fine, let them have their glory. But during the procedures review, I found some errors that might have some serious consequences. When I raised them, the Stan/Eval guy turned around and said essentially, “We didn’t ask you to comment on these. We’ve already reviewed them for technical accuracy.” LOL! I just smiled and talked to the tester in charge and said, “This is going to end badly unless you do X.”

    So, they go out in the field to turn the keys for the SELP, followed the written procedures, and deactivated the ENTIRE Peacekeeper fleet (MX missiles) for a day. They literally crashed the network. It was brutal. Nobody knew why (I did), and they had Colonels standing there to watch the event. Everyone was flown home until the system could be restored.

    A few days later I get a call. I had written up a report explaining what happened, and they realized, “Well, shit, if he’s so smart, let’s make him do it.” Before I left I handed a new procedure to the lead tester and said, “Do Step 80 or you’ll look back on Tuesday’s failure as the good old days.” He smiled, told nobody, and ran step 80 without getting proper permission.

    The test went off without a hitch. He got a mild reprimand for not following the written procedures.

    I never got so much as a thank-you.

    Follow the rules.

      • And Jerry Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy….The top bureaucrats eventually eliminate those who actually further the purported functions of it…

    • And I thought all of this craziness was cause by evil spirits possessing the weak minded.

      • There is an element of evil spirits preying on the weak minded. Evil spirits don’t have to be supernatural. I work with a few. And the weak minded are everywhere. and are easy pickings.

          • I think some of that was people being threatened with job loss. Many decided the risk of unlawful forced medical experimentation was outweighed by the inability to pay their rent/mortgage or buy food. Notice how the jab rates have plummeted.

            We were in a meeting at work last Fall and one of the ladies I worked with called into Teams to tell us she had caught COVID.


            “Five shots! I got covid… AGAIN! FIVE SHOTS!!!”

            To this day I truly believe she hasn’t the foggiest idea that the shots did nothing but give her covid and shorten her life expectancy. You can’t fix stupid.

          • “Five shots! I got covid… AGAIN! FIVE SHOTS!!!”

            To this day I truly believe she hasn’t the foggiest idea that the shots did nothing but give her covid and shorten her life expectancy. You can’t fix stupid.

            The covid shots doing a swell job of fixing stupid. Occassionally suddenly and permanently.

    • Stellar. Man, can I relate, even as a solo contractor.
      Compliance became priority #1; performance, as simple as in getting from point A to point B, way down the list.

      It felt like we were in business to comply with increasing checklists and keep up reports on our compliance with multiplying departments, not that bothersome “move physical goods from here to there” stuff.

    • Thanks for this, I appreciated this anecdote mixed with philosophy. I copied down the “…running out of rules.” paragraph I found most enlightening. On a side note, If you ever write a book of your experiences you should call it Running out the Fools.

      • There were so many stupid rules that people lost the ability to make good judgements about the important rules.

        They’d send me green lieutenants to train and I’d always riff on Andy Warhol’s famous observation,

        “If everything is a rule, nothing is.”

    • Perhaps it’s a better thing for the world as a whole if the nuclear missiles won’t go because the operators are managerial nitwits.

  6. At this point, I’m convinced it’s losers having convinced or bought off everyone else to lose along with them, which is boring. They know the story of Babel and how it ends, or the War in Heaven. Just decide to stop losing, set your will to that— your grandchildren will thank you.

    Maybe there’s another layer above them yet, that’s on some burdensome meta-quest to guide the flock to its destiny, for lack of other challenges. But they could simply be divorced from reality, and delusional, if they even exist.

    Besides, there’s this internet hive mind thing that’s been upsetting everything. Spiritual battles, wars of the gods, all that stuff. La-di-da, I’m more convinced by the day it’s settled. I mean, I just wanna grill for God’s sake! My roommates and I grilled on 9/11 because it was normal. Ready to get back to normal.

  7. ‘Managerialism, in contrast, has a value system that is in conflict with the requirements of the managerial elite. It is this internal and unresolvable contradiction that leads the elite to attack their own system.’

    Nah. They are simply base, spiteful, selfish, and evil. They proliferate because the U.S. no longer has the caliber of men to stop them. I recall when it did. Now it doesn’t.

    ‘Many have noted that the proliferation of females in the managerial class has brought with it the victim mentality, but it may simply be that females are more sensitive to it and much more willing to find ways to publicly express this sense of being an oppressed minority.’

    Oh yeah baby, females in the U.S. are an EXTREMELY oppressed minority. :O) The poor dearies just feel so BAD about doing evil to others. It depresses them, but they enjoy it. Certainly, females are abused victims!

    • “They proliferate because the U.S. no longer has the caliber of men to stop them. I recall when it did. Now it doesn’t…”

      I too recall “when it did”, and agree wholeheartedly that “now, it doesn’t”

  8. Fun anecdote, nothing to do with today’s topic:

    Today I had jury duty, and I couldn’t help but notice every single potential juror was white, while the overwhelming majority of cases on the list had hispanic names for the defendant.

    • When I was selected for Grand Jury duty many years ago, the group of us (20) had to go for a couple weeks of “training”. Grand Juries—here at least—must have some understanding of law as there is no one, like a judge, to inform us of such. We all became budding lawyers. 😉

      Anyway, the last day of instruction was in how to organize the group and perform our duties, such as deliberation, indictment, and the like. I remember our then district attorney (whom I knew) explaining the qualities we should look for in selecting a jury foreman. Something to the effect that he/she should have facility in pronouncing *Spanish* names! I was amazed that this guy would say that openly, but then again those were different days.

      • They dismissed me within the first couple minutes. After I’d spent a week going through their crap.

        On the positive side, I’d have probably let a black go, anyway.

        • When being interviewed by the presiding judge for empanelment on the Grand Jury, we were asked—as a group—who felt they could not perform the duties as outlined by the judge (these duties included extended empanelment spanning months).

          A women raised her hand from the back of the room. When the judge called upon her, she stood up—as was the protocol—and she was obviously 8+ months pregnant. The courtroom burst out laughing—including the judge. She was dismissed. 😉

          Then another hand was raised. This person was a well dress lawyer. Basically his excuse was that he was too “important” in the legal system to serve. The judge turned red in anger. He began to lecture him, and by extension us, about civic duty and all those who came before us and their sacrifice to allow us this *privilege* of service. He went on for a good 10-15 minutes wrt history and the uniqueness of our democracy and legal system.

          He was like a Bible Belt preacher in his oratory. He read the riot act to this self important lawyer and shamed him (if that’s possible for a lawyer). He looked again at the lawyer and said “you’re dismissed, we don’t want you”.

          The judge then said, “anyone else”? You could have heard a pin drop. No one dared raise a hand. He called out the first 20 names on his list, then dismissed the rest. Quickest jury selection I was ever a part of.

          Like the system of not, I was impressed with this judge.

          • And the lawyer went to the bar afterwards and bragged to everyone how he got out of jury duty.

  9. People keep saying the managerial elite are not the true elite. Who are these true elite that people keep claiming exist? Are there dozens of George Soros’ around, pulling strings and screwing with people and nations for sport? Can anyone point to these hidden figures?

    What if there isn’t an elite? What if the corporate nature of America makes it so everything is done by committee? Sev, from Founding Questions, has the theory that there is nobody in charge, which is frustrating the hell out of Putin, Xi and other world leaders trying to negotiate with somebody, and is the whole reason China flew that spy balloon in the first place. That we really are ruled by a hive mind of grifters, Puritans and small hats incapable of making individual choices. A truly bureaucratic “elite.”

    I would like there to be somebody in charge to hate, some secret Legion of Doom to vilify. But outside of the Devil and his comrades, I have the sneaking suspicion he is correct and that we are ruled by committee.

    • I don’t have a better answer than anyone else seems to, but there were things that happened during the plandemic that demonstrated a central authority making decisions. Kind of like how the counting in swing states all stopped at the same time on the night of 11/3/20.

      I wish I could find the article where Boris Johnson is quoted about why he implemented some particular plandemic policy: “They made me.” was what he said

      • Jeffrey Zoar: “They made me.” was what he said

        There are lots of different versions of Queen Elizabeth ostensibly having said similar things, to the effect that there were “Dark Forces” at work in the Empire, the genesis of which even she herself did not know.

        That was maybe the single moast frustrating thing about about watching the Windsors over the years; they never experienced anything in the way of curiosity.

        Which would be entirely consistent with the idea of actors & actresses having been SELECTED to play the role which they play in this drama.

        Alfred Hitchcock had nothing but disdain for the actors & actresses with whom he worked; he felt they had all the intellect & psychological sophistication of free range cattle.

      • I’d like to feed “data points” like what BoJo said there and other moments of candor into a special purpose AI and ultimately ask it “who the fuck are these people and what is the real hierarchy?”. You might even be able to automate the collection of data points by feeding it *everything* that a tool like BoJo says in a certain period of time and have it focus on the statements that seem anomalous.

        Pattern recognition is what the current ANNs (artifical neural networks) undeniably excel at. They are already *very* close to being able to read speech from brainwave patterns. Maybe the “news” is something analogous to the brain waves of the global hive mind.

        And maybe the hive mind is schizophrenic too.

      • I noticed the same thing. that it coordination, uniformity , and discepline on display worldwide ment there had to be a very strong controling power in charge . same thing wiht the 2020 election steal. there are some who will say it’s just a thousand shenequa’s all coming up with their own loca scam but that would not show any coordination, much less the total irom fisted control we saw on both those events.

        • One bit of evidence pointing to a coordinated steal is that the midnight vote dumps almost all took place in states where they were needed, swing states. Shaneequas exist everywhere, so why didn’t they do vote dumps in states like NY or CA? Because there was no need. Those states were never in play.

    • Bwana Simba: “Are there dozens of George Soros’ around… I would like there to be somebody in charge to hate, some secret Legion of Doom to vilify…”

      Apparently a large number of samizdat researchers suspect that the net worth of the Rothschilds might be on the order of tens of trillions or even hundreds of trillions of dollars.

      I don’t whether that’s fabulistry, or even ackshually possible.

      But if the Rothschilds were worth only one trillion dollars, then they would still be an helluva force to be reckoned with.

      Tossing a billion here & a billion there would be child’s play for them.

      And if they’ve been busy collecting on usurious contracts for the last 2500 years [going back to ancient Mesopotamia & Sassania & Egypt?], then the principle of compound interest compounded would tend to imply that they themselves might have a great deal of difficulty calculating their own net worth.

      Was it Rockefeller who said that you’re not really rich until you can no longer tally your own wealth accurately?

    • I started reading your comment, and before I got to the second paragraph, I flashed on the thought expressed there. The Russians and others are quite right in their frustration over who they could negotiate anything with. The entire West is a shambolic mess, riven with factions, or just unselfconsciously inept. If one wishes to assign agency anywhere, the only real candidate seems to be The Father of Lies.

    • I remember listening to Owen Benjamin years ago, he half-joked that the people who run the world are so removed from real life that they probably wouldn’t be recognizable as humans. Brought to mind Spacing Guild navigators lol.

      • To paraphrase that famous saying of Arthur C. Clark (I think it was him) – any sufficiently wealthy person is indistinguishable from a Reptoid alien.

      • There’s a thought.

        *Almost* every time a newsworthy #metoo type case makes it to court, the testimony against the celebrity/politico includes a description, never quite visualizable, of some repulsive genital deformity.

        Maybe it’s the obvious thing: Having something nausea-inducing in his pants makes a man more likely to be accused of sex crimes. Or maybe prominent men are…strangely selected? We know they’re not chosen by merit.

        Musk doesn’t impregnate his women by putting his penis inside them. Anyone asked him why?

        • I did not know this about Musk. Does he merely visualize his seed inside the woman and it obediently materializes there? I once dated a girl who believed in “manifesting” stuff you wanted but this seems a bit extreme.

      • Don’t know whether anybody else noticed, but The Spacing Guild and its Navigators are not so much as touched upon in either part of the Villeneuve reboot.

        • That doesn’t seem possible. The Spacing Guild are one of the key factions through the entire Dune saga.

          • Still the remake is superior (IMHO) to the original movie, and in general it’s pretty good for a novel that many said could never be made into a movie in the first place. Better to leave aspects out that do them poorly.

        • Don’t get me started on that mess. I got into an argument with a female co-worker over the Chani character and how they took way too many liberties with it. Also that they picked that homely actress what’s-her-name to play the part.
          Myself and a few fellow soldiers experienced the fickleness of the bureaucracy back in ‘91. Our unit was re-qualifying at the range, but we were finishing up a detail and were going to join them after we were finished. We were piling into this one guys suburban and the “house mouse” sgt screams at us to get out if the vehicle and we complied. He then goes on to quote a regulation, “No military weapons can be transported in a civilian vehicle.” We were like “Are you friggen kidding me?”
          Everyone returns a few hours later and our First Sergeant demands to know where we were and we referred him to the house mouse who prevented us from leaving.
          Our First Sergeant dressed him down, saying, “We’re in the middle of a national emergency, there’s a good chance we’re going to deploy and now I’ve got five guys who didn’t qualify because you decided to trot out some obscure regulation?!?”
          But there’s someone like that on EVERY job.

        • Things that would make you go “hmm”…if only you were permitted to notice them.

          Puts me in mind of…geez, I don’t think that I am permitted to notice that.

          Some sort of a corollary to that saying imputed to Voltaire about knowing who really runs things because you are not permitted to criticize Them. Something tickling at the back of my mind…

          Oh, well.

  10. “At the top are rich white-presenting people who seem to live outside the meritocracy.”

    White-presenting people – A euphemism for a certain tribe that looks white, but really isn’t? Brilliant.

    • Or, you might want to consider the possibility that he’s talking about whites who are, shall we say, less than indifferent about white survival, like D’s or Rs…

  11. You’ve put your finger on one aspect of the regime. The point is that our biggest competitors on the world stage describe the situation as an impossibility for them. They have realized that they cannot reach any trustworthy agreement with our rulers. This is ominous. And it’s what happens when queers, women, hostile ethnic minorities, and unhinged fetishists rule over a people.

  12. “Notice, for example, that advertising agencies have almost no diversity, but all of their ads are antiwhite.”

    With long experience in the business, this isn’t quite true. Thirty years ago ad agencies were very white indeed but that has changed, especially in the last fifteen years. However even now you won’t find blacks making up more than 13% of the employees. (Unless it’s an explicitly black agency aimed at black clients, and yes that is a thing. Agencies focused on blacks or Hispanics or Asians is just fine, with largely monoracial employee demographics. You just aren’t allowed to serve whites; white agencies purport to be colorblind in their focus.) The largest non-white segment of ad employees seems to be Asian, with Hispanic a close second and blacks third. At any rate the average ad agency is not nearly as multiracial or plainly non-white as their commercials. There are also more and more women, even in top slots.

    However, what you can and must do in Ad World is portray non-whites and perverts as normal and aspirational… in a very white way. Consider something we have all seen on TV, the Fake Black Family. Intact, male and female parents, normal kids, no gang bangers or pimp walking. Maybe the kids are doing a science project, not rolling blunts. They are shown behaving in the most stereotypically white ways. There are definitely exceptions and commenter mmack once discovered a legit car commercial that looked like a scene from “I’m Gonna Get You, Sucka,” but think about how unusual that is. The weird thing about advertising is how they shoehorn everyone from aborigines to leather bar homos into living a nice upper-middle class way of life that would be the envy of any Grand Wizard. They love to eliminate whites from the screen but persist in having their replacements play a white role. Put another way, what tells more truth, living in Baltimore or binge watching reruns of The Cosby Show? It’s as if the people paying for advertising desperately want to see blue-haired dykes and subcontinentals living like those nice affluent white neighbors that live next door in their own tony suburbs.

    The above criticism may not apply to things like Bud Light; something else is going on there that’s more malicious.

    • When I lived in the Imperial Capital a couple decades ago, there was an extremely ghetto car dealership called Eastern Motors that ran ads on TV that were indistinguishable from a Dr. Dre video. The tag line was “Eastern Motors, where yo’ JOB is yo’ credit!”. Is this blessing of diversity still in business?

      • That is unsurprising because things like small car dealerships ads seldom come from mainstream agencies and often get produced on a shoestring. Idiosyncrasies have more room to emerge here. An interesting thing about the big budget car advertising is the split between brand ads and dealer ads. Ad people hate working on the dealer ads because they focus on prices and promotions and the showroom… things buyers care about. No, ad people prefer to work on the national brand ads, the ones that let them make little movies showing glamorous people indulging in aggressive driving in a futuristic landscape and then pulling up in front of their glamorous multimillion dollar manse in Jackson Hole.

      • Yeah they’ve expanded into an actual auto group with multiple dealerships. I remember those ads; they used to hire Redskins players to appear in them, probably leased them a car for like a buck a year as compensation.

    • I thought it was hilarious when “Doctor Huxtable” turned out to be a serial rapist in real life… Negroes, LOL.

      • Xman: I’ve been saying for literally decades that blacks without criminal records are only those who haven’t yet been caught.

        • Well, my dear, I cannot say that I am quite THAT blackpilled. No doubt there are some good and decent Negroes just as there are some reprehensible whites.

          That being said… I DO believe there is such a thing as the “law of averages” and the “regression to the mean”…

    • This is an interesting topic Geo. Orwell. I see the racial demographics of these agencies. Is the proper takeaway that white erasure in advertising is not malicious, but the transification shoved in the faces of rural and Heritage America is?

      What insights do you have as to why there is near total white erasure in advertising? I think it is nefarious. The reason I think so is that Krugman explicitly said that whites are not the future, that the future is Bill de Blasio. Do a search of diBlasio’s family. Not only are they “mixed”, they are not because they are radical black/anti-white activists. Krugman just endorsed the new book about, white rural rage whose proscribed solution is to flood rural America with non-whites and create a pan-racial demography. In other words – genocide.

      Is it a coincidence that Krugman and these guys are promoting this vision? Are they coordinating it? Is the power of suggestion and a current zeitgeist that powerful?

      Another thing that is odd is that these ads and movies seem to operate on a premise that blacks will become middle class once they see images of themselves as middle class. Which, before there was a vast middle-class, you would think there never would have been a middle class because someone, by this logic, would have to have first seen it to become it. This cookoo logic aside, these ads also cast whites as buffoons, cuckholds or criminals. If the goal is to create positive feelings and maximize your market share, why would you denigrate your largest and most affluent market? I don’t see why you would, so this too implies a malevolent and sinister force at work. I mean by their logic they are trying to get whites to see themselves this way and thus become this way.

      I would like to understand how and why this is happening.

      One last request here. You seem to have been a player in advertising? Is there room for a white advertising agency that runs ads that feature healthy and positive images of whites even for white run businesses? I’ve driven through parts of the country on 4 hour drives where the population is 98%+ white and conservative and see nothing but blacks on billboards.

      You would think there is an opportunity here for white businesses and consumers and an ad agency that would cater to this market. Any insight into any of this that you have is appreciated. I think we all want to know just what is going on here and why. Given the vitriol of the anti-white narrative and the viciousness of the lies that martyrs and sanctifies criminal scum to advance its interests we see these things and assume the most sinister and nefarious of motives. I would love an insider’s perspective.

      Thank you in advance.

      • So (((Paul Krugman))) said the future is not White, but miscegenation?

        I’m shocked that he would agree with such a viewpoint!!!

        Obviously, Pauly has never been out of a blue city.

        I’ll let Paul and his family submit to the Shiksa and the magical kneegrow first.

      • Very good comment, hope you see this RR…

        “What insights do you have as to why there is near total white erasure in advertising? I think it is nefarious.”

        Actually, it is nearly unconscious, as in being able to drive while barely thinking about it. It’s merely de rigeur to “showcase diversity” in commercials. The erasure of whites and especially white males happened slowly over time, just as the “diversity is our strength” platitude didn’t suddenly appear one day in our elites mouths but grew from many sources, almost as emergent behavior does. Nevertheless it is definitely anti-white, though in the most decorous and tacit way possible. One of the favorite things agencies ask for when casting a commercial having talent (the actors) be “ethnically ambiguous.” A cowardly way of saying “just make them look like they aren’t white.” So, blacks are fine and so are mulattoes or mestizos, but no crackers allowed.

        “…these ads and movies seem to operate on a premise that blacks will become middle class once they see images of themselves as middle class”

        Surely some shitlibs believe nonsense like that, but really it’s a case of selling their images of a upper-middle class lifestyle as something you should aspire to achieve… and that includes a minimum of whites. It’s very comforting to only portray blacks like the Huxtables. In the best possible world (by their lights), you wouldn’t see anything but a rainbow of skin tones (well, we can minimize boring whites) living affluent lives any managerial elite would envy.

        “Is there room for a white advertising agency that runs ads that feature healthy and positive images of whites even for white run businesses?”

        No. Identifying your business as white-run to an ad agency would be like showing a crucifix to Dracula. I can’t think of anyone I have met in advertising who would have anything but contempt for such a thing. Let’s remember that most of the anti-white sentiment comes from goodwhites themselves, and they still make up a plurality of people in the business.

        “I’ve driven through parts of the country on 4 hour drives where the population is 98%+ white and conservative and see nothing but blacks on billboards.”

        That tells you everything you need to know about the standard outlook in advertising, everywhere.

        • Yeah. That sounds like what happened in tech. I remember a CEO constantly harping on diversity. HQ in a city where whites are only 31% would regularly at company meetings say that he wanted to build a company that looked like the city. At the time we were probably 92% white with a few South and East Asians. So, he was slapping us in the face saying he wished we were reduced as a proportion by 61%. It didn’t phase him at all every time he said it.

          It is a sickness. Their children will grow to despise them, because they won’t be getting any jobs or promotions if they do.

          Thank you for taking the time to give your perspective.

      • With all of the problems in higher indoctrination, I’m rather surprised that a few wealthy people from our side haven’t pooled their resources and created a whites-only university.

        • If only it could happen. My sibs and I established a couple full-ride scholarships at Hillsdale, only to later discover we were fooling ourselves.

      • Paul Krugman is just a useless eater, when all is said and done, at a somewhat higher level and with more credentials than his pets of color. Both academia and journalism are collapsing, and his economic forecasts mirror the accuracy of Jim Cramer’s stock picks. He has no value or worth if things get bad.

        I truly hope Krugman gets the reception he deserves if he ever is forced to escape a future collapse of NYC and flees into the countryside among those raging rural whites. Based on his reported pedophilic nature, he wants to hear about his purty mouth, most likely, but that won’t be the last sound he hears if it all unfolds badly.

      • I’ve had a similar career in different forms of marketing the last 16 years. The answer in short is… liberal white women. Colleges have been hammering self hatred and male hatred into these boneheads for decades. They are haunted by the incessant thought of “what would black people think of this?” They look at stock photos and commercials with white people and really believe these images do black people harm. They think their goal isn’t to sell products but to inspire young blacks to do better in school after seeing a slow motion video clip of a black guy changing his own oil in a commercial (lol). I’ve even heard one of them laugh and say “get these whities outta here” when the other woman recommended more diversity in a web page. One example, one of my pieces performed very well and this consultant wanted to make it more “brand friendly” before using it again. I saw the final and she had swapped all the white people out for blacks. Ironically whenever they hire black people, 90% of them are fired in the first 3 months.

    • My favorites are the car ones that show a black family (with grandma) driving up in the mountains or going to some secluded beach, and then coming back to their massive, pristine McMansion. Meanwhile I go on “black Twitter” and they talk about camping and hiking as weird things White people do.

      It’s obvious they are not selling this car to blacks. It’s often said that in the household, women make or contribute significantly to these purchasing decisions, so it’s clear they are targeting AWFLs.

      • I used to have a friend who I would come to learn was an “early adopter” of woke language games. Mid 1990’s and she’s bitching about us calling it a white water rafting trip. She kept calling it wild water rafting.

        She wouldn’t actually come out and say why, because that just inevitably leads to her calling all of us racists. But I had great fun around her, “Look at those big puffy WHITE clouds!” That sort of thing.

        (These are the people in charge now, who insist I can’t call my bedroom the “master” bedroom.)

        I really did consider her a friend, but that all ended when the Red Queen lost in 2016. Though, I think the death knell was the UVA rape hoax which I called out as a hoax the very day the story broke. I abused her with that hoax because of how she tried to weaponize it against all men.

        She unfriended me in Nov 2016 when I simply posted a YouTube video of “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead…”

        I can’t imagine why…🤔

        • “people experiencing homelessness” is what the woke toadies call the homeless. Actually I think they prefer “houseless”. Not sure why but everything with these people is meant to finely divide the weighing of various “oppressions” so that no one gets their feewings hurt. The latest thing among the tech weenies is to insist on calling the master branch in Git the “main” branch. Because slavery, dontcha know. I make sure that any project I start has a master branch now. They’ve managed to insure that. Of course, this is something that would never have occurred to me if all the tech fags hadn’t pointed it out and made a big show of it. It’s frightening to think there are people whose souls are this shriveled and petty.

      • Another good one is five black guys drinking beer and watching America’s Cup. One shouts out, ‘hey, San Diego Yacht Club got a new skipper!’

    • What I have noticed recently is a trend in ad’s that show quite blatantly White and Black miscegenation. Literally ad’s showing Black men and White women sharing beds or a bedroom scene in ad’s promoting products having nothing to do with such interaction. These ad’s are (so far) 100% Black men with White women. (I’ve seen perhaps *one* ad ever with a Black woman and a White man pairing.)

      Seems a while ago, you’d get the message with a mixed race couple sitting together with family at the dinner table, or perhaps driving together in the car, or having drinks at a table in a fancy restaurant. Now it’s in your face—just in case you were too stupid to get the point before.

      • There are examples of the reverse. I’ve seen a commercial for cough medicine wherein a normal white dude rolls over to comfort his sick Bantu wife and she brushes him aside, mistakenly believing that he wants some jungle love.

      • Just as a thought experiment, type ‘white couple’ on a search engine, click on Images and prepare to be appalled

      • Now it’s in your face because it’s humiliation time…It will get worse the longer we set and wait…

      • They are inserting homosexual couples now, and I distinctly recall a travel commercial with two young main characters, one of whom is clearly some kind of troon or transvestite.

        BTW, it was for tourism in Israel.

  13. If pathogens enter your body and start making you seriously ill, does the nature or motivation of these pathogens really matter to you? Sure, you need enough information in order to know where to target the remedy, but beyond that, everything else is simply irrelevant until the problem is solved and health is restored.

    It’s not enough to lament our downward spiral into toilet bowl vortex; at some point you have to fight back. The elites would like you to think that voting harder is an effective path to remedy, because that is a benign and useless form of pressure release that accomplishes nothing. And they are certainly OK with rioting, civil mayhem, and mutual slaughter among the Untermenschen, because that justifies an totalitarian crackdown and imposition of tyranny. What they absolutely do not want is real existential accountability as remedy.

    I don’t really care about how the managerial elites think or what motivates their actions. I care about real remedies that actually fix the problem. I don’t want to see the Ukraine scenario play out here in which hundreds of thousands of average Joes have to pay the ultimate price for what a handful of pathogens has wrought. We can do better than that.

    • My concern is that if we ever get enough motivated men to challenge the regime, their heads will be full of inaccurate beliefs that cause them to waste their energy.

      For example, if you think that the elites are cultural marxists who create divisions between groups where no divisions actually exist, you’re going to do a bunch of stupid stuff like try to convince non-whites that we all really just want freedom. Which is false.

      Yes, actions are more important than words, but if you only have the resources for a few actions, those actions must be informed by accurate beliefs.

      • Agreed. And when that comes to pass, a word of advice ‐ stay out of my community. We are interested in freedom and don’t really care that much about the demographics of those who might want to take it from us.

        Whites bury as easily as anyone else. And after several pets and a few horses and cows, I’m getting pretty good at it.

      • I agree, but its a matter of priorities. We cannot talk our way out of the mess we’re in, nor can we rely solely on persuasion and education as a path to redemption. As Elon Musk recently stated in a viral tweet, the Deep State has a detailed and comprehensive plan to steal the next election as they did in 2020. If they succeed, there will be no redemption because the toilet flush will be completed fully during the ensuing 4 years. A lot of people are now waking up to this imminent danger and speaking up for the first time in a serious fashion. That momentum should not be diluted with false hope and misplaced attention. The problem is getting existential now, and the option of burying your head in the sand is becoming untenable.

        • That they control election outcomes is not in doubt. But who they’ve chosen to win this next one seems to be

        • TomA, a good observation (both of the above), but one that seems to not happen often. To wit, in any struggle, one looks for allies. It’s the old, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” concept. But what happens when victory is obtained and there is no “unifying” enemy. Chaos and internal strife.

          My general thinking is that this is unavoidable if one wishes to prevail against the establishment. One enemy at a time.

    • We can do better than that…
      Well that is definitely the question that isn’t being answered at the moment and should be the very one that is of utmost importance because it’s whether we Live or Die…
      Question was asked yesterday about what can good men do or what should of they been doing the last three years and I just had to shake my head because I would say the vast majority of you know my answer and that is Tribe Up or Die… I can lay out every step but if no one is willing to take those steps then it will continue to get worse for us…

          • Sometimes, maybe, but if “tribe up” means nothing more than grilling a few steaks or drinking a few brewskis, “tribe up” isn’t much of an answer.

          • Steve, still better than nothing, but I get where you are coming from. One gets to know a bit about some fellow White if the conversation gets going and there’s a beer at hand. And that’s better than nothing in a pinch.

            I’m a bit of a loner and that of course will present future problems if the SHTF, so what do I know?

        • While the spirit of your question is the default, I recommend you tribe up first. Get to that point. Know your neighbors, be a man that speaks truthfully, plainly and clearly, be a serious man. These are serious times.
          As you spend time in and among your tribe, what comes next comes naturally if you are using Plainspeak. We must name those that wish to hurt and kills us, rape our daughters, steal our wealth. And while we can guess, with likely accuracy, whose pulling the strings, it’s not important in the short term.
          When Lineman invited my family into community with his, I experienced encouragement and a refreshment of spirit I desperately needed.
          So find Your (OUR) People and nature will take over.

          • Steve, you need to pump some more iron and get your Testo up. Your attitude is pregnant with demoralization and hopelessness. This is a poisonous attitude that can’t be allowed when things get sporty.

            Lineman is right; tribing up means finding men you would trust enough to go tiger hunting with, to use the archaic British imperial age standard. With your attitude you’ll find none. And they are already hard to find in most places

          • Sorry, Moran,. You are completely misunderstanding. Me and mine are fine with defending kith and k8n

            What we are not dine with is defnding dross.

            People have linked to (((them))) destroying all that is right and proper, but in my experience, its unfounded. How did (((they))l) destroy my business?

          • Not bad faith. I either did not realize you were answering me, or, more likely, didn’t go back the next day to review responses, because, as you know, topics tend to die the very next day.

            Humor me please. Step 2?

          • So you asked a question and then didn’t bother to go back and see if I answered…That tells me you really didn’t give a crap about the answer you just wanted to argue for the sake of arguing…I only humor those who actually want a solution not a smartass who could care less what I have to say and wouldn’t take any advice I gave anyway…You sound very jewish by the way in your responses…

          • OK, @Lineman I took the time to go back through the last weeks’s worth of poasts. Where exactly did you tell me where the next step was?

          • Line, there’s something wrong with Steve s attitude. I’m fairly but not positively sure it’s passive aggressive trolling but it could be completely demoralized sincerity. Either way it’s toxic and I’m putting him in the troll column

          • @Steve you’re hilarious you know that…Why would you go back through a whole week of post when you asked the question that I referenced yesterday…Are you being deliberately obtuse or just an asshole…

          • @Lineman, you thought, “Self Sacrifice, Tribe Up, and Prepare for War…” was an answer to what to do next?


  14. “Managerialism, in contrast, has a value system that is in conflict with the requirements of the managerial elite. It is this internal and unresolvable contradiction that leads the elite to attack their own system.”

    This was an incredibly ambitious essay, so it’s possible to quibble here. The goal would be to quibble in a way that advances our understanding of what’s actually happening.

    All systems have frictional costs and vulnerabilities. Those of monarchy and aristocracy are pretty easy to identify. Those of managerialism are harder to identify and much harder to understand.

    Personally, I think what Zman calls Managerialism’s “value system that is in conflict with the managerial elite” is really just a frictional cost, not an inherent contradiction or conflict within the system.

    The economists and management gurus call this the “Agency Effect”. The goals of the managers (Agents) aren’t going to be totally congruent with the Owners/Elites. This is just a cost of doing business.

    The Owners get to remain in the shadows while the Managers take heat. Yes, the Managers will overreach every so often and the resulting infighting may look a little chaotic. The alternative is for the Owners to step out of the shadows, reveal their control and become objects of direct hate (and maybe assassination) by the Proles/Dirts.

    The chaos actually helps the Owners because it keeps everyone beneath them miserable, divided and guessing about the actual goals of the Owners. So overall, I’d guess they’re okay with this system, otherwise we’d have a different one.

    • This is spot on, but as I mentioned below evil and sadism animates this behavior even more than benefit.

  15. Milovan Dilas (I’ve usually seen it transliterated “Djilas”) analyzed real Communist Apparatchiks in Marxist terms back in the 1950s. It’s worth a look, as a lot of the insights apply to our new New Class of fake and gay apparatchiks. Also recommended: David Brooks’s Bobos in Paradise. You can watch the “bourgeois bohemians” achieving Revolutionary Class Consciousness in realtime. (Warning: This book will also get you high as a kite, as David Brooks is the least self-aware human being ever to walk the earth. He is describing himself in micro-anatomical detail… and has absolutely no idea he’s doing it. Which makes it almost worth reading just for the humor value).

    • I saw David Brooks (live/in person) give a speech at a conference. For a moment, I thought it might be performance art.

      The highlight was his pathos-filled recounting of his romance with his intern and his divorce. He referenced St. Augustine. It’s impossible to make this stuff up.

    • Case in point: Brooks was serious when he asked “are we the baddies?” He’s utterly clueless, but hardly alone, and that lack of self-awareness among his class is terrifying and almost always is a precursor to a horrible outcome.

  16. The Elite are not their managers. Elitism is quite different from managerialism. We often confuse the two because of the term “managerial elite.” And, yes, what passes for actual Elite today is a shadow of what formerly did, but so are their help and ho’s.

    The management/managerial elite is permanently insecure because it realizes the fluidity of the actual Elite’s morality makes them vulnerable to uncertain whims and inadvertent missteps. You touched on this but the preface is needed to state the obvious conclusion: almost all of the weirdness is sadism/malignant narcissism. Those at the tippy-top, like Nero, Caligula, and Co. before them, greatly enjoy the discomfort of those immediately below, nay, beneath, them. It is somewhat risky to subject the management to terror, but the heart is a lonely hunter and all that and risk itself is exciting. The insecurity of the Untermensch, particularly those allowed to rise almost high enough to get the full taste, is sexual pleasure for the current Elite. “Shall we change the term back to colored people?” they ask with excitement. The foot soldiers to combat misgendering surely are marked. And on and on.

    I’m entering into the last reel of life and while I’m uncertain of the existence of God, I now have absolute faith that evil is real.

    • We’re a corporate society. Living in America is living in a giant corporation. There may be some people out there who love the corporation they work for, but not many I think. Who rises to the top of a corporation? It is seldom people we would define as moral or good. What we are seeing is the behavior of people living in a meanly competitive hierarchy. As simplistic as it is, this nonsense doesn’t happen in a society of independent proprietors and farmers.

  17. I can’t fully agree, Z.

    Yes, the Claudine Gays of the managerial elite do have (((masters))) like (((Ackerman))). But that does not explain why your local librarian hosts a Drag Queen Story Hour for three-year olds or why your local high school principal thinks her most important mission is to allow boys wearing lipstick to piss in the girls’ room.

    The world as we know it was created by white men — Ford, Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla, Gates, Jobs, Browning, carrier, etc. etc. The American Cultural Revolution 1960s was a democratic movement in which women and nonwhites and queers demanded an equal share of the money and power and status that these white men had acquired by actually accomplishing stuff.

    Except that the cultural revolutionaries had accomplished nothing. Some of them achieved paper credentials — an M.A. in Sociology, for instance — that gained them access to positions of authority where their inferiority and lack of accomplishment became obvious to everyone, including themselves.

    So they embarked on a denunciation of white, male society as morally repugnant, and created a myth where only they, the Cultural Revolutionaries, have moral virtue, as justification for their grift.

    They see it as morally righteous to insult the white truck driver by having drag queens in his public library, and morally righteous to mock the bourgeois sensibilities of Republican, Christian congressmen by doing anal in a Senate hearing room and posting a video of the buggery online.

    None of this will end until the System that allows women, blacks, deviants, perverts, weirdos and incompetents to get paid handsomely while grifting off it gets flushed, and we return to a day where the true measure of power is intellect and achievement.

    • Yes Xman. But I think the Elite have done a straight MBA-like spreadsheet of the costs vs. benefits of co-opting these cultural revolutionaries. They’ve apparently decided that it’s cheaper, less risky to co-opt them than it is to let them oppose the system from the outside. The negative externalities you correctly cite are endured by the Proles/Dirts, not the Elites.

      • So far not the elites. But how long can that go on? If one looks back at other great revolutions, one can paint a pretty scary picture of what can happen when the rabble gets rambunctious. Now I don’t argue that such an uprising won’t simply put another elite system in place, but that won’t do the old elites much good, will it?

      • What Stranger in a Strange Land said. Thought provoking and a theory that appears to have merit.

    • None of this will end until the System that allows women, blacks, deviants, perverts, weirdos and incompetents to get paid handsomely while grifting off it gets flushed, and we return to a day where the true measure of power is intellect and achievement.
      Well there is a major step in between those two and that is chaos and bloodshed that has to be solved…

      • Very true. First step is to acknowledge the falsity of “equality” of men. From there all things fall into place.

      • Yep. I might wish otherwise, but the enemy will not allow anything less. One side or the other is going to get killed or enslaved.

  18. I’m having some trouble following the thread that leads to the embrace of bizarre trends and fads. If the managerial elite answers to the true elite, and if this true elite is primarily if not almost wholly white, why would this true elite endorse white bashing, trans-hyping and other apparent predilections of the managerial elite?

    Also, if these quixotic fads and policies are permitted to run riot, what good would it do the managerial elite to promote them when they’d never know if their own heads might be next on the chopping block?

    Cleverness and well-timed backstabbing may be the way to claw one’s way to the top but the mutual mistrust and uncertainty of palace intrigue would eat away at the system which is just to say that the predictable rituals of a safe bureaucracy would seem to be the ideal of most managerial players. The life they’d save would be their own.

    • I don’t agree with many of the assertions in this post, so my thread of reasoning is different. In answer to your questions, regardless, is that the elites are wicked Satanists seeking to impose the new world order on the populace.

    • Agreed. What they (with or without multiple parenthesis, depending on who lives rent-free in your head) gain, though, is to turn white against white, the point being that if even non-Leftie whites united, we would be unstoppable.

  19. There was something related to this topic over the weekend, when the media had an epic meltdown over Trump’s completely innocuous use of the phrase “blood bath”. Prior to this, we’ve been noticing signs that the ruling elites were softening somewhat to the idea of Trump. The SCOTUS ruling on state ballots being one major example.

    Most of us know that if the regime had just co-opted Trump in 2016 – and with Trump being such a peacock it would have been exceedingly easy to do – they would have had most of what they wanted with none of the headache. Instead, they threw their toys out of the crib, which in turn was modeling behavior for the puppies that serve underneath them. But this time around there appeared to be a few rays of sanity coming out of the ruling class. Well, that all ended abruptly with the carny freak out.

    The past few days I’ve been wondering why that was allowed to happen? Why didn’t the court stenographers get told to tamp down on the more psychopathic anti-Trump stuff? Given the many bizarre, rabid performances involved in this episode, I think it’s more that the media is trying to signal to their overlords that they’re still on board and will go to any lengths necessary if called upon. It’s probably an example of the true believers, the foot soldiers, letting the old guard know that they’re getting too soft and are deviating from Revolutionary Principles.

    • The regime is steadily getting sloppier as IQ declines. They have less control over their little trained minions.

    • Thank the Lord I don’t watch TV. Watching the media freak-out over a metaphor, would have made my life poorer. I don’t see how folks can watch TV on a regular and maintain sanity or not become hysterical.

      Life is disturbing enough. Why pump visual and aural sewage into one’s house?

        • I disagree a bit. Someone has to keep up with the latest moves of the opposition. One way or another, you must have such knowledge as independent as possible from second and third hand accounts. But I do agree that one needs to stop such activity when it becomes too demoralizing or takes too much time from productive activities. I do not know where the “balance” lies.

          • Right. I like to keep up with the NYT and CNN and MSNBC to keep abreast with the Enemy, but I can’t bring myself to follow the ones ostensibly on our side. It’s just too depressing.

          • I stand corrected. It’s not at all depressing to read about cucks claiming to speak for me.

            (Not you, @Compsci.) Whomever thought that cucks were, I don’t know, jocund, maybe?

  20. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Bourgeois Minoritarianism

  21. “The question that never comes up in any serious way is why the ruling class spends so much time manufacturing these perversions of reality. Why do these bourgeois people who rule over us embrace bizarre social fads when it is clear they would not incorporate them in their daily lives..”

    I submit that this question is both asked and answered exhaustively.

    The Rulers are Gnostic/ Luciferean/ Satanic (the terms overlap but the underlying deification does not. One could also include the practitioners of Kabbalah in this list) Ignoring this component of their Rule only leads to endless navel gazing like this essay, and goes nowhere. These “fads” are inversions of the Natural Order, and serve to strip humanity of any defense to be found in obedience to God and His decrees.

    The hierarchy is compartmentalized, like all Mystery religions and secret societies. The Rulers, the real ones who wield genuine power, are at the apex– a small coterie who direct things from on high to serve their own aims and purposes. Those in lower levels of the Compartmentalization Pyramid are not made privy to the true goals they are helping to bring about; these are the Claudine Gays mentioned in the essay. They are simple materialists, easily controlled by means of their lusts and passions. The Claudine Gays enact the orders they receive in order to go on indulging their appetites: status, power (as they perceive it), wealth, luxury, etc.etc. Such people have no more notion than a table lamp that there is any deeper agenda in play. Indeed, their very unawareness is what makes them such excellent foot soldiers for the wicked cabal that rules over us. Useful Idiots, and so on.

    You do not need thousands of people who are “in on it”. You only need thousands of people who are deliberately kept in the dark about a few key elements, and lied to (by commission and especially by omission) about the goals of the organization (see: Scientology, which is also modeled on the ancient Mystery school compartmentalization).

    Again, attempts to understand what is going on in the world that do not take this as their starting point are aimless shadow boxing. It’s like asking why the water in the trough is hard while ignoring the fact that water freezes.

    Conspiracy theory? These Rulers are increasingly emerging from the shadows and openly announcing their allegiance ( see: the ritual that opened the Gotthard Tunnel is Europe). The symbolism is everywhere, as is the moral sewer they are creating before our very eyes.

    The goal is a One World Government ruling over hapless, helpless slaves. The goal is the Tower of Babel 2.0. The war is entirely spiritual, and the battles can only be usefully understood in that context.

    • Perhaps this could be described as 21st century version of 1st century Gnosticism?

      • If one can admit that the Gnostics were basically correct, that Daniel had corrupted the savant Zoaroaster’s more accurate model of two Gods into contradictory One God triumphalism.

        Shiva and Vishnu, as the ancient Aryans would have it.
        The earthbound can hear only Shiva, the God in the greenhouse, the Composter and Fermenter layer; whereas neocortex Whites can hear the singing of another, of Creation, of the powers that we anthropomorphize as the Maker, outside the greenhouse.

    • >>>”The goal is a One World Government ruling over hapless, helpless slaves.”

      This is the same goal as any sect of Abrahamists, including members of the Noahide crowd and nationalists like David Ben-Gurion, who rejected his ancestors’ theocratic superstition but not the motive for preaching it. Your complaint originates from your fear that your sect will be permanently smothered, which is what everyone ought to support anyway.

      >>>”The Rulers are Gnostic/ Luciferean/ Satanic”

      This would make them creationists, like you, and that mess is basically Abrahamic. (Yes, you and the Satanist are alike, though we can regard the Satanist as a symptom of a bigger problem.) The tunnel ritual was probably just a stunt to tweak fearful people by throwing some more dust into their eyes. Whether or not the participants themselves understood this is another matter.

      • The tunnel thing is unknown outside of dissident circles like this one. It was not widely propagated, was completely ignored by the msm, thus it was not intended to signal anything. I conclude that it was a genuine expression of…. something.

    • Whether it ‘s a Satanic cult with a direct purpose, or a loose system with emergent properties (as Zman has argued before), we see it from “below” the same way and suffer the same consequences.

      But you make a great point and the antidote would be different depending on the cause.

    • Agrees To See: At this point they are just rubbing people’s noses in it, and taking pleasure in doing so. It’s akin to the bullies subjecting their victims to swirlies. I have not studied ‘systems’ and have no familiarity with the specialized vocabulary or theories, and I found it difficult to ascertain Zman’s main point today. I don’t agree that people like Claudine Gay are insecure in their position; envy and resentment and hatred are pretty clear motivations to me.

      The whole belief system represents a rejection of and challenge to God. They genuinely are Luciferian in their beliefs and goals. They think they are akin to gods, and entitled to be God. Amazon’s 2nd headquarters under construction in Virginia is much closer to the original than the EU headquarters building – as I said, they no longer feel the need for pretense and are now just rubbing people’s noses in it.

      • Oh so this will be Amazon City A. This is interesting because it is 2030. Amazon will be the landlord and it will apportion who can rent a business space (by racial apportionment of course) – or just be the sole vendor.

        Also, autonomous vehicles will never work outside of a fully controlled environment, so they get to control it and thus make autonomous vehicles a viable technology. Of course, their city will, thanks to the ESG/Green-Energy political patronage system, probably not only be tax excempt, but collect taxes and subsidies for being fully, “sustainable.”

        Very interesting. I wonder what their criminal justice system will look like.

      • Ja, I saw an image in a recent ZeroHedge article of the projected Amazon headquarters, and the very first thought I had was that it is a spitting image of traditional artistic representations of the Tower of Babel; i.e., a concretization of the aapiration forbidden by God, the striving to think oneself equivalent to gods, storming Heaven. And how very appropriate for someone such as Bezos to posture/LARP in this way.

      • Good points. I’m still undecided about Claudine Gay – she didn’t impress me as having the intellect to know what’s going on. And she would be tossed under the bus for any reason or none at all. And again, too dim to realize it. IMO, either your explanation or Zman’s fits the facts at hand.

        But either way, Satanic influence is not only consistent, but somewhere between likely and certain.

        • A smart city as a visible temple to the Power?!!

          A triumph monument beckoning to some, a scourge and viper’s den to others. Remarkable.

          My own opinion is that this is one of the Zman’s best; he describes why the System tends towards permanent revolultionary committees, why the Grim and Determined always get down to the truly important work of denouncing each other.

          This appeal to authority insulates and sustains the Top class on the one hand; on the other, the energies spent to contain the ferment eventually will exhaust the Reign with incompetence, Nature’s amoral balance achieving ecological homeostasis.

          • Sorry. Simply put, Evil cannot last, although it is trying damned hard to do so. To lock itself into a self-sustaining ummah, a cyborg Body of true believers.

          • Didn’t follow the point of your previous comment, but, yeah, Evil is self-defeating, though it does have its day.

    • Why do these bourgeois people who rule over us embrace bizarre social fads when it is clear they would not incorporate them in their daily lives..”

      The main goal is to humiliate and show who has the power. The Covid rules were a prime example of this.

    • This! and they want a lot less of us slaves. no sense in have a bunch who just do things for other slaves, like small businessmen.

    • Absolutely spot-on. The masses have been carefully and deliberately trained to dismiss the supernatural and spiritual since the Enlightenment (an entirely Luciferian project).

      This woman’s analyses of the culture and the machinations of Our Betters are absolutely BRILLIANT:

      The symbolism is there, openly, in everything they do.
      H.G. Wells (33rd Degree Freemason) admits in God The Invisible King that Lucifer is his god. Blavatsky (intelligence asset), the same. The Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Trust, which runs the faith room at the UN, I believe. The entire New Age movement is a Luciferian deception:

  22. This is a good piece. I have often wondered why Soros is so driven to destroy America. I realized Soros is old, and maybe weak. It’s likely jealous nonentities at the helm of his trust destroying America.

    • Soros is an “evil puppet” frontman. He is a red shield banker stooge and middle management.

      • Darn tootin’. Somebody made sure he got settlement of his naked shorts of the British pound and the Thai baht. Dude got paid so he could take his winnings and continue the war.

        • Gates/Musk even Einstein/Tesla (a patent everyday)

          all frontmen for ancient knowledge and the moneychangers rolled out a retarded inverted obsolescence ponzi scheme

          Rule the seas rule the “GDP”

        • Ancient middlemen disclosure is allowed.

          Why do ppl hate those ppl?

          They are management for the real power homie.

          • What SS card? Lost mine probably 20 years ago. Can you say the same?

            Had a financial planner ask me the last 5 of “my” ssn a couple weeks back. I had no clue. Does anyone memorize that shit?

  23. We can’t rewind, we’ve gone too far. Now the video star is dead too!

    All too plausible, I’m afraid. The influx of women to the managerial space has produced an replacement of leadership with emoting. Even the guys are doing it now. The other day, our faggot faced prime minister – Turdo La Doo – was fishing for sympathy because he is taking a hiding from the conservatives and the electorate. He says he wants to quit every day because his job is so hard.

    I can’t believe it. He wants to foist a huge carbon tax on the people – and his scheme is to grab $1500.00 ~ $2100.00 of your income, go save the environMINT… and then give half of it back as a rebate. Anyone that objects to this awesome plan that “ackshually gives money back to the people” is a climate denying nazi.

    Emote. Emote. Emote. Women respond to it. And weak men will dance to their tune seeking their approval.

    The only problem with it is that I am now getting disgruntled and angry too. And I’d be happier than a pig in the mud if these idiots want to escalate this beyond name calling…

    • There’s a reason Theatre kids like Trudeau were thrown into lockers in better times. Harsh, but there was a reason for this hierarchy.

    • Yea but they won’t because why would they need too…Their plans are coming to fruition with direct confrontation…As long as the economy holds things will continue to go downhill because most but a very few are still too comfortable and don’t want to upset their daily routine…

  24. > The elites can still utter, “He’s not our sort”, but the reason is morality rather than bloodline.

    The first time I heard a corporation explicitly say this was when an executive at Google said how important it was not only that someone was talented, but also had a “Googley” personality, in other words, know how to conform to the massive bureaucratic and moral machine that operated in their company. It basically guarantees an organization of cogs as opposed to people with agency, which is why their products are so horrible. If you stifle the talented 20% that does 80% of the work, and the elite 2% that does most of the innovation, you have a walking corpse.

    At the company I work in, they figured out there were 5 or so elite engineers that they could give a hard problem to and just let them go H.A.M. The good but not elite engineers are under slightly stricter rules but still far more lax that before, and the lower performers were let go. Before, everyone suffocated under process and management. It took the company almost going under for things to get here, but the fight for survival always creates a new rulebook.

    • Bingo. A few years ago I briefly left my BWC for another BWC (black worship center) and one of the things that made me almost immediately quit and go back to my current place of worship was the constant use of the word “family”. Despite there being a chief people officer who openly hated white males and loved blacks (she was white btw), the constant “you’re now one of us” cult shit really creeped me out. Working in tech for 25 years I’ve learned that you are not part of anything. You will be laid off in a heartbeat if need be. With that aside, I don’t want to be in a cult when I go to work. I just want to be able to do my job and be left alone.

      • When one of the financial firms I worked for was taken over by Wells Fargo we immediately became “team members” – I couldn’t believe it.

        • McKinsey used to (c.2004) encourage it’s drones to refer to one another as “Firm Members.”
          Firm Members – I kid you not!

          (Dear Diary – this place is weirder than I was told: people are forever going about calling one another hadrons…)

          • A couple decades before that, the HR morons at a bank I worked for tried to get us all to call each other “Partner.” Being a smartypants I asked if I was a Limited or General Partner and what was my ownership percentage.

            But the best reaction was from a crusty old timer who said that the only time he wanted to hear “partner” was after “Howdy”.

          • Our current chief diversity Shaniqua has forced us to call each other “colleagues”.

      • It’s time for the Zman to bring back his classic on how women turn every corporation into an African village matriarchy.

      • Being left alone was never an option for long term…Sure for a short while you can be in a position to be left alone but sooner or later they will get to you…

  25. Hmmm that’s a complicated theory. If you take spiteful mutants and witches running amok (Ed Dutton), female shittests (gamers), bioleninism (not sure who) of losers rising due to the system and losers’ propensity to be traitors and powerful outsiders’ perpetual insecurities and obvious diverging loyalties, you get something that seems consistent with the observed cluster F. Perhaps also complicated but most component parts such as female shittests and outsiders issues can be empirically verified (and those two are certainly valid). That’d be my sketch theory

    • Weak men because strong bad, good bad, next life is life and this one death. Yearning for The End.

  26. Z blending Marx and Nietzsche. Good stuff!

    Let’s see, an alienated managerial elite that sees itself as a hated minority and projects its perceived condition on the masses, as a slave revolt.

    “Their embrace of degeneracy is, in effect, a slave revolt against a system that is spiritually eviscerating.”

    Slaves to what, or whom?

    • “The slave revolt in morality begins when ressentiment itself becomes creative and gives birth to values: the ressentiment of beings denied the true reaction, that of the deed, who recover their losses only through an imaginary revenge. Whereas all noble morality grows out of a triumphant yes-saying to oneself, from the outset slave morality says ‘no’ to an ‘outside,’ to a ‘different,’ to a ‘not-self’: and this ‘no’ is its creative deed.”

      • “the ressentiment of beings denied the true reaction, that of the deed, who recover their losses only through an imaginary revenge.”

        It’s all fake and gay. Revenge of the (elite) Nerds lol. And Satan is defeated, left to deception. Depends on everybody pretending along. More easily reversed than supposed, if people would stop playing the game.

  27. I think another feature of our current societal structure and ‘elite’ is that, while they may be functionally skill-less in the sense that they’re not competent at Doing, Making, or Creating, their skills lie in striving.

    It’s one long chain of strivers trying to get to the top. The most important thing is to be useful to your manager and so on up the chain. A good striver is always looking up to see what will be useful to those above and a great striver is able to leapfrog.

    In that regard, it’s like a world wide episode of “Real Housewives of…” everyday, for keeps. All the back biting, kind to your face, and scheming is just strivers striving. You’re either useful or not, don’t stand on principle or worry about being effective at any purpose – just make sure your superiors dictums are pushed down below.

    With the focus solely on being useful, no regard is put on what the system below can do, will bear, or if it’s good for it or not. Don’t like EV’s? Too bad. DIE causing plane crashes? Doesn’t matter to the top. Great replacement? Boss at Tyson got a cost saving bonus.

  28. This didn’t convince me Z.

    I think there are different roles in Managerialism. Since FDR and in hyperdrive since the 60s Revolution has been an ever increasing number of sinecures. These sinecures rely upon synthetic areas of non-study and anti-inquiry and a portfolio of degrees in adjective-before-once-traditional-area-of-inquiry. These people believe this stuff. The sinecures pay them very good money to take them seriously. They are ambitious and get paid and promoted to push these gospels.

    They are competing with one another. Moreover the synthetic sinecures and its patronage system are valueless other than as a political machine. The sinecures know this and become ever harsher and ever more able to look out and protect the pay that is the difference between a life of all-inclusive resort vacations and first-class flights and a life riding spinners in DeQuoncey’s ride when you happen to be his house-bitch of the month.

    The wine mom sinecures are protecting the difference between a life in a neighborhood adjacent to DeQuoncey and kids getting savaged by his kids and a life in a fancy suburb without any of the problems of, “diversity.”

    The spite exists for many reasons. If you were a parasite in a world where an electrician is far smarter and as wealthy as you you would be filled with spite and anger and desperate to flash your status card.

    That the highest status is to be anti-white is another matter that needs to be addressed.

    • Sorry, but up until Clinton or Baby Bush, “civil service” carried a smaller paycheck in exchange for higher job security.

      If you want to date the sinecure problem to then, or maybe more correctly, Obama, I agree.

  29. “Claudine Gay, the former head of Harvard College, never saw herself as part of the elite, despite the position, because she has always had a boss, someone with control over her. Even as Harvard president she had to kowtow to the billionaire donors that fund the college.”

    Claudine Gay was a house nogger and everyone knew it. The rest of the “managerial elite” is likewise composed of office boys, errand boys, and court jesters. For true power, which is exercised beyond the limelight and in the shadows, look elsewhere.

    “For normal people, fear of losing a job or looking bad to your peers is a motivation to conform to expectations.”

    What really matters is the ability to keep up one’s mortgage payments, car payments, and health care insurance. The so-called US middle class is caught in the vice of a barren, hollowed-out and financialised economy, and if their master’s degrees don’t translate into a steady job they are well and truly screwed. This is arguably the single most important factor in making middle-class people meek and docile conformists, eager to please, eager to bend over and get shafted, eager to go along with every half-assed social fad coming from on high.

    “This also breeds resentment of those below the elite level. It is clear that a key motivation behind these degenerate social fads is spite.”

    The social fads are coming from the shadows. Nancy Pelosi is the Mouth of Sauron but not Sauron himself.

    Ibn Khaldun’s argument was that the more primitive the society, the more authentic the people were, and the more vigor the people had *as* a people (he called this group solidarity “asabiyyah”). You can see this vividly portrayed in Villeneuve’s recent film “Dune 2” (the author Frank Herbert was much influenced by Ibn Khaldun). In other words, what we see today is the decadence of a senescent civilization that has reached the end of its days.

    • “What really matters is the ability to keep up one’s mortgage payments, car payments, and health care insurance.”

      Once one is inside that hamster cage, escape requires earnings-productive capital. Without it, the wheel will keep spinning till the hamster has a wild-hair moment or the master stops feeding him. My guess is that hamster is plenty resentful, assuming he’s self-aware.

      • They’ve castrated themselves to get into the emperors court, but the emperor forces them to keep what they’ve lost in a jar to ensure they constantly know their place.

    • Great points. Economic stress has just broken the middle class. The culture has broken “asibiyya” by breaking the family and religion. The managers have done this to cement their place in the hierarchy.

  30. This would definitely account for the competition to see who can be the most anti-racist human in existence. I wish (in vain) for some light at the end of this multicultural tunnel.

  31. I have to disagree with Zman on this one.

    The reason the weirdness is being celebrated is because the liberals are trying to wrench society into their vision of the ideal culture. They may not have weirdness in their own life, but they genuinely like seeing it around them.

    Think of it this way: if you’re a fan of UFC cage fighting, you like to see the brutality. That doesn’t mean you’d like to climb in the cage yourself.

    For the Starbucks latte-drinking elite, support for perversity is just good clean fun. And in their minds, it helps society greatly.

      • zman: What is “elite” all depends on one’s place on the social ladder. I don’t drink coffee, but find various people’s preferences on bean, blend, grind, and brewer type to be pretentious and funny as f*ck. Just read some rote teotwawki fiction where the newly-rich protagonist exults in drinking Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee as a signifier of wealth and taste, LOL.

        • The only reason elites do not go to Starbuck’s is because they have minions to do that for them.

          What I first experienced 35 years ago in the movie L.A. Story has gone from a joke to a lifestyle to a moral imperative, even for America’s pre-eminent STEM geekery.

          I recently had the opportunity to speak with a non-American scientist responsible for logistics at international academic conferences. We’re talking real heavy hitters, not nerds from silo colleges. This individual wanted to know what had happened to Americans, had they gone crazy? I assumed they were talking about Trump. Or Biden. Or Gaza. Or something like that.

          But no.

          Apparently even our best and brightest have become a global joke amongst STEM-ers. Because the main consideration now at these conferences is not who will be invited, who will present what and when, or even something truly important, like the quality of the hotel bar. No, the real work goes into trying to accomodating all of the Americans’ dietary restrictions and requirements (veganism, anti-glutenism, nut allergies, etc).

          Now that I have got that off my chest, I will send my assistant for a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon.

          • Make sure it’s made with only pure glacier water!
            And sustainably harvested indigenous beans paid for under fair equity representation.

        • Last time I went to the St. Pats parade in Chicago, probably 20 years ago, people mocked me for my choice to drink “Ripple” coffee. Stuff you keep inside a brown paper bag.

          Of those I’ve kept in touch with, I’m the only one with well-adjusted kids, I’m one of two still married to the same girl

    • I understand the response (as Z Man has raised this topic), but the time is soon approaching when we need to put all of these parlor psychology games on the shelf where they belong. “Why are they celebrating weirdness?” “Are they stupid, or is this a scheme?” “Do they really intend to carry through on DEI all the way, or is it just a cover for their own ambition?”

      Who cares at this point? Seriously? Why does anyone care what these people are “thinking?” Look at what they’re *doing.* Look. Look again. Look AGAIN. Do NOT retreat back into the philosophy conference room to outline “why they’re doing that.” ENOUGH.

      • It’s worthwhile to understand why they are doing it so that you can evaluate whom you can trust.

        If you think that our elites are Luciferian then you will ally with black Christians. Which would be stupid.

        • Absolutely, Line, we have to try to predict where the next frontal assault will come. We’re in a fighting retreat at the moment, until we can muster our cells.

          Identifying the enemy’s weak points, and our own vulnerabilities, will guide us to being more effectively pro-active.

    • I don’t know about that XLove –

      I have an older sister whom I despise. She lives in a very wealthy, Jewish suburb in New Jersey. Every house (including hers) has the ridiculous sign that says how no human is illegal, love is love, and black lives matter. I’ve been to the neighborhood. You have to look far and wide to find a single POC. There’s not even any pajeets. It’s all jews (minus a few White folks). These people would be outraged if some joggers moved in and their kids started robbing houses. You can bet they’d use their power and influences to have them “removed” from the neighborhood.

      • Well the enemy isn’t going to make himself weaker, he is going to reserve that for you and me…White People have to wise up to the fact we are at War already and have been for some time or we will be extinguished…

  32. “Managerialism, in contrast, has a value system that is in conflict with the requirements of the managerial elite. It is this internal and unresolvable contradiction that leads the elite to attack their own system.”

    So they are having trouble getting Travarious, Shaniqua and Ibrahim to perform as expected? I think that white girl with the shaved head and the “girl power/lesbian” tattoos might be a problem as well.

    • I do not think there care about Travarious, Shaniqua and Ibrahim at all, other than they are a useful weapon to lash out at the masses.

      • Who cares if they care. What difference will it make if they (a) do or (b) do not? Does the answer change anything I should be doing right at this moment? Nope.

        Let this be the last “What are the Lefties *Really* Thinking? 10 Questions to Ask your Local SJW” edition of Dissident Vogue (April 2024) ever.

      • Yup. This is the best explanation of the proliferation, if not the origin, of the woke mind virus. For the managers it is not about their client pets. It’s about annoying the oligarchs they must serve, who don’t give a shit either, but just want to preserve and augment their power.

        Woke as a managerial-oligarchic conflict vector. My mind is blown. Well done, Z.

        • It really is a magnificent whitepill.
          After all, we want our enemies to attack each other, right?

      • Zman, it is all divide et impera: divide and rule. From Open Border$ to Drag Queen Story Hour, from promote-feminism to DIE, it is all about divide and rule. Keep everyone on the lower rungs at each others’ throats, and the elite hold onto . . . power.

        • Auntie Analogue: “Open Border$”

          Elon highlighted an immigration vidya today, and when I sat down to watch it about 30 minutes ago, it had 51 MILLION views.

          Then when I refreshed the page just now, it had 52 MILLION views.

          Those numbers dwarf even Rush Limbaugh’s ratings, back in the day.

          Here’s the video:

          Rush Limbaugh only pulled in about 20 million viewers per week.

          Whereas Elon is now pulling in 50 million viewers per day [and on the most important topic of our era].

          The Council of the Sanhedrin must be furious about this.

  33. There needs to be a slave revolt alright, but one that wipes out degeneracy and those who embrace and promote it.


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