The End Of the Line

In his farewell address, George Washington cautioned against the habitual hatred or the habitual fondness toward other nations. The former is easily understood, as hatred for other countries can lead to wars that are against the interest of the people. The latter is less well understood. Having strong relations with another country seems like a good thing, but if taken too far it can easily lead to compromises that harm the people and also create animosities with other countries.

If your country is predisposed to trade with Country A under favorable terms, but not with Country B, the latter is going to assume this is due to some animosity and maybe consider you to be a hostile adversary. On the other hand, the friends of Country A will naturally assume they deserve the same consideration as Country A. The adversaries of Country A, of course, will naturally assume you to be their enemy. When a country makes an ally, it assumes the ally’s enemies.

This was the crux of Washington’s message. relations with other countries must always be measured against the yardstick of national interest. A temporary alliance with another country is good business if it is good for the people and it does not bring with it long term complications with other countries. Open-ended alliance by definition will bring long term complications, which is why they must be avoided. This is where the phrase “entangling alliances” originates.

We may be seeing this play out with the open-ended relations America has had with Israel for the last half century. Both political factions in Washington find themselves lashed to an Israel government committed to a policy in Gaza that most of the world sees as a genocide of the Palestinians. The defenders of Israel will dispute this, but that does not alter the political problem for Washington. Most of the world opposes American support for Israel’s continued attacks on Gaza.

Last October, both factions in Washington were tripping over one another to show limitless support for Israel. Then the growing Muslim population in the United States, imported by the two factions in Washington, started to rebel against the Democrat side with protests and boycotts. The Republican side found that their voters were not all that interested in this project. In fact, there is a growing anti-Israel faction developing within the populist grassroots of the Republican coalition.

That may be why Chuck Schumer just gave a speech condemning Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, demanding new elections in Israel. This is something that was thought impossible six months ago. The Israel lobby’s lock on both parties is such that no one would have dared speak out this way. Clearly, concerns about the impact on the coming election in places like Michigan is part of it. Schumer is trying to split the Israel lobby by isolating and attacking Netanyahu.

Joe Lieberman was quick to condemn Schumer for his “attacks” on Israel. Amusingly, Lieberman is defending the grotesque double standard applied in favor of Israel by claiming that Schumer is not applying the same standard to other countries like Ukraine and Britain that he is applying Israel. Of course, Donald Trump, hopelessly trapped in the last century, is attacking Schumer thinking this pleases his base and it will get Israel money flowing his way.

The trouble for both sides of the political class is exactly what Washington warned against in his farewell address. This open-ended commitment to Israel creates unnecessary enemies and strains necessary alliances. The most important country in the region is not Israel, but Saudi Arabia. Support for Israel in this war in Gaza may be the final nail in the coffin for this long profitable relationship. The petrodollar is the cornerstone of American hegemony around the world.

For a long time, this open-ended relationship with Israel was sustainable because the United States was the lone superpower. Everyone had to do business with the Americans, even if they did not like it. The Saudis needed American protection and financial support, so they had to turn a blind eye to the Israel problem. The rest of the Arab world saw what American power could do in Iraq and to Iran and wanted no part of that, so they looked the other way as well.

The world is quickly changing, and this open-ended relationship is now becoming another liability for the American empire. In fact, Israel is making Washington look feeble by refusing to back off their war in Gaza. The rest of the world sees a pipsqueak country leading a supposed superpower around by the nose. In other words, this is not just bad for business in the Middle East. Washington’s Israel problem is becoming a global embarrassment for the American empire.

This is the problem with empire. Empires function as protection rackets, which means defending weaker powers. Those weaker powers, however, must be tightly controlled or otherwise they will pick fights that must be fought by the empire. We got the Second World War largely due to Britain making an open-ended commitment to Poland, which went out of its way to pick fights with Russia and Germany. Israel is now threatening to start a wider war unless it is allowed to wipe out Gaza.

It is also a great example of what Washington warned against. The habitual fondness for Israel has made America a slave to the policy preferences of Israel. Worse yet, it has institutionalized foreign lobbying in Washington. One reason politicians care more about foreign countries than America is it is far more lucrative. Our “friend” Israel is happy to shower your representative with cash if he puts the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of you and your community.

Washington wrote, “The nation which indulges toward another an habitual hatred or an habitual fondness is in some degree a slave.” America has been a slave to Israel for a long time, but even a slave will revolt when his survival is at stake. That may be what we are seeing with the Schumer speech. This open-ended relationship with Israel is threatening American hegemony in the world. Having the most Jewish man in America give this speech was a signal that the slaves are about to revolt.

In the end, this Gaza affair may be the bridge too far. Americans are sickened by the footage and offended by the defense of it. Now the elites are fearing that this affair could undermine their position. Once the politicians see that there is no penalty for opposing this stuff, then the whole arrangement will begin to unravel. Israel’s control over Washington and the public debate over this relationship may have reached a tipping point and may no longer be tolerable.

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215 thoughts on “The End Of the Line

  1. I don’t think the petrodollar is as important as it once was. It was the corner stone but now the structure is built. SWIFT is up and the dollar is ubiquitous. We don’t need Saudi Arabia to force the world to use dollars. They use dollars because all the systems are there to perform the functions they need to perform in dollars, and no other currency can do that job.

    The question is; what are going to do to screw that up? However, there is another consideration. The needs of Americans do not necessarily align with the needs of the world, and the dollar cannot fulfill both at once, and one will lose. This has always been the problem of a national currency being reserve currency.

  2. Z; I have deployed 0 zero times for Israel, I deployed at least Twice for Saudi Arabia, aka Desert Storm and OIF (Iraqi Freedom). The 🇺🇸🩸 was for oil, not Jews.

    The official US Foreign Policy for Israel since last April is One State Solution, here’s Foreign Policy the magazine for the CFR / Council on Foreign Relations telling Israel to give the Palestinians the Vote last April. That’s Israel’s destruction ala South Africa, although it would really be the Belgian Congo. Israel is supposed to DIE. Bibi is just refusing. So are the Israelis. This is the real Israel lobby.

    This is what the Israeli Supreme Court fight was about. The Israeli Supreme Court is to give the Palestinians the vote. The actual powerful Israeli lobby wants Israel to surrender and become a combination Syria and Congo overnight. The US liberal rich Jews like Wexner bought the Israeli liberals the last 30 years. This is why the Israeli Left has only a handful of seats.

    Far from powerful the Israeli lobby that hasn’t been co-opted is very weak, just enough to stave off Bibi as Somoza so far. We’re 🇺🇸 betraying them to destruction, as we have so many others.
    That’s what America does. This is all we have done since 1945. We’re even betraying Europe now, just in stages. Betrayal is all the American Imperialists have to offer.

    And no I’m not Jewish or a Zionist. Our only American interest is to stop betraying everyone domestic and foreign, in this case the inability of the DC system to decide either betray Israel or get Trump/MAGA : they tried to do both and are losing America and their hated rival.

    IF you knew anything about the American Foreign Policy personnel you’d know they’re in the Saudi and Gulf Arab’s pockets, not the Jews.

    The Israelis by the way aren’t Jews as we know them, the Jews we know are American… and happily sold out their own…
    Except HAMAS screwed it all up.

  3. Important to keep in mind the big political realignment that is going on, and that accelerated in 2016.

    Democrats are the brown party. The geezers are barely holding on at this point. As they die off, the next gen is browner and much more stupid. That is going to further cleave the country on racial lines. So-called Hispanics are slowly assimilating, and they are evolving in ways Democrats did not expect. Hence the panic waves of illegals to try and overwhelm the system. If allowed to assimilate gradually, they’ll break 50-50.

    The GOP has a worse problem. Their rejection by voters is staggering. Johnson has turned out to be every bit the fink Z predicted. (I had my doubts, but figured he deserved a chance. He chose fink.). Trump just wiped out 10 years of eGOP scheming like he was cleaning a drop of mayonnaise off the kitchen table. They just pushed all their chips onto the table with a pair of 3’s and lost to a guy holding a straight flush. These clowns now say they won’t vote for Trump and they are being told in no uncertain terms “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.” The GOP as we know it likely doesn’t exist after this election.

    MAGA is better off forming its own party. The GOP has so thoroughly debased itself – they helped pass the green new deal, for example – that the party organization itself might not be able to self finance soon. Their donor rolls have collapsed. Only Trump is keeping them afloat.

    That great political realignment is still playing out. Politics doesn’t end just because elections are fake. Chuck Schumer is just play acting the usual Democrat garbage. What’s going on behind the scenes is white Democrats getting overrun by diversity and the GOP being lit on fire by its base voters.

    The Israel crap is a side show distraction combined with the usual money laundering.

    • The white exodus from blue states is real. That’s why the illegals are mostly being settled in blue states. So they don’t lose their house representation and electoral college votes. They already cheated on the 2020 census, NY and IL are overrepresented and FL and TX under. But with the influx of illegals the false numbers are made true.

      Some percentage of the post Trump invasion ramp-up is motivated by TDS. Because the Orange Hitler is against illegal immigration, turning it up to 11 must be the moral and right thing to do.

  4. A reply to daBears and Wolf Barney below, re daBears “Despite the massive imbalance of forces in Israel’s favor, heritage Americans believe the Israelis are the under dogs.”

    In 1967, despite the triumph of a successful bear-baiting and subsequent attack and defeat of their Arab neighbors, the world wasn’t loving Israel enough.
    How to win the love of the U.S.?

    A New York public relations firm was hired for $10 million; after a year of surveys and research, the answer came back: America loves plucky underdogs.

    Therefore, Israel, you must become the plucky underdog, the beaten-down victim, and not the colonialist oppressor…and the Holo myth suddenly appeared in the 1968 Encyclopedia Brittanica, where no entry for it had ever been before.

    By 1976 there was a tv movie special starring Meryl Streep which appeared on German television. It had staffed phone banks and a number listed so the perplexed viewers could call in to get their questions answered, because the German viewers had never heard of this “Holocaust” event until this time.

    • No, no, I take this back somewhat; the p.r. firm was hired by the Arab League, and the Palestine Liberation Organization was born with Soviet-trained Yasir Arafat as its spokesman.

      Forgive me, my bias is speaking; a plague on both their houses.
      Although the Israel statements are true, the Palestinians were also told that they, too, must be a plucky underdog to win sympathies within the Soviet UN bloc and anti-war Europeans.

      Both were engaged in invoking different versions of the same story, I don’t know which jumped the lede first.

      Either that was a case of opportunistic double-billing by enterprising p.r. salespeople, or the small Manhatten ad community was gossiping with itself.

      (I do note that the Arab League did not get their own billet in the Encyclopedia, nor a Hollywood produced tv movie, despite T.E. Lawrence of Arabia, and the Palestinian Mandate territory.

      It turns out Balfour, at the direction of Lord Rothschild, had made the same promise of alliance to both Jewish financiers and Arab oil sheiks to win their cooperation away from the Ottoman-friendly Germans and their competing railroad network, as well as versus the Havarra Transfer program into an Ottoman millet 15 years later. Hitler built Israel, not the British Crown, nor the French Republic, which had split Syria Palestina in two halves in 1924 under Sykes-Picot authority.)

  5. I hope I am wrong, but I am pretty sure Zman is underestimating how important Israel is to ‘American’ jews.

  6. Israel may be looking for ways to ditch the U.S. as a liability since U.S. hegemony is coming to an end and the dollar may soon be dethroned as king. If Israel can make itself useful to the new pan-Asian hegemon, that’s where Israel’s future may lie. The Palestinians are the darlings of progressive America and the alt-righters that have it in for the Jews, not so much Israel’s Arab neighbors who may have little desire for the Persian Shia to gain purchase, via their Hamas/Hezbollah proxy, in their contest with Arab Sunni’s. Israel can look to position itself as the Taiwan of West Asia, let the others battle it out. What we in the media-driven West respond to are optics, and we interpret George Washington’s comments in that light.

  7. Schumer’s demand for Netanyahu’s ouster is an Israeli internecine conflict wrapped in an American delusion. It is another manifestation of the Israeli protests over the latter’s judicial reforms, as the Israeli courts are the last bastion of Ashkenazi political control in that country. American Jews in positions of power are decidedly Ashkenazi in their sensibilities. Netanyahu, despite his own background, represents the Sephardi/Mizrahi Jewish body politic. The American delusion comes into play in that faced with an unwinnable situation abroad, maybe even a defeat, the solution is always to try and overthrow the leader of your opponent, since whoever replaces them is sure to be more amenable to your wishes. In fact, behind Netanyahu are a lot of potential Israeli leaders even more opposed to any sort of accommodation with the Palestinians than he is. His replacement (like Putin’s in Russia) would likely be a whole lot worse from an American perspective. As usual, America is stuck with the losers and will probably win the booby prize again (i.e. refugees).

  8. It is not just Arab/Muslim voters in Michigan. It is the far-left base of the Regime.

    At the Gay Superbowl, producer/director Jonathon Glazer (“Zone of Interest”) in his Oscar acceptance speech blasted his own ((())) and sided with the Gazans and declared his solidarity with Gaza and called the State of ((())) evil and successors to Yatzhee. His movie btw was about a Commander and his family adjacent to the “zone of interest” and their ignoring the screams emanating from said place.

    Hollywood is the most anti-meritocratic place on the planet. People who consistently fail but adhere to the “message” and have the right identity prosper: Kathleen Kennedy, Leslie Hedland (former Weinstein assistant). Those who consistently make money hand over fist are merely tolerated: John Favreau, Eli Roth etc. Glazer would not have made his speech if he did not think it would advance his career greatly, which it has.

    Now various leaks indicate that the US will withhold arms to Israel particularly shells and missiles. It would not shock me to learn we are suddenly at war with Israel over Gaza, as the “protector” of Gazans with the idiot port facility being built. Which guarantees American boots on the ground fighting Israelis to “protect” Gazans and Hamas. [The two are the same.]

    The logic and emotion on the Left, which includes the great majority of ((())) in the West, demands the destruction of ((())). There is no “nuance” in global politics, which is what the dissolution of nation states in the West has left us. There is only civilizational politics. Schumer knew what he was doing which is not “nuance” but getting rid of that nation as the inevitable harvest of the Colors of Benetton.

    Sorry, quoting George Washington is like quoting a Roman Emperor. Of interest only in understanding a long vanished people and worldview. America no longer exists and has not for a very, very long time. It is just a place on the map that is a global extended stay hotel where everyone pretty much hates every other group. Washington’s advice has no bearing on what to do in the Global Holiday Inn Express when the group in the other suite wants you dead. The nation is dead, it is never coming back, it is all global tribes now.

      • Never thought I’d read a WhisKeY poast quite like that.

        And I’ve been reading WhisKeY for maybe moar than a decade.

        Is The Tribe really that sociologically schizophrenic?

        I know that Andrew Anglin has been pushing a theory that there are fault lines in Tribal unity which could be exploited to our advantage.

  9. To control the dissent, lead the dissent.

    Right from the git go, the anti gazacide protests were lead by jewish voices. Schumer has had to run out in front with his baton to lead the parade. But it’s just the old one state, two step shuffle, all the while Schumer and ilk are picking off the gazans,

    and all the while we are being picked off, right now.

    • I noticed there haven’t been any synagogues burned down or Jews murdered which seems odd given the number of angry mussulmen in this country. There might be something to the idea that the Jews are jumping in front to direct all the left wing outrage into impotent protests so they can feel like they did something.

      • Perhaps the “angry mussulmen” trope is a function of media programming. If any synagogue should have incident, the question to ask is “Whatcha doing there rabbi?”

  10. Not following the cog dis. How is it that one doesn’t care what happens over there, but also insists on calling it a genocide? Either you are indifferent or you are taking sides.

    • That seems to assume that one is required to oppose genocide everywhere, whenever and wherever it happens. Like a world policeman. It is possible to recognize genocide, which is a word with a definition, without taking sides in it.

      • Of passing interest is the very term did not exist until after WWII, and had difficulty being taken seriously when it referred to the slaughter of Poles, until they added in Jewish Poles.

        Though I guess that would explain something else I’ve wondered about. A conquered people often adopt customs or language of their overlords.

        • The term “genocide” was coined by a Jew describing the Armenian Genocide. There were many Jewish and other witnesses to the Armenian Genocide. That event, it was actually a series of genocidal events, is where the Jews got their best material in fashioning the Holohoax. Mere pograms paled in comparison and the hymies needed additional material for their schtick.

          • “Well, there is no famine.”

            -(((Maxim Litvinov)))***

            Gareth Jones’s Diary
            March, 1933


            ***aka Meier Henoch Wallach Finklestein, or somesuch; there’s disagreement amongst historians as to what his real name ackshually was, although there is agreement that he was born into a family of bankers in Poland.

    • The goal of the chosen for the palis is somewhere between what our ancestors did to the natives and what the painter is alleged to have done to the chosen.

      Call it what you want.

      Explicitly recognizing your highest loyalty clarifies these questions.

      I benefited from manifest destiny and I don’t regret it in the least.

      I see a similarity between my people now and the palis.

      There is no inconsistency, if your highest loyalty is to your people, rather than to some universal morality. As it was for most of human history.

      • There is no inconsistency, if your highest loyalty is to your people, rather than to some universal morality.

        God, family, country. No, my highest loyalty is not to “my people.”

        There is a lot between family and country, too. Community, for example. If you think I am more broken up by a death in New York than one in my own community, you are gravely mistaken, and, if it’s not the same for you, I think you need to examine your priorities.

          • That’s silly. Homos stole it. Community used to mean the local butcher shop who sponsored the Little League.

            FWIW, I do feel sorry for those of you who have never known the meaning of “community”.

        • Yep. I suppose loyalty to man takes precedence over loyalty to God.

          Do you people even listen to yourselves?

          • Generally speaking, the ethics of one’s deity and one’s community should not stand in opposition but rather should be a reflection of each other.

  11. Democrats are in danger of losing the far left side of their base due to sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians. The Speech was intended to reduce tendencies to defection by that element while at the same time isolating Trump as a zealot in favor of unrestricted support for Israel, thus offending a significant section of his base.

    • The number of non-Democrat leftists is so close to zero it should never be considered, and Democrats know this. You could count them on one hand.

      Their voters are voting for corruption, sadism, and death. They don’t have a “position” on Israel. The most Marxist Muslim on earth would vote for Schumer over the second most Marxist Muslim on earth.

  12. The tribe is weird in the sense that the more assimilated ones are democrats while the less assimilated ones are republican. With most other groups (i.e. Hispanics) it’s the opposite

    • Hmmm. Kind of a sad state of affairs if “assimilated” just means “secular” or “atheist”. But maybe that’s exactly the problem.

  13. After reading this I feel awfully entangled.

    Are you saying that the money I decided against giving to the pro-fellow white white whites at AmRen (and was instead going to give to Hamas) I should now just give directly to the fellow whites at AIPAC because that will give the fellow whites more power over the whites who represent the Empire which is oppressing me and thereby make the Empire collapse faster by getting us into a general war?

  14. What I would love to see is a one-state solution, with affirmative action and reparations for the Palestinians and mandatory anti-racism training for the Israelis, combined with an open border policy to welcome in Syrian, Afghani, and Somali refugees. Hey, if Jews think that’s all so great for White Americans, it can’t help but be wonderful for them too.

    • I would add that we need a fleet of 767s near the southern border to fly those migrant caravans directly to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Hell, we also need planes at BWI to ferry every black welfare recipient in Baltimore and Washington there too. Minnesota and the upper Midwest can provide surly Sharia fans. It can be a 50 state project just like all those defense contracts. Everybody gets to play!

  15. The quote from Washington (which was sensible enough) would only be applicable were Washington’s heirs in charge. They are not.

    Speaking of those in charge, Schumer abandon Israel or Nut and Yahoo? No. The Dems are just shoring up parts of their base who are restless in an election year.

    The Israel Lobby’s grip may be slipping, but only slightly. The U.S. is a long, long way from shedding it. Unfortunately.

  16. “The most important country in the region is not Israel, but Saudi Arabia.”

    As we all know, in a rational world, that would be true. But while KSA exports oil, crucial for normal American’s, Israel’s number one export is blackmail (Epstein’s honeytrap empire, Israelis buying up most of the world’s VPN companies, etc), avoiding which is more crucial for the survival of rich and powerful decision makers. As others have commented on, Zionists are the biggest block of political financial donors. Add to that them killing JFK for trying to stop their nuclear weapons program as well as threatening to kill Truman for opposing their theft of a nation from the Palestinians and George HW Bush for trying to force peace on them, and having a hand in 9/11 to get the American populace fired up to go after their enemies for them – and American decision makers who know all that getting the message to stay in line – and it’s clear why our foreign policy is not a rational one.

  17. I’m still wrapping my head around this being official government language

    I’m inclined to view Schumer’s speech and other such messaging from the “left’s” clouds merely as election year posturing, to shore up the base, that you wouldn’t see if this was an odd numbered year. Because I’m cynical. I’ve found I get closer to the truth that way.

  18. The Gazans are getting what they mostly deserve, when you overwhelmingly support groups that murder, rape, and kidnap concert goers you really don’t deserve to live. There is no right to exist as a bronze age, barbaric tribe that doesn’t seem to be interested in the modern world and the world is better off without these groups existing. China is right to stick Uyghur types like these people into camps, and it’s why I always laugh at normiecons who criticize the CCP for the camps. The camps are where these people belong and where they must be deprogrammed.

    • “a bronze age, barbaric tribe that doesn’t seem to be interested in the modern world that murders, rapes, and kidnaps concert goers and really doesn’t deserve to live and has no right to exist”

      Oh come on now, the world just wants the Israelis to stop genociding – calling for them to not exist is a little much.

    • “The Gazans are getting what they mostly deserve”

      I assume that you’re a white guy in LA, San Fran, or Seattle getting overrun by hispanics and replaced by asians (including indians).

      Can you feel some kinship with the palis, a people who have been out-competed and made obsolete, who strike out in futility against those who will soon snuff them out?

      It’s you too, my friend. I’m not saying you have to like the palis, I don’t, but you should appreciate the similar fates.

      • What have the Palestinians done newsworthy in the last 75 years? I mean besides kidnapping, murdering, bombing, raping…

        Is there any other group north of the Tropic of Cancer so recalcitrant to civilized behavior?

        Besides Haitians?

        • Sure. I agree that they’re the worst. I hope that I never meet one.

          But whites and palis share a similar fate.

          We don’t have to like them to recognize that.

        • Juliet – what newsworthy items have you accomplished in your miserable existence?

          • You missed the point, my man. But you did make me chuckle.

            The world would be a better place without the Palestinians.

            [It would be a poorer, more dreary, place without me].

        • Getting stripped of their homes by a central European people’s because reasons seems pretty noteworthy.

        • You are a jew. So I discount your opinion on this matter as you are hopelessly biased, and sociopathic.

          • Not a jew. Just a person who values civilized people over primitive savages and their bloodthirsty folkways.

            How have other civilizations dealt with these kind of primitives? Genocide and reservations.

            You all just don’t GET that because you have been cossetted in a country that finished genocide of its savages 150 years ago and are blinkered by hatred of the the jew.

      • Palestinians are frequently awful terrorists or support those types, Hispanics and Asians largely aren’t the same sort and I would oppose harming them. Shooting up an EDM concert (these are heavily Asian, particularly on the West coast) is unconscionable, and support for those sorts of acts is psychotic. However, I only see Muslims and the most unhinged Leftists (another religion) in support of these acts. Just because I don’t want to be flooded with Venezuelans, doesn’t mean I want to hurt them.

        The Dissident Right must understand that not all groups are equal, and some groups are so awful we are better off without them. It seems clear to me The Palestinians are unreasonable and are mostly just a violent cult (or supporters).

    • There is no right to exist as a bronze age, barbaric tribe that doesn’t seem to be interested in the modern world and the world is better off without these groups existing.

      Who says? Provided they are isolated and don’t interfere with so-called modern people, I don’t care.

      There is no right to exist as a [contemporary] age, barbaric tribe that doesn’t seem to be interested in [its past, present and future] and the world is better off without these groups existing.

      See, USA and Commonwealth countries.

      • “Provided they are isolated and don’t interfere with so-called modern people”

        Ah, there’s the rub. Assimilation and coexistence are best, but sometimes reservations and genocide are the only solution if you don’t want a hatchet in your head, or a lunatic in a powered hang-glider with an AK ruining your picnic.

    • The truth of the matter is that the Israelis and Palestinians deserve each other. Both groups are so odious in their own way that to put them together in constant conflict on some tiny strip of desert strikes me as the ultimate form of karma. This blood libel will never end and it couldn’t happen to two more deserving groups of people.

      • This is where I’m at. You have two tribes that have been stuck there because no decent country really wants them.

        Egypt, Jordan, etc don’t want the Palis. Europe settled that question 80 years ago for the Jews. Sure, there are large outposts here, but pretty much contained to costal/urban areas.

        As far as Schumer goes, when are Democrats not trying to get Bibi thrown out or put in jail? It’s barely newsworthy that Schumer gave said speech.

        Democrats are faced with a third regional war on O’Biden’s watch. Even when they don’t say it, they say it, “ANOTHER F-king war? AYFKM?!” They need a way out of this. Trump’s last-century response is actually the one solution most likely to bring peace: prosperity. Shit up, let’s all get rich together. Gaza is prime real estate. The only reason it’s a shit show is like Africa in general. Africa is like that because it’s filled with Africans. The Palis have shown no interest in making the most of it and getting rich.

        Except the ones living in towers in Qatar.

        The other problem DC has is that voters simply decided “a pox on both their houses”. It has made funding ANOTHER M.E. war a tough sell. People got two failed wars in 15 years over there. They’re uninterested in another. To some extent, Schumer’s speech is just blame-shifting. The funding is stalled because of that darn Bibi! If he were removed, money would rain again.

        In an ironic twist of fate, and twist of the knife, the biggest threat to the corrupt GAE in a century is an anti war populist carnival barker whose last stint as President had NO NEW WARS started. That’s looking very appealing to people outside the DC bubble.

        When in office, Trump successfully orchestrated a slew of bilateral peace treaties – the Abraham accords. Those were effectively ending war in the M.E. It’s a good example of how he can be “pro Israel”, but in a way that puts a fork in the mercenary wars and associated war profiteering. It is lost on NOBODY that Trump was deposed to get the revenue streams turned back on.

        The greatest gift we could all be given is the freedom to stop giving a shit about those two peoples because we’ve taken away the war profits, and they had to figure out how to behave themselves and make their situations better without our help.

        I think Gaza barely registers on people’s radar because they’re just sick of the whole thing and know we are powerless to change those people.

  19. Unbelievable that a country of only 7 million has about 100 nuclear weapons with sophisticated delivery systems, won’t sign any non-proliferation treaties, and has an openly stated policy that they’ll independently trigger a extinction level global thermonuclear war if they don’t get their way…

    And they’re our “greatest ally” instead of a pariah state that should be treated like a leper.

    (Other than that, they’re great though)

      • NK isn’t a real threat to their neighbors. Unlike Israel they don’t bomb neighbors just for sport.

      • When Israel starts launching ballistic missiles over Europe into the North Atlantic and keeping their own people in such abject misery that the entire population is on the brink of starvation, they will have achieved North Korea status.

        A quick reminder of what North Korea looks like, flanked by China and South Korea.

        PRK is a giant gulag.

        We shouldn’t soft shoe that nightmare just to score points against Israel. The Israelis do plenty of things wrong in their own right.

        • When Israel starts launching ballistic missiles over Europe into the North Atlantic and keeping their own people in such abject misery that the entire population is on the brink of starvation, they will have achieved North Korea status.
          Which might happen if we stopped giving them billions and sanctioned them to the hilt like we do North Korea…

          • Most of the problems over there are caused by the US State Dept.

            People comparing Israel to the Norks don’t understand just how much of a nightmare the PRK is.

  20. ” That may be what we are seeing with the Schumer speech.”

    I don’t think so. They hate Netanyahu for partisan political reasons. They want to see a leftist in control of Israel. They aren’t saying “hey, we need to stop supporting Israel no matter what they do” or to stop funding the war, instead they are saying “hey, we need to get ‘our guy’ into office in Israel” They’ve been calling for getting rid of Netanyahu for years. It’s just the usual clown show.

    • No sir. Some Americans are sickened by the footage… not me. Israel cannot stop their war on the Muzzies. The minute they do … it will happen again. Did Truman stop WWII because of “the footage”? Your premise is that of a loser Shame on you.

      • I couldn’t care less what some Bronze Age peoples do to each other, but leave us out.

        Enough with the “my fellow white people” schtick, McGuigin.

        • Without Christianity as the backbone of civilization, we’re also devolving back to less than the Bronze age.

          Agreed that it’s not our problem, but it’s not because somehow either side has a moral advancement over the other. Which one is worse? An attempted genocide or hapless attempts at terrorism? Okay, no need to choose here.

          • Infant baptism?

            What mostt dissedents think is just more enlightenment “mere Christianity” all over again

      • As @citizen said, who cares? They can nuke each other off the planet for all I care. But it’s their dragging us into it that causes all the problems.

        The Muslims wouldn’t be our sworn enemies without our endless support for Israel. If not for Israelis living in the US, we wouldn’t have any of them here.

        • No, sorry, they would. It’s in their silly little book. The dhimmitude they have planned for us whenever allah wills it would not be my first choice.

          • Steve: The Muslims have their book (Koran) and the Jews have theirs (the Talmud). Neither book offers anything more than dhimmitude/enslavement to Christians or anyone not of their ‘tribe,’ whatever it may be.

            Moral equivalence? I call them as I see them.

          • Precisely why I said they wouldn’t be our sworn enemies as opposed to ‘they’d be our our closest ally.’

            I don’t forget that one of our first wars was against Muslims thinking they had the right to impose the Jizya on us. But there is a reason France, Belgium and Belarus are not known as “The Great Satan” as we are.

          • Agreed, @3g4me. Well, maybe not. I’ll have to take your word on the Talmud. I tried to slog through it years ago, and didn’t get very far. It left me feeling all slimy like when I read through that book the Moonies used to hand out at the airport. The Koran was required reading in a class at college.

            I’m fine with letting the tribes wipe each other out. Definitely better to kill each other off over there rather than come here and make problems.

            I just don’t get why DR should care any more than I do. I can’t even drum up enough interest to make a bag of popcorn.

          • Steve: I haven’t actually read it either, but I have seen numerous legitimate excerpts. Point being that it is no more relevant/applicable/beneficial to me than the Koran. Other people’s rules.

            As far as caring, I’m with Citizen, and with you on this one. I am no more interested in Gaza than I am in Israel. I cannot speak for others, but my sole concern is the welfare of White people, which means I don’t want any more Israelis or Gazans in AINO. I take no side or interest in their endless quarrels.

      • “Did Truman stop WWII because of ‘the footage’?”

        No, but he should have. Seems to me that anyone who still credulously believes the simple narratives about WW2 that they learned in school and Hollywood movies is still in the thrall of people we can clearly see to be non-stop liars.

    • Yep, the first time I saw this directly was with the Obama administration. Netanyahu was visiting and got a short “official”meeting with Obama, but then another State visitor arrived and Netanyahu was literally exited out the back door of the White House.

      Lots of uproar—even from Schumer—at the time. I was confused and chalked it up to some anti-Israel sentiment of Obama. Perhaps it was more anti-Netanyahu than anti-Israel.

      • Not to worry, though. His speeches to Congress are met with multiple standing ovations from those trained seals. Disgusting.

    • Hamas going telegenic beginning on 10/7 thwarted an America-sponsored color revolution in progress in Israel.

      Globohomo was at most one election away from permanent rule there, and it’s in a hurry, because Israel’s demographic trajectory isn’t as alterable as the Anglosphere’s has been. On-the-ground events—a right-wing phenomenon—reminded even Tel Aviv shitlibs that they have enemies more immediate than the local rednecks.

      The Israel that owns American politicians is *American Jews*, who hate normal Israelis nearly as much as they hate you. Like Trump, Netanyahu represents a despised people—even more weakly and dishonestly than Trump, but that doesn’t matter. It is *not allowed*.

  21. “Our “friend” Israel is happy to shower your representative with cash if he puts the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of you and your community.”

    That’s one way of putting it. But the reality is our government is loaded with Jews with no loyalty whatsoever to the US. Saying they have dual loyalty is a compliment they don’t deserve. They are not representing any American constituency, but the state of Israel and Jews generally. Obviously this goes way further than just Jews, but they are the ones keeping the money flowing. Using their control of the banks, they are a corrupting force.

  22. Well, whilst I don’t give a cheetah’s one-hundredth and second spot about the Jewish-Islamic Desert War, the fact that you boys in the US are experiencing some diverse lobbying by Musselmen is interesting – and it’ll only get worse. This is probably why any consistent (or traditional) foreign policy for the US is going to become impossible. Can’t bomb ragheads when one has ragheads in City X. Need to be careful backing Tibetan independence when one has Chang and Chong on the board of Boeing, Airbus and IBM. What? You want to make power plays in the Niger Delta that will piss of all your politicians of Nigerian descent?!

    In passing, and due to the fabulous book by George Stein on the Waffen SS, I had not realised that the nascent Mossad recruited many former Austrian Painter employees to help them ‘get better at secret and repressive stuff’! Who knew!? No wonder they’re all in on the genociding!

    Is all this stuff an indicator of GAE’s crumbling power and respect?

    Lord have mercy.

    • “ Need to be careful backing Tibetan independence…”

      Sadly, the above is no longer relevant because there is no longer a Tibet, or rather a Tibetan *people* that occupy the land. After the fall in 1950, the Chinese immediately began to “repopulate (?)” Tibet with ethnic Chinese. Last I read this has made the Tibetan people a *minority* in what was their country prior to the invasion. Tibet, as we have imagined it from myth, is now little more than an open air museum.

      Tibet is a good object lesson for Whites in this country, but we are a stupid people.

      • I think it’s more ignorance and laziness than it is stupidity.

        If Whites with a brain and a normal level of loyalty to their own kind controlled the media and academic institutions, then the White masses would be thinking and acting a lot differently. Currently, the system selects and props up the worst of our kind. Traitors and shabbos.

        It’s not that something is inherently wrong with Whites, it’s just all the levers of information dissemination have been usurped from us. We are social beings and most tend to follow what comes down from the top. Kevin Mcdonald is a smart guy but he confuses the chicken for the egg I think. We might be more inherently altruistic than other groups sure… but that was always tempered by a healthy level of self interest before the last half century or so when the propaganda apparatus really got powerful. Movies are a great way to subtly manipulate people. Or at least were… the small hats seem to have lost that ability in recent times. Disney is a joke now, for example.

        Speaking of that, a very good book to read on the topic is Jean Baudrillard’s “Simulacra and Simulation”

        I highly recommend it.

      • The same holds true in Xinjiang. I was there 20+ years ago and it had been severly Sinicized back then, and that was before the infamous camps came to light.

      • Tibet is a good object lesson for Whites in this country, but we are a stupid people.

        We have many object lessons that we don’t pay heed too Brother, so you’re correct…I wish it wasn’t so, but it sadly is…

      • Good catch, Compsci.

        I had a feeling as I typed that that I didn’t know what I was talking about!

        A sad fate for a people, indeed.

        • I did not wish to correct as much as add an important development. To this day, our media remembers and promotes the “old” Tibet. How can one be blamed when they/we assume such still exists?

          Am I and you so much different when we refer back to our historical roots? It’s both a matter of habit and *psychological need* I feel. I was over there (UK) once in my youth and it hurts to see what now develops as much as in this country.

          Best wishes—you are not alone!

      • Compsci: More than just Tibet as an example. As much as I love English culture and history, I have to admit that England is historically responsible for the spread of Africans, Indians, and Asians around the world to suit the needs of its empire. The Africans were the physically-hardier laborers, the Indians were the bureaucrats, and the Chinese were both, depending on location.

        Not to make a false equivalency between Tibet and Fiji, but the Fijians became a minority in what was their homeland in 1977 – with about 35% of the country Indian and the rest Chinese and mixed ancestry. Hindi is an official language.

        Anyone who claims this is AINO’s ‘future’ is blind to the realities of the present . . . demography is destiny.

  23. Generational change is driving a lot of this turmoil. The founding generational leaders (and their kids) in Israel were pretty bellicose but they were a lot more pragmatic. Even Ariel Sharon understood that unlimited settlements into occupied territories were a bad long-run idea and he dismantled several on his watch to great public furor.

    Rabin’s assassination was really the end of pragmatism and the beginning of “maximalist” political attitudes in Israel. The Ashkenazi majority gave way to the Sephardic/religious majority and here we are. I met lots of Ashkenazi IDF veterans over the years in business and they were “two-state solution” guys almost to a man.

    This is true in Europe too. The Silent/Greatest generation leaders, having lived through the war as kids or having served themselves, were very focused on the balance of power and peace. Can you imagine Valery Giscard D’Estaing, Georges Pompidou or Mitterand carrying on like Macron? Even many Boomers like Gerhard Schroeder, who lost his father in the war, sought good relations with Russia and wanted to make money with them. Merkel (an Ossi after all) started out this way too before she succumbed.

    Now we have a generation of politicians in Israel and Europe who have grown up under the US security umbrella, have no sense of Realpolitik, are totally committed to the “globohomo” project and stir up trouble nonstop for us and themselves. They are “all in”. They will change only when they are out of chips.

    • Even many Boomers like Gerhard Schroeder, who lost his father in the war, sought good relations with Russia and wanted to make money with them.

      Heh. It’s almost as though many modern leaders have never even read about what going toe-to-toe with The Bear entails.

      In parallel with the decline of competence I see in the tech sector, this is mirrored most certainly by a decline in statesmanship. This used to be a serious thing, would you believe!

  24. America’s alliance with.both Israel and the.Saudis is a plus. Why? Because by holding 2 adversaries by the scruff of the neck, the U.S, demonstrates its strength. A lot of the power of Empire is through weaving illusions that enhance one’s image.

    • Every major war the US has executed in the past 20 years has been to sow conflict, confusion, and disunion in the Middle East to benefit one country alone.

      It’s not the US, either.

      Divide and conquer is as old as time.

      (I’m happy for them to do their thing. But do it without a big brother punching everyone else in the region in the nose)

  25. The problem with the Gazacide is multi-fold. Who’ll take these “refugees?” Quick answer: Us. So we’ll transfer a Bronze Age-feud to our shores and bring these alien people who will create more Third-World hellholes in our territory, like in Dearborn, Michigan.

    I wish we could tell Israel to pound sand. I’m wondering that maybe this October casus belli was a setup for Israel to pursue their agenda of depopulating the Palestinian territories. There were a lot of things about the sleepy Israeli response that were eye-raising in the least.

    I wonder if the Grillercons who have been told Israel is our bestest buddy ever are starting to wake up to the fact that: A. No they aren’t. B. They have spied on us and bought our politicians for decades and stupidly don’t realize that their gleeful destruction of this country will endanger their position.

  26. “Once the politicians see that there is no penalty for opposing this stuff, then the whole arrangement will begin to unravel. Israel’s control over Washington and the public debate over this relationship may have reached a tipping point and may no longer be tolerable.”

    This is an overly optimistic prognosis. Note that Schumer — a Russian Jew himself — is criticizing only Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s stock in Israel is rock bottom and he’ll be ousted one way or another. Even US Jews must be having rather conflicted ideas about him and the genocide in Gaza. So Schumer has not made any rash move. But criticizing Netanyahu brushes under the rug the fact that the genocide has the enthusiastic support of a large section of Israeli society. Schumer will not mention this. It’s not just Netanyahu that’s the problem.

    The fact that Schumer is Jewish himself and a staunch supporter of Israel inoculates him from charge of anti-semitism. This also holds for Liebermann, but he apparently decided to make political capital out of Schumer’s utterances. If anything, Liebermann is even less scrupulous than Schumer (no mean feat). If you’re not Jewish you have to work twice as hard bowing and scraping to show your fidelity to Israel (Trump, Graham, etc., etc.). To paraphrase Avis Rent-a-Car, “We’re not Jewish; we try harder.”

    But to return to the prognosis of a tipping point having been reached. This arguably won’t occur. Jews control and run the USA. The world can see it. Politics, finance, culture and entertainment, media, academia are all largely controlled by Jews. The goyim are largely silent bystanders here. The transfer of power from an Anglo-Saxon elite to Jews occurred surreptitiously over decades.

    • I forgot to mention that the proposed ban of Tik-Tok, supported by both parties (incuding Schumer) seems to have crystallized because of “anti-semitic” content on Tik-Tok (i.e., criticism of Israeli policies in Gaza). Note that tight censorship on Facebook stops any such criticism being posted. Glenn Greenwald posted a Youtube video about this a few days back:

      Further evidence (as if any were needed) on the iron grip the Israel lobby has over the USA.

    • And this state of affairs can only continue as long as the plates keeping spinning. In other words, the puppeteers must keep the fake economy rocking along at a high standard of living so as to keep the natives from getting restless. Which they know is an impossibility long term, and so they now have to fast-track a long-planned transition via reprogramming everyone into subservient sheeple. Which is working quite well in the EU, but will likely be much more problematic in the US due to high gun ownership. A problem which cannot be easily solved via attempted confiscation. And so, they must find an alternative way to depopulate and kill off as many alphas as possible. Hence bloody civil war.

      They don’t yet a good solution for the 4S & Focus remedy.

  27. Is there honestly no middle ground? We must either support “our greatest ally” with limitless blood and treasure, no matter if they spy on us and strafe the occasional U.S. warship, or condemn the state and demand regime change?

    Personally, Israel matters to me about as much as Malta or Belgium. “Israel? Yeah, I’ve heard of it. Had a few stamps from the country in my collection when I was a boy. No, I don’t care who its enemies are. Why do you ask?”

    • I honestly don’t know why “normie” continues to give a rats ass about what two Semitic tribes do to each other. As someone said prior, we managed just fine prior to the “Great Return” in 1948 made possible by GB and the US. Ever since then they have been a royal pain in the ass for every administration, D or R. They have spied on the US, fired on US ships and stolen so much secret information that everyone is sure they have nukes (although I’m not convinced). The most aggravating part to me is they have convinced low info lumps of flesh that they are the victims, even as they completely control our banks, politics, entertainment and justice departments. Oh, to be King for a day:)

  28. We’re reaching a point where Americans know it won’t be Goldsteins dying for Israel, but the Smiths, Jacksons and Rodriguezes that will end up on that battlefield. Once that awakening is complete, maybe some brave politicians will stop kowtowing to the Israelis and their moneychanger cousins in the United States.

    • There were a couple of brave politicians who very vocal calling out Israel power, James Traficant and Cynthia McKinney. Traficant ended up dying in a mysterious farm accident.

      • I’m not sure I’d say Cynthia McKinney is “brave”. She’s so far on the left side of the bell curve that I doubt she understands anything except hate (fellow) whitey.

  29. It doedn’t matter that most of the US population has no enthusiasm for slaughtering children.

    What matters is the rulers are largely of the same tribe that is doing the slaughtering and will never turn against them

    Washington could not foresee the US being led by a hostile tribe that hates the American heritage population. Not could he forsee that the main priority of the American government would be ensuring that the US stays a slave to the ruling tribes’ foreign country.

    But that is where we are at.

    Mazel Tov!

    • My Comment: Washington, as an educated man of his time, surely was aware of Jewish proclivities and history throughout Europe. Yet he reportedly borrowed money from them, and wrote the Jews in Rhode Island (a colony which legally legitimized uncle-niece marriage just for Jews) a letter extolling them. Highly questionable behavior, even for the “enlightenment.”

    • It doedn’t matter that most of the US population has no enthusiasm for slaughtering children.

      I wouldn’t go that far. The US population seems to tolerate the slaughter of a million plus children every year in the name of “reproductive health”. Maybe if we could get that number down a tad I’d consider the possibility that the US might be acting on some moral principle.

  30. too fucking optimistic
    whole world saw US department of state speak Pro-Israel announcement
    Arab nations already picked Joker card called BRICS

    And America is a most unhealthy society around the world includes financial problem
    Jew already had answers, it’s blaming the white card

    All of this leads to white people gonna suffer regardless what they choose

    • The mistake everyone makes is in assuming the neocons are Israel first. They are not. In fact, they have always been a bit skeptical of Zionism, but found it useful as a way to convince conservative whites to back their play. The neocons see Gaza as a huge problem for them.

      • Really? Because from what I have read about Israeli polls and recent election results, new elections in Israel would result in someone even more hardline than BB taking power. The far right there has only been gaining support. Schumer and Graham are cynical liars who work for jewish interests above all else. This is an obvious scapegoating strategy to shift blame away from jews in Israel and the diaspora in the west now that their war has devolved into a PR nightmare.

        Painting White neocons and BB as the drivers of foreign policy seems pretty helpful in diverting blame away from the jews as a group and toward one man and White people as the scapegoats to me. Is that America first?

        So what play are the neocons making exactly with this other than scapegoating Whites tricked into Israel support by Osteen types (who definitely don’t work for jews, yup obviously) and assigning a fall guy and White Evangelicals/Anglos/neocons to take the heat off of jewish supremacy and divert the blame away from them and onto White gentiles and BB as a fall guy? Because I’d love to know how I’m wrong about that and how the Neocons are secretly actually putting their own interests above those of the jewish people public relations problems internationally.

    • Nonsense!

      Washington is in full panic. As they should be: our esteemed blog host notes, both parties eagerly imported swarms of violent, stupid moslems to signal their virtue and import votes. It was inevitable that it would come around to bite them on the arse.

      The problem with moslems is that when they aren’t happy…they start shooting. And beheading. That’s why they’ve been at the Jews’ throats for 75 years. It’s only a matter of time before they realize that these American sellouts in the Establishment are just one caress of the trigger away from a well earned retirement. That’s assuming the home grown peasants and slaves don’t beat them to it. That’s why they’re shrieking in panic when Trump started talking about bloodbaths.

      This can’t go on forever, Y…at some point it has to stop. At one time Israel made sense: the Empire needed a friendly ally in the Arab world and to a certain extent Israel filled the bill. But now they are no longer friendly and they aren’t trying to even pretend anymore. A week doesn’t go by where some rat faced jewish mutt in their community isn’t trying to spread anti-white hatred in the press or the judiciary, or the media, or in the schools, etc.

      The blinders are coming off; it won’t be long before the gloves come off too.

  31. I wonder if Trump is being allowed to win in order to have Republicans be the one to draw the heat for
    Supporting Israel’s warcrimes.

    Both factions of the uniparty support Israel and are partially responsible. However, the teaming brown masses will alway direct their hate at the occupant of the Oval Office.

    It must kill the plutocrats that their liberal power structure is taking the blame for the genocide when it could easily be redirected towards the Washington Generals by allowing them to win a token election. Trump has already demonstrated his that he can be controlled and contained by the Washington.

    Will the Bushnells of the world burn themselves under a Trump presidency? Or would their enemy matrix instead redirect their violence towards a clearer outside target in the form of the Republican Party and their Israel-worshipping evangelical voters?

    • “… Trump is being allowed to win … supporting Israel’s warcrimes.”

      I suspect Pres. Trump is trying to cut some kind of deal with Jewish Israel-Firsters against the Jewish internationalists. There are two considerations. First, the only ‘deal’ that matters would be complete deportation of all illegal alien invaders, not just the ones we have been infested with under Biden, resulting in a sea-change in our political and social culture. Is Pres. Trump even interested in leading this? Second, can the Jewish Israel-First faction even deliver their end on such a deal? Do they have enough power to neutralize internal opposition to mass deportations? Moreover, will they (assuming they have it) exercise said power? Another way to say the latter question is “Do they love their own children more than they hate us?” I think the answer is that their hatred of us will eventually override every other consideration, and that if they and the rest of the world must burn in order for us to be destroyed, then that will be their preferred outcome, irrespective of lamentations and hand-wringing along the way. Enoch Powell was right: it will be Rivers of Blood.

  32. Never, ever, ever underestimate the Jewish proposition that THEY are the “chosen people” and must survive at any cost. Don’t get me wrong, I really kind of admire that sort of self-appreciation. You can bet your ass that their schools don’t preach that there are too many “Jewish people” in their books and paintings, and Moses and Ben-Gurion will never be portrayed as negro women or trannies. The US no longer puts it’s citizen first..or second..or third for that matter. The entirety of the US citizenship (even the negroes are falling into this group) are now part of the “forgotten man” group. You know, “work hard, pay your taxes and STFU”. I’m starting to get very based at work, and take every opportunity during the many “months” dedicated to the minority du jour, to express that MY antecedents built this country, not the immigrant wave that came here after 1965. Hell, 1865 even.

    • “Never, ever, ever underestimate the Jewish proposition that THEY are the “chosen people” and must survive at any cost.”

      It’s not a “proposition,” it’s been the fundamental basis of their culture and their religion for 4,000 years.

      • Not so. The break between modern Talmudic (Rabbinic) Judaeism and the religion of the Old Testament (that they dismissively call “Hebrewism”) was mostly complete 2000 years ago. Jesus even called out the difference — Pharisees were the practitioners of the new breakaway faith.

        There are still some remnants of Hebrewism, which is little changed since Moses. but not many. For one reason, there’s no Ark of the Covenant, so they have to pretend something else can take its place, but feel guilty about it. But if you see any references to the Talmud (~2nd Century), you are talking about the guys Jesus called hypocrites.

        • Perhaps, he should have said 2000 years instead of 4000 years. Perhaps he should have said for a “long time”. Whatever. They still think they are the “Chosen”.

        • Rubbish. The Book of Samuel says that Yahweh instructed the Jews to slaughter “men, women, children, infants suckling babes, camel and ass” of the Amalekites, “and spare none.”

          Long before the Pharisees, the Jews regarded themselves as “The Chosen” and entitled to murder their enemies, like they’re doing today in Gaza. Not for nothing did Bibi quote the Book of Samuel a few weeks ago.

          • Hardly the only place, though that particular story is about the Hebrews disobeying God. If BB did so, maybe that’s a sign.

            Check out Joshua sometime. It alternates between the Hebrews’ obedience and disobedience, sometime sparing those God said to put to the sword.

            I’m just saying that per the stereotype, modern Rabbinic Judaeism quotes the parts of the Old Testament they like, and overlook the parts they do not like. Just as Jesus said.

      • Not only is this incorrect in terms of doctrine (see Steve – the Talmud’s earliest writings are around 500 AD), this is also incorrect in ethnicity. The Hebrews were wiped out by the Romans. The relatively new term “Jew” applies to a couple distinct ethnic groups (Ashkenazi and Sephardic).

  33. Actually, there is a real question about Israel’s ability to survive, US support notwithstanding. Iran began thinking very hard about how Israel could be defeated 30 years ago, and they came up with a brilliant asymmetrical theory of warfare that is going to bleed Israel to death. Alistair Crooke describes how this works. Move the time hack to 15:40 and listen very carefully as Crooke describe Israel’s dilemma:

    • I don’t think Israel CAN survive this. Like Trump, they are locked into the last century where they just say “Boo!” and the whole Arab world flees in terror.

  34. Israel’s power – and Jewish power in general – has been tied to US power since at least the 1960s, maybe earlier. The Israeli/Jewish lobby continues to hold power over US politics. (Indeed, I’m wondering if they have decided that Trump should be the president because he and the GOP are even more loyal to Israel than Biden and the Dems.)

    But, ironically mostly because of the Jews, US power is waning. Some of it is simply the result of the world moving forward. It’s not Jews’ fault that China has become an economic and, somewhat, military super-power. However, it is their fault that Russia is now an opponent of the West.

    Regardless of blame, the US no longer has a military that can impose its will on anyone. It still can throw a mean punch, but it can’t sustain a real fight. That changes the game.

    More importantly, the world economy is changing. America and its minions are no longer the only game in town. China is the world’s largest economy. Russia’s natural resources are too important to blockade. India is a significant player. SE Asia will be the engine of growth over the next few decades.

    Basically, there are other players on the world stage both economically and militarily. The playing field is being leveled. The US is still a monster economy and military power, but it’s not alone.

    This means that America – and by America, I mean its Jewish-controlled leadership – has to actually deal with those countries as semi-equals. And, frankly, Jews just don’t do that well because they completely lack in self-awareness.

    You can see that with Gaza. Same with Ukraine. Same with China. They seem incapable of seeing the bigger picture, only viewing themselves as victims deserving to get a special deal. The rest of the world won’t put up with it, so it’s doing its best to move away from the Jewish American Empire (JAE).

    The rest of the world doesn’t want to defeat us. They want to ignore us. But being ignored is death to a middle-man people, so America continues to stick it large nose into everyone’s business. Luckily, the world is changing and that’s becoming more and more difficult.

    • Chinese are talented people, but they wouldn’t be as far along today without Wall St. greed— sorry, muh Market Forces. Sending American manufacturing and capital to China, while educating scientists and engineers for them, will go down as an historically suicidal blunder.

      As will importing people from every country the US has wrecked over the last 60 years. Lines up nicely with the immigration act, doesn’t it?

      This country’s been run into the ground for a long time, looted for a long time. Now that muh prosperity (looting) is running out, people are finally starting to get it.

      • China would not be close to where it is today if the idiots in the US and Europe hadn’t spent the past 4 or 5 decades handing the Chinese trillions in physical plant resources, intellectual property, and favorable trade agreements.

        • Yes, greedy and short-sighted political and business leaders all over the West. And not just the West. I remember back in the late 90s meeting with some Korean businessmen and they were already setting up factories in China due to the lower costs.

        • I’d agree with that, but China was going to rise one way or the other. How far and how fast was up for debate but the trajectory wasn’t.

      • Largely agree, except that it was not Wall Street greed. Businesses have been greedy, like, forever, so there had to be something else that changed.

        Slowly, then all at once, government no longer was a guarantor of life, liberty and property, but became an activist force usurping it.

        You can see the social destruction by watching a few episodes of 3 different programs — The Honeymooners (mid ’50s), My Three Sons (early to mid ’60s) and The Brady Bunch (late ’60s). That was not the fault of Wall Street Greed.

        • What changed imo is an internationalist spirit. Happened to the whole society, too. All at once, for no reason, I’m sure lol.

          • Maybe? The UN started in, what, ’46 or so? NATO maybe ’48? Maybe it took 20 years or so for the international spirit to build?

            Still not sure, though. You can blame it in part on Balfour, maybe, but that was hardly the only internationalist intervention by the victors of The Great War. Austria-Hungary was broken up, as was the Ottoman Empire, the Balkans, and, of course, Prussia, but unlike Balfour, none of those others ever caused any problems.

          • Nationalist

            Post-nationalist move since the end of the Cold War.

          • Big, universal. It’s the way things have been going for centuries. Nation-state bigger than kingdoms or city-states. US bigger than Confederation. Internationalism (United NATIONS) bigger than nationalism (lib dem and communism crushing fascism). Globalism bigger than internationalism (liberal democracy winning the internationalist war). Tech immortality and galactic empire if it were possible, I’m sure. Etc. The rest is labels. It’s big. Tower of Babel to Heaven, and all of that.

      • Yeah, (((Wall Street))). Outsourcing at best, shipping off entire industries to the Middle Kingdom at worst.

      • Reminds me, I used to listen to AJ daily. Years ago, for a while, he would talk about Earth as an egg wrt colonizing space iirc. We develop, consume the albumen, hatch, leave the egg.

        Same thing going on with the US, as far as I can tell.

    • I think at this point in time it’s just the Jewish Empire not much of America left besides grilling and sportsball…

      • What is America or American anymore? I can’t think of anything. I can definitely think of regional folks, but “American”? Not really.

  35. Because of open-ended alliances America’s entire credibility is tied to the defense of small, foolish nations that, because of that alliance, feel they don’t have to behave as small nations that avoid trouble. This encourages some of the baser instincts in man; the little guy with the chip on the shoulder suddenly poking a much bigger guy in the eye because he thinks he now has the cops right behind him. Because of this, to pick one example, the US is bound to defend Latvia, on pain of world war, even nuclear war, against what is probably the leading nuclear power. This allows Latvia to treat it’s Russian speaking subjects like non citizens, mouth off at Russia over Ukraine and just let loose all of the annoying small guy insecurities. Because they know America’s reputation, pride and honor is tied to Russia not bringing down the hammer on them.

    Why should the non-nuking of Montana be tied to Russia not losing its patience with an annoying little chump like Latvia, or the Ukraine for that matter? Only an idiot would make a strategy that bets the farm on what to the owner is a totally trivial issue. The more trip wires you set up the greater the probability that someone is going to run over one of your trip wires one day. So don’t stake the compatibility of Montana with vertebrate life on something not going haywire in some obscure corner on the other side the Globe

    • However…it may be becoming evident that the US may not be able to come to the aid of these little piss-ant nations. Surely they noticed that NATO’s US-supplied “advanced” weapons systems were useless in Ukraine. And surely these little nations have also noticed that Yemen’s Houthi tribe have effectively closed the Suez Canal to traffic that is associated with Israel and its supporters…and that the US navy can do nothing about it.

      • Would DC accept defeat or escalate to the nuclear level if humiliated and defeated in conventional war? Your guess is as good as mine but I’ve seen no signs of prudence, caution or just sanity in how they decide what to do next

      • I’d like to think so, but then again they didn’t notice the empire’s humiliating send-off in Afghanistan.

    • Moran: Today’s UN, Wilson’s League of Nations – long and sordid history of those with high self-regard preaching One World over independent nations and people. Teddy Roosevelt equally culpable with his military adventures and saddling White Americans with non-White colonies. Who was the last president who genuinely put domestic well being over moralizing and foreign adventures?

  36. So, is Schumer giving the goyim permission to actually criticize Israel? Somehow I doubt it. It’s kind of like a black “calling out” a fellow simian. I question the veracity. Further I don’t care what they think about their fellows. Let’s hear some non-jews seriously calling out our “greatest ally”. Kristi Noem sure as hell won’t.

    • Schumer’s speech seems like an internal dispute within the tribe. The American wing wants the Jewish wing to back off a bit. Nothing more.

    • Schumer’s only going after BB because BB is — to Schumer and his ilk — Trumplike and “conservative”.

    • Kristi’s announcement was a big disappointment. Then again, she vetoed the bill to ban trannys from girls’ sports.

      Personally, my feelings towards Israel are more or less the same as the same as for Myanmar or Spain or France or Venezuela — not my monkeys. Just quit sending money all over the world and focus on America, not American “interests”, dammit.

      • You act as though there’s still an “America” in any real sense. I disagree.

        Btw, you may view Israel as you would any other country, but it’s not. Jews have a lock on American politics and, in particular, American foreign policy. You can’t just ignore them.

        They’re in charge. That matters.

        • Yea I just don’t understand how you can ignore a group that rules you but also wants you dead…The brainwashing of muh individualism has really done a number on our people and has broken them down into being a slave that doesn’t know he is enslaved…

          • That’s kind of weird. The entire world has shifted further and further away from muh individualism into muh collectivism, particularly here in the States, and things just keep getting worse.

            Just a spurious correlation, I’m sure.

          • Lol…I said our side has that problem not theirs which is why it’s getting worse which you know that and are presenting your argument in bad faith because you got butthurt about what I said about being a slave…

          • No, I’m just a fan of correctly diagnosing a problem, because unless you know the cause, only blind luck would make a proposed solution work.

            In this case, the problem has not been the US getting more libertarian, but rather that it’s become more commie, c.f., stakeholder capitalism.

          • The problem is pretty simple, good men failed to come together to stop evil men who collectivized…I don’t know why you are choosing not to see that but maybe it’s the old denial thing so you don’t have to face reality…I’m guessing you are of the boomer mindset so that might be a roadblock for you in diagnosing the problem…

          • good men failed to come together to stop evil men who collectivized…

            That’s true. As mentioned pretty much every time this comes up, a sufficient number of people chose bigger government and more collectivism at the cost of liberty.

            I’m kind of at a loss about what good people should have done, though. The Anti-Federalists were proven right early in Washington’s first term. Should they have hung Washington at that time? (Spoiler: Yes, they should have, but they didn’t and the rest is history.)

            Unquestionably, the last 3 years have ramped up the anti-white program substantially. Worse than ever in the entire US history. So, what should good men do? What should have been done these last 3 years?

  37. Well, I think the very long history on this sort of thing shows that there is really only one way out of this sort of problem. What is the number? 109?

    Look, These Christian nations who finally come to the same conclusion all certainly tried a reasonable approach first, you know? “Hey, guys, do you think you could stop acting like your entire existence is predicated on complete hatred for all that’s good and beautiful in the world? At least for a few years, maybe?”

    But the answer’s always the same. They can’t stop. I’m sure there’s some reasonable explanation that has nothing at all to do with the silly idea that their deicide and embrace of that guilt for all time placed them in some sort of relationship with the dark power. That is a silly superstition.

    It’s amusing to read Belloc’s _The Jews_, because he spends the whole book noticing weird things and then begging the Jews to please, for a minute, just freakin’ stop being so destructive. He’s like, “Guys, in the industrial age, the concept of a pogrom takes on a whole different scale and implication. For your own sake, chill out!”

    Well, they didn’t chill out. And they won’t chill out. And there is no mechanism in the US that can bring about any level of chill. Except the one mechanism that nobody is allowed to talk about.

    But that’s the mechanism.

    • I’ve experienced forty years of them up close and personal. By and large, they can only destroy ultimately.

      That’s the mechanism.

    • Belloc’s book is handy because I can present it to anyone in a post WWII world. Nobody gets the impression that Belloc is somehow offering either outlandish theories or hates the group on principle. If anything he is way too apologetic about European behavior.

      Belloc was first and foremost a historian, and there the book the shines.

      All that said, though that his solutions in the book amount to “Please Jews, stop being so clueless!” That was not going going to work. It’s easy to see why exile ended up the preferred solution.

  38. “Having the most Jewish man in America give this speech was a signal that the slaves are about to revolt.”

    That’s a great punchline for this column, Zman.

    It prompted me to envision Washington’s farewell address side-by-side with Chuck’s (wherever did he get that name?) senate speech. A terrible picture of decline.

    • Whatever his ethnic background, I find Schumer one of the most evil people on the planet right now. And there are so many to choose from. He has this awful reptilian look about him. An obvious psychopath.

  39. This is probably a set up so that the “Congressional Angels” will save the day and come up with a plan to send the bulk of the Gazans to America and Europe. It’s for the children you see.

    Good old Bibi is reportedly big into the Zionist manifest destiny project. That includes the expansion of Israel. Well he understands that if that project is ever to come to pass it’s now or never. Israel could not exist without massive aid from the U.S. at all. Bibi’s problem is that the U.S. grows weaker every day. So he must get it done soon.

    I still don’t think all of the hand wringing by the elites means anything except that they want to fool the normie cons. Our elites arranged to put a poison substance into 70% of the population that has a pretty high kill rate. So they don’t really care about some Palestinian kids being blown to pieces with IDF soldiers making videos of themselves laughing about it.

    • George-

      Lots of commentators are hypothesizing that the Gaza pier is a scam to ferry the Palestinian population into the US.

    • The Even Greater Israel project simply won’t work. It’s as simple as that. Netanyahu has missed the bus.

    • “So they don’t really care about some Palestinian kids being blown to pieces with IDF soldiers making videos of themselves laughing about it.”

      Do you have a link to those videos — can’t find ’em — thanks.

      • Would you be surprised if links to those videos has been comprehensively supressed?

  40. Well said. The unquestioning support for Israel even among otherwise reasonable people I know is something to behold.

    It helps that they don’t know any history so things like the King David Hotel bombing mean nothing to them. They are convinced that the Israelis are always the good guys and Palestinians always the bad guys – end of story.

    • American culture favors the perceived under dog. Despite the massive imbalance of forces in Israel’s favor, heritage Americans believe the Israelis are the under dogs. Majority of Americans self-identify as Christians. They believe that if Muslims were to prevail in the Holy Land then the religious sites of Christians would be obliterated or at least defaced. Americans also want the world’s unpleasant realities to just go away so they can return to grillin’ and chillin’ over joggerball. They’ll never wisen up voluntarily.

      • Yes, the “plucky underdog” thinking explains a lot about Americans’ opinion of Israel. Also “they’re the only democracy surrounded by Muslims in the Middle East.” Most Americans really don’t think about further than that. Democracy good, Islam bad….good guys and bad guys….

      • I had this very conversation with a normie recently. I pointed out that the Christian holy sites survived for the almost 2000 years prior to 1947. Bethlehem is in the West Bank. A muslim family has the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and is responsible for opening it each morning. These sites will do just fine without Jews.

    • That and many subscribe to the Schofield interpretation of the bible.
      The brainwashing works.

      • Ding ding ding…
        I wonder if they will ever break out of their cog dis about blessing those who continue to curse and bring chaos to your life…

        • Lineman: Don’t hold your breath. Someone else brought up the same subject in Bible Study this past Sunday, and the study-leader trotted out “bless those who bless you, curse those who curse you.” I tried – very carefully – to add a bit of nuance. It was obvious many individuals were not onboard with the unquestioning support of Israel, but official doctrine has not changed at all.

      • I’d like to get a Schofield Bible just to see first-hand what it says but I refuse to pay for one. As far as I know, I’ve never read from one but evangelical churches seem it follow it even though they don’t use it.

        • It is not so much their Bible as it is their interpretations of Scripture. They believe many scriptures describe things that are still in the future when, in fact, they speak of things that have already been fulfilled.

          • That’s possible, @george 1, but most mainstream sects think that Jesus has not yet returned, so the creeds speak of “He will come again…” Yes, Revelation might have been speaking of the fall of the temple in 70 AD, but it’s not just Schofield that is the issue then.

            @Mike, what people are referring to is that Schofield consolidated Darby’s argument that there would be a Pre-tribulation Rapture, that whole, “one is taken, one is left” thing. Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth is probably free download somewhere, and does a decent job covering it, IIRC. Don’t remember exactly. Been 40 years or more. Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind (books or movie adaptations) maybe better, though I have neither read them nor seen the movies. My in-laws recommend them, though.

  41. Or Chuckie could simply be doing a part in a dog and pony show. See, we don’t like what the Beanies are doing.(while the money keeps flowing).

  42. “In the end, this Gaza affair may be the bridge too far. Americans are sickened by the footage and offended by the defense of it.”

    I encounter the strongest holdouts in normiecon circles. I’ve seen literal calls for genocide on “conservative” comment threads, with no apparent sense of irony.

    I refuse to weigh on on who is right and who is wrong in the conflict, as if it can be boiled down to something so black and white. My bottom line is that this isn’t the US’s conflict so we should stay out of it. Of course, to both sides, refusing to weigh in means you’re on the “enemy’s” side. “If you ain’t with us you’re against us!” But I’m not a fence-sitter. I’m on the side of my people, who in no way benefit from participation in this war.

    We should stop funding chaos around the globe.

    • “I’m on the side of my people, who in no way benefit from participation in this war.

      We should stop funding chaos around the globe.”

      I agree 100%.

    • What Washington is discovering is that support for Israel is a mile wide and inch deep. Lots of people will say they support Israel, but it is way down the list of things they see as important. More importantly, this support is not based in anything but the assumption that it is socially acceptable position. If that perception changes, the attitudes change with it.

      • I think that Jews realize this. They’ve always assumed that we’re just one economic crisis away from their khaki-wearing neighbors putting them onto trains to camps in Ohio. (I actually had Jews say “camps in Ohio” to me once.)

        But this fear will only makes them more paranoid and defensive. It’s why they make so many states pass laws against criticism. Like in the past, they’re using the aristocracy to keep down the peasants.

        However, like in the past, the king and the nobles had no love for the Jews. It was just a useful arrangement. If the peasants ever became a real threat, well, time for the Jews to go.

        In this case, “going” doesn’t mean getting kicked out. It’s just means that they don’t get to run US foreign policy unopposed.

        • Citizen, you’d be surprised at how many of us Jews hate what Israel is doing and want to see Netanyahu hang. We can do as much about it as you can about the current Bolshevik takeover in the US.

          • Robbo, history shows that your people seem unable to stop themselves from pushing too far. (I’m going to say “you” to refer to your people, although I’m perfectly happy to assume that you’re a cool guy.)

            In spite of your small numbers, your energy and intelligence allow you to prosper in a foreign land, to the point of domination. Again and again.

            A people like the Chinese would be content with that achievement and not rub the natives’ faces in their loss.

            But your greater sexual perversion, relative to whites, and your suspicion and hatred of the goyem, compel you to disgust and enrage your host.

            Just like blacks will burn down the police department that protects them, you guys humiliate and dispossess your host. In both cases, I wonder, “Is it possible for them to change this pattern with self-awareness?” I’m not hopeful.

        • Only slightly less traumatic for smollhats than being sent to Ohio in cattle cars is having to move to Ohio (or any flyover state) due to economic circumstances. “Oh My ducats…Ohmy daughter’s nose job?!”

      • It really is a masterclass having the psychopathic zionist on one hand, and the religous jew on the other (horrified at what is happening in gaza) that balances the messaging. no matter what criticism one might have on the situation, there is a moral/immoral faction in israel that agrees. the confusion makes it hard to completely condemn them. slow clap for the successful narrative control or just plain gaslighting?

  43. “Israel’s control over Washington and the public debate over this relationship may have reached a tipping point and may no longer be tolerable.”

    From your mountain lair to God’s ear.

  44. Israel’s main concern is survival in a hostile neighborhood. When, not if, America loses its patience with Israel, and removes American subsidies, the Israelis will ally with another great power. Israel will put their own survival first.

    • Fine. Let’s see how much China wants to entangle itself in that mess. They are a very pragmatic people. As for Russia, they’d probably be a greatly moderating influence on Israel, as they already have good relations with so many Muslim countries, and they don’t currently have the luxury of being able to shower Israel with billions of dollars.

    • Who’s left for Israel to suck up to in that scenario? Russia maybe, but I think Russia is smarter than that. Israel is like the kid in school no one really likes but who’s just tolerated as long as it’s easy yo ignore. Now they’re not so easy to ignore and they’ve shown their real face to the world and it’s that of a monster. I think most of the world now is pretty ambivalent about their survival. The only non-Jewish support they have is evangelicals mostly in thos country and they lose more and more of them with every atrocity.

    • Who? I think China, Russia and India would prefer smooth relations with the oil producing states to relations with Israel. China and India do not have a lot of Jews so no domestic concerns. Perhaps they would value our most valuable ally’s spying operations in the US, but I doubt they would value it over oil. Russia has an influential Jewish population but Putin has mostly leashed them.

      • “Russia has an influential Jewish population but Putin has mostly leashed them.” Leaders in Russia/China/India already skim from their treasury, so they don’t need the bribes that Jews shower on US politicians.

    • The other path forward for Israel is to stop being terrible to everyone. American protection has ruined Israeli foreign relations, as they could assume absolute security from America. If that changes, then Israel may have to try to work with the Arabs.

      • What’s funny is that the Arab countries want to work with Israel. They want to move on. It’s the Israelis who don’t.

        • “Arab countries want to work with Israel.”

          Maybe. But Hamas and the Palestinians don’t. They want to kill as many Jews as they can.


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