The Real World War

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Over the last two years most people who bother paying attention to the world have figured out that the American Empire is waging a proxy war on Russia. The primary proxy is Ukraine, but lesser proxies are also involved. Armenia used to have good relations with Russia but has now been turned into a Western catspaw for the purpose of stirring up trouble in the region. America overthrew the government of Pakistan two years ago so they would not cooperate with Russia.

We could be seeing another front in the war. Israel made the outlandish decision to bomb the Iranian embassy in Damascus. Reportedly the target was a high-ranking Iranian general who was at the facility holding meetings. It could be the other people were the real targets or it could just have been a target of opportunity as Israel tries to draw Iran into a war. Regardless, targeting an embassy in a third country violates centuries of precedent and custom.

Embassies are technically the territory of the country operating them, so this attack on the Iranian embassy is the same as an attack on Iran. That is how the world will view it and certainly how Iran sees it. The Middle East is a dirty place and all of the players, especially Israel, are dirty players, but this is well beyond the norm. There is also the fact that Israel is bombing the capital of Syria, even though there is no state of war between the two countries.

The way to think of this is to imagine if the Russians hit the American embassy in Poland with a missile. Russia is not legally at war with Poland or America, even if both countries are aiding and abetting Ukraine. If the Russians attacked Poland, then it is war, and everyone understands this. Somehow, Israel and her supporters in America seem to think this rule does not apply to Israel. Both China and Russia have come out with strong statements condemning the attack.

One of the worst kept secrets on earth right now is that Israel wants a war with Iran, and they assume this will draw in the United States. The Israelis wanted this war back in the Bush years during the Iraq war. They assume Iran would lose such a war and the regime would be toppled as a result. Israel foreign policy is based on the idea that if the Arab world is in chaos, there will be no organized resistance to Israel. Of course, Iran is also working on getting nuclear weapons.

The question now is what happens next. The Biden administration does not want a war with Iran as the military is stretched thin. Presumably, they will try to make some sort of backroom deal with Iran to defuse things. Russia is the chief sponsor of Syria and has air defense systems in the country. To this point they have not shot down Israeli jets, but that could change now. Russia is also a partner with Iran so the Russians will need to do something to show support for both countries.

China has been making inroads into the region, primarily by helping to facilitate a reproachment between the Saudis and Iran. The peace that now exists between the Houthis and the Saudis is largely a result of this effort. Iran sponsors the Houthis, and they agreed to make peace with the Saudis as part of this warming relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Note the Saudis have not allowed America to use its airspace to attack the Houthis.

In other words, this is not twenty years ago when Iran was alone and largely isolated from the world due to American sanctions. Iran now has two enormously powerful allies, and it is slowly rejoining the Arab alliance led by Saudi Arabia. Iran now has options that it did not have two decades ago. Instead of retaliation we will probably see an effort to win a diplomatic war against Israel, with the help of China and Russia, as Israel is, for all practical purposes, a tentacle of the American Empire.

This is where the real war is being waged at the moment. The American Empire is based on the assertion that the post-Cold War world is a rules-based one led by the United States, who enforces the rules. The repeated violations of the rules by Washington are what drives both Russia and China. Their argument in favor of a multipolar world is that Washington cannot be trusted to follow the rules, so Washington letting Israel violate important rules is a proof of sorts.

There is also the obvious fact that Washington can no longer control Israel. You get to be the lone superpower when everyone has to obey. Israel thumbing its nose at Washington over Gaza is a problem. Israel bombing embassies in third countries is a humiliation of Washington. The Washington led order rests on everyone, including Israel, accepting that order. If Israel does not respect that order, then it will not be long before the rest of the world follows suit.

Of course, what we are seeing in this new world war is chaos all along the borders of the American Empire. Washington’s plan for Russia for the last three decades has been to create chaos around the borders of Russia, believing this would slowly sap her economic and political strength. This is what is now happening to the American Empire, which is forced to race around the world dealing with crises, many of which are the result of its own actions, like we see in Ukraine.

This is what may prevent a regional war in the Middle East. Russia and China know that time is on their side. As a result, Iran also can play the waiting game. At some point, the American Empire will have no choice but to give up on the region. It has largely been driven out at this point. There are American troops in Syria and Iraq, but the cost of supporting them will soon be prohibitive. Instead of Iran retaliating against Israel, she can wait and deal with Israel at a later date.

What we are seeing is the world organizing not for a great final war with the American Empire but the world organizing to manage the decline of the empire. Washington stirs up trouble hoping to preserve itself by unsettling rivals and Israel hopes to start a regional war before her patron is too weak. Meanwhile, the rising powers of the world are trying to avoid a real war with the declining American Empire. The real world war is a war to survive the end of the last empire.

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225 thoughts on “The Real World War

  1. No one wants WWIII more than the Regime, or more accurately the neo-con and Obama wings of the Regime. Likely also the Hillary! wings of the Regime.

    Against this are reality based elements of the military, industrialists, people with actual physical assets: Trump, Musk, Thiel, etc. and who cannot like Bill Gates fly off to their private NZ bunker stuffed with Epstein-ized assets if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

    Meanwhile half the party and bureaucrats want war with Israel, the other half Iran. War with Israel: the Squad, Daily Kos, Kamala!, Obama, Hillary!, likely Schumer (yes, him), the CIA, Universities, and the FBI. War with Iran: neo-cons, elements of the military, most of the Republican Party. These two factions are not always mutually exclusive. That is how insane clown show the Regime has become.

    The US is weak, while picking fights on all fronts: Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea. We have no real industrial base, the dreams of conscription and Manzanar camps per Hillary “We need re-education camps for Trump voters” will spark widespread conflict here, already the welfare obligations for illegals makes any realistic re-armament a pipe dream, and our remaining weaponry is mostly wasted in Ukraine. Meanwhile French, German, and Polish troops have been deployed to Ukraine officially to fight on the front. While the UK Defense ministry has talked about both a draft for (straight White males only) fighting and also war production (again straight White males only).

    Netanyahu is making his play as he wants to stir up as much trouble for Biden (who has tried repeatedly with the CIA to remove Netanyahu for someone in Labor who would “negotiate” with Hamas). In the hope of fracturing Biden’s coalition. This was utterly predictable the moment Biden (really Obama) started the Color Revolution BEFORE Oct 7, as what else would Bibi do?

    Bibi will keep on trying to escalate NOW, as it puts Obama/Biden in a pickle; military action against Israel to “save Hamas” which makes the Hamas wing of the Democratic/Regime faction happy, and angers the ((())) side, or do nothing and risk jihad at home, sure to be helped along by Putin for retaliation for Moscow. Putin has issued an ultimatum reportedly for Ukraine to turn over its spy chief and others associated with the Crocus Hall attacks.

    Statecraft would have been to NOT attempt a Color Revolution against Bibi as its failure would GUARANTEE the stuff we are seeing now. The only way to stop it is war with Israel which would tear the Coalition of Hate YT apart. And Bibi is only the symptom. Israel is now run mostly by Mizrahi not Ashkenazi, and even the latter after Oct 7 will NOT negotiate with Hamas, nor agree to a truce, or anything like that, according even to the FT who interviewed a whole bunch of Israeli liberals in Tel Aviv (their Manhattan) who all wanted blood and deterrence through total war in return for Oct 7.

    IF: North Korea attack the South, China invades Taiwan, Russia moves into the Baltics / Finland, Iran attacks Israel, ALL at the same time, the US loses decisively. It cannot even respond to one of these situations let alone all at once.

      • Schumer doesn’t want war with Israel. It’s mind-boggling that anybody can think that.
        Schumer is making some mild noises about what the current Israeli government is doing, but other than that, he is just like all the other ethnic neocons.

  2. Regarding VDare, Matt Walsh spoke strongly in support of VDare on his show today. It was good to hear. He’s got a pretty big platform.

    • It’s painful and enraging to watch what they’re doing to VDare. Brimelow was very good about focusing on immigration policy as distinct from white advocacy. But even that didn’t protect him.

      Last Friday, he had an editorial titled, “It is finished.”

      We can debate the wisdom of the taunt “they’re going to call you n@zi anyway, so you may as well be a n@zi” but, as VDare demonstrates, there is some truth in the taunt.

      One of the highest priorities of our elites is to flood the country with non-whites. I believe that the main motivation for this to dispossess traditional whites, but many still believe that it’s just about fattening corporate profits.

      What makes me the most crazy is that most of the people I know in real life either don’t know about the invasion or think that it’s no big deal. Some of the people closest to me are embarrassed on my behalf because I am concerned about immigration.

      • “We can debate the wisdom of the taunt “they’re going to call you n@zi anyway, so you may as well be a n@zi” but, as VDare demonstrates, there is some truth in the taunt.”

        Say again?

  3. I don’t think it’s correct to say, “Israel wants a war with Iran”.

    What Israel wants is for AMERICA to have a war with Iran. And they are spending a lot of time trying to figure out what lies to tell, this time, to make that happen.

    Read the “American” Thinker, the “American” Spectator, and the “National” Review. Almpst every day they all have articles laying out the rationale for US to go to war with Iran.

  4. Here’s how you will be able to tell that the Global American Empire has fallen:

    The first time that some imperial subject nation that has legalized gay “marriage” under intense pressure from the empire reverses course and re-bans it, then you’ll know.

  5. The American Empire’s proxy war is led by its politicians. Men like these:

    These men guide the Ship of State as it prepares to be battle-ready against all contingencies. As the U.S. fights enemies galore across the face of the globe, the political class pads its pockets and smirks in private, glad to have achieved ultimate power in the elections process once again. Their lives, it is truly said, is given over to public service.

    • Yeah, some guy stabbed another man to death on a subway/surface line in Morth Philadelphia, and to my eye the video image of this character looked as if he could well be one of those malefactors cut loose in Venezuela on condition that he goes to el Norte. Maduro takes a tip from Fidel who emptied out their jails during the Mariel Boatlift. Send us your poor, your criminals yearning to breathe free…

      • Scene from Scarface 2: Electric Boogaloo”

        “Hey, I’m no f*ckin’ criminal, man. I’m no puta or thief. I’m Tommy Colorado, a political prisoner from Venezuela. And I want my f*ckin’ human rights, now! Just like the President Joe Biden says. Okay?!”

  6. I sometimes see a thought pattern online that goes “had only the Israelis played nice by the 1970’s and 80’s they would be a serene little Monaco like country today.” The problem is that they never could play nice because they’re not that kind of people. It’s not a place run by some genteel royal family from the 15th Century. It’s a place run by people who have ancestry from shtetl peasant backgrounds with all of their centuries of spitefulness, avarice and ingratitude. Concepts like magnanimity are completely lost on them. You can see it in how they do business, with all of their law-fare. They never would have blended into the area, just like they never blended into pre 1930’s European culture. “Why were we such targets?” I can only imagine…

    • “ they do business…”

      If you ever watch Louis Rossman vidyas on yt, and ponder on how almost every large corporation cheats its customers with the ‘fine prit’ and wonder where this all came from.


      • WASPs we’re also pretty good at sticking you with fine prints so I wouldn’t call this exactly Jewish phenomenon.

        • so your saying the hebes haven’t had a negative effect on american culture? things sure seem different since they started pouring back in the 1900’s.

          • But it wasn’t until the late 60s that the country took a flying leap into Lake Shitfire. Delayed reaction, or the appearance of postmodern relativism?

          • @Ostei, Delayed reaction, or the appearance of postmodern relativism?

            Depends on what you mean by “delayed reaction”. It takes a long time to stop a freight train. The US manufacturing was that freight train. The regulatory state hit the brakes a few times and noticed the train didn’t stop or even slow down all that much, so figured there was no limit to how hard or often they could hit the brakes.

            It will take a long time for the freight train to get going again, too.

          • I’m not saying that at all. I just think that you can’t blame them exclusively for trying to screw with the fine print.

          • “I’m not saying that at all. I just think that you can’t blame them exclusively for trying to screw with the fine print.”

            The JIDF is restless tonight.

    • Nevertheless, bombing embassies is a bridge too far…When Roman or Mongol diplomats were murdered, their response was the wholesale massacre of everyone involved, and many of their hapless citizens…The old ways had much to be said for them….,.

    • To be fair, the “Palestinians” are not nice people either. But they are stupid and not nice as opposed to the Israelis who are intelligent and not nice.

    • What squeeze do the pervs have on national leaders in the GAE orbit that they convince them to kill their nations?

      • None. Nobody’s blackmailed, there or anywhere. The desire to lead is the desire to destroy.

        The hostile alienation of the managerial/professional/etc. class(es) from normal people, a phenomenon we regard as normal and eternal, is a very recent development in Japan. So bad news from there seems especially bad. When a media corporation there submits to American-style censorship demands from the out-of-power communist party, it still feels out of character. But it happens there now—as it has here for half a century.

        The temptation their rulers have been offered is to *leave humanity*, as ours long ago did. Earlier generations refused the offer, thinking they and the man on the street were, though not the same, the same animal. Now, finally, they’re Americanizing.

        For some reason this means flooding every civilized country with Indians, who can’t even wipe themselves, and installing them as the upper middle class.

        • God willing this American Empire business all comes crashing down before too much damage is done.

        • It is because the sole metric of managerialism is economics. The sole purpose of the state is to manage the economy.

          Why is that? Well, the bankers and the system beneath them require quantitative metrics to make the economy

          The Economy is a personification of all things. If The Economy is doing good, then everyone is doing good.

          The proper financial metrics

          It is a psychopathic outlook. You can’t have the economy go down! That would mean the bankers have to take some losses – significant enough losses to require a lifestyle change. Can’t have that.

          So, we have creative destruction. Which ate through the fabric of society in America over the course of a century. Now, it is going to destroy entire races and wipe out their homelands and cultures all to prevent the inevitable debt jubilee that can’t be prevented.

          It is sad that Japan has succumbed to this mental illness paired with extreme cowardice. The debtor is the slave, no matter how high up in the clouds that debtor’s office and helicopter pad may be.

          • “The Economy is a personification of all things. If The Economy is doing good, then everyone is doing good.”

            So, we’re talking about “fascism” (the real kind, not the reflexive magic-word tossed around willy-nilly by the opposition) in other words?

            “Everything in the Economy, nothing outside the Economy, nothing against the Economy…”

    • But these immigrants will never be Japanese, and when the GAE is no more, will likely be killed or thrown out…Japan has a food problem looming…

    • Their grandchildren would curse them..

      ….but that’s the problem, isn’t it? There aren’t any.

      Modernity kills.

  7. “Israel wants a war with Iran”. I think that is backwards. Iran Definitely intends to destroy Israel. Zero doubt! But they don’t (probably don’t) have nukes yet. So as soon as they get them they will destroy Israel killing millions of Israeli citizens. Israel knows this, you know this, everyone knows this, To pretend otherwise is as offensive as lying to my face. The ONLY chance Israel has to survive is to stop Iran. Simple as that. Does that mean this is Israel’s fault as you imply. You would have to be ignorant to think that.
    In the end it doesn’t matter. If Iran and it’s various terrorist surrogates attack Israel in a full scale attack this absolutely will devolve into a nuclear war. Israel is physically so tiny that it could be easily and quickly overrun by a superior force and destroyed. If that is precipitated Israel’s only viable option is a nuclear response. It become do or die at that point. The ONLY thing preventing the terrorists from attacking Israel in force is this threat. But the terrorists are suicidal and eventually they will attack and when that happens it will likely precipitate Armageddon. Given that reality WHAT is the most intelligent choice? The choice that “might” prevent Armageddon? To destroy Iran and it’s surrogate terrorist armies. THAT is the truth that you are ignoring.

    • Thank You Ben Shapiro. I don’t care if both countries obliterate each other. It means nothing to me. We can get guys in radiation suits to pull the oil and gas out of the ground over there. The problem is the 100% chance of U.S. involvement. Although, the American people will absolutely deserve the hardship they will get from their stupidity, and allowing usurpers to run their country for decades.

    • Except that Israel can’t defeat Iran. And US can’t either.

      So, maybe, just maybe, Israel might have to learn to live with its neighbors and not be the constant pain in the ass that little guys with a big brother always are.

    • Who made you God Emperor of the Universe? Why do you get to proclaim what Iran will do in the future with absolute certainty? Why do you get to commit genocide against the Palestinian people and suffer no consequence? Why do you get a pass on these war crimes when other nations have paid dearly for such conduct? Why are you so arrogant as to come to this blog and demand we kowtow to your hubris and accept this vile propaganda as legitimate?

      Look in the mirror.

    • The Torah isn’t a divine real estate contract.

      The Israel created by the 1950’s Zionist movement has little to do with the organic state of Israel of 2000 years (!) ago.

      There are parallels with the Middle Age Crusades though. A bunch of Europeans moving into the area uninvited, taking everything they could beg, borrow, or steal and holding it by military force of arms against all comers.

      7 million voting citizens vs a billion hostile neighbors isn’t a great plan.

      If “they have no choice but to have nukes, they’re small!” – that literally applies to every small nation. North Korea, for example.

      • Speaking of that, I always get a chuckle seeing this pale, Eastern European tribe call a hot, arid Mediterranean climate their ancestral homeland. The same people who slather on an inch of sunscreen to sit by the pool at a resort. Have you looked in the f- ing mirror lately? Wherever the hell you were from, your ancestors had about 60 days of sunshine a year. It would be like me saying that Nairobi is my homeland.

        • “Eastern European tribe”

          ashkenazi was a small kingdom in Rhineland valley, germany, they arrived there from italy.

          according to them, they arrived in italy after their temple got destroyed by the romans.

          The natural inclination is not to believe them, but their dna is over 50% middle eastern and less than 50% european, probably italian.

          • The Ashkenazim are more like 70-75% European, 25-30% Semitic. That’s why they look a lot like us. On the other hand, they’ve been away from Biblical Israel for a very long time and their genetic ties to the ancient Israelites are indeed fairly tenuous.

    • I admire your passion. It has good use to be put to – as a volunteer in the Israeli army so you can defend that people and their homeland.

      In the meantime, our homelands are undefended from invasion, colonization and run by a hostile elite determined to completely dispossess us. As far as we are concerned that is our Armageddon – total dispossession and subjugation in our homelands. We’ve got that fish to fry. Whatever is happening in the Levant distracts us from dealing with it – which requires 100% of our attention.

      Unless of course you have some power, in which case maybe we can negotiate – our homelands for us and then yours for you. America and Europe First.

    • This is a great point. My fellow white people need to listen. We need to understand that God’s chosen people have a right to this land because people in the early 1900s started saying it was so. We all know that Iran wants to destroy all of Israel for absolutely no reason but pure hatred of the superior Israel people, they hate them for no reason. Israel is America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East, they fight the terrorists so we do not have to, if Israel did not exist we would have to invent them. If we don’t support Israel as they slaughter women and children, the terrorists will get on boats, sail across the Atlantic, and commit terrorism on US soil. If we do not allow Israel to destroy Amalek then they will destroy the entire world with nuclear weapons, and it will be our fault. Because, after all, no matter how angry we are at Israel dropping bombs on refugee camps and starving children to death, Israel hates being forced to drop bombs on refugee camps and starve children to death even more.

    • You’re posting this little screed to justify the future use of nukes by Israel. You know (Israel knows, everyone knows) there is absolutely no situation where your pipsqueak nation of cowards has any chance of winning a conventional war without big daddy GAE.

    • “Definitely intends to destroy Israel.”

      Let me reply with a loaded question: Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?

    • You are overlooking the other just as obvious choice – destroy Israel. In fact, it is more obvious because Israel is the source of the problem, and has been since 1948.

      • C Matt:
        Israel has been the source of the problems much longer than starting in 1948. First they were the problem because they claimed it was only one G-d, 1500 hundred years later they became a problem because they did not accept Jesus as Messiah, even though all apostles were Jewish.
        Then they started controlling too much wealth and simultaneously became Bolsheviks who wanted to destroy wealth.
        And now Jews have the nerve to create their own country and fight for it. How is that not a problem???/s

        • I actually agree that the Jews deserve a homeland just like every other people. And I suppose the land upon which modern Israel is situated makes as much sense as any place and more than most. However, I also believe Isreal should sink or swim under its own horsepower. No other country, including the Blackberry Fruitcake Empire, should be under any obligation to make a special project of Israel’s success or even survival.

        • I was referring to the specific problem brought up by OG. Of course it’s not the only problem they have caused.

    • Israel is an outlaw State which should never have existed, and only exists now because of Uncle Stupid…Iranian civilization goes back millennia…

    • Bennie – “it’s” is the contraction of it is. “Its” is the possessive you’re struggling to find. You should also enclose the full stop (period) inside the end quotation mark, unless you’re (not “your”) a Brit. Capitalize non-proper nouns only if they’re (not “there” or “their”) the first word in a sentence. And be sure to double-space between sentences. Finally, be judicious with exclamation points and all caps, as they reveal a weak argument. Hope this helps.

  8. Orange blob is on the ropes. He has no morals or ethics of any kind. He will see his chance and tell the Jewish power elite that controls so many levers of our society, “give me the White House and I will give you your Iran war. It’ll even be in the next edition of the bible I’m selling.” Expect Marco Rubio (aka Lil’ Marco, aka Foam Boy) to be on the ticket.

    • Seeing as one of the promises Trump kept was “no new wars,” and although he may support Israel on paper, his record says you’re full of it!
      Trump wants American prosperity, and wars ain’t that. Except for the MIC benefitting.
      This is the problem with Trump deranged lunatics.
      You can hate the man, for whatever stupid reasons “usually envy,” and like his policies.

      • Trump has a four year record as President. You should look into it. Maybe you’ll see it in the vast nothingness of his accomplishments. The record of a man completely devoid of principles. Even Clinton had more principles.

        • Stalin, Lenin and Mao had principles and they got shit done. Personally, at this point I prefer leaders with no principles and that are weak. The exception is enforcing the border, which of course Trump didnt do perfectly or even well, but it wasn’t the civilization ending invasion we have now.

        • He was so busy fighting off the pool of piranhas in the swamp it’s amazing he got done what he did. 3 SCOUTUS appointments, a booming economy, low gas prices. And…. NO NEW WARS!

          • any of those scotus picks any good? cause it was the turtle that chose them…

          • Apart from assassinating Soleimani (arch-enemy of ISIS, coincidentally enough!), which almost kicked off WW3.

      • Yeah, it’s hard to know what Trump is really saying sometimes. Sometimes he really means it, other times he’s just patting them on the head. I don’t take anything Trump says at face value.

    • Damn man… I thought you were one of us, a DR bro. I had NO idea you suffered from an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Just goes to show you, this is still a serious illness! There is no cure of course, but there are treatments available to help manage symptoms I hear.

      I don’t think there is a single reader here who is a Breitbart / Fox News level Trumper and we are WELL aware of his failings, foibles, and fuck ups. But I presume you are Ridin’ w/ Biden? Because that train is going right off the cliff with everyone on board. Pick your battles… And “Jewish Power Elite?” LOL! Really? Have you -seen- the current administration & cabinet? It looks like a 90% off sale during Yom Kippur.

      • Both Biden and Trump are human cancer. They’ll both destroy the place. I support the one that will capsize the country first so we can move on from this shit era. Yes, I am an accelerationist. Life is short.

    • Should Orange Man win, his cabinet picks will tell the tale if the deal you allude to occurred.

  9. >Embassies are technically the territory of the country operating them, so this attack on the Iranian embassy is the same as an attack on Iran.

    Which is precisely why the headlines all over the Jewish media, from the AP to the the ancien Big Three and everywhere else, described the attack as being on the “consulate” or a “consulate building”.

    • This is another example of Talmudic disputation-trained little hats lawyering their little hearts out. No, they are wrong with this, but they will try to kick up a cloud of dust to hide that fact. It’s what they do.

      At other times, as in the case of the IDF bombing a small convoy of international volunteers bringing food aid into Gaza after, 1) liason with the IDF to clear this action, 2) driving in a vehicle prominently emblazoned with identifying marks to leave no doubt that this is who they were, when the IDF kills at least 7 of them, well, that merely was an unfortunate mistake. Totally believable.

      • Maybe. Obama’s attack on the MSF? Trump’s “proportional” attack on Syria over an obviously staged “chemical attack”? The chemical attack on the Kurds that called for the immediate ouster of Saddam, that was really recycled pictures from the Iran-Iraq war? Clinton\’s aspirin factory? Kosovo? Babies on bayonets from the first Gulf War? Gulf of Tonkin? Operation Keelhaul? Lusitania? Archduke Ferdinand? The Maine? The American invasion of Canada?

        I don’t know. Seems to me it’s something of a stretch to assume we need Jews to create false flag causus belli, or commit war crimes and put a positive spin on them.

        • That’s just bad logic. Instances of malfeasance by WASP pols stirring up trouble at home and abroad via cat’s-paws and false-flags do not, by extension, mean that we are not *also* bedeviled by Jewish bad actors doing the same things. Stop trying to run interference for The Tribe.

  10. I remember Dubya meeting Putin and saying he looked in his eyes and saw he was a good man, or something like that. My impression at the time was the US was pretty hands off until blustering about the short war with Georgia near the end of Dubya’s presidency.

    Iirc, Baathists were/are CIA-backed Arab nationalists. The Iraq war ended their rule and brought Shiites to power, which brought Iran into the picture.

    Obama withdrew from Iraq, re-entered in response to IS, resisted full-scale war in Syria and struck the nuclear deal with Iran.

    Trump rescinded the nuclear deal and strongly resisted new wars, started another withdrawal from Iraq, tried to appear fully pro-Israel. Had a trade war with China, tried to focus on China as the looming threat.

    Biden abandoned Afghanistan, backed Ukraine against Russia. There’s a brewing pivot to China, whether or not he’s on board.

    The appearance is of incoherence and a lost foreign policy consensus. Imo, there must be various factions vying for dominance. Majority-minority, you could say.

    I think the time of puppet masters has passed, even if the machine hasn’t seized up yet. Mirrors the rest of society.

  11. I’m a little bit bothered by this narrative of “waiting it out.” It seems like too many people in the alternative space have gotten too comfortable with the Noble Lie, and many of them don’t even know it’s a lie. I’ll explain what I mean.

    Almost since the war in Ukraine began, many commenters on the pro-Russian side (on which side I include myself, of course) have excused every apparent Russian setback by quoting for the umpteenth time their standard boilerplate about how Russia is fighting a war of attrition, territorial losses don’t matter, Russia has figured out the West’s wonder-weapons, etc. For example, the good gentlemen at The Duran, whom I listen to regularly, have always taken this tack, as have their many regular guests.

    The problem is that this argument—which is valid within a certain scope—has now been employed so often that it’s starting to be mindlessly repeated by people who don’t understand the limitations of it. It’s being used as a thought-stopping cliché in the service of the belief that Russia can do no wrong, and I think that’s very dangerous.

    Ukraine is clearly losing the conventional war, but that does not mean that they aren’t a threat. And they haven’t even lost the conventional war yet, either. There are still other tranches of warfighting capability that haven’t been tapped. Ukraine still has its security services personnel, its university students, and its diaspora of “refugees” throughout Europe that can be rounded up and pressed into service. The F-16s are still coming. Speaker Johnson is about to moot another round of funding for Ukraine. EU war bonds and asset seizures are probably coming, too. This isn’t over yet.

    Furthermore, as Ukraine makes the pivot from fighting a conventional war to fighting a guerrilla war, they will unleash more acts of terrorism. They continue to lob drones at oil refineries and plan massacres like the Crocus Hall, which even after 2 years Russia still does not have an answer for.

    There are still certain mysteries and problems with the “Duran” view of things. For instance, early on, when people like myself started wondering about Russia’s apparent unwillingness to target Ukrainian infrastructure, we were told that Russia was acting with compassion for Ukrainian civilians. But now, 2 years on, almost half a million Ukrainians have been killed, and I don’t think it matters all that much that they were wearing uniforms at the time and hence technically weren’t “civilians.” A death is a death, and this is a devastating blow for the country. To top it all off, Russia is now FINALLY targeting Ukrainian infrastructure, anyway. So what was all the waiting around for?

    The death toll would have been a lot less if Russia had just fought a high-impact war to begin with, and it would have denied time for Ukraine and Nuland to arrange their “nasty surprises.” How many more surprises are still waiting, I wonder?

    These questions need to be asked, and I don’t think it’s a very encouraging sign that nobody on our side is asking them.

    • Yes, the Putin 5d chess thing. But obviously the man is cautious. Justifiably he fears nuclear armageddon as much as any sane person. And who knows what biological and other wunderwaffen the opposing parties threaten each other with. Or what financial warfare. Infrastructure targeting. So there are a lot of reasons, both known and unknown, to play it slow and careful. I’m really not in a position to guess the particulars, I just know there are many.

      It’s also true that every day that the war goes on without Russian defeat is a Russian victory. Further eroding the credibility of the GAE. So why rush and potentially provoke your foe into doing something rash

      • The biggest reason is that he can’t expose his flanks. If he throws everything he has at Ukraine, maybe he gets invaded through Poland or somewhere else. Like any smart leader, he he is making sure he has enough deterrent in case problems arise elsewhere.

        • Indeed, a Russian “victory” in Ukraine isn’t the end of the war, it’s just the beginning of the next phase. And a NATO counterattack is something he has had to consider from day one.

          • The Russians have something like 800,000 more soldiers held back against some sort of NATO stupidity. Given how totally, completely out of touch and misinformed the West’s misleaders truly are, this is very prudent. These reserved forces were neither in the military, nor trained for combat eventualities two years ago. Russia’s thinking has evolved since it has become clear through subsequent events just how unhinged and intransigent (very bad combination) the West”s authorities are.

    • My problem with the “war of attrition” theory is this: to Russians, Ukrainians are Russians too. Like brothers who went astray. You don’t get your brothers back by slowly killing them one by one.

        • About 20% of Ukrainian population are ethnic Russians, and yet it’s forbidden in Ukraine to study Russian or Russian literature or even speak Russian in the office or retail store.

          • Too bad America never adopted that policy with regard to Ebonics, Toni Morrison and African-American history.

        • One must draw a bright line between Galicians and Russians, many of whom wound up under Ukrainian command through failed Communist strategies aimed at neutralizing revancist Galician tendencies.

    • I said the same thing on Larry Johnson’s site when the Prigozhin thing happened, and I was loudly shouted down. Posters claimed this was some disinformation campaign and prop theatre. Insanity.
      I think the clearly issue is that, though losing, Ukrainians have a massive advantage with satellite and information gathering. Further, people tend to paint Western weapons as inept. They are not. The reality is that they work, and often well.
      But, regarding the lack of full commitment, I believe the real reason is that a full Russian attack of overwhelming force would actually be a bloodbath for the Russians, and possibly a defeat. Further, this would eliminate stockpiles that they are probably concerned about depleting in the event of an escalation with NATO.

    • Those are fair questions. They can only be answered by the ones prosecuting the war. But here are a few guesses:

      1. First have to divine the Russian’s objective. Personally, the argument that Russia wants to take over Europe is laughable – who would want that basket case of degenerate ingrates? Same goes for all of Ukraine, although perhaps that is less laughable. Russia’s own sated goal was to have a NATO buffer, and that makes beaucoup sense. I see no reason to doubt that.

      2. How to obtain that objective? Again, the SMO makes sense here as it played out in the beginning – take back some territory, show solid resolve to accomplish it, and show reserve in not completely demolishing the place ala ZUSA regular motus operandi. This way, any reasonable observer would see the Russians were not out to conquer the West, but address legitimate security concerns. What Russia did miscalculate was the ZOG’s reasonableness/sincerity in seeking a peaceful solution. You would think with the ZOG’s track record they would know better, but there it is.

      3. So this brings us to the present. I don’t see this so much as a failure of Russia to adequately assess the threat so much as others have said – this is likely just Putin’s nature. Cautious, plodding, but resolved. You also have to take into account the audience – not the ZOG (it is lost) but the rest of the world, in particular the resource rich ME which has been under the ZOG boot for decades. Having given the ZOG every opportunity to come to its senses, and ZOG having refused to do so, attacking the infrastructure is the next necessary ratchet up.

      I don’t claim to have any insight into Putin’s mind, but I can see a methodical approach to this. Take the minimally necessary action to achieve a certain objective that gives the other side an opportunity to off ramp. When the opportunity is refused, move on to the next minimally required action that again gives the other side an opportunity to smell the coffee. Rinse, repeat. I know this goes against the ZOG approach of bomb the living crap out of anything that moves, launder a bunch of money through it, pretend you won, and then move on to the next gig. The only miscalculation I can see is Russia believing the ZOG is rational or anything other than pure evil.

  12. Paraphrased Kipling:

    Now it is not good for the USA to hustle the Eastern brown
    For the Eastern smiles, with his Eastern wiles
    And they weareth the USA down
    At the end of the fight there’s a tombstone white
    With the name of the dear deceased
    And the epitaph drear-“A fool lies here”
    Who tried to hustle the East.

  13. One major fact that few talk about is that America no longer has the manufacturing capability to fight a major war. I read awhile back that our steel manufacturing is about where it was in 1902; we no longer produce a drop of lead needed for small arms ammunition, and we no longer produce the TNT needed for artillery shells. We have quite simply been gutted out.

    Wait until the American Empire collapses. You won’t be able to buy parts to fix cars or anything else for that matter, because they’re all imported. And production of electrical transmission was sent overseas long ago, so I can see a major weather event translating to a down power grid for months or even years at a time. What’s even worse, there are few factories to make critical medicines. This means that most of the people with endemic health problems are going to die off pretty quickly.

    Basically, many are going to eat shit and die sometime in the near future.

    • American steel production peaked in 1969. That was a long time ago. In the 40s and 50s America produced well over 1/2 the steel produced in the world. We do still produce a decent amount of steel, like 80 million tons a year. We still produce a decent amount of copper, aluminum and even lead at 270k tons. I don’t think TNT is used in artillery shells. AFAIK, there are better explosives that are much safer to make and handle.

      Blackouts and brownouts are skyrocketing and will likely continue to get worse as we build in more and more unreliable generation and retire more and more reliable generation. Prices will rise as service becomes more unreliable.

      • The problem is that we import our strategic resources from abroad rather than produce them at home. Steel for example is/was majority imported when Trump took office, as was aluminum. Trump noted this immediately, but did little to rectify such. China was one of our major suppliers of finished steel for construction—girders, telephone poles, sheet, etc.

        As pointed out, it’s one thing to have stoppage on consumer goods, another on military production supplies. Since we now see that future wars may likely be fought with 1st world opponents, not pushovers, we need to be prepared for a long drag out conflict as we see in Ukraine. Won’t be another WWII, but we can’t be dependent on suppliers outside the North American continent.

        • The only thing that can be done is tariffs. This is why free trade is so stupid. We simply cannot compete with China where rules are mere suggestions, where the Yuan is overvalued even at 14 cents, where worker safety is aspirational and where state owned enterprises get state money. China still has like 800 million people earning under like under 1000 USD per year. Plus, they have access to our equipment.

          Both major countries who adopted free trade have been decimated. Japan protects its industry. China protects its industry. China has gone as far to ban people using iPhones or driving Tesla cars in “sensitive places” Many companies now tell their employees they cannot bring an iPhone to work.

          The same is true of Mexico, Vietnam, India, Thailand etc.

          The only way free trade actually works is when it is two first world countries with similar standards of living and income with currencies that are reasonably free of interference by the central banks.

          • Per capita rural income in the PRC in 2022 was ~USD2800. Double that for city dwellers. Percentage of population living in rural areas in 2022: 36%… So about 510M people at the bottom living on an average of $2,800/year (*). Last time I checked farms produced rice, grains, chickens, ducks, pigs, etc… not steel girders, cellphones, hypersonic missiles.

            So your numbers are a bit off.

            The guys who are eating the West’s collective lunch at Huawei or doing the metallurgy and guidance systems for those hypersonics get paid a #$%ton more of course.

            Of course State Owned enterprises get state money… Things work better when the State and not Raytheon and Goldman run the State. But Muh Communisms… and it’s ‘Unfair’.

            I agree with you that ‘Free Trade’ is a scam. Even between equally matched Western countries it must be controlled with an iron resolve or inevitably it will warp and corrupt everything.

            * Those numbers might look bad, but they’re Paradise / Xanadu from the viewpoint of an equivalent Chinese 30 years ago or ditto Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Indonesian, Filipino *today*.

      • Here in the Mid Ohio Valley, they just finished up on the demolition of an integrated steel mill that had been here since 1869. Someone said long ago that when the Hanging Rock Iron Region stopped melting iron, the country would not be in this world for long. We all thought that was crazy, but now here we are. We’re all going to get to live through an imperial collapse, and many will not live to see the other side. The taste of A.D. 476 is pretty bitter right now.

        • Odoacer, held a regular Roman commission ; he was a Roman soldier, he rejoiced in the titles of Consul and Patrician. There was no destruction of Roman society , there was breach of continuity in the main institutions . A transformation occurred in the fifth and sixth century when local government did fall into the hands of happened to be in command of local forces of the Roman Army. In 476 A.D. no man , barbarian or Roman, imagined a world without the Empire. A.D. There was no fall of Rome, and no “fall” due to barbaric “invasions’.

          • So, when DID the Roman Empire cease to exist? It doesn’t exist now, so clearly it vanished at some point. If you can nominate a more plausible terminus than 476 A.D., by all means do so.

          • Wasn’t Latin was the common trade language in most of the former provinces of Rome up until about 711, when Spain fell to the Followers of Muhammad? All of the trade routes were up ended, and lack of communications resulted in Latin ending as a living language shortly after that.

          • My comment was simply a response to coalclinker’s prediction that we shall soon experience an imperial collapse, not unlike the calamity that supposedly occurred in 474 A.D. ,-when the Roman Empire fell into ruins, ceased to exist, and was replaced by rejuvenated barbarian teutonic blood- Odoacer, Alaric. That the bureaucratic machinery of the Empire did at some point cease to function effectively is not in dispute. That precise date is less import than the fact that the Catholic Church converted, and transformed what salient features of the ancient Roman Civilization -Empire-could be saved. There was no cataclysmic change, no violent upheaval in the every day life of the Empire after 474- the Empire did not vanish, but evolved(devolved), was transformed into what men came to call feudal Europe. I suspect a similar fate awaits the current political Empire. Sadly there will be no salient civilisational features to be saved.

    • I’ve written several comments on this topic. But it’s worse than just not having the physical capacity. America no longer has the intellectual capacity to generate the physical capacity to produce the armaments and materiel necessary to fight a major war.

      Despite having roughly on-third the population of the US, Russia graduates more engineers every year than the US. The number of engineers graduating in the US had dropped over the last 30 years. Further, engineering programs in the US are heavily skewed toward electrical/computer engineering to accommodate Silicon Valley interests, but the skills required to build factories, armaments, and materiel are more aligned with civil, mechanical, and chemical engineering.

      America is at least one generation away from being able to bridge this gap. We cannot fight and win a major war for at least another 30 years, and I doubt America will last that long.

      • Another figure that would be interesting to know would be how many US engineering students are even American. It’s been a while since I was in college, but even back then STEM was heavily populated by foreigners.

        • At the university where I work, beginning in 1978, a very high percentage of engineering grad students–quite possibly over half–were subcons and Chinks. Make of that datum what you will.

    • “ Basically, many are going to eat shit and die sometime in the near future.”

      Sounds a lot like Job’s wife…she was a real doozy back then as well. 😉 Nonetheless, the Book of Job is the greatest story of suffering ever told, ending in redemption when such suffering was endured—justly. As the Book says, “…through all his suffering, Job remained sinless for he did *not* blame God…”

      There is hope if we endure.

  14. The dirty little secret.

    The US is racking up a $Trillion of new sovereign debt about every 100 days now and the interest payable on that debt will soon become the largest component of Federal outlays. That ticking timebomb is the death knell of the GAE and it will be far worse than fighting and losing another foreign war. The vast majority of Americans are still sleepwalking past the graveyard in the delusion that infinite debt has no consequences. And the upcoming election is a sideshow designed to keep everyone on the couch until its too late.

    And all of this is masterful intention on the part of the elites. We face a triple wammy in the coming year. Debt bomb, stolen election, mercenary revolt of the invaders. They genuinely believe that this manufactured chaos will enable a jackboot coup and overt imposition of tyranny. It’s a heck of a gamble. It’s the same bet that the French nobility made before the Bastille was stormed. And both China and Russia are waiting to pick up the pieces. Ain’t Dementia Joe swell!

    • As TomA notes here, something’s wrong with the propaganda regarding the current economic picture and what we see in the market. Follow the money. More and more money printing and gold setting new all time records. Seems the “smart” people are hedging or even bailing out.

    • They genuinely believe that this manufactured chaos will enable a jackboot coup and overt imposition of tyranny

      I think you’re being optimistic in believing that they’re thinking that far ahead. “Meh, it’ll work out, it always has” is probably the extent of it. Just as I’m sure part of Louis the 16th’s issue was the “16th” part: it would have taken a lot of imagination on his part to envision the possibility of a world without him in it.

  15. The military dominance of the American empire is effectively over. It can no longer throw a punch without being forced to take a punch as well.

    This means that there’s no way that it can exchange punches with Russia or China. But it also means that it has to seriously think about attacking smaller powers. How many dead pilots or seamen will the American people or the US military be willing to lose for some pointless cause. I doubt very many.

    This new reality is only slowly being recognized by the US and Israel. I think everyone is trying to figure out how to deal with it. The Chinese and Russians are trying to let the crazies in Washington down easily so they don’t flip out and do something, well, crazy.

    The other shoe to drop with be American Empire’s financial power. The dollar still remains king and that’s a lot of power, but even that is getting eroded.

    The RoW needs to keep the American Empire’s financial system in place until they can build an alternative, but that’s going to take time. Luckily, the Americans simply aren’t in a place to use the dollar too strongly because our debt is so high.

    The next decade or two will be a treacherous time, but we could all come out of it better. A US forced to live within its means won’t have the military to cause much trouble. The US will move its manufacturing back, which is good.

    The world will be more balanced. Of course, we’ll be a 2nd world country by then, but that’s a different story.

    • It could be said that large parts of AINO are already a 2nd world country. So the comedown might not be so bad, in that sense. It could be rough for the many who rely on the free money spigot to make a living. The climate “industry” for instance.

      • We’re already seeing lots of areas that were viable with ZIRP run into trouble.

        The consequence of the debt will depend on investors. If they’re willing to buy treasuries at interest below inflation, the debt won’t matter for a long time. If not, the govt is in trouble within five years or so.

        Of course, the rest of the world’s govts are in even worse shape so we’ll know when trouble is coming.

        If investors aren’t willing to play ball on their own, my guess is that the Fed will engineer a quiet form of QE. They’ll remove any leverage limitations on banks if they buy treasuries. Of course, the banks will still need some capital to buy and leverage the bonds, which is where the Fed will step in. The Fed will open a funding window for banks to buy treasuries and will guarantee that the Fed will repurchase the treasuries at par is any trouble arises.

        Basically, the banks will provide QE – and thus yield curve control – for the Fed so the Fed doesn’t have to admit what it’s doing. But this will still be inflationary.

        QE to provide dollars for spending in the real economy via fiscal deficits is inflationary on the ground b/c the money reaches actual consumers. QE to buy financial assets – like what was done between 2009 to 2020 – is inflationary only for financial assets, not regular goods and services.

        • I have the impression that controlled inflation to support financial assets goes a lot farther back than 2009.

          • Truth. Whomever is the first recipient of new fiat money gets to spend it before it inflates. Because this has been done through purchases of Treasuries from the origin of the Fed, it goes back at least that far.

            @Citizen makes a point that way too few understand — the recipients of the money determines where the price “inflation” manifests. In most cases, that has been assets, as the class of people who received the cash first spent it on investments. But now after seeing the interventions with COVID, it’s plain that the cause of grocery and rent “inflation” is because of all the cash that was spread around to consumers.

            You cannot formulate an intelligent economic policy without keeping that in mind.

        • “The consequence of the debt will depend on investors. If they’re willing to buy treasuries at interest below inflation”

          I suspect they will act on their plan to take your 401k and invest it in “safe” treasuries. All for your own good.

      • JZ-

        I’ve watched multiple green scam companies my firm deals with put projects on hold or cancel them, ostensibly due to the difficulty of funding them at higher rates.

        • The commercial real estate market is having a hard time swallowing this pig.

    • “The next decade or two will be a treacherous time, but we could all come out of it better.

      The world will be more balanced. Of course, we’ll be a 2nd world country by then, but that’s a different story”

      according to predictions made by remote viewers(about the next few decades):

      – large swaths of the population will die off
      – american states will remain allied, but they’ll self govern
      – society will be mostly agrarian, people will leave cities
      – no reindustrialization will happen

      • Geert Vanden Bosche thinks the big die off happens this year. “In the coming weeks” he said. Nice of him to put his rep on the line like that, if he has one, I wouldn’t know.

        • Did he say that? Could you provide a link? The way you wrote it sounds like a very daring and unambiguous prediction.
          I don’t see it happening, but at the same time, given the events of the past decade or so, nothing will surprise me anymore.

          • Thank you for delivering.

            The interesting part:

            A bit further on (around 55:20 minutes) he says, “You will see what will happen, for example, in the next coming weeks. . . is more and more cases of more serious long Covid. . . . They will start to replace the surge of the cancers. . . now we have a more chronic phase. It will end with a hyper-acute phase, a huge, huge wave. . . I’ve been studying this now for four years. I know what I’m talking about. I’m probably the only person, in all modesty, who understands the immunology behind this. . . . (At 1:00:12) The thing I want your audience to understand, what we will be facing in the hyper-acute Covid crisis that is imminent, is that we will have to build a completely new world. . . . It is very very clear that when this starts, our hospitals will collapse. And that means the chaos in all kinds of layers of society — financial, economic, social, you name it — will be complete. And that is what I’m very clearly predicting. . . . It’s very strange for me to make such statements, but I’m not hiding it because I’m two hundred percent convinced that it will happen.”

            I hope he is wrong.

        • JZ-

          I tend to disagree with Geert.

          I think we are in the worst case, “slow grind,” scenario with no end in sight.

          This means elevated excess deaths, but not so elevated that they can’t gaslight the public regarding the cause.

          I do think this was their plan all along, mainly because they’ve studied the gene therapy for decades. Thus, I think they know exactly how to manage them.

          • You can’t swing a dead cat what that you hit an apocalypse prophet. It has always been thus. And they’ve almost always been wrong.

        • GVDB said this would happen last October. It didn’t. I agree that the death shots are killing a lot of people, but there is no evidence – at least yet – that any massive die-off is coming. Just a steady trickle that the sheep will never notice.

      • “ society will be mostly agrarian, people will leave cities”

        Doubtful. If the population dies off 90%, then perhaps most folk can/must return to some direct connection with the land. However, such a die off destroys most 1st world niceties. If more folk attempt to work the land, then such cannot be supported. Subsistence farming is a harsh existence and unproductive as compared to what we have today. Ukraine was the breadbasket of Europe, yet before the war was poorish as compared to Western European nations, even compared to Russia. An “agrarian society” is not the answer.

        • “Doubtful. If the population dies off 90%, then perhaps most folk can/must return to some direct connection with the land.”
          according to Lyn Buchanan it’s 75%
          “However, such a die off destroys most 1st world niceties. If more folk attempt to work the land, then such cannot be supported.”
          1st world niceties going away is implied

          • I don’t follow Lyn, nor care much about Gaia worship and their incessant plea for reduction in population numbers. Always calling for reducing population by some drastic number. For Cris’ sake, kill yourself already and set an example.

            The world’s population is declining, the demographics are there to see. It only increases in the poorest areas, unfortunately this means all of Africa. The key to population decline is prosperity and technological progress. These Gaia worshipers will never rest until we return to Hunter Gatherer numbers.

            Don’t forget, ancient man crossing over the Bering Sea 14k years ago and settling in the Americas were responsible for the extinction of all American mega fauna. And that’s with only primitive technology of bow and spear.

        • An “agrarian” society is probably not possible in the US, Canada or Europe.

          The best farmland is mostly paved over. Cities were not randomly created. They were built in places surrounded by the best farmland that could be found. But the cities and suburbs have grown over those years to encompass all of that fine fertile well watered farmlands. Huge swaths of farmland being farmed today is marginal and would not produce food without modern agriculture. Even in the Mid West with some of the best farmland on Earth, modern agriculture sees planes crop dusting huge amounts of fertilizers and pest control. Soil salination is a major problem on much of our existing farmland.

          The orange tree population is in free fall. There is a pest wiping out almost all of the orange trees and it has a foothold in every part of the US with citrus trees. There are thousands of invasive species now in every climate in the US. All of the species of produce we grow has been protected from disease and genetically optimized to be big and produce a high yield. They are probably far more susceptible to not having a bunch of pesticides than the original seeds before the 50s when genetic engineering started.

          It’s not that these problems won’t eventually be fixed naturally, it’s the time frame. America could probably survive a few years of major famine. But it wouldn’t be a year or 3, it will be 20 plus. Natural processes build an inch of soil a century. This can be sped up with human intervention even using primitive methods. But not in a few years. This is just to replenish soil. I don’t know if salinated soil can be fixed in anything but thousands of years of being left alone.

          A large percentage of our food is produced using “fossil water” There are places in the US you can look at on google maps and see 10s of thousands of perfect circle crops. This is “fossil water” farming.
          I think this is absolutely insane. But we’re doing it. By “fossil water” what is meant is water tables that do not recharge in human time frames. It could take 100k years to replenish these underground aquifers.

        • I think you would be surprised at the number of flyovers who understand production of wood gas, or are even using some. No, it won’t power a modern diesel tractor, but an older gasoline tractor could be easily made to work. Anything old enough to have an iron block could run ethanol blends or even pure ethanol with a little work.

          A handful of farmers could easily feed a small town in such circumstances, but that town would need to be split between maintaining whatever civilization they can and protecting the farmers from the zombie hordes from the cities.

          • Where are you getting all this wood? Plus, doing a 1 stage gasification bolted to the side of the tractor is very poor gas (you’ll need to take apart the engine ever 6 months) and very poor utilization of what you can ultimately get out of the wood when done correctly.

            Even an incredibly productive plant like Algae cannot produce enough oil to make synfuels at anything like a reasonable price or in the quantity needed. Even using scrubbers from smoke stacks to feed the algae still has limited production and a cost of over 200 Dollars a barrel.

            Europe was deforested way before the 20th century and the mass build up of people. There simply is not enough biomass to support this kind of mechanized farming.

          • @Tars, Where are you getting all this wood?

            All what wood? If we get to the point where we have to return to agrarian society, we don’t really need all that much wood to be able to feed a town. A city? No. There is no way a non-petroleum agriculture can feed a city. Well, maybe it could be done with serfs and slaves, but I doubt it. That’s why the farmers need the people that depend on them for food to ward away the zombies.

            Rebuilding an older engine is not that difficult. Used to do it as a kid,. using a large tree as an engine hoist, and something simple like grinding valves and cleaning heads does not need the engine pulled.

    • The projection of power is based on the perception of power. Rome learned this the hard way, and the USA is learning it now too. You can’t lose proxy wars in Ukraine, Syria, and Yemen, you can’t lose to a bunch of bronze age guys living in tents and huts, and expect everyone to be scared of you. Once people aren’t scared of you anymore, they will be willing to stand up to you. What the Houthis are doing in the Red Sea is astounding and a continuing source of embarrassment, but as Z points out, the USA risks further embarrassment by taking any additional moves. One of the Houthis literally said early on, we’ve fought these guys for 10 years and aren’t scared of them. That’s what happens. It’s going to be interesting.

    • “we’ll be a 2nd world country by then”

      This is a third world country now.

      Help me understand what will improve it?

      • Well, nothing will improve if we don’t cut off the border. That’s really the only issue that matters.

        But it would be nice if the US wasn’t provoking the world all the time and was forced to bring back manufacturing due to a much weaker dollar and no trade deficit.

    • Citizen: How will we move “our” manufacturing back? Honest question. My understanding was that much of the offshoring involved turn-key operations. We no longer make machine tools, and the few remaining tool makers are dying off. We don’t make the steel to rebuild any factories. What about the eco warriors and the NIMBYs, at least until they die off?

      And all of this presumes some sort of qualified workforce. When genuinely tough economic times come, I don’t see Whites coming out on top, much as I hate to admit it. The Venezuelans and Haitians are quite at home amidst poverty and brutality. The drug and racial gangs already have the organization and network to move people and product outside of legal channels.

      The average American White? What’s Karen going to do when the grocery shelves are bare, or when her pre-cooked meals cost more fiat bucks than she has? Most older Whites rely on multiple prescription medications (all made in China and India) to be able to function (physically and/or mentally). White suburbanites are not accustomed to blatant violence and a predatory ‘society.’

      I think “second world” status is almost too optimistic.

      • The process will be slow to be sure—and of course, all trade cannot be immediately stopped—nor should be. But there is a hierarchy involved (I believe, I’m no economist). We begin to bend the curve and get production of the basics back—steel, aluminum needs for domestic and military consumption for example. We prioritize energy production and transmission doing whatever it takes. This is strategic in a dangerous world.

        There’s a reason production was offshored, discover it and become competitive with those countries who took such production from us. And no, I don’t agree it involves paying US workers 3rd world wages. Rather I suspect it involves a lot of soul searching wrt wacko environmentalism and consumerism and greed wrt corporations and our elite as a prime driver of the economy.

        • Rather I suspect it involves a lot of soul searching wrt wacko environmentalism and consumerism and greed wrt corporations and our elite as a prime driver of the economy.

          In a former life in the ’90s, I helped companies off-shore. Going to Germany was not unusual for mid-tech and higher. Wages had almost nothing to do with it. It’s just that the US was catering to the eco-crazies, and “decided” that since we were so wealthy, they could regulate and litigate without limit.

          Greed played a role, sure, but not how you think. More correctly, covetousness. During the Clinton years, the hoi polloi were led to believe CEOs made “too much” money, and the result was stock options and absurdities like “public sentiment” being quantified as a dollar figure and listed on financials.

          Corporate raiders became a thing because of artificially low interest rates and a refusal of the government to enforce it’s own laws about private company pension funding, turning massive trusts into just a regular asset. And nothing is cheaper than buying the cash that those trusts became as a result.

          You can place the ultimate blame wherever ideology leads you, but the proximate cause of offshoring was government. They set the conditions that made life very difficult for an American manufacturer.

          • “ …the proximate cause of offshoring was government. They set the conditions that made life very difficult for an American manufacturer.”

            That’s why I’m so sanguine about getting us back on the right track and a return to what once was. If the government can be turned around, the process can be reversed. Now the government of course is problematic as we’ve discussed repeatedly, but the condition is reversible.

      • I have no idea how it will happen, but if the world stops buying our treasuries, it will happen.

        The world needs dollars. In particular, the world needs dollars to buy oil and other commodities.

        Well, who needs oil and commodities the most? Manufacturing economies, like China, Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. Okay, how do they get those dollars? They run a trade surplus.

        To be the global reserve currency, the US had to run a trade deficit to supply the world with dollars and it will run the biggest deficits with manufacturing economies. And that’s exactly what you see.

        It’s called Triffin’s Dilemma or the Dutch Disease.

        Those countries get lots of dollars from running a trade surplus. They use some to buy oil and commodities, but they have leftover dollars which they use to buy dollar assets for use later when they need to access dollars.

        They buy stocks or real estate with those dollars but they also use a lot of their dollars to buy treasury bonds because treasuries are the most liquid (or, at least, were) asset on the planet. If you need dollars quickly, you sell your treasuries with no loss and get those dollars.

        Well, where do they get the treasuries? From the US govt running a budget deficit. The budget deficit and trade deficit are linked.

        But what happens is the world start using other currencies to buy oil, commodities or to just to trade in general? They need less dollars, which means lower trade deficits, which means manufacturing starts to come back. The same is true if we inflate our way out of the debt. The dollar falls in value to other currencies, making our goods cheap, which brings back manufacturing and lowers the trade deficit.

        We can only have this massive manufacturing trade deficit year after year because we’re the global reserve currency. If that starts to recede, so will the manufacturing trade deficit, which means manufacturing moves back to the US.

        • True to an extent. Once you have the dollars/treasuries in circulation, you do not necessarily need more of them. All you need do is replace them as they wear out or mature.

          A trade deficit is not necessary at all. It certainly wasn’t under Bretton-Woods. All it takes is a currency exchange, which the Rothschilds are more than happy to provide, for their usual cut.

          Not running a budget deficit would appreciate those dollars, making them more useful as a reserve currency. Or you could run the printing presses just fast enough to keep up with population growth and productivity gains, and still be a reserve currency, because no other country is being so reserved in their monetary policy.

          • US ran a balance of payments deficit throughout the 1950s and 1960s. That’s when France and Germany said screw this, we’re exchanging our dollars for gold.

            Since then, obviously, the dollar was pure fiat.

            The only way that we could supply dollars without running a trade/fiscal deficit would be for Americans to buy assets in other countries – which would give those countries dollars – and finance any fiscal deficit with our own savings. This would require Americans to become massive savers, which isn’t going to happen.

            Also, the number of dollars circulating needs to keep up with world economic growth and interest on all that dollar denominated debt. That’s why a strong dollar is so brutal on the world. Debt costs go up just as input costs go up.

            The whole world is stuck with the dollar, but it’s becoming more and more unstable. Will be fun to say how it all plays out, but sooner or later, the Eurodollar system is going to hit the wall. We can only hope that everyone can get together and agree on a new system, but I don’t think the Americans – even though it’s in the country’s interest as a whole – will allow that to happen because the dollar being the GFC serves Washington and Wall Street if not Main Street.

          • @Citizen, US ran a balance of payments deficit throughout the 1950s and 1960s. That’s when France and Germany said screw this, we’re exchanging our dollars for gold.

            Fair. There were obviously accounting gimmicks like “Lend-Lease” and the “Marshall Plan” becoming “Free Shit” (for pretty much everyone but Great Britain, interestingly enough) but the early Bretton-Woods worked fine until Congress decided the drinks were free.

            Also, the number of dollars circulating needs to keep up with world economic growth and interest on all that dollar denominated debt.

            Only if you insist on “stable” prices. I know of no reason to believe deflation would be a bad thing, other than we’ve been conditioned to think so. Probably because of who it is that profits from inflation…

  16. Something I found odd: the embassy that was hit has a big picture of who I am pretty certain is General Soleimani on the fence surrounding it. I don’t know if it was affixed after the attack, or if it was there before. But either way, it’s weird. The man died over 4 years ago. And he was a general, not the president or some spiritual leader like the Ayatollah. Which would still be weird, if one of their pictures, and nobody else’s, was on the side of the embassy 4 years after their death. It’s a “data point” I’m going to keep in mind as Iran’s response becomes more clear. Since it says something about their mindset.

    • Why is Soleimani picture weird? Hell we have damn statue now erected to a felonious drug dealer, George Floyd. Soleimani is a martyr. Martyr’s are always good for rallying the people to the cause. In this case the cause is the destruction of the “great Satan”—and the little Satan (Israel) as well. Nothing hidden about it. The Iranian Imam’s preach death to us every Friday in the Mosques over there.

      To me it now looks like there may be a new candidate for martyr de jour after the current attack. The embassy is large enough to place a second picture beside Soleimani. 😉

  17. David Goldman published a good article about his attendance at a clandestine meeting of power players. It’s worth reading in full.

    There’s a (very) small part of me that hopes Biden wins in 2024. The American Empire is in an inevitable decline, and electing Trump is not going to change that fact. Maybe it’s better to leave Biden in place to continue to manage the decline.

    • I doubt Biden can manage his own bowel movements, let alone the Empire’s decline.

    • Trump would be great at convincing young Whites to join the military and fight for Israel.

      • you’re right, but it’s better to have trump as president than a democrat.

        america can’t survive 4 more years of open borders.

        • sentry: Sigh. “America” is already dead and gone. Has been, demographically, for a few decades now. Why do people think closing the borders – with about 100 million third-world aliens and their magic-dirt offspring inside – will somehow change this?

          • Close the borders because it can always get worse. There are literally hundreds of millions of addition sub Saharan Africans that want to enter our country. We can all be accelerationists and hope for the speedy downfall, but the newcomers and not going to give an f about our plans. They are literally going to continue invading and at some point kill whitey.

          • mikew: They’re already killing Whitey now. Most Whites think “legal” immigration of racial and religious aliens is just fine – as long as they ‘assimilate’ (i.e. eat pizza, wear jeans, and pretend to be ‘good neighbors’). You could deport every immigrant – legal and illegal – who arrived within the last ten years – and America will STILL be majority non-White within a decade. Demography (and the accompanying birth and death rates) is destiny.

    • Mismanaging our decline, more like it. Obama did a much better job. Death by 1,000 cuts. Biden going straight for the jugular. China, Russia, Iran just licking their chops. All these terror cells in country just waiting for the signal to go to work.

    • Thanks for the link to the Goldman piece. It is deeply troubling that no one is talking about a negotiated settlement, much less working for one.

      It is also deeply troubling that the folks at the meeting think the Russians are losing [or they pretend to think the Russians are losing; I don’t know which is worse].

      As for Zman’s post: America is fading fast. Half the population hates the other half. An Aztec peasant army has squatted in the land. Its a bum’s rush at the border. The currency is debased, the politicians are clowns… Russia, China and Iran are serious countries run by serious men. They know better than to provoke a dissipated clown recklessly waving around nuclear missiles.

  18. If I was an “American” diplomat overseas, I’d probably refuse any invitations to come over to the Israeli Embassy and just hang out and maybe have a sleepover with their BFFs for a while…

    I doubt Russia will rise to take the bait, not now, with the end in sight in Ukraine. The Iranians are no doubt going to retaliate, but not in the formerly common counterproductive ways from the 1980s. The Iranians are playing the game like mature adults now, not toddlers throwing a tantrum. Israel and AINO expect them to flip out, and I think they have learned a bit about statecraft, while the Bagels and the Clowns have not. In fact, I don’t think anyone is in charge. The Do Long Bridge is in full effect.

  19. “The American Empire is based on the assertion that the post-Cold War world is a rules-based one led by the United States, who enforces the rules.”

    As Anglin pointed out some months back, no-one knows what those “rules” are. When Moscow has asked what those rules are, it has never gotten a response. Someone has to come out and say the emperor is naked and there are no f**king rules.

    “There is also the obvious fact that Washington can no longer control Israel.”

    It isn’t trying. And it doesn’t try because the pricks of US politicians are in Israel’s back pocket. And the rest of the world can see that with regard to Israel, US “statesmen” are so many castrati.

    “At some point, the American Empire will have no choice but to give up on the region.”

    Agreed. But the perennial question remains whether the USA will leave with a whimper or a bang. And with US statesmen and politicians with room temperature IQs, no-one can really be sure.

    WW3 is already occurring but as you say, Russia, China and Iran would like to keep it to a simmer and not bring it to a boil. If there ever has been a country that never deserved to be a hegemon, to be an empire, it was has been the USA. But for the folly of the European powers with their two world wars, this might have been averted.

    • “And with US statesmen and politicians with room temperature IQs, no-one can really be sure.”

      If we think it’s a noisy dogpile now, just imagine what it will be in 2025 or a year thereafter. Grandpa Stinkfinger will be reinstalled as president, will very likely expire, and the whole shitshow has for its public leader… Willie Brown’s banana hammock. If things look insane now with a senile crook and pedophile as president while unseen freelancers in DC compete for power, picture what happens when Harris’s lackeys take over. Consider: those are people *willing and ready to work for someone as noxious as Kamala.* That takes a predator’s devotion to power behind the throne.

        • Secretary of State Karin Jean Pierre and Secretary of Defense Rachel Levine. I’m not joking. It may not be exactly them, but people roughly equivalent.

      • Prezidizzel Kamala will be awesome.
        Chicago had it’s strong, empowered, black, female, lesbian, attorney mayor and now look at it!
        The city has never been more…


        Well, let’s not talk about it.
        …at least Harvard is reaping the benefits of diversity.

  20. In two days, or maybe three, Israel committed an intentional act of war by blowing up an embassy in a foreign country, and also committed a war crime by blowing up a convoy of aid workers. They claim it’s an accident, but they launched multiple missiles at separate times at a convoy that was clearly marked and had its route worked out with the IDF. Clearly Israel was sending a message here. They are out of control. We have known this for months, but they can only behave this way with the cover of the USA. I know our Congresspeople are feckless cowards and undoubtedly most are compromised, but I also have to believe that some realize, deep down, that this cannot go on and these gang of thugs need to be held accountable.

    A couple days ago, the “conservative” media, sites like NY Post and National Review, tried to make a big deal of a few (literally) Palestine supporters barging into Easter Vigil mass. They droned on about how these people violated a sacred space, which is true. The coward Matt Walsh talked about it on Twitter too. But speaking as a Catholic, while what they did was rude, disrespectful, and unlikely to bring anyone over to their side, it is nothing compared to what Israel is doing on a daily basis. They’re not going to get me to hate Muslims and hate Palestinians, it’s not 9/12/01, sorry fellas.

    • these gang of thugs need to be held accountable

      Are you referring to Israel or Congress, or is there a difference?

  21. America has become what the Ottoman Empire was to Europe in the 19th century. It’s not so much that China, Russia, et. al. want to defeat the U.S. as they would like to stave off its collapse, and the economic and power vacuum that would leave them in. They’re not wrong. The Middle East is still suffering from the fallout of the Ottoman contraction. At least the Ottomans had the Young Turks (no, not Cenk Uygur) trying to reform the system from within; the American establishment viciously persecutes anyone who attempts any reforms from either inside (Trump) or out (VDare).

    • Look at the hate-speech laws being implemented in Scotland and Poland. The arrests of dissidents. In the US, they are trying to get Euro-style clampdowns going with VDare and Douglas Mackey.

      This is late-empire stuff. They can’t control geopolitics so they’re going to control some Scotsman who gives a f***ot the sads.

      • The name VDARE was chosen with unintended irony. Virginia Dare, the first English child born in N. America, vanished leaving only her name, I think, as a known trace of her existence. VDARE is likewise doomed, more or less.

        This case offers a good lesson about the mistake of compromising with lies and idiocy like Trinitarian Christianity, which is surely part of or wedded to the traditions* and “cultural identity” of European Americans. Connivance has consequences. Now the Brimelows are positioned to learn a painful lesson provided that they are willing to relax their rigid thinking a great deal.


        * Not all beer drinking, idolatry, money grubbing, and militarism, of course. Some folks were prominent in refuting Genesis 1 and undermining other scriptural support for the flattardist despotism of Psalms 2. Still, western European people have been too fond of grabbing other nations’ territories. This is how we find ourselves living in a world with abominations like the UK’s Union Flag in the canton of the flag of Hawaii.

  22. The only logical explanation for Israel, “a tentacle of the American Empire”, being able to violate the rules set and enforced by America is that this little country is not a tentacle, but the head. Or, if you want to be charitable, it’s an inoperable and terminal brain tumor.

    • Only if you think that Washington isn’t just shedding crocodile tears. Or that Nuland’s Neocon faction is no more.

      Personally, I think it’s all faque and ghey play-acting. It’s plausible the attack in Damascus really was an attack on Iran, but I think it’s more likely it was a message — we can order a hit on Damascus at will. Washington has been supporting ISIS in Syria since at least Obama.

      This could be nothing more than seeing what Russia will do about it.

      • Of course they are shedding crocodile tears and of course the Neocons are still in charge. That is just a different way of saying what already wrote above.

        • Sorry. I assumed by “head” you meant the one calling the shots. I doubt that’s Israel. Whomever the “head” is, it was effective in tying up Trump’s entire first term and after, even though Trump had done more for Israel than any other President.

          • No, I didn’t. I knew lots of neocons personally after 9/11, and I don’t think any of them were Jewish, let alone Israel, or even Israelis.

            There are a crapton more Neocons than Jews. And, IMO, Neocons are a lesser threat to my family than Progressives.

          • Y’know, Steve, you’d probably get more respect if you just came out and admitted your (((Early Life))) rather than attempting to carry on with this silly “how do you do, fellow Goyim?” game…

    • Exactly this. Some of America may still delude themselves that they still call the shots and Israel is the client state…hell there’s laws on the books in how many states protecting Israel from mean words.

  23. Time may be on the side of China, Russia and Iran to wait out the inevitable fall of the ggae, but Israel and her lapdogs in DC keep up the provocation. So far, both Russia and Iran have shown great restraint. What happens if/when that invisible last line is breached? Congress is preparing yet another money laundering, I mean weapons and aid package for Ukraine and Israel because, of course, nothing is more important for/to the American people. Everyone around the world can see who is behind all the slaughter and destruction, yet as usual, the perps are never held to account in any way, shape or form. The slow decline just means more of the same until the balloon finally deflates. It’s a damned shame it can’t be accelerated somehow without the prospect of nukes flying, in which case, no one wins. The waiting is the hardest part…

    • A slow decline would describe the final century of Qing China. The string-pullers in the American dynasty are doing everything short of a nuclear war (up to now) to accelerate our collapse. China, Russia and Iran are just trying to avoid any potential fallout.

  24. Wow! This is why I come here. That was so good I bought you that beer, and if you knew how cheap I am you’d appreciate the gesture even more.

    The only problem with your scenario is the GAE is ruled by senile, corrupt, biblically evil people who will not go gently into the long night. These people will have no problem lashing out and taking as many as they can with them. If there is a nuke in our future, I’m betting it’s going to have “made in the USA” on it.

  25. The Israeli mantra:

    “No matter what happens, remember thot, we have nukes, and they have not.”

    If the US ever “abandoned” Israel, everyone knows the Israelis will just nuke their neighbors if their backs are against the wall.

    Abandonment supremely unlikely. The recent $2.5 billion dollar “military aid package” includes 25+ F-35’s and an unknown quantity of 2000 lb bombs. This in addition to $18 Billion worth of 50 (!) F-15s.

    Israel is on track to have a larger fighter fleet than most NATO countries, including the UK.

    These aren’t to pacify Gaza…they’re clearly to attack Hezbollah so the displaced northern Israelis can return home.

    The US “rules based order” may have worked when it was a mailed fist inside a velvet glove. Now it’s nothing but a mailed fist, and no one loves a bully.

  26. Iran will harrumph and sputter like it always does. As much as this is an embarrassment for the US, for Iran it’s worse.

    Come on, Iran. Grow some falafels and give as much as you get. See what allies you actually have.

    • Hey guys, I’m on the internet daring Iran to do something violent! I still see the world like I’m in high school egging on Idiot #1 to punch Idiot #2. Why? Because that’s as far as my cognitive abilities are going to stretch.

      • I double-dog dare them!

        If Iran’s supreme leaders acted as scary as they look on TV, we’d have a peaceful stalemate. Doesn’t anyone remember M.A.D.?

  27. Plenty of major powers would love to take America’s place in the world order. Because of the greed for power, they would be willing to slit throats to vault to Number One. The question is, would the other world powers allow that to happen.

    The world may be jealous — maybe a bit hateful of the U.S. for its overweening might, but it reluctantly acknowledges that the U.S. has been a fairly decent hegemony compared to what could be. If one imagines a Nazi Germany as globe-striding superpower ruling from its European economic base, it’s easy to see how the Americans have been relatively benign by comparison.

    If Russia and China get their wish and the USA is neutralized, they may come to rue the day as chaos spreads across the globe or a cruel hegemony, like Germany, assumes ultimate power.

    • >>>”If one imagines a Nazi Germany as globe-striding superpower”

      Wow, you fell hard for that cliché about all of us speaking Doitch if millions of young Canadian and American tools hadn’t cooperated with the British, Democrats, and communists of the early 1940’s. Study the evacuation of Dunkirk until you’ve figured out that the Hitlerists could be merciful when the stars were telling them to pounce and capture.

      Oh, yes, one more thing. Germany didn’t have a blue water navy capable of anything like “globe-striding” dominance, and Hitler was a land animal with little taste for the sea. There was no thalassocracy in the Natsoc future, and, in fact, Hitler held a delusional notion about the British keeping theirs.

      No, a few submarines does not comprise a blue water navy. You’ve been huffing too much of the regime historians’ smog.

        • Explain just what I got wrong. If you’re correct, I’ll retract the error. Until then, I’ll just go on believing that back in college you were, probably, that “white” guy who was often seen on a mushy old couch watching sports while wearing his baseball hat backwards and holding a big wad of chewing tobacco in his mouth.

          • Sub “negroid dick” for “big wad of chewing tobacco” and you’d be spot on.

    • If one imagines a Nazi Germany as globe-striding superpower ruling from its European economic base

      We’d have flying cars and electromagnetic high-speed rail in every town by now. I can learn German.

    • I’ll take the bait here. And I used to believe this.

      Yes, you can make an argument that the GAE was (key word “was”) a rather benign hegemon compared to other world-bestriding powers of the past. I’d rather live under American hegemony than say Soviet or Chinese hegemony, or much less Ottoman or Mongol hegemony. At least with American hegemony, you get ROI for submission. In theory, a nice standard of living. Foods and goods from around the world. Just don’t bite that invisible hand that feeds you!

      Even under Bush Jr you could make a case that yes, most people would rather live in third-rate first-world cities like Des Moines or Darmstadt than “grand capitals” like Teheran or Minsk. Feet and investments did the talking.

      Of course, the difference now is that our third-rate cities, much less our first-rate cities, aren’t awesome anymore. They are taken over by crime, immigrants, and incompetence. What used to be the one great advantage America had – the three pillars of upward mobility, cheap stuff, and convenience – is now no longer true. Des Moines still has pretty neighborhoods, but is it worth it to uproot your life from Thessaloniki, Bratislava, or even St. Petersburg to get your shot at living in one? Nope. Only the unwashed third-world horde still thinks Des Moines is awesome.

      To paraphrase George Orwell, imagine living in a decaying neighborhood forever while regime goons scan your social media posts – that is the future of the benign hegemony of the GAE.

      • Eventually, living conditions across the United States will degrade to the point that most of America (apart from a few scattered elite fortress enclaves) will be functionally equivalent to the Third World.

        Then massive unrestricted Third World immigration will cease, because essentially, the entire planet will have become a giant impoverished hellworld.

      • Des Moines is not a third rate city. I’ve been there. It’s far more livable than so-called first-rate cities in our country or most other places in the world. I mean, seriously. Do you want to live in Hong Kong where people are stacked on top of each other? New York? Chicago? Places like Metro Des Moines, Metro Columbus and Metro Cincinnati are much better places to be. There are exceptions, like Amsterdam and places like that, but for the most part, I’d rather be in Des Moines.

        • Oi!

          I live in Hong Kong where (most but not all) people are stacked up on top of each other. It has its problems, but it doesn’t have the Obsolete Farm Equipment and you can walk the streets at 3am (male or female) safe and unmolested. Most everyone has Gigabit internet and gets around on spotlessly clean and safe public transport network. The joint gets Typhoon direct hits and nobody dies and nothing falls down and the lights stay on and everybody goes back to work the next day like nothing happened.

          Turns out you can live OK in a ‘Human Filing Cabinet’ building if everyone in these filing cabinets are high IQ (Hong Kong Mean ~106) and there’s not too much ‘Diversity’.

          FWIW Hong Kong people are much fitter and less obese than Americans, too. It’s a terribly crude metric and doesn’t account for much in the way of Quality of Life, but per capita income in Hong Kong happens to be higher than same in Des Moines.

          I’m sure there’s much to be said for living in Des Moines, but since I don’t live there and have never been there and have never read anything much good or bad about the place, will refrain from opining. Except can’t help pointing out that you’re already at 35% non-White. Hong Kong is 95+% non-White but with very few exceptions the non-Whites hail from a very old civilization currently resurgent… and not a passel of retarded savages.

          Devil in the Details.

          • “Hong Kong is 95+% non-White but with very few exceptions the non-Whites hail from a very old civilization currently resurgent…”

            Which one would that be? Mercantilist Southern China going about its business or militarist Central China needing to control the southern coasts while looking down their noses at the people who actually live there?

    • I highly doubt the natives would be labeled as domestic terrorists, we’d certainly have less of a tribe problem, the violent race would be gone or at least neutralized and our kids wouldn’t be cutting their dicks off while at schools being taught by fat, blue haired mutants.

      I’d take that scenario any day.

  28. Our generation’s version of “Some damned foolish thing in the Balkans”. 🤦‍♂️

  29. The way to think of this is to imagine if the Russians hit the American embassy in Poland with a missile.

    Or, say, the American Empire striking a Chinese embassy in Serbia with a missile (while doing their Israeli-best of “oops, what a mistake that our missile hit a politically hands-off target that also happens to be advantageous to our goals, qué lástima and all that!”)

    (It also reminds me of the breathless headlines concerning the Iranians stealing an American oil tanker…that the Glow Joggers had originally stolen from Iran. I’m so tired of their crap, I can’t even imagine what it’s like for non-GAE satellites).

    • There is a story that the Chinese got parts of the shot down F-117 Nighthawk and stored them in their embassy. That “oopsie” was an effort to destroy whatever bits of the plane they had there. Who knows if it is true, but the official story suggest the CIA targeted the embassy.

  30. The kicker with Israel is they are not able to have any boots on the ground operations, being forced to rely on air strikes as essentially their sole projection of power. The effect hasn’t been neutralizing Hama as much as angering and radicalizing the general population. It’s a clear sign of Israeli military decline.

    The Unites States Navy is having issues with Iranian proxy forces with cheap weaponry antagonizing their hundred million dollar warships. It’s not that we don’t have the military capability, but we lack the will to accept a potential PR disaster by getting a ship sunk. with good reason, as such an incident would likely trigger the U.S. losing all clout in the Middle East.

    • If you think the US has military recruitment problems now, wait until a navy or coastguard vessel is sunk. The careerist/citizenship-seeking enlisted will GTFO once open hostilities sinkex. Their plans don’t coincide with GAE.

      • Dual-citizen US military personnel will just desert and go home. It’s not like their own countries are going to honor requests for extradition.

        • Not just the dual citizen. Slowly, but surely, even the usual White boy cannon fodder are wising up. Hopefully at an exponentially increasing pace.

          • This is the best thing to ever happen. You take the country away from us and dump the third world in here to turn us into a minority and then brag about it?Let the your beloved POC’s shed blood for it.

  31. I don’t care one way or the other what that part of the world do to each other, but If you think Israel is just agitating… you might want to watch this:

    Ignore the goofy title, pay attention to the content.

    There’s more going on than we ever hear about. Israel is seen by Iran as an ally of the Misguided Sunni/Arab Muslims who of course will fall to Iran if Israel is out of the way (aside from the Quran’s very clear command to exterminate the Jews).

    • “….Misguided Sunni/Arab Muslims who of course will fall to Iran if Israel is out of the way” ????? In what universe is it likely or possible that the others are going to somehow fall to Iran?

      Regarding the yt vid, I have no interest in listening to that degenerate goblin say anything but I am sure it was full of Eyeran is about to have nukes. The same stuff that dumbya’s admin said 20 years ago. Only the Iraqi Sunni uprising stopped the neocon from trying Iran back then.

  32. Great poast, Z man. A lot of food for thought.
    Who would have thought we would come to his pass?
    History in the making. I’m glad I live far from the nearest city.

    • Don’t read “Nuclear War – A Scenario” by Annie Jacobsen.

      One “rogue” ICBM is likely to set off a chain that will end it all.

      (I try not to think about it.)

  33. Let’s hope Iran, Russia, China, et. al., are content to wait out the US. Israel and her Amen corner on Capitol Hill may not let them.


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