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This has been Africa week at the blog. The Dark Continent is an endlessly fascinating place for some of us in the Occident, primarily because it is such a baffling place. That and the greatest degree of human genetic diversity exists in sub-Saharan Africa. As much as it pains many white people, the cradle of humanity is Africa.

I see Steve Sailer has gotten in on the act this week. His angle of entry is, as always, immigration. There are a billion Africans in their huts right now thinking about how life would be much better in a country not run by Africans so it is a good place to start. African migration is driven by sky high fertility rates and that’s a unique feature of Africa. Everywhere else has figured out how to stabilize fertility.

That brings me to another metric to consider and that’s national IQ. I used the list here from Richard Lynn, Tatu Vanhanen and Jelte Wicherts. I spot checked some figures against other sources and that list seems to square with others so I’m using it here. Raw numbers are not important. Relative IQ is what we’re after.

Here’s the consolidated version for Africa:

Country Name IQ Country Name IQ
Libya 83.00 Mali 74.00
Mauritius 76.00 Cameroon 64.00
Egypt 81.00 Equatorial Guinea 59.00
Sierra Leone 91.00 Algeria 83.00
Morocco 84.00 Nigeria 84.00
Tunisia 83.00 Chad 68.00
Cape Verde 76.00 Liberia 67.00
Comoros 77.00 Burundi 69.00
Madagascar 82.00 Angola 68.00
Eritrea 85.00 Namibia 74.00
Senegal 76.00 Niger 69.00
Tanzania 72.00 Rwanda 70.00
Mauritania 76.00 São Tomé 67.00
Seychelles 86.00 Mozambique 64.00
Sudan 71.00 CAR 71.00
Republic of the Congo 78.00 Kenya 80.00
Djibouti 68.00 Somalia 68.00
Benin 70.00 Ivory Coast 69.00
Guinea-Bissau 67.00 Uganda 84.00
Ghana 73.00 Republic of Sudan 71.00
Gabon 64.00 Malawi 69.00
Togo 70.00 Botswana 70.00
South Africa 77.00 Lesotho 67.00
Ethiopia 69.00 The Gambia 66.00
DR of the Congo 78.00 Swaziland 68.00
Guinea 67.00 Zambia 79.00
Burkina Faso 68.00 Zimbabwe 82.00

What jumps out here is you have scads of people in many of these countries with the cognitive skills of the retarded bag boy at your local grocery market. Africa has a very small smart fraction and a very large not so smart fraction. In order to conduct any large scale public projects, you need people smart enough to think of them, but also a large cohort that is bright enough to implement them.

Africa is, in many respects, the exact opposite of what is required for a modern complex society. Steve Sailer seems to think Africans can be trained to used condoms and birth control to reduce fertility rates, but that may not be possible. There’s a reason that white trash girls from the trailer parks get knocked up as teenagers. They are simply not smart enough to think beyond the moment.

Putting that aside, the issue for Europe is how many of these low-IQ people can they reasonably absorb into their societies? Modern, automated societies require far fewer people who can only provide labor. Europe, on its own, can supply all of the low end labor it needs. Bringing in 75-IQ Africans may help bolster the local soccer team, but at what cost?

Of course, part of why these numbers are what they are is that every African with something on the ball left a long time ago. Africa has been boiling off its high-IQ population for generations. If you are someone in Ghana, for example, who speaks English and has a 105 IQ, you are getting out of Ghana at the first opportunity. Those left behind breeding like rabbits are the low-IQ nitwits.

In this regard, the best thing Europeans countries could do is send the high-IQ Africans they have now back home. Skimming off the smart fraction is part of why Africa is such a mess. The world has plenty of funky sounding guys at the UN and World Bank. What the world lacks are native Africans with the wherewithal to run a sane country in Africa.

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  3. I lived for two years (Peace Corps) in a country near the bottom of the list. It is a largely peaceful, sparsely populated country. My conclusions were that the problem is — modern technology is ahead of the culture.

    Africa actually kind of works within its own terms. Given their native tools and set on the land they have, they can make a decent life of it. There are luxuries of space and beauty that are extremely costly in the First World that are free there.

    You have to be prepared to die stupidly (mostly motor vehicle accidents), and you have to take pills so that you won’t drop dead within a week (without modern medicine, the average life-span for a white man in Africa is about 18 months).

    A prime-directive, stay out of Africa rule probably would have been the best course of action. You cannot imagine how they thwart stuff … but they are beautiful and very funny. There are no depressed people in the country I lived in in Africa.

    And of course they are nothing like African-Americans.

    • There’s an African economist who makes this point. Aid from the West has been a disaster for Africans. Health care and food are at the root of the population explosion, which has destroyed the native organizational systems.

      The best thing we can do for Africa is leave it alone and stop helping them.

  4. I don’t care if I evolved out of a horses ass, but Africa was not the cradle of humanity, but it’s bottleneck. Once Erectus made it out of there a million years ago things began to pop.

    • Africa is where it all started so it is endlessly fascinating to those interested in human biology. It’s endlessly uninteresting to people wedded to the Standard Social Science Model. In the view of those people, Africa should not exist.

      That said, humans did not stop adapting once they started leaving Africa. The evidence says the opposite. I suspect that adaptability or the lack of it is the big dividing line. Populations that remained in Africa had not use for adaptability, while populations roaming the rest of the world had the opposite. It’s why Africans never go native. You move them around and they remain Africans.

      • Yes. The point is that Homo Erectus and his 800 cc brain was present from Africa to the Steppes to Indonesia, and for a very long time, while other forms of humans came and went more inconspicuously. The many stops and starts which became Neanderthal, or later, Homo Sapien, did not so much happen in sub-Saharan Africa as bleed into it.

        My brother did four stays in Cameroon. He said that it is true that they are of low intelligence, but clever. More clever than he. He saw the day to day life, the schoolchildren walking home from school and so on. The common theme was common brutality. He concluded that brutality cultivates cleverness as a survival mechanism, a substitute for intelligence. He had not doubt that his life was in danger because he was not clever. In fact the police (98% corrupt) almost bagged him in an out of the way place–he refused to play the corruption game– but one of the 2% in another part of the country saved his life.

        He hardly met an individual who was not scheming to get to America. Apparently they did they not know how bad blacks have it here.

  5. You look at a place like Zimbabwe and see what happens to a country with huge farmlands and natural resources that has kicked the whites out. Even an African I know who implicitly believes in the continent thinks that Mugabe is nuts and Zim is on a fast track to ruin.

    Same with South Africa, which has huge potential and resources, but the intellectual turds in the west were so quick to hate the whites there and applaud the murderous tribal thinking of the terrorist black organisations there was never a chance of objectivity. When the west started to elevate the black leadership to sainthood any hope of reason was lost. The whites who remain have to live behind high walls and even invent devices like flame throwing cars to stave off carjackings at traffic stop signs.

    Meanwhile as many Africans as can are fleeing across the Med and putting enormous pressure on a craven and stupid Europe. The Chinese are moving in fast to grab what resources they can but that may not end well for either the black or the yellow.

    If Africa is the cradle of humanity the ones that fell out of the basket and crawled to a new life elsewhere to start creating civilisation deserve our thanks. But the parents are coming back for their stray brats, or at least coming to live in the house their distant offspring built.

    Hi honey, momma’s home!

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