How Much Longer?

One of my moonbat friends, let’s call him Goldfinger, is right now wringing his hands over what he is sure will be worse than any terrorist attack. That thing he fears is the response to the latest Muslim barbarism in the streets of a Western city. The bodies are not even cold, and our domestically produced lunatics are ranting about the bogeymen they imagine are lurking in the bushes waiting for them.

Goldfinger got his nickname because the day after 9/11 he posted a gassy essay about how an irrational fear of Muslim terrorism would lead Americans to suddenly become Islamophobic. The text, which is no longer available so you will have to take my word for it, read like a manifesto from a super villain in a 60’s spy thriller. The only thing missing was a demand for one million dollars. Hence the Goldfinger moniker.

It’s tempting to think that these people are a) sociopaths incapable of empathy, b) so obsessed with their cause everything is warped into supporting it, c) crazy or d) some combination of all three. Read this demented nonsense from Salon and it is hard not to pick the last two options.

In the comments to yesterday’s post, Nedd Ludd points out that the NYTimes is flooded with comments from readers trying to shift the focus from the events in Paris to whatever hobbyhorse they think is more important. At this point, it is hard to think it is anything other than a biological response. An integral part of the Progressive response to the world is to shift the focus away from them and onto something else.

It’s baffling to normal people, for example, when they see liberals stutter and spit at the ideal of calling these things terrorism or Islamic terrorism. How is it possible they cannot see what is manifestly obvious? The answer is they do see it and a lot more, which is why they impulsively try to change the subject, even if they look foolish doing it.

You see, the Progressive religion that has evolved over the last half dozen generations shares much with Islam, including the thirst for blood. Look at the heroes of the American Left. The Weathermen were planting bombs blowing up innocent people. The Black Panthers were a racist murder squad. The SDA existed to start riots on campus so they could burn down buildings and assault their enemies.

Barak Obama was sponsored in politics by two former Weathermen, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Obama has repeatedly said he is the man he is today because of these two people. The only material difference between the Weathermen and the guys who executed yesterday’s attack is that the later was better at it than the sniveling punks from the 70’s.

When Muslim nutters go bonkers and murder a bunch of people, guys like Obama wish they had been able to do it. They grew up hearing the stories from their elders and always wished they had been given the chance to blow up a recruiting center or shoot a security guard in a bank robbery.

What they know that you don’t know is they envy these Muslim terrorists, and they don’t want that revealed so they quickly shift the focus from this topic to something else, like the mythological backlash. That way no one will notice that they are both giddy at the sight of it and envious that they are not part of it.

Of course, the natural response of Progressives under all circumstances is the say, “Let’s talk about what’s wrong with you.” No matter the topic, that’s what they are thinking. If you ask about the weather, they will shift the conversation from that to why you insist on driving an SUV and voting Republican.

In these cases, however, the events strike too close to home so that’s why we see the panicked attempts to shift the focus to hate speech and white privilege.  Even when it is dismissed, the conversation moves from the dangerous – the similarities between Progressivism and Islam – to the general craziness of back bench lunatics writing for Salon.

That Salon piece is what you see on Islamic websites. Right now, there are stories in Arabic claiming this Paris attack is an attempt by the Mossad to get Europe more involved in the Near East in support of Israel against the faithful. It’s completely insane, but it beats talking about reality. You don’t join a cult because you enjoy reality.

If you are a Frenchman, even one wedded to the three pillars of the New Religion, and you are standing on a street corner watching the aftermath of a suicide bomber, you have two choices. You either volunteer to wear the next vest or you volunteer to shoot the guy in the vest.

If you are that same Frenchman sitting in your flat watching this on TV maybe you don’t think those are your choices. Maybe you think there’s some third choice. The reality is that there is no third choice. There’s just the distance between now and when you are forced to choose.

The questions in front of us today, in the general sense, are how much longer we can tolerate being ruled by a deranged religious cult and how much longer we will tolerate it. The mass exodus from Muslim lands is due to the collapse of Islam as a coherent organizing force. The same thing is happening in the West, except that the West has a vast store of wealth on which to live, even though the raison d’être is no longer obvious to anyone.

14 thoughts on “How Much Longer?

  1. After skimming thru that piece from Salon complaining about violent language from the right, the next presentation was a slide show of various horror flicks featuring Donald Trump as the villain. No sense of irony, never mind common decency.

  2. The mass exodus from Moslem lands is not from a collapse of Islam, but of the dictators/third world despots that kept Islam contained. In fact, Islam is expanding and is conquering new territory. They are moving into Europe, like locusts, and will consume everything in their paths. If Europe decides it doesn’t have the will to do what must be done to save their civilization, then they become Eurabia in one more generation, and a Moslem continent in two.

  3. Islamophobia?
    Am I to be deemed irrational in my “fear and/or hatred”, if their instruction manual encourages the murder, extortion, and enslavement of me?
    I’d discuss it further, but apparently lying/false “witness” , in disingenuous defense in justification of “The Religion of Peace” is to be expected as well.
    Well, so I’ve read, from a translation of their instruction manual.

  4. The jihad will end only when rank-and-file Muslims fear non-Muslims more than they fear ISIS and other sickbag killers among their own pseudo-religion.

  5. I have come to believe that many people have ceased to live real lives, out there in the world, where things are as they are, where physics and mathematics operate, and where you go and what you do have real repercussions for you, and for the environment around you.

    Instead they live on their computers, Facebook and Twitter, and simply click away from the things they dislike or that disturb them. Not only do they click away, but they complain about some meaningless aspect of them, and collect sympathetic comments from others, thereby building some sort of hive-minded on-line short term community. Then, tomorrow, start again on something else, and do it all over.

    They are going to be shocked when the real world intrudes on its terms, not their terms, as the rest of us know it will one day.

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  8. What Prog moonbats like Chauncey DeVega don’t get is that those guys with the Kalashnikovs would have shot a ghetto nerd like him and never given his fancy “philosophizing” a moment’s thought.

  9. It’s events exactly like this which are most threatening to he alliance of the Muslim-Progressive takeover of Europe. It works best when it works quietly. If there were one Muslim entity of nutters, this would not happen, but there are many, and they hate each other even more than they hate the West. That was what formed the falsely discredited foreign policies of old that actually worked. Little did we know how realistic they were until we cut them loose.

  10. Even in death, right in the face of the next terror outrage (and to be an outrage, these attacks can only get bigger and bigger) the simpering moonbats will go down thinking they “understand” people. They may plead on their knees for their pathetic lives on the basis they so very willingly helped their muslim ‘friends’ to do all this, but they will discover that surrendering brings a far smaller reward than they had imagined.

    Merely thinking nice things about the barbarians doesn’t stop a speeding bullet or the blast from a bomb where they least expected it.

    However, just as Islam is far from spirituality as it is possible to get, the left is as far from understanding humans as it possible to be. All of mankind’s history, the people’s temperaments, their proclivities across the ages has made no impact on the progressive ‘mind.’. It is almost that they can say the word ‘history’ but have no concept of its meaning or what has happened in the past.

    Dreaming and wishing and self-congratulation won’t count for much in the coming war, though perhaps I am being silly: we have been at war with these muslim slugs for a very long time even if our elite and their enablers refuse to admit it.

  11. If common sense existed, every mosque in every Western town and city would be turned inside out today, and all weapons found redistributed to the local populations. Weapons would be found, I’m sure.
    It’s not as if they need them for self protection. They’re more protected than the Delta Smelt and the polar bear.

  12. A few more of these and the rightist authoritarians might start getting elected in West Europe (already happening in the former Warsaw Pact countries). The question in my mind is whether or not it will happen in time.

  13. Speaking of moonbats, who can forget this square jawed imbecile who was actually Chief of Staff of the US Army:
    General George Casey discusses ‘workplace violence’ after the Fort Hood shootings by Major Nidal Hassan – No conclusion jumping for him.

    “Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, Casey emphasized the need to wait for the completion of the investigation before drawing conclusions concerning the cause or motivation behind the shootings:

    “We have to be careful,” Casey said, “because we can’t jump to conclusions now based on little snippets of information that have come out.”

    “As great a tragedy as this was, it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well,” the Army Chief of Staff also said Sunday.”

    “Gen. George Casey said he was ‘concerned’ that the incident could result in a potential backlash against Muslim soldiers.”

    Given the current C in C, I doubt there has been any improvement over Casey.

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