Upon disembarkation, the leader of the Muslims, Tariq bin Zayid, ordered the Islamic fleet burned, explaining that “We have not come here to return. Either we conquer and establish ourselves here, or we perish.”

“Near the river Owar [Loire], the two great hosts of the two languages and the two creeds [Islam and Christianity] were set in array against each other. The hearts of Abd al-Rahman, his captains and his men were filled with wrath and pride, and they were the first to begin to fight. The Muslim horsemen dashed fierce and frequent forward against the battalions of the Franks, who resisted manfully, and many fell dead on either side, until the going down of the sun.”

“The men of the north stood as motionless as a wall, they were like a belt of ice frozen together, and not to be dissolved, as they slew the Arab with the sword. The Austrasians [Franks], vast of limb, and iron of hand, hewed on bravely in the thick of the fight; it was they who found and cut down the Saracen’s king [Rahman].”

11 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Tam (at View From the Porch) says no one goes from zero to jackboots faster than Europeans. There must be another Charles Martel around somewhere.

  2. I like that people think western education will help lift islam out of the mire. Unfortunately, all that muslims can learn is how to chant what is in their so-called ‘holy book’ .

    All you can educate them to do is assist them to find ways to use western technology against itself. On balance, it isn’t a good idea then to do anything for these people.

  3. Sure, more aid will do the trick.

    Islamic conquest is powered by the large numbers of angry young men they produce. They have an explosion of young men now exactly because the West has spend large sums to bring food and medical help to their countries and community. Arab lands traditionally suffered very high infant mortality from the absence of medical care for the women and food for the children. Whence the leap in their populations. Since in their religion men can have several wives, which the wealthier men do, then many young men have little hope of having a women and are angry. This has fueled the Islamic wars of conquest for over a millennia.

    Want to stop this cycle? Immediately stop all food and medical aid to the Arab countries. Do Not Increase It!!!

  4. Here’s a couple of starry-eyed commenters from the NY Times coverage:

    ” Robert T. Colorado 4 minutes ago
    Supporting our Muslim colleagues, neighbors, and friends is more important now than ever. As a teacher I see the light of optimism in young people where I work in Turkey, Malaysia, and Indonesia. We must help them sustain it so that can regain their community from the broken spirits who know nothing but death.”

    ” Joe Van Steen CA 2 minutes ago
    I seriously doubt that the solution to people who believe in the apocalypse is a military one or one that is solved by economic sanctions. Nor will it help to hide behind more restrictions on immigrants or airline baggage. That will help for a while, but long term … I think not. We need to come to some global resolution of what feeds belief in these organizations. Global relief to poverty and global relief to a lack of education and the ability for the recruits to see past the emptiness of what the jihadist are preaching. Nothing else will really address the underlying problem…”

    “Eugene Australia 2 minutes ago
    My thoughts are with the victims and also that a major aim of the terrorists is increasing hostility towards peaceful Muslims, some of whom may unfortunately then become more susceptible to being duped into supporting evil.”

    “Gray C Brooklyn, NY Just now
    “radicalized by the conflicts in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa.” NONSENSE. French Arab citizens have been radicalized by the French state’s callous disregard and second-class treatment. Stop blaming ISIL!
    But the commentariat there are not all progressive bedwetters:

    “MIkeyD Delaware 6 minutes ago
    Something that most leftists don’t understand. Once you let people in with completely antagonistic values of your own, you are failing the people you swore to protect, the people of your own country. Why does the West continue to prioritize the lives of immigrants over their own people out of fear of PC?”

    “Steve Middlebury 9 minutes ago
    This is exactly what Samuel Huntington theorized with his clash of civilizations thesis. Religion and culture will fuel the sparks of unrest.”

    And at least one got schooled:

    ” Slipping Glimpser Seattle 29 minutes ago
    Stop being so wimpy by calling it “terrorism.” It’s is Islamism, manifested by jihadis.
    The right wing will rise in France, and it won’t be easy. In fact, they’re looking more and more sensible to me. Too bad the left, of which I am one, cuts its throat with PC slobbering and delusion.”

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  6. My prog friends on social media already have the vapors. It’ll start in a couple of days: “Because racism.” “Because Marine Le Pen.”

  7. We’ll see where this leads. IS tends to try for several attack iterations against soft targets before they culminate unlike AQ which tended to go for one instance of synchronized attacks against two or more symbolic targets.

    • My bet is the attackers are what we always see. Muslims on the dole enjoying life in the West. I will not be shocked if they were born in France. After the parade where the paid toadies of the Billionaire Boys Club look solemn and sound stern, we’ll hear that the real cause is racism. The poor Muslims were driven to it.

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