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  1. It appears to a documentary, so I can regard it as true.

    Fortunately when I taught, the ‘students’ cared little about ‘eKwaliTee’ to the point that they teased the obviously gay kid in the class (and his friend who might not have been gay but would possibly help out if there was a surge in demand) but who to his credit gave back as good as he got. But apart from the one who took drugs and therefore was out of it, when there, the rest dreamed of playing Call Of Duty full time and called each other wankers. There was a kid who thought getting his girlfriend pregnant would get him a free house from the state and spent his time looking online at trousers, while his friend (these kids usually went around in pairs, like the pair who surfed the net for rusting used cars that they couldn’t afford to buy) would sit next to trouser-seeker and pick his nose. Oh yes, there was also the rabid brown person who would shout out things like ‘Black Power’ because his parents were from Somalia and try to get into fights because someone said ‘your mother’ while the rest of the class laughed and thought he was a dick.

    I admit very few of them would ever get meaningful jobs but mostly they had not a shred of political correctness in them.

    • I remember when the First Cholo (what we called Mexican gang members back in the day) showed up in high school. We (this was a private school that was about 40% Mexican and 10% Asian) laughed at him until he was wearing sports shirts and corduroys like the rest of us. When my brother went to the same high school seven years later, it was not a laughing matter.

  2. Great short Z. Thanks for finding this video and putting it up.

    Sadly, the author of the film, which has gotten 1.6 million views, is already apologizing and kowtowing to the PC pod people – worried he might be outed as a ‘conservative’:


    Neel Kolhatkar 1 day ago (edited)
    Thank-you everyone for viewing Modern Educayshun over 1,000,000 times, it seems to have hit a chord all over the world and I couldn’t be happier. I am proud that people of varying political affiliations have enjoyed the film but as its creator I need to make clear that it was never intended as a conservative statement. The crux of the film is the appraisal of science and reason – how extensive political correctness can hinder the pursuit of such values. Personally, I agree with many conservative principles like small government and a free market but I am also an atheist and believe an excessive amount of religion can have the very same effect. I have no issue with everyone enjoying the film and extracting their own meaning just do not hold me up as a champion of conservatism.


  3. Goodnight Zman. I’m going to FB to laugh at people posting peace signs with Eiffel Towers inside of them.

    • Ohh jeez. And just when I was close to banishing that thought.

      Google and Yahoo have “We Stand With Paris” or similar such icons and images littered about their pages.

      Such bravery, intrepidness and fortitude.

      Unbelievable, these people.

  4. You can avoid this for now if you major in pretty much anything that requires you to learn calculus (differentials and integrals are like garlic and mirrors for SJWs), stay apolitical, and keep your head down. I genuinely sorrow for those few who have a real love for Western literature, philosophy, and history. One, I do not believe that you could get the electives or professors needed to learn anything meaningful about them any more. Two, eventually the red guards would suss you out, denounce you, and find a way to expel you.

    • Browse through a course catalog these days and it is mostly nonsense, outside of the right answer fields. That’s because the college campus is just a playground for overgrown adolescents. Money from the managerial elite pours into these places, supporting a land of make believe where this women can have a job teaching kids things that are of interest to no one. With out academic welfare. Mx. Click is taking orders at the Olive Garden.

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