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The pearl clutchers are no doubt scandalized by Trumps suggestion we shut down the terrorist training centers mosques in the US in light of the obvious fact that Muslims make terrible citizens of a civilized country. No one wants them here, outside of the suicidal lunatics in the elite, who may be the only people who hate the West more than ISIS.

There are over 50 majority Muslim countries practicing every conceivable brand of Islam. There’s no need to have them in America so let’s take all necessary steps to keep them out. That’s about as reasonable as one can expect, given the circumstances. If you have rats in your house you want the rats removed and the access points they are using to be closed.

The counter argument is that only small number of Muslims will go bonkers and commit mass murder. Diversity is so important that we have to just accept a few 9/11-scale terror attacks a year in order to welcome Muslims into America. The absurdity of that is evident right here in this news story from Florida.

A Muslim family said Sunday that they might be victims of a hate crime after shots were fired into their Orlando house.Amir and Nehal Elmasri said when they returned home to their gated community from feeding the homeless Sunday morning, they noticed a bullet hole in their garage door. The family said that the bullet went through their garage and into their master bedroom.

It’s obvious these people are lying from this alone. Feeding the homeless? Really? Can you come up with a more ham-fisted lie? But, the low-IQ nitwits running CAIR just assume you will believe this nonsense because they see it work on TV. It’s why Muslims overseas will decorate a bomb site with children’s corpses from the local morgue. They know the gullible dopes in the western media will fall for it.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Florida said that it is investigating the case with their attorneys to determine whether the family was targeted.

“The American Muslim community has faced severe backlash™ since the Paris terror attacks,” said Rasha Mubarak with CAIR Florida. “There have been two death threats to local mosques in Central Florida alone.”

Nehal Elmasri said that she and her daughter wear traditional hijabs in public, adding that it’s obvious for anyone to be aware of their Muslim faith.

A century ago, Irish immigrants were ashamed of their co-ethnics bad behavior so they worked hard to self-police and prove they belonged. Jews made a deliberate effort to get out of crime, sports and other low-class activities in order to prove their value to America. Muslims can’t bring themselves to condemn their coreligionists and instead blame Americans. Why would we invite this?

I would prefer it if we didn’t have angry mobs chasing Muslims out of our communities. I don’t want to see people shooting up mosques or attacking Muslims on our streets. I just don’t want to see Muslims on our streets. I don’t want a mosque in my city. I don’t see any reason to be inviting these troubles onto our shores. Therefore, I want my government to take the necessary steps to let every Muslim know they are not welcome here.

Baltimore City has topped 300 murders this year. It is a smallish city so that’s a big number. The cops are standing aside, letting the crooks run wild because the politicians refuse to back the cops against the crooks. What in the hell do they think will happen when they import 10,000 Syrian Muslims? Why in the world would anyone call down more madness on their head?

CAIR looks at Western leaders and sees nothing but weakness and stupidity. That’s why they roll out these canned tales of backlash™ after every terrorist attack. They think we are stupid because our rulers appear to be stupid. If you are a Muslim and you see that America twice elected an effeminate man with an Arabic name as president, why would you fear America?

A truth of life is the will of the people wins out eventually, unless you are prepared to slaughter the people. If the people cannot get satisfaction from their political leaders, they will elect new ones. That’s why Trump and to a lesser degree Carson are doing so well in the GOP primary. It’s not so much what they say or who they are; it is what they are not.

If the people cannot find satisfaction within the current system, they will look outside the system. First it is party outsiders and then it is outsider parties. There’s no reconciling Islam with western society. If the politicians cannot accept it, then we will get new politicians. If the political system cannot accommodate this, then we get a new system, one that allows for the shuttering of mosques and the deportation of Muslims.

Islam is a fine religion that brings peace to millions of people around the world. It’s simply incompatible with western civilization. The people who practice Islam want things that are antithetical to western liberalism. Therefore, there can be no mixing of the two. The Mohammedan has to stay in one of the 50 countries that practice Islam and the western liberals must stay in the West. It is why we have separate countries.

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  1. Force native born Muslims to abjure their religion; no better, convert to Christianity or be deported en masse. Close all the mosques. Let them pray in secret.

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  3. Would be terrorists are prepared to die. But they also know that nothing will happen to their parents, friends, relatives, children, nephews, nieces etc.
    As sick as these terrorists are, they may think twice about committing an act of violence if they knew, with CERTAINTY, that those they cherish would be affected.

    And that is where DEPORTATION comes in. Immediately after a terrorist attack, the ENTIRE FAMILY, close friends, relatives, etc., of the terrorist should be IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED to their original place of birth or where their parents or grandparents were born.
    Of course, most likely , they will be sent back to some arab nation or Pakistan.

    As far as these radical imams are concerned, EVERYBODY ASSOCIATED WITH THAT MOSQUE – clerics, “worshipers” , etc., should be deported; and this includes their entire families. ALL OF THEM.

    They can keep all their stuff, money, etc., and even give them some more money to tide them over for a year or so in their “homeland.”

    Yes, many innocent will be deported. But this is the ONLY way to have peaceful and innocent arab muslims to begin turning in or reporting on any suspicious activities and it may even dissuade would be terrorists to think twice about committing violence.

    It’s one thing to murder a bunch of infidels; quite another to KNOW that your dearest relatives and friends will be very negatively affected.

    • I am reminded of the 30 Years War in which the ability of any relatives to seek revenge was removed. Permanently. I am sorry to say but such a policy might stand us in good stead once more.

      But I am all for sending the whole tribe home before it gets to that. I know, from seeing hijab-covered pale women in my part of Europe, that there will be a number of white girls who will have to go too. Of course, that might inform other white girls that marrying into the cult could have dire consequences. Sad, but there we are.

      • Retake the enemedia, then offer self-deportation to Muslims with earned portable assets, followed by assetless deportation, followed by criminal sanctions followed by assetless deportation. Fewer than 2% remain for the long-term manhunt, betcha.
        Follow up with decades of “The More You Know” PSA’s explaining the fallacy of Islam as well as the danger of proximity or practice of Islam. Re-education camps for the insistent native born citizen (no where Islamic to deport to) who feels the need to worship Allah/Mo’.
        This framework should be applied to all undesirable/illegal aliens inside Western Civ.
        Oh, yeah: macro-aggression trigger warning.

  4. Yes!!!!

    There is a terrific piece at the Conservative Treehouse about Trump’s power coming from his “owning the downside”. Worth a read.

    As is this excellent essay. Thanks, ZMan.

  5. There is no backlash, just as in the west there is no leadership from our well-paid politicians, no reporting of the facts, no experts who understand what’s happening, no willingness for people to see what is so blazingly obvious.

    We shuffle along believing, or rather hoping, that the so-called religion of peace will one day turn out to be what it alleges. So far there is little evidence and it is hard to see how this will change. More muslim immigrants (especially young muslim males) doesn’t equal less trouble; it means a higher number of lunatics wanting to kill in the name of their Allah — who, if the facts are correct, was the name of a Arabian peninsula agriculture or fertility goddess.

    Still, for those that like recycling, there’s a name recycled to a new purpose.

    Many of us in the UK are waiting fearfully for the big atrocity in (probably) London. As these things go, they only work if the next assault is more demented, more nasty, more violent than the last one. We might, some time soon, happily settle for ‘only’ 130-odd dead around Westminster (though it will not bother those inside parliament). But while we might not know the time and place yet, we do know there will be no backlash, no leadership, no factual reporting, no opening of the collective eyes…

    • If only the Muzzies would take out 40% of a national parliament during an important in-person vote. Applause from the rabble!

  6. Speaking of immigrants cleaning up their act, religious leaders can be a big help in getting that done. An Irish Archbishop in New York, John Joseph “Dagger” Hughes, used his position as a spiritual leader to dramatically straighten out the immigrants in his diocese.

    Here’s an article about what he accomplished.

    I’d like to see an imam or two do this sort of thing in the Paris suburbs.

    • A radical Muslim wants to kill you if you are not a Muslim.

      On the other hand, a moderate Muslim is one who wants the radical Muslim to kill you.

      All this is in the Koran. Jihad is an accepted religious doctrine. There are no moderate Muslims, nor can there be!

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  8. The Orlando Sentinel reported: “Elmasri told Orlando Sentinel news partner WOFL-Channel 35 that he thinks the shooting happened Saturday night, when he and his family were out painting pictures of peace for the victims of the attacks in France.”

    Ham-fisted, one for each fist. Depends on which reporter he was talking to. I wonder if there’s a third story in which he was out bringing communion wafers to poor Catholics in neighboring Alabama.

  9. 9/11 didn’t move the needle. 120 dead Frenchmen is nothing. I think a 9/11 every year might have an effect, but a lot of us thought the first one would.

    Nobody who isn’t white gives a damn. The whole country is staring at Kim Kardashian all day. The rock-ribbed patriots are watching foo’-ball players in pozzed pink shoes.

    There aren’t enough of us. It’s over.

  10. You were doing fantastic until the last paragraph, Z. Islam is NOT a fine religion bringing peace to millions of people around the world. It is a totalitarian political system using the shield of religion to advance its cause. It brings repression, barbarism, poverty, and misery to millions. According to Islamic doctrine, there can only be peace when the entire world is under Islam. Until that day, may it never come, there is only constant jihad against the House of War, (that’s another name for infidels.) Really, there is nothing good to say about Islam. It is a scourge on humanity.

    • It’s a moot point really. He lays out that they stay in their countries, and we stay in ours. Whether it legitimately brings it’s adherers happiness or not is irrelevant.

      • Actually, it’s very relevant, in my opinion, because it is imperative to tell the unvarnished truth about Islam. You cannot fight an enemy you do not know. Talking about Islam with positive qualifiers that are demonstrably not true allows people to view Islam as some worthwhile religion for people in the ME, but not for us Westerners. Many people believe this, and then call people like me “racist” and “bigot” when I point out the violence and repression in Islamic doctrine. Haven’t you heard people say, “Not all Moslems are like this?” Maybe not, but Islamic doctrine is clearly repressive and violent. And they are already in our lands, multiplying, converting others to their cause and committing violence against us. if we hope to one day eject them from our countries, we cannot pretend that Islam is peaceful. Because it is not.

  11. “Feeding the homeless? Really? Can you come up with a more ham-fisted lie?”

    No, but they don’t need to bother coming up with a plausible story. Years of experience have taught them that they can jabber out any incoherent piece of shit and NOBODY will ever throw it back in their teeth. Muslims figure they have a license to lie in this country. That’s why they’re so astounded when they actually get arrested and convicted for their filthy habits, like honour killings. They’re convinced that Islam is a magic cloak that repels infidel attacks. All they have to do is lie, swagger haughtily, or throw themselves on the ground weeping hysterically, and the traps of the infidel melt away.

    • “Muslims figure they have a license to lie in this country.”
      In fact lying is a requirement when perceived as being necessary to advance the cause of Worldwide Islam. They even have a word for it – Taqqiyeh. Not only is it OK, it is an obligation of faith. Do a search for Sharia law for non-Muslims for more information.

  12. Trump stepped on the immigration third rail of politics and revealed to the coward class of intimidated Republocrats that it was not even electrified. Then he called bullshit on the college crybullies. Now he’s stepping on Mosques and Mohammedans. It’s starting to look like a plan, and the pickings are ripe, a treasure chest of odious Progressive propaganda waiting to be dismissively thrown in the crapper by the first guy with a set.

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