Ruminations on The Shadow Party

One of the favorite gags among the hate thinkers is to mock the Republicans for their indifference to 40% of Americans. Every election, characters from the GOP drama club come out with elaborate plans for lower capital gains taxes, eliminating taxes on carried interest and increasing the pool of cheap foreign labor. How can the under-employed carpenter resist such a platform?

That’s not entirely fair, of course, The Republicans will also drone on about the need to restart the Cold War and drop more bombs on the muzzies. Hilariously, they never put it that way, instead insisting they love Islam and welcome a flood of Muslims into the country, because “that’s who we are as a people.” That’s usually when they launch into promises to expand the surveillance state.

America in 2016 is a three-party system. One party is made up of people who fantasize about murdering white people. The other party is made up of people who fantasize about helping the other party. Then there is this third, unofficial shadow party for normal people who increasing fear voting for either of the two official options. Trump is officially a Republican, but he is unofficially the shadow party candidate.

I find myself in an odd position. I’m enjoying the mayhem caused by the Dirt Monster, but Donald Trump is hardly my idea of a good leader of a rebellion, much less leader of a sane nation. At the same time, either of the two official parties winning the election most likely means something really bad awaits us around the next corner. Sometimes there are no good options.

There’s a Social War vibe to what is happening in that one group of Americans has finally had it with the other group of Americans. The GOP has been a Cavalier/Deep South/Appalachian party for 25 years now, but it still retains a Yankee leadership with a Yankeedom sensibility. The people voting Trump are, whether they know it or not, demanding a place at the table.

This “Open Letter” has been bouncing around Twitter for a few days. The gag among the hate-thinkers is that an open letter is the asshole version a regular letter. The reason is an “open letter” is usually written by a Cloud Person excoriating his fellow Cloud People for not enthusiastically applying the lash to the Dirt People. This is one of those rare occasions when it is a Dirt Person appealing to the Cloud People.

Let me say up front that I am a life-long Republican and conservative. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life and have voted in every presidential and midterm election since 1988. I have never in my life considered myself anything but a conservative. I am pained to admit that the conservative media and many conservatives’ reaction to Donald Trump has caused me to no longer consider myself part of the movement. I would suggest to you that if you have lost people like me, and I am not alone, you might want to reconsider your reaction to Donald Trump. Let me explain why.

The rest of the letter is a recitation of facts and an explanation of why support for Trump is actually a proxy vote sending a message about the Dirt People unhappiness with their masters. Clearly, the writer is hoping his letter will cause the Cloud People to reform and welcome his kind into their midst. The villagers are appealing to the Lord for relief, a phenomenon as old as man.

What’s interesting to me is the Cloud People had not bothered to look out the castle windows at what’s been happening. They finally decided to send out Rubio to suppress the brigands. Yesterday his head was sent back in a box. What comes next is an organized response from both parties to put an end to Trump’s campaign and suppress the Dirt People. National Review is creating a proscription list as a warning to their colleagues about what’s coming.

Pessimists are betting that the Cloud People will agree to let Cruz run as the GOP option and lose to Hillary Clinton. That will allow the Buckley Conservatives, the outer party, to purge their ranks of anyone remotely sympathetic to the plight of the Dirt People. They will rush to help the Democrats, the inner party, pass amnesty and legislation eliminating citizenship. The Brazil-ification of America will accelerate.

Maybe that’s how it plays out. The fact that whites are offing themselves in record numbers suggests they are not all that interesting in fighting the tide of history. The fact that blacks are fine with having 25% of their ranks either in jail or on parole suggests they are fine with being zoo animals for the Cloud People. Latin America makes clear that Hispanics are not going to put up a fight.

Still, the Shadow Party will still be out there for a while no matter what happens in this election. The Social War ended when the Romans welcomed the Italians into the club. The guy who wrote that letter is hardly alone. He represents maybe a third of the population. These events have surely been noticed by men with better political skills than Trump. The string of unforced errors by the Cloud People suggests this insurrection is just the beginning of a period of instability.

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  1. By using the label “Dirt People” did you intend to harken back to the Civil War and The Army of the West? If not, it is pretty apt, in that the Dirt People were willingly sacrificed by and on behalf of the Plantation Class.

      • Sorry, my error. The Sherman’s yeoman farmers of IA, IL.& OH didn’t identify the poor white Southerners, they encountered, as “Dirt People” but rather as “Dirt Eaters”.

  2. One thing I don’t get is the assumption that Cruz will not defeat Clinton. It will be a closer fight but I am truly hopeful enough closet conservatives that wouldn’t vote for McRomney will show up and make it no contest. Then again I thought people could sniff out Obama in ’08 so maybe I’m just a dreamer.

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  4. Said it before, will say it again — Trump, like Le Pen in France, Orban in Hungary, etc. — is the *best* case scenario. As you say, smarter men than Trump are seeing the Revolt of the Dirt People. You can vote for this ridiculous clown show in the hopes that it *finally* wakes the political class up… or you can wait a few years, and see what a REAL Fascist party looks like, run by a man with talent, drive, and organizational skill. Welcome to Weimar America. Enjoy the show.

  5. People are going to keep their heads down as long as the checks keep coming. The question is can the government keep the checks coming until the demographic change is complete? They are a bunch of socialists and globalists, and neither of those are particularly at economic stability.

  6. For entertainment (don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it), which Roman historical figure is Trump most analogous to? Tiberius Gracchus (patrician who single-handedly vetoed everything his fellow ruling patricians tried to do on behalf of the plebes)? Julius Caesar (a strongman who took a lot of bold gambles that improbably paid off, with Pompey as Cruz, not really a friend of National Review Cato but more acceptable than Caesar)? Constantine (who cut down putative ally after ally–even though both he and the people he cut down knew they were not allies but instead enemies–as he walked Diocletian’s tetrarchy back to a power invested in a single augustus)?

        • The arch conservative who runs the old hero into the ground, nice. Christie could be Cinna. From this comes a Marian successor, in the form of Caesar, who rides what Marius/Trump started to total victory down the road. It fits nicely with Z’s closing: “These events have surely been noticed by men with better political skills than Trump. The string of unforced errors by the Cloud People suggests this insurrection is just the beginning of a period of instability.”

          Another less rosy comparison might be with Crassus, who knew how to get rich and how to buy influence, but always wanted that real military (political in Trump’s case) glory and ended up a casualty at the hands of the Parthians.

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  8. I can’t figure out if there’s some kind of line Trump can cross that would make Americans not vote for him.
    You’ve noted he doesn’t appear to be a leader of a sane nation. He’s lowered my opinion of him recently and now I’m basically in agreement with you over what’s good and what’s bad about Trump.

    For example, Rubio seems like a joke but Trump’s school-yard 10 year old bully routine of saying “he’s a nasty little man saying nasty little things. Nasty little man!” cheapens Trump. Does he think everyone is 10 or 12 years old at heart?
    When he complains that Japan shouldn’t have dared devalue the yen, as though it’s Japan’s duty to adjust its fiscal policy to America’s advantage, I resent him. At the same time, while Trump is good news and bad news (very good news and potentially very bad news), 4 or 8 more years of another Obama is just bad news.

    Do you think if he’d seem more sane he’d have less appeal?

  9. The Dirt People have been demonized and ostracized in every way possible. I have not seen it mentioned, but the Confederate flag was some small token of Dirt People life. An artifact and historical kitsch piece, it nevertheless served as some small symbol that the Dirt People still had a place in the country, and the rest of us could just ignore it and be on our way. Now because of “slavery” and “hurt feelings” the flag must be banned, and all tangible elements of the Confederacy must be obliterated. Furthermore, even thinking of the Confederacy must be banished to the realm of criminal “wrong thinking”. Many Dirt People no doubt take all of this as a personal affront, a Soviet style airbrushing of them right out of the broader culture. Any wonder that Trump get a lot of support, no matter his policies or changing policies?

  10. Mr. Trump is the first American presidential candidate in nearly 75-years who has not held an elected political position, had any significant political experience or served in the military. Prior to their presidency, Obama was a senator, Bush was governor of Texas, Clinton was governor of Arkansas, Bush Sr. was a congressman, Regan was governor of California, and Carter was a senator.

    I had to look all the way back to 1929 to learn that President Hoover was is one of only two Presidents (along with William Howard Taft before him) who had no prior electoral experience or high military rank (to exclude Eisenhower). As you will recall, shortly after his election, the Wall Street Crash of 1929 occurred less than eight months after President Hoover took office.

    If history does repeat itself and in the event Mr. Trump is elected, I sincerely hope for everyone’s sake, America doesn’t end up in a similar situation as Mr. Hoover.

    • Trump and Hoover are utterly different people. Hoover was a professional (and quite successful) do-gooder who was the major player in what are now called NGO’s. No one was more “qualified” for government than Hoover. Calvin Coolidge couldn’t stand him.

      • Hoover was a leader of the Efficiency Movement and a believed in bringing Taylorism to government. Aleksei Gastev was also an advocate of these theories in the Soviet Union, until he was arrested and shot in 1939.

        Andrew Jackson is the better analog to Trump.

        • If Jackson is a good comp I could be more enthusiastic about this thing. Did politicians have speechwriters in that day? Because Jackson’s farewell address is a virtuoso performance on politics, finance, and the Cloud. After meeting with Jackson at the White House Tocqueville offered the opinion that the hick from the Frontier had the measure of his enemies, and kept that advantage to himself. One can hope, but as a man said, optimism is cowardice.

      • Hoover was a successful mining engineer and an excellent coordinator of a mass humanitarian aid program after WWI. The problem with his presidency was his technocratic response to the 1929 crash. He started some of the sort of wrong-headed government interventions that FDR expanded which actually prolonged the Depression.

        Coolidge really disliked Hoover, often referring to him as “the Wonder Boy”. “That man has offered me unsolicited advice for six years, all of it bad!”, was Calvin’s assessment of Hoover’s political wisdom.

  11. “These events have surely been noticed by men with better political skills than Trump.”

    They may have better political skills than Trump but they will have their own money? The reason Trump can challenge the elite is because he is a self-made billionaire.

    • Trump has spent very little. He is not even running TV ads in many of these states. It’s all free media and rallies. On the other side, Sanders has raised more than enough money to wage a campaign, all of it from small donors. The great undiscussed lesson of this election is that we are well past the point of diminishing returns with respect to money raising. There’s so much free media, you can get all you need with a little ingenuity.

  12. Then there is agitprop like this. I smelled a rat the second I began to read it:

    Ya right. Looks like desperate RINO astro turf if I ever saw it. Not a dirt Peoples representative among the quotes. I’ll bet a body part the jerk made it all up. It’s too cute by a country mile.
    If a cultural marxist didn’t write this to misdirect people I’ll eat my hat.
    A cultural RINO marxist posing as a sop to the dirt people planting confusion and seeds of doubt about the dirt monster. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is an actual production right out of the purple diaper baby get the Dirt monster no matter what it takes faction.

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  14. To me Trump’s appeal is not that he is a leader of a rebellion. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt any real change will take hold if he wins. We’re too far gone for that. It’s just fun watching the Cloud People losing their minds.

    • That’s pretty much it for me. He makes crazy the people who deserve it. I think a lot of people are sending a message. It’s a warning shot. This time it is a goofball reality TV guy. Next time it’s a guy who is dead serious.

      If the people in charge had any sense, they would take note, but that’s never on offer for some reason.

      • It’s never been about Trump. Do you think Caligula appointed his horse to the Senate because he thought his horse would make an excellent Senator?

        • If the wall costs $8 billion, that’s one day’s worth of the federal government’s current outlay. Who cares who pays for it? There’ll be an easy way to spin it as having been paid for by Mexico, through a trade deal or whatever.

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