Female Trouble

Looking back, we had, in the person of Teddy Roosevelt, the finest President in the history of this country. He had the spirit and determination that matched the times and the land. Then the women got the vote, and everything went to hell. While our boys was overseas fighting the Kaiser, the women got Prohibition put in. Drinking and gambling and whoring were declared unlawful. All those things which come natural to men became crimes.

–The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

One of the more obvious aspects of the modern lynch mob is it is almost always composed of women. Sure, there will be men tagging along, maybe throwing in some shots of their own, but the organizers are always women. Maybe a homosexual male will start it with a point and shriek, but 99 times out of 100, the person organizing the lynch mob is going to be a woman. She will sound the alarm and the rest of the coven will arrive, ready to set fire to the wicker man.

The social justice warrior phenomenon is mostly a product of Facebook and Twitter, as these services made it easier for stupid people to get on-line and blast their idiocy worldwide. As a result, unhinged young women now have easy access to a megaphone. Whenever one of them gets the boo-hoos or feels slighted by a man, she can give a couple of blasts on the horn and before long we have #gamergate or some other nonsense controversy.

That’s the most striking feature of the social justice warrior phenomenon. It is young, unattached females. Put #gamegate into a google machine and the third hit is a blog run by a lonely, unstable female. In fact, feminism today is just that, lonely unattached females looking for a purpose to their lives. Instead of snagging  a husband and having kids, they kit themselves out like extras from the freak show and scream at men for not loving them. Instead of tending to children, they talk endlessly about their unused female parts.

Much of what is going wrong in the West is some version of what we are seeing with the endless hashtag campaigns run by women. The female of our species has a biological purpose. That’s to find a suitable mate, bear children and raise them to sexual maturity. That’s nature’s assignment to women. Anything else is either in support of that purpose, frivolous or in opposition to biological necessity.

The result of a century of feminism is a society that works against the interests of women. Young men are no longer obligated to get married and be family men. In fact, being a traditional male is routinely mocked by popular culture. All the pressure on men is to not get married. Instead, males have easy sexual access to females, to whom they have no obligation, other than cab fare to the abortion clinic.

It’s not just young females who are suffering from a century of feminism. Middle-aged women have always faced a difficult time. The kids leave and the mother’s purpose expires. Every man over the age of 40 understands that women often go bonkers at this stage of life. They get into weird causes or begin to obsess over trying to look young. Because we live in an age where so many women made it to this age without bearing children, we now have a surplus of women like Melissa Click.

At the risk of sounding like a neanderthal, Mx. Click should be somewhere doting on grandchildren right now, not out making a nuisance of herself. Instead, the self-defeating religion of feminism guides her into self-destructive behavior that has led to a life of frustration. That frustration comes from pursuing an endless list of causes and movements that can never satisfy the biological urge. Her life is an endless itch that can never be scratched.

We are learning the hard way that Aristophanes was right all along. A society run by women can never work. And the West is run by women, make no mistake. This pic of the defense ministers of Europe is a regular on twitter. The most powerful country in the EU is run by an old maid. The US could very well install an old lesbian as president this fall. Liberal men spend their days watching cuckold porn and trying on sundresses, while writing angry posts about bathroom laws.

This is not a stable arrangement, which is why the West is struggling to perform the basics of a human society. The women of Europe are demanding open borders, which drives up their mating opportunities. That’s biology. The trouble is the young men arriving see the women as utterly useless as women, beyond momentary sexual release. That’s the rapefugee crisis in a nutshell. The Muslims are right. The West is run by whores and homosexuals.

This will not end well.

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  1. I agree with the sentiment but it isn’t simply the female vote. Abolition was actually ratified before the 19th amendment so although Women lead the charge for it as you say they were not able to vote for it nationally.

    It’s universal suffrage all around. Universal male suffrage is what opened the door for Women’s suffrage. We cannot change a Republic into a mob rule democracy without bad things coming from it. We should have left it at landowners voting and called it a day because both groups, unattached Males and Women in general will vote for their own self interests and continue to do so until the government goes broke. Which our government should have gone broke long ago and this farce would have ended before too much damage had been done. Now with all the can kicking? It’s gonna hurt bad.

  2. This from my better half after I shared the piece with her – ” I’m tired of men complaining and finger-pointing. Lace up your big boy boots and go fix the fucking problem that you allowed to grow right beneath your nose. And stop whining about how you’ve been beat down. You cannot control how people treat you. You can only control how you respond. Enough already. Be a fucking man or sit the fuck down.” – Yes indeed. She is taken, but she has three daughters. All with backbones. Hipsters need not apply.

    • OK sweetheart, you asked for it, but you might not like how we go about retaking the culture.

      You don’t get to cause a great deal of the problems in our society and then just set back and say “Man up, sissy boy, and fix it!” without there being repercussions.

      You can either be all powerful in the culture OR have men pick up the pieces for you, but not both.

      The fact that you came to post your wife’s words for her, while telling other men to “Man Up” is just about the funniest thing I’ve yet seen in this thread.

      FFS man, you’re a beta who thinks he’s an alpha, lecturing everyone else about to be leaders, because your wife sent you here to do so.

      Jesus wept . . . .

      • THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT!!!! Glorious response Nunya! As a breakfast for dinner kind of guy, I could not have said it better myself….solid!

      • Any number of people here have tried to help you understand that if you really think you have the goods then you won’t have such problems finding a mate. I can imagine the name-calling your mate would be subjected to should you bump up against something solid in her character. Time to grow up, NB, and to quit obsessing about sounding like an “Alpha” or whatever. Women won’t know if you’re an Alpha or Beta until you mature.

      • Note sawbuck57 referring to his wife, ‘she has three daughters’—SHE has, not ‘we have’. ‘My wife’s daughters’: total cuck.

    • Good ideas yet every time men try the women out vote us. I guess we could just start forcing them to do what they should and stop being traitorous bishes but at this point it would mean taking up arms against our own governments and the women those governments prefer to hire. Men prefer to not get violent towards the women despite what the feminist like state.

  3. “The Muslims are right. The West is run by whores and homosexuals.” And their fellow travelers, the modern metrosexual policy wonk and nerdy geek/tech weenie. Maybe it’s my age and upbringing (my father was a career USMC infantryman and I served as a USMC artillery officer for six years) but I’m always struck by the large numbers of “chicks-with-dicks” I run into in modern society. Metrosexuals with skinny jeans or trousers who mouth insipid nonsense to impress their female peers with their faux emotional sensitivity (I wrote “faux” because as #gamergate showed, there are a lot of very insecure geek males out there who cannot stand a woman succeeding in their little realm of faux manhood.). Or fat, pimply-faced geeks and tech nerds who defer to their very small number of female acquaintances’ every statement, no matter how inane. Modern females are encouraged by popular culture and formal education institutions to view these kinds of males as desirable because they are sensitive, smart enough to work in a profession that earns a good living and deferential to the point of slaves to their female partner’s every whim. Just look at the characters and roles in the most popular sit-coms on American television.

  4. As a rule, most women are never sure exactly what they want. They just know it’s not what they have right now.

  5. “The most powerful country in the EU is run by an old maid. ”

    The definition of old maid that I know is an older unmarried woman. Merkel was widowed once and is currently married to a professor of chemistry.

  6. Regarding #gamergate, it started over dishonesty from so-called professionals in the gaming press, where favorable press was given to someone’s significant other without disclosing it. SJWs have been trying to morph it into something else to disguise its origin and make it a rallying cry for the cause de jure.

  7. Nature abhors a vacuum. If a majority of Western men hadn’t decided to stop being men and hadn’t decided to stop raising men, then the Feminist, Progressive, Social Justice Warriors wouldn’t be in charge right now. This isn’t as much Female Trouble as it is Male Trouble. When men are self-confident in their true roles as workers, providers, leaders, husbands, fathers, etc., then there is no need or desire for a poor substitute such as a feminist SJW or her like. It is this abdication, combined with the rise of Marxist thought in our educational systems that has brought our societies to this. And it will continue until men decide that they’re tired of being a shadow or a half-remembered idea of a man, and stand up and BE men. Women can demand that men be men, but in the end it’s up to men themselves to decide.

    • I mostly agree with you Kathleen, but I once had a pair of New Women come after me pretty ruthlessly for being all manly and stuff in the work place. That was the exception. Most other times, being unemotional, direct, and committed got most of the womenfolk behind me, bickering put on hold, and projects moving towards completion.

      I’m not the first to point out that once you empowered women, society would inevitably become more therapeutic and less heroic/tragic. It perhaps not an accident that Philo names a certain proto-Christian sect as Therapeutae. Their radical reinterpretation of women’s role in religion was bound to radically transform religion, in the same way that our society is being transformed right now. What we call religion is a feminized version of pre-Christian temple cultic practices. Nietzsche was therefore wrong when he claimed Christianity was a slave religion.

      I have a pet theory that the real power in Islam is the the women. The lack of a heroic tradition, the petty score settling, and the shrill dialogue all tell me that the men aren’t the real power in that society.

      • I was with you until you theorized that the real power in Islam is the women. The civilizing effect of women on men is absent in Islam. The men are unrestrained wildings who are not afraid of not getting laid or of not fathering children. The Muslim fertility rate is astonishing and if the men get bored with their wives they sign a one-hour marriage contract wit a prostitute. As often as they want, all sanctioned by the Koran. They are way out of balance in Islam as we are in the West in the opposite direction.

        • James, I was imprecise. I believe that women are the real power in Sunni Islam. The Sunnis do not have temporary marriages. That would be the Shiites.

          You have to remember that most Sunni marriages are cousin marriages and if they are not, then they tend to be for the purpose of obtaining an advantage with another clan, tribe, bayt, etc. You may think that you are going to divorce your wife by uttering, “I divorce thee,” three times, but your clan and the clan you married into may have very different views.

          • Is there a moderate strain of Sunni Islam where women are respected and have a positive influence on men? You are forcing me to do some research which is always a good thing.

          • I would not be surprised if there are women subtly leading the literal lynch mobs in the Muslim world. I’ve heard stories – the older women are often encourage the abuse of the younger ones.

    • Way to offload the blame there, sister.

      I’m 36, male, a US citizen, and single. Why? Because I cannot find a woman worth marrying. Full stop.

      I’ve found vapid women, stupid women, smart and horrible women, just plain horrible women, clueless women, mentally unstable or disturbed women, and women who are afraid of johnsons, but I have yet to find a woman who is both smart and compassionate, who wants to have and raise children, and who is both stable/dependable enough and made of stern enough stuff to actually accomplish the feat. I do not demand that she be more beautiful than Helen of Troy. In fact, I tend to find something beautiful about every woman I meet (with some troll-eseque exceptions). I am not grading on looks here, they barely even enter into it.

      Most of the women I find my own age are both past their real childbearing years, and saddled with two to five kids from one to five different fathers. If they are childless at this age, nine times out of ten, they intend to remain that way forever and carry all the neuroses attendant to that particular life choice.

      The former group are out from the get-go because I refuse to spend the rest of my life as the delta male provider for some other random dude’s progeny. I’d rather be single all my life than help raise the genes of some other asshole who wasn’t man enough to support his own spawn.

      If that sounds mean, tough shit. Nature is a bitch.

      The latter group are a no-go because if I’m going to get married, I want to have a family. There’s no point in putting up with a neurotic woman’s ticks if there are no children on tap. I love good female company, just for the company, but neurotics are not good company. Again, I’d rather just be single and unharried.

      Women in the range of 28-30 seem to be about in the sweetspot on the childbearing/maturity scale, but again, finding one without two to five curtain climbers of various parentage is very difficult.

      Girls younger than 26 are starting to get to be more than ten years my junior, and so are neigh on impossible for me to understand culturally, and are usually so immature as to be pointless from a marriage standpoint. Marrying a 24 yr old straight out of college is a good way to end up without kids and suddenly missing half your shit. Immaturity coupled with crazy is a recipe for disaster. Besides, even if I set all that aside, the number of women that age of suitable intelligence and disposition who are looking to start a family and settle down is vanishingly small.

      So yeah, there are those of us out here who would gladly take up our role as provider and defender of wife, family, and home, IF there were any women of similar bent left to be had.

      And of course, that’s casting aside entirely the threat that the edifice of state poses to any man that enters into a relationship with a woman.

      Right now, I’d have basically zero input or recourse if my wife suddenly decided she didn’t want to be married anymore, and up and took the kids to England to chase swarthy young muslim men.

      I’d lose half my assets (at least), probably have to sell my business and give her half of that as well (even though it would have pre-dated our union), and have to spend every penny that remained on lawyers and legal fees just to be given the “privilege” of flying to another goddamned country to see my kids, and I’d get to pay her way while she’s doing it to me.

      Can’t happen, you say? I personally know a guy it happened to, verbatim.

      The state and the justice system are a loaded gun pointed at a man’s chest from the moment he meets a woman to the the moment he dies, and yet I’m STILL willing to risk that in order to have a family.

      I just can’t find a woman worth the effort and risk.

      Make no mistake madame, traditional marriage IS dead, but it is women aided and abetted by the leviathan state that killed it.

      • Lose the skirt and quit whining. If you really wanted to find a woman of quality to marry, you would. Some people don’t like the mirror when someone else holds it up for them, and refuse to see. Others use it for self-examination. There’s plenty of blame to go around, buddy.

        • I gotta take exception to your original thought, Kathleen. You got the cart before the horse. Men started going south after women got the franchise. Not before. The Founders schemed against all history to found a democracy that did not degrade itself, and they knew their history. Were they to understand that women would vote they would have designed a different scheme, or just packed their bags and gone home. If there is a healthy political arrangement where women hold equal or similar powers to men, I’m good with that. But democracy is not one of them.

          • James, I know that womens’ suffrage as the “beginning of the end” is a favorite theory of yours, but it is much too simplistic. I would agree that it was a contributing factor, but one of many. Marxist thought had already infected political thought, had already been injected into educational theory via John Dewey before 1920, although the seeds would not bear their poisonous fruit in an obvious way until decades later. Would you agree that Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt were both Progressive presidents? Both were elected without the votes of women, prior to 1920. Why were men voting against their long-term best interests by voting for Leftists? Isn’t that the usual refrain against women who vote for Progressives? Today’s women tend to vote for Leftist candidates at about a 55% or so rate. That leaves the rest of us at around 45% who are NOT voting Leftist. If all men voted as a bloc, or close to, for the non-Leftist candidate, then no Leftist could ever be elected. But that’s not how it works out. Believe me, it grieves me no end that the majority of my “sisters” vote Leftist. Voting should be limited to those who can pass a civics test, receive no government assistance of any kind, and who own property. Those left out of that equation would then have major incentive to become producers instead of consumers if they wish to have a voice in how the country arranges its political and social affairs.

          • That which is simple is not simplistic. Democracy and liberty are incompatible under universal suffrage. Tocqueville–“Universal suffrage is not only the most detestable element of government, but a powerful revolutionary instrument.” And he was speaking only of men. His trip to America was an effort to discover how Americans had arranged that feat under limited suffrage. The “visionary and Utopian” philosophers which the Founders derisively referred to were indeed always present among us. When only men voted that was trouble enough, and indeed too much as male suffrage extended outward relentlessly to the time of the Civil War. Women’s suffrage put grease under those skids.

            One can imagine a system far superior to what exist now where only females voted–married, without government assistance of any kind, not employed by government or as a public schoolteacher, including spouses. Superior, but still fatal. Democracy is not divine. In a democracy the question is not whether you are more prepared, or I, but which of our sexes are less destructive to liberty under limited suffrage. The book is in.

          • Interesting ideas, but I’ll stick with my original point: Marxist thought is the very root of the majority of problems throughout our society; the fall-out of the 55% of women voting Leftist is simply a by-product, one of many. To turn things around, Marxist thought needs to be discredited and excised from our culture. If you don’t kill the root, the plant will eventually grow again. Until this happens, nothing changes.

          • I reject your number, but in the precarious balance of a democratic republic 55% is just 100% on slow. Or was. Look about you, this unraveling has accelerated in every detail and is not coming back. I don’t blame women for being natural to themselves. I blame men for not being natural to themselves and letting women vote, after caving to every other feel good fashion.

            I’d rather be ruled by a queen than several million bitches. This is a feminized society now until the end.

        • Pardon me, madame, if I tell you to go fuck yourself.

          Good day.

          PS: The kettle called, said he was returning your message about him being black. I dunno.

          • No, you see madame, I could get married in short order indeed, if my only criteria for entering into said matrimony was that the woman was willing to marry me.

            I do not have trouble meeting or bedding women, or even maintaining a relationship long term, if I so choose.

            What I am having trouble with is finding women worthy of the considerable trouble such things entail.

            And, it should be noted, that you are not helping to push the curve of modern female desirability into positive territory yourself, being a raging scrunt and all.

            Kindly plug your noise hole, as you are only proving my point for me with every hectoring post, and the screeching is bothersome.

          • I believe the screeching and raging began with you, when you whined about your inability to find a suitable wife. This is obviously a very sensitive topic for you since you then went for the low-brow and immature insults and name-calling when I pointed out that you were whining. I used to tell formerly single friends the same thing, quit whining and go out and get what you want. The pool of candidates on both sides may not be as robust as it once was, but that just means the search needs to be broadened and taken on as a more serious goal. I also told them to take a look at themselves before they blamed the entire male sex. They didn’t like what I said to them, but it was food for thought for them, and they are all happily married now.

            BTW, I could have just replied to you with all manner of classless insults and F-bombs, as you did to me, but such behavior is beneath my dignity. In sincerity, good luck with your wife search.

          • Beneath your dignity . . .



            Sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face.

            I’m out.


            Your dignity . . . . that’s a good one . . . gonna write that down.

          • It’s obvious by this comment that you have difficulty with respecting others. This may help explain your being single.

        • Really? This is your response to his lucid argument? A childish slur aimed at his manhood. I guess you proved his point didn’t you! You smug, uncouth Harpy! What a bint !

      • I agree with a lot of what you’re saying but Kathleen also has a valid point: the insanity of feminism is enabled by the vast majority of beta males. Are there any non-beta males in civilian “leadership” roles in the US? –if so, they’re invisible in the media. Just look at our pansy president.

        Exactly why that is the case is debatable. I believe part of it is because males have been fed feminist propaganda in school and in the media for so long that most of them can’t distinguish between the realities of female behavior and popular imagery and iconography. But that begs the question of why men allowed that propaganda to be disseminated in the first place. I’ve been married for over 30 years and I can’t remember a time when men weren’t fed nonsense about women, such as, they prefer a man with a sense of humor. And they well might, after he’s satisfied all their priority preferences.

        I think your age preferences are self-limiting. You’re 36, so what? 28-30 year old women are not the best choices for wives and mothers whether you’re 36 or 70. You should be looking at women in the 20-22 year old range. These days most women 28-30 are already corrupted by having spent nearly a decade rejecting stable mates who didn’t set their hamsters spinning in favor of the promiscuous pursuit of men that are mostly unobtainable.

        In today’s sexual marketplace there is a big misalignment of sexual market values and hence, supply and demand. 80% of women are chasing after 20%, or less, of the men. They have an inflated sense of their own SMV because high value men will have sex with much lower SMV women….but they won’t wife them up. A woman’s SMV begins to rapidly decline in the age range of 28-30, and once they hit this wall they reassess and begin to think about settling for one of those betas they never looked twice at before. I think it’s absolutely pathetic to be the guy such a woman settled for.

        • Have you spoken to many 20 yr old women lately?

          I have, and the one’s I’ve met are way farther down the rabbit hole of SJW-ism than you seem to think. From what I can see, THEY’RE THE ONES DRIVING IT.

          The harridans that run the woymns studies dept may be the originators of this plague, but make no mistake, the foot soldiers are all 20-something women.

          I am fully aware that having the standards that I have may mean that I spend the rest of my life as a crusty old bachelor, but there again, my estimation of self worth will not let me marry some random gal just to be married. That’s why so many marriages end in divorce, one spouse “settles” for someone they’re not really willing to be with forever, and grows bitter over time at having done so.

          Again, I’d rather be single than turn into that asshole who hates or resents his wife because he doesn’t really think she’s his equal. Or vice versa, I wouldn’t want to be the person someone settles for either. That’s how you end up being 50 yrs old supporting a wife and kids you never see while she pretends she’s the main character in “Eat, Pray, Love” and chases swarthy latin looking fellows.

          • Where are you finding these women? If you’re in an urban area or talking to women on a college campus what you report does not surprise me at all. I have a young son who recently graduated from a top law school and he says the same things about young women that you do. I live out in the country. He lives in a large urban area now. His brother married a local girl and she has been a good wife to him.

            My employment is in a facility out in the country. The largest town within a two hour drive has a population of about 70,000. The entire population of the county where I live is less than 20,000, and not that it means that much these days, votes 90% Republican. Most of the young women I see are country girls.

            A few months ago I was in a small gun store. There was a very attractive 20 something woman checking over a rifle she had ordered as a present for her husband. I could tell by the way she handled the gun, and the fact that it was semi-custom, and from what I could hear of the conversation with the dealer, that she knew what she was doing. Women like that aren’t SJWs. Farm and ranch girls have to deal with nature and reality and are generally not SJWs.

            I’ve been shooting at various ranges and encountered very young and very attractive women, by themselves, shooting handguns. They’ve all been pretty good shots too. The youngest female I know at work was about 20 or 21 when she started. Never had to walk on eggshells around her and she exudes no SJW vibes. I have a large print in my office of a photo I took of a revolver and she asked me for a copy. A good number of the women where I work have concealed carry licenses and are practical non-feminists.

            I agree, if you’re in a large urban area in the US you’re probably screwed. I don’t know how you would go about meeting a good country girl. My son has lived in Asia and most of the women there have not yet been infected by the SJW virus. I do peruse the MGTOW forums and there is a general sense that there are three places where you can find wife material: Latin America, the former Eastern Bloc, and Asia.

            All the English speaking countries are out, especially the US and the UK, but I hear that Canada and New Zealand are marginally better in the sense that the women are not quite as irrational –outside of college campuses anyway. Even Spanish, French, and Italian women are better prospects on the whole than American and British women.

            A proxy for me these days would be her attitude about guns. If she’s anti-gun it would be a deal breaker as anti-gun is pretty good code for flaming idiot liberal with authoritarian impulses. If she had no problem with me carrying a gun she’d get consideration. If she owned a gun she might be worth some effort. If she carried a gun and we hit it off she might be the one. My wife was 19 when I met her and I was fresh out of the military, many years older. She owned guns and used to go hunting with her father.

            You’ve already outlined the risks of marriage for men so I won’t repeat them, but today a man would have to look around to find a worse deal than marrying the average American woman.

          • BTW, here’s something else for you to consider which correlates with age: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2010/09/16/why-sluts-make-bad-wives/

            If you marry a woman that has had 5 or more sexual partners, especially if she has cohabitated with those partners, there is an 80% chance your marriage will dissolve. The odds of a stable marriage plunge below 50% if the woman has only had 2 sexual partners. So the older a woman is the greater the odds against you….though the stable marriage rate remains close to 20% even for women with more than 20 partners.

    • Indeed, it will take men to rescue civilization, and abdication of their traditional roles is to blame for the trouble. The incentives to more manly behavior are missing, and I’m not even sure what those incentives would be at this point.

  8. Until the 19th Amendment is repealed, there won’t be any hope for us. My understanding is, not a single Democrat would have had enough votes to have been elected President since 1920 if you removed the female votes.

    • Pretty typical. Women got the vote in Switzerland in 1984 (or thereabout) and the country immediately turned squishy and leftist. I understand that the population of Switzerland is now more than 20% Third World.

      • Wow. That explains a lot. It was always a mystery to me why Switzerland suddenly made a hard left turn a few decades ago. The way it was explained to me was that the Swiss Federal Government got more control from the Cantons. Your explanation makes much more sense.

    • The West began its Leftward descent and ultimate demise with female suffrage. Unmarried women, children under 25 and recipients of government checks should not be allowed to vote.

    • Years ago I saw an article by someone who analysed the American voting patterns and found that had the USA retained it’s original franchise, the Democrats would now only be in a majority in a few small states. There’s no way back to sanity.

  9. It will not end well, but it will end in an exciting fashion, but why cry for Western Civilization, since it must go away. The world is about to change in a way that it never has before. The old rules of of the West are going to break forever. Capitalism, Marxism they just won’t mean anything in that world. Working for a living will be as antique as the buggy whip. It’s a world so different from ours that it demands a new society with new rules to make it work. It won’t be pretty but seems like I once heard something about broken eggs and omelets.

    • Yes, our wonderful Democratic Socialist future where all but the most enjoyable kinds of labor will be eliminated, and trash will be collected by robot pixies, i guess they will just re-program those Japanese sex bots to do it!

      You don’t really think they will be making mere “batteries” in Teslas Gigafactory or do you?

      • Who said it would be wonderful? Are you familiar with the horse manure crisis of 1894? I think it’s a good illustration of how humanity advances. We are faced with an existential problem, and we come up with a technological answer to that problem, and for a time it’s good, but eventually the negative feedback created by that solution rises and creates an even greater, more complicated crisis. This seems to be our nature, so does humanity end when we are faced with a crisis of sufficient complexity that we cannot engineer a technological solution?

  10. Eve swallowed the fruit and Adam jumped right in. Women swallowed the pill and men jumped right in. I’ll stop right there.

  11. Eve swallowed the fruit and Adam jumped right in. Women swallowed the pill and the men jumped right in. I will stop right there.

  12. Good illustration: During the last winter Olympics the US had a 23 year old male skater. The female commentators were all agog that “had the lifestyle of an adult” because he was married with two children. The childless commentators, approaching spinsterhood, were shocked – obviously feeling he should have been much older (You know, their age.) before doing this. Like they plan to.

    • Women have acute powers of observation, of which it has been objectively proven that men are not in their league. The puzzlement you are feeling is that women have no powers of generalization (I generalize). Their opinions are like their sense of fashion; however stylish at the moment they will not age well. Camille Paglia has often made the most marvelous commentary on the two sexes, or on feminism, but they never cause her to abandon the kamikaze ride of the political left.

  13. If Hillary wins your forthcoming popularity contest, then the muslims will indeed be celebrating another step in the decline of the west. Muslims think that Obama, despite close ties it appears to them, is weak so a woman leading the US, especially one as equally mendacious and inept as Mrs Clinton has shown thus far, will make not only make Riyadh perk up but all points east, too.

    We had Mrs Thatcher in the UK and our stupid left were infuriated then (and still are) that it had to be ‘that woman’ who had the balls to do the things she did and run the country. But that doesn’t mean women everywhere can run national governments, and more so when they have weak-kneed men propping them up.

  14. “The Muslims are right. The West is run by whores and homosexuals.”

    Yup. The Muslims see the West signalling its rottenness and inferiority by the “leaders” we have, including Obama. Nobody is as polite about blacks as Americans, and Muslims aren’t polite at all; when America elected what they’d regard as talking livestock, they saw it as yet another confirmation of their superiority. If the US follows this by electing a worthless old woman, Muslims will see it as Allah’s signal to go forth and take the opportunity he’s provided for them.

  15. The trends of female leadership has not been missed by most of us here in Europe. We are more than familiar with the like of Cecilia Malmstrom, Ursula von der Leyen and our own Henriette Reker. More and more women have given up on marriage and child raising (at least the well educated ones) since they no longer need men to “complete” themselves. Their surrogate families are now made of up of co-workers and colleagues. The decline of European demographics is well known and not likely to ever recover. Unfortunately, it is the less educated, less able, who end up with children, and usually at the expense of the State. Western females leaders continue along a clearly defined and well documented trail of denial that everyone wants to hold hands and sing Kumbaya as their material instincts no longer function as they once did and they have no natural sense of protecting their own. Meanwhile western men have been psychologically neutered to the point of insignificance as husbands and fathers.

  16. Kind of hard to blame the men for refusing to participate in new “household formation.” I give millennials a lot of crap but not all of the men are stupid. What man in his 20’s or 30’s in his right mind would think about getting married and starting a family? They saw what happened to their fathers, grandfathers uncles and older brothers. The “family courts” ruined them financially and emotionally. Just wait until young men start getting vasectomies as soon as they turn 18 to make sure that never happens to them. Anyone calling them mean names for doing so will have to defend the act of playing Russian Roulette, because that is what fatherhood has become.

    • tdurden, once upon a time, men were expected to be married at a younger age and able to support a wife and children with a proper job because those things were the hallmark of a true man, and rightfully so. There’s no guarantee that anyone’s marriage will work out, but when you place more emphasis on what it is to truly be a man and a woman, that society is healthier because it’s built around family, high expectations and morals. What you describe is the aftermath of the high expectations being withdrawn from both men and women. Gotta have that yin for the yang.

  17. Left the USA for keeps 20 years ago and the northern hemisphere 12. The “West” also includes South America and most women here still believe in their traditional role. I believe the future of Western civilization will find its home here when the dust settles. My son married a young woman here, and the bright and degreed beauty queen has given him two sons thus far, abandoned her profession to be a stay-at-home mom for the tots (one age two, the other six months) to my everlasting satisfaction and earns money on the side as a photographer. Go south, young man, go south!

    • Well, that’s great, Montefrio, but I’m gonna go ahead a point out that most of those South American women aren’t degreed or beauty-queen pretty. If all you want is a dutiful wife, minus the education or looks, then head south. But if you want beautiful, dutiful and educated women everywhere you look, head to Eastern Europe.

      • Point taken, not every woman is ideal, but have you spent much time in South America? My experience of the place, starting 50 years ago, is that there are many, many pretty women and an increasing number of well-educated women who haven’t been infected with the feminist virus. Eastern Europe has plenty, you’re right about that, but would one want to live there going forward if one were young? I’m inclined to believe South America, particularly the Southern Cone countries, Perú and Colombia to a lesser degree, might make for an interesting future, particularly if one speaks Spanish.

        • I live in Texas, so almost all of South America has come to me, unfortunately; I feel no need to go to it. I’ve no doubt some of those women in the Brazil/Soth America area a beautiful: they had a lot of mixing with the German volk goin’ on. If you’re young and love the heat, then those senioritas are great. However, if you’re young and don’t mind the cold, then those Svetlanas will be your preferred cup of vodka. I agree with you, though.

  18. And it also seems to be a generation of young women with low tolerance for boredom. At least, that’s the kind my stepson seems to attract. If you don’t give them enough excitement and leave them alone for a few hours, they find someone to cheat with.

  19. “Mx. Click should be somewhere doting on grandchildren right now”
    No, no, no… really -NO!
    The last thing we need is that womyn infecting a new generation with her idiotic viewpoints.

    • That’s the point, if she had been reared with traditional values Ms. Click would be happily doting on the grandkids but instead she was raised by hippies and was doubtless a red diaper baby herself. At this point in her empty life she knows nothing else, Sad state of affairs. Z-man might have added “all things being normal…”

  20. “The Muslims are right. The West is run by whores and homosexuals.”

    And our Christian churches are corrupted by the same stuff you describe. At Catholic Mass a few weeks ago I noticed that our former parish is utterly dominated by women, mostly middle aged. The choir is all female – no man could bring himself to sing the vile mushy leftoid crap that is in the hymn book. The priest is an effeminate useless little thing. The K of C are defunct.

    Which is why we’ll all be Muslims soon, and may God help the current Muslims when the Americans, Canadians, Australians, Germans – including the English, Celts and Slavs are Islamic.

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