Voting in the Ghetto

For years now I have been threatening to drop off the voting rolls, but I always find some excuse to vote every election. I have skipped some minor elections and I skipped 2012, but in the latter case it was mostly out of disgust. Standing in line knowing my vote counted for nothing and knowing I was expected to vote for the rabid pussies ticket was just too much. Maybe if the line had been shorter, I would have stuck it out and voted, but I bolted and skipped the whole election.

When you live in a one party state, voting really is a waste of time. The best you can hope to do is make some trouble. I vote against all of the ballot measures, for example. They tend to fail so I suspect I am not the only one who does it. In the primary, I will vote for the most deranged Democrat on the ballot. Again, this is out of pure spite. As a white man, the Democrat Party has nothing to offer me, but I can throw sand in their gears.

Voting in the ghetto has the added feature of seeing aspects of the underclass you do not often see. Even in the poorest neighborhoods, there are civic minded people. There is a nice black woman I see around town who works the polls every year. In the ghetto, the polling places are always run by black women. It makes sense. They are the people responsible for raising the children until they are old enough to go off to prison.

The other aspect of this is they love seeing honkies voting. I walked into the polling place and the nice black ladies lit up like I was a long lost relative. At some level, they sense that the presence of the honky is a good sign. We are the canary in the coal mine. When the honky leaves, your neighborhood is forever lost. Seeing me in the neighborhood and taking the time to vote means there is still some hope for the place.

I did not see any Hispanics voting yesterday. In past elections, I would see an organizer from the party ushering in the local illegals to vote for the party candidates. That is something our rulers never can grasp. They think all of these foreign imports will vote, but that is not how it works. People vote if they have a stake in the society and think voting matters. More important, they vote for one of their own so he can represent them.

All elections are theater and American elections are theater for white people mostly. Blacks participate, but solely as furniture for the good whites. All the signaling and language is aimed at whites and blacks. Neither party has the slightest idea how to do anything but the white-man overbite in front of these “diverse communities” during election season. Pandering and free stuff is just not going to get Jose interested in voting.

The funny thing I did see at the polling station was a couple of black ladies holding Trump signs. I have never seen anyone promoting a Republican in this neighborhood so that was a first. Trump being treated like ghetto trash by the party big shots is not missed by the black ladies. Black people are vastly more in tune with the subtleties of respect than the typical honky. Black people see what is happening with Trump and they relate.

That does not mean Trump will win many black votes. It just means they have no reason to fear him. That is why I suspect Hillary is in deep trouble. Blacks will vote for her over an old Jew, but they are not turning out in big numbers for her unless the Republicans run someone scary. Trump does not scare black people. In fact, blacks seem to respect him and appreciate his showmanship. It is a small thing but politics is a game of small things.

One of the goofier things yesterday is we are now back to paper ballots. The Left has been trying to shake down Diebold and ES&S for years. These are the firms that make the computer voting gear. Since they cannot get these companies to rig the machines in favor of the party, the party has made war on the companies. At least in Maryland, the campaign has worked so we are back to paper ballots. I guess if the paper company is found to be run by a conservative, I will be voting with colored rocks next time.

The other silly bit was how the party nominates delegates to the convention. I picked from a slate of women and a slate of men. By rule, the seven delegates voted to the convention must be four biological women and three biological men. You just know where this is headed. A few more turns of the wheel and there will be a list for the one tranny, the one left handed gay ginger and so on. The Democrats are the party of lunatics and black people now.

As to the results, it is pretty clear that the public has grown tired of the primary drama and has settled on Trump and Clinton. Sanders will stagger on for another month as he has the money and nothing better to do with his time. Cruz and Kasich will be looking to drop out in a week. The Trump sweep will give him momentum for next week’s Indiana primary, which is the last stand for the Cult of Never Trump.

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  2. It truly is a joke, voting in the ghetto, which are essentially single party parallel communist entities.

    How many ghetto dwellers even work in the free market economy, if we exclude government, aa and prison jobs as categories? Is it even 10%?

    There were more people participating in the underground economy behind the iron curtain than blacks are participating in the above ground economy now.

  3. You are so lucky. They took away our right to vote at a polling place in WA state and made us vote by mail. I hate it. And, they have this swell rule for the primaries. The top two vote getters face off in the general. So we can have Dem vs Dem. We can get to single party rule so much faster! I don’t live in Puget Sound where the real lunatics are, so I don’t get to vote for socialists too often.

  4. Oh my that is some good snark. Proper snark always puts things in proper perspective.
    Zman, have you ever considered posting a very brief pithy commentary with an anachronism, like TINVOWOOT, (there is no voting our way out of this?), and see what kind of commentary it could generate?
    It’s kind of like a belly dancer in a dark smoked filled venue, all those sultry pieces of gossamer clothing, the sensuous body rhythms, the sultry dark skinned raven haired seductress, how sometimes leaving much to the imagination and passions is far more tantalizing than naked raw flesh.
    Just saying

  5. Have there ever been two worse possible candidates for US president in recent history? It’s hard to believe that from all America has going for it, these two are the best and brightest your country can come up with. This is not a criticism of the American political process, just a comment on what seems to be a serious lack of qualified individuals who could actually run a country properly. Both of the major parties have had eight years to groom someone, come up with viable plans to correct major problems, and yet here you are. It seems at election time, Americans always find themselves choosing the lesser of two evils, rather than choosing the best and most qualified candidate.

    • Gee, Karl, I have to disagree completely. Trump is, by far, the best and most qualified candidate for President since Ronald Reagan. And in fact, the only other candidate since 1900 who was as qualified as Reagan and Trump was Eisenhower. Aside from Ron Paul and Ross Perot, the rest of the candidates over the last century have been worse than useless. Of course, I tend to view professional politicians as despicable worthless sacks of protoplasm who couldn’t run a lemonade stand, much less a country, so naturally I view any person who has succeeded in a competitive, free-market, non-political career before they entered politics as automatically being head-and-shoulders more qualified for office than any professional politician. It’s an unpopular opinion but frankly, the facts are completely on my side.

    • Karl: Is a communist cow the best Deutschland can come up with?

      Last I checked, Trump isnt advocating destroying the native population by bringing in muslims.

      • @ beauregard – And how many American presidents have a PhD in physics and can speak three languages including English, German and Russian? Any idiot can obtain a law degree.

        • A PhD in physics is as great a disqualifier for public office as I can think of. Scientists are by and large–by and very large–ruinous political cretins.

          • The advantage is they don’t typically think in terms of political preservation, they think in terms of logic and reasoning based on facts and evidence. Obama’s move to legalize millions of illegals is obviously to increase votes for his party. Merkle’s decision about Syrian refugees was a purely humanitarian reaction to a horrible situation. While many Germans still don’t agree with her decision, we can respect her sense of humanity. Her decision was one of compassion, not political self-gain.

          • Merkel’s duty is to the German people, not the poor suffering masses around the globe (whose migrations fit nicely into the designs of Muslims, compelled by the Koran to subdue and subjugate the world’s people until only Sharia prevails) who provide cover for this generation’s marchers of Islam among them, every bit the Trojan Horses of yore.

          • Scientist once approached science in terms of logic and reasoning based on facts and evidence, not so much anymore. And at no point in history did they approach social science on that basis. Their opinions were made worse by thinking that they were being objective.

            Except for the purpose of trolling, there is not much point in reading a lunatic right wing blog if one is incapable of being educated in the experience of it. Until we overcome the shock of learning our opinions are actually within the orbit of the left, no progress can be made in understanding the greatness of the far right or even what that is.

          • My son is a scientist, working in the petroleum industry. He has always hated “Physics.” I asked him why and he said “Because their (physicists) manner of thinking are so theoretical impractical and weird, they might as well be philosophers. They certainly don’t remotely think like scientists.”

          • “…a purely humanitarian reaction to a horrible situation.” Are you kidding us? That might have a kernel of truth IF the “refugees” were widows, orphans and the aged, not young, military-aged welfare-seeking hoodlums who comprise the vast majority of Syrian refugees. So don’t lie to us , Karl. We can read and understand what’s going on. .

          • Her decision was one of compassion? How can you be so sure? Frankly I think it’s more likely that she’s an agent of globalist interests who is actively undermining the sovereignty of her own people, under color of “humanitarianism”.

        • Lol, that old East German commie hag is letting in Muslims by the trainload, oh but she speaks 3 languages and has a phD in Physics!!! If you are representative of the average German it’s no wonder that your country is fucked

          • @ Ken – America has been run by a half-Kenyan Marxist-socialist for the past 8-years who’s increased illegals and your national debt. You are now about to be run by either a rich kid who’s loved by the bling Ghetto crowd, or a pant-suit wearing criminal politician who hates America about as much as Obama. Or you could get lucky and end up with Bernie Sanders. Good luck with that.

        • Just goes to show you Karl, that being smart and having common sense arent the same thing. Maybe the volks of Sumte can discuss the laws of gravity with Frau Merkel if she ever comes to visit their once peaceful town.

          • I’d rather live in Sumte than your border towns of El Paso, San Diego, Calexico, Brownsville, Columbus, Laredo, Nogales or McAllen.

          • In fairness, Karl, if there are to be problems in Sumte, they are just now starting, whereas the pathologies in the border towns you mention have been brewing for decades.

        • Almost everything all these highly credentialed politicians around the world touch they make worse. Obama and Merkel are just two examples of many. Trump is not one of them. He is the last hope of the Dirt People. I’d love to see a counterpart arise in every country in Europe..

        • Trump’s wife Melania, speaks at least five languages. And she’s run a business as have all of Trump’s grown children. We have an educated idiot in the White House now.

          • “Credentialed” not “educated”! There is a world of difference, especially since affirmative action has reduced the value of education. Obama = first affirmative action POTUS; elected purely based upon race.

        • You only need to speak one language in this world, Karl and that’s English, as you well know! What’s the primary second language every Euro kid wants to learn? Pssst, it ain’t French!

          And a PhD in physics qualifies one to do what? Take selfies with members of the Muslim horde? Credentials are no substitute for business experience, common sense and leadership. What exactly has good Doktor led, besides a migration of 7th Century Third Worlders into Germany?

    • Sadly, you’re correct. The entire field of US presidential candidates this last year has been pathetic. In fact, Trump’s success in the polls is a direct result of the very disappointing pool of choices offered to the American voter in 2016. The Republican field consisted of nothing more than bland, vapid and blatantly careerist politicians with one notable physician and a rich, spoiled and not-too-bright billionaire thrown in to spice things up. Trump would normally be a bad choice and everyone, including his supporters in moments of intellectual honesty, admit it. He’s not the successful entrepreneur his hard-core fans would like you to believe when you consider he inherited so much money in the 1970s and so many of his much-touted real estate deals have gone bad. His foreign policy ideas are just not grounded in realities and his speeches are no more than “rah-rah, we’ll make America great again!!” nonsense. But he succeeds for the time being because the rest of the Republican field is sooo bad. Sanders is a socialist who NEVER worked a real job in his life, by his own admission. He’s been a career politician since he was in his 20s and he’s really too old (74 years of age) for the Oval Office’s heavy demands. His supporters tend to be old, former hippies/die-hard socialists who were always ignored by the Democratic Party except when it needed their votes, and young millenial hipsters who think socialism is great, if only because they have no familiarity with how it works in actual practice and it’s cool to support Bernie when you’re at some vegan bar trying to impress whoever it is you’re trying to sleep with. And Hillary? Oh my God, I weep for America if that woman gets elected into Executive Mansion. HRC had no political career except as the wife of a politician until she and Bill left the White House in 2001. Being the wife of the President allowed her to gather critical social and political contacts within the Democratic Party to run for the Senate in 2000. She’s the most blatantly political of the candidates in the sense of saying whatever is necessary to get one’s vote, never mind her unprincipled and corrupt character and questionable activities over the last 30 years (anyone else remember the whole Whitewater scandal from the 1990s?). It speaks volumes that female Democrats aren’t exactly thrilled with her as a choice and many millenial females would rather vote for a 74-year old man rather than her. Bottom line: it’s going to come down to a Trump versus Clinton race.

    • Karl, as an aside, the Erdogan, Boehmermann, Merkel controversy reminded me of a DDR era political joke.

      Honecker und Mielke unterhalten sich über ihre Hobbys.
      Honecker: “Ich sammle alle Witze, die über mich im Umlauf sind.”
      Mielke: “Mensch Erich, da haben wir ja fast das gleiche Hobby. Ich sammle nämlich alle, die sie in Umlauf bringen…”

      Everything old is new again

      Being an Ossi, Merkel must have heard this joke and many like it.. I wonder if she is capable of seeing the irony of her position.

      • Hast du das Graffiti auf dem Schweizer Zug in Zurich gesehen? Da steht “Erdogan + Ziegen = grosse Liebe!” Schoen bunt gemalt!

        • I like that. The Swiss can get by with that sort of thing because Erdogan can’t open a political valve and flood Switzerland with violence prone and unemployable invaders.

          Alas for Germany, and I say that as someone who lived and worked there for 14+ years and grew to like the country and the people I met there.

          • I hope she makes the right decision about Böhmermann or it may be one more nail in her political coffin.

          • I can’t guess what a right decision might be. If Böhmermann isn’t punished somehow, Erdogan can open the immigrant valve and burden Germany further with migrants. If he is punished, German citizens will be increasingly annoyed at being pushed around by a foreign near-dictator.

            The Ossis especially have memories of being overrun by rapey foreign men which may well account for PEGIDA’s strength in the the former East.

    • “the best and most qualified candidate” wants nothing to do with politics.

      All we can hope for is “the best and most qualified political animal”.

    • While I agree completely, I think that question could be asked of pretty much all democratic states. I’m not sure if it was one of the Founders or Roy Rodgers, but someone said that the only people who’d *want* to be elected officials should never, ever be allowed to. And rest assured, when I’m dictator that’s going to be my first dictate. I’m going all Greek polis on y’all — all citizens’ names go in a hat, shake it a few times, and pick out your officials. Like jury duty, but no exceptions except mental incompetence. The standard of governance will rise 300% overnight.

    • We are doing an experiment to see if we can be governed by someone that isn’t a career politician. That is in fact what the Founding Fathers of this country wanted. Trump is very capable of handling big projects. He is having to learn how to be a politician. He may prove to be one of the best yet.

    • Bush-Kerry? McCain-Obama? Romney-Obama? seems like a pretty solid trifecta of downright lousy, rotten, clueless and stupid candidates for POTUS. HRC of the Clinton Crime Family is a foul, corrupt scourge unto herself. But the Donald at least has experience running things and hiring people, so, blowhard that he is, that’s part of the schtick. At least he should be smart enough to hire people who will do a decent job and not be part of the same old Establishment crowd.

  6. I’ve said right from the start that blacks will vote for Trump. They like the over the top personality, they like the bling. Virtually all their heroes are rich rappers, athletes, actors, comedians etc. Guys like Ben Carson or Justice Thomas leave them cold. They loved Bill Clinton not because of his politics so much as his life style, free-wheeling fun guy that liked the women. Plus Trump’s got bags of money the currency of cool in the ghetto, oh and hot wives.

    • Yep. Trump is a badass pimping motherfucker with three different baby mamas and crazy-ass bling. He is someone that black women can aspire to sleep with, and black men can aspire to be like. Whether that will actually drive some black people to the polls to vote for him who otherwise wouldn’t vote is debateable. What isn’t debateable is that, aside from the hardcore BLM/Black Panther/Kill Whitey types, black people will mostly be just fine with a Trump presidency.

  7. Pandering and free stuff doesn’t work on Jose? Maybe not anymore, with the level of flagrant arrogance and resulting disgust, but it surely worked on Rufus and Willis since 1965, and had been working on Jose since the early ’90s. California had gone GOP in every election since 1952 (exception ’64, thanks for that Mr. Oswald) until 1992. Now, it is a hopelessly lost wasteland, and it is solely thanks to demographic overruns.

  8. HRC is exhibit A for my argument that our “votes” matter as much as Romans’ “votes” mattered under the Caesars. She’s so spectacularly corrupt that even the media bobbleheads can’t ignore it. Her rallies could be held in a phone booth. I live in a college town and can’t find a Hillary supporter for love or money. Even the blue-haired gyno-warriors are voting for the ancient Jew… and yet, she will be her party’s nominee. I’d vote for Trump just for that – she doesn’t know how to do anything but fling dirt, which is right in Trump’s wheelhouse. Yes, by all means, let’s start publicly airing names, dates, dollar amounts…. let the people see it all.

    • Even my office manager, a commie and Hillary Clinton supporter, is tepid in her enthusiasm. That could all change this summer, but the pendulum is swinging the other way and it would be hard for any Democrat to win in 2016.

    • Same in my college town – Princeton area crowd is 100% behind the old Jew. Once in a while, I spot a pro-HRC sticker, always an a car driven by an older, hatchet-faced woman.

    • Severian, I’m enjoying your comments almost as much as Zman’s posts. You both have found an easy conversational way to express the truth.

        • Thanks, Strelnikov and Terry Baker. About that stupid handle: I needed something to post under back in the early days of the innerwebz, and I’d just read the last Book of the New Sun at the time, so…. it’s pretentious as all hell, and I cringe a little bit every time I type it, but that’s the rub with tradition, I guess. I’m stuck with it. Maybe I should make my handle an unpronounceable symbol, in honor of the late Mr. Nelson.

    • The votes of the People of Rome stopped mattering long before the Caesars – including the first one.

      The Roman Senate was so corrupt that it made our Congressional clownshow look like Sunday Church school.

  9. Hillary Clinton is the US version of Argentina’s Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, although Bill is still alive. CFK’s designated successor lost the recent presidential election, her party is now fractured, her far-left supporters in disarray and her cronies (and she herself, perhaps) are being prosecuted one by one; HRC may suffer a similar fate and it’s long overdue. A Trump victory is a real possibility if Argentina’s recent election can be considered a bellwether.

    • I suspect there is a deep well of disgust for Hillary Clinton and not just on the Talkshow Right. The Left does not trust her. Trump’s “crooked Hillary” line will stick. He’s also going to go at her lies, which is something the so-called conservative media is afraid to do

    • Best storyline for Hillary going into the general (un-indicted, one presumes) would be as “valiant widow, carrying on for the people..” If only Bill would cooperate and drop dead. Though his appearance these days is pretty consistent with end stage cardiac disease.

      • If end-stage cardiac disease makes people look spacey, you have nailed it. Bubba is a mere shadow of his former self, and looks more like end-stage senility than anything. Or maybe he’s just bemused that that his ugly Old Girl may get him back into the White House just one more time?

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