What To Do About Islam

Terrorism from the Middle East got going in a serious way in the 1960’s and was allegedly spawned by the creation of Israel. Having failed to destroy Israel militarily, the Arabs set off on a policy of targeting civilians outside the Levant. The main actors at the time were Palestinians, but the rest of the Arabs, including Arab governments, eventually got into the act. Now, of course, we have these amorphous criminal organizations that exploit the global telecommunications system to recruit and direct lunatics all over the globe.

At the same time, Western involvement, and particularly US involvement, in the Muslim world has steadily increased. In the 70’s a handful of Americans worked in these countries, mostly in the oil business, but also as defense contractors. Today tens of thousands of Americans, plus equal numbers of Europeans are in these countries. That is on top of the saturation of Western culture via the internet and television. Then there is the military aspect. America has been dropping bombs on Muslims since the 80’s.

No sane person can conclude that relations between the West and Islam are on the upswing. Thirty years ago, the typical Westerner had no reason to care about the Muslims. Today, it is all we think about, because every other week a Muslim goes bonkers and kills a bunch a people. To make matters worse, the flood of Muslims into Western countries is threatening the social fabric of the West. Think about it. We now have political candidates running on explicitly anti-Islamic platforms.

What is to be done?

The first thing to do is to ban all immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. Banning Muslim immigration is impossible as you cannot implement it, but you can halt immigration from countries like Afghanistan and Iran. The United States actually runs recruiting drives in these countries via something called a diversity lottery. There is no patriotic reason to be importing these people. The West is not short of low-skilled, low-IQ people so importing more of them makes no economic sense. Importing people violently hostile to the West is suicidal and it must end.

That still leaves the problem of illegal migrants. The West used to have no qualms about rounding up illegals and sending them back, but fear of being rude to strangers has paralyzed Western governments. There is no reason to think this will change, but governments can make migration less attractive. Cutting off welfare benefits is the most obvious point of attack. Every Western country is creaking under the weight of social welfare programs. End all welfare programs to non-citizens.

Obviously, there are millions of Muslims living in the West and many have been here for a couple of generations. The Orlando shooter was born in America and his father was a naturalized citizen. America has about five million legal Muslims, while Europe has over forty-four million. Germany is 25% the size of the US and has far more Muslims. Given current fertility rates, these are dangerously high populations of people with an extremely poor history of assimilation. The West needs to think hard about encouraging reverse migration.

One way to do that is to offer cash bribes to leave. Some European countries are already doing this. It is a form of Danegeld, but sometimes that is what must be done. Many of the recent arrivals will jump at the cash bonus, figuring out that the party is over and they are better off going home. That is a big part of all of this. The West needs to make it clear that Islam is not welcome in the West. Cutting off the welfare and paying them to leave sends that message and it discourages others from making the trip to the West.

Another tool that can be used to discourage Muslim migration is a hard ban on cousin marriage. Most Muslim countries continue to marry off daughters to family members. First and second cousin marriage should be banned and heavily fined. No marriage of this type should be recognized. We have DNA tests to check this so it is cheap and easy to enforce. This is one of those things that sends a clear message, “You’re not welcome” to the Muslims.

All of this is incandescently obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. What is remarkable about the age in which we live is that the things people have known and understood for thousands of years are now suddenly heretical. This is due to the fever that has gripped our rulers, but normal people fully understand the sensibleness of limiting Muslim migration into the West. We owe Muslims nothing and are under no obligation to destroy ourselves to accommodate them.

What is not obvious is that our good intentions have done a lot of harm to the Muslim world and as a consequence invited these manufactured problems to our door. The culture and habits of the West evolved in the West. The people of Europe evolved in Europe and in the culture they created. Exporting our culture around the world to people, wholly unprepared for it, has had the same impact as exporting smallpox to the Americas. What has made the Mohammedan go crazy is the endless assault on his culture by Western culture.

The West not only needs to stop bombing the Muslims, but we also have to stop flooding their world with our culture. Western governments, especially the US, have to halt the export of Western culture to the Muslim world. Guys like Sergey Brin will fight it as he wants to control the world via Google, but maybe it is time for Sergey to take two in the hat anyway, but that is a post for another day. For now, the point is to halt the export of Western culture into Islamic countries via TV and Internet.

This also includes technology. What we fail to appreciate is how toxic Western technology is to these countries. They are not built for it. Our technology is like an infectious disease that seems harmless at first, maybe even beneficial, but then curdles into something that destroys the social fabric of these cultures. It is why we have observed initial periods of great progress, followed by a shift to tyranny and then total chaos. It is the pattern all over the Muslim world and the main driver is technology.

What happens is technology results in a material improvement in the lives of the people. They get better food, better medicine, better entertainments and better stuff. But then, this material improvement starts to disrupt the social arrangements and the ruling class uses the better technology to clamp down on dissent in very modern ways. As we see with the Turks, the result is authoritarianism. All over the Muslim world, the only stability comes either from despotism or backwardness.

Secular authoritarianism, however, sets off a counter-reaction where cultural elements begin to take on the secular authorities, the Islamic movements in the Middle East are not just religious in nature. They are counter arguments to Westernization. They are the response to tidal waves of foreign culture that are sweeping over Muslim lands. The West thinks it is helping by demanding democracy and shoving our values onto these people. Instead, we are creating fanatics who are dedicating themselves to fighting against what they see as an invasion.

Since this is going too long, let us summarize it this way. The solution to the West’s Islam problem is a version of containment. The goal is to keep the Muslims bottled up in their lands. Limit their access to the West physically, but l also limit their access culturally. Cut them off from our TV and the Internet. Let them drift back to their traditional ways, even if that means living in tents and riding camels. The Muslim Middle East needs to be a reservation for the Muslim. The only role of the West is to make sure they do not wander off the reservation.

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  1. About why islam is at war with us; It is not because of our meddling in the mid east. That is just one of their latest EXCUSES. The dirty pricks like being predators. And they generally don’t like working and earning money; Remember the Barbary pirates and Thomas Jefferson? Their stinking ‘holybooks’ keep pushing that attitude into them. The only truly good muslim would be one who had never gone to mosque, read any of those ‘scriptures’ or kept company with other muslims.

    • Then they wouldn’t be called a “mooslim” would they? They would just be a middle easterner or some appellation from one country or another like an Iraqi or Egyptian, etc.

  2. The evil US government has bombed the pillow of Islam. Good luck putting all the feathers back in.

  3. Makes to much sense,So it will never happen. With the current thinking i have told my children to remember my saying that one day Muslims in the U.S. will become a big problem.

  4. While I agree that it isn’t in our interests to involve ourselves in Moslem countries, it isn’t Western culture that has made the Mohammeds crazy, it’s the Koran. Have you read it? I recommend reading it. It’s important to know thy enemy. Moslems have been slaughtering infidels for 1400 years, long before they had any inkling of a Western Culture to hate and attack. The history of Islam is long and bloody, nothing has changed. They attack us now because they sense our cultural weakness and are going in for the kill. This is the Third Jihad. Political Islam is seditious by its very nature, and for that reason alone we should ban all Moslems from coming here. We have way too many as it is.

    • What seems lost in the discussion is that the “only” reason the west has been involved in the ME is OIL. Otherwise, why would anyone in his right mind want anything to do with that armpit of the world. A big part of Obozo’s plan to weaken America in his drive for fundamental transformation is to keep it dependent on oil from the ME. That is why he blocked the Keystone Pipeline. I hope and pray that Trump will open the spigots in the US for “ENERGY” research, development and production. I have always felt that we need a twenty year plan to ween ourselves off petrol and need a program equivalent to putting a man on the moon. Let’s galvanize the resources of our country to gain energy independence, go a better, cleaner way and at the same time send the sheiks back to the stone age. Also, by creating jobs and a hopeful future for the younger generation, you will move the focus of university studies back to engineering and sciences and not feminism, socialism, gender studies and navel gazing. The offshoots of such research are many as seen from the space program. Society and the economy benefit. People benefit. Leadership can make this happen. This is something we have lacked for a long time.

      • Oil has nothing to do with it. It is the pygmy dwarf scarf princesses that live under the silk driven soil that mix up the paisley potato sauce that come in three flavors. After the matadors worn out the hammer the jaded frost bitten jack-o-lanterns return to the doorway entrenched in bombastic elegance and sideways sustenance. Even the hairline fracture behind the façade exposes the incendiary relevance of the whooping crane’s solitary flight. Alas for the unicorn in its forgotten treasury; nevermore to whisper in salty credence.

        • Ok, ok Pieces, so it started with the spice trade. I’m talking about “modern times” here.

    • Oh yeah, and the Christians never killed anybody! What makes you think there wasn’t any Western Culture 1400 years ago? Where do you think Western Culture came from, Apple Computer? For your information Islam is a part of Western Culture! It’s called Occidental. The other culture, the Eastern Culture, is called Oriental. That’s the way it works, you see. On one side you’ve got Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. On the other you’ve got Hinduism and Buddhism. Now the Hindus and the Buddhist have not been killing each other for thousands of years, but in the West when they weren’t killing their different sects they were killing their own!

      • Islam is not a part of Western culture. It sprang from Arabia in the 7th century, which is in the Middle EAST. Occidental encompasses countries of the WEST. Apparently you’re unfamiliar with Islamic history. Show me where Christians today, in the name of their God, are slaughtering people. And Islam is on no ones side but Islams.

        • You have no idea what you’re talking about! I already explained you’ve got the Occidental and the Oriental. That’s three religions that sprang from what we call the First Testament and two that Vedas and Upanishads. This is a simple generalization but you know what I am saying. And Christians today do in fact slaughter people. How many wars are we Christians engaged in right now? And don’t tell me “they started it” because it is you that has no familiarity with Islamic history! Just ask yourself “where did they get all those weapons?” Go on, riddle me that one Batman!

          • Oh, so you ”splained” it already! My bad! You’re drunk. There is no slaughter by Christians, IN THE NAME OF THEIR RELIGIOUS TEXTS or in the NAME of their GOD, today, anywhere in the world. Prove it. Cite it. You can’t. Where are the bodies from Christian terrorism? In what countries? Yet all around the world, every week, another Moslem kills more infidels. And I am very familiar with Islamic history, don’t you worry. Where did they get those weapons? Are you joking? If you think the West has supplied weapons to Islamists for 1400 years, you have a very tenuous relationship with history and with reality. Or you’re Moslem.

          • I think anybody with an iota of religious knowledge would agree that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are more alike than they are different. When you go about saying “Islam kills in the name of God” but “Christianity does not” you are ignoring the stained glass windows that adorn the cathedrals of Europe with images of crosses and swords. You are ignoring how Ann Frank and her family were slaughtered by the baptized Dutch and Germans. You are not doing Christianity a service with your behavior. You are essentially just as insane as a radical jihadist. What do you hope to achieve with your one-sided prejudicial history?

          • If you knew anything at all about Islamic ideology, you wouldn’t be saying that, but you obviously don’t know much. The God of Judaism & Christianity is not even the same God as Allah of Islam. You can say it til you’re blue in the face but it doesn’t make it so.

            Christianity went through a reformation hundreds of years ago. Islam is virtually unchanged since the 7th century and is a totalitarian political system using religion as a shield to advance its cause. Again, I asked you previously, where are the killings today, as in TODAY, done by Christians in the name of God? Where? You didn’t answer the question because the answer is obvious: there are none. Yet every week brings more killing and other atrocities from followers of Islam. Why do you think that is? Read the Koran. It’s all in there. The ideology of Islam is politically and religiously sanctioned barbarism against non-Moslems. This isn’t rocket science, read the Koran.

          • The God of Judaism & Christianity is not even the same God? All I can say is Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all Abrahamic religions! As far as being the same God we’re not even sure if you and your pastor share the same idea about whom or what God is. I can only appreciate that you think about God and so my hat’s off to you.

            My point, dear Kathleen, is you are espousing “us versus them” and I am saying “us” is no better than “them”. And your supporting arguments do not reinforce your premise! The Reformation was a violent upheaval wherein Christians killed each other in the name of God for over a hundred years. And to answer your question, in contemporary terms, consider the Lord’s Resistance Army of Uganda that slaughtered nearly two million people in 2006. Of course you can argue that “their Christian God is not the same as your Christian God”!

            That’s the problem with your “us versus them” comment, Kathleen. It’s pointless. You can believe what you want to believe but don’t call it history! The reality is Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all Abrahamic religions and they’re all guilty of killing each other in the name of God (not your God, of course!)

            And riddle me in contemporary terms where did all these contemporary radical jihadists get all their contemporary infantry weapons, assault and battle rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols, explosives, anti-tank weapons, and anti-aircraft launchers?

          • This has been an entirely pointless exercise because you have fallen for the Big Lie of Islam: that it is “just like all the other major religions”. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. You have been duped. Fortunately you can do something about it by actually learning about Islam and how and why it is different than any other religion. These websites contain a wealth of information.

            inquiryintoislam.com ; politicalislam.com ; gatesofvienna.net ; counterjihadreport.com ; thereligionofpeace.com ; clarion project.org ; sneakyislam.com

          • Okay, I concede. You’re better than them. I was wrong, you were right. You are better than them in every way. Your religion is better than theirs. You probably smell better than them too! And after we’ve died the anthropologists of the future will look at all the bones and say your bones were better than theirs. And, as you are surely aware, you’re heaven will be better than theirs. There will be FOX news and countless websites pinpointing everything that needs to be known to highlight how much better you were than them for all of eternity!

            Congratulations, you’ve just won an argument on the internet!

          • It’s so much better to mock people than to learn the truth, isn’t it? Looks like the truth about Islam doesn’t fit your worldview. Congratulations, you remain ignorant of Islam!

            Oh, BTW, did you just see the news? Attack at Istanbul airport, 28 dead, more than 60 injured. Now who could have perpetrated that attack??? Must be those damn Christians again! Or, could it be, wait for it…..the “religion of peace”?

      • Now that is rich! Lumping Islam with Judaism and Christianity?? Are you crazy? Where did you do your very “soft” studies, or research? Good grief. You know nothing about these religions if you make such a claim. You pose some academic partition that has nothing to do with reality. Go back to your ivory tower. You will be much safer there.

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  6. Islam could be banned on the same legal basis the Nazi party was, and still is banned in Germany for example, as in it endangers the basic free and democratic order of society. It would also make Muslims think twice before migrating west if the asylum process required the conversion to some flavor of Christianity, as a purely practical measure but also a gesture of good faith.

    Because someone who doesn’t like bacon will never become a productive member of society, we shouldn’t pretend otherwise. Instead of asking what color the White House is, the citizen test should be a bowl of bacon!

    mmm… bacon

    Not liking bacon is like not liking the sight of a baby, i don’t want such sociopaths in the country.

  7. I had only recently begun reading this blog, and have found you to be insightful, entertaining, and right.

    With this article, you have thrown away all worthy esteem. Men of principle and gravity are what this land most lacks. Realpolitik pap, P.C.-Lite, hare-brained half-measures, and general candy-assery we have in surfeit already.

    Good day.

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  9. The thought of some poor muzzer imploding when faced with some western ‘culture’ lets say ….The Kardashians, cheered me up on a day filled with Brexit misery…ta!

  10. We are approaching this problem the wrong way. What needs to be done is what has been done for thousands of years! You don’t stop immigration, you PROMOTE it! We Americans need to get off our asses and emigrate to the Middle East and raise families. The generations that follow will honor their mixed heritage. You may find what I’m saying impractical because you believe you’re too good for that part of the world but believe me, you are WRONG! You’re no better than them!

    What the Middle East really needs is some goddamn snow. Those people would learn how to get along with each other if they had to work together to keep the roads clear! That’s why we American’s aren’t at each other’s throat twenty-four/seven!

    But we’re no better than them. Listen to yourselves with your calls to ban immigration! You’re just a bunch of jackels!

    • Ha ha ha! Nice one. You want to live in a litter box … be my guest. What a loon. And good luck.

  11. If we want to keep America safe and free from Islamic jihad – we need to start this coming election and the presidency. The choice is between the treasonous and criminally corrupt Hillary Clinton – and DT, a non-politician but a man that loves America and what she once stood for. Love him or hate him – he’s the best and only chance we have to stop the coming chaos. Hillary – owned by Saudi Arabia and the other global agents represented in Wall Street et al and the fourth estate and propaganda entity of the msn. There is now only one party in DC – Uni-Party. They have joined and represent the interest of Wall Street et al, Chamber of Commerce etc – with the same agenda as those who paid them to pass the legislative agenda as detailed in the final bill – Omnibus Bill – past by Paul Ryan et all in the tune of 1.3+ trillion dollars – payable by all of us – the American taxpayers. Inspecting the ‘fine prints/line items it shows that that will finalize the dissolving of congress and its power transferred to the international commission at the UN.
    Accompanied by the TPP it will destroy what’s left of the middle class. Imports of poor people from 3rd world replace American workers with cheaper labor. All borders will disappear. It is the pre-cursor of the coming one-world-government.
    ISIS is a tool created by Hillary, Obama and selected members in both parties and CIA beginning with Benghazi – which was not an embassy but a safe house for the CIA. There – the Obama administration and Hillary set Stevens – a gay man – up to collect 30,000 MANPADS that were given to jihadist by error by this administration and Hillary. They both toether with the CIA intentionally shipped the Ghaddafi weapons arsenal to Syria via Turkey. Jihadists from various groups such as AQ, MB, Ansar al-Saria and others were recruited, financed and many sent to Jordan for training followed by transfer into Syria to overthrow Assad – the Syrian president. This president, his administration, Hillary and CIA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are those who continue to support ISIS while looking the oter way in their genocides. The global elite – the Rothchild’s et al – are those who gave that order to everyone I just listed as a mean to further the agenda. ISIS is a demonic cult with unacceptable brutality – but their instill fear – lots of fear. The slogan or mission statement by the globalist to gain their ultimate goal ‘one-world-government’ is “Out of Fear – comes chaos”.
    ISIS serves that purpose, they do instill fear and every false flag – such the the last one in Orlando add to that fear but herds sheep into compliance.
    If you want to stop this madnass – planned by the few traitors in our government in lieu of lots of cash and retaining seats in power – against all of us on behalf of their masters – the Rothchild’s et al – need to start this coming November. If Hillary is able to evade treason and espionage charges and makes it into the white house – that will be the end and there is no going back. All hell will brake loose – take a look at Europe. We are dealing with demonic people here and abroad! It’s your choice. (sorry for this long reply)

  12. Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of the Prime Directive? In the “What’s happening on that planet is terrible, of course, and with our technology we could help them but they’re Just Not Ready to join the Federation.”

    • @ Tim – In just about every country where the west has intervened (with the exception of India) and provided infrastructure and improvements, once the whites left, so did the intelligence to keep it running. If we want to turn the Middle East back into a stone age civilization, all we have to do is stop selling them our technology. In a few years, it would all go the way South Africa is heading.

  13. Interpret section 501(c)(3) of the tax code, such that organizations could only be recognized as qualifying religions if they allowed full freedom of association. Any indications or actions restricting the full freedom of individuals to leave without consequence would disqualify the organization for special tax treatment under this section.

  14. You are far more courageous than I, Z. I have been thinking about reservations for a long time but haven’t been able to say it, even under a pseudonym.

    I really like the ban on cousin marriage.

    • We live in a strange age. Every human society has its taboos and pretty lies. Ours has made most of observable reality a taboo and the lies are all ugly.

      The thing about immigration is that I’m actually OK with moderate amounts. There’s no doubt that many of the Mexicans who have settled in the US over the last few decades are a net positive. They came here to be Americans because Mexico sucked. Some portion turned out to be losers and dead weight, but that’s always the case. The thing is, we want to set the walls high so we can filter, as best we can, in a way that encourages the good immigrants and discourages the bad ones.

      I have Arab friends who are great Americans. They left most of their old culture back home when they came to America. They learned English, worked, made something other themselves and embraced their new country. Banning cousin marriage sends a message. If Mohamed wants to be a Muslim just with free stuff and in a safer country, he’s not welcome. If Mohamed wants to chuck the old ways and get with the program, then maybe.

      • Isolation (stronger than containment and inclusive of it) is probably the only humane solution remaining.

        Wretchard used the write frequently that if we didn’t deal with the Islam problem realistically, the Rousseauist loons (this is my translation of his terms into yours, not his words) would eventually find themselves backed into a corner and lash out genocidally out of fear and desperation. IMO, the day after the genocide, they would begin the process of shifting blame on to the conservatives and christianists.

      • A return to the US immigration policy that was torpedoed by Ted Kennedy in 1965 would be a good start. After all, as with every new immigration deal with the Left, they reneged on their end. So, the deal is off. Or is that being too adult?

  15. The Palestinians happened to be the more public and flamboyant terrorists of the 60s and 70s but terrorism was everywhere to a varying degree; IRA, Baader-Meinhof, Weathermen… The powers couldn’t have a conventional war anymore because of nukes so instead of WW3 we got airplane hijackings. What let this all fester is that it was popular; the only reason nobody talks about Arafat anymore is that he’s dead but in 1974 he showed up in NYC and spoke to the UN. The US intervened diplomatically to let him escape alive out of Beirut in the 1980s. If he’d been arrested and stuck in a pit somewhere, hijackings probably wouldn’t be a forgotten interlude today.

    Containment isn’t a bad idea but I have doubts that its going to happen today. You have to have an elite that is interested in doing that and we don’t. Its the same with outlawing cousin marriage; trying to limit it will just make it into the next civil rights movement. As for limiting technology to the region, that horse is out of the barn. We’re almost giving Iran nukes at this point; we aren’t going to give them bad cell phone reception. A century ago the answer would be simple; turn them into colonies or “mandates” if you prefer. Now that would be considered racist.

  16. If they would stay in the isolated community you prescribe, I would have no problem. Back in the good old days of the Ottomans, though, they were constantly trying to expand.

    • Between when the last vestiges of the Ottoman Empire finally collapsed in 1918 to when Israel was founded in 1948, we actually had a short respite from Muslim shenanigans. Let’s not confuse that brief, thirty year period with the ~1,370 years of Islamic terror that happened outside that tiny slice of time.

  17. Well once again, Zman right on the money….For me though (infidel that I am) I would more heavily weight “Religion” in general…. Islam being the more extreme flavor…. A perfect example of using something contrary to its intended application….Once upon a time before “science” and long before “scientific method” it served a valuable purpose..being able to explain the unexplainable and kept people in line, cause daddy was aways watching…..
    After “science” for those with adequate intelligence, it served as a valuable tradition from the past and moral compass and yet no less a soothing healing balm in times of need…
    At some point it morphed from “Opiate of the Masses” to “Methmphetamine (or PCP)” of the masses for Islam…. add the IQ issue and now you got something….. multiply that by using this as a playbook for governance of a nation or group of nations and here we are…….”Religion” (along with or in support of greed) has almost ALWAYS been at the wheel throughout history.

    • Ron, I disovered Lawrence Auster about a year ago and he was a billiant thinker and writer.

      It’s too bad he’s no longer with us. His site is archived and all his stuff is well worth reading.

  18. Some interesting ideas here, ZMan. Ann Barnhardt has some different ideas.

    “1. Formally declare islam a POLITICAL SYSTEM, and in no way a religion or falling under any religious protections whatsoever.

    2. Criminalize islam in every form.

    3. Formally recognize the islamic caliphate as a political entity. Define as Islamic Suzerainty ANY NATION that tolerates its existence or engages in any diplomatic negotiations or dialogue with any part of the Caliphate as defined above.

    4. Declare war on the islamic caliphate and all of its Suzerainties.

    5. Nuke Mecca and Medina to glass after generously, mercifully giving a 24 hour evacuation notice.

    6. Seize and physically destroy every mosque in the homeland.

    7. Arrest, intern and deport every musloid. Cancel the citizenship of those with citizenship. This was done with American citizens who were members of the German American Bund (American Nazi Party) during WWII. And yes, you’re damn right it was the morally correct thing to do. Read up HERE.)

    8. Establish a quarantine on all majority islamic nations, shoot down all aircraft attempting to leave the airspace, excepting deportation aircraft returning for the next load of garbage. Intercept and tow back to port of origin all ships and boats attempting to leave any port. Build walls on all land borders with every inch within range of .50 cal sentry guns.

    9. Send in the missionaries. Consecrate all formerly islamic lands to Jesus Christ the Sovereign King. Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Pray the Divine Office. Baptize every human being that asks for it. The rest will take care of itself.

    Agree or disagree on any of the above points, but understand that the gist of the solution is the following:

    Stop the spread.
    Contain them where they are.
    Use the only thing they understand – PHYSICAL FORCE AND STRENGTH.
    Aggressively proselytize.
    Fully acknowledge that even a converted musloid, like a domesticated wild animal, will be dangerous for the rest of his life and can never be fully trusted.”

    Frankly, I prefer Ann’s solution.


    • @ Buckaroo Banzai – While I don’t disagree, I think we can basically accomplish the same thing without all that messy nuclear fallout. 🙂 We simply take a very simple lesson from present China, Indonesia, Nigeria, North Korea and the old Soviet Union and apply it in our countries; make Islam illegal just like they made Christianity illegal. If banning the Bible is okay in their countries, they I say fair play to ban the Koran in ours.


      • Karl, when I first read Ann’s recommended course of action, I thought it was a bit over-the-top. But on re-reading it, I think it is a sound and wise suggestion. I don’t think simply banning their Koran would accomplish much, especially in this day and age of widespread print and electronic media. I would add to Ann’s it a crime to call Islam a “Religion of Peace” for that is the biggest lie and most blatant example of Taqqiya promoted by them and the media today. RoP my ass!

  19. Uncle Sam send me around to a few places in the Middle East. It seemed like a fine place for Muslims to stay. Bringing them and their nutty ideas on society here seemed like a horrible idea 25 years ago. That’s been proven true to everyone except politicians since then.

    • Me too. I repeatedly flew into, stayed a day or two or three, and flew out of most of those problem countries in the ’50s-’60s. You might bribe the local muslims to stay there, but getting the ones that are here to go back would take force. They come from shitholes and they know it.

      • Yet they seem quite determined to turn their new home towns into similar shit holes.

        It’s an old story – North Africa was a rich breadbasket for the classical Roman and Gothic Empires. After the Arab Muslims showed up there was the brief “Golden Age” followed by a rapid descent into the crap-holes they are now – with just old ruins and broken irrigation channels as evidence of what was once a great civilization.

  20. Speaking of cousin marriage etc., an old-school Soviet-style disinformation campaign would work wonders, too. Watching Trump play the media like a fiddle shows how easy (and cheap!) it can be. Trump says something “outrageous;” the media rush in to editorialize…. but in so doing, they have to report what he actually said, which is of course something incandescently obvious that the vast majority of Americans agrees with. All you’d really need is a sufficiently big name — Brad Pitt, say. Pay Brad to “go crazy” and start badmouthing Muslims… simply by quoting the juicier bits of the Koran and a few of the long catalogue of daily barbarities that stream out of that part of the world. “You won’t believe what washed-up actor says!” is beautiful clickbait… and it lets the media indulge in their urge to scold, AND it reports what’s really going on to a wider and wider audience. Soon “Muslim” will be the equivalent of “hillbilly,” and — combined with your other eminently sensible measures — this will present anyone thinking of converting with a harsh choice: go live in Trashcanistan, or become a social pariah.

  21. Sorry “Z” but your solutions, much like those for gun control, don’t really solve the problem. If you bribe them, they just come back (Germany and France already tried this back in 2009). Not doing business with them isn’t going to happen either. Global organizations don’t care about jihads because, Muslims around the world want to buy Coke, Pepsi, Nikes and iPhones.

    Have you noticed there haven’t been any attacks at work sites in Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan? It’s because even Muslims understand they need power and water plants, Smartphones and the infrastructure to run it all. As long as the west is happy to sell it to them it will continue.

    Containment isn’t going to work either, because it’s a religious ideology therefore it can show up anywhere at any time in any country. Muslims are not a race or ethnicity so it’s like trying to contain Christianity. Even totalitarian states like Russia and China failed to suppress it.

    The only real way stop the spread in the west, is to ban and outlaw the religion on the grounds it is incompatible with western ideology. It has to be seen for what it is; an agenda that promotes civil unrest and is an imminent threat to decent and free society. Unfortunately, so is drunk driving and smoking – but good luck getting rid of cars or cigarettes.

    • There have been several attempts to take out the Mosul Damn. In fact, we have been guarding that thing while trying to fix it. It’s why we have secretly installed special forces in Iraq. That damn is built on a faulty foundation and must be constantly maintained or the foundation will collapse and take the damn with it. If that happens, a million people die. ISIS has tried multiple times to take it out and halt the maintenance projects.

      A lack of success is not an indication of a lack of effort.

      • Fair point. But what I’m referring to are the replacement facilities the US destroyed during various bombing raids and those recently damaged due to the latest conflicts. Power plants, water stations, transmitter towers, etc. There are dozens of US and European companies and contractors shipping tons of equipment and rebuilding what was destroyed – much of which is being done by western employees, not local talent. All courtesy of western technology, western engineering and global corporations all quite happy to do so for the all mighty dollar/Euro. I suspect like many western do-gooders in Africa, they thought by bringing medicine, clean water and schools, it would improve life and they’d all live as happily as we do. And yet, they continue to flood our shores in droves. As they say, “No good deed goes unpunished!”

  22. It isn’t just technology you have to rein in. What about planes, trains, and automobiles? And the nukes and rockets they can get from the Norks, Russkies, Chinks, or even the French? Reach out and touch someone, maybe? Take away their cell phone and satellite tv and you may have wholesale slaughter of the sheep of the land due to un-vented rage and no more raping of those sweet European honeys.

    Nope, I think Pandora’s (or the Genie if you will) box has been opened and it is too late to put all the nasty’s back.

  23. “This is due to the fever that has gripped our rulers”

    I find this very interesting indeed. Where did this fever come from? I would say it wasn’t ordinary people, who arguably have the most to fear from being displaced and made unemployed by people who resolutely aren’t like them, so it came from ‘higher up.’

    But the higher up number is small. It had to come from a handful of people who shouted loudest. Perhaps it was toxic combination of ‘bien pensants’ including do-gooders, ideologues, commies, academics, journalists and various political hangers-on as well as the intellectual failure of low-grade politicians who had no clue as what to do for the best for the nation. These ‘bien pensants’ are a small number relatively speaking and largely insulated — initially at least — from the effect of adding of millions of low-IQ, high-expectation muslim immigrants, but somehow what this small number chattered about made more impression on the governments of the west than the opinion of the people at large.

    Oddly, this government failure to listen to the majority not only served to begin the separation of them from the people they nominally represented, but it also accelerated the flood of the unwanted who the government would begin to hope would support them because the dismayed and displaced population would be less likely to vote for the people who facilitated this collapse. (I am of course generalising here and basing my views on the UK: I expect the States has different reasons. But the UK government increasingly courts the immigrant people who are more likely, paradoxically, to reject the notions of traditional western democracy.)

    In effect then the importing of Islam to the west was always going to be self-destructive but those handful who chose this path for the rest of us would not, in their eyes, be destroyed first. The ordinary people would have to endure the mosques, bearded loons and burka-clad women on their doorstep while those at the top still drove round in armoured vehicles, bolstered by having money available to flee if it went pear-shaped sooner than expected.

    But I would agree it has to be some sort of containment of islam, or we find a way to withdraw to the fringes of our lands and let the imported rabble turn our surrendered urban areas into third-world hovels. In the UK we would have to sacrifice several cities, including the architectural splendours of London, but maybe that is a small price to pay. However if we are pushed out to the fringes to make new homes, I would hope those who man the walls and gates will never allow a single muslim to enter the new safe areas.

    Once bitten, or blown up, twice shy.

    • arab oil money. How else to account for the actions of most of our ruling class? Now they are liable to blackmail and have to go along with the moslem agenda no matter how badly they piss on the citizens to do it.

      Not just the politicians, colleges get a lot of arab oil money, too. And the news media is in dire need of money, how much to “influence” them – or hostile foreigners just buy them up outright.

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