Who Killed Seth Rich?

The internet is a breeding ground for conspiracy theories because it allows the like minded to confirm one another’s suspicions, even when those suspicions are nuts. That’s the way conspiracy theories work. That does mean all conspiracy theories are false. There are actual conspiracies and sometimes the explanation for some event involves shadowy elements working in secret. Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger is known to us because he was involved in a conspiracy that led to the assassination of Julius Caesar.

The murder of Seth Rich, a 27-year-old staffer at the Democratic National Committee at 4:30 AM in Washington DC is one of those events that is catnip for the conspiratorial. Throw in Assange claiming the guy was a source for WikiLeaks and it is not hard to start wondering if maybe there’s more here than just a horrible tragedy. As The Daily Mail reports, a lot of people associated with the Clintons have died under mysterious circumstances, often to the benefit of the Clintons.

What is known is whoever shot this guy did not rob him. They found the victims possessions, including his wallet, on him when they found the body. Maybe he had something else worth killing over that has gone unreported, but there’s no way to know it. The victim was shot in the back so he was either running away or had no idea the killer was behind him. The news reports say the victim had defensive wounds but that sounds like people watching too much television. Since DC does not release autopsy reports, there’s no way to verify it.

Talk to any cop who has worked the ghetto and they will tell you that the victims usually know their killer. Murder is almost always a crime of the moment. Person A gets into a beef with person B, who pulls a weapon and kills person A. Alternatively, there is a money or sex dispute that leads one person to kill their partner or associate. Even premeditated homicide almost always involves people that know one another. Even cold blooded killers need a reason and there’s rarely a reason to kill total strangers randomly selected off the street.

That’s why so many are tempted to jump to the conclusion that this was not a typical crime. This guy was not in the drug trade and he had nothing in his personal life that would indicate a crime of passion. He also lived in a sporty part of town where the cops do a good job keeping the streets safe. Calling it “recently gentrified”, as if it is still dodgy, is just what young urban hipsters like to say so it does not sound like they live in an urban daycare center, which is the case here. This guy was killed in one of the truly safe parts of Washington DC.

On the other hand, murder for hire is not a pointless act. If you just want someone dead, then you want it to look like an accident or a street crime. Otherwise, you are bringing unnecessary attention to something you want to keep quiet. In this case, shooting and robbing the guy would look like a robbery. You do it with a cheap handgun that you can toss in a nearby sewer, assuming the cops will find it. They always look at the local drains cause criminals tend to throw their weapons there, thinking no one will find them.

The thing that leads me to suspect something other than random street crime is the hour. Thug life is mostly nocturnal, but these people are not vampires who go to bed at dawn. They roll out of bed at noon and hang out into the small hours, but they are off the streets by two o’clock, even on weekends. They may still be up partying, but they are not out robbing people at 4:30 AM in a swanky part of town. It’s possible, but it strikes me as implausible. In the ghetto, just before sun up is the safest and most quiet part of the day.

The point here is that there is no obvious answer, based on the facts that are known. When a white bread honky turns up with holes in him just before dawn, it is natural to assume it is something other than street crime. The most probable answer is he was involved with something or someone that got him killed. Maybe it was a jealous boyfriend, a dispute at work or some sort of neighborhood beef that got out of hand, but it was most likely not two thugs trying rob him of his iPhone. It’s possible, but not very likely.

That does not mean Hillary Clinton did it, but that’s no more or less possible than the street thug theory. If you are going to murder people or have them murdered, political power is a pretty good reason, maybe the best reason. That said, people at that level can afford well trained and qualified hit-men. They don’t need to rely on amateurs who make it look like an assassination. Even crack hit-men have bad days so it is possible, but it just strikes me as slightly less plausible than the random street crime theory.

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  1. Why people in this day and age can pretend that large scale conspiracies don’t exist is beyond me. On 9-11 building #7, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as a rock dropped in “air” for roughly 108 feet. If the building fell as fast as the rock this means the density of material below it was the same or close. As in air. Well we all know the bottom of the building didn’t turn to air so by simple analysis we know the building was demoed. People somehow have the notion that big objects fall faster than small ones. Inaccurate. After all a big object is just a lot of small ones stuck together. Gravity operates the same on both. There’s tons and tons of evidence supporting the demo position but the biggest is that the bottom wasn’t made of air. It’s impossible for fires to make the building fall in such a manner. I haven’t even talked about the wackiness of the governments story for the other three buildings and the crash of a jet that don’t line up. I don’t have to building #7 shows that this was a set up by groups within the US government.

  2. I don’t necessarily believe that the Clintons did this, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

    As incompetent, arrogant and greedy as the Clintons are, would it be hard to believe that they hired the cheapest hitman that they could find, believing that they wouldn’t be caught no matter what? If the guy screwed it up, so what? They’re never held to account for anything.

  3. The Ron Brown death was not a Clinton hit, directly. It was a pay-to-play gone wrong IIRC due to DC hubris. Word on the corporate street at the time was that a seat on one of his plane junkets was $100k to the DNC (Clinton Foundation came into being later). Why pay_? Dept of Commerce export support plus cred with foreign elites that partly obviates the need for the bribery that is the heart & soul of the big project export business.

    Why Dubrovnik_? A. Promised play day on the gorgeous Adriatic coast. Airport was well below minimums, pilot went around once then, instead of diverting, went back and flew into a mountain in the fog. Likely explanation: Brown put pressure on the AF pilot in command to push the landing and paid for it with his life, just like the President of Poland a few years ago.

      • Steve;

        Brown & his marks were riding in a USAF (luxuriously outfitted) transport aircraft in 1996. They all had dual GPS navigation by then. If both GPS failed they would have reverted to VORTAC for IFR navigation back-up. Next time you’re at an airport look for the station. Usually displaced from the runways, near centrally located, It’s ~ 12′ tall, ~ 10′ diameter at the base, roughly cone shaped, orange & white stripes. No chance it could have been moved to any mountain, much less surreptitiously.

  4. My two cents: The story about the time of the killing has bothered me. The official story is that the guy was at “his girlfriend’s apartment” and he left to go back to his place. That seems weird to me. Why not just stay the night and go back to your place when it’s light out. Why leave at 4:30?

    Now, what would make sense is if the guy left at that time because he was going to meet somebody.

  5. Add into the death of this democratic voter outreach guy another one shortly following the email dump by WikiLeaks. The guy who filed suit against the DNCe and Hillary campaign was serving his papers – he too is dead – shot!? What gives? Thinking about the ex-UN employee that was to testify against Hillary and voila – he strangely died by the weights he lifted crushing his trachea. Yet – he worked out daily without any issues until the day prior to his schedule to be deposed involving Hillary – he too is dead. That was one months ago!
    There are sure a few people dying these days that are all connected with the Hillary campaign. Strange no? So far – the count is 4 in just one months!

  6. if they think there is more than one leaker, this murder would also serve as a threat/deterrent to those still living leakers, this country is really finished.

  7. When I watch shows like The Wire, I speculate on how I would operate as a hit-man in an urban jungle. I think I would use a pistol caliber rifle or carbine. Your average 9mm carbine such as a Beretta Storm is accurate to 100+ yards and is easy to suppress. There are lever-action rifles in .38 Special / .357 Magnum that would also be perfect – and they wouldn’t spray the brass around. Like this:

    Shoot the target a few times from a vehicle 100 yards away and be gone before the body hits the ground. Meanwhile the cops go looking for a thug with an automatic or revolver. Not robbing his stuff to make it look like street crime is the only draw-back.

    • It depends upon your goals, but the mafia was fond of using a .32 ACP. A .22 used to be the favorite of the Mossad. The mafia put cloth or newspaper over the gun to make a cheap silencer. When you see the shooter in gangster movies with a newspaper over the gun it is in part to reduce the sound, but also the muzzle flash. The Mossad has high quality weapons so a silenced .22 is excellent for assassinations in public places. You could also go with the Bulgarian Umbrella if you have a flare for the exotic.

      • I noticed that the DC Police have not released any information on the caliber of weapon Rich was killed with.

      • I can’t imagine anybody with any knowledge of guns trying to use a .22 or a .32 for a hit.

        • Your lack of imagination is not an argument. The Italian mafia preferred the .32 ACP for hits.

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  9. An American friend of mine sent me this list of names the other day along with a long dissertation of the coincidences and circumstances of their deaths as related to the Clintons. While I can’t fully appreciate all these names, the links seem to be clear enough even to me.

    James McDougal, Mary Mahoney, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Victor Raiser, Paul Tulley, Ed Willey, Jerry Parks, James Bunch, James Wilson, Kathy Ferguson, Bill Shelton, Gandy Baugh, Florence Martin, Suzanne Coleman, Paula Grober, Danny Casolaro, Paul Wilcher, Jon Parnell Walker, Barbara Wise.

    • To this list should be added Admiral Mike Boorda. Late ’95 or early ’96 he wrote in a news letter to Navy retirees that the Tricare medical system being implemented was not what had been sold to the Joint Chiefs for their endorsement and that he was going to do all in his power to kill it. I believe he communicated the same sentiment to active duty personnel. May ’96 he “suicides” (shot twice through the chest with a .38 revolver at his residence on the Navy Yard) over what, to anyone in service, was a stupid issue. Tricare, as then designed, was the prototype Hillarycare.
      As an aside I find it interesting that no one barking after the “VA Scandal” car in the road will even sniff at the obvious; that the VA medical system is the single-payer prototype and the future of medicine for dirt people.

  10. There is no reason to beat around the bush. This was a Clinton hit under the theory of cui bono? I think they must have a whole stable of soldiers on the payroll just like a mafia family. So many dead bodies all benefiting the C’s. Do ou think JFK, Jr was rubbed out too? It was afterall beneficial to the Clintons.

    • Junior had recently put his political magazine for the Beltway set in stewardship.
      He was preparing for his first run in politics- for the office of junior Senator of New York.

      Remember who won that office?

      • He was also a goofball Kennedy who flew his pane into the ocean, probably while getting serviced 😛

  11. It might also be helpful to look at the Victim’s recent work or activities. Seth Rich has been identified as having been working on the DNC Voter Expansion Database. That sounds very much like a euphemism for vote tampering or election fraud. If so, that could be a very real reason to silence known or suspected of becoming a “source”.

  12. The only mandatory part of a professional hit is to not get caught or lead the Po Po to the person who commissioned the hit. By that standard this was a successful assassination. If the victims was involved with a girl with a jealous boyfriend the detective’s will suss that out. If he had a drug habit they will learn of it. They find NO REASON then the odds are it was a Clinton/DNC hit. Nearly five dozen friends, associates and acquaintances of the Clintons have died since 1994. That doesn’t count the three dozen passengers on Ron Browns plane….. collateral damage. It is a statistical impossibility for these numbers to be a normal routine thing. The ONLY explanation is criminal conduct by and for the Clintons.

    • Great topic. Well done. Is it possible the defensive marks were from him being dragged to the bad section? The details are not forthcoming.

  13. Towards the end of the 90″s I’m sure insurance carriers were considering adding a question to life insurance applications something along the lines of: Are you, or have you ever been a friend, acquaintance, or business associate of Bill or Hillary Clinton. If the answer was yes then the suicide exclusion would be for life, considering Vince Foster, Adm., Boorda, numerous bodies in AR, etc.

  14. It’s been my unfortunate experience dealing with and cleaning up after weasels who manage to live their entire lives getting away with everything, that these kind suffer from what I like to refer to as Teflon Syndrome. Nothing ever sticks so they never feel the need to be overly careful. Why bother? The reports will always be doctored and the conspiracy theories simply boost their ratings. The Clintons always float and apparently they always will for some reason we are not privileged to know. I’ve always thought it was possibly that they have a little black book of interesting facts hidden somewhere in vault. That Hitlery was promised the presidency in 2008 if she would back off and let Obummer smooth the way for her, is not so much conspiracy theory as it is common sense.

  15. As of 1652 on 8/11/2016 the arkancide.com website is down due to exceeded bandwidth. Looks like a lot of other people are noticing these coincidences

  16. Z: Good conspiracy analysis, except that the Bloomingdale area in general, and the site of the murder in particular — Flagler Pl. and W St., NW — is still a s…hole, despite (or maybe because of) what clueless urban-lefty-hipster-DNC libtards believe. I’ve lived in NW DC for over 30 years and as a Normal White Guy I wouldn’t hang in Bloomingdale during the day unarmed, and would never be there on the street after dark even if carrying. Too many hyenas on the prowl.

    • Admittedly it has been a while since I was around there, but I thought it had spruced up a lot the last few years. I may be thinking of somewhere else, but that was my recollection. Keep in mind that I frequent some hard hitting ghettos so I may be judging on a curve.

  17. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, BUT…. the very fact that it was a cock-up screams “Hillary!” to me. You said “well trained and qualified hit-men.” What has that woman ever done that hasn’t been the babytown frolics? As a frat buddy once said, she could screw up a wet dream. It’d be just like her to send some nobody from the motor pool to rub out a whistleblower. 🙂

    • The motor pool angle is possible, however the Clintons have been keen fans of hiring Canadians of a certain skill set for close to 40 years. Even Monsanto hires them to fly over and drop Round Up bombs on farm fields suspected of being planted with held-back seed, if no license fee was paid.
      Zman’s assertion is correct, the feral class calls it a night around 2 a.m. Doesn’t really matter if this death was ordered, or a random act of violence, a message was sent, and is being repeated by every news agency in the world.
      “Don’t pick up the whistle!”

    • Kill the chicken to frighten the monkey. If a death is ambiguous, it always seems more ominous. Think of the effects of Vince Foster’s demise. Delivering a threat while keeping it plausibly deniable.

  18. Good points. I thought of this too. IF this was a hit, the whole point would be to make it appear to be anything but… What I can see is though, he was roughed up , maybe a clean hit got spoiled… he runs and the plan goes awry… the only option becomes the shooting and for whatever reason, no time to make it look like robbery. The main thing was to silence him.

    I don’t know. I hate conspiracies. Could have been completely random street violence. But it is so very odd to have him killed right before the convention, when all the email stuff about the DNC was in the air… and the UN guy who had a tragic weightlifting accident shortly before he was to testify… curious indeed.

    • “On the other hand, murder for hire is not a pointless act. If you just want someone dead, then you want it to look like an accident or a street crime. Otherwise, you are bringing unnecessary attention to something you want to keep quiet.”
      Unless you want to intimidate other people into keeping quiet and you know that if you are caught you won’t be prosecuted.
      Then you make it look like a hit, by leaving the victim with all of his valuables.

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