Broken Women

I’m fond of the Hoffer quote regarding how mass movements degenerate into rackets. The exact quote is, “What starts out here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.” Drunk driving is the greatest example of this. We have done all that can or should be done to address drunk driving, but MADD remains a multi-million dollar jobs racket for its members. What little good it does is undone by the fact it now advocates for the violation of basic civil liberties.

In his day, this probably encapsulated the possible outcomes of a mass movement living beyond its purpose. Today, there is another possible option in addition to business, racket and cult and that is mental illness. All over we are seeing causes turn into collection points for the mentally ill to advocate for issues that are best described as insane. The whole trannies in the bathroom stuff is the most obvious example. This is lunacy advocated for the sole reason of causing mayhem.

Feminism is a another good example of a cause becoming a lunatic cult. First Wave Feminism was fairly small bore in its goals and tactics. The gals wanted to vote and have the same legal rights as men. Judging from the photos in history books, the tactics back then were for the feminists protesters to make themselves as sexually unappealing as possible in order to force the guys to concede. It was a mistake to give into these demands, but it probably seemed rational at the time.

Second Wave Feminism was proof that women, lacking a man around to say no, will begin to commit suicide by destroying the culture that allows them to prosper. That it quickly degenerated into Third Wave Feminism is all the proof you need. The Wikipedia entry for Third Wave Feminism is mostly just word salad because there’s no way to provide a concise description of what amounts to a grab bag of outburst by mentally ill women. That can be taken literally.

The first time I formally learned about mental illnesses and disabilities was in my high school health class.

Along with topics like pregnancy and a healthy diet, we also touched on eating disorders, schizophrenia,addiction, and physical disabilities.

I use the phrase “touched on” deliberately – because while these topics were mentioned, we never reallytalked about them.

We watched outdated videos with singular, stereotypical (mainly white, cis, middle-class) examples of individuals living with or affected by mental illnesses and various physical disabilities. We read definitions and biomedical criteria of diagnoses in textbooks filled with glossy photographs of the same stereotypical depictions as the videos.

It took me years to merge these classroom images with the lived experiences of people I knew.

As more and more schools recognize the importance of incorporating social justice topics and consent into the classroom, it’s important to recognize how the US education system has so far not only failed to contest ableism and mental health stigma, but also fails to challenge schools’reinforcing these forms of oppression.

One thing that the New Religion inherited from the Marxists is the concept of the struggle. It is integral to their identity to believe they are in a life or death struggle with dark, mysterious forces. This is what allows the blue-haired cat ladies of modern feminism to claim they are being oppressed, because the rest of us don’t care about their eating disorder. At the individual level, it is just another log on the fire of the raging bonfire of lunacy between the ears of the typical young woman.

The trouble is, these unhinged gals are rampaging through the culture and coming to dominate the managerial class, which means their mental illness is turned into official policy. Scroll down through the list of recommendations in the linked piece and you will see this gem:

For example, classrooms can integrate books written by, about, and depicting disabled folks. Political science and history classes can and should discuss the historical and contemporary reality of violence against disabled people and individuals with mental illnesses, such as police violence against mentally ill individuals. Relatedly, classes could discuss various social justice activist movements like the Section 504 Sit-In of the 1970s.

What this is, of course, is a Factitious Disorder, which means a self-imposed condition or illness. Third Wave Feminism is about searching for pitiable people for whom the feminist can feel suffering by proxy. It’s a way for unattached, childless women to gain attention. The normal biological urges no longer have the constructive cultural channels through which to flow to their natural destination, motherhood and marriage. Instead, like a blocked river, these urges flow into unwanted areas and put society at risk.

I’m fond of pointing out that the Muslims are not wrong about everything. The sterile materialism of the West is antithetical to normal human organization, theirs and ours. They are also right about the role of women in society. I’m not talking about the over-the-top Islamic views on women we see on TV. I mean the more sober Islam where women have a defined role that is different from that of men. “Equality” does not mean “identical” and women can have an equal place in society, without having an identical role.

It’s why the way to bet is for the Muslim invasion of  the West to result in the Islamification of the West or at least the rise of a mutated form of Islam in the West. Given the choice between the yapping of fruitless young woman and men with beards throwing infidels off of roofs, the latter will be much more appealing to the men of the West. Maybe it will not come to that, but a society run by broken women cannot last. Either the women get fixed or someone throws a bag over their head and a net over the rest of us for allowing it.

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  1. In addition to MADD attempting to continue the cash flow despite their single issue being as addressed as well as it’s going to be, a classic case is the March of Dimes. It was started to fund the search for a Polio vaccine. Now that Polio is almost no more* you’d think they’d close up the old market stall and go home. But no_!

    Now they’re repurposed to ‘end birth defects. This is brilliant because AFIK about the bio-informatics involved, there will always be birth defects in this fallen world.

    *Polio persists in rural Muslim territories due to suspicion of Western medicine. Bill Gates and Rotary International have taken up the hopeless cause of complete eradication of Polio. Since this will require the eradication of Muslim obscurantism, Polio will always be with us, I fear. Hence vaccination will always be necessary and its unexamined side effects as well.

  2. The mother of my children, now 69, has become one of those women described by Mr Z. She is on an extended visit (2 1/2 months) to our son and tells him she might move here. She refuses to speak to me or even greet me because she has an undefined and self-diagnosed “PTSD”. We were divorced 30 years ago when she began with the feminist nonsense. Physically as white as they come, she is now a santería adept and uses an African name for her email. She is a food nazi as well. My Latina dtr-in-law is already fed up with the old bag and my son is trying to talk her into living in a different village if she actually moves down here.

    She’s a case of voluntary and self-imposed insanity of a sort still relatively new to South America. I sincerely hope it’s not contagious!

  3. I have long posited that a lot of this crap is “navel gazing” due to the level of security that society has provided … Western Society. What people lack is a need to be occupied with survival and have a need to belong.

    I happened upon this reference, which admittedly I have not yet read but intend to. Sebastian Junger has written a book called “Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging” as related to veterans of American wars.

    A telling quote “The question for Western society isn’t so much why tribal life might be so appealing,” said Junger, “but why Western society is so unappealing.”

    These women who might be categorized as “unfulfilled” are another symptom of Western society. Whether sex, drugs or rock-n-roll, religion, or love of money, there is something missing from the heart of man that he/she is searching to fill.

    If people truly realized the precipice we are on, the fine line between civilization and chaos, they would be more concerned with issues of substance. Without these concerns in play, the mind is left to the whims of whatever captures a person’s fancy. And once tasted, they are like the rabid animal that lusts after the taste of human blood. If only attention, they lust after that. If money, they lust after that. And so on.

    What Trump is doing is appealing beyond the segmentation of society to a “tribe” mentality that holds an a power that is similar to what Sebastian Junger talks about. At least, that is my supposition.

  4. I think that most of the issue is that a lot of the energy that women would have thrown into religion is now being directed towards feminism and various other -isms. The blue-haired fatso taking Tinder selfies while self-diagnosing themselves with half the DSM-V and considering whether to vote Jill Stein or “move right” to vote for Hillary are doing it to find meaning and purpose that people got out of religion a few generations ago.

    I’m guessing future historians will agree with Tom Wolfe that all the secular politics (I think he was talking about hippies but it applies to feminism too), including the wave of feminist hysteria and mental illness was a religious revival of sorts in disguise. The question for normal people now is how to fix this situation; its clear that what we used to regard as “serious people” have no interest or ability to put the breaks on this kind of lunacy. Islamification is one answer but I don’t quite think that this is the way things are going to go. I’d bet more on lack of funds killing off the loons before Islam does.

    “It’s why the way to bet is for the Muslim invasion of the West to result in the Islamification of the West or at least the rise of a mutated form of Islam in the West.”

    I don’t think that Islam is the future for the West. That isn’t to say that some parts of the West might not become Muslim or have to grapple deeply with Islam in a way they don’t have to now but I don’t think we are on the way to Robert Ferrigno’s “Prayers for the Assassin” or even Houellebecq’s “Submission”. Many of the things that you say are not wrong in Islam are available in other religions too. I agree that the situation as it is, where literal mental patients are allowed to run amok and humiliate every normal person while the elite laugh and virtue signal to each other about it can’t last. But I’m still skeptical that Islam is where the core of the West is going to turn for salvation.

    • Yes, and when these crazy type women were into religion, they were the busy body moralizers who drove people away from religion.

    • I agree, especially about lack of funds being their downfall. There is a whole lotta crazy in control right now because of easy credit (for individuals and gov’t). If we were back in a “no work, no eat” safety-netless world, the blue haired cat lady would not be able to do her schtick. She’d either be in Bedlam or be knuckling under to convention in order to keep herself fed.

  5. “I’m fond of pointing out that the Muslims are not wrong about everything. The sterile materialism of the West is antithetical to normal human organization, theirs and ours. They are also right about the role of women in society.”

    This is one of the main themes of Michel Houellebecq’s novel Submission, about an Islamist political party seizing control of France in the 2020s. I’ll resist the temptation to discuss the book more and be accused of revealing spoilers, but I can say, as someone who does not read much contemporary fiction, that the book is extremely entertaining – part political thriller, part brutally funny satire, part prophesy (it was published on the very day of the Hebdo massacre).

    And I hate to disagree with Z, but first wave feminism was a magnet for lunatics from the get-go. Temperance and Prohibition are exhibit A, of course, but you also had frothing nutters like Mary Richardson vandalizing masterpieces like Velasquez’s Rokeby Venus, and Emily Davison, who attacked George V’s horse at Epsom.

  6. Political science and history classes can and should discuss the historical and contemporary reality of violence against disabled people and individuals with mental illnesses, such as police violence against mentally ill individuals.

    Don’t tell me they need ANOTHER excuse to talk about the Stonewall riots!

  7. Judging by recent Facebook postings, I find myself in the minutest minority of my Women’s College Class of 1967 who support and will vote for Donald Trump. The anti-Trumps seem to fall into a group that has not had children, perhaps marrying late in life and serving as stepmothers. Others seem to have failed at marriage several times. One classmate had a late-in-life child w/ a much younger husband whom she divorced, who (the girlkid) is now transitioning to be a male. The 90+ year old grandparents, if they are still alive, must be so proud. Sheesh!
    I would love to do a “real” survey of the women in my age group. Lots of them were among the first admitted in sizeable numbers to top law and medical schools, like Hillary was. Not sure the Muslim population replacement cohort being imported into Europe/USA will wish to continue this trend of professional female education, although I just saw a black woman with headdress being sworn as a judge using the Koran in NYC. Glad to have discovered this blog, thanks to my 42 yo son. I raised him right — a husband and father, served in USMC 1996-2000;-)

  8. Your contention, Mr Z, that the west will adopt a form of Islam is interesting if you start to think that society (God, that is such an overused word) would benefit from a new religion. I would prefer it to be something else but the history of religion is the ones who have the weapons tend to get the religion they want. You don’t have to go far to see who has the weapons now: the muslims and the muslim-appeasers in power can both lay their hands on weapons.

    Christianity should be the way forward in many ways, but there seems to be a 2000-year shelf life for these things; time passes, and things get ‘worn-out’. If you take the Druids in my country it was explained to me once that they did three things when the game was up: a third of them switched to the ‘enemy’ side, a third of them fled to outlying areas (which was then the fringes of the British isles) and a third of them simply went underground to continue, quietly, what they believed in. Perhaps, as they had enjoyed their time in the sun as it were they knew the time had come for change. On that basis it may be with the best will in the world all the combined forces of non-Christianity will prevail in some way, for the next how ever many years. (Sure, I know, islam has been twitting around for 1400 years so maybe they have only 600 left on the clock.)

    You can see too that for many men, secretly repulsed by the way the female part of the western world has been of late, islam offers some sort of hope. I did hear of a muslim family where the man forbade any female in the house (of any age) to speak while he was present, and you only have to see a muslim family out — alas, I see too many of them at times — to see how the black-garbed and possibly hidden woman deferentially follows the man a few paces behind, often carrying all the bags and pushing the child cart at the same time. I doubt if all of that would take off in the west but a lot of western men might be thinking, hang on a moment, hasn’t all this feminism gone just a little too far and just maybe some of this is not entirely a bad idea? Perhaps, the thought may go, a little quiet and obedience wouldn’t be a bad thing…

    Certainly the feminists seem to have neither the wit nor the will to stop their charge to some sort of cliff edge, but then perhaps they know the time is up and they have to dig in their claws before whatever form of islam forces them to stop.

    • I have Arab friends and I greatly admire the male-female arrangements. Their females are terribly attracted to the Western model of femininity. They like the fashion aspects and the legal freedoms, but they like being women and they want their men to be men.

      Feminism is cancer.

      • WTF! The problem is the Koran. Read it. Then compare it to the Bible or any other religion and then tell me the source of “their” problem.

      • Islam is filth. Some Muslims are fine people, despite it, as they ignore many parts of the religion.

  9. On this topic I frequently look back to Isaiah 3:11-12.
    Woe to the wicked!
    Disaster is upon them!
    They will be paid back
    for what their hands have done.
    Youths oppress my people,
    women rule over them.
    My people, your guides lead you astray;
    they turn you from the path.

  10. >Z: I’m fond of pointing out that the Muslims are not wrong about everything.

    Their leaders inculcate them into following their traditions, which is the concept known as “what has been proven to work for a society over a very long period of time”.

    Our present leaders are bent demonstrating why our traditions were formed the way they were, and what happens to us when we abandon them.

    This is a failure of thinking, and a failure of parenting on our part.

  11. I’m reading On Revolution by Hannah Arendt. She describes the turn in the French Revolution that led to The Terror as being when discussion in the Convention went from being about governance in a detached manner to one where the focus was on compassion for the plight of the poor in Paris. It was this compassion that gave Robespierre license to engage in wholesale slaughter of his political opponents, all done under the cover of highly moral rhetoric. She then uses the writings of Melville and Dostoevsky to illustrate how the quest for moral purity in life and politics can be more destructive than when our aims are more mundane.
    I haven’t read enough of the Frankfurt School (Marcuse is the only one I’ve read) and the rest of cultural Marxism to know for sure, but with the way these people try to model themselves after the Jacobins of The Terror I’d say that they are looking for a similar license to rule and do ill.

    • re: “I’m reading On Revolution by Hannah Arendt.” teapartydoc

      You have selected a cultural Marxist for your schooling in Hannah Arendt: see Arendt and Adorno:
      Political and Philosophical Investigations (Stanford University Press, 2012). If you want to understand Robespierre you would be well advised to read Robespierre: The Voice of Virtue
      by Otto J. Scott ( The Liberals hate this book as it demonstrates that there was no high morals in the French Revolution only petty revenge.

      Dan Kurt

      • I’m currently sojourning through about seventy books or more that I’ve acquired about the French Revolution. I’ve gotten through about fifteen of them. Some, like Schama’s Citizens, are pretty thick and some, like Lefebvre’s comes in two volumes and I haven’t come across the second anywhere. If I happen across the above I will buy it. I don’t limit my reading on this to non-Marxist authors because I am mainly interested in information. The nice thing about this period is that the degree of analysis that has been done has pretty much debunked the Marxist interpretation. The love affair that the left has with this period will probably come to an end someday. Especially when they realize that it was basically a right wing revolution in the beginning, and had nothing like a left wing motivation until the Terror. Once you identify this aspect it is easier to approach it with less trepidation.

  12. My late husband used to say that the nuns were bitter because they weren’t allowed to have children. I have begun to believe that a lot of young women have that desire for a family, but it’s unfocused. They’ve been told to go and have careers instead. It’s another subject that our society can’t have an honest discussion about.

    • Agreed. My late Aunt was a Roman Catholic nun,was an Economics professor,and voted straight Democrat her entire long life. Holiday dinners featured lively discussions between my rational,clear-thinking Dad and Sister Jane Mary,with my brother and I quietly soaking it all in. Dad was the one who introduced me to the works of Ayn Rand,who helped me realize not all women writers are batshit crazy. Far too many young women are caught up in this Amazonia Death Cult,and we are all reaping its utterly negative rewards. One more point about Muslims-take a look at how Muslim nations treat animals,particularly dogs. Mohammed hated dogs,and I suspect dogs hated him.Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows they are excellent judges of people…

      • I am on a primarily British Facebook group for English Springer Spaniels.. I’ve wondered at some level if Muslim hatred of dogs played a small part in Brexit. Those folks love their dogs!

    • To make it worse, there are unrealistic expectations of beauty. Pretty girls, at their short peak of perfection, are preserved forever by media. I suspect many women (and men) are overwhelmed by these expectations and don’t get in the game. Look at the old family photos and your great grandmothers were probably (as my Mom used to say) more functional than decorative. Yet the unreal expectations of beauty have been floating around since photography became widespread.

      The great beauties of former times were often as screwed up as modern women. These faux mental illnesses used to be the province of aristocratic and/or wealthy families. They could afford to select beauty over stability and functionality.

      • You know, I was looking at old family photos and my father mentioned his grandmother was very very beautiful when she was younger. So I looked at her, and she was pretty, but she was pretty the way a normal girl at your local high school might be pretty, not the way women on billboards are. In the past, you didn’t have one in a thousand level hot women on billboards, in magazines and on television. The prettiest girl in your high school was probably the prettiest girl the average person would ever see. This has to be warping people. There’s a female equivalent here in shows that present wildly unrealistic ideas of what the average woman can hope to attract.

        • That’s a good point. I’ve seen it suggested that the rise of musical recording and its stars, both individuals and groups, caused a severe decline in musical performance as recreation for the common American.

          • The advent of the high quality recording decimated the home piano industry and the careers of a lot of competent but not great performing artists. Wander around small old cities in the Northeast and you’ll find abandoned music halls and theaters. A mid size city used to be able to support a theater with some local performers and traveling troupes coming through. When those people have to compete with the best in their field, available instantly and for cheap via the internet, television and radio, it doesn’t work.

      • I like to refer to them as “ornamental”. Good to look at but not good for much else. I think it should be required reading for feminists to read the biographies of the feminists from the 60s and 70s. Those were not happy women and there were some with clear mental problems. The first gen feminists tended to be wives and mothers.

    • The West, American especially, has an insane standard for women. We tell them not to have sex till their married, and then we tell them don’t even start to consider it until you’re 30. That’s never going to work.

  13. I find the relationship between the feminists and Islam to be fascinating. If they had a shred of sanity, feminists would be the most anti-Muslim, anti-immigration people in the West. They would recognize that the spread of Islam spells their doom and would do everything in their power to prevent it.

    Instead, they actively seek to import huge numbers of Muslims from the most backward-ass areas of the Middle East and North Africa and coddle them like lost puppies. When the Muslims rape and murder, the feminists cover it up and blame themselves. It really is insane.

    • It’s the mothering instinct decoupled from biological reality, which mean reality. They want to be the mother to the world, instead of actual mothers.

      • Or perhaps it’s something darker than motherhood, Z.

        I suspect that deep in the female psyche is a yearning to be taken, and even controlled, by the unreconstructed savage.

        Being honest, when you consider the sad state of too many western men who’ve surrendered utterly to Political Correctness and Third Wave Feminism, these swarthy, virile middle eastern eastern invaders look like mojo personified by comparison.

        They’re pushing some evolutionary buttons for the ladies that we men can’t see.

        • There’s no question about this. Look around at young men in the professional classes and it’s a depressing lot.

          • It’s almost as if a book about bondage & discipline might become a best seller, some day.
            Nahhh. Never happen.

        • The ME invaders aren’t all that virile. Many of them live at home until they are 35 or so. Little boys get circumcised at age 6. They are marched around town after this is done wearing little paper party hats, holding their mother’s hand. I saw this the summer after college graduation when I lived in Istanbul and worked on an archeological dig. We “shared” the dig w/ middle-class Turkish students, so I got to know my contemporaries. They shared a real dislike for Americans and American foreign policy. The nicest and most “real” guys were the peasants from the harsh Anatolian countryside who wielded their pickaxes very deftly in the trenches and were respectful and humorous with me, their “trenchmaster.” I think a big problem with the Muslim world is that these are very inbred people and they manifest this in their violent character and rigid ideology. God help the women they gang up on, but essentially, they are weaklings, mentally and physically. Just look at the body types of the men in their caftans in Iraq and in Egypt: narrow shoulders, big bulbous stomachs, a lot of arm waving and jabbering. They aren’t fond of physical labor — it’s beneath them — so I’m not sure what they plan to do when they arrive here, except cause trouble.

        • No mystery here, many women are attracted to “bad boys”, the more violent the better…They are not excited by beta men, who are in fact the foundation of civilization.

    • I have heard some feminists protesting that all this concern in the anti-social, anti-female behaviour of male muslims and immigrants pouring into the west is merely a ‘smoke-screen’ put up by the real problem in the world today, namely western men. That is why they aren’t worried by it: these ultra-intelligent feminists can see right through that devious little game of ours to seemingly care for women.

      What bar stewards we are, we western men.

    • Feminists don’t actually LIKE women. Most of their policy positions directly endanger and harm women.

      They discourage traditional family formation, thus leaving women to fend for themselves as single moms, which is one of the most surefire ways to economic hardship.

      They encourage women to be sexually promiscuous. That doesn’t actually work with the natural female psyche. For us, sex is much more mental and not nearly as much of a biological urge as it is for men (to married men’s everlasting sorrow, right?). Women bond when they have sex, and decoupling that breaks something fundamental in our brains leading to self esteem issues, depression, etc. The more a guy gets laid, the more he feels like the king of the world. The more a woman sleeps around, the more likely she is to cut herself.

      Feminists encourage women to act like men. We aren’t men, and acting like men puts us in incredibly dangerous situations that end up getting us molested or raped. Sorry, but a woman is in a lot more danger going out and getting drunk at a frat party or a bar than a man is, and it is stupid to encourage her to do so. This attitude also encourages women to pursue unrealistic careers, which they will either fail at or standards will be lowered (like military tests, firefighter tests) so that they can “succeed.” We all lose in that scenario.

      They tell women to be fearless. Umm, when you are significantly smaller and physically weaker than half of the world’s population (men), being fearless is truly dumb. Being fearless puts you in stupid situations that don’t end well. Women are prey animals, and it is moronic to tell a prey animal to not be afraid. They’d be better off teaching us to defend ourselves, INCLUDING FIREARMS INSTRUCTION (but they hate guns, which are actually a fantastic equalizer for people of smaller stature and thus a gal’s best friend in a tight spot).

      They encourage selfishness and embracing the self when self improvement is a much better idea. Yes, we should all love our inner self, but loving your 400 pound body shape? Not so much. Their philosophy encourages people to develop incredibly selfish worldviews, and then feel oppressed when reality does not mesh with their fantasy of how things should be. How to Make A Trigglypuff 101.

      They deny the fundamental biological differences between men and women. Men can’t function as women and women can’t function as men and yet that is what they’re trying to make us do. It is madness, like making whales live on land and monkeys live in the sea. All you get are a lot of confused, angry and psychotic people uncomfortable in their own heads and incapable of building meaningful and productive relationships with others at any level. It is any wonder the amount of prescription antidepressants they dish out these days?

      They deny women’s natural roles as nurturers and caregivers, and scorn women who embrace those roles. I cannot tell you how much shit I have gotten for being a stay at home, homeschooling mom. Golly gee whiz, feminists, it is SO oppressive to focus my energies on giving a good education to my GIRL, isn’t it, and so patriarchal of my husband to bankroll the operation with daily hard labor so his GIRL gets the best education possible, right?

      Feminism is bullshit. If they really wanted equality, they’d call it equalism.

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