The Return of The Mule

If you go back and watch videos of Reagan in the 70’s and 80’s, one of the things that jumps out is how aggressively he attacked the Left. In his first inaugural address, he attacked the very essence of what Jimmy Carter stood for as a politician. The man was sitting just behind Reagan as the Gipper explained that everything Carter believed was dangerous nonsense. The other thing that jumps out, when watching old Reagan speeches, is that no Republican talks like that anymore.

Instead, every Republican that has aggressively pressed the attack against the Left over the last quarter century, has been attacked by the media and so-called conservatives as unacceptably “polarizing” as if that is a thing. Official Conservatism has instead insisted that they abide by a set of gentile rules designed by the ruling majority, intended to perpetuate their hegemony. You could be forgiven for thinking that maybe the whole thing was a setup, a game of bad cop – worse cop, in order to rig the results.

Whenever the futility of this arrangement has been pointed out to Official Conservatism, they sigh and concede that it is unfair, but principle demands “we abide by the rules because that’s who we are.” If you pointed out that “who they were” was a bunch of losers, they would put on their lemon face and suggest that perhaps you were disloyal or some sort of hate thinker. Conservatism in America became the candy coating to the liberal nut inside the system.

I was thinking about that over the weekend as first we get the leaked tape of Donald Trump talking like a normal man, who believed he was in a private conversation with another man. The beta male pansies in the managerial class don’t know anything about this, but normal men in private like to tell dick jokes, boast about women and reminiscence about their exploits. The faggots that take up space in Official Conservatism don’t know about these things.

Watching one traitorous fink after another decry Trump’s locker room talk from a decade ago, I was reminded once again that these people were never on my side. It was always a con, a grift, to fool otherwise decent people into putting down their weapons and surrendering to the Left. Buckley-style conservatism, whatever it was, is now just a tool of the managerial class to clear the field for nation-wrecking policies to benefit the ruling elite at the expense of the middle class.

Last night, I was reminded of why Trump was able to obliterate the GOP field despite being out spent a million-to-one. He is not a pussy. Any other Republican faced with the dirty trick pulled on Friday would have gone into the debate prepared to grovel and plead, begging for a second chance. It is not all all inconceivable that he would have offered to step aside. Trump went into the debate prepared to deliver a counter bunch designed to knock the old fat cow on her ass.

It was a sterling performance that turned the tactics and strategy of the government party back onto them. If the contest is going to be a referendum on Trump’s character, then Trump is going to make a big show of exploring the character of the Clinton Gang. Having Bubba’s many sexual assault victims at the event was a missile landing directly into the weapons cache of the Clinton campaign. His demand for a special prosecutor reminded everyone of the elephant in the room.

When even the most disloyal of craven rumpswabs concedes Trump won the debate, you know it was a great night for The Donald.

Guys like Jonah Goldberg  would sooner take a job in the dreaded private sector than say anything nice about Trump or the people prepared to vote for him. As I’ve pointed out in the past, Goldberg is Exhibit A for the case against Official Conservatism and the party it has infested. Trump stands as the rebuke of the surrender caucus, that has profited guys like Goldberg so handsomely over the last two decades. If he has to concede to Trump, you know it was a great win.

Trump probably will not win and even if he does, it’s probably too late to avoid disaster anyway. Democracies always murder themselves. That is the lesson of history and ours will do the same, sooner rather than later. If the worst is to be avoided, then the present arrangements must be de-legitimized in order for a reform effort to have room to grow. That’s the role of Trump in the election. He the destroyer of worlds that need destroying.

When this all started, I compared Trump to the character in the Asimov Foundation series called The Mule. One way of interpreting this character is as a destroyer that sweeps away that which must be swept away in order for something better to rise in its place. That’s the Trump campaign. By cracking the Conservative Industrial Complex and challenging the legitimacy of the managerial class, he is exposing the whole thing as a racket, one which the people can no longer trust.

Last night The Mule Returned.

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  1. What do you mean “probably will not win”? Comparing a Trump rally’s numbers and enthusiasm to Hillary’s is like comparing a Beatles concert in 1964 to a VFW gathering on a Saturday night with the 3rd grade kazoo band playing.

    • You are correct re the enthusiasm, however, what’s being overlooked is the magnitude of the voter registration fraud going on, and come Election Day, given the lack of sacredness for the franchise of the left, there will be massive fraud. So much so, I do not even see how the enthusiasm and motivation of so many of us can begin to match it.

  2. I loved the ‘mule’ analogy. I am a huge Asimov fan and I too see Trump as the ‘mule’. I don’t know if he can do it, but I have hopes. I know that the left possess no ‘Preem Palma’. (I think that’s the spelling)

    • The last name may have been Palva … must find the book and check it out. Whatever, the point is we need a mule right now.

  3. Trump is a more statist version of Nixon. It’d be nice to talk about how he represents conservatism but there’s nothing of conservatism in him, with the possible exception of some early 20th century paleoconservatism that mostly missed the influence of classical liberalism.

    There’s a choice in this election but it’s between red and brown, not red and blue. The rule of law dies regardless of which of these two skells gets elected. But hey, Trump wears my team colors, so go Trump! Right?

    • Your mistake the sidelines for the high ground. You’ve had a year of having this explained to you, yet it still does not sink in.

    • Mr. Blow, I hate to tell you this but: the Republic as we knew it is over, it’s been dead for a long time now. Conservatism? Republican Party? Those are even deader than the Republic. By the way, so is actual liberalism and libertarianism. All dead except for some nice sort of comforting blankie for the idealistically inclined (not that there is anything wrong with being idealistic I suppose).
      And possibly America the country is pretty much on its last legs too (although you just never know). Anyway, the status quo as you and I know it is done, R.I.P., gone to meet its organic and terminal new address. What can go on no longer won’t. Trump’s just the symbol to show everybody that what they already knew was correct.
      So in that regard, no, it won’t matter who you vote for — can’t go home again Lassie.
      So that leaves the next best choice: Trump can be a jackarse, true,(although “he says bad things and chases tail” are hardly shock inducing new news…dude’s been a known factor with that for quite a while) and doubtless will disappoint, but…what is Hillary? And who will possibly give you the best odds on surviving?
      Me, I kinda see it that at least rolling the dice with Trump gives me some odds: who knows, maybe he’ll be an enlightened despot, those can be good for a country; he might even be a somewhat idealistic enlightened despot and actually attempt to return the Republic (not that the actual people in this country would like that, at least some); Hillary gives off a little too Granny Stalin-esque vibe for my tastes (probably why all those Dems and GOPers are frantically trying to appease her ladyship; they don’t want to commit a Foster).
      What is there to lose after all?

      • Yeah, everybody says they want a revolution until they get it. Been to a lot of places that got their revolution. Almost never turns out well. it’s easy to say all this apocalyptic sounding shit, then when you realize it means your fuckhead neighbor is going to try to dynamite your house with you in it, it’s too late to reconsider. I suppose my chances are marginally better with Trump than Hillary but it’s going to take Vicks up my nose and Dramamine to pull that lever.

        • “Yeah, everybody says they want a revolution until they get it.”

          Just because revolutions are ugly, does not mean this country doesn’t sorely need one. All you have to do is consider the alternative. How does slavery look to ya?

          If your neighbor is a problem, get him before he gets you. The smart man, though, tries to find common ground with his neighbors – even before a revolution. If your neighbor is trying to bomb you, maybe you deserve to be bombed.

    • He has positions we want — strong military, security, stop migration for the time being (esp of certain populations, bring jobs here by lowering corp. taxes– all those positions may be “conservative” or not — who cares? It’s the positions, not the label we care about.

  4. Will be voting for Trump and only Trump. No down ticket voting at all. Unless you know for sure your GOP candidate is genuine pro-Trump (and very few will be) it is better to flush out the squishes now by voting DEM (or not voting for anyone). Once Trump has been elected he can organize the replacement candidates.

  5. All the more reason to go full Sampson. Pull the supports of the temple down and crush many idolators.

  6. The mainstream conservatives were complete pussies during Reagan’s time too. They thought he was too conservative and too caustic. When, after 8 incredibly successful years, they got their favorite beta male in there (HW Bush), they immediately undid everything Reagan fixed – including the tax code.

    The GOP has been a mess since Calvin Coolidge left town.

  7. Vague thought: If Fecesbook users are outraged by Trump’s comments, shouldn’t they remember that (according to the movie The Social Network) Zuck created the original model of their favourite app to rate how ‘hot’ girls were at his college.

    In which case, the product is built on potential groping and the female users of it might want to trash it.

    • I understood that the version of FB you refer to was already part of his uni experience — all he did was part it online. Which makes the worship of his business and creative acumen even worse.

  8. The usual RINO’s were very quick to disassociate themselves from that “brutish” man. But it is interesting to note that the RNC has held steady in their support, leaving Paul Ryan and McCain, and others blowing in the wind. Maybe this guy Priebus isn’t so dumb after all and sees the writing on the wall. He knows that in order to survive, they must jettison, the weaker ones who are the main frustration of the Deplorables.

    Over time, I have come to “trust” Trump. I always liked his winning the primaries by talking bold and straight against his opponents who quite frankly, were stunned and didn’t know what to do so used to their polite ways of the past.

    What has won me over full tilt, is his ability to simply speak the truth in a loud manner. No one else was doing that. Crude or not, it is the truth. And yet, the media, including our illustrious former AG Eric Holder criticizes Trump for not knowing the Constitution and being out-of-bounds for saying he would “put Hillary in jail” or “have his AG appoint a Special Prosecutor.” This from Eric Holder! Isn’t that rich! ASsholE.

    One of Trump’s first orders of business will be to restore some semblance of confidence in places like the Dept. of Justice and the FBI. People have given their lives for their country and to have political hacks destroy their reputation is worse than Colin Kapernick destroying the reputation of the NFL.

    Trump should pull no punches and go after all the big crooks who have been skating all these years, people including Al Gore and his Global Warming scam, the FED and their politically driven policies, and the media who are outright liars. People need to go to jail and traitors need to be sentenced accordingly.

    I want the Mule, full bore, full tilt, all the way, kicking and yelling to set things right.

  9. The biggest revelation for me in the last eight years has been that the ‘Establishment’ is comprised of both the Republican and Democratic elite. With the servile support of the media and the other running dogs; the Public Schools, the Unions, and all Federal bureaucrats.
    It has also been a bitter realization that I do not live in the free nation that I thought I did. That that nation has been gone for quite a while.
    I’ve come to understand that if not for a precious few instruments of Freedom and Resistance put in place by the Founders we would already be in a deeper state of servitude than any Soviet ‘citizen’ ever was.

    Government institutions and agencies will not protect or help us, far to the contrary.
    More than half the ‘citizens’ will not protest or resist, far to the contrary.
    The ‘Free Press’ isn’t. Far, far to the contrary.
    There is no where safe to go on the entire globe.
    Only those men and women that hold to the same values of honor, respect and liberty can be counted on.

    Donald Trump’s defeat in November will be the first signal of the last chapter in the story of the American Republic. Whether or not it is the last chapter in the story of the American People will then be tried.

  10. There’s only one way Trump loses my vote: if he says he was just kidding about building a wall and just kidding about severely limiting Moslem immigration. Oooooh, he said some bad words while talking to another guy! Such a surprise, I think I need to head for my fainting couch, stat.

    Such sanctimonious hypocracy from both sides but especially the Left. It’s ok I guess, to get a young intern to “service” Bill Clinton, in the Oval Office, then lie about it to the American people when caught. Somehow this is not magnitudes worse than Trump trash-talking?

  11. The beta male pansy comment is spot on. Males especially young males have been through the media bombardment of brainwash so much so they have been emasculated effectively. This ongoing program IS by design and part of the destruction of societal fabric. Confused men, confused women frustrated and angry over an irritant they are blinded to.
    Of the two moderators in the debate Sunday night, one of them had a penis and it wasn’t Anderson Cooper.

  12. Prune……no, Chop the Bushies, McCaanites, Grahamnestys, Ryuns, and ass-orted Mitchy McCuckolds.
    ChamberPot Repubs ALL.

  13. I remember back when Bill Clinton was up to his hijinx in the White House. The Republicans went to all the trouble of impeaching him for nothing. In fact, they still refer to that episode to explain away why they fall down in a dead faint whenever their base asks when they’re going to get around to impeaching Obama. “Can’t do it! CAN’T!” they squeal. “It ruined us when we tried it against Clinton! The people didn’t care about sex, didn’t think it was important enough to impeach a president, and they punished us for being uptight prudes! That was the biggest mistake we ever made!”

    Now, though, a bit of off-colour boasting is the mark of Cain. In braggadicio, veritas to quote Hillary Buckley Jr. Why aren’t people like Ryan and McCain worried about being “punished” by the voters for what they’re on record as regarding as, at most, a venial sin?

    • Actually the Repubs were zactly right about impeaching Clinton. It was a huge mistake. The reason it was a mistake was because half the boomer dudes were thinking that if they had BJ’s chops they’d have some pudgy little Valley Girl intern under the desk satisfying their male urges and a huge majority of the boomer chicks were thinking that if they only had the chance they could get under the desk. And the press guys were thinking they’d get seconds.

      • Re boomer dudes: Only if they didn’t have any daughters or any insight as to where this was all leading.

      • No mistake at all. Protective cover for future evasive action.

        Plus, “rainbow parties”- each girl with a different color lipstick- made me wish to gosh I was back in high school. The feminine competition was on, and oral wasn’t really sex. Billy’s gift to mankind, or else the girls were just looking for an excuse anyways.

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  15. More Trump tapes of saying “outrageous things” are going to emerge. The cloud people will be collectively outraged and howl and gasp in horror while the dirt people will shrug and think, ‘who gives a shit?’ The problem for the cloud people is that they still believe that they count. They do, but just not as much.

  16. Goldberg’s Twitter avatar looks like a dog that just shat on the floor. I guess the party hat is meant to suggest context for the act.

    As you say, a faggot.

  17. The “Trump Tapes” were a Bush family hit job on Trump, closely coordinated with the GOP cucks and the media. Notice how the media had the GOP take the lead? Notice how all the usual suspects were ready with their take as soon as this hit? Notice how “Trump needs to step aside” was all cued up in advance? Pappy’s an old CIA man, and I would wager a month’s lunch money that this was a Pappy Bush opp.

    It may backfire: while I’m sure that Hillary’s people were told this was coming, and some no doubt welcomed it, I seriously wonder whether Hillary thought going nuclear on Trump’s private sexual boasting was such a great idea, since it makes her look like a hypocrite who condones Billy’s conduct while condemning Trump’s talk.

  18. Tried to explain to more than one alleged “centrist” that we’ve crossed a threshold and there is no going back. Trump represents the “dirt people” that have finally figured out the con and Sanders a different,but in some ways similar group of millennials that have figured out they won’t even have anything to be conned out of. And that even if the Progs have their wet dream and Hillary is elected, “je refuse” will be the watchword for a huge segment of the population. When the tipping point comes and the “je refuse’ers” decide its time to stop playing by the rules, well, then the fun begins.

  19. I took the time this morning to write to my congressman, running for Senate, to tell him that I would be voting against him for his cucking ways, and that I was hardly alone. If the race is close he will lose. The irony is that these weak people think turning on Trump will help them.

    • Hope you mean in a primary. Voting that way in the general would be tantamount to cutting off your nose to spite your face, unless he’s a shoo-in.

      • I disagree. If they know you will always vote for them, you have no power. The NRA has achieved it’s enviable success by making certain they know that they will switch to the other side if a candidate crosses them. As a result, they have successfully convinced most members of both parties to either support them or leave them alone.

        In the Mississippi Senate Race, Republicans should have voted for Travis Childers, the Democrat. In the Kentucky Senate race, Republicans should have voted for Alison Grimes. It was more important to prove that we would cut off some heads than it was to win those two Senate races.

        Rewarding the backstabbing of McConnell and Cochran simply guaranteed that we would see more of it.

        • All the surrender monkeys running for reelection that have abandoned the People’s candidate should be targeted for defeat. Trump should win easily. However after that the fun will just be starting. He will soon be targeted for impeachment. At that time we will need a Dictatorship to whip the arseholes.

        • “If they know you will always vote for them, you have no power.” You don’t have power in any case. “It’s a big club, and you’re not in it.” NRA’s “enviable success”? They are just a fundraising group that likes wheeling and dealing in the halls of power. They’ve stabbed us in the back innumerable times.

      • No. Voting for a cuck one more time is cutting up my face because I don’t like my nose. The Republican voters have made it clear they won’t play that game again–bless them–and the professional cucks are daring them to follow through on that. I have three in my own small state, Nevada. The governor, one Senator, and the congressman running for the second Senate seat vacated by Reid.. All avowed Republicucks in a competition to out virtue signal Ryan.

  20. Communists believe in a singular fact — There are always two revolutions when political change occurs. The first revolution is the engine that removes the old order. The second revolution is the one that restores the new order. Many times the players that figured in the first never transition to the second.

    History proves them right in the majority of occasions.

  21. Another cloud fog attack in the Culture Wars is now upon us: Some males have always talked that way, particularly when young and competing for dominance. But it was not then the mark of a man nor was it tolerated in the larger culture. The reason is simple, namely that if it were up to the immediate urges of suddenly physically powerful young males there could be no civilization. As we have seen in the BLM riots, in addition to status signaling, aggressive males have always used aggressive talk to recruit a band of their peers for violent action. I.e. they seek cover for immediate gratification of their anti-social urges.

    So, cultural prohibition of overt, wide-spread male ‘trash talk’ was a guardrail of civilization in the days when the state was small and the professional police nonexistent. IOW, trash talkers had to stay furtive and isolated or else the other men who preserved civilization were going to have to risk their lives again and again against insurrection instigated by this year’s crop of ‘young guns’ who, if restrained, would usually come around in a bit and become one of the guardians of civilization too. The outliers who didn’t were going to have to die off, one way or another. And it was so much easier done one at a time.

    But now the guardrails are mostly down, thanks to Feminism and zhir fellow travelers, namely Cultural Marxism/Soros-funded anarchy. But their cultural memory remains to be exploited by the Cloud People that destroyed them. To my fury, it is disgustingly familiar that xheir feminism always seeks to have it both ways: Guardrails up when it’s to xheir immediate advantage, guardrails down when actual risks (to xhem – Dirt People on their own) seem to be few and and it furthers xheir ‘soft power’, not to mention xhier own prospects of sexual gratification.

    Since the Cloud Folk fear neither God nor respect man’s actual nature, short of revolution, I don’t see any other way than Trump’s to shove it back at xhem, regrettably.

  22. Mr Z

    Your mention of the Foundation Series, and the [unanticipated] Mule is so spot on it hurts. Just like the Remnant in that book, we are tasked with bringing forward the seeds of a new culture. The Empire is irretrievably corrupt and its’ arc downward can’t be stopped.

    So yea, Trump – unanticipated – is the Mutant. LOL. Of course he scares the weenieRight. The Tangerine Tornado is sweeping the prog-scape.

    No matter who wins, there will be no electoral solutions. How does Trump broom the EPA ? HUD ? DOT ? How does he end the increasing PC-IngSocSpeechcodes on campuses ? A lot of devitalized tissue is going to need debridement for the patient to survive. Even then, the sepsis may not be stooped.

    Put your tray tables in the upright and locked position, and bring your seats forward. Prepare for a hard landing

  23. I cringed when I saw how many pussy-whipped little faggots whined about Trump. “[N]ormal men in private like to tell dick jokes, boast about women and reminiscence about their exploits”.Exactly! Kee-rist what a hypocritical, humorless, sissified society the US seems to have! And then I think of Europe and…

    I hold on to the hope that many of the pussy-whipped, along with normal but discrete women, will elect Trump, knowing as they must what an HRC victory will mean for the US and civilization as a whole. How crude or inarticulate Trump may be no longer matters, because too much is at stake. I respect our host’s point of view, but greatly hope he’s wrong on this one. Terrific essay though!

  24. Wow. Calling the faggots who take up space in Official Conservatism (rightly) “faggots”, branding (rightly) Jonah Goldberg as a “craven rumpswab” , and closing with a brainy reference to Isaac Asimov.

    This, sir, is why you’ve been officially bookmarked for ease of daily visitation.

    Thanks for what you do here, Zman..

  25. Great article…The GOP needs to go the way of the Whigs… Trump talks like a normal,hetero male and lives his hetero life “out loud” in contrast to Paul Ryan and the GOP cuck brigade who knows what kind of down-low deviant behavior they engage in…( exhibit A is Anthony Weiner…).

  26. The phony outrage over Trump’s comments are totally phony, manufactured, artificial and insincere.
    His comments did not violate any laws, did not result in deaths, did not destroy the lives of anybody, did not bankrupt anybody, did not destroy any family. They were said as a private citizen to another private citizen in private.
    Compare this phony, affected outrage to those in response to the ACTIONS of Hillary (and Bill). Her actions have resulted in the MURDER of Americans, willful violation of the law, illegal activities, her public lying in an OFFICIAL capacity and the purposeful and willful destruction by Hillary of a half dozen women raped by Bill.
    She told a bald faced lies directly to the parents of those Americans murdered in Benghazi. Her husband and the corrupt attorney general of the USA (an Obama house slave) conspired – along with Obama, Comey – to make sure Hillary was never to be indicted, etc.,. etc.
    The media , the republican big wigs, the Congress – everybody and anybody – yawned and ignored all of this.

    If anybody ever needed proof that the ruling elites and media (but I repeat myself) are nothing more than propagandists – in the best tradition of Goebbel’s Der Sturmer or Stalin’s Izvestia and Pravda – for maintaining the existing power structure , well here you have it.

    No one asks how Trump’s comments – stated years ago, somehow now surfaces. Rest assured that any and all potty mouth comments from the lesbian bull dyke Hillary (and Bill) will never reach the light of day.

    Trump is not perfect; he is a game of Russian Roulette with one bullet in a 12 chamber pistol. Hillary is Russian Roulette with 11 bullets in a 12 chambered pistol. That is clear to anybody.

    As far as the moral “high ground” (a stupid stance used to excuse and accept doing nothing ) remember that the jews being herded into the death camps has the “moral high ground” as did the 20 to 50 million Soviet citizens exterminated by Stalin, as did the fleeing East Germans left to die on the barbed wire separating East and West Berlin.
    Today’s republicans and conservatives have volunteered to walk – without any coercion whatsoever – into a political Auschwitz thinking that they can just hold their breath long enough to live to fight again. Their incompetence and stupidity is well beyond my ability to describe.

    Time for a Constitutional Convention of the States.

    • I was told by one SJW that Trump talking about grabbing a woman by the short hairs meant that he’d commit sexual assault. The conversation was about how triggered they were by talk about women as sexual objects. I refrained from suggesting they wear a burqua in public. Such phony outrage.

      • But they purposely overlook Bill Clinton’s life-long career as a sexual predator. Apparently Trump’s locker room talk is worse than Bill’s rapes, assaults, and frequent flyer status on Epstein’s Lolita Express.

  27. I have to bring it up. “… gentile rules….” is OK, but “… genteel rules….” is more to the point. A website that dwells on this kind of stuff says, “…genteel is affectedly proper or refined; somewhat prudish refinement; excessively polite while gentile is non-jewish.”

  28. If you read Liberal Fascism, Jonah comes across as a guy who understands the left, its impulses and their origins, and their totalitarian nature. You’d think he’d understand the existential nature of this election. Or maybe he does and he just doesn’t care. The rest of us would like to avoid a Hillary SCOTUS, thanks.

    • If anybody needs just one reason, one reason only to vote for Trump, it’s the several Supreme Court justices that will be appointed in the next 4 to 8 years.
      The next president will hold office at most 8 years; Supreme Court justices will be on the bench for 15 to 30 years.
      The choice is between a few new Scalia – thinking justices, or a few new “international law / UN law / “living constitution” black robed liberal progressive politicians on the bench.
      A president can F’up the nation for 8 years (think Carter, LBJ); the Supreme Court can literally destroy the very foundations upon which this nation was founded.

      The stupidity and arrogance of the never Trump republicans and/or conservatives is really beyond my comprehension.

    • Just spent a weekend down in DC/Bethesda. These people are comfortable. So comfortable that the promise that they’ll be left alone to continue earning a nice living as the loyal opposition and be invited to the good parties and dinners is enough. Or as Julius Ceasar put it “let me have men about me that are fat and sleek and sleep a-nights…”

    • (((Jonah))) understands perfectly the left. He doesn’t care because he’s the yin to their yang. Peas in a pod and all that.

  29. Past Roll-Over Party candidates remind me of a roly-poly clown toy – you know the one that you would punch and it would roll back and then pop back up ready to be punched again. Trump is more like a “rock-em-sock-em robot”. Gives as good as he gets and then some.
    Also Paul Ryan’s statement after the Trump 2005 tape was revealed sounded like something a metrosexual male would say, not like anything an alpha male would say. He personifies the wussification of the Roll-Over Party.

  30. I think Paul Ryan should be forced to suck David Duke’s cock to prove he’s worthy of not being deported to Venezuela. To feed the hungry masses. With his flesh.

  31. If you want to see a surrender monkey in action, check out the Ed Driscoll stories on Instapundit today. All hit pieces against Trump. Like Romney, Ed is very good at attacking the Republican candidate. I used to enjoy Instapundit as a morning read but think it’s time to give up on it.

    I need to send an email to my local Representative and let her know I won’t be voting for her. She got the vapors over the bad words and said she wouldn’t support Trump.

    • Yeah, I am pretty much done with Instapundit too. Driscoll is the worst of that lot, but by no means a lone cuck there. Even Reynolds is a demi-cuck; he just does a better job of keeping it under wraps…

      • And Driscoll moved from Californication to deep in the heart of Texas. I think he believes it makes him relevant. I have told him many times to not Californicate my state and to move back. He likes where he is because the knob-nobs at PJM like to go to this place.

        Rough Creek Lodge
        5165 Co Rd 2013
        Glen Rose, TX

        Dirt people cannot afford the place. And PJM’s “Bullets & Bourbon” has been cancelled for the year.

    • Once in a while they link to me. i think their main goal is site traffic so they post whatever will get hits.

    • I gave up on Insty a month or so ago. That used to be my first stop on the Web; now I don’t go there at all.
      Once upon a time I wondered how Glenn could do such a great job of linking with only a few pithy words; then he got guest-bloggers occasionally; now the site is totally ruined, and it’s infested with idiots.

      Maybe I’ll return after President Trump is inaugurated, and hopefully the Driscolls of the world will self-destruct; but maybe not. Glad I’ve found the Zman’s blog!

      • The good professor sold out to Amazon long ago. I am the original cynic, but even I am astounded at the obvious selling of space done to WaPo, (Reynolds) NYPost ( Hoyt) and V D Hanson.

      • The Irish? Jeeeebus. When you’re reading us into Judaism, it’s gone too fucking far. Honest to fuck, there’s not a chance in hell we could get up on a Saturday morning to go to shul. Between the menorah and the alcohol fumes, it’d be an enormous fire hazard.

    • Whew! I thought I was the only one that detected the insidious bias against Trump at IP. I was pissed and a little disappointed reading a couple of their linked articles today and told myself….screw this site! Another of these RINO sits scratched off my list….

  32. If Trump wins, the NY Times crowd will try their best to destroy him, and Paul Ryan, et al., will undermine him at every turn. They will be fighting for their very existence. If we fight back hard enough, maybe they’ll want to get rid of us by letting us have our own country, say the old south minus the beltway suburbs and northern Virginia. If he loses, at least I can say I have lived to see a bona fide presidential candidate talk about grabbing pussy and big phony tits, in other words, a normal male.

    • Actually what needs to happen is a 50-state secession. This country should regurgitate this foul District of Criminals like the blob of poison it is.

  33. On Saturday I read several of the statements issued by the Republican Cloud People who decided to repudiate Trump over the gutter talk. They were thrilled to have the opportunity to surrender to Clintons. After all, surrender is their thing.

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