Female Trouble

The one thing that Europe has in common with America is the thorny issue of immigration, especially the problem of Muslim immigration. Europeans are also facing the problem of sub-Saharan African immigration, which is a different problem. Black Africans are not yet forming up terrorist rings and threatening to destroy Western civilization, at least not on purpose. The daily drumbeat of terrorism stories we see in the news are all tied to Islam and its hostility to Western civilization. The fact is, Islam is incompatible with the West.

The question that never gets asked is why are European politicians so wedded to the idea of open borders, when it means Muslim immigration? Letting Poles move from their homelands to London, as tradesman, is one thing. There’s an economic argument there, not a good one, but at least there’s an argument. Making it easy for Mercedes to build car parts in Slovakia has an economic argument to it. Again, it is a fallacious argument, but you can see how some people, especially politicians, could be dull enough to fall for it.

There’s no economic argument for importing Syrians or Turks. Muslims are overwhelmingly represented on the welfare roles. In Denmark, people from MENA countries make up 5% of the population, but consume 40% of welfare benefits. This is a story across Europe. It is not just the new arrivals. Turks in Germany have been there for a couple of generations and have been the worst performing economic group in the country. Estimates put the total working population at 20%, while the rest live off welfare benefits. Then there is the issue of sky high Muslim crime rates.

There is no economic argument in favor of importing these people. Businesses that want cheap labor have options within Europe. Like US companies, global European firms have used Asia for slave labor in the old dirty industries. Just like Silicon Valley, European tech firms have used indentured servants from India and China to undercut domestic wages and dodge local labor laws. The fact is, human capital from MENA countries has little value in modern, Western countries. The only people benefiting from the importation of them are security firms and prison builders.

That leads to the other possible reason the political class is in love with mass immigration from Muslim countries. Is there popular support for importing these people, despite their uselessness as citizens? Again, there’s no data to suggest this is the case. European leaders could have put the issue to the voters, but they fanatically avoid it. In fact, anyone who dares run on the issue is branded a Nazi. Politicians love democracy when they are assured of winning. They avoid it when they are assured of losing. Therefore, it is safe to assume they don’t think this is a winner for them.

What makes the political math crazy is the polling shows quite clearly that the majority of the public would support a ban on further Muslim immigration. Clever politicians could easily dress such a thing up in flowery language and have a winning issue. Even not-so-clever politicians could simply call for a halt to further immigration, without naming Muslims directly. One of the French candidates could cut Le Pen off at the knees by simply adopting a restriction position on immigration. Yet, all of them go the other way.

If it is not good economics or good politics, why is the European ruling class hell bent on replacing their native population with openly hostile foreigners? Mass insanity is the tempting response, but that’s just another way of blaming magic. If it were mass insanity, it would have some sort of external cause, like a virus that strikes middle-aged white politicians. How come it only seems to cause hyper-altruism among people in political power? It’s a fun thing to say, but it is not fruitful speculation.

A better answer may be that this is the inevitable result of the feminization of Western civilization. The most important country in Europe is ruled by a barren old women, who started out in life as a communist. The most masculine politician in France is Marie Le Pen. Germany’s opposition party is led by a mousy little wood nymph named Frauke Petry. Even the Brits turned to a woman to lead them out of Europe after the Bexit vote and the collapse of Cameron’s government. The West is now a matriarchy.

Look at the reaction to Donald Trump among the ruling class of the United States. He is detested, mostly by upper class women. Their reason is he has a penis and enjoys using it. As a comparison, Le Pen’s support is lowest among upper middle-class women in France. Sweden, which now runs on the principles of the womyn’s studies department at your local university, is also  the poster child fro immigration restriction. The broads in charge of that country have destroyed at least two of their cities with Muslim migrants.

The fact, men and women are different cognitively and well as physiologically. This is not just old school male chauvinism. It is solid science. Women like drama and emotional theater. They also like the idea of the alpha male coming to their rescue. Put women in charge of a country and they will set about creating danger and chaos so that the males will come rescue them. That’s where the swarthy rapists from the south come in. Europe and America settled their differences and ran out of dragons to slay, so the gals created new one in the form of Muslim lunatics imported into the West.

The trouble is the men of the political class are mostly pussies. Look at the men in positions of authority in the West. Barak Obama was a wigger dork. Paul Ryan is a ridiculous pussy, afraid of his own shadow. The males in Western politics are effeminate, fragile peopel, who spent their youth in the library. There are no tough guys, former soldiers or adventurers in Western politics. It’s all power-skirts and the men who secretly wish to dress like them. The result is the female side is creating drama and the male side is sobbing in the corner, promising to hold the camera steady.

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  1. My tinfoil hat informs me Saul Alinsky’s strategy of hoisting the economy on the petard of its welfare generosity until it bankrupts, followed by military rule to restore order and install socialism, is the rationale for Islamic immigration. 93% of these folks are on welfare now. Us deplorables are under attack from the Bilderberg’s at the top, and the socialists at the bottom. We are doomed!

  2. “We still have Spartans. So did Honorius. If anything, it was his Athenians that sucked balls” — Mencius Moldbug, 26 October 2011

  3. I’m sure you didn’t mean it to but this has a resonance with the idea that women are magnetically attracted to the ‘hug an immigrant’ thing due to the Persephone myth – i.e. the female version of the hero’s journey where you get to learnt the hard way that the point of life isn’t to be on everyone’s Christmas card list. Anyhow – interesting as all this is- I fear the sad truth is that they are allowing these brainwashed zombies to come on over (or come back) and do their thing because it’s a hell of a good way to get to throw off that tedious ole velvet glove and get the martial law show on the road.

  4. Women will push for control until they get it, and then will look for men who will control them. They will open the gates to the barbarians if they have to. The men of the West need to realize that if they won’t control their women, someone else will.

  5. “Black Africans are not yet forming up terrorist rings and threatening to destroy Western civilization”

    But that’s exactly what we were told about Somalia to Justify Bush’s crimes.

    • They just do it naturally. And America has large Black criminal gangs. Beyond that, they are attracted to Islam. The English terrorist was a Negro. There have been many Negro Jihadis.

  6. There is obvious sexual dimorphism in the height of humans. What makes you think that there is no sexual dimorphism in the brain? Women are proving that they are unfit to lead by creating a 3-continental-sized disaster: North America, Europe, Australia. Everybody else is making their fill, grabbing whatever they can from us, decaying at the hands of the Womyns Studies “scientists”.

  7. HU-Man chattle, err ummm, cattle (cows), Oh, I meant capital HU man, I think meat? G L OR ia, the van man

    Book review, slightly reminiscent of the original snake that offer Eve the Apple of Adams eye, opening the box full of Pandora’s of not so good evils, slives? And I had no thing to do with Chuck B. or the Rock a feller guy it was natural causes, however predictable.

    They called him Dick, or Mr. Tater of Huis that House built. Colonel Cloned HU IS to you. And this is why Atlas Shrugged (John Galt not who is, however, HU IS who), Philip Dru, “Administrator” ((1912)) , Damn Communists! I felt the need to inject John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Chuck Berry’s You can never tell, into the story lie with obviously objectionable, Quentin as Doctor Dru, The Administrator of the world, and of course Samuel L as narrator / story teller and all around good guy, but would add all the reasons why the fairy tale, such as it was seemingly comes to life that none in the real life of pulp fiction dreamed a bigger dream is the house the Huis built for him self, the selfish little turd communist / progressive Socialist, hence the term Demo Rats! Damn Communists! Mandel E House. Slive (third-person singular simple present slives, present participle sliving, simple past slove or slived, past participle sliven or slived) (transitive, obsolete or dialectal) To cut; split; separate. (transitive, obsolete or dialectal, chiefly Scotland) To cut or slice something off; separate by slicing.

    Sliving right along now, them, this> Such is doing the right things for the wrong reasons, shall we say dicey little truths bears fruits, of the DIS like odd fellow Berry Stiletto. Interestingly, 1913 and 2013 have similarities; think what would have happened if them had the technology we have today? Play it again Sam L, The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee. (wp,PF) actually Ezekiel 25-17.

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    “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two would figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor or to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

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    And them nextly, now them more on later.

  8. I’ve always suspected an alternative explanation:

    The French are never going to vote for the end of France and the sovereignty of the French government. Nor will the Italians or the Germans. So if the EU is to succeed in becoming the US style Federal Government of Europe, they need to import a new population that will vote to end nations and national sovereignty.

  9. It’s group dynamics,10 men in a group will do a task as men do. A natural leader will emerge he’s the Alpha male, Most will follow along some will drag along. Introduce one woman into the group and discord and chaos will occur. No longer will the group have that single minded process as a goal. I’ve said for years that the “Alpha Male” of the USA is the angry black man, the “Alpha Male” of the world is the angry Muslim man. Secretly and probably subconsciously the Western demi-male admires both the black angry male and the Muslim angry male, the demi-man is self-loathing and knows at his core he should be and act like a traditional man but it’s so easy to flow like water downhill, a life without resistance. All the while he can delude himself that he is enlightened and seeks diversity instead of confronting adversity.. the “effemination” (my word) of modern man is mostly a result of the abdication of male dominance and power not an overthrow by women asserting themselves. I have said for decades that Christianity (which largely represents the whole of western civilization) and Islam are fundamentally incompatible. Full stop. Books can and will be written on this subject but it’ is better to act like a man than read like a man.
    Funny how some have come over to the Trump side of thinking post election?
    There is a typo four lines from the end of the article people not “peopel”

  10. Elections, and the resulting selection of political leadership, is a direct reflection of the composition and mindset of the electorate. Prolonged affluence leads to extinction of real hardship, leads to diminution of competitiveness and fitness-based selection, leads to societal suicide (see mouse Utopia experiment).

    Merkel’s actions are not explainable by rational analysis, but emerge from our genetic heritage. When a nation’s populace begins to anti-evolve (e.g. selects for weakness rather than strength), nature will eventually condemn them to fail.

    Europe needs an existential crisis in order to re-start the process of selecting for intelligence, strength, resourcefulness, and robustness. When every neighborhood is fighting for it’s survival, then (maybe) the tide will turn.

  11. From “The Western Use of Islamism” (2013):

    “The exploitation of the Islamist movements useful to the Atlantic strategy did not finish with the Red Army’s retreat from Afghanistan. The aid granted by Clinton’s administration to the Bosnian and Kosovar separatism, the US and English support to wahhabi terror in Caucasian region, Brzezinski’s patronage to fundamentalist movements in Central Asia, the intervention in Libya and Syria are episodes of a war waged against Eurasia, in which the North Americans and their allies have turned to the Islamist collaboration.”

    I fear the ‘Western use of Islamism’ is now being used against the West and Muslims being imported into Western countries are bringing Islam to fill the secular vacuum where Christian tradition used to exist. From that will come control of the people, especially needed in times where “income inequality” persists and is probably not going to get better, that is, if all goes according to plan. [insert evil laugh here!] Also, the intolerant and violent Islamicized public will be weapons for use in a military ruled over by the elite.

    As for the women, it’s the exceptionally ambitious, greedy harpies that sell their soul and will do whatever it takes to claw their way to the top of the heap, even betraying their own people and country. These turds share power with their male turd counterparts. (Yes there are a few good ones here and there, but very few these days. We got real lucky with Trump.) There are a lot of normal women who share the same views that you gentlemen express here, though we don’t want to be men or pretend women think or have capabilities like men. We don’t believe in nonsense such as open borders, importing swarthy terrorists and unlimited numbers of Hispanic peasants or Indian engineers or Filipino nurses so as to fulfill rape or rescue fantasies. (Though I have no doubt that the psycho harpies may enjoy these fantasies.) But we normal women are not very visible as the mainstream media and culture portrays only the modern dysfunctional concept of a woman as the ideal, which I believe tears down our traditional values and Christian ideals, thus weakening us dirt people. I’m ashamed of the women leaders like Merkel and the Swedish contingent who are destroying their own countries. Can they really be that stupid? I believe corruption is at the heart of it all and they are courtiers for the ruling elite, with an aim toward control of the people and gaining money and power. The same very old story.


    • Indeed, it is hard to believe that the mass migration of Muslims into Europe is a consequence of women’s psychodramatic and sexual tendencies. That’s quite the facile explanation. We have such powers!

      • Women are being used but there’s a deeper and older scheme in the works: eliminating the White Race thru sterility and miscegenation. That’s one reason those swarthy rapists were let in. And of course, they’re the Orc Soldiers of the Left too. Google the Kalergi Plan.

  12. the elites do this because mass immigration helps depress wages, increase consumer demand, increase corporate profits and weaken the unity of the populace….this should be evident to any well-read, experienced and intelligent person….but i seem to be the only person in the world saying this…odd case…

  13. A woman looks for weakness in a man as she looks for a hole in her stocking, hoping she’ll never find it.

  14. So many crazy bitches, I’ve said it for years, they are driven mad by the boob tube and pervert celebrities. Doesn’t matter their social status, saw it in the corporate world, they end up pissed off endlessly and have lots of cats. My 20something nieces are all obamatons, making the same poor decisions. So glad I married a working man with common sense. And yes I do make him his lunch everyday, usually a sammich!

  15. Women support Muslim immigration for the same reason SWPL women adopt pit bulls. They love the idea of harnessing/ taming them and perceive the benefit largely in terms of virtue signaling. The risk associated with such behavior seems lower than it actually is because they assume that when things go wrong they’ll be judged not by the consequences but by their good intentions.

  16. “…The question that never gets asked is why are European politicians so wedded to the idea of open borders, when it means Muslim immigration?…”

    I have a simple mind and have a simple solution for this. A great deal of the politicians are having sex with children and the Jews are blackmailing them as Europeans are the Jews greatest enemy, or so they think. This may seem daft until you look at all the child sex scandals that were found out but covered up. There’s a LOT of them and they’ve been going on a long time. The longer it goes on the worse it gets as they continue to promote those inclined to carry on the habit. It’s the single biggest problem facing the West. All the rest is gravy in comparison.

    • I sorta want to up vote this one and down vote it at the same time. I think you might be on to the gist of something that is going on, but it may not be as widespread or as specific as the case you are making. Pizzagate has legs because something isn’t right and the Bros Podesta appear to be real creeps. Does it go far and wide, as you say? Don’t know, hope not. On the other hand, Rotherham gets out there and it is just put away and ignored after 15 minutes or so, and that was some real nasty stuff.

      • Hotel management for locations frequented by upper class Saudi guests features a mandatory lesson:
        How to explain to such clientele that the 2 or 3 ten-year-olds they expect at bedtime are not included as part of the customary room service in Western hotels.
        Not kidding, it’s a real thing.

    • Wasn’t it recently in Britain that some cop said they need to relook child sex crimes as there isn’t enough room to lock up all those involved?

  17. “Put women in charge of a country and they will set about creating danger and chaos so that the males will come rescue them. ”

    The women currently helping to run the western world into the ground don’t strike me so much as a cause of what is going on as much as it is that they are a symptom of a bigger issue. Muslim immigration to Europe isn’t something that began 20 years ago. Germany began importing Turks in the 1950s. It was Konrad Adenauer who brought the first Muslims into Germany. It was De Gaulle who started flooding France with Algerians. And it wasn’t Thatcher who turned central England into a Pakistani colony; that was Tony Blair.

    The insane cat women and SJW lesbians turning Europe into Morocco are the end result of three generations of lack of responsibility. The last men who had to make hard decisions were swept away by the mid-1950s (Suez was the turning point though some leaders did linger up to the 1970s) and since then Europe has done what the powerless usually do – try to signal that they are what they are not.

    “If it is not good economics or good politics, why is the European ruling class hell bent on replacing their native population with openly hostile foreigners?”

    Thats the question; I think the answer is that the current elites are trying to neutralize potential rivals and aren’t able to make the old appeal for themselves as special class. They want to be unrivaled aristocrats but they can’t just come out and say that so instead they just intend to make it almost impossible for anyone who could make the jump into the elite to do so. And that means wrecking their own people; I imagine they think that even if the population changes they can remain in charge. They seem to have forgotten that the barbarians have their own elites who aren’t likely to be merciful when they can finally sweep into power.

    “The males in Western politics are effeminate, fragile people, who spent their youth in the library. There are no tough guys, former soldiers or adventurers in Western politics. ”

    They are also a result of a soundbite culture that we live in. Normal people work and cultivate real skills while the lunatics who head towards the bureaucracy and official power spend their time being able to say nothing in as catchy way as possible.

  18. Completely off-topic, but I must confess to a terrible crime. I’d like to apologise to our host, the readers, America, and the world.

    You see, I finally finished digging out and rebuilding- all by hand- dear sweet Mom’s 60 year old septic tank.

    I poured a concrete floor, and some scoundrel, some villain, wrote O-B-A-M-A in the wet concrete.

    So now, and for the next 60 years, whenever someone flushes the toilet, our beloved African Muslim’s name will…

    Aghast. I am aghast.

    • Some pretty creative scoundrel at that! Let’s hope that in 60 years, when someone reads the letters imprinted there, they will only think it was the name of the person who poured the slab and finished it.

  19. Well, to be honest, for the cloud people it’s probably like inviting metrosexual vampires in for a romp.

    For the rest, more like predatory mercenaries and privateers.

    Probably depends on where one hangs their hat.

    I guess the cloud people are so used to layers of editors and fact checkers it does not compute.

    I wonder sometimes how many well timed spankings and bitchslaps prevented useless wars.

    That would be some narrative with all the juicy bits left in for posterity.
    Or a myth.

  20. The Zpost is another (and much funnier) way of saying that women’s suffrage is insufferable.

    Listen, and understand. Female rule is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It only feels pity, remorse, and fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until we are all dead.

    Or, as Alexis T. had already observed in 1835…There are Europeans who would make of men and women beings not only equal but alike. To both, they attribute the same functions equally, impose on them the same duties and grant them the same rights…It is easy to see that, in this ambition to make the one sex equal to the other, both are demeaned and that, from this crude mixing of nature’s works, will emerge weak men and immodest women.

    Easy to see.

  21. In all fairness to freely elected female leadership, it would be interesting to see how American female State Governors measure up against their European counterparts. Given the population of many US States is very close to the populations of European countries, (e.g. Washington State vs. Austria, Arkansas to Ukraine) I think it would be fair to compare US Governors to European Prime Ministers.

    How would you stack up Susana Martinez (NM), Mary Fallin (OK), Gina Raimondo (RI) against Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine), Zinaida Greceanîi (Moldova) or Ewa Kopacz (Poland)?

    How to these women compare in their policies towards crime, immigration, economics, employment, etc.?

    • Luckily U.S. Governors don’t make immigration or foreign policy. I can’t say I’m familiar with any of your examples – it’s a big country and I don’t worry much about things in NM or OK.

      I live in New Jersey and we had a female Governor a while back – Christine Todd Whitman. She was moderately center-right and seemed a decent manager. She did much to fix the state’s finances after years of Democrat overspending.

      But, she had a big blind spot. She insisted on only appointing Judges to the state Supreme Court who were pro-choice on abortion. Since there is nothing in the NJ State Constitution regarding abortion, she had to pick judges who didn’t read the constitution. This despite the fact that there was zero chance of the NJ legislature passing any kind of abortion ban.

      The easily predictable result was that the judges who didn’t care about the rules made crazy rulings and destroyed the state’s educational system and finances. Now the court runs NJ schools. (see Abbott decision)

    • Karl, my state, a lefty lunatic asylum, has a woman governor. Before she became governor this woman was my state rep for many years, and I had numerous interactions with her, most of them unpleasant. A defender of bureaucrats at the expense of her constituents, she’s also manipulative and an idiot. In other words, an almost perfect example of a female politician.

  22. “So, how is it that these leaders never look past the next election yet stand firm against public outcry with this grand 50/100 year vision of unfaltering growth?”

    “Why European politicians are wedded to open borders: The politicians bought Palestinian propaganda. Jews are bad (which educated Europeans knew, but saying so was not appropriate conversation, except in small private talks). Once anti-Zionism became a proper replacement for “No Jews,” the next thought step was logical: If Zionists (Jews) are bad, Muslims must be good.”

    The first post is, I hope, a rhetorical question. The second is an incorrect rationalization for why our elect3ed officials ignore the wishes of the electorate. The truth is, there is evil in the world. These fools that make such supposed short-sighted policies know EXACTLY what they are doing. They may not have privy to what their masters plans are but they know they are not doing what is “good”. What’s in it for them is the only guiding principle they know.

    I think there is a growing contempt by men for women. Sure, there are good and rational women out there. But, the herd is mindless. More and more men are seeing women as a 5th column in their presence. The blowback will be tremendous, but that is what women want. Emotional tingles. Doesn’t matter if it is pleasant or painful. It is a feeling. What they live for.

    • Women think they can do better because they hear every day that it is a “man’s world” and that “everything is screwed up”. Ergo, get rid of the men in charge of everything and all will be better. Good luck with that.

      As to the Muslim invasion, “refugees welcome” is a “woke” thing, touted by women, so it must be good. No deep thinking going on there, just a knee-jerk affirmation reaction, as they have been trained to do. The brain is a powerful thing, self-deception is an easy thing, and group-think manipulation of others is surprisingly easy to put into practice. Anyone thinking deeply on the subject of Muslim migration would quickly come up with a long string of difficult questions. The fact of the blind acquiescence to all of this suggests that there is absolutely no deep thinking going on at all.

    • You’re correct about one thing: Large numbers of anti-Semites are pro Palestinian and that’s very close to being pro-Muslim.

      No idea how it will play out. I have encountered anti-Semites on certain sites and they are often shockingly ill-informed about Islam.

      You’d think 9/11 never happened.

      Note that in Israel itself, there are large numbers of realistic Jews who well-informed about Islam. Remember, Baghdad was once about a third Jews.

      Some of the elite Israeli Ashkenazim resemble the elite Western Jews. How they can take such an attitude stuns me. I can’t figure it out. Note that they haven’t won any elections in Israel for quite a while.

  23. While I agree with your observations about matriarchy (how could I not given the genders of the leadership?), I don’t think that explains the actual reason European elites encourage Muslim immigration. These violent, crude, near-Medieval strangers serve as shock troops to keep the indigenous peasantry in line. The terror is a feature and not a bug, and the elites already have imposed a new feudal system on Western Europe.

    The same was on track to happen in the United States but the election of Trump derailed the plan, at least for the time being. The president needs to declassify materials as seemingly unrelated as Benghazi and side agreements with Saudi Arabia and the European Union to let the people know what was planned for them.

    • The Global Elite want to end Western Civilization and breeding the White Race out is a big part of that. And of course a war between Islam and the West might be helpful too. Google the Kalergi Plan.

  24. This is why I never tire of saying that today’s Social Justice Warrior is tomorrow’s obergruppenfuhrer. Eventually the West’s remaining men will band together and fight, outside the boundaries of politics-as-usual. Once this is seen to be acceptable, and indeed cool — because all the chicks will swoon — the SJWs will jump out in front of the parade, playing the “more radical than thou” game which is their only form of entertainment. They’ll worm their way up the ranks, and they’ll enjoy meting out physical punishment via stormtroopers much more than they enjoy meting out economic punishment via Twitter mob (and we know how much they love that).

    • Very true. SJWs of both sexes are aggressive and power hungry. Notice how the street violence we have been seeing is mostly all SJWs or their new friends, Muslims.

      Little do they know what the Muslims are planning for them.

  25. Zman, when you stated that women desired to create a crisis to be rescued by a manly man, It reminded me of the story of the woman who was determined to change her husband for the better. After years of effort she proved successful, but then ended up leaving him, complaining woefully that he was no longer the same man she had married!

    The feminists, having successfully emasculating male culture for decades, are reaping the unpleasant consequences they did not expect–milquetoast she-men who do not attract them. So now they seek to import raw stock from overseas to try again, with the conceit they can do it right this time.Boy, are they in for a surprise.

  26. The European country defense ministers are almost all women, with a dorky male or two mixed in. By design?

    • The ambitious harpies, eager to prove themselves, will carry out sick policies with zeal. Yes, I think by design.

    • Yeah, when I saw a picture of them gathered around the tea table, I thought it was a very odd gathering. Defense Ministers? Of actual countries? With millions of people to protect? OMG!!

  27. At some point will women be drummed out of the Armed Forces ? It was a terrible mistake. I can’t think of one good thing that came out of this experiment.
    On the home front, maybe they will wake up before they are all replaced by robots.
    Zman, you certainly can turn a phrase: “wigger dork”.

    • @shelby,
      Hahaha, Amen!
      I’ll actually get a lot of mileage out of
      “Men build, women decorate”.
      maybe I’ll do a tee shirt front & back….since i’m not getting into many fights these days, and feeling a little pussyfied……
      maybe add a penis hat….. and find somplace to march.
      ….yeah, thats the ticket!

  28. Actually the reason pols like Merkel import Muslims and put them on welfare is to build another block vote. Same thing the Dems did with the AA’s here in the 60’s.

    • I’m not sure I buy that in the case of Europe. The muzzies have proven to be an unreliable voting block. In multi-party parliamentary systems, importing ringers is not very useful, as they tend to vote for fringe parties or form their own party. In a two party system, this has some utility.

  29. “Mass insanity is the tempting response, but that’s just another way of blaming magic.”

    There is no reason to assume that irrational people will make rational decisions. You should not assume that all their decisions are irrational, but when they make them it shouldn’t puzzle you.

    • Was that his social upheaval Cube Theory, CW-2 I think it is, your referring too? Ol’ Matt is pretty sharp. Has a great common sense critical thinking way.
      Have you read Matt’s Enemies Foreign And Domestic trilogy?

      • I started to read the first book, then got too mad. It’s still on the Kindle so I will get to it.

        • The second is intense, it is especially hilarious when the leading Lady takes vengeance on a couple of particularly nasty characters.
          (ever notice how particularly genocidal most of the tyrants in history females tyrants are?)
          The last is the best in my opinion. I have no doubts if HRC was POTUS it would have happened. Barry set the stage, all that was required was for her blood thirsty propensities to do the rest.
          Ol’ Matt has a fertile mind.

  30. Why European politicians are wedded to open borders: The politicians bought Palestinian propaganda. Jews are bad (which educated Europeans knew, but saying so was not appropriate conversation, except in small private talks). Once anti-Zionism became a proper replacement for “No Jews,” the next thought step was logical: If Zionists (Jews) are bad, Muslims must be good. The decline of Christianity figured is as well, in this manner: The educated class daily sees examples of Christianity in cathedrals and in statues of Christian leaders who won wars against invaders. But the educated class are not Christian, nor did they pay attention when told the benefits of replacing paganism with Christianity. The educated class dislikes the Jews among them. Muslims are not Jews or Christians, but Muslims have been mistreated by Christian crusaders and by Christian Sykes and Picots, therefore they are good and must be allowed. It’s either that, or European politicians are part of the biggest bunch of dumbasses ever in all of history.

  31. Z Man;
    Alternative hypothesis: Suni Islamist bribery. IOW, Persian Gulf Elites richly feeding the Prog. ecosystem via symposia with vast speaking fees, endowed chairs of ME studies for policy-formulating upper mid-level scribblers of the deep state upon retirement, etc. Their generous donations to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation were no-doubt replicated in the EU. That said donations abruptly stopped when !Hillary! failed to be coronated is all the evidence you need of the intent behind them.

    Why_? It is not even controversial that “Our Friends the Saudi’s” pursue a double track strategy of ideological subversion + invasion that advances the Caliphate, placates the fanatic Mullahs and rids their region of the excess male elite spawn (particularly critical for polygamous cultures) who are both apt and able to cause trouble.

    • makes sense. saudis used their more radical mullahs in a fight against communism. these jihadis in the 1990 were suddenly left without a target so something had to be done about it. also shipping undesirables has been a favorite european pastime (puritans come to my mind ). more recently in the balkans a similar thing happened. it’s a price to pay for internal stability

    • I meant to add that my alternative theory (bribery) was not mutually exclusive to blaming the fruits of feminism. Such a major folly* as willingly mass-importing implacably hostile welfare cases who have a common oppositional culture and who have not nor will not assimilate, usually has more one cause.

      Being an oldish male I cannot imagine Frau Merkel having an actual sexual attraction to die Schwartzen (or anyone else – sorry Karl :-)). So, let me take a stab at plausible common cause, namely elite secularization in the West, IOW, the Cloud’s systematic rejection of God. How else to explain the loss of the intellectual confidence needed to robustly confront the obvious lies of Cultural Marxism, of which feminism is surely the most obvious. To wit: The most pampered and entitled people on the face of God’s earth, i.e. western elite females, are THE systematically oppressed social class, as opposed to workers, or third-worlders, etc., as in Marxism 1.0 or feudal peasants as in Marxism 2.0 (Maoism & Liberation Theology).

      Not to mention they also lack the intellectual confidence (or even historical knowledge) to recognize that Islam in any form is incomparable with our now-badly-tattered ‘western values’.

      *The most useful definition of folly I have seen is something like, ‘continually doing something that you know at some level is self-destructive but you can’t stop doing because, ‘reasons’ (i.e. strong emotional preference). Hey, maybe Z Man’s right, they really are that mindless and emotional.

      • if i remember correctly in the decade following the end of the cold war, there was a real panic and a loss of purpose among the left (at least here in europe – the american experience was probably a bit different) . the left suddenly lost a reason to exist . fukuyama and the end of history was a very popular book at universities. Something similar happened to the jihadists following the soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.

        the turning point was a war in bosnia. yes, that country again . it breathed a new life and purpose into the political islam (al qaeda was born there) and the left found a new opressed minority to care about. incompetence and the corruption of the different conservative goverments did not help either.

        • Here in the Untied States the political filth on both the left and right panicked.
          There was brief talk of a “peace dividend” but then it occurred to the clowns that that meant less looting.

      • There is one explanation that bears telling. Its in no way all of the issue, but it is a deeply powerful one for some. There are woman who are primally sexually attracted to aggressive males. And some who are attracted to sexual assault. Look at the associations between the pink hat vagina’s feminazi’s and the muslim woman leaders in that movement. Some serious correlation’s there.
        And serious sociopathic tendencies. At least by Christian Western mores and virtues.

        Explain the Refugees welcoming parties in Europe, these fertile nubian’s holding up banners waiting for islamic jihadi’s to arrive. Merkel and the female defense ministers of the Union can’t be ignorant of the musloid view of unveiled unaccompanied European woman in less clothes.
        Two European World Wars killed off the greater majority on orders of millions of warriors and Red pill European men. There is a dynamic in this that dovetails no matter how heinous it appears to at least myself and my fellows American men I know.
        There are woman with a primal insatiable urge to be physically. sexually conquered and enslaved sexually. To be blunt, their vagina’s become wet in anticipation of being raped by blood thirsty warriors.
        Sounds pretty gross. I think there is much truth in it. Not much else explains events beyond the cultural marxist agenda aspect.

        • I think that is part of it, but females are cold calculators. The female tribe is a big thing for them, and if the tribe appears to be for it, then so are they. The tribe is certainly officially anti-alpha male, even if members of it harbor a secret lust for alphas. Trump’s alpha personality just sends them around the bend, in part because that is the official female tribe policy.

          It is funny to me that females can be so calculating in their personal lives, yet give up all rational thought when it comes to parroting the female tribe preferences, and simply knee-jerking to the party line. This tendency gets worked hard by Soros and the powers that be, and the women are blind to it.

      • This is the first time I actually see someone postulating the Saudi bribery theory online (or in real life for that matter), beside myself. The key point here is that these theories are not mutually exclusive. Feminism surely didn’t start on Saudi money, but is sure financed tooday, as it weakens the West which Saudis ultimately seek to conquer.

        The West is corroding and is weakend from the inside, and the outside enemies are of course doing anything they can to help speed up that process. It’s that simple.

        Useful idiots for the enemy. And the biggest idiots are normal men that have let all of this to happen, by placating to the ever growing demand of women. It’s Adam and Eve story all over again. Men must be strong, or civilization fails.

    • You are right, Al. The Saudis are the masculine principle, they determine what the action will be and the shape of the action; the western elite are the feminine principle, they are receptive.

      The influence of the Saudis over our politics is the great untold story (It’s greater than the Israelis now). I’d guess that they are the ones who have conceived the Russia stuff we are seeing!

  32. Reminds me of a Hannity show from 2015. Gavin McInnes and Tamara Holder were discussing the fact that Hillary’s campaign paid women less than men. McInnes posited that women choose to spend less time on the job,resulting in less pay,which of course Holder vehemently denied. He then told Holder,who was touting her own happy single life,that “You would be much happier at home with a husband and children!” She was dumbstruck,and the look on her face defined the word “priceless”. Mind you,this was 2015. Lately, FoxNewsBrand has been shedding testosterone faster than water off a duck’s back. McInnes is no longer a contributor and Judge Andrew Napolitano is in the ether. Interesting how the Left delighting in calling Fox “Faux News”. Murdoch’s spawn are making that a reality.

    • @Nori l. THAT is a must see video for everyone. Hannity is laughing while Holder is so stunned she is shaking. Little tidbit on Holder….apparently her and the God fearing Rev. Jesse Jackson were a item behind closed doors. And on the sofa. And bent over his desk. Probably in his limo…..most likely in…

  33. It goes further. We are now installing females at senior positions within our military, with predictable results. We had the ROTC cadets walking around in heels a couple years ago, ordered by a skirt. We have Army soldiers wearing pregnancy simulation suits. In 2014, I had an opportunity to see a Marine Corps recruit graduation ceremony at Paris Island. (I was a Hollywood marine, and never made it to PI or Lejeune.) The guest speaker was a 1 star skirt with an almost unintelligible accent. She went on to talk about the typical fast food quality challenges the modern armed services face, which is to say the word diversity came up a lot. I sat there thinking to myself, this broad has never commanded troops in combat, let alone led a night patrol during a training exercise. She shouldn’t hold a rank above Major, but she’s probably an O9 by now, knitting camouflage va-jay-jay hats for recruits to wear on diversity day.

    • If I was in Trump’s cabinet I’d do two things right now. Some nuclear trolling of the Deep State. A screen while working deeper on various swamp draining tactics.
      #1 Get Sarah Palin into the public spot light, have her focus on the West’s political/corporate deliberate importation of Islam into the western nations, add in steady narrative of the dirt peoples electoral victory/MGA.
      And #2, the item attached below. These items would be like turning over a hornets nest. Nothing makes the left and their cuck allows more distraught and unhinged than Nationalism, will of the governed, and natural unfettered dirt peoples right to self defense. Probably guns and Sarah Palin makes them come unglued more than Trump and MAGA. All three are anathema to the open borders agenda.
      It sure would be fun to watch.


    • I was hoping that Europe would fight for it’s liberty, at least once! It is not worth one drop of American Alpha Male blood

  34. I agree on all accounts. I still have one unanswered question. The lesson we’ve all been taught is that politicians are only as farsighted as the next election, “everything is short term”, “kick the can down the road”, etc. And yet, the unspoken answer for why immigration is championed is that our leaders are worried about the demographic crisis–low birth rates killing all economic advancement if not the culture itself.

    So, how is it that these leaders never look past the next election yet stand firm against public outcry with this grand 50/100 year vision of unfaltering growth?

    • On the surface, it does strike a man as irrational. After all, why get on the wrong side of the voters? Women are not wired the same as men so they don’t think about these issues the same way as man thinks about them. Women are wired for drama and theatrics, in order to get attention from males. That biological quality overrides their political instincts.

      Men build, women decorate.

      • ZMan, there are two problems with your argument. First, there simply aren’t that many women in political power. Second, if female “logic” was driving these policies, the politicians would not be afraid to put them to a vote, given that women (slightly) outnumber men.

        Here’s a simpler, and much more elegant explanation: the Saudis have used their massive oil wealth to buy off European leadership, and convert them to Islam. Conversion takes literally 30 seconds, and these politicians are religiously indifferent, have no morals or values, and no special love for their countries. I’m sure they would gladly accept, say, $20 million in a Swiss bank account in exchange for reciting the shahada and opening the gates to their (now) fellow co-religionists.

  35. I have been saying for a while now that gynocentric societies are the beginning of the end for western civilization. Women should never have been allowed to vote and they’ve turned the world upside down, becoming the men they’ve always wanted to be because of “feels”. Women are NOT equal to men, never have been never will be either in physical capabilities or intellect.

    • The triumph of the progressive left wing is entirely due to 100 years of female voting. Example: my mother was a entirely anti-Hillary for a year up until Nov 8th and then voted for Hillary because she was a female and my female relations asked her to vote democrap.

    • This started a long time ago. From common sense and reading history is it clear that women in the Roman Empire were disproportionately attracted to Christianity as opposed to the old pagan religions. Then they tried to convert husbands, and tried to raise Christian sons. Emporer Constantine, who famously converted himself and started the ball rolling for the entire Roman Empire had an enthusiastic Christian convert mother.

      Edward Gibbon has blamed Christianity for helping the Roman Empire collapse. It may have, but the incoming pagans from the north ended up converting themselves and started missions going to all of Europe.

      So one could argue that feminization started with Christianity. Certainly Mohammed thought they were wimps and his religion would take a very different form.

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