The Burning Of Notre Dame

As news spread of the fire consuming the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the first reaction of most people was shock and sadness. You don’t have to be Catholic or French to feel as if some part of you has been lost. That was not just an old building or a historically important place. It was a symbol of Western civilization. Stand inside a great church and you feel the awe and power that inspired the builders. That cathedral was the primal roar of a people celebrating their creator and the essence of who they were as a people.

Of course, it did not take long for people to notice that its burning was a metaphor for the current crisis in the West. As Europe is swamped by Muslims, promising to replace Europeans in their own lands, it is only a matter of time before the great churches are turned into mosques or destroyed. Despite the endless propaganda from our rulers, most people here and there, are well aware of what’s happening. They don’t know how to articulate it or react to it, but they know. Watching the fire, they knew what it meant.

Not everyone had this reaction. The first reaction of Ben Shapiro was to make jokes about the fire and mock Trump’s tweet about it. This makes perfect sense. He hates Trump and what he represents, so his natural instinct, regardless of the mood of the room, is to attack him. Despite his ridiculous claptrap about Judeo-Christianity, to Ben Shapiro, that cathedral was just a funny looking old building. It meant nothing to him. That fire meant no more to him than seeing an apartment block burn somewhere in Los Angeles.

In the fullness of time, that inability to pipe down and shut up while his target audience mourns the passing of their heritage, will be a turning point in the Potemkin cult of Ben Shapiro. Even the most blinkered of normies was taken aback by such a crude and malicious statement. He was not the only one to slither out of the shadows and reveal his nature in the light of the flames. Those strangers invited in by our rulers were quick to remind us why they should never have been allowed to come to our lands.

That anger people feel is not the sort of barbaric rage our rulers assume is in the heart of every white man. There will be no occidental riots or calls for pogroms against the invaders. It’s a slow buzz as the batteries charge up, waiting for the moment somewhere down the line when the circuit is finally closed. That’s how these things go. Decent people are willing to tolerate what seems like an unlimited amount of deprivation from their rulers, but it reaches a point when the batteries are charged and the circuit is closed.

That’s why it is good to watch the footage and follow the coverage of this thing. Many of us have disconnected from the news, because it’s just propaganda. You can be sure the media will first try to wave it all away as an accident, but we know how they would be reacting if it was a dumpy old mosque or a synagogue that burned, rather than a masterpiece of Western civilization. We know. Everyone knows. Watching it will make you a little angry, but that’s a good thing. We need to charge those batteries.

Obviously, we’ll never know what really caused the fire. A black church burns and the usual suspects tell us there is a rash of hate crimes against black churches. Catholic churches all over France have been burning for years and we’re told it is a racist conspiracy theory to see a pattern. The same will happen here to people who wonder how an unoccupied building that withstood air raids suddenly caught fire in two places. It will be infuriating, but it just charges those batteries a little more each time you hear it.

Even if the cause was recklessness by some workers, that’s probably worse. Like America, this kind of work in Paris is done by foreigners now. The work crews are no doubt Algerians, Tunisians and maybe some Africans. The few French involved spend their time keeping these tribes from murdering one another. To these strangers, that cathedral was as meaningless to them as the fire. There, as here, the cost of cheap labor is the loss of your heritage. Is cheap stuff really worth feeling like this every day?

Of course, the other charging source that comes from consuming the news coverage of this event is the reminder that we cannot believe anything we are told now. Before the roof collapsed, the authorities were telling us it was not arson and not terrorism. In other words, they were more concerned about the feelings of the foreigners than what this event was doing to their own people. These events are a reminder that the West is ruled by strangers, who see no difference between a Tunisian goatherd and patriot from Lyon.

It’s a sad thing and you should be angry. Even though that anger is more like a building charge, it can still be put to good use. When your normie friend brings up Ben Shapiro or his nonsense about Judeo-Christianity, give him a little shot of that charge. When you are preparing for a day of box wine auntie and her nutty talk about the glories of diversity, give yourself a little shot of that charge, so you can be prepared to make her miserable with your mocking of her piety. Put that anger to good use in your daily life.

To borrow a turn of phrase, the burning of Notre Dame is not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning. These events open eyes and make the minds of our fellows receptive to the arguments we make. The subversive seeks to convince you to look away from the fire, so you don’t see what is happening. The revolutionary wants his people to look into the fire, so they can see what he sees. We’re all revolutionaries now. Our job is to take events like burning of Notre Dame and make more revolutionaries.

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  1. Writing as a Zionist Jew… BEN SHAPIRO IS A PUTZ FOR SAYING THAT. (For those non-Yiddish speakers, “putz” is not a compliment.)

    Here’s my reaction:

    I know there are some people who dislike Jews on this site. OK, that’s your prerogative. I stand with America, with Western Civilization, and with whites to oppose the Great Replacement and the Islamization of the world. Don’t like my kippa? Let’s duke it out after we’ve handled bigger threats.


  2. “Even if the cause was recklessness by some workers, that’s probably worse. Like America, this kind of work in Paris is done by foreigners now. The work crews are no doubt Algerians, Tunisians and maybe some Africans. The few French involved spend their time keeping these tribes from murdering one another.”

    Do you have any actual evidence to support this claim Z-man? If we accuse the main stream media of believing anything that happens to support their narrative (the Covington boys and Smollet cases and of course the whole Russia conspiracy nonsense being the most blatant examples of this in recent times) maybe we ourselves should follow a bit higher standards and not just make shit up.

    I watched a documentary about restoring the medieval Rosslyn Chapel in Britain, and it sure seems that this kind of work is done by highly skilled local craftsmen and not by some semi-retarded third worlders. This is probably the case also in France. After all, if you tasked some 80 IQ Arabs or Africans with restoring a medieval church, the result probably wouldn’t resemble anything like the original.

    Just like with the last post about the falling IQ of Western countries, I don’t doubt the overall thesis that as the size of the dumb fraction in society increases compared to the smart fraction things just start falling apart even if no one is intentionally trying to sabotage them. But just like lack of moon flights and supersonic passenger jets are bad examples of this (because there are much simpler and more immediate explanations for the lack of these things), so is the Notre Dame restoration work, because it’s highly unlikely that the workers were some low skilled third worlders.

    Here’s the documentary, fascinating stuff:

    • Yes.

      Also, the idea that Macron would have any influence on how to restore the church, is preposterous. He doesn’t advise the Louvre on how to restore the Mona Lisa either.

      In this case, I put my trust entirely in the muscular French bureaucracy.

      And thanks for the links – amazing building, notes of Gaudi.

  3. “Diversity is Our Strength!”
    Sadly, Diversity isn’t as Strong as Competence.
    That’s why we can’t have Nice Things……

  4. Prediction for US: resistance to Globo will, once it heats up, be lead by the Special people just like conservative media is today. They will make sure no matter what happens they come out at the top.

  5. Fox News has hung up on the president of the Catholic league and a French mayor when they mentioned the recent antiChristian vandalism and their scepticism of the official rush to conclus… Uh, i mean investigation. Hung up on them live on air.

  6. Despite being a skeptic all the time, I’m still always amazed at how hopeful most people are so that they buy the lamest stories about events put out within minutes of whatever is unfolding because I assume they don’t want to stare at the hard truth. I own and restored three properties that are very old. Two of them are on the National Registry. The extreme care one goes through to avoid a restoration/construction fire is, well, extreme. And then I read that the cathedral had a spinkler system–for a building to burn with a sprinkler system–well it might be a one in a million occurance, but my bet is it took planning. To quickly and causally say this is a construction fire–on that monument–is stupid. The coverup started within minutes of the call to the fire fighters. I feel sorry for the real French people. They are betrayed by their leaders. And we are too.

  7. A couple of weeks ago I read Walter Kempowski’s 2006 novel called (in English) ‘All For Nothing.’ It’s about the last days of East Prussia, in January 1945. People – I mean normal people, went about their business, nervous – as we are – about some dark wind blowing toward them, some looming nightmare, but like us they lived in a fog as to the actual situation (their rulers like ours prohibited all negative talk and accurate information), and when the time came to flee, it was too late. Eight hundred years of German civilization was about to die – instantly – and the reaction to all this was numbed incomprehension among people whose instincts for survival had been erased by a totalitarian government.

    I could have read this book just ten years ago and thought, “must have sucked to be German in 1945”. Now? I’m beginning to wonder of I am not sort of an East Prussian myself, seeing the glow and hearing the dull roar of Soviet artillery on the horizon, yet still thinking, gosh, how bad can it really be?

    • Part of the problem was that they were so used to Goebbels lying to them, they didn’t believe the atrocity stories. They just wanted the war to be over, and hell, how bad could the Soviets be?

      Bad, as it turned out.

    • This is a good analogy.

      I keep asking myself “how can we organize any sort of resistance once enough of the population figures out what is going on?” I keep not having a good answer to that question.

      I’m open to suggestions.

      • It is not about people figuring it out. A lot of them sort of know, but they are comfortable under the blue pill, and will seize the plausible “safe” explanation (construction accident, in this case). The duskies have learned this, and go for anonymous sabotage rather than the big 9/11 style gestures.

  8. Shapiro is a Orthodox Jew and they hate Christianity with a passion, this is not a bug but a feature of being Orthodox.

    And when he speaks of Judaeo-Christianity, there is no such thing. Christianity owes far more to Rome and Athens in terms of it’s intellectual and moral heritage. But we can’t say that

    • The term “Judaeo-Christianity” is a secret virtue signal, indicating that the speaker is actually devoted to Israel, even if he pays lip service to Jesus.

    • I can’t think of much the Jews have given us besides the Old Testament. And that was 2000 years ago.

  9. That cathedral was the primal roar of a people celebrating their creator…

    Is. Is the primal roar.

    Not to downplay the incident, but Notre Dame is still standing. The cathedrals were built for eternity and the anonymous master masons who designed them, knew that buildings caught fire from time to time and built accordingly. The greatest loss was the artwork inside and the Rose Window.

    We Euros don’t like to talk about this, but the great cathedrals are patchworks of additions, rebuilds and restaurations, so when the tour guide points to some great, magnificent building and tells you it’s 12th C., he’s most likely only talking about the load-bearing columns, maybe part of the apsis and two of the walls. The rest of it is from later periods; the spire on the Notre Dame was an 18th C. addition.

    An absolutely riveting docu about how to build a Gothic cathedral:

  10. Only a true Nazi could bitch slap Ben Shapiro after muslims burn Notre Dame. Right it is not his religion and the catholic church has not been good to his people, but Jews know western civilization is partly theirs and its end burns them too,

    • Calling people Nazis is sooo two years ago. Didn’t you get the memo? We don’t care anymore. As you have aptly demonstrated, “Nazi” and “anti-Semite” just mean “Someone who said something Jews don’t like.” Shapiro is getting exactly the criticism he deserves.

      And if Jews are so bummed about the end of Western Civilization, maybe it would be a good idea for them to stop hurrying it along with mass immigration, corruption of traditional values and hate campaigns against Whites.

      If they stopped all that crap, then maybe we could talk. Maybe. It’s hard to forget.

      • Especially after we burned down part of our own civilization and killed millions of Europeans just to save their sorry asses.

        • C’mon, that’s nonsense and you know it. We wouldn’t even let one boat full of them in. WWII had exactly 0 to do with jews (other than them being among/some of the victims)

          • Why the down votes? It’s absolutely true that the treatment of Jews had zero to do with why the US or any of the allied nations fought WW 2. It’s a matter of historical record.

      • Jews I know/follow, even some popular media type, are as conservative as the day is long. No, they have not reached the level of this group—but how many have? For example, a repeated topic of discussion by some like Dennis Prager is “Why are Jews so liberal?” Never heard a good answer to that, but the question is the same posed as here, albeit in different formulations.

        It may make for better/concise argument to generalize wrt broad swathes of folk under the rubric of “them and us”. I’ll leave that up to Z-man. But I don’t see the benefit of excluding such fellow travelers at this point in our formation. However, I am legitimately open to discussion on this.

        • How can you tell? Are you going to make the good jews wear a star? This is the beginning of magic soil theory, that anybody who shares our values is us and should be accepted. They aren’t and shouldn’t. They can go be good conservatives in israel.

        • Although I wouldn’t rule out short term tactical alliances, a powerful argument against allowing many J3ws into a group or country is that many of them always feel vulnerable as a minority, make open borders one of their highest priorities, and devote their considerable skills to that end. Their need to dissolve the homogeneity of their host countries is constant over time and apparently cannot be mitigated.

        • They’re not liberal, they’re just faithful democrat voters. They’re faithful democrat voters because they want to vote for the anti-white party. Unless the dissident right pick up the cause of being anti-white they aren’t gaining Jewish votes.

          It’s the same reason courting black voters with promises of economic prosperity continues to be a massive failure. Black voters aren’t looking for economic prosperity primarily, they’re looking to fight white people.

      • Vizzini wrote:
        “If they stopped all that crap, then maybe we could talk. Maybe. It’s hard to forget.”

        Never forget.

    • NAJALT, but there is a large plurality of Jews, particularly in America (and particularly well-placed in The Cathedral) whose primary identity is anti-Christian. Read Michael Medved’s section of the Commentary forum from years back on why Jews vote Left. He caught Hell for that from fellow tribesmen. I know Jews who defy the stereotype, but they have little voice in their community. Unless and until they rip the megaphone away from guys like Shapiro, you can keep calling me “Nazi.”

    • No one cares.

      I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.
      – Barbara Lerner Spectre

      Gosh, how did all these Mohammedan savages end up in Europe, where they can burn and defile Christian churches? Who could possibly advocate for such a destructive and short-sighted policy? I guess it’ll forever remain a mystery.

  11. Whether it was accidental or deliberate is the hot topic across the blogosphere. I was called a “conspiracy theorist” for suggesting the Religion of Peace (who have targeted Notre Dame before) might have something to do with it.

    Z’s take is absolutely spot on,bless you,man. Watching that exquisite cathedral burn,at the start of Holy Week no less. Those pictures of the spire dissolving in flames was iconic,like watching Western Civilization collapse before our eyes.
    The sight of young Parisians on their knees in prayer as it burned,belies the notion that France is totally secular now.

    We will learn much from the reactions of the left and right,and all in between in the days ahead. Plan accordingly. Give thanks there are sane men among us with clear vision.

    • Yeah, the weird timing of it is suggestive—these Muslims seem to have a sense of humor that way: “9/11” , if we believe Muslims were really the perps in that instance.

      • Moslems can’t count to eleven without zipping down their pants. But who do we know with a religious devotion to numbers?

  12. The problem with many if not most Europeans is that they’re wholly unworthy of the architecture around them, built by long dead people. Everything can be rebuilt, including churches, but cultures take a dozen generations to be rebuilt. So much has been lost in the last half century (actually, the last century). I find the burning of Notre Dame to be a metaphor of French faith, which never recovered that much after the revolution. As a matter of fact, the crisis of European and American civilization is a crisis of faith.

    I really doubt that the average Frenchman, who only walks into churches for funerals, is that stirred by this. He should be. As an American who steps into Europe, I feel the cheapness of our own architecture, the cinderblock Walmarts and Home Depots, the cold glass office buildings, almost purely driven by balance sheets and utilitarianism. But then as I walk around, I see the same “People of Walmart” only not as fat, most of them anyway. If you don’t have faith you can’t have pride in anything, whether architecture, good government, or even your own dignity. It’s only when we’ve lost nearly everything that we’ll understand this as a people.

    • It started with the Culte de la Raison. Then they realized that wasn’t working, so they tried the Culte de l’Être suprême. Finally they just decided to descend into hedonism.

    • I really doubt that the average Frenchman, who only walks into churches for funerals, is that stirred by this.

      Then you don’t know many average Frenchmen. Unlike Anglos, the French are immensely proud of their culture and their history.

      The Frogs you see pontificate in the international media, are cut from the same cloth as American MSM prostitutes, they’re not French, they’re globalists first, Parisians second, homosexuals third, and so forth, and somewhere way down the list, yes, I suppose they’ve got a dash of French blood in them.

      • France is more diverse than anywhere else in western Europe.

        Feelings are nice and all but they should translate into action at some point. Immense pride and yet no pushback is materially the same as apathy.

        • Feelings are nice and all but they should translate into action at some point

          They’ve been rioting in the streets for months.

          Granted, Frenchmen riot at the drop of a hat, but this time is different.

  13. I commented on another, slightly more mainstream, blog that “Maybe if it’s terrorism, it will be a good thing? Maybe it will get the attention of the French and other Europeans that they have to stop the invasion?” and I was met with a chorus – including the blog author – that I was a bad person because I was wanting it to be terrorism and “wishing for the worst” and “after all, the French aren’t really Christian anymore either, and that started long before the muslims showed up.”

    Technically he’s right, but maybe in shedding more light on the invaders the Europeans might take incidents like this to rediscover their heritage? I don’t understand why it can’t be both to so many people and why they don’t see that all of these issues are interrelated?

    Get rid of the muslims, quit preaching the gospel of multiculturalism, start preaching the gospel of your own people and your own customs, and plant a seed. Maybe something like this COULD lead to a restoration if so many people weren’t intent on it not.

  14. What has our heritage bequeathed us? We are hearty, resilient, multi-talented, reticent, and innovative. That is a formidable skill set. It just needs to be rousted from the recesses of evolutionary memory and break through the crust of what affluent life has burdened us with. The time is getting near. Watch the Yellow Vests. My guess is that they will go hot soon. Vive la Notre Dame.

  15. For my daily Scripture reading yesterday, the Gospel was Mt 21:18-22. The morning after he cleanses the Temple, Jesus comes upon a fig tree, and when he finds no fruit on it, he says “May no fruit ever come from you again.”

    I recalled this curse many times yesterday as Notre Dame burned. The people of Israel gave us the Patriarchs, Moses, the Prophets, the Blessed Mother, and of course Our Lord himself, but since AD 30 or so they have contributed exactly nothing of worth to civilization. They are a barren tree. All they seem to be able to do is attach themselves like lampreys to one rulling class after another and use their proximity to power to enrich themselves and gain privileged status.

    And when the fruit of an actual civilization burns–something they could never dream of creating themselves–they can’t contain their glee. It was built with money stolen from Jews! they cry. (Even if this is true, what would they have done with the money? I think we know.) It had anti-Semitic artwork, they wail. (And perhaps our forefathers were wiser than we.)

    What are we to conclude?

      • You are a dope.

        Well, I’ll happily plead guilty to that, and I admit that I allowed my rhetoric to get in the way of precision, so thanks for allowing me the opportunity to clarify.

        There’s no doubt that Jews, residing as aliens in civilizations built by others, have made numerous technical advances, some of which have been enormously beneficial. Others (many, many others) not so much.

        But Jonas Salk et al were standing on the shoulders of giants. Christian men, acting self-consciously as Christian men, built the philosophical, artistic, and architectural foundations of European civilization, including the scientific method, without which Jonas Salk would have discovered nothing.

        What of lasting civilizational value have post-Temple Jews, acting as Jews, built?

  16. An 870 year-old cathedral, taking over 200 years to build, using countless wood fires to keep the workers warm, millions of candles over the centuries–and no major fires. Yet, in 2019, this magnificent symbol of Western Civilization and Christianity (not “Judeo-Christian at all) burns down because of “some construction materials”?

    And as the fires consumed the cathedral–fires that apparently ‘started’ in two separate places–French officials rushed to assure the sheeple that arson (and terrorism) was already ruled out.

    How comforting.

    I do not believe in coincidences. Not in today’s world. Not when TWELVE CHURCHES in France in recent weeks have been vandalized, some proven to be by Muslims, and there’s no pattern other than the presence of a hostile Islam to explain the lack of vandalism BEFORE Islam gained entry to France.

    This is an “Aloha Snackbar” moment–not that the French cuck officials would ever admit it to be so.

    “When blacks riot, cities burn. When whites riot, continents burn.”

  17. Everytime I see some public figure mentioning “Judeo-Christian” values I know that I’m in front of a con man.

    • They don’t use the correct phrase “Abrahamic”, because a lot of the Right is pacified by rube bait against Muslims. Using this phrase in regular conversation would expose the marginalization of Christianity, so instead they used a contrived phrase with no history other than Zionist partisanship.

      • I like the “Abrahamic” approach – it lets Christianity stand on its own feet again. I’ve always been leery of the idea that Christianity is the Jewish junior varsity. I became Catholic in part because Chrisitian Zionism has utterly converged American Protestantism.

  18. Our greatest obstacle is not ignorance, nor miseducation, nor disorganization, nor even our enemies and the lies they tell.

    What we must overcome is the normal, natural, perhaps even healthy response to horror that is denial.

  19. Sunday was Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week, so all of the churches would have been full, people would have dressed up a bit and paraded about town a bit more than usual with their palm branches in hand.

    After this very public display of European heritage I’m sure the darkie invaders weren’t at all rustled and it was purely an accident that couldn’t have been avoided.

    • And I’m sure it’s a coincidence that this is the 10th church that’s burned in France this year

      • Sorry. It’s coming down and you know it

        Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal,

    • Yeah, I’m not buying what they’re selling either. Palm Sunday, churches burning all over France, and the media pulling the trigger on the, “it’s not terrorism” a little too quickly.

    • When I heard about this my first thought was – it’s near Easter, France is full of Muslims, yellow vest unrest still going on and probably keeping the authorities distracted, gotta be terrorism. Now of course this was based on no evidence whatsoever. An article on ( today says “Paris police will investigate the disaster as ‘involuntary destruction caused by fire’ and have ruled out arson and potential terror-related motives for starting the blaze, officials said.”. Last night though they were talking on the news about how difficult it was to get to the spot they think the blaze started. There’s only this one narrow, ancient stairwell going up there. The site in question is now presumably destroyed too. How do you rule out anything so soon given that any evidence one way or another is probably still a smoldering pile of debris? Of course it still might turn out to be an accident but this kind of thing always makes me think “the lady doth protest too much”.

      • Might be an accident, and it might not be. What they tell us isn’t worth two cents, as they lie about everything else and spoon feed us what they want us to think, every day about everything.

      • Unrelated story. My brother is a rural doc and coroner for the rural county, and as such he is friends with the local emergency personnel. The fire Marshal (or what ever the hell they’re called) told him that if a rednecks guns burned up in a house fire it was guaranteed to NOT be arson. If, however, the guns were safe, it might be arson, or it might be that they got the guns out of the house before the family pictures.

      • There were still 15 workers around the structure when the blaze started in the early evening.

        The authorities know for certain it was an accident… Meanwhile the 50 investigators(commissars) who will examine the cathedral still have no access to the site, waiting for the structure to stabilize.

  20. I am so glad Ben Shapiro has so little impulse control. The normies need to be made aware of how much he hates them and holds them in contempt.

    Billions of dollars being pledged to rebuild it. It’ll never be rebuilt. They don’t have the will and the graft will just siphon off all that money. And personally I don’t want them to rebuild it because I know they will just be building a mosque

    • Saw an article saying over 600 million has been pledged. Several Jewish names in the list. My guess, it’ll be some kind of interfaith museum of tolerance.

      • Legally the building is owned by the French Government, not the Church.

        It’s also a convenient way for the rich to escape the wrath of Gilets Jaunes. Almost like Macron stands to benefit.

        • Macron promises to rebuild the cathedral with MODERN French values. This could result in some monstrosity that will resonate even more than the fire will.

      • Of course it will. And Pope Shitty will be there when it opens, squirming on his belly in the dirt before the triumphant Mohammedans grabbing the place of honor.

      • “My guess, it’ll be some kind of interfaith museum of tolerance.”

        And that’s precisely what it should NOT be. It was a Catholic church, and as a Catholic church it should be rebuilt. And if that’s what the plan is, and the actuality shows it congruent to the plan, I will cheerfully donate to that.

    • Leaving it half destroyed like the “peace shrine” in Hiroshima just might be the most fitting end. Rebuilding it invites more attacks, while leaving it as-is somehow makes it a “sacred space”. If the Catholic Church was not such a pedo-cuckfest at the top, I might feel differently. France and Western Europe, given their priorities, own this thing, one way or another.

      Ironic that the Louis Vitton and Gucci billionaires are behind the rebuilding, as they are front and center in reaping the benefits of the cultural destruction of their country over the last few decades.

      • that only works —has a point, if the commonly accepted reason for it’s destruction has some moral meaning beyond, ‘meh, it was an accident, stuff happens.’ Cf. Oradour-sur-Glane

    • From a red-pilling standpoint, they will do us a favor if they handle the Notre Dame restoration like 9/11’s Ground Zero. Can we can get Ben to start tweeting for a Holocaust memorial on the site?

  21. “The work crews are no doubt Algerians, Tunisians and maybe some Africans.”

    Go through any major airport and look who’s in charge of security. We have turned over many crucial jobs to people who either openly or secretly hate us. You are right. We should use the Notre Dame fire to light yet more fires.

    • PIT is still not bad, it’s mostly a jobs program for poor, low IQ whites, with a sprinkling of diversity. But it ceased being a major airport when US Airways moved to Charlotte.

  22. Z.

    The Booby hopes you’re right, he truly does. But if popular culture and the “normies” as you call them can’t muster an iota of outrage for an ABC executive who was glad for the Las Vegas mass-shooting because country music fans are Republicans, then the Booby is skeptical that they will care one iota over the burning of a building.

    If this ignites some pride and love for Western Civilization then great, but let’s hope it’s not just another symbol of how irretrievably deep we’ve sunk.

    • If Rotherham and similar cases didn’t cause a reaction, I doubt the burning of an ancient church in a secularising country will.

      • Images. The images of that cathedral on fire touches people in a way that even the most lurid description of grooming gangs cannot. Again, it is not going to launch a civil war, but a lot of people have been red pilled in the last 24 hours just by seeing those images.

        • I wonder about the red-pilling on this one. I suspect quite a few people are upset by this in the same way they are upset when an old mansion or music hall burns down. It is a sad thing and a passing of an old and unique thing, but replacing it with, say, a peace pole, is just sort of how things go. 9/11 was a much more viscerally painful experience because the people who lost their lives were mostly average Joes and Janes, and the bad guys were “in your face” about it. My fear is that this one just further toughens people up to continue to take more and more abuse without flinching, rather than getting rightfully deep-down angry about it.

          • There’s no magic bullet. Lots of people reacted to 9/11 by falling for the invade the word/religion of peace stuff, while waving the flag, thinking it was the right response. Lots of people woke up to the reality of Islam. Still others woke up to the reality of immigration. The fact is, 9/11 set a lot of people off on a path to somewhere that really did not exist at the time. The closest thing was paleo-conservatism, which was just civic nationalism plus some race realism.

            Today, the dissident right is a much better defined thing with more complete arguments. That means that white guy who is wondering what’s happening has a lot of options that did not exist 20 years ago.

          • Could be, but I have my own doubts. Christianity has been “othered” in our culture now, so this incident is a tragedy, but not a source of deep anger for many. It is high time that Christians come to terms with the idea that our broader culture has no place for true Christianity, openly practiced. The broader culture prefers the Christmas-Easter pastiche, all mixed up with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. The churches and cathedrals are considered some sort of Disneyland exhibits, even by some Christians. True Christianity is now a subversive movement in our popular culture, and Christians are not allowed to have nice things. That is OK, because being a Christian is about faithfulness, not nice things. But I am afraid the rest of the culture may just treat the whole Notre Dame episode as a price to be paid for how things are now, rather than as a source of deep anger, as 9/11 was for so many. Perhaps this is just a personal sort of black pill showing.

  23. I have never been to France and have seen Notre Dame cathedral only in photos and films. I am not Catholic. Yet my initial reaction was shock, then real grief at such a loss and then real anger. And the anger was directed immediately at muslims because this disaster is something that muslims do: destroy the symbols of the civilization they intend to conquer. Muslims murder people in the present and murder the foundations of their hated kafirs’ culture. Z has it right about this. My first thought was that some muslim(s) set the fire deliberately and my second thought when I learned that renovations are being done on the cathedral was that some muslim worker of about IQ 80 did something stupid and set the fire inadvertently.

    The reaction of the propaganda mill is exactly as expected. It wouldn’t matter if Mustafa stood on the steps of the cathedral with gas can and torch in hand while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ the propaganda mill will do its utmost to tamp down any mention of islamic terror. And maybe it wasn’t islamic terror. But the point is that the assumption that it WAS islamic terror will be occurring to millions of us and 30 years ago that thought would never have entered our heads.

    • This shock-grief-anger progression is of the similar kind that I felt when I read about that poor boy in Minnesota who was thrown off the balcony by a diverse individual.

      • I read in newspeak that that the effing A**hole vibrant was mad because after wandering through the mall hitting on white women to get laid (great line, Dude), he failed, got pissed, decided to kill a white person, again wandered through the mall the next day and didn’t find the right white person to kill, until the following day he found the little boy to kill and hurl into the void. Now you can get laid, right?! Not the first story heard about vibrant on the white nookie prowl to get laid, failed, then killed.

    • Pretty much the same here.

      Never been to France, never seen the cathedral except in photographs. And I’m not Catholic.

      My initial reaction was the same: shock. My thought was: I bet some Muslim burnt the thing.

      Then I started seeing the stories pop out about how many churches have been burnt in France, and I also saw a blog post indicating that the people working on these structures are HIGHLY trained – and had left work at 6:00. Then the fires started around 6:30 – and started in two places.

      Seeing as how so many churches in France have burned already – I’m thinking that Occam’s Razor applies here.

    • ‘…the assumption that it WAS islamic terror will be occurring to millions of us…”

      The more crucial assumption that millions of us should make is that It was Jewish perfidy that led to Islamic terror in White countries.

  24. Ben Shapiro was a good listen back in 2016, but hes gotten increasingly annoying as I’ve moved further right. First, becuase I thought he was merely ignorant then as he revealed himself as a lying propagandist.

    But the tweet about how Notre Dame represents “Judeo-christian values” as a historical cathedral burned made me hate him.

    • The sacred task of that class of people: for all that is worthy which is not their own–join it, subvert it, and retain the original shell as cover for hostile inversions of customs, meanings, and words themselves.

    • His niche is going on college campuses and humiliating stupid 20 year old proto-Marxists. He should stick to his competency.

  25. In real time we saw Muslims/Blacks celebrating. That image will be hard to push out of people’s minds.

    Ben Shapiro embarrassed himself again, a replay of the cringe from the March for Life in January. His credibility is reaching Dinesh-levels, and his target audience of Millennials are less pliable than aged Boomers.

    Whenever someone uses “Judeo-Christian” replay with “Abrahamic”. We should strive for being equidistant towards Jews and Muslims. Good luck to the classical liberals trying to shoehorn Islam as a part of “Western values”, regaling us about the tolerant Al-Andalus and Ottoman Empire.

  26. Shaprio issued an apology via tweet: “Deleted my tweet joking about Trump and Notre Dame football. Wrong time, obviously. Apologies, all.” Why not accept his apology?

      • I don’t know anything about Shapiro ‘cept what I read on this blog and — because I was curious to see other reactions — typing “ben shapiro” into Twitter search about half an hour ago. That’s when I saw the apology. It makes no sense to react to a maladroit tweet without also taking the apology into consideration. Would you characterize that as desperation?

        • How about this. Instead of working so hard to hold the people to your right to the highest of standards, how about you start holding the people to your left to any standard.

          • They don’t like it. A fake conservative friend (strictly focused on poor the character of Trump) did what he always does so I asked him for one GD example of what he was claiming (using a tone that made clear I was fully tired of this crap)… No examples given of course. He later wondered why my reaction, I told him to stop lying, which I’m sure was unsatisfactory

        • Shapiro has revealed that he cares as much about Notre Dame as Ilhan Omar does about the World Trade Center.

      • Some people close to me believe that Shapiro is our single, best chance to persuade normal Americans of all races to embrace conservatism and transcend racial strife.

        When these people hear the ideas discussed on this site they dismiss them out of hand as repugnant to normal Americans and therefore doomed. To them, Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, and Dennis Prager are our best hope.

        I used to agree with them until I became convinced that tribalism is more powerful than shared values.

        • It is remarkable. It’s like a cult in many ways. The cult of nice, as John Derbyshire put it years ago. These people have so internalized anti-racism as the highest moral good, they are seemingly immune to counter arguments. That said, they are not completely lost. The key is to just focus on friends and family. They can’t dismiss you as immoral. When they see someone they trust rejecting those CivNat ideas, they question the morality that holds them to those ideas.

          • That’s the problem with them: anti-racism as the highest moral good. I follow all of them on twitter, and honestly I agree with their tweets at least 75% of the time. But it’s that key issue, their preaching of color-blindness and not being racist, that leads their many good, patriotic followers down the wrong path. That makes them in some ways, worse for us than the wacky left. Their followers should be on our side.

          • Ask them how things have worked out for the West during the past 50 years and if allowed to continue how they think things will look for us in another 50.

            So many of these people are Trump like in their adherence to the narrative of the moment.

          • Whites have been convinced that the traditional values for women of being compassionate and nurturing should be the dominant values of the society.

            At the same time the traditional male values and behavior that built and defended the societies are deemed toxic. Plus, as the societies adopt compassion and nurturing as their dominant values, the women become less compassionate and nurturing as individuals

        • This is my father. He’s been steeped in Limbaugh Boomer Conservative thought for so long that he has a visceral reaction to every single dissident idea. He *still* listens to Glenn Beck even after the guy went off to cloud cuckooland. But he’s ever so slowly waking up. I just work to slowly prod him in the right direction.

          • Glen Beck is still alive? I can’t imagine anyone listening to that fraud after 2016. And that ignores his “Toys for illegals” and previous nuttiness.

          • Prager was instrumental in making me a conservative in the 2000s. I had to stop listening because he would imply that the average Hispanic illegal worker was as least as good a person as the average American and thus deserved some kind of amnesty. Even if I granted him his belief about the relative worth of Hispanics versus Americans, I just couldn’t tolerate his promotion of amnesty based on meritocracy or compassion because I didn’t want my country to become Latin America.

          • To Praeger, both you and the Hispanic illegal are the same: cattle to serve the chosen.

          • Prager was one I listened to back in my more traditional conservative days. Then I started to spot the poz. When the sh*t hits the fan, he won’t be on our side.

          • Sadly am with you. Eyes wide open to Prager when a few years back he adamantly supported expanding NSA surveillance to catch terrorists, not understanding it would be used on him and all of us. To expand the reach of the Imperial Capitol to use on us is naive at best..

          • Z-man red-pilled me on Prager in the podcast where he read Prager’s piece on being a Jew in America. I listened to Prager’s radio show for years after 9/11 but he never revealed his Jewish paranoia and alienation so openly there. Pretty sure I’m more counter-Semitic than Z himself at this point.

          • I can’t cite specific broadcasts, but during the Bush amnesty wars in the mid 2000s, when he argued with someone who was against amnesty, Prager would often say something like, “When I am around Hispanic work crews, I feel entirely safe. I would have no worries about my wife being alone with these men.” He would also extol their work ethic, in implicit comparison to Americans. He would usually imply that the real problem was the hard-heartedness of people on my side.

          • LineInTheSand, thanks for the added detail. I was wondering, though, which Z-man podcast you were referencing, not the Prager broadcast. I searched this site and couldn’t find it. Thanks again.

    • Shapiro is fundamentally insincere. He’s an Orthodox Jew with a largely Christian following. But yet he doesn’t feel the slightest pull to do the right thing and convert.

      He clearly identifies with Israel more than he does with anything Western except for perhaps “classical liberalism”, or the ability to make as much money as possible. So why doesn’t he move to Israel, well, he likes making money and didn’t want to serve in the IDF.

    • because he’s a sniveling a$$hole who’s been after Trump’s ankles for years.

      when you have such a punchable face the smart move is to keep quiet when a monument of Western Civilization is burning.

    • Why don’t you accept that Shapiro is treacherous little worm? If his ND tweet didn’t open your eyes, nothing will, Magoo.

    • He didn’t apologize for his snotty remarks. He just indicated there would be a better time to make them.

    • When a jerk like Shapiro serves up a Freudian Slip©, his apology is like trying to pull the shade back down.

    • So according to Ben there is a “right time” to joke about this?

      I’ve internalized it.

    • “Wrong time, obviously. Apologies, all.” Why not accept his apology?”

      Because there’s never a right time to use the loss of a treasure of Western civilization for anti-Trump giggle. That’s why.

      What a repulsive little snot.

      • Let’s not forget that Shapiro was ruthlessly unforgiving of people like Corey Lewandowski whenever he said anything provocative. Shapiro also promoted the Michelle Fields hoax. He should not get the benefit of the doubt.

        • Those inclined to show mercy to Shapiro should take a look back at the Fields shitshow from start to Ben’s exit from Breitbart. It showed who this guy is on a personal level. Even as a normie I didn’t like the guy – too obviously curated and packaged for BoomerCon consumption.

        • I despise that fast talking mendacious little weasel and I never tire of explaining why to his fans.

        • There’s an arc at play in Ben Shapiro’s career. He’s still BS’ing the Normies, and they’re lapping it up. But riding these waves can’y go on forever. At some point the “real you” seeps out.

          And end-stage Ben Shapiro looks exactly like Bill Krystol.

        • That seems to be the weird pattern that’s held my entire life. The liberals & Cuckservatives are always “Unforgiving” to anyone on their Right. Meanwhile those on the Right are ALWAYS looking for any excuse to forgive their enemies. If a real conservative screws up ONCE, its brought up constantly. They never forget it. If a Liberal or Cuck screws up its memory holed. BTW, is Monica Fields doing OK with one arm?

    • “Oops, my timing was off!” is not an apology. It’s an involuntary flinching in the face of unexpected backlash.

      It’s the same as the infamous memo from Jo Moore, a British government apparatchik, who wrote “It’s now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury,” as the Twin Towers were collapsing. Mark Steyn wrote about her:

      “When the memo came to light, Ms Moore apologized, sort of. But it’s one of those political apologies, whereby one is obliged to distance oneself from an unintended self-revelation. September 11th was an unspun world; within 48 hours, we’d adjusted to the new reality and were expressing ourselves accordingly, but for a few hours that Tuesday what we said and did as we saw office workers jump to their deaths offered a glimpse of who we really are and how we really think. How callous do you have to be to watch the twin towers collapse and think Ms Moore’s thoughts, never mind put it in writing, happily append your name to it and send it to hundreds of people? No apology can ever take it back: we know her now.”

      And that’s true of Ben Shapiro now. I wonder if he was as carefree when the Bamayan Buddhas were being blown up?
      Would he chuckle heartily at the jokes the Romans told when the Temple in Jerusalem was being levelled? Who watches the destruction of one of the greatest churches in Christendom, a survivor through revolution and world wars, and immediately thinks of a cheap joke at Trump’s expense?

      No apology can ever take it back: we know him now.

    • Apologies by public figures are worthless. Always assume they meant what they said. If Shapiro was half as smart or as supportive of the Christian part of “Judeo-Christian” as he wants us to believe, he would have known better. His TDS and his mean spirit were on display for everyone to see. Apology not accepted. This one demands a duel.

    • Shapiro also didn’t really apologize. He admitted a tactical error with his “wrong time, obviously”. As is, the wound is too raw currently. But he did not apologize for the substance. Also, he wrote “apologies all”, which first of all is kind of feminine, and but more importantly is in the passive voice mistakes-were-made vein.

      I disagree with Vox Day on alot of things, but one thing he gets absolutely right is the ridiculousness of the term “Judeo-Christian”. It’s a rhetorical slight of hand, and makes no more sense than “Muslim-Christian” or “Buddhist-Christian” when closely examined.

      Vox has written that Jews and Judasim are not of the West. Not really. They are Levantine. Middle-Eastern. With all the baked in hostility/insularity/arrogance of Middle Eastern peoples. I’ve come round to thinking that he’s right.

      Remember that Shapiro has a backup country, run by and for his co-ethnics and co-religionists. It’s Ethnostate for the Chosen, and Proposition-Nation for the Goy.

      Just like Judeo-Christ said.

    • He wouldn’t accept our if we made some inappropriate joke about a synagogue so we own him nothing.

    • “Why not accept his apology?”

      Because the apology itself was as off-handed, cavalier, and Jewy as the tweet.

      “Wrong time,…”

      Does he think there could be a “right time” to make such a joke?

  27. I wonder if it will ever be rebuilt with swarms of Muslim labor – or just burn again in a few years. Future site of the Grand Mosque of Paris?

    • As much as we may mock the French as lay downs, the ethnic French have managed 22 straight weekends of rioting and so far we can’t manage one.

        • Correction: the enemy’s propaganda organs tell us there has been nothing achieved. The truth? Who knows, but thousands of people don’t show up 22 weeks in a row if they have no results or purpose.

        • Hell dude at least they’re trying and they actually got Macron to back down a few times. They’re slowing the enemy down a bit.

  28. I’ll quote Mike Vanderboegh–a bit of a nutcase, but a keen observer of many things:

    “Because let me tell you something about white folks at their worst. When they get scared that people are trying to kill them just because of who they are, when they get pissed off along racial lines, they don’t tear up their own neighborhoods or burn down their own communities like y’all do. They come to the neighborhoods of the people who threaten them and burn THEIR communities down and kill THEM. They have burned down whole CONTINENTS. And if you don’t believe me, just ask the Indians.”

    • I don’t think we see that kind of violence. Instead, I think we start seeing civil disobedience. Employees of “woke” companies will start sabotaging their own firms. White voters will start supporting increasingly radical candidates. Whites will start becoming more open about race issues and become more anti-Semitic. Ten years ago, I did not think antisemitism would ever get a purchase in America. Today, think it is inevitable.

      I said in the run up to the 2016 election that Trump was the olive branch. It’s looking that way.

      • In the near term you are right. But Mike’s point was, “we’re nice until we’re not” and won’t engage in a bunch of useless LARP’ing. Or as you put it, once the circuit closes…

        • Most nations treat violence like a dial, you turn it up a bit, you turn it down a bit. Most people of the Northern European Nations and their descendants tend to have two settings – ‘off’ and ‘kill everybody’. Except for the odd case of the Irish.

      • Yes to this. Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous. The jackboots will follow their orders and target the openly militia-minded first. And the persecutions will escalate. The road to victory over a tyrannical government is not a mob. It’s the invisible shiv.

      • I’ve been job hunting on and off the last year or so. I’m looking for something in software. A lot of the companies around here are startups of the most pozziest poz sort you can imagine. You’ll go to the company website and they’ve got a photo gallery of their collection of tattooed purple haired weirdo employees including a few obvious trannies. This is Portland, OR, the heart of darkness, in other words. I’m too old, white, cleancut and cop-looking to pull off the kind of clown show they would want to see in the interview. If I was younger and could fake being more of the hipster type I might seriously look at working in one of these circuses. Then I would go in everyday thinking “How can I hurt these people today?”

        • Clown World is so bad these days that I’m not sure you have to do much.

          I have a close friend who works for a huge industrial firm name redacted and oh boy, the stories he tells me.

          If I was in the B street trying to destroy that company by ridding it of capable personal and creating a worst than bad reputation I couldn’t do better than simple stupidity

          There are a lot of companies like this out there , most of them arguably and when the US stops being the reserve currency and the economy goes tits up, the Left is going to go even more bonkers and all hell will break loose.

          • I spent a couple of decades in tech and by the end was convinced that the secret to success for tech companies was having the right business model and not being as screwed up as the competition. None of them were competently run. At best they had one or two key divisions that could achieve at least mediocrity while the rest functioned like Soviet bureaucracies.

            Reminds me of the rule that the best way to improve your looks is to hang around ugly people

          • Once working on one of many project with IBM had to finally sit the project lead down and give him a “ration” of people he was permitted to bring to meetings. Design and spec sessions had turned into clusterfucks where every peripherally involved person would show up to get “client contact points” (yes this was a thing) for their performance appraisals. Usually these were VP or SVP level people who would constantly derail any progress with pointless, uninformed opinions. It was easy to figure out how they managed to fuck up the commercialization of the genuinely amazing stuff that came out of the R&D labs.

      • Leading up to the 2016 election, I noticed the ((())) references and a degree of criticism of Jews on various blogs and websites that I had not read before. Many websites restrict or prohibit commenting at all now.

      • We already have this with guns. A patriotic judge in California 9th circuit! even ! suspended the magazine ban for on week and its thought more than a million magazines were sold.

        According the the UK Press Ruger released its entire stock for sale and they all went by by.

        People also never comply with gun registration laws and constantly create work arounds

    • I just don’t believe in that. Even within specific ethnicities there are tremendous variables. The Greek Regiments from Crete were absolute warriors but the Cyprus Regiment just weren’t.

      It’s a comforting thought but I fear we’re more like Afrikaners, not especially capable of coherent resistance without it being state sponsored. Just being white doesn’t cut it. The reactions are either nothing or supremely wicked retardation by lone nut jobs like Roof or the guy who shot up the Tree of Life Synagogue.

      Alternatively when groups like the Proud Boys actually mount effective and sensible actions, they get thrown under the bus by everybody. It’s why I hate the phrase no enemies to the right because it translates to “no ones more right than me therefore I’m allowed to hit everybody and they’re not allowed to hit back.”

      • I hear the talk about “nice until we’re not”, but no one ever gives examples. I suppose you could point at the world wars, but that was a different time with different people. Some of those soldiers were in lynch mobs for certain individuals who were too friendly to their daughters. What have we done recently?
        That said, if we ever tried to organize ourselves for defense, it would likely be run as well as your local businesses. Better than a mob, but we’re not going to get too much done (Malheur OR anyone?).
        I say this so we can organize effectively instead of feeling like we can flip a switch one day and go into God-mode.

        • The question is also whether a fellow wants to actually win or a fellow just wants a race war or something. There are men who would rather lose as long as they got to shoot at people. Plus nobody is really willing to define what we they want and why, not really.

          And here’s the kicker, I really don’t think anybody realizes how race is just about the thinnest bond of loyalty you can have in practice. I know some people reading this have already switched off and are running CivNatHate.exe, but I haven’t actually said anything civic nationalist yet. If America was 100% white tomorrow, you’d still have the same Anglo Saxon civil war going on that has been going on since the original English Civil War at least if not earlier (I think Moldbug got that basically right). If defining your parameters as ethnostate equals solving the problem, I don’t think that solves the problem.

          • I agree. I know zero people who will feel loyalty based on race… who are white. I’m under the impression that blacks have a rather monolithic culture, while whites have lots of semi-recognized, semi-compatible subcultures, and the Spanish easily congregate/segregate into where they or their parents are from. Whites can’t unite in the US for the same reason whites in Europe can’t.
            I think this guy ( made a good point that people can be truly loyal to local people who are similar to them so a “nation” is way too abstract.
            We are still so steeped in the poz that we couldn’t think of an alternative if our lives depended on it (heh).
            It would be a fun experiment to remove all the progressive influences on us and see how we organize ourselves. Start with “Equality is not a virtue or a fact” and see what kind of Europe/America develops.

          • Even among black people they absolutely see distinctions between themselves as well; Africans don’t count for some (kind of like the differences between American Anglo Saxons and Englishmen) and West Indians are better but still “different”. In Houston, Frenchtown was the home of mixed raced blacks from Louisiana, they didn’t want to live among what they viewed as “low class” locals (who also didn’t care for the “snobby” Louisianans).

          • I didn’t know that about Houston. I’m curious how much it’s still like that. I think recent African immigration might create new groups, like the Somalis.

            The reason I’m a little skeptical is that, though I’m not a traveler, I’m also skeptical that the eleven American nations are as distinct as they used to be.

            I grew up on the east coast in a very liberal area. You could see a distinct difference between the (rather conservative and white) people who had family that’d been there for generations and the numerically superior (liberal and white) people who’d moved in for a job, even if it was three decades ago. Nothing new, I know, but I think one in three people live in a different state than where they grew up. I can’t find that stat, so maybe it’s false, but if true, how can distinct cultures continue?

            I suppose America appears to be in a very weak position of transition. It used to be made of distinct groups who were either from different countries or at least enemy groups from the same country (like cavaliers and roundheads who became Confederate and Union). Now we’re moving and mixing a great deal, under an all-powerful, universal media/university/education system. But we’re not yet all mixed or unified to the degree of Scotland or Estonia.

            I guess part of why white people are so disorganized is that we’re not (yet?) one people with one culture, but also are losing our distinct groups we used to belong to.

          • Hoyos says: “race is just about the thinnest bond of loyalty…”
            Except for every major war, genocide, and mass migration in human history and pre-history. You may have heard of the last race war, where the Caucasian US fought off the invasion of the Oriental Japanese empire; maybe reconsider how race played a role in that conflict, how the Nipponese raped and massacred their Han, Caucasian, and Korean racial enemies on an explicitly racial basis, then rethink what you said.

          • Except the Koreans are the same race as the Japanese, they are genetically indistinct. It’s why Koreans have been “passing” as Japanese whenever they can get away with it. The Japanese didn’t care about “race” it was the Japanese nation. Their racial first cousins were all one to them, it was Japanese or not Japanese.

          • Hoyos: “…race is just about the thinnest bond of loyalty you can have…”

            The future is unpredictable so if order breaks down we must align ourselves with what is most trustworthy.

            Hoyos, in a time of upheaval and limited information, what group would you choose:

            • Same race but all other factors very dissimilar
            • Same religion or politics or lack but all other factors very dissimilar
            • Same social class or IQ but all other factors very dissimilar
            • The people who live within a 5 mile radius of you

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