The People’s Avenger

The trouble with most conspiracy theories, in addition to being wrong, is they tend to distract from the more important issue. The conspiratorially minded like to play connect the dots, linking various people together in support of their favorite theory. Each node of the conspiracy has the same interests as the other, which is why they are conspiring together on some caper. More often than not, the connections are incidental and explained by other, less nefarious, reasons.

Those incidental and casual connections, however, are the important bit to study, as it explains much about the current age. For example, the current impeachment hoax is the result of conspiracy theories cooked up a social network in Washington. The people involved are all friends and acquaintances, who live in the same place and circulate among the same group of people. What looks like a conspiracy is the result of an emergent set of beliefs within a social set.

Eric Ciaramella, the CIA plant, who concocted the predicate for the impeachment hoax is friends with John Brennan, the former CIA director. He is also in the same social set as members of Adam Schiff’s crew of witch hunters. Like a religious cult, these people reinforce the paranoia of one another with these bizarre theories to explain what they think is some great anomaly. Trump could not have won the election fair and square, so there must be some hidden reason behind it.

The problem with looking at this as a conspiracy theorist would is it shifts the focus from the social networks from which this conspiracy theory emerged. The reason for this and all of the other capers we have seen of late is that these people are now a separate and insulated community, rather than civil servants living on our communities. Their roles in the state are not jobs that provide them with a salary, but a way of life that is all encompassing.

Someone like Eric Ciaramella is not hanging out with his neighbor the accountant or the lawyer across the street. His kids are not playing with the plumber’s kids. His wife is not hanging out with other moms at the soccer field. His social life is entangled with his professional life. This was clear in the seditious plot run by the FBI. These people were all friends before they became subversives. Their jobs in the bureaucracy are not what they do for work. It is who they are as people.

The social aspect is most evident in the media. This puff piece in The Atlantic about disgraced neocons Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg is a good example. Both are long time conspiracy theorists, who have traveled in the same circles for years. Back in the Bush years, Hayes pushed the insane theory that Saddam Hussein was somehow involved in the 9/11 attack. Goldberg, of course, has made all sorts of bizarre claims about Donald Trump and his voters.

Now, the glue holding this absurd vanity project together is rage over the 2016 election, but it could not happen without the wide ranging social network. These people all live near one another and socialize with one another. They have posts of various importance at the same think tanks and foundations. They work the same donor class for money for these media projects. The world of conservative opinion in Washington is a closed community walled off from the rest of us.

The temptation is to focus on the absurdity of that puff piece in The Atlantic. After all, both of these people were promoters of the Russia hoax and both were cheerleaders for the pointless wars of choice in the Bush years. Two shameless liars now claiming to operate an antidote to fake news is easy to mock. The more important part though is the fact that such a thing even exists and is promoted by other media. Again, it is the result of that community of likeminded that exists around Washington.

That puff piece in The Atlantic is a favor to friends. The guy running The Atlantic is a fanatical Zionist and anti-Trump crusader. He’s happy to promote this project as a favor to his community. The writer, McKay Coppins, is a fellow traveler, happy to slobber over this project, as he could get a job there one day. Maybe it will get him a look at one of the think tanks that prop up many of these media operations. Although, he may have to change religions to land one of those gigs.

This is fundamentally the problem with Washington. It is an incestuous community cut off from the rest of us. That’s why no one ever gets punished for screwing up or breaking the law. Bill Barr is not going to prosecute the crooked FBI agents, because their friends are his friends. That would put him in bad odor with the rest of the community and we can’t have that. It’s not a conspiracy, but a community coming together to support their own.

Of course, this is most obvious in the media, which exists to promote and defend their friends in the political class. Stephen Hayes keeps his perch at Fox News, despite being wrong about everything for two decades. Goldberg plays the affable dufus to such great effect, not one can tell if he is acting. The whole point of having pundits on to comment about the news is they are supposed to bring expertise and insider knowledge. Instead it is high paying workfare for the community dimwits.

This is why reform is impossible. Trump winning the 2016 election just stiffened the resolve of the community. If Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 election, he will be invading Syria by 2022. His supporters in the socialist camp will learn the same lesson dissident have been faced with since 2016. The community that runs the empire is immune from the consequences of elections. It is always heads they win, tails we lose. The only reform that is possible is the people’s avenger.

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219 thoughts on “The People’s Avenger

  1. Watching the Super Bowl commercials and half time show. If we’re lucky that super volcano under Yellowstone will do us in.

    • Washed up over 40s with inches of makeup on shaking their ass, singing in an alien language, waving a Puerto Rican flag. Le 56% lol.

    • Made the mistake of wondering out loud at the party I was at when the hologram of Ricky Ricardo banging on drum and singing “Babalu” was going to make an appearance. Quite a few Mercedes Marxists there. They were not pleased.

  2. Speaking of revenge- at this moment the Chiefs uphold the Honor of 🇺🇸 Against Literally Communist Cocksuckers 49s 🇨🇳🏳️‍🌈.

    Go Chiefs.

    I should mention this is totally anti Kaepernick Bias.
    He’s the one black man I’d hang.

    Others can be shot. That they don’t mind.

  3. The people need a leader to do ANYTHING. Including clean house.
    Leader and sub leaders both.

    (I do NOT mean “Thought-Leaders. Go Play on LinkedIn).

    The Irish -who know something about Rebellions- ALWAYS got a leader whether he liked it or not. Some were taken captive and put at the head of the “army” against their will.

    Pinochet tis rumored was the last General left when the Colonels basically made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He spent the coup playing with his grandchildren. He knew it might be the last time he’d see them, and that the matter was out of his hands.

    And America’s Leader-Trump- is out of your hands. Hell it’s even mostly out of his hands. These things happen in war, politics, hell I.T and Tesla rollouts.
    It’s what happens in reality.

    So just accept it and follow the leader, he’s the one we got. Wherever we’re going.

    • I agree. We need a leader. But here is the problem: How can a leader come to prominence when the Left is in control of the media and most public institutions? He will be condemned, ostracized, slandered, and, my God!…declared a racist!

      • “How can a leader come to prominence when the Left is in control of the media and most public institutions?”

        Study Vaclav Havel and Lech Walesa. Their institutional opponents were way tougher than CNN. Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, bad as they are, compared to Wojciech Jaruzelski are pussies.

        In fact, Trump rose to prominence with the institutions and government apparatchiks wildly antagonistic to him. There’s an example closer to our time.

        • Good points, all Lorenzo. But, T had a leg up. He was a media celebrity and a billionaire to begin with – before he got into politics.

          • True, but not so for Havel and Walesa. Nonetheless, the DR ought to study historical examples for what worked or didn’t and why.

            Although the DR should first figure out what it really wants and how attainable it might be in the real world.

      • He did. Trump.
        This is who we’ve got.
        Our first leader in decades.

        Imperfect? Not Right enough?

        So what? Follow. We’re blessed to have a leader, and double blest he’s a winner.

        Follow. Cheer up. We’ll get more.

        Really to leave hundreds of millions of whites leaderless was power lying fallow, not power’s natural state.

        There will be more leaders. And it will get worse for our enemies, better for us.

  4. You can see this even with small state agencies. Hand picking their employees, devoid of any oversight or ethics enforcement. Guess you could call it a conspiracy although most people are jaded and just accept it as the way things are.

    On occasion their arrogance becomes too much to bear for the populace and reform is demanded. A few sacrificial lambs are given up, but often end up landing in some equally cushy gig and the beat goes on . . . . .

    Really looking forward to the president’s second-term. It’s sure to send the traitorous DC scum running for cover 🙂 . Let’s see if another four years will have any appreciable effect on the swamp ?

  5. “Their jobs in the bureaucracy are not what they do for work. It is who they are as people.” – z-man

    This one sentence identifies one of our largest problems. Obviously they absorb and assimilate the group think of those around them. They care only about their position in the hive, not the great unwashed masses out in fly-over country. In fact, they probably hate us.

    There is really no other way it could be. Most people can’t really put millions of data points together to make sense of reality so they go with the narrative that informs them. The narrative of government is that the government needs to “take care of” all the poor backward fools out in flyover land. They intend to keep us on a reservation as it were. Look at how they used welfare to “help” us right into the destruction of our civilization.

    There is no hope other than breaking the empire apart. We need the 50 states to leave the union and allow some to build real civilizations. White civilizations.

  6. Or, just encourage ordinary flyover Americans to live and work in DC if they want to have real influence on policy, instead of naively trusting elections to carry their voice. The swamp monster civil servants literally act as inbred as 17th century royalty.

    Libertarian types were right to demand a decentralization, but they are curiously consistently wrong in that they demand it first, rather than recentralizing DC first and then going from there. Hint: they know they would be assimilated by the swamp, and the real reformers who could go through that crucible aren’t libertarians. Libertarians therefore position themselves next in line, always wondering who’s going to throw the first punch.

    I predict religion. Real religion getting fed up with flyover second class status, and figuring out how to dispossess the useless snake cults that run the West. Libertarians are hoping to be reactionaries against them, but not the snake cults, because there’s not much to work with in trying to make liberty out of anarchy.

    No guillotines needed, more like Gramsci, except as a conscious strategy rather than a description of the long term civil society consequences of isolated urban sprawl for conservatives, density for liberals. It will be a real march through the institutions this time, not an afterwards rationalization of an organic phenomenon.

  7. I kinda fear the same, what is wrong cannot be corrected without grievous violence. If that is true, that’s not a wish btw, I think it is because violence will scare the cowardly backstabbers and grifters down or off the totem pole and make masculine traits high status again, not b/c it will ‘eradicate a particular ideology.’ Ie. it will be biological, or ‘biohistory’ correction, not ideological, which is far more superficial than biological is.

    • What’s weird is that she looks really different in each photo. Her driver’s license photo could be Monica Lewinsky’s sister.

  8. I don’t see Bernie invading anything, other than a free spread to stuff smoked lox in a doggie bag. I would vote for Bernie the way I voted for Trump, knowing that he has a very short half life, just like Trump, but enough of a half life to cause havoc for the donor class. It’s the donor class that matters. These people are just hired clowns of the check writers. You don’t upset the applecart by reelecting Trump, and especially by electing Bloomberg. I really don’t care that Bernie is a communist at this point. Trump was the best possible result in 2016. Today he’s just an amalgam of the past three failed Presidents, complete with an idiot family. There’s no residual value there. He’s a used condom. You don’t keep a used condom around for sentimental reasons.

    I thought Warren would gain traction last summer. But three things happened. 1) Her line about breaking up mega-corporations using the FTC quickly disappeared after meeting with a few CEOs. 2) Around Thanksgiving she started dancing at an event, adding to the cliche’ of why white people shouldn’t dance, 3) She then got weird with her policy statements to get attention, which backfired. Had she stuck to her guns like Bernie about the mega-corps, she would be sitting pretty in the lead right now. With Klobuchar gaining we have a split “I have vagina, listen to me” vote.

    • And who knows, maybe a communist Jew with a soft spot for Palestinians would be the perfect person to break the AIPAC hammerlock on our foreign policy. It would be perfect irony.

    • I dislike hem all, but was not surprised Warren has receded. She of all the candidates had one very correct idea—a wealth tax. I don’t peculiarly hate the rich, but if you wish to break their backs, you can’t tax income. No billionaire ever made his wealth through a paycheck.

      • They don’t like the wealth tax one bit, that’s what makes them sweat. It’s not actually about getting a wealth tax, it’s about waving the sword around and threatening it. Warren was all over that, until the check writers knocked on her door.

  9. A tad O/T, but this tweet is cute:

    “impeachment sham implies the existence of impearment pillowcase”

  10. Z Man said: ” The community that runs the empire is immune from the consequences of elections. It is always heads they win, tails we lose.”
    Here’s another phoney terd that’s been hired to point young people in the wrong direction.
    “Nick Fuentes Is a Gatekeeper.”

  11. Wait, I’ve only read the first two paragraphs.

    Would it be better to view Magic Jew Theory as a set of emergent beliefs, rather than a conscious conspiracy?

    Here is where we get into the fuzzy area of the difference between an individual and an aggregate.

    That would also explain the contagiousness of different value systems.
    They signal which caste’s star is rising or falling.

    Addendum: kudos for pointing out that those across the great divide have their own conspiracy theories. In their minds, they weren’t lying, and are dismayed and repelled by our accusations.
    (The same goes for us.)

    • Woops, sorry, I was referring to the Usual Suspects’ actions, rather than the Theory itself being erroneous.

      I know the Z doesn’t put much stock in Jewish World Conspiracy, and respect his reasons why. Thus, the fuzzy area.

  12. Nothing about the virus?

    I’m hearing that US travelers are refusing to board the plane with Chinese people. There are also “incidents” occurring (basically Chinamen being disgusting slobs as always and being confronted for it).

    Nature always brings things back to normal. Becky suddenly doesn’t care about being a “Becky” when her own health is at stake. Only the most masochist liberals are not having feelings of fear and xenophobia (natural protective instincts) as they interact with the Chinese. Hopefully this mindset stays for longer, even after the virus is gone.

    Also: thank you pres. Trump for banning Nigerians, Sudanese, Rohingya, and other 3rd world detritus. Suddenly the libs are outraged because “NIGERANS ARE CHRISTIANS” so we should be letting them in. As if they care about Christianity lol.

  13. Most conspiracy theories are at their center initially correct.
    They draw chaff.

    The single most commonly charged offense in Federal Courts is conspiracy.

    • That’s usually because the charge is often easier to prove and carries greater penalties compared on the underlying crime.

    • Burke had a comment I’ve always kept in my thoughts when observing people and movements–“It is very rare for men to be wrong in their feelings concerning public misconduct; as rare to be right in their speculations upon the cause of it.” That is why we lurch from one poor solution to the next. There is hardly anyone outside the dissident right that is willing to go that extra mile in understanding our democratic predictiment. That a few thousand have done so is a great improvement over the few dozen of just one generation past. Without those understandings there can be nothing to steer us forward.

  14. We’re never getting a “People’s Avenger” at the ballot box. Overreach by their side is the only way such a person can be brought to power.

    There is no Pinochet without Allende, no Napoleon without Robespierre. I’d prefer a doddering, semi-incoherent old Commie to the risk that their side installs a Stalin four years from now.

    At this moment, I think a Bernie victory is the best thing for our people.

    • I am seriously considering signing up for Feel the Bern, but Trump still hasn’t started any color revolutions.

      2nd term- who knows which way this cat will jump?

  15. The Dunning-Kruger combo of hubris and incompetence runs unchecked through all generations of our elite “nepotistic meritocracy complex”

    For a political snapshot of this “Descent of Man,” line up the Cuomo family from sainted Mario to stunted Chris.

    Mario was helping Fellow Whites bust up Italian working class neighborhoods with the same enthusiasm as his toady descendents, but he cared to hide it and managed to snow enough Whiteys to found a dynasty.

    Andrew is the still-functional model that can do the trained monkey, face-man work demanded of a modern politician. A low bar, but not Chris Cuomo low.

    Cuomo 3.0 (aka Tiny Hat Fredo) is the Windows 8 of Cuomos.

    Consider the Bush fam – H.W. to W to Jeb. Pretty sure Fredo is married to something better than Mexico’s answer to Rhea Perlman. Point to Team Cuomo.

    Jeb’s fellspawn mocha-Chico son is alreayd Beto’ing up the ladder among Republicans in Texas. Watching the Yankee carpetbagging Bush fam LARP as Texans is more fun than watching Ted Cruz do it.

    Tomorrow’s National Razor will be dining on thin gruel compared to the French heydey. The present Sun Kings and clerics are weak-blooded feebs and their fetishized out-marriages are birthing a next-generation elite more suited to Lovecraft’s Red Hook than Howard County, MD.

    • Exile….I remember recently Z wrote about the intellectual decline over time of the elite glitterati and their wee bairn, i.e. soft weird sexually ambiguous Justin Trudeau. “Ju are not a man!” Katy Jurado.

      Good reminder, Exile. So in your opinion does this decline over time run down to the elites’ lack of ability to even keep the balls juggling in the air? What does that look like? Benefit the dirt people?

      • I think we shoud be ready to play the long game across generations & wait for catabolic forces and the simple evils fo Fate to work the body of Empire for us. We should focus more now on building a lasting infrastructure that can keep future generations prepared and ready to take advantage of events. More than anything it means raising kids in a non-degenerate environment and educating them ourselves. The details will work themseves out if we focus on what it takes to last another day first.

        • Well put my brother. We are already doing that. Look to the future and keep your fur all calmed down.

    • All those people are going to simply get on planes and fly to Peru or Lichtenstein when the time comes. They all are as ball-less as Harvey Weinstein.

  16. Great article Z….black pilled on my Saturday!

    Living in Utah, I would like to know where Mittens Romney fits in to the elite world. Any ideas?

    One of only two who demanded witnesses.

    Yes I know he’s a globalist pirate. Plus that Pierre Delecto shadow email account stuff is weird and pervy…bringing up the rear, if you excuse the pun, of Carlos Danger. And one of his 2012 political advisors sat on the board of Burisma. All these people know each other. Half the Mormons here are blind sheep and vote for him as a tribe with no knowledge of current politics. Yet half the Mormons here are pissed at him, like Trump and who knows how they’ll vote. Notice Mike Lee is strangely quiet.

    When Trump, during the run up to the election, told Romney to bend down and kiss it, Romney went deranged, as thin skinned as McCain, and he’ll hate Trump and fight him forever. Conversely, a good example of an adult is Ted Cruz who was mauled by Trump yet chose to see the bigger picture and got over it.

    • Range, Romney’s one of the worst – his whole family has been eagerly selling out America for generations. Ted’s learned to limit his ambitions but I wouldn’t turn my back on him. He’s a climber in the worst sense, wifey too. I always thought Lee was fake Tea Party too but he’s had his moments. I’m ambivalent on him.

      • Roger that. And your take on Ted. Don’t be ambivalent on Lee. Watch your back on him too. He’s working to increase H1Bs to Dot Indians for thousands of jobs in Utah pushing our own folks out. These people never stop.

    • RFF—I have a couple of friends who moved to Utah to escape California. They absolutely rage against the Mormons calling them only Morons.

      • Can understand their frustration….but….life is messy…always. Mormons are partial morons. The other half of their nature I like. They make great clean calm neighborhoods to live in. They don’t get drunk and barf in the street nor yell at midnight nor fix their car in the middle of the street then leave it in pieces. They make nice kids. Can be placed in an old folks home and nice whitey women will tend me and not beat me over the head with a truncheon or steal my chump change. She may read scripture to me. Fine with me. I’m a heathen and could use it. Their voting sucks. Well…I can’t have it all…will take what I can get for my world here. And will NEVER move to California or a big city again..ever!

        • RFF- I agree. The Mormon lifestyle in general is what I think most of us would like to emulate. They are very communal, have lots of kids, strive for great neighborhoods, extremely family oriented, etc.

          Actually their lifestyle scares me to death about what is possible for “our thing.” They have all this and yet are inviting in third world helots as fast as they can. If they do this with as beautiful a state they currently have can any white tribes be realistic enough to survive?

          • You’re spot on. This state is virtue signaling itself into oblivion. They hate their past history and therefore themselves. State run by globalists a-moral business men. The women I play cards with follow some unspoken protocol to never talk about anything other than chick stuff. Then whack on me if I bring up worldly events. I am so bored! Thank you my meetup brothers for your good like-minded company. My big Joy for the day is CPAC just dis-invited Romney for grandstanding by wanting more impeachment witnesses. Delicious!

      • “RFF—I have a couple of friends who moved to Utah to escape California. They absolutely rage against the Mormons calling them only Morons.”

        My favorite kind of California transplant. We made an unliveable mess of our own state. Oh look, here’s a nice, safe state full of friendly people with high social trust, low crime, strong sense of community and a reasonable cost of living. Obviously, these idiots just got lucky and found some magic dirt out there in the desert. Let’s move there, subvert their entire society and recreate California. Everything’s going to be great once we outnumber those stupid Mormons.

        The total lack of self awareness is why everyone hates California transplants. We don’t expect you to convert. But maybe you could try a modicum of assimilation before setting out to destroy the culture that created the society you are escaping to.

        • Again…spot on. Same thing Californacating Idaho particularly Boise. Glad you understand that I do pick nits with Mormons, yet in Utah they’re like an aboriginal tribe that has no immunity nor experience with the jaded hoards pouring into the state. I’ll take my Mormon neighbors. Also…people forget to be nice. Yes old fashioned. I’m in their territory and never forget it. I approach wagging my tail with a friendly face making friendly noises. I visit with my neighbors and chat. I approach first. Don’t expect your small community to visit first then bitch when they don’t. Make the first move. They haven’t tied me down and made me convert. Just be nice. I won’t be found dead for 2 weeks half eaten by a pack of wild dogs. Good neighbors!

  17. Does anyone in 2020-world believe that Goldberg/Kristol or PNAC/OSP actually believed the sh*t they were selling to the American public regarding 9-11 and the ME wars regarding Saddam? Or democracy in Iraq? It persists to this day in the discredited “Douma gas attacks.” And you don’t believe in conspiracy theories?

  18. Yeah they’re all in the same social club and, like you pointed out the other day, they don’t do anyting so all this conspiracy, impeachment, Russia, it’s all busy work for them but unfortunately they have a lot of power and can spread their nonsense to the rest of the world. These are really the worst Elites ever. It’s worse because of the scale of the damage that they can do. But what it comes down to if these people literally have no reason for existing in any of our lives. If they all disappeared tomorrow it would only affect us positively

  19. Sometimes a cigar is indeed just a cigar, Z.

    But – the men behind these things are too smart to believe their own BS, Z. If I may be blunt, they are throwing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks. Perhaps the silliness of all this stems from panic…?

    I think they are scared spitless. They’ve been duping their power base which consists largely stupid, unproductive wahmen and vibrants with a penchant for violence. When the gibs and endless concessions stop, they are as liable to turn on their former masters as they are on us.

    All this talk of civil war is not in jest. The rot Over There is deliberate and starts at the top.

    • ” the men behind these things are too smart to believe their own BS”

      Maybe some. But being inundated with group-think day in and day out for years builds a sort of carapace around an individual. They to varying degrees absorb the expected conditioning so they can function within the group. Any objections or reservations they may have had get set off to some corner they can ignore. They go along to get along until they reflexively get with the program. In some the carapace may be paper thin, in others they’d have to be burned at the stake to get it off.

      When it comes to smart people, the easiest person to fool are themselves.

    • Re-read the post. Reform is not possible at this point, thus The People’s Avenger. Personally, my preferred method would be piano wire and lamp posts for the well known sociopaths and this for the rest. TINVOWOOT.

    • The People’s Avenger is reform. BTW, even if things are good, it does not hurt to oil up Madame Guillotine every so often. It reminds the ruling class cretins who is in charge.

  20. One thing I learned after serving 2 years as military aide in the Clinton White House … the political class isn’t smart enough, nor secretive enough, to run the long game that a successful conspiracy entails. The most successful ones are classic narcissists but their time horizon is only in the 2-4 year range. They’ll willingly join forces with corporate sociopaths but usually only for their own personal ends.

    Career federal bureaucrats can have a much longer timeline, and they can be a conniving/sociopathic bunch, but most are in the eunuch class … risk-takers and sharp thinkers are drummed out of the civil service very early in their careers. At most they’ll be fellow-travelers in conspiracies that serve their careers. I could say much the same thing about my class of military officers … some were highly professional with moral conviction but most were exceptionally pragmatic, cautious, compromising careerists.

    That leaves the corporate and exceptionally wealthy class, where brains, panache, social pedigree all combine with diabolical tendencies for Machiavellian plotting. This, in my opinion, is where most true conspiracies are hatched. Two of the most famous of the 20th century are the beginnings of the Federal Reserve and the sponsorship of Lenin’s rise in Russia.

    In short, if a person is always in the news – if you know their name – that’s a pretty sure sign they’re a nobody in conspiratorial power-plays.

    • Ouch, I bet during the Clinton years that wasn’t a fun time to be had. That’s a senior grade officer position, right, like LTC and above? I did a six month stint in the Pentagon in the early ‘80s as an E7 and that was painful. Full bird colonels got treated like privates.

      • Yeah, in that particular administration military personnel were 2nd class citizens. The position I’m talking about is an O4 job. I have to say, though, that Clinton was pretty good to us. It was his Ivy League, 30-something pansies that made it painful, along with the entirety of the First Harpy’s staff. I don’t think most people realize that WHMO – the White House Military Office – comprises well over a thousand military personnel in the communications, airlift, and security business. We learned how to take care of one another, and bonded tightly with the Secret Service. It ended up being quite the interesting tour, particularly when the Monica story broke. That’s when First Harpy made the sharp transition to First B@@ch.

    • That last sentence is very, VERY true.
      The ones who have the actual power and influence are extremely aware and mindful of the media’s presence, and while they have them [media] as friends, they generally are not quoted in any of the publications / TV shows.
      [some of ] these folks to whom I refer, are back-room dealers extraordinaire.

  21. “Academic politics are so vicious because the stakes are so low.” I don’t know much about the Washington hive but there can be nothing more mind boggling than seeing what the people in your world are like than serving on academic Senate.

    It starts out all chummy small talk, then officially starts, huge topics like equity (the equal rationing of results) rather than equal opportunity are supported with no discussion and then any unimportant whatever can take literally hours of vigorous and even vicious debate, then the meeting is over with friendly small talk.

    The friendly small talk continues in the hallways, offices, and parties that only other people in academia are invited to. Woodrow Wilson said that Washington was a snap after Princeton.

    I have no doubt the uni party system works the same way.

    • An addendum to my post above really proves the validity of Z’s main point.

      Earning tenure is in theory a period of time where you are being judged on the academic worthless of your hire.

      In actuality; looking back on it, it is really simply a training period to show you are a hive member in good standing. The time is spent with your head down and having few opinions of your own.

      Most schools like to hire from without for this reason. They claim they want fresh blood. But actually they want someone who has no connections and no life support other than the religiously monolithic hive that you are being conditioned to meld into.

      Stockholm syndrome at its finest.

  22. “It’s not a conspiracy, but a community coming together to support their own.”

    This sums the Tribe power structure really well, congratulations.

  23. DC is a weird place. Spend time down there socially and things like BBQs and cocktail parties are surreal. If I think Wall Street is insular–DC takes it to another level. All the chit chat is among people who are 1)government employees 2) used to be govt employees and are now in a)a think tank sinecure or b) flipped to the private sector with their rolodex in hand and 3) part of the massive legal/lobbying structure. The discussions are completely divorced from what goes on in real world and you’d think that we mere citizens are simply the denizens of a giant ant farm that exists for their amusement. One other observation–one of my kids is an athlete at one of the “public ivies” in VA. More marked now, but always present is the divisor between the NoVa parents and the “rest of the state” parents at the functions we attend. Two utterly different worlds.

    • One wonders if the “ants” in the “Ant Farm” have the wherewithal and the moxie to produce and operate guillotines in the Imperial City. Because eventually that is what it’s going to take.

      • Well, growing up in S. Florida made the mistake of blundering into fire ants a couple times. So there is your answer.

    • Tell me about it, worked for a while in a contracting firm in DC. Quit in disgust in short order. If I put my conscience aside, I could have landed a nice comfy gubmint gig with a fat pension. The city oozes and reeks politics ,hypocrisy and incestousness. They are the royalty that Jefferson, Washington and Adams rose up against.

      A republic if you can keep it – It could not, very sorry sir.

    • Quite true. I chuckle when D.C. types brag about attending someone’s party, as if anyone care. And boy do they tout their attendance at so-and-so’s Fourth of July barbeque. Meaningless things define them.

  24. Our ancestors evolved in the northern latitudes with extreme seasonal variation. This meant that they had to learn to predict and plan for winter deprivation in order to survive the hardship of long cold nights and a dearth of food. That skill set is still relevant today. The parasitic hive occupying DC is slow cooking a new plague of economic winter and we must be prepared or perish. It’s not a question of if, but when.

    • Stay debt-free, own at least two acres of land, and have enough precious metal to last four years. Stay away from large urban areas.

      • Indeed. Ancient wisdom persists for a reason. It’s practitioners survive to live another day (and make babies).

  25. I have no idea what to think about Trump. He gave up, at least what appears from the outside, a pretty sweet lifestyle to become President of the United States. Did he have a plan or was he just going to shoot from the hip? It has been frustrating to witness how he either can’t or won’t defend himself, his associates or his supporters. He should have cleaned house day one but instead vipers like Ciaramella and the Vindman brothers have had the run of the White House, maintaining desks just down the hall from the oval office. Even if everything Trump said about MAGA was a lie and he was just acting purely in his own self-interest, it seems to be a huge mistake on his part to allow so many of these rabid D.C. dogs to continue to run off the chain.

      • When you are engaging in a revolt against government, you don’t have to know who everyone is or what they do. Evidence: They work for the old government. Verdict: Guilty. That’s the essence of “the people’s avenger.”

        • Let’s keep in mind that he had no army. He won as a one man operation by gaming the media for free coverage. You have to staff the government with bodies, and the GOP establishment was full of pussies and duplicitous weasels. Even immigration hawk Sessions was a bitter disappointment.

          • He won as a one man operation by gaming the media for free coverage.

            He was not alone, he had the Pepe army on his side. Without the internet, no Trump. He said himself early on in the nomination race that “I’m just a messenger”, and that was a total bullseye.

            People tend to attribute electoral landslides to the candidate but most often, political careers like Trump’s are due to tectonic shifts in the electorate, which the candidate latches on to – Trump is just riding the tiger.

            (The Brits make that mistake with Nigel Farage: Brexit didn’t come about BECAUSE of Farage, but IN SPITE of him. Nigel Farage is one of the vilest traitors in British history.)

          • Krull, running in front of parades is what poiticians do.

            Demographics ensures that soon, policy stops mattering.

            Look at BoJo. He’s onboard with the idea that Europe needs a new Stampede to Africa.

          • I’m not buying it. Nigel Farage is on record speaking against the EU in the EU Parliament in 1999. Indeed, first I ever heard of Farage was in respect to Brexit and he’s never deviated from it to my knowledge.

            What specifically is his treachery wrt Brexit? I’m not claiming better knowledge than one who actually lives under that vile organization (EU), just want to know as an interested outsider.

          • Nigel Farage is on record speaking against the EU in the EU Parliament in 1999.

            Well, he wouldn’t be a very good Manchurian if he told people that he was against Brexit.

            Here’s what I think of Farage, and yes, I am speculating, but the circumstantial evidence is pretty damning:

            Sometimes in the nineties, the British establishment had a problem with the British National Party and similar outfits. They realised they couldn’t make them go away, so they decided they needed a gate keeper, a pied piper that could draw people away from the BNP.

            So they put up this City-type – a commodity trader – to corral the malcontents, stop them from going to parties that actually wanted a nationalist agenda. They needed a guy who was good enough to keep the punters from going to BNP, but not good enough to be a threat to the Tories.

            Farage ran on a Brexit platform, because that way he would not interfere with Westminster business, he was not even TRYING to interfere with them; in the mind of the establishment, Brexit was never going to happen anyway, so warehousing the nationalists in the single-issue UKIP was totally safe.

            The game plan was this: after having stringed the malcontent voter segment along for twenty years, he’d lose gracefully, get a job at Goldman Sachs, the EU-question would’ve been put to bed for the next thirty years and the British right wing would’ve been left partyless and rudderless, with at least ten years needed to build a new base. That’s why he resigned on the night of the greatest political triumph of his life: it was all planned out in advance, except the plan was to lose.

            Farage never did anything to build a real party out of his voter base, he staffed UKIP with cronies, incompetents and Tory infiltrators, treating the party like his personal press agency. He constantly went on camera smoking and drinking, pretty much the number one no-no in politics, subtly discrediting his base.

            So immediately after the Brexit referendum, Farage starts pissing into UKIP, totally devastating the party and when UKIP finally started getting their act together again under Gerard Batten, he established the Brexit Party to take voters away from them.

            Farage is pro Islam and pro mass immigration, only Farage wants to import Nigerians and Pakistanis instead of Poles.

            And since we’re on the subject, Tommy Robinson serves the same function: keeping people away from real nationalists. He might have been genuine to begin with, but now he’s bought by the noses. Incidentally, Robinson is also pro Islam and pro mass immigration.

          • Krull, a fantastic post succinctly outlining what I have long suspected but failed to articulate. I had my suspicions when he undermined UKIP but you nailed it. Bravo.

          • The sad thing is that many saw this when Farage abandoned ship just before the goal line.

            Back when Breitbart wasn’t a complete cesspit (i.e. before they banned me) I figure at least a quarter of the comments were rants against Farage’s betrayal, but it seems people have already forgotten.

            No wonder our overlords despise us.

          • Another suspicious detail is that he only gave his resignation speech the next day. The f*cker hadn’t even prepared a victory speech.

          • Actually, I can speak to that. I personally know of the Trump for President organizer here in the State where I live. The day or so after the election, the call went out for bodies—lots of bodies—to staff the myriad of positions opening in the new Trump government.

            I must say I was taken back. I’d have assumed such was planned for, but there seemed little preparation to assume office. One might expect that the win was a surprise even to the Trump organization. 😉

          • Nobody really knows how to ride that tiger once it has been let loose. The monarchy was ended, and eventually they got Napoleon and finally a new Republic or five.

            Sometimes you just have to roll the dice and hope things shake out okay.

          • The problem is, things usually turn out worse when you’re forced to roll the dice (given the nature of us humans). But if you have no other choice….

      • It’s not (or shouldn’t be) difficult not to hire people that publicly opposed your candidacy and have a history of promoting positions opposite to those in your platform. Yet here we are. Why that is, is an entirely different question.

        • It might be as easy as nativity on Trump’s part wrt “holdovers”. Trump is a businessman. He’s used to running things and in his business dealings one might assume his employees toe the line for fear of losing their jobs. But that’s not Washington and the Deep State. I feared this myself. Folks have their positions, often buried deep in the bureaucracy and untouchable.

        • The fact that The Mustache was within a 10,000 mile radius of the Trump Administration shows how unprepared for prime-time he was.

    • It is hard, unless you’ve seen it up close, to comprehend how huge and inbred this group is. Don’t believe in complex conspiracies, the equivalent of bird “flocking” behavior in flight is the norm there.

      • Agree with SamlAdams here.
        And Z.
        It’s a community, and you’re [we’re] not in it.
        It’s a very closed community, and in order to get into it, one must be a true believer working for the fed gubmit, well-connected, or both.

    • Did he have a plan or was he just going to shoot from the hip?

      The latter.

      One crucial fact that people tend to forget, is that nobody believed he’d win, least of all Trump himself. That gave him a license to issue whatever promise he wanted – he never imagined he’d be held to account for them.

      We sure as hell didn’t get what we hoped for:

      • No. Trump believed he could win. The man is the most serenely self-confident human we have seen in modern times. He literally walked into a lion’s den. And from what I’ve seen, the lions have lost much of their confidence.

        • If he believed he could win, how come he didn’t build a proper team until a few weeks before the election? It was him, his Jewish family, Lewandowski, Bannon and that blonde chick, whose name I can’t remember, who became press secretary.

          • How do you plan for something as chaotic as a political career when you shoot straight for the top? Trump has seen the incompetence of the ruling classes and media hacks for a long time. He understands the inertia of bureaucracies. In order to prevail in that kind of environment, you need a certain amount of chaos. Trump thrives on it. He brought his managerial style to the White House. And he’s getting more accomplished than many thought he could. Keep watching.

          • How do you plan for something as chaotic as a political career when you shoot straight for the top?

            Well, I strongly suspect he didn’t – I haven’t seen many signs of political planning or direction in his administration.

            As Ann Coulter said, he just saw a 100-dollar bill lying in the street that everybody else just walked by, and he decided to pick it up. I don’t think he had any further plans than bagging the $100 million worth of free PR a presidential run would net him.

            As for the bulletproof self-confidence, that’s standard confidence artist tradecraft.

          • Ann Coulter was Mitt Romney’s bitch for a long time. I don’t take her all that seriously. She means well, but has a weakness for civil rights crap, Lincoln, etc.

          • She’s been pretty solid on Trump, and her analogy with the 100-dollar bill is spot on: pandering to white voters is political steroids, and nobody else was taking them – probably because everybody else knew that stopping mass immigration is against ((international)) law: you can promise it, but you can never deliver, so the Beltway Bogmen had a tacit agreement not to touch that third rail. That’s why they’re so furious at Trump: he’s cheating, he’s taking steroids, literally ripping caviar out of the mouths of their poor, starving progeny.

            As for civil rights, yes, she’s said something to the effect that she’s in favour of some kind of affirmative action, but I’ve only seen her do so in a context where it was to tell spics that you don’t get to play the racism card if you’re not black.

          • “As for the bulletproof self-confidence, that’s standard confidence artist tradecraft.” Or indication of a great leader stepping forth at a time of great crisis. For you Fourth Turning devotees, a “grey champion.”

          • His biggest accomplishment is riling the nascent Whiteness up.
            It needs not be spoken out loud.

            We’re beginning to remember who we are.

          • Felix, I sympathize with your point, but who specifically would you have put on the team? No one supported his agenda but us rubes and deplorables. I guess he could have waited to run, and spent years building a movement to rule over what was left after 8 years of the devil.

          • who specifically would you have put on the team?

            Anyone – the fact that he didn’t even bother to try is a pretty big tell.

            Mind you, I don’t necessarily think that makes him a bad guy – sometimes greatness is thrust upon the unready. A large part of his appeal was exactly that he was not a professional politician, but an outsider.

          • Javanka were “bundlers” for Corey Booker and donated to myriad NYC/NJ leftists (also McCain and Romney). It’s all public record.

          • NYC is 90% leftist;
            if you’re a business person trying to get approvals from zoning boards, historic preservation boards, local community groups (all of which are leftist), then you’ve got to play the game, make donations to pols and the correct NGOs; otherwise you get nowhere.

        • Agreed fully. It is obvious Trump knew he could win. He had to outsource staffing decisions, and of course that led to vipers against Trump’s bosom. Nonetheless, the man is a quick learner and his second term will be full of MAGA types. Only in the last few months have I realized we are about to see the most substantive second term in American history. The D.C. monsters know their preferred policies are on very thin ice. There would have been an assassination attempt already but the Club knew it would lead to widespread violence. Hopefully that fear remains and my concerns about it will remain a wild conspiracy theory.

          • I’m surprised they haven’t tried to kill him already. Maybe they have. At any rate, I think Trump may be in danger because he is cruising toward a landslide re-election in the teeth of establishment hatred. That’s always a recipe for the unexpected.

      • What the fuck are you talking about? After Eisehhower, Trump is the best POTUS so far. Far better than that phony, Reagan. Promises,

        Wall – being built.
        Immigration – cracking down hard on birth tourism, visa fraud, almost eliminating the BS refugee quota, leaning hard on Mey-hee-co to stem the flow of flotsam from the South, and now getting the public charge rule enforced
        Trade – gutting TPP and NAFTA. 530,000 manufacturing jobs created since 2016. Heck, even the SHill understands this
        Courts – 185 right leaning federal judges appointed.

        If you wanted a RAHOWA, then yes Trump has been a disappointment. But if you wanted policies that for the first time helped the white working class, Trump has delivered.

        • I mocked “Promises Kept” when Charlie Kirk tried it and I stand on that mockery.

          The only thing Trump has managed to do is enrage the Left while lulling the Right into thinking they are winning. He’s a long-term net-negative for us because of this.

          We got based tweets & window-dressing, while Shlomo got everything on his Christmas list but his war with Putin and his war with Iran.

          If this is winning, you’ve been losing too long. We need to change that frame and realize that only revolutionary, truly-system-hostile change will matter. Being satisfied with 4 more years of MIGA is 4 more years of not moving things in our direction.

          • You’re coming dangerously close to the National Review mindset that our progress is not pure enough. The Left wins because it understands that you pocket every win no matter how small or how you got it.

          • You should hold your fire till we see what a second Trump administration looks like. He seems like the sort who likes to get even with his enemies. And I like that about him.

        • Re the Wall, let’s hope a second term delivers the Jerome Corsi solution.

          There’s a company that builds quick fortification walls for our miltary all over the world. 16′ tall, dirt reinforced with mesh that makes them impervious, cheap, and they can’t be climbed. 20 miles of wall per day.

          1300 miles for about a billion dollars.
          For another two B we could harden our electrical grid.

          Corsi has already pitched the DoD, lets hope the CinC and the brass backs him.

          • The wall is being built and in the meantime the refugee centers here are *empty*. Geez folk. I live in a sanctuary city. They are protesting Trump’s policy of dumping these asylum seekers back across the border. MX is deporting them across their Southern border. Name a President since Eisenhower who has done that.

          • Back just before the bubble burst in ’08 I sold my Vegas home in a neighborhood about to turn Mexican and I went back to see it when it was foreclosed four years later. An 1,800 ft two bath house had four added toilets, two in closets. It looked like the underground railroad for invaders. This is the reason street parking at night is jammed up in Mexican renter neighborhoods– until this year. Plenty of spaces now. Just one report from outpost habla.

        • Well argued, but I’m a single-issue guy and as long as Trump is only about illegal immigration, I see no change: a poc is a poc, no matter the paperwork.

          If you wanted a RAHOWA, then yes Trump has been a disappointment.

          If I wanted a RAHOWA, I’d have shilled for Hillary.

          • a poc is a poc, no matter the paperwork.

            Sure, Herr Schutzstaffel. But the legions of white male traitors in DC, NY and LA who fund, equip and lead the Globopoz is cool right? After all, they are white males. Seems like the alt-right/DR is more upset about the skin color of some of the poz rather than the evil it signifies. Sorry, Kamerad, right now a 100% White America will not change a single fucking thing. Sure, the velocity of descent will decrease but the direction is still pointing down. But hey, a racially pure poz is cool cause it is racially pure right?

          • It would change the entire direction of the country. There wouldn’t have been a single democrat president elected in the last 50 years for instance if only whites voted.

        • “After Eisehhower”…..

          Oh my god…”Eisenberg” were thrilled about white community Africanized due to Race integration

          trump immigration policy is the same as Bush, don’t bother checking out unlimited legal immigration

          trump Trade policy is merely slow down on de-industrialization
          disappearing white middle class doesn’t solve because it’s not about “Trade”, it’s about United State becoming open society
          Those corporate slave-driver not only doesn’t paying taxes, also importing genetically non-white in every corner of white street

          Courts are most anti-white group next to the United States Police/FBI/CIA

          only good modern president were Theodore Roosevelt who definitely refusal on melting pot theory alongside with Madison grant

          • (((T. Roosevelt))) LOL

            You misspelled McKinley, the last true AMERICAN President, not beholden to (((them.)))

      • “We sure as hell didn’t get what we hoped for”

        I got the biggest thing I hoped for: not Hillary Clinton. It was obvious from the start of his campaign that the entire ruling class would oppose Trump’s agenda with relentless ferocity. He’s done about as much as he could, given the setup.

      • “We sure as hell didn’t get what we hoped for”

        Well Felix, adjust your expectations as the say. However, name any president since WWII who has attempted to keep as many promises as this man has. Most all have done little after election than parade around acting the “big man” part. Worse, most have retreated into the only sole authority they possess, that of commander-in-chief and started vainglorious wars to the detriment of all.

        • adjust your expectations as the say.

          There’s certainly a point there – as Lorenzo said above, he’s up against the whole swamp – but while tax reform and trade reform is great, that was not why people stormed his rallies. He was elected because he promised to be a wrecking ball, not a better version of your standard POTUS.

    • While Trump is no dummy he is not ideological. Trump is transactional and he treats relationships as transactional. Trump can get away with that in the business world but in DC it is a different animal. Everyone can harm you there.Trump trusts no one closely except a few people in his life but for other people he seems to look at them as they are there to do a job. However in DC those people are not there to just do a job, they have a community and a culture to protect as the Z man says here in this article and many of them hate Trump. Trump seems to think that just because they hate me they will still do their jobs. No they won’t. This is not the business world. I also think donors like Sheldon Adelson pushed NeoCons like Bolton upon Trump so rather than make Adelson unhappy he just hired Bolton. Only to see Bolton knife him in the back.
      I think Trump is a slow learner of the game. He passes himself off as a genius but he is far from it.

      • Name one person who could have done better. And finally, Mr and Mrs. White America, the fault is within. You feel asleep at the wheel when the DC pozscum where robbing your inheritance right from under your nose.

      • The correct model for Trump’s administration was that of a liberation force that has pushed an occupying army out of a nation. When you do this you throw the enemy officers in POW camps or shoot them. Trump just gave them new uniforms and put them in charge of his army. I’m still not sure if he didn’t know he was doing this or felt that he had no choice since he lacked loyal replacements for them.

        That said I’m willing to give him (or Pence) another chance. Revolutions often are like tsunamis. They don’t come in all at once but roll in as a series of waves. What happened in 2016 was still unprecedented and has struck a deep terror into the enemy’s heart.

        • Sorry, but we can’t vote in a revolution. Those are carried out by force. Trump is a transitional figure who will be remembered as the guy who broke the spell the media had cast on the public. Their bullshit was revealed for what it always had been. There is no going back. The left must use bayonets going forward. The lines have been drawn.

          • Trump is a transitional figure who will be remembered as the guy who broke the spell the media had cast on the public.

            I don’t believe that’s what happened, not precisely. The internet broke the spell, Trump just happened to be the man on the spot. He’s got great Twitter-fu, but that wouldn’t work if he didn’t have an army of deplorables to cheer him on.

          • Has any politician other than Trump ever pointed his finger at the White House Press Corps and called them liars to their faces? That is a big deal.

        • Trump needed to deNazify the previous regime. Give ’em a taste of their own medicine.

          It’s been pointed out here that only two DC law firms vet the applicants. That’s the first bottleneck that should’ve changed.

          Me, I would’ve started a rather selective citizen’s lottery.
          Who wants summa dis?

        • The problem with Pence is two fold. He is a Christian Zionist and he has the personality of a cardboard box.
          The first one will keep him corralled in the military industrial complex and the second one will mind numb us like George Bush Sr did. Pence is a tool of the establishment.
          I would prefer Bernie.
          The system is in danger.
          Would we prefer a Christian Zionist at the top like Pence when it crashes?
          Or a Communist suspect like Bernie?
          If it crashes with a Christian Zionist at the top the rest of us Christians will take the fall for it.
          It won’t be the usual suspects.

      • GLG, true enough. We wanted a non-politician to save us from the political class and when we got him, we complain he’s naive and unfamiliar with the rules of the swamp and the DC political class. We praise Z-man’s admonishments that there are no political solutions to what ails us, then turn around and blame Trump for not meeting our “expectations”. Sigh.

    • It’s true he has not accomplished a lot of what he set out to do. But he has shifted the Overton window pretty dramatically for the next phase. I give him a lot of slack considering half his own party is against him, the other party is savagely partisan, the media coverage is over 90% negative, and the entire bureaucracy is out to destroy him. I didn’t trust him during the election, but figured he was better than the corrupt sociopathic shrew. All things considered, I am pleasantly surprised by his perseverance, and he is pretty damn funny to watch.

      • And if he wins in a landslide, he his not going to sit back and become a lame duck president. Blood will be in the water.

        • And if he wins in a landslide, he his not going to sit back and become a lame duck president.

          If he wins, he will no longer be eligible for re-election, and his incentive to pander to the voterproles will be gone, he can go full ziowarrior.

          • Not going to happen. He is aware of his place in history and he doesn’t want to go down the Bolton path. He is going to give everyone everything they want short of war…and then leave. Watch.

          • Not going to happen? He stuffed his cabinet with neocons almost from day one, so I don’t see why he should change his spots in a second term, when he no longer has to pander to voters. Whatever we’re going to get out of this guy, we’ll have to get in this term.

            He is aware of his place in history

            Yes – in Jewish history.

          • “He is aware of his place in history…” Break the globalist cabal, have their top leadership swinging from the gallows on the Capitol Hill steps and Trump could eclipse even George Washington. Trade deals are nice but Trump could do something worthy of a place on Mt. Rushmore.

          • Trump is a sales guy not George Washington. It’s a little action and a lot of bullshit. No real risk of Trump sacrificing his own blood.

          • The last President to not disappoint in a second term was Jackson. It took him eight years to do what he had always been about from the first, and that was to destroy the Federal Reserve of it’s time. What Trump is about we have no clear understanding and I don’t think he does either. I’ll be grateful though for his alternative to what we see coming down the road in short order.

          • A note of caution on that Jackson thingie.
            The banks replied with our first Great Depression, from 1837 to 1843.

            Blood in the water, as Epiminondas says.

          • I’ll go on record to say that if Trump wins we will be more vastly disappointed with Term 2 than Term 1. We will get more Bush III Admin basic-b*tch GOP pablum while internal Israeli politics set the agenda even more obviously. He seems to think he can buy a J-pass out of this.

          • Betcha five bucks you’re wrong. In his second term Trump will not disappoint on continued immigration squeeze, illegal alien deportations, scores more of excellent federal judges, 1 or 2 more excellent Supreme Court justices, a massive middle class tax cut, decreasing tensions with Russia, largely disengaging from the Mideast, ending the war in Afghanistan, completing the border wall, aggressively protecting gun rights, continued revamping of international trade deals, allowing states to opt out of “migration settlement,” uncoupling illegal aliens from welfare handouts, beginning to address our neglected national infrastructure…the list goes on. Of course, past performance doesn’t guarantee future success, but…you up for the $5?

          • He has to be aware that the Democrats, especially their base will never stop coming after him. He might act to save his own skin.

    • Trump acted as he has always acted: He huckstered a deal across the finish line and then stepped back to let the team in the backroom iron out the details.

      He didn’t understand he was playing in a very different milieu. He was expected the machinery to do its work as it had always done. Having won, instead of working out the details he found himself rocked back on his heels.

      With all he’s had to put up with, that he hasn’t found himself on his backside or hasn’t completely capitulated tells us he made of better stuff than a lot of us give him credit for. They caught him off guard and he’s had to dig himself out of a hole from day one because he didn’t get or wouldn’t listen to how DC actually worked. He showed up to a cold civil war with only a twitter account and a roomful of double agents.

      The argument on our side of this thing over the “Thatcher Effect” should be tabled. We need him to win (even if he’s leaned nothing). He probably does suck a lot of the wind out of the sails in our movement, but if he goes down we’re sunk. Our movement isn’t ready for prime time. The tide has been moving our way under his presidency. Our issues are debated if only indirectly…but often directly. If we can squeeze another 4 or 5 years out of him we’ll be in a much better position.

      • Respectfully disagree. The Right in opposition to Obama at least flailed its way into the Tea Party movement, one last grass-roots convulsion. MAGA has given us only trannies, butt stuff and more wahmenism, but hey, we’re “winning.”

        Trump’s not holding back some pending tide of anti-DR pogroms and lawfare. He’s giving Barr all he wants and then some. He already restored the federal death penalty for its double jeopardy prosecutions. He’s already outsourced our surveillance & pre-crime to Thiel & Israel’s Caliber (run by every spook in Mossad since Golda Meir’s era).

        It’s already prime time for the dissident crackdown. What is Trump or Congress or the states or anyone else doing to stop deplatforming, hate crime nonsense and political prosecutions?

        Choosing Trump to make the next few years a little less possibly painful is the hospice option. We need radical surgery.

        • I agree with everything you’ve said. What worries me is how our tribe would respond. The FBI and their auxiliaries would hammer the dissidents and the normies would go back into their shell.

          I don’t think our tribe is up to radical surgery just yet. They’ve become too dependent upon Trump. If he goes down it will deflate many and it will be back onto the hamster wheel for most.

          I hope I’m wrong and that you’re right.

      • It’s all about the chairs. And we are playing ring around the Rosie.
        If Trump gets caught in the great crash during his next term it harms us greatly because the right is associated with Trump.
        If the democrats get caught without a chair either with a win in 2020 or a win in 2024 the catastrophe will be blamed on them.
        Who gets caught without the chair when the Federal Reserve fails, that is the game.

    • It is hard to knock a guy who broke the mold, at significant cost and for seemingly the right reasons. But it turns out his greatest weakness is that darned personal quirk – he still craves the respect of America’s corporate elite. It’s most unfortunate for us! If only he could cure himself of giving a rat’s ass!

      Trump held sway in NY cafe society, but it’s just not the same as being feted by the Choate/Ivy Leaguers. Being a topic of conversation (often as a butt of jokes) had to sting. Likewise, Ivana was rebuffed by the ladies who lunch set – Lynn Wyatt, Ann Bass, etc, (even Pat Buckley in those days). His only link to the exclusive set was Blaine Trump and he appeared careful to not overtax that tie. 70s/80s NYers considered DC a cultural backwater where the necessary but inelegant business of grimy government power brokering was transacted.

      But DC’s fortunes have exploded in the past couple decades – as have the stations of those bureaucrats who dug themselves in! Those same people now consider themselves at the Helm of the world (and there is some truth behind the grandiosity). Money pours in from all corners of the globe to buy influence – the place reeks of granite-faced power from every street corner.

      The inflated DC bureaucrats purposely refuse to accord Trump his due for having reached the pinnacle on his own. He is not NY’s own or DC’s own or anyone’s own. No one claims him (except his base) so he is completely free to act, yet he continues to restrain himself like a school girl pining over the yearbook. Ivanka also craves approval, which is an unfortunate influence. Bannon’s contempt for all these people had been a good influence on Trump and you can see why Ivanka wanted him gone.

    • Personally, I think he entered the race because he bet Hildebeast – one dollar – that he could beat her.

  26. The real mystery is why a fanatical Zionist like Jeff Goldberg (I think he was even an IDF interrogator) would hate Trump. He’s very hawkish, “Israel’s best friend,” as I think Bibi even said, whereas Obama at least showed some residual “Arabist” impulses (i.e. trying to appoint Chuck Hagel over the strenuous objections of the lobbyists). I think people like David Frum aren’t just brown-nosing; I think they do believe that Trump and Putin are pan-Aryanists just waiting for the signal to flip the switch to turn all those Christian Zionists with Mossy Oak camo into Jew-hating Cossacks.

    • Perhaps there really is a mental disease wrt anti-Trump opinion? Heard an interview with Goldberg last week. He spoke (?) to the point of sputtering wrt Trump’s “guilt” in the present impeachment process. No Democrat that I ever heard has spoken so vehemently against Trump.

      Interesting that one mentions Goldberg’s Zionism. I’ve seen more than one well respected Rabbi proclaim Trump as the best friend Israel has had. That a Zionist like Goldberg would ignore such and promote Trump’s removal is indeed a mystery, but perhaps best explained by today’s Z-man posting. Anyway, a pox on all their houses.

      • Goldberg hates the fact that Trump has shown the press to be liars. Also he hates the idea that Trump may have created a new political template which excludes media pressure and the opinions of journalists like him. Above all, Goldberg fears that Trump has unleashed ethnic nationalism among the goy. And that terrifies even half-Jews like him.

        • Ethnic nationalism among the goy scares Ben Shapiro, as well. The principles he espouses are only held by White goyim, for the most part, but he doesn’t care about the browning of America.

          Of course, Ben Shapiro doesn’t care about America and Americans, only Israel and Jews.

    • Jewish paranoia isn’t a stereotype for no reason.

      Trump resonated with White voters on a spectrum of issues that set off the Jewish Early Warning radar.

      When White Christians get uppity about who their neighbors are, 109 out of 109 communities surveyed have elected to eject our Our Fellowest Bad Guests. The anti-Putin thing is the same paranoia directed at Russians rather than simply White Christians. If anything, the Ashkepathic blood feud with the Russians is deeper.

      Jews are a vicitm of “blowback” from their own propaganda on this as well. They’ve created such a mountain of pseudo-academic BS around “the authoritarian personality” etc… – that their troops are believing it.

      Where Jews subscribe to wholly situational ethics yet consider themselves the moral light in the “Jerusalem and Athens” menorah, I’m not surprised they end up in some strange ideological and moral back alleys. They run with a rough crowd on those streets.

      If you look at all American political discussions of substance as a reflection of what Jewish billionaires want, the supposed contraditions make more sense.

      Zionist NeverTrumpers, Jewish and goy, think he’s trying to buy them off with all the Zio-cucking, to fatten them up for the ovens, so to speak.

      It’s kooky, but 3000 years of huffing your own farts about who’s the Bad Neighbor will get you there.

      • Z commented on the Jews colossal lack of self-awareness. They blame their penchant for expulsion from the countries they live in on religious bigotry, economic envy or jealousy for their supposed moral superiority. This will continue because they can’t admit that they’re the problem, not the natives.

    • When our politicians visit some humble country church with the same ritual reverence they hold for the Wailing Wall, we’ll know the tide has turned.

    • Because they see Trump as a defender of whites whom they want dead and gone. This is why they hate him. They don’t have problems with RINOS or Demonrats because they are all support the destruction of white America in some manner.

      Every time they see a Trump rally with that sea of white faces, they flip out and go into full rage mode.

    • See those white masses at Trump rallies? Yes, it’s why fanatical Zionists hate Trump. It’s always the final days of Weimar with them. Additionally, they want to continue their own genocide against working class whites and Trump interrupted their project. They’ve really gotten bold–impeachment was a blatantly Jewish project. Whether that’s triumphalism or fear we’ve achieved Peak Jew is the question. Their days are numbered, though, because those brown masses they imported explicitly hate them.

  27. The social club aspect also explains why Supreme Court justices move left, but never right. Anthony Kennedy was supposedly a conservative Catholic, but “grew” to support gay marriage and abortion. This makes Clarence Thomas the most impressive NAXALT in US history. He helped keep me on the other side of the divide for a long time. But then Derb hit me with statistics, and I tripped over this site.

    • Know two of Thomas’s former clerks–both brilliant attorneys. Both insist he is one of the very finest legal minds they have ever worked with and their N= on that front is massive. But there is always a remarkable right tail in any distribution.

      • And there’s a remarkably well filled left tail among white people, but that doesn’t get much thought from those planning Honkeytopia.

          • I know this much, that the dumbest 15% of white people are really dumb and that’s 29.55 million people. That’s a lot of dumb white people

          • Assuming smartness/dumbness is normally distributed (i.e. Gaussian) then the bottom 15% is roughly those 1 standard deviation (SD) below average. Supposing arguendo that:
            1) IQ is a reasonable measure of general intelligence (which it is), and
            2) the mean (average) American white IQ is 100, and the mean American Black IQ is 85, and that the SD in each population is 15 IQ points (all of which are the case), then it follows that: half of American Blacks are as dumb as the bottom 15% (actually about 16%) of American whites.

            If you take the population of the US at 327 million, and the percentage of Blacks as 12.6%, and that half of them are below the Black average (this is a tautology in a normal distribution) in terms of IQ, then that’s 6.3% of 327 million = 20.6 million. So 20.6 million Blacks are as dumb as the dumbest 15% of whites.

            I’m sure I haven’t the slightest clue what YOUR point is, but MY takeaway is there’s a lot of dumb white people, AND a lot of dumb black people. Neither of these is news.

          • I have posted several times that it my belief 30% of all Americans are irreparably ignorant. For a myriad of reasons. 30%.

          • DLS said: “Hispanics are filling the left tail and pushing those whites to the middle of the distribution.”

            What’s halerious is the old guard democrats thought they where filling up the country with brown votes for them. When in fact two thirds of the riffraf coming over our southern border where weaned on socialism, hence AOC running Joe Crowley off the block. 😀

        • The Dissident Right is far more a a pub full of grognards than a political movement. Thinking about what to do with power much less thinking about how to get it isn’t something we do much.

          • Greyenlightenment, I agree.

            The ‘problem’ of the Dissident Right is this:
            We don’t offer the swag.

            A previous article in the Atlantic was linked to by one of our stalwarts. It was a brief roadmap on how to organize for power.

            The sole essence was an appeal to authorities for gibsmedat. The idea of welfare and job opportunities for one’s people certainly focuses the mind.

          • Yes it does. One of the things that cripples us is that so many in our movement have “libertarian” leanings on nearly every issue except abortion.

            Its hard to have a movement appealing to younger (under 55 here) people with ideas like “no abortion for you, no porn for you. you WILL stay married.” and with economic controls on top of things.

            If I was an open minded youngster I might ask “what is in this for me.” and while we could, should nay must say “its a better place to have a family and raise kids.” a hell of a lot of very based guys are going to say “with these women?” I don’t think the DR or hell anyone has a clues how to fix those relationships.

            Collapse will eventually improve women a bit, take a man or starve focused the mind but a lot of them will end up prostitutes as we sat\w in Eastern Europe and are seeing elements of with the proliferation of Sugar Babies. That isn’t better.

            Sometimes I think we need less Sh*T Lords and a lot more Sith Lords “Yes give into your feelings, feel your hate'”

            We’d be much better off allowing ourselves that hate and being like those on the Left who dream of little but revenge and humiliation of their enemies.

            That might motivate us and its sure better than more stuff because frankly anyone doing OK is awash in stuff

          • Why is abortion even an issue? It’s another one of the “white person” debate issues that happens in a majority white country.
            In non-white countries, abortion is either legal or illegal, the rich pay for them anyways, and nobody really cares that much.

            We want a comfortable homeland for our own people, where we can decide our own fate. Where all white people will be respected, and safe. Is abortion legal in this country? I don’t know. But it doesn’t really matter. I’d rather live in a white land, whether abortion is legal or not, rather than this 3rd world shithole we have become.

          • Abortion is the bête noire of a lot of Christians and Conservatives in the USA. They just can’t stop thinking about, wanting to ban it even though doing so would be policy disaster.

            Its not rational being driven by religion and that “Ick” reflex that makes Conservatives what they are but they are no more amenable on that issue that an SJW is on whatever gets them all worked up.

            This issue will come down to political power and for the most part this is why Roe is still around, terrible lawmaking , good outcome.

            Now if abortion is banned , it will be on a State by State basis which will mean states banning it will have load and loads more poor, drug addicted and lower class non Whites to deal with and frankly they’ll deserve it.

          • Not really – if it is State by State, then one will just go across state lines. Moreover, having abortion legal in NY and CA hasn’t lowered those respective state’s poor non-white quotient.

            Abortion is not the panacea it is made out to be. It won’t solve (and arguably exacerbates) family breakdown, which is the single largest factor in a lot of societal dysfunction. We’ve had it since ’73. Where’s utopia?

            Regardless, I do agree to some extent it is a distraction – it is used to fire up the respective bases, not much is done with it, and it diverts attention from the much more difficult and complex task of actually restructuring society to make it functional again.

          • The moral differences between morals from State to State will create huge problems. I can totally see some place like Kansas or Iowa making crossing state lines to procure and abortion a homicide.

            This kind of nonsense is going to end up causing way more trouble than its worth.

            Also one of the Midwest states passed a bill that forbade eugenic abortions for Down’s Syndrome. Ignoring the legality issues here, its a level of stupidity that tells me “I don’t want to share a polity with someone like that.”

            This is why IMO the Union as configured isn’t going to survive its collapse, secular people have no business in the same society with people that religious just as nornies shouldn’t be governed by SJW’s

            Its beyond race. The US has nothing in common and like the USSR in the 80’s only exists by inertia. Maybe if we can split the place into ethnically and politically homogeneous new nations with a civil war but I’m not sanguine about the idea.

          • That is the fatal flaw of the DR. It has no clue how to leverage the discontent out there among whites to their advantage. They have no clue how to recruit, do PR, develop a platform that is attractive to whites, etc.

            But that’s what happens when it’s run by spergies who think IQ is everything. They don’t get that it’s not. Look at the Muzzies, they average about a 85 IQ and are well organized and no one f**ks with them. Same with the Irish Travelers.

            We’re as bad as those nitwit gun owners who paraded around Richmond who had zero clue how to channel their outrage into something useful.

          • The dissident Right are disenfranchised Educated or smart whites. Their children will be proles or whatever species of Leftist staffs government. Sure you’re smart.

            But you have no balls. Having Brains enough to see your fate and lacking any will to do anything about it is a cruel, cruel prank of evolution, God, something.

            Maybe you are wicked after all?
            This punishment is Just?

            Truth is not just the future but the present, the past, the very moment belongs to the Strong. The first strength being accepting it will cost you. <you are done before crossing this line.

            DR= Bitch session, peasant grumbling. DoTR? 🤣🤣

            The lamentations of the déclassé.

            Don’t worry. Us Dumb people will save the day.

          • abprosper said: “Thinking about what to do with power much less thinking about how to get it isn’t something we do much.”
            When enough young white men realize fully the life and death situation were in, then the organizing and power play will begain. But not until then.

        • There are but we know they would be a minority in honkeytopia. There’s fewer on the left by percentage than any other race. It seems to me concerning yourself with the smallest problem we face, when there’s a half dozen larger ones is a bit pointless.

        • Sowell allowed himself to be used by the Conservacucks at National Review in the infamous “Never Trump” issue. That ended NR and Conservatism, Inc. for me. Significantly lessened my respect for Sowell too.

    • As a former life long Democrat it always amazed me how leftwing justices stayed left wing and rightwing justices became the swing votes. In the current lineup the 4 left wing justices vote as a block; they don’t even need to come in to work I could write down their votes and mail it in. Thomas is a true anomaly in every way.

    • One of my best friends in high school – we did bicycle centuries together – was the son of two Republican state-level politicians. He won a bunch of speech contests and was the youngest person ever to speak at a nominating convention, on behalf of Nixon, as he’d just turned eighteen and the voting age had only recently been lowered to eighteen.

      When I saw him at our 10th anniversary, he was still very conservative, working in state-level projects and campaigns. But at the 40th, I made a comment that would have appealed to his former nature. He laughed and said, “I moved to Washington and got off the reservation.”

      Then he told me about his collection of antique bicycles, each with its own web site.

      I snubbed him dead.

    • This is why a Dissident Right’s court system will not have precedents or anything like that but a series of written rulings on basically all points of law and how it relates to the new (or new interpretation of the old if you must) Constitution .

      The Courts singular and only job will be to decide if the rare new law meets that Constitutional muster and if we go that far to nullify that law. They cannot order any action beyond that nor can they change anything for any reason.

      Doing more or Capital Sedition and the punishment is severe and public. Proffering an opinion while in office to the contrary is also sedition

      And note too they’ll probably have to recite the entire canon of Constitutional law out loud from time to time. Flub this and your career is over.

      Policing them will be tricky, if tech makes it some kind of expert system would be ideal. That way connections, in-group signalling and the things people use to get out of a jam, won’t work.

      The machine says gallows than gallows it is.

      Optionally a properly selected star chamber with regular rotation and heavy vetting is possible

      This may discourage brilliant legal minds but so be . The BLM’s have gotten us into the trouble we have today and frankly We’d be better served there by a Lionel Hutz who knew his place than those guys.

  28. It’s hilarious that Hayes and Goldberg recruited David French to The Dispatch. Will Bill Kristol be next?

  29. When i first saw the Cohn brothers “Burn after reading” i thought it was a comedy. Now, i can understand it was more likely a documentary.

      • I always thought Bernie Bernbaum (the John Turturro character in “Miller’s Crossing”) was supposed to be a metaphor for the Post-War Order; the Gentile (Gabriel Byrne) saves the Jew (Turturro) and the Jew rewards him by turning around and stabbing him in the back. “Dolchstoß” in action.

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