The Cult Of Inclusion

The conversion of Europe to Christianity did not happen in one fast moving wave, but rather in fits and starts over a long period of time. In the case of England, a nobleman would convert and then force his subjects to convert. In other parts of Europe, a critical mass of people would convert, leading the nobility to convert. Often, the new religion existed alongside the old religion. Not everyone was excited for the new religion, so they would stick with the old gods rather than convert.

In the cases where the nobility forced their subjects to convert, it must have been a very strange situation for the people. One day they are marched down to the river where some weirdos with funny haircuts speak a strange language while dunking them under the water. Then everyone is marched to a building with some new images and forced to repeat words in that same strange language. To the person subjected to this, it must have seemed like the rulers were going mad.

Of course, not everyone was willing to give up their old gods, even if the lord or king had converted to the new religion. Initially, these holdouts may have been tolerated, but eventually they had to be forced to obey. In Britain, according to Bede, disputes between Christian kings and pagan kings resulted in lots of bloodshed. The last pagan king was killed in battle in 686. After that, Britain was nominally Christian, although paganism survived as English folkways.

This is something to keep in mind as we watch the American empire succumb to what increasingly looks like the emergence of a bizarre new cult. All the attention has been on the blacks looting and the Antifa stirring up riots, but around this orgy of mayhem has been signs that it is all part of a strange new religion. Images like this are becoming more common, as this new region evolves public rituals. All of the corporate oligarchs are all-in on this new cult and they control the culture now.

To the common people of the empire, this seems bizarre. It is as if the ruling elite has gone mad all at the same time. Large swaths of the national government are in revolt against the President over his failure to comply with the new faith. State and local government officials are a click away from open insurrection. The country is tipping into civil war, with one side on the side of this bizarre new religion and the other side baffled as to what is happening. The empire is a madhouse now.

This cult is not entirely without president. The radicals of the French Revolution created the Cult of the Supreme Being. They first sought to replace Catholicism with a new religion devoted to the abstract concept of reason. That new cult was largely a blend of atheism and anthropocentrism. Robespierre saw the obvious problems and denounced this cult and instead promoted the Cult of the Supreme Being. It was intended to be primarily a state religion with God at the center of it.

This cult we are seeing evolve in the empire is much more like the Cult of Reason, in that it has no gods and elevates abstract concepts like inclusion, diversity, cooperation and openness. When activist chant demands for justice, for example, they are not talking about legal justice or even moral justice. Justice is one of the many words to signify this collection of concepts at the center of the cult. In this case, justice is when all non-whites feel joyfully included in the white society.

That’s a key element that goes unnoticed. In this example of justice, it is not enough for whites to grant legal access. Whites must joyously embrace the inclusion of non-whites into their world. The holy concepts of inclusion and cooperation demand more than just mere compliance with the new rules of inclusion. A grudging compliance could result in future conflict. No, justice requires that whites redefine themselves to include non-whites as an integral part of their identity.

This is why the elites suddenly look like supplicants. These bizarre rituals where they kneel and confess their privilege are in fact rituals. This new cult does not have the concept of private devotion. Such a thing as private cannot exist in a fully open and cooperative society. To have a private thought is to exclude those from that part of your life and there is no greater sin than exclusion. Those who truly embrace the new faith must do so in public. Only then can they be truly saved.

The Left in America has always been a spiritual force, rather than an ideological one, as is the case in Europe. The roots of Progressivism are in religion. Their ideal society was never about material equality. It was about communal salvation. As the empire has shifted fully into liberal democracy since the end of the Cold War, this spiritual yearning has turned into a religion of its own. Instead of salvation, the goal is a worldly Utopia of universal cooperation and inclusion of all people.

To the insider, a cult is a world where the internal rules and beliefs of the cult perfectly explain the world. To the outsider, the rules and beliefs of the cult seem amusing, bizarre or possibly dangerous. That’s what is happening in the empire. Most of us are outside this ruling class cult, so their chants, declarations and actions strike as strange and crazy. The destruction of the cities makes no sense. For the cult, these riots are purifying rituals. To outsiders, they are wanton destruction.

This may also explain the bizarre behavior over the Covid virus. It was obvious a long time ago that something other than science and a concern for public health was driving public officials to stoke the panic. The elaborate game of make believe has now been made plain. People are barred from Christian services, but BLM protests and homosexual parades are now permitted. The destruction of civil society from the top down was the elite’s version of the urban street riots.

What we may be seeing is this weird religion of inclusion and cooperation quickly morph into a suicide cult that seeks to level existing society. First the elites try to destroy society with the lock downs and elimination of personal freedom. Now the rank and file are doing their part by devastating the cities. The new faith will not rest until every trace of the old has been erased. That includes the people. Those who represent the old, with their white habits and white ideas must be destroyed.

Like those medieval peasants who woke up one day to learn their king was part of a strange new cult brought in by a couple of bald guys in dresses, normal people in the empire are seeing the mass conversion of their rulers. Just as Christianity could only tolerate the old ways for so long, this new faith is increasing intolerant of the old normal ways of American society. It now exists to expunge every trace of civil life. This cult has declared total war on the rest of us.

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348 thoughts on “The Cult Of Inclusion

  1. Hey I just wanted to thank you guys. I’ve gotten wild-eyed these last few weeks. Everywhere i peer people that i nominally thought had sense have gone crazy. And i don’t mean steve martin “wild and crazy guy” crazy; rather, I mean drool down the chin shit-tossing insane. I can come here and many of you are conspiratorial and paranoid, to be sure :), but i can hear honest voices of reason. Oh and don’t get down, the sitiuation isn’t really that dire. For Leonidus it was dire. We are rpobaly lucky to alive in these times. Cheers

  2. Don’t mean to be flaming this comment section, but the OO has a great article on the “Weathermen” (later, the “Weather Underground”). Another, very much, jewish led movement that focused on 60s America’s (White America) role in the Vietnam war and White colonialism, in general. Its ez to connect the dots from then until now … it’s called the Gramscian long-march thru the institutions and society. They’ve been marching while we’ve been being careful not to pay any attention, lest we hurt someone’s feelings.

  3. I know, I know … I keep beating this same media drum, but here goes …

    • Coronavirus – Hoax perpetuated by the media. What a load of crap that was … yes, I said “was”. Its gone … barring a “2nd wave”.
    • Black Oppression – Hoax perpetuated by the media. “Sure, why wouldn’t I want to hire a young black guy … can’t you see on TV how violent those asian guys are!!”.

    It starts by telling everyone who runs the media. We’ve got to, inch by inch, take the mic back.

  4. I will say, Z, that the cult of yesterday where we worship abstract concepts like diversity and inclusion, or for the British regional variation “community cohesion” is more akin to the Cult of Reason, whereas what we see today is literal negro worship, i.e. Cult of the Supreme Being. It’s spreading faster because it is marginally saner than the old cult, presenting an actual godhead rather than just some weird concept.
    St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine can worship Christ as logos, but the ordinary man, even the ordinary elite man (IQ 130- IQ 145) needs to see a man on a cross and his bearded dad in the sky. Similarly, while the pioneers of woke can worship diversity, a midwit like Frey needs an actual negro to bow down to.

  5. Declare progressivism a religion and remove and extract it from government on separation of church and state grounds

  6. I don’t see how any of this is sustainable. You can’t keep going around smashing things because people won’t want to open a business. I don’t see how much longer enormous corporations which rely on white consumers can function while scolding their customers. How much longer will companies be sacking employees for having an opinion? How much longer can you keep destroying a nation’s history because the more you do – you aren’t a nation anymore. How much longer can the United States exist when both its rulers and those allowed to have an opinion, hate it so much? All of this must be hilarious to China. They have opened their economy again and things are moving along. The US has been flattened economically by this virus and the ruling elite is allowing certain groups to destroy its own cities. The Chinese have’t had a to fire a shot or bury one soldier. It’s like they wrote a book on this kind of thing centuries ago….

    • I don’t know your age, but a lot of things changed when American companies no longer needed Americans to sustain their business. When they could make enough money overseas, things really went downhill fast in this country. Same thing with politics, when they no longer had to rely on donations from actual Americans.

  7. TV has officially become unwatchable. I can’t take another commercial with gays guys caressing each other or some black guy tending to a young infant … what planet do the 4 major jewish advertising companies hail from??

    • Even the shoe company I liked, Allen Edmonds, you should see their homepage. This is a company that forever made shoes for white people, now they are writing us off and making a beeline for the new demographic. An asian, black and a Latino on the homepage. Pretty sickening.
      Their quality has gone to crap anyway. And all their leathers used to be from America, now many are “imported” whatever that means.
      F them

  8. Ok, now that the media has collectively made whitey repent of his (our) privilege, how long will it be until the media starts telling whitey to “show me the privilege!” I know that reparations gets mentioned now and again, but how much more now that confession has occurred. If Pudding Brain gets elected be ready for our 401k plans to get redistributed. Oh, you just have to love the media.

  9. I will not adopt negro mannerisms. I will not stand with a bullhorn and shout, nor will I knell and whisper that I worship negroes.

  10. So, I heard about “forced conversion” involving Russia — peter the Great, maybe — but this is first I’ve heard of English.

  11. This cult is not entirely without president. 
    Not entirely. The Russians stole the election from Hillary!
    It brings to mind a line from the “last king of Scotland”(?) about Idi Amin’s personal physician.
    Idi: “You should have told me not to expel the asians” (chinese merchants)
    MD: “But I DID tell you!”
    Idi: “But you did not persuade me!”.
    I posted on Gab that we need to let the Eddies (Dagny’s lieutenant that didn’t take the chance to escape and meets probable death at the end of Atlas Shrugged).
    Tim Cook’s apple literally lives in a glass house. I so want for Anti-Fa to throw stones.
    Is there such a thing as “rainbow privilege”? (Note to self – remember that for a rhetorical missile; I also found a light with 4 LEDs at a truck stop… “I see 5 lights, I hope you aren’t a hateful pentaphotophobic bigot, how many lights do you see?” from ST:TNG Chain of Command).

  12. Where’s the best place (or places) to move to escape this madness? Both inside and outside the US. I’ve been thinking the west / mountains or EE

    • If the West too far – Piedmont / upstate of SC, Western NC mountians (but NOT Asheville), East TN mountains.

      • You don’t think there are too many blacks in NC and SC?
        That’s what concerns me and why I am looking at Kentucky and WV. I would be coming from Los Angeles.

        • The appalachain corridor has some beautiful land. low diversity. The spooky reputaion is a plus. We starting to get a few californians (or thier equivalent) buying hobby farms. Can’t say i like it. E tenn has a medical school. if you want to retire somewhere, decent health care a big plus.

          • i don’t want to disrupt what you all have going, I just want my own land and some green scenery. Ideally a lake or river too. The brown desert gets old. We have green here too but I don’t see much of a future here for me. Before I die I want to leave behind a nice house and land for my future grandkids, a place they can get lost in like a little paradise. I had that as a kid, Very important to me to leave something of that kind behind.

          • I like zillow maps. My best advice is the find cherokee national forest in e. Tenn or west carolina and look for property adjacent to the forest. Your 20 acre farm could effectively have a 20,000 sq mile back yard. The land is thin and rocky but guys are doing very good with cattle now that meat prices are up. If your in good shape you might try your hand and rasing a couple of head. with the round bails and a tractor a guy can pull it off without killing himself. The desert has its charms but i think you will think you have found paradise. The streams and rivers are beautiful. The people are some of the sweetest i’ve ever met. Maybe i’ll try my hand as a dissident real estate agent. Check out that castle that the vdare yahoos bought. That’s a nice area too.

  13. When I look at the entire comment strand on this post, 278 so far, can it not be said that this is the greatest comment strand of all time on this blog? Stressful situations, like watching the country descend into anarchy, create beautiful comments.

  14. This is what it must have been like when Constantine became a Christian and began letting the Christians push around the Pagans (and when Julian reversed the policy).

  15. It isn’t really a new cult but a very old one. Christians who are well read in their Bible and Church history recognize the enemy.

    • Thanks. Now if there were only more of these voices in the Church. However, there must be very few since the hierarchy pushed out Benedict and elected a Marxist to the papacy—all this after decades of the most conservative leadership ever imagined. So strong are the “evil” forces talked about.
      My general impression is that the Church is suffering like most all others under this antipope and the flock just leaves the organization. Belief in Christ is not subject to belief/submission in a formal organization, which is what Martin Luther taught us so long ago.

  16. If there was any doubt before about these people being part of a new religion, those doubts have now been removed.
    If there was any hope that deep down these people could be reached, that hope has, beyond any reasonable doubt, also been removed.
    It’s either them or us. It’s that simple.


      Watch the video by  Yuri Bezmenov. It’s an old video by a soviet defector. A lot of what he says is spot on.

      • Thanks, I have plenty of times, but one does still wish to remain hopeful as long as possible. No longer though, as far as I’m personally concerned, from now on the evidence is in and a literal monkey could conclude whats going on. Not a very high bar to set, hard to see how it could go lower. We’ve reached the lowest point, that’s the straw that broke the camels back.

  17. *Note there is a couple of mistakes in paragraph 6. Line 1 – replace president with precedent. Line 2 – replace CoSB with Cult of Reason

  18. I’ll add that we have a historical analogy to the Woke Religion. The USSR from say, 1925 to June 1941. What happened was Stalin encouraged ultra wokeness — abortion, destruction of the family, no religion save the worship of the state and himself, and the systematic elimination of anyone with any ability anywhere so that he alone would be unchallenged.
    Well, that was fine and dandy as long as he faced no EXTERNAL enemies. But Hitler was not wrong. The system WAS rotten. A more able commander with a more able system (one that aimed at simply not enslaving the untermenschen and taking big territorial gains and liberating the former slaves to go EAST after their former masters) could well have won. Decisively. Recall that something like 12 million Soviet solders were slaughtered or surrendered up through October 1941. Until predictably the rains came and turned everything to mud and the mobility phase of the war ended and then the snows and relief from Siberian forces caused a retreat.
    But Stalin was never able nor were his successors to recover from the disaster of wokeness of 1925 to 1941. Able men like Korolev were sent to Gulags, where his career was cut short by twenty years as his health was ruined. Absent his stint in the Gulag, Korolev could well have delivered STALIN rockets able to reach Berlin (and London). In say, 1943. He could have put men on the Moon in 1965, had he been in better health and had more able assistants.
    Wokeness is Satanic, in that produces less not more ability — the USSR could never muster the critical mass of engineering, military, and industrial talent to challenge the US. Not in any way. Because they eliminated their talent in either butchers basements of execution, or gulags, or inviting weakness to the neighboring super predator next door.
    China of course does its own version of this and the US and China are resembling the bum fights popular on the internet in the early 2000s. The ones that propeled Kimbo Slice to fame.
    But largely wokeness is tingles uber alles. We have a White woman problem. Smart White guys are anti-tingles and aspiring rappers liberate the inner Kardashian whore in every under 65 White woman.

    • That is one based Neighborhood Watch. It’s a crying shame that a similar display of long guns, even if unloaded, would be a crime in California. [See Penal Code sec 26400.] The most appreciable fruit of that gathering was how quiet the street was. None of the loud bix nood shouts that accompany the chimpouts in more urban settings. As the old saying goes, “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

    • I (as a homeowner) would have displayed a sign of my own—on it, “Have a nice day!”, with a smiley face.

  19. No offense, but I think the post overlooks something important. Rulers converted to Christianity from Paganism because they gained something important:
    The Pagans were all illiterate. This meant that rulers did not just convert because they thought the robes and incense were cool, but they knew they would get instantly:
    A. Literate clerks who could keep track of taxes and fines paid.
    B. A way to deal with younger sons who would not inherit — they become Archbishops and have an important role in their own right.
    C. Monasteries. Which were not taxable directly but created all sorts of wealth through all the things the monks did to keep busy: breweries, sawmills, grain mills, woolen mills. This created wealth that moved around the country and could be: TAXED. More money for the king.
    Now lets compare wokedom:
    Able warfighters sidelined in favor of gays, trannies, Blacks, and angry blue haired lesbians — a recipe for both military defeat and muntines.
    Wealth eaters: White women and angry Black people, pushed forward and wealth creators punished.
    No face saving way for the designated enemy to find a place: White males. Its groveling, handing over all their money, and Reginald Denny time every time. All the time.
    What this is, no more and no less, is a revolt by White women who under lockdown went stir crazy without tingles from Alphas hitting on them bars. So now they want “BBC” and have decided to throw in with Black felons in demanding their Inner Kardashian be indulged with their very own aspiring rapper. This makes White women very, very tingly as they get their own BSDM video where they are the star — but is a fight to the death for White men for whom kneeling means castration. A few soyboys and men under orders will do it — but it creates a reaction in every other normal White man who is not flamingly gay.
    It is NOT sustainable. It destroys wealth. It destroys the ability to administer and run an empire or a business — Pajeet will simply loot the company quietly and so will Chen and definitely D’Brickashaw. Karen will simply destroy wealth without realizing it. And it creates a death struggle with White and other men.
    Spent quite a bit of time waiting in line at the gun store to make my very belated birthday present purchase — 10MM for the win! They still had that and 40 cal and 45 colt in stock and not much else. In Socal split 50/50 between Whites and Hispanics. Hispanics not on board with Black dudes as #1 and able to be above the law.
    In Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti went full woke, calling the LAPD killers. They are now on silent strike.
    Woke religion is the anti-wealth, anti-ability, evil Satanic opposite of Christianity. The Church and its men and women may have had their flaws — but look at what they produced. Wokeness produces cities in flames, and ordinary White men looking to make an Alamo last stand. That is … Satanic in nature, end of story.
    Of course, the story of paganism in the West was that of the Vikings, engaged in a massive slave trade of Western Europeans to Al Andalus (no Muslim ever worked, ever, if he could possibly avoid it, and most had the IQ of a donkey) to build all the stuff there; and in the East to Baghdad to build the glories of that Empire based on Slavic slave labor. Then as now the average Arab could not find his behind with a map and a candle.
    That ended when the Holy Roman Empire threatened to invade the Viking homelands — while highly mobile and possessed of superb ship building technology — the longship could be ported easily and could move in as little as 12 inches of water — the Vikings could at most muster only 12,000 men while the Holy Roman Emperor could muster 30,000. His armies moved like glaciers but they ground exceedingly fine. And the Danish, Norwegian, and later Swedish kings found the Viking Sea Chieftains irritating and dangerous rivals to the throne so they were happy to suppress them.
    This is nothing less than the desire of the Corporate International Oligarchs to enslave White men as China is played out, and White women desiring BBC and the enslavement of their own men to enable their Mini Kardashians. Kudos to 4Chan for persuading Emma Watson and others to shave their heads like Vichy whores.

    • Angeleno here too !!!
      Your gun store experiences match up with mine to a T

  20. Simplicity and Truth will overcome Madness and Despair, if enough people are willing to bet their lives on it. Why not? There’s nothing left to lose. They’ve already taken everything, and they still want more. Move forward with the precision and grace God gave you, kneel for no one, and die on your feet.

    • Now that we know what professional athletes really think of Americans, they won’t have any problem playing without fans.”

  21. the most disturbing thing is that this is a world wide lockdown. clearly some entity has global reach and unimaginable power to ford the leaders of third countries to lock down , when they know well that it will cause their countries to fall into complete economic ruin and probably famine. really scary stuff.

    • With the lockdown propaganda, dissenter Sweden has become the designated whipping boy. But, ironically, the big failure is Belgium, whom I never see mentioned. Belgium had aggressive lockdowns, but has the world’s highest total deaths per 100,000 and world highest peak daily deaths per 100,000:
      Tip: Click on the “compare” tab for any of the graphs to see side-by-side with graphs for other countries.

    • I think that entity with worldwide reach is just called the American Empire. More precisely, it’s the Empire and all of its proxy organizations like NGOs funded by American money. It’s also the big news organizations which are all more or less mouthpieces of the American elite. You don’t want the big Western media doing their hit pieces on you if you’re a small weak nation. Next thing you know, you’re part of the “Axis of EEEBilll” and it’s raining bombs.

  22. In the comments to an article that criticizes Soviet-style demands for ideological conformity, I am attacked for refusing to conform, and have a little fun with it:

    I can’t link directly to the comment and get the whole thread to show. Just search for Vizzini.
    Probably have to sort by newest and load some more comments. Ugh, Disqus is terrible for trying to find and reference things.
    The actual article is worth reading. The comments, unfortunately, contain a lot of virtue-signaling mainstream conservatives. They’re predictably happy to have a Black academic standing up for them.

  23. The other common scene of kneeling is when ISIS beheads their captives. Given that the jacobin cult of reason is going on, the Guilonine is coming.
    You err in baptism at the point of the sword – I would like a citiation and remeber a few countries that had to “reconvert” as the first revision might not have been completely volunary.
    The Christian faith makes a big deal about it being voluntary. You must choose heaven, and might choose hell. You can’t be forced to believe in Christ.
    It was also the problem in Spain with the false Conversos – Jews who were baptized but didn’t convert because the rabbi said to lie.

  24. It just occurred to me that “both sides” really want to tear down the edifice of “our” farcical government. That they want to do it on their own terms is understandable; so do we. Probably the key difference is we want no part of them and they want to control or kill us. We need to adopt that attitude, too, because the military brass is about to cast its lot with the cult.

  25. If they defund the police, who will come get our guns? Will there be a special Praetorian Guard???

    • Perhaps vast cadres of sunken-chested soy drinking males, and crazed blue-haired lesbians working for the tech companies will do the intel work, endlessly winnowing through all the purchase and financial records; passed off to specialized teams who don’t address crime, for sure, but only execute this one mission?

    • My money would be on the military brass trying to grab guns after staging a coup. How much the enlisted would go along is an open question but there is no reason to doubt a substantial portion would do so gleefully.

      • I don’t think there enough of them. Look at the active duty strengths. And remember that the Militia was intended as a counterbalance to federal power. Yes, that has been diluted as their lifeblood is federal money.
        However, those people who man Guard units still come from those communities, unlike T10 forces (including service Reserve forces). They have a natural attachment to their home and fellows.
        I think you would be surprised at the beliefs and opinions of a majority. I spent 27 years in that organization; worked with them in-state, regionally and nationally, from lower enlisted to senior field grade ranks. This type of scenario was often discussed, abstractly, as a far in the future possibility.
        I’m not sure they would uniformly react as many here think.
        I also think people here need to think about how the great numbers of Sheriffs departments might act. There is a reason that the left is working to close them out.

        • PrimiPilus – interesting comment about local sheriffs. I was listening to one of these murder case podcasts on a long drive a couple months back. Interesting breakdown of the details of the case and how it wasn’t investigated very well.
          But then the last hour or two turned in to a screed about sheriffs, in general. How local elections of sheriffs make them incompetent, or something, and how much better the unelected police are.
          And I thought: how transparent these people are! Literally the only people to push back against the VA gun grabs have been sheriffs – locally accountable to the people of some rural county someplace. And that is exactly why I’m hearing a podcast talk about how they need to be brought under executive control.

          • Variation on the age old argument/excuse wrt government failure, i.e., “…if we only had a bit more authority/money, we’d get it right next time.”

      • Looking at Mattis, Allen and Kelly this week, and considering the actions / statements of McChrystal and a host of others in the past, as well as their relentless drive to “wokeness” in the services, I can’t find any fault with your projection. They are creatures of the Deep State with all the attendant beliefs of our ruling class.

    • The elites are going deputize BLM and woke whites. Give them a gun, badge and total authority over whites.
      Of course this will be the final straw that sets off the gun nuts. Look when they see the cities disband their police forces and replace them with black gangs and insane whites, they will freak. Most know but will never admit it, that these orcs are aimed at them.
      BTW forget about shipments into the city by train and truck. No sane truck driver is going to deliver goods into a city run by thugs and lunatic whites once the violence gets going.
      If you want to know what happens after that read Matt Bracken’s works.
      If you don’t have body armor, food for six months to a year along with medical supplies, better stock up now.

        • I think that would be the “traditional” Americans, who recognize the threat from any aristocracy or governing class (as opposed to a government, which in itself can be benign, good or bad relative to liberty).
          Unfortunately, humans being what they are, the implementation of any form of governance ultimately drives creation of a class who populate that government, set up rites of passage and rituals of purity, determine who gets to belong, and who place only on themselves the markings of acceptability.
          In the American olden times, a few recognized this threat and tried to provide some recourse.
          Those folks so labeled prioritized firearms ownership, skills and use. Gun nuts is an unfortunate characterization, and does buy into the game of the pogressive-possessed.

          • We can simplify your definition. A gun nut is anyone who believes in the right to keep and bear arms and that in doing such the public can be expected to utilize these in a safe, legal, and orderly manner. (This of course is opposed to authorized individuals in the employ of government. Who are, by dint of a badge, now made safe to move about us.)

  26. Seems like.Hispanics are somewhat immune. Even though the worlds first socialist revolution was in mexico.

  27. The question is whether the other 50-60 percent of the nation ends like the Vendees uprising or the country as a whole becomes Francoist Spain. My money is on the latter but it’ going to be bloody as hell.

    • I tend to agree. The New Francoists will win out. A key disadvantage the Left has is that a lot of their supporters, wammen, soyboys, gays, etc… are not terribly well grounded in reality. There’s a reason they’re the “cloud people” and our side is described as “based”. They actually believe a lot of their own rhetoric. They believe that all you need to do to make blacks behave, for instance, is to remove racist white law enforcement. Hence the calls to disband the police. Being this out of touch with reality will lead our enemies to make numerous tactical and strategic blunders in any coming civil conflict. A lot of the Left’s own factions hate one another and are also concentrated together in what will become urban slaughterhouses.
      One odd alliance that might eventually form is that the globalist elite may switch sides and back Nuevo Franco. They are already getting a taste of the Left’s incompetence and weakness and their power is ultimately predicated on the existence of a fairly orderly society. Suzie Social Justice might believe in all sorts of utopian nonsense about equality and inclusiveness, and Dwantavious just wants to jack that bigscreen and some malt likkah. However, the people in the real global elite of large corporations ultimately believe in only one thing – money. If they need to back a strongman to keep the money flowing they will.
      By the way, none of this is meant as a way of saying “just sit back and wait and the money men will ultimately realize they should back us or some strongman friendly to us”. A lot of my posts are just speculative thought experiments and attempts at wargaming different scenarios. The people who brought us to this brink of disaster (the money men) are an absolute evil and threat to freedom, and ultimately our civilization itself. The great Western Civilization that brought them the scientific revolution from which they have extracted all their wealth owes them nothing.

  28. In a tribal society, men fight alongside their brothers and cousins to defend and propagate their own genes. In a state society, they fight in much greater numbers alongside men not closely related for loftier ideals like God, King, and Country. When that shared religion weakens, dies, and putrefies, the state soon disintegrates into a patchwork of warring tribes.
    Tribalism solves the woman problem, the Jew problem, and the nigger problem in one fell swoop, but it cannot launch space probes, discover new cancer drugs, or maintain paved roads beyond city limits. For that dark age to yield to a new civilization we’ll need a religion that is patriarchal, patriotic, racially-aware, understandable to the masses, believable to the high-IQ elites, and meets many other conditions I haven’t thought of.

  29. So over the past 5 years I’ve assumed that there is some Soros funded group of techies who monitor social media and sites like this to get a real understanding of how many people are coming across to ‘our thing’. How many more people each month talk about the JQ. They must then extrapolate that and realise there must be a date when the majority of whites and some minorities become red pilled.
    But if it was me, I’d make my move against whitey after guns had been confiscated and minorities were closer to 50%. By that I mean that I’d have spent the 2020’s gun grabbing and getting more and more migrants into the west. Possibly a war with Russia to murder US soldiers as a precaution. Then I’d make my move later in the decade and turn ‘good whites’ and minorities against all other whites.
    I can’t shake the feeling that they have moved too soon. If so, that’s a panic move on their part, which means they must be worried that more and more normies are waking up and seeing the world for what it really is, rather than the collective hallucination they have been giving us. Reality being the collective hallucination that we can all agree on.
    I know that the Z-man did once state that Candice Owen is a grifter, but her recent video re George Floyd got 57 million views. That’s one hell of an on ramp into our thing.

    • I can’t shake the feeling that they have moved too soon.”
      Agreed there. The American Left is too impulsive for its own good, thank God.
      But Z is right: Owens is a grifter. That doesn’t mean she is always wrong, though.

      • I left out a key element. The Left noticed the supine response to the coronavirus fraud and decided to turn up the volume. It did so very impulsively. While military grifters like Mattis and Esper may offer them some comfort, the American public has more private arms than most militaries and the people who made the foolish mistake of joining the United States military picked up good skill sets.

    • I agree. They moved a decade too soon. Look at me. 5 years ago I was a normie Civnat. Now I’m on Zblog.
      It does not take much effort to insert some redpills into Normiecon Boomers right now. They eat them up. They are desperate to hear it, actually. “I’m not the only one with the racist thought, I guess”.
       However, in Canada it seems they are proceeding right on schedule. Only now whites are starting to begin realizing what’s going on and it’s by far too late.

      • Re Canada, we do need an example of a country to show what happens when whites become a minority. Thankfully we won’t all go that way at the same time (big mistake by the global elites), and in Europe I think Sweden and Germany will be the first to go minority white in the 2030s. When privilege ends up with whites having their properties and pensions confiscated and told to live in slums, that is the final wake up call to other nations.
        This recent outburst by BLM allows me to now explain to normies that accusations of racism will never end (there are so few actual examples in the UK they have to talk about ‘systematic racism’) and in their eyes whiteness and white people are the problem and must be eradicated. The only solution is for those who don’t like being minorities to go to a country where they will be a majority.

          • Good point. I think a European one will be closer to home for Europeans or Canada for US folk, it should be impossible to ignore for normies then.

    • Gun confiscation may not be necessary. Prices are going through the roof and ammo is becoming very difficult to find.
      Anyone know of any good sources?

  30. The big problem with all this diversity & inclusivity bs, with blacks of course at the apex, is there will be no redemption or salvation for the supplicating whites – maybe in their head, but certainly not as far as the magical & sacred negro is concerned. The sin of White on black racism is eternal and can never be expunged. Their groveling will earn them nothing but contempt and they will become the slaves to their black overlord.

    The corporate oligarchs may be personally shielded from the effects of their obeisance for a while, but the cult’s whips & shackles will get them in the end. Then, after the revolution, the gallows and firing squads will be working quadruple shifts.

    • Their groveling will earn them nothing but contempt and they will become the slaves to their black overlord.”
      To those types that is a feature and not a bug. We would have to cull them ourselves if Magic Negro didn’t do the job, so just sit back and enjoy it. This thing is sorting itself.

  31. White people must clap enthusiastically as they witness their own destruction! Nothing less will do, at penalty of severe punishment….

    • Some of them need to die, it has to happen, it’s a good thing, just like Sodoma needed to disappear from the face of the Earth

  32. We are going to go through a period of ideological musical chairs. Shifting sands make alliances that are a mile wide and a micron deep. Most people are looking for a warm safe spot in the middle of the herd. Things will decay and choices will become more stark. Screeching women, obsequious men, chimpout darkies and their organ grinders are not going to rule the roost and establish their non- White rainbow utopia. These people can only criticize and tear down. They couldn’t build an out-house.
    We’re in for a period of punctuated chaos and decay. No one is quite sure of what they want or how to exactly get there. We’re in for the Great Sorting while flights of fancy get pulled down out of the clouds. Once identities are whittled down to essentials then we will have earned a Caesar. Until that day it’s Lilliputian feudalism.

    • very well stated
      I’ll add that my sense of things is that a lot of this societal confusion and delirium is from mass immigration and the changes it has caused so swiftly
      You wake up in America and go to sleep in a different country, but you never left
      Truly disorienting. I imagine it’s like flying a plane upside down and in circles and you don’t know where you are exactly
      My sense of things is also that the early 19th century was similar for the Americans of that time. I am not trying to draw a parallel between the immigrants then and now, but focusing on how the natives must have felt the world had been turned upside down. Similarly, the elites were pushing a lot of stupid socialist ideas on the people too, and my guess is they were taking advantage of the confusion.

  33. “Whites must joyously embrace the inclusion of non-whites into their world.” — Zman
    No argument there, but in my individual case it is not going to happen. I don’t like many people anyway, and being forced to include someone into my circle is the best way to make me hate the bastard.
    It was said long ago that when you stopped believing in God, you were apt to believe in anything. I think that is what we are seeing around us now. There are very few Christians left in the world. Real ones that is; not just people who go to church.
    How else, but religious delusion, can you explain ignoring that white people caused the industrial revolution and built the technological society you see around you. White people ended slavery that had been going on for millennia. Hell, blacks did not even have the wheel when whites went to Africa — and they was Kings?
    I do not need blacks to live well, but it appears the low IQ bastards need white people. Kneel to a dindu? Fuck no.

  34. We must assume that these people are extremely dangerous. Their religious fervour will override any personal, legal or moral considerations. Indeed, that’s the point of religious fervour.
    There is no atrocity that cannot be justified. Their Negro god wants blood and blood he must have.

    • “Important: How long do you think before the systemized, overt violence starts?”
      ⁉️ 😮 Look out your window.

    • Why it is important? Will you be leading the resistance? Odd question from a name I’ve never seen before… But just to humor you the answer is very simple. Once police get their new marching orders that whitey is the source of systemic racism and the new kulak. Because at that point the trap has been laid.
      Cops will 100% get behind this because they will do anything to get the pressure off themselves. These are the same people who need to ‘make it home safely at night’ as their #1 priority. You cannot defend yourself because rayciss! nor can you call the cops because rayciss!
      If what happened this week continues at this rapid pace you will see this come to pass before the end of this year I predict. Targeted violence against whites in all major cities with very little pusbhack from TPTB. The funny part is the shitlibs will be the primary benefactors and they are so fucking cowardly and weak most won’t even complain about it. There is precedent for this already with lots of whites who’ve been victimized making excuses for their attackers.

      • I think you’re right, Apex. The police exist to protect the rioters from me, not the other way around.
        They are right to attempt to disarm us; prudent, I mean. I can see an environment where white guys go to jail because, obviously, no reasonable man would think his life was in danger from any black doing anything whatever. A sort of re-definition of self defense as, of itself, racist.

      • Excuse me, Apex. You’re right to be suspicious of me.
        I’ve been reading Z for a long time. I’m trying to gauge how much time I have left before things get really bad.

  35. Z Man said: “Like those medieval peasants who woke up one day to learn their king was part of a strange new cult brought in by a couple of bald guys in dresses, normal people in the empire are seeing the mass conversion of their rulers. Just as Christianity could only tolerate the old ways for so long, this new faith is increasing intolerant of the old normal ways of American society. It now exists to expunge every trace of civil life. This cult has declared total war on the rest of us.”
    This artical needs to be uploaded on as many sites as possible.

  36. The story of empires was ever thus. A Roman of the early Republic would say “Who cares what the plebs want.” In the late Republic and early Principate, the Plebs were simply bought off with bread and circuses and the legions became the private armies of this or that military leader. Eventually the Emperor made everyone under Roman sway a “citizen” and a Christian, somewhat debasing the original significance of both those concepts. And an eviscerated and enervated Rome finally succumbed to the barbarian hordes. As a Christian man of reason, I feel rather much as I imagine St. Augustine must have felt, watching from North Africa as his beloved Roman culture collapsed in chaos. But as painful as it is to witness, Augustine’s words and ideas persist 1600 years later. Just as the French Cult of Reason faded into obscurity within three generations, I rather doubt the new “religion” of our current oligarchs will survive the test of time. I won’t capitulate to something that amounts to a fad movement.

    • The Cult of Reason never faded, having been the rage for two or three centuries. It just changes clothes to suit the fashion.

      • Religion and Reason don’t mix well. In its attempt, Progressives try to mix a cult of reason to form a utopia. The view for those outside the cult is of pagans in a suicide cult. 

    • “Just as the French Cult of Reason faded into obscurity within three generations, I rather doubt the new “religion” of our current oligarchs will survive the test of time. I won’t capitulate to something that amounts to a fad movement.”
      I’m sorry but the cult of reason didn’t go anywhere. It’s in the air you breath. It’s so much a part of your world view, you didn’t even notice when you proclaimed yourself a member of the congregation. What did you just call yourself?
      “As a Christian man of reason, I feel rather much as I imagine St. Augustine must have felt,…”
      There’s no escape.The past is always now.

      • Indeed, it has never gone away … I never thought of it this way before, but it started in Genesis 3 … “You certainly won’t die … you will be like God …” The Deceiver plays on your inadequacies, jealousies and pride to con you into becoming a pawn his fight against God.

  37. “Images like this are becoming more common, as this new region evolves public rituals. All of the corporate oligarchs are all-in on this new cult and they control the culture now”
    I don’t know if it’s my browser or not but I keep getting this message.
    “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.”

      • I’m not sure that isn’t a smart move.
        Imagine what would happen if some white Guardsmen shot a couple of negro yoofs on D-Day?
        24/7 big black mammies on CNN/MSNBC/NPR wailing about, “muh babiez, muh raycisms.”
        The dead yoofs would be sent on a Cats-level memorial tour that makes Floyd’s look like a community theater production.

        • It doesn’t matter at this point with most of national level government fully in the camp of BLM.
          It would not surprise me that Trump is forced out of office given how woke the Feds have become. Trump has no friends in D.C. now.

          • Let’s wait for the scale of tonight’s protests.
            If they are in the BLM claimed 1 million range, you may be right that we are perilously close to a, “Seven Days in May,” or similar scenario.
            If they are much smaller, I think that’s a positive sign this is losing steam and that the white hats may have been able to roll up some of the agitator and busing networks that are driving this.

          • I had a vision last night of the White House being burned down by the protesters this weekend, and everything stopping for a few days while everyone stares aghast at the wreckage. The Lefties then go into the “look what you made us do” mode, and the shit gets real.

  38. This has been one hell of a learning experience, I must admit. You know, I thought the Left hated Reagan because of legitimate policy differences (i.e. they were Commies and he was against Communism). I thought they hated George W. Bush because he defeated Al Gore; that is, the “good” version of Bill Clinton, the avatar of “OK, Boomer” that could keep it in his pants. And I thought they hated Trump because, if Gore was the avatar of “OK, Boomer,” then Hillary was their God’s one true anointed successor…
    Now I realize that they hate Trump because he doesn’t hate us. That’s it. They hated George W. Bush because he at least felt the need to pretend not to hate us (though of course he has “grown in office” lately). They hate themselves; therefore they hate us; therefore we must be forced to hate ourselves. American politics in a sentence.
    Jesus, we’re doomed, aren’t we?

    • Yes we are doomed. With ruling class fully absorbed in this hatred of their fellow whites and wanting them dead and gone, it cannot end in any other manner except in mass bloodshed.

    • Yeah, Severian. I keep trying to think of ways out of this and I can’t see any. Except that way.

    • I can’t wait to see all of you suicidal cock wranglers get a large dose of the black death you hanker for so sincerely.

      • Not suicidal, not Anglo. Just watching the West dying from Anglo cancer. This needs to end.
        The wrong side won WWI.

        • Look you Germanic dick weed. If the Anglo-Americans go down, so do you.  Like I said: suicidal.

          • If the Germans had won world war one, all you’d have is a defferint version of the European Union. and the Germans already have most of the power in the EU. So what’s the point.
            Here’s Peter Hitchens explaining why the EU is just German rule by other means.

          • I was talking about Austria-Hungary. The dissolution of the dual monarchy was a disaster.
            Also, Germany wouldn’t have experienced the degenerate Weimar period, nor Hitler.

          • That’s cuck talk, Hitler’s Germany wasn’t interested in inviting muslims to Europe

        • You do know the Germans practically unleashed the Bolsheviks on Russia and the world, right?

          • Unleashed? Hell, they escorted Lenin by sealed trained from Switzerland and dumped him off in Russia—like a plague virus. They knew exactly what they were doing, but were desperate to bring the war in the Eastern Front to a close and use those resources to end the Western war before the Americans hopped aboard .

      • Other than collapse/rebuild, what realistic alternative is there under which our great-grandchildren can thrive?

  39. Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds used to be something we read about. Now … look around you. The worship of inclusivity and “justice” resembles other instances of the “madness of crowds” that erupted throughout history. They are not particularly rare.
    The witch-hunting mania of the 16th century. (Colin Wilson wrote that even studying the persecutions in any detail is to go a little bit mad.)
    The French Revolution, in which many aristos fell over themselves to join the anti-aristo worship. The Duc d’Orléans, a newly minted Jacobin, styled himself Philippe Egalité (Philip Equality) and seems to have kept his rebirth name till he was guillotined in the Reign of Terror.
    The compelling fantasy of Communism, an idealistic absurdity that caused untold horror and misery in Russia and its satellite countries, China, Cambodia, and elsewhere. Still the true believers truly believed.
    Now we can add the Facemask Follies and the Black Lives Matter/Antifa alliance.
    It’s kind of cold comfort, but the historical brotherhoods of derangement did eventually subside. A practical lesson is hard to draw, except that these outbreaks of insanity could sometimes last a long time before good sense returned. In the meantime, it’s imperative to hang on, wage a guerilla war for sanity, and keep your powder dry.

  40. Ultimately, I don’t think Christianity would have taken over Europe in such a manner unless it offered something better than what came before. Though as a Christian, it does bother me how the original Catholics who initially spread it in such a way could believe that having people ignorantly mouth words they don’t understand constitutes accepting Jesus Christ.
    I don’t think this new cult is going to work out the way the “good” whites think it will. There’s no final salvation of white people. The only thing that will make their new “god,” the non-whites happy, is their ultimate erasure and destruction. It doesn’t matter how much of a good white you are, you will never be saved.

    • Though as a Christian, it does bother me how the original Catholics who initially spread it in such a way could believe that having people ignorantly mouth words they don’t understand constitutes accepting Jesus Christ.
      It didn’t really work like that. Look at all the paintings in old churches. That is how it worked.

    • It wasn’t an age of “self actualization” where people would have the luxury to sit back and think of what Jesus means to them. That is a purely modern concept, where people can all be theologians. I mean no disrespect in saying that, but there is a lot of truth in that statement. They were poor and illiterate, and the Church kept it simple. And it did so by instilling in them the righteousness of doing good deeds and being a good person and being part of a larger family. The 10 Cs were hammered into them. That was the primary teaching. Christianity was far less abstract and personally spiritual. People were held together by community feasts and so forth (Patron Saints) and by music and art. I think anyone who travels Italy will see what I mean.

  41. Or maybe, the elites are too enmeshed in twitter and similar bubbles and think those reflect the majority of the country rather than an insane 1%.

  42. The dichotomy between America and Europe is a false one. America is (still, just about) a nation with a national culture. Europe by contrast is a continent lacking any common culture except in the most superficial sense. In many respects, the US is far more akin to Germany than Britain is.

    There is no European left equivalent to the American left, because they’re national traditions. There is a global left though and politics is a substitute for religion wherever it operates, including in the US and Europe.

    • Speaking of Europe, one of the strangest aspects of this whole mess is how an American-style religious revival has been exported to the Old World.
      Leaving aside questions about how organic that export was, has there ever been a precedent for anything like this?

  43. “ The roots of progressivism are in religion ‘ 
    The cults which replaced Christianity at the end of the Eighteenth Century and are commonly called “Liberalism” , preserved the social superstitions of the superseded religion – eg, “all mankind”, “human rights”, “One World,” and similar nonsense – after discarding belief in the Christian God, whose reported wishes were the source of those concepts. 
    The doctrine of the “Liberal” cults are essentially Christianity divested of its belief in supernatural beings, but retaining its social superstitions, which were originally derived from, and necessarily dependent on, the supposed wishes of a God.
    Progressivism is a post-Christian religion, with a secular utopia until the end of time, replacing a reward in the afterlife and the racist, sexist past replacing hell. They don’t have Gods , but they have folk-devils and they call them ; ‘ racists ‘ , ‘ sexists’ , ‘ bigots’ , fascists’ , ‘nazis’ , neo-nazis’, ‘anti-semites ‘ , ‘ hate mongers’ , ‘ White supremacists’ , ‘homophobes’ , ’ islamophobes ‘ , and ‘ conspiracy theorists ‘. It establishes a secular utopia until the heat death of the universe , where a reward in the afterlife is exchanged with guilt free , self indulgence. 
    This is an atheism infected with the residue of religious thought and political ideas that are religious at root – i.e. the idea that God loves everyone equally ; feelings of pity or guilt transferred to political ideas – the residue of a rejected mythology leading to superstitions about “ all mankind “ , “ Human Rights “ , “ equality “ and similar figments of the imagination.
    This is a theocracy that worships weakness , ineptitude and incapacity , with clerics called divershitty commissars , sacraments like divershitty training and public admissions of bias , sins such as racism or micro-aggressions and saints like Martin Lucifer K , Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin . it metaphorically burns heretics at the stake and promotes the mortification of the flesh among it’s disciples . 
    It’s the inversion of all virtue – the fine , noble and good replaced by the ugly , the malformed , the weak and the absurd . Orks , freaks , ghouls , goblins , spooks , pervs and escapees from secure mental lockups are elevated to an idealized elite. In their propaganda the inversion is complete. Negroes are intellectuals and geniuses, mohammedans are loyal and trustworthy , jews are the conscience of all creation , gypsies are sensitive and connected to the mysterious forces of the universe , when in reality, one can hardly find groups as grossly materialistic and unimaginative . 
    Telling stories is easy – the hard part is convincing people to believe them and without them , you could not have societies , because you could only talk about what actually exists , such as trees and streams , rather than what can or aught to exist – like states , legal systems or ethical behaviour , which are ‘ fictions ‘ , ‘ social constructs ‘ and ‘ imagined realities ‘. 
    As long as a communal belief persists,that imagined reality exerts a force in the world – some sorcerers and charlatans will cast their spells . A mass Voodoo curse promising Voodoo death . Voodoo is like a virus that is both real and imagined because thoughts are things that exercise a force in the world. Although Voodoo can’t kill you , your belief in voodoo can . The official position of the State is that Voodoo is real and that demons exist . 
    The believers are the boobs , muppets and crank-brained cranks – the vacuum of their minds were created by television and the mass media , which sucked out any native intelligence , leaving a vacant naiveté , that can be filled with just about any stupidity that is presented in the prescribed format. 
    Like it or not , the fact is that Human Rights , Equality , The Brotherhood of Man and other pleasant stupidities are all myths that exist only in the imagination.
    Europeans need to understand that the only political reality is power, military power, not the twittering of idealists and “Liberals” as they hop from perch to perch on the branches of a tree, while denying it’s roots . 

    • this mural is at the location of the 1964 Worlds Fair.
      facing north on the Grand Central Parkway, half mile north of the Long Island Expressway. parking lot for the Queens Museum which has a very large nifty scale model of NYC (9000 square feet total)
      further north is the Billie Jean Tennis King Stadium;
      you can barely make out a sliver of the East River at the top of the picture. Riker’s Island would be 2 miles to the left.

  44. The Negrophilic Flagellants are indeed a religious cult, specifically a Christian heresy.
    Atheists growing up in a Christian culture consider themselves too super duper smart to believe in invisible beings.
    Yet their cultural conditioning makes them adopt a Christian worldview. This synthesizes into them swapping out the spiritual elements of the Christian faith for real ones.
    The crucifixion is replaced with slavery.
    Orifinal sin is replaced with racism.
    Salvation is replaced with White dissolution.
    The road to Negrophilic Flagellantism starts with the sin of pride, the sinner thinking he’s the smartest, and ends in heresy, with him on his knees, worshipping negroes.

    • Except the Negro worship must be eternal, according to this hysterical new faith.
      There is no endpoint for the believer. There is no mechanism for forgiveness or the absolution of sin.

    • And what of us southern Men who don’t like Negros and would never worship them. Hell, I would not worship any men anyway — only God.
      Is it not time to admit that all men are racist? Show me a man who claims not to notice the difference in the races and I’ll show you a liar.

      • This is why as an ancestral Catholic, I cannot find purchase with contemporary Catholicism, even of the E. Michael Jones variety. The website for the Catholic Family’s something or other I recently visited has a black male hand putting a ring on a white female hand. THAT’s what they call “traditional values.” F Them!

        • I hear you, Sebastian. The Church is run by gay men who hate the West and want me dead.
          Think on that a minute.

    • American Christians seem to think African slaves in the United States were treated worse than slaves at any other point in history.


      That would suggest Christian societies treat slaves worse than pagan societies which doesnt reflect well on the efficacy of their religion.

    • That’s why I read this group. Such posts make me feel like I’m back at the university freshman year (two generations ago however). Great thinking.

      • There is something “college-ey” about this blog and the comments. Obviously I mean that in a good way.
        When I first came upon Z my impression was that he was like a new professor whom all the “cool kids” liked. He’s got a little bit of the cool young proff thing about him.
        Whatever the case, he’s doing a great job

    • Negrophilic Flagellants. I think i’ll steal that.  I’m also thinking of starting a company selling negro hair-shirts. A gift for the discriminating cuck in your life. Any of you creative meme guys have an idea for marketing. I’ve already been scoping out black barbour shops.

  45. Moral distinctions among men are odious to the democratic mind. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility–Thomas Szasz

    • Different forms of government, different types of societies have different central principles and the central principle of democracy is equality. Everyone’s equal, everything’s equal, every person, behavior and idea. Unless you reject the principle everyone and everything are equal. That’s heresy.

  46. It’s a little more complicated than that. Five hundred and three years ago a change took place that is having a dramatic effect even now, the beginning of the Reformation. The tortured minds of the Calvinist Puritans and Protestants have simultaneously produced the wealth of capitalism and the mental illness of moral hypocrisy. Even now, after centuries of societal and cultural development, their warped world view retains a hold on the American psyche. The latest intellectual fads are unlikely to erase its domination. After all, John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress”, the guide to Puritanism, was once found in nearly every American home and has been in print since 1678.

    • Protestantism isn’t the problem. Protestantism is the reason we no longer squat in open trenches. The problem is is the “social Gospel.” The minute the Gospel becomes social and not personal, it can be hijacked and taken anywhere a pack of crazies wants to take it.

      • I always enjoy when Catholics blame the War of Northern Agression of Protestantism, when in fact the Southerners were far more observant Prots than the Unitarian-infused Yankees.

        • Unitarians don’t even pretend to be Christians anymore. I have a friend whose family attends the same church attended by Emerson. They removed the last vestiges of Christianity years ago.

      • “Liberal” Christians are Christians in name only. They view Christianity as a vehicle for their abominable ideology. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • And yet they were followed everywhere they went (after the heavy lifting was done) by people who for some reason either couldn’t or didn’t wish to assimilate to their culture.

  47. I’ve been thinking a lot about a remark from the right-ish English writer Ed West:
    “Carrying one copy of the western Christianity gene makes you individualistic & classically liberal. Carrying two copies makes you a prog.”
    I think he’s suggesting that one is the best number, but surely political and racial realities show that zero is better?

  48. “For the cult, these riots are purifying rituals.”
    For the 19th century Abolitionist fanatics, the civil war itself would purify the nation in blood. They literally thought of it as a blood sacrifice that would remove the sin of slavery and make us acceptable in the eyes of God. That’s what you’re dealing with today. These nutjobs are fully capable of building a modern-day gulag system.

    • No. The War Between the States was a continuation of the War of the Three Kingdoms in another location, just as was the case with the American Revolution. The New England Protestant/ Puritans, who became wealthy by first evicting the original inhabitants and selling their natural resources, chiefly the wood used to build the ships that transported African slaves to the New World, hunt down whales for their spermiceti, and haul raw hides from Spanish California, were unhappy with the economic ideas of guys like Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun. The North could have purchased every slave in North America, they were, after all, for sale, and set them free but it was more important to destroy the South itself. Of course, after winning the war the victors can make up any story they want and teach it in government schools as the truth for generations.

      • Could you elaborate on how the second French invasion of Mexico (happened at the exact same time as American Civil War) plays into the context of this War of the Three Kingdoms? I’ve always found this curious.

      • the ethnic rivalries within the context of the Civil War largely always goes unmentioned

    • In graduate school, one of my professors, a “liberal” in fine standing, confided in me that if gulags are ever erected in America they will be constructed by Leftists. How right he was.

  49. When I lived in China I did some reading on the Great Leap Forward and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (from books bought in Hong Kong, of course.) In late Maoist China, the government got so cultish and so out of touch, and so deep into the ideology that had propelled it for 50 years. Normal Chinese resisted it, usually quietly. When normal people started resisting it long enough to impede “progress”, Mao decided to unleash the energies of its Red Guard, who were young, impressionable, and violent. They ran rampant all over the country, destroying history, shaming targeted individuals, demanding apologies, and calling for the end of cultural norms. This episode is as fresh in Chinese boomer heads as the swinging sixties is to American boomers. All the Chinese I spoke to, who lived through it, made the comparisons to present-day North Korea, and it wasn’t a kind comparison.
    I do hope that this is yet another episode of blacks rioting, and a larger-than-normal contingent of lost whites, and a dying media fanning the flames to stay relevant. It will blow over, as the US has had race riots before. But the amount of white support here and around the world is unnerving. It really seems like a kind of suicide, and a wanton capitulation, that the elites are fine with. It’s as if a comet passed six months ago and sprinkled cosmic dust that only makes white people crazy. I was not sprinkled with this cosmic dust, and I will resist our own Cultural Revolution, should it happen.

    • This “new” cult is 21st century version of communism. Blacks are the new proletariat.
      Whites are the new oppressors. “The one who was a nobody is the most important one now”.
      The cultish behavior you observe is exact repetition of communist meetings familiar to everybody who had a misfortune of living in the totalitarian society.
      The elites are groveling? It’s Stockholm Syndrome, a desire to please the strong ones.
      The only thing missing is the cult leader to idolize. It will complete a slide into a full blown communist scheme of things.

      • To a significant degree, I agree with you. However, what we’re seeing is a hallmark of Leftism that predates communism per se. And that characteristic is the need to demonize one group of people in preparation for its destruction. This first occurred with the French Revolution where the aristocracy and clergy were singled out as the enemies of humanity, and the guillotines sang. Then, with Marxism, enmity was transferred to capitalists, the bourgeoisie and the kulaks. They were slaughtered in the tens of millions, but he promised utopia did not appear. Now the Leftists are turning their sites on the white race as the evil force. Whites had better wake up or we will suffer a fate similar to the above groups.

        • South Africa was a lab experiment of tricking the whites to transfer a power to the non-threatening-looking black.
          It came incredibly close here using same formula (with Obama).
          A lot of South African whites still didn’t wake up. What is the hope for the American whites who don’t even know the truth about present South African situation?

          • Yes, Anna, and your (((people))) were heavily involved with destroying that country, after which they almost all decamped to America and other anglophone nations to continue their spreading their poison.

          • Yeah, thing is USA has not that many blacks & mexicans & asians don’t wanna be ruled by african savages.
            Not to mention the jews whose entire existence revolves around subverting nations.

          • That’s where this falls apart. They brought in all manner of third worlders to make sure conservative whites never won another election, but they’ve yet to come to terms with the fact that it won’t generate the reality that they want. In some ways I wonder if this is the last gasp of power for the old paradigm. As Z has pointed out (I believe), once the left can win elections without black votes, once AOC and her ilk can get rubber stamped by their people, no one will care about blacks whereas whites, for all of our faults, will factor heavily for as long as the empire holds together. This is the last chance for blacks to go for the brass ring, the last chance for groveling leftists to elevate the black noble savage. In another generation, Generalismo Jorge de Mexifornia will look back on our time and wonder why we didn’t just round up all the rioters and give them one-way helicopter trips out into the ocean. (Related, blacks would do well to see Steve Sailers old post which asked the largely unanswered question as to what happened to all the black slaves in Mexico).

          • No doubt, if mexican cartels take hold of USA, blacks are fucked
            Dindus will beg to go back to Africa

          • Exactly. The one advantage we have over white South Africans, however, is that we outnumber the Hutus by a wide margin. If we recover our collective sanity, we have better than a 50/50 chance of salvaging something worthwhile from the collapse.

      • The urge to appease and identify with one’s captor is a well-researched social science phenomenon. It’s driven by fear and sometimes, real feelings of affection for the captors, possibly propelled by an underlying feeling of worthlessness.
        Women over the course of millennia, adapted to being able to deal with being taken as wives by conquering tribes. That’s why they get wet when they see men fighting.
        A year later , they barely remember the old husband who was slaughtered , or the children whose heads were dashed against a rock. She’s as loyal to her new husband as any native-born woman would be and nursing his brat. As far as she is concerned the village is under new management. 
        NAWALT ?

          • unfortunately, even as a happily married man, I completely disagree. Morals only apply to women as far as these “morals” will help them and their kids advance. Women are completely machiavellian in this goal.

        • There is one historical example that is contrary to your observation, which is, by and large, true. Southern women, in the aftermath of the defeat of the South in the Civil War, did not, for the most part, take up with Uniion soldiers, carpetbaggers or scallawags.

          • NAWALT = Not All Women Are Like That. 
            There is a difference between an abstraction and a universal. 
            It’s not a reference to every individual in a class but to the class. An abstraction and a universal are not the same. An abstraction has no content while a universal contains everything in that class. “ All men have two legs “ is true ; it’s not empirically true but that’s not what the reference is to. There are many men who have had their legs shot off or are deformed and therefore don’t have two legs. “All men have two legs “ is not the same as “ every single man in that class has two legs” 
            I’m a big fan of the South. They fought well . They were outnumbered.They did not die in vain. Their “Lost Cause“ is inspirational and exemplary . The White man is always outnumbered . 

      • Damn, both of my parents are from that town, and I still have family who live there. I grew up 15 miles away. Sad to see.

  50. The cult vs the tribe. Where the tribe breaks down from its inherent inability to scale, the cult carries on.

    The diversity and multiculti orthodoxy has not only eroded the foundations of tribalism, but has thrust the cult into forefront as a principal means of organization, cooperation, and moral determination.

    The scale is global, as we see from protests and edicts from far away cultures and governance. The unifying force is indeed spiritual, which is how it can compel individuals to cooperate in the goal of “justice” and signal their holiness even though they may share no other purpose with those strangers.

    Worse, is that the authority, controls, and organizing functions of the State and the “market” are now extensions of the cult instead of extensions of the tribe and the unifying culture. Its not just ponytail boomers taking a knee, its global organizations, agents of the state, and the various bureaucracies that run daily life.

    The divide between true believers and dissidents is emerging starkly. A feature I think. But will the natyral entropy of the cult bring it down or will there be blood? Ruination is a given but how it comes about is a question that lingers.

  51. Good post. A general observation: much of what the masses believe, especially in relgion and politics, is utter foolishness. Perhaps it is not so harmful to ponder higher realities or realms inaccessible to us mere mortals. But many of these beliefs have consequences here in the real world, where all us us have to live our lives, no matter how evil and sinful you may think it is. Now today’s essay didn’t mention it, but I think it is pretty obvious that a lot of social activity is what Z calls LARPing or play-acting. Ask yourself: do you really think that the cops and civilians kneeling to the looters and rioters are True Believers of the official narrative? I certainly hope they don’t; they are just going along with the social fashion of the day. This is little different that what you find in churches, synagogues, mosques, covens, etc. It’s just a club you belong to. Examining the tenets of a faith, whether it is age-old religion or the latest social justice fad, is discouraged. 😈

  52. Christianity replaced paganism because it was superior. It promotes the finest virtues and firmly establishes the vices as sin.
    If you invert that… you’ll be at the mercy of those who don’t. You’ll see Islam replace Christianity before this new “cult” does.
    consider: when the left takes over an institution it invariably fails. The mass media can no longer sell a subscription or copy. The public schools are moron factories. The pozzed churches lose their followers and fold. The Blue states are burning. If you riot and loot in a real state you’re liable to get shot.
    Nah… this lunacy will not replace Christianity. Maybe something else will… but not this.

    • Not to worry friend, if you shoot a looter, those police in “real states” will arrest you.

      • Really.
        perhaps you’ve missed the efforts of this cult to dispense with and de-fund their police department?
        Once they do that… with no cops around it is open season on noggers and ANTIFAgs. Bye-bye cult.

      • Outside of major urban areas the looters will be killed and their bodies disposed of. This is why you do not see looters rolling into rural towns and lootin.
        1 hour drive outside of Los Angeles we have areas like that. Police response is 1 hour. WTF you deals with the criminals in the mean time?
        Go to Red states and it’s even harder on the Orcs.
        And once the Left disbands the polices, the whites start forming vigilante gangs and the Mexicans start letting gangs deal with Orcs and their white enablers.

          • Mexican gangs have already ethnically leased parts of the So Cal, under Obama no less.
            This will happen.
            I’m not as sanguine about the White enablers though. Too many are politically connected.

    • Nothing can replace Christianity because mere humans cannot replace the truth of God. That said, what Z describes is bidding fair to supplant it in some areas for a while.

      • Amen! We must pray for revival. “Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13. If we are in the end times (see Revelations), things will get worse, but the good guys win in the end.

  53. I’m becoming more & more convinced Tucker Carlson, or at least one of his close staffers reads this blog. We posited the cult/religion like aspects of this several days ago with that bizarre struggle session in Bethesda. He focused his entire show on that last night echoing much of what you wrote above.
    Or maybe… this is just so obvious to anyone who has an intact mind and eyes to see that we all saw the Jim Jones like nature of it right off the bat. In the end, it won’t matter because we are entering a new phase of woke that will make the last few years seem like the halcyon old days. What happened to me, is going to happen to many of you. You dare question a minority for any reason and you will likely be socially/financially (and possibly physically) erased. Plan accordingly.

    • I didn’t think it was possible, but the riots have been more clarifying than COVID and are drawing a distinct civil line between American whites, which I had no idea was so stark. The whites like Tim Kaine may as well be Swahilis to me. There is a nice flank forming as the ethnats, the civnats, the Breitbarts, the Tuckers, the Buchanans, and the Z-Men are on the same page again. This is good, as COVID had threatened to unravel the d-right into complete irrelevance. Now we’re together again. I consider this a major white pill.

      • People like Tim Kaine are not our brothers or our countrymen.


        Draw appropriate conclusions.

        • Agreed. So called White ‘conservative’ men who buy into the cult’s blank-slate civic nationalism operate as the left’s elite rear guard. Protecting the holy temples that gives license and aid to the radicals tearing down the walls around them.
          If you are a civic nationalist, you ARE the cult.

          • I know people like that and they seem to find any excuse to not give up on the flag.
            I was surprised though to hear from my dad that he felt that his many contemporaries who died in war died for absolutely nothing. If that barge (old indoctrinated dog learning new tricks) can come around to our way of thinking just about anything is possible.

          • I thought civnats were the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer type people? They aren’t the Cult. I don’t think normie Conservatives are nationalist at all, beyond rote flag-waving.

      • the riots WERE Covid lol
        But unlike what the doctors were saying, the young were the ones who caught the disease, the old people merely caught the flu

    • Something has changed this past week or so. Look I haven’t watched an NFL game in 15 or 20 years so this isn’t about sportsball, but the Drew Brees incident is telling. He went the CivNat route, we’re all Americans, we can all agree that we love our country, we’re in this together.
      Bam! Hammered. He had to publicly acknowledge white racism as the cause the black community’s problem and that we whites – himself included – must take a backseat, shut up and do what they want to atone for our sins. The flag, the country, all of it, is tainted with our original sin.
      Here’s his quote (again, I don’t care about sportsball or Brees, this is just so instructive for what’s in store for all of us):
      “We must stop talking about the flag and shift our attention to the real issues of systemic racial injustice, economic oppression, police brutality, and judicial and prison reform.
      We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history! If not now, then when?
      We as a white community need to listen and learn from the pain and suffering of our black communities. We must acknowledge the problems, identify the solutions, and then put this into action. The black community cannot do it alone. This will require all of us.”
      You are no longer allowed to disagree with blacks or, really, any POC. You’re a racist, your people are racist, your institutions are racist. How can you possibly have any standing in any disagreement with blacks. You must do what they say. The police must side with them. Politicians must enact policies in their favor.
      Why? Because you’re an evil racist, so why would anyone, ever, take your side.
      From now on, we all must publicly proclaim our sin of racism, which, in turn, means we don’t deserve to be treated as equals to the non-racists.
      Holy fuc$ are we screwed.

      • “We as a white community…” Uh oh. There’s that nascent race-consciousness in whites.

        Lefty as Mephistopheles: “Part of the Power that would Always wish Evil, and always works the Good.”

        Idiots! White people on the whole will give up rights for equality. They won’t give them up because they’re white.

      • CSC, from reading your posts, you are in much the same spot I am. Something did indeed radically change forever in the last few weeks. The gloves and many of the masks are totally off and the powers that be operate in your face.
        I am a PK (preachers’ kid) and the child of an extended family of liberal Christian do-gooders and SJWs; usually they are both. When the scales fell from my eyes in 2014 I immediately saw that the left was a religious cult where no independent thought was allowed and sinners were to be at best shunned and at worst banished to a literal or figurative Hell. Demonetizing and torture till death are a feature not a bug. I used the analogy with my extended family that their brains were the recipient of a non re writable CD Rom while my brain had access to a re writable CD Rom based on facts. They were not amused.
        I struggle as you do in that I live in the belly of the beast (CA and I know you are in VA) and I don’t think my immediate family will ever move. The option of leaving my family including dividing the family assets is something that I think that I cannot do on a moral or “manly” basis. We will see.
        Like you I at least need some IRL interaction where I live. I have a few DR friends in the Rockies that I visit but it is only a visit a couple of times a year.
        You were smart to open up a protonmail account. Not flawless but better than most. If those of us stuck in hell (literally now) can at least meet and form some kind of community with those in our area we must do this.
        If you are comfortable sharing your new protonmail address I will contact you. We may be able to connect via various people here who have posted their contact info although I really don’t want to go through the usual email portals. Apex is absolutely correct about that.
        In an case; good luck.

      • Agree. He stands at the rightmost edge of the Overton Window and brings the Center our way.

    • I agree. He seems to take his cues from here
      Which is why I think he is okay but his real talent is knowing what is “cutting edge” in the underground and so he takes from it

  54. This makes sense of what we’ve been seeing the past three years. First, the Russian collusion craziness, then the Kavanaugh hearing madness, followed by impeachment rabies, SARS 2 confinement, and now the holy blecque looting riots.
    All of it madness that made no sense to me, and any sensible person could see the illogic of it all. I couldn’t make sense of this succession, one after the other, of strange outbursts of lunacy. But seeing It as a religious cult and with its frenzied rituals as the source does explain it.

  55. I don’t think you’ve ever written anything better than this, Z. Fascinating. Well done, indeed.

  56. Perfect post. I can only imagine what it looked like in revolutionary France at the height. They had incredibly bizarre parades, required attendance, with all kinds of floats dedicated to “reason” and the new religion. Of course, the bloodbath is what history remembers. That country was drenched in blood from top to bottom. And of course these eras end in some Napoleon who comes in as the king peacemaker to put it all together. Although I can’t imagine any of our pussy hat wearing, empty suit generals having the balls to be a Napoleon. I see our country taking a different track. The dominant theme of our society is a culture and government that continues to centralize while our own individual lives, especially with the internet, push us towards atomization and decentralization. I see the ultimate winner being decentralization and the breaking apart of institutions and the country itself into several pieces. And we’ll be better for it.

    • In a community college history class (ca. 1994) I recall the prof saying that Napoleon is second only to Jesus Christ for number of books written about him. I confess I haven’t read any about the French Messiah.

      • I’ve read a couple, and he was a monster. The whole ordeal was a one-two punch on France. The first punch being the revolution and all its anarchy, the second being the Stalinist like rule of a man over people, and in both instances, France was left a smoldering hole in the ground. It’s a story of humanity itself, and it’s a miracle that France even endured and existed after that. But it did. And we should remember that. But keep in mind, all of it was ushered in by an incredibly weak, aloof, and indebted government, similar to America in the last 20 years.

        • There is a scene in the mini-series about my cousin John, where he first enters the court of Louis XVI and look on his face when he encounters all the painted nobles and their retinues is absolutely priceless. Says it all.

    • In Republican France, as now, the problems were Liberal Nobles and sans cullotes.
      Trump is Louis XVI. We are the people of the Vendee.

      • I have thought this as well, although I hope it turns out better for us. The Vendee were crushed if I remember correctly.

    • Napolean wasn’t french. Corsica had been annexed by France the year of his birth. He was 35 when he came to power.
      If history rhymes as they say it does, our Napolean is one of those Based Hispanics the Republicans keep telling us about. God help us.

      • The Hispanic street gangs are looking pretty based right now. They’ve been accused of racism for the crime of defending their turf against negro looters.
        It seems that the mixed Conquistador-Meso (Aztec, Maya, Inca, Olmec) blood is a pretty effective antidote to the slavery guilt industrial complex.

        • Like I keep telling people, in my limited pool of Faceberg friends the only people posting anything remotely pro-white (apart from myself) are my Puerto Rican friends.

        • In these parts, the Dominicans put a quick stop to the crap that broke out in the Bronx and started to spread to their neighborhood. Patrols were out with bats and pipes and a few heads got cracked. Then the whining about how the NYPD didn’t protect them from the racists. Growing up remember the same thing when the Liberty City riots started to spread into a Cuban neighborhood. They just shot them. End of problem. Same thing will happen with the Mexicans up in my parts. We have a lot of the “cowboy” version, pickups, hats boots. They won’t take any shit.

    • Napoleon was a Corsican. Barely French at all. He was the ultimate outsider to the revolution.

      • I find it interesting that the major western dictators all seem to come from the edge of their nations. Napoleon from Corsica, Stalin from Georgia, Hitler from Austria. And the USA had its own Kenyan-Indonesian-Hawaiian.

  57. Yesterday I watched a Fox News broadcast on the the Wuhan Flu from the Los Angeles County Health Department as it was linked on Facebarf. Maybe some of you have seen the cadaverous pale woman who is head of it here in So Cal. She, and other officials, spent as much time talking about the long term health affects of “systemic racism” as they did about the virus. The comment stream on FB was hilarious. Much to my surprise, absolutely NO ONE took her seriously. I watched for about ten minutes, read hundreds of comments, and every comment was mocking and derisive. Not one in support. If it had been a live audience they’d have been pelting her with tomatoes. Today there are supposed to be more marches, one in San Pedro. The vato gangs there have served notice on looters. “Don’t even think of trying that shit here.” Same thing in East LA along Whittier Blvd. Never thought I’d be rooting for those guys, but they’ll do what the cops won’t.

    • Well, that is a hopeful report. Perhaps there really is a silent and sane overwhelming majority.

      • Yep. Z jumped the shark with this. Seeing that too frequently of late. If you indulge the bilge he’s spewing here…well, you just need to get a life.

        • No, I think Z is right, in the main. What I’m suggesting is that roughly half of the country and virtually every one of its “elites” are anti-white cultists, while the rest of the country sees the truth behind the cult and fears the implications. In today’s article, Z simply didn’t address the existence of the latter group. It wasn’t his focus.

          • Add to that, that many people either fear the cult or (worse) think it harmless. It must be framed as something akin to what Z does so that normies know that some push-back is required. For instance, asking them to withdraw their support to their college football teams may be a bit to ask at this point, but they could save some money and dignity if they pull back from the NFL.

  58. When it came to gay marriage, we were supposed to leave behind our old morality. When it comes to race, we’re supposed to dredge up every biblical principal ever and apply it to our lives. You can have it both ways. Classic morality either matters or it doesn’t.
    PS: Lockdown is one word.
    PPS: “Toast And Marmalade For Tea.”

  59. Good point about devotion in the inclusion/equality cult having to be public. In Christianity, devotion to the faith was first and foremost a private act. In the i/e cult, public virtue signaling— displaying your compliance with prevailing dogmas for all to see and approve— is mandatory

    • AWRs are wont to derisorily label the 50s as the decade of conformity, what with all its fedoras, gray flannel suits and white suburbs. Alas, the 50s have nothing on the present. The level of overt conformity with not only orthodox mores, but patently suicidal ones is dumbfounding. And what makes this suicidal conformity even more baffling is the fact that it is propounded relentlessly by a media establishment that has been proven entirely mendacious and untrustworthy. People know dam’ well the media propounds an agenda built upon lies, yet they still swallow the strychnine it offers up. Are “Americans” really this stupid? This pathological?

      • Yes, white people have a pathological trust of authority. It may have been an element of their rise to the top of the heap in centuries past but is now an element of our decline.

  60. And this new religion as a very effective strategy for soliciting contributions on a large scale, just scream racism and the funds start flowing.

  61. For productive people, there are many avenues with which to express one’s skill, effort, and work product. For parasites, their purpose for being is very narrow (feed upon the host) and their skill set is similarly narrow (whining and aggression toward non-parasites). For productive people, live and let live works just fine. For parasites, non-conformity is an existential threat. The unfortunate reality is that you cannot talk a parasite into becoming productive.

    • TomA, so how do the PP (productive people) limit exposure to the parasites? “You’ll be made to care” seems true at face value, now I’m not so sure. If the PP can tolerate the medicine (check out of the game, move, go underground, resist, destroy their opponents) I offer that they can outlast the parasites.
      Reforming parasites, as you stated, is impossible. We should not waste any more energy thinking that is an option. My empathy is all dried up.
      Diagnose appears complete. What’s your remedy?

      • Over time, nature favors the robust, and that is how the species advances. An individual cannot hold back the tide of the coming collapse, which is actually the natural remedy. Don’t be in a large city, move somewhere rural. Go dark, be patient and ready. When the time comes, do not fight the bottom of the pyramid. The number of bad actors is quite small. Focus. Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous. It’s the only way to sure.

      • The most direct action is to elimiante the parasites. To make a metaphor of it, currently the dog is expected to support all the ticks that feed upon it. The ticks are protected by a Tick Union and laws that prohibit their removal or numbers being limited. Left unaddressed is what the Ticks will do when the poor dog finally dies of anemia.

      • We can only withdraw our consent and go off grid so to speak until the system bankrupts itself and cannot pay for the massive police state apparatus before we can take advantage of the situation,
        Once the EBT checks stop coming the Orcs will burn down every major city in the U.S. in short order and killing most of the white liberals that created this mess in the process.

      • MH – Don’t misconstrue my meaning, but I’ve learned a lot about community from the Amish. Not many parasites feed on them … people just find them peculiarly pastoral and pretty much leave them alone. I do business with a few of them and have learned they have problems just like everyone else … they have their parasites and ne’er-do-wells, but they’re from within their own people. And their lifestyle seems so bizarre to normie that they’re left alone. Not sure if we can carve out our own cultural place like this. A big lesson-learned from the Amish though … we need to stop giving a s–t about what the mass culture think of us.
        If there’s only a handful of us that check out of normieville and go our own way, I really don’t think we’ll be “made to care,” at least not in the short-term. Kind of like homeschooling … it wasn’t a big deal when just a fringe thing, but as it grew and started threatening the monopoly, the masters turned on it. Big question is whether our fringe thing gets legs or threatens the establishment.
        Another Amish thing – they use cash, no credit, and are amenable to transactions with silver and commodities. I’ve tried to get some folks interested in a rather local “gray” market using junk silver coinage, and while some are interested in theory they plainly prefer Paypal and credit. At some point we or are children are going to have to develop a gray economy that operates under the radar. Better to learn those things now then waiting for the proverbial SHTF scenario.

        • I’ve often wondered why the Amish and related groups seem to escape the wrath of globohomo. It’s almost like globohomo doesn’t see them as a threat in spite of their communities essentially being white mini-ethnostates. Could it be possible that the white liberal approves of or even somewhat longs for the Amish lifestyle? To wit, their pacifism, their shunning of technology and their communal lifestyles?

          • I think the AWRs view the Amish to be so far out of step with the current zeitgeist that they are not attractive or charismatic enough to serve as a point d’appui for the right. Hence, they are no threat and can be left in peace.

        • Capt S. Helpful and hopeful, thank you. I feel the tension of being gray man and actively contrarian at the same time. The Amish rested in the luxury of being left alone because they are both odd and not threatening. From now on, I don’t believe any pockets of truth / sanity will be left untouched. This goes for the globe.
          It’s this urgency that I’m operating out of. Like never before, even when things concerned me months ago. Normalcy bias is strong. Thanks again.

          • For clarity, “odd” in the societal sense. I respect that culture a great deal.

      • Yeah really?
        When you are infected with a tape worm or hook worms you can really double down and outlast it?
        Maybe you should rethink the sentiment as to the logicality of your statement?

        • Tremain, in your response it’s clear the enemy has taken over your life, is squatting in your home and forced you to swallow..something. There is probably a salve for that.

    • Anyone else think that the only reason these non-stop protests are even possible is because the US government is funding a shite-load of people’s stay-at-home checks? More so than usual?
      Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, indeed.

      • Anti-white hatred is a much larger force than idle hands and a welfare state.

    • I’m sure if we get rid of normal religion, whatever faults it may have had, its replacement will be at least as successful as what they did during Le Revolution Francais. 😀

  62. Anthropologically speaking, societies sometimes choose to die. Evidence of that was observed with the crowd of whites raising hands in worship of the “noble negro”. A few decades earlier those people would have been at Jonestown. Related, astonishingly, decades ago I heard a senior professor of Anthropology state to a classroom, “Homosexuality is observed in non-human species and increases dramatically when the group collectively perceives the existential end is upon them”.

    • All those whites that are doing that have the luxury to do that because they’re pulling down checks from some bullsht part of our economy that earns nothing and is distributive (ahem, universities). No one who lives in the real word with real clients/customers who have real wants/needs to satisfy behaves this way. Even prostitutes.

    • The more skullduggery, the greater the buggery? 😈
      More seriously: often commented here is the below-replacement birth rates of whites, apparently even of others now (at least in USSA). Perhaps our late stage material affluence and increasing silliness, this is a parallel to the “mouse paradise” experiments? Provided with all their needs, the mice stopped breeding and basically gave up normal life? I mean, that is messed up man! Lose interest in sex??? Used to be a slang term “breed like mice!”

    • Disagree. I don’t think there is any historical precedent for the self-assisted civilizational suicide we are seeing. Also, from the perspective of the true believers they aren’t killing anything that doesn’t need to be killed. They will build a new society where n1gger bucks have their choice of woke supplicating white wimmenz which is what this has always been about since day one. They finally figured out the way to gain total access to them is through their extremely strong herding instinct with social ostricization as well as their ‘mothering / nurturing’ instinct since so many of them don’t have children with their barren dusty wombs.
      White women are the most desired thing on planet earth both for their objective beauty as well as the fact that if you can use her body as a mud oven to produce brown mud babies you’ve just taken your DNA 50 to 100 thousand years through evolution. Who wouldn’t want that? The ‘fellow whites’ at the top of this pyramid are getting their wish of nearly eradicating pure European genes. Consider that if/when retribution ever starts…

        Re. “ I don’t think there is any historical precedent for the self-assisted civilizational suicide we are seeing. “ 
        Nowaqawuse was a enchantress that instituted a cattle killing cult that led to widespread death by famine . 
        “ She claimed that the spirits had told her that the Xhosa people should destroy their crops and kill their cattle”
        A small minority called “ the stingy ones “ didn’t fall for her necromancy . 

        • Western Civ actually committed suicide in 1914; 1919-present are just the last twitches of the corpse. The Decadent movement wasn’t much, artistically or intellectually, but they were a fantastic bellwether They positively glorified suicide as an end to boredom. Oscar Wilde tried to warn us — he destroyed himself (the famous sodomy trial was actually a libel suit, with Wilde as the plaintiff), and ruined his health, and died not long after, because he was bored. It took the rest of Europe a decade or two to catch up, but they caught up with a vengeance.

          • The best men were the first to fall – it was the death of honour and integrity . It’s postulated that duelling fell out of fashion because those men so inclined were massacred . 
            The war ended in 1917 when they fought themselves to a standoff . A certain Levantine tribe of hook nosed merchants refinanced the entente in exchange for ‘promises‘. They beguiled a geriatric with dementia, who had devised a mysticism called “ the self determination of peoples “ . Like “theosophy” and “spiritualism,” this had a great appeal to minds that had been weakened by liberal superstitions and persuaded Americans to join in the slaughter. 
            This led directly to round two , the consequences of which, we are only now coming to terms with. 

          • Yep. Reading Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald help chart the course … existentialism and its consequential despair weren’t just an intellectual enterprise. It’s that “Ideas Have Consequences” thing. Follow the arts of the last century and its eerie how they reflect cultural suicide.

        • we are killing our supply chains as we speak. the prices of food and essentials will be going way up as the float works its way out of the system.

      • Won’t work because they still wont be getting the European Y chromosome which has been where the most selection pressure has been and where the gifts are primarily contained. I think this is why we’re seeing more propaganda for white man/black woman couples.

    • I recall reading about a Native American tribe that developed a cult in the late 19th century. The basic idea was that by slaughtering all their animals, the spirits, or God, or some other magical thing would come along and give them all 3-fold as many in return. I looked around a bit but could not track down the name of the tribe or the details. Perhaps someone else knows. The upshot was they did indeed kill their herds. In a stunning turn of events that surprised no one outside the cult, they did indeed all starve to death that winter.
      I kept thinking about these people when the Corona panic driven destruction of the economy started and then the riots happened and many of the same people who were so enthusiastic about masks and lockdowns began to worship the Magic Negro. Is this all just what a collective suicide cult looks like in the media age?
      The Jonestown metaphor may be very apt indeed too. Jones’ cult attracted essentially exactly the same people drawn today to Corona and racial virtue signalling. It was basically the same upper-middle class whites and minority tokens you see today in Antifa and BLM and it even got started in San Francisco with many liberal SF establishment figures providing enthusiastic support and legitimacy that helped to deflect attention from Jones’ increasingly violent and overtly communist rhetoric.
      I wonder if there is some Jones-like leader out there who is still unknown but will become a media darling in the coming months, ultimately becoming the focus of efforts to find a replacement for Biden and no, I don’t think it’s Bloomberg or Cuomo. This would be a younger man with little or no political experience, perhaps even the pastor of some shitlib denomination like the Unitarians or Methodists. I also see this as a man and a white man at that. The white Karens who have provided most of the hysteria-fuel over the last few months will tell you that they are anti-racist and feminist but ultimately what they crave is submission to some ultimate alpha male. He will atone for their sins of racism by seizing the property of the men of their (white) tribesmen and giving it to the blacks and browns. He need not himself be black or brown and probably shouldn’t because he will need to also make them feel “comfortable”. He will also need the support of the white male cucks and soyboys who will still be leery of a black man who will say the kind of radical things this guy will be saying.
      His appeal would be salvific and numinous on many levels. He would offer salvation from Biden and Trump of course but also “racial reconciliation” like Obama could have only dreamed of. I see him potentially as the founding father of a new, overtly communist, anti-White, anti-Western, America. He will be our Kim Il Sung.

    • It’s not suicide , it’s murder ! Promoting dysfunctional , self hating pseudo-science, to encourage toxic and harmful behaviour, with the full power of the State , the Academy , and the Media is murder . Jim Jones and Marshal Applewhite killed the rubes that trusted them with fraud , guile and misdirection. 
      We have been subjected to social pseudo-science and as a result , we have had a religious dogma cloaked in scientific terms, forced upon us by a concerted state effort to indoctrinate the people by subjecting them to multi-level programming , from the earliest childhood to adulthood.
      Disinformation is created and tailored for promotion to every level of society ; from that targeting children , young adults , adults, women, men, students, academics and scholars , who drink ‘ from the well of madness ‘. 

    • Homosexuality correlates with too much luxury and prosperity
      I hear people like Sailer trying to figure out the “evolutionary” reason for it, but for me it has always been pretty clear. It’s no mystery that homosexuality thrives among rich people with all of the trappings that go with it. This i just Nature saying, we don’t want people to be like this, soft and pampered, we need hardier and rougher people if the species is going to survive. So it kills them off.

  63. Some way we have a black male problem . That is true. But we also have a white liberal woman problem. Look at the demographics of these protests/riots: tons of resentful Hillary and Sanders supporters/ White liberal women are writing all these social-justice pieces on Medium and elsewhere too. It is academics who legitimize this behavior. No sane society would tolerate it otherwise.

    • Liberal white women, or liberal women of any stripe can only exist late-stage civilization. Civilization over, problem over.

      • That’s true. Conan the Barbarian will set them straight. I think we fail to comprehend how radically different our way of life will be in 10 years, and it won’t be all that bad. This is the death rattle of something that passed. Unlike the French Revolution which was the birth pains of something to come. Who wants to live in something dead? Whatever comes will at least be alive.

        • Bye bye, Enlightenment. Religion is reasserting its dominance over reason. All this is reason’s abortive attempt to make itself religion. It’s gonna get uglier. Have a plan to survive and thrive in the aftermath.

          • There are going to be plenty of scores to settle. It’s going to be house-to-house.

          • The Religion of WOKE:
            Everywhere (or, to Everyone)

          • It’s temporary. At the extremes, when one age is ending and another beginning, the distinctions aren’t clear. Religion trying to be reasonable is sin, reason trying to be religious is madness.

          • Religion and Reason don’t mix well. Progressives, having rejected both, has become a suicide cult.

          • They have different purposes and serve different functions.

            I don’t think progressives have abandoned reason. It’s that they’re trying to turn it into a religion. It’s short circuiting.

          • It’s true. Reason is amoral at best. It’s materialistic, strictly functional. Morality belongs to religion because people don’t govern creation. That’s why playing God is a bad idea.

            ”For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace, because the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God; for it does not subject itself to the law of God, for it is not even able to do so”

            Not even able to do so. Materialism (the flesh) cannot apprehend the immaterial (the Spirit). It’s out of its depth. Hence the madness.

          • Yes indeed.
            WOKE with original sin that can never be forgiven as an added plus.
            The graves of Lee, Washington, Jefferson, et al. will soon be dug up and burned.

          • I see it more possible if Trump gets elected. With Biden, perhaps they go back to sleep, as TPTB would have gotten what they want and will stop putting up with this silliness.
            If Biden wins, the “second wave” of Covid will be like “Covid who? Never heard of it.”

        • Very myopic and short-sighted. You think you are going to be left alone, is that it? Like, freedom of association is somehow going to reappear even though it was killed in 1965? You will be hounded into submission until you love Big ‘Brotha’ and you will be financially and socially erased until you do. Don’t be naive, this is going to be misery top to bottom unless you are a true believer.

          • I do wonder about the white working class area in which I live. It seems like there’s many whites on board with the Cult of the Magic Negro, but I have a hard time believing the Eastern Europeans and Persians are very keen on it.

          • What’s really strange is if the nominally christian white working class focused on reigning in the police state we would be their allies. Instead many are giving a blank check of support to rioting and looting which accomplishes nothing. They are unified by no principles or leaders just blank checks to black chaos. I have given up up on rational man, we are emotional through and through.

            They are hyper focused on policing white speech while saturating us in rap music. Soon they will be striking words from the dictionary like “niggardly”.

          • And with what money will big brother do this? At the end of the day, a bankrupt government can’t transmit its will to the individual. A government transmits power by paying people to do its will. Thousands of people, on the ground, in remote stretches of the country. Hell, you still have people living in Siberia coming out of the woods and asking where the USSR went. I doubt our government could ever even get a handle on West Virginia, and that’s a five hour drive from the capital. We’ll end up like Colombia at the height of its turmoil. That’s where we’re going.

        • Conan the Barbarian? In out lifetimes? Where has this male ideal been raised at? Is Cimmeria north of Canada?

    • The liberal white woman problem will be taken care of when our debt-laden economy is no longer sustainable and nonsense jobs, that push HR talking points will be mostly eliminated as they’re a net drain on companies and governments. Even most libraries will be shut down, as they’re silly and redundant with the internet. If you’ve been to a library in the last 10 years you know that the employees are the craziest of the crazy in cat lady circles. None of this is sustainable. It was all created when our country had major assets and was throwing off extra billions in cash. Those days are gone. The stock market may not show it yet, but they’re gone. The best way to make women happy is to limit their options to either child rearing or real jobs, with real work products, where they can’t indulge themselves.

      • You know what I hate with a totally unreasonable passion. The little free libraries that pop up in wealthy white neighborhoods. Virtue signalling extreme edition

        • I have one of those, and yes, the worst of the worst. Rainbow flag central. When the economy comes back to reality, those things will be funded by more down to earth people, or not at all. People who invested in fossil fuel companies at the bottom, not green energy at the top.

          • Fossil fuel is not sustainable. The push “green” energy has been around for a long time, but it only recently became viable, primarily by rising fossil fuel costs and moving production to an environmental hell hole with no rule of law. That is why solar panels, for example, are made almost exclusively in China.

          • Fossil fuels will be around for a long, long time and their energy density is the singular reason we don’t live in an agrarian, pre-industrial economy.

          • I agree but offer a corollary – alternative energy is a nice backstop … an insurance policy. As are agrarian skills (e.g. developing a spring or drilling a shallow well) and a relatively unplugged lifestyle. While propane and diesel are abundant I will use them. But we also want to cultivate communities with the wherewithal to thrive during eventual supply interruptions. A lot of us here agree that hard times are coming but many seem to think its always going to be bad for the other guy – not us. People like us need redundancies – lots of them.

          • They aren’t fossils of dead dinosaurs, either. These chemicals are being created in the earth’s core as we speak. Even new sources show up, like from fracking. Really.

          • Oil neither comes from dinosours or the abiotic geology. It comes from ancient plankton that fell to the bottom of shallow inland seas.
            Fracking is not a new source, it is a new expensive method for getting sub-quality oil out of the ground that is not in a permeable rock. Fracking is artificial permeability. The fields which are being fracked have been known about for a long time. It just wasn’t viable at lower prices.
            From what I understand, the fields we are fracking right now produce an extremely light oil that is only good for a few things. While we are able to break heavier oils into lighter oils for adjusting the % of a barrel of oil that goes to which refined product, we cannot go the other way from light to heavy.

          • I agree … if we weren’t using oil like we have been for the past 50 years, we’d be wading through it by now! Or at least we could do our own Jed Clampet … just wouldn’t be a millionaire afterwards.

          • Funny think, when Oak Ridge National Labs declassified most of the research done in the 50s and 60s before Big Nuclear put a stop to it, the Chinese hoovered it all up.

          • The entire universe is powered by 99.9% nuclear fusion and we’re screwing around with hydrocarbons for energy….Dave is correct …Thorium / liquid sodium breeder reactors are needed NOW…if we blow ourselves up, we deserved to be extinct…that should supply us with power for hundreds of years and certainly long enough to develop Fusion.
            P.s. And blowing ourselves us will NOT destroy the Earth…a few thousand years later it would heal itself better than ever.

          • I don’t disagree that fossil fuels are the best source of energy and that our lives rely on fossil fuels from top to bottom and especially oil.
            For China to reach even European levels of per-capita oil consumption, someone else is going to have to take a large drop in oil consumption.
            If there are viable replacements for gasoline from oil, we should be pursuing them. It seems a waste to burn one of the precious natural resources we have. Even removing transportation from the equation, virtually everything in your life requires oil. Even much of the steel being made is no longer made with coal coke, but a synthetic coke made from oil. Virtually everything has plastics in it.

          • I have yet to have one of the dipshits who use the phrase “fossil fuel” explain just who it was who shipped all the dead dinosaurs and foests to Titan so that it could enjoy petrochemical rain.

          • Oil does not exist on titan, methane(natural gas) does. It is not that geochemistry cannot create methane (or possibly oil), is that the oil biological markers in it. Not dinosours either, oil is largely made from algae and plankton that sunk to the bottom of shallow inland seas 10s of millions of years ago.
            Even if oil and coal and natural gas have a geochemical source, that doesn’t mean there is an unlimited supply or that it can be produced at whatever speed we want. Take a look at all the aquifers around the nation that are depleted. They are naturally replenished, yet in some places the ground has dropped many feet in the 75 years by overusing the water in the aquifers by taking water out faster than natural processes can replenish them.

          • until the “greens” accept that nuclear is the only viable option to fossil fuel, it’s a non-starter

          • We have one down the street from where I live—run by an old friend of the family. Not as bad as described, or perhaps I should say it depends on the neighborhood.
            This “library” is a gathering place for children of the neighborhood to learn/reinforce the essential necessity of reading. The person who runs it, just the other day had any number of women over who practice the “womanly arts”. Baking, sewing, etc. Kids and a lot of the neighborhood adults in attendance during the day.
            That’s the kind of social milieu we as Whites—in a White neighborhood—should be striving for. Can’t speak for others’ experiences however, but that’s why we need to strive for our own territories—so every good thing in life is not spoiled by degenerates.

        • It doesn’t have to be…if you choose the books. Subversively. “Free Banned Book Library”.
          If it’s not burned down in a week in the rainbow flag neighborhood, you’re not doing it right.

          • Oh my. There are a ton in my neighborhood and I could just buy a bunch of copies of the white nationalist Manifesto and put them in there. That would be hilarious

          • Pretty sure you can trigger them just by putting garden variety banned books. “Huckleberry Finn”, a particular short story by Joseph Conrad (original story name), The Book of Mormon, some Charles Murray, literally anything from the Counter Currents publishing house.

        • We have those where I live too. Wouldn’t it be fun to re-stock those free libraries with alternative titles?

        • We have some of those. Maybe will just start slipping some “bad think” books into them.

    • Hmmm…perhaps we could speed a solution to the problem by confining the black males and the white cat women together and letting them mix (spaying and neutering them before hand to prevent a chimera from emerging) 🙂

      • Confinement is too expensive. The shipping costs to Africa for both sorts are justifiable and advised.

        • Baltic Dry Index is at all time lows. Chartering costs would be nominal. Biggest cost would be feeding on watering on the way over.

          • Repurposed oil tankers given the price outlook. Rainwater and fishing poles. I’d contribute a box of bandaids because I’m the humanitarian sort.

          • Most of them are being used for storage and in anchorages where they can deliver to most favorable port since demand is picking up. But plenty of container, bulk and ro-ro capacity for hire. Easy peasy.

      • Spoken like a true cuck. Instead of putting bitches in their place we’ll just hand them over to other demographics.

    • We have a white liberal woman problem because we have a white man problem. Blaming women for enthusiastically following the rules of the dominant tribe is like blaming a man for turning his head when a gorgeous woman in a tight, low-cut dress walks by. It’s crazy.
      Women are doing what’s in their DNA. Do I wish that they were more loyal to their people? Yes. But woman want the protection of a strong tribe. When they look around, they see white men cucking and, even, kneeling to either liberal whites or POC.

      • Spot on, it’s the white male that let the country go straight to hell.
        Now we have a bunch who think a collapse will fix everything while they sit back drinking martinis. Not likely. What ever future we have will have to be fought for and paid in blood,.
        I doubt many here are willing to pay that price.

      • 100% agree. White men are also where the solution begins. And while there are a plethora of battleaxe harpies out there, there are also feminine women looking to make a home with masculine leadership. And there are white guys fed up with pussies and metrosexuals. Too many are also fatherless, so it’s good to look for opportunities to engage & mentor these young men. Of course, I have 3 daughters so have ulterior motives.

        • Things are working out sweet for me. These last several years ol dad has been a barely-tolerated crackpot who listens to nazi podcasts and gripes during movies and even commercials. These days they keep coming to me to comment on the news and confess they worried. My sons friends want me to take them out to instruct them on shooting. At work, when some cuck is doing some particularly humilating virtue signalling, i’ve caught many sidelong, knowing glances in my direction. I keep a neutral, slightly retarded expression. I suggest that you practice this skill.

          • Similar here. This last episode has been instructive for my youngest. Latest–kids from her school trolling instagram pages for those that didn’t “black” out their profiles and/or follow any “bad thinkers” and organizing two minute hates on line We’ve had several fulsome discussions about the hive mind of leftism.

    • Aggrieved feminists are joining ranks with the aggrieved blacks. The media … yes, back to the media … has been beating both of these drums for the past 50 years. We need to inform normie who is running the media!

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