Is Drudge On The Level?

The first time I heard of Matt Drudge was in the 1990’s. I was living in Virginia and I would listen to Mary Matalin in the car. I think her show was syndicated, but it was broadcast from a station in Virginia. Matalin would have Drudge on her show to talk about the gossip in his newsletter. This was before he had a website. Not long after, he started a website and then the whole Monica Lewinsky thing blew up and Drudge became a household name. Like many people, I visit his site daily to see what’s happening in the world.

In 2012 I started to wonder if Drudge was on the level. He promoted so many pro-Romney stories, it felt like he was working for him. I get that Drudge is just right of center in his politics, so he does a lot of “counter programming” in his choice of stories, in order to keep his mostly white middle-class audience. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were the dream team of SWPL-ville civic nationalism. Therefore, it made some sense to tilt toward Romney against Obama, but his promotion of Romney struck me as a bit deceptive.

The truth is, mainstream news is 100% access journalism. If a reporter wants to get stories handed to them – and that’s how all news is done now – they have to play ball with the people making news and their appointed gatekeepers. That’s how Harvey Weinstein kept his troubles out of the news for decades. His people would give reporters gossip on celebrities so they would not spill the beans on Harv and his love for potted plants. A site like Drudge is just as beholden to that system as any other news site.

The thing with Drudge though, is he made his bones playing all sides of the street. He was willing to promote anything that was newsworthy. That meant that the Prog media was willing to dish him inside stuff on their own people. The Bezos Blog and Carlos Slim Times love it when Drudge links to them. He sends tens of millions of eyeballs to any site he links to, even if it is a side link. As a valuable promoter, in theory, he is getting all sides sending him tips on politics, current events ans the happenings in Washington.

I’m starting to wonder if that is still the case. In the last election, he was not pro-Trump. For a tabloid guy, Trump should have been manna from heaven. Instead, he tilted toward the company line about Trump. Every time the RNC howled about how Trump violated some sacred taboo, Drudge was out there with fake news stories about how the end of the Trump campaign was near. It got to be a running joke in my office. Every time Drudge had stories about how Trump went to far, you knew Trump’s polls had ticked up again.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but two elections in a row and Drudge was out pitching the RNC line. It’s almost as if someone inside the RNC is feeding Team Drudge the narrative now. That’s very obvious in the Roy Moore flap. From the start it looked like a Mitch McConnell hit job. That’s mostly because it was so ham-fisted. McConnell is not head of the Stupid Party because he is a brilliant tactician. Yet, Drudge was posting links to all the RNC sourced stories, in a way that started to look choreographed.

The topper was the fake poll leaked by the RNC and the Gloria Allred stuff. The poll was laughable. Even Democrats snickered at it. Yet Drudge had it up on his site in red for two days. Then the Allred hoax collapsed and he had nothing on it. In fact, now that Franken is the top story and it is clear the hit on Moore backfired, Drudge has suddenly forgotten the Alabama senate race. This comes as the Republicans are now hiding under their desks, wondering when the harpies will be coming for them over a sex scandal.

Now, it has to be mentioned that Drudge is a homosexual. He’s also one of the fussy sorts of gays, like Lindsey Graham, who are attracted to gentry conservatism. A southern firebrand or someone opposed to homosexual activism is going to come in for criticism by Drudge. His coverage of the South and Christians has always reflected his homosexualist sensibilities. A guy like Roy Moore, who is overtly Christian and vocally opposed to the normalization of homosexuals, is not going to be popular at the bathhouse.

Even so, in the age of access journalism, succumbing to temptation is to be expected. I’ve written before about how access journalism has turned sports reporting into company public relations departments. The same thing has happen to mass media. This is most obvious when mass media tries to cover the alt-right. The “reporters” now working in mass media don’t know the basics of news reporting. That article on Anglin is embarrassingly written and riddled with easily checked factual errors. It’s bad reporting.

Modern media people are stenographers with a social media strategy. They don’t know how to do traditional news reporting. Some are story tellers who leave gaps in their tale to place some cherry picked quotes, while others just wait for someone to hand them a story they can type up for their employer. It’s most obvious in sports reporting, but it is true all over. There’s no upside to being curious or inquisitive. That may be what has happened with Drudge. He has a good gig so he plays ball with the “news makers” now.

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  1. I never knew anyone who heard of Drudge before the Clinton scandal. I had a theory that if Clinton didn’t go to war on behalf of the PNAC authors, then the Lewinsky scandal would have been swept under the dirty DC rug.

    This is if you believe Lewinsky was another Golan Cipal type operative in the beltway (she happened to keep the semen-stained DNA evidence on her blue dress?). I recall the timelines don’t exactly fit, but they could have sent a draft letter to Clinton and put a date on the letter in the following weeks. Then Drudge becomes a new underground dark hero by the establishment media.

    PNAC Letter (Jan 26, 1998)

    “News of the scandal first broke on January 17, 1998, on the Drudge Report,[22] which reported that Newsweek editors were sitting on a story by investigative reporter Michael Isikoff exposing the affair. The story broke in the mainstream press on January 21 in The Washington Post.[23]”

  2. For many years I’ve had the impression that Drudge doesn’t actually do much reporting of his own, beyond a bit of gossip. His site is a ”news aggregator” not unlike Google News, Infogalactic News or Business Insider- a page for headlines and a handy link dump for all the *cough, cough* ”legitimate” news sites like NYT, The Onion, NBC news, Weekly World News, and CNN.

  3. He’s gotten very lazy over the years, too. Sometimes there are no major changes for two days. Drudge was hammering the hell out of Hillary, pre-election, so maybe he has personal issues as well as ideological preferences.

  4. Consumers of news have come to understand that every news item is curated. We just need to find the sort of curation that fits with our notions of what is going on, and that expands our understanding of the truth of what is out there. Drudge ain’t it, for me.

    Cronkite was no straight shooter. He helped establish the mindset for us to walk into Vietnam, and also to abandon our efforts there. The difference between the past and today, is that many people are sophisticated enough to understand how the media game is played. Many others are also craven enough to pound the table about fake news items, if it serves their agenda.

  5. Drudge has always focused on sensationalism. That’s always been his shtick. He’s never been either right or left, but likes to poke fun at who is the most silly. Of course that is the left these days. I do think Matt Drudge is slipping a little. Its probably due to burn-out more than anything else. He’s been at it for 20 years and is probably looking for a break now and then.

  6. I rarely click on Drudge headlines any more. It’s enough for me to simply glance at his web page to see what people are discussing, or the major events of the day (if any). Clicking on one of those stories, however, will almost always carry you to a misleading or inaccurate story where “hate-facts” are always omitted. I get enough fake news from the TV. I don’t need more of it from Drudge.

  7. “He’s one of the fussy sorts of gays, like Lindsey Graham, who are attracted to gentry conservatism”
    Now that’s some funny stuff.

    • It was funny but at least with Graham there is reasonable doubt since he hasn’t been in a relationship with anyone that we can tell. Some people just don’t care much about that kind of thing and its something our society just can’t cope with.

      As with Drudge, who is he fooling ? If the only known sexual relationship you’ve been in is homosexual one, you are a homosexual. Full stop He can’t even claim to be bi.

  8. Drudge is the GOPe version of “Pravda”. Just like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ESPN, MSNBC, Wash Po, NY Slimes, PBS, NPR etcx100 are all outlets for the lefts “Pravda”.

    I used to go to Drudge site on a regular basis until his anti-Trump slant started during the election. Now I only visit his site to see what’s up after I have exhausted anything else interesting, including on-line comics such as Luann and 9 Chickweed Lane.

  9. Now that gaslighting is the national sport and false flags the official history, traditional news reporting is currently known as ‘conspiracy theory’.

  10. I know what you mean about how media types these days are inept and incompetent and lack basic writing/journalism skills.

    Oh, and incidentally, you used the wrong “to” in the last sentence of your fifth paragraph. Spellcheck is not a substitute for hard work.

      • It’s a girl thing, mostly. If you had a spot of lint on your jacket she’d cross the room to tackle it. Which is kind of sweet. When a guy does it he’s displaying his superiority.

  11. Didn’t know Drudge was gay either, ” not that there’s anything wrong with that ”

    If he’s a sell-out that’s too bad. Still go then daily but will keep a closer eye on this left-leaning bent.

    • There’s lots wrong with being a popular sodomite. Starting with typhoid-mary style pederastery and ending with identity politics.

      Just because someone is sailing in a similar direction to you does not make them your ally.

  12. Oddly enough, I noticed the same problem with the Drudge Report. I have followed it for about twenty years (my openly gay, ultraliberal boss told me that his partner followed Drudge daily so, being curious, I had to check it out). But for the last few months I found his coverage to be rather strange, linking to a lot of fake news stories.

  13. Not much to see on Drudge anymore. It’s tame. I’m not sure if it’s him or he’s always been this way, and it’s me. I know I’ve changed.

  14. If Drudge is gay and kind of conservative, wouldn’t he appear to be an ideal candidate for blackmail (especially if he has some Milo- or George Takei- or Kevin Spacey-esque grooming experiences in his past?). I know the powers-that-be actually prefer to work with people with dark secrets (since it gives them leverage) and that closet queen antics explain Lindsay Graham’s pliancy on all issues as assuredly as McCain’s secrets from Vietnam ensure he’s always towing the consensus line. There’s no good reason for a gay Jew to fear Trump, because despite all the scare-stories about Trump being in cahoots with the Klan and David Duke and Richard Spencer, he’s a guy who made his bones in the FIRE economy of the most cosmopolitan city in the world, where gays are everywhere and no one is really further right than a Rockefeller Republican.

    Re: the general deterioration of the media, I think that started when news went from being anchored by one guy who went to various on-scene reporters to this “panel of experts” where people who literally sit inside all day talk to other people who sit inside all day about the outside world.

  15. Drudge is a site that many hit but man cannot live by Drudge alone and that has always been the case. There are significant gaps and bias but hell it’s the Internet, always wheat and chaff to assess and deal with. It bothers me more that the typeset and graphics are so lame.

    Ps. Vox accused you of plagiarism, I don’t know if you have dealt with this yet…here’s my view.

    1. To those who think they make the rules, blogs are not university Phds (!) with strict citation protocals, get a grip shortcuts are allowed and
    2. Your success is making people notice/ jealous and the pitchfork zombies smell the commotion so watch your back Zman.

    Enjoy your vacation….

  16. I’m Australian so I don’t know Drudge. I had to look up a photo of him to see what this power-homo looked like.
    He wears a bow tie which means he may as well be Jeffrey A. Tucker.

  17. Trump more or less stumbled into being the guy that made whites start thinking of themselves as whites again.
    As a Jew, Drudge instinctively fears that.

        • I might have some respect for these cuckolds if they at least acknowledged that the problem of anti-white Jewish elite subversion exists. They could then make a case that it’s a relatively minor issue, or is too thorny to tackle first.
          But they always take the line that everyone pointing out obvious patterns is crazy & that no such problem exists.
          After that, it’s difficult to take anything else they say seriously.

  18. OK…. confirm your assertion that Drudge is a homo….or quit coming on here and blathering about what you don’t know to be a fact.

  19. Since back in the day, and still out of habit, Drudge is the first site I hit in the morning to see where the news is going. However I find that any more I seldom bother to follow any of his links after checking the headlines.

    You may well be right Z, about it being access journalism but I’d figured his site, that headlines the news, is far less significant today ’cause most news is fake news & I guess that’s pretty much the same thing you said.

    • Drudge links waaaaay too often to WaPo for me. I mean, almost NEVER a link to Washington Times or New York Post. I used to check daily, and after noticing the heavy rotation of the same lefty papers and what Zman has mentioned, I’ve stopped visiting daily. ( so maybe he links to the two papers above and I’m ignorant! ) could be.

      • Uncle_Max, yup, and Drudge links to paywalls like WSJ and NYT too much. I’ll be looking at the link display to see whether to click or not and Drudge refreshes to slowly load again ! Drudge Report loads slow and jumps around doing it. A bad experience, but, it’s still where I go 1st for news. darn

      • Like all things subjected to, or susceptible to, the so called “red pilling”, once you see Drudge’s patterns, they cannot be unseen.

        Not unlike Fox News a few years back, you sit back and scratch your head and say “I thought these assholes were on my team for HOW LONG?

        Cognitive dissonance is a bitch, but it must be overcome.

        Know your confreres. The list is ever-changing, so keep up.

        And bye-bye, Matt D. Don’t let the door hit ya where some gay dude’s split ya.

      • I find myself doing the same thing I used to do with instapundit. Going back to see if there’s anything good and come away disappointed.

    • I never got the popularity of drudge. Every time I look at his page I get a headache. I also gave up on Fox News about two years ago. Just got the feeling of their using culture war themes as a way to manipulate the right. The crap they pulled in the 16 election just confirmed it. For news aggregators I just use realclearpolitics and Instapundit, plus another dozen or so blogs. T

  20. AWM – Enough with the Jewish stuff, that isn’t the problem. The issue as a country is the large scale Hispanic immigration and chain migration. That us changing the complexation and culture if the country.

    • And Jews are the most visible, vocal & moralizing group pushing for ever-greater immigration of ever-more-incompatible immigrants.
      Here’s some homework for you: Make a list of the most subversive & destructive ideas. Now note the people who publicly say that you are stupid & immoral if you oppose those ideas.
      How many people on that list are Jews? Is that percentage greater than 2%?

      • Jews aren’t the biggest pushers of immigration. That title belongs to the Chambers fo Commerce and those in the service and light manufacturing industries that love cheap labor.

        There isn’t a hotel or motel that doesn’t rely on illegals. The meat packers, construction trades all make use of illegals.

        Look white businessmen will cut your economic and racial throats for a buck. These are the same people who rushed to off-shore their factories to Asia. They have no loyalty to the U.S. or it’s people. Just the almighty buck.

        Yeah Jews are part of the problem. But don’t forget the Kocks, Gates, And all those WASPS in the corporate boardroom voting to send our jobs overseas and import 3rd world serfs.

        • The Chamber of Commerce says you are misguided, don’t understand economics & are at worst unAmerican for opposing immigration. It’s a business issue for them, with a little bit of Civic nationalism thrown in to make it sound more noble.

          On the other hand, the Jews say that you are evil, stupid, racist bigot Nazi who needs to be unpersoned if you oppose immigration. That you are a hateful lunatic who does not deserve a voice, a job, or social standing.
          Making America diverse is an existential issue for them, & they frame it in extreme moral terms first & throw in economic arguments to make it sound rational.

          Do you see the difference?

        • Since I retired over 25 years ago, I don’t travel much. When I went to Boston several years ago, I was stunned to discover that all the service jobs at airports, hotels, restaurants, etc were now filled by Mexicans. There was even a chicken place “campesino pollo,” a fast food place where they could eat. Things change fast. Tim

          • Since there is no edit function, I will add that the funny thing is, I liked the Mexicans okay. They weren’t sullen, were happy to have the job, and didn’t give the customers attitude. But I still had to wonder, why aren’t working class whites in some of those jobs? You can read all the analysis you want about how this happened, and it’s still weird. Tim

          • I tried hiring “working” class Whites. They are more like the “show once in awhile” class. Businessmen don’t hire Mexicans because they like the hassle or are after the almighty buck. They do it because they have to. If you don’t understand that it’s because of ignorance. Not stupidity just ignorance of this particular facet of life. Mexicans work and are glad for the job. Lower class Whites are oxygen thieves.

          • If you offer more money you will attract a better class of worker, but you know that. Your business model is based on cheap labor so we are obliged to open our borders for your business to succeed, I hope you fail!

          • At the minimum wage level, the white workers feel no sense of contract or responsibility to their employer or the job. They show up for as long as they feel like it or need the money. Another example of the atomization of our existence, in part by design.

        • Name one non-Jewish member of the chamber of commerce that isn’t rabidly pro Israel & philosemitic.

        • Rod1963,

          You are correct in your observation. The entire light industrial economy of central and southeast Pennsylvania (and I imagine others) is dependent on the cheap labor provided by said illegals. Or the next tier down…the “refugees” that are brought into the area by various church organizations. The two biggest culprits being the Mennonite and Lutheran denominations. Warehouse work will barely pay 10$ an hour with nothing in the way of benefits etc. 10$ an hour in 2017!!!. Light Industrial firms in these parts are full of Rohingya, Somali’s, Eritreans, and Dominican workers. Many of whom also simultaneously receive other government benefits. So whilst “naming the Jew” it might be time to name the Mennonites, Lutherans, Catholic Charities, and Chamber of Commerce. Avarice seems to be a universal constant.

      • The NWEuro feeling about Jews seems similar to the male feeling about women: “Why can’t they be sweeter and more supportive? Why they gotta act like such bitches all the time?”

    • Stop noticing patterns goyim ! The Jews in both parties openly pushing for open borders & amnesty have absolutely nothing to do with Hispanic immigration ! How many thousands of examples of Jews doing this do I have to deflect you away from before you get it !?

      • Jews in the UK dont seem to have too much leverage but we have many of the same problems with immigration as the U.S. It seems to easy and too convenient to solely place the blame on one group, socialists come in all flavours, thats the problem here at least… well combined with the lefts love of Islamic savages.

        • No, they are just as big of a problem, they just hide better.

          “The English Race is not Worth Saving” – Jack Straw ✡️

          “Immigrants? We sent out search parties to get them to come… and made it hard for Britons to get work” – Lord Mandelson ✡️

          “Failure to take in refugees an abandonment of UK’s humanitarian traditions” – David Miliband ✡️

          Racial Harrassment Bill – Harry Cohen ✡️
          Public Order Act – Leon Brittan✡️ & Malcolm Rifkind ✡️

          See below

          • That’s about all of them, not much considering there is over 60 million of us.The communist/socialist labour party here however is rabidly anti Jewish and completely pro Islam/3rd world savage,for me and many others that is where the present danger lies. For me and family the threat comes from Islam and its a threat I can see and experience pretty quickly if I take a ride into the centre of many English cities….Jews for me not a problem I feel I’m going to be fighting homegrown fanatics before I have to bother with anyone else.

          • The pro-Islam/pro-3rd world refugees concept of being encouraged to invade white western countries in massive numbers *IS* a jewish notion, a destructive policy cloaked in “humanitarianism”, as usual. The muslim shock troops destroy the bulwark of high-trust white (formerly) Christian societies making it easy for those at the (((top))) to control the masses. Cheap labor, low wages, civil strife, poverty and endless wars are all hallmarks of jewish-run societies. The high-trust Christians give it away every time, eventually getting angry enough to expel Jews (and maybe muslims with them). After some time passes, the jews work their way back into gentile societies and the whole cycle begins again. See George Soros and the billions he’s spent encouraging mass 3rd world immigration and destabilizing governments with his color revolutions.

          • Maybe that’s all true but there is an enemy I can see and one who makes no bones about what its intentions are for my family my culture and myself….that’s were I want to make my stand and fight, something I’ve already begun.

          • I picked 4 or 5 off the top of my head from memory. Are you retarded or something ? Are you really so stunned I have to spoon feed the list of them to you by the thousands ? Maybe if you aren’t able to think beyond what’s right in front of your face you aren’t as smart as you think you are. There were no Muslims for thousands of years then suddenly there was. Did the vote themselves in from overseas ? I just listed the Jews who let them in but you’d rather shove your head right back up your ass because you don’t have the agency to type “Jews” & “refugees welcome” in a search engine.

          • The dumb cucks on this site are pretty frustrating huh? They are so MYSTIFIED by WHY all these WEIRD things keep happening.
            WHY OH WHY is the West letting in so many incompatible immigrants?
            WHY OH WHY does a supposedly conservative journalist dislike Trump?
            WHY OH WHY does the US make so many silly decisions to fight in the Middle East.
            It’s all so ODD. None of these decisions MAKE ANY SENSE for Americans, they say. WEIRD.
            Then when someone gives them a simple solution that explains it all perfectly — the USA contains a hostile ethnic elite that wields economic, cultural & political power to benefit its interests over ours — they say “No, that’s not it.”

          • So nice when the Reichtards show up. Enjoying up voting yourselves, boys?

            Everyone knows the Jews are part of it. Stop beating a dead horse and get with the 21st century. Y’all are a fringe and will remain so. Stop trying to hijack attempts by adults to rectify the situation.

          • I love it when weaselly faggots instantly go from “That’s not true” to “That’s old news”.
            It means that the truth can no longer be denied.
            Now please tell us, Mr. Adult, the details of your 21st century solution. It sounds like your Step One is NOT clearly defining all the parts of the problem, because we wouldn’t want to beat a dead horse. What’s Step Two?
            Here’s my solution:
            1) Build parallel intellectual & communications institutions that define morality & status in a way that rewards acknowledging reality & advancing white interests.
            2) Acquire political power & use it to collapse and/or replace existing institutions that defy reality and/or punish whites.
            My plan requires a full & complete assessment of our current predicament; the causes, the methods & the actors.
            This requires an understanding of the harmful & outsized role of Jews in the West. Especially secular Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews.
            Sure, there are plenty of other bad actors, but none as energetic & prolific in their subversiveness.

          • Ah, nothing like a little ad hominem from the intellectually challenged. It is old news. Maybe you should consider the role of the Tribe throughout medieval history into today. The spawn of Marx and the Prog “coalition” are the problem. Please tell me where I switched? Maybe if you left your mom’s basement or had a real job, you’d realize how useless your opinions are. You won’t win over normies by screaming about Jews. Dicky Spencer makes you guys look immature and incapable.

          • Mom’s basement. Sad. Your “burns” are as dull & tired as your everything else.
            I’m confused. Is the JQ so old news that it is passe or is it so out of bounds that it will frighten normies? Please clarify. You imply both.
            The role of Jews in medieval Europe is indeed illuminating & supports my position. It shows their long history as a separate tribe, living in a kind of symbiotic/parasitic relationship with their host nations. Their method of obtaining safety & privileges from their host nations has changed over time… they’ve had to learn to curry populist support from dummies like you in addition to buying elite favor… but the dynamics are similar. I’m not sure how pointing out this history bolsters your thesis that the JQ is irrelevant, but I frankly don’t expect much from you in the areas of logic, knowledge, sense or intelligence. The good news is that you are my go-to guy(?) for dim witted buffoonery & faggotry.
            I will let you think a bit on your advice to stop talking about the Jews & instead talk about the Marxists & Progressives. Can you you see the problem there? I will give you a hint…. who are & always have been the biggest Marxists & progressives?
            I’m still waiting on your master plan by the way… transcribe it from the walls of your crib where it’s scrawled in feces so I can critique it for you.

          • /shrug
            Whatever, bro. Buffoonery is owned by you socialist losers. Hitler was a Jewish pawn. “The Pink Swastika” is a good book. Well referenced. Maybe coprophilia is your thing but not mine. I have a wife and children that have been homeschooled. What have you done for the white race?

          • My apologies. For some reason only a portion of your response showed initially. The rest didn’t appear until I came back to the page. Unfortunately 10% of any population is required to affect change. Acquiring political power is a nice goal but again screaming about Khazars (ancestors of the “Ashkenazi”) won’t work too well. Both Lenin and Hitler were bankrolled by the same people you decry. Martin Bormann is any interesting person when examining thr NSDAP. Until the money power and banksters are neutralized, we’re just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Jews, like Mohammedans, are good foot soldiers and easy targets for the opposition.

            Personally I advocate for a nationalism and the recognition that whites built this country. Stop the “white privilege” nonsense. Mostly regaining control of the purse is the key to power. Lord Rothschild had the right of it with his statement about pursestrings and power.

          • It’s cool. Thanks for segueing into a more civil tone.
            We are after all more or less on the same side here.
            I hardly think I’m “screaming” about the JQ.
            I do find myself repeating it to a degree that even I find tedious.
            I would call myself post-JQ, because I know there are many other factors including the financial interests composed of other ethnicities.
            But I definitely believe the JQ is a factor, and is not exactly unrelated to the Financier Question, if you know what I mean.
            I also think that it is a necessary part of the full redpilling process & sadly not everyone gets it yet to process & move past.
            As for prioritizing taking financial sovreignity or cultural, I think that it’s necessary to have both. The point of having one is to obtain the other.
            Controlling the purse strings is precarious unless you use your wealth to get the nation to respect your legitimacy. Controlling the culture is precarious if you don’t turn it into financial power too.
            At this point in time, ethnocentric whites have neither. I think the first step is to create a culture where we realize that’s a worthy goal.
            And 10% isn’t out of reach for us. Easily. I would even say we’ve already got it, but people just don’t realize it yet. Especially 10% of whites, which is really what matters for us. That’s about 18 million people.
            If we could get a parallel American society of 18 million that shared Nationalist & pro white morality that could offer members status & power & resources, we would be well on the way to starting some massive shifts.

          • I can get on board with that. The whole “it’s the jOOs” is just so tired, old, and simplistic. As you said its complicated. The problem we face is creating said parallel system while remaining decentralized in the initial stages then resisting infiltration once we get on the radar. I will thank you for giving me much to think about.

          • No one is talking about khazars, you clown. Anyone with 2 brain cells and a keyboard can look up the president of a news outfit or the director of a movie and see the tribe in full subversion, put 2 and 2 together and realize anything but Jewish removal is a placebo. Those of us with more brain cells than that can see a pattern emerge time and again. The White privilege nonsense is directly descended from the Frankfurt school, of which every leading member was Jewish, but I might as well be talking to a lampshade.

          • No dickhead I’m just too busy fighting an enemy I can see everyday rather than one who seems to frighten shithouses such as yourself.

          • You think that by noticing the hordes of shitty brown people blowing things up are a problem, you’re some sort of metapolitical genius ? Seeing what’s blatantly obvious to literally everyone and not the bigger picture actually makes you a fucking retard, champ.

  21. “Now, it has to be mentioned that Drudge is a homosexual.”

    Maybe it should be mentioned that he is jewish? I’m sure that’s just a coincidence, though, because jews never gravitate toward being media gatekeepers or engage in tacky commerce.

    • Now would be a good time to remind all you smirking dissidents that ‘inappropriate laughter’ is a hate crime too!!!

    • Drudge used to have an OTA radio show where he bragged he lives in South Beach (Miami, and the only gayer part of FL is Key West) ”He was listed on Out Magazine’s Power List of the top 50 “list of gay men and women whose power and prestige is instrumental in influencing how we think about, and engage with, the world”[31] in 2011,[32] 2012,[33] and 2013.[31][34] Drudge specifically denied being homosexual in response to the Out Magazine article. [35]”. Oh, and Richard Simmons denies it too.

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