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One of the positive developments of the last few years has been the collapse of respect for the mass media by white people. Blacks always assumed the media was run by “the man” and no one really cares what Hispanics think, so the mass media has always relied on gullible white people. Most whites have always assumed the media was biased in favor of the Left, but now most white think the media is just making stuff up. Older whites still fall for the lies coming out of the magic box, but younger people assume it is all fake news.

The funny thing about this is the collapse of trust in the media has changed the media and not for the better. Thirty years ago, media people would fight tooth and nail against the charge of bias. Today, they routinely hire Progressive activists and give them a platform for their activism. The Daily Beast, for example, pays Antifa spokesbot Kelly Weill to harass white people. The New York Times famously hired anti-white rage-head Sarah Jeong to their editorial board. They were worried it was not anti-white enough, apparently.

Further, the media is not only just a conduit for anti-white propaganda, it is now a part of the activist wing, directing doxxing and de-platforming campaigns. This post last week at the Wall Street Journal, by anti-white activist Yoree Koh, was an effort to force YouTube to shut down channels that don’t comply with the sensibilities of our imported overlords. The fact that Mx. Koh would be working in a rice paddy if not for the heroic efforts of white men most certainly never comes up in her commentary. She just hates white people.

Since the Journal has fire walled the piece, I’ll post it in full.

After Robert Bowers stormed the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27, far-right personality Ethan Ralph launched a live stream on YouTube to discuss the shooting that claimed 11 lives. Soon, some viewers began paying to have their comments featured on the live chat scrolling alongside the streaming video, through a feature YouTube launched last year called Super Chat.

During the live stream, which YouTube said Mr. Ralph has since deleted, one user paid two British pounds to write, “How u get a Jewish girls number? Roll up her sleeve.” Another viewer paid $5 and wrote: “If you want to know if the Synagogue shooting was a false flag then check out the lucky Larry life insurance policies on those dead Jews.”

YouTube said late on Friday that it had permanently removed Mr. Ralph’s channel, “Ralph Retort,” from its platform for policy violations and for going against its terms of service.

Mr. Ralph, whose channel had 22,500 subscribers, is one of several far-right YouTube celebrities who have used the Super Chat function to make money. Topics among such users can be wide-ranging, from events like the tragedy in Pittsburgh and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to critiques of the media and internal debates among members of the far-right online communities.

Most Super Chats generate a few hundred dollars in revenue, according to an analysis conducted for The Wall Street Journal, with YouTube typically collecting 30%, people familiar with the matter said.

A spokeswoman for YouTube, owned by Alphabet Inc.’s Google, said the company donates to charity the proceeds from any Super Chats that violate its hate-speech policy.

“Hate speech and content that promotes violence is prohibited on YouTube,” the spokeswoman said. “We have also been working over the last several months to refine our policies on who has access to monetization features, and while this work is ongoing, we are dedicated to continuing to improve in the fight against hate online.”

Like other popular social-media platforms, YouTube has struggled to draw the line between cracking down on hate speech and allowing freedom of expression. The company relies on a sprawling ecosystem of “creators” to supply a steady flow of content to the world’s most popular video site, where they get access to special benefits and resources on the platform.

Super Chat was launched last year to further encourage those creators to produce more content and attract more viewers. Paid comments receive special treatment: The video host often reads the comment out loud on air, and it gets pinned to the top of the fast-moving chat thread. The more someone pays, the longer the comment stays featured at the top of the chat box.

While the Super Chat function is available to YouTube’s vast cast of video celebrities, and was made primarily to appeal to gamers, it hasn’t gained the same traction or scale among those groups as it has with the far-right crowd, according to an analysis by Storyful, a social-media intelligence firm that is owned by News Corp, the Journal’s parent company.

Racist comments are not uncommon. Just as troubling, according to researchers, are the comments that stay within YouTube’s guidelines to avoid getting taken down through the use of coded language in place of hot-button topics and slurs. For instance, some commenters use the term “basketball Americans” rather than a slur against African-Americans and “population replacement” when referring to conspiracies about white genocide. Some users spell certain words with numbers to avoid detection by YouTube software.

Many payments, for example, are made in the amount of $14.88—the number 1488 is often used as shorthand among white supremacists to signify their ideology, and related merchandise is often sold for $14.88.

“What they’re doing is transmitting these ideas in other ways,” said one researcher. The researcher has been targeted in the past by white supremacists and other members of the far-right fringes.

After a BuzzFeed article in May detailed the popularity of Super Chats among white nationalists and other far-right personalities, YouTube said it had started using machine-learning technology that can detect hateful comments and put them on hold for further review. The company doesn’t disclose how much it makes from Super Chats overall.

When YouTube temporarily suspends a channel for a violation, that creator often appears as a guest on a like-minded person’s channel until the ban is lifted. The problem for YouTube, said this researcher, is that “YouTube is going to be continuously trying to apply a technological fix to what is a social problem.”

Mr. Ralph didn’t respond to a request for comment. On Thursday evening, after the Journal approached YouTube with questions for this article, Mr. Ralph opened a new live stream by reading what he said was a Super Chat submitted earlier in the day, in which the viewer wrote “Abort Hebrew babies.” The stream continued for more than 20 minutes before it was shut down for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech, according to a notice posted on his Twitter account. Mr. Ralph then shifted to another channel and continued for several minutes before that also was shut down.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital this week arranged to return donations raised in September during a live stream by Mr. Ralph dubbed a “Super Chat for Good,” even as the comments section became populated by anti-Semitic comments and the hosts talked about a Holocaust meme. The money totaled about $26,000. Many on Twitter complained Friday about having their donations returned to them. They also attacked the Journal and members of its staff, blaming the news organization for the return of the money.

When contacted earlier in the week, St. Jude said it was aware of the chats and was making arrangements to reverse any donations. On Friday, a spokesperson said: “We had no intention of receiving or accepting any of the funds associated with the live stream.”

Following the Journal’s questions, YouTube also took down a live stream by far-right personality Jean-François Gariépy that was broadcast after the Pittsburgh shooting and included a number of anti-Semitic and racist comments in the paid Super Chats.

Mr. Gariépy said his channel doesn’t allow hate speech and that he tries to delete Super Chats that “are either hateful or that constitute calls for violence.” He said his channel has banned thousands of viewers from his channel for repeatedly violating that policy.

Mr. Gariépy, who calls himself a white nationalist, said he doesn’t see a problem with people referencing 14/88 or Hitler, saying such comments “are aimed at encouraging people to gain a better historical understanding of Germany during the first half of the century.” He added that it would be easy for YouTube to prohibit donations made in that amount “if they differ from my interpretation.”

Mr. Gariépy’s live stream in the wake of Pittsburgh generated $244 in revenue, according to the Storyful analysis.

Write to Yoree Koh at yoree.koh@wsj.com

Corrections & Amplifications

YouTube said Ethan Ralph deleted a video he posted about a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue. An earlier version of this article incorrectly said that YouTube deleted the video. (Nov. 2, 2018)

You’ll note the reliance on the site Storyful by the activist who wrote the story. Storyful is a company owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, that bills itself as a social media intelligence firm. That means it researches content found on-line. In reality, it is just a hive of Progressive activists. For example, anti-speech activist Michael Edison Haden is one of their “researchers” and probably the guy who fed this story to the airhead activist at the Wall Street Journal. Mike Enoch explained this on the Jean-François Gariépy show.

The point of all this is that the media is not just biased or even just fake. The media, including allegedly right-wing sites like the virulently anti-Trump Wall Street Journal, are activists now. There’s no question that cucky outfits like the Wall Street Journal and Fox News fear the growth of alternative media on economic grounds. When a guy like Ethan Ralph, who is not even very far to the right, is able to get audiences bigger than most of the cable chat shows, just by showing up, the conservative model has much to fear.

It’s more than just economics though. It is ideology. The people running the Wall Street Journal, hiring anti-white activists like Yoree Koh, are operating from the same animus as the New York Times. The approved media does not just want to shut down your ability to speak and hear alternatives. They want to stop you from eating. When Trump says the media is the enemy of the people, this is exactly what he means. That’s why the Wall Street Journal hired Yoree Koh to try and deprive dissidents of a way to make a living.

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  1. WordPress is putting a red triangular caution sign with an internal exclamation point next to the link to your site. They are considering deplatforming you.

  2. I never even knew what 1488 was until about 18 months ago. Think about how many people know now thanks to the wsj.

  3. White Conservative think Government will stop White genocide for them because they bothered to vote.

    In Reality, They choose not to act

    They choose to surrender

    Right now, white men feel bad about how unlucky they are not live in 90% white America

    In Future, white men think they are unlucky to not live in 60% white America

    “Please, Can you allow us to live in precious suburban area?”

    “We can give you whatever you want, Our Liberal Master”

    Trump voter ? White Nationalist ? Nazis ? Alt Right ?

    It just white men Chat on the internet about How angry they are

    Meanwhile White Culture and White people be destroyed physically and financially due to Salami tactics

    In Other Hand, Black men have nothing but guts to fight

    They March on Street with bare hands

    And Society Reward them because Blacks aren’t Coward

  4. Knew there was news media bias for some time now, but after the presidential election the mask came off and now it’s just an all and out coup against President Trump.

    Little embarrassed at myself for being so naive. Will enough Americans wake up to the threat ? Would have liked to see the Republicans keep the house.

    Looks like a lot of people are still pretending everything is okay.

    • It seems like the normies have gone all soma on us. They are not waking up. Losing the house is one thing, but not getting angry about the post-election Al Frankening of the results in Florida and Arizona is the real tell, and that ain’t good.

  5. I wouldn’t get too carried away with thinking people distrust the media. At an analytical level (or what passes for one) these days, they do distrust it. However, the NPC immediately adopt its narratives thanks to social media.

  6. Anyone know of a good daily news summarizer? I’m not talking about a news aggregator like Drudge or Doug Ross. But someone who actually writes a summary. I used to use the WSJ’s “10 Points” by Gerard Baker. Gerard was as objective as a MSM guy can be. Highly educated, experienced, and worldly. But that’s not good enough because he wasn’t anti-Trump enough so they replaced him about 9 months ago. So now I check out PJ Media’s “The Morning Briefing” by Liz Sheld. It’s ok I guess. I’m looking for something hard Right though.

  7. The current societal environment in the US favors and rewards the type of conduct that is reflected in the Wall Street Journal article. Consequently, it will only increase and grow more virulent and violent as time goes on. The next stage will involve routine aggressive rudeness and vitriol directed at whites in public places, such as the grocery store. Following that will be verbal taunts intended to instigate a physical attack; these will likely occur in remote settings and when outnumbered. If you don’t have your CC yet, you’re not being responsibly prepared.

    • Remember, only 6% of the people think as we do. Many of the rest may be disengaged or generally disenchanted, but we really are on our own here. A small enough number that we can easily be isolated and demonized. Be careful out there, and use protective camouflage as necessary.

  8. Since I’ve gone off the deep end, there’s this on the web:

    ” The Thousand OAKS shooting comes 11 days after after 11 people were shot and killed at the TREE of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.”
    Donald Trump 11/11.
    He is due to be in Paris on that date.”

    Spook action at a distance.
    Code signal for the initiates.

    I hope it’s purest booswash and superstitious omens, but I, for one, am praying for our good President.

  9. We really have to disabuse ourselves of any notion that we’re going to vote our way out of this. The newly-minted felonious voters in Florida will turn that state blue, which will deny Trump the Presidency in 2020. This is likely the last Republican President in history.

    Personally, I hope Trump declares a state of emergency in 2020, stages a military coup, cancels the election, dissolves Congress, names himself President for life, and installs Trump Jr. as the successor-in-interest. The Republic is long dead. Time to bury the rotting carcass.

    • Our problem has always been, we play nice and roll over like a whipped dog.

      Look at the vote rigging in AZ, GA and FLA. Not one peep from the RNC officials. Scott in FLA is silent even though he’s getting openly a**sraped by a senile old black b***h. There is no fight in the GOP.

      We’re losing and losing badly. We’re not organized, refuse to resist in any manner. We have our “serious thought leaders” saying “don’t dox” after what Fatty Matty did. God almighty this alt-right big fish is a mega cuck playing moral scold.

      What happened with Carlson was a wake up call and we have no response. None. There will be more now that the Left knows we won’t fight back.

  10. White population is a delusional “conspiracy”, chortles one of the literal replacement pods…

  11. I suppose that it is reasonable, for the time being, while bakers don’t have to bake cakes for gay weddings or gender reassignment celebrations, for YouTube to choose who can and cannot appear on their website. Freedom of association cuts both ways. But as soon as bakers have to bake pink and blue cakes or cakes topped with two grooms, then the big social media companies ought to be expected to abide by the same rules.

  12. Well, as V.I. Lenin himself said, “the press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.”

    So I guess our current neo-bolsheviks are just following the example of their predecessors. The purpose of the media is not just to lie to people anymore, but also to organize purges of thought criminals and point to the red guards which counter-revolutionaries to attack.

  13. Gillian Tett had an op-ed in the FT several days ago. The gist was that the US Gov’t no longer had the confidence of global investors regarding debt and that interest rates would rise to Italian levels sooner or later once this penetrated to the average investor. Much blather about bipartisan cooperation to reduce the debt.

    Not a word on what fuels the debt — paying social welfare to immavaders who if they work do not cover even close to the cost of their support and their families. Our military is reduced, what spend on it is mostly pensions, medical care, and pay. Our infrastructure is crumbling and we have no space program to speak of.

    No thought on where the money will come from. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter make billions along with Uber and Lyft selling your data. Uber might well as be thought of as a location spy service with a taxi stand attached. But they are too powerful for governments to tax much. They will pay a bit, not much. That leaves an ever greater spiral of anarcho-tyranny. Taxes on breathing, being able to live, being White (I would be shocked if Abrams and Gillum do not impose a White tax on their states — and yes the fix is in both are being installed as we speak). While the feral non-White underclass is allowed to live out its “Purge” movie fantasies and the non-White overclass of Indians and Chinese make America into colonies and money safe havens from their predatory government

    The logical endpoint is every White man chained to a cubicle at Faceborg writing algos to detect a new monetary opportunity for our sperg lords, while a tottering government can no longer respond to narco lords on the border just seizing great territories and calling it their own. At a certain point a Flight Lt. Jerry Rawlings or Staff Sgt. Samuel K. Doe will emerge, figuring why not?

    Money spent on subsidizing the vast global servant class of the moneyed Elite who run things means no soldiers to protect from narco lords who pay a lot more; and offer more, than any Mexican government can give its soldiers. It certainly won’t stop the Chinese from biting off great chunks of the Pacific or even Russian revisionism with Alaska. Even the Russians could beat us if all our money goes to gibs.

    Our Globohomo model is crumbling before our eyes. Because we’ve already run out of money due to gibs. A sane, sensible ruler would dump the gibs receivers, and encourage more of the middle class for all the taxes they throw off and the very little in government spending they consume. But that would require brains and our current Elite make the Hapsburg monarchy look like super-geniuses.

    • A thing of beauty, that was. Whiskey delivers.

      Our debt to the eight Owner families of the Federal Reserve will outstrip all other spending in just a few years, sooner than we thought.

      This, while the Owners, the Nowhere People, invest in the Eurasian Belt, gold in Indian and Chinese vaults, consolidation of Meso/South America, mining deeply discounted Africa, and proxy control of Pipelinestan.

      Glory halleluah, the Perfected World

    • The FT and The Economist. The two places where the Eurocentric uberwealthy patiently explain why they know everything and the rest of us know nothing, all done in a polite condescending manner, carefully versed to constantly remind you that they live in a world you will never be a part of. Now bugger off, proles, in so many sugary words.

    • Most excellent Whiskey.

      Yeah they’re gonna blow up the system with their stupidity, corruption and endless welfare schemes.

      Of course those “masters of the universe” don’t think they need soldiers. Most have never seen one in real life let alone been exposed to the ugly side of life or what happens at our Southern Border or for that matter some of the drug labs/pot farms in our national forests run by the cartels that are often within a hour or two of where they live.

      Look at the backgrounds of the big tech companies. All came from pampered backgrounds. Same with the Banksters of Wall Street. Nerds from Nerf World.

      On the bright side most of Malibu got blowtorched, which means the white liberal West Coastal elite just got ass reamed with a rusty chainsaw.

  14. So any right-wing YouTube channel can be shut down by some anonymous person saying something racist in the chat stream? No possibility of abuse there!

    • Probably less than 5% of the Google workforce voted GOP, the leftist workforce is hopping mad that we are even allowed on there at all. Not to mention that the tech companies are under fire for not hiring enough blacks/Hispanics. And they have a sexual harassment problem. Throwing us to the wolves is a calculated appeasement by the executives, risking the loss of our traffic, against the chance that their radicalized workforce mentions the word “unionization”.

      • What he’s saying is that a lefty can get you shut down by false flagging your site. By saying something racist or antisemitic in a chat. That’s the abuse he’s talking about.

    • Like NR, they had their day and were taken over piece by piece by the enemy. I read the Journal in the 80’s. It had slipped noticeably by the nineties, and now it’s NR. To paraphrase Robert Conquest, any worthy thing not specifically right wing will sooner or later be subverted by the left.

    • So did I. Been a few years.
      When Saml Adams mentioned his go-to publications for volume information, I noticed he didn’t say the flagships NYT or WSJ. Now I see why.

  15. Here is to express my favorite season:

    And I like spring the best
    Because hyacinths go violet
    And school doors open
    Into a chaos of marsh flies
    And ducks head north
    Because jackets come off
    And we play in the streets
    In the longing twilights,
    So I like spring best…
    But the hot air thickens
    And tropic sun whitens
    And shirts come off
    At basket and volley ball,
    As I ride Lake Ponchartrain,
    Pelicans wing along the shore
    Where baked negroes troll
    And golden days are interminable,
    Which is why I like summer best,
    Until leaves turn golden
    In the yearly fire show,
    Birds singing turns school bell ringing,
    And hay bails sprout in the fields
    Jack-o-lanterns light the darkening
    Loved shows start their season,
    …so I like Autumn best
    Until the bayou freezes
    And turtles seek refuge,
    But Christmas lights sparkle
    And nog’s tinged with liquor
    And shopping malls bustle,
    But nights grow interminable,
    Decay blankets the marsh floor,
    But then a flower peeps out!
    Wherefore I like spring the best.

  16. There are lot of very redpilly videos on YouTube with tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of views–maybe millions when you factor in count manipulation and re-uploads. There must be a lot of people waking up, for whom the left’s magical epithets have lost their power.

    I think one day that the Cathedral’s legacy media is going to look out from the stage they’re performing on and realize that no one is in the audience.

    The question is what the demographics look like at that point. I reckon the South Africans, for example, are fully redpilled, but it might be too late to pull it back anyway. It’s a race against time.

    • South Africa still isnt redpilled. The Afrikaners are dying, but the British are still hiring black housekeepers and luaghing about how white genocide is a conspiracy. That’s to say nothing of the Indians and Chinese pulling the strings.

    • Babe: “I think one day that the Cathedral’s legacy media is going to look out from the stage they’re performing on and realize that no one is in the audience.” Seriously, what are you talking about? Hillary won the popular vote, and they just won Congress. An audience did that.

      • There is a danger in thinking that because we have a general consensus of understanding, around this site, about how the world works these days, and what needs fixing, that we have any relationship to the thinking of most of the rest of the people out there. The red-pill/black-pill is ours, and ours alone. I want to be wrong in my thinking about where this all goes, and I don’t want it to come true. But the more I look at things, the clearer they seem to be, and it’s all not good. I try to escape my own conclusions, but I can’t. The consolation, such as it is, is that at least I am not alone. We all have a mostly similar understanding of our likely shared fate, and the fate of the world around us. Small consolation, I suppose, but we do get into some great discussions around here. I sure as hell can’t talk about this stuff with anyone around me, unless I am in a mood to pick fights. I did a “Mohammed is a pedophile” joke at last year’s Thanksgiving dinner. It was a hilariously awkward moment.

        • Pardon my pessimism. This election was an opportunity to find out whether our “side” has been gaining ground, and I am not really seeing it. Most especially because the normies seem to be rolling over on all of this election cheating. “Oh yeah, they’re doing it again. I wish they wouldn’t”. Sorry, that doesn’t cut it, people need to be madder than hell about it, and they aren’t. We are living on our own little island in this culture, IMO.

    • This country will end with a whimper, not a bang. The potentially productive will recognize the futility of trying to “get ahead” and join the ranks of the disabled and freeloaders rather than continuing to support the growing mass of feral blacks and browns until the debt burden impoverishes all. Sad.

      • This is already happening. And the left couldn’t be happier about it. The problem is, just because one is poor does not make one left wing. That is part of the fallacy of economic thinking. Look at Weimar. Look at the purge of the socialist wing of the NSDAP in the night of the long knives. Those impoverished Germans were not left wing.

        One other thing to note is the use of trailer trash derision of our side by the left. This is a tacit admission that right wing politics is not joined at the hip to economic success or access to corporate profits. Politics is at its very core a social and cultural phenomenon and the bad guys know this. Everything else they say about it is a smokescreen.

    • Actually the whole person of color designation is a complete misnomer anyway. Most of the world is filled with brown people with black hair and brown or black eyes and then there’s one small group of people that has blue and green eyes, red and gold hair and pink skin. Who’s more colorful?

  17. The times we live in are simply breathtaking. It will be interesting to see where this all leads to in the future. The obvious answer would be …”we all know where it leads to…” but honestly, I have no idea how far these loons will go to prove their point. One day you think things can’t get any worse or any weirder and the next thing you see is Antifa chanting outside of Tucker Carlson’s house while his wife is alone in the house and is terrified. And some on the left justified it! Truly amazing times we live in. Getting pretty sporty out there. Hopefully all of the good readers of this site are prepared physically, mentally & spiritually. We’re all going to need it.

    • The rule of law is basically dead in America. Twenty years ago during the Clinton impeachment, the government was very earnestly trying keep the old older in place. Now, impeachment is a political weapon to be brandished at enemies. What difference is it going to make with the Dims in charge? The Repubs could not enforce their laws on the DOJ. The Dims will have equal trouble if Trump refuses to play ball. And the federal courts issue decrees incessantly. What a joke it all has become.

  18. If one were historically inclined, one might recall the “right-wing” paramilitaries in a era that shall not be named that rhymes with “fly far.” They weren’t just headbusters; they provided a lot of material and financial support to comrades “down on their luck,” so to speak, especially since they came into being largely thanks to the provocations of left-wing paramilitaries. Any similarities between this and the so-called “anti-fa” busting down Tucker Carlson’s door are coincidental, of course, but if I had the chops I would, hypothetically, be thinking about ways to set up an offshore “defense fund” for those subjected to such harassment. One way to avoid being de-monetized by YouTube etc., I might think if I were thinking about such things, is to go old school — Western Union still does wire transfers, right? And FedGov can’t shut those down without cutting off the spigot of our Undocumented AmeriFriends south of the border, not to mention drug cartels (and DEA sting operations against same), various CIA fronts, etc. The Internet is nice and all, but it’s far from essential for money transfers….

    • Am I to imagine that Tucker Carlson does not have a battery of small arms inside his home? Ant-ifa might get some martyrs by actually breaking in the door. A small woman with a pump-autoshotgun loaded with shorty cartridges of number one or zero pellets can make a mess of a half dozen black hoodies fast.

      • Carlson lives in the District, which has only allowed gun ownership after the Supreme Court literally forced them to. So I assume there are still considerable regulatory harassments, and limitations on certain types as there is in other perma-blue states.

        The typical behavior of ancom mobs is rather disciplined, the attempt to break in may have been the part of an overeager member. The law charges vandalism much less than it does “breaking and entering”. Ancom rioters have usually been advised by the leftist National Lawyers Guild.

      • That would break her soul.
        She’s not G. Gordon Willy’s wife.

        While GG was imprisoned in solitary, a thief broke in.
        The estimable Mrs. calmly marched down the stairs with a .45 to her young children’s cries.

        Leveling the gun, she said, “Now, children, watch the bad man’s head explode.”

        The thief literally peed himself.

    • The Great Depression was America’s Wiemar, as deliberate as the bank panics, including 2008. It gave us our first socialist Dictator, and consolidated control of the US.

      The top tier black market that underlies central banking arose quickly. Successful Prohibition gangs, mostly of a certain nature, bought up the near-bankrupt weapons industries and created mercenary East India companies such as the CIA. These expanded their reach of the sales that matter: weapons, oil, opium, debt, and labor arbitrage (slavery).

      Buying up the mediums of information and narrative control?
      A trice. Marketing, the rear supply chain.

      • The Cold War was an excuse to sell weapons to both sides.
        Make your enemies kill each other. Distract them while you tunnel in.

        • One more- Severian, you know the Civil War.

          The Union was funded by London war bond bankers. Yet the South was held by King Cotton. They sought to expand into the old Spanish Empire slaveholdings they helped build (and did so under Teddy, then into the Raj-China axis with FDR. Rockefellers were marranos from Turkey/France, Roosevelts from Portugal. Roths, of course, held the City since Cromwell, as the Medicis had held Genoa. Many European examples of this template.)

          The controlled North, successful, and having defeated Lincoln’s last-ditch greenback attempt, gained dominance of rail, the Internet of that time, and went on to slaughter the still extant Indians for the merchant network in the raw resource territories. (The second 90% loss of the Indian populations, in the Indian Wars of 1880-1907.)

          Was the North-South war a turf battle within the Tribe, or an actual war for supremacy between City and Colony factions? I see the Anglo-Soviet Cold War as a repeat.

          Who shall rule? The Christian British Crown bankrupted herself buying off slaveholders, that debt was finally paid in 2015. Were the London shylocks trying to extract their pound of flesh in America, with the American shylock traders trying to protect and expand their holdings?

          • PS- Viking, Norman, Mongol, and Islamic slavers needed middlemen, someone who could operate in both worlds. An old, old template. Without a customer network, they wouldn’t have stayed in business. I see most of our history as molded by the hidden aspect of, ahem, commerce.

            By the Holy Victims. Yeah, that’s what I’m really mad about.
            The Mask, the Meme, a mind virus endlessly repeated.
            This UK/Ireland/Democrat sh*t has just about made me postal.

            The Devil’s greatest trick?
            Convincing us he was the Father of Christ. He was, in a way- time for Prometheus to break his chains.

          • The barred owl kills the spotted owl. They can mate! Yet still, the barred owl will kill the spotted owl, and take its territory.

            There is no ideology.
            There is no Truth.
            There is only one’s god of Race.
            Of subspecies expanding into resource- rich territory.

            As Zman says, we’ve got to learn from these guys.
            Or die, as slaves. As cattle.

      • In the GD the “banks” bought up thousands of busted small businesses, homes, and acreage for pennies while a million farmers were at starvation level, and a quarter of the population were serfs on rations building up their lordships’ infrastructure and picking their crops.

        No, I won’t go into the details, such as wheat tariff policy, physical seizure of all bank vault cash notes, transported to the Treasury the week before the Holiday, or the proscription of citizen’s gold, or the thousands deported from government by Truman.

        Only note that once secured, their children then staged a Cultural Revolution. We have absolutely got to learn, to see past nature’s successful strategy of mimicry.

  19. I love how one day there’s a story about how we’re getting rid of the White people and the next day White genocide is a “conspiracy theory.”

    The dishonesty of the Chaimstream media is totally transparent to anyone not on Soma.

    • They shift their principles around like a game of three-card monte. Because of course, they don’t really have any principles, only enemies.

      I’ve always wondered who the audience is for their brazen “today we are at war with Eastasia, we have always been at war with Eastasia” day-to-day reversals of the party line. Their own guys? Us? Morons? “Respectable” normies? I find it so obviously nauseating that I’m not quite sure who can consume such stuff.

      • Babe, we all have that problem! Michael Crichton called it “Gell-Mann Amnesia” — you read the Media’s coverage of something you know about, and you’re infuriated about how wrong it is. And yet, you turn the page, the story’s about something you know nothing about, and you….kinda… just… take their word for it. Even we do it. I care about politics, so I read their coverage deeply and think critically. I don’t care about sports, so the paper says the Cubs need more pitching? I’ll repeat that at the water cooler if I need something to say. Given what I know about the Media, the Cubs are probably fine on pitching, every guy on the staff deserves a Cy Young, pitching is the absolute strongest part of their game… but I don’t care enough to go confirm that. Normals are the same way with politics. “Oh, we’re at war with Eastasia? Ok, yeah, whatever. Wait… this idiot says the Cubs need more pitching?”

    • Sometimes I think they have a big bag of “topics.” Every morning somebody pulls out one and sends the word of the day out. I remember when W was nominated and Rush did a parody of every media person and outlet repeating the word, “gravitas.” Apparently Bush didn’t have any.

      It was hilarious.

  20. What you forget is pretty much all People of Color disagree with you and trust the media more and more as representation improves and People of Color take over.

    In a few years s there will be laws to stop hate speech and disinformation.

        • Nonetheless, he’s spot on.
          I read Morgoth’s Review, a British blog. The commentors are exemplars of dry British wit, in the face of sanctioned madness that is absolutely terrifyng. It’s coming.

  21. “For instance, some commenters use the term “basketball Americans” rather than a slur against African-Americans and “population replacement” when referring to conspiracies about white genocide. ”

    (((Freudian slip)))? These dink whorenalists are particularly insufferable, which may be the whole point.

  22. “If you are a man, Winston, you are the last man. Your kind is extinct; we are the inheritors. Do you understand that you are alone? You are outside history, you are non-existent.”

    George Orwell, 1984

  23. The Left is good at finding new words to replace words that have lost resonance. “Offensive”/”Offended” was the keyword for the last 30 years. It’s still used, but it’s gotten rickety and ridiculed. Same with “racist”. So they upped it to “hateful”. Hate/Hateful has more staying power. It may in fact be the final pejorative they’ll need as they fully take over. After the takeover “white” will be the only word they’ll need.

    • I hadn’t noticed that until just now, Frip. When I think about it, I haven’t heard “offensive” in a long time. It used to be ubiquitous among the correct-thinkers. Now they can’t get enough of hate and hateful. Although Nazi and White Supremecist are gaining ground rapidly and look like they’re going to topple hate for the most-used terms to throw at Whitey.

      • The language warriors at Progspeak Central might live to regret it.

        Vanishingly few whites are actually Nazis or white supremacists. (White nationalists need not be supremacists.) But as more and more normies wake up to their marginalization, some may decide “in for a penny, in for a pound.”

        If they are going to be endlessly damned as haters, they might as well live up to it. And proglodytes will be on the receiving end.

        • Interesting development out of Germany. A ring of neo Nazis in the special forces had a plan to start assassinating the leaders who got Germany in this mess. It was broken up when a major confessed while being interrogated. So, I imagine you will see actual Nazis appear as the jihad against whites gets worse

    • Its interesting how the left is constantly inventing new language. Very smart strategy to create deception when the standards of communication are constantly shifting. At my progressive high school the term “courageous conversation” about race and equity is constantly used now. Of course when you attempt to point out the hypocrisy involved with most things SJW, you are accused of white privilege and cant possibly understand the plight of the oppressed. So much for courageous conversations!

  24. The WSJ and Chamber of Commerce are joined at the hip in their quest to destroy ordinary Americans….This is just the latest manifestation.

      • When I dropped my subscription they kept sending me the paper and charging me for it for a year. I had to contact a subscriptions executive personally to get them to stop harassing me. I don’t knownif they realize it, but they are making it so no one wants to subscribe to anything at all with behavior like that.

  25. It’s amazing that Ralph’s channel could fund raise that much on one stream. Foolish cucks at St. Judes showed how timid and scared the corporate and NGO world of the sjw establishment.

    My news and commentary diet is almost solely from yotube channels along with great blogs like this one and other paleo types. Youtube will eventually water down or ban any serious content. It will arise in other places, it’s the internet world we live in now.

    • It is disappointing that /we/ still don’t have a “basic news” source. I’d love to have someone who, you know, doesn’t hate me and want me dead, telling me in simple terms what happened today. Including the “boring stuff” like weather and natural disasters. As it is one has got to try to piece together basic news a la carte through blogs and links zooming through the Twitter and Gab.

      • It has been alleged that the news divisions of major media corporations have been historically loss making. Whether than has always been true I am unsure of. I would guess that cable news has been profitable, but its biggest audiences come from commentary and not from overseas bureau reports. State run broadcasters like BBC, RT and Al Jazeera are wildly unprofitable and must be propped up with tax dollars.

        • YouTube itself has been questioned as to its profitability, as Google doesn’t break down earnings by division. Ad targeting has been difficult, and the site has had issues with SleepingGiant/SPLC badgering big advertisers like Proctor/Gamble that their ads were on “extremist content”. Despite this being a clear example of “tortious interference”, Google did not object because only by demonetizing more people do they think the site will become profitable.

      • Give One America News a try. You might like it. I don’t have cable anymore so I don’t know about recent content or editorial style.

        • OAN is an improvement, but you can still pick up a globalist slant in some of their reporting. I think it is really just a finger in the dike for the bad guys.

      • Agreed. A news source that one could trust to be truthful as far as truth is known would be an instant success, but how could one be started without those on inside being involved.

  26. Can anyone explain the appeal to the left for the self-destructive behavior described above? Unlike those down here among the great unwashed where there is very little awareness of the world, these guys and others like them know the end result of their collectivist philosophy in every instance it’s been instituted.

    • Your answer is to look at the two major subjects that will get you banned, racial differences and the JQ. Soon it will probably include gender differences. Egalitarianism is what they’re after. They want a world where all people, all races, all genders are interchangeable and the same. No noticing of differences is allowed, although we’re told to “celebrate diversity.” But just don’t point out diversity. Yeah, it’s crazy, isn’t it?

      • Of course, they use of egalitarianism as a weapon. The aim is to force whites to open the gates. You’ll note that no one dares say “Jew” or “black” in public. People are even nervous using “black” as a color. it’s a queer sort of egalitarianism where non-whites are unmentionable, treated as mysterious objects of worship.

        • Exactly. The current sleight of hand in Florida’s election demonstrates how things got this bad. The perps are women of color and thus, unlike Caesar’s wife who was only above suspicion, are above the law. Reminds me of bubba’s secretary, a black women, and above even the merest thought of wrong-doing.

          I hope Trump doesn’t back down from treating the guardians of elections in heavily lefty counties as equally as the media treat him.

        • I should have said egalitarianism is what they say they want. We know that some will be more equal than others. At the same time the word “black” is disappearing, they can’t get enough of using the word “white” in a “problematic” way.

      • No, they just want white people to be first exploited and humiliated, and then to be dead. They don’t care about what comes after. Think about the effort the left is making to turn parts of Europe into a fascistic sharia state. As long as whites die off they don’t care about the consequences, whether what takes their place will be egalitarian or socialist or what have you. Genocidal racism against whites IS the program, it defines the modern left.

    • I’ve read all these replies to your question and I’ll add my own spin. It’s two things: 1. It’s an evangelical religion. Yes, it’s secular, but it’s a religion all its own. It obeys all the laws of a religion. 2. Control and domination. These people are like Muslims in the 800’s and like Catholics in the 1500’s. Their religion demands absolute domination and control and they are willing to die themselves to make sure the other side submits.

      • Agreed that progs like all religious cult leaders, etc. want absolute control and sell it as the path to heaven or paradise on earth, but what’s in it for them when they know that their world is destroyed along with ours?

        They may be dumb, but they’re not stupid. If we are turned into the borg, where will the wealth come from to keep them living large?

        • One must have “far seeing” to understand the end game. They don’t. They also have very little self awareness. They grew up in a society where everyone is basically granted their every wish so they don’t make waves. The immediate goal of mollification has no end goal other than itself, and only encourages future disruptive behavior in order to encourage immediate mollification. This does not encourage learning from mistakes nor delayed gratification – both of which one needs to understand the future consequences.

          One only needs to look at Abrams’ comment something about “you don’t need agriculture when you can just go to a grocery store” to begin to understand. They don’t.

          Even the elites display a lack of self awareness because their fantasy of having a compliant slave population to rule over is so alluring.

          • 100% this. You aren’t going to vote your way out of this.

            The best play at this point is Agree & Amplify. You need white people, WOMEN in particular to feel the weight & pain of their grossly myopic decisions.

            Illegals settling in next door. Tyrone on the block. And enough diversity in the office that white wahmen go to the back of the line.

            The worm is starting to turn against white females a bit from their pets. Throw gas on this fire wherever you are able. But keep a long list of names of those who so easily swayed with the herd to the ruination of all when its time for comeuppance.

        • Castro, Chavez/Maduro, Lenin/Stalin, the Kim Jong clan, Ulbricht/Honnecker, Ceaucescu, Enver Hoxha, etc., all destroyed whatever economic output their nations produced.
          But these individuals did/are doing just fine, thank you.

          A piss poor s**t hole of a nation has never hindered the dictator(s) at the top from obtaining enormous wealth.
          And the radical leftists – the democrats and their neo-nazi ANTIFA thugs here in the USA – see themselves at the top of the heap if they get their way.

          It will be the average person that will be screwed over and/or exterminated.

          • I really don’t know how to answer you because you are both right and wrong. It’s doubtful any of those commies had as their objective the destruction of their country. They may have lived in luxurious palaces, but they were surrounded by soldiers to insure their safety and didn’t live the life of the idle rich they may have favored. Their countries were prisons for their people and desperately poor while free countries were rich and life good.

            Here it’s the other way around. It is a scions of the rich and upper middle class who riot and drink in the koolaid of the left. They have been deliberately mis-informed about the ways of the world and trample their heritage for the impossible goal of equality of outcome, not the goal of equality under the law which encourages us all to make what we will of our lives.

          • I think “deliberately mislead” is part of it. But even more powerful is the fact that humans are base, self-interested and warped creatures who, in the absence of conforming forces which force other behavior, will always bend toward what our culture once uniformly considered vile.

          • Eeeek. Please do everything possible to rethink your point of view. That negativity thrown in the mix can make a lot of difference in outcomes.

            Smile 🙂 smile 🙂 smile 🙂 for many reasons, but the most importantly, it drives the b*stt*rds crazy.

          • As we can see in Venezuela. The country is a basket case but Chavez’s daughter is a billionaire and the wealthiest woman in the country. Socialism gives the elite power, status and money

          • You left out Mugabe. Fabulously wealthy. One instance: Mugabe and Kofi Anan’s sons got a $700 million grant to upgrade the airport in Harare (Salisbury). $200 million was spent. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

      • I think that’s well put, SES. Domination is an under-appreciated motivation: hard for a lot of people to fathom, because it doesn’t aspire to an obvious tangible benefit like wealth, sex, leisure, etc. Everyone sees the benefit of the latter, so they can readily understand why someone would conspire to attain them. Domination of others, OTOH, is more like a “spiritual” motive: the desire to bend others to one’s will, to force them to act and behave in ways they would ordinarily not choose to do. The fact that the urge to dominate is rarified masks it from the perception of ordinary people, and that mask is an advantage for would-be dominators, who are free to conspire without suspicion, and can often present themselves as “helpers” with high-sounding motives, instead of as the martinets they are.

      • Agree generally, but I’m not sure how willing they are actually to die themselves. I don’t think they can clearly see what might happen as they continue to push the envelope. When it breaks — if it breaks — the results may be more horrible than they can fully appreciate. They are scared of what counteraction might occur, and are working to control unknowns attending that outcome. But I don’t think they are hardened enough, or skilled enough, or strong enough, to deal with a complete collapse of civil restraints that would accompany a situation where lives were being expended.

  27. One of the greatest things Trump ever did, along with placing the spotlight on immigration, is firing back at the establishment media, calling them “fake news.” At this point, many have probably forgotten that Fake News is what the establishment came up with to discredit alternative news sources. For Trump to turn it back against them was brilliant.

        • CNN’s non-access to Trump will further reduce their numbers to a “precious” few — mostly captured in airports and other public places.

      • There’s a lot of chaff in the air at the moment, Trump is just re-calibrating. Dumping Sessions tells you everything you need to know about what’s coming next — Team Trump is going on offense!

    • This is part of the reason why Trump’s presidency is going to be so hard to judge. His work on the Overton Window–or, in older terms, “public opinion”–has been terrific. But when it comes to the formal use of political power, well, he hasn’t done shit. Like a lot of things, his legacy will depend on whether or not we win.

      • I don’t care about Trump’s legacy and I doubt he does either. We and all of us here, I think, care about our country surviving as we knew it,

        • The reality is “our country as we knew it” is dead. the question is what it will turn into, Brazil, venezuela, cuba ? IF and when enough whites wake up ( very big IF) what will they be able to do about it.
          what will they be WILLING to do?

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