Post Soviet America

Way back in the late stages of the Cold War, the Soviet political class started to fracture and splinter. The reform movement of Gorbachev was one faction, while the old guard that resisted him was another. There were other factions playing both sides against one another, as well as genuine reformers on the fringe. The reason the ruling elite was splintering was the system over which they ruled was no longer functioning. This reality was becoming clear to many, but not everyone in the party agreed.

Intrigue began to dominate party politics in the final stages of the Soviet Union. There was always politics within the party, but it revolved around the ruling center, much as court intrigue would revolve around the king. As the system began to falter, that center collapsed and party politics was conspiracies within conspiracies, as factions jockeyed for power. Eventually, the system collapsed and the party with it. What followed was a period of looting by oligarchs that rushed into to fill the void.

It is an important thing to think about when analyzing what’s happening in current year America. In the West, the response to the end of the Cold War was the replacement of the old sober minded political class with their self-absorbed, amoral children. The most notable example being Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have come to symbolize Baby Boomer political culture. Theirs is a politics of limitless mendacity. Everything is for sale, including the very institution over which they preside.

In other words, the Soviet Empire fell into a period of chaos and disorder in response to the end of the Cold War, while America fell into a period of self-indulgence. This way of framing it is like two sports teams after a championship match. The losers fall into finger pointing and blaming one another. The winners go on a bender to celebrate their victory and the benefits that come with it. Eventually, the loser regroups. In the case of Russia, it is becoming a normal country again.

There may be another way of reading the post-Soviet period in America. It may be that the period ushered in by the Clintons was an interregnum.  Both sides of the Cold War were purpose built to face off against one another. The Russians bankrupted themselves with an ineffective organizational model, so the end of the Cold War brought a genuine collapse, as that was the only way forward. In America, the country was still rich, so the old model could trundle on as if nothing really changed.

This interregnum was a period where the old political order carried on searching for an enemy to replace the Soviets. First it was the Muslims, which gave us two ghastly wars of choice and the surveillance state. That weakened America greatly, but instead of facing the long overdue reorganization, the political class tried reinventing the Russian bogeyman. Now, as in late stage Soviet Russia, the political center has collapsed and we are entering a similar period of chaos and intrigue.

Like the Soviets, we have oligarchs jockeying to loot what’s left the country, seemingly uninterested in staving off collapse. Big Tech and Wall Street have all the signs of super-predators from another planet, waiting for the chance to rush in and steal whatever they think has value. Like Gorbachev’s government at the end, official Washington is weak, while a populist reform movement builds. Trump is not Boris Yeltsin, but no historic analogy is intended to be perfect.

Of course, there came a point in the late stages of the Soviet Union where the emerging power centers outside the party, what would become the oligarchs, resorted to violence in their struggles with one another and the party. This is something that is starting to turn up more and more in America. Starting with the execution of Seth Rich on a Washington street, through the explosion of Antifa violence, the country is now buzzing with conspiracy over the bizarre death of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

That is another thing we are seeing in America that was common toward the end of the Soviet Union. The public is so cynical about the motives and character of the ruling class, that no one believes anything. The fake news meme was effective because trust in the media had dropped to zero. The lies had simply accumulated to the point where no rational person could accept anything from the media at face value. The continued existence of mainstream media just increases the cynicism.

Now, something not reported in the old Soviet Union that we are seeing in current year America is the panic. We are currently in the midst of a White Fright, where the media is tasked with casting daily events as signs of a white supremacist uprising. The coalition of the ascendant is being told to lock their doors and remain vigilante, as the twelfth invisible Hitler is slated to return at any minute. Like the Russia hoax, this one is a ruling class hoax that suggests a breakdown at the very top.

Again, it is not a perfect analogy. That’s not how analogies work. That said, there are important differences between the end of Cold War America and the end of Cold War Russia. The interregnum between the end of the Cold War and current year America is one example. Another is the nature of the oligarchs ready to seize power from Washington. They are foreign in outlook, if not legality. The tech barons and Wall Street financiers have loyalties that transcend any attachment to nation.

These new oligarchs are globalists, while the Russian oligarchs were local. The oligarchs of current year America are anti-nationalists, seeking a post-national world order. Their desire is to turn the heart of the American Empire into just another province. There’s also a class consciousness to their enablers. The managerial elite see themselves as a new class, tasked with administering the new global order. These are not men for hire, as we saw in Russia. These are true believers.

There’s also the fact that the American military is a different thing than what evolved in the Soviet Union. The Russian military was quite comfortable involving itself in politics, while the America military lacks the talent and culture to do it. Civilian leaders in America have always been smart enough to choose obsequious and incompetent generals to run the military branches. The talent is down a few ranks. The culture of the military would not lend itself to political involvement either.

Even so, what all of this suggests is America is headed for a period of chaos similar to what gripped the Russians after the Cold War. Just as the Russian oligarchs were too greedy and short sighted to replace the party, our oligarchs are too foreign and feckless to provide an alternative to Washington. A period of chaos in probably what comes next for post-Soviet America. The sudden collapse of empire and then a reversion to its natural state after a period of chaos and violence.

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196 thoughts on “Post Soviet America

  1. Boomer political culture was about not wanting to die in pointless global wars. That’s it. Nothing to do with the Clintons who were just old time crooks. If by ‘Boomer political culture’ you mean naively manipulated by old crooks and scumbags, same as it ever was, then boomers are the victims of that culture, just as others were before. If you hate Boomer women, well yeah so do many Boomer men. Selfish women are a blight all the way back thru history.

  2. Talk about overthinking things!

    Are you ready to take women’s rights away
    and end ALL welfare yet?….


    Well, get back to me when shit’s getting real
    and we’ll talk..although it may be a little late
    at that point for the solution.


    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  3. Re: “This interregnum was a period where the old political order carried on searching for an enemy to replace the Soviets. First it was the Muslims, which gave us two ghastly wars of choice and the surveillance state”

    Not quite accurate. The U.S. federal government – wedded to the Sunni Arabs since the early 1970s by the petrodollar agreement, not to mention all of those T-Bills they buy to prop up’s insolvency – wouldn’t dare to declare war on Muslims. Their Saudi paymasters would never permit it.

    Target a few jihadists that can be explained away as splinter groups and “not real Islam,” maybe – but wage war upon Islam itself? Not on your life. President George W. Bush couldn’t get on TV quickly-enough in the wake of 9-11 to reassure us that Islam was “a religion of peace.”

    In 2019, the soldiers of Allah are at war with the infidels in places like Europe, but the non-Muslim world continues to act as if nothing untoward is happening. To paraphrase Leon Trotsky, “You may not be interested in jihad, but the jihadists are interested in you”…. which is to say waging holy war against the infidels and kafirs, just as they have done for nearly 1,500 years.

  4. Not stated in the article is the major difference between the US and Russia…we have a racial antagonistic underclass, numbering in the tens of millions, that is hyper-violent, totally dependent on government for it’s survival and breathtakingly stupid and dysgenic. The Russians have some few racial minorities, but nothing on the scale of the American Blackass Buckapes. This mongrelized biomass will require a shooting war to control and eliminate. And I don’t see the Great American Whitebread Coward being able to do it. Thus, my assertion that the future is Russian…

  5. The Chernobyl series was great, it makes me think this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for USSR

  6. Z man, i vehemently disagree that the oligarchs of post soviet russia were local. Yeah, about as russian as the bolsheviks!!! Let’s just say their loyalties lay elsewhere.

  7. The current elite is too stupid to throw the American heartland a bone. They are on rails to destruction.

  8. Agree. Especially with our post cold war looting. Your paragraph below sums them well. Add; RU looters washed the money with our looters.

    “In the West, the response to the end of the Cold War was the replacement of the old sober minded political class with their self-absorbed, amoral children. The most notable example being Bill and Hillary Clinton, who have come to symbolize Baby Boomer political culture. Theirs is a politics of limitless mendacity. Everything is for sale, including the very institution over which they preside.”

  9. Concerning the elites, I give you Ms. Lindsey Graham. He was just on FOX saying we need to be in Afghanistan because reasons, Taliban, protect our allies and it is a smaller war than we are usually in. He of course cannot explain why we should care about any of his reasons.

    He also said we need gun enhanced background checks because bad people and we need red flag laws because reasons. All of which are just gun registration by another name and a means that the government can take away anyone’s rights they want to.

    • How easy would it be for somebody to primary him out in a few years? Anyone with the guts to point out what a gutless worthless sissy he is would kick his ass all over the debate stage.

      • I thought that too, and figured, how could SC send that guy back to the Senate? And yet they did. My only explanation is that the state is full of boomer ex military who fall in line for GOPe. Or maybe LG is just a sly s.o.b. for all his sissiness.

    • Miss Graham says he’s never seen Trump more determined WRT to background checks and Red Flag laws. We are done, folks. B.L.O.A.T.

  10. I see this as a white pill.
    The Rus fell back to their historic homeland and are becoming a normal country again, after partial detachment from their Muslim south.

    Not complete segregation, a Fortress Russia.
    Still in the world, still modern, not an Amish fortress either.

    Chatted briefly with the Ukrainian today.
    Twelve million came here. We are still seen as the safe harbour, and our people have many allies, that is, other white peoples seeking a place, an ummah of the Pan-European tribes.

    • Interesting that the Hong Kong protesters more often cite the U.S. rather than Great Britain for inspiration. Could be a covert U.S. strategy to infiltrate, could be that we are in a more powerful position to come to their aid. Or it could simply be that the idea of the U.S. still resonates with some oppressed people. Any or all could be true, but I will go with the last one, if for no other reason than I kind of know where the HK’ers are coming from, in my own small way.

  11. The tech barons and Wall Street financiers have loyalties that transcend any attachment to nation.

    “A Higher Loyalty” as deep-stater James Comey titled his book.

  12. I had never before thought of America’s techno overlords as equivalent to the post-Soviet oligarchs, but it’s a good analogy. Zuckerberg, Bezos, et al. aren’t tycoons of the old sort, but rather national asset-strippers. Their enterprises don’t create or produce anything much. They just vacuum up what is left of the huge surplus of social and economic goods earlier generations, mainly white people, put into circulation.

    Our oligarchs are in the game for power, not ideology or even money, but generations of leftist subversion have provided a convenient army of ethno-fanatics who supply the muscle.

    Did anyone just glimpse our Putin waiting offstage?

  13. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the dive into Americanization via “our” man Yeltsin and the (heavily Jewish) oligarchs, and the resulting collapse into chaos and misery for the Russian people, a new communist party (which has come in second to Putin/Medvedev in several elections), centered on Russian nationalism and cultural and social traditionalism, arose and very nearly won the presidency in 1996. The oligarchs of Russia had recognized the threat, held a meeting, and subsequently bombarded the Russian people with pro-Yeltsin propaganda, and Yeltsin narrowly avoided defeat:

    “The oligarchs set aside their differences and held several private meetings in Davos hotel rooms, where they strategized over how to defeat the perceived Zyuganov threat. The result was the “Davos pact”, an agreement between Chubais and the oligarchs that he would lead an anti-Communist campaign against Zuyganov, that they agreed to fund. The subsequent months saw a massive media offensive as “money poured into advertising campaigns, into regional tours, into bribing journalists”, all supported by the oligarchs who owned the major media. Yeltsin’s subsequent victory in that election can be traced back to the events that took place in Davos between Chubais and those Russian oligarchs.[2]”

    Election fraud was likely also empolyed:

    “It has been alleged that Yeltsin may not have legitimately won the 1996 presidential election, but instead employed electoral fraud. Some results, largely from Russia’s ethnic republics of Tatarstan, Dagestan and Bashkortostan, showed highly unlikely changes in voting patterns between the two rounds of voting.[3][4] At a meeting with opposition leaders in 2012, then-president Dmitri Medvedev was reported to have said, “There is hardly any doubt who won [that race]. It was not Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin.”[5][6]”

    The simplistic “muh commies” is yet another Con. Inc./Conservative Industrial Complex scam.

  14. America was doomed to collapse because it formed itself in opposition to the Commandments of Christ who is King of all.

    America, because it is a protestant country, never knew, say nothing of understood, the Catholic Principle of Sicut Judeis non… originally formulated by Pope Gregory the great, it taught that no man has the right to harm the Jews or disrupt their services in the synagogues nor does The Jew have a right to corrupt or subvert Christian societies.

    In the past, no decent Catholic ruler let the Jew ascend to position influence from whence he could inflict damage on Christendom.

    Steve Sailer has written about how ungrateful the Jews have been ever since they were allowed to ascend to powerful positions in the world of banking; as for politics and Hollywood and the press, etc the same goes.

    America is the tail (Washington is Israeli occupied territory as the paleocon Pat Buchanan observed) wagged by Israel.

    Of course Anti semite is the baying of the hounds sicced on any man who recognizes patterns (as Sailer says) but, as Saint Belicheck says, It is what it is.

    Our betters have recreated Yugoslavia in America; multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and what happened to Yugoslavia will happen to us.

    • Larry, hear, hear!

      “America is the tail”… yep. And your very first premise is the reason why.

      The nation began with a small group of protestant Protestants (who disavowed the ‘mainline’ protestant “churches” of the day) and fled their homeland in search of a new one where, in their words, they had “no King but Jesus”.. Go read all of the early colonies constitutions. The New Haven Colony constitution which is typical of all, (available online for your perusal), expressly spells out that the structure of their society was to be governed “strictly by the LAWS OF CHRIST”.

      For 150 years this was so in the East, and no one can deny how richly blessed we were as a nation. Then we were conquered by our own foolishness in the coup of 1787 wherein the new secular “Federal Constitution” replaced the former Christian ones. Our doom was signed and sealed on THAT day of September 17th. What began as an establishment of the Kingdom of God in the last wilderness on earth became yet another rail car in the long, sordid train of man’s kingdoms of “enlightenment” and pluralism. And we’ve now come to the end of that track.

      “And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high ABOVE ALL NATIONS of the earth… And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath…”

      But… “ it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God…”

      Chapter 28 of the book of Deuteronomy spells it all out in clear and harrowing detail.

      “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low…He shall be the head, and THOU SHALL BE THE TAIL.”

      Indeed, “Yugoslavia will happen to us.” And Rome, and Greece, and Medo-Persia, and Babylon… And Sodom, and Gomorra. And for precisely the same causes. Because “God is not mocked, but whatsoever a [nation] soweth, that shall it also reap.”

      People who fear God had better repent with all their hearts. And people who don’t fear Him, soon enough will. There was that forlorn prophet whom, Josephus tells us, walked the walls of Jerusalem for a whole year before the final siege of the Romans in 70 AD, saying over and over, only this: “Woe, woe unto Jerusalem!” Go read what he said about that man. And read his terrible account of the Final Destruction of that cursed city. And don’t think it won’t or can’t happen here.

  15. This post makes me wonder which historical or contemporary state is the best model for the US and where the US is going. There are many candidates. I’ve used Brazil, a country that just smolders on instead of collapsing. A pretty ugly place if you’re not member of the gated communities. Bosnia/Lebanon, all-out civil war w/o well-defined front lines. Northern Ireland across North America. Rome, a colossus tipping over, being swamped by foreign invasions. The Soviet Union, an ideological state that collapsed under its own inconsistencies, corruption and the cynicism that brought. South Africa/Rhodesia, where the non-white majority suddenly in power decide to just ‘kill off whitey and his evil white voodoo’. Maybe an argument could also be made for the British Empire, w Britain itself now being invaded by diversity. Pre-revolution France, before ppl had had enough. Or maybe post-revolutionary France is now, w the Jacobins in power.

    I dont know which one is the best model, the situation is still too fluid. That’s why I’ve become a ‘gun nut’. Well, that and that I am personally living European gun regulation now and I dont like it.

    • Moran – The husband of a close friend epitomizes the European gun ban lunacy for me. He’s an Englishman by birth and genetics (albeit now an American citizen) who was career army over there. At one point he was in charge of a company of the Queen’s Guard (I’m probably getting the terminology wrong – they rode horses and he still has all his ceremonial uniforms and armor) and has photos of himself with the Queen. Today, if he went back, he would not be allowed to carry a weapon. Needless to say, he took advantage of America’s 2nd amendment when he moved here.

      • Most Europeans do not ‘get’ it about guns. They think I’m ‘paranoid’ when I tell them ‘a registered weapon is state property on loan to you. It is not yours in the way that matters most’. And they dont understand that what sets guns apart is not that they can kill but that you need a gun to resist another gun. But maybe they’re learning? I hear London is the Chicago of knife attacks now. B/c knives too can kill.

        • 2A is the right to defend yourself by any means necessary. Guns just happen to be an effective way to do so. But it is bigger than just guns, it goes to issues of individual empowerment or lack thereof. Gun grabbers are revealing much more about notions of personal agency, and their desire to limit personal agency, than they realize. But some of them are simply stupid and have no idea about anything I am saying.

          • Good point that it is not per se about guns. Guns have been the most powerful small arms, ie individual weapons, ever since they overtook crossbows. At some point something else is going to come along that is not a ‘gun’ (basic definiton of a gun would be ‘chemically released energy accelerates projectile(s) down a barrel after leaving which the projectile loses propulsion. Last part to set rocket systems apart).

            This new thing could be small rocket launchers or it could be directed energy weapons.

            In any case someone made the point that bans on fully automatic weapons already violate 2A b/c a ‘natural’ limit on 2A should be ‘best contemporary infantry weapons.’ I personally think this makes the most sense. Although that just put hand grenades and RPGs inside 2A and I am not sure about that. Stinger missiles floating around would mean mass shootings were replaced by pissed off guys shooting down airliners… (just thinking out loud here, not sure where the balance should be)

  16. Personally, I don’t enjoy speculation into what is coming next. Day by day I read a lot of articles about “When is the nation going to collapse?”, “When is the next financial crisis?”, “Is secession on the rise?”, and I fear its building too much suspense and excitement in our people, only to be disappointed when another year goes by that we don’t enter another period in history where things changes very quickly, like 1940’s.

    • Things are changing quickly but when you’re in the midst of them you don’t notice it very much.

      Eventually it all leads to a tipping point that no one sees and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

      Look at the things that are happening right now:
      *Race replacement

      *War on American tech and manufacturing workers by American executives that are replacing them with foreigners

      * Our cities are collapsing

      * Our military is rapidly losing it’s ability to retain experienced personnel and recruit new soldiers.

      * Our medical system is eating up disposable income at a massive rate and is increasing every year.

      * our colleges now turn out debt serfs who are crippled before they even get going.

      * The stock market is at unsustainable levels as is real-estate. A repeat of 2008 can happen at any time.

  17. Now that you mention it , except for the vodka, trump is a pretty good analog for Boris yeltsin .
    screw wikippedia , heres the money quote from infogalactic.
    . .
    He vowed to transform Russia’s socialist economy into a capitalist market economy and implemented economic shock therapy, price liberalization, and nationwide privatization. Due to the sudden total economic shift, a majority of the national property and wealth fell into the hands of a small number of oligarchs.[1] The well-off millionaire and billionaire oligarchs likened themselves to 19th century robber barons. Rather than creating new enterprises, Yeltsin’s democratization led to international monopolies hijacking the former Soviet markets, arbitraging the huge difference between old domestic prices for Russian commodities and the prices prevailing on the world market.[2]

  18. I agree that this Epstein fiasco reveals that America has descended into a “late Soviet” phase, characterized by different forms of cynicism for its elite and popular classes.

    The former obviously are confident that they are a law unto themselves; that they can (and should) get away with any outrage; and they don’t even feel an urge to make a show of plausibility when they assert their interests. My impression of Epstein’s demise is that it’s on the level of Stalin air-brushing someone out of an official photograph, and daring anyone to say that they notice it.

    For the rest of us, cynical “conspiracy thinking” has now become the rational response to “official truth”; you just assume what you’re being told is a lie, even if you nod your head in assent to keep out of trouble. It’s impossible to take the official story at face value, but it’s equally impossible to believe that the truth will come out.

    To me, this weekend revealed that trust has evaporated in our society. And since trust was the lynchpin of the whole system, that system is entirely in question. The very brazenness of this episode has me thinking that every conspiracy theory has been given a new lease on life.

    • Ancient wisdom. When the world becomes insane, trust your senses first, your hindbrain second, go to maximum alert, flee if you can, and fight if you must.

    • TPTB brazenly murdered Epstein in front of the world just to show people that if you spill dirt on them – you die no matter where you are.

      Either that or they panicked and had to silence Epstein ASAP irregardless of how it looked.

      They could not afford to let it get it out that our world’s elite are filthy degenerates and pederasts. Here’s the thing, no one gives a shit if the elites were just p***y chasers, BFD. But our elites aren’t that, their tastes were outright illegal and they needed a pimp to procure what they needed and Epstein filled that role and more.

      So he had to be murdered like that NYC madam was who had a black book on all the NYC/D.C.elite.

      • Agree, Rod. We now need to assume that the elites in our society are much worse than we previously imagined.

  19. A dissident writing in 1969 would likely be as pessimistic as any current day dissident. They were closing out a decade of decadence and cultural chaos. There had been race riots across the country, massive anti-war demonstrations, fighting in the streets and insanity on the campuses of America. They had every reason to think they were seeing something that as beneficiaries of time, we know just wasn’t there.
    Those cold warriors only look sober to us because we know what happened. They probably weren’t the clowns we have now, but they weren’t top tier people either. There was just as much kvetching about white supremacists as well. The millennials look downright responsible compared to the Boomers in 1969
    A dissident in 1969 saw a domestic enemy that was being financed and supported by a foreign state. It was the height of the cold war where nuclear annihilation seemed almost an inevitability. Large scale fighting on the streets seemed like a very real possibility.
    One major difference between Soviet Russia and modern Day US is that everyone believes in the system.
    The status quo will limp on way longer than anyone ever thought remotely possible.

    • The late 60’s/early-mid 70’s were much more overtly violent and political than today, IIRC. Our existential threat meters are oversensitive due to a baseline feminized post-Cold War culture ramped up by decades of “Orange Alert” shenanigans and bogeymanning from Big Other.

      • I’ve been getting the feeling that a lot of people on the dissident right get a sense that all is not well and are hoping the system is not strong enough to hold things together. And as you say, the time in question was probably a lot worse. If the system does break, it’s going to seem obvious after the fact, but I don’t think it could be predicted and I don’t think without some major change that the status quo cannot continue indefinitely. As long as Washington can finance the police state, nothing changes.

    • We’re not remotely the country we were in 1969. We were far more homogenous, had way more social capital, were in vastly better fundamental economic shape, and were under better, more grownup, less corrupt leadership. Anyhow, you vastly overstate how bad things were then, and vastly understate how bad things are now. Yes, some bad stuff was happening in a few big cities and college campuses in 1969, but that was very distant from most people. Nowadays most people feel something bad coming, and are preparing. There haven’t been tens of millions of AR-15s sold in the last 15 years because there’s suddenly been a massive coyote problem come up in that time. If you don’t think these days are far more dangerous and unstable, you’re lost in Boomerthink – that tendency of Boomers to think the 60s was the most important thing that ever happened in human history.

      • While I was technically alive in the last few months of the 60s, I don’t remember them at all and I only have vague memories in the first 1/2 of the 70s. I am going by what was written both then and now about then. Someone recommended White Power by Rockwell and while I never finished it, I was very surprised at at lot of the headlines included in the book and just how similar they are to today’s headlines.
        But I do agree there are differences. However, I do not think a general breakdown of society is in the cards unless something else changes first.

  20. If you want to see what it was like in the immediate post-Soviet Union, watch the movie Brat (Brother) from 1997.

  21. The Russian oligarchs were not “local”. That is to say they were not Russian. They were Jews with Russian citizenship.
    And they bought the state property using funds from other Jews, who held citizenship from other countries including the USA.
    I can almost forgive The ZMan for avoiding the JQ when it is a bit of a stretch to make the connection. After all, he’s made it clear that he thinks people who notice Jewish misbehavior are icky & low class. But To talk about Russian oligarchs without mentioning the Jewish ethnicity of 90% of them…. that’s quite an omission.

    • The vast overrepresentation of Jews among the 1990’s sellers of Russia, home-grown and Western carpet-baggers alike did more to stoke modern Russian anti-Semitism than anything else. Tribe, that one’s on you – learn to self police or keep pushing for 110.

    • [[[Oligarchs]]] is a more accurate description. A few minutes with secret weapon “Early Life” shows this.

      About a decade ago I looked into it and the figure I came up with was around 60% of the top-level guys. But this does not include anyone behind a frontgoy, and could be a low against what the situation was in the 1990s, before Putin.

  22. And since the vat of cynicism is too vast to be drunk in one swallow, let’s turn briefly to the victims of the coming warlordism. At the elite end of the spectrum, no one morns the loss of an odious oligarch like Epstein. He can rot in Hell. What rankles is the suspicion that his death has cut the snare that would have trapped a few more enemies. Was this the shiv that would have finally stained the Clintonian toga with an irremediable flow of blood? On the other end of the spectrum, just as the post-Soviet collapse brought death by vodka to legions of young, hopeless males, we have our death by opiates crisis. On the whole, few mourn these deaths with genuine sorrow. The sorts who die are not particularly likeable, virtuous or productive; so no great loss to the society. Rather, their deaths are noted en masse as a tragic symptom of our collapse. Nobody weeps for the canary; they worry about the imminent methane explosion.

    • Epstein’s a first-pass litmus test of sorts. Anyone who’s willing to accept that he was done in or “persuaded” to suicide Roman/Rommel style is a possible recruit. Anyone accepting the official narrative isn’t ready yet.

  23. The sudden collapse of empire and then a reversion to its natural state after a period of chaos and violence.

    Sounds exciting. Anything is better than what we’ve got now. I’m ready to roll the dice. Picture my skeleton giving an enthusiastic thumbs up from its shallow grave.

  24. Chaos at the top echelons makes for a favorable political climate for dissidents. I don’t think we have any significant top faction that’s “on our side” or even sympathetic, but if they’re focusing their energies on each other and/or bogeymen, we have more time and more freedom to proselytize & procreate. I see electoral politics as a way to “stir the pot” between the factions in DC rather than getting “our guys” into power on a state or national level at this point. The immune system of globoshlomo is too effective for that kind of infiltration.

    What we can do is prepare ourselves and the youth of Our Thing to watch for the right opportunities, be mentally and physically ready when they happen, and know how to react. We’re in the nascent stages of dissidence now, trying to get our own heads right and accept the hand that history has dealt us.

    As the last week of comments has shown, there are a lot of divergent opinions here from Trust the Plan to Burn It Down. There’s probably still a role for factions on both of those poles to fulfill. We can work both inside and outside the system, and probably should take this two-front approach, but only if we don’t fall into the trap of blame and shame in our own ranks. I’m on the BID side but I freely admit that I TTP’d until 2018. If both poles can grant each other some license and goodwill, we can high-low the system together.

    Those who stay inside the lines will have to accept that they’re operating under “Moscow Rules” as the spy fiction likes to say – low trust and double-dealing will be the norm. You’re looking to get what you can out of the snakes in the swamp who still need things like your votes, but you cannot trust them no matter what they do or say. You have to learn to look at them as they look at you – tools to be used and/or obstacles to be circumvented. Abandon the idea of the America we thought we knew and loved and live for the new nation we’re creating.

    Those who live outside the wires will have to accept a largely passive, strategic role rather than tactical engagements. Low profile, low dopamine, low time preference activities like raising and teaching children and newbie adults, providing support networks for active operators and maintaining security and communications. There are organizational models for this that I’m digging into over the next few weeks and will share what I can as I go.

    We don’t need to split into opposing camps on this. The two approaches can be coordinated if we broaden our outlook and accept the common premise that a Whites-first society is what we’re all working for. Everyone more ethnocentric than outright ideological CivNats can belong, and even those “sympathizers” can be useful, albeit not trusted.

    • Exile: I, too, am in the BID camp, but am willing to grant a limited license to those who TTP only so long as your crucial last bit is strictly enforced: ” Everyone more ethnocentric than outright ideological CivNats can belong, and even those “sympathizers” can be useful, albeit not trusted.”
      No one who does not explicitly understand and believe all aspects of HBD (not merely Negro dysfunction, but the JQ and Asian side) should have any position of leadership or control. Those who wake-up at 11:59 PM because they’re frightened can do the grunt work or be cannon fodder. With time and proper education and socialization, then their grandchildren might be worthy of full citizenship rights in an ethnostate. Might, I repeat.

  25. Yes to all of this. Now what comes next and what to do about it. Highest probability. Financial collapse. False flag OPs. Soft tyranny followed by hard tyranny. LEOs vs Patriots decimation. Jackboot time. Gun confiscation. Detention camps. Iron fist autocracy. Return of survival of the fittest. Simple/Secret/Solo/Spontaneous. Bye-bye elites. Rebirth.

    • @TomA. Hahahaha! Holy Crap! “False flag OPs.” !? ” LEOs vs Patriots decimation.” !? “Jackboot time.” !? “Iron fist autocracy.” !? “Detention camps.” !? Well, as great as all that sounds, can’t we just get through the 2020 election and see what comes next?

  26. Regarding the near future (i.e. within the decade), one cannot be too cynical. It will be pure warlordism. Become one, if you can. Join the “right” one, if you must. Remembering that might makes right unless your warlord is white. Or flee to the hinterlands and let the fools fight it out amongst themselves. Even there in the small, outer provinces of flyover country, some nomenklatura of wokeness might agitate for confiscatory policies like reparations, gun seizures or debt jubilees. But they can be managed as rural troublemakers always have.

    • Assuming pure collapse I’d say much the same thing, although I don’t think that outcome’s the most likely when compared with slow decay and serial black swans. I support the anti-fragile approach. Check out some of the podcasts and blogs on “mannerbunds” and form a group. Make sure your group of bros has a member or three who can teach basic survival, hunting, woodcraft, urban-style, etc… Get in shape, ditch the bad habits and harden your mind and body for what could be troubling times. Better to know it and not need it…

    • I’m a bit long in the tooth for a gas station fort and comley slave girls for me and my raider buddies.

      Maybe we ought to try and prevent this.

  27. Here is a white pill. This is specially common with militaries, and probably goverments in general, but they prepare to fight the last war and are caught with their pants down by new developments.

    This was definitely the case with nationalism.

  28. From Andrew Anglin earlier today, this is so good I had to pass it along:

    >>>When the Left wants to sabotage the Right, they use a few mentally ill idiots in costumes or federal agents to fly swastikas and make normies associate common-sense policies like having borders or not attacking White people in the streets with Nazism.

    When the Right successfully sabotages the Left, they agree and amplify the Left’s bloodthirsty hatred for everything normal and sane. Asking liberal politicians to publicly take a stand on positions that the fringe left holds sacred, but that normal people balk at is a winning strategy.

    Tactical Communism is the winning strategy, folks.

    Here are some more questions to ask the Dems.

    Q: Senator Kamala, is it true that you are against literal Communist revolution in the streets to defeat White Supremacy?

    Q: Senator Booker, is it true that you don’t believe there are 64 genders?

    Q: Senator Warren, as a White ally, what strategies would you propose to reduce the number of White people in America?

    Questions like these, done with a straight face and a DSA pin on your lapel, would do more damage to their cause than a dozen successful Charlottesville rallies.<<<

    • Pretty much what I’m talking about tactically for people who want to do their White Nat work within the system.

      If like me you’re too obviously White to pass for a full or hapAscendent when pulling such ratf*ckery, just (((shapeshift))). Saying “fellow Jews, we have to…” will make you smile inside. (((White))) pill.

  29. Uh, you don’t think our own “oligarchs,” if by oligarchs you mean financial looters, are already active? That’s what I call madoff and all the shenanigans around 2008 crisis. There were other big Ponzi schemes going on, as people who have followed the Epstein thing seriously would have noted. 2008 was only a brief glimpse for us proles of a status quo that has probably been endemic since at least 1980.

    I’m interested in what people think of the Epstein thing. I want a pole of what z readers think:

    1) it was what it was. Simple unaided suicide
    2) assassination by political families, deep state, mossad or some coalition thereof. Included here would be voluntary hara kiri, enabled by above.
    3) feign death. Epstein is on the balcony of a dacha on the Black Sea right now, having his feet massaged by barely legal Slavic girls.

    • 50-50 between assassination and suicide by threat, i.e. commit suicide or we kill someone (several people) you love on the outside.

    • #2

      As Karl Denninger and Ron Unz points out when people go to Washington they all change like over night. And that you aren’t allowed to be at the reigns of power unless TPTB have dirt on you.

      Guys like Epstein don’t off themselves – too vain. Also for all the things that led to his death was not mere chance. Some powerful people in D.C. and London wanted him dead.

    • 2. No doubt at all.

      The establishment doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt for #1 — already too many convenient coincidences and derelictions of duty in his death.

      And #3, no, Epstein is simply too great of a liability. They don’t ever, ever want to risk him popping up again. Basically, if he was my problem to clean up, no way would I let him live.

  30. Is it possible to have “chaos and disorder” when there’s widespread drug abuse, media addiction, and political apathy? I don’t think all this is a precursor to post-Societ chaos. I think we’re actually going through an “intifada” like Israel endured in the early 2000s. There are weak-minded young men in a super-charged environment who are easily convinced by others that blowing themselves and others up (in our case, mass shootings) will make them a martyr for the cause, and get an eternal reward. These shootings will continue until 1) all the morons die out, or 2) some kind of draconian solution like a wall (in Israel’s case) or gun control (most likely our case).

    • A handful of crazies is not an Intifada and AntiFa only exists because authority is amenable. Hell that organization was basically wiped out in Norway decades ago and we could do the same easily.

      However they are useful for both side, the Left as weak ass ideological shock troops and the Right as boogeymen so they are tolerated to a point

      Once they are not, they’ll be as gone as Black Lives Matter

      Now as for apathy . Back during the USSR and Russian collapse Krokodil abuse (Codeine cut with gasoline) alcoholism and street crime were rampan and huge vital sections of the system were just ignored and let to die..

      You can have both.

  31. “The sudden collapse of empire and then a reversion to its natural state after a period of chaos and violence.”

    But what is our natural state? What is normal? After 50 years of being subjected to the vibrancy of multiculturalism, and with the sickening decline in the birth rate of the historic American nation, what comes next? Greater autonomy on the part of the individual states? A more contrite foreign policy? A congress that stops spending like rock stars? We are like an old-growth forest waiting on the right conditions for a lightning storm to burn us to the ground.

    • No one will miss the Pozzed USA

      The situation here is so bad that Latinos who love kids and big families are declining to White levels if they aren’t already there,

      This country is no fit place to raise kids for anybody

      Its the job of the Dissident Right to make it good again. This does mean some really unpleasant choices , trade control, business regulation, mass deportation plus a whole lot firing squads , hemp neckties and maybe woodchippers

      Most important, no cucking , not on immigration, money, morals or just having to do unthinkable things

      If Conservatoves had refused to cuck in the first place, we wouldn’t have these troubles but since they did and we do, in the event of a Dissident Right victory able to opt out of the rebuilding is a reward for exceptional service , not to be expected.

  32. Well, another major difference between Russia at the end of the Cold War and the United States today is demographics. Russia was – and still is – pretty ethnically Russian. We will be quite the multi-ethnic/multi-racial playground as the Boomers expire. Russia could pull itself together because it was still one people, one nation. We are not.

    That will make any reconstitution of the United States a difficult task indeed.

    • What!? No, Russia is a multiethnic country with 20% POC, and the Soviet Union was hugely more diverse.

      Russia kinda works because their tribes, despite Stalin’s best efforts, are geographically separated. America doesn’t work because the different ethnics are all over the place.

      • Correct. The Soviet Union was very much a multi-ethnic mix, in part because the Russians sent a good number of their people into various other countries within the union, an issue still causing problems.

        However, I was speaking only of Russia. And, yes, Russia is fairly multi-ethnic, but nothing close the current United States. In addition, the ethnic Russians are absolutely in control and ethnically aware, unlike white in the U.S.

        Russians still dominate and control Russian, which allowed them to put the pieces back together. That’s not the case with whites and the United States. Whites will be a minority in this country in 20 years or so. If we wanted to put the pieces back together, we’d need to either expel tens of millions of people or create a permanent apartheid system, which isn’t going to happen.

      • Diversity without proximity can work, and a heavy dose of authoritarianism works as well, not only in Russia but other heavy-handed multi-ethnic states like Brazil and the secular ME dictatorships like Hussein’s Iraq and Assad’s Syria.

      • And China are 90% Han Chinese

        China and Russia are better than 60% White in United State Because their elite actually degrading and undermining minority

        A Natural nation-state in-group and out-group politic

        White American doing oppositely so make sure their future generations become persecuted minority with no hope

      • There’s “ethnic” then there is the racial morass of the USA. The different flavors of Asian that Russia has does not in any way compare to the violent, virulently stupid, low-IQ biomass of Black America…

    • Russia is a very low social trust country, exacerbated by their experience with Marxism. A lot of what we are losing here won’t be found in Russia.

      • This is true in my experience. I’ve had a number of really bad experiences with Russians while selling on eBay.

      • For now. Our overlords are feverishly working to enrich those areas with refugees and immigrants. This really is a race against time.

  33. When the chaos subsided in what was left of the Soviet Union they at least had a cohesive homogeneous society for the most part. They were still one nation and could build again.

    We have no such thing here in America. We are a multi national empire held together with force. The only people capable of rebuilding America are quickly being replaced, demonized and isolated.

    We will become the new High tech Africa or South America. The only hope is a national divorce and a willingness to ruthlessly guard the new borders.

  34. >>> The lies had simply accumulated to the point where no rational person could accept anything from the media at face value. <<<

    As I never tire of pointing out, the entire country bought the media’s Charlottesville narrative without question. We underestimate their strength at our peril.

    • That’s only partially true, at the time it first happened many conservative normies did not buy into the mainstream narrative, I was quite impressed with their ability to tell fact from fiction.

      But they were eventually worn down and forced to shut up about it, because the media campaign was overwhelmingly one sided and the alternative media almost exclusively cucked out or was censored / sabotaged out of existence.

      • There’s a convenient story for ya. Charlottesville was probably the most filmed protest in history, yet, despite this, the media convinced the overwhelming majority of Americans that the exact opposite of what happened is what really happened.

        • Well, I spent a whole lot of time monitoring the reaction on a variety of sites at the time, and a lot of people did not buy the official story, but promoted a more nuanced version of events.

          After all, some normie conservative observers who were hostile to WN were there and they told a relatively truthful version of events.

          But the alternative media was ineffective, and the conservative media was complicit, and the mainstream media did their thing.

          So there was no one voicing a truthful version of events, so those who did know the truth were eventually badgered into silence.

          This actually tells us something interesting about the enemy propaganda; even if it is initially met with skepticism, they can force the meme over time

          • “This actually tells us something interesting about the enemy propaganda; even if it is initially met with skepticism, they can force the meme over time”

            That’s why learning how to manipulate images, gestures and sounds in time is more important than reasoned essays, or even the truth, if you want to persuade and seduce the people.

          • Dupont Circle said: “That’s why learning how to manipulate images, gestures and sounds in time is more important than reasoned essays, or even the truth, if you want to persuade and seduce the people.” Here’s the Wiki link to a book called “Propaganda.” By the grandaddy of modern public relations, ” Edward L. Bernays.”

          • “Bernays’ thesis is that “invisible” people who create knowledge and propaganda rule over the masses, with a monopoly on the power to shape thoughts, values, and citizen response.[4] “Engineering consent” of the masses would be vital for the survival of democracy.”

            This is true. Bernay’s “invisible people” belong to the liberal elite class, and are employed by those still further up the food chain, culminating in the oligarchs. The “survival of democracy” is the survival of the mask behind which the liberal elite class, the oligarchs and Ivy League class, can safely operate, without the proles widely discerning the true state of things. “We’re not voting our way out of this,” indeed.

            “Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

            Again, utterly true.

            The door basically closed on the West long ago, and we are lone men standing before the incoming tsunami shaking our fists. Oswald Spengler discerned what was going on, and tried to tap into and correctly channel what remained of vigor and clear-headedness in the West. He was misunderstood or ignored, the door closed, and Money, with the white masses beneath it unalterably trapped in a foggy headed, debauched stupor, is steering the West to its early demise. We could have continued, via an alliance between an authoritarian leadership and the people against the corrupt elite class. What he was describing was Trump multiplied by about 10,000. What are the odds of this occurring now?

            Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

          • @Prussian said: “The door basically closed on the West long ago, and we are lone men standing before the incoming tsunami shaking our fists” It certainly seems otherwise, but humans simply don’t have an infinite number of variations in their behavioral repertoire. And there’s only so many ways to fashion a government and economy. People have tried most if not all of them. But nothing lasts forever.

            Heraclitus said: “All things flow, nothing abides. You cannot step into the same river twice, for the waters are continually flowing on. Nothing is permanent except change.”

        • It’s amazing what one guy waving a Hakenkreuz Flag does for your event’s public relations.

          Believe what you will regarding the tenets of National Sozialism, but anyone displaying Nazi regalia these days is either a plant, or as dumb as a post.

          Either way, get rid of them yesterday.

          • Like I asked the other day, has anyone actually identified that fellow who showed up with a nazi flag fresh with the creases in it?

          • That’s asking the right questions now. Exactly who saw what? Answer… 0. Ruled by bots, entertained by bots, fed by bots. Could explain the epidemic of viral retardation. Bots haven’t taught themselves how to be cool yet. Are we trying to emulate the bots that are trying to emulate the humans?

      • Isn’t this the clown who called the SPLC from a Walmart after getting into a fight with his son-in-law who was sleeping with his wife?
        I can hear Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! in my head as I think of it. Sad, really. But what else can you expect from retarded people dressing up as Nazis?

        • Why are you so anxious to signal that you’re a GoodWhite when it comes to CVille and “Nazi LARPers?”

          Just like yesterday, you damn the media coverage with one side of your mouth then flak their “numerous Nazis Nuremberging” narrative out of the other side.

          Stop giving the myth of rampant wignattery oxygen already.

          • Because I think these people are toxic poison to the dissident right or whatever you want to call it. If these people didn’t exist, the left would invent them.
            MYTH? How hard do you think it is to find a picture of the Matts dressed up in 3rd reich costumes doing sieg heil?
            I’m not a good-white. But I am also not a moron. Sometime the enemy of my enemy is just another enemy.
            These people have been trying to rehabilitate Nazis and the Klan through 6 straight decades of failure. They have been failing since before I was born and I’m now in my own 5th decade. If anyone could do it, it’s not guys in a trailer park having sex with their mother-in-law and calling the SPLC from the Walmart parking lot. They wouldn’t even make up such a story about us! It would be too unbelievable!
            It’s not 1965 anymore. We are running out of time.

          • The Matts are 2 guys. The media doesn’t need real life examples to manufacture its narratives. Going into a Pavolovian optics-panic over 2 guys doesn’t do anything for us. We don’t have to apologize as a movement for stuff 2 guys did years ago and these ritualistic denunciations just pick at old scabs and lend moral weight to SPLC bullshit.

          • It’s not “optics panic” and I am not the one who brought them into the thread. It is dishonest to try to reframe the odious (and pathetic) characters masquerading as leaders as optics cucking. It is not about optics, it is about if you are a serious movement or a shitshow trying to grift.

            I agree that the media can manufacture retards. But WE should not be promoting retards. There are smart, educated, charming people who can much better represent our views. That is what it all boils down to. If the Matts represent the Alt-Right or the dissident right, then I am just not part of it. I don’t want leaders who embarrass me.

            Just imagine you are in a major family crisis. Would it ever occur to you to call the SPLC in the middle of the crisis while you are literally in a Walmart parking lot because your son-in-law beat you up? WHO does this shit? I understand they have their problems, which is why they need to drop out of the public eye. They are not fit to be leaders. They have no judgement, no character and no class.

          • It wouldn’t occur to me to call the SPLC, ever. Because f**k them.

            It also would occur to me to come on a message board and tell flat-out lies about an event, then keep posting about it even when called out for those lies.

            Care to keep telling us about all the “Klansmen” in Lee Park?

          • Well, there was Richard Preston who is still in prison. It’s messed up, but he’s there. He is a KKK leader.
            There were guys in that park in TWP uniforms with Nazi flags. It was on a live stream of a guy who had Baked Alaska’s phone. It was posted on Twitter. It ends with 4 or 5 guys getting a ride in a minivan that I think was Uber. It was being driven by an Arab. I watched it live at the time.

            Tell me what specific lie I am telling.
            As much as I don’t like these people, NONE of them belong in jail. That part of it is clownworld.
            What is your standard for a leader? At what point do you decide one method just doesn’t work and you change tactics?
            I get the knee-jerk reaction to defend people being unfairly maligned. But these are fundamentally different things.
            The Alt-Right was gaining influence and traction with the Republican base and the usual suspects got a spotlight and crashed the whole thing. A movement that cannot shed bad elements is doomed.

          • “Tell me what specific lie I am telling.”

            You were lying, or misled, when you said that TWP guys were carrying Nazi flags.

          • I’m pretty sure the TWP guys have a flag that is not exactly a swastika flag, but looks like one. Perhaps it was that one. I just don’t know, but it looked close enough to me. But they were wearing the TWP uniforms which look like it. Their iconography is not chosen because of its Americana influence.
            Regardless, they are not fit for leadership.

    • BilL Clinton understood this soft power very well which is why he made the press targets during the Bosnian War.

  35. Intrigue began to dominate party politics in the final stages of the Soviet Union. There was always politics within the party, but it revolved around the ruling center, much as court intrigue would revolve around the king.

    Just so. All ruling system work the same when you get down to the nitty-gritty: you have to connive, bribe, reward, punish, mock and flatter those ambitious courtiers snapping at your heels, manipulate them to support you by convincing them that they’re better off with you as your patron, than any of your competitors.

    Same thing happened in revolutionary France: the Old Regime didn’t fall because Marie Antoinette spent what, for a girl of her class, amounted to a mere trifle on her little follies, but because the centre had fallen: France was ruled by an absentee landlord, and when the cat is away, the mice come out to play. Mary Ann was, by all accounts, a clever girl: if she’d been more disciplined, she could’ve picked up the slack, but instead she chose to hide out at her play village with her chavvy friends.

    Powerful noblemen did no spend millions to procure a position as “Master of the Chamber Pot” because they wanted a whiff of they Royal Poo, but because it gave them five minutes alone with the king every day. But if the king is not there to distribute titles, offices, privileges and government contracts, government is up for grabs.

  36. “the response to the end of the Cold War was the replacement of the old sober minded political class with their self-absorbed, amoral children. ”

    I think the same thing happened in our intelligence agencies. They’re now full of rich kids who went to elite schools (and whose parents are probably Democratic donors) who want to play James Bond at the singles bar. On a related note. I think Epstein was laundering money for those guys, and the underage sex thing is a subplot.

    • “I think Epstein was laundering money for those guys, and the underage sex thing is a subplot.” Or was he was setting up blackmail files for the intelligence agencies and he had to be eliminated before all those files were released and their value was destroyed.

      • I don’t doubt that was part of this sordid tale, but he’s supposedly a billionaire — millionaire, fine, but billionaire? Lots of stuff was going on, and the extent of his fortune can’t be explained by the Powerball lottery he “won” nor in my view, simple blackmail operations.

        • We have no proof he was actually a billionaire, and no one in the investment banking community believes he made his money as a hedge fund manager. Even with Madoff we could see his client list and where the money came from. My guess is the islands and jets were funded with government black ops, while federal law enforcement looked the other way.

          • there’s a difference? …….. in the intelligence community US , UK , Israel, Saudi Arabia seem to be joined at the hip

          • Yeah, no one on Wall Street thinks the guy is legit. If he truly is a billionaire, the corruption of our ruling class is worse than we thought, because one way or another, that’s how he made his money.

          • A hedge fund with one customer, Wexner.
            That’s right, his fund had one (1) client.

            (What kills me is that a ‘hedge fund’ used to be a small account by Kelloggs to keep wheat inventory steady in their warehouses. Until GoldSachs got involved in agri commodity instruments, that is.)

    • Epstein was a tool and his primary work product was blackmail material. If people knew how many politicians and Executive Branch officials have been blackmailed into complicity, the revolution would have begun years ago. Bribing votes with public funds is so passé. Blackmail has proved much more efficient.

      • Carrot and stick.
        China, operating a thousand front companies in backwater Arkansas alone (4,000 in the US), bought off the elite class with many slices of the pie, lots of business deals.

        Their business-intel Mosaic system gave them nuclear weapons with launch capability, and very few had to die.

    • Max: “I think the same thing happened in our intelligence agencies. They’re now full of rich kids who went to elite schools (and whose parents are probably Democratic donors) who want to play James Bond at the singles bar.”

      Actually, you’re about a generation or two late. They were full of rich kids from the right schools back through the ’60s and ’70s and a significant fraction remained until the mid ’80s. Now, in addition to the mandatory diversity (tons of affirmative-actioned Negroes and magic-dirt Chinese and subcons) they are full of WOMEN. Many used to be from the analyst side and were affirmatively-shifted to the case officer side – VERY different mindset (or used to be). Many Whites and fellow (((whites))) from average middle-class backgrounds who were just clever enough or cagey enough to parley that into an entry-level job and then make connections. My husband knew Valerie Plame when she was a very ambitious but not particularly competent nobody married to her first husband, “Todd.” There are numerous people in that mold.

    • Chicken-egg, I see the money as a result of the blackmail, the spook community’s most effective weapon. In Western societies, especially America, where pedophilia and pederasty are the worst crimes and homosexuality still
      elicits disgust and shame among the non-Converged, it’s more effective than bribery. I’m 101% convinced that Epstein was engaged in or adjacent to everything from laundering to blackmail to Mossassination & Arkancide. The only real mystery is how he ended up on the business end of Big Other’s crosshairs. My bet’s on him following in Maxwell’s footsteps and overplaying his hand with some tougher operators.

      • Agree. Maxwell, “Israel’s superspy”, was killed, yet his daughter was Epstein’s madam. Where is she now, by the way?

    • Imagine you’re an entrepreneur and you decide to start a money laundering business for billionaires. Item 1 on your business plan: run a side business in trafficking minors for pedophilia and be open about it. Yeah, that’s the ticket. That will give you a low profile with law enforcement.

  37. I learn a lot from nature. Patterns repeat like fractals up and down the spectrum from bacteria to empires. The USSR might have passed from the scene, but communism’s greatest victory was injecting the American larva with its seed. This parasitic wasp meme that I created helps to show this dynamic visually. This is the end result of the Gramsican/Fabian/Frankfurt School long march through our institutions, America is now erupting with millions of little communists. Today, Russia is run by former communists who are acting like nationalists, and America is run by open-border globalists who are just waiting to gain enough power to take their red and yellow hammer and sickle flags out again. As far as I’m concerned, globalism is just the latest camouflage of convenenice for communism. Once they flip Texas and/or Florida using their successful Calizuela formula, it will be game-set-match for the USA, which will quickly become the de facto USSA. Barring a civil war, of course. Those pesky 400 million privately owned firearms might yet play a role.

    • I often lament and have stated it on here that we may have actually lost the cold war — the Soviet agitprop was that successful.

      • My father was adamant circa 1995 that the U.S. lost the Cold War. His opinion never changed.

      • I’ve said much the same before. Arbatov bragged that they were going to “take our enemy away” and defector Bezmenov claimed cultural Marxism was a slow acting poison the KGB introduced to do what their divisions couldn’t.

        Z’s right in putting the blame on the Enlightenment roots of modern Western culture. Accepting those core values trapped us in a dialectic where the Communists were too often and too easily portrayed as the young fresh-faced idealistic radicals who wanted the right things, just too fast, with “reactionary” conservatives wearing the cranky old man or outright devil suit while shekeling athwart history croaking “stop.”

        The Second Founding was really the fatal wound to the American Republic, but the Cold War kept us on life support even as it knocked out the remaining vestiges of pre-Imperial tradition. Throw in a heavy dose of “Judeo-Christianity” and let simmer for a few decades, and your get the teeming petri dish of virulent cultural pathogens Bezmenov was (perhaps dubiously) taking credit for.

        • “the Second Founding was really the fatal wound to the American Republic…”

          No, it was simply the decision to allow the immigration of Jews, who declared war against this country and its people the moment they set foot here. They claimed this country and its riches for Zion every bit as much as the Conquistadores claimed the New World for Spain when they touched land. You are merely the Indians the Jews encountered, when they discovered their New World. And they set about at once to conquer and exterminate you.

          For over 100 years, the Jews have been at war, a brutal, vicious, unrelenting, surreptitious war on all fronts, against a people who did not even know they were under attack.

          Now it is over and the Jews have won. They own America, not you, and you are their slaves. You are a conquered, occupied, defeated people.

          Them’s the facts, stupid lazy goy.

          • Unfortunately, I have to concur. Aryan folk are lousy at the two-faced, backstabbing, dirty, underhanded fighting that the Semites excel at. We are at our best in a frontier, with our problems up front, to be dealt with honorably and in the open. That’s not the world, now…

      • I started thinking that after I read Whittaker Chambers Witness. Whittaker Chambers, when he was still a madcap communist, was also the person that translated Bambi into English which is a story/movie that taught several generations to hate the person that put food on their table. I find that interesting

      • It goes deeper than that.

        The US during the Cold War spent an inordinate amount on making sure wages were higher, working conditions better and that there was plenty of work for all kinds of people

        This wasn’t done out of the kindness of anyone’s hearts but out of the fear of Communism

        The minute that an opportunity presented itself, labor arbitrage was on .

        Measured as percentage of GDP to wages, Americans are less than half as wealthy as previous generations . It masked by cheap imports and better gadgets but the effect are seen in a fertility rate that is roughly European level.

        Given the US has far more land and places to live and was and is less crowded this suggests to me that our economy is gutted basically .

        The other factor, social is partially product of our Libertarian free speech ethos and partially the lack of family stability

        We have an inability to police our institutions to stop people from teaching Communism to under 21’s and to keep the US media clean using obscenity laws

        Doing this would have required a Congress that was willing and able to control the courts. They had the ability not only to prevent this thing through vetting and not allowing them on the courts but also removing people who make bad choices and refusing to deal with their supporters

        Socially one of the worst perps in fact was a so called Conservative w Ronald Reagan who sold us out on gun control, immigration and worse, initiated easy divorce which wreck family stability

        This mess was a complete failure of Conservatives to actually conserve anything since they were just busy being looters and bending over for wannabe Oligarchs

        If there is a fix, the more Libertarian/Liberty Movement right are going to have to embrace an authoritarian government if they want to bring back the culture and demography of earlier days

        This will grate on people’s nerves but it can’t be fixed by balancing a budget or getting rid a few agencies. The rot is too deep

        There must be boots on necks till people learn to be moral. Whiter/Righter/Better

        if the New State gets out of hand, well you still have guns and bullets n’est ce pas

        • You’ve betrayed and jailed your own for nothings, grown the police state for those same oligarchs while tearing families apart, and continue to blame your own for heresies they don’t believe, for things they had no power to do?

          The Left grew to power by promising freedom of association– from caricatures like you. Something the righties could never figure out, played like the fools they are. The Right built every tool siezed by the Left.

          • This is like Gavin McAnus sodomizing himself to own the bigots. Keep pegging yourself to own me, it’s tearing my heart to pieces.

          • You and Exile can beat this nigga up for things us niggas never said, but you will never, ever break this nigga. This nigga been to Disneyland.

          • The left came to power not by promising freedom of association but by appealing to the basest of human emotions like envy and anger. It extolled the negative and sociopathic aspects of human nature and negative identity as being noble and just if they were of the left’s official “victims” hierarchy. It appealed to the aggrieved, the loser and social reject and promised to right all perceived wrongs and in the process fully exonerating them of all personal responsibility for their own actions or personal flaws. This allowed them to claim their failures were due to somehow being victimized by others more successful than themselves. Human beings are relieved of moral agency, identity/victim grievance groups are only good and any actions they take no matter how objectively evil are fully excused. The oppressor “devils” are quintessentially evil and cannot act in any way good. One’s conscious can never be troubled when acting in support of the left’s glorious cause.

            Post modernism is the proximate cause of our cultural rot.

        • You just can’t stop digging and digging and digging looking for that legendary buried hoard of free shit – can you?

      • The U.S. and NATO may have won the geostrategic – military portion of the Cold War, but the communists bypassed the fighting men overseas defending the West, to attack western society itself. They were remarkably successful in this effort at demoralizing and undermining the West, which is (still) bearing its poisoned fruit today.

    • That’s why gun control is the never-ending focus of the Left. They’ve won the demographic war, but they understand that they can’t win a shooting war without getting the guns. Once in control of the presidency, the gun control issue will get pushed in a way that we’ve never seen.

      There will be bans on assault weapons – anything beyond a single shot rifle. In addition, anyone caught saying or writing anything about white identity, white political organization or, even, freedom of association for whites will be convicted of a “hate” crime or considered mentally ill. Either way, they will be barred from owning a gun. Later, anyone belonging to a group that espouse white identity – whether they have written or said anything – will also be banned from owning a gun.

      In 20 or 30 years, gun ownership will be highly restricted – if the government is functional enough to enforce their rules.

      It’s going to be a race between getting the guns and the increasing incompetence of the government.

      • There will be bans on assault weapons – anything beyond a single shot rifle.

        There are people arguing that the 2A protects only muzzle-loading muskets b/c that’s what they had when they wrote the 2A. You can’t make this stuff up…

      • The acid test for gun seizures will be the speed with which Mexifornia switches from banning semi-auto “assault” rifles by inflicting incrementally the death of a thousand cuts to the abrupt and immediate ban of lever-action rifles (the antithesis of AR-style semi-autos) simply because they are capable of firing multiple shots before being reloaded. When the iconic gun that won the West (in an orgy of white genocide on the aboriginals /s) is outlawed, you will known that the triumph of the oligarchs is complete. Maybe, if they’re feeling generous, they’ll let us keep a double-barrel shotgun, provided it is only loaded with birdshot.

        • The writing is on the wall in California. Their new approach is the strongest. Go after the ammo. Turn that AR into an unwieldy club.

          I’m okay with blue state abolishment and vilification of firearms. If/when the Great National Divorce occurs, better to fight against males (or non-binary sexually fluid persons of penis) coming from a background where they are taught guns are icky and scary.

          • Going after the ammo won’t work, it will just enable a thriving market in ammo smuggling. The city of Needles, CA has already declared itself a second amendment sanctuary city, because it is separated from the rest of California by substantial distance and geographical barriers. The people of Needles get all their ammo from across the state line in Nevada.

            The same guys who bring you smuggled heroin, fentanyl and cocaine are very happy to add another product to their line.

            The cigarette smuggling market is already booming.

          • Yep. Up here in Canada, the gun grabbers decided to make the Swiss Arms rifle a Prohib – basically making it illegal to own one. There are thousands in the country but only one got turned in. You can legislate anything you want, but enforcing it is another matter. If the Californian elite tries to get stupid about it they may very well pay for it with their lives. The cops they dispatch to do the deed almost certainly will.

          • It just means if you use it to defend your life you will be charged for murder or assault and for possession of an illegal firearm. It’s a good way to put a bunch of people in prison. I don’t actually have to take the Firearms they just have to make them illegal. Firearms will only be useful widespread if there is a total civilizational collapse

          • That will work up to a point. You are exactly right in the case of Britain, for example – but even there, resentment is getting murderous. The peasants are a red hair away from revolt. As for Americans, they have a far shorter fuse when it comes to tyrannical gov’ts. During The Buckwheat Administration, for example – several law enforcement officials told Obama point blank that if he sent feds to start grabbing guns in their states, the agents would be disarmed and taken into custody. The fact is that Obunghole sold more guns than the NRA ever could. And Trump is spiking sales at the moment too.

          • Can’t be charged with murder if there’s no cops around to come make the arrest.

            Just sayin’ – every problem has a solution.

            That’s not the issue.

            The issue (as always) – is whether people are willing and able to IMPLEMENT the solution.

            Massive amounts of words are spilled on the internet talking about issues that have relatively easy – direct solutions. All those words are spilled because people simply won’t implement.

          • Vizzini,

            Of course their ploy won’t completely stop all ammo sales nor will a wall stop all border jumpers. It will however raise the price, catalog purchasers, and limit purchases. The more faint of heart will be dissuaded. This is step one for them. A fairly reliable source informed me that California BAFT agents look for California plates over on the Arizona side outside of gun stores and radio the CHP. This may or may not be true, I said “fairly.”

            Let me give an example: when I was a kid here Independence Day was repleat with families setting off fireworks. Now they are banned in most Ca. counties. You still hear the occasional pops in neighborhoods on July 4 but only a fraction of a percentage in the past. They are still available across state lines but folks dont want to run afoul of the law.

            Again, I have no attachment to this issue in blue states for the reason I stated above. My only concern is that the lunatic Left element in every red state will be inspired by California.

          • Ohio has some of the weirdest fireworks laws in the nation. Retail fireworks stores are allowed to operate within the state, but private citizens are not allowed to set off most fireworks. State residents can buy restricted fireworks if they affirm that they are taking them out of state. It’s very weird.

            In rural areas, you see and hear tons of fireworks.

            None of the deputies want to be “that guy.” They have to live among those people.

            And that’s for something comparatively frivolous.

          • Good point.

            But people do still set off fireworks here.

            I live in a pretty well settled suburban town – and you can most definitely hear fireworks going off on the 4th. It pretty much always comes from the same place too – so I think there’s one guy in my vicinity who just keeps doing it every year.

            A couple of years ago I set off a series of relatively large rockets on the 4th.

            No cops showed up. Apparently nobody complained. Around here that’s really the clue to being left alone. Don’t reside in a place that’s full of busybodys. People in my suburban town work – and mind their own damn business. When I originally applied for my gun license – the detective in charge of the process gave recommendations on where to go to get good deals on ammo.

            There are laws – and there are consequences of not following those laws. Then there is obeyance. In a lot of places – the US is like Italy – everybody just ignores the laws they don’t care about, and as long as nobody does anything stupid – that situation continues peacefully.

          • Vizzini,

            You may be correct and I, wrong. We can have this conversation again in 20 years. I’m sure California will have thrown out the Leftist legislature, reversed the demographic replacement, embraced gun rights, and set its ship aright.

            On the off-chance they don’t do all the above, if we somehow encounter each other in my Deep South town, we can commiserate as friends over a glass of fine Highland scotch.

          • It will however raise the price, catalog purchasers, and limit purchases.

            I imagine it will be just as successful as “The War on Drugs.”

            Except unlike heroin, cartridges are legal. And in most cases untraceable.

            All it takes is cultivating one friend across the border to render all reasonable efforts to track California cars and purchasers by sight completely ineffective.

          • I would not surprise me in the least if CA BAFT agents were doing what you detailed.

            Up here in New England – the MA state police has been reported to have put people in the parking lots of NH state liquor stores – looking for MA plates. When they see somebody seriously stocking up – they radio back and then there is a trooper looking for them as they cross back over the border.

            NH puts the state liquor stores right on the highways in a lot of places – so convenience ends up being your demise.

          • Ammo is still plentiful and cheap in California. My local Walmart is well stocked, even has .300 AAC blackout for who knows what reason.

            Besides it behooves the Dissident Right to understand that it may well come to a revolution and a restoration by force

            To quote Aesop the Raconteur

            “And your opponents, who’ve been stacking in supplies and loading magazines, are shifting from backing away, and hoping the fight you long for doesn’t come, and instead coming to a feeling of thinking it’s about time to roll up their sleeves, and end you.

            Not your party.
            Not your progressive communist utopia.
            For all values of that word.

            Every goddamned traitorous last one of you. Followed by your spouses, your children, your pets, your semi-domesticated illegal alien hordes, your schemes, your putrescent institutions, your metastasizing socialist programs, and every festering vestige of pustulence you’ve spewed onto a country you do not understand, didn’t build, and over which you and yours will never rule.”

            if we can’t stop this nonsense than be that guy. If you make it, physically intact you’ll have a nasty case of PTSD and that good angel on your right should, you kind conscience will be weeping but you’ll have your country and so will your kids and grandkids great and great great grandkids. Beyond that? No idea.

            Stable healthy families in a couple of generations , a working economy hopefully and a bad case of we don’t talk about this.


            I’m still hoping for the “fight doesn’t come” but the Left is nothing if not persistent so be ready.

          • A.B. Prosper,

            Yes, still ammo in Walmart, and quite pricey compared to what I purchased 30 years ago (even accounting for inflation). Not sure what the new laws regarding mail order and ammo purchase fees/i.d. will do, too soon. I’m talking long game.

            Going forward in California? This is the same citizenry that voluntarily raised their own taxes and elects an unstoppable leftist legislature. You trust their sobriety in regard to your gun rights? You are a more hopeful man than I.

            I sail for greener pastures soon. I wish you well here but think California was lost long ago. If you stay, stay frosty.

          • I don’t trust the Cali legislature to do anything much sane but not everyone can just pick up and move.

          • A.B. Prosper,

            “Not everyone can just pick up and move…”

            I understand. I’ve laid plans and sweated for a decade and half with five more before all is in place for my seamless evacuation. It hasn’t been easy.

            I wish you well here as you have to remain. Should the Great Unpleasantness occur my fellow travelers behind enemy lines will be in my prayers.

          • Learn a new trade, reloading. Until they make brass, bullets, and powder scarce. It’s a great hobby. The science is great too.

      • @Citizen of a…

        Agree, but with one quibble.

        Let’s just stop calling our enemies “the Left”. They aren’t the Left and they never were, that’s always been a Halloween mask.

        Let’s start calling them what they really are — the Jews and their zombie armies. It is the Jews who are at war with us, using various armies of imported duskies to do the heavy lifting for them, which is how they always operate.

        The “Left”, astonishingly, has zero ostensibly “leftist” interest in empowering the working classes and restraining the nobility, the bourgeoisie, or whatever power structure you thought they were after. That would have been actual “leftism,” and it is nowhere at all in evidence.

        Instead they are, quite objectively and observably, very much interested in destroying White people and eradicating Christianity and Christian culture, and elevating in their place anything, anything at all, that is simply not-White and not-Christian. They love their gays, but they also love Moslems who hate gays, and Hindus who hate Moslems. They love Hispanics who hate blacks, and blacks who love Moslems and hate gays, who hate women, who have been trained to hate White men. Anything at all will do, so long as it degrades and eliminates Whites and Christendom.

        And this seething, roiling, totally random mass of swarthies and pagans and what-nots, is to be ruled over by the Jews. There is no other common denominator than Jewish interest, and the age-old, atavistic, spite-filled envious hatred of the Jews for White people and Jesus Christ. The Prime Directive is to erase the goyim.

        With a couple of the better class of shiksas kept over for the brothels, of course.

    • I wonder if any particular ethnic group might be extremely over-represented among those parasites. Can anyone help me out here?

      • Whoever down-voted this needs to show their cards and make the case that “fellow white” (((shapeshifters))) like Rosanna Arquette can be part of a Whites-first nation and that her antics are soely the result of “muh socialism.” I have no problem breaking bread with the non-JQ’d, but those who aren’t willing to tolerate the JQ-woke will be the first ones to sell us out and dox us. Exhibit1 – Donald J. Bloomberg on gun control.

      • Pygmies?

        Bloody pygmies always pissing in the river upstream when our women go to wash the clothes.

    • Assuming you are the author by the same name, I just want to say, I purchased and greatly enjoyed all 5 of your novels.

    • Well said,Matt.
      On that last note,I’m hoping your fellow SEAL community is having conversations with Rep. Dan Crenshaw. He should know what a clusterfluck the “red flag” guidelines are at the VA.
      Imagine that power instituted on a national level,with every pinch-faced scold currently screaming at us on social media calling up the “tip line”.

    • “Injecting the larva with its parasitic seed…” Yes this, AND the ground was made fertile by the cultural devastation of the West by WWI and its sequel. Europe played what they thought was going to be a repeat of the Franco-Prussian war and was unprepared for the slaughter wrought by modern warfare technology. In every sense the mayhem killed men, society, nationhood, morality, religion and temperance. The consequences spread across the Atlantic along with certain highly undesirable immigrants. The body, when in a weakened state is primed for viral infection. America was the pre-eminent power after the World Wars, but the moral fiber was weakened and thus infected.

    • There is some truth in what you say, but I think the Frankfurt School had a more sinister effect over the last 75 years.

    • Moldbug, whose parents were card carrying communist party members, claimed that America was actually the source of the communist infection which spread to Russia back in 1917. There were a bunch of anarchists and commies running about in the USA in the early twentieth century. Moldbug’s post about the US ambassador kissing Joe Stalin was one his most hilarious. “Stalin was feeling very gay”

      • I think it is fairly well known that American banisters bankrolled the Commies – I think it was Paul Warburg who was the Daddy Warbucks – because the Czar was an impediment to as central bank-

        • In the last 100 years, liberalism, the liberal elite have allied with Stalin’s Russia to defeat “fascism”, then with anti-liberal authoritarian Right regimes and radical Islam (Bin Laden and the Mujahideen) to defeat communism. It is now allied with radical Sunni Islam to topple Syria and Iran. The domestic threat to the liberal elite today are whites peasants who can sense what’s coming via the elite class’ demand for globalization, and resisting it. To defeat the populists, and us, the liberal elite have allied with anti-liberal Left elements like Antifa, and are importing and riling up an army of troublesome non-whites. Their aim is to, ultimately, leave the white populations of the whole of the West in the same position in which whites were left in South Africa after liberalism defeated apartheid: outnumbered in a one-man one-vote liberal democracy, thereby neutralized from the standpoint of the liberal elite, freeing them to pursue their globalist interests.

      • Ah. So the 1880s diaspora found a safe place to regroup, and struck back. Why stop there?

        Thanks, Reluctant, for bringing this up.

    • The poison was there from the beginning. It is just now coming to full fruition. Today’s Human Right to child sex change treatments and the moral imperative to put Afghan women in cut-off shorts and send them to work in retail traces back to Lincoln, the Jacobins, the Declaration of Independence, Locke, Bacon, and so on. It was then, and is today, at heart, a spun web, a mask, a mass blindfold, behind which stood the will to power, of Money, of the Third Estate, of today’s oligarchs seeking McWorld of Last Man humanity to rule over and profit from, of Jewish elites seeking to annihilate the West from pathological fear and historical grievance.

      Liberalism defeated communism, and now is seeking to spread. It was the fear of communism, and the fear of the working classes during the Great Depression, that led the liberal elite to make concessions contributing to the middle class golden age. Today, that fear is gone. The ability of the Western white masses to see clearly and instill fear has been purged from their system, via the triumphant onward march of liberalism. We’re seeing the end result, for Western Civ., of bunk such as “all men are created equal”, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, et al in real time.

      Why is the greatest resistance to immigration and cultural and social decay coming from the old Soviet Bloc?

      “Chemnitz lies in the former Communist East Germany which has become the heartland of anti-immigrant groups including PEGIDA and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) political party.”

      “The last speaker today is a man called Tomislav Sunic, and his book ‘Homo Americanus’, is about the American role in the world. And of course America is the model for much of the development that is going on in every continent and in every group on earth. America is the model.”

      “But in that book he said something very revealing. He said that communism kills the body, but liberalism rots the soul. And that’s exactly the case.

      “We face a situation in the West, where, paradoxically, spiritually we’re in a far worse state than the people who lived under communism. And this is one of the great ironies, because amongst its manias and the rest of it, communism froze things. It froze things glacially for 50 years in many respects.”

      • You may or may not agree with all that Mr. Sunic writes, but he is an intelligent, well-informed man, and well worth reading.

    • I used to believe that the American gun owners were some type of bulwark against tyranny. But now I just can’t see the typical White as anything but a domesticated animal. If our masters thought for a minute that those guns were a threat to the ruling class there would have been total gun prohibition decades ago. They have read White Americans correctly…they are no threat, lack the guts to fight (or even protest) and will open up another beer and watch TV while their White neighbors are raped and burned alive by Black rioters.

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