The White Fright

One of the features of current year America is the occurrence of panics, particularly among the managerial elite. The most recent is the White Fright, where the media is hysterically reporting every disturbance as the act of white supremacists. This panic appears to have been triggered by the El Paso shooting, but it is a manifestation of a much longer occurring paranoia among the managerial classes. It dates back to at least the last presidential election and has roots in the Obama years.

The underlying assumption of the White Fright is a belief that whites are secretly organizing to overthrow the current order and impose some sort of pale patriarchy on the country. These white supremacists are everywhere and look just like normal everyday white people, so any white person could possibly be one of them. These people can, at any moment, turn into a violent spree killer, if exposed to certain kinds of content called “hate speech” which is found on-line.

The similarities to medieval witch hunting are too obvious not to notice. The adversary is not something that appears in material form. Like Old Scratch, white supremacy is an evil spirit that works through the infected. Once under the control of white supremacy, the person no longer has agency. Not surprisingly, like the accused witches in Salem, the modern white supremacist is most likely to be someone that vexes the moral authorities, either by their presence or by their actions.

Now, many on the Right have been conditioned to look at this stuff and come up with an explanation that makes the Left seem less nutty. For example, Steve Sailer will argue it is a clever ploy to rally the coalition of the ascendant. The National Review types will claim it is a ploy to conceal the fact that Democrats are the real racists. These are conditioned responses that are not intended to explain what’s going on with the Left, but to fit it into the normal Left-Right dynamic that describes America politics.

A more nuanced explanation is that the White Fright is part of a great fear that is sweeping the managerial classes. Like that which swept France in the summer of 1789, this fear is rooted in both the economic and the social problems of society. There’s also a paranoia about the ruling class. These people are riddled with angst and fear of being dropped from the managerial class. This causes them to be highly sensitive to any disruption in society and as a result, they are prone to panics.

The media, internet censors, social justice warriors and corporate HR departments are the servants of the ruling class. As such, they are wholly dependent upon them for their status with regards to the rest of us. Unlike the commoners, who are only vaguely aware that there are powerful people behind the political theater, the managerial class is much more aware of this reality. As a result, they live like the peasants of France, keenly aware they are dependent upon people they cannot trust.

This anxiety manifests itself as panics about imaginary villains plotting to topple the existing order. The Russia hoax is a good example. It is assumed that the people peddling it did so for cynical reasons and that may be true. The people spreading and repeating it, however, were motivated by a genuine fear of dark forces working in the shadows against their interests. Marianne Williamson got a lot of attention in the last debate by mentioning “dark psychic forces.” It resonated with certain people.

Now, another possible explanation for the White Fright is that something similar to what happened in Salem is going on in current year America. At the end of the 17th century, what amounted to a Puritan theocracy, had taken root in New England. Everything about social life was controlled by the religious sensibilities of the people, mostly enforced by a narrow theocratic elite. The form and purpose of New England towns was based in the religious understanding of the people we now call Puritans.

This model, when facing the challenge of witch panics, was unable to adapt and cope with the phenomenon. The response from the religious authorities decreased public trust and eroded their authority. The trials themselves, instead of reducing fear among the panicked, increased suspicions. Before long it became obvious that the religious authorities were as much a part of the problem as the people making accusations and spreading rumors. The witch trials discredited Puritanism.

That could be what is happening in current year America. The similarities between modern Progressivism and Puritanism, in its manifestations, not theologically, is hard not to notice. Everything from vinegar drinking scolds to their effeminate male enablers are present in modern day Progressivism. Current year America is ruled by a bizarre identity cult that is every bit as superstitious as the Puritans. The White Fright may turn out to be the witch scares of late empire America.

Those are all the amusing and gratuitous explanations for what we are seeing. There is another possibility and that is a genuine fear rooted in real danger. The response by the managerial class may seem hysterical and irrational, but maybe that is just a byproduct of mass media culture. Maybe there is a real threat. The people running from the monster, shrieking like madmen, are not acting rationally, but their fear is not irrational either. The monster is real and is a real danger to them.

It should be noted that panic is not the default response to disasters or dangers. In things like fires, natural disasters and combat, panic is not typical. Instead, mutual aid is the most common response. An obvious example is the response of the people in the World Trade Center buildings during 9/11. Among the stories of great heroism were stories of incredible cooperation. People came together and helped one another get out of the buildings. Mutual aid and cooperation was the natural response.

Rather than a panic or mass hysteria, the White Fright may be a call to familiarity and mutual aid by the managerial class. The old political order is breaking down, as the inevitable consequences of multiculturalism manifest. What we could be seeing is a primal call for social re-attachment. The primary purveyors of the White Fright are white, or at least white presenting. The old good-white coalition is rallying around the fear of white supremacy, in defense of what is lurking outside the walls.

Of course, all of these possible explanations for the panics we are seeing are rooted in the general sense that society is fragmenting. That’s because current year America is fragile and possibly ready to shatter. The old political order is in decline and the rise of identity politics promises to replace it. These panics are as much about the fear of what comes next as superstition or immediate threats. The White Fright may one day be seen as the turning point in the rise of white identity politics.

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288 thoughts on “The White Fright

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  2. The comparison of puritanism and progressivism is baloney. No one knows if the witches were witches, or psychos or whatever with evil intent. it can be clearly demonstrated that white people are not inherently evil. They (white people) turned this country upside down to stupidly make minorities happy, with results being obvious.

  3. The Problem with the Incessant Promotion, by the bolshevik false-jews of the Idea that all Whites are Racist/Supremacists who want to Gas Jews, Deport Mexicans, and Eliminate the ‘ghetto culture’ Blacks, is that, if at some point, Whitey says, “Hey, that’s not a Bad Idea”.
    What will they think then?

  4. Again, z’s overthinking the obvious….

    Are you ready to take women’s rights away
    and end ALL welfare?


    Ok…get back to me when the moslems
    and the commies are through fighting
    and divying up the rape-slaves and war brides…
    although that might be a bit late..especially if
    you’re hesitating because of ‘muh principles!’

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • @NorthGunner said: “NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!” Yah! I love it! That’s what I need. A really snazzy ending for all of my posts.

      Official Bologna Tester – The TRUTH is out there!
      Official Bologna Tester – Don’t take any wooden nickels!
      Official Bologna Tester – Never give a sucker an even brake!
      Official Bologna Tester – Cowabunga!
      Official Bologna Tester – Illegitimi non carborundum!
      Official Bologna Tester – It’s Miller time!
      Official Bologna Tester – Watch that first step, it’s a doozie!

  5. This essay, like your others, offers keen insights into current day America. Brilliantly on the mark, entertaining historical anecdotes and thought provoking. I must ask, when will you put your perspectives into book form?

  6. I cannot help but believe that a good part of the driving force in the White Fright is the fear on the part of the GoodWhites of being lumped in with the BadWhites by the Ascendancy. They are hushing us, admonishing us not to make trouble, lest the Ascendancy turn on them too. Their wish is to buy peace through surrender, cowards, they now that this will not work if ranks are broken. Whether you fight or surrender, the ranks must be held. That peace can be had in surrender is part fallacy, and part inconsequential – many have no children, or enjoy the means that would protect their progeny for generations to come.

    • The connections of US Attorney General William Barr and his father to Epstein are remarkable … Barr and his father both having been CIA-intel agency officers too

      Bill Barr’s father Donald Barr, was born Jewish & converted to Roman Catholicisim. Don Barr worked for the CIA predecessor OSS during WW2, then became a school headmaster … who hired Jeffrey Epstein for his first job, to teach teen boys & girls at the posh NYC Dalton School, 1973-75

      Donald Barr, it turns out, was fascinated by sexual enslavement as much as Jeffrey Epstein, and at the same time Barr hired Epstein, he published a fantasy novel about such eros slavery, ‘Space Relations’, still available on the web

      Also during that same time, Don Barr’s son, young William Barr, was a CIA officer, 1973-77, the CIA supporting Bill Barr whilst he went to night law school, Barr working under George H W Bush toward the end of that time

      When not in government helping out the CIA – including when Bill Barr became Attorney General for his CIA boss, George HW Bush during 1991-93, Bill Barr worked for the Kirland & Ellis law firm … one of the clients of which, was Jeffrey Epstein

      Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, says flat-out that, with the Epstein blackmail files in the hands of Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of ‘Israeli super-spy Robert Maxwell’, that the “massive blackmail files … more than 2000 names … [including] on Trump, led Attorney General William Barr, working with his lifelong partners at the CIA and Israeli intelligence, to get Epstein to safety” ,,, Jeffrey landing in Tel Aviv, the Epstein ‘suicide’ having

  7. thezman said: “That could be what is happening in current year America. The similarities between modern Progressivism and Puritanism, in its manifestations, not theologically, is hard not to notice. Everything from vinegar drinking scolds to their effeminate male enablers are present in modern day Progressivism. Current year America is ruled by a bizarre identity cult that is every bit as superstitious as the Puritans. The White Fright may turn out to be the witch scares of late empire America.”

    Oswald Spengler said: “Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.”

    We have to remember that the transcendent has been replaced with the imminent. The western world is still saturated with Christian ideals, but stripped of all spiritual meaning.
    It is the secular gnostic project of building an earthly paradise. There is no higher authority than the desire for total justice and equality. and nothing or no one can be aloud to stand in the way of the great work. When you possess absolute knowledge, all things are justified.

    Here’s an artical intitled: ” The Ideology of the Left: Gnostics of Our Time.”

  8. Lefties need a boogeyman to rally their low info, sloped foreheaded, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging supporters. The KKK, Russians and White Supremists. They would include Climate Deniers but their followers don’t know what climate is.

    • If you look at the exit polls most liberals are highly educated… The only group that overwhelming votes CON is high school or less white men.

      • Don’t confuse “educated” with “credentialed”. There are studies that James Thompson over on Unz has discussed indicating those with somewhat more conservative outlook/values are smarter than those with Leftist leanings.

        In any event, that voters with more years of Leftist indoctrination in our institutions of lower learning tend to vote Left is no great revelation. Especially given that most of them would not have been in tertiary education except for AA and government loans—and further that they graduate with no marketable skills and a whopping amount of student loan debt which they insist someone else should pay for (hence the voting for Dem’s).

  9. What about the more parsimonious explanation that as the ruling class becomes blacker, it starts to act blacker? Witchcraft and evil spirits factor prominently in African life.

    Progressivism descends from Puritanism, but at least the witch trials were looking for actual witches, not mysterious forces that could and would be channeled, completely unconsciously, by unwilling participants who simply weren’t careful enough with their interactions and even their inner thoughts.

    It’s the legacy of Puritanism, with a heaping dose of African animism.

    • As someone who has studied voudon, (voodoo), I’d say you’re right on target, Lance.
      You nailed animism with precision.

      Unfortunately, I’ve come to believe that much of what voudon says is true. Some very bad juju is coming this way.

  10. thezman said: “It should be noted that panic is not the default response to disasters or dangers. In things like fires, natural disasters and combat, panic is not typical. Instead, mutual aid is the most common response. An obvious example is the response of the people in the World Trade Center buildings during 9/11. Among the stories of great heroism were stories of incredible cooperation. People came together and helped one another get out of the buildings. Mutual aid and cooperation was the natural response.”

    Yes, that’s true. But there’s a big differences between an actual disaster and a shake up of the power structure. If the slave master falls on hard times, the only slaves that might run too his aide would be a few of the house negros.

    Here’s an artical intitled: ” The Oldest Divide.” It’s about the age old fight between city people and country people.

    Here’s an artical intitled: ” 30 Population Control Quotes That Show That The Elite Truly Believe That Humans Are A Plague Upon The Earth.”

    Here’s an artical intitled: ” Is the United States a Despotic Democracy?”

    Here’s an artical intitled: “The Modern Prince: Machiavelli and Gramsci.”

    And here’s the Wiki link for the “Managerial state.”

  11. A Mossad agent just spent two decades openly grooming young White girls to be raped so that Israel could blackmail American elites. And he got a free pass by every American institution because he was a Jew doing work for the Jews.
    But please by all means let’s talk about the Puritans cause all our problems.

    • No… lets all rant about the nameless Jews making me look in the mirror to see a failure…

      Please Z stop with the different themed posts and become a jew bashing site to help people like Observer deal with his life…

      • Personal attacks & accusations of insecurity. How very, shall we say, non-Aryan. Try arguing with my ideas sometime.
        Here’s my thesis.
        1) Jews have ALWAYS resented, feared & hated all whites for being white.
        2) Whites — despite their quarrels with other whites for a variety of reasons — have NEVER hated all whites for being white.
        3) By approximately the mid-1960’s Jews displaced whites in America’s elite intellectual and cultural institutions, and achieved such a formidable position of dominance in that all universities & media output was either directly Jew-created or at minimum Jew-approved.
        4) Around that time, universities and media began disseminating the line that whites should be resented, feared and hated.
        5) The simplest explanation is that the resentment, fear and hatred coming from universities and media came from the new dominant tribe in those institutions.

      • There are a lot of names associated with the Epstein incident, including former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, photographed trying to hide his face going into the Epstein house

    • Dude, even uncle lampshade says turn it down man.

      Start a blog and do what you want, but give Mr. Z some respect.

        • Holy moly, guys. What are you so afraid of? This isn’t your office. Or your normie facebook page.
          This is an anonymous comment section on a dissident right blog.
          If you can’t find your balls to speak honestly here, you don’t have any to find.
          Do you really think the Puritans are more responsible for 2019’s anti-white animus or the Jews?
          If you REALLY think it’s the Puritans, that’s one thing. But if you think it’s the Jews, but can’t quite bring yourself to type that out, even anonymously, to other badthinkers… that’s pretty pathetic.

          • It’s a mixture. Add one part Jews, add another part upper class hatred of lower class whites and a heaping of Wall Street sociopathy unrestrained.

            Class hatred has always been here, going well back to when the elite private boarding schools were founded in this country. You look at the horrific struggles the working class had to go through to get decent and safe working conditions when we industrialized. You can see the upper class views us as little more than cogs.

            Wall Streeters. The Cold War kept these Mofos in check. When the Soviets went poof!!! The Gordon Geckos off-shored everything they could and corporate raided the rest and left dying husks of companies across the country and shattered communities as well. Every day they work to replace American workers with foreigners.

            Point is a lot of powerful whites also hate our guts and want us crushed. Karl Denninger shows us.


          • Observer said: “Do you really think the Puritans are more responsible for 2019’s anti-white animus or the Jews?” Dude, your missing the point. The ” Puritans ” being discussed are millions of progressive secular gnostic fanatics who want to cast out the blue eyed devils and purify America. I’m not worried about a mob of hebrews kicking in my door.

  12. Last night the French news on the government channel (France 2) had a rather long segment on “white supremacists” in the U.S. The report started with a supposed rally in Lafayette Square by white supremacists in commemoration of the two year anniversary of Charlottesville, but all the reporter seemed to find were antifa counter demonostrators.
    The report had footage of Charlottesville, of “Heilgate,” and of Richard Spencer speaking at the University of Michigan to a sparse crowd of fairly seedy-looking people. It also had the obligatory photos of lynched blacks and burning crosses of KKK rallies (although even it admitted that the membership of the KKK was minuscule). The message was clear (my wife speaks French as her native language): the United States is gravely threatened by neo-Nazi white supremacists. I guess even foreign news organizations are picking up on the elites’ anxiety.

    • I guess even foreign news organizations are picking up on the elites’ anxiety.

      You’re thinking in terms of a bordered world. News agencies have no nationality, they’re all taking their marching orders from globohomo.

  13. The underlying assumption of the White Fright is a belief that whites are secretly organizing to overthrow the current order and impose some sort of pale patriarchy on the country.

    But… aren’t we?

  14. I am surprised people are surprised: this is exactly what Obama meant when he said he would fundamentally change America.

  15. “Of course, all of these possible explanations for the panics we are seeing are rooted in the general sense that society is fragmenting. That’s because current year America is fragile and possibly ready to shatter. The old political order is in decline and the rise of identity politics promises to replace it.”

    An alternate explanation, one which you didn’t really cover but is quite relevant, is that the White Fright is not a sign of elite weakness but a sign of elite STRENGTH. The weaker the white population gets, the greater and greater the demonization of the remaining white population can be by the elite — to the point where what we are experiencing today will feel like child’s play. This will end of course in white genocide.

    • Possibly. Or, like the black riots after the Civil Right Movement, the rising expectations on the Left, not being met by reality, is causing a search for soemthing to blame.

      Alternatively, the vibrant future they thought Obama was ushering in never materialized, so they have fallen into weird superstitions and paranoid delusions.

      • “the vibrant future they thought Obama was ushering in never materialized…”

        I sense that this is indeed a source of derangement. Lefties do realize, on some level, that Obama represented the apex of their aspirations, and now that time has passed with rather less than their Utopia to show for it. That’s got to be depressing for the strongest of them; and for the more fragile it could be a doorway to irrationality.

    • Whites are still the elites though? Thats what doesnt make sense to me.
      I beleive leftist truly want a multicultural society and see White Nationalism as a barrier. These people want a society that exists in wealthy parts of our country.
      Living in a midwest city that ranks high on all lists of high quality of life, people here genuinely want to be post racial. At least the neighbors, coworkers and friends I have. They hate Trumps race bating and White Nationalism and half voted for him! These people are moderates who vote either way… They work with POC and have daughters.

      I dont think its elites creating white fright… Its the normal people who arent radicalized who see these horrors on TV and hear whats in these manifestos… The normal high middle class worker is already living happily and fat and doesn’t want a race war.

      If they read this site theyd be horrified that normal people are still worried about race… Affluent jobs now include plenty of POC and thats the world people like my circle live in. These people arentheir friends.

      All honesty I wish all people could as well. Pretty nice.

      • The little urban pockets into which diversity has been successfully integrated (NOT assimilated->everyone is nice to you when they want something from you, especially if it’s money) have been enabled by polluting the countryside. Globo brings in 100 foreigners, 5 of them work out in shitlib areas, so they think diversity is great. The other 95 end up with us wreaking havoc in our once stable communities and shitlibs refuse to acknowledge the economic, political, and social downsides. They want their virtue-signalling utopia, and be damned to the rest of us. We either separate from these shitlib people or they will destroy us. They are, in the long run, doomed either way so I don’t have a shred of pity left for them.

        • Pity for people who are living in some of the richest areas in the country seems weird to me… why wouldnt people try to move to those areas?

          When I was young my CON friends would tell me POCs should work harder and move out of bad areas.

          I wonder what ever happened to that line of thinking… now its “I’m not moving they should move.”

          I honestly dont get it If you live in a bad hood, work hard and get out… maybe thats the ignorant Conservative in me again.

      • “I beleive leftist truly want a multicultural society and see White Nationalism as a barrier. These people want a society that exists in wealthy parts of our country.”

        Whether you believe such, or even if the Left truly believes such, means nothing. The question is, “Is this an obtainable goal?” The answer given to us via HBD science, is no.

        The races differ in the aggregate as to their ability and proclivity to create and thrive in such “cities on the hill”. Those are designed and built by Whites and therefore implicitly are for Whites. That you have friends and coworkers of minority persuasion whom you see successfully thriving/striving in such does not negate that the majority of our vibrancy can not. In my lifetime, we have spent trillions of dollars attempting to establish this great utopia of equality and we have failed.

        I don’t deny that White folk you know want this all behind them and wish for a post racial society to dwell in. So do I. But post racial does not mean “multi-racial” or “diverse”. Close proximity of the races/cultures only highlights the HBD differences among the races and inevitable leads us where we are today—conflict and strife.

        • Long Ago, Zman pointed out that aggregates act differently than isolate individuals.

          He showed that the only way for minorities to prosper is by supporting the host culture.

        • Excellent response man…

          I personally beleive the strife isnt based on race differences but Social capital.

          I think poor people of any race need someone to blame. Our politicians known that and profit off of it.

          Trump tells us its the Mexicans fault Im poor and dont look like the cool happy people on TV…

          Harris tells usbits the evil white man that keeps you living in the projects instead of on LSD with said white men.

          Education and living in areas with each other isnwhat helped me…

          • OK, call it cultural separation. An upper middle class genteel white neighborhood is not going to ostracize a black family who moves in and mimics their behavior and social skills. But bring in the hood ratz and things will quickly go sideways. The thing is, generalizations usually have relevance. Move ten black, or Latino, or ME Muslim families into an area, and everything changes, it’s the law of averages, HBD, and the media popularized cultural cues that will encourage certain behaviors, especially from the juvenile males. Mix in numbers of fatherless families of any persuasion and things change too. Mix in large numbers of those who value their tribe and its traits over the norms of the neighborhood, and everything goes haywire. People want to live in communities of people just like them. It is how we are wired. It is not strictly racial or religious, or even generational.

            A single person or family, perhaps with an effort, can harmoniously blend into an existing neighborhood. But bring in any large group of people different from what is there, and you will get friction. Younger singles into a neighborhood of marrieds. Gays into a neighborhoods of heteros. Renters into a group of homeowners. Big families into neighborhoods of people with one or two kids each. Car owners where bike riding commuters live. Any of these or vice versa on each. Friction always, because different lifestyles grate on each other. It’s just one of those things that is. White supremacy is actually white identity (the “supremacy” is just an easy perjorative), which is best lived as white cultural separatism. The occasional nonwhites can mingle and live among the whites, and not change things too much. “Guests at the table”, so to speak. But large numbers of non-whites fundamentally changes things and creates friction, by definition. Integrationists don’t care, because it is all about getting a piece of the action at that white table. But things work best with separation.

          • Agreed. I cant stand my old in age neighbors and wish only young couples lived on my culdisac… But we live in America and if old grouchy people want to stay here they can.

            I once lived next to a white trash hunter who sat outside smoking and screaming at his kid. Beat his wife once a month and was a jobless piece of sh… Do I wish a nice quiet latino couple would move in like the people next to me? Of course… but this is America and white trash scum get to live in my old neighborhood as well.

            I would rather be around people with my values and generation than just random white people. I think most people would agree if they dont juat judge based on the way someone looks.

      • I am shaking my head and asking you, Normie: who the _____ are you?

        And why are you here?

        Maybe the kind words of Mr. LineInTheSand will do it for you, but I gotta tell you: if you are so keen on Musloids, I have a nice musloid community here in The Sodom-on-the-Potomac region that you can join.
        And you can even stay right here in the USSA to become more culturally enriched! No passport needed.
        Take your blinders off, Pollyanna.

        • Why am I here?

          Well, I enjoy reading different opinions and hearing what people actually beleive. I wish everyone could be free to say what they actually think instead of pretending. Even my closest friends cant admit their racism…

          I want to known why people actually beleive what you people beleive.

          Question for you as an old woman: why the f…. are you here? You do known that if most of these commentors had their way your gender would be in the Handmaids tale dont you? You think youre different? That these people respect you becuase you known some cool alt right words? Laughable. Youll always be lower than a musiloid or whatever bs term you try to sound cool with. Lol…

  16. “White fright” is merely more BS from the leftist progressives to promote their agenda.

    Just as Hitler blamed the jews for all the world’s problems or Stalin blamed the Kulaks for all of the USSR’s problems, or Maduro is blaming the USA for all of Venezuela’s problems, etc. , any idiot can see is just another scam by wannabe Stalins; another tool for them to attain their goal of a marxist-leninist state here in the USA.

    Why anybody pays attention to the leftist media millionaires – almost all whom live in NYC or DC or Hollywood- spewing their left wing horse sh*t from their anal orifices escapes me.
    Just as their is no point listening, for example, to Al Sharpton (what can he possibly say that you have not yet heard from this asshole?), there is no point listening to anything leftist progressives say.
    They will just invent sh*t – anything at all – to give themselves something new to rally around and shoot off their pie holes.

    Think about some of the crap they have already invented; my favorite one is “gender is a social construct ; there is no innate difference betwixt male and female.”

    Does any sentient human being whose brain has more synapses than a pebble actually believe this?
    But is serves them as a useful POLITICAL tool; another scam that can rally their troops, if you will. And their troops certainly include the leftist elites of Manhattan, DC and Hollywood.
    Leftists simply are dangerous people; if they take power we are all Fuucckked. Their scams, lies, deceit , fraud – whatever – are just tools they utilize to forward their agenda.

    The lefties hate us and the USA because unlike the dictatorship they seek, they so far cannot control all the “deplorables;” that would be me and you ; normal folks.

    When the USA was first founded in the late 1700s , the European elites were shocked that any nation would be realized that did not have Kings, Queens, Dukes, Earls, etc., running the show.
    They were shocked because they truly believed they were the only ones that had the ability, intellect, smarts, education and GOD given rights to run and CONTROL a nation and its majority populace of “deplorables.”
    The elites to this day still believe this; that’s why they hate us and hate the USA.
    It is no accident that leftist progressives – elites or otherwise – wish to impose a tyranny of the very few holding absolute power over everyone else (think Maduro, Castro, Stalin, etc).
    Their view of a proper govt. is for all intents and purposes a reincarnation of a nation ruled by Royalty and the landed gentry as it existed 300 years ago in Europe, but with themselves as the new royalty.

    Hillary let the cat out of the bag when she commented about deplorables. She and all leftist progressives truly believe that common folks are trash, untermensch, garbage, human refuse; basically an inferior subspecies of humans,
    They hate us- we are garbage.
    And if that is not bad enough – because, so far, they cannot control all us deplorables- they hate us even more.

    Hate speech, gender fluidity, white fright, guns CAUSING murders – whatever; it’s all invented teftist total bullshit.
    What matters is not allowing these folk to attain power; all the rest is a sideshow .

    (As an aside, if a white guy shoots up a place, well, it’s right wing whites and their access to military style weapons. If some muslim or black guy does likewise, well, it’s not his fault – it’s the fault of society; the shooter is not responsible. How convenient and just another example of left wing BS) .

  17. Personally the white fright reminds me of the muslim fright after 911. Ignorant people reacting to a small minority of psycos and blaming a whole group of people. Normal White Conservatives are now going to see what it was like to be a normal Muslim living in this country…

    • And Whites will be subjected to the same propaganda treatment and domestic enforcement / entrapment mechanism that Muslims were subjected to.

        • A true believer in Islam has no place to exist in a Western country without violating their ALLEGEDLY HELD SACRED PRINCIPLES.

          In this country in particular – their basic beliefs are completely at odds with the founding ideals of the country – never mind the “progressive” ideals that the lefties have shoved down our throats since then.

          The founders of this country knew this – and I don’t recall EVER reading any defense of Islam as something that should be integrated into this country under the premise of religious freedom. Like most of what the founders wrote – their words have been distorted and twisted and completely mangled beyond recognition thruout by progressive lefties over the last century plus.

          Religious freedom, and separation of church and state – were premised upon the fact that the colonies themselves practiced differing versions of Christianity – and many of the founders were Deists. Something had to be done to accomodate those somewhat differing world views – or there might not have been a US to begin with.

          It’s not ignorance to blame groups for individual actions – when “individuals” keep exhibiting the same behavior – based on the group the originate from.

          Or are you trying to say that the massive difference between black and white crime stats has absolutely nothing to do with group differences – even though it is all committed by individuals?

          • So we should be affraid of White Nationalists because according to FBI stats they have more acts of terrorism than Muslims in the 12 months?

            If White Nationalist shoot up another Walmart exhibiting the same behavior as the other 6 White Nationalists should people on this website be tracked through the Patriot Act?

            It’ll happen when Trump loses. No crying allowed when your part of terrorist group BoomerCon.

            The Founders of this country lived in a age completley foreign to ours, agreed… Not much of what they say should play any role in our modern society, agreed…

            The Conservatives took us on the endless wars over individual terrorist actions. I stand by my statement that blaming a whole religon for a small minority of zealots is as ignorant and haphazard as blaming all white conservatives for the acts of a few zealots…

            If you cant comprehend that out of pride for being a BoomerCon GW apologist than I guess I feel sorry for you…

          • Whites may be involved in any number of the spectacular shootings, however those are not the definition currently being used for “mass shootings” that the MSM/Leftists would like you to believe. The current definition most common (that I see) is a shooting which wounds or kills 4 or more people—not including the gunman.

            Go over to UNZ. There is an article listing all the “four or mores” for this year. With pic’s of most perp’s. Slight edge goes to Blacks. Also, according the the FBI stat’s, less than 1% of murders by firearm are from long guns, much less assault weapons.

          • @Normie. “The Conservatives took us on the endless wars over individual terrorist actions.” Hahahaha! You haven’t been paying attention son. The Neo-Cons commenderd the Republican party years ago. And after 9/11 they had full control of the the White House and Congress. They finally had their opportunity to enact the agenda they had been working on at a think tank called ” Project for the New American Century.” The Neo-Cons aren’t Conservative. Their mostly hebrew red diaper babys. I’m surprised you don’t know any of this stuff Mr. Normal. Here’s the Wiki link to the ” Project for the New American Century ” page.

          • I’ll give you that one.

            You are correct – the vast majority of “conservatives” I know – couldn’t fall all over themselves fast enough in their rush to vote for war.

          • LOL.
            I have no idea what you’re talking about.

            The “conservatives” didn’t take us into endless wars. The Republicans became neocon/leftist/progressives – and kept up a track record that the Democrat left has been on since late in the 19th century.

            Last time I checked Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and the Presidents in office during Vietnam – were Democrats. Nixon got us out.

            And the Founders did not live in an “age completely foreign to ours”. They understood well the history that came before them – and attempted to design a political structure that would take into account the lessons of that history.

            If you didn’t believe in blank slate and magic dirt, but rather believed that genetics and heritage count for something – then you wouldn’t be saying things like “not much of what they say should play any role in our modern society”.

            Exactly what is “modern society” anyway? I hear that term thrown around an awful lot by lefties (see – here I am again finding lefties all over the comment section here – makes me wonder if there’s a lot of flies there must be a pile of shit somewhere) .

            Maybe I missed the Cliff Notes – but I’m pretty I understood that one of Zman’s assertions is that “modern society” (built by progressive lefties) – is essentially a shit sandwich for those of white heritage.

            I’m also pretty sure the numbers on a whole slew of social factors would back that up as well.

            Good job white knighting for Muslims BTW. And even if they didn’t seem to have a propensity to blow shit up – I would still stand by my original statement that their belief system is wholly incompatible with the Republic as designed.

            And that probably speaks to exactly why the left wants to import so many of them.

    • And we were proven to be right about the Muzzies. They are killing people and raping our women throughout the West on a regular basis.

    • Nobody wants immigration from foreign Muslims, but there is a fairly widespread recognition among younger people on twitter that

      Whites are the new Palestinians

      People here will recognize it eventually

    • Normie, you may be a troll or sincere, but I appreciate you. When I was a normie, I held out all my hope for other races to put color of skin aside for character.

      The distasteful truth is that only whites, in general, are capable of race-blindness. And for their altruism, they are hated, manipulated, and overthrown. Non-whites are tribal. They want people who look like them to rule, regardless of the societal or economic consequences.

      Look at the world as it exists, not at utopian theory. Sorry to break it to you.

      • White men are the same way… look at who our Prez is… only an irrational person whos tribal coukd possibly vote and support this Clown.

  18. “The primary purveyors of the White Fright are white, or at least white presenting”

    White Presenting….that’s Beautiful!

  19. I’ve got a good sticker slogan, kind of a sequel to “It’s OK to be white”–

    The Democrats hate white people.

    Should give a feel people pause. And the Outrage Machine would probably help amplify it.

    • Most GOP politicians hate white people too, as evidenced by their legislation. If they aren’t traitors, they are bribed or cowards. Don’t let the GOP off the hook.

      • That’s the wicked genius of it- the GOP would double down defending their Dem buddies, panting for a treat.

    • The GOP hates whites as well. Look we’re talking about the party of cheap labor, globalization, Gordon Gecko rape and pillage of America for a buck sort of people.

      Both Ryan and McConnell prior to Trump winning had a amnesty bill and TPP ready for Hillary to sign. That’s the real GOP.

      Look how little support there is among the GOP for secure borders, reversing globalization, ending H-1B visa workers, stopping the Opioid epidemic, the gutting of our heart land, etc.

      The only reason lower class whites supported the GOP was because they were pro 2A and tough on crime. Beyond that there is no reason to support the GOP. The people who run it have no use for us or America.

      • Rod, spot on. Some of the most heartless/mindless commentary concerning the lower classes I hear are from GOPers in the upper classes.

      • “Both Ryan and McConnell prior to Trump winning had a amnesty bill and TPP ready for Hillary to sign.”

        Why yes, yes they did, didn’t they?
        They were drooling at the prospect.

    • I think it would probably be more effective – to print out a bumper sticker that says something along the lines of ” White People Are Evil” – and paste them onto the rear of every single car that is obviously driven by a leftie that you can find. Any car with a rainbow sticker, I’m With Her decals, etc. It’s pretty easy to figure out who the lefties are by the picture they paint on their rear bumper.

      If that doesn’t get the point across to the normies – I don’t know what will. Plus it avoids having YOUR vehicle destroyed by out of control lunatics.

        • Yeah … so?

          that’s the point.

          They’ll be driving around with a “White People are Evil” bumper sticker – and they’ll leave it there.

          Which means everybody else will see it. Right next to the BLM decal and the “I’m With Her” sticker.

          The leftie turd in the Prius will be doing your work for you – without even knowing it.

          Do you really not understand how this works?

          • Yes I get it. I also get I am new commentator here and that text online loses quite a bit of context present in other forms of communication.

    • I’d say just write that statement on a bunch of post-it notes (with nitrile gloves, naturally… oh why must we be so paranoid?) and do like you’d do with “OK to be huwhyte” …. watch for cameras and stick it on the baby seats of the local grocery store’s carts.

      In this climate, putting it on your car could get your window smashed up, or worse…. even if you drive an (undercover) Lesbaru, like this commenter.

  20. Unhinged Leftie: You’re a racist!! You’re a white supremacist!!

    Me: Yeah…. so ………… what’s your point?

  21. “The White Fright may one day be seen as the turning point in the rise of white identity politics.”

    That final sentence is the kicker. Elite obsession with will-o-the-wisp white identitarianism may prove a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hitherto, that particular hobgoblin was anemic and his cudgel rather small. But as the AWRs continue their unremitting attacks on whites and plant the very notion of white supremacy in the minds of those they condemn, the concept could take root. Ergo, if it’s a choice of becoming second-class citizens–or worse–or rallying together qua whites to assert our unique interests, possibly at the expense of POC, then why not do the latter?

  22. Related: “The Left’s America-Hating Murder Pornographer”
    I just posted this on American Partisan.
    Final paragraph:
    We’re constantly told by leftist politicians, media and “entertainment” (sic) figures that the solution to America’s mass shootings is the elimination of the hundreds of millions of firearms already in private hands. But semi-automatic magazine-fed rifles (and pistols, revolvers and shotguns) have been available for over a century, while mass shootings are a modern phenomenon. The guns didn’t change, society did. And we can thank greedy murder pornographers like Jason Blum for helping to feed the moral depravity and stoke the fires of political and racial hatred. So in that light, his currently delayed film The Hunt makes perfect sense. Who cares if you help to instigate a bloody second civil war, a dirty civil war that might lead to the deaths of millions of Americans, as long as you can make millions of dollars producing anti-American, anti-white and anti-conservative murder porn? Not murder pornographer Jason Blum. He’s laughing–at you– all the way to the bank.

    • Matt’s spot on – the problem isn’t means, it’s motivation.

      How do we think American kids would score on that test Brit kids just flunked with 90% saying their lives have no meaning?

      Netflix’ recent “13 Reasons Why” already has a large body count – a 30% spike in teen suicides ( American kids are hanging on by such thin threads that watching a TV show can make them snap. Now Hillary Swank & Co. are gas-canning this cultural dumpster for shekels and atta-Xrls from globoshlomo.

      Noticers take note – (((Blum))) worked for the (((Weinsteins))) at Miramax. OFC. EST.

    • I never paid much attention to the Purge movies simply because the premise was inane. Good to know their agenda and the connection to The Hunt.

  23. The Zman writes an entire essay about fear & hatred of whites, emanating from universities & media —- but never mentions Jews.
    Instead, he says, it’s the Puritans.
    I don’t buy it. The Puritans are purity-spiraling fanatics but their elite always take great care to aim their fanaticism away from themselves. That is, after all, the whole point of purity-spiraling; to say the other person is bad.
    In Puritan New England, the accused witches were usually marginal figures like childless old women or girls from poor families instead of the influential town leaders & their daughters.
    During the Civil War, in a similar way, the northern, industrial Abolitionist Progressives placed the evil onto southern agriculturalists.
    But the ZMan believes that the modern day descendants of the Puritans —- who no longer control our universities or media —- are using these universities & media to paint their own white selves as scary & evil for being white. Nah. Not buying it.
    It’s jews. Jews fear & hate whites. Jews run universities & the media. Jews have used their control of these institutions to establish anti white discourse as the high-status & high-morality discourse.
    Sure, our morality & status seeking Puritan descendants are going along with it. Because just like fish gotta swim, WASPS gotta say whatever Harvard tells them is high-status. But these puritans are just the dupes of the ethnic group that really runs the status-establishment agenda.

    • The thing about the JQ is, even though it mostly is the Jews, if you only talk about the Jews, you start to look like an obsessive, a nut, even if you’re not. I think the Zman understands that.

      • Sort of agree. Obama, the Black Caucus, Nation of Islam, Gore, Kerry, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Wray/most of the FBI/NSA, etc., etc., etc., are NOT Jews.

        • LOL okay. If the doorman at the ADL is black, does that mean that the ADL is a black organization?

          • LOL!

            Just you wait. In no time at all, Leroy is going to recruit all his boys from the hood and they will constitute a majority of the West Baltimore branch of the ADL.

        • But who pays their bills, Carl? At least half the money to the Dem Party is from Jews. It’s probably more. Certainly it’s way more than half if you look at big donors, the ones every politician needs. Jews also control a huge portion of the money to the GOP.

          The Jews are the money men of politics in an age where money is the lifeblood of politics. They are hugely influential on Wall Street. They also control the media, which can destroy a business no matter how large, and academia, which shapes the minds of the judiciary.

          Every person and group you listed is an errand boy sent by grocery clerks. They aren’t in control.

      • The Zman doesn’t just avoid “only” talking about the Jews.
        First, he NEVER talked about them. For a long, long time.
        Then, after continuous bullying from the comment section, he begrudgingly admitted that yeah, okay, the people running our universities & media maybe have something to do with the continuous anti-white hatred coming from the universities & media. But that he thought the people who focused on that were icky and low-status and anyway he has a lot of really great jewish friends that he would just love, love, love to be a part of this dissident right thing.
        Then he went back to never talking about them. Even in contexts like the essay above, where Jewish influence is clearly & obviously a factor.

      • Agreed. I suspect that Zman is walking a fine line and playing a bit of 3D chess. He knows the score, but, as you say, to bring it up every time makes you look like a nut job.

        Also, Z is right that movements work best when attached to a positive identity and not a negative one. Focusing on the Jewish role in all of this falls into the negative identity camp.

        The truth is that Jewish power is in many ways quite fragile – and they know it which is why they freak out all the time. If we pull together, whites can brush aside Jews with ease, so focusing on them all the time isn’t necessary – at least not at this time.

        But I’m not Zman, so I can call a spade a spade. Let Zman be careful in his posts, while we in the comments sections let readers know that there’s more to all of this than a bunch of New England Puritans.

        • Talking about anti-white hatred coming from universities and media without mentioning jews isn’t “walking a fine line”… It’s “running away from the line”.
          Make all the excuses for ZMan you want to. But there’s a simple, current, powerful, predictive explanation for a phenomenon. And he always chooses to give a subtle, philosophical historical explanation instead. It’s highly suspicious, at best.

          • I’ll admit that Zman’s reluctance to bring up the role of Jews is odd. That said, he certainly doesn’t avoid mentioning Jews; he just doesn’t focus on them. Contrast that to the Derb – a friend of Z’s – where it’s like pulling teeth to get that guy to admit that Jews even exist as a group, much less that that might play an important role in our society.

            But, yes, bringing up the current anti-white rage without mentioning the Jews hurts his credibility.

          • The 4 JQ Circles of Defence
            1) There is no Jewish influence… you are just crazy.
            2) Sure, there’s Jewish influence, but it arose naturally because Jews are so smart… you’re just jealous.
            3) Sure a big part of Jewish Influence arose from ethnocentric behavior that we condemn in every other group, but they use that influence ethically… you are just a hater. (You are here, Normie)
            4) Sure Jews unethically use their influence to exploit & subjugate every other group, but that’s okay because of their history as a persecuted people… you are just an EVIL NAHTZEE WHO WANTS TO GENOCIDE

          • And just how exactly is Observer wrong, may I ask, Mr. Normie?

            Because childish ad hominem attacks and guilt by association tactics don’t cut it around here. Please do better.

        • Jewish power isn’t fragile when they control the MSM, academia, Wall Street and by extension the government.

          They aren’t going to be brushed aside without a bloody fight.

          And yeah Zman is blowing smoke putting the blame on a bunch of NE Puritans. If Z can’t admit the tribe is pushing all the anti-white hatred then he has a problem.

          • The Zman doesn’t want to be Alex Jones, and thank goodness he doesn’t want to be the Federalist.

            This is his hobby, not his act.


            I do agree, 100%, as I don’t entirely trust the Z or others who blow smoke, yet relish their contributions.

            But, the Puritans had agency. The financiers might have owned the ships, the auction blocks, and the synagogues behind those blocks, but the Puritans eagerly ran the ports, manned those ships, and shared in the profits. Just as they joined in to ramrod the peasantry, then and now.

            And even the peasants are revolting.

          • Fragile? Well, yes & no.
            Jewish power is exerted on a spectrum from merely asking from what they want to having to inflict physical violence to get what they want.
            In between, jews may resort to guilting, shaming, unleashing institutions on people, bribery, etc…
            On one end are the GOP ZioCucks who do Israel’s bidding with big drooly grins on their faces. On the other are Palestinians getting bulldozed in their own homes.
            The more JQ woke a population gets, the harder Jews have to work to get their way, the more resources they have to use, and the more open & obvious their influence is.
            That’s why — as interesting as the Puritan history of the US is — in my opinion, the most valuable effort a white man can do is to educate other white men on the JQ.

        • Citizen, exactly. Exactly.
          The fine line is to avoid two generations of the most focused, intense brainwashing operation in history-

          Yet with a subtle prod, a Z-wink, our host allows us doggos to bark freely.
          Sometimes, though, you do have to tell the dogs to stop barking or the neighbors will be pissed.

          And thanks, Observer, I too sometimes chafe at the leash.

          • Pull it back, Observer. He’s making an analogy.

            Here’s my best guess: Zman knows that recruitment is our most important goal at the moment. Focusing too much on the Jews turns away many people who would come to our side and see the truth eventually. So, Zman holds back.

            That’s fine – as long as he doesn’t get lost in his own stories, which can happen. (Exhibit A: The Derb)

          • If by nuanced you mean avoiding the simplest & most factually sound explanation then yes.
            Again, this is an anonymous comment section on a dissident right blog.
            If we can’t say that jews in universities & media are responsible for anti white hatred coming out of universities & media HERE then what’s the point?

    • I don’t think we need to see “Jews all the way down” in every topic. Jews have benefitted from the Christian schisms (Cath/Orth, Cath/Prot) but they’re not prime movers in every dark turn. The “open source” nature of Protestantism left it especially vulnerable to “Judeo-Christian” revision but that didn’t really kick off until the Schofield Bible era. Luther himself would have made Hitler blush on the subject. Once you get to the Frankfurt School and especially the post-WWII era, you’re more on target by Noticing.

      • Eh. Real WASPs blame everything on Catholics. This country, except for Maryland, was founded as a refuge from RC Europe. Think of it as an Israel for Protestants.

        • Kleist, I had a book from 1924.
          “What Went Wrong With America?”
          A Pilgrim, a turkey, a flag on the cover.

          Why, the Catholics, it concluded.
          Of course. Almost certainly pushback against the Charles Lindbergh/Henry Ford types. (Lindbergh’s son was murdered by a (((Polish))) criminal, breaking him.)

          Every evangel touts America as the New Israel. They are breathless with excitement at mention of plans for the Third Temple.

        • Britain established its American colonies as a refuge from Catholic Europe? Why would the people of a Protestant Britain need to cross the Atlantic Ocean for refuge from Catholicism?

          I get that you don’t like the Papists, but that makes no sense.

          • Maryland was started by English Catholics who also found refuge in Philadelphia.

            I may be a Catholic, but I realize we have to clean up our own house today.

          • While the Gutenberg Protestants have a more comedic, literalist simplicity, Deep Catholic theosophy seems sometimes almost as weird as Hinduism.

            I swear this is cultural-linguistic divergence in real time.
            In 400 years, some professor will point to the chalkboard and say, “as you see, this Prot word has a Cath root. We suspect the two may have originally shared the same language.”

          • Britain was largely Catholic before Henry VIII got in there and couldn’t keep his pants on.
            After that, (about 1550’s or so) everything went downhill. Churches were forcibly turned into Protestant worshipping spaces, or outright demolished. The Faith was outlawed.
            Some old English homes from that era have secret hiding spaces where families risked their lives to hide a former parish priest.

      • Luther is a terrific example of holding an ideal image of some Other in one’s mind, before one has had the benefit of actual experience with them.

        Thus, early Luther was philosemetic and looked forward to a meeting of the mind and soul with the Jews of Germany. A couple decades of experience later, having actually interacted with the Jewish community, Luther was writing _On the Jews and Their Lies_.

        If conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality, an antisemite seems to be a philosemite who has been mugged by interaction with Jews.

        • Unfortunately true.

          You all know it is possible to hold a macro level thought and a micro level thought at the same time, yes?

          Like many of the supposed unwashed, I have long-time Jewish friends. The adjective modifies the noun and all that.

          However, that doesn’t make me blind to the JQ and ((their)) existential threat to team honky. Or team ((non)) really. It is what it is.

        • Can confirm – they are not in short supply in the California legal system. Although to be honest the ones I went to school with in OH mostly annoyed the hell out of my normie self even back in the day.

      • You are wrong.
        We DO need to see “Jews all the way down”. And all the way across, and all the way in & all the way through & all the way out.
        Because A) That’s what’s happening. and B) That’s the only way to make sure that our solution isn’t co-opted by the jews too.
        Our #1 problem right now is that our institutions — especially the morality & status-setting institutions of academia & media — have been infiltrated and turned against us by Jews who hate normal white Christian men. They are the ones opening our borders & indoctrinating our children to also hate normal white Christian men. If they are successful enough at these things, they can exterminate us eventually.
        Talking about how whites aren’t perfect, or have sometimes fought against other whites in the past really isn’t relevant to that current existential struggle.
        And we need to remain focused on the “Jew” part because Jews shape-shift themselves to be a part of whatever group they need to be in to maintain their influence. if we say we are fighting communism, here come the (((neo conservatives))) to lead that effort. If we say we are fighting liberals, here comes (((Ben Shapiro)) to own them. If we say we are fighting globalists, then the (((National Conservatives))) enter the scene to make that fight safe for Israel, too.
        If whites hope to control our own destiny, we have to be aware of non-whites who attempt to control it for us.

        • No one’s going to accuse Mike Enoch of being insufficiently J-woke. I suggest you check out his occasional reminders on TDS etc as to finding a gear below 5th on the JQ, especially for the newly-J-woke. Unless someone here is actively pushing back on the JQ, proceed under the assumption they’re well aware of the nature and extent of the problem without needing strident reminders in every thread.

          You’re over-preaching to the choir. Curb your enthusiasm. It feeds the straw man that everyone who’s J-woke is a monomaniac on the subject.

          • What gear would you call writing an entire essay about anti-white hatred that has entered our culture via academia & media that makes NO mention at all of Jews?
            Our most pressing existential threat is that our nation’s institutions have been turned against normal white christian men by jewish influence.
            That’s what all our complaints about universities, and media, and courts, and legislatures, and Wall Street, and Big Tech censorship all boil down to.
            So if there’s one big problem that causes all the secondary problem, I’m going to focus on that one problem, instead of early American history about the Puritans.
            Even if doing that makes me look “monomaniacal”.

          • A few days of this will make most everyone who sees that “Observer” has commented scan past anything you have to say b/c “Juice guy.” Feel free to spray ammo if you like, my advice isn’t binding. But at least try to remember the old saying about how the guy who almost never says anything gets a lot of attention when he rarely does speak.

          • As someone who is at best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) ‘purple’ on the JQ and still doesn’t really like it, I found this discussion between Exile and Observer really interesting.

            I think it is important for ppl who are really ‘woke’ on the JQ to realize that it is one of the most difficult red pills to swallow on the journey from normie land. It conjures up fears of really nasty things.

            On the JQ, possibly more than anything else, if you want to convince ppl before normie conditioning slams them shut, less really is more. I hate the JQ, it still feels dirty. But it has to be looked at. In that context, I personally appreciate the soft-pedaling approach. JMO

          • I understand the impulse to be strategic and release information in small doses, but at the end of the day the truth is the truth.
            And someone, somewhere has to just state it outright.
            And if that place isn’t an anonymous message board on a dissident right blog, then where is it?

          • You don’t avoid it, but you make it palatable for newbies. Is that frustrating? Yeah. (I’ve been more or less kicked off of Sailer for my views.) Do we need to be careful that we don’t forget the truth? Absolutely. Look at the Derb. He’s pointless.

            I’m on your side, but I’ll give Z the benefit of the doubt – for now. If he continues to speak the truth about Jews quietly but consistently, he’s fine. If he heads down the Derb path, well, he might as well apply at the National Review.

          • Come on bro.
            This is an anonymous comment section on a dissident right blog.
            Live a little. If you see the J, say the J.

        • Observer,

          Jesu wept, man!

          Do try to make subtlety and discipline your watch words.

          You often make good points but are a bit unable to read the room on this.

          I apologize for my lack of patience and don’t wish to discourage anyone, but Lord.

          • I am reading the room.
            It’s a bunch of people who know something, but then start getting skittish when someone actually says that something out loud.
            And start muttering about strategy & optics & nuance & how we will win over the normies to think like us by never actually saying what we think.
            Well, that’s one theory of how to convince people.
            Here’s another: you state the truth as you see it as intelligently & plainly as you can.

          • I basically agree with you, but you are strawmanning here, and this either/or autism is not a handciap when talking with anyone over the age of 30.

    • Although Magic Jew Theory does have some major drawbacks, Rush just mentioned something so obvious we never saw it.

      The FBI is now on scene, eliminating evidence at Lolita Island. Rush said, “you know, that weird temple with blue and white stripes”.

      Blue and white? Gee, whose flag is blue and white?

      • “The FBI is now on scene, eliminating evidence at Lolita Island”. Exactly my thought. Couldn’t do it while he was alive, because he would know if some evidence was missed. Now if some is lost, it’s lost for good, most likely.

        Ghislaine Maxwell will be the new D.B. Cooper. Which is really strange, in this day and age, when everyone’s passport is scanned in at every port of entry.

    • Forgive me for not mentioning specific individuals, but what eventually ended the witch trails was prominent members of the community facing persecution.

      Possibly the governor or his wife/daughter ? Not a historian, just too many school field trips 🙂

      An up vote on the jews

  24. The would-be Chinese style oligarchy, riven with illegal spying on their watch, perversion, criminality, and simple stupidity, as they try to replace us with a more pliable, poor, illegally imported population, are being called on all of it. As the curtain is pulled back and all of this is exposed, the shrieking of “white supremacy” and the sending out of street thugs to bash in the faces of anyone who might represent normal Americans come to the fore. It is a distraction play, to take attention from who they are and what they are up to. Don’t ennoble it with assumptions of higher level thinking.

  25. A majority of school children in this country are POC. So the coming generation of white boys are going to be a minority but will be gleefully denied any privileges. All of society hates them and if they complain, they are told white men are fragile. Even their mothers buy into this white privilege nonsense. The ascendant Democrat party happily boasts they hate White Straight Men and are poised to have complete control of the federal government.

    This is all a recipe for genocide and not the nice, cold, gas chamber kind. Its African bush war machete kind of violence. I’m kind of scared of them. Right now, we’ve lobotomized them with video games but even that is failing as Progs take it over. The next twenty years looks rough, but I have hope for white people past the mid century.

    • A majority of school children in this country are POC

      This is the single-most important fact of all. What to do about that???

      • Treblinka 1943.

        Since ground sonar to 30 feet down reveals the ground was never disturbed,

        Since like Auschwitz and Baba Yar, the trees were never cut down for fuel to burn,

        Since any crematoria will tell you you need a bone grinder to reduce the skeletons,

        The “800,000 at Treblinka” never happened- because they aren’t there.

        They made it up. It’s that simple.
        They will make something up, so I vote Treblinka 1943.

        • That’s the kind of comment that nukes credibility. Even IF you were or partly right, this is not a good approach. You will be alienating people you should be convincing of more pressing concerns than nasty events in 1942.

          A LOT of people who would be VERY receptive to things like ‘is it a good idea that whites become a minority in the US/Europe etc’, will instead be resisting your attempt to save the reputation of a version of Germany that will still be equally dead even if you did succeed in convincing ppl that it wasn’t quite as bad as they were told. You would be trying to save Hitler’s and Himmler’s reputation while white replacement just carried on.

          If you want to really help whites, work the white replacement angle, not the ‘Hitler wasn’t really so bad’ angle.

          • Moran, you are correct, but Alzaebo is telling us something for ourselves, a reminder that our world view is shaped by others, in the furthering of their own agendas, not ours. It is wise to look for evidence of the truth, and not simply absorb the Kiplingesque “Just So” stories that we have always been fed. When and where we share what we find is a judgement call.

          • Your links provides no details whatsoever, other than they’ve found some bones with cut-marks on them – because we’ve always been told how the Nazis, in their racist hate rage, hacked up the bodies before they buried them, right, so that must mean 800,000 people were murdered there.

            Alzaebo is right on the facts, even if you disagree with the propagandistic merit of him saying it.

            And it’s not about Moustache Man Bad; personally, I believe the Holocaust is a nuclear red pill waiting to go off. If Normie realizes that Nazi gas chambers is a hoax, I figure he’d start asking some more questions.

          • I believe the Holocaust is a nuclear red pill waiting to go off.

            Leaving aside the truth or not of the Holocaust (where we disagree), it is the wrong angle. It takes too long, it requires too much genuinely treasured sense of patriotism, narrative of ‘we are the good guys’ and such to be overcome. It is ‘burning daylight’ on a non-important position instead of going for what IS important.

            Even IF you guys were completely right, the way to sell it would be to frame it so that we are ‘Churchill’, NOT so that the masses of normies who understand that something is terribly wrong, ALSO have to process ‘the guy we’ve always been told was the ultimate devil, was really a pretty good guy.’ We need focus. not confusion. A good lieutenant does not ask his troops weird riddles just before it’s over the top.

            This is PUA stuff, I know this sh*t if I may be so candid. Even if you were right, make us ‘Churchill’. We don’t have time for ‘the real story’ right now (which I don’t believe but that’s beside the point).

          • The revisionist sandwich:

            We need a handful of very good people to be attacking that Moloch directly, 24/7, with facts, logic evidence, outright denial, anything. But above all ridicule.

            But we need more people explaining the damages done by the Holocaust fixation to white interests, without claiming Moloch never existed, and while decrying maa murder, genocide, etc.

            This must be understood as a strategy. The two groups need to stay out of each other’s way, and if the latter must “disavow” the former for tactical reasons, they must demand the other’s right to speech, even if it is to voice their “conspiracy theory.”

          • It takes too long

            It takes ten minutes to explain someone with basic high school chemistry why there weren’t any homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz, because in the purported gas chamber, the walls contain no traces of cyanide above background level, whereas in the fumigation chamber – the facility they used for fumigating furniture and clothes with Zyklon B – the walls are visibly splotched with Prussian blue, a cyanide compound.

            The only possible conclusion is that the walls in the purported homicidal gas chamber were never exposed to daily doses of Zyklon B. You don’t even have to understand the specific chemistry to get that, it only requires a general knowledge about how chemistry works. That is why it is now ILLEGAL for independent researchers to investigate the gas chamber.

            I don’t know much about Treblinka specifically, but if there were no homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz, it’ll take a little more than a few old bones to convince me 800,000 were killed in Treblinka. Notice how, in your link, they talk about how gently they have to be, not to disturb the graves. That’s because the mass graves have been declared holy ground for Jews and, likewise, are off limits to independent researchers.

            Judging from that article, it looks to me like they’re just going through the motions, pretending to do a forensic excavation, because it looks really strange that nobody actually bothered to investigate the purported mass graves.

            We need focus. not confusion.

            We need to attack them at all points and not give them anything to hit back at. That’s why I’m against organizing – it gives them a target, it leads to Charlottesville. We must concentrate on destroying the old order, like we did in 2016, and then bicker about what comes next, once we’re there, dancing on their mass graves.

            The Holocaust is one of globohomo’s most powerful tools of oppression. It must be annihilated.

            And just to clarify: I think the good guys won, at least if you discount the Soviets. Hitler’s plans were indeed genocidal – he wanted to annex Poland, Ukraine and Belorussia and expel the natives, as per the old Brest-Litovsk Treaty, just like he wanted to expel the Jews from Neuropa.

            But there were no gas chambers.

          • On a personal note, Holocaust revisionism, together with the Kosovo War, was my gateway pill, maybe that’s why I believe in the power of Holocaust revisionism as a red pill delivery vehicle.

            And another thing: if they really did a serious forensic excavation, like they did with mass graves in Bosnia and Rwanda, and revealed a hundred tons of human bones, I’d revise my opinion instantly.

          • It was my red pill too. I thought, “if they could lie about this, what else are they lying about?”, and the breadcrumbs started piling up.

            Very much appreciated, as such heresies left me a raging wreck. I can’t ever go back.

          • “if they could lie about this, what else are they lying about?”

            Yes. That’s why I think it would be one of the swifter gateways out there. Some red pill journeys take years, diving into the Holocaust takes you there at warp speed.

            My dark epiphany was during the Irving vs. Lipstadt trial in 2000; for some reason this crazy British guy who thought the Holocaust never happened, was all over the media. The media had framed the issue of the trial as one about Hitler’s War, and when I looked Irving up on the internet, I noticed that Satan’s Bible could be downloaded for free at his website.

            This was before Piratebay, and “free” was my favourite quality in a book, so I ran it through the office printer so I could see for myself, why this random trial got so much airplay.

            When I was through, I still didn’t understand what the problem was, in fact, I thought it was a fantastic book. (Which, I’ve later come to realize, is exactly why they go so hard on Irving.)

            But I’d noticed that the transcripts from the trial was on Irving’s website as well. I was coming off a John Grisham-binge, and I found the whole courtroom drama fascinating in itself, and in the end, my office had to pay for another 3,000 prints, of which I got through about 2,000 before I skipped to the verdict.

            The parties had agree to let Auschwitz stand in for the Holocaust in toto – in effect: if Irving could prove nobody was gassed as Auschwitz, Lipstadt would concede that the rest of the gas stories probably weren’t true either.

            People will argue that Irving lost on all major counts, and that is true. But the question was not whether the Holocaust had happened or not, but whether it was defamatory to call Irving a Holocaust denier. And since Irving demonstrably denied people had been gassed, his case was dismissed. Whether anyone had actually been gassed or not, was immaterial.

            There’s a lot more to it than the cyanide residue issue, but I believe that’s the easiest to explain in a succinct and persuasive way. You don’t argue with chemistry.

          • Whether anyone had actually been gassed or not, was immaterial.

            Before the Shoah Patrol jumps down my throat, that’s not entirely true. But the judge ruled that if anyone had been systematically gassed, Irving had not proven his case.

            Bizarrely, Justice Grey referred to an explanation Irving had given earlier, where he described how the SS, experimentally, had used gas vans to execute people, because machine-gunning unarmed civilians into trenches destroyed troop morale. Irving was reluctant to give a number, but was pressed for about 2-3,000.

            So Grey ruled that Irving had condemned himself on that count, rendering moot the whole point about Auschwitz.

            At one point Justice Grey, when presented with a handful of random eyewitness accounts from the defense, notices that he is rather underwhelmed. He had imagined, he said, that there would be mountains of evidence, not these sporadic accounts of variegated provenance.

            The defense had been forced to cherry-pick their eyewitness accounts very carefully, because almost all of them contain some ludicrous stuff that you edit out when you peddle survivor boo-hoo to Normies, but would look very bad to a court of law. Gas chambers didn’t become canon until the late sixties, so there’s a lot of stuff about electrocution, steaming to death, exhaust gasses and other grisly stuff that is not part of the holy writ, some of it is physically impossible or in contravention of established evidence.

            Despite the careful curation, Irving managed to discredit a couple of the accounts; one was from the Nürnberg Tribunal, a woman who had also claimed that she’d seen fountains of blood spurting from the ground in Auschwitz. Another witness – an artist – was a pornographer, who sold atrocity porn.

          • And just to round this off:

            The best way to introduce Normies to Holocaust is Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry” about the Holocaust extortion schemes.

            Another good book – by another Goodjew – is Show Trial, by Yoram Sheftel, a personal (and very readable) account by the lawyer who defended Ivan Demjanjuk.

            Both are ridiculously kosher – both authors are of Survivor stock – and both are in compliance with all Holocaust laws in Europe. While neither of them deal with the gas chambers directly or question the basic narrative, they will seriously upset your average Normie’s view about The Big H. and of how the tribe operates.

          • Felix, Alzaebo, you are a liability to the cause of waking up whites to save themselves when you peddle your Holocaust denialism.

            A few hard facts of life; ppl who are strongly into Holocaust denial tend to be socially challenged loners, often a bit autistic and bitter. In other words, the worst ‘salesmen’ you could have.

            Your ‘chemistry analysis’ is already dead in the water. There IS cyanide ions in the ruins, in lower concentrations in the gas chambers (for humans) than in the delousing chambers (gas chambers for bugs). I never before considered that you needed lower cyanide concentrations for ppl than for insects but I guess that makes sense.

            Even if you believe the Holocaust is a myth, and maybe a weapon against whites, you have to make a choice; which is more important to you, saving the reputation of a dead Austrian corporal. Or saving the ‘Abendland’? B/c when you try too hard doing the former, you harm the latter. I don’t make the rules, I just observe them.

          • The above comment was not intended to offend or hurt. My point is this, waking up whites is effectively a different kind of ‘pick up’ problem. And Holocaust denial, while a bug lamp to angry loners, comes across as the worst you possibly can when you want to pick ppl up, for any purpose. It comes across as creepy.

            For all intents and purposes, in 99.9% of cases, there is a practical choice; do you want to wake normies up to white replacement (and possibly help us win eventually)? Or do you want to try to salvage the reputation of long dead and pretty violent and ultimately incompetent people whose reputational salvation would not change a single thing about our situation. You need to learn to be team players and subordinate your personal pet interest in disproving the Holocaust to the infinitely more important matter of making whites take active stands against being made minorities all across the West. For the time being you cannot have both.

          • Felix, Alzaebo, you are a liability to the cause of waking up whites to save themselves when you peddle your Holocaust denialism.

            Well, it wasn’t a liability in our case, was it? I’m not saying we should make it a cause celebre, just that there are many roads leading to Rome and that it’s better to have multiple attack vectors than a coordinated effort.

            saving the reputation of a dead Austrian corporal.

            This is not about muh Adolf. As I wrote above, I think the right guys won – or at least, the right guy lost. It’s about pulling the curtain aside for a moment, let the normies see the man, the scope of deception.

            If I were to be cynical (perish the thought!) I’d say it doesn’t really matter whether it’s true or not, but only that Holocaust revisionists have a very convincing case that can turn people to our side.

            About your link: that analyses – made in 1994 – was not presented in the trial as I recall or, admittedly, it might not have made much impression on me at the time, but I figure if it were solid, they would allow independent researchers to take samples. Instead they put people in jail, and if their lawyers tries to argue the material point of the case, he goes to jail too.

            And as I also wrote, this is just one out of many of the issues I have with Auschwitz.

          • Deservedly or not, the Nazis have become ‘kings of creepy’. Think of this as Bliezkrieg (or to be more correct, the indirect approach); the Holocaust is a VERY strong fortress in a strategically largely irrelevant place. Ignore it and go for what IS strategic: white replacement. Go around strong-points.

          • Moran – I acknowledge your point – going around strong points is sound advice – but one basis of the left’s control is their weaponizing of language. Just like “racist,” “Hitler” has become synonymous with Satan, and that must change. Not because I worship nazis (far from it, for various reasons, none of which include the holocaust industry), but because we must destroy that conditioned response to certain words. Start by explaining to people that mentally-retarded was intended as a kinder term than imbecile – hell, start with Shakespeare and the rose – but I don’t believe we can merely work ‘around’ weaponized language and magic words.

          • I suppose I can go along with that, and to be fair, I don’t preach about muh Holocaust very much – I sort of got it out of my system some years back, but I still think you need to lob a few mortar rounds over the walls now and then, get them riled up and frothing.

  26. What we are seeing is an attempt to stamp out heresy by an incompletely established secular theocracy.

    While it may be useful at present to pretend otherwise, the managerial class is far less monolithic in composition and outlook than many want to believe.

    As things fall apart this will become clearer. And this is why some portion of the managers have to be provided the hope of a way out.

  27. There is another possibility and that is a genuine fear rooted in real danger.

    Well, you might put it like this: they are overreacting. White identitarians are a rather feeble, atomized, underfunded bunch, but we’re real all the same.

    The perverse truth is that if we were as awesomely threatening as they say, we would have won a long time ago.

    You might say that we trigger their immune system, and their immune system overreacts. But the thing is, we are a poisonous body in their thing. Equally, they are a poisonous body in our thing.

    So it all just comes down to who wins, them or us. The only two choices are right-wing authoritarianism or left-wing authoritarianism. Which one of those do you think would be better, not just for /us/, but for normie whiteman?

    It would help if we were as fanatical as them. I remember Morgoth praising a “healthy sense of racism” in traditional white people. We need to be in touch with those deep, dark wells of our being.

    The problem is that leftism systematically attracts fanatical types because of its very nature. That means we’ll have an uphill battle. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll lose. It’s just a cross we’ll have to bear.

    • As for normies, I think the anti-white campaigns could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. More white normies will notice the intense hatred directed at them, and some will wake up and actually become the race-conscious people that, originally, they had been unfairly accused of being.

      It may seem unfair that we have all this forced on us. But war is one of those bilateral events that can be unilaterally initiated. I.e., if someone makes war on you, you are at war, whether you want to be or not.

      • Two requirements necessarily before whites begin to fight back. 1. They, their kin, their way of life is in danger. 2. That If it comes to blows, they could lose. All that seems theoretical and distant today.

    • If we were obviously wrong, they wouldn’t need to shut us up. They only need gatekeeper opposition like Charlie Kirk and Yarzony because truth leads normies to us. That’s an advantage they can never negate.

      • That’s an advantage they can never negate.

        Except by making us an impotent, hated minority. That’s why this is such high stakes for both, or rather all, sides.

  28. You don’t need to go as far back as Salem. The McMartin Preschool trial is a modern day version of that. The MSM, DA, local authorities were all sure Satanic rituals and child abuse happened at the pre-school but in reality nothing did. The authorities just took the accusations of alcoholics and lunatics and ran with them.

    The MSM and FBI persecution of Richard Jewel and Stephan Hatfill are other classic cases

    That said, the managerial class is worried because they’re afraid that the raping they’ve been giving to lower class whites for the last 40 years may come back and bite them in the ass, fatally.

    Hence their obsession with trying ban to “assault weapons”. Can’t have the peons having the same level of firepower as a SWAT member employed by the managerial class.

    • Rod;
      You are right to point to the ‘Satanic Preschool Abuse’ phenomenon of the ’90s as a parallel to the Salem Witch Trials. But literal witch-panics go back even before the Middle Ages*. Probably have always been with humanity.

      What the two more recent phenomena have in common is that they were kicked off by fantastic accusations by (literally) hysterical young females who were then joined by a critical mass of unmoored, virtue signaling, soft heads (‘you *must* believe the children_!’) sufficient to overcome the resistance of weak-minded local authorities. Once the ball started rolling, further accusations became a status contest much like SSJW’s working to ‘outwoke’ each other.

      In FL & MA the local (female, natch) DA’s decided to ride the tiger to fame and fortune. In PA, IIRC. a hard-headed DA squelched the whole business by demanding to see the wounds and bodies first before proceeding.

      So, one antidote, then ands now, is to demand hard evidence, not handwaving about mysterious invisible forces. The Puritans were at a disadvantage over DA’s in the ’90s because they actually *did* believe in the supernatural. One rejoinder that was somewhat effective then, IIRC, was to ask who *actually* was doing the devil’s work, the victim or the mob.
      *The medieval ones usually got shut down once the local hysterics ran out of powerless, marginal people to persecute. One they accused the Baron’s ex girlfriend, that was it: The Inquisition got called in to sort the matter our and the lead fanatics often got their turn at the stake.

  29. “The underlying assumption of the White Fright is a belief that whites are secretly organizing to overthrow the current order and impose some sort of pale patriarchy on the country”

    Would that it were true

    • Psychologists call that “projection”: assigning to another some personal flaw that you have.

  30. The difficulty for whites getting into the identity politics racket is that the two parties won’t have it. The GOP to some extent is the “default” but the eGOP consistently stabs whites in the back. Options seem to be either (1) form a third party (not much success since Bull Moose, although the oddball Libertarian has had some here or there) or (2) work a split from one of the other two. Oddly, I think splitting the Dems is the better option because (1) they have already bought into identity politics, so what is one more identity and (2) it will take a while for any emergent 3rd party to be successful, and bad as they are, I’d rather have the GOP winning in the near term vs. Dems.

    • A third party won’t get off the ground unless it uses the major parties to leverage itself. Dems are likely more receptive to our ideas as we’re much more identitarian and collectivist than the official GOP. The GOP’s post-Boomer existence will depend entirely on its kabuki opposition role, just like Microsoft propped up Apple in its pre-IPhone days to maintain the fiction of competition. I’ve heard Striker & others argue that the GOP could maintain a genuine core by importing more selfish libertarian-inclined Pajeets and Hans, but I don’t see it. Immigrant climbers will go for the strong Left horse in simlar (80%-ish) numbers as they have in the past. The rump plurality of Whites which will be left post-Boomers (based simply on today’s existing demographics) will be more receptive to 5PT politics as a matter of existential survival. I’d like to see a functioning White party on the official stage by then, with as much seasoning as possible. It won’t save us by playing in the system, but it will give us leverage for running interference and judo-ing the system’s momentum to our advantage when we can.

    • not much success since including Bull Moose

      Teddy Roosevelt was one of the worst Presidents we ever had. He wielded his cult of personality for progressive aims, and then he threw an election to Woodrow Wilson.

  31. This ‘White Fright’ could be projected guilt. The managerial class secretly, in the last remaining abodes of ‘normalcy’ inside them, know they have betrayed the society and group that gave them everything and allowed them to be ‘the leaders.’ Now they have to try to convince themselves that what they did was not high treason and pure evil. Like the rapist convincing himself the victim was ‘really a slut asking for it’.

    Someone, I forget who, said the strongest source of hatred is from someone who knows they did something wrong or evil to someone else. B/c their whole self-respect now depends on convincing themselves and the world that what they did, wasn’t really evil. And deep down, they know it was. This intellectual dissonance, and the accompanying projected self-hatred, is the source of genuine wickedness. Maybe that’s what this ‘White Fright’ is all about??

    • Moran, seems a bit too Freudian. Like they have great insight into or control of their own nature. I just think of the phrase “banality of evil” when considering these folk.

      • It is not Freudian at all. The basic idea is that you did something that you basically know was not a nice thing to do. Are you going to admit that you’re immoral, possibly even evil? Or are you going to rationalize what you did to convince yourself that what you did was deserved and moral? This happens every day, perhaps most commonly in the area of infidelity. But it scales up w/o problem.

        • Rationalization, dissonance, projection—all terms you’ve used above were developed and first used by Freud and his acolytes. Freudian to the max.

          • Okay, I don’t know enough about Freud to know if that is true or not. What I know is that people will often explain away their own wrong actions by blaming the victim. And that’s not b/c Freud ‘invented it’ 🙂

          • Freud invented/discovered/theorized/wrote on just about everything you’ve said as early as the 1890’s. That you believe it, or at least speak in this terminology—and I tend to do so myself—says much about Freud’s influence on Western society and thinking.

            Hell, such theories of Freud such as the Id/Ego/and Superego are fundamental to any number of movie plots, even to this day. Often with the main characters discussing such without the necessity of explanation to the audience of these concepts or even their validity!

            However, it needs to be noted that Freud never put any of his theories to scientific testing, measurement, or even meaningful review. Some of his followers have been a bit more rigorous, but still leave much to be desired.

            BTW, I believe, but am too lazy to look it up that you will find analogy/description to “blaming the victim” as early as Freud’s monograph: “The Psychopathology of Everyday Life”—which was required reading when I was a freshmen back in the day. That was my initial infection to the man.

          • I don’t give a hoot in hell what Freud wrote about. Blaming the victim is not an imaginary human behavior Freud pulled out of his anal phase. It is something humans do, on a regular basis. Did Newton invent gravity?? Did Archimedes invent density?

            I admit I am speculating when I suggest that maybe the ‘elite’s’ fear of whites could be victim blaming. But your argument is like leftists saying ‘if Hitler was against unemployment it must be good’ Or JQ ppl saying ‘Oh, a Jew once said that, so…you know…can’t be true.’ I don’t CARE what Freud said.

  32. Despite the best efforts of the zookeepers some of the lions have managed to get out of their cages and more are joining them. Fright is to be expected. The managerial class will fight. Flight will become increasingly attractive to the parasitical as things become increasingly volatile. Make connections. Prepare yourself.

    • What should we do? I was thinking food and gold hoarding maybe, but I am afraid to actually do it for fear that I will not ever need the gold and the food and will have wasted my cash.

      • Buy a fire proof safe and put in some cash money and guns & ammo. Buy at least one of those $99 food rations kits that lasts up to 25 yrs. Move to a part of the country where you can become self-sufficient and learn to grow your own food, raise chickens, and collect your own rain water.
        It requires you doing whatever it takes to be anti-fragile.

      • The single most important thing you can do is to develop a small network of people who can rely on one another. Make contingency plans for possible breakdowns in basic services, sporadic outbreaks of violence, possible need to evacuate a locale, a region, etc….

        If you don’t have a few basic handyman skills pick up a few.

        Make sure the skills books are hard copy and not digital.

        “Never talk about fight club.”

      • Learn hand-to-hand combat. I’m serious. A concealed weapons permit is good but a thug can be on you before you withdraw your weapon, even if he’s 21′ away. Google “Tueller distance” for more info.

        People who are trained and in good shape send “Don’t mess with me” vibes that thugs pick up.

  33. The panic is over the prospect of SpyGate/RussiaGate indictments coming from Barr/Durham in the coming weeks. Both men are Caucasian, so that may be why the meme White Fright is trending. Progressives are cowardly bullies and not well suited for prison life (see as example Jeffery Epstein). The DC Double Standard will probably keep them out of jail, but they are spooked nonetheless.

    • I agree re: cause of the panic. The Epstein thing was inserted to dirty up the AG Barr-led Justice Dept., with Epstein’s ancient/not very strong connection to Trump. BTW I read somewhere that Barr’s father was part Jewish; he was also head of NYC Upper East Side Dalton (private-very Jewish-I had college classmates who went there) School and had hired Epstein for a couple of years to work at the high school, before he went to work at Bear Stearns. CIA is in there, somewhere IMO. Weird, all that. I think this is a distraction from what is coming down, though, and they know it. Barr knows this jailhouse death makes his department look bad. He is the skipper of the ship and is going to find out who screwed up, make them walk the plank.

  34. Z notes that “(t)he similarities between modern Progressivism and Puritanism, in its manifestations, not theologically, is hard not to notice.”

    It’s crucial, and people are noticing. Counter-Currents has a book review up ( where the author examines the shared “values” of neo-liberalism’s capitalist and progressive wings. What he finds sounds to me like a “prosperity gospel” similar to both the Puritan and later WASP and evangelical belief that “Elect” status is evidenced by material success.

    Z’s hit on the major negative drivers of the White Fright, fearing the ooga-booga spirits outside Big Other’s tribal bounds and their literal “demonization” of Whites to cement their Tribe. I think there’s a positive reinforcer working with this negative one. The prosperity gospel of neoliberalism gives believer elites moral permission to wallow in Bohemian Grove luxury and excess, and to ruthlessly crush dissenters, while championing the disadvantaged and downtrodden in their own hearts and minds. They are the new Elect, chosen by a “meritocracy,” self-evidenced by their status. Those who invoke evil spirit-words like nepotism and hypocrisy are servants of the Devil.

    As the Southern survivors of the Second Founding as well as the Central and Axis powers of the world wars can attest, there is no headier cocktail to gin up a Yankee-led crusade than the mix of salvation and sales, with a strong jolt of fear to first liven the public palate. Like a fire needs air, fuel and heat, every Onward Christian Merchants crusade needs righteousness, profit and fear. The seemingly bizarre alliance of Woke Capital is fueled by all three.

    • Great, CounterCurrents does a review on a book. More talk by them, and even more talk by you. Actions matter now, not philosophical musings.

  35. Here’s another possible partial explanation for the White Fright: used to be that the white working class reliably pulled the Democratic lever. Then the Dems went a bit crazy, and those folks starting voting Republican. It wasn’t that long ago that the white working class were portrayed heroically in movies — when they still voted the right way.

    There is a 1984 theme going on here: the inner party (oligarchs and high-level Dems) have concluded that the white working class are problem, and the outer party (managerial class) knows what is expected, and probably not at a conscious level.

    • That was the whole idea behind Marcuse et al’s break with “economic Marxism” through :cultural Marxism.” The White working class was fundamentally reactionary – look at what the Teamsters did to Antifas in Nixon’s admin. The Cult-Marx’s saw that college students were much better revo material. Turns out to have been a strong winning play, outcome still thankfully uncertain.

      • Yeah, the outcome is uncertain. You starting confiscating the 401Ks of these managerial class types to give to the newcomers, and suddenly Che Guevara doesn’t seem so cool.

      • Joe the plumber won’t be on the city council anymore, but college students are groomed for that council.

        So they expanded the franchise, and made a lot of money selling that student debt chain. “Buy in, join the club and get the benefits!”

        Their gaseous managerial economy is indeed the new prosperity gospel.

        But now it’s Sancho, not Joe, barely keeping the toilets working- and Sancho wants his slice.

        The Panic is because they’re starting to miss Joe. Joe might even find a new girlfriend, while Sancho’s already started cheating on them.

    • What happened to the white working class (men and women) in the 80s and 90s in the Dem Party started happening to middle and upper-middle class white men in 2000s and 2010s. Next on the chopping block are suburban white women, who will be attacked as racist and marginalized in the 2020s and 2030s.

      The Dems are systematically throwing out their least reliable (and least liked by ((TPTB))) white groups as they get enough brown voters to replace them.

      • They way they systematically exploit white women, most of whom are simple, nice people who just want to be liked–weaponizing them for political ends only to throw them away later, as you say–is unconscionable.

        • They won’t throw them out, but they already kick them in the teeth now and then when it suits them — especially White, male homosexuals. They don’t care. Homosexuals are like Blacks. They aren’t going to leave the Democratic Party in large numbers, no matter how much they get shit on.

        • It will intensify. The breaking point will happen when the average white college female no longer feels safe at her diverse college and she realizes that she is not part of the sisterhood with Shaniqua and Alejandra.

          To help that along, we need to agree with and amplify the anti-white women parts of the Leftist agenda. Look up so-called “white feminism” for some helpful talking points

  36. The underlying assumption of the White Fright is a belief that whites are secretly organizing to overthrow the current order and impose some sort of pale patriarchy on the country.

    A boy can dream . . . .

  37. I think your 2nd to last explanation makes the most sense. I got called racist and sexist one too many times for the crime of being a white guy who believed in tabula rasa libertarianism.

    I then started reading badthink from ROK to counter feminism. That lead to other badthink, most notably Heartiste. Once you accept the red pill about sex, the reality of race is the next step.

    Leftism is a religion for the weak, deviants, and the mediocre. Because we are good natured and high trust, we are susceptible. Thus it became the dominant morality. Because it is based on victimhood and there is always a more pathetic victim, it has no limiting principal. Because it is a religion, it cannot brook heresy and there is much heresy. Reality is a heresy and so is criticism from right-liberals despite the fact that they agree on fundamental premises.

    Thus it naturally labels whites, men, normal people, and Christians as deplorable by nature. Once you realize that only shutting up, paying your taxes, and swallowing every humiliation they inflict is the only existence you will have, heresy looks like a good option. Leftism creates its own enemy. In a way, the Marxists were ironically right when they applied the Hegelian dialectic to history.

      • “Ben Myers?” It’s like the trolls are not even trying anymore. You can do better. Up your game.

    • One of the defining features of leftists is, they can look you right in the face and lie.

      I think that’s one of the reasons they’re doing so well, to be honest. Most normies are trusting types, and aren’t trained, like long-term d-righters, to stay steely-eyed and unfazed in the face of left-wing sociopathy.

      Dissident rightists are like detectives working the con-man beat. We know the con-men’s tricks, but innocent people are still out there getting conned all the time, and it’s our job to educate and protect them.

      • they can look you right in the face and lie.

        Can you say anti-social personality disorder, ie psychopathy??

      • The true Antifa operators can gaslight because they’re borderline or actual sociopaths or psychopaths. The second tier = Havel’s greengrocer or Winston Smith with 2+2=5 – their willingness to spit in truth’s face is their badge of Convergence.

        • One of the first things people learn to do is lie and the first person they lie to is themselves. That’s how you become a good liar. It’s a convenient tool for manipulating others but you will never address your own flaws.

          Excellence and mastery come from brutal self-criticism and truth-seeking which few are capable of. Leadership is the application of this technique in a way that people don’t hate you and when they improve and are strengthened by it, grow to love you.

          Which do you think the average person chooses? This is the fundamental reason why women can’t turn boys into men; and why a society that elevates women into masculine responsibilities is doomed. Women should never perform this task anyways as it would destroy their femininity by making them too hard psychologically.

    • You are a total bell end and spouting bollocks.
      You only have to look at the news and crime stats to see that the Blacks and Muslims are inflicting daily violence against us Honkies.

    • Then the best thing is for POCs to be protected from the racist oppressive violence of white men by physical separation. That way, everyone wins.

    • Most violence is caused by white men. I don’t why this is.

      Because whites are the majority in America.

      You’re welcome.

      • I hear where you are coming from Felix, but if a particular minority is responsible say for 50+% of the murders on the FBI stat’s, then really one can’t expect Whites to top that—no matter how hard we try. ;-). Now that’s only one of our hard working violent minorities. We’ve got others which would be lumped together against White stat’s. Really, it’s an unfair match.

  38. The threat of white identity politics to the political establishment is obvious. The ruling classes formulated a strategy of dealing with non-whites in the fifties. They threw white Southerners under the bus first because they were the low-hanging fruit in the effort to create new symbols of evil. By the time LBJ had finished de-constructing America, the Elites had their strategy fleshed out. They had fully destroyed the validity of rights of association. With help from the ubiquitous Frankfurt School and an obedient media class, the divisive ideologies were rolled out with little to stop them. It looked like final victory was theirs with the election of Obama. The problem was that whites were at least intelligent enough to realize they were being slowly boiled to death. The paleoconservatives probably saw it first. No matter. The internet helped our side coalesce. It was the coalescence of whites into a recognizable resistance to the Ruling Elite that was always their great fear. When Hillary lost, that fear hit panic proportions. Even our partial success is anathema to them.

    • Bingo! They didn’t foresee the internet. An underground printing press in every pocket. Our saving grace.

  39. White Fright makes perfect sense. The ideological age is coming to a close. The demographic age is ascendant. The ((Left)) and its white minions have nearly achieved victory with the help of their brown hoard. But there’s a potential turd in the punch bowl: White identity.

    If whites join the identity politics game, the whole thing blows up. Whites are by far the most competent group, even more competent than a particularly special ((people)) who are great at scheming, but not so great at building. Without whites, the society falls apart. But racially aware and organized whites are a massive threat to ((TPTB)) and could easily vie for (and likely win) control of the society. The ((Left)) needs whites, but it also needs those whites to be completely race unaware in a society built on racial identity.

    A difficult task indeed, though they’re using every possible propaganda and mind-control technique available to get it done.

    White Fright is about killing the baby in the crib. Even the slightest hint of white identity or white organizing must be destroyed with extreme prejudice. And you can’t get that level of punishment without working your troops into a frenzy.

    • I’d like to amend my comment. I believe that White Fright is perfectly reasonable for the top ((globalists)). But I also believe that for the mid-level troops – the reporters, the Nice White Ladies, and leaders of the brown hoard – this is a scary specter. These people are the zealots of our Equality theocracy, so they do believe in white witches.

      The top brass of our enemies see us an earthly threat, while their troops view us as ghostly eyes watching them in the dark from the trees, ready to spring at any moment.

      • You do have to give the top-level “globalists” credit for creating fictions so compelling that weak-minded people take them for realities.

        Countering that is the challenge we have to embrace.

        • Tell every white that you know in an off-handed way that their children will be not just a minority in this country but a despised minority.

          This is the best recruiting tool we have at the moment. It freaks people out because they know that it’s true, but you’re not disagreeing with them on anything so they’re more open.

          • Except Generation Z is immune to this “threat of disease” called “being a despised minority” by virtue signaling overlords such as yourself. They are thoroughly integrated with the Jews, Chinks, and assorted darkies of the world.

    • A slightly off topic reminder-Special Whites only make up 1.4-1.7% of the population in Current Year, and make up the largest ethnicity engaged in LGBTQQIAA.
      They also outbreed in the 30% range, and only the Orthodox have large birth numbers.
      IOW, to a large degree, they are genociding their own genetics.
      Just a happy thought that cheers me up when I’m feeling down.

  40. The process of whites becoming minority-majority has been moving along without much protest. Fairly smooth sailing for the elites. Now that we’re getting closer to the 50 percent mark, more whites are waking up and many don’t like it. Whites are also increasingly noticing that identity politics are everywhere, with whites not allowed to be mentioned as a group in a positive way. Again, many don’t like it. This is where we’re entering choppy water for the elites, who would love to fast-forward past this section to quickly get to the land of a gun-less white minority.

    • “…to quickly get to the land of a gun-less white minority.”

      And a much-despised white minority.

      • I’m surprised I left that part out. Lately when I point out to normie-cons our coming minority status, I add that we and our children will be a despised minority, which usually brings a spooked, contemplative look to their faces.

        • A despised minority that will still be milked as the cash cow. What a pleasant future they have planned for us.

          Nice little future utopia y’all have planned there… sure would be a shame if something happened to it.

        • Yeah Wolf, turns out that any maths beyond muh 401k or muh home equity is hard for the normiecons to process.

          Even though their three kids have only produced a combined one grandkid and six grand furbabies, they can’t seem to reconcile that with their landscaper having his fifth child in a two bedroom one bath apartment.

          But at least all their kids went to College.

          IME, about half give the spooked look of having a glimpse at the demographics is destiny word problem.

          The other half, however, are of the ‘whites had a good long run…progress…diversity is our strength…the future is a brown female…” types who are either in dimension B full time or suffer the cogdis of realizing their lawershrike daughter probably won’t get married and reproduce so as long as she retains her sratus within the prog religion all is well.

          But admittedly thats probably because I live in a terrible bluetropolis of goodwhite prostration.

        • I shudder to think how precisely stupid you have to be at this point for it to be a shock that yes indeed, you will be a despised minority. It is mathematical certainty.

        • For the rationality-challenged sex, I like to add that what unborn grandchildren may ever exist will curse their grandmothers’ souls for inflicting their unending miseries.

          • So riddle me this, if white women are overly sensitive, driven by emotion and irrational, is referring to them with insulting terms going to get them on your side? This is some brilliant 4-d chess here. We need white women if we want a future.

          • They cannot be persuaded through logic and their overwrought emotional response will not work either. They will need to be forced – kicking and screaming if need be – to accept their proper, secondary place in the patriarchy. Fwiw, I think the brown future will do that job regardless – when enough of them stop feeling safe and entitled. I’m reminded of a line in a historical fiction/time-travel novel, where one man recognizes another is from the 20th century because she’s not afraid of men. This does NOT mean that women need to be threatened with rape or beatings (at least not from White men – the brown/black will not be stopped by law but only by force). It means women need to reacquaint themselves with men’s intrinsically superior strength and ability; to realize the word “no” has no magic power and their treasured “respect” was never earned, but indulgently granted by men. Again, I think reality will do this naturally as safe, anglo-saxon made America becomes Brazil and then Yugoslavia.

          • The truth is overwhelming, especially when spoken by a woman.

            Whatever you may have said about the physical weakness of women, for most of us white men, our deepest desire is to win your love, trust, and respect. You are the reason that we built civilization.

          • There is a simple answer to all of this, and it’s concerning not one person in this thread has grocked it. All your “solutions” are summed up in the 1st 5 books of the Bible, with elaboration and examples in the Gospels. Turning back to Godly morality and living like Jesus did would turn the tide, rapidly. No national politician seems interested in such a thing because it will mean loss of stature.

          • As well we know, women can be seduced by the media. So if brains were applied to the situation, we’d be working mightily to offer alluring alternatives to the progressive entertainment. They can throw all the gay characters and feminist subplots into Downton Abbey that they want, but that’s not what interests vast numbers of women who are still mightily longing to live charmed lives at a more old-fashioned pace. Oh, maybe not to a manorial degree but at least to be free of workplace drudgery and the accompanying fatigue of holding down a job and trying to create civilized lives: comfortable and appealing homes, healthy and sane children, fulfilling marriages and a lovely, graceful and dignified appearance. Women are failing on many counts and know it, but can’t see the convoluted reasons why–mainly that the media-hyped standards are too high, too consumer-driven; that they’ve been pumped up their whole lives to think they must compete with men; that their traditional skills and offerings have been devalued and replaced by machines. Women must be persuaded the new fight requires different values. Easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar.

          • So how do you “force” women in your own life to “accept their proper place in society”? Provide detailed advice, as you are an alleged man of “superior strength and ability”.

          • Anti-Gnostic: I am a woman who thinks logically and acknowledges reality. I guarantee you, although I lift regularly and heavy for my age/sex, my skinny 19 year old son, who does not lift (but does do mma) could beat my backside if he ever tried. You mistake the word “force” for physical violence. Every time your wife or daughter makes a stupid statement inconsistent with reality, CORRECT them. Don’t let it stand when they claim they’re tough, or think they can move safely through life by virtue of their own strength or abilities or character. If necessary, force them to watch videos of what’s happening to women in Europe, or the Scandinavian girls being beheaded, or a group of Negroes beating and kicking Whites. Force them to see the world as it is and don’t let them retreat to the rose-colored pc fantasies they’re fed all day in public school or from the media. Man up.

          • If any of the potentially “turn-able” YT normie women are out there, they need to be turned by those other of us YT women who have seen the light.
            If they are overly emotional and beyond help, forget it.
            Many are not worth he effort.
            (Says the rare YT unmarried female in this movement…)

    • I must say I was surprised by the national “crush this evil” review take. What the hell is happening over there?

      • There’s no reason to pretend any longer. They’ve removed the masks and are now the submissive Quislings we knew they were all along. That, plus they publish what the people keeping the lights on tell them to publish.

        • Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

          — President Woodrow Wilson, “The New Freedom”

    • My parents are from tiny little towns in Wisconsin. I think people there just assumed that it would be a white place forever. Indeed in the 1980s and 1990s, I spent my summers there and never once saw a minority.

      But when they started to appear you could sense people’s deep unease. Some of our people are “waking up,” but some of them do crimestop, from an unhealthy combination of cultural propaganda and their own deeply-rooted but unreciprocated decency.

  41. I’m not sure of the basis for your statement that the witch trials discredited Puritanism. Evolved Puritanism led to the abolition movement and also Prohibition. Many commentators have said the War Between the States was the victory of New England Puritans over Virginia Cavaliers and Appalachian Scots-Irish. I wouldn’t underestimate the ability of the modern Puritans to suppress emerging White identitarianism. The fact that it may lead ultimately to their own destruction may matter less to them than suppressing yet again their hated White rivals.

    • Generally, historians agree that the witch trials discredited Puritan theocracy and contributed to American aversion to mixing religion and politics. Certainly Puritanism did not go away, but mutated and evolved into new social movements. probably a better way to think of it is the old Round Head culture moved from explicit supernatural causes to subtle and implicit ones. Fighting slavery was a stand-in for fighting the devil. The social gospel was a replacement for religious proselytizing.

    • The fact that they’re willing to destroy the village in order to save it sums up the dangers of their fantacism perfectly. The modern crusades to bomb Iraq into the Liberty Age and our false-flaggotry with Iran and Venezuela b/c Judeus Vult shows they still have no self-restraint when ginned up on their own supply. The heathen American Sardaukar need to shake the opium haze & apply some social brakes to the runaway Puritan train – hopefully with better results than last time.

      Learning the lessons of why they won the Second Founding will help us win the Third. (((Oh my gawd, Third! You know what that sounds like! So ominous!)))

    • If the only enemy you see is, ‘White “educated” women and their effeminate White male enablers,’ you are missing at least half of our problems. We have more than one enemy and one of them incentivizes the others.

    • Well, White “educated” women are a major part of the problem, but it should be noted that their guru-ette Marianne Williamson is a jewess, not White.

    • I refuse to believe these people are gullible or stupid. Stupid and gullible people do not end up at or near the top of a hierarchy. The true believers are always out-maneuvered by the shrewd, cynical, intelligent and ruthless.
      I always thought Trump’s greatest strength was his way of speaking. His life’s path is littered with the corpses of people who thought he was just a stupid guy with a big mouth with a lot of money.

    • Women (not just White) are too easily led to sacrifice freedom in exchange for security and stability. That’s why they were not allowed to vote.

  42. “The White Fright may one day be seen as the turning point in the rise of white identity politics.”

    From your mouth to God’s ears.

  43. Chris Cuomo sure got unraveled yesterday. Just an example of what lies deep in these traitors and liars. Storms a comin’ they know it, and their house of cards is going with it.
    Of course, that doesn’t mean our side replaces it.

    • I saw that. Most of the links to the OyTube have since gone down as they try to squelch the vid.

      I am smelling fear on the other side of the great divide too. I think what they’re afraid of (and rightly so) – is that if the SHTF, race reality would reassert itself with a white meritocracy at the top and the marginals and more vibrant at the bottom. If that happens every last affirmative action flunky will have to get real jobs as will their enablers. (Assuming the survive what comes).

      What puzzles me is that they have to know the wheels are coming off. They obviously can’t run a civil nation, yet they persist in trying to kill the one they have. I personally am positive though: heritage Americans are not fwench peasants nor are they Venezuelans. The good guys WILL win this… assuming they act when the time comes.

      • Their plan is Pajeet and Chen replace Whites. We are the kulaked or given personal punishment collars and social scores determining if we eat that day. Nights under a bridge.

        That’s the plan.

        • The problem with that plan is that Pajeet and Chen can also replace Abram and Ester. Jews are smarter and play the game better than Indians and Chinese, but Indians and Chinese are tribal.

          I’ve already seen it in business. Indians and Chinese are very, very aware of Jews and view them as both something emulate and as competition. The days of playing the Washington Generals is over for the Jews.

          • I appreciate how coy Zman is about this, but we all know it is the Jews who are the ones who are fostering this hatred of whites. They at once claim to be us, until it is convenient to not be white. Jews are not white, and are the ones who are instigating this societal hatred. They’ve only done it 160 times before.

          • Contrary to popular belief, immigrants from Europe weren’t all eager and willing to become Americans when they arrived. Many were only interested in making money and some of them returned home. There was only one group, though, with an ancient grudge against people of European stock and Christianity and that was the Jews. Especially the Eastern European ones.

            Since 1965, they’ve acquired allies with the influx of massive numbers of immigrants from Third-World cultures with either historic or recently whipped-up grudges against the US, the West in general, Christians and Christianity.

          • The liberal elite class as a whole calculate that globalism will lead them to greater profit and power, and their wealth will insulate them from its negative effects. Today’s left-liberalism justifies their pursuing it. Most of them surely earnestly believe in it, since it’s human nature to want to align the pursuit of one’s power and well-being with Justice, Truth, Good, Progress, et al. And, since they believe in it, and since it is in their class’ power/profit interests, it is broadcast downward to society via mass-media, education, think-tanks, and so on. And modern society, and modern mass man and woman, being what they are, it largely, or completely, is embraced by the peasants.

            What liberalism has evolved into is a system in which those with the most power and influence, those wealthiest in other words, are the most insulated from the effects of globalism, and yet their power/profit interests are furthered by pursuing it. Liberalism has turned back on us, and will ultimately obliterate Western Civ. We can delay it by instilling sufficient terror in the elite class, but I do not see modern bourgeois middle-class whites pulling this off. And so, I advise you all to plan accordingly, and hope that the same elite that are destroying the West, don’t lose control of their project, and send masses of crazed non-whites your direction Rawanda style (chaos is bad for business, so I don’t think the liberal elite desire this, and could also turn on and threaten the liberal elite themselves).

        • No plan, no matter how good; survives first contact with the enemy. “Their” plans and tactics will be no different. If there’s to be a “party” – and we are confident there will be; then let’s go. Last I checked, I wasn’t getting younger – and this happened on our watch. The duty falls to us.

          • Things won’t be so bad that most normal people won’t be able to bear it. Anything else risks the elite class’ position. It will be a relatively slow descent, like what Zman has described. Things are noisy now because we are in a transition, but once it is accomplished, and people have accepted it as accomplished, things will calm down.

            As far as “let’s go” is concerned, the only way for us to effect positive change is by the spreading of ideas, in a sophisticated, factual, reasoned, self-aware fashion, preferably much better even than what I’ve been able to accomplish. Anything besides this gives justification for a clamp down on our ability to disseminate ideas, and for a clamp down on our 2nd Amendment rights to defend ourselves into the future. These are the facts.

            “Nothing that has once become a fact can be withdrawn – we are all thereafter obliged to walk in the particular direction, whether we will or not.”
            Oswald Spengler

          • The elites’ position is already tenuous; and they know it. I disagree also that it “won’t be so bad that most normal people won’t be able to, more or less, bear it”. That is normalcy bias; and the hope it won’t be that bad and it will happen slowly is akin to living in tornado country, sure in the knowledge that because your home has not been hit yet…
            I do agree that going forward, we have to affect positive change…etc. Excepting of course the fact that the “other side” is not listening – nor are they inclined to. We may have had that opportunity years ago, that time is passed. Here are the facts today – your ability to disemminate ideas is already being clamped down on – and “they” do so smugly – and care not a whit about ‘justification’. As for further attempts to clamp down on our 2nd Amendment RTKABA, I’m not sure what part of the past years you’ve missed; but they advance that agenda every day – and make up their justification for that as they go.
            I believe it would be wonderful, if as you say, we could sit down and talk it out and reason with them and help them see the errors of their ways; and teach them truth.
            But we are not dealing with rational beings. We are dealing with violent children, cat ladies, globo-homo, and every variety of fruit and nut out there. I believe almost all of us would like to see peaceful denouement to the current mess; however I see no calm reasoning from the left. Absenting a leader the left will listen to, as that leader counsels discourse over violence; the patience will wear out; and they will get the fight they seem to believe they want.
            I pray that your heartfelt hope for positive change happens. However, at this juncture I believe we would be better served by hoping they’d all just go away and leave us alone. And in my heart, I know neither has much chance of happening.
            Nice Spengler quote though. But as applies to today’s desire for overturning society – I like this one better:
            “It is a piece of intellectual stupidity to want to substitute something else for the social structure that has grown up through the centuries and is fortified by tradition. There is no substituting anything else for Life. After Life there is only Death.”

          • Unless I’ve been misinformed, my understanding of Spengler is that he believed life-cycles of civilizations, like other “organisms”, can come to an early end. Do you really think Spengler’s “Caesarism”, overthrowing the elite class of Money, or anything like it, is coming to us now? My guess is he would say we are fools, me for fantasizing that there is any possibility of masses of Westerners becoming like their ancestors long ago and changing things, and perhaps nearly all of us for writing what we do, considering the technology and resources of our government, considering how it already views and treats us, and considering the future quite certainly coming to us whether we like it or not. That Evola in the 60’s, and Junger in the 70’s, were already writing guides on how to remain internally Traditional or internally free and noble while stuck in a hopeless age tells me something.

            I’m here because I like to know what’s going on, I like old Right ideas, I like a sense of community with intelligent and more or less like minded people, and because it gives me a sense of doing a Duty, a sense that, even in this demented age, I can attain some nobility through it. Maybe if I help expose potentially receptive people to old Right ideas, I’ll be contributing to one or more of them catching on and spreading, and our chances will rise from 1/100,000 to 1/10,000. If nothing else, I can help like minded people see the situation we’re in, and prepare.

            We need to be realistic, and we need to remember that there are upset and unhinged people in our ranks, and that when they’re steered in the wrong direction, we, and they, are only harmed, potentially horrifically. I’m going to keep that more strongly in mind in the future.

    • Trump just trolled Fredo Cuomo big time:

      “Would Chris Cuomo be given a Red Flag for his recent rant? Filthy language and a total loss of control. He shouldn’t be allowed to have any weapon. He’s nuts!”

      Gives me a ray of hope…

    • Of course, the Leftists will use this Cuomo thing to ban all things “Fredo” on their platforms as racist (though it has nothing to do with race). This is how this works every time, something is effective against one of their wicked pets… bam. Banned.

      • Nah, Cuomo can’t play racism for the Italians. Accept it, you’re white like us. That said, maybe E. Michael Jones is right that there is no white, just Pole, Irish, Germans etc. Much way to navigate ourselves through all of this.

    • I think Cuomo feels the need for some street cred. If only it’d been a neo-Nazi skinhead type he threatened, he’d be on top today.
      But then, he wouldn’t have been as ballsy with a brawler type.

    • Indeed, Cuomo lost it…defending himself and his family from an agent provocateur. Perhaps you should employ your Christian sensibilities here rather than defend against a devilish ruse.

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