Monsters and Heroes

A common plot for a heroic tale is one where a people are under threat from a supernatural monster or maybe a person possessed by great evil. The king is either unable or unwilling to defend the people from the threat, so a great hero emerges to do that which the king is supposed to do. The hero then goes off to face the threat, defeats it thus saving the people and writing his name in the book of heroes. Probably the oldest existing version of this is the Old English epic poem Beowulf.

Now, more sophisticated versions of this plot will bring the king into the story line by exploring the reasons he cannot or will not defend his people. Maybe the king is playing a double game, where he hopes to summon the hero, who he sees as the greater threat, in order to get him killed by the monster. Alternatively, the king is weak or incompetent, thus he represents failed leadership. His character in the story is a reminder of the risk of to a people tolerating bad leaders.

Now, with that in mind, fast forward to the current age and consider what is happening in American public life. For starters, we have an economic system that cannot be described as anything but predatory. The issue has become so acute, even The Wall Street Journal has had to take note. The reason for the collapse of the America middle class is well known. The active efforts to suppress wages, while maintaining a usurious financial system, is draining the life out of the middle-class.

Again, the reasons for this are fairly well understood and, more important, we know who is behind the policies causing it. People have been writing about the financialization of the economy since the 1970’s. Way back when Wall Street convinced Congress they should auction off the manufacturing base, analysts on the Right and Left identified the prime mover behind this phenomenon. The monster that is savaging the people is well known, yet the king does nothing to defend his people.

Concomitant with the financial collapse of the middle-class has been the spiritual and cultural collapse. Probably the most symbolic aspect of this is the opioid crisis, which has put its icy hand on every shoulder of society. It’s not just an urban thing like prior drug epidemics or a class thing like crime. Look at the number of high profile people who ended up in a rehab facility after getting hooked on pain killers. Every week, the nation’s obituaries are full of stories about opioid related deaths.

Again, this is not some great mystery. On the one hand, you have people like the Sackler family who basically got a license to kill. They used it to flood the nation with legal drugs and induced doctors to hand them out like candy. Similarly, the flood of fentanyl from Mexico is well understood. We know who is doing this to the American people, yet the people in charge barely acknowledge it. The monster that is savaging the people is well known, yet the king does nothing to defend his people.

We have spent three years being lectured by our betters about those clever Russians and their Facebook ads, threatening our democracy. It was a giant hoax, of course, and we know why the hoaxers perpetuated it. They were covering up a seditious plot to subvert the 2016 election. The fact that it was a hoax does not mean there are no threats to the political order. We know, for example, that the tech giants are deliberately trying to subvert the democratic processes.

Again, this is not some mysterious thing that is just coming to light. It has been happening for a long time now. Here we have Silicon Valley trying to bully British media outlets to not interview Farage. Here we have a former Google exec explaining how his former employer interferes in elections. What’s happening with these tech oligopolies is not some great puzzle that has just coming to light. The monster that is savaging the people is well known, yet the king does nothing to defend his people.

The pattern is unmistakable. Time after time the people come under threat from a well understood enemy of bourgeois order and time after time the people in charge do nothing about it. Only the most naive think the Epstein affair or the massive corruption in the FBI will be addressed. At this point, everyone knows the plot. The flow of stories will slow to a trickle and then the whole thing will be forgotten. In time, Epstein’s plotters will be partying with the FBI plotters at Lois Lerner’s Vineyard mansion.

The people are under threat by a variety of monsters. It’s not just Grendel, but Grendel’s mother and the whole extended family. The people in charge, whether out of fear, avarice or degeneracy do nothing about these threats. People thought the Orange Knight was the hero, who could slay the monsters and bring peace to the people, but thus far he has remained under his desk, posting insults on Twitter. In fact, the king sees the hero as a greater threat than the monsters that savage his people.

If our version of this tale is to be recounted in future generations, the plot will have to take a different turn. Ours will have to be the version where the people, seeing the king undermine and plot against the hero, finally realize that the real monster vexing them is the one who rules over them. Every society is under threat from monsters, often ones they created or allowed to develop in their ranks. The people who survive are those who figure it out and either find a hero to slay the monster or do the job themselves.

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217 thoughts on “Monsters and Heroes

  1. Great Grendel Line. Extended family etc.

    Yes every generation of men must struggle to survive or be enslaved or exterminated. We were enslaved, awoke and so face extermination.

    I wouldn’t write off Orange Disappointment Man. As it turns out he didn’t have an army just voters and that’s not enough. Mind you 3 things 1) we were spared Grendels mom as President,
    2). He has unmasked the conspiracy
    3) He moved the ball and Overton window.

  2. Slightly more than three years ago, most were blithely unaware there even was a monster so I have to disagree with your overall premise, Z. You acknowledge the thematic flaw with “when history is written,” which undermines much of what previously was written. The propaganda outlets have been castrated, the Deep State remains entrenched but exposed and reviled, the controlled opposition has been reduced to rubble, and despite their convergence the corporations are on thin ice and subject to harsh regulation if not outright nationalization in the near future.

    Everything has changed and it ain’t coming back. Trump wasn’t a panacea or even a satisfying partial solution. He was the start, though, of the undermining the entire Cathedral, which has started to creak and one day will implode swiftly.

    Sometimes in my bleakest moments I concoct a wild conspiracy theory in which Trump was a mole, a double agent for the Deep State, a paid Pied Piper who led the historic nation into gun control and evermore uncontrolled mass invasion under the guise of trying to do something. Then the previous unchecked trajectory is recalled and undermines the entirety of that dark hypothesis. The closest analogy is how the Greenhouse Gas Theory, which required a constant temperature increase to be viable, was debunked. Once the unexpected cooling was exposed, we got claims of ambiguous, ill-defined climate change because the Greenhouse Gas Theory no longer could be sustained. The Cathedral needed ever-more forward advancement to remain intact. Even a pause marked the beginning of its end. Once seen it cannot be unseen let alone saved. The hysteria is remarkable but understandable.

    That’s not a wildly optimistic take, by any means, and things will get much more ugly before that cloud of dust races skyward, but we are winning despite the increased oppression, which is a reaction to the new reality. An alternate outcome simply didn’t seem possible prior to 2015. An alternate outcome is inevitable now.

  3. The ‘people’ are their own monsters. No one makes borrowers buy $500k houses or $70k cars they can’t afford. The middle class in many ways has hollowed out itself by eating its seed corn.

    • You believe that the main enemy that white Americans face is irresponsible financial choices?

      • To a point. Financially irresponsible citizens elect financially irresponsible representatives who then legislate CRA and other such crap.

        • So, the fact that our elites are committed to massive immigration, outsourcing, affirmative action, and anti-white ideology is less important?

          • I agree with you on the elites commitment to destroying the nation through immigration and anti-whiteness which has mostly been accomplished via legislation. We elect these bastards. So who then is responsible if not self-destructive citizens? Not all of us vote for scumbags, but a lot of parasites are more than happy to vote for a sugar daddy. Those parasites can be elites or welfare class dirtbags.

          • I agree that many white people have been gullible and lazy, but who could they have voted for that could have prevented our current situation? Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot…?

            The potential candidates are pre-selected by our enemies by the campaign finance process to ensure that they win.

            While I agree that many whites have made poor choices, I don’t blame them for living in a world largely controlled by our enemies.

    • There’s that nasty personal responsibility thing rearing it’s ugly head again. Be careful – the lefties will get mad if you say people do stupid shit to themselves and therefore deserve to suffer the consequences of their actions.

  4. It may not be Beowulf and no one took it seriously, but one thing I learned from watching The Wild Wild West as a kid was that the monstrous threat roaming the countryside — be it a ghost, a dragon, sea serpent, deadly curse or whatever — was usually not real but an illusion created by the elites to intimidate and swindle the innocent. And 50-plus years later here we are

    • Indeed, there are no monsters, only creatures that are more or less difficult to kill. But with sufficient courage and skill, man can kill ANY such creature. Some circumstances require collective action. As has been commented repeatedly, Our Thing must form mannerbunde.

  5. This is all well and good, but one thing you keep overlooking is that we have no king. This kind of mobile banditry is precisely the reason more civilized societies *did* have kings.

  6. “Way back when Wall Street convinced Congress they should auction off the manufacturing base, analysts on the Right and Left identified the prime mover behind this phenomenon”

    Can someone expound on this or point me towards reading material?

  7. Writes Z:

    “Probably the oldest existing version of this is the Old English epic poem Beowulf.”

    Um, no, that would be the account of David and Goliath in the book of Samuel. Your opening paragraph is in fact the EXACT storyline, word for word.

    However, your analysis of our ‘usurious financialized economy’ being the hub of the wheels (which are about to come off) is spot on. The “king does not defend his people” because he’s himself a part of the hustle. I’d think by now the mask has slipped enough that no one but a functional retard can’t see it. And as you said, the spiritual and cultural collapse which ride with the Black horse of our economic apostasy will bring the most immediate and lasting consequences. A nation can overcome sudden poverty or famine or war, but the loss of culture and religion is the Second Death, from which there is no return.

    Our “king” was never anything but a rejection of THE King which is as old as the story of David in the book of 1 Samuel… the consequences of which are found in chapter 8 of that very same book. Read it and weep, people.

      • “…The DNA suggests an influx of people of European heritage into Ashkelon in the twelfth century BC. The individuals’ DNA shows similarities to that of ancient Cretans, but the team warns that it is impossible to specify the exact place in Europe from where Philistines had migrated to Levant, due to limited number of ancient genomes available for study, “with 20 to 60 per cent similarity to DNA from ancient skeletons from Crete and Iberia and that from modern people living in Sardinia…”

      • C’mon Z , you’ve read the story. Goliath is described as a “giant” of over ten feet tall, whose “spear was as a weaver’s beam”. All of the armies of King Saul were terrified of him, and Saul himself—being “head and shoulders taller than all of the people of Israel”—was just the man who should have faced the enemy. But he let a little shepherd boy fight the battle for him.

        Same as it ever was.

        And, btw, all of the people written of in the Bible were “white guys,” as only the descendants of Adam are followed through the scriptures. Other races/families are never mentioned.

        “Israelis” are not in the Bible either. Those people from the modern State of Israel have no lineage from the biblical sons of Jacob/Israel, nor do they claim to. They don’t even follow his Yahwistic religion.

  8. One problem, as some have also mentioned, is that there is no consensus on who are ‘the people.’ To SJWs everyone, maybe except whites or white males or white straight males, are ‘the people’. To us whites are and have to be the backbone or core of ‘the people.’ That is one very fundamental divide that I don’t see how could be overcome other than with one side vanquishing the other. And I do not have some weird fetish for civil war. If it comes it will be hell, it will really be hell.

  9. The same Enlightenment that killed God also killed the ties of ‘blood’ (in a non purely biological sense), and enthroned in its place liberal “individual rights” and “individual freedom”. It’s individual versus society, freedom versus obligation, rights versus duties. What focus on social duty exists now is universalistic, since humanity is just so many individuals “created equal”. It seems to me that while the “Right” is still mired in individualism, the Left is directed toward universalism.

    As Spengler wrote long ago:

    “…the Jacobins had destroyed the old obligations of the blood and so had emancipated money; now it stepped forward as lord of the land.”

    Zman’s discussion of slaying monsters also brings to mind Spengler:

    “…hardly anyone can attain to the inward detachment that is required for a clear view of the monstrous drama.”

    Our elite class is Spengler’s “emancipated money.” They no longer bind themselves to a Divine (“theocracy”), or to the “ties of blood” (“Nazism!”). The death of God and of a society united by “obligations of the blood” has brought us Last Man, like our apathetic and often miserable whites, and brought us masses of whites made demented by self-serving “emancipated money” elites with left-liberal propaganda. It’s no wonder they’re not up for slaying the liberal monster.

    Unless liberalism and the Last Man soul of modern whites that it has helped spawn is dissolved in acid, I don’t see any positive changes coming our way. Millions more of us have to stop being individuals, to develop devotion to “ties of blood”, and to be willing to tremendously sacrifice for it, before “our thing” stops beings a marginal element capable only of a banzai charge. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    I’d like to add this in:

    “What the Hippies did for sex, drugs and rock and roll, namely increasing its societal acceptance, Reagan and Thatcher did for short-sighted economic greed; both groups, formally opposed to each other, pushed for an individualist egocentric mindset.”

    • Preus;
      Excellent points. I’d say that the monster Z Man is looking for is actually Utopianism and those who use it for their own benefit. IOW, it has spiritual dimensions.

      It is a most ancient heresy that smart people can achieve heaven on earth through using their special knowledge. Tikkin Olam (?) is the Jewish version, Gnosticism is the early Christian version.

      The spiritual antidote is Biblical Christianity. Whatever flavor doesn’t matter so long as they accept and proclaim the reality of human depravity. This doctrine has the absolute *most* historical evidence in its favor of any doctrine of any religion at any time in any place. And yet it is widely condemned by ‘the enlightened’. Makes one wonder why.

      The obvious answer is the sin of pride. ‘You shall be as gods’ said the serpent in the garden. The appeal has never changed.

      • I agree, but I think the origin and power behind that left-liberal utopianism is the will to power of Money, it is a mask for pursuing their interests, which even fools themselves to a large extent. The propaganda they send downward to society captures many whites and makes them True Believers in the crusade as well, although their interests are ultimately massively harmed.

        The problem with Christianity today is that it has been heavily infected with liberalism and steered toward a near total universalism, leaving the “ties of blood” behind. It has thereby become co-opted by liberalism, and by liberalism’s Money elite, as another tool to establish global open market plantation heaven on earth. Christians who can drop the liberalism and the anti-“ties of blood” universalism are welcome allies, however.

        That’s how I make sense of things, in any case.

  10. Not for nothing – but in THIS country (doesn’t really apply to others) – you have an actual amendment to that Constitution document thingie that is supposedly the foundational legal document that undergirds the nation.

    That amendment is supposed to be there to protect the means to correct all the problems you’re writing about in this column.

    When you appeal for your betters to fix the problems that your betters have created and are benefiting (immensely) from – I’m forced to think: ” doing it wrong”.

    Somewhere in my travels on the internet – I read a commentary by a guy who claimed to be a military officer. He was responding to all of the right wingers who seemed to constantly be wondering when the military was going to man up and fix all the problems with the government (this was during one of Obama’s terms).

    What he basically said was: In this country the military is subordinate to the civilian run government. He – and (he claimed) pretty much every officer he had ever served with thought this was right and proper. He was saying this as a way of trying to get the point across that if the civilians put shitty politicians into office – then it’s their own damn fault if they didn’t like the results. And it was therefore up to them to fix it.

    In other words – it’s not the military’s job to come save people of the United States from themselves.

    Or put more succinctly: Nobody is coming to save your ass.

    So get off the drugs, and stop wishing for salvation from above.

  11. Amerkia always needs a monster or boogie man. It’s part of your national cultural psychology.

    And what’s really interesting is Amerkia always goes looking for a Grendel, Grendel doesn’t come looking for Amerika. And, as your president Bush once said, “You’re either with us, or against us”. So anyone who doesn’t sign up to fight your Grendel du jour, is somehow unamerikan or unpatriotic.

    But oddly, when you do you find it, you encourage it, you embrace it and if anyone actually tries to destroy it, you convince everyone the hero was misguided fool.

    By the way, Grendyl is also a term for a cocaine and marijuana mixed cigarette.


    • In our wiser pre-Second Founding era, J.Q. Adams warned us about “going abroad seeking monsters to slay.” Unfortunately, at practically the same time, he was telling New Englanders to literally genocide the South b/c Texas statehood = SlaveryHitler.

      We’re of two minds on this, one our own, one more (((foreign-influenced))). As a presumably-Based German, you might be familiar with this dichotomy.

      If you can avoid confusing our entire national psychology with that of the minority of neolibs and cucks who’ve self-appointed to permanantly megaphone for us, I’ll refuse to believe that the majority of Germans are deracinated cuck drones led by women and phags who yearn for the cheap labor and degenerate seed of bearded dindus.

      United we stand, divided we cuck.

    • The real lesson is: don’t be our Grendel, because we will fuck you up 🙂 How many German have a Russian grandfather? [hehe]

      • In case you didn’t notice, you have a German president running Amerika now. Funny how that worked out. 🙂

    • The West was far healthier when they were warring with each other. The struggle carries with it virtues, as people are impelled to strive upward from materialism/hedonism to Duty and sacrifice, and brings people in closer connection to the state of nature and the true reality of man and the world.

      The problem is that America and the West generally have been warring for greater liberalism, as a moral imperative that all must kneel before, and as a means for the liberal Money elite to expand their plantation, and with it their power and wealth. The spread of America is the spread of liberalism, and the spread of liberalism is the spread of Last Man, of the death of traditional religiosity and the elites and systems that maintain it, of cultural and social breakdown, of fake democracy, and so on. One positive note is that America is becoming so degenerate and dysfunctional that good soldiers seem to be becoming a rarity. On the other hand, robots should fill that role more and more in the future.

      I’m reminded of what I believe one of your former heads of state once said, in response to the encirclement of 6th Army: “What we are witnessing gentlemen is a catastrophe of unheard of dimensions.”

  12. I’ve been shocked and truly shook watching the opioid crisis unfold. opioids are insidious. highly, highly addictive, produce an amazing euphoria, and no hangover. I can’t imagine what kind of sociopath one would have to be to push these on a population. The medical establishment has much blood on its hands for this. The “doctors” running these pill mills should have been drug into the streets and summarily executed. The pharma companies 10x. I wouldn’t inflict opioids on my most hated enemy. At one point a pain clinic was recruiting my physician wife. Good money, good hours. To her credit she recoiled in horror. I would rather she operate unsanitary abortion mill. i was terrified for my kids and sat them down early- 5th grade maybe. Look i really don’t recommend drink or pot, but maybe you will experiment, many kids do. Be careful. But iron law-steer clear of the pain pills and meth. It will lead dead people and your daddy in prison. I’ve got some street cred (nothing real bad:) in this area so..
    Yeah look into history of china with opium back when. They had effective solutions which we might model.

    • Dr. Richard Sackler, Raymond’s son and a Purdue Pharma board member, told a 1996 OxyContin launch party to “imagine a series of natural disasters: an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a hurricane, and a blizzard,” according to the New York State Attorney’s lawsuit against Purdue Pharma.

      “He said: ‘the launch of OxyContin Tablets will be followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition. The prescription blizzard will be so deep, dense, and white…’”

    • Opiods are necessary until such time as we have non physically addictive pain meds. Two very tough men in my family with severe back pain, long term. 24 hour a day pain that keeps you from sleeping properly, that never goes away. Both of them used opioids to stay sane, and even then life wasn’t all that great. Thanks to back surgery and nerve burns, they’ve gained quality of life again. Never underestimate the power of 24 hour grinding, non-stop pain to wear a man down. While I wish there were alternatives, those drugs were life savers at the time.

  13. Ivanka Trump is pushing hard for a total gun ban.

    Men with daughters are natural cucks. And nice White ladies are the mortal enemy of the White man.

    • Only in their feral state. Tamed, they are the best the world has to offer. Thankfully, Heartiste ( has returned to the front and resumed obedience training school.

        • You don’t want it. The site is not real and the guy himself has said he has nothing to do with it. It could be a honeypot from TPTB for all I know but go there at your own peril.

    • Men with only daughters should realize they are not passing on their most important chromosome that defines our European race and cease helping our enemies by supporting feminism. If you force people to only have one child they will naturally kill the females until they have a boy because the Y chromosome is not being passed on.

      Another problem is that sweet sixteen is not supposed to be daddy’s little girl birthday bash. It is the right of passage to womanhood and when the women should be married off. It’s the “Sweet spot” in terms of age for female procreation and long-term bonding. Too many fathers have platonic romantic relationships with their daughters because their wives do not provide feminine sustenance.

  14. The Iliad provides some inspiration for modern day Myrmidons warring on behalf of corrupt, selfish and vainglorious Agamemnons.

    Helen is “Liberty,” the beautiful statue-poem for whom the grunts killed and plundered, when in fact they’d been shipped to Troy so Agamemnon and his Achean apparatchiks could cash in on Priam’s nautical tax-farming stranglehold over the Dardanelles.

    Greek paganism, unlike the Abrahamic faiths, didn’t award ultimate “Good, Right” or “Justice” to the Greek cause and could present the Trojans as noble foes, often nobler than the Greeks, in the Greeks’ own national hero-epic. Likewise, White Nationalists don’t claim the sanction of Tikkun Olam, the Second Coming or the Sahih Muslim, but rather fight simply “because we live here.” We don’t hate or despise non-Whites, we don’t feel any need to subjugate or destroy them. We just want our own lands and our own ways of life*.

    Our moden panopticon technocracy is a poor battlefield for those of Achillean character, those who Pareto called “lions.” Semi-ironically, in 2015-16 Orange Man even used the lion as his symbol in comparing himself to the elephants and donkeys (insert Cowardly Lion reference here). Regardless of whether he was ever a real lion, he’s certainly been out-foxed.

    Our modern battlefield is one for Homer’s Odysseus and Pareto’s “foxes.”

    If we’re going to beat globoshlomo, it will be by out-foxing them with Trojan Horses, not by a God-Emperor dragging their misused bones behind his chariot around the walls of Tel Aviv (wipes away a tear… “If a nigga could…”).

    There are plenty of inspiring stories where the crafty noble shitlord outwits the merchants to free his people – many of them Celtic or (o gawd) Slavic. I’ll toss a few that I like into some future comments.

    With all due respect to Beowulf, he wouldn’t last long in a world where Grendel is the Charlottesville police and his mom is Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Current Year means foxes > lions, Odysseus > Achilles

    * Yes, we’re better than all of them, but given our own space, we don’t want or need to be dicks about it.

  15. Well, much of the population considers us the monster – a monster in need of slaying.

    • This is an important point that we all need to internalize.

      To the Left, we are the disease. Trump is just a symptom.

      It will be us that they seek to eliminate, not just Bad Orange Man.

      • It’s getting more overt. For the other side, the logic is clear. Racism is a deadly problem. Whites cause racism. Therefore, whites are a deadly problem.

        What do you do with a deadly problem? You eliminate it at best, lock it down at worst.

        The Dem presidential leaders are now openly talking about racism as the key rot in our society. Step one. The next step will be talking about the root cause of that racism: Whites. Step two. The final step will be policies to protect society from our racism. Step three.

    • Not to start off a JQ thing, that’s beside the point. We are the new Jews in a fascistic culture. Learn from the past and set your plans, your behavior, and your expectations accordingly.

      • Yeah, I remember reading about Germany in the 1930s in high school and wondering why more Jews didn’t move. Even if it cost them everything, they’d still be alive. I mean, they had to see the writing on the wall.

        Well, here I am.

        That said, the Nazis were were a very organized, very capable and very homogeneous group. Our opponents are none of those things.

        • Appearances may fool you. The panopticon will compensate for a lot of bureaucratic ineptitude. Assume for less than the worst but plan for the worst.

          • Agreed. I think that anyone not considering a way to 1) move to a much whiter region of the country or 2) move to another country (not that many white countries aren’t infected) is blatantly ignoring history.

            I plan on doing what I can, but I also want an escape hatch.

      • It’s more like we’re the new kulaks in a neo-Soviet culture

        We don’t have any of the advantages that Jews had.

        We might have other, different advantages.

  16. Re: The opiod epidemic

    If you don’t have at least some measure of personal responsibility – then you have nothing. In fact if you refuse to consider that personal responsibility is a major component of getting rid of the opiod crisis – then I believe what you have just admitted :

    The left is CORRECT – and people are just cattle to be herded in the direction they want them to go.

    If we can’t even convince white men to stop drugging themselves up – then we’re going to lose this fight.

    • Personal responsibility is an excuse fro not doing something. Humans have not natural defenses to highly addictive narcotics. Therefore, we should do what we can to limit exposure to them. Blaming people for getting hooked on this stuff may be gratifying, but it does nothing to address the issue. Let’s go back to making it really hard to get these drugs and go back to shooting people prey on the weak.

      • My first experience with any kind of pain medication (other than going under general anesthesia once) was in an ER where the doctor was trying to put my arm back in its socket. They gave me a shot of something, and then suddenly, while I could still feel everything they were doing, I just didn’t care. It was an astonishing feeling. Later I found out it was some kind of synthetic opioid. Suddenly I had a lot of sympathy for opioid users. I totally understood why they spiral down that path. When your life is falling down around you, who wouldn’t want an easy escape?

        So when your doc prescribes you some synth opioid for your back pain, and you finish the scrip, it’s not exactly shocking that some will fall into that maelstrom and get sucked down. These people should be pitied and helped. As Z says, it’s not the time to climb to the top of Moral Mountain and declare how you’re such a better person.

        • Demeter, I received a couple of morphine shots while the doctors diagnosed a massive kidney stone. The happy rush was exquisite, just a warm rising feeling. I no longer felt the pain, just a weird grinding sensation down there, while I continued with the hour long giddy rush of euphoria. I can totally see how people get hooked on this sort of thing.

      • It can be done. China handled their problem pretty harshly, but they did it. Penalty is still death for traffickers, but they no longer shoot addicts. Of course, they were not “multicultural”.

        One thing a reformed addict emphasized to me as to why the problem was so difficult to eliminate is that the treatment programs were inadequate wrt model of problem. 30 days and back into the same environment was basically worthless for a “cure”. Treatment on the cheap, so to speak.

        He was pretty hard nose on it taking a year or more of clean and sober living, just to get your mind sorted out—and that living would be in a new, heavily supervised environment. Not sure we’ll ever pay such costs. Perhaps it’s best to give such addicts all the drugs they want and let them die in some secure facility.

        • Here is the actual deal. For my bona fides: I am a recovering alcoholic who has been twice to rehab centers (including the famous Betty Ford), done AA, and tried both psychotherapy (useless) and psychiatric therapy (viz. including prescription psychoactive drugs, also useless). So I’ve been around the block several times, and I know about this.

          The truth of the matter is this. Addiction has mostly to do with human brain structure, and the relationship between the actual physical structure of the brain/nervous system, to the experience of consciousness (the brain CAUSES consciousness) which we experience as the psychological mode known as our “personality”.

          I’ll put it more simply. There are thresh-holds in your brain known as “pleasure set points”. In a normal human being not exposed to addiction, the set points have varying levels, depending on their relevance to your experience, and depending on your incentives. For instance, when you wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning, you feel clean and refreshed, and you can start your day. You get a mild dopamine hit from your brain, as a reward for doing a minor task that is constructive. That is a minor set point. When you graduate from college, or marry a beautiful woman, or win an Academy Award, that is a major set point. The achievement is much rarer and less repeatable, so the dopamine reward is MUCH higher. You don’t get those hits very often. That is a very high pleasure set point.

          The problem with addiction is, when you get drunk or high or stoned, you send an inaccurate signal to your brain regarding its pleasure set points. The set point from doing your drug of choice is similar to a very high set point, except it is artificially (and easily) repeatable. When you do your drug of choice, your brain thinks it has won the lottery, screwed Cameron Diaz, graduated from Oxford, invented the Internet. NOTHING ELSE can make you this happy, nothing hits the artificially high set point, except the drug of choice. You cannot possibly win an Academy Award five times a day, but you CAN get drunk or stoned five times a day, so that is what you do.

          Once your set points have been articially altered in this way, you suffer from “anhedonia” — the inability to experience normal pleasure in life (because the set points are now too low) other than through your drug of choice. Walking the dog, solving the crossword, the tiny pleasures of daily life, are now meaningless. All you want to do is win the Academy Award at Oxford, with Cameron Diaz at your side. That means, your drug of choice.

          It takes an entire year or more of sobriety, not to be a good little Boy Scout, but to literally re-wire your brain, to re-adjust the pleasure set points. As they say in AA, once you turn a cucumber into a pickle, you can’t just dry it out and make it into a fresh cucumber again.

          And that full-scale retiring is a very difficult and expensive process. How you make public policy based on these facts is hard to know. I’m simply telling you the truth of the matter.

          • My boomer parents’ on-going sham marriage, centrally a product of my mother absorbing the culture surrounding her, and the spectacle of watching the world go mad all around him has now driven my father to extreme alcoholism. The sadness and rage it builds in me is a big part of the reason why I’m here. I worry some Kamala Harris like lunatic down the road will be able to use “our” government’s technology to find my identity, and in a political stunt feed it to the public, or have me arrested. Considering our future are central American drug cartels and masses of non-whites who believe all white people whatsoever are responsible for all of their troubles (biology is racist you know), it does make me nervous.

            I read somewhere that one of those early European counter-revolutionaries had inscribed on his grave marker, “I die with Europe, I’m in good company.” If my body isn’t dumped in the ocean next to Bin Laden, or the cartels don’t leave me to rot somewhere after they hold me down and tear my heart out, I’d like my grave to read “I die with the West, I’m in good company.”

          • You see this is exactly why I call the addiction issue one of personal responsibility.

            Life isn’t just made up of pleasurable dopamine hits. It’s also made up of doing things that you DO NOT want to do. The person who understands that they have personal responsibility – goes and does those things without somebody needing to put a damn gun to their head.

            No matter where their set point is.

      • I’ve been on opiates multiple times. They make me nauseous and constipated like you read about. Only to point out that there’s probably a genetic component to addiction. And we should help our countrymen, and not blame them. There used to be all sorts of programs for young people before the “Long Marcher’s made them toxic.”

        • Same here! I can’t stand them. And I was in a horrible accident about a decade ago , spent a month in the hospital, wheelchair for 6 months, multiple surgeries and I was on opiates regularly for about 3 or 4 months all the while praying that I would not get addicted because I did need them then. I didn’t have a problem getting off. Maybe it was the praying

        • Personal responsibility stems from fear of consequences.

          Some people are apparently perceptive enough to realize when something is going to cause them great harm – without having to crash their motorcycle into the side of brick wall just to see if it hurts.

          Others – not so much.

          “Society” – used to make this very clear. As Compsci pointed out: China used to shoot addicts. So is it personal responsibility to look around and decide you should clean up your addiction problem before you get shot – or is it something else?

      • Bullshit.

        Claiming you’re “addicted” and “can’t help myself” is an excuse for not solving your own issues.

        Nobody is going to do for you what you refuse to do for yourself.

        I simply don’t believe that there is any solution to this problem that doesn’t start with people taking some measure of personal responsibility for the situations they have gotten themselves into.

        Nobody is forcing them to stick the needles into their arms. That’s a simple fact.

        It’s not very “gratifying” to hear the constant whining from those who demand we break our ship of state upon the rocks trying to fix problems that are simply unfixable with some sort of cooperation from those who have the problems in the first place.

        The brutal truth of the matter is that no person in the world has enough time or energy to fix a junkie who wants to be a junkie. The only way to do it – and have any hope of making it stick – is to lock the junkie in a cell and only give them food and water until they’re clean. Are you then going to follow them once you let them out of the cell for the rest of their lives? What’s the point? This seems to fall under the classification of “my life would be better if you were just dead”.

        Yeah – ok , the stuff should be banned. Well guess what – IT IS. There are all manner of illicit and addictive drugs that are banned. I can’t even go to the drugstore any more and pick up allergy medication off the shelf because the shit is all locked up because of the junkies.

        And trying to portray the issue as something that’s just related to “highly addictive narcotics” seems like typical leftist framing tactics. Because before the current day’s “highly addictive narcotics” – it was cigarettes, and alcohol, and marijuana, and carbohydrates, and porn, and heroin, and cocaine, peyote, etc. and so on – and so forth.

        The addictive personality is a myth.

        The cloud people are not going to save you.

        The government is not going to save you.

        God is not going to save you.

        Expecting otherwise sounds like the same normie cuck behavior you complain about constantly here.

        Here’s a question you must answer – if you think the solution lies somewhere else but at the feet of the junkies:

        What are you going to do about addiction – when EVERYBODY is addicted at a junkie level to their drug of choice?

        Nobody is going to be saving anybody else but themselves once that day arrives.

        • Every time I read one of your comments I have to laugh at how ignorant you are.

          Its a medical fact that peoples brains are wired differently to deal with addiction.

          When youre not making up heroic stories of your valor against POC you’re embarrassing yourself pretending you know the answers to problems you have no clue about.

          Man I cant wait till all the old people and their stupid ideas die off…

      • Z Man;
        I very much agree with your occasionally reiterated desire for a return to paternalism. Paternalism is a logical consequence of HBD, IMHO. If one says that they believe in HBD they ought to acknowledge that it entails people who very much need to be protected from themselves. There are the ones who fall on the left side of the IQ, low time preference, limited forsight, etc., bell curve, after all

        Now, this doesn’t mean that such folks are without agency. It just means that they ought to be protected from *some* (most definitely not all) of the consequences of their inherent mental limitations.

        • Yes. Every western society has recognized the responsibility of the more competent to protect the less, generally by taking charge of them in freedom-restricting ways. The late 20th century “liberation” of the mentally ill is one example of our move away from this ancient wisdom. Another is the new attitude toward making money by tricking the stupid, staying just this side of the legal definition of fraud, or crossing it without getting caught. That used to be shameful. Now it’s celebrated.

      • For years I took the libertarian position on drugs & alcohol. Longer than I ought to have.

        Nowadays, I am the turd in the comment punch bowl who is against legalizing marijuana, for incarcerating MJ & other drug dealers, and using drug laws to incarcerate as many bad actors as possible.

        With time, I began to appreciate that gov’t/society/church/whatever does have an obligation to those who may be lesser in traits like intelligence, resourcefulness, willpower, etc. (than I or others might like to think we are). I call it the “Don’t kick your brother in the slats while he is down” policy. And don’t let anyone else to do so, either. So don’t import foreigners to undercut your brothers’ pay. Don’t let human predators sell poison to him and his kids, either. Make it more difficult for folks to become debt slaves. On so on.

        Not everyone is a Randian Ubermench. But they don;t have to be to be your neighbor and worthy of your time & effort.

      • Doctors have all seemingly learned either to prescribe opioids hand over fist to get patients out the door or to spend the time the other guys save by trying to get addicts to see where their real problems lie. I’m in the latter camp. One patient told me something that made my blood run cold: “If you found out that you could have the feeling you got when you graduated med school, or got married, or had a kid, you could have that feeling anytime you want for a few bucks, wouldn’t you?”

    • “If we can’t even convince white men to stop drugging themselves up – then we’re going to lose this fight.”

      What should they be doing, pray tell? Your industry was sold off at least a decade ago to the highest international bidder. Your town has been strip mined of everything of value at least twice. You are told by the media and academia you are human garbage who was born with both Privilege and Original Sin, neither of which you can ever wipe away from you.

      Your suggestion stinks of Boomercuckery- “Come on son! Just pull yourself up by your boot straps like I did in mah 1950, with mah opportunities.”

      These people are the walking dead, (((by design))), and so with few options and little hope a pill or a needle that takes that crushing despair away may not seem like a bad idea. Walk a mile in their shoes before even attempting to give advice. I know people in this exact situation and while I don’t agree with obliterating yourself I -understand- why so many chose that option.

      • Here, here. Drugs are an escape from a bad situation. Improve the situation and you eliminate the desire to escape via drugs.

        • Pretty much every response here can be boiled down to:

          ” we’re expecting this situation to be resolved from salvation from on high”

          What are you going to do when it doesn’t arrive?

          Because it’s not going to.

      • LOL.

        So the solution to being told you are human garbage – is to engage in behavior that proves the point?

        How do people who have nothing even afford drugs in the first place?

        You’re offering up excuses for people who would rip the vinyl siding from my house so they could set it on fire and get high from the fumes – and then yank all the copper pipes and wiring from the walls so they could go buy more crystal meth.

        • I rarely say this to strangers but it is my -sincere- wish that one of your children or a loved one becomes hopelessly addicted to drugs. Only when you have personally experienced this demon will you even begin to unf-ck your 1950s POV about this epidemic.

          • I think the stern moralizing is one thing when it comes to keeping people away from drugs. But for dealing with an addict it is maybe the worst approach imaginable. Anyone who claims otherwise either has zero experience with the phenomenon, is simply an asshole, or is holding onto denial like a life preserver.

            In a way, addiction is a little bit like the JQ or race realism, only more so: you really don’t get it until you get it, and once you got it there is not going back.

            This said, in a world in which candidates for high imperial office claim that a man in a dress has a constitutional right to a taxpayer- funded abortion, people are just naturally going to want to get high.

          • My mother died from addiction. So you just got your wish.

            I’ve never seen a single case in my entire life where the addict was “cured” – without finally taking on some responsibility for their addiction and working to get themselves right. Or by recognizing where they were headed – and then avoiding the entire problem IN THE FIRST PLACE.

            Which is why I say the issue boils down to personal responsibility.

            There is simply no way to stop somebody who is intent on destroying themselves.

            The whole ” my life is shit so I’m going to become addicted to drugs to escape ” – is in my experience just another variation of the free shit mentality that permeates far too many people.

    • well cal i would soften your view a bit. If you are chronic pain it is very 10x easy to get hooked. the oxy was marketed as safe. alot of naive people fell into addiction. My mother was hospice nurse. I heard the refrain “nobody should be in pain nowadays” True if they riddled with cancer Not true if they a construction worker with a bad back. Pain is often a better option. Many naive people assume that if doctor prescribes it is safe and good for you. Not true, many prescriptions are powerful and addictive psychotropic drugs that one must tread very carefully with. Don’t even get me started on the adderall they give the kids!

      • I worked in CA personal injury law for years. The number of doctors who were pushing every form of unnecessary and/or net-negative drug and quack treatment on patients for shekels was “Legion.” They were indeed monsters. 20 years ago the Pajeets were outnumbered by the Tribe in this, but from what I see of the “injury industry,” thankfully from arm’s length nowadays, Brahmin and Arabs have overtaken the Levites in helping the goyim go to the Big Sleep without fussing over their wrecked nations, cultures and lives.

        • You sound like a nattering NAM with your pathetic bullshit about “goyim”, Mr. personal injury lawer, esq.

    • I used to share your view, Carlsdad – but while I’m still big on personal responsibility, I now recognize and accept that we all have our different weaknesses and excesses. Because we need and want a functional society to live in, we must help protect those less able to cope. To me, this does not mean bankrupting your family to send a kid to drug rehab for the 10th time, but a strict “tough it out” attitude won’t work either. There will be that 1or 2 percent who cannot or will not be helped and must be written off, but many of the rest, with a careful combination of carrot and stick, could become functional once again. Radical individualism and personal responsibility will get you your libertarian utopia . . . all by your lonesome.

      • In my experience working as a prosecutor in a drug court setting where the judge, attorneys, probation officers, social workers and mental health professionals worked collaboratively to apply case-specific carrots and sticks, the numbers were actually reversed. Maybe 5% could reach and maintain sobriety after two years of intervention. The other 95% failed repeatedly. The only solution for them is incarceration or death. The life story of each individual is a tragedy. But collectively, the growing cohort of the 95% is a policy failure that can only be managed with drastic interventions that require one to set aside the emotional aspect. That is the sad truth.

        • Maus, in my experience, the moment of transition from a controlled environment (the 12 step house or other facility) to the outside world is the moment of truth. The world inside is completely focused on discipline, guidance, and inspiration. The outside world doesn’t give a damn, and relapse is the more typical response, right from that moment.

          • You see…… now we’re right back to why I call this a matter of personal responsibility.

            If you completely lack the ability to discipline YOURSELF – then (as you and Maus point out) no amount of outside discipline is going to work.

            I was familiar with the 5% / 95% split that Maus pointed out BTW. And have come to the same conclusion: pretty much the only solution is death for the 95% that simply won’t come clean.

            All the people getting all butt-hurt about my personal responsibility comments act as if the men who make up elite military units like the Rangers and Seals simply don’t exist in the world.

            Life isn’t just made up of dopamine hits. Sometimes it involves serious – actual – pain and sacrifice. And there isn’t any drugging your way around that.

    • The idea that all social problems are mostly the result of lack of “personal responsibility” is one of the most poisonous and pervasive mind-altering ideas that libertarianism smuggled into our culture, hidden in the saddlebags of frontier independence and self-reliance.

      Puritan Horatio Alger and (((Alisa Rosenbaum))) wrote fiction, FFS. The last man without sin was Jesus. Who in your own personal life is an epitome of “personal responsibility?”

      Teaching the masses to first blame themselves and treat massively-funded and institutionalized corruption as “excuses” for cultural decay is the Devil’s latest best trick.

      • Addiction is an issue of hbd. If you don’t think a 120# 19 year old girl can haul a combat load through the streets of Kabul with the rest of the menfolk, why do you think addicts can do the equivalent?
        ‘Muh personal responsibility,” like all tunes commonly played on the lolbertarian clownhorn, is a lie by the Lord of This World to make you rejoice in the rotting death of your own community.

    • Re drugs it seems to me that Carlsdad is taking an ideological position whereas Z’s and others’ is more empirical. There is a lot to be said for personal responsibility. But we have a people to save and frankly, if they need a hard hand to be saved, so be it.

      The British used opiods to keep the Chinese giant asleep in the 19th century, today there actually is a speculative Chinese connection to the fentanyl crisis. People who are not ready for crisis mode do not understand how serious the situation is. Kill the drug runners and king pins, force abusers into rehab and if possible, dissident right should be running rehab programs. We should be running them like military school. We know what happens when ppl get hooked on this crap. They die. And maybe they are the boots on the ground we will need in the next decade or so. Rehab, then rifle range and survival school.

    • TPTB have done a fantastic job of destroying the support systems that would mitigate this crisis (Family, Church, Local Community). Personal responsibility requires constant support, which has been yanked out by the roots / undermined for most of these unfortunate souls.

    • What about the personal responsibility of those selling highly addictive substances. You’re mis-applying a correct principle here.

      • I have no problem with applying responsibility to those who sell and market addictive substances. Even up to and including measures as extreme as what the Chinese have employed (death).

        What I have grown extremely tired of is listening to all of the whining and excusing away the actions of individuals who take take drugs and become addicts. The fact of the matter is that it takes BOTH sides to create the problem. If nobody took the drug dealers up on his offers to sell product – there would be no problem.

        The demand from users has been proven to just completely overwhelm the ability of government and/or society to contain the problem. It takes relatively few dealers to supply all of the users. That should mean the problem would be easier to contain on the supply side. What it seems to mean in reality though is that once you kill a supplier – there’s an endless stream of people willing to take their place.

        We’ve been yin-yanging between treating addicts and going after supplies for what – decades now? Has it solved anything?

        There are also plenty of addictive substances that are perfectly legal – so we’re not going to solve that issue by killing “dealers”.

        I believe the effort to wipe out any mention of personal responsibility in these matters – is just another manifestation of the left’s constant push to absolve anybody and everybody from any sort of personal agency in the direction of their own lives. Which also (neatly) fits in with my view that an awful lot of people here on this site are just a bunch of lefties.

        I also believe that pain is the only universal language. You combine the old adage: “Some people learn by their own mistakes, some people learn by other’s mistakes – and some people never learn” – with what Maus posted (for 95% of addicts the only “solution” is incarceration or death) – and what you end up with is the inevitable conclusion that all of the time and effort expended trying to “save” addicts – is a 95% complete and total waste of time.

        If we’re going to admit that blacks are too stupid to function in a modern technological society – we’ve also got to admit that addicts are unsave-able. And the numbers bear this out.

        And maybe when they and the dealers – start getting shot in the head – some of the spectators might decide to take a little personal responsibility and not get addicted in the first place.

    • Feh. Sorry excuse for not going to war against big pharma for flooding the country with drugs and murdering our people not to mention shutting down trade with China that is pumping massive quantities of Fentanyl into the U.S. It’s so organized I can order synthetic opioids from Chinese websites

      Even better I can order Carfentanyl that is so toxic it qualifies as WMD from China.

      Guys like you don’t see the elite and China have declared war on us. Instead you just blame some schmuck who got ass raped by globo-homo-shlomo and has no future.

      • LOL.

        So I can apparently just order Carfentanyl and synthetic opioids online and get them delivered to my house.

        I guess you got me. I suddenly can’t stop myself from emptying my bank account and bringing in a few pounds of shit that I’ll pump into my veins as soon as it’s delivered to my front porch by UPS.

        All you just did was prove my point.

  17. We need a president who will do to the government what Kenesaw Mountain Landis did to baseball. Trump is a first step. Likely though, we will revert back to sociopathic posers.

  18. And exactly what dragon is the President suppose to slay ? The DC swamp ?

    Are you kidding me ? They just whacked their biggest liability. Couldn’t have been any more blatant if it had been on live TV.

    No thanks. The President has done a fantastic job exposing fake news, speaks the truth and is letting our enemies self implode.

    For a guy that’s a multi-millionaire, President of the United States and has a smoke’n hottie for a wife i’d say that’s not too bad for a “clown”.

  19. “…the people, seeing the king undermine and plot against the hero, finally realize that the real monster vexing them is the one who rules over them.”

    It’s a huge white pill for me to see more dissidents waking up to this reality. It doesn’t matter if Trump was sincere or not when he first talked about building the wall and cutting illegal immigration. What matters is that he hasn’t fulfilled that promise and deflecting blame to congress or the courts is nothing less than insincere. While it would certainly ruffle some feathers in the media and cause some violent left-wing hysterics, dealing directly with this issue is entirely within the president’s own personal power and purview. More importantly, it’s his job.

    Some on the right can admire Trump for fairly paying attention to the day-to-day drama in the media and ‘tweeting’ about it, but these events are largely inconsequential to our movement or the needs of the nation at large. We need less virtue signalling (both rappers getting out of jail and promoting the globohomo abroad) and more action. At this moment immigration is the key driver to our future. The future White American children face will be darker, both economically and culturally, due to the direct actions of this president.

    Seeing the irrational behavior from civnats with the attention span of a 4 year old proselytizing about the dangers of white nationalism and some (even commenting on this very blog) about expanded background checks and Red Flag laws being ‘no big deal’ only confirm to me that these people will never be on our side. They are not political dissidents. Like the president they are not equipt with the concepts, tools and resolve necessary to deal with the problems that lie ahead and their allies despise us and mean us harm. Our movement must be built to extend beyond the lives of these people and more importantly, overcome their corrupt and outdated ‘ideals’.

    • Yes, after all these recent shooting events, at this moment it’s more difficult than usual defending the 2nd Amendment, which is exactly why those of us who believe in 2nd Amendment need to stand firm and not budge a millimeter on guns rights. Now is the time to hold up the bulwark of resistance. If something is to be done, how about enforcing the existing laws? This is not the issue to compromise on so Trump has a little win on his board for election season. No.

  20. Another great one this week. One addition is that the drug war was lost early on, as the libertarian sovereign man concept took root in the 1970s baby boomers. A sovereign man has the right to debase himself in any way he sees fit. From pornos to drugs. This is one of the few, if only, examples of libertarian success, self debasement as a right. So the broader culture sees the drug war as a pointless exercise and even the bad guys in not letting people live the way they want.

    Notice that many many other countries still put bullets in the heads of drug dealers, and in many cases even users. They see it as an acid attacking the broader social fabric. We would have seen it that was 60 years ago.

    • There’s a new drug, the worst yet: White Supremacy.

      Good thing we criminalized those terrible crosstops in 1980, eh?
      Now we have the tools to go after the Supremacist gangs.

      (My answer to Vegetius was a yes- the great-grandbaby got into the bag of fentanyl.)

  21. What to do? We the serfs of America are limited. We are punitively taxed. Forced to fight with one hand tied behind our backs. Attacked without mercy by leftist progressive communists. Is it any wonder the nut jobs in desperation shoot the place up every other weekend? Those who can drop out after they have tuned in and turned on. Knowing what can be changed and what cannot be tells us all we need to know. Heroes? There aren’t any. Tyrants and despots are the order of the day. The tree of liberty needs fed.

  22. Trump isn’t the hero. He maybe the court jester who gets the monsters to reveal themselves, speaks at least some truths, and mocks them continuously. But I have no expectations that he (or anyone else in the government) will really do anything about the monsters.

  23. For a huge chunk of our population, they now worship the monster and cheer as it savages them , chanting “no trump. no wall,no USA at all ! ” .
    Many modern people seem the have the same reverence for government bureaucracy they used to reserve for the religious priesthood of their society.

  24. I am not looking for tales of woe or any signaling, but how many here have had an immediate or extended family member (uncle/aunt, cousin, nephew/niece) die because of opioids?

    I have.

    • My sister hasn’t died from drug abuse yet but it has literally destroyed her heart and mind. Today still a methadone addict. A former tea totaller until her 20’s, she began using after pregnancy-induced “fibromyalgia” diagnosis by her small town quacks. She got hooked on the Sacklers’ goodies, jumping from MD to MD to obtain continuing prescriptions, and transitioned to the street stuff, now back to the docs after her heart melted down. Sis was a beauty queen, a hard 9+/10, and now looks like a raisin at 50, the walking dead. I wish this would stop for others but the drug trade is a booming in small town ‘murica today still.

      • Ex girlfriend from high school.
        the most beautiful and smartest one there.
        went to med school.
        became a pediatrician.
        became an alcoholic & pill popper.
        worked while high, sold pills, lost her MD license.
        killed herself at her father’s house.

        • Addiction and its associated behaviors can happen to almost anybody, even to experts on the subject. I sincerely used to believe addiction reflected poor character and then I actually came face-to-face with it via good and strong people I knew and realized I was mistaken.

      • You (and family) are in a very difficult situation with regard to your sister. Never let go of hope. Remind her that people care about her, and are pulling for her.

    • Multiple family members in OH are either dead or well on their way. The American Sardaukar Appalachian Scotch-Irish seem prone to opiods and weed abuse ala Indians with whiskey. I loved some of Z’s earlier podcasts and some posts where he went hard at what the drug culture did to Whites starting in the 60’s. Would like to see some more of that.

    • No. But I read the obits, and it’s heart-rending. I live in Essex County, MA. We have a school for addicts: “Recovery High” with a so-so record.
      Lots of times these kids whose deaths I read about have a complicated survivor network: Ma + Ma’s partner. Dad + Dad’s partner. Innumerable half-siblings, pets, and a host of people who loved them, and yet no feeling of community support.

    • Yep. In all these shootings that thing that stands out most to me is that the wrong people are being shot.

      • Orwell warned us about both the dangers of euphemism and censorship. I place some of the blame for these nihilistic, vastly net-negative shooters on the destruction of the meaning of the word “terrorism,” and with it, any meaningful distinction between combatant and non-combatant targets. There is no way to eliminate all violence. We’ve all expressed some preference for “organized crime” over “disorganized crime” at some point because organized crime, at least in the past, established a code on its lawless members (don’t kill family members, keep the blood among “made men,” the Commission, etc…*) When governments removed the distinction between attacking guys who wear the colors and the civilian population, for example by treating every IRA guy who attacked British military targets as a common “terrorist**”, ditto for Iraq, they removed a major incentive for self-policing dissident behavior.

        Reagan era libertarian spergs had no problem seeing how destroying the distinction between “working poor” and “welfare poor” ended up incentivizing welfare dependency – see Charles Murray’s “Losing Ground.” Their neo-con/lib successors have a deliberate blind spot as to how destroying the distinction between “rebels” and “terrorists” has destroyed any distinction between political violence and anti-civilian terror. And the damaged, hopeless victims of the anti-White psy-ops we call “public education,” “media” and “entertainment” see no reason to select more hardened targets in venting their incohate, deplatformed rage.

        *yes, this is often exaggerated and was broken more than Mafia mythology would admit, but it’s not wholly fictitious

        **see the Bobby Sands doc on Netflix, one of the few non-Poz offerings there, if it hasnt’ been Shoah’d

      • Even if they did it would take at least 3% of the male population to rise up in a similar to effect change

  25. Just to stir the pot…

    The story of King Saul, David and Goliath predates Beowulf by about 1,000 years

    • And the story of Oedipus the King is this: the kingdom of Oedipus is stricken by a terrible plague (viz. the Monster). He is told by the priests and prophets that the reason for the plague is that there is a great Sinner in their midst. As a good King, he is determined to root out and identify this Great Sinner, so as to spare his people.

      Turns out the Great Sinner was himself, and he had no idea.

      Not intended as a Trump commentary; after all, we don’t have a King, but we do have a Ruling Class.

    • Saul is one of my favorite historical characters. He was reportedly tall and good looking and probably not a bad king, especially since the books of Kings and Chroncles were written by priests who didn’t like the monarchy in the first place. He lost his kingship by failing to destroy the Amalekites livestock, after he had killed all of the Amalekites, which seems to be a pretty reasonable decision. He then finds that his most successful military commander is a bosom buddy with the heir to the throne. The empire of David and Solomon, in any event, was actually quite short lived: Judea and Israel separated in the time of Rehoboam and Jeroboam. Forgive me, but I’ve always had a soft spot for King Saul!

    • And in ~2800BC Gilgamesh overthrew the worthless King Agga as monsters ravaged the kingdom and roamed the lands, later becoming King himself. So a bunch of wandering (((desert nomads))) ripped off a story from some other desert people that were a thousand years older than they were. Then people ripped off those people with the same hero myth, over, and over, and over…

      WTF was your point exactly other that LARPing as having a modicum of intelligence?

      • There are good reasons why modern Biblical studies date/place the actual authorship and/or compilation of the Torah/Old Testament in the Babylonian Exile. Adam & Eve, Noah, Sodom & Gomorrah, and many other stories are undeniably pastiches and plagarisms of Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian and Babylonian stories. The Quran is lifted almost entirely from the Torah and New Testament.

        There is a big advantage in getting your new religion off the ground by tweaking existing mythology. The most charitable interpretation is that the themes they address are universal in a Jungian archetypal or “Golden Bough” sense. The more cynically inclined see more of Jimmy Swaggart and Elmer Gantry in this than Jung and J.G. Fraser. YMMV.

  26. To speak that which must never be spoken. All living things are creatures of habit. Habits rarely, if ever, can be changed (evolutionary biology). To expect the elites to change their habits via persuasion is idiotic at best and suicidal at worst. Criminals are incarcerated because of this. And affluence enables the compassionate isolation remedy. Napoleon was banished. However, in the Old West, horse thieves were hanged promptly. Just sayin’.

  27. Is it possible that the hero will take the form, not of a Beowulf, but of a Bonaparte, or a Pinochet, or even colonels in sunglasses?

    • Don’t count on it. If it were going to happen it would have already. If it happens at all it will be by a SJW in heels saving the republic from the NAZIS.

    • If we go down the Brazil path, which I think we are, then yes, we can expect a Bolsonaro (at best) and a Pinochet (at worst). However I do think if we get a funky Colonel, he will be white or near-white. I don’t think 55% or even 45% of a future white population would follow a Colonel Sanchez, much much less a Colonel D’Antonio.

      • Don’t sell Mi General short. After doing business over the years in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Chile…I’ve decided Pinochet got it right.

    • Maybe there is a cunning warrior out there biding his time with ambition to make us great again. If he appears, I will give him my allegiance.

      In the meantime, I will focus on my community. I may not be Aragorn, but I will not let my version of the Shire be corrupted.

    • Historical analogies are never perfect, but you could make the case that Trump is basically Nixon and Carter. Nixon was a response to the grotesque excesses of the Left in the 50’s and 60’s. Carter was a continuation of that, but as an antidote to the corruption of Washington. Some combination of fear and good sense allowed Reagan to come in as a reformer and get a lot of things done. Maybe what comes after the tumult of the Trump years is a reformer.

      On the other hand, Reagan could simply have been an outlier that kept the Empire going for longer than nature should allow. The next economic shock brings it all down and we get a long overdue revolt.

      • The problem with replaying the 60s is demographics. We had a white country then and white people wouldn’t let psychos and race grifters run the country.

        We’re a brown country now, by policy if not yet demographics. Now we all know that Hispanics are just like white people, I mean look at Mexico when the drug cartels got too powerful and anarchy began to rule the streets, they…. you know what never mind.

      • Given demographic trends, we’d better hope that what comes after Trump isn’t a reformer. The reforms would not be to our liking.

        The country’s future is the Anti-White Party gaining in political power due to demographic gains as it loses credibility due to the country not functioning as well.

        Our future hinges on whether whites will carve out their own distinct community in that ever-more dysfunctional society.

      • As much as Carter was ineffectual and much more cynical than a lot of people seem to appreciate, I think the lower levels of bureaucracy at that time were staffed by more “true believers” than grifting climbers compared to today. Even so, Carter’s administration was notoriously scandal-plagued for his time – the rot had already set in.

        I used to see the Watergate scandal as the result of Nixon’s overreaction to culture war, a falsely urgent sense that we have to subvert the system in order to save it. Now that I’m in “process conservative” recovery, I think Nixon, Buchanan et al didn’t react forcefully enough. George Wallace was the solution, but Nixon’s fundamental liberalism as a Republican and a Quaker wouldn’t let him do what the even-then shrinking “Silent Majority” (Anti-Urbanite Dictionary definition: White Majority) really wanted done and would have ultimately supported. By the time Reagan reached office, the cancer of the insitutions had already spread throughout the body culural-politic. “Morning in America” was our first dose of palliative hospice care, and we’ve been pushing the morphine-pump button ever since.

      • Actually, Trump is our Gorbachev. Next up is Biden, and he will be our Yeltsin. Unfortunately, we do not have a Putin in the wings.

        • Bob;
          Gorby was a deluded, 3rd generation nomenklatura true believer. He actually, naively believed that the USSR could be run without terror and repression. Once the shackles were loosed, the faithful, simple Commies who staffed the many, many bureaus were confused and didn’t know what to do.

          But not the sharks in the KGB and GRU intelligence/repression services. They smelled power and money, formed cartels and promptly looted the ‘peoples’ patrimony’. Yeltsin foolishly listened to US academic Commies and let them do it. Wall St applauded and was envious.

  28. To use another metaphor, we hired a High Plains Drifter to settle our mess even if we didn’t really care for him or want him near us. What we got was what we feared, an egotistical blowhard.

    Our salvation can’t come from the ballot box but even if a good percent of us are willing to be your hero, what is the course of action? A new Tea Party, ballot initiatives that get struck down, what? A Randian strike with withdrawal from societal obligations would be nice, not that any of us have the cajones for that.

    “The monster that is savaging the people is well known, yet the king does nothing to defend his people.” Get these traitors first.

    • “A Randian strike with withdrawal from societal obligations would be nice, not that any of us have the cajones for that.”

      Some of us do. That’s 5PT. Ultimately we’re looking to build a “grey market society” inside the wire (for now), Soviet dissident style. It doesn’t necessarily require full-blown off-the-grid prepperdom, you can help out in other ways as well. Right now we’re just looking for the people who’re willing to put some level of skin in the game and forming the physical communities needed to operate from. It’s a multi-generational project by necessity, contra those who insist that “time is running out.” We can’t afford high time preference strategies without infrastructure and institutional “cover.” That’s where the people who want to operate inside the system can pitch in. Everyone’s welcome to contribute to the level of their ability and risk tolerance.

  29. It’s hard to know if you are leaving out counter evidence intentionally, or through not being aware of the bigger picture. Google is being devoured from within, by rabid SJW’s (and non-SJW leakers). Many children and grand children of the “elite” class are dying of fenatyl overdoses — along with the poorer victims. The university scam has been exposed and a counter reaction is occurring. The MSM has lost all credibility, and therefore its power to deceive. Kamala the Court Whoore was dressed down by a senior citizen in a rest home, about her plan to take away private healthcare. If the nearly senile oldies are onto the scam, it is well and truly over.

    Like a goldfish in a bowl, your view of the world is very very limited. Instead of LARP’g with likewise sour souls, maybe get out into the rest of the world where the pendulum of history is moving in a very positive direction.

      • Karl is correct, after a fashion. Whenever the Left takes over an institution, it invariably fails. As he notes, the mass media is dying. So it goes for the other institutions: the schools are cranking out SJWs and Marxist morons like they’re sausages, The courts and judiciary are infested with them. Law enforcement can’t even protect a key witness like Epstein who is in their custody. Entire generations and communities are addicted to welfare.

        That’s why I get impatient with the Trump bashing. People whine and cry for the President to fix all that – when we were the ones that handed over those institutions without firing a shot.

        “People thought the Orange Knight was the hero, who could slay the monsters and bring peace to the people, but thus far he has remained under his desk, posting insults on Twitter”

        Welp… no offense Z, but you are pretty much doing the exact same thing. How about you picking up a rifle and firing that first shot? Or posting under your real name and exposing yourself to the sensitivity mobs and inquisitors?

        Not to be a dink and chit on anyone, I wouldn’t take them on either right now. That is because there are realities, logistical and tactical, that make a confrontation at this time impractical with little chance of success. It is also entirely possible these idiots will collapse under their own stupidity.

        Be patient. This monster may very well kill itself yet. Sit up and pay attention: The democrat party is imploding. They just killed one of their own – a child trafficking pervert, in cold blood, in broad daylight… and we carry on as if he were one of ours. Lefty is jumping at shadows, seeing white nationalists and Russians and patriarchs under their beds at night. Those of you with the black pills – stop it! Get back in the game and keep your eye on the ball. This isn’t over, not by a long shot.

        • The MSM is almost as powerful as it has ever been. They can still take people out and the elite are their eyeballs. The audience the media has been losing is the unwashed masses who have no power. All of the deplatforming over the past few years have been initiated by the MSM.

          • It’s hard to really know how much influence the media has now. There is a big study out that shows that people are probably less susceptible to propaganda now. People have always been a bit jaded about politics, advertising and propaganda. The issue we face today is we have zero representation in the ruling class. That allows the media to run wild without fear of reprisals.

          • “The issue we face today is we have zero representation in the ruling class.”

            Absolutely correct, spot on 100 per cent.

            The other thing is, you can’t vote your way into the ruling class. It exists, but it’s not a thing that is, say, denoted in the Constitution. The ruling class is organic, and has a life, a purpose, and has a set of folkways of its own. It is extralegal, but it winds up making the laws.

            Never forget the great Lee Marvin’s maxim: The thing to remember about the Bad Guy is, the Bad Guy never thinks of himself as being a bad guy.

          • There was also a BBC sketch one time where some Waffen SS soldiers were talking about their “Death’s Head” insignia and one of them finally aska, “Are we the bad guys?”

          • With respect, boys – hogwash. If Hillary had won the election I might agree.

            But – we are now talking about walls, borders, and immigration right now. That alone is worth the price of the ticket. Other prohibited Red Pill subjects are coming up in every-day conversation now.

            I dunno about you, but when I see the mass media whining about layoffs, downsizing, and demanding bailouts – yeah, boys – there are so reprisals for crapping on your readership, and the slob journalists are reaping what the whirlwind. They are becoming more irrelevant every day. I’ve been a regular reader here for a couple years, and I’ve noticed your comment count explode. OyTube is having kiniptions trying to find ways to banish crime thinkers without getting shot or sued.

            We have a nation that is three generations into hippy-dippy-proggie BS. Close to six decades of inertia and momentum has built up now. We can’t reasonably expect to turn that on a dime.

            Be of good cheer and courage – your time is coming.

          • Since the 2016 election, millions of people have learned who really runs things and how they go about it.

            There is that.

          • Yes thank you John Smith.
            Everyone look where we were 3, 5, 10 years ago and look where we are now. In a better and clearer place.

            We just can’t expect Victory/Survival (same thing) by voting every 2 years and posting, tweeting, talking. Talk only persuades talkers. The men who remain silent but who quietly listen are the doers who will save us. Save us they will, saved we will be. Just not by talk.

            That doesn’t mean stop talking or stop voting. No. It means stop being depressed – and depressing – when talk isn’t enough.

            Of course not.

          • Hope you’re correct about the people and the media, but I have my doubts. Just today, I’m listening to the conservative(?) talking heads and of course, the discussion is on the death of the elites’ favorite pervert, Epstein.

            Basically, they were re-reporting the media’s publishing of the autopsy report indicating a probable strangulation which would indicate he was murdered. Of course, they were all beside themselves.

            Fine, but immediately after they started up on any number of news reports concerning Trump goings on and pointing out how the MSM reporting in these matters was fake news.

            Seems the “Gell-Mann amnesia effect” might be the strongest force in the universe. The media can be shown to be faulty/biased in any number of cases, but they all tune in to the next “news flash” with bated breath.

          • Epstein is very significant is another way. Literally no one believes the official version, and even the propaganda organs have to adjust for that reality. Again, that represents a remarkable victory in a short period of time.

          • More represantation than youd think. As a prof at one of those ivy ish colleges there are a few of us. But hard to know how many because youll lose everything talking to the wrong person. Just being unembarrases about my christianity is socially uncomfortable.

        • Law enforcement can’t even protect a key witness like Epstein who is in their custody.

          Can’t, or won’t? If Epsty had the dirt on Trump, would he still be alive?

          • c matt said: “If Epsty had the dirt on Trump, would he still be alive?” Personally I wouldn’t buy Donny J a cup of coffee. But as long as the great orange wind tunnel is driving my enemies crazy, he’s my guy. And as far as this Epsty crap goes. I don’t care if that prick offed himself, or sombody shoved him out the door. It’s just one more drop in the f**king ocean.

          • I see Epstein as an (((intra-Tribal))) casualty. TDS w/Ryan Dawson from Monday did a great breakdown on how Epstein was tight with the Ehud Barak sub-Tribe while Trump’s tight with the Bibi Nethanyahu faction, and Trump & Epstein had deep personal hatred. PervLizard tried to humiliate Trump as a business failure & Trump stumped him on buying property. The fact that someone who’s so Mossad-connected he glows in the dark like a menorah got re-pinched after cutting his deal makes it pretty certain that only intra-Tribal shenanigans could be involved. Epstein was far too well connected to be the victim of any legitimate goyish outer-circle desire for justice against a pedophile. He had the goods on far too many Bohemian Grove/Davos types. The true story of how many strings got pulled in different directions to first exonerate then re-incarcerate this triple-dealing toad would make the best political thriller ever. Sequel – the story of how both factions had to come to the mutual understanding that he had to die, and how they both pulled the strings to dirt nap this creep. To be continued – where the f*ck is Mx Maxwell???

          • Epstein “Had the goods…” absolutely. “Well-connected…” Maybe. One might ask “well connected to whom?”

            But….there’s weakness afoot from The Exalted; were Epstein sufficiently well connected he would never have been in that jail cell to begin with. On a very remote corner of someone’s island somewhere perhaps, faced with being anonymous for the rest of his existence, but more likely, he would have simply been quietly disappeared. “Anyone seen Jeffrey?” would have been a permanently unanswered question, interminable searching leaving no solid hook for conspiracies to hang on.

            That he wasn’t demonstrates there are limits to power.

        • Agreed. Tens of millions are turning to independent influencers for their news. Media confidence is at an all time low, as well as cnn ratings. Trumps destroying their credibility and shitting on political correctness, which has been more dogmatic and antiscience than any other religion. The rest is up to us.

      • You can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one 😛

        No, it’s not wishful thinking at all. Wishful thinking is trying to spawn a mass movement from old men facing the past and crying in their beer (like you).

        • I’d rather be an old man crying in my whiskey than a butt-hurt little girl who can’t take mild disagreement without going Heathers on the host.

          • The teenager is saying man up.

            The old men counsel lay down and die. All is lost.

            Who’s the crying little girl? Or rather bitter old spinsters?

            I’m over 50. Keep fighting kid.
            Ignore the carping old men. They never got off the porch except to hide inside and now they’re filled with envy they missed their chance to fight like men. They skipped out on their duty kid because they could. Well you can’t. You fight or die. You won’t be alone, I’ll hobble out there with ya.

            As for the rest of you in the over 50 bracket put up or shut up. Don’t tell them they have to lay down and die just because you’re waiting to go..what the Hell is wrong with you.

      • Z what is wishful thinking (there are several posts above, so not clear)?

        Also what is it you wish for?

        The Hero we got does talk, but he also acts. He acts within the limits of the Presidency- limits he has already redefined to our favor, limits he strains daily.

        So what does the Hero Z wants do?

        You can wish Z – its your blog.

    • I do not think any of this means anything karl. the SJW’s Rule the tech industry that controls the flow of all information now. Is google going to be replace anytime soon by a more rational company? , are they losing their power? . what about facebook ? twitter? youtube? Hell, tucker Carlson is soon going to be out from Fox because of the tiny amount of red pill he gave his audience. they will probably replace him with the reprehensible Been shitpiro.
      you are missing the fact that if you have a monopoly on the flow of information and money, it doesn’t matter what the proles think . It Doesn’t change the power dynamic. the reason the prestitutes put the embarrassing piece on about kamala on air is that they probably support Bernie, Joe or Pete. That sort of thing will never see the light of day .
      as far as losing their kids to fentanyl, you must be kidding . most of the ruling class doesn’t reproduce. look at Europe. not asingle EU leader has children. they are all into alt lifestyles or barren. macron of angela merkel, who are destroying France and Germany as fast as possible.

        • Even more wishful thinking (wipes a tear from his grey beard, takes another shot of whiskey as he awaits further girlish name calling…).

          When Sundar & Zuck are ritually sacrificed by the God Emperor to bless the 2500 mile long wall he executive ordered on January 20, 2021, you can call me every kind of phag imaginable.

        • gettin that from Q are you? tell me when it happens . It will probably be right after Brexit.

    • Decay isn’t defeat. We don’t have the luxury of letting this go a bit at a time into whatever nadir it descends to.

      The most important things we can do now is to organize in small groups (a bowling group not Ruby Ridge)of people we can depend upon in planning how to survive a turn for the worse. Then develop a network of these groups.

      And a little subrosa monkey wrenching to keep the “white panic” going.

      We need to swell our ranks… and at least for now it’s our enemies doing this for us. We shouldn’t interfere while they do us this favor.

      The orange man has become a clown to us…but to our enemies he is evil incarnate. That we defend and vote for him also makes us evil incarnate. This will drive the mutant army and their organ grinders to acts that will force enough normies and middle class mercenaries to think…and act white.

      Rattle their cage in any way you can without setting yourself up for a public flogging.

      There are a lot of us. A little card with a quote left at a bus stop, a web address left on a community bulletin board, a critical comment on some media using a sock puppet, asking someone to turn off CNN…there are all kinds of thing we can do in almost every situation we find ourselves throughout the day.

      A million little disturbances like these day after day after day would drive the AWR to more and more extreme and foolish acts.

      At some point we can come out of the catacombs but to do so now would only martyr those who did while sucking the will out of everyone else.

      This is exactly what the more intelligent AWRs are hoping for. Let’s not play “fetch”. The reaction to this election and the next in 2024 will be the turning point.

      Let’s be sure we have an anti-fragile network ready for that day

    • It’s worse than you make it out to be because their program can potentially succeed in destroying us through inertia alone.

      It’s not enough for people to stop believing in the system and become apathetic towards it; it’s rolling downhill now.

      Something has to produce an upheaval that would dramatically change current trends.

      Otherwise, we may well lose… or only survive in a very degraded form.

    • I enjoy reading optimistic posts occasionally, then I go and check the weather forecast and the lead article is how Minneapolis is banning drive-through restaurants to combat climate change.

      “Here’s the impact the ban could have on our environment:” I kid you not. Clown world.

    • I’m Karl’s Jr. McHunger-ing for more burger nat optimism. Keep serving up the hot takes, McTrusty. Boom!

    • Karl McHungus said: “…maybe get out into the rest of the world where the pendulum of history is moving in a very positive direction.”
      Sweet! “The pendulum of history.” Wow, I really love that. Excuse me for a second while I tattoo that on my ass.

      Karl McHungus said: “Many children and grand children of the “elite” class are dying of fenatyl overdoses — along with the poorer victims.”

      Holy Crap! That pendulum is a motherf**ker. I don’t care who’s kids they are. The fact that more children are dying of drug addiction is not actually good news Karl.

      Karl McHungus said: “Kamala the Court Whoore was dressed down by a senior citizen in a rest home, about her plan to take away private healthcare.” Well, that does it for K-Girl. Her political career is finished.

      Karl McHungus said: “The MSM has lost all credibility, and therefore its power to deceive.” Hahahaha! Never underestimate the power of the peoples desire to be deceived.

  30. It seems to me that the relationship between monster and ruler in our lives is one of appeasement, where the monster slowly devours whatever he desires from the people so long as the rulers are safe and living it up in the castle, and the people are dependent on whatever the ruler can give because they’re defenseless against the monster.

    The hero of the story must be someone who forces the enemies to show their hand and reveal their true relationship. We saw glimpses of this with Trump, where he would say “This is what is happening, its disgusting and wrong, and here’s how to fight back” and our enemies would show how nasty they really were, like the media and the GOPe. What was missing from Trump, and that is essential to the hero, is someone who is willing to die for their cause. The hero in every story is willing to risk everything, even his own life, if the outcome was for the well being of his own people.

    • A nation gets only so many heroes before the supply is squandered. We have now become a nation for sale. The highest bidder will win.

      • And the least tolerant people who most protect their beliefs will prevail culturally. Unless white people get it together, I can see Middle Easterners, Chinese, or maybe Indians coming out on top culturally, with a broad vague sense of Latino culture in the background of the whole U.S.

  31. Steinbeck named the monster, “Well, it’s too late. And the owner men explained the workings and the thinkings of the monster that was stronger than they were. A man can hold land if he can just eat and pay taxes; he can do that. Yes, he can do that until his crops fail one day and he has to borrow money from the bank. But—you see, a bank or a company can’t do that, because those creatures don’t breathe air, don’t eat side-meat. They breathe profits; they eat the interest on money. If they don’t get it, they die the way you die without air, without side-meat. It is a sad thing, but it is so. It is just so. The squatting men raised their eyes to understand. Can’t we just hang on? Maybe the next year will be a good year. God knows how much cotton next year. And with all the wars—God knows what price cotton will bring. Don’t they make explosives out of cotton? And uniforms? Get enough wars and cotton’ll hit the ceiling. Next year, maybe. They looked up questioningly. We can’t depend on it. The bank—the monster has to have profits all the time. It can’t wait. It’ll die. No, taxes go on. When the monster stops growing, it dies. It can’t stay one size. “

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